Do you know NEFT and RTGS money transfer new timings?

Whoever has Internet Banking facility may have come across NEFT or RTGS money transfer facility. However, do you know the timings of these facilities? Few times your money transferred instantly and few times, it will be delayed. It is all because of schedule timings of NEFT and RTGS. Also, RBI changed the RTGS timings effective from 29th December, 2014. So let us get clarity on that.

Note-NEFT and RTGS timings now changed. I updated the same in my new post. Please refer the same at “New NEFT Timings Effective from 10th July 2017“.

Before proceeding further, let us know what is NEFT and RTGS.

NEFT-National Electronic Funds Transfer

It is a nationwide payment system facilitating one-to-one fund transfers. Using this scheme, you can transfer funds from any bank branch to any individual having an account with any other bank within India.

Let us take an example. Mr.X has a bank account with HDFC and he wants to transfer the money to Mr.Y, whose account is with ICICI. Therefore, by using NEFT facility Mr.X can transfer money to Mr. Y’s bank account.

RTGS-Real Time Gross Settlement

In NEFT, money transfer requests are clubbed together called batches. Such batches are settled based on Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) on hourly base during NEFT timings. Whereas in RTGS it is real time. It means money transferred individually instead of batches instantly. Therefore, compare to RTGS system is faster than the NEFT.

Let us take an example. Mr.X has a bank account with HDFC and he wants to transfer the money to Mr.Y, whose account is with ICICI. Therefore, by using RTGS facility Mr.X can transfer money to Mr. Y’s bank account instantly. In this transaction, HDFC transfers the initiated transfer amount to ICICI bank instantly. However, ICICI bank has a maximum 30 minutes time to deposit into Mr. Y’s account. Hence, depending on the beneficiary bank’s procedure within two hours Mr.Y get the amount in his account.

Difference between NEFT and RTGS

  • NEFT settlement will be in terms of batches and settled on hourly base, but RTGS is real time settlement.
  • There is a timing difference between two (Detailed list is available below).
  • There is no minimum or maximum limit for NEFT. Whereas for RTGS, minimum amount set is Rs.2, 00, 000.
  • Charges differ and these details will be available in the below sheet.

Charges of NEFT and RTGS

NEFT and RTGS Charges

NEFT and RTGS money transfer timings (Effective from 29th December, 2014)

Now let us come to the main purpose of this post. On 15th December, 2014, RBI changed the RTGS timings and these new timings will be effective from 29th December, 2014. Below are new schedules.

NEFT and RTGS money transfer timings

Note-Any fund transferred after the scheduled closure timings will be settled on the next day. In addition, you can not transfer on NEFT and RTGS holiday (which will be declared by RBI every year).

Do you know that you can set time schedule for future RTGS transfer too?

You can set schedule payment for your future payment too. However, you can do so only 3 days (working days) prior to the actual schedule. You can set such schedule for your future payments like tax, loan, VAT or any other future fixed payments.

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  1. Dear sir yesterday morning through indian bank i have done neft to kotak bank but still now the amount is not credited may i know the reason its almost 2 days how long it may take and immediately money has been debited from my indian bank also may i know the time line..

  2. I have transferred amount via my sbi banking mobile app to a person holding hdfc bank account in bangalore …via Quick transfer….did at …it has been more than 8 hrs….and the other party has still not received…. what to do?

  3. I have submitted NEFT at 5:54pm on Saturday why it’s not reaching till benificiary? Now it’s 10pm. How long it can take?

  4. 23 date Friday of neft transfer message 3 days credit but 1 week not credited my account
    Of passbook claim setteled
    How days account in credited

  5. Hi, I applied for a loan, they have informed me that today at 2:30 PM NEFT has been done of amount 550000 they told me before 6:30 the amount will be credited, but till now the amount is not been credited. How much maximum time it takes to complete the NEFT.

