BasuNivesh completed 3 Years !!!

Today BasuNivesh completed 3 years !!! An initiative started to spread what I learn is now reached to this high. I started this blog exactly three years back on 11th December, 2011.


What are the current statistics of BasuNivesh Blog (As on 11th Dcember, 2014)?

Total Articles published as on date-288+

Monthly Page views-1, 76,710 (Google Analytics)

Email subscribers-824.

Facebook Page likes-682.

Google Page Rank-2 (higher is better and ranks from 1 to 10).

Alexa World Rank-69, 690 (lower is better).

Alexa India Rank-5, 555 (lower is better).

The data seem to be less when you compare with other top sites of India. However, it is always proud to have such a quality readers’ family ๐Ÿ™‚

What changes I did in previous years?

Hired a WordPress developer-Having a blog is not enough. It must be SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) friendly and loading must be super fast. So resolve some technical issue, I hired Jane, who runs a famous tech blog called She created wonderful design and along with that resolved many server issues.

What I learned from readers?

I received some wonderful comments, suggestions, and as usual harsh words (especially from few insurance agents). However, I took all in right spirit and replied or communicated with them well as if I am learning from them ๐Ÿ™‚

What is my target for next year?

I want to speed up my learning as much as possible and share with you all. This eventually increases the readersโ€™ base, faith in my business and me. Financial Planning is like an ocean. Each day we learn new things. Hence, I feel as if learner and always eager to learn from whichever corner it comes.

Below are few past year posts, which I liked more in sharing with you all.

The list is big and you can find all earlier posts list at “Old Articles” page.

Hope in coming years you all encourage and share your ideas to grow my knowledge as well as yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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53 thoughts on “BasuNivesh completed 3 Years !!!”

  1. I am reading blogs on your site from last 6 months. Thanks for this wonderful website. I came to know about a lot of things through ur website like how to compare various policies, inflation effect,importance of term insurance,about fundsindia,about DirectMF plansand a lot of things. Thanks a lot. The way you compare the various plans and policies is great. And the honesty and transparently you show the facts about various schemes and plans is superb.

    Congratulations for completing 3 years. But its just a starting…even now days is very famous blog and in future it will be most fsmous website.

    Really a great work.

  2. Ravi Raj Trivedi

    Lots & Lots Of Congratulations Basu (I feels that you are one of my friend now days) !
    Thank U So Much For all your suggestions & For All your Articles !
    And Don’t Worry About Ranking & Likes You are No.1 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank You So Much.


    Congratulations, Sir. You are really doing a GREAT work and service to people. I wish all the very best.

    Guru Prasad Pandurengan.

  4. congratulation Basu!!!!

    I wish, may your journy continue till existance of univers.
    Really, your articles make me fund guru amoung my colleague.
    Once again, my deep regards to you as well as your services.

    Nitin Sharma

      1. Congratulations, and best wishes for your future on all fronts! The detailed analysis that goes into each of your articles, your honest, patient, insightful replies to the large number of queries and the good etiquette maintained consistently in all the comments/replies on this site make this website truly deserving of its good ranking!

  5. Hey,

    Congratulations and great thanks for writing and sharing your knowledge.

    I am continuously reading all your blogs since 6 months, Implemented many things.

    – Taken Health and life insurance
    – Doing FD and RD for emergency fund
    – Investing in MF regularly using SIP
    – – HDFC Prudence Fund
    – – ICICI Prudential Tax Plan
    – – LIC Nomura ULIS
    – – Reliance Tax Saver Fund
    – – HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund
    – – ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan

    Again heartly great thanks for motivating me for investing to achieve future goal.

    Thanks & Best Wishes,
    Bipin Vayalu

  6. Good to hear this Basu Nivesh. Yours is one blog among others, where I regularly and keep updating myself. Keep up the good work. BTW, good to hear that you are taking help from web design masters. This way you stay focussed on content instead of worrying about web design, Speed, SEO etc.,

  7. Congratulation Mr. basu on completion of 3 years. Actually i am a regular reader of your articles since last month and found very useful articles.

