Top 10 Best Mutual Funds to invest in India for 2015

The market looks very positive and all equity mutual funds showing huge returns. So which one to choose, those who are consistent or those which given 60% to 70% return in this booming market?  Let us short-list the funds for your investment in mutual funds for 2015.

Note-I published the new Mutual Fund list for 2016 !!! Visit my blog’s latest posts for the same at

Before proceeding, last year I wrote a post “Best 10 Mutual Funds to Invest in India for 2014“. So let us review how those funds are performing. Then we proceed to this year’s choice.

BasuNivesh Mutual Fund Performance

Note-All values are taken from valueresearchonline and values are as of today.

How I am selecting funds?

  • I first short listed funds category wise, like large cap or large and mid cap like that.
  • Funds must be at least 5 years old.
  • AUM of the fund must be around Rs.1,000 Cr, as it creates faith among investors.
  • Some other technical terms like expense ratio, standard deviation, alpha, beta, Sharpe or Sortino.
  • Finally, my faith in mutual fund company and its business model.
  • I picked the funds based on 5 years as well as 10 year return.
  • I have not gone through any star ratings to choose these funds.

Why I have chosen 10 funds only?

I know lots of us have wrong belief that having so many funds across fund houses will actually diversify our portfolio. It is totally a wrong concept. You forget to understand the underlying stocks each fund holding or your overall portfolio holding. Therefore, it creates to such huge risk that our investment may be highly exposed to specific sectors or stocks. In addition, it is one more misconception that few go on add funds for each of their goals or fresh investments. This also not a better idea. Instead, stick 3-4 funds maximum and invest in them. This keeps your head cool, simple, and easy to track.

Best 2 Large Cap Funds to Invest in India for 2015

I short listed the funds and found that these two below funds are my best choice. Because of their expense ratio, lower standard deviation to their peers, higher alpha, lower beta and high in Sharpe ratio and Sortino ratio.

Best Large Cap Funds to invest in India in 2015

I stayed away from few Index funds, which have a less expense ratio, but AUM also not fits into my comfort. However, if AUM does not matter to you then you consider some Index Funds too. I stayed away from HDFC Top 200 Fund only because of higher standard deviation to above funds. Otherwise, I strongly advocate towards that fund.

Best 2 Large and Mid Cap Funds to Invest in India for 2015

Best Large and Mid Cap Funds to invest in India in 2015


When you compare this year choices to previous year’s,you find that both of earlier funds missing. I removed UTI Opp Fund, because it moved to large cap. I removed Quantum only because of ICICI’s superior performance compared to Quantum (even though Quantum claims to be less expensive fund).

Best 2 Mid and Small Cap Funds to Invest in India for 2015

Best Mid and Small Cap Funds to invest in India in 2015

Here you notice that I retained Reliance Equity Opp Fund, but discarded the IDFC Premier Equity Fund. It does not mean that IDFC Fund is bad. However, the results in my review were almost neck-to-neck between HDFC, IDFC, and Reliance. I selected HDFC only because of its superiority in higher alpha and Sharpe ratio. In addition, when you look at return wise, I found HDFC holds better than IDFC.

Best 2 Balanced Funds Equity Oriented to Invest in India for 2015

Best Balanced Funds to invest in India in 2015

I retained the same old funds, which I recommended previous year. Therefore, no change in it.

Best 2 Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS) to Invest in India for 2015

Best Tax Saving (ELSS) Funds to invest in India in 2015

Here again, I deleted one fund and retained the previous year recommended fund. I deleted Canara Robeco only because I felt low alpha and Sortino ratios. Also, compare to above two funds Canara Robeco seems to be costly when we consider expense ratio.

Do remember that to construct a portfolio it does not require to have a fund from each category. Construction of portfolio again depends on one’s requirement, risk-taking ability, period of the goal and many more things.

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  1. Hi Basu

    I just selected considering portfolio would have Large cap 40% and mid cap 30% and small cap 30%

    I chooses diversified fund by thinking to have for longer duration around 5-8 years and Franklin and DSP /L&T india (Mid cap and Small cap) for duration upto 3-5 years.

    Please suggest your valuable input for any alteration in selecting the fund.

    My objective is to invest around 4K -5K p.m for (diversified for longer duration and mid/small for upto 3-5 years).

  2. Hi Basu

    I Have started SIP in mutual funds and below are my selection for future investement and time horizon would be 5-8 Yrs.

    Can you please let me know your view and which funds should I select

    1. ICICI Value discovery Direct growth – 1K
    2. Franklin I smaller company fund direct growth – 1K
    3. DSP blackrock Micro cap direct fund – growth – 500
    4. Franklin india High growth co fund – 1K
    5. L&T India Value fund – 1K
    6. SBI Bluechip fund direct

      1. I just selected considering portfolio would have Large cap 40% and mid cap 30% and small cap 30%

        I chooses diversified fund by thinking to have for longer duration around 5-8 years and Franklin and DSP /L&T india (Mid cap and Small cap) for duration upto 3-5 years.

        Please suggest your valuable input for any alteration in selecting the fund.

        My objective is to invest around 4K -5K p.m for (diversified for longer duration and mid/small for upto 3-5 years).

  3. Basu Sir first of thank you very much for running such high quality financial education portal in India.

    Information like this is so difficult as no school, colleage, university provide such practical knowledge which impact our day to day life so much.

    I have regular visitor since many last couple of month since and if you remember I pinged you too on facebook too couple of times recently 🙂

    After lot of depth knowledge, analysis and conversation with u on fb I invested Rs 5000 in each following 5 mutual fund as long term investment (upto 10 years) with total mindset of getting good return on investment. I will invest similar amount each year in mutual funds and see how it goes. My goal is just to get good return on investment.

    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Growth
    Franklin India PRIMA PLUS GROWTH
    HDFC Short Term Opportunities Fund – Growth

    As this is my first investment in mutual funds with no much knowledge. Whatever I learned was thru your website or websites like money control etc. However if we feel too scared or think too much of risk then probably will never be able to start and hence I took my first step, hope it goes will and open new pages of knowledge and experience. Look forward to receive your feedback on my choice.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  4. Sir plz analyse my portfolio.time frame is a10 years
    1ELSS :icici long term equity fund tax saving.i am already investing 4000 sip in this fund
    2)SMALL AND MIDCAP:franklin india smaller company or franklin india prima.p lz suggest
    3)large: franklin india blue chip or sbi bluechip or birla sunlife frontline equity fund.plz suggest
    4)plz suggest one midcap fund.
    I am already having debt portfolio in term of ppf pli shukanya of about 70000 per year

  5. Dear Sir

    I have 1 Cr to invest for 10+years

    My goal is to have around 25-30% annual return.

    Will u be kind enough to share ur views based on ur vast experience and knowledge, keeping urself in my position, as to how u would achieve these goals.

    P.s. Tax saving is uptodate, no immediate requirement of money God willing. Already in 30% bracket.


      1. Thanks for reply

        12% annualised?

        I have heard high returns from mf.

        I m not an expert like you but My NSC gives me 8.99% annualised returns with no risk involved and capital absolutely secured.

        So my query or shall i use the word expectation from mf on account of capital risk involved may be on a higher side.

        So my original question again “”””Will u be kind enough to share ur views based on ur vast experience and knowledge, keeping urself in my position, as to how u would achieve these goals.”””

        P.s. dont feel offended by my use of words. I have great respect for u and ur kNowlecge having read ur posts extensively.


        1. Vs-High returns expectation also comes with high risk. Again, HIGHER side means? 9%, 15% or 25%?? Don’t put your goal in my basket. Each individual is different and the risk I will take may be laughing for you or you may feel HIGH RISKY. So don’t try to compare.

  6. HI Basu sir,

    Could you please review my below portfolio

    Large Cap / Multi Cap ( CORE Fund)
    Quantum Long Term Equity fund : SIP- Rs 4000
    PPFAS – Long Term Equity – Rs 1000 SIP
    Large Cap:
    SBI Blue Chip – Growth – Rs 1000 SIP
    Mid Cap:
    Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund (G)- Rs 2000 SIP
    Small Cap:
    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap fund growth – Rs 2000 SIP
    Diversified Fund:
    Franklin High Growth Companies – Rs 1000 SIP
    ICICI Value discovery fund – Rs 1000 SIP
    Balanced Fund:
    HDFC Balanced fund growth : Rs2000 SIP
    Franklin India Balanced Fund -Growth – Rs 2000 SIP
    Long term Debt Fund:
    HDFC High Interest fund dynamic plan (G) : Rs 1000 SIP
    Short Term debt:
    Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund Growth – Rs 1000 SIP
    Credit Opportunities fund:
    DSP BR Income Opportunities Fund (G): Rs 1000 SIP

  7. I have formatted it in a better way.

    Large Cap / Multi Cap ( CORE Fund)
    Quantum Long Term Equity fund : SIP- Rs 4000
    PPFAS – Long Term Equity – Rs 1000 SIP
    Large Cap:
    SBI Blue Chip – Growth – Rs 1000 SIP
    Mid Cap:
    Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund (G)- Rs 2000 SIP
    Small Cap:
    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap fund growth – Rs 2000 SIP
    Diversified Fund:
    Franklin High Growth Companies – Rs 1000 SIP
    ICICI Value discovery fund – Rs 1000 SIP
    Balanced Fund:
    HDFC Balanced fund growth : Rs2000 SIP
    Franklin India Balanced Fund -Growth – Rs 2000 SIP
    Long term Debt Fund:
    HDFC High Interest fund dynamic plan (G) : Rs 1000 SIP
    Short Term debt:
    Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund Growth – Rs 1000 SIP
    Credit Opportunities fund:
    DSP BR Income Opportunities Fund (G): Rs 1000 SIP

  8. Hello Basu sir,

    I am looking to invest in ICICI bank as they want me to invest minimum 50k/year so that i can get meet my locker requirement.As i have been looking for locker so i decided to invest 50k/year with ICICI.Can you please suggest 1 MF which will give me high returns.I am long term investor min 10 years.Please suggest where to invest in ICICI.

      1. actually they want me to build relation with them.So they want some investment towards their product so they can give preference on that basis.

        1. Devendra-Ha ha…relation building will be based on what service they provide to you. Not by investing as per their choice. Let them provide the quality service, then relation will automatically build.

          1. yes true 🙂
            I saw your blog on best mutual fund to invest in 2016 there i saw you suggested to invset in ICICI Pru Discovery.Should i consider this for SIP investment of monthly 2000

  9. Hi Basavraj,
    I wanted to know more about US Oriented mutual fund like ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity Fund & Franklin India Feeder franklin US Opportunties .What is your opinion on investing in such funds and are they rewarding enough in long term of 10 to 15 yrs ? I wanted to invest 10% of these in my portfolio but dont have much idea.Please guide me.


  10. Hello Basavaraj,

    I am thinking to invest in mutual Fund in long term (5 years) perspective.This will be my first MF.Can you please suggest which fund to select.Please suggest MF From ICICI as i need to invest some amount in icici to build relation with them for some reason.

    Thank you.

      1. Thanks for your suggestion.for how long you suggest i should keep investing in equity mutual funds.iF i choose to stay for 10 years then which equity mutual funds would you suggest.

          1. i am looking for a long term (10 year) investment in equity mutual fund.Can you please suggest which fund i should go for?As i mentioned please suggest from Icici.I have picked ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund-G plan should i go with this?please suggest waiting for your valuable suggestion.

  11. I am currently 35 yrs old with around 12 L invested in Mutual fund SIP,

    My currently Monthly SIP & PPF (Myself & Wife ) allocation is as below :-

    1) HDFC TOP 200 -3000
    2)BSL Frontline -3000
    3)Franklin India Blue chip-15000
    4)Franklin Smaller companies-15000
    5)HDFC Balanced-20000

    My Large Cap would be 40 % of my equity portfolio which will manage with my earlier money accumulation of SIP amount via HDFC top 200 & BSF Frontline equity. I have below 2 questions.

    Question 1 :-

    I wanted to add one MID cap fund (SIP of 15,000 ) which majorly focuses on Mid-cap ,could you advise which one should I go for from below list with 12 to 15 years investment Horizon.

    1) Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip
    2) HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities
    3) Franklin India Prima Fund.

    Question 2:-

    Should I go for Multi cap fund to above Portfolio ? need your opinion and If I wanted to add one MULTI cap fund (SIP of 10,000 ) which majorly focuses on Multicap ,could you advise which one should I go for from below list with 12 to 15 years investment Horizon.

    1) Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund
    2) Franklin India Prima Plus Fund
    3) ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
    4)Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund

    Kindly share your detailed Opinion.


  12. Hello Sir,

    I am 24 yr old and starting my investment this month . I can invest up to 8000 per month .
    I want to have one plan which will give me good returns in 5yrs, and another one for long term (> 10yrs).

    For 5yrs – 4000/month , suggest me which is a better plan in the above-mentioned ones to start with ?

    For 10yrs – 4000 / month , again I need which plan is better to maximize returns ?

    I spoke with an HDFC Banker he suggested me ULIP for 5yr plan . But he is insisting me to invest the entire amount for the year ( 4000×12 = 48000 ) at once . But I am reluctant to start with this , please provide your suggestion for the same .

    Thank you

    1. Balaji-Stay away from such Banker. He is a dangerous species nowadays. For 5 years, use Short Term or Ultra Short Term Debt Funds (You can include around 10% to 20% equity exposure). For 10 years goal, one large cap and one small and mid cap fund and rest in debt exposure. Equity to debt should be in ratio of 40% to 60%.

  13. Hello Sir,

    Below is my current equity portfolio. I plan to continue my investment for another 10 years. Please let me know if the portfolio looks fine or I need to make any changes

    1. HDFC Prudence – 2,000 -Balanced Fund
    2. ICICI Focussed Blue chip Fund – 2,000 -Large Cap
    3. ICICI Value Discovery Fund- 2,000 -Diversified Category
    4. UTI Mid Cap- 2,000 – Small & Mid Cap

    I have basically looked at the best possible in each Fund category. I am planning to invest another 2,000. Please suggest which would be the best choice

  14. Hello Sir,

    Below is my current equity portfolio. I plan to continue my investment for another 15 years. Should I include any small cap fund to my portfolio?

    Franklin India Taxshield Direct-G – Rs.4500
    Axis Long Term Equity Direct-G – Rs.4500
    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Direct -G – Rs.4000
    ICICI Pru Value Discovery Direct-G – Rs.3000


  15. Sir , I have started investing in below mutual Fund from last month.

    1) SBI Blue Chip Fund (G) – 2K
    2) Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G) – 2K

    I am also thinking to Start investing in below mutual fund please pass your comment on above and below mutual fund
    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan(g) – 2K


  16. Hello Sir,

    I closed my EPF and EPS account and got around 4.5 L. I don’t require that amount for next 4 to 5 years. I already have an equity portfolio where I contribute Rs.16000 per month and apart from this I can save additional Rs.15000 per month .Where do you suggest me to invest my PF withdrawal and my additional saving amount? Debt or Balanced fund?

    Debt fund :
    Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund – Super Institutional Plan

    Balanced Fund:
    HDFC Balanced Fund

  17. hi,
    Your analysis is informative. Just a question if you can share your opinion on this too
    I would like to start SIP in one of the large cap funds. Below are the funds which i have short listed. Could you share your opinion, which would is better over another and why?
    1) SBI Blue chip fund (G)
    2) Franklin india blue chip fund (G)

  18. Hi Sir,

    I have invested in following ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds.
    1) ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving) – Dividend
    2)ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Growth
    3)ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Growth

    Am I eligible to do the Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme(RGESS)? Please suggest me.

      1. Thank You Sir!

        So far I don’t have demat A/C and my income not come under Rs.12 Lakh Slab 🙂

        Actually what I hear is like if we invest in equity Mutual funds then not eligible for the RGESS.

  19. Sir
    I have invested in SBI-LifeUnit Plus-II Regular Rs 25000 p.a. on 20/03/2007. And in ICICI Pru wealth Builder on 10/08/2013 for Rs 35000. Should I continue the same ? I have Term Insurance for 50 lakhs and SIP in Axis ,Franklin (ELSS),ICICI Bluechip, Mirae bluechip,UTI opprtunities fund Franklin India smaller companies,Mirae Asset India opprtunities,HDFC Mid cap for Rs 2000 each for last 24 months.Please sugeest to resturcture my portfolio.My age is 46 years.

  20. Dear Sir,

    Last year I have invested in ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund(Tax Saving).

    I am planning to do ELSS in this year as well.

    Could you please suggest me whether I can invest in the same fund or any other fund?

  21. Hello Sir,

    I want to invest 3000 Rs per month for 5 yrs starting April ’16 in SIP.Can you plz suggest me funds for good return in 5 yrs.

    Thank in advance

  22. Hello Sir

    I am totally new in this field and I heard about mutual funds is best for longer term.

    My objective is to get good returns after 5 or 10 years. Today I just met with HDFC and get to know about HDFC mid cap and blue chief and balance funds.

    1. Any other mutual fund where I should invest instead of HDFC?

    2. I f you think HDFC is good then should I go ahead with mid cap or blue chief.

    Thanks all help in Advance.

    1. Deepak-Whether your investment horizon is 5 years or 10 years? First decide that. Second thing, whether that HDFC executive explained the RISK involved in each fund? I think NO. Because they are sales executives. If your time frame is 5 years or so, then don’t enter into equity. If 10 years, then an equity-oriented balanced fund (like HDFC Balanced Fund or Tata Balanced Fund) is enough. Stay away from bankers for your investments.

  23. Hi Sir,

    I want to invest lump sum amount to mutual funds, if we have chance to invest lump sum amount to all mid cab, small cab funds.?…or we have only chance to invest monthly basis…?


  24. Hi Sir,

    I am Planning to invest some amount in investment options which will include Interest & Insure cover.

    So can you suggest which one i can go for it?

    Will it be fine on SBI lIfe – Flexi Smart Insurance? Is it ULIP?

    Please advise me.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for reply.

        I am planning do investment in SBI life – Flexi Smart Insurance investment(5 Years). So would like to know my decision is good to investment in this?

        Is there any best other investment options in the same category?

          1. Hello Sir,

            Thanks for your suggestion.

            As part of my investments for FY15-16, I am planning to opt one ULIP. So could you please suggest me best option?

  25. Hello Sir,

    Please provide your feedback my MF portfolio. I intend continue with SIP > 10 years.

    Axis long term – 5k
    Frandklin India Opp. – 5k
    Birla SL India GenNextF – 3k
    Birla SL Midcap – 3k
    SBI Blue Chip – 3k


  26. Dear Basavaraj, thanks for sharing your expert views. I am presently investing 30000 through monthly SIP for last 3 yrs and would like to continue for at least next 10 years. My SIPs are as under :
    1. ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip – Rs 12000
    2. UTI Opportunities Fund – Rs 12000
    3. HDFC Midcap Fund – Rs 6000

    Should I continue with this fund selection. Through your comments I realise that I do not have a Balanced Fund for Debt Exposure. Which SIP I should cut down to include a Balanced fund and for how much amount……

    Thanks a Lot

    1. Rahul-You can continue with these funds. I insist debt portfolio for at least around in a ratio debt to equity as 30:70 for your long term goals. If you have separate debt portfolio, then balanced fund is not required. Otherwise, you can create the one using short-term debt fund or balanced funds. If you want to invest in balanced fund, then you have to come out of anyone large cap (ICICI or UTI-which is currently in large cap category).

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for the prompt response. Will do the needful. Is there a need to have a small cap fund also in the portfolio, though I agree with you that for a 10 yrs investment horizon, large cap should be the preferred option…..


  27. Thank you very much sir for this wonderful interactive site. Sir, I want to do SIP of rs. 3000 in IDFC premier equity growh-direct for 8-10 years. I already have 2 SIP of 3000/each: one in HDFC balanced fund and the other is UTI equity both growth direct option. Will you please suggest me? I am 36 yr old.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. Hi ,
    I am investing un the below mutual fund through SIP . Could you please suggest ,should we continue with these mutual fund or anything need to be changed.

    ICICI Pru focussed bluechip – 3000/-
    SBI Blue Chip -5000/-
    Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund -2000/-
    SBI Magnum Global Fund -1000/-
    Birla Sun Life India GenNext Fund Growth- 2000/-
    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund Regular Plan Growth -3000/-
    Tata Equity Opportunities Fund Regular Plan Growth -2000/-
    Birla Sun Life MNC Fund Growth -1000/-


  30. Hello Sir,

    I have 10k money extra this month, which I am planning to invest in ICICI Prudential Liquid – Regular Plan- Growth for short term so that when ever i need money i can takeout.

    So could you please suggest me whether I can go ahead with this fund or invest in Bank FD.

    What is safe mode? Whether Liquid fund or FD in Bank?

    Please suggest me.

    Thank You!

  31. I am no finance expert or consultant to comment on your site. I am just a doctor who is also interested in personal finance websites. However, I would like to mention that I find your articles superb and must commend you on this particular one. It’s brilliant. The best part is that you have put up your previous years selection!! Most people conveniently forget what they told some time back. Anyway, I am really impressed. Do keep up the wonderful work. All the best.
    Incidentally, what is your take on UTI Dividend yield fund ? – I have an SIP running for the past 4 years or so. Will be glad to know your opinion. Morning star, Valueresearch and Moneycontrol give quite varying opinions regarding this fund!!

    1. Biju-Thanks for your kind words 🙂 In my vies, UTI Dividend Yield is not performing well, when I consider it’s long term performance and other creteria’s I explained above. Instead, I suggest you to switch to above mentioned Large and Mid Cap Fund.

