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I have Fiduciary responsibility under SEBI RIA Regulations. Hence, I put my clients’ interests ahead of everything else. Trust, Ethics and Integrity are the foundations of my client engagement.


My approach is to establish a solid foundation for your financial well-being by organizing your financial life and aligning your savings and investments with your goals and objectives. The primary aim is to ensure that you have sufficient funds accessible when they are needed. The focus is on preventing significant mistakes or losses while promoting a sense of ease, convenience, and reducing the need for frequent decision-making rather than chasing the returns.

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I am not affiliated (directly and indirectly) with any Mutual Fund Companies, Insurance Companies or brokers to sell you any products. I practice the fixed fee-only financial planning module, where my approach revolves around you.


Why we need Financial Planning?

It is evident that investing is a process of controlling your behavior and managing the risk than chasing the returns. Every day, you spend around 8 to 10 hours to earn money. Do you spend even 1% of the same time trying to find the best way to utilize this? While it is important to spend time trying to earn more money, it is also important for you to spend time to figure out the right way your money is invested with a proper financial planning.

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The primary source of my revenue is derived solely from the fees I charge my clients for the services I provide. I do not involve myself in product sales, therefore, I do not receive any form of compensation or commissions from the products I recommend.Life, as well as the investment world, is filled with uncertainty. Therefore, a well-structured financial plan must be able to sustain such unpredictability. In the investments, we only have control over two aspects: the amount we invest and how long we hold. Returns or outcomes, however, lie beyond our control. Unfortunately, many of us have a misguided belief that we can influence returns, when in reality, predicting future outcomes is impossible. Our best course of action is to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.As a financial planner, my responsibility is to guide clients towards adopting simple, proven principles and processes. By adhering to these strategies, investors can strive to achieve their goals while minimizing the occurrence of investment mistakes.I firmly believe that financial planning involves preparing for unforeseen circumstances and achieving our financial objectives securely, rather than relying on predicting favourable outcomes.I have a strong belief in empowering my clients to take charge of their own financial management. Therefore, I emphasize a Do It Yourself approach to financial planning instead of keeping them as my clients indefinitely.
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We are not here to SELL any product.

We provide you an unbiased investment advisory, in the form of Fee-Only Financial Planning service.

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