  6. Hi I applied for a loan ,i got a message from bank that loan amount is credited to your saving account at 11.00pm.But till now money is not when should money will Credited

    1. HI SIR,



  7. someone has added 30k through neft on friday from idfc at 6:13 pm and still not credited to my account and next day is 4th sat and sunday can u pls tell me hw mch time will it tke to get reflctd in canara bank

  8. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    It is so nice to see your blog helping people aligned with the rules that we have in our country. I have similar situation where my ICICI Prudential Policy got matured on 28th July 2019 but still I am waiting to get the credit of the amount. Upon query to the the ICICI Prudential, I got to know that it will be credited max by 3 days. Knowing that RBI have set it differently, I asked the Call Center executive to provide the same on written mail. As per the calculation if it is credited after 3 days, we are loosing the interest on our money for 2 days. If RBI is committing for 24 hours, why these bankers / call center executive commit something which is no where documented or highlighted. Do you think it would be wise to bring them under the serious financial surveillance and safeguard poor public interest. Appreciate your response.

    Thank you,

    Guru Prasad Rath

  9. Hello sir,
    Yesterday bank deposit the money at 3:00pm through NEFT but till now i did not get money so can you tell me where is problem?

      1. hello sir
        trying to transfer amount through neft since yesterday night, but showing unable to proceed now, please try latter

  10. My mother deposited four lakhs yesterday morning from her account Andra bank Chennai to my account Canara bank karaikal through NEFT. But not yet credited. No SMS from Andra bank in her mobile number whether debited or transaction declined. Today is second Saturday tomorrow is Sunday. What to do?

  11. Hello Sir, I have made a RTGS of 1,00,000.00 through Branch at 3:30 from PNB to SBI but still amount dint get credited to receipent account can you please help me.
    thank you

  12. Hello Sir,

    I have done NEFT today at 9 AM of amount 282000 from my Kotak to OBC bank account, till 6.45 PM as I am writing this I have not got it in my account , the bank is saying that wait for 24 Hours as sometimes it takes upto 24 hours to get it credited. Is it right ?

  13. Hello sir,

    EPFO has settled claim on 5th oct 2018 but till now its not credited to my account whereas from my epfo account its already deducted.
    Kindly suggest when i can get money. Or how i can track it

  14. Sir, my coaching institute manager transferred money to my SBI account on 4th Saturday night,22nd September,2018 and till now I don’t get the amount credited to my account.Sir, when I will get the amount.

  15. My friend transferred some money thru NEFT today at 6.55pm.When it will be credited in my account?
    Regards Rajiv Sinha

  16. I did NEFT from IDBI to ICICI today morning 6AM as it was a rush need. However it is not transferred yet. It is way too urgent. It is deducted from IDBI but not credited to ICICI. I am afraid as the banks are on strike and i am not sure if it will get transferred or not?

    can some one please help?


  17. Dear Sir,
    If my company release my salary by today after 6/7 pm then when I will get my money in my account?

  18. Dear sir,
    My Friend transfer NEFT Rs. 08lacs to my HDFC account on 18/04/2018 but till date I have not received money in my bank bank says some times NEFT clear within 72 hours is it true?

  19. Hi
    My company credited my salary for the first time from hdfc bank to my cbi account on Saturday at 4.30. They told it will happen within 4 hrs but still dint get as i have a doubt whether it will take monday or by next working day

      1. Yes still it is not credited and bank says some server issues from morning.. Can i try with other branch and check (will they answer about this) still i am checking in my account but i dint get my money..

  20. I transferd money from my HDFC account through NEFT to SBI acxount on 6th April at 1 pm.. Till what time money will be in SBI account ?
    Still now I didn’t get message also.
    Can you please some one confirm

  21. Sir …i did my rtgs from HDFC bank to RRB at 12.38 pm but time is now 5.45 pm and i could not get my cash in account while all the fillings is ok like Account number Benefishri name and Bank ifsc code is o.k…….what is cause behind it.

  22. EPF office Payment sent on- 03-APR-18 via NEFT to my HDFC Bank account but till date I had not received my amount. How much time it will take..

  23. I have selected the option to transfer via scheduled payment of every month 2nd from Bank A to Bank B. Amount got debited from Bank A today morning(i.e, April 2nd). But it didn’t get credit in Bank B account till now. Please let me know when Can I expect the amount.
    Thanks in advance!

  24. If i transfer fund through RTGS via online to other banker on 31-03-2018 @ 15:00 hrs,
    when it will be credited to beneficiary account.

