How to combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online?

You might have changed so many jobs in your career. How to view all your past EPF details in one umbrella? It is hard to track. To avoid such hindrance, EPFO recently launched a drive called “One Employee One EPF Account” drive. You can now easily combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online.

Why this initiative to combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online?

Below is the data presented by EPFO, which may scares many of us.

EPF Accounts Status

This is the declaration of Mr.V.P. Joy, central provident fund commissioner, EPFO (As per the Mint Report). Obviously, there may be many reasons to this. The fundamental reason according to me as not having a proper platform to combine all such past EPF accounts ONLINE.

This facility is different from the EPFO Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP). In OTCP option, you are transferring all your past accounts to one without using UAN. However, in this facility, you will combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online under one umbrella called UAN. So using this option, you can see all your past EPF accounts under your UAN. This is easier for you at least to see and track all your past EPF accounts. Because UAN is the future for EPF.

Requirements to combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online

# You must have UAN number

If you don’t have, then active it online on your own. Refer my earliest post for the same “EPF UAN registration or activation and allotment is now online” or “EPF Mobile App-Activate UAN and Check EPF Balance“. If you want to do any correction, then you can do it online. Refer my earlier post for the same “How to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline?“.

# Your current EPF account must be linked to UAN

Mere having UAN number is not sufficient. Your current EPF account must be linked to UAN.

# KYC verification must be completed

Your KYC details like the bank account, Aadhar, PAN etc., should be verified by your current Employer.

# Avail this facility only after 3 days of UAN activation

You can avail this facility 3 days after the UAN activation completed. Otherwise, you are not eligible to transfer.

How to combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online?

1) Visit EPFO Home Page.

EPFO Homepage

2) Go to Services and under this, click on One Employee – One EPF Account link.

One Employee - One EPF Account

3) This will direct you to new window meant for One Employee – One EPF Account portal, where you can combine or consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online.

Combine all past EPF Accounts

Here you have to provide your mobile number, which is linked to UAN. Then provide the UAN number and your active EPF number which is linked to UAN. This EPF account must be with present employer. After entering details, click on “Generate OTP”. EPFO will send an OTP (One Time Password) to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and verify it by clicking on tab “Verify OTP”.

4) Then you will be redirected to another window, where you have to add all your past EPF accounts.

combine or consolidate all past EPF Accounts

Enter your all EPF accounts, declare and finally submit it. Up to 10 accounts can be added like this. Please note few below points before proceeding.

  • If your Aadhaar number is linked to UAN, then it will be easy for EPFO to consolidate the accounts. Otherwise, they call you and ask to submit the required proof.
  • EPFO by calling can assist you to opt for OTCP (Online Transfer Claim Portal), to transfer all your past EPF accounts to a SINGLE account.
  • After details submitted by you, the numbers will be sent to regional respective EPFO office for verification. These regional EPFO offices in return will send these numbers to respective employers. After the verification is over, the consolidation will be finished.
  • If there are any problems, then the regional EPFO offices will contact you to resolve the issues.
  • Your name, date of birth or father’s name and other personal details match the UAN number. Then only such consolidation process will complete.
  • Once the consolidation is over, you will receive the SMS to your registered mobile number.

Hope this facility will relieve many of salaried individuals.

940 Responses

  1. Hi Nivesh,

    I have 3 PF account under my UAN from my first employer A, Previous Employer B and current employer C each.

    I left A without serving full notice period and joined B so as per PF end date of A and PF start date of B have a overlap of 10 days.
    (Let’s Suppose,
    PF End Date of A: 29/04/2019
    PF Start Date of B: 19/04/2019 )

    Now, i want to merge all PF account into 1 which will be managed by my current employer C.

    I want to know if this issue with my start and end date from my employers, will create an issue in my professional career legally if i raise a request for merging or it is okay to raise a merge request and the previous employers will easily verify and approve the same without asking any questions or following up???

    Need your help, please!!

    1. Dear Shashank,
      I am not an expert in professional matters. It depends on your industry rules, regulations and what process they follow. Better you withdraw Company A EPF and merge both B and C.

  2. I have one UAN but 3 member IDs as i changed my department and now i am pursuing further education and want to withdraw whole PF amount…Due to some problem Employer is not able to see my member ID merge request..
    What is the procedure
    1. To merge member IDs when HR is not able to see my request in portal?
    2. To withdraw whole amount by approaching regional EPFO?

  3. Hi Sir,

    I have PF account A(previous company) and PF account B(last company).
    I have funds with acct A and there is no contribution in acct B(No contribution made and no passbook entry as there was no inputs from company). I have exited from company B as of 24th May( already 2 months unemployed)

    When i tried to raise a PF claim ( form 19), I see only company B and there is no option to choose acct A.

    So i tried to combine acct A and B, then i see the message ‘Since there is no contribution for acct B, u cant combine accounts’.

    I need to claim funds from Acct B. Please help

  4. Hi sir,
    I have worked with 3 organisations. So I wanted to withdraw my pf amount of 40000 . But my first company is having more than 50k and other two are with 15k. So can I withdraw 40k. I applied on June 30th but still shows under process. What could be the circumstances to get my pf amount. Please help me

      1. Wt is meant by epf and eps could you please tell me. Wt is eps shown in passbook of lf account

        1. Dear Vasundhara,
          I can’t explain the whole concept of what is EPF and EPS. Please read the feature of EPF and you will come to know.

  5. Hi Sir,

    I left my previous organisation in Sept 2018 and initiated EPF transfer in Oct 2019, which was from exempted organisation (trust) to unexempted organisation(managed by EPFO) and Annexure K was generasted by previous organisation which i submitted to my current organisation to link my old Pf account. I was informed by my current organisation that “PF transfer process has to be done online from 01-sept-2019 and compulsory to trust as well and my old organisation has to write letter to Regional PF office to reverse the amount and re-initiate transfer as per new process” on reaching out to my old organisation they are asking to raise grievance with epfo and visit pf office to resolve it. But raising grievance too didn’t help all were closed with no resolution. Can you please guide me deal with this issue.


  6. I worked for 8 months in X company. Then resigned and relieved from the X company and now iam working in another Y company.i don’t want to merge the X and Y pf accounts.can I withdraw these first and second company pfs separately later.

  7. hi sir,
    i have worked with two organisations A and B and resigned from both and currently working in a department which does not contribute PF. Date of Exit is marked for both.
    Now my query is while merging, if i choose to attest from current employer will it be sent to organisation B?
    please do answer…
    thanks in advance

  8. Hi,

    Since i have singe UAN but multiple member id’s , can you please let me know how to apply separately for withdraw for each member id , because am not able to combine/merge these member id’s due to some issues.
    Is this possible in online or offline? Any links or document for this procedure?

  9. I worked in A company and joined B company (3 months). But for some reason, I left B company after serving full notice and joined C company. Due to short service, I didn’t mention company B experience to Company C. Is it possible to transfer the PF amount from A to C? What happens to B pf amount? When will I be able to withdraw it or will there be issues with my new employer if I transfer even B to C?

  10. Dear sir,

    In my previous company when I resigned they accepted but did not relieved me at the last minute and I had to join my new company on the earlier accepted date of joining. So with no other option I absconded from my old company and joined my new company.
    After one month my old company HR called me to office and relieved me.
    So my Date Of Exit on my old company will be 01.11.2020 and Date of joining on my current company will be 05.10.2020.

    1)In my old PF account has nearly 4 lakhs (both employee and employer share combined). I cannot transfer to current PF account as my current company will know that I have absconded from the earlier company if I transfer the same because of the Date of exit of old company.
    How to withdraw the PF amount or transfer???

    2)If I change to another companies in future then i can transfer this 04 lakh directly to 3rd account(company) by skipping transfer to 2nd account (company)??? by getting loss of 2nd account (amount)

  11. Dear sir,

    In my previous company when I resigned they accepted but did not relieved me at the last minute and I had to join my new company on the earlier accepted date of joining. So with no other option I absconded from my old company and joined my new company.
    After one month my old company HR called me to office and relieved me.
    So my Date Of Exit on my old company will be 04.02.2019 and Date of joining on my current company will be 25.12.2018.

    Regarding PF account both the account are in same UAN. I had worked 4.5 years in the old company and I am still working in new company for 2.5 years now.

    1)In my old PF account has nearly 1.75 lakhs (both employee and employer share combined). I cannot transfer to current PF account as my current company will know that I have absconded from the earlier company if I transfer the same because of the Date of exit of old company.
    How to withdraw the PF amount?

    2)If I am not able to withdraw the same and I am losing 1.75 lakhs in old account and in the case of not transferring to existing account, In future if I am applying the PF claim advance on existing new account will it be rejected due to service overlapping?
    ( I hope not since I am claiming from my existing account and not older account)

    3) If I change to another companies in future and I am merging the other PF accounts to one (except the old problematic account) will it create any problem during my retirement stage for PF claim.

    4)Out of curiosity and thirst to save money for future , I am also contributing for VPF on this new account.
    In future whether the service overlap also affects VPF amount?

    Note : I never planned to cheat. Circumstances on that time made me to abscond. I would have lost the resigned job and also would have lost this job if I had not joined on the accepted date of joining.
    There will be more people who may have affected like me and your inputs will keep them helped
    Please suggest any further ideas for solving the problems related to service overlapping.

    Thanks in advance for your support.

  12. Hi Sir, Please Check an answer to my below question i have a confusions here.
    I have a UAN with 2 member ID’s i tried to do online transfer for the current organisation but transfer is rejected due to some reasons..
    So my question is is it mandatory to do transfer? is it not possible to withdraw in future if i do not transfer?
    same UAN but multiple member Id , Please let me know if there is any problem to this money if i do not transfer?

  13. Hi

    I have two pf accounts under one UAN. Account A has not be transferred to B which is my current account. I would like to know whether I can submit advance claims in both the accounts simultaneously.

      1. I have 3 PF accounts with same UAN. ex. A B C,
        A Company has transferred my PF amount to B Company PF account which is already been fully settled. currently i working with C company, Can i again transfer to C company

        2 times i requested transfer PF B to C company but rejected due to PF already settled.
        Kindly give a solution,,

  14. I have 3 member IDs linked to one UAN no. I am unemployed since last one year. Recently I got claim settled for just the most recent pf account while I dont understand how to proceed with claim withdrawals of the previous two pf accounts. Please guide sir

  15. Hello Sir
    I worked in 2 companies A and B and have different account numbers for each of them. Now I am jobless , so wanted to check how can I merge both of them into one. This is because it needs approval from current company and I am not serving currently in any one of them.