  32. Below are the questions. Please help me to understand them:

    1. What is the difference between Large Cap and Multi cap fund.

    2. Recently I started investing in Axis Long term Equity direct plan – G. 2500 per month. From balanced fund category, I choose HDFC Balanced Fund to start sip but now want to know the feasibility of below funds.
    a) Canara Robeco Balance Direct-G
    b) Edelweiss Absolute Return Direct-Gs
    c) HDFC Balaned Fund Direct-G
    Any other balanced fund you can suggest. I need one fund with a time frame of 15 years..

      1. Thank you for nice articles and guidance.

        Please Review my investments. Both Started using mutual fund utility:
        1. Axis Long Term equity direct growth elss: 2500 per month sip for 15 yrs
        2. UTI Mid cap direct growth : 2500 per month sip for 12 yrs

        3. I am planning to invert 1 Lac in a lump sum into HDFC balanced fund. Investment time is 5 yrs. Do you suggest it or not or want to recommend some other fund for 5 years of time frame.

        4. Also suggest me one more fund to diversify my portfolio considering a time frame of > 10 years. I will be starting another sip of 500 per month.

          1. Thanks Basu.

            On point 3 I need more information:
            Should I opt for MIPs as my requirement is 3-5 yrs time frame, safety of principal amount, investment amount 1L.

  33. Hi Sir
    I want to invest 2 Lakhs in Mutual Funds as Lumpsum for long term. Kindly suggest the best funds to invest. I don’t have any investment in Mutual Funds till date. Kindly also suggest a good combination of funds for SIP if I want to invest around Rs.6000/- per month in Mutual Funds.

  34. Sir,

    I want to invest 2000 per month.
    So, please suggest to me.

    I select 2 Mutual fund:

    1. SBI small and midcap fund
    2. Reliance equity opportunity fund

  35. Hi,

    Can you pls suggest a good AMC through which I can invest in mutual fund.

    I wanted to invest in good portfolio in lumpsum for 1-2 yrs with good returns as the current FD rates have come down. Pls suggest for MF
    Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      Pls. Suggest me some good performing fund, I have planed to invest 4 to 5 lacks for the 1 to 2 yrs and is it better to invest in different funds as Large cap, mid cap , small cap…. funds.

        1. Hi Basu,

          I m new to MF, wants to start with SIP for minimum period of 3yrs with minimum risks.

          After google, i found out below funds for SIP. Needed ur suggestion on this.
          1)Axis long term equity fund -2000
          2)Franklin India Taxshield fund – 2000

          Both funds are ELSS category.

          Thanks in advance.

            1. Thanks Basu for your advice,

              For how much time period we should invest in Equity as this is Taxfree Options.

              Also suggest some other options for Newbiee like me:)

  36. hi …
    thank you for all the help and support you have been extending thru your advise…
    my question to you is
    1)investing 90 lakhs for a period of 25+years….

    2)lump sum or spread it for a period of 6 months(i read a post where you advised someone to invest a lump sum if he was going to be invested for a long term…my personal choice is doing a lump sum

    3)advise on the portfolio (kind of aggressive approach to built a corpus of 50 cr in 25 years)…i have not kept any balanced fund /nor do i have a separate debt fund…..selected fund will be in direct growth plans

    4)goals…retirement and education and marriage of unborn child..corpus target is 50 cr
    personal details

    age …33yrs…have emergency fund for 6 months …have adequate medical and term plan …no loans…

    port folio ..
    hdfc equity……………………………15%
    quantum long term equity……….15%
    franklin india flexi cap fund……..20%
    franklin india blue chip fund…….15%
    sundaram select mid cap fund…..20%
    dsp black rock micro fund………. 15%
    thanks in advance

    1. Asootosh-My choice is lump sum. But it does not mean that you must invest 100% of amount into equity. I suggest around 70:30 in equity:debt. It is a must to have debt portfolio to cushion the equity volatility. Also, wy so many multi cap funds (HDFC, Quantum, Franklin)? My choice is both Franklin Funds, HDFC Midcap Opp rather than Sundaram or DSP.

  37. Hi Basu,

    Recently I started investing in Mutual Fund with “ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity Fund” for Rs2000 per month.

    I wanted to add Rs3000 more per month. After going through internet, I filtered below funds. Please advise me which one to select.

    1) HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (or) SBI Magnum Global Fund
    2) HDFC Balanced Fund (or) SBI Magnum Balanced Fund

    Is it a good strategy to invest multiple funds in same fund house?

      1. Thank you Basu,

        One more question.

        I had kept a time Horizon of min 8 years for above selected fund.

        Is there any Income Tax exemption applicable for investments made in normal mutual funds (i.e other than ELSS). And also for the capital gains?

  38. Hi, are you going to come up with a new list for the Best MF’s anytime soon? Do you think right now is a good time to start new Mutual funds ?

    1. Merchant-Wait for my detailed exhaustive post on the same (This time I thought to write with more reasons for my claim of BEST FUNDS). Yes, for long term investors, it is always best time and there is no BAD TIME.

      1. Hello sir,
        I am investing ?5000 per month via SIP in
        HDFC TOP 200
        ICICI discovery
        For the last ONE YEAR.
        Q1. When should I analyse my portfolio i.e to see which funds are doing well and which are not ?
        Q2. Shall I continue with HDFC top200 as it is not performing well.?
        Your truly
        Dr sameer

  39. hello sir,

    My Current Investment is as below



    UTI MNC FUND – 2000



    Should i continue with this portfolio?

  40. Hi,

    I am 35 years married person working in a private sector. According to the different site and excel based tools I found – I have to invest Rs 30,000 pm for get good values after 15 -20 yrs according to my current expense.

    This is not possible for me in this moment. I can Invest Max 15000/ pm

    Please validate my plan and suggest necessary changes for continuous 8-12 yrs investment

    1) HDFC Prudence fund – 5000
    2) Tata balance fund Plan A (Balance) – 3000

    Mid & Small Cap
    1) UTI midcap fund – 3000
    2) Flanklin India smaller companies – 3000

    Large & Mid Cap
    1) Franklin India Prima Plus Fund – 3000

    Thank you.


    1. Bubai-There are two ways to achieve goals. If you have either reduce your goal amount or prolong the goal. I don’t know much about the goal you decided. Hence, I will not go in depth on this. My selections are HDFC, Franklin (in both cateogires) and also include a large cap from above list.

  41. Hello Sir..

    Your articles are very informative.

    I am new to MF. I want to sip of Rs 5000 for a time horizon of 12-15 years.
    Recently I have got CAN no from mutual fund utility. Below are my selection:

    1. ELSS: Axis long term equity -growth-2500 Rs.
    2. HDFC balanced fund – growth – 2500 Rs

    Currently I am investing FDs, PPF, LIC. Plz suggest if I need to do any changes.

  42. Hi Sir,
    I am new to Mutual Funds. Earlier i used to invest in MFs (SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme – D and HDFC TaxSaver- D) for tax saving purpose only which i have stopped for last 2 years because of home loan. I am 35 years old and plan to retire by 55 years. Two months back i have started investing in following funds through SIP (growth):-

    1) HDFC Equity Fund : 2000/-
    2) HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund : 1000/-
    3) Franklin India Bluechip Fund : 2000/-
    4) Franklin India Short Term Income Plan – Retail Plan : 3000/-
    5) ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Regular Plan : 2000/-

    Are these funds good enough for wealth creation over 20 years time period.


      1. Thank You Sir for the reply. What is the alternative to HDFC equity fund. Which other equity fund can i switch to in this scenario.


  43. Good Morning Sir,

    4 years ago when I was working, I invested in Tax Saving Scheme (ELSS) with ICICI and Reliance. Now I am married and unemployed.

    I wanted to start a SIP for 2k.
    1) Should I redeem the above Tax Saving Schemes and invest in normal Mutual Funds and start SIP on that? (or)
    2) Leave the ELSS as is and start a new mutual fund for SIP?

    Please advise me. Also advise me with best MF for long term SIP (i.e 10 years)

      1. Reviewed and found not eligible to redeem 100% until 2017 since the last Dividend is re-invested on Feb 2014. Also the fund performance is descent with returns 15 – 17%.

        1) Is it good to continue. Please advise?
        2) Now I am receiving Dividends on these ELSS through bank cheque, received twice after Feb 2014. Can I re-invest the Dividend. Please advise?
        3) If re-invested, will that again gets locked for 3 years and cannot redeem 100% of my ELSS fund units?

        And my fresh investment time horizon is long term (i.e min 10 years)

        1. Sunitha-Forget about the funds return for a while. During investing, what was your expectation. If that is matching or giving you more than what you expected then why to worry? We tend to act merely looking at ratings or peer comparison. Instead, we must look at what is our expectation. If it is meeting that, then no need to switch.Again, investing the Dividend is based on for what purpose you are investing. My simple advice is “Assign a task to each rupee, then you will get an idea of where to invest”. If your requirement is not tax saving, then why you want to re-invest the dividend in ELSS? First make up your mind.

          1. During investing my expectation was tax saving for that financial year, growth of invested money and tax free dividends/returns/capital gains.

            Yes, the performance of the fund is descent and I will continue to keep it for some more years. Thank you for clarifying.

            At that time I was employed, so invested in ELSS to save tax. But now I am not employed and my sum of other income sources (FDs etc) is under NIL tax slab. So, I understand it is not necessary to re-invest dividend in ELSS.

            I wanted to start savings for future financial needs such as family needs, children education etc. Hence I planned to invest 2k monthly for long term (min 10 years). Please advise me with best fund.

              1. Hello Sir,

                Thank you for your valuable advise. Can you also advise for below:

                Are you advising me to go with 2 funds? Please see whether below selection is good?

                1) ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Direct Plan (Rs 1000/-)
                2) ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Direct Plan (Rs 1000/-)

                Reason for choosing 2nd fund over Focussed blue chip is because my husband is already investing in Focussed blue chip and I dont want to get overlapped. Please revise if above selection is not good.

                I noticed the current NAV for above 2 funds in Growth option are almost double the value than the Dividend option.

                So, I request you to also advise which option is good for long term wealth creation.
                Dividend Re-Invest (or) Growth?

                1. Sunitha-If the investment goal is for different purpose then there is no harm in investing in the same fund. If the goal is same and you both are just sharing your reponsibilities, then avoid bluechip. Go ahead and invest as the funds chosen. Dividend option is not required for your long term goals. Also, you are again committing a mistake by looking at NAV rather than the fund performance. Please check the performance than NAV. NAV will never matters. If you need long term wealth creation then opt for GROWTH.

  44. Hi Sir,

    I am new to MF ,. I want to invest Rs.5000 pm in icici pru focused bluechip growth direct for a 3 years.Is it a good idea or i have to change to some other funds??I will increase my monthly investment by Rs.2500 half-yearly.Please suggest. I need money after 3 years .I am 23 and working in private sector.Have Life Insurance of Rs. 1000000.

    And sir i have two questions:
    1-Can i redeem my open ended MFs at any time through online/offline??
    2-I want to open this SIP in icici bank(as they show me the way against PPF) .So will they take comission against my NAV or any type of comission??

    1. Vikas-No equity investment for a time horizon you shared.
      1) Yes. Online if you created the login facility with respective mutual funds.
      2) Yes, they act like agents. They compared PPF with this fund for your time horizon of 3 years? Only GOD can save the investors who took the advice from such people.

      1. Dear Basu,

        I have selected below funds .Some for 5 years and some for more than 5 years.

        1- ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan ( G) -Rs.2000
        2- ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund- Direct Plan (G) -Rs.2000
        3- ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund- Direct Plan (G) -Rs.2000
        4-HDFC Prudence Fund-Direct Plan (G) – Rs.2000
        5-IDFC Premier Equity Fund – Regular Plan (G) -Rs. 2000

        And after six months depending on the performance I will increase the SIP amount or think for other funds.

        What is your view?


          1. Hi Basu,

            Thanks for your quick response.

            I will retain ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund-Direct Plan ( G) .But I will redeem all other funds after 5 years.

            Then Please Suggest me some funds which can be best for 5 years time horizon.

            I want to take moderately high risk.

            From next year i will come to tax slab -1.

            Is it a good idea to invest in ELSS.If so then suggest some ELSS funds.

              1. Dear Basu,

                So shall I only opt for debt funds? or arbitage funds?or liquid funds?

                Or if you have any suggestion for investing?

                Please suggest how to invest for 5 years expect equity funds?

                  1. Hi Basu,

                    I have a education loan of Rs. 2,52,000.I will be in Tax slab -1 from next year.

                    The main idea is to repay my loan.

                    So that can I consider some funds for 5 years and some equity oriented funds for more than 5 years(long term).

                    Shall I be eligible for getting any tax benefit ?

                    Please suggest type of funds with names by analysing my situation.

                    I am eagerly waiting for detail article on MF which you are going to publish.

                    thanks a ton,

                    1. Vikas-There are ELSS funds which will give you tax benefit. But they are purely equity funds. Hence, don’t try to invest in such funds for tax saving as well as short term goal of loan repayment. However, if your goal is more than 5 years or so, then try to enter.

  45. Hello
    I am 32years and want to invest 10000 per month in mutual funds via SIP for long term around 10-15 years.

    I have one question. Is mutual fund investment is tax free? or taxable?

    Lets say I have invested 10000 today and this 10000 become 20000 after 5 years. And then I redeemed it fully. So how much tax I have to pay (if any).

    I don’t want to buy them for tax saving 80c. As my limit already used fully. I want this for equity investment because I am already investing full amount in PPF account from last 5 years.

    I have short listed below funds to start with.

    SBI Blue Chip Fund (G) = 2000
    Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund (G) = 2000
    Canara Robeco Emerging Equities (G) = 1000
    JPMorgan (I) Mid and Small Cap (G) = 1000
    Franklin High Growth Cos (G) = 1000
    ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G) = 1000
    L&T India Value Fund (G) = 1000
    UTI MNC Fund (G) = 1000

    Is these funds looks ok. Or could you kindly suggest any others.
    Rajesh Kumar

    1. Rajesh-There are many versions of mutual funds. Debt funds are taxable based on STCG and LTCG rules. However, equity funds are tax-free after a year. Hence, you no need to worry about taxation during redemption after a year. Have two funds like SBI and ICICI. No need of investing in other funds. At the same time manage the portfolio for around 30% in debt (either through bank FDs, PPF or separate debt funds) and 70% in equity.

      1. Thanks for your suggestion.
        I will take SBI blue chip direct g and ICICI pru balanced fund g both 5000 each. After there performance i will add some more money or some other fund later on.

        For debt part I am already saving into PPF full limit from last 5 years.

  46. Hello Sir

    I want to invest 15000 per month for long period that is over 10 years. Please suggest me in how many funds i should invest & what would be the ideal funds for me.

  47. I am new to the investment market, I plan to start with 4000 per month for a year
    What would you suggest is best plan for me?
    Not sure if below plans are suitable for me if not please suggest

    Franklin indian prima lus fund (g)
    HDFC midcap opp fund (g)
    HDFC balanced finds (g)


  48. Hi Sir,

    I am 24 yrs old and am new to Mutual fund investment.
    I am planning to invest about 10K per month through SIP tool.
    My timeline is for 3-4 years.

    I had narrowed down to the below mutual fund–
    1.)Tata Balanced Fund or HDFC Balanced Fund(5K/month)
    2.)UTI Equity Fund or ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Fund(5K/month)

    Let me know if I need to improve upon the above selections.


      1. Hi Sir,

        Thank you for your valuable input.
        Please let me know if I should invest the entire 10K per month in above mentioned Balanced Fund, or which funds should I invest given the timeline of 3-4 years.

        Looking forward.


  49. Dear Mr.Basu,

    I have the following SIP’s in my portfolio. All SIP i started during last six months.

    SBI Blue Chip Fund Growth – 2000

    Franklin high growth companies – 2000

    SBI Pharma Fund – 5000

    Reliance Pharma Fund – 5000

    ICICI Prudential Tech Fund – 3000

    Franklin Build india Infrastructure fund – 3000

    Can you please suggest any modifications is required.


    1. Madhan-Why so may sector funds and that too in same sectors? I don’t think it is required. If at all you are fond of sector funds and understand the risk, then retain one sector fund. I am not fond of sector funds, but diversified funds.

  50. Dear basavaraj,

    I am new to MF and my age is 29yrs, from last 8 months i am investing in the MF as below and wanting to increase my portfolio about another 5k SIP for month. Please advice some good funds.

    – HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Option – 2000/- SIP

    – SBI Blue ChipFund(G)- 2500/- SIP

    – Franklin Highgrowth Com(G) – 1000/- SIP

    – Franklin Smaller Companies Fund – 1500/- SIP

    Currently i have below funds in mind.

    1. Birla MNC Fund
    2. UTI MID Cap fund

    Please let me know if any allocation needs to be change in my fund portfolio.

  51. Dear Basu,

    My Current Investment is as below from Sep-2014 for per month basis
    UTI Opportunity Fund-Growth – 4k
    ICICI Pru Value Discovery-Growth – 4k
    HDFC Balanced Fund-Growth-3k

    Now I am planning to remove ” UTI Opportunity Fund-Growth” Due to its Negative returns for past one year.

    Could you suggest which new Fund , i should opt for ?

    Thanks for your support

    1. Ashish-My suggestion is to continue. In what way you arrived at the decision that UTI fund not performing well? If the overall market is in negative mood then how can the fund perform and provide you positive returns? Stay invested and look for long term growth rather than short term.

  52. Hi Basu,

    What is SIP Plus in detail? It seems SIP Plus offers free Insurance coverage if we invest for long term. Is there any extra charges apart from monthly SIP?

    Which one is best – conventional SIP or SIP Plus?

    I am a new investor and planning to invest in “ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity” for more than 10 years. Please advise whether to go with SIP Plus?

      1. HI Basu,

        I already had an insurance for life risk.
        May I know the reason why you are saying to keep away from SIP which provides Insurance?

        I had contacted the ICICI’s AMC regarding“ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity fund with SIP Plus”. They advised me SIP Plus is same as normal SIP but has an additional insurance coverage(which is free).
        I.e the investment and returns are same like you do with normal SIP, but additionally you get free Insurance coverage. (provided you invest for long term)

        Please clarify if I was wrongly informed or I understood wrong.

        1. Poorna-How much is the coverage? Is it a minimum of 15-20 times of your yearly income? If so then forget about having any such insurance products. Second thing, let us say you started with ICICI and also got life insurance coverage. After few years, if fund is not performing well then will you come out of it or for insurance sake you continue? No bondage, just be free your money from any such gimmicks.
          When I say not combine Insurance with Investment, you check the products which offers these two. You found that they lure return and small amount of insurance. Which actually risk the buyers by having lower insurance. Instead when you buy the insurance as a pure product, then you buy it at fullest at affordable price. Also, such products will come with illiquidity.

  53. Dear Sir,

    Pls have a look on my portfolio.
    I have more 5000 like to invest, pls guide me.

    6500 ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip EquityFund – Regular Plan  
    4000 HDFC TOP 200
    3000 HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund  
    2000 ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund – Regular Plan  
    1500 SBI Pharma Fund
    Regards, Arun

  54. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for such an useful article and information.

    I am going to start my mutual fund portfolio and here are my selected fund.

    My time period is 10+ years and would prefer to have a conservative portfolio and expecting annual 15% of return.

    – ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip equity (20% allocation)
    – HDFC Balanced (20% allocation)
    – HDFC Midcap Opportunities (20% allocation)
    – ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (G) (20% allocation)
    – DSP BlackRock Micro Fund (20% allocation)

    And I would like to see your thoughts on the selection of funds.

    Thanks in advance,

      1. Thanks Basavaraj,

        I am trying to make a little aggressive to conservative portfolio, hence trying to put around 30% in small and midcap

        Here is the revised list:
        1) Franklin India Prima Plus (Large Cap to Mid Cap) – Allocation 40%
        2) HDFC Balanced Balanced – Allocation 30%
        3) HDFC Midcap (Mid Cap) – 15%
        4) Canara Robeco Emerging Equity (Small Cap) – Allocation 15%

        My thoughts on this list is:
        – The first 3 first I have taken from your recommendation in the article
        – Canara Robeco Emerging, I have seen very good ratings and its return records are very impressive.
        And the good part in my view is, it does not look as risky as DSP Black Rock micro fund.
        Because this fund has some amount of exposure in large and midcap too.

        Please let me know if you think some correction is required in exposure.

        Thanks in advance,

          1. Thanks Basawaraj again for the correction,

            Here is the list with allocation change.
            1) Franklin India Prima Plus (Large Cap to Mid Cap) – Allocation 50%
            2) HDFC Balanced Balanced – Allocation 30%
            3) HDFC Midcap (Mid Cap) – 10%
            4) Canara Robeco Emerging Equity (Small Cap) – Allocation 10%

            The only thing is I have not included any pure large cap fund like ICICI Bluechip or Franklin Bluechi. And to substitute that I increased the allocation to “Franklin India Prima Plus” to 50%, which is a large/mid cap fund.

            Somehow I like “Franklin India Prima Plus” fund.

            Do you see a reasonable balance now?


            1. Sanjay-But you are allocating to mid cap in HDFC as well as in Franklin. Have you checked the overlap of these investments? I feel your overall portfolio more inclined to small and mid cap. I am still repeating it. Check the overlap.

              1. Thanks for quick response,

                The last help, if I have to remove the first fund “Franklin India Prima Plus”, which one I can add as pure large cap.

                1) Large Cap – yet to decide ? – Allocation 40%
                2) HDFC Balanced Balanced – Allocation 30%
                3) HDFC Midcap (Mid Cap) – 20%
                4) Canara Robeco Emerging Equity (Small Cap) – Allocation 10%


                  1. Basawaraj,

                    Can you please help me understand to measure overlap?

                    You mean choose one fund from HDFC Midcap and Canara Robeco Emerging Equity, if their 40% or more portfolio companies are same?