  25. What’s the difference between rtgs and neft?? And is it possible that I can transfer amount from an individual savings account to another individual savings account through both neft and rtgs??

  26. Hi Basvaraj
    I have transferred money via next after 7 pm when I can expect it to be credited to beneficiary

  27. Sir

    Actually, my friend transfer the money on Saturday after 5pm through NEFT, than plz tell me when i will get the payment. The main reason is after Saturday, Sunday is off and Monday also a public holiday of chetichand. I am confused.

  28. Hi sir ,
    If I transfer money from my ICICI account through NEFT to SBI account on Monday morning 8.30 a.m.. Till what time money will be in SBI account ?

  29. Dear sie
    I have applied for pf online and pf send money through next on 20th feb2018. But still amount not credited to my account

  30. Dear Sir,
    I transferered money on 9th feb 2018 after 9pm via NEFT from YES bank to Axis bank. When will this money reflect in Axis bank

  31. Sir, I did NEFT on 9th feb 2018 at 6 AM through Axis bank App. To sbi bank.. How much time it will take to credit?

  32. Sir mene neft kiya 50 k ka wo dusre ke a/c me credit bhi hua but ab unke a/c se reverse ho gya or mere a/c me bhi nhi aaya

  33. Hi Sir
    After reading alll of your above chats and checking the new NEFT timings i am a little concerned. I made an NEFT transfer from my HDFC bank account to the beneficiaries SBI bank account on 1st Nov at 6:45 pm. I recieved a message saying the amount has been debited from my account which is generally the case when you make the transaction after work hours. So i was pretty sure the beneficiary wod recieve the amount the next day as i have transferred money to her account several times…however she still hasnt recieved the money and nor have i still not recieved any message on the amount being credited to her acc. I tried contact ing my bank. They keep saying “it shud happen today\ tomorrow”
    What should I do?I’m

  34. Sir , I made an NEFT transfer from my PNB account at 10.30 AM on 31.10.2017 to my Canara Bank account. However, at the time of writing this i.e. as at 9:25 PM on 31.10.2017, the amount has not been credited into my Canara Bank account. I called PNB customer care and they told me to wait for 24 hours . I called Canara Bank Customer Care and they told me to wait till 10 AM on 01.11.2017 after which they suggested me to take up the issue with the concerned PNB branch. What do you suggest, Sir? Can NEFT transaction take a day’s time? guidance from you shall be highly helpful.

  35. I send NEFT from Union bank to Indian bank about 5 oct about 4 0 clock sum of 7.5k my bank debit the amount but indian bank account not credited yet. were is my amount now what is the status.

  36. dear sir ,after how long I can send money by my account to other bank account by HDFC net banking after adding the beneficiary , coz its take so long to send I mean 24 / 48 hour…

  37. sir yesterday i transferred to some amount from sbi to syndicate,already 1 day is completed but still i didnt credited that amount in my sydicate bank.I transferred through NEFT.

  38. Hello sir my friend has transferred 55k on Sep 2nd 2017 at 2 o clock in the afternoon through NEFT as it is bank holiday on that day ! His amount has been debited ! When will it come to my account


  40. If i transferred Money on sunday by NEFT? will it be Credited to that account? actually i transfer money from SBI to ICICI on Sunday through NEFT. It is deducted from my Account, But not Credited to ICICI account?
    What shouls i do Now?

  41. sir mene aaj 2pm ko mere sbi bank s dusre. sbi ac.m 1500 instant trf kia lkin abhi tak mere ac.s money cut hogya lkin abhi tak samne wale k account m 1500 nahi aya h plz help ………

      1. Sir I think yeah transaction neft s hua h isloe itma time lag RHA h neft m kab tak aata h pymt sir… bcz I have urgmt trf money

  42. Hi I transferred 3k from HDFC NEFT transfer to SBI at 6:45 AM 4thSaturday . Got debited from my account but not credited to SBI account.. when can I expect the transfer?

  43. sir as I previously asked u I ttransfered amt from vijayabank to sbi acc on 31-3-2017 through neft.enquired bank on 5-4-2917 we got letter from vijayabank main branch that money is transferred rbi report also.but money is not sent to sbi.