  16. Hi,
    I worked in X company for 5.6 years and withdrawn EPF portion however EPS portion not withdrwan

    And worked 2 months for Y company for which no exit is marked in UAN portal
    Pls advise how to withdraw my EPS amount from X company

  17. I have two member ids in a uan.I merge these two ids. Now how can i withdraw pension amount from old member id??

      1. Preethi,

        I have a service history with 3 Companies A B C. with Same UAN.
        A for 3 Months , B for 1 Year, Currently Working In C. I withdraw the full PF and Pension From B Company after my relieving, Then I transferred the PF from A to B , again i requested to transfer the PF from B to C . But claim was rejected, reason : your claim was already settled.
        How can i transfer PF from B to C.

          1. Dear sir,

            After withdraw the B company PF , recently i merged A to B and its combined. now I am working in C company , now I what to do to transfer PF from B to C. Give me a solution.

          2. Preethi,

            I have a service history with 3 Companies A B C. with Same UAN.
            A for 3 Months , B for 1 Year, Currently Working In C. I withdraw the full PF and Pension From B Company after my relieving, Then I transferred the PF from A to B , again i requested to transfer the PF from B to C . But claim was rejected, reason : your claim was already settled.
            How can i transfer PF from B to C.
            issue is after withdraw the B company PF then i combined A company to B company , B company passbook is updated and showing some balance , can i again merge with the C company help me in this regard.

            Thanking you in advance.

  18. i worked in comapany A for 3 years. then worked at company B for 15 days, of which Company B have deposited the PF.
    Now, when I transferred my Company A’s amount to Company B. It got settled but not reflecting in Account B.

    I visited EPF Office they suggested me to apply for the claim if I wish. I claimed and now I am stuck in between neither my settled amount reflected nor my amount is withdrawing.
    Please suggest any solution.

  19. Hi, I am Ashok. I have a query regarding PF transfer. I worked in companies A,B,C,D ( with Single UAN) in which A & B companies PF accounts are combined. I joined C company on jan 2020 and left properly due to COVID where I worked for 6 months but I didn’t merge C company PF with old PF’s. Now I joined D company on Jan 2021. How can I merge all my four companies A,B,C,D PF’s as one?? Please Clarify

  20. Hi,

    I have a service history of working with 3 companies , and had 2 UAN. I transferred my PF from first company A (old UAN) to recent employer (company C / new UAN) and discontinued the old UAN entirely. Now I have 1 active UAN and 2 member IDs in the service history (Company B and company C). I got unemployed due to Covid-19 and have gone for the final settlement of PF.

    The final settlement amount shows PF of Company A and Company C only (summed up against member ID of company C – recent employer), but does not capture PF from company B.

    How can I withdraw the PF from company B? Do I need to transfer the PF from company B to company C and initiate a transfer? I believe only one transfer of previous employer is allowed?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

      1. my previous organization has transferred my PF amount to my other PF account which is already been fully settled, will it be transferred to the new PF account as i have more than 3 PF accounts with the UANs

        kindly give the solution.

  21. Hi, I had two pf accounts A & B . I have worked with A for 3 years and worked with B for only 4 months . Due covid I have lost my job with compny B . I have made transfer my A pf account to B account and my UAN also linked . My question is at the time pf withdrawl can I witdrawl my A pension amount.


  22. Hi, I worked for A and B Company and PF account is transferred from A to B. After that never transferred any PF.

    The problem started from C Company, which I joined on 24th FEB 2020, and worked only till 20th May 2020 (properly relieved served NP).

    As I got a better opportunity from D Company, joined on 11th May 2020. Due Covid situation, resigned only after joining Company D.

    Overlapping of 10 days.


    Company A & B updated and linked (Transferred done).

    Company C PF account is not yet transferred and EXIT is not yet marked by Company.

    Company D PF account is active contribution.

    As I worked only for 2 months in Company C, I don’t mind losing that 2 months PF amount.

    Question 1 : Will I be able to transfer A & B PF directly to Company D (skipping Company C). If yes, any problems?

    Question 2 : Company C not yet marked EXIT, do I need to rush and do it or later also I can do as mentioned in Question 1.

    Question 3: Will I be able to claim PF amount from Company C manually from PF office later and will it create a problem? As dates are overlapping.

    Please reply to all my 3 questions in details, for me my new company D is very important.

    Thanks in advance ?

    1. Dear Khan,
      1) Yes.
      2) Better let them enter the exit date.
      3) If you worked for more than 6 months, then you can. However, if all EPF accounts linked to a single UAN and you are still working means you can’t withdraw.

      1. Thanks for your swift response.

        1) If transfer directly from company B to D (skipping company C where I worked only for less than 3 months), how this will impact me? Can I withdraw this amount of C company under Covid-19 scheme? I don’t mind even if I can’t withdraw, as Company D and my future Pension is important.

        2) If I inform then to mark EXIT, they will do it on 20th May then it will overlap (dual employment) for 10 days. This overlapping will impact my UAN / Pension in future? I’m sure Company C will not change the DOE as per my request, however is it possible to get it changed at EPFO office with consultant help?

        Can you pls email your contact number that would really help me…


  23. Hi Basavaraj,

    I started my career with company A for 2 yrs , then 1yr study gap followed by current B since 1 yr, I have now 2 PFs under same UAN, So whatwould you suggest merging or transferring if these 2 Pf accounts or leaving as it is ? How will this choice impact my pf and pension withdrawal from both old pf account and New of account at later stage?

  24. My PF has a service history of working in A, B, C. I did not work for company B but they submitted the PF for a short time period of 10 days which now overlaps with both A and C. Will it be possible for me to transfer pf directly from A toC , if I want to give up on the PF from B ?

  25. Company A, June 2008 to April 2011
    Company B, April 2011 to May 2014
    Company C, May 2014 to Sept 2017
    No job since 2017 and I am trying to withdraw my PF amount.

    When I joined Company B, I did transfer PF amount from Company A to Company B
    When I joined Company C, I did transfer PF amount from Company B to Company C

    Currently, under Service History, I could see only company C. I have Aadhar verified, PAN seeded, Bank a/c verified. Tried to withdraw my entire amount from Company C. PF office rejected saying that Service details missing for Company A and Company B. PF money from company A and company B is already transferred to company B and C respectively.

    In this case, who can update my service history under my UAN login?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for the reply. If EPFO should update my service history, do you know why did they rejected my claim saying that “missing Service history”. They could have rectified the issue, right?

        The miss is due to the fact that prior to 2014 UAN was not available; hence company A and company B PF id was not associated with UAN. EPFO know this fact.

        I have raised grievance with EPFO to update my service history.

        Have you seen EPFO rejecting withdrawal claims due to missing service history?

  26. How I can withdraw EPS online of my old employer ?

    Currently I am working in some other company and my service in both company is around 6 years.

    I am planning to withdraw my old employer EPS through online. But in online portal my old employer details not reflecting in online service- Claim TAB.

    But in VIEW—-SERVICE HISTORY my old employer details like DOJ/DOE showing correctly.

    Is it necessary to transfer my old employer PF into new employer and then only my details will reflect in online portal for online claim ?

    1. Dear Paresh

      Kindly note you cannot withdraw only Eps at anytime it will not happen.
      Even though your old company was exempted the pension portion remains in pf office.Assuming your uan number is same your service details from old company will get automatically transferred when you apply for transfer to the new company.



  27. Dear Sir,

    My old employer details not showing in ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31,19,10C & 10D). Once I verified my account details. In service details my old employer (Exempted: TATA CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED) member ID not showing.

    What is the issue.

    In VIEW —SERVICE HISTORY my old employer (Exempted: TATA CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED) details showing like DOJ and DOE for both EPF and EPS.

    Please let me know, Why its not showing. I am facing in online claim for my EPS (10C) of my old employer (Exempted: TATA CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED).

      1. Dear Paresh

        Kindly note you cannot withdraw only Eps at anytime it will not happen.
        Even though your old company was exempted the pension portion remains in pf office.Assuming your uan number is same your service details from old company will get automatically transferred when you apply for transfer to the new company.



  28. Dear Sir, My name is Kishan, I have two PF account under one UAN. my current organisation (3rd company) doesnt have PF facility , i have withdraw the PF amount from my last organisation (2nd company). Now how to withdraw PF amount of 1st company,??

  29. I have resigned from my previous employer on 11th July 2019 and then on 16th of September i joined another organization. The organisation which i joined on 16th of September has linked my UAN number and didn’t deduct PF from my salary since i didn’t allow them to do so.

    Now they put Cessation as exist date. If i link my UAN number to same company which i joined on 16th of September,would there be any trouble transferring my PF amount from my previous employer or not?

    Would there be any issue of Cessation that has been put by my current employer?

    I would be thankful to you.

    Baljeet Singh Bhatti

  30. Dear Sir,

    This is hiren Mistry i have two PF account under one UAN. I have merged my both PF account under same UAN. my current organisation doesnt have PF facility so i have withdraw the PF amount from my last organisation and then merged previous PF account under same UAN. now while i want to withdraw previous organisation PF amount it shows claim already settled. i have tried 2-3 time for online claim but showing same reason as “claim already settled”. how much time it will take to withdraw amount after merging two account.

  31. Sir,

    I have worked in one company for 2 years and employer created 2 pf accounts for me.
    eg: 06/2015 till 11/2017 is my total exp.
    PF account 1 – ABC – from 06/2015 to 08/2016 and 10/2016, 12/2016 contributions.
    PA account 2 – XYZ – from 09/2016, 11/2016 and 01/2017 till 11/2017 contributions.
    There is a collision in contributions from 09/2016 to 12/2016.

    1. In this above example how to update DOE of first account and DOJ of second account. Kindly suggest.
    Also, i feel that Dual experience problem will come at the time of withdrawl/transfer if i update based on contribution date. Please clarify.

    2. PF Office replied in grievance to submit joint declaration form to udate my DOJ and DOE in PF accounts. Employer is not available to sign the declaration form. How do i send to PF office ? Please reply.

      1. Sir, If date of exit is already updated wrongly by employer. UAN DB is not showing options to change it there, It is showing to enter new date if date is not available.
        Pls confirm how to send Joint declaratipon form without employer attestation. Thanks.