                    If thats the way to measure, then both these funds has around 10 companies are common out of around 50.

                    Is it a wise decision to make 30% allocation in total in both these funds thinking to make small/mid cap investment diversified?


                    1. Sanjay-Let us say you are investing Rs.100 in HDFC and another Rs.100 in Canara, but underlying result is that your total Rs.100 (50% of total investment) is in same stocks or sectors. What purpose it serve to hold two funds. Hence, retain one fund. This is what I am point to say. In my view retain HDFC.

  55. Dear Basu,

    The time frame is about 10 years. How can I invest in SIP .Is there a online facility to start a SIP. What Documents are required for it?

      1. Hi Sir

        My age is 28 and monthly income is 50k.
        I am new to MF investing and planning to buy two plans;
        A Short term- return oriented-medium risk plan and a Growth- Decent returns-Less riskier plan

        After some research I have finalized on two plans;
        1. Axis Long term equity- Direct
        2. Tata Balanced Funds
        I can invest upto 2-3k in each of the above plans in SIP.

        Are the above two good plans or you have anything better in mind?
        Since I am a novice, should I go for an advisor or buying directly AMCs would be okay?

        Thanks & regards,

        1. Pugulu-You have not mentioned your timeframe. But if you have long-term perspective, then go ahead. If you are new then I suggest to start with advisers like ME. Once you are comfort, then switch to DIRECT.

  56. Sir…
    Good Day..!
    I’m a new investor, Just started SIP’s from Last month.

    1. HDFC TOP 200 FUND (G)


    these two are the funds of my choice.
    Relating to your Top 10 MF’s, HDFC TOP 200 you stayed away because of Higher standard deviation. Was it wrong choice of mine to invest in HDFC Top 200 ? Shall I Switch out from it ?

    then would you tell me about SBI Balanced Fund ? it posses good ratings that’s why I opted .

    my time frame is 3 to 5 years.

    pls advice sir

    1. Abhijit-Currently HDFC may be under performing. But I still believe in this fund. You can continue. SBI is currently doing good. You can continue both. But 3-5 years is too less for equity investment. Invest at your risk.

          1. Many thanks..

            I’m Little confused to choose a Mid-Small Cap Fund to my Mutual Fund, Finally I ended up selecting




            Can you Choose the best among these 3 for a time frame of 7+ years

            Thanks in adavnce.


  57. Dear Basu,

    I am 41 years ols & I am new to Mutual Fund Investments. I want to invest Rs 5000 per month in Diversified Equity Mutual Fund through SIP. Could u pls select any two best SIPs and how to invest it


    Saurabh Bakshi

  58. HI,

    I am new to Mutual funds. After doing some R&D, I am thinking of starting with a basic investment of 1000rs for atleast 15 years through SIP.

    Choosing “ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund” is a good option. Please Advise.

    Also, suggest me with suitable Plan (Regular or Direct) and options (Growth & Dividend) for a beginner like me.

      1. Thank you for your valuable advise.

        It seems the Direct plan needs lots of market awareness and knowledge in managing thinks on own. And this might be difficult for a newbie. So, I would choose Regular Plan.

        Query 1) In Regular plan, investor just pays his monthly SIP amount and need not worry about the fund managing part. Right?

        Apart from above, I am also thinking of Investing Lump Sum of (~2 Lac) and from that do STP to another fund.

        Since I am already planning with Rs 1000/- SIP to “ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund-Regular-Growth”.

        Query 2) Could you please suggest me the Best funds(Suggest Name) to invest 2Lac and transfer (STP) to other Fund(Suggest Name). Also advise the STP amount to be chosen if I plan for 10yrs.

        Thanking you in advance.

        1. Madhu-1) Even in DIRECT plans you are not managing the fund but there is someone who manage it, called fund manager. Why STP? If your time frame is long term then I insist one-time lump sum investment.
          2) Use the same ICICI fund for lump sum.

          1. Thank you once again.

            I am confused, in your previous reply you said that for DIRECT plan we need to manage on our own.

            I understand there will be a Fund Manager for each MF. In that case, what is the portion of Managing required from our side in Direct Plan? And how it is different from Regular Plan?

  59. Sir, I am new to SIP. I want to invest one SIP for 10+ years and One for 5-7 Years. Both of Rs. 1000/-.
    Please Suggest me in which funds to invest.(Name of the fund would be better).

      1. Sir first one is for long term wealth creation and the reason for second one is that i do not want for long time.
        Like i said Sir i am new to this . Please suggest what would be better for me.

  60. Hello sir,
    I am currently investing in sip in the below funds
    birla sl 100
    icici pru focussed blue chip
    hdfc midcap oppurtunities
    Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund
    franklin India high growth cos fund.

    Should i continue investing in these . or should i discontinue any of these.

    Thanking you in advance


      1. Hello sir,
        Thanks for your prompt reply. Timeframe is 8+ years atleast. These funds were recommended in FI website. Still my main savings is through FD’s and RD’s in sbi. But they give only 7.75 % yearly. currently 75 % of savings is invested in rd’s and fd’s and 25 % in mf.

        Also I have LIC home loan at fixed rate of 10.75 %. I already paid 4 years and in a dilemma if to pay off the pending 19L by next year end or just let it go as it is. My emi there is like 30k per month , its fetching rent 14k currently. I am hesitant to repay the whole amount as if i need a new loan will be a big process, so I prefer to keep the money to have mental peace to have solid cash at disposal and let the loan run, helps with the income tax too. Is it a wise decission ?
        I am hoping that mf will give atleast the interest rate which I am paying for housing loan.

        Thanking you in advance,

  61. Dear Sir,
    I have a following SIP (growth option) portfolio:

    3) HDFC BALANCE FUND: 1000/-
    4) HDFC CHILD GIFT : 1000/-
    6) RELIANCE TAX SAVER : 2000/-

    Are the above funds good for wealth creation over 20 year time…

      1. Hello Sir,
        Really appreciate your work n Thank you.
        Iam planning to start SIP from this month. I can go with 2500Rs/Mon. Up to 15yrs. Plz suggest 3 o 4 best performing funds along wit % of investment..

          1. Thank you Sir. Sir I have selected 3 funds for 15years.
            1. ICICI BLUE-CHIP-750Rs.
            2. HDFC mid cap opp.(G)-750Rs.
            3.HDFC Balanced (G)-1000Rs.

            K na Sir?? Please tel me the procedure to start sip offline o online

  62. Sir,
    I have a following SIP portfolio: 1) ICICI FOCUSED BLUECHIP FUND : 1500 RS 2) ICICI VALUE DISCOVERY FUND – 1000 RS. 3) HDFC BALANCE FUND: 1500 RS. I want to invest another SIP of 1000 Rs from any of below fund so there is no overlapping with my existing fund

    Pl. advice which fund to select and suggest one fund so no overlapping
    1) Franklin india hign growth
    2)SBI magnum multiplier
    3)UTI MNC Fund
    4) Reliance equity opp fund
    5) franklin india prima plus

    Your advice shall be highly appriciated.

      1. Thanks Sir,
        As per advise, Pl. correct me if wrong
        1) I have not to take fresh SIP ( from above 5 MF) and continue existing
        2) What is fresh investment in same fund means top up or else
        3) Invest in Value discovery for long term +10 year

        Alpesh patel

  63. I am currently investing in mutual funds as follows:(SIP mode)

    HDFC Balanced (G)- Rs 4000 per month
    HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund (G) – Rs 3000 per month
    ICICI Pru focussed bluechip fund(G) – Rs 3000 per month

    Are the above funds good for wealth creation over 5 year time horizon(esp ICICI Pru focussed bluechip fund)??
    Suggest more funds as i have some more income to spare for mutual fund investments!

  64. Sir
    I will be retiring in year 2022. i want to invest 100000/- in mutual funds as stated by you above. but what should be the ratio of investment between laarge/midcap /small. pl reply

  65. Hi Basu

    I m planning to invest 4000 rs for 15 years for my Daughters higher education plz guide me to any 2 funds which will give me good returns in futue.

    Hope your Suggestions will be usefull.

    Thanks Regards

      1. if i go with hdfc top 200 for large cap & hdfc midcap opp fund for mid & small cap fund.
        what u think this two fund is will be good .

          1. Hi Basu

            Whats u think abt Sbi Pharma Fund.
            It has given some mouth watering returns in past five years.

            Thanks & Regards

  66. Hi Sir,
    My current investment in mutual fund is given below:

    JP Morgan Small & Mid Cap – Rs. 2500

    I am currently 32 and started this investment last month . I hope to continue for more than 15 years .
    Wealth creation is my prime objective.
    Is this funds fine or do I need to change anything. and what will be the expected return %.Please suggest.

  67. Sir,
    I want to know which mid cap fund is better between ICICI pru value discovery fund or hdfc mid cap opportunities fund. I have already ICICI prudential focused blue-chip equity fund and hdfc balance fund. My time horizon is 17 year’s

  68. Hi Basu, First time starting investment in Mutual funds. Planning to invest 5000 Rs for long term 15 years. Kindly choose good funds.

  69. Sir i have no idea about investment and know nothing about funds but i want to invest 1.5 lac rupees for 5-10 year please suggest me a good plan for good returns and safe investment

  70. Hi Sir,

    I want to start my financial planning now as now my home & car loan are paid.I want to invest 2 lacs per annum in MFs using SIP.Please suggest from above listed funds which one I should take.My purpose is to make corpus in 10 to 15 years for my 3 year old kid for his higher education.I have already invested in real state and PPF/FD’s etc and now want to earn/gain higher returns using MF’s.


      1. Thanks a lot for your reply and help.

        Sir please suggest what should be the money distribution in large cap, small/mid-cap and another balanced fund also what should be the duration of investment for each?Do I need to SIP in all these funds for continuous 10 to 15 years?

        If I continue for suppose 15 years in these funds with annual 2 lacs investment ,what range of percentage returns I should expect?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Randhir-Keep around 30% in large cap, 30% in small and mid cap and 40% in balanced fund. Yes, keep SIPs for 10-15 years. Ideal expectation from equity investment for long term will be around 10% to 12%. If you get anything more than that then think that it is a bonus 🙂

  71. Sir,
    I am investing 5000 PM for UTI equity, 5000 for Franklin small companies and 5000 for HDFC mid cap fund. Now I wanted to add 5000 PM each for ICICI export & other services and UTI MNC fund. My time horizon is minimum 12 year (kids’ education).
    I have checked many sites e.g. Money control, Value research etc. and different tools for return calculator.
    In short and medium term e.g. 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year and 7 year these two fund(ICICI export & UTI MNC) has given very good return and always in top 10. Also these two funds are classified as diversified fund in Money control and consistent Rank 1.
    Can you please suggest if I can invest in these two funds?

    Thanks & regards

    1. Vivek-Both the funds which you named are sector funds. They are risky than regular diversified funds. Is there any guarantee that the fund performed GOOD will be GOOD in future too? Do remember that high return will come with high risk also. Suppose after 2-3 months the same rating agencies downgrade these two funds, then will you change your funds? Never follow these rating agencies. Stick to basics of diversification and long term investment.

  72. Hi,
    I invested 4000 in ICICI midcap and 3000 in hdfc balanced fund through SIP.
    I want to invest 4000 more.
    Please suggest one/two good fund. So that good portfolio will create.
    Time horizon is 7-10 years

        1. Hi,
          I invested 4000 in ICICI midcap and 3000 in hdfc balanced fund through SIP.
          I want to invest 4000 more.
          Please suggest one/two good fund. So that good portfolio will create.
          Time horizon is 7-10 years

          1. Sir, i don’t have much knowledge about it. I am saying based upon internet knowledge only.i seen in few websites like VRO,moneycontrol they are showing diversified fund return range 25-35%.
            As per my understanding diversified fund investment in all multicap,midcap and smallcap.
            Pls suggest which fund i need to select.

            1. Amit-Do remember that you have to select funds based on time frame of your investment. If your time horizon is around medium term (5+ to 10 Years) then I don’t think you have to include small or mid cap funds. At the same time, never neglect the large cap funds and the debt portion of your portfolio. Hence, considering a time frame, chose funds which suites to you. When you say diversified, they also be called as Multi Cap Funds.

              1. Sir,
                Thanks. My time horizon is 7-10 years. And i have one balanced fund and one midcap fund. Should i take one largecap fund or large + multi both to make good portfolio.

  73. Hi Sir,
    My current investment in mutual fund is given below:

    Kotak Select Focus Fund – G Rs.500
    HDFC Top 200 Fund – G Rs.1000
    UTI Mnc Fund Growth Option- Rs.1000

    ELSS AXIS Long Term Equity Fund – G Rs.1000
    ELSS Birla Sun Life Tax Relief `96 –G Rs.1000

    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan –Growth– Rs.1000

    I am currently 31 and started this investment last week . As I am new , i have filled 5 years online but hope to continue for more than 15 years .
    Wealth creation is my prime objective.
    Are these funds fine or do I need to change anything. Please suggest.
    Abhishek Chaturvedy

  74. Hi, Liked your article. I am 27 years old from Hyderabad. I would like to invest a lumpsum amount of rs:500000 in MF and leave it for a long term for about 15-20 years.. what would you suggest.. I am a beginner in investments..
    Please guide me.

  75. Hello Sir,
    I am 41 year old and wanted to invest 50000 PM in mutual fund via SIP. I am already having term, health insurance and no outstanding loans. I am having FD /Debt/PPF and PF of about 15 lakh.

    My Goal is RS 20 lakh after 9 year for my son graduation, 50 lakhs after 13 year for higher education and then build corpus for retirement (age of 55).

    I have selected below fund with goals.

    1. LARGE CAP –ICICI focused blue chip – RS 7000 PM – For Graduation (continue after for higher education and retirement corpus)

    2. Balance fund – HDFC Balanced fund – Rs 8000 PM – For Graduation(continue after for higher education and retirement corpus)

    3. Franklin High growth companies – Rs 17000 PM – For higher education (continue after for retirement corpus)

    4. HDFC mid cap –Rs 18000 PM for retirement.

    Please advise me if the distribution of money and fund is correct.

    Thanks & regards

    1. Mahesh-Instead of separating each fund for each goal, I suggest to retain all funds (except retaining one fund in small-midcap category), you can invest. However, make sure to create a debt portion also.

      1. Hello Sir,

        Thanks for your advice.Do you mean that i should select any one of HDFC or Franklin .As per my understanding HDFC is small & Mid cap and Franklin high growth is multi cap.
        So shall i select only HDFC fund ?? so that there will be three fund total , one each from Large, balance and small & Mid cap.

        Sir, I am also very much confused about money distribution between these fund. I have check in tool for SIP return and based on that i have selected the amount.
        Please suggest me best way to distribute 50000 per month among these fund keeping in mind my financial goal. This will be really very helpful to me.

        Thanks & regards

        1. Mahesh-I am not a fan of multi cap funds. Reason is, when you already own different cap funds then what is the need of multi cap? Also, they switch the caps too ofthen which may be hard to track. Hence, I said retain HDFC or Frnaklin (but more towards HDFC). Try to invest in such a way that you must also have debt allocation based on timeframe to equity:debt.

  76. Sir, pls let me know what the below data mean. should i go for regular plan or direct and why ? is the concept same for all other MFs ? Found this in the investment document of SBI MF.

    Actual expenses for the previous financial year

    Scheme Name Regular Plan Direct Plan
    ————- ————- ———–
    SBI IT Fund 2.64% 1.89%
    SBI Pharma Fund 2.41% 1.41%
    SBI FMCG Fund 2.50% 1.82%
    SBI Contra Fund 2.09% 1.53%


  77. Sir, I would like to invest 15000/- per month in SIP for 3 years. Kindly guide me in which funds i have
    to invest.



  78. Hi Sir ,

    I am new to MF’s.

    I have selected the below funds for SIP. Need your valuable comments.
    Birla sunlife mnc fund – 1k
    Franklin high growth companies fund -2k
    Canara robeco emerging equities fund -2k

    The investment period will be minimum 5 years.

    Thanks and regards,

  79. Hi Mr. Basu

    I am planning to invest in mutual fund through SIP for long term wealth generation. I have selected below funds.

    1. Reliance Equity opportunities fund (2000 P.M)
    2. Hdfc Midcap opportunities fund (2000 P.M)

    I can invest 2000 P.M in one more fund . But unable to select. Please suggest your opinion .

  80. Hi Basu,looking at current mkt situation I want to buy banking sector fund..could u plz advice me will it be right decesion and funds also…many thanks

  81. Dear sir,

    I am 37 Year old and willing to invest for long term (More than 10 Year).

    I have started SIP(1000.00 Each) with following funds from last 1 year, can you pls suggest me the Good MF to invest more .

    Currently I am investing Rs 4000.00 and want to increase my investment to 20000.00.
    Should i continue with these fund to increase SIP amount or do i need to chose another fund. Kindly sugesst.

    1. Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund,
    2. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund-RP-G
    3. Reliance Small Cap Fund-G
    4. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund-Regular-G


      1. correct me if i understand correctly

        1. Need to stop “Birla Sun Life Infrastructure Fund”
        2. and Keep continue with below funds as
        – ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund-RP-G
        – Reliance Small Cap Fund-G
        – DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund-Regular-G

        3. need to add two more funds as one large cap and a balanced fund from the above list.

        if i am correct pls suggest me how to split money across these funds.


  82. Hi,
    I am new in MF, I want invest 5000 per month for 3 years.
    Can you suggest me which am best plan for me?
    I don’t know how it’s working. Please guide me also.

    Thank you

      1. Hello,
        Thanks for your comment
        suppose i increase my amount 3000 to 5000 for 5 years, then which company i can buy?
        what is SIP and how it’s work?
        Thank you

          1. Thank you sirji,
            i want to invest 5000/month for 10 years.
            can you suggest me in which plan i invest?
            in small or mid or large cap?


  83. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am planning to invest Rs 1 Lac for minimum of 10 years time frame. Please suggest me with best Mutual Funds which yields descent returns after 10 years.

    Also, suggest me the best Mutual Fund to SIP 2k per month for 10 years.

  84. Hello Sir,

    I want to invest Rs 50,000 in mutual funds and I m new to this kind of investment.I want to invest for 10yrs.I have shortlisted 3 funds kindly suggest n if there are better options for me plz let knw that.
    I have also invested in PPF and FD .I m 30 yr old.

    ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (G)
    SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)
    SBI Magnum Midcap Fund (G)

    Also let me knw at which ratio should I invest my money in these mutual funds.

    Thank you..

  85. Dear Sir,
    I have a surplus amount of Rs. 1 lakh that i have to return after 1 year.
    Will it be advisable to invest this amount for one year in some open ended funds.
    In this regard i had selected certain funds based on my knowledge, however your advice is requested.
    Kindly let me know which funds should i invest / not invest from the given list. Please suggest some funds that can give good returns over short period of 1 year.

    1. Franklin India Smaller Companies-G
    2. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities- G
    3. Birla Sun Life MNC Fund – Direct Plan
    4. irae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Regular Plan
    5. Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund – Regular Plan
    6. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan
    7. Franklin Build India Fund(G)


  86. Hello Sir,

    Please advise in selection of 3 top equity funds for a duration between 5 to 10 years with a monthly investment of Rs.2000/- in each fund.I have studied an experts advise about the following schemes.
    Please advise and suggest the appropriate

  87. Dear Basu ,

    I am 27 yrs old and new to new to MF fund .
    It am planning to invest for around 25-30 years from now starting with small amounts say 4k-5K monthly or may be more if required .

    My target is 3 Cr .
    I have been trying to understand the basics of MF . But more people and sites is more confusion . It would not be out place to mention that i like your simple and straight answers which could give a fair idea referring the few above posts .Could you pl suggest the way forward ?

    Thanks in advance .


    1. Abhishek-Nothing to worry. Start slowly with one large cap, one small/midcap and another balanced fund. This much is enough. Initially invest through an adviser like me and once you feel the comfort then opt for DIRECT.

      1. Basu – Thank for your response ….I have started with these two and looking to go for one small cap / mid cap as suggested.

        1) SBI Blue chip fund – 1 k ( 5 years , hope that could be extended when ever required )
        2) Icici Pru balanced fund – 2 k ( No time frame have been put by me ).

        And looking forward to go with HDFC Small/Mid cap fund – 2 k ( once the KYC is updated with the above two funds ) . Hope it is in order . Would still require your advise .

        Thank you ..

        Abhishek Sinha

          1. Basu – You are right …. I visited ICICI and changed the term to more than 5 years . One is in my mind is that how much period should one hold while investing in small/ mid cap , large and balanced fund in general . Can i invest in these three funds for 25 years .

            1) SBI Blue chip fund – 1 k
            2) ICICI Pru balanced fund – 2 k

            And looking forward to go with HDFC Small/Mid cap fund – 2 k

            And what is the ratio in which one should distribute there investments in these three cap funds .

            Awaiting your advise .
            Thanks in advance .


  88. Hello Sir,

    I am Investing in below funds through SIP every month Rs.2k.

    1)ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Regular Plan – Growth
    2)ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Regular Plan – Growth

    ICICI Tax Plan(Lum Sum)

    Now I have some 20k of surplus amount which i am planning to invest in either MF or FD or PPF.

    Please suggest me.

    1. Jay-Funds are good and you can continue. You have not mentioned the timeframe of fresh investment. So it is hard for me to suggest. However, if it is for long term, then continue in the same funds.

  89. Basu Sir,

    Thanks a lot for your response.

    As per your suggestion I am investing with IDFC premium Rs. 2000/month.

    How is SBI Pharma, I want to start SIP of Rs. 1500/month for next 10 years, please suggest.?