  44. Hi sir
    Itransferred 22 lacks from Vijaya bank to Sbi through NEFT on 31-3-2017 at 5:45 what time it will go to sbi


  46. Hi
    My question is my company transfer my salary through NEFT on last Friday i.e on 10th March so can you tell me when I will get my salary credit to my account by Tuesday ?

  47. Hello,
    while applying for an exam application, it was mentioned that the payment can be through NEFT/RTGS. so this morning at 10 am i hav added the beneficiary and approved , its is 5pm now the baneficiary is not yet approved by sbh. today is the last date to pay the fee. so i have choosen the quick tranfer option in sbh and paid the fee at 5.10 pm. now please clarify these doubts.
    1. by what time the fee might get deposited into the beneficiary account
    2. since i have choosen the NEFT option while paying through quick transfer , does it comes under NEFT ? when i took the print out of the final payment it was mentioned as QKT – quick transfer not neft .
    kindly answer, thanks in advance.

      1. Thanks for replying,
        could you kindly refer this below link for the procudure i followed, sbi introduced an option to transfer the funds to other accounts ( up to 5k-10k ) with out adding / waiting for the manage beneficiary, i have choosen that option.

        I never faced this problem ever before, i hav added the beneficiary at 10 am but my beneficiary was approved yesterday at 7pm, where i cannot pay the fee through regular neft transfer at that time.
        since its an exam fee, iam a bit worried . plz tell me by what time it might have transferred , and does it comes under NEFT, after paying i have got an UTR no, and status as processed , INB no. and the amount got deducted.
        thank you

  48. Hi Sir,

    My friend transfer Rs. 20000/- amount from PMC Bank to my Citi Bank. She fill the form and attached cheque with form yesterday 5th March 2017 at 1:00 pm.

    At what time i received money in my Bank Account?
    please suggest.

  49. Sir my friend has transferred 25 k in my pnb account on Saturday 4/3/2017 at around 3.50 PM..can you please tell me when it will get credited into my account

  50. Hi ,

    I just transver the amount to my frnd on 01/02/2017 sbi to andhra bank, through NEFT @2:30 pm noon but it’s not credited to my frnd account tell now,But in my SBI account it is debited .

    1. Laxman – Same bank transfer can be as quickly as 1 day. so if you are transferring from your account with SBI to your friends account with SBI its usually done in 1 day.

      But if you are transferring from 1 bank to a different bank via NEFT usually it takes 2 business days. So SBI to say ICICI, HDFC, BOI etc might take 2 days.

  51. PF settlement has done through NEFT on 05/12/2016 but the next day I received message that PF has been rejected and re-applied for it. But now the PF office says the settlement has done on 12th May. But the amount was never credited to my account. What would be the reason and how this can be fixed? Please advise!

      1. Hi Basava,

        Thank you for your immediate response!

        I have received amount for form 10 but the issue with other part payment. So there could not be any issues with the registered account with EPFO.

        Also, I received Form 10 payment after this issue.


  52. I activated beneficiary account with morning…but mistakenly transferred through RTGS, the amount is Rs.25000/-
    (Minimum 2 lakhs only can be transfer through RTGS) but amount didn’t credited to beneficiary today.But amount debited my account.what can i do for this …please help me friends

  53. Hi sir,

    I am in BoB bank.
    Whether is there any amount limit for the first fund transfer after registering a beneficiary?
    Some people say that after registering a new beneficiary, you can send only upto Rs.50,000 for the first time. Then after 4 days of registration you can send amount without any restrictions.

  54. Sir,
    Today i have transfered from my SBi acoount to my SBh account 5k money. But it will shown in SBI amount was debited. But in SBH account the amount was not credited. what is the reason. please tell me sir.

  55. I have done neft of rs 30000 to hdfc account from my sbi account around 7.30 pm bal debit from my account but not credited to my hdfc account what i can do

  56. Sir i am Pulkit. My friend has been transfered money from net banking of Axis bank to PNB at Friday 9:00PM but that will not credited. give me suggestion for that

  57. Hiii sir,
    My client has transfered the sum of inr7lac from his sbi account in my current account in axis bank.through rtgs yesterday . But the bank people said him it will take max 24hrs. They have processed yesterday. And today is 2nd Saturday. Is the amount will be deposited today in my account.