  32. 1) One of my PF a/cs was not linked with UAN or Aadhar. Previously I was able to get the passbook. Now I am unable to link (through present UAN linked PF > online trasnfer request) nor can check balance. Is there any procedure to link that account?
    2) Please suggest procedure to transfer

  33. Hi sir,
    I have two epf account under my UAN, i have already raised a request to merge the account but due to some issues they are making it delay. and Now, i have joined the new company still the new epf account of this new company not generated. SO my question is once the new company epf account created, can i ask them to merge all 3 accounts? since the previous request is still in pending.

  34. hello sir,
    can i claim my old office pf amount now
    i am now currently working in another office can i claim from my old company pf amount

  35. I have a old UAN and where a EPF account is linked, I already withdrew the amount during leaving the organisation. After I joined the new new company new UAN was created and then onwards I’m using the new UAN. When I submit the request for merging UAN through UAN portal ONE Member One EPF Account (Transfer Request), it’s get rejected as already settled. How can I merge this old EPF account with this new UAN?

  36. I relieved from a company and joined in new company, now i want to withdraw amount from my previous memeber ID. But while i am trying to raise request its always shows the current member ID instead of previous Memeber ID, So i am unable to raise request for claim.
    Please help…

      1. hello Sir,

        My Employer by mistake opened two Pf accounts under one uan..problem is the second one is empty and correct one is first one how can i delete second one

      2. please note sir, i left that job and date of exit is updated coreectly on first pf number and second pf number is wrongly updated,please suggest something

  37. I have left my current establishment on 05/09/2014 and rejoined it on 13/06/2015.
    My UAN is same but i m not able to transfer my old pf into new. The epf passbook is also showing two details with different PF numbers. My employer has also not entered my previous DOL which is 05/09/2014.

    Please guide me how to do the same.

  38. I am getting below error while trying to raise pf transfer request online.


    I left my previous org in year 2012. So this pf account which I am trying to transfer is a pre 2014 account (when UAN was not around), hence it is not linked with my current UAN. And that is why it is also not listed in my unified portal service history.
    Any idea on how do i go about it.

      1. Hello Sir,
        Thanks for the response.
        Should I submit the transfer req form physically to my current employer..or can it be done through epfo portal online?

  39. Hello Sir

    I worked for 5+ years in Yes Bank – govt EPFO and after that switched to HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank PF Trust).

    I could not transfer my funds from EPFO to HDFC Bank trust when I joined HDFC Bank. Now I have left HDFC Bank last year and HDFC Bank processed their PF and paid out to me and closed the account .

    I thought I could apply online for Yes Bank PF – govt EPFO. However when I go online and try to do it it gives error to “contact the exempt establishment” which is I understand is HDFC Trust. However HDFC Trust has closed my account.

    I reached out to Yes Bank to process my request manually and sent physical documents which as per them got rejected by EPFO saying to apply online.

    I am stuck in this catch 22 situation where I am unable to withdraw online and nobody is helping me file physically.

    Can you please suggest a way around this ?


  40. Dear Sir
    I have 3 member ID under one UAN number in the same organization, now i have left the job and its been 60 days. Now i want to withdraw the money from all of 3 member ID(passbook), what process should i follow. Please help me.
    Thanking you in advance

      1. Sir
        My KYC is done as well as i have login credentials but when i proceed to claim or apply for withdrawal, only my last memeber ID is shown under the tab Service details, whereas i want to withdraw from all of the 3 member ID. Did i have to claim for withdraw one by one against each member ID or Is there any option to merge all the 3 member ID (Amount). Please help me.
        Thank you for your valuable response

  41. Dear sir My name is Ashish Sharma. I have one UAN number for my previous and current organisation and i also resigned from by current organisation since before last two months my previous organisation’s mentioned my reliving date incorrect (its 24th jan ) but however my current organisation mentioned date of joining which was (18th jan) when i want to transfer my claim old to new account it should be not proceed due too incorrect date on previous company kindly help me out for further and i also withdrawal my current company fund kindly suggest me how to withdrawal.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashish Sharma

  42. i need to withdraw my old pf amount but my current employer has open new member id un my uan so now i am not able to get option of my old employer member id under online claim

    what should i do now?

  43. Hi,
    I had 2 accounts and requested for withdrawal but only current account amount was settled not the previous account..raised a grievance but they have replied system shows claim not settled… I am unemployed And I don’t know what to do

    1. first request your previous employer to mansion DOE after then you need to do one member one pf account… after it’s getting stalled you will get notified by SMS then claim your withdrawals.

  44. Good evening sir
    I have transferred previous account to the present but it is pending from the previous month.So, what should be the possible reason or what should i do?
    Plz help

  45. Sir, When I tried to transfer from the first pf account to second for raising a claim, I am getting an error stating ‘Details of previous accounts are different that of present account, hence claim request cannot be processed’

    Is it because the Date of Exit from first employer and Date of joining the Second Employer is Same?

    Or is it because is updated my wrong details of UAN Like Name, DOB, Phone number and Bank Details via Epfo portal through the second employer.?

    Please help me how to find which details are different, which prevents me from merging both accounts.

    How to solve the issue?

    Please Help me Sir.

    Anticipating a positive response
    Thanking you

      1. so how can we remove this error form our side . because both employer are not ready to change dates . they says its perfect our side we cant change it .

  46. Sir , i have companies listed in my UAN .But i need to withdraw the amount from my Previous Employer.When i go to claim form of 10 C / 31, i had verified my bank account & all the KYC are updated .when i go for claim the form is displayed with present company ,where i am unable to withdraw from previous Employer.Can you suggest on this……….

        1. HI Manish, i have the same issue so trf my old pf to current one ,

          Are you able to withdraw your old pf amount

  47. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for epf claim under form-31(house construction) recently. It got rejected by saying the reason “NOT ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM DUE TO INSUFFICIENT MEMBER SERVICE./NOT ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM DUE TO INSUFFICIENT MEMBER SERVICE.”

    But I have more than 5 years of service(if the service is not there then it will not allow to select the option of construction of house in the dropdown while Claim).

    I have three PF accounts under one UAN, all the previous balances transferred to the current PF on(May2018) the last PF account opened on Feb 2018.

    Please let me know what would be the reason for rejection(rejected twice).
    I have 3.75 Lakhs (2.24(employee) +1.51(employer)), How much maximum i can claim under form-31 for house construction.

    Please help me

    Mahesh Babu.K

  48. sir i have 2 passbook & 1UAN & i applied for withdrawal. i got only one pass book amount . i haven’t received another pass book amount. what shall i do next.

  49. Hi Sir,
    I’ve always transferred PF amount when changing companies. I can see last company name in service history, but not the one prior to that. so service history is missing but amount is transferred to present account. Also I can see two passbooks. How can I get it corrected? can i still use the method you suggested (is it used to get service history consolidated?). Please advise.

      1. Thanks for the reply. yes my amount is transferred but I would like see the service history updated as well, I can see only my last employer. Also that is needed for EPS calculation I believe?

          1. Passbook has transfer details from last organisation and all PF credit details of current company. passbook wont show complete service history or PF credit details I believe?. My UAN portal show service history under view-service history of current and last organisations. I need to know how to add previous organisations there?

  50. Hello sir,
    I am currently unemployed. I have two PF account and I want to merge them so I can withdraw money.

    I am facing doubts in raising the transfer request :-

    Details on transfer request page:-
    i) Details of present account into which transfer will be affected :-
    Under this tab, my latest PF account details(PF account with my last employer) are given.

    While raising the transfer request on UAN portal, they are asking me to choose the Present Employer for attestation through , and submit the request to Present Employer.

    As I am unemployed, Where will my transfer request go to as I have no present employer ? Will it go to my last employer ?

    What should I do? Do I submit my transfer request to my last employer?

    Thank you.

    1. Dear Tanuj,
      If you want to withdraw the money, then request for withdrawal separately. If your intention is to transfer, then yes you have to submit the request through an employer. Otherwise, visit the concerned EPFO and submit the request.

  51. Hi Basavaraj,
    I see two passbooks under my UAN login, out of which one belongs to my previous employer and one is current employer’s and
    I have only one UAN number. Does that mean I have 2 pf accounts?
    My previous employer has not entered my exit date details also. Does it pose any problem?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        I see two passbooks under my UAN login, out of which one belongs to my previous employer and one is current employer’s and
        I have only one UAN number. Does that mean I have 2 pf accounts?

      2. Thanks for the quick reply. My previous employer updated my Exit date now. Regarding my first question, do I need to merge the two PF acc’s or is it okay because I have two passbooks under one UAN only?

          1. I think my question is unclear. I’ve got only one running PF account that is belonging to my present employer.
            I’ve submitted the UAN number given by my previous employer while joining here. So I think both accounts are already merged.
            Am I correct?

              1. Hi Basavaraj, I may need your help again. When I try to merge them I’m getting error “Previous details does not match with current one” although I found everything okay.
                It is not showing where mismatch occurred. What do I do now?

  52. hello sir

    mene 2 company me kaam kiya hua he, mene pehele jis company me kaam kiya hua he uska pf nikalna he,, usko kese nikal sakte he

  53. hi sir
    i have 2 accounts one UAN number, but previous not match prasent account. name, aadhar correction completed, filedofficer accepted , how to apply previous account pf, and iam going online pf claim, it is showing prasent account details

  54. Hi sir..
    When I log in for my member passbook, I can see 4 passbooks which include my current employer as well. Its just 4 months with my current employer but my overall experience is around 3.5 yrs. I need a PF advance. I’m trying to apply online and the reason is illness that I select. I’m not able to figure out how much amount I can get. Everywhere its mentioned 6 months of basic plus DA or employee share or whichever is less. Now how should I calculate? Is this figure calculated on the the total employee share of all the 4 passbooks or just the current one?

    1. Dear Ujjwal,
      If your all PPF accounts not transferred to current one, then they treat your each EPF account separately. Also, there are certain conditions to take an advance from EPF. Refer the same and then proceed.

      1. I am currently unemployed. I have had 3 EPF accounts out of which I have redeemed 2. Will it be beneficial for me to link my earlier accounts now, to show my complete experience of 9 years. As otherwise my current EPF account shows the experience of 3 years and 9 months. I have had breaks in between, due to marriage. Looking forward to your response

  55. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have few concerns related to my pf withdrawal.
    I am not able to update my Pan on epfo, as my fathers name is used as surname(fullname) and on epfo and aadhar it is just the initial. However all the details are correct and my physical pan card has same name format as aadhar or epfo.

