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If you are looking for unbiased, conflict-free financial wellness sessions, then I am here to provide you.
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Fee For The Financial Wellness Session

We spend a considerable amount of time in creating a quality content for our audience. Our programs are highly appreciated by the participants. And hence we always believe that our work should be suitably rewarded.We charge a reasonable fee for conducting these sessions as we want only serious participants to attend our Financial Wellness Session.

Our fees would depend on the audience, duration, location etc. which we will communicate in advance based on the discussion.If you would like to attend arrange a Financial Wellness Session at your college, company or society/association, we request you to contact us at the below co-ordinates and we shall come back to you.

Financial Literacy

Savings and Investment Patterns in India

As per the latest RBI Report (2018-19), an average Indian saves approximately Rs.30 out of Rs 100 which is one among the highest in the world.

An average Indian investor invests more than 85% of his investments into FDs, Life Insurance or in other debt instruments which may give him only 6-7% returns. Post Tax returns may be around 3%. Around less than 3% invests in equity market (through direct stocks or mutual funds).

Only few were able to understand the importance of Life Insurance and buying Term Life Insurance. Others are still buying Endowment/ULIP Plans.

Even though equity has a power to generate the positive real return ((Inflation adjusted returns) over other products, Indians invested in traditional instruments. The main reasons are Fear of Loss, Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Patience and Skill and finally lack of education about equity in India.

This clearly indicates that we are by nature great savers. However, we are unable to grab the opportunity of earning real returns (Inflation adjusted returns) by including the equity products. It is all because of illiteracy level in India is very low with respect to equity and equity related instruments.

Hence, we all need a right perspective about our wealth management and investing. When I started BasuNivesh Blog way back in 2011, our endeavor was to empower individuals in making smart and informed financial decisions through our articles.

Moving one step ahead, we are now started to conduct the Financial Wellness Session where I can impart my knowledge to all of the participants. I conduct the Financial Wellness Session for employees of large corporates, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), NGOs, B-Schools & Colleges, Housing societies, professional bodies and individuals.

The Financial Wellness Session can be customized according to the organization’s requirements and can be structured for time duration ranging from 2 hrs to a whole day.