    Also recently I have invested Rs. 50000 one time in UTI MNC, Rs.30000 in ICICI technology fund and Rs. 15000 in ICICI diversified fund, Should I continue or came out of lump sum investment.?

    Looking forward for your best advice.

    Thanks in advance.


  90. I am new in the Mutual Fund market and looking to start investment. I have selected 3 Mutual funds for starting investment. I want to start in SIP mode with 3000 each i.e 9000 monthly overall. I am targeting for next 15 years. I am 32 years old. Needs suggestion on my portfolio selection. Please suggest with options and better plans.

    –Large Cap
    SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)

    –Mid/Small Cap
    JPMorgan India Mid and Small Cap Fund (G)

    Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)

      1. I am new user. just searched best funds and listed to know that. That is the reason why I am asking here. I need your help for planning as mentioned.

  91. Hello Sir,
    Planning to invest in 2 or 3 MFs(SIP 5000 pm, period of 7-8 years) from the below list(all are growth).
    Please suggest if the list below is good and which one should i chose, not sure about anything in this recently chaotic market conditions.

    ICICI Focussed Bluechip
    SBI BlueChip
    Canara Robeco Emerging Equities
    SBI Small and Mid Cap
    UTI Midcap
    IDFC Premier Equity
    ICICI Value Discovery

    Thank you for this helpful blog.

      1. Thank you Sir. But ICICI Bluechip and HDFC Balanced show an overlap of 36%. Is that fine ?

        Also what fund would you suggest for a lump-sum (~50,000) investment for around 5 years.

  92. Hi sir,

    I am investing in mutual funds from last 6 months. I am 26 years old and time horizon would be around 20+ years

    Here are my portfolio details:
    1. Franklin india prima plus fund (10000 INR)
    2. Franklin india high growth fund (12500 INR)
    3. Franklin india smaller fund (15000 INR)
    4. HDFC mid cap oppurtunities fund (12500 INR)
    5. Birla MNC fund (5000 INR)

    Can you please review it and should i continue with these funds?. And i am also considering to remove Franklin prima plus fund and add that amount to Franklin high growth fund. Is it nice move or should i stick with current allocation?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.


      1. Funds 1 and 2 are large caps funds. And i have taken Birla MNC fund just for high return.
        Should i coutinue with both funds 1 and 2 or consider only second one?

        1. Vishal-1st Fund is not purely large cap it is large and mid cap. Second fund is multi cap and not a large cap. Please go through the underlying portfolio and check the overlapping of it. What about small/mid-cap funds? Why so many funds? High return of Birla MNC will come with high risk. Hence, understand about the risk return.

  93. Hi Basu,I need to choose one mid & small cap fund.time horizon around 15 yr..very confused between hdfc mid cap,uti mid cap and icici value disc…plz guide.waiting for ur reply….thanks

        1. Hi Basu,I bought ICICI value discovery…Now looking at current mkt situation I want to buy banking sector fund..could u plz advice…many thanks

  94. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have started my SIP 5 months ago, and below are the funds I’m currently investing in (time period of 5 years)
    What are your views on below stated funds? Should I continue to invest?

    motilal oswal most focused multicap 35 – 3000
    motilal oswal most focused midcap 30 – 2000
    hdfc midcap opportunities fund – 3000
    sbi bluechip – 3000

    Please let me know that should I also invest in Balanced fund, if yes, which funds do you suggest?


    1. Roi-Seems risky for such a time period of 5 years. I avoid any small/midcap funds and also restrict my maximum equity exposure to 40% of overall investable amount. Rest 60% must be in debt. To be frank, if goal is exactly at 5 years from now then avoid equity.

  95. Hi,

    I and my wife would like to start SIP. Total planned SIP is 20000 per month. I am 35 years and have a kid. We want to invest for 7-8 years. Please suggest me the mutual funds plus how to buy.

    Also i am bit confused on how to buy MF.I am in touch with ICICI PRUDENTIAL MUTUAL FUND. Can you advise on where to buy MF.

    Thank you

  96. Hi Basu,I need to choose one mid & small cap fund.time horizon around 15 yr..very confused between hdfc mid cap,uti mid cap and icici value disc…plz guide

  97. Hi Basavaraj,

    Hope you are fine 🙂

    I am started my SIP investment( RS 6000 per month) from last month with following list of funds.I have planned it for long term(more than 15 years). Shall i follow with these funds or anything suggestions from your end.

    Franklin India PRIMA PLUS GROWTH Equity Diversified – Rs 1000
    SBI BLUE CHIP FUND – REGULAR PLAN – GROWTH Equity Diversified -Rs 1,000

    And I have to plan to invest of 1Lakh for long term(10 to 15 years) can you suggest me some funds.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I can change one Large cap fund to some other, can suggest me the fund to change and instead of that what fund i can choose. The name of the Axis fund is AXIS ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED.
        Could you suggest me some funds on lumpsum invest of 1Lakh for long term(10 to 15 years).


              1. Thanks Basavaraj,

                May i know your suggestion about lumpsum(1L) for long term(15yrs).In my list

                SBI Magnum Global Fund.
                HDFC Balanced fund.


  98. Dear sir,

    I am 25 and Just 8 months before I have started my Rs. 5000 SIP in Axis mutual fund long term growth (Equity), But now I want to stop that and want to invest Rs. 2000 in Axis long term growth. and for rest of the Rs.3000, I need your help to invest that money. I want to purchase mid cap, small cap and large cap fund to full fill my dreams of bunglow, car, children education and marriage.

    Another question is whatever return we get after some years, is it a taxable or nontaxable?

    I read one article in that mentioned that some of the Mutual fund company take charge of the maturity money.

    1. Vishal-What prompted you to stop this Rs.5,000 investment to Rs.2,000? Equity investment more than a year is fully tax free. May I know the link which states that some MF Companies take charge on maturity? Please remember that there is no such maturity like LIC or FDs in MF.

  99. hello,

    I am thinking to invest in mutual fund. i am basically thinking to invest in some of the MF lumsum amount for 10+

    Basically i can invest upto 50,000 per MF. (thinking to invest in 3 MF) kindly suggest which one should i go and how much should i invest lumsum amount and duration for the same.

    I also need your expert advice on SIP. at the moment my portfolio is totally empty. kindly share some guidence which can be perfect for me. i can invest 2,000 per SIP per month. maximum 5 SIP .

    I would be very thankful if you can provide me detail information. thank you.

      1. Hi Basavraj,

        thanks for the reply. i cameto conclusion as follows. can you please have a look and provide your valueable thought on it. thank you.

        SIP : 2,000 each monthly basis
        1. Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund – Growth
        3. Tata Balanced Fund – Growth
        4. Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund – Growth
        5. SBI Blue Chip Fund – Growth

        Lumpsum : 50,000 each for 10 years.
        1. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund – Growth
        2. ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan – Growth
        3. Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Growth

        1. Ajay-Stay away from Reliance. For lump sum, where is debt portion? One large cap and one balanced fund is enough. No need of small/mid cap funds when you have time horizon of around 10 years ONLY.

          1. Hi Basavraj,

            thanks. can you please have a look again?

            SIP : 2,000 each monthly basis
            1. SBI Blue Chip Fund – Growth
            2. JPMorgan India Mid and Small Cap Fund – Growth
            3. ICICI value discovery Fund – Growth
            4. Tata Balanced Fund – Growth
            5. Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund – Growth

            Lumpsum : 50,000 each for 10 years.
            1. Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund – Growth
            2. BNP Paribas Flexi Debt – Regular Paln Growth
            3. Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Growth

  100. My Current MF Portfolio consist of :SIP of 1000 / month in following MF’S :
    DSP BlackRock Equity Fund – Regular – Growth
    DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund – Regular – Growth
    HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund – Growth
    HDFC Top 200 – Growth
    ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan – Growth
    ICICI Prudential Taxplan – Growth
    SBI Bluechip Fund – Growth

    Kindly advise on my portfolio.

      1. Yes.Just had impulsive buying.
        Could you suggest , which should i must retain and which i should think of existing.
        Thanks in advance.

  101. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to invest 30000 per month at the following fund

    1. Birla Sunlife frontline equity fund-G (Rs 5000)
    2. franklin India High growth companies-G (Rs 5000)
    3. ICICI value discovery Fund-G (Rs 5000)
    4. Franklin India smaller companies Fund-G (Rs 5000)
    5. Tata Balance fund-G (Rs 10000)

    Kindly have a look and please suggest me how good is my portfolio, my goal is 1.5 crore in 15 years (expecting 12% pa). I know it is not good to keep 2 Mid/small cap fund but as what I have seen ICICI value discovery is more of diversified fund rather than mid/small cap. Is my current selection is good or do I need to keep only 1 large, 1 mid/small and 1 balance fund. If this is the case then which mid/cap fund should I select.

    I will be very thankful if you can help me to make good portfolio.

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. Thank you so much for prompt reply. But, sir is it ok to include one Franklin India High growth fund along with 1 large, 1 small/mid cap and 1 balance fund.

        If I am using 4 fund only (except franklin smaller companies fund). How should i distribute my 30000 as sip for the fund.

        Many Thanks.

        1. Rustam-You can use. If you don’t have any debt investment separately then make sure to allocate more funds towards balanced fund. Because for long term goals like 10+ years, ideally keep the portfolio to the maximum of 70:30 of equity:debt. Also, if the goal is 10+ years then incline more towards small/mid cap rather than large cap.

  102. Hi Basu,

    Very nice articles in your website. Thanks for providing useful info.

    I started investing in MF in 2009 and currently I am investing in the below equity funds in SIP and I have planned to continue my investment for another 15 years. Please let me know if my current portfolio is good to continue or I should make any immediate modification.

    HDFC Top 200 – Growth – Rs.2000
    Franklin India Bluechip – Growth – Rs2500
    HDFC Tax Saver – Growth – Rs.2500
    ICICI Prudential Tax Plan – Growth – Rs.3000
    Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver – Growth – Rs.2500


  103. Dear sir,
    Recently i have started a sip of Rs 2000 per month & the fund is Franklin India High Growth Companies fund (G) for 10 or more years of investment . Now i want to invest rs 4000 per month for long term. Pls Suggest me from below mentioned funds or any other fund of your choice

    1. UTI Mid Cap Fund (G)
    2. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund (G)
    3. ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (G)
    4. UTI MNC Fund (G)
    5. SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)
    6. HDFC Balanced Fund (G)

    Another question is that , is it mandatory to invest Rs 5000 to start a SIP initially, if not then what is the procedure to invest in SIP in direct mode ?

  104. Hi Basu,

    I just started my MF investment through SIP on following funds. Plan to invest for more than 10 years. Can I proceed with these funds or advice some other funds to start new SIP, Thanks.

    Birla Sun life MNC fund Growth – Rs 3000
    Franklin India Smaller companies – Rs 2000

  105. Hi

    I have a surplus of 3 Lacs. & I just found few choices based on my requirement

    1 Axis Long term Equity fund (ELSS)
    2 HDFC top 200 fund
    3 SBI magnum/balanced fund.

    note: I don’t use these funds for at least next 3 -4 yrs.

    Can you please suggest which is best choice ??
    & Is it good if put all the money in one of the above.

  106. Dear Basu
    How are you doing ?? Well My name is Rohit Kaushal and to be honest I dont have much knowledge about the mutual funds at all but i really wanted to to invest very small amount to see how it goes so that i can analyze howz the market behaving and today i bought SIP for SBI I divided into two parts of SIP of SBI once SIP for SBI-Blue chip Regular and second one is SBI-Balance regular so what you think is it a good decision to invest in SBI as a beginner i dont want to invest big amount so i just tried it with luck….kindly advise please i really appreciate..Thanks

  107. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, which is of great use to novices like me. I’ve been investing in the following funds and haven’t set any timeline as such. According to my wealth advisor these funds give good steady returns in the long run.

    1. Reliance Mid & Small Cap fund – Growth plan
    2. Reliance Equity Opportunities fund – Growth plan and
    3. UTI Equity fund – Growth plan

    My friends beg to differ and recommend that I invest in the funds that they’ve invested in and received good returns.

    1. Canara Robeco
    2. ICICI Prudential
    3. DSP Blackrock
    4. HDFC Top 200
    5. Franklin India High Growth
    6. Birla Frontline
    7. Franklin India Small Cap and
    8. Reliance Pharma

    Appreciate your thoughts in this regard.

    1. Oliver-Don’t heed both 🙂 Instead try to understand why your adviser or friends recommending these funds. Your adviser or friends risk taking ability is different than what you can take. Hence, first try to understand of for what purpose you want to invest, how long you want to invest and how much return expectation you have. Once you understood these things in better way then your half work completed. BLIND FOLLOWING IS MOST DANGEROUS.

      1. Basavaraj, Fair point 🙂 I never tried that approach and will certainly try to gauge why either party is recommending these funds. Thank you for your advice.

        I am risk averse and try not to invest in high risk funds and my plan is to stay invested for minimum 5 years. So as per my risk appetite, are the funds I’ve invested in any good or should I switch based your recommended funds in this article?

        Appreciate your thoughts.

        1. Oliver-If your time horizon is just around 5 years then chose a fund like equity oriented balanced fund (HDFC Balanced Fund). This keeps you safe by investing around 35% in Debt and remaining 65% in equity. A single fund is enough. Keep it simple…there are many ways to complicate but keeping simple is most important 🙂

  108. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have been reading about your blogs for quite some time now. I am totally new to SIPs and I have been investing in RDs so far. But now I need more returns and wish for very short term like 1 year or 2 year.

    I want to invest 3000 for 1 or 2 years in a fund which gives me the highest return.. Shall I choose HDFC Mid cap Opportunity Fund (G) or HDFC Balanced Fund (G) or Reliance Equity Opp Fund or do you recommend any other fund. Since this is the first time for me so I am bit confused on where i can get the maximum return. Also let me know if 1 year is fine or should i go for 2 or 3 years.

    Thanks a ton in advance. I look forward for your response.

  109. Dear Basavraj,
    I am regular follower of your blog.
    Presently I am subscribing to the following funds through SIP.

    HDFC Top 200 Rs.1000
    HDFC Equity Rs.1000
    HDFC prudence Rs.1000

    I find that all these schemes are not performing well in recent months.I am thinking of stopping SIPs of these funds and instead go for either HDFC balanced fund ( in place of HDFC prudence ) and Franklin high growth co. or SBI blue chip fund for the remaining 2 schemes.Or should I go for any other fund. I also wish to increase SIP amount to Rs. 5000.

    Please give me ytour expert advice.

    Sharad kumar

  110. Sir,

    I am new to mutual fund… I had invested in Canara Robecco emerging equities , Franklin india High Growth Companies and Birla Sun life MNC growth each 2k/ month….All are growth….

    Is it a good choice??


      1. Sir,

        I absolutely have no clue about these funds… I jus invested in them coz of an agent…. Seeing the advise you have given to the others I wanted to get some insight on my investment and understant them….

        I have jus invested them on a trial basis…


  111. Dear Basu
    I am a big fan of your work.I learned a lot from you through your site and also from your replies in comment section. I have a doubt.I will be obliged if you kindly clarify it.
    I started sip in 2012 by learning from site like yours. Now every year I see the top funds changing. So what should I do ? should I keep sipping in my old funds or invest in the new funds as suggested here?

    1. Rick-Don’t panic. It is hard for even for me to be always invest in star rated funds. Keep calm, track the fund. If it is continuously underperforming the benchmark or below your expectation then only switch. Never run behind star rating. They tend to change frequently and investing based on that will ruin your finance.

  112. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog which helps us to select mutual funds.

    I am planning to invest 30000 per month for long term 7+ years (probably 10+ years). Does following list look good. Please suggest :

    UTI Equity Mutual Fund = 5000
    ICICI PRu Focused Blue Chip Fund = 3000
    HDFC Top 200 = 2000

    Birla Sun Life MNC Fund = 3000
    Franklin High Growth Cos (G) = 3000

    Can Robeco Emerg-Equities = 4000
    DSP-BR Micro Cap Fund = 4000
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund = 2000

    Tata Balanced Fund = 4000


    1. Kiran-Go with ICICI Bluechip (Rs.5,000), Franklin India Smaller Companies (Rs.5,000) and Tata Balanced (Rs.25,000). Reason is, I suggest to manage the balanced portfolio of around 30% to 40% in debt. This can be easily achievable through Tata Fund. Restrict a small portion into small/mid cap as the risk is more and your time frame is less than 10 years. Rest keep in large cap fund like ICICI. These three are enough. Don’t expose yourself to sector funds. If you want to add then go ahead with multi-cap fund like Franklin (which you suggested).

  113. Sir,
    Question no 1: I have a following SIP portfolio: 1) ICICI FOCUSED BLUECHIP FUND : 1500 RS 2) ICICI VALUE DISCOVERY FUND – 1000 RS. 3) HDFC BALANCE FUND: 1500 RS. I want to invest another SIP of 2000 Rs Pl. suggest fund.
    Question 2: I want to invest one lacs Rs for 1 year period . pl suggest best option
    Alpesh Patel

      1. Thanks a lot for your advice.
        I want to know that can I purchase some unit as lumpsum in same mutual fund when market is fall. how it is advisable.
        Also let me know which option are good
        1) Increse sip
        2) Lumpsum investment in same mutual fund when market is down.


          1. Yes, It is right sir, Your advice is very helpful us. I have some money to invest, thats why I want your advice on lumpsum investment in same mutual fund ( long term ) or to increase sip.


              1. Thanks a lot, Pl. advice on STP as one my friend suggested. Pl. suggest best debt fund for lumpsume and than after stp to equity fund. what is time horizon for debt fund.

  114. Hi Basavaraj,

    I read your article “Top 10 Best Mutual Funds to invest in India for 2015” its very helpful Thanks!

    I am very new to MF investment. I have two queries regarding my investment. Could you please help to clarify.

    I am currently not staying in India. I wanted to open my folio but CAMS customer care says I have to pay my first payment through Physical cheque only. Is there any other way where I can buy MF through online payment only ?

    I am planning to invest 5k (monthly) in atleast below two equity fund (Large Cap) for 5 years. I listed below few funds after going through reviews and discussions.
    • Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund (G)
    • Birla Sun Life Top 100 (G) (Large cap)
    • SBI Blue Chip Fund (G) (Large cap)

    Could you please advice if my above selected Mutual funds for large cap are good to invest or is there any flaws or disadvantages in them. Thanks for your help.

    Nilesh Thengadi

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks a lot for the help and suggestion. I have checked KYC process, I will fill up the form and will submit to them.

        I want to invest in two SIP funds, Can you suggest one more large cap fund from my listed fund or anyone which is good from your side. Thanks a lot!


  115. Hi Mr Basu,

    I need some advice from you on my investments. I have no idea what so ever about mutual funds or any kind of investments per say, in line with family relations with Canara banks manager in 2013 i took a gold mutual fund scheme named Canara Robeco Gold Saving Fund scheme(SIP). But as we know that the gold market is doing terrible i happen to land in loss.

    Initially when i took the scheme i took it for long years 5 or 10 i remember, but for some reason the bank only kept the maturity period of 2 years, and the fund which was started in april 2013 ended in april 2015. Amount i invested each month for the same was 5000.

    Now i have got an opportunity to either continue with the Gold scheme for more number of years or i can switch to any other scheme as per my liking or not go on with any scheme at all and withdraw the money.

    Details of how much i wish to invest and for how long
    Amount: 5000 per month
    Year: 5-10 years

    The bank again has suggested me the Canara Robeco Equity Diversified scheme, i have also checked the Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Scheme. But i have no idea what to go for or to go for any of these or just look for options outside canara

    Can you suggest me a mutual fund which will be best for me within canara and also if any outside of canara.

    Thanks in advance.

  116. hi,
    My investment is 5000 per monthly in SIP for 1. Franklin india prima plus- 2000 rupees, 2. HDFC balanced funds- 2000 rupees, 3. Reliance small cap fund 2000 rupees. all more than 10 years
    Please suggest if it is ok or change is required.

    Than you

  117. Dear sir,
    I am about to join my grad school and have some business plans in my mind for future with a little money in my pocket and i want to invest this money(5 lakhs) in mutual funds for 10-12year so i will get some good amount after these years but i am confused with the plans and also don’t know the avg. interest on this amount.
    Kindly,advice me the best plans with high % of interest & lesser risk.
    I am just 17 yr old and got this money from my FD & RD.
    should i go for agent (for best advice ) since my father don’t want to invest in this kind of scheme and want me to do the FD of that amount but as my brother suggested me i want to know about this plans please clear my doubt sir.
    with regards,

    1. Gaurav-I understand your aggressive nature. But I suggest you to follow your father’s advice. Because he knows your family or your own personal finance than me. However, if you are adamant then chose a equity oriented balanced fund above list and invest (strictly for goals of more than 10 Yrs).

  118. Hi Basavaraj,
    I want to invest in Mutual funds through SIP with long term 10 + yrs and purpose is wealth creation. Investment amount 15 k per month for next 10 yrs at least.
    My question is
    1. What will be the expected return i can get as per your calculation? Will total return incur income tax deduction or deductions apply only on profit not on principle.

    2. Is the below diversified portfolio Fine for good return or would you recommend any changes with respective to mutual fund or amount?
    3. Should I do this investment from agent or should go directly to respective company website online and apply?

    1. Large cap–Icici pru focused Blue chip fund –3K
    2. Large cap–SBI BLUE CHIP FUND-2K

    3. Diversified–Franklin India high growth companies fund-2k

    4. Mid and small cap–SBI MID AND SMALL Cap-3K



    1. Anil-You can expect around 10% return from equity investment (for a 10 yrs period), which again is tax free. I suggest to have large cap of ICICI, balanced fund of you mentioned and a small portion into small and mid cap. Infuse more in balanced fund, then large cap and slight amount into small and mid cap fund.