    I have also raised a pf transfer request from my previous employers to the current one ,and one says accepted and the other is still on submitted status.
    The one that says accepted by employer. The amount is still not reflecting on my new pf account and I can see a seperate section on pasbook section for the same.
    Also what if the employer is not accepting the transfer or doesnt want to approve the same as its been over 8 days.
    I had also submitted a claim calculating the total amount but only received the amount as per current pf account.

    Could you please help me with this?

      1. Sir, i am having old pf account KN/12345/678. How can i check the status of my pf or check the new pf number or withdraw it?

  56. Hi Sir,

    I can’t able to add my Previous PPF account under current active UAN number. After login under online services there is no link (One Member – One EPF Account can be availed after login under Online Services) to add.

    Also please share the link to find the PF balance of old account, most of links are not working as checked online.

    Pragash Babu

      1. Hi Sir,

        Yes, i login with my UAN number through this link “” and checked…there is no option to add previous PAN number.


  57. Hi Sir,

    In the UAN portal i can see instead of my PF Account No., my Pension Account No. is mentioned. How to correct it. Can you please help ?

  58. Hi,
    while merging my previous account with the current account it displays an error message ” account detail does not match”.
    My name,father name, bank account number, adhaar number ,mobile, DOB are all same in both the PF accounts. So can you tell me what else does it match with the previous pf account to current one while merging?

  59. My service history in UAN shows 2 companies tcs and capegemini. I left both job. If i make an online withdrawal request will i get both companies pf amount credited or only my last one?

      1. I also have similar case. Under Service history of my EPF account, I see both previous and current (On Career break since 4 months) company names. But I am not sure if I can withdraw from both the accounts . Can both be applied together online ? Please advise way to check if my fund is already transferred from previous employer to Current employer.
        Also, do we need to also submit printout out of transfer form to our employer ?

  60. Hello sir,

    I have a working UAN Number and I can view my current (3rd) and previous company (2nd) PF Account under this UAN. But, my 1st company PF Account does not seem to be linked under UAN from which I quit in the year 2012. I have been trying to link my 1st company PF Account under this UAN but the Link “One Employee – One EPF Account” which is supposed to open the respective page as mentioned above does not seem to be working but it takes you to the UAN Login Page. I tried to search if there is any resolution online but there does not seem to be any solution to this. Please help how do I proceed further to link to my UAN or to withdraw or transfer this PF Amount to my current PF account.

      1. Hi sir, I have worked in two companies., and now I’m not working anywhere. Still, I have not withdrawn PF amount.My question is I have Two different UAN and two different PF account. So, now if I wish to merge to one accou t means what should I do. Shall I get it done by using online? Or do I need submit any physical form to my employer. If yes, which employer should I contact first one or recent one employer?

  61. Hi Sir,
    My PF transfer is inprogress from Company A to B.
    Now I have joined Company C and there might be auto transfer from Company B to C.

    1. Assume that PF auto transfer got completed from B to C and later if the PF amount gets transferred from Company A to B. What will happen to that amount. Will there be another auto transfer.

    2. Or should I stop the auto transfer, wait for amount to get credited from A to B and then do a manual transfer from B to C.

    Company A has a different UAN, whereas both Both B and C has same UAN

  62. I have PF account with my previous employer where I left my job In dec 2017. I joined a new job in April 2018 and got new PF account. I can see both my PF account passbooks when I log into UAN. I wanted to initiate PF transfer from old PF account to new PF account, but Interest for last year 2017-2018 was not credited yet in my old PF account, so I thought for waiting for PF interest to be credited in my old PF account passbook and then initiate PF transfer.

    I checked today and PF interest is not credited yet in my old PF account and new PF passbook shows Interest updated as 0.

    Will the PF interest be credited in my old PF account ? Any inputs ?

  63. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for knowledge sharing…
    My account got successfully transferred, and I can see my amount is credited in my current employers account. The problem I am facing is when I try to online claim amount, I am getting error like “Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).”

    This error I am getting when I have to call Aadhaar OTP after filling withdrawal form. Please suggest and thanks in advance.

  64. Dear Sir,

    Kindly check mentioned below issue, i was work in Snapdel and same time one PF account working in with my name but after change my job my organisation add my new PF account instead of old. now i want to all my PF transfer in my bank account but there is one issue . During working in snapdeal my name mentioned MANISH. but in PAN Card my name mentioned only MANISH so i am unable to add my PAN number in PF account and i was already requested to change name in PF account but same was still pending with (Pending at Delhi North Officer } from last one months
    so please do the needful please.
    Thanks Manish

  65. Hi

    thank you for knowledge sharing

    i worked in company ABC from jan-2012 -sept-2013 and had pf account no (no uan member created at that time)
    i left this pf acc idle and not transferred that amount this pf acc is inoperative state as of now

    i worked for another company XYZ from oct-2014 —oct-2017 this company have created new pf acc with uan no (aadhar verified,acc details updated and verified) and pan not verified

    i am not working since oct -2017 more than two months gap i have some plans to move abroad

    now i want withdraw all pf amounts(EPF&EPS) from both the accounts

    1) for ABC PF withdrawal:

    i contacted my previous employer ABC they told me to submit non-aadhar CCF along with aadhar,pan,cheque leaf etc.. they will attest and route to regional pf office bangalore so that claim will get settled
    i am going to submit same (aadhar card,pan,same bank acc) which i have submitted for XYZ company

    2)for XYZ PF withdrawal:

    since the pan is not verified(aadhar verified and bank details updated) i am planning to submit aadahr CCF along with pan,cheque etc..forms in regional office(offline mode) for claim settlement

    my queries:

    1)am i following the correct process for both withdrawal?

    2)for company ABC PF withdrawal i am submitting same (aadhar,pan,bank details) which i have already submitted
    for XYZ company UAN in which adhar is also verified

    since its the same aadhar,pan etc.. for both will it cause conflict?(same aadhar no seeding)

    3)can i withdraw EPS from both the accounts?(less than five years) i read in some forums EPS benefits can be availed only once?

    4)merging of these two pf accounts required( for withdrawal) if so how can i merge inoperative account with xyz uan.. since i am not working as of now

    i just want to withdraw all my EPF and EPS ammount from both the acc

    plz let me know

      1. Hi,

        thank you for the quick response

        1)will i get interest on the inoperative account?

        2)how to check the balance on the inoperative pf account?

        3)my interest for the year 2017-2018 is not credited till now for xyz pf account(i checked the passbook)

        4)while applying offline pf withdrawl (ABC Company) my name in pf account is not same as name in aadhar( first name last name swap),pancard name etc…
        will that matters while applying offline?

        Plz let me know

          1. Hi

            for the ABC PF Account —till 3 years interest will be credited ie(2013-2016)

            1)for rest of period 2016-2017, 2017-2018 or till date interest should be paid till date
            as per govt new notification right?

            2)totally 5 years interest should be credited in my account right?ie from 2013-2018)..?

            am i understanding correct?

              1. Hi

                i submitted my pf withdrawal application physically in regional pf office.they gave a acknowledgement slip(with some no(25359/002710)….its a one week ago..30th may..
                my account is old one does not have any uan no
                how to track claim status i my case?
                how many days will it take? they told 15-20 days
                no sms to my mobile no also
                plz let me know..

                  1. Hi

                    Thank you for your response

                    i am going to submitted my pf withdrawal documents(offline) in regional pf office.(since my pan card is not verified)

                    remaining details like aadhar,bank details etc are verified and updated in UAN portal

                    my query:

                    1)while submitting offline claim the name on the cheque leaf(first and last name swapped)

                    uan : xxx yyy

                    aadhar: xxx yyy

                    pan :yyy xxx ( ie opted offline submission instead of correction)

                    bank cheque leaf : yyy xxx(fist name and last name mismatch)

                    acc no,ifsc etc detail same as in UAN..only name differs .

                    will my claim will get rejected due to name mismatch..on cheque… and UAN..?

                    plz clarify….

  66. Hi, Thanks for this informative article. Request you to kindly suggest an action for my below query.

    I have been working in company A from 2012 to 2016 – got UAN number (x)
    Now i am in company B, i.e from 2016 to current. got new UAN by mistake (y)

    I have not transferred my pf from A to B.

    I will be moving to new company C next month.

    I will be providing my UAN y to company C, since Aadhar is linked to y.
    Question :
    1) Can i transfer both A and B pf account to C?

    If yes, how to do the same?
    If no, what else can be done?

    Awaiting reply.

  67. Hi Sir,

    I worked in A and B companies and i am not working presently from last 6 months. I had two member id’s showing in my UAN account and i withdraw amount from B company already. I want to apply online withdraw from A company.
    But i am unable to withdraw my amount that still it was showing in Service Details tab as company name B.

  68. Hi
    i have 2 member id A & B in one UAN its showing in service page. But if go for claim page i can see only B. if i give claim i will get both or B only…. if B only means How to claim A…..

  69. Hi,
    First, thank you for such an informative article. Am sure these are helping many
    I have a query that I hope you can help me solve.

    Let’s say I used to work (I am not working anymore for last 6months) for two companies A (LWD on Feb 2017) and S (LWD on Oct 2017).

    I was able to withdraw my PF from Company S, through online option, but not able to withdraw from company A. As I haven’t transferred the amount from company A to company S)

    The option for company A is not reflected at all in online option.

    What do you advise I should do ?

  70. Hi,

    I have relocated in the same company and my UAN account is showing 2 PF accounts , when I tried to claim of online it is only showing my last PF account for withdrawal and not the first one . So what should I do because it is the same company .

  71. i want to link 2 PF account to 1 UAN no . Procidure till Step 2 is ok but after clicking on One Employee-One EPF account it directs me to the UAN login page . I am not able to tranfer the amount . Please help

  72. Hi, this rafiq i want to withdraw advance pf .i have left job 2 months ago and join immediately to other companie so it if i claim the form it showing my present job member id so after merge both member id can i withdraw advance pf??plz help me

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Can an employee be associated with two organizations(if organizations have no restricting clause in appointment letter.)Everything is legally maintained and gets pf benefits from two organizations simultaneously . He then declares in IT returns all his earnings?Is this normal?

          1. How is pf handled then ? Because when you give UAN the pf gets transferred to you current job from previous. Same time two pf contributions ?? From two different employers ? Are you saying this is possible if no employee employer agreement has any such clause ?