  58. My frnd transfer amount to my account today but I received only message but didn’t credit into my account, sir pls give suggestions what happened to my amount

      1. Sir today in our state there is holiday so is there any possibility for the delay,sir what is the Tim duration between the receiving of SMS and actual amount credited to acount

  59. Dear sir,my friend has transfered rs.6k as emergency from his Hdfc account to my SBI account through net banking NEFT at around 12pm today.but it has not credited till but debited in his account.please suggest

  60. Basavraj sir,

    I had trying for money transfer through NEFT ,but since today is bank holiday it is showing a message that your amount will be transferred in next working day.
    but i didn’t got attention towards message and by mistakenly i have tried to transfer money from 4 to 5 times.

    now i have question that money will transfer in beneficiary account only once or 4 to 5 times.

    please reply sir

      1. Dear Basavaraj sir,

        What should i do now ? is their is any way to cancel this

        from available balance 2 times money can be transferred.

          1. As from my available balance only two times money can transferred.

            will it be again transferred if i make balance available in my account at future ?

  61. NEFT/RTGS transaction done on 4th saturday (26-11-16) from other bank to ICICI but amount not credited in my account. When it will be credited?

  62. What if I’ve transferred the money on Sunday through NEFT. Will it be transferred on the same day or on the next day (Monday) ?

  63. Will it possible to do NEFT transaction on deepavali(saturday). If so when will b e amount credited in the beneficiary account?

        1. Revin-Bank holidays from Today (Saturday to till Monday). In Karnataka one more holiday on Tuesday. Hence, I said that it will be credited on Wednesday. If there is no holiday on Tuesday, then the beneficiary will get it on Tuesday itself.

  64. Hi.
    My fnd has transferred money on Sunday morning from sbh to andra bank through NEFT.

    When it will be credit to my andra bank account??

  65. Hi Basavaraj,

    I did NEFT Transfer on Thursday Oct 20. The beneficiary hasn’t received the amount and it’s Friday Oct 21 10pm. The amount has been debited from my account and I also got a text later saying that it has been credited to Beneficiary’s account, but she hasn’t received it. Is it possible that NEFT can take more than 24 hours in some cases? If so, why did I get a text saying it has been credited in her account. What should I do? Now, its 4th Saturday so bank will be closed tomorrow. Please, help.

  66. Hi my has transferred money today at evening 5 pm from Sri to icici. But it’s more than 2 hrs not received. What should they do.

  67. Sir iamIMMAN. My friend has been transfered money from net banking (NEFT) of ICICI bank toIOB at 3.45pm, but as of now i didnt receive the money..give me suggestion for that

  68. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have transferred 50k from hdfc to icici bank at 12:40Am IST through Neft but didn’t receive the payment yet. It’s more than an hour, please let me know when it will credit to my bank account.


  69. I transferred amount at 3:30PM today and as of now the other person has not received the money. Money has been debited from my account. When should the person get the money ?

      1. Sir iam ramakrishna. My friend has been transfered money from net banking of axis bank to SBI at 12.15 but that will not credited still 1 o clk..give me suggestion for that

  70. Dear sir, today I have added one beneficiary account (IDBI) in my SBI account. Today itself I had transferred (NEFT) Rs. 1 Lakh and the transfer is successful.

    Can you tell me whether I can transfer another Rs. 96 Thousand to that account tomorrow? Means within 1 day span can I send near about 2Lakhs (1 lakh + 96 thosand) via NEFT ? Is there any restriction on this like “for 2-3 days you cant transfer money to that account” or something like that?

    Thank you.

  71. Dear Sir, I had transferred amount from Hdfc to Icici bank on sunday evening, at what time it will reflect in icici bank account? Transaction was successfully done, so plz suggest me.

  72. I have made a credit card bill payment today, im not sure which transaction type it is but i remember that it is NEFT and the transaction has failed, amount has been debited from m account:(.