      1. Thanks for your advise. what should be our strategy for higher return like 20 % or so and what should be investment period you suggest.what kind of portfolio you will guide,any change in above portfolio you would suggest since mid/small cap can give more return compare to large cap or balanced fund.


  119. Hello Basavraj,

    Need your view for the below case.

    I am new to Mutual funds and have started it by investing Rs 2000 PM as SIP in Reliance Small Cap Fund.

    I can still invest Rs 3000 more however very confused. My holding capacity is >5 years.

    Please suggest how can I diversify and if Reliance Small cap is a good fund to stick with.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Tejinder Singh

      1. Dear Basu

        I can hold the money for 6 to 7 years. I would require the amount by then for my kids schooling.

        The Reliance small cap was an accident (a relative of mine works for reliance) however i managed to restrict it in 2K per month.

        I still have 3K more capacity to invest and review reliance one after one year ( switch if required)

        Thus need your expert advice.

        Thanks and regards
        Tejinder Singb

      2. Dear Basu

        I would want to invest for 6 years before my childs education starts and thus this saving

        reliance SIP fund was done through one of my relative however as i was new ad unsure i chose to do it for one year and rs 2k pm.

        I still have capacity to invest 3k and thus seeking your expert advice. Please help

        Thanks and regards
        Tejinder Singh

        1. Tejinder-First, come out of this fund. Reason is, you are saying that goal is just 6 years away. Hence, I suggest you to stay away from equity or invest in balanced funds rather than such risky funds.

  120. hi basu,

    I have starred SIP of 2000 in below MF 1000 each for longterm of 10 years.

    1. kotak 50 fund

    2. kotak select foucsed fund

    please advise if i should add anything more or any reorientation is needed


  121. Hi basu,
    i have made my portfolio with below funds:

    icici focused bluechip fund – 25000

    icici valuediscovery fund – 25000

    on monthly basis via sip my time frame is for 10-12 years please let me know if any change need to make in my portfolio.


      1. Hi,

        I read your post and saw your comments. I think you are doing a great job.

        I would like to present my case and hope you get chance to reply:
        Info: I am 32yrs old living in Mumbai. Married with no kids yet.
        Income: Rs.80,000 per month
        Life insurance: Rs.25Lakhs.
        Medical insurance: Rs.5 Lakhs
        Loans: Not at present.
        Goals: Child education and retirement.
        History: I invested in Mutual funds in 2008 but burnt my fingers and went out of market. I want to come back in a planned way this time.

        Investment Plan:
        I want to invest Rs.50,000 per month in mutual funds for 20yrs.

        Based on some research over morningstar, valueresearch and youtube videos I have compiled this list of portfolio for me.

        1) ICICI Prudential value discovery (Mid and Small Cap)
        2) Franklin India Smaller Companies (Mid and Small Cap)
        3) UTI Equity Fund (Large Cap)
        4) HDFC Balanced Fund (Balanced)
        5) Tata Balanced Fund (Balanced)

        I will be going for DIRECT plan with DIVIDEND PAYOUT option for all the above funds. If you don`t agree with this option suggestion is welcome.

        I would like your second opinion if this portfolio is fine. You may recommend other Mutual funds too if you think they are better.


        1. Rahul-First shortage is life insurance and accidental insurance. Before proceeding further first fill those gaps. Along with that try to build an emergency corpus of around 6-12 months of household expenses. Why two mid/small cap funds? Retain one and the same applies to balanced fund. When your plan is to accumulate for future goals then why DIVIDENT PAYOUT option? I suggest GROWTH.

          1. Hi Basavraj,

            Thanks for quick reply. You are just awesome!

            1) I agree your life insurance, accidental insurance and emergency corpus suggestion. I think I also may need to bump up my medical insurance.
            2) Why two mid-small cap and balanced funds? I want to invest in these 2 categories and I am trying to diversify by picking 2 MFs each in both these categories. Mid-Small cap for higher returns over long term. Balanced funds as per my research are ideal for 3-5yrs horizon but I think they are ‘smart’ mutual funds and make sure capital is not lost out in downturn. So, they interest me.
            3) Why DIVIDENT PAYOUT option? I agree that GROWTH may be a better option. But, my rationale is that since I am a new investor, by dividend option I may get to see some money returns coming in. Then if i become confident i will in future start putting Div returns to another MF or other investment. I think by think way I will have control on my money.

            You may still suggest if you think I am thinking on a wrong track on points 2 & 3.

            Also, I would like you suggestion on my MF pick. Are they good, OK or bad? I would like to know your analysis or your picks for investor like me.


            1. I forgot to mention this.
              My expected YoY returns over 20yrs:
              1) ICICI Prudential value discovery (Mid and Small Cap) – 15%
              2) Franklin India Smaller Companies (Mid and Small Cap) – 15%
              3) UTI Equity Fund (Large Cap) – 11%
              4) HDFC Balanced Fund (Balanced) – 12%
              5) Tata Balanced Fund (Balanced) – 12%

              So, on an average I am expecting 12-13% returns YoY on this portfolio after 20yrs.
              Kindly let me know if my expected returns are justified or they are out of place and I should tone them down.

            2. Rahul-2) In your view it is a smart move to divert in two funds of each category. But finally your money will be dumped in the same stocks. Then what you do? Do you still feel the best diversified method? Check overlap of the funds you selected then only you understand about what I am saying.
              3) You accumulate corpus only when you invest smartly. Let us say if you realised the dividend and not re-invested properly then what is the use? What do you mean by coming back? When your goal is long term then why you want to realise it now? Do feel it is a smart way of realising dividend and investing again from your end to new funds? What about the cost involved?
              Funds are good and expectation is withing the range. They why this dividend payout option?

              1. Thanks for your reply.

                1) I picked 2 MFs in mid cap and balanced using the ‘overlap calculator’ you mentioned in an article. HDFC Balanced and Tata Balanced have as of now overlap of 20%. Franklin Smaller companies and icici value disc have overlap of 16%.
                2) I agree on your point. But, I am assuming that i`ll be re-investing dividends. But, NAVs of div payout schemes also increase,rt? its not that all money is distributed in div. I am thinking that if growth plans grows 15% YoY, Div plan may grow 14% (15%-1% of div). It may look more due to compounding over years.

                New Questions:

                1)I have HDFC Securities account. It provides option to buy MF of any AMC online. I see that they did not charge me any fees. I was also able to buy DIRECT plan from HDFC Sec. (I thought direct plans can be bought only from AMCs). They are not letting me start SIP in MFs though. Is there something I am missing here? How is HDFC Sec making money? Will they charge me later?
                2) I am not able to find expense ratio of DIRECT plan for MFs. All sites morningstar, valueresearch, etc show different percentage amount! I also went to AMC site directly and could not find info in some cases. If possible and if not much work can you please share with me current expense ratios of plans i selected? or can you share any document if you may maintain on expense ratios?

                1. Rahul-1) I still suggest to retain only one fund from each category. 2) Never run behind NAV and invest. Instead try to calcualte the return on how much you invested. Whether NAV of dividend schemes increase or decrease, but the compounding of your investment miss if you withdraw from your investment. 3) HDFC Sec acts like broker and check for charges of investment in MF. Even though they may not be charging, but they earn direct commission from AMCs. Yes, DIRECT plans can ONLY be bought from AMCs. Their part of expenses already included in NAV and reflected to you. Hence, you may not notice this cost. 4) Please check respective AMCs or call the toll free numbers. They inform you about this.

  122. Hi,

    I am 22 years old and currently working in an IT company. I wanted to invest 15,000 monthy via SIP for a period of minimum 4 years. So can you help me out by providing the best of debt balanced,equity balanced,equity MF in which I can invest from this coming month of August.

    I had a really bad experience of investing in equities as there was no proper guidance. So don’t want to commit the same mistake twice.

    It would be great if you could divide the 15,000 among the best of all three. Also If you have any other suggestion regarding the type of MFs in which I should invest it would be much appreciated.

    1. Jithya-Bad experience, investing period is just 4 years and still ready to invest in equity? Stay away from equity if your holding period is less than 5 years or so. Instead use the short-term debt funds, arbitrage funds or FDs.

  123. Hi Basu,

    I’m 28 yrs old and planning to invest in Mutual Funds, can you please tell the funds to start off… i’m planning to invest around 20k per month.

    can you help to suggest some funds.

    My target is to create a corpus fund and time frame is 10-15 years.

    Thanks in advance.


  124. Hi sir, I have one query for u.

    I have stared Franklin High growth companies Fund (G) from last month and paying SIP monthly 5000.
    My age is 25. Time horizon may be more than 15 years. Is it a good fund.

    If I wanna start 5000 more from next mont . Which is good pls suggest

  125. Dear Sir,
    I am very impressed to see you replying every individuals. I hope you will take my questions too. I am 37 years and I am investing through SIPs in following funds:-
    1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund – ELSS – 1500/- (just started for tax saving purposes)
    2. DPSBR Micro Cap – 500/-
    3. Franklin India Smaller Companies – 500/-
    4. Franklin India Higher Growth Companies – 500/-
    5. ICICI Pru Discovery Fund – 1000/-
    6. Reliance Equity Opportunities – 1000/-
    7. Reliance Small Cap fund – 500/-
    8. SBI Banking and Finance – 500/-
    9. SBI Small and Mid Cap – 500/-
    10. SBI Pharma Fund – 500/-

    I will be very thankful if you please provide your guidance on each fund of my equity SIP portfolio. Time frame is 15 – 20 years.

    Thanks & regards

      1. I have used tools of mutual funds/stock market websites to evaluate performance of individual funds. I have also selected sector funds Banking and pharma as I found they have performed good in long run. Actually I am looking for maximum growth investing in small caps, sector funds while tried to minimise risk by using minimum value of SIP as Rs.500/-.
        I have investment in other mutual funds some large cap and others, I am not investing further in those either through SIP or lumpsum.

        Actually I am looking for maximum growth through MFs for Education and marriage of my two children and my retirement after 60 years. At present I am 37. I don’t need to withdraw money for atleast 15 years.

        I can invest ten thousand more in funds or any other scheme if you would suggest some?

        I would be very thankful for your personal assessment to my SIPs portfolios.

        Thanks & regards

        1. Ranjit-When the fall starts then the sector funds goes down in the same manner. Everybody expects maximum growth. But it does not mean that we must take the risk which is beyond our control and capacity. In my view, sticking to small portion in small and mid cap and exposing to large cap or balanced fund is a right approach.

          1. Dear Sir,

            Thank you for your guidance. Would you like to suggest some funds? or an ideal portfolio?

            Thanks & Regards

              1. Dear Sir,

                Thanks. I will modify my portfolio. I would like your suggestions, I am EPF subscriber, can I also go for –

                1. NPS for Individuals Tier-1


                2. Atal Pension Yojna (APY)-New Pension Scheme

                3. Pension Mutual Funds like Reliance PEnsion fund

                Which would be better out of these three? or should I just stick to MFs for retirement?

                Thanks & regards

  126. Hello sir,
    Is it better to invest in a comparatively newer fund like 2-5 years old fund or even older funds (10+ years) are good. I am speaking for investment in SIP.


  127. Hello,

    Any Comments on my current Funds below.


    I am also planning to add : ICICI Prudential Exports and Other Services Fund to my Portfolio

    I am 36 and am looking at least 10+ years of continued investments. My primary objective for investments would be retirement.

    Would appreciate your recommendations.

    Thank You


    1. Thank you very much for your reply. I understand your point with respect to sector funds. I want to add one more fund to my portfolio. Any recommendations ?

      Thank you


        1. Thank You very much for replying to my questions.

          I will stick to my current portfolio and do not think it is necessary to add more funds. Easier to Managae that way.


  128. Dear Sir,

    Can I invest lump sum in Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Midcap 30 Fund and Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund with 3 years horizon. what are your reviews about these funds as they are recently launched and not much information is available. I know there are other existing funds available from OLD AMC but these two funds have outperformed popular funds if I check the performance from 01/01/2015 till date.

    Thanks and Regards


  129. Hi Sir,

    My current investment in mutual fund is given below:

    Large Cap Fund:
    ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip – G Rs. 2500
    HDFC Top 200 – G Rs. 2000
    Large and Mid Cap Fund:
    ICICI Pru Dynamic Fund – G Rs. 3000
    Mid and Small Cap Fund:
    HDFC Midcap Opprotunity – G Rs. 2000
    Reliance Equity Opportunities – G Rs. 2000
    UTI Midcap – G Rs. 2000
    Balanced Fund:
    HDFC Balanced – G Rs. 2000
    ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage – G Rs. 2500
    Multi-Cap Fund:
    L&T Business Cyclic – G Rs. 3000

    I am currently 35 and am doing this investment for last 1.5 years. My plan is to continue with this investment for 8-10 years. Are these looks fine to you or do I need to change anything. Please suggest.


      1. Initially I have started with these many number of funds due to lack of knowledge. Now actually I am reviewing my portfolio and going forward I am planning to stick to one fund in each category. I will stop rest of the funds and distribute the money in funds which I will be continuing. Please suggest whether that will be good and I can select funds in which I am currently investing or you can suggest any other funds to strengthen my portfolio.

  130. Hello Sir,

    I am 23 years old and planning to invest in next 1 or 2 months via SIP for at least 5-6 years as below:

    Tax Saving Purpose : Allocation – Fixed
    ELSS Fund – Axis Long Term Equity Fund

    Investment Purpose : Allocation – Balance after investing in Tax-saving Funds
    Core Part
    Large & Mid cap Funds (25%) – Franklin India Prima Plus Fund
    Multi-cap Funds (25%) – Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund

    Satellite Part
    Rewarding Funds
    Mid & Small cap Funds (35%) – Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund & HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund

    Aggresive Funds
    Sector Funds (15%) – SBI Pharma Fund

    Are these ok or need some improvements? Please guide me.

    Thank You.

      1. Hello Sir,

        Thanks a lot for the kind response. I am inclined to invest in equity oriented funds as long-term capital gain from these is tax-free while from debt funds is not tax-free and I want to get good return with a little bit more than moderate risk.

        I also need to invest in one tax-saving fund i.e. ELSS. So, should I invest just in one ELSS and one equity oriented balanced fund (atleast 65% in equity) or anything different for a period of 5-6 years? Can I include a multi-cap fund also?

        If I want to invest in equity or sector funds to get good returns then for what minimum years I should keep money invested?

        I request you to please guide me in selecting funds to invest.

        Thank You.

        1. Sachin-When your time frame is around 5-6 years then I don’t think equity exposure is worth. Maximum risk in my view is to have an equity oriented balanced fund. Sector funds give good returns at the same time when that particular sector not perform well then they may ruin your investments.

    1. Hi Basavaraj,
      I have also selected same funds for investment but my time horizon is 15+ years. should i continue with these funds. I am also considering to remove prima plus fund and increase high growth portion. what do you think?

      Looking for your kind response.

  131. Hi,
    I want invest in large cap fund.pls tell me which fund is better b/w them
    Tata Equity Opportunities Fund and ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty

    I have two option 1) invest in both fund in rs 1000 each and
    2) invest 2000 in only one fund

    pls share your view so that we plan accodingly…

    thanx in advance…

  132. Hi,
    I want invest in large cap fund.pls tell me which fund is better b/w them
    Tata Equity Opportunities Fund and ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty

    I have two option 1) invest in both fund in rs 1000 each and
    2) invest 2000 in only one fund

    pls share your view so that we plan accodingly…my time period is more than 10 yrs

    thanx in advance…

  133. hello sir ,

    i m 31 yeras old and My Current Investment is as below





    What should I do , Is it ok ?? or need improvement please guide.

  134. Hi sir Good Day

    I have started SIP in fallowing mutual funds.

    UTI Opportunity (G)-10,000
    Canara Robeco Emerging Equities (G)-20,000
    ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G)-10,000

    Is I am on right track, do I need to add any balance fund like HDFC Balance fund or anther Large Cap Equity oriented fund, my time horizon is above 15 year.

  135. hi,

    i am investing in franklin templton bluechip fund growth – 2000 rs. , icici value discovery & dynamic fund – 3000 rs.

    now i want to invest 8000 rupees in mutual funds. i want to buy all new funds from large – mid cap funds.

    i have plannes like;
    3500 in large cap – 2 funds
    1500 in large & mid cap – 1 fund
    1500 in mid cap – 1 fund
    1500 in multi cap – 1 fund

    please help to design a best portfolio for 25-30 years. thank you.

      1. hi,

        ok, and i am want to invest 8k more so i want to build my personal portfolio so can you suggest best funds based on large cap, large & multi cap, mutli cap, mid cap

  136. Hello Sir,

    I am Investing on below funds through SIP every month Rs.2k.

    1)ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Regular Plan – Growth
    2)ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Regular Plan – Growth

    Now I am planning to invest another 2k every month through SIP , apart from the above fund.

    So Could you please suggest me the best fund I can choose.

    Thank You

  137. reference to my previous post.

    I have repeatedly checked and found that your suggested funds are really good for a stable investor who is willing to invest with discipline and time for long haul.

    I have a suggestion. can you suggest liquid fund for each one of equity fund in your list. So that combo/solution we can use for lump investment and transfer to suggested equity fund. It will be a good post. I have seen such post is not available on any forum

  138. I have more then required NRE/NRO FDs. That matures year on year and interest rate for new FD is less. Actually I do not need this money at least for next my next 10 years from now.

    How I can enter into mutual fund safely this amount.

  139. I want to invest 40 lacs in following balanced funds withing 4 to 6 months.
    After one year i want to SWP for Rs. 40000 P.M. My time horizon is 20 years.



    1. Haresh-You mean to say that you invest Rs.40 lakh now in above mentioned funds and from there you need monthly SWP of Rs.40,000 after 5 -6 months for tenure of 20 years? Sorry investing in any equity oriented funds for the withdrawal just 5-6 months away is not a right strategy.

  140. Hi Sir,

    Your articles is eye opening for me.

    I have bought icici pru life Wealth Builder – Maximiser V on Dec 2014 for which I have paid Rs. 50,000 as first perimium and need to contined for next 4 years.
    Lockin period is for 5 years and the policy is for 10 years
    But my fund value is keep on reducing and at present my fund value reduced to 44,000.
    I’m confused whether to contiune on this plan and stay invested it for 5 years or should i cancel this plan now itself ?
    thanks in advance.

  141. Hi Sir

    Currently I am investing in the following SIP 4000 INR per month

    ICICI prue Focused lue Chip Fund -INR 1000
    HDFC Midcap Opportunities fund- INR 1000
    UTI midcap Fund INR 1000
    ICICI Prue Balanced fund

    I want to invest for 10 years

    Could you please suggest

  142. Dear Sir,
    I have started sip in 4 funds from last six months,ie
    hdfc balanced fund – 1000 rs
    hdfc mid-cap opportunity – 1000 rs
    icici balanced fund -1000 rs
    icici value discovery- 1000 rs
    now i want to add more 5000 per month,so should i increase in these funds or select new fund.
    please suggest and i want invest 50000 lumpsum,so please suggest the funds…
    thanks in advance

  143. Dear sir,

    I am 45 years old and I work in a private company,Now I wish to start SIP in mutual funds, which funds is best for long term(10-15 yrs) for retirement purpose.

    Monthly investment is Approx. 5000Rs.

    Pls. suggest me best fund.

    J P Porwal


  144. One thing I am anxious to be clear. I see for most of the funds, the more the number of years, the less the percentage of return, why so? Does it mean 1yr return is more than 5 or 10 or 20yrs return? I do not think, so, but I do not have logic for this as well, that is why wish to hear from you.

    1. Satyabrata-Because this shows the volatility of equity (to certain extent). Also because of absolute return for less than a year period and compounding return for more than a year period.

      1. Sir, I would like to create a corpus of around 10 lakhs in 4-5 years for achieving a financial goal. Currently, I have invested in SBI Magnum Mid Cap fund of 3000 (SIP) and UTI Mid Cap fund of 2000 (SIP). I am planning to start another SIP in Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund of 3000 (SIP). Will these funds be enough to achieve my financial goal or should I increase my SIPs ? Please advise me

  145. Hi Sir

    Need your suggestion to know the better funds for to do SIP for 25 years for my retirement planning.

    I want to invest six thousand monthly in SIP for 25 years to generate a good corpus for my retirement. I can take risk here with the equity funds.
    For your information I have two ULIP’s with SBI from 2008 ( one with 3k monthly(growth fund) for 25 years & other one 6k quarterly for 35 years (50% growth & 50 % equity) both started in 2008.

    Also starting to invest in PPF for 25 years with rupees 3200 per month ( as debt fund).

    And planning to take a e-Term insurance for 50 lakhs.

    Please help me in which funds shall I invest 6k monthly SIP for 25 years. Presently I am 32 years old now.

    Thanks in Advance


      1. Hi Sir

        Thanks a lot for the quick response,
        Request you please let me know the fund name also.
        And investing 4k in mid & small cap is good, please let me know.


  146. Hello sir,

    i have one doubt, kindly clear it.

    if i want to invest some lump sum amount in equity mutual fund over the SIP than it is advisable or not??

    if not than what is the reason , pl suggest sir

    I want to invest 50000 in HDFC balance fund-G through lump sum

    pls advise

  147. Hi Basu, I like you articles on mutual funds.
    I am investing some amount per month(SIP) in HDFC Balanced Fund. Now I want to increase the Amount. But, HDFC MF say that I have to cancel the existing SIP and start a new one.

    Please share your thoughts on what can I do. Thank you.

  148. Hello Sir,

    I am new to Funds world,got interested by your blog and want to invest some amount (1000 to 1500)reqularly for a short period(3yrs or 5yrs) in SIP.Already i have i don’t want to put all eggs in 1 basket.Can you please suggest some good plan with good return.