  73. Dear Sir,

    I have two pf accounts with one UAN number and i have tried to merged these account through ONE MEMBER-ONE EPF ACCOUNT last month but in my passbook amount was not transferred from old pf account in new pf account. so i raised grievance on but as per them please find below mentioned revert:

    as per this office records, no claim form-13 has been received by this office. To avoid further delay, you are requested to submit the claim form-13 duly attested by your previous employer to this office for transferring of PF accumulations to your present account.

    and if I am again trying to do the same i am getting error “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

  74. Hi,

    When it comes to combining 2 PF accounts… how long does it take for the money to be transfered to the new PF account after both the employers have approved?

  75. Hi ,

    Myself Sruthi. For PF transfer,KYC details should be verified. My Aadhar card,Bank details are verified but my pan card verification is failed .Site throws error saying “Name on Pancard and name with Income Tax are not same”.

    Can you please suggest if pan card is not verified,is it not possible for online transfer?


    1. Shruthi,

      I’m also facing the same issue, you need to ask your Employer to verify and approve the documents.

      By doing this KYC will be completed.

      Pavan K

  76. Hi, sir this is rahul
    i need to est id and ext id and member id ex. for pykrp0012345000001234567 plz advice me sir

  77. Hello,

    I have transferred my pf to my current company but pension amount is not transferred, I need to withdraw pension amount but I am not able to do it online as its showing only current company details. How can i withdraw pension amount.
    Can i withdraw online is there any way or Should i go offline and how many days it will take for both way ?

  78. Hello Basavaraj,

    First of all I want to thank you for clarifying these queries as this process is getting very complicated.

    I have few queries, hope you can provide me with the best solution.

    I have worked in 3 companies say A, B, C and I have quit my job so dont have any active employer for now. I have my PF amount in all 3 membership IDs and I want to withdraw the amount from all 3.
    1) Is it necessary to merge all the accounts into one and then withdraw the amount
    2) Can I withdraw the amount one by one.
    3) How much time it takes to merge all the account online?
    4) If I am merging the accounts, it says on PF portal to put current employer details. I dont have any current employer

    Please help, I want the money urgently.

      1. Hi

        Thanks for the response.

        When I am trying to withdraw online, it is giving me option to withdraw only from company C. What to do about the amounts in company A & B. And company A&B is giving me option only for online claim and they are not entertaining the manual form. So how to withdraw all the money

  79. DOE is not updated in EPF and i had absconded from last organization, they didn’t updated it either. Is there any way to withdraw my PF amount without DOE. If i submit the PF form physically?. Please do let me know every possible to withdraw my Pf amount.

  80. Dear concerned,
    My UAN number is 100433171868.
    I have changed 3 companies, say A,B,C sequentially. Currently I am working in company C.
    initiated PF transfer from company A to B, after joining company C.
    Meanwhile, auto transfer was initiated by my present company C for PF transfer from B to C.
    PF transfer from A to B has occurred after transfer from B to C.
    Now I have amount deposited in two PF accounts but when I apply for online transfer from B to C, I am getting message “Transfer claim request is already submitted for previous account.” (attached snapshot).
    I need to transfer my PF amount from B (signature_consultant) to present employer (DOW), kindly advice.

    I hope to receive a solution from your end.

      1. My PF transferred from A to B after PF transfer claim from B to C was completed. So, I still have balance amount in PF account associated with company B. How can I transfer that now?

  81. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have merged my previous PF accounts into new PF account online (by One Member One PF account) two months ago.
    But still my new PF account has not been updated with previous PF amounts (In passbook section). Previous employers has already accepted my transfer claims.

    Could you please suggest on this.

  82. Hi, I was an employer in company “A” from june’2011 till Jan’2018 I have resigned my Job and joined new company “B” in Feb’2018 but worked only for 10 days and due to some personal reason I left the comp “B” and rejoined company “A” as a service continuation. Now wen I login my UAN I could see only company “B” PF details available in one member-one epf account(Transfer request) I want to claim for pf loan advance but company “A” pf account details are not showing, please help what to be done

  83. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have 2-pf accounts under two 2 different UAN respectively. Since july 2017 i have new PF and UAN number from my recent organization and i want to withdraw my full PF from last two PF accounts. All my KYC are updated in my epf account while i am trying to claim it online, it shows me only form 31. What should i do, can i merge my previous accounts to the new one?. If i merge all the accounts can i’ll be able to withdraw amount from last two PF accounts. Please help me out.

    Dimitri Bhardwaj

    1. Dimatri-Maybe exit date not entered in earlier EPF accounts and that is the reason EPFO portal not allowing you to withdraw but offering you only advance. Even if you merge also, you can’t withdraw as you are currently working.

  84. Hello,

    My Name is Jogindra Rana, I m a private employee, i have one UAN no in two company PF account no. i was withdraw my PF amount in one company of amount but another company pf is pending. can you please tel me the process to withdraw another company pf amount in one UAN No.

  85. i have UAN in that 2 PF accounts showing both are from current employee , i cannot use one account , pls help

  86. Hi, I need to consolidate two PF accounts. However when I try to do it online I get a message “Cannot combine account online as employer in not depositing ….”

    Is there a process to consolidate the accounts offline as well by visiting the PF Office?

      1. Hi Basavraj,
        The reason for the non-deposit is that I am now an entrepreneur and am no longer working for any company where PF may be deducted.
        I want to consolidate the accounts so that I can then withdraw the amounts.

  87. Hi sir
    My self Preethi Raj I have same UAN number with 2 account when I joined 2 years back to where iam working I done all the formalities to transfer my old PF amount but now it’s completing 2 years still it is not transferred now I resigned my recent job so what I have to do for combin both the amount in one UAN number please help me out if I visit PF office they will help me sir?

  88. EPS has always remained a mystery.
    1. What happens to EPS when the service is discontinued very often?
    2. I worked in an organisation from 2002 to 2006 and served another organisation from 2006 to 2009. My PF got transferred to my organisation in 2006 and in 2009 I left my second organisation as well. Where as I could withdraw my PF but I cannot say the same for EPS as I only got about 19500/ where as even if I multiply 541 x 78 =42198. What could be the reason.
    3. What if the EPS account holder dies and has no spouse and child is also more than 25?

    1. Gurpreet-1) It will remain with EPFO without earning a SINGLE RUPEE OF INTEREST.
      2) If your service is less than 10 years, then EPS will be payable to you as a part of total EPS (based on Table D of EPS).
      3) If no legal heirs, then it will remain with EPFO.

  89. Hi,

    Same problem mentioned above 2 pf understand 1 uan. I did one employee one pf transfer request before 4 months. Still there is no any reply. now one employee one pf page is no more and I’m not able to request transfer my old pf through unified member portal also. Please help me to get it done

  90. Dear Team

    Thanks for replies my queires

    and I have one more latest Query I was raised the passbook merge request(Online) dated 20-02-2018 passbook successfully merged but Pansion amount not credited old passbook to new passbook

    its take time or any another way please suggest.

          1. thanks sir

            EPS take sperate time to transfer ??

            EPF amount already transfer but EPS section zero

            EPF resolved complain without satisfactory reply I am out of city that’s why unable to EPFO office if you help me am extreme thanks so lot

              1. OK thanks for your valuable reply

                And when I was withdrawal complete EPF they also credit last company EPS in my bank account

                am right ??

                Really last few times before you also help me re-direct me to exat platform or share with exact resolution for my EPFO problem

                Really thanks so lot for your valuable support

  91. Hi Nivesh,

    Since I find your information pretty much useful, I would need a small help.

    I’ve two PF account under same UAN account, Previous one not been transferred to the current one.

    I had submitted Advance PF claim few days back under medical treatment clause , now my question is; if i’ll be getting claim amount then how that would be calculated by EPF guys.

    1. Will they give me claim amount as per current PF account?
    2. Or will they give me claim amount as per total amount under my UAN; because I’ve not transferred the amount in the current one.




  93. Hi sir,

    I just wanted to check as i was having 2 PF accounts under same UAN and I have alr. withdraw my pf from my 2nd company-but facing issue while withdrawing pf of 1st old company due to bank ifsc code was not approved in KYC by the 2nd company (bank branch was transferred-from new company end) and I have already raised this issue with them also but no response. And my 1st old company is also not able to update the same as if I raising req. for updation -same is going to My 2nd company people.

    Please help me out and confirm me if I have withdrawn my pf is it possible for my 2nd new company to approve the same UAN portal or suggest me any solution

  94. My name correction request says as completed as per UAN website and also received sms on this.
    It says: Accepted by MALAD (KANDIVALI) field office
    Remark – OK

    However, I dont see the correction yet on the portal. Its been 2 months.
    Please let me know how many days it will take.
    My PAN verfication is getting failed because of this.

    Below is the reply I got from [email protected]
    This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number xxxxx
    It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
    Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.

    However, there is no reply from [email protected]
    Also no use of Help Desk – 1800 11 8005 number

    Is there any other option please let me know

  95. hiii i need your help i left my job and have joined new job and both have same UAN but when i tried to withdraw from previous company. i revived a very small amount. then i got to know that it was withdrawn from present company.
    now i am trying to withdraw previous company amount but i am not able to do it. please help me

  96. Hi

    I have three Pf accounts all are under one UAN Number.

    Now When Tried to transfer other two into current account it is showing only previous one PF account not Two.

    What should I do?


  97. My hubby is having four Pf with same uan number but now they dont have facility of Pf in current job mean all four job left and in among four only one job was more than 6 month rest only Pf of 2-3 month job so will possible to get all the Pf amount ?I can see all the four passbook of Pf but don’t know the procedure of withdraw and last employer is also don’t know the procedure but they r ready to help us so tell me the full procedure plz

  98. Hello sir,
    Good day.
    I have 1 UAN number. In that I can see 2 Pf accounts (past and present) now I quit from my job.
    I want to withdraw the total amount from both the accounts.

    Kindly provide me the step by step procedure.

    (Many told me that, 1st I have to transfer the amount from past Pf account to present account) but I don’t know how

    Thanks in advance

  99. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have a UAN and 2 accounts under it.
    (One for my previous job, 2nd for the current job)

    My passbook is showing that 6 months of my PF in my current job got credited to old PF account.

    As a result my PF account transfer is failing.

    My company says it’s fault at PF office. Although I think they specify the PF account to which it needs to be credited.
    They are asking me to raise a grievance and follow up with the PF office.

    Can you please help and guide me how to proceed?