    So my question is, the NEFT transaction made on holiday that wont be credited back to our account? please let me your comment on this.

  73. Dear Sir ..
    i am give rtgs Ammount a company .bt that company is not done my work ,i want my widrwal my rtgs ammount so plz guide

  74. I am transfer amount via online from axis to Sbi today 2pm neft . And credited from my Ac but not settled till time please tell me which time it is settled. And what next I do

  75. Dear sir,
    I had done neft on 13 aug 2016 .It was a bank holiday.till date ,the payment is not settled,though it is verified.
    I got the UTR no.checked.
    When will it be credited.where the money has gone.

  76. Hello sir,

    I transferred (tried to) 3.9 lakhs through RTGS from SBI Visakhapatnam(remitter) to Deutsche Bank Delhi branch on 23 rd August after 4pm (approximately) through SBI bank via Cheque . Its already 25th 1am but neither i got my funds reversed nor credited to the beneficiary account. When will they be credited and what steps i have to take. For your information both are my accounts.

      1. In bank (not online transaction), if we want to do the transaction we have to give a cheque mentioning “pay yourself for RTGS” adjacent to payee

  77. DCB debit card swaped in HDFC pos swap machine but not accepted ,machine notified transaction declined ….why

  78. I have transfered an amt of 41000 at 3pm on 3rd saturday through from icici to pnb how much time it will take to clear

  79. I credited 50,000 from canara bank to sbi on saturday evening and today (monday) is holiday so when it wll transfer to sbi account.

  80. Sir I was transfered from my sbh to sbi bank on Sunday and tomorrow is independence day I want to when will amount transfer to my account

  81. My brother. Wad transferd 5000 rupees to my SBH accounts on Friday (12/08/2015) 8 pm…. tiday second saturday tomorrow sunday …day after timorrow independance day when the amount credited in my account.

  82. NEFT done sucessfully yesterday by 9PM from IDBI to SBI. Fund deducted from IDBI Bank a/c. but still not transfer to my SBI bank a/c. what to do now? please guide me?

  83. Hi sir,
    I’m 22 and planning on studying CFP. As GST is rolling out soon, is there a point in enrolling for CFP this year or should I wait unit l GST is out.

      1. Tax being one of its there a point in studying VAT, CST, Excise and all the other taxes when they all will be clubbed?

        1. Jiggy-Do you think once you complete CFP then NOTHING will change on this earth? You have to update regularly. Also, FPSB India will update about what portion they are covering for exams. So don’t worry and go ahead.

  84. Sir,
    I made a transaction from ICICI bank to BOB on Saturday around 2 pm . i know that the amount will be credited in BOB on the next working day i.e on monday (01/08/16) . but now its 5 pm of Monday till now i didn’t get my money in BOB account. Is this a technical issue or my money is credited in another accont.
    if yes than please share yours views regarding my problem. What next i do ?

      1. Sir
        My frnd have sent amount of Rs 1000 through NEFT after 8Pm on 2/8/2016 (sbi to bob )but today 3/8/2016 at 2pm i will not recieve money .when will i recived that amount.please know me maximum time for neft trasection.reply fast

  85. I added beneficiary on 26-july at 18:00 HRS. and tried to transfer 1,25,000/- on next day . but its not allowing me to do so.
    I was able to transfer only 50,000/- what should I do ?

  86. hi

    i did imps 1st time money credited from my account but i do not know that if client has recd or no and client account is in remote village

  87. My friend transferred funds from Axis to HDFC yesterday. From Axis bank at 4.30 pm amount was debited but the amount still has not been credited to hdfc account. Please comment your answer.

  88. My uncle transferred a amount of 12000rs from his indian bank account to my karur vysya bank account on last saturday(16.7.16)at 12.20pm but i didn’t receive the amount, when will i get the amount? What is the neft transaction timing for indian bank.?

  89. I have sent amount of Rs 2000 through NEFT after 8Pm today (sbm to sbi )but tomorrow and next day of tomorrow are holiday .when will my friend recived that amount

    1. My question is 1. why timings 2. Why can’t we transfer money on holidays and Sundays from other bank to other bank. when the same can be transfer immediately in the same bank to other account from our account? (Even on Holidays) what happens after 8 pm or so?