    Thanks & Regards,

  149. Hi Sir,

    I’m 27 years old. I’m new to the mutual fund investment area and i want to do the invest for wealth creation in long term.

    currently, I would save 10k in my monthly salary, out of which, I have planned to invest 6k in below funds in SIP and rest of the 4K for savings.

    Large Cap:
    2K in ICIC Pru foccused Bluechip Fund(G) for 5 years

    Mid Cap:
    2K in HDFC Mid cap opp fund(G) for 5 years

    Balanced fund:
    2k in HDFC balanced fund(G) for 5 years.

    I have choosen the above plans. Can you please suggest if i selected are good? or any suggestion to get best returns or I want to more invest in above chossen fund.

  150. Dear sir

    I am not know about the mutual fund investment. I want to investment in MF for amt Rs 2 lac for 5 year. Pls confirm how much return, i will get after 5 year and where to investment is benificial for us.
    In addition to above i will also investment Rs 10000/- per month in mutual fund for 5-year. pls guide which plan i will purchase for best return.

    1. Hi
      I ,want to invest in the following mutual funds via SIP
      Franklin HIGH GROWTH COS . : Rs 6000
      HDFC balanced fund : rs 7000
      SHALL I go ahead with these funds or can u give any suggestions to improve my portfolio…
      My objective is wealth creation and time frame is 7 to 10 years
      Looking forward to ur reply
      Yours truly

        1. Sir ,
          I selected these funds as they were doing good in there respective categories. I referred to economic times and , a few blogs , value research , moneycontrol . I can take medium risk for my investment so I chose a multi cap and large cap and balanced fund.please advise if need to change them .your suggestions are WELCOME
          YOURS TRULY

          1. Swati-A single fund like HDFC Balanced fund is enough (where the equity:debt ratio will be 65:35). Otherwise, you can add a small and mid cap fund like HDFC Midcap Opp or Franklin Smaller Companies fund. Keep 2-3 funds. This much is enough. Also please note that funds doing good currently may not guarantee that they do good in future. Hence, you have to select a fund which is consistently delivering good results.

            1. Sir,
              I have few questions for u .
              Q1 you always advise one fund each from large cap , MIDCAP/small cap and balanced fund to build a portfolio BUT why you do not advise funds from MULTICAP and LARGE /MIDCAP category.?…?

              Q2 when should we review our portfolio ? Once a year or once in three years ? Plz give your viewpoint.

              Looking forward to your reply

              1. Swati-Check the portfolio overlap and then you get my answer. What if you start to invest in all sectors and at the end of day the portfolio overlap is more than 60% to 70%? Then do you believe a good diversification by investing in the SO CALLED all sectors of funds? Ideally I prefer to review once in a year.

                But why you are commenting in two names (One as Swati and another as Dr.Sameer Kad) but using the IP Address?

                1. Sir ,
                  We both are a married couple and seek your advise regarding investment matter..we have a different portfolio each….

  151. sir
    I would like to appreciate the efforts you are taking to create awareness on mutual funds and investments to people
    I am planning to investment in mutual funds which is completely new to me and i am nri .
    looking for long term and short term
    My monthly investment capacity on mutual funds would be around 2000INR
    Kindly suggest
    thanking you

    1. Jayaprakash-Simply by sharing few words like ready to invest for long term and short term means confusing. First understand yourself what is long term and short term (in terms of investment). Based on that take view of your risk taking ability. Then chose a product.

  152. Hi sir
    Im planning to invest in MF, starting this month. an amount of 8k.
    Im 25 years and could you pls suggest the best funds for one year investment with 3k and a long term fund with 5k investment. wherein, long term for atleast 20 years.
    Thank you

    1. Tessy-If your short term need is just one year then I will suggest Bank RDs. For long-term needs, you can opt the above shared one large cap, one small/mid cap and another balanced fund. If you are new then you can go with an advisers like ME. Once you are comfortable with investment then think of moving to DIRECT (cost effective).

  153. Hi:

    I have 5lakhs money with me to invest for my sons future education who is 6 years old now. How do I invest this money?
    Is FD better than MF?

  154. hello sir ,I dn’t have much of knowledge in shares and equities. Your site is very useful for a beginner like me. i m 32 years old and i want to invest 15000 per month in mutual fund through sip pls suggest me some top funds my investment horizon 15 years

  155. I want to invest for more then 7 years and I have high risk appetite. Investment goal is wealth creation only. What type of funds i should select – diversified, large cap, mid& small cap for investment via SIP for long term.

  156. Any specific disadvantage investing in tax saving fund , if we have no objective of tax saving. (Apart from lock in for three years).

    Example I am really impressed by Axis long term equity.

    If my time horizon is more than three years, does it make sense to invest in this type of fund. I am an NRI.

  157. Dear Mr basu
    I would like to thank u very much for all the articles which has helped me learn abt financial planning.
    I am 40 year old professional. I do not have fixed income. I have been investing lumpsum in mf for quite some time. All the funds were bought in NFO. Now after reading UR articles I realise I have to consolidate my mf portfolio.
    My insurance,health policies are adequate.
    Plz help me choose one fund from each category so that I can sell all other funds in same category and buy into what u suggest.
    I don’t need the money for atleast 15 years. And I will be investing more in mf in future also

    I have units in following funds

    DSPBR micro cap fund


    LC & MC

    UTI TOP 100

    Thank u fr ur response.

  158. what is your opinion to invest in FT India PE ration fund of fund. it does asset allocation or ICICI Balanced advantage. My aim is to generate better return than fixed deposit. Are these fund considered equity funds for tax treatment ?

  159. Sir

    I would like to invest for next 8 years. Intention is to create wealth with surplus money available. I would like to invest online via direct plan. I am sure about my duration min-8 years or more. I have no specific goal other than wealth creation. I have already planned my all other goals and it is in place.

    can you suggest me 5 good diversified funds that can compliment each other over long term and give good return.

  160. hello sir ,

    i m 30 yeras old and My Current Investment is as below

    icici focussd blue chip fund – 5k

    hdfc equity fund – 5k

    idfc premier equity fund – 5k

    What should I do , Is it ok ?? or need improvement please guide.

  161. Please comment on the below funds. my investment period is 8-10 years.

    Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund- 2000/ month sip
    Uti equity fund-2000/month sip
    Axix long term equity- for tax planning- 2000/month

    1. Sir,
      I am investing rs 5000 each in the following funds via SIP for the last 6 months
      HDFC TOP 200
      my goal is wealth creation and time horizon is 10 to 15 years
      Is my portfolio good?
      Any advise to further improve it?
      HDFC TOP 200 is not doing well …your comments….shall I stop it….
      Please advise
      Looking forward to your expert reply

        1. Sir,
          When shall I review my portfolio?
          On a yearly basis or after 3years????
          Please advise .
          Looking forward to your expert reply.
          I am investing for the last 6 months and my time frame is 7 to 10 years.
          My objective is wealth creation only.

        2. Sir,
          When shall I review my portfolio?
          On a yearly basis or after 3years????
          Please advise .
          Looking forward to your expert reply.

            1. Sir , we both are married and use the same tablet to take your advise…..
              Hahaha… Nothing fishy….
              Thank you sir for your advise….I will review my funds after 1 year…

      1. Sir,
        I want to invest in the following mutual funds via SIP

        FRANKLIN PRIMA PLUS : rs 7000


        HDFC BALANCED FUND : rs 7000

        My objective is wealth creation and I want to invest for 7 to 10 years.
        Plz advise if my portfolio is alright
        Shall I go ahead with these funds
        Or can u suggest any changes…

        Thanking you

    2. Hi Basu,
      I have read various articles written by you in the blog and delighted to see your website.
      I was a certified MF advisor. But not now.
      I would like to have your views on my portfolio for 10+ years horizon…
      1. Reliance Small Cap Fund 1500/- p.m.
      2. Rel top 200 – 1000/-
      3. Rel pharma – 2500/-
      4. UTI MNC – 1000/-
      5. Birla MNC – 1000/-

  162. Hi Basu,

    First of all many thanks for educating people on this blog and providing your consistent support in guiding people to take Profitable Path.
    As most of the guys here, am also new to the Terminology – Mutual Funds, Equities, Blue Chip, Small/Mid Cap etc… and have been doing analysis in understanding
    the market and to pick the right list/ combination of Mutual Funds to Invest and during the process came across this wonderful site.
    Sir, I would request you to take a look at my below 2 plans and suggest me to pick the right one and also help me in understanding few questions I have on this.

    Am planning to invest 10k per month for very long time (10 – 15 yrs)

    List I have chosen Personally based on my analysis:

    1) Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Rs. 4000
    2) ICICI Pru Value Discovery FUnd – Rs. 2000
    3) SBI Blue Chip Fund – Rs. 2000
    4) HDFC Mid Cap Oportunities – Rs. 2000

    Portfolio, I have prepared from your above list

    1) ICICI Pru Tax Plan – Rs. 4000
    2) HDFC Balanced Fund – Rs. 2000
    3) HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund – Rs. 2000
    4) ICICI Pru Focussed BlueChip FUnd – Rs. 2000

    Request you to review my portfolios and confirm me if am allocating the right amounts per Funds, please share if any deviation.
    As I already have PPF, LIC other Life Insurances to fill up my 80C Quota.

    Also I am seeing lot of deviation in the % of Returns in last 1, 3 ,5 yrs for the Funds which you picked for 2015, when compared to other research websites like
    As I am new to this, am trying to understand the way to judge which is performing good and which is not, by looking at the statistics and in process of that, these differences in values between websites is causing lot of confusion.

    Please guide me. Thanks alot once again ina advance for all your cooperation and guidance.

    Sri Harsha

      1. Hi Basavaraj, thanks for your reply. Since 80C limit was made up to 1,50,000 I had to go for Rs. 75,000 as PPF, hence from this time onwards am looking to invest ELSS and reduce the amount in PPF.
        Can you please tell me if my decision is right and the amount specified is Okay to proceed ??

        Also you confirmed other funds are fine, can you please specify both the lists I mentioned are Okay to proceed ?? From “List I have chosen Personally based on my analysis” & “Portfolio, I have prepared from your above list”

        Sri Harsha

  163. Sir , i observed that your writes on varieties of topics.

    1) for NRI, which option is good – to invest from NRE account or from NRO/Resident account (consider repatriation is not required.)

    2) which option is better from tax point of view for NRI for MF investment – wife (also NRI, not working) as second holder or as nominee for mutual fund investment.

    3) if wife is second holder and returns back to india with her better half still in NRI status , How investment is treated which was invested as joint holders ?

    4) Any special benefit of investing on the name of minors who are likely to be major within next one year for NRI ?

    thanks, it seems this will bring clarity to me and also many others. I suggest your write an article on this.

  164. hello sir , i m 32 years old and i want to invest 15000 per month in mutual fund through sip pls suggest me some top funds my investment horizon 10 years

  165. hello sir , i m investing under below, please suggest and recommend any correction if you may please. would be really greatful. horizon 10-15 year

    icici foucsd blue chip fund -5000

    idfc premeir eqity-2000

    hdfc midcap opportunities -2000

    uti mnc fund -2000

    axis long term eqity-1000

    ppfas longterm value fund-3000

    i m also invest lumpsum in ….. sbi magnum balanced fund dividend payout -80000

  166. I’m investing under below, please suggest and recommend any correction if you may please. would be really greatful. My horizon 10years…
    Icici foucsd bluechip fund-5000
    Ppfas long term value fund-3000
    Uti mnc fund-2000
    Idfc premier equity-2000
    Hdfc midcap opportunities-2000
    Axis long term equity-1000

  167. Dear sir,

    I am 35 years old. Now i wish to start SIP in mutual funds. which funds is best for long term & short term.

    Monthly investment is Approx. 5000Rs.

    Pls. suggest me best fund.

    Alpesh Patel

  168. Hi Sir,

    I’m a 33 years old IT professional who has just started looking into investing in MF. After going through your articles and analyzing MF returns across asset classes, I have decided to start investing on the below.

    Investment Time: Min of 15 years through SIP
    Monthly Investment; 10000/-

    Large Cap – Franklin India Oppurtunities Fund 2000/-
    Multi Cap – UTI MNC Fund 2000/-
    Mid Cap – DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund 2000/-
    Balanced – Tata Balanced Fund 2000/-
    Debt – HDFC High Interest Dynamic Fund 2000/-

    As i’m looking for an long term investment, have chosen 80% Equity and 20% debt to start with. Will be increasing this investment by 15% every year. My aim is not wealth gain but to look for long term financial planning and build a decent corpus by the time I turn 50.

    Please advice if this looks good

      1. Multiple reasons.

        1. Gathered ideas based on your blogs
        2. Searched through moneycontrol/wealth18/crisil for top performing funds
        3. Looked into online portals like fundsindia/scripbox/investmentyogi trying to get some idea on the portfolio based on what risk I can take at this stage
        3. With my basic understanding, also looked into the below facts
        a. how long the fund has been active
        b. brand
        c. minimum 5 years returns
        d. very scarce analysis on expense ratio and trail commission; understand these indirectly gets deducted from NAV

        Please advice.

        1. Pradeep-Franklin is not fully large cap fund but large and mid cap. You can replace this with Franklin Bluechip. I am not a fan of sector funds. Hence, invest at your risk in UTI MNC Fund. Instead of DSPBR, I am inclined towards HDFC Midcap Opp. You can continue TATA. HDFC High-Interest Dynamic Fund-Income funds are riskier than short-term funds. You already having risk exposure by investing in equity. Your major motive of investing in debt is to reduce the risk and get a decent return from a bond market. Hence, replace from Income Fund to Short Term Debt Funds.

          1. Thanks for the reply Sir.. Guess I need to do more homework.

            Are you a fee only FP?? Can you help me with the planning?

            Please provide me your contact info.. or you can email me at [email protected]

  169. Hi Basavaraj,
    I am new to mutual fund. I am 31 years old. I am a government employee. Your website is a unique one to pick quality mutual fund especially for beginners. I regularly read your valuable comments. After analyzing your all tips regarding MFs I am planning to start SIP in below mentioned mutual fund more than five years.

    1. ICICI Prudential Focussed Blue Chip Equity (G) (Large Cap Fund) Rs.1000.00/month
    2. HDFC Midcap opp Fund (G) (Mid and Small Cap Fund) Rs. 1000.00/month
    3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) (Balanced Fund) Rs. 1000.00/month
    4. ICICI Pru Tax Plan (G) (Tax Saving Mutual Funds) Rs. 1000.00/month

    Please check whether my above funds are overlapping or not.
    Can I continue with these funds?
    Can I increase amount Rs. 1000/- any time after purchasing these funds?
    Are above funds taxable?

    Thank you very much.
    Best regards
    Dr. Anjan Dandapat

      1. Dear Sir, I am 33 yrs and i want to start investing towards buidling corpus when i become 55 yrs.

        I want to invest 50k every month in almost all sectos of mutual funds i.e. large cap, medium, small cap, balanced etc. When i check ur suggested list of MF’s, i was thinking if i could start inversting 5000/- in all the 10 MF’s name you suggested. Is it fine or u suggest something else? Many thanks, Anil

    1. Overlapping of MFs:
      ICICI Prudential Focused BlueChip Equity-G Overlapping 49%
      ICICI Prudential Tax Plan-G

      HDFC Balanced Fund-G Overlapping 31%
      HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund-G

      HDFC Balanced Fund-G Overlapping 29%
      ICICI Prudential Focused BlueChip Equity-G

      HDFC Balanced Fund-G Overlapping 22%
      ICICI Prudential Tax Plan-G

      HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund-G Overlapping 7%
      ICICI Prudential Focused BlueChip Equity-G

      HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund-G Overlapping 7%
      ICICI Prudential Tax Plan-G

      If I replace ICICI Prudential Tax Plan-G with Axis Long Term Equity Fund-G (ELSS), following overlappings are found.

      HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund-G Overlapping 11%
      Axis Long Term Equity Fund-G

      ICICI Prudential Focused BlueChip Equity-G Overlapping 24%
      Axis Long Term Equity Fund-G

      HDFC Balanced Fund-G Overlapping 15%
      Axis Long Term Equity Fund-G

      If I replace ICICI Prudential Tax Plan-G with HDFC TaxSaver-G, following overlappings are found.
      HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund-G Overlapping 17%
      HDFC TaxSaver-G

      ICICI Prudential Focused BlueChip Equity-G Overlapping 38%
      HDFC TaxSaver-G

      HDFC Balanced Fund-G Overlapping 30%
      HDFC TaxSaver-G

      In case of Axis Long Term Equity Fund-G possess beta 0.82, sharpe ratio 2.67, Jensen Alpha 62.3% etc.
      From the above overlapping, Can I consider Axis Long Term Equity Fund-G (ELSS) in place of ICICI Prudential Tax Plan-G? How much overlapping can we consider for investment?

      1. Dr.Anjan-You can consider Axis over ICICI. Ideally if the overlapping is less than 40% then it will be better. At the same time, there is no such hard rule to say. But the motive is to minimize the overlapping.

        1. Thanks for your reply. According to you, I can increase contribution in same scheme and same plan. Now I wish to clear my confusion regarding Increasing SIP Model. Every year my salary is increasing. Suppose, I am investing Rs. 1000/month through ECS in HDFC Midcap opp Fund (G) – Direct Growth for first year 2015. In 2016, if I want to increase Rs. 2000/month (through ECS) in same plan under same folio no. What is the way to increase the SIP amount when investing in a particular fund? Can I do so without disturbing my existing investment? I contacted AXIS Mutual fund. According to them, I can not increase Rs. 2000/month through ECS mode in same plan under same folio no. from 2016. Application SIP amount will be deducted every year. They suggested that on online I have to make fresh SIP application under same folio no. and I can deposit any amount in any date through NET BANKING, not through ECS. I also contacted ICICI Mutual fund, they have SIP Top up facility half yearly/annually. But I am not interested in SIP TOP UP. I want to deduct Rs. 2000/month through ECS mode every month from next year. Is it possible for AXIS/HDFC/ICICI?

          1. Dr.Ranjan-If you want to increase your contribution only for a month then you can do it as a lump sum. However, if you want to contribute to the same fund by increasing your monthly contribution then do it by registering a fresh SIP in same fund under same folio. You can do so with all mutual funds. Don’t confuse yourself. Next year when you want to increase Rs.2,000 more, then register a fresh SIP.

  170. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to start sip. My age is 32 years. I am investing 1.5L in PPF. On a monthly basis, I want to invest 40,000 thru’ SIP.

    I have selected only one Large cap “Franklin India Bluechip” fund to start this sip. Do you think this is right strategy?
    The reason is, if I take a look at Large/Medium/Small cap/Balanced funds performance over a period of time i.e. for long term, the returns of most of these mutual funds are close to 16%-17% expect 1-2 funds which has shown higher returns. My reasoning is why to risk in taking small cap if large cap funds are giving me almost same returns and are less volatile? Am I missing anything.

    Please advise if i need to add any other Mutual Fund and is yes, what would be the reasoning behind this?

    1. Hello sir l had invested Rs 10000 each in Franklin templeton bluechip, reliance growth fund, Icici prudential discovery fund and icici export and services fund all in dividend option in 2005. All amounts have grown to around Rs 50000. Now I came to know that growth option is better. I intend to keep invested for another five years. Should I switch over to growth option now? Also should I continue with same schemes. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

        1. Hello Sir,

          Just i was reading your comment about ICICI export and other services. I am also planning to include ICICI export and other services fund in SIP portfolio. According to Money control it is Rank 1 in diversified fund(Multicap) category and when i was checking the CRISIL consistent diversified mutual fund ranking, this fund is always Rank1 or Rank 2 since last 5 year.
          Also when i was checking from Value research tool for highest return in all category(Large, Mid &small, large and Mid, balanced) of equity mutual fund for 1 year/2 year/3 year/5 year, this fund is always in top 10-15. One more point i have noted that this fund has maximum investment 42%in Pharma & 29% in Technology .

          So please suggest why we should not include this fund in portfolio.

          Thanks & regards

  171. hi please comment on below funds how r they.

    Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund- 3000/ month sip.

    can i continue with thesefunds.

  172. I am new to this. I want to invest in SIP of Rs. 5000 for 3 years. I am planning to invest in the following MFs,

    Franklin India Bluechip Fund(G) – 1000
    ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Eq Fund-Reg(G) – 1000
    SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(G) -1000
    Reliance MIP(G) – 2000

    I am really new, your help will be appreciated. I am a moderate risk taker. So, suggest me some good SIP investment option.

    Thanks in advance.

  173. Hi Sir,

    I am new to mutual fund, want to invest 50,000 each in 2 mutual fund for long term planning. somebody suggested me Axis log term plan.

    Please suggest 2 or 3 fund where i can invest as one time.


  174. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to start SIP in below mutual fund (ten thousand each-total 40000 INR per month) for 10 year plus time line.
    1. ICICI focused blue chip – 10000 INR – 5th of every month
    2. UTI mid. cap -10000 INR-10th of every month
    3. Franklin High growth fund -10000 INR -15th of every month
    4. HDFC balance fund -10000 INR -20th of every month

    Is it ok or shall I split 10000 INR in four installment e.g. 2500 rupee for all mutual funds on 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th day of every month. So it will be 10000 INR distributed for each mutual fund in four days in a month.

    Please advise me which option will be best for maximum return considering the market volatility every month.

    Thanks & regards

      1. Hi Sir,

        So you are suggesting to invest all 4 SIP in a single day of month. For e.g on 5th of every month invest all 4 SIP .

        Thanks & regards

  175. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to invest Rs. 2000 each through SIP in the following funds for 5 Years. Please give your valuable feedback.