  100. I have applied for pf withdrawal under current employer where I had given my previous uan no. Now as I applied for withdrwal it got applied under current member id n I did not get the money of previous member id yet… how cn I apply under previous member ID.. as uan for both member ID is same???

  101. Hi Sir,
    My concern is that I worked with 2 org earlier and currently I am employed with the 3rd but while I am checking it under UAN it shows me for the first and current employer, my second pf account is not under UAN, how to do that? And will my current employer be able to check it of I add my second pf account to UAN?

  102. sir please help nobody is me the answer
    i am trying to transfer my previous pf account to present but its showing error details of previous account are diffrent than present account hence claim cannot be processed .. i have checked all the possible miss match like name,d.o.b father name,DOJ &DOE (previous employer)every thing is ok..but still not to transfer.please help me what should i do now.iam feeling helpless now.its really urgent i need my pf amount for a really urgent purpose ..please help.

  103. Dear Sir,

    I have Two Member ID shown against my UAN. I want to withdrawal my Old PF amount. But for Online Claim only current member is showing for withdraw for Advance Payment Form 31.

    Kindly guide me how can i withdrawal my OLD PF Online against Member ID.

      1. Sir,

        UAN is single it contain two member ID old & new both under same UAN but in Online Claim old member id not showing for withdrawal only current one is showing.

  104. HI,

    I worked in a organization-X around 4-5years earlier and EPF & EPS of that organisation was left by me as it is since I worked in that organization only for 5 months. Recently I applied for Transfer through Offline-Form-13 and I came to know that my organization-X has deposited EPF amount only for 4 months with EPFO whereas 1 month amount was not deposited by them so I asked my X-employer to check and update. They reverted to me that the amount will be transferred to my bank account directly. But now 2 months are passed still no update from their end. They are saying that they have updated the Finance-Team to transfer it and they shared one employee mail-id from Finance-Team. But the Finance-Team is also not reverting to my mail.

    I read in one of your comments regarding some other issue that one can raise the issue to EPFO against Employer. So can you please check and suggest if I can do the same in my case.

    Also does the EPFO take action against Employer or is there any specific method or procedure we have to use so that EPFO takes action against Employer. I am having mail-confirmation from the Employer stating that “amount will be deposited to my bank account once the process completed by Finance-Team”.

    Nitesh Gurav.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Actually I faced similar kind of issue with my another X-Employer and I raised almost 4-5 Grievances with EPFO but every time they closed the Grievance by replying to me as “Only Rs. X deposited by your employer till now in this EPF account so please check with the Employer”. I even mentioned to EPFO that the Employer is not replying and responding properly to me but yet the EPFO response was to check with Employer directly.

        So I wanted to know that while raising EPFO Grievance is there any specific category which we have to select so that EPFO takes action against Employer.

        Nitesh Gurav

  105. Hi,

    I have been an active private employee for over 4 years. I have 2 PF accounts along with 2 UAN numbers. So my question is if i follow the above process, Does the amount get transferred from previous PF to current PF ? or it is just for viewing purpose ?

    Many thanks!

      1. Thank you !

        I have initiated the above process. So i wanted to check if the amount gets transfer from one PF to another ?

  106. I Had applied for EPF advance withdrawal through online. The status is currently showing as claim settled . What does that mean ?

  107. Sir, Need to withdraw money from my OLD PF account. My Aadhar is updated in the EPF India website. But when i tried to process the claim, It shows only the current PF account to select.

    Please help me out in this

  108. Dear Sir ,I am in my 3rd job now(Company_3 , a govt org) which does not have EPF.. rather its having NPS , I never transferred or withdrew PF amounts for Company_1 and Company_2 … I saw passbook for both PF accounts through UAN portal and everything was fine… now after reading your article I decided to transfer PF amount from company_1 PF account to company_2 PF account this was completed I had planned to either withdraw or utilize this combined amount at the time of flat purchase.. but there is a tricky situation here.. Company_1 recently(10 days back) merged with another company and its name has changed.. so will it have any effect on my PF merger ?
    Please advice. Thanks in advance!

      1. Sir , my main concern is not withdrawal.. as already mentioned in my comments above, I want to transfer amount from Company_1 PF a/c to Company_2 PF a/c but legal name of Company_1 got changed 10 days back, after it acquired another company . So I want to know if it will be an issue ?

  109. Hi,

    I have three different PF accounts with three respective UAN. i want to deactivate previous two UAN and merge those PF accounts into current UAN.

    Is it possible? How can i do that?

    Please help…

  110. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this information.
    I tried adding my old PF account, and when I click on submit it, there is no updates in the added pf list shown under submit button.
    Is the request forwarded??
    Doest it shows when old pf is added successfully?? Which is not showing in my case.
    Pls help. Many thanks!

  111. Hi Basavaraj

    I have already combined my member ID’s into One member ID and my Pass book for the current member ID is showing transfer done.But still when i click the Online claim button, i am getting the message as multiple member ID found in ……….”.

    Please advice.

  112. Iam using UAN Number(XXXXXXXXXX1) which is created by t&m consultancy, Mumbai. they haven’t even updated our KYC details.I gave request to update my KYC details and aadhar is in process state for long time.Now i wrongly created another UAN number using “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment” in EPFO website. because of this new UAN number(XXXXXXXXXX1) is created and my aadhar is linked. Kindly tell what is the procedure to deactivate my new UAN(XXXXXXXXXX1) and procedure to link aadhar with my old UAN(YYYYYYYYYY1)

      1. my employer will not response for this. iam going to join new company next month. which UAN number should i give to new company sir. old UAN or newly created UAN using online aadhar enrolment

            1. Anonther doubt sir. already i gave request in old UAN login to update my aadhar details. now it is pending with “field office”. will it update or not????because my new UAN is linked with aadhar

  113. Hi,
    I see two member IDs are shown in my UAN login under service history. But I don’t see my previous employer updated my DOE.
    When I tried the transfer process at One Employee One PF link & used current member ID, I got message as “Invalid Credentials”.

    Is it necessary to have the DOE updated from previous employer to transfer PF from previous employer online?

      1. Is there any way for requesting previous employer online to update DOE, like we have option to request for approving the personal details based on Aadhar under ‘Modify Basic Details’ in UAN portal?

  114. Hi, I did my first job for 8 months. July 2005 to Feb 2006. The company has closed down a few year back, and I was working as independent consultant till 6 months ago, when I joined a new job and got UAN.

    Is it possible to link my PF account from 2005/06 to my UAN? When I try the procedure as per your article, I get ivalid credentials for my current UAN and new account.

    Thanks for help.

  115. Hi

    when i am entering current EPF account details ( UAN already activated ) in web as you said it shows “invalid credentials” while my entries all are correct .

    please suggest me to solve the same

      1. Same error I was getting, but when I tried with previous EPF details, it worked.

        Now it offers me to transfer, but I have latest EPF account where I need to transfer fund, not from current to previous.

        Please help me.


  116. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am continuously getting SMS regarding UAN is linked with 2 PF account.

    When I left first company I was not transfer PF to second company as amount is very less but from 2nd company to 3rd company I follow the transfer process.

    My issue is that my third company PF managed by trust and I forgot by first company PF account no what can I do now.

    Please advise and if I need to contact EPFO then please share procedure also how to contact EPFO

  117. Hi,
    My last employer maintains PF through trust so when i see my details on company account PF no is X and pension no is Y, But when i see my PF number on UAN its Pension number. so I would like to know is it correct?

  118. Hi this is a question regarding EPF of my father who is no more. But the pension was later transfered to three person in my family i.e. to me my mother and to my brother in 3 different bank Acc. But as now EPF is required to link with Aadhar number. I have linked the epf with my mothers aadhar card as there is only one linkage. Is it necessary to link my brothers and mine detail as well.

  119. Hi,

    I was employed with a company, Sapient which has its private EPF trust. After leaving that company, I joined IBM which has its EPF with Govt. However, my UAN was same in both these companies. Now, I have shifted to UK and employed with a UK based company (another company; not IBM). Will I be able to merge my two EPF accounts (one with private trust and another with Govt. trust)?


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your response. As I have mentioned, I am not working with either of these companies (Sapient or IBM). Is it possible to merge the two PF accounts (one with private trust and another with Govt.) online?


  120. Hello Bhardwaj,

    Is it really require to transfer all previous member Id’s to current Member Id for withdrawal of previous account?
    If no.. How can I process my withdrawal?

    1. Sorry I wanted to say..Basavaraj

      Is it really require to transfer all previous member Id’s to current Member Id for withdrawal of previous account?
      If no.. How can I process my withdrawal?
      If I transferred all my previous member Id’s to current Member Id then How could I withdraw my previous PF amount?

  121. Hi ! I have joined a new organisation 6 months back out of India. But before coming I was posted at India and had new PF account created . after coming here abroad I transferred online my old PF account amount to my new Account. The amounts are showing as transferred in the pass book as well. But when I try to withdraw the amount it still says Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding. Kindly suggest how do I withdraw my PF amount online?

              1. Hi Basav. Thanks for your guidance . All my previous account got merged into one . I applied for withdrawl under form 31 stating the reason not in service for more than 2 months as I am not getting India salary and there is no PF amount deposited in my account. I am currently working abroad. I applied for an partial amount which is around 60% of my total PF balance. But today I see the status as the claim is rejected. Can you please help me understand why the claim was rejected and how to claim the amount .

  122. sir
    I have two EPF account and i merged these account online before two month . But they have not yet merged.Kindly help me .

  123. Hi ,
    I have two pf accounts associated with my UAN no.I have transferred my old pf account to current pf and all the amount got transferred succesfully,but pension contribution is still lying in my old pf account.
    Can you please let me know how do i claim my pension or transfer it to my current account.I have worked less than 10 yrs in my prev organisation and my age is also around 30.

      1. Sir same problem is mine. IF EPS is not transferred then what will happen to that amount ? Do i have to submit form for it?

  124. Hi,

    Actually I got message from EPFO that, your UAN linked with multiple accounts ( total 03 account), so kindly made to only one.
    For your information in my 08 years of carrier, I have working with 03 organization, when I joined 2nd organization at that time I have transferred my pf account online and same has been done and all pf amount reflected in pf account of 2 nd organization.
    Six months ago, I have changed my job and joined third organization,for same I got new pf account which already linked with my UAN.
    But now when I have tried to transfer that amount from 2 nd organization pf account to present organization through online,it show 1 St organization pf account which has nil balance.
    So, my query is that how I will transfer that amount to my present pf account and how I will made it only one account as in UAN portal it reflects three account.