  8. Hi basu congratulations for successfully completing 3yrs.
    I wish you to continue to publish good articles in future also.
    Its a great job once again my hearty congratulations.
    Keep going.

  9. Hi,

    Congratulations! to you for your success.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I always read your blog and learn many thing from you.

    There are very few guy which are unbiased in financial market. I really appreciate your hard work and effort to write blog and read the policy document. I am 26 year old IT professional, one year back I don’t know anything about fiance or even Tax related. Today, I can suggest to my colleague or my parent.

    One more general question related to finance planing goal, what is the better option or ADVICE from your side for young investor in respective of real estate. I’m living in Navi Mumbai need to buy flat. So what should we do first set a goal for investment in MFs and growing money first and then buy flat after 10 year or take a home loan.

    Really Thank you!

    Looking forward to see more articles.

    With Regards,

    1. Anshu-That’s great to hear that you learned and started to give advice to others. It is really a great news for me. Do continue reading all about personal finance and let your known be at right track along with you. Regarding buying property, if you are currently in rented house or not own any house then go ahead (that too within your limit). But personally I am not a big fan of having loan and buying property. I am currently staying in rented house and feel comfort with it ๐Ÿ™‚ It does not mean that you no need to own. Instead first understand your requirement then we discuss further.

  10. Hi

    Congratulation !!! , it is fantastic blog on its kinds.

    I would like to say thank you to help me out whenever required . By the help of you I could take some good decisioon and invested in right direction .

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Best Of luck !!!

  11. Congrats Basu on your achievement so far !!

    If you can please share more on how much impact you discover after applying Blogging changes that you have applied? Means ranking, traffic point of view. And for that how much you have invested?

    Actually I am thinking daily whether to move wordpress or not? In fact I tried once and failed as my blog has more than 500+ articles covering multiple niche. Your story is really inspiring and I would like to know more on that. I am not aware about the expenditure one have to bear to host a WordPress blog. And also fearing to loose whatever rankings I have now.

    Kindly share if you can.

    Keep writing more, success will automatically come to you. Thanks !!

    1. Santanu-Thanks for your wishes. Related to blogging changes, yes it impacted a lot. Because search engines loves the sites which really provide good content, speed in loading and visitors friendly. To know more about cost and all, request you to mail at [email protected]. I will definitely share with you, no hiding and nothing like that. But not in this public platform. Be in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Basu,
        I have been following your blog for some time now. You have put together a really informative blog here, continue the good work.
        Like Santanu above I am also running a small recipe blog for seven months now and need some suggestion/information. I have sent you a mail also, It would be great if you share the same information with me also. Thanks in advance….

  12. Brahmananda Reddy

    Congrats basu.. I have started visiting this site from 15days and understood that my financial planning is not good.
    I did below things from 15 days.

    1) Decided to dump my jeevan anand policy (Understand that it will not work with Inflation).
    2) Started Franklin India Blue Chip Mutual Fund (1k/month) and I will add two more.
    3) Taken 1 crore term insurance and planning to take health insurance.
    4) Started emergency fund through RD.

    Thease is all happened only because of your articles.

    Thanks you very much Basu.

  13. Believe me or not, I am addicted to your site. It has joined the list of websites I visit every day to get information.

    Thanks for sharing the information.


  14. Hi Basavaraj,

    Many Congratulations! to you for your success.

    I always read your articles, it’s very informative. My kind request is please try to upload article on daily basis.



  15. Shalabh Srivastava

    It’s always feel great to read your articles,they are always elaborated and well explained.

    Continue your hardwork and share your valuable thought with us.

    And says thanks to your team.


    1. Shalabh-Thanks for your review on my posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Sure, I always be with you all with my writings and sharing knowledge. No team behind this blog Shalabh, I am one man army run everything from my home ๐Ÿ™‚

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