      This question is to banks. But I am marking it in reply of gentle man. If you know the reason please let me know. my email: [email protected]

  90. Hi Basu I have initiated NEFT transaction from my hdfc bank account to pay credit card bill for SBI and St Charted which I do every month. I have initiated transaction on 8 July evening. Today in both SBI and St Charted amount is not credited though its debited from my account. Please let me know by when it will be deposited to beneficiary account.

  91. I transferred an amount from sbbj to bob on Saturday 09-07-2016 at 04:00pm that was a holiday. I know it would be credit to beneficiary on Monday 11-07-2016. But it has not been debited from account. Now i’m not sure that was my transfer actually happend or not.

  92. Sir i have made an NEFT transfer by 6:00 pm today(friday) from canara to SBI bank, tomorrow is second saturday, when will the amount get credited to SBI acount

  93. i want to transfer neft today can it will transfer today or it will transfer on monday…and can i transfer money through imps by sbi bank today….to other bank

  94. money transfer from SBI account to Obc today (15-6-2016)10.46 am
    when it will be credited to the account?

      1. Thanks for your quick response
        Bt my friend still havent got any message on her registered phone number so what should she or i do ??

  95. Hi, I have transferred money from HDFC online through NEFT to SBI bank account at 7:30 PM yesterday and amount got debited immediately from HDFC yesterday. Today money supposed to be credited to sbi account. But I did not get money yet and today is second saturday.

    So please can you please let me know when it will be credited to sbi account

  96. money transfer from SBI account to IDBI made on Saturday (4-6-2016), 3.30 pm.
    when it will be credited to the account?

  97. hi,

    i transfer amount from hdfc to my friend sbi account throug neft my friend didn’t get the amount.

  98. dear sir,

    i am transfer the money from SBH to HDFC by RTGS but HDFC account number was wrong that means unfortunately my friend was sending the atm serial number instead of account number and also name was correct ifsc code correct but in my SBH account money was deducted then what i don pls suggest sir

  99. This is to inform you that i have a account in bank of baroda.
    I made a NEFT transfer through net banking to another HDFC account, amount has been debited from my account but not credited in beneficiary account.

    Now it is more than 24 hours takes.
    what i do please let me know…
    I would like to hear you on urgent basis.

    1. Chandan-In this case check whether the account details of your friend is correct or not. If it is correct, then contact the BOB. Also, don’t share your account information on such public platform. It is dangerous. Hence, I removed the personal details.

  100. Sir my relative send me some amount through NEFT by HDFC Bank to my SBI account on 12.05.16 but still it is not credited in my account. Now, when I enquired found by mistake they have forget to write my surname i.e. SANJAY KUMAR instead of SANJAY KUMAR SETH. Please tell me what to do rest everything is OK i.e. account no. and IFSC code.

  101. Dear Sir,

    My friend deposited amount in my sbi account at 4 PM. on friday 14 May ‘016 . But still i have not got amount. Please suggest what to do.

  102. Hello one of my relative transfeered money on 13th afternoon through NEFT from State bank of travencore to ICICI Bank Mumbai, when the money will be credited ?

  103. Hi Sir, I tarnsfferd amount form my hdfc to Indian bank through netbanking on Friday at 3:30 PM day is second Saturday…amount was deducted from my account.. But on itdid’t credited into Indian bank account yet…can we made tarnsactions on Second Saturday s..???when will my money credit into their account..??

    1. Hi all….today is holiday in Chennai for election….my native is in North east near Assam… if my parents transfer money from my native to Chennai ICICI bank AC will it come….by today ???

  104. Hi sir,i transfer money from sbi bank to axis bank . itransfer money at 7.55 pm when it will credit to axis bank

  105. sir one of my relative send my the fund through NEFT at 5.30 PM by HDFC Bank to my ICICI Bank when it will be credit in my account. Is it possible today?

  106. Hi sir,i transfer money from hdfc bank to icicibank . itransfer money at 7.30 pm when it will credit to icici bank

  107. I transferred a particular amount using quick transfer on 4th may around 4 o clock. The amount has been deducted. But the beneficiary didnt recieve the money yet. Need advice whether i should go to the bank?