  125. Hi,

    I want to transfer my 2 nd company EPFO account to 3 Rd company EPFO account by online transfer claim but when I have done this, it show 1 St company EPFO account from which amount already transferred to 2 nd company account one year ago but this 1 St company account still available on my UAN with nil balance.
    So, kindly suggest me path how I will transfer my money from 2 nd company pf to 3 Rd company ( present)


  126. Sir,
    I worked with an organization for 5 years and 6 months.
    After five years of service entity splits and I worked for 3 months with new company.
    So situation is uan is one but is is showing 2 pf id.
    One I’d is fully updated with kyc and bank details.
    Second is still pending to update from employer end.
    So question is could I withdraw money from previous employer I’d which account is fully updated as am not working anywhere now.
    Is it still mandatory to merge the both I’d(account) even though am out of job.
    And one more thing could I withdrawal money without employer attestation as all kyc and bank details updated with electronically verified.

    Kindly answer this am in need of money.

  127. Hi, I am not able to login with my current member ID however I am able to login with my previous member IDs. Adhaar no is linked with uan. Any way out for this.

          1. i am facing the same issue. EPFO Grievance Cell Online is just no use. they give vague answer with no way forward. sometime they say that merge two ids. sometime they say that transfer offline.

  128. But My PF account is merged already and It is appearing as Original DOJ , Is it enough for pension account also , OR separately I need to merge pension accounts also ?

  129. I have worked for CMC , in contract Mode (22-06-2006 to 30-09-2013) [having separate Pension account details]
    then I have worked for CMC , in Regular Mode (01-10-2013 to 30-09-2015) [having separate Pension account details]
    then After merge of CMC and TCS
    then I have joined TCS, from 01-10-2015 [having separate Pension account details]
    So , for merging of all the accounts , How many “Annexure K” , I need for Pension merger process .

    1. From CMC Contract to TCS
    2. From CMC Regular to TCS
    Only 1 Annexure – K will serve the purpose .

    1. If both will not consider then How it will display the Original DOJ , in that Case I will loose the Years which will effect later on , Right ?

  130. I applied for combining my PF accounts by one employee one epf portal. But its still showing pending since many weeks. So I am still not able to apply for PF withdrawal. I moved abroad and I am trying calling the customer care no. 180018005 multiple times, but it never rings. Can you please guide me how to fix this.

  131. Hi

    I am having 2 pf accounts “A” (1st Company) & “B” (2nd Company) which before leaving my previous organisation was merged as per HR (now my pf as per HR was B) now that i have shifted to other company & so I gave “B” pf number, but the new accounts dept told me that there are missing information in “B” pf.

    On checking online I got to know that my A company’s pf is still active and all details are updated already whereas my B company’s pf is still not active and I am not able to activate it due to missing information. I have already raised a request online top merge my B’s account into A. will it be possible to do so?
    How much time will it take to complete the process?
    will my “B” pf money will get transferred in “A”?

  132. Hi,
    I have moved to a new organisation recently which will be my 3rd job. I will initiate transfer of my 2nd company PF account to the 3rd one. My question here is I could not withdraw/transfer my 1st employer’s PF acc to my 2nd employer. I even tried an online transfer. It has been 4 months but there is no respinse from employer no. 1
    Also my 1st PF account is almost 5 yrs old when there was no concept of UAN. Kindly suggest how can I get my PF without an UAN id transferred or withdrawn ?


  133. Dear Basavraj,

    I have few following concerns, please help me out

    I was working in x company which has been closed and there is nobody to contact for anything.
    1. This company has updated my name in PF account without my first name, only Tahir Saifi (full name is Mohd Tahir Saifi)
    2. I have UAN number for this PF account (North Delhi PF office)
    3. My second company has generated another UAN for me (Mumbai PF office) and has a full name in PF and UAN
    I want to either transfer, consolidate or withdraw my PF from x company to y company
    please help me in how to withdraw PF or transfer to my current PF account or consolidate. the challenges are
    1 name is different
    2 nobody in x company to help
    3 Adhaar card has full name is MOHAMMAD TAHIR SAIFI and in other documents it is MOHD TAHIR SAIFI
    4 My current company has put dot (.) in my first name (MOHD.)

    Please help.

    Mohd Tahir Saifi

      1. Dear Basavraj,
        As I mentioned above that my name in both UAN is different and my previous organization has been closed, so I can not update my anything online as it require organization approval.
        Now i have corrected my name in all my document and updated all in my current account.
        Please guide further, how my both the UAN numbers can be merge as name is different.

  134. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have two questions.

    I was working in a X org from Bangalore and switched to a new org which is a noida based.
    I have transferred all my PF amount from Bangalore KR puram pf to Noida PF account (New employer).

    1: When i see my pf passbook, the total PF contribution has been transferred to new pf account, but now the pension contribution, still it remains at Bangalore KR puram pf office.
    —— Now after leaving my current job and if i wanted to withdraw all my PF & Pension contribution, what is the procedure. Because my pension contribution is at previous pf office only.

    2: After resigning my current job, If i wanted to claim online all my pf & pension contribution, i get a message that you have Multiple mem id’s Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.
    What is the solution for the pop up message ?

    Sathish D

      1. Basavaraj,
        Im trying to transfer my old epf accounts to single through one emp one epf account.
        After entering valid details like mob num, UAN and PF num, im getting a error invalid credentials.

        Help me with a solution.

        Im sure my details are correct and my both pf account is liked to one UAN which i can see in UAN portal service history.

        Sathish D

  135. Hi Sir,

    1. Physically i have submitted FORM-13 Applicatiion for transfer of my previous PF account to the new PF account. Based on physical FORM Submission at EPFO ,the previous PF amount got transferred to the new pf id account.

    2. In PF portal , when I click the “CLAIM”Tab in online, it shows as “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding”.

    On 10-Nov-2017 through portal under EMPLOYEES in “one employee – one PF account” , i have entered the previous pf number details to consolidate to current pf id . How long will it take to consolidate ?

    Also please let me know, when my Previous PF account amount got transferred to the current PF ID, than why again i need to consolidate my Previous PF id to the the current PF id in ON- LINE?

  136. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you very much for the details provided in your blog.

    When I tried to combine old EPF account, after filling Old Member ID and press SUBMIT, I am getting the following error.

    “Not Found in Member Master. Can not Added….”

    Please let me know how can i proceed further.

    Thank you
    Chethan B M S

  137. hello, In case I have withdrawn my PF from one employer and under the new enployer, I have 2 member IDs, is it necessary to link the old withdrawn account as well?

      1. Thank you for your response Sir. Finally, is there a TAT when the linking process will complete if done online or it varies based on the different cases.

  138. What should I do If the company is closed and I have multiple account with my UAN but not not merge , no option to entry & exit , then how do I withdrawal my EPFO money online ,

    Please Sir Suggest me what Should I Do……………

    1. Whenever I am trying to withdrawl my PF showing this kind of pop up message on claims button, Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN.Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding. Please help me on this.

  139. Hi ,

    After declaring the old pf number column and when I tried to check in the declaration and submit , it’s showing invalid member Id , please select office. I got only one old pf account that has to be linked with the current member I’d under my UAN, but it’s showing up this errror message even after submitting the details . Since u said 10 records can be added , I even tried doing that adding the same record again and again 10 times but it record already exist and I couldn’t add the record again. I am helpless now , is it because of the site issue or do I need to update anything

  140. Sir,

    I am working in the same organization for last 12 years. Recently, that means for the last one year the company split and we are transferred to a new company. Now when i check the member passbook with UAN, it shows 2 ID and if i click in the first ID, it says “Passbook not available to this member ID, as this pertain to exempted establishment(i.e, trust).

    In the second ID, i can see only the contribution made this year, after the transition happened. What happened to the last 11 years contribution. Where can i view it? I am planning to withdraw few amount for house renovation.

    Pls advice

  141. Whenever I am trying to withdrawl my PF showing this kind of pop up message on claims button, Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN.Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding. Please help me on this.

      1. Sir I am getting error you have multiple accounts please merge before process. I tried to it by one employee one account but there is no response status is no action taken after two months. Sir please tell me solution of this.

  142. Hello,

    I had initiated an online transfer of my PF account from previous employer to current employer. After a month’s time, I see the following status:

    Claim Status: Accepted by employer
    Attestation through: Previous Employer ()

    Does this mean this is still in process of transfer?


  143. Hi Sir, My UAN was linked to 2 pf accounts so unable to process the claim. Then I have raised a request under One Employee One Epf but there status is No Action taken for 4-5 days. In a hurry, I submitted Form-13 through current employer and got approved same day. Now I am confused, Should I reach RPFO office for help regarding merging or for transfer claim. I am feeling restless and want amount from PF to be withdrawn quickly. please guide.

  144. hi Sir, I have my Recent previous EPF number One is Pune Office linked with UAN & another is Delhi Laxminagar office. I have transferred my balance EPF amount to Delhi Account last year 2-May-15 . Today I am Unable to get details about balance as on Date or Passbook inclusive of both of Previous EPF account,

    Please assist me to get Delhi base Old Account link to UAN .But I am no associated with same Orgnization since 1 year.
    Please help me, if I could get my EPF Amount transfer to NEW Account for new Orgnization starting today from Pune.

  145. Dear Sir,

    Kindly suggest how can i withdrawn my PF with proper process .
    Secondly My new EPF /UAN Account name mentioned manish rameshwar bishnoi but my in my documents only manish name mentioned so kindly do the needful please.

      1. Thanks,
        Please confirm offline method i think visit branch personally and withdrawn?
        And please confirm that how can i chaange my name in PF account because its mentioned Manish rameshwar bishnoi but actually my name in all document only Manish.

  146. hai

    Hai my current company PF is maintained by company trust. and my old one is government one . is it possible to merge my old pf account to new PF account. if so then how my company will come to know which amount and how much amount belongs to me. .

    Sudharsan SG

  147. Hi,

    I have multiple PF account with single UAN. UAN is activate and KYC is also done.
    Now I want to withdrawal of PF amount of previous company.
    Can you please let me know the procedure for PF withdrawal.

    Thank you,

      1. Thank you,

        This merge facility avails only for first 3 days after the UAN activation completed, right??

        What is procedure of merge multiple account after this timeline?