    1.Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund (G)
    2.ICICI Pru. exp.& other service Rp (G)
    3.UTI MNC Fund (G)

  176. hello sir, this is my portfolio

    1.kotak select focus fund-2000

    2.Sbi blue chip fund-2000

    3.Hdfc midcap opportunities fund-2000

    4.Idfc premier equity fund-2000

    5.Sbi pharma fund-1000

    6.Uti mnc fund-2000

    7.Axis long term equity fund-1000

    sir , i would like invest PPFAS LONG TERM VALUE FUND 3000 sip can i add this fund in my portfolio

  177. Dear Basava Raj,
    Thanks in advance for your valuable advise…

    I am investing in below given MFs SIP for last 7 months

    1-Reliance Equity Opportunities -5000 per month(2500+2500)
    2-Reliance Growth Fund Growth -2500 per month
    3-Reliance Small Cap –2500 per month

    Could you please advise should i continue to stay invested or switch?
    My target time frame is more than 5 years.

      1. Dear BasavaRaj,

        i am also in a plan for switch..Could you please suggest 2 other SIPs to replace with these two..
        I will keep investing in equity Opportunities .

  178. Thanks for your advice, but I’m still confused.
    I want to invest 1000 /- for 5yrs &
    1000 /-in 10 yrs.
    One Through SIP and other through ELSS for tax saving.
    Tell me which fund good for me????

    1. Chetana-You can invest Axis for 5 years and HDFC for 10 Yrs term. But keep in mind that, I still suggest you to enter into Axis only in case your waiting period is more than 5 years or so. SIP is a mode of investment but not a product. You can invest in ELSS through SIP mode.

  179. Hi Basav,

    This is Abhijeet here. I have planned to start investing in MFs from next month onwards via SIP. My age is 32 and I am ready to invest long term for a period of 15 years or so. Current goal – to build up a corpus for early retirement 🙂 (may change later).

    Thanks to your website, I have learnt a lot in the past few weeks about investing via MFs (I knew very little about MF investing before that). Based on the learning, I have created a 5 scheme portfolio as starting point. Following are the funds selected:

    1. UTI Equity Fund (large cap)
    2. HDFC Mid-cap Oppurtunities Fund (G) (small & mid cap)
    3. Reliance Regular Savings Plan (G) (diversified/multi cap)
    4. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) (hybrid/balanced)
    5. ICICI Pru Long Term Fund – Regular Plan (debt income)

    I am open to taking risks and have planned to start with an initial SIP of 5000 per month. Will increase it steadily thereafter.

    How I arrived at this list: Well I have “sort of” averaged the various parameters associated with MFs like the std. deviation, alpha, trailing returns, top sector weights, etc. for the above mentioned funds. The averaged values seemed good to me and hence the combination of these funds. And yes of course this particular article of yours helped a lot. Also as suggested in one of your articles “mutual-funds-are-you-really-diversifying-your-investments”, I have tried to make the portfolio balanced. But still some important sectors like energy and FMCG have less weights.

    Please suggest whether the above mentioned schemes are suitable or not.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards

    1. Abhijeet-I am bit skeptical about your Income Fund selection of ICICI. They are more volatile in nature in an asset class of debt. You already have equity which is volatile in nature. Then why to have more headache of investing in one more volatile fund? If you really try to diversify then HDFC Balanced fund is good enough. Becuase this fund allocate around 35% in Debt and provides you the tax efficiency of an equity fund. However, if you still want to diversify your investment in debt funds then my selection is short-term debt funds.

      1. Thank you for your suggestion and point taken.
        Will have a re-look at the portfolio and try to make it little less risky and post it again. Will also have a look in to short term debt funds as pointed out by you.
        If you have any other suggestion please do let me know.

        Best regards

      2. Ok, I did more research and came to know about the pitfalls of debt income funds. They are not good especially the long term ones when the interest rate fluctuates. Your article about the “Credit opportunities fund” also helped a lot. Also got to know how to prepare a proper portfolio. So, now I have created a “core” part and the “satellite” part of the portfolio.

        1. UTI Equity Fund (large cap)
        2. ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund (G) (large cap)
        3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) (hybrid/balanced)
        4. HDFC Mid-cap Oppurtunities Fund (G) (small & mid cap)
        5. Reliance Regular Savings Plan (G) (diversified/multi cap)

        The first three funds make the “core” and the last two “satellite”. The expense ratio of ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund (G) is little bit on the higher side but still it seems ok.

        I did consider the ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity Fund, but that makes the portfolio little bit heavy on banking/financial sector. Otherwise it is a good fund to go for.

        Please advise about the above combination.

        Thank you.

        Best regards,

          1. Ok, I think I am getting your point. I may be making a mistake by sticking to a 5 fund strategy in the portfolio. I will trim it down to 3 or 4 funds to make more sense.

            In one of your articles there was a spreadsheet to calculate fund overlapping. I will check it today and let you know.

            Thank you very much.

            Best regards,

              1. Ok, I did the fund overlapping exercise. A very big thanks to Mr. Pattu for that wonderful spreadsheet. This exercise revealed some interesting results.

                First with the five fund portfolio that I had posted earlier. These are the results:
                UTI Equity Fund 28%
                ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund – Regular Plan

                UTI Equity Fund 44%
                HDFC Balanced Fund

                ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund – Regular Plan 36%
                HDFC Balanced Fund

                HDFC Balanced Fund 48%
                HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund

                HDFC Balanced Fund 28%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option

                HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund 12%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option
                As evident from the above results, the % overlap was quite high in 3 fund combinations.
                Hence, 5 fund portfolio scrapped. Removed ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund – Regular Plan from the portfolio.

                Now with the new 4 fund portfolio, I again ran the overlap calculator. Results are as follows:
                HDFC Balanced Fund 8%
                UTI Mid Cap Fund

                HDFC Balanced Fund 28%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option

                UTI Mid Cap Fund 12%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option
                UTI Equity Fund 44%
                HDFC Balanced Fund

                UTI Equity Fund 20%
                UTI Mid Cap Fund

                HDFC Balanced Fund 8%
                UTI Mid Cap Fund
                This time the % overlap reduced a lot. The overlap was high only in one combination. But is it possible to reduce this overlap also? Hence, I tried with the following 4 fund combination (replaced HDFC balanced fund with ICICI balance fund):

                1 UTI Equity Fund (Large Cap)
                2 ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (G) (Hybrid/Balanced)
                3 UTI Mid-cap Fund (Small & Mid Cap)
                4 Reliance Regular Savings Plan (G) (Diversified/Multi Cap)

                % overlapping results for the above selected funds are as follows:
                UTI Equity Fund 8%
                ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Regular Plan

                UTI Equity Fund 20%
                UTI Mid Cap Fund

                ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Regular Plan 16%
                UTI Mid Cap Fund
                ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Regular Plan 16%
                UTI Mid Cap Fund

                ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Regular Plan 16%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option

                UTI Mid Cap Fund 12%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option
                UTI Equity Fund 8%
                ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Regular Plan

                UTI Equity Fund 24%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option

                ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund – Regular Plan 16%
                Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Equity Option
                So this time the % overlaps for all combinations are well within the limit of 30-40%.

                Well, for the above fund combination the “averaged” std. deviation is little bit on the higher side, but again alpha is good. However, sector wise distribution has become little skewed. Banking and automobile takes up approximately 33% of the portfolio. The trailing returns over a 5, 7 and 10 yr period are good.

                Sorry for the very long post, but I just wanted to share my findings.

                Kindly provide your comments/suggestions.

                Thank you.

                Best regards

                1. Abhijeet-Now you are on right track 🙂 See, you can’t totally mitigate the overlap issue. But try to minimize is the solution. Hence, as you said above, maintaining around 30% to 40% is fine. But ICICI may be reducing your overlap issue, it’s expense ratio is almost 0.50% than HDFC Balanced Fund. Hence, I insist to replace ICICI with HDFC. But you have done best homework. This is the way to learn and there is no rocket science in this 🙂

                  1. Thank you very much for the reply. And yes you said very correctly about the lower expense ratio for the HDFC balanced fund. So, the finalized MFs in the portfolio are as follows:

                    1. UTI Equity Fund
                    2. HDFC Balanced Fund (G)
                    3. UTI Mid-cap Fund
                    4. Reliance Regular Savings Plan (G)

                    I have decided to review the portfolio performance on a yearly basis and make necessary changes only after a period of 3-5 years. I hope that I get some good returns.

                    Now I have to figure out the best way to invest i.e. via direct plans or via online portals or via karvy/cams. I am tending towards direct plans from the associated MF house. But I have to figure out how to properly fill-up those lengthy forms 🙂

                    I will do more research this weekend about this MF form filling and keep everything ready 🙂

                    Markets are in a turbulent phase currently and little bit on the down side. Hence, I feel its the best time to start this SIP.

                    If I come across any hurdle, I will post again for your valuable opinion.

                    Thanks again Basav.

                    Best regards,

                    1. Abhijeet-You can go ahead with these funds. Regarding direct investment, you have to take some initial pain to be beneficial in cost. No short cut in this. Because you have to do KYC only once and need to visit three mutual fund companies (UTI, HDFC and Reliance). Also, if you found any doubt then mutual fund companies help you in this regard.

                    2. Hi Abhijeet/Basavaraj,

                      I have decided to start MF investment for long term purpose and more inclined to the ones selected by you. Probably all of them or at least 3 of them.

                      Now the question that I have in mind is whether to do it Direct or Online. I would like to do it direct, but I have couple of question there.

                      1. Can we make the installment payment via Online mode? or do we need to visit the fund house for every installment?
                      2. Where can we do the KYC in Bangalore?
                      3. Do we have all the three fund houses in Bangalore?
                      4. Is there a common platform where we can monitor our portfolio?

                      Also, can you please share some reference for me to understand the taxation on Mutual fund.

                      Kindly share your thoughts.

                      Thank you for this wonderful article.


                    3. Charls-1) Once the folio created then you no need to visit to mutual fund office. You can do it all transactions online. 2) Along with your first investment, you can proceed for KYC. Either you can visit the respective fund houses or CAMS.3) Yes and check the address by visiting respective funds portals. 4) You can use the platforms like valueresearch, moneycontrol or prefios. What doubts do you have regarding taxation?

                    4. Hi Basavaraj,

                      Thanks for your quick response.

                      Here is the questions that I have about the taxation,

                      1. I know there is no taxation on Equity mutual fund if it is held for more than 1 year. I would like to confirm that.

                      2. Out of the above mentioned 4 funds, since HDFC Balanced Fund has debt fund involved, will it be considered as non-equity Mutual Fund. If yes, how does the taxation work for this?

                      3. How does the short or long term capital loss on Equity Mutual fund considered for tax exemption?

                      4. Will there be a taxation on the dividend paid on the equity mutual fund? How does it work for HDFC Balanced Fund if it is not considered as an equity mutual fund?


                    5. Charls-1) Yes your knowledge is correct. 2) This is the advantage of having equity balanced funds. Your debt portion will be tax-free. These debt funds are equally treated like any other equity mutual funds. Because they invest around 65% of portfolio into equity. There are specific rules to carry forward the losses (which I can’t explain in commenting. However, I will soon a post on that). Dividend income is tax free in the hands of investors.

  180. Hello Sir,
    I have surplus of 1 lakh rupee. I wanted to invest this for minimum 7 year (may be extend for even long duration if I don’t require at that time). I am having SIP running for UTI equity, UTI mid cap, HDFC mid cap and HDFC balance fund.
    I need your suggestion for how to invest this 1 lakh. Shall I do lump sum of 25000 each in these four fund (As market is going down these days) or 50000 each in one Mid cap and one Balance fund.
    Also shall I invest this equally in one mid cap and balance fund splitting the money in 6 month.
    Please suggest

    Thanks & regards

      1. Hello sir,
        Thanks . As per your suggestion i should invest 1 lakh in HDFC balance fund.
        But my other query is shall i invest in one shot or split the money in 3 or 6 month(considering minimum investment period is 7 year).

        Thanks & regards

  181. First of all thanks for your valued guidence,

    I am planing to do SIP each Rs 3000 for the below funds, what is your view please?

    Icici pru value discovery
    Franklin india high growth fund
    Sundaram Mid cap fund
    DSP BR Micro cap fund

    take care

            1. Since it was planned 3 years, are you saying NO to equity fund or other reasons for NO?

              What could be a good fund for minimum growth around 12% p.a?


  182. Hello

    Bsu can you tell me your view about

    ICICI prudential money market fund growth

    And it is worthful to be in this liquid fund

    1. Kumar-Please read my earlier post “What are Credit Opportunities Funds?” to understand about debt funds. I usually not think too much when to invest in liquid funds. Reason is, primarily they invest in low duration papers which are high in credit rating. This fund primarily invest in the P1+ credit rated instruments. P1+ rating indicates ‘very strong’ safety regarding a timely payment of interest and principal. Also, you invest in liquid funds only for short duration with aim of protecting principle and earn a bit. Hence, go ahead.

        1. and pz tell me
          i am going to invest in
          ICICI pru money market fund direct growth
          and how many days it require to redeem
          and exit load of it
          and can we say it is like
          FD ( if we use it as a lump sum purchase) +RD (a monthly SIP) and + SAVING account

          1. Kumar-It is a liquid fund with NO EXIT load. You can compare such liquid funds to your savings account or any short term FDs. Ideally such funds are used to park your immediate required cash. Regarding the redemption procedure, contact the respective mutual fund company.

              1. Basu let us suppose if i am investing 3000 /month and on time to time i add lump sum amount in it and my tax bracket is 10% and i kept money in liquid funds for more than year and time to time i am withdrawing money as well then what is the scenario if u can tell me it would be beneficial for me.
                if i compare fd or rd with liquid fund then there is any option which is superior in terms of tax saving or all they are equal

                1. Kumar-In case of frequent investment and withdrawal, the rules applies same. The first invested will be considered as first out. Ideally one must keep their immediate required money into liquid funds. Hence, without understanding your requirement, it is hard for me to guide.

  183. Hi
    I have started with 3 SIP/month for 1000 each . I want to keep on investing for the next 10 years and above

    Franklin India Smaller Companies -Rs1000/month
    HDFC Balanced Direct-growth option – Rs1000/month
    UTI Equity Growth – Rs1000/month

    please confirm, wheterh I have selected right plans for investement , or do i need to make any chnages.

    I am also planning for 2 new SIP’s. should I go ahead with the below new plans for my portfolio ?

    ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Rs1000/month
    Axis Long Term Equity fund (GROWTH) ELSS – Rs1000/month

    Awaiitng positive revcert from your side.

    Thanks in advance

  184. I am new to MF and would like start investing 10k per month. I am looking for long term investment (approx 10 years).
    Could you please suggest me the funds.

  185. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to invest in below mutual funds.Are the funds fine and if not Please suggest which funds are fine.

    ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Regular – Growth ———– LargeCap ———– 5000/-
    Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund-Direct Plan (G)————- Diversified Equity—— 2000/-
    HDFC Balanced Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Option————— Balanced———— 2000/-
    Franklin Build India Fund – Direct Plan (G)———— Thematic – Infrastructure———- 2000/-
    RELIANCE SMALL CAP FUND – DIRECT GROWTH———— Small & Mid Cap——— 2000/-
    UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund – Direct Plan (G)———– Sector – Others————- 2000/-


  186. Hi Basu,

    Am planning SIP (5K PM) in below MF’s with horizon of 10 years.

    1) Large Cap >> ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip >> 1000 PM
    2) Mid Cap >> Franklin India Smaller Cos >> 3000 PM
    3) Balanced >> HDFC Balance >> 1000 PM

    Please advise your opinion. Any other fund should I opt instead of those listed above?


    1. Abhishek-Funds are fine, but I feel bit risk of investing more in small/mid cap fund for a goal of 10 years. Hence, be inclined more towards large cap. Otherwise, distribute Rs.4,000 among these two funds.

  187. Hello Basu

    Currently i am investing in


    LIKE IF TOTAL IS 100 %

    Nitish kumar

    1. And also tell is these are right funds for future point of view in long term investment and what i do with invested SBI FMCG Investment

      1. Okk

        is my portfolio is perfect with these three funds for next 10-15-20 years



          1. Basu one more thing currently i am investing in icici value discovery regular fund
            i want to increase my SIP and i also thinking of investing this through direct plan
            can i am able to do this and if it is then how it will be treated

            As a new fund
            further addition but in direct plan

            1. Kumar-Using the same folio number of what you are having for ICICI Value Discovery Regular, you can invest in DIRECT plans too. The only thing you need to take care is, in ARN number field mention as DIRECT and along with fund name also DIRECT (like ICICI Value Discovery Fund-Direct-Growth).

            2. And Basu if i want to convert existing Regular units of ICICI value discovery fund
              then the existing units average remain same like 1 or 2 NAV difference
              When i convert them to direct then all the money i invested suppose 50000 upto till date then new units of 50000 rs of particular that day NAV again purchases and my avg is changed to Current NAV of direct plan .

              1. As said by you i can purchase under same folio no ok
                but the question is
                is it treated as a new MF under my folio or it add new units to my regular plan
                Pz suggest me i start New Direct plan or in same regular plan because i think in new Direct plan i have to start it from 1st day.
                kindly give your suggestion
                and the other ques is
                in Online purchase it asks for SIP from and To date
                can i enter max to date and close SIP when i want or if if i give 2 years time
                and from 3rd year i again renew it then new purchase under same MF and same avg which i maintain or it starts a new avg after renew.
                plz guide me .

                1. Kumar-It is treated as fresh investment but under the same folio. When you receive a statement, then you see a regular investment as separate and direct investment in another part. Both investments are treated as separate. You can close your SIP at any point of time (30 days prior notice is to be given). In the same way, you can again start a SIP at any point of time.

              2. Kumar-Try to transfer only after completion of 1 year to avoid any tax. Because such transfer is considered as withdrawal from regular fund. NAV of respective funds for redemption and investment will be applicable for redemption and investment.

  188. Hi Basu,

    Please share your views on Ready to go Portfolio of Fundsindia as given below:

    1. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular Plan – Growth

    2. Religare Invesco Mid N Small Cap Fund

    3. Franklin Build India Fund

    4. Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund – Retail Plan

    Should I proceed with investment in the same ?



    1. This one is named as The New India Portfolio & allocation will be as given below:

      1. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular Plan – Growth 40%

      2. Religare Invesco Mid N Small Cap Fund– Growth 20%

      3. Franklin Build India Fund– Growth 20%

      4. Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund – Retail Plan 20%

      I am planning to invest 25000.00 lumsum in the same.

    2. Ashish-The new India portfolio may be constructed well by investing in best companies with two funds like one large cap and one small/mid cap fund. Rest is left with you to follow.

  189. I’m investing under below, please suggest and recommend any correction if you may please. would be really greatful. horizon 15 years..

    ICICI focussed bluechip equity growth – 3000/month
    franklink india blue chip – 3000/month
    DSP black rock top100 – 3000/month
    HDFC prudence – 2000/month
    HDFC top 200 – 3000/month
    HDFC balanced – 2000/month
    idfc premier quity g- 3000/month
    birla sunlife mid cap fund plan – G – 3000/month

    please suggest if i may discontinue some and consolidate?

  190. Mr. Basu,

    Thanks a lot for your kind information.
    With the help of that I have just invested in following three MF via monthly SIP( for the first time as totally new for MF investment.

    Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(G) – 4K
    HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G) – 2K
    HDFC Balanced Fund(G) – 4K

    My question is whether my selection is correct if go for 5+ years at least with same MF.
    Second, as you use to advise like 2014 best 10 MF or 2015 best 10 MF then how can we continue for 5+ years with the same funds as I hope you will guide with 2016 best 10 MF.

    With thanks and regards,

    1. Singh-You can go ahead with the funds only you have a time horizon of more than 5+ yrs. You notice from my 2014 recommendations to 2015. Many funds are same. If the recommended funds continuously under perform, then I update the same in my next year review. So it does not mean that, if I am writing a post on yearly base means I churn my fund selections. Please note that, the option you opted to invest is costliest one.

  191. Sir,

    I have started SIP in the following funds 6months back.

    1) Franklin India blue chip (2k/month)
    2) HDFC balanced fund(1.5k/month)
    3) Reliance equity opportunities (2.5k/month)

    Now I would like to add ELSS fund(2k/month) for tax saving. I have compared ICICI Pru Tax Plan (overlap 28% to 36%) with all the existing funds. Can I go ahead with ICICI OR Suggest me any other fund??

    Brahmananda Reddy.

  192. Hi Sir,

    I started SIPs for 3000/month in below MFs for long term Goals (>10years).

    1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund growth — Rs. 1000/Month
    2. ICICI Value Discovery Fund growth — Rs. 1000/Month
    3. ICICI Focused Bluchip fund growth – Rs. 2000/Month

    I am planning to invest 3000 more in SIPs in HDFC balanced fund and 1 more midcap/largecap fund.
    Guide me on which one to choose a good fund which will give consistent returns over long term.

    Please provide your inputs on above MFs, Are they good or do i need to change or buy any other fund.


  193. Hello Sir,

    I’am 32 year old and new to Mutual Fund.
    I would like to invest in SIP total 4500 rs per months in 3 fund(1500 reach) for 8-10 years.
    Could you please suggest me.


          1. I ‘m not much aware about MF terminology just suggest me fund wherein i can invest my amount 4500 rs monthly basis for 8-10 years.

  194. This is the first time i am planning on investing in Mutual Funds. I have already invested 1.5 lakh in 80C(PF, PPF and Insurance).
    I am planning to invest 10000 pm for another 10-12 years in mutual funds. Below is the portfolio.

    Kindly let me know the funds which i can take from these. Planning to take 2 funds from each cap.