  108. Can we do a transfer on may1 (public holiday as well as sunday) so that the transfer takes places Monday morning. Thanks

  109. I transfered the money sbi to iob yesterday 28th April .6,30 pm through neft .amount deducted but not went their acc.29th April also not credit amount .wen it ll be credit their ion acc?

  110. I made NEFT transaction at 12:00pm 16 july 2016.i got an error money was deducted and it was showing debit status-in process. I contact customer care they told me to wait for 7:00pm but still it was showing in process…???
    Will it will be made in next working hours.

  111. i have transferred money on 16 april 2016 (saturday) 12 p.m. after entering OTP message appears showing technical error. i check the balance it was deducted. i checked the transaction it was showing Debit status In process. what does this mean. Will the money will be credited to the beneficiary

  112. Yesterdaay at 6 pm the neft is made and today and tomorrow are public holidays when will the amount credited.

  113. Hi sir,

    This is kranthi ,i have recently opened salary account in icici.
    I added payee at 1:45 am on Monday (mid night) and made transfer at 2:00 am (midnight).succesfull status was shown on my screen and amount was also deducted.

    When it will be credited??

    I tried to add payee and transfer money on Sunday through IMPS.But it was not success.

    I want to know d reason??

    Can I add payee on weekends ??

    Can I add payee on weekdays at any time means after 12:00 midnight??

  114. Dear sir,

    I have a account in Axis bank Bangalore and my friend has Transfered 5.5 lakh from BOI Bangalore via neft but from that day bank has a holiday for 5 day’s so I just want to know when it will be credited.

  115. My friend transferred amount from icici bank through neft to sbh on 6th at 6pm.
    When will the amount gets credited.

  116. Dear sir …I recently open my salary accaount in last month in icici bank ..on date 27/1/2016….and on date 5/2/2016/…neft balance show in my account…4854 rs bt when I go to icici bank for withdrawal money my account show balance 00… pls tell me what is the proublam

    1. Amena-The batches in NEFT will be cleared in batches. Let us say you transferred the fund at 9.30 AM, then it will be cleared at 11 AM. NEFT has six batches of settlement at 9 am, 11 am, 12 noon, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm on weekdays and three batches of settlement at 9 am, 11 am and 12 noon on Saturdays.

  117. Q4. What is the time taken for effecting funds transfer from one account to another under RTGS?

    Ans. Under normal circumstances the beneficiary branches are expected to receive the funds in real time as soon as funds are transferred by the remitting bank. The beneficiary bank has to credit the beneficiary’s account within 30 minutes of receiving the funds transfer message.

    All details about RTGS and NEFT are available on RBI website:

  118. Hi some body has make neft to me of 1 lakh from icici mumbai to sbi haryana and I didn’t received on the same day how London it will take sir

  119. Hi ,
    There is some doubt regarding deduction of employee providend fund. Pleas let me clear on this point that there is some company has deducting EPF more then 12% on basic salary or flat amount. Is it mandate that company can deduct more then 12% or is there any circular by the PF department that company can deduct?

  120. Hello,

    Does USA have a money transfer system like NEFT or RTGS? It takes almost 5-6 business days to complete the transaction. does it mean we have more advanced banking system vis-a-vis the US?

      1. Hello,

        I am talking about internal transfer i.e. from one bank in New Jersey to another in New Jersey.
        To be precise, I transferred money from Chase Bank in NJ to Santander Bank in NJ on 22nd Dec. The amount got credited into Santander Bank account on 31st.

  121. Hi
    I think you can add IMPS in this list as well , that is faster and 24X7 method of transferring money between 2 different bank accounts.

  122. Hi,

    I just heard about PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) and its enrollment.
    Expect your views on that.

    can you please help ?

  123. Hi Sir,

    I always use NEFT. I think it is cheaper then RTGS. As RTGS take quick transfer of money so that it charge will be higher as it provide the facilities, while in case of NEFT it take more time to transfer the money so its charge should be less.

    Why the charges of NEFT is more than RTGS? (As per your blog you said the RTGS charges Not applicable)


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