    Also suggest if i need to change any funds in the portfolio. Do i need to replace a Balanced Fund with a sector Fund.

    Debt: (2000 p.m)
    Reliance Money Manager Fund (G)- 2015 – 1500
    HDFC High Interest Fund – Dynamic Plan – 1500

    Large Cap:(2000 p.m)
    HDFC Top 200 Fund
    UTI Equity Fund
    ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund

    Small/Mid:(2000 p.m)
    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund Regular-Growth
    SBI Small & Midcap Fund
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – Direct Plan

    Diversified:(3000 p.m)
    Franklin High Growth Cos
    Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund
    UTI MNC Fund

    Reliance Pharma Fund

    1. Binesh-I feel one short-term debt fund (like Franklin India Short Term Income Plan), ICICI Pru Bluechip and Franklin India Smaller Companies funds are enough. No need to go for two funds within a category.

  195. Hi Basu,

    I am very new to MF and having zero knowledge on this. I am planning to invest some money on MF via SIP. Here below are my requirements. Please guide me.

    A. 3k per month for child’s education & future (15 + years)
    B. 4k per month for retirement plan (15+ years)

    Please guide me, whether I will do 1 SIP or 2 for both the requirements, and where should I invest ?


    1. Jiten-You can chose one large cap, one small/mid cap and another balanced fund from the above list. Regarding how to invest, you have two options. One is to chose an adviser like and invest. Second one is to go for DIRECT (if you feel that you can manage everything on your own). Choice is left with you.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks a lot for your advise. Below are the funds I have selected. Please let me know, if any changes required.

        A. 3k per month for child’s education & future (15 + years)
        1. ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund (G)-> 1 K
        2. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G)–> 1 K
        3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) –> 1 K

        B. 4k per month for retirement plan (15+ years)
        1. Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G)-> 1.5 K
        2. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G)–> 1 K
        3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) –> 1.5 K


        1. Hi Basu,

          Adding to above, please advice to include any Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS) to Invest instead of the above funds ?

          It would be great, if you can provide me some more insight to these funds (like- equity or debt, % of allocation, risk factor, etc..) . As I said earlier, I have zero knowledge to MF.


          1. Jiten-You can use above ELSS funds for your investment. Ideally when you select ELSS then it is purely into equity. However, for a goal of around 10 Years or so, the equity to debt should be around 70:30.

          1. Hi Basu,

            I will do 2 SIP for both of my requirements, hence selected alternate large caps.
            As you suggested earlier, ELSS is purely equity, hence not going for that. Also you have mentioned, equity:debt=70:30 ratio is good for 10+ years. Here my query is, whether all the above MF I have mentioned are on 70:30 ratio ?

            A. 3k per month for child’s education & future (15 + years)
            1. ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund (G)-> 1 K–> (Equity:Debt= 70:30) ?
            2. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G)–> 1 K–>(Equity:Debt= 70:30) ?
            3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) –> 1 K–>(Equity:Debt= 70:30) ?

            B. 4k per month for retirement plan (15+ years)
            1. Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G)-> 1.5 K–>(Equity:Debt= 70:30) ?
            2. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G)–> 1 K–>(Equity:Debt= 70:30) ?
            3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) –> 1.5 K–>(Equity:Debt= 70:30) ?


  196. Hi Basu Sir,

    Hope you are doing well!
    Thanks for making all of us financially literate about mutual funds.

    I have invested 3500 Rs in two MFs for a tenure of 10-15 years.

    1. Large cap – ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund ->2000 Rs
    2. Small & Mid Cap ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund ->1500 Rs

    And also thinking to invest another 2000 Rs in a Balanced Fund. So shortlisted the below MFs.
    HDFC Balanced Fund

    Can you please suggest me if the above MFs are worth investing in.

  197. well written article sir. I need your advice. I am 33 yr old and having moderate risk appetite. I want to invest rs, 10000/- through SIP for long horizon 10+ yr. Note that I have recently started two SIP of 3000 each in UTI equity and HDFC balanced Direct-growth option. I have adequate debt funds like GPF PPF etc. Please advice me 2/3 compatible MF for the same horizon. thanks in advance.

  198. After looking overall I decided to invest in
    Axis long term equity fund 1000/-
    HDFC balance fund 1000/-
    For 10yrs.

    Can you tell me is it good for high return amount..??

    As I’m new to mf., to start investment should I go to the nearest axis bank or HDFC bank. I’m living at vasai West Mumbai. Tell me how to start.

    Please give me the name of the best adviser for mf. And contact number.

    1. Chetana-How you selected these funds? If you are new to MF then what do you mean by HIGH RETURN? HDFC and AXIS Banks are totally different entities than mutual fund companies. If you are new to mutual fund then chose an adviser like me.

  199. Hi Mr Basu,

    I have some doubt regarding how NAV is calculated. Some funds NAV is very less (ICIC pru focused..) while some funds NAV is more like (Franklin India Blue..), but both are considered good funds. So how does the NAV is decided for each fund .

    1. Yatin-Even though name matches for both the funds, but the underlying stocks, their cash holding, expense ratio and the date when they started. In case of these two, Franklin is the oldest fund and ICICI started later on. Hence, based on these factors the NAV is fixed. For an investor, the NAV does not matter. What matters to him is how the fund performed from the NAV he bought to a time of selling. Hence, NAV of Rs.10 or Rs.100 is not important but the performance is very much important.

  200. Hello sir,
    I am 40 year old. I wanted to invest 50000 per month in MF via SIP.
    Currently I don’t have any type loan, having health and term insurance. I have fixed deposit of 3 lakhs,2 lakhs of PPF,2 lakhs in Debt MF and 10 lakhs PF amount. I am doing yearly tax saving limit of 1.5 lakhs via PPF, PF and Insurance premium.
    My financial goal is
    1. My son graduation-8 year
    2. My son post-graduation -12 year
    3. Retirement corpus -15 year(at 55 age)
    After my analysis I have decided below fund
    A. Large cap
    UTI Equity fund
    B. Mid & small cap
    Franklin small companies
    C. Balance fund
    HDFC Balance fund
    D. Multicap/Diversified

    Franklin High growth companies

    E. Debt fund
    ICICI Pru long term

    I need your advice on money allocation to different type of fund. Different tools/friends/company financial advisor has given different input. Some says Invest 30%in Multicap,20%large,20%in Mid & small cap, 15% in balance and 15% in Debt fund. Some other says at this age u don’t have any loan so u should take more risk and invest 40% in Mid and small,15% each in large ,balance , Multicap and Debt fund.
    Can you please advise me what should be ideal and best allocation of money in 5 type of fund(Large, Mid&small, Balance, Multicap and Debt fund).

    Thanks & regards

    1. Harish-It is hard for me to guide everything through these comments. However, what I can say is, for goals more than 10 years old, you can allocate around 25% to 30% in debt and rest in equity. Again in equity, the fund diversification must be equally spread.

  201. Hi Sir,

    Please sugest me a long term dept fund for constant monthly income Rs:3000 per month, for investment of Rs :3L(holding period is 15 years)

    Thank you

    1. Sgkrish-The problem is, none of the debt funds will guarantee the said constant stream of income for you. Also, I don’t know whether this requirement is your need or want. Hence, my only suggestion is to first check your requirement properly.

  202. Hello Basavaraj,

    First of all i would like to thank you for doing a wonderful job.
    It is always a pleasure reading your articles.

    I have started a SIP of Rs. 10000/month in the following funds for a period of 10 years.
    Please guide me whether the fund selection and the amount allocation is good or not.

    1. Axis Long Term Equity fund (GROWTH) ELSS- 5000
    2. HDFC Mid Cap OPP Fund (Growth) – 5000

    Anuj Ajmani

  203. Hi,

    Pl. guide me how to invest . I am planning to invest 50000 pm.

    Presently i have following investment & insurance plan –

    50000 per year in PPF
    23000 per year in jeevan Anurag LIC
    10000 per year in family health insurance
    7000 per year – term assurance -sbi smart shield


  204. Hi Sir,

    I started SIPs for 3000/month in below MFs for long term Goals for 15-20 years.

    1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G) — Rs. 1000/Month
    2. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) — Rs. 1000/Month
    3. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Rs. 4000/Month

    I am planning to invest 5000 more in SIPs.

    Please provide your inputs on above MFs, Are they good or do i need to change or buy any other fund.

    Vivek Singh

  205. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to invest Rs. 20000/month in the following funds for a period of 7-10 years. Please guide me whether the fund selection and the amount allocation is good or not. I am planning for a moderate risk portfolio.

    1. UTI Equity Fund (Large Cap) – 7000
    2. Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund (G) (Diverified) – 5000
    3. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G)(Small & Midcap) – 4000
    4. HDFC Balanced(Balanced) – 4000


  206. Hello,
    I have some amount of funds which I have parked in Bank FD right now. I want to deploy them into MIP plans with higher degree of exposure to equity markets so as to maximise the monthly returns.

    In view of the present market conditions which MIP plans would you recommend to get steady monthly income. I am aware of the risks involved in aggressive schemes, but am ready for it.


  207. Hi,
    Sir I have started 2 sip per month 1000rs. In ICICI prudential mid cap, hdfc mid cap and also additional amount invest following.
    1. ICICI prudential mid cap 25000
    2. Hdfc mid cap 25000
    3. Motilal oswal most focused 35 fund 22000
    4. Religare mid cap fund 25000
    5. Mirae asset blue chip fund 25000
    6. Franklin India higher growth companies 25000
    Please tell about my investment good or bad my waiting period is 15 years.
    Also I am investing 30000 per year in P. P. F.

  208. Hello Sir,

    I am investing in mutual fund with amount 6000/- the way is portfolio through SIP per month.

    My portfolio:
    ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity [G] 1000/–
    UTI Opportunties[G]- 2000/-
    Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund[G]- 2000/-
    HDFC Balanced Fund [G] – 1000/-

    These fund are not ELSS. Now I want to invest in ELSS fund with amount 6000/- for 7 year.
    Should I choose one fund or again go with ELSS portfolio . Please suggest the fund and distribution of money.


  209. Hi,

    A question not relevant to MF. Request you to guide on the same.
    (1) I would like to invest in Money Market instruments. Kindly suggest what are the options?

    (2) I am preferring to invest in Treasury Bill for 91 day to 364 days by opening Constituent SGL account with a Bank / NSDL. Kindly guide with the suggestion whether to invest or not and the process how to go how about it?
    (3) Besides Mutual Fund and above, what are the other avenues of investments for decent returns. Please guide.

    1. Chetana-Yes, you can do this. You can stop further investment and then you have three options-withdraw all money, withdraw partially or let your money go further without any fresh investment.

  210. Should I invest for long period means till retirement… Now I am & my husband both r 30 years…

  211. Want to in invest 1000/- & 1000/- for 10yrs in SIP. Tell me in which sip should I invest with return amount…

    1. Chetana-You can chose a balanced fund HDFC Balanced Fund. Yes, you can invest for a long term of 30 years also. If you are new then go with an adviser like me or someone. Otherwise chose direct options.

  212. hello sir.. i m investing 12000 per month in m.f through s.i.p
    sbi blue chip 2000
    kotak select foucs 2000
    sbi pharma fund 1000
    uti mnc 2000
    idfc premier equity 2000
    hdfc midcap opportunities 2000
    axis longterm equity 1000
    What is possibility of these funds in long term future…………

    1. Akash-Possibility of future not known to even fund managers too. But we can predict the future by looking at past. So your fund selection is perfect based on past and doing your research then future probability is higher.

  213. Hello sir,
    I am 41 year old and investing per month 45000 rupees via SIP in below fund for 10 year+ time line.
    1. UTI equity fund-15000
    2. Franklin india small com -20000
    3. HDFC balance fund –10000
    For tax saving I am already saving 1.5 lakhs(PPF and PF).I am already having health, term insurance, emergency fund for 1 year.
    I wanted to invest 5000 extra every month for 8-10 year. Here I wanted to take very high risk.
    When I have done some analysis via Value research and money control below fund was among highest given return in 1 year,2 year , 3 year ,4 year and 5 year. Please suggest if I can invest in below(sector) fund.
    1. SBI pharma -2500
    2. UTI transport and logistics fund -2500

    Or please suggest some fund to invest where I can take very risk for best return.
    Thanks & regards
    Rajiv Ranjan

    1. RAjiv-I still suggest you to go with your existing funds. I am not fond of any sector investment. We can’t invest in a sector only because few portals providing them high ratings. We have to understand the business growth and what are possibilities that may affect the sector. If you are not able to do this on your own then better to stick to your old diversified funds.

  214. Hi,

    I have started SIP of 5000 per month and wish to continue until 20 years.

    This 5000 is being divided into:

    1. Reliance Mid and Small Cap (2)
    2. HDFC Mid and Small Cap
    3. UTI
    4. ICICI Prudential

    Though we cannot say anything with guarantee; how much money I can approximately accumulate thru this SIP after 20 years?

    I have another question, What if any of these companies shut down in between these 20 years, will they return my money before shutting down 🙂 I hope they will because all of them are registered with SEBI; to the best of my knowledge.

    My third and last question, if I think any of these funds are not performing well in mid course, can I stop the SIP or not?

    Please reply and thanks. And if any of my question is absurd; please forgive because I am new in MF arena.

    1. Piku-Ideal equity return expectation if your time horizon is 10 years or more is 12%. If fund gives you more than that then think it as a bonus 🙂 They settle your money then close the door. So no need to worry. Yes, you have to review these at least once in a year and if not performing well then you have to stop and move to well-performing funds.

      1. I have surplus to invest. How much comfortable we should feel, if time horizon is for 5 years as minimum. what are other options for lump sum on hand.

        do you advise to invest in debt fund and transfer from there via STP even if we have time horizon for sure.

  215. Dear Mr Baswaraj
    I want to invest 6500 monthly for the sort duration 3 to 5 year. pl suggest me the best fund. I am a moderate risk taker

  216. iam 31 years old, iwant to start investing amount in SIP..Please look into my portfolio and kinldy let me know wther they are ok..iwant to invest for a period of 10 years.
    And also ihave 1 question- is it possible for me to change my portfolio every plan based upon ratings and performance of these funds?
    1. Franklin india blue chip fund or HDFC Equity Fund(G)- 3000 per month
    2. Franklin india prima plus or HDFC Mid cap – 3000 per month
    3. HDFC Balance fund- 2000 per month
    4. Axis LT Equity fund- 3000 per month
    5. BANK RD- 2000 per month for liquidity

    1. I started SIP online for an AMC. Now at the time of stopping this SIP, they are asking me to send formal paper request to them. What will happen if I cancel auto pay option with my bank ? the will recover any penalty for stopping bank auto debit ?

      1. Rampal-Dishonouring of continues 2 SIPs will leads to cancellation of SIP. AMC will not charge any penalty. But your bank will treat as the default of honouring payment and they charge penalty.

  217. Hello sir,
    Can you please explain me unit allocation (NAV value) process while purchasing MF via
    Direct mode through AMC website. Take example Market (Sensex) is down on Tuesday
    by 300 point and if i am buying MF via net banking unit is allocated to me as on
    Monday value(Not on down NAV). Market is up by 200 point on Wednesday and if i am buying
    MF, unit (NAV)is getting allocated as on Wednesday value.
    So my question is when (Time) to buy MF to get benefit of sensex down(Low NAV) while paying
    through net banking direct mode.
    Some of my friend has suggest that if Market is down on Tuesday, buy MF
    on Wednesday morning between 9 to 9.30 AM.
    Please suggest me.
    Thanks & regards

    1. Rajesh-The cut off time for equity funds is 3.00 PM. If fund is available (whether net banking transaction or after cheque realisation) before this cut off time of a day, then the same day NAV will be applicable. Otherwise the next day NAV will be applicable. For liquid funds, the cut off time is 2.00 PM. So, in case you transfer the fund within 9 or 9.30 AM then Wednesday NAV will be applicable but not Tuesday NAV.

  218. Dear Sir,

    I am new to MF. I would like to invest Rs.150000 for long term of 10 to 15 years. Which fund i can choose, Single fund or multifund. Plz suggest the name of the fund.I am expecting 15 to 20% avg return.

  219. Hi Sir,

    I am Investing 2000-00 every month in ICICI Value Discovery Fund through SIP.

    Now I would like to invest anothe 2k every month through SIP.

    Could you please suggest me the best fund i can choose to invest for 5-7 years period for marriage, money growth.


  220. Sir,
    I want to invest 8000 in SIP. my question are below.
    1) I want to invest more than 5 year and need around 1000000 Rs. for children marriage. what will be the portfolio on moderate risk
    2)Any debt fund advisable in sip
    3)Your view of short term or income fund
    4)I am a new in sip.
    5) How to bifergate equity and debt fund.
    6) I have checked some portfolio there is no any balanced fund.
    7) I heared Zip sip sip. it is advisable or not
    Requesting pl clarify the same and provide me good portfolio

    1. Patel-Do you know how much you are expecting by investing Rs.8,000 a month for 5 years and expecting Rs.10,00,000? Above that the portfolio you say to be moderate risk. It is staggering 27% return. Sorry, I don’t have any solution to generate such high return within such short span.

      1. Sir,
        I can invest 8000 to 10000 Rs per month for 5 year . Requesting pl suggest sip portfolio. also request to clarify some related querry as above. Thanks for guidance

        1. Patel-It is hard to guide according to your expectation. Market or product will not run according to your expectation. 27% return for 5 years of investment?? My ideal expectation for 25 years of expectation is 10% to 12%. Hard to digest your expectation. Only some fraudulent schemes may only generate such high income where your invested principal is also at risk.

          1. Thanks for the guidance. i am new in the subject. But idealy i want to invest 8000 Rs. I want a portfolio size ( % distribution) and how much amount will be generated after 5 year. pl guide me.

          2. Requesting pl. guide me as I selected portfolio for 8000 Rs investment for 5 year. i am expecting your view on how much corpus generated.

            ICICI focused bluechip or UTI Equity fund – 25%
            Franklin small companies – 35%
            Franklin high growth or Reliance equity opp – 25%
            HDFC Balance – 15%


            ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (G) 40%

            HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) 20%

            Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) 20%

            Birla Sun Life Short Term Opportunities (G) 20%

              1. Sir,
                I have saving 20000 Rs per month after all deduting emi, insurance , expences. pl. suggest me the investment. I can hold for the long term.

  221. I have chosen 2 funds for monthly investments — Birla Sun Life MNC Fund (having proven track record since 1999) and DSP BR Micro Fund. I wish to start investing every month. But considering how volatile the stock market is these days, will it be any benefit even if I start investing on a monthly basis in these 2 funds ? If such volatile market continues for a long period, then I may find that my wealth has not GROWN much even after sustained monthly investing.. So, what is the way out to GROW my money in this volatile market where the Sensex is falling 500 points one day and gaining 350 points the next day ? I am really confused. What do you suggest ?

    1. Debajyoti-Do you feel the current volatility not there when the chosen fund launched in 1999? Volatility is the nature of the market. Hence, to be a winner you have to invest continuously and stay for long term. Day to day or month to month volatility will vanish when your goal is long term like 10 years or so.

      1. OK, I understand.. Planning should be for a long term like 10 years or more. Fine. But what do you say about the 2 funds that I have chosen ? Those are Birla Sun Life MNC Fund and DSP BR Micro Cap Fund.. Is my choice good enough ? Kindly suggest..

        1. Debajyoti-I am fond of a diversified fund rather than risk my money by investing in any sector. Hence, I rule out Birla Fund. DSPBR is good fund, but slightly I am negative due to expense ratio and standard deviation compare to funds like HDFC Midcap Opp. Because risk will lesser than small cap concentration in HDFC Midcap. Also when we compare historical Risk-Return then it is between 60% to 70% category, whereas HDFC Fund passes the test easily with score of around 80% times. Hence considering the risk, I am expecting decent and comfort return with HDFC rather than high risk and high downsize funds like DSPBR.

          1. Last question : Apart from HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities (in which I already have a lumpsum investment), I have chosen 2 diversified equity funds for regular investment on a MONTHLY basis. They are BNP Paribas Equity Fund & IDBI Diversified Equity Fund. Are these 2 funds good enough for monthly investing ?

            1. Debajyoti-Why so many funds and do create headache when you already have best funds in your kitty? It will not be wise to think that every time the fund you are investing must be 5-4 star rated fund. Each fund has it’s own ups and down. The person who sticks to his basic philosophy or expected return will only survive. I don’t think it is wise to add on funds whether the said funds are BEST or STAR RATEd.

  222. Hi Sir,

    I have the below SIP ..tell me will it give high return after 20 years around.

    1) Reliance tax Saver (ELSS) Fund – Growth Plan – 1000 pm , started in July 2011
    2) Birla Sun life – Pure Value fund – Growth Plan – 2000 pm and 500 rs Top up every year started from April 2015.
    3) HDFC tax Saver Growth – 1000 Rs pm , started in July 2011
    4) ICICI produential tax Plan – Regular growth – 1000 pm and 500 topup every year started in years 2011 July
    5) ICICI tax Plan Regular growth – 1000 pm started in Year 2011 Dec.

    will continue the able all SIP MF for next comig 20 years, it is ok.

    Or anything more i need to invest , any other SIP good return , please tell me that i can go for long term 20 years of investement.

      1. OK. The sips I have invested will give me good return after 25 years.

        Is this sufficient or do I need to have more investment in sip?

        I m not an export you know better.pls suggest.

      2. I am an NRI

        I already have investment in equity mutual fund. Also ongoing SIP. However, apart from that i have accumulated lumpsum amount. Advise me how to invest that.

        If i go to debt fund and then transfer via STP then it is taxable and also not effective if we compare with NIR Fixed deposit.

        However , I am also not willing to keep in NRI fix deposit because I have already invested into that. Please advise.