        Thank you,

  148. Sir my husband has 4-5 PF accounts starting from 2006. Our query is to know how to condolidate all these accounts into one active account. Please note only the existing PF account has the UAN number while the rest if them do not have any UAN number. Could you please help us in this regard

  149. Hi, Sir
    I left my previous company 2 years ago and is currently working at a new company. What is the process for transferring the PF account from one company to another?
    I have a UAN and the PF numbers of both accounts. My aadhar is not linked to UAN and the Date of Exit hasn’t been updated by my previous employer in the PF account (When I checked online).

    Also, while trying to initiate the transfer process, The status showed ‘No action taken’ for three months. Then I clicked on the ‘Delete’ button next to the old PF Account and now the record shows deleted. Is it possible to enter the info again?

    Considering all the hassles,Will it be easier for me to go to the EPFO office and get the transfer done? Please let me know.

  150. Sir i have submitted online transfer claim request for transferring my old member id to current member id.
    My employee and employer share is transferred to my current member id but the pension amount is not transferred.
    Also when i am trying to make online claim to withdraw my pension amount of my old member id, its still showing that “multiple member id found linked to your uan. kindly transfer all member id to current member id.”
    How much time does it takes to transfer old member id to current member id completely and deactivate old member id.
    My online transfer claim request says it is accepted by field office.

  151. HI Basavaraj,

    Initiated merge on 16th October as you suggested, but till date status is showing as “No Action Taken”.
    Is there a way to followup with them through online or offline.

    Thanks in Advance

  152. I have linked my AAdhar card online as per new ekyc system . Now when i click for online claim it shows multiple id attached . transfer to one id. Whats does that mean. Kindly Help.

  153. I transfered my old epf uan ac to new uan epf ac bt I did not received my pension amount in New uan ac employee nd employer share just i received in uan ac plz reply me

  154. Hi,
    Can trust related PF accounts be merged using this facility? as i have initiated the process, but i am not able to see the status , please let me know where to track or provide your suggestion.

  155. Hi Sir,

    I have tried to link my old Member Id with the new id, the request has been initiated, should I delete the old id immediately now or wait till this is linked to the new id and then delete old id?

  156. Hello ,

    As per the above instructions I am tried to combine my PF accounts, but on entering UAN no., current PF account no. its showing invalid credentials and unable to generate OTP.

  157. Good and useful thread. I have tried linking through “One employee one EPF account” on 14 Sep 2017. Till date the status in “Action by field office” is marked as “No action taken”. Will this be updated when they start action and marked as “under progress” or my offline intervention is necessary?

  158. I hv transferred my old pf account to new pf account both are under one UAN. I hv checked now the message shows as status under process. Pls advise do i hv to fill form 13 and give to previous employer.

  159. Hello sir,

    Can you please clarify the below:

    I have two PF accounts (say PF1 and PF2) linked to single UAN, I tried merging thro’ online but no use it shows ‘No action taken’

    I am not working for both the companies now. Both the PF nos. are old employers and based out of Delhi.
    Where as me based out of Bangalore.
    PF1 company PF is already withdrawn during 2013.
    Currently I am not working and like to withdraw PF2 company PF.
    Since multiple PF nos. linked to same UAN, I am ubale to proceed further.
    I tried register the problem thro’ online grievance bu unfortunately this is not working for me. Though I filled all the mandate filed it shows “madate field is empty” so leaving that option.

    My query is how to withdraw my PF amount from PF2 company.
    Do I need to visit PF office ? if it is can I visit Bangalore PF office? (as my employer is from Delhi)
    Please suggest.

      1. My previous employer was in Delhi but now I stay in Bangalore.
        Can I apply for withdrawal in Bangalore pf office.
        Please let me know.

  160. Hi.. Same question as many.. I got the msz that “your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO.” so as per the msz I have used EPFO -Service-One employee one EPF account. and than applied for consolidation and transfer into new member ID. Now how much time it will take to marge my both of the accounts. and how to check the status ?


  161. Hi Basavaraj,

    I tried the way you have stated above. In place of current member id if I put my new PF account number, it shows invalid credentials. But if I try with my old PF account number, I am able to login.
    I guess the new PF account has to be updated as the active account in the system before doing this. Could you please guide me for the same?

      1. I have the same issue as explained by Elza .Is there any particular time period for the new EPF number to get linked with the UAN ??

  162. Has anyone, ever achieved the desired and promised results of attaching the accounts and getting all the amounts in a single account?
    Or is it just attaching ?

  163. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to partially withdraw PF amount through composite form 31(Non-Aadhar) in order to purchase a site.

    I have completed 3.8 years of service. Kindly advise the eligibility criteria to do so.


      1. Hi ,

        I visited today EPF office. But they rejected my application stating that 3 years clause is only valid if we are member of a society comprising of 9 EPF members.


  164. Hi, i have raised a request to consolidate all my member ID to my current PF account and also all my member ID’s are under one UAN number

    My Query is i made this request through online one month before, but still no action taken from field officer, Could anyone help me how long it will take to complete this process or else i need to visit my PF office directly to complete my job. Hope your comments will fulfill my query. thanks in advance.

  165. I have declared two Old PF Accounts (from previous employer) to Consolidate Multiple PF Accounts of an Employee around 15 days back. It’s status on site is “No action taken”.
    Today, 7th October, 2017, I got a message from EPFO stating, “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.”

    I was under the impression that “Facility to Consolidate Multiple PF Accounts of an Employee” will directly link my old EPFO accounts to UAN and transfer amount from old EPFO account to my current EPFO account. Am I correct on that or do I have to transfer my EPFO amount from old employer account to current using online or physical application? Please clarify.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Basavaraj. I got your point, and that’s the reason I tried to link my all old EPF account to current one using this link. “”, instead I got the message I mentioned. So point being, should I wait for the EPFO department to process my consolidation request or file for EPF transfer using physical application with my present employer?

    1. Hi Himanshu / Basavaraj,
      I have also received the same message today morning that ‘ Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO, you are requested to transfer them to present employer…’. I switched job and have been working with a new organization for the past 8 months. So i have got 2 questions:
      1. Does this mean that my new employer has generated a new UAN for me ?
      2. What action should i take now as i dont understand the meaning of this message.


        1. Thanks Basavaraj for replying. Ok, so would the process be like this:
          1. My old UAN was already activated , now do i need to activate the new UAN as well ?
          2. Also i am working with my 3rd organization, now when you say consolidating all EPF and UAN, does it mean that my old UAN has to be deactivated (Its already linked to both the earlier organizations pf account). Now i will need to relink the 2 earlier and current pf number to my new UAN, if yes wouldn’t tht be a length process. If you already have any writeup on this pls do share the link

            1. Hi Basavaraj,

              About 3 weeks back, I had submitted the request to link my previous PF member number (UAN was not activated by my previous employer 3 years back) with my current UAN.

              Today I got the same SMS: “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application”.

              Just trying to understand what’s the To-Do for me now.


  166. Hi,

    I received sms today saying ” your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. you are requested to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application”

    Currently, I am not working and I have withdrawn my old PF amount year back.
    Please let me know if I need to do anything here.


      1. Hi, As said earlier currently I am not working, so I dont have PF.
        So, how can i transfer all EPF to current one which i actually dont have.
        I have withdrawn my PF amount.

  167. Hi Sir,

    I have been working in my present company for two years. I had activated UAN while working in my previous company. Now when I am checking the passbook, the amount from previous employer has not yet been transferred. While enquiry, I can to know that previous employer comes under an exempted trust I have now submitted form 13 bt still no transfer has been done. How can I check where the process has been hung up?



  168. I have merged my two pf account using unified portal transfer request. my fund has been transferred to existing EPF account.

    Issue – I am unable to claim online as it is still giving me error that multiple member id found.

    1st company -3 years
    2nd company (present) – more than 2 years

    I want to withdraw partial amount for house.

    Can you help ?

      1. So when i go to unified portal and click on online service and select claim. It gives me below error .

        multiple member id found linked to you uan l. Kindly transfer all to current member id before proceeding.

        I have already merged my fund to existng member id (PF Account)

        1. In my case, amount is transferred to new PF account, and it says Credit is Subject to Verification in passbook, and “Accepted by Field Office” in UAN Portal. Hence it is still saying “multiple member id found linked to you uan l. Kindly transfer all to current member id before proceeding.” when I go to Claims. Please check your transfer status in passbook and UAN portal.

  169. Hi.

    When I am login to the UAN portal, I can see my 3 acounts which I have already worked companies.

    Here my question is when I am going to transfer all the 3 accounts to my present account. Getting the error message as multiple accounts created against with the UAN account.

    Need your help to resolve this.

      1. Basavaraj Tonagatti – Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN issue i believe taking time even it gets transferred than also i am reading people facing same problem . This is pain and one should never expect the money from EPFO experience is horrible .
        even Aadhar/KYC is updtaed first it took to get approval 2 months . Now its another Multiple member-id’s found issue .

        Is there a alternate for KYC verified employee like can we go and submit the form direct to PF office with out employer ?
        Thanks for your time

          1. sir -do we need the submit proof of medical expenses/ employer ESI cover proof since we will get this later of treatment or
            simple self declaration like online is enough ?
            In my case My all KYC is verified

              1. Seems i should choose this option as Multiple member-id’s found issue might take some time .
                Sir- Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding – Does this matter to EPFO . Can they reject/hold the Claim by mentioning this error and will advise me to first transfer & claim then. just a thought in my mind.
                Or they have their own procedure and claim will be submitted and will be proceed.
                Any trend in your knowledge for Aadhar verified claim like how much time they ideally take to settle ?
                Thanks you answered almost all my queries .
                I appreciate your kind help.

                1. Sir- I just downloaded this from EPFO website today and this made me confused they are saying in instruction that Doctor certificate & ESIC is required for Medical cases / part withdraw though i completely respect your knowledge with due to respect . Seems they have not updated the new implementation . Clarifying so many things as you know i have no good experience with govt offices so just want to make sure i am going into right direction

                  Download link-pls have a look.


                  1. Sir i have two account in one uan though balance is in current account should I submit or wait

  170. Hi sir
    I have received an SMS from ID-EPFOHO stating “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are required to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.”

    I ve applied pf from my past compa(first company). When I checked in uan portal it shows me first company details along with the second company details, which I ve worked only for two months and currently not working. My question is that can I get my of or not from the first company where I first worked with. Kindly reply me asap.


      1. Combine can I combine that new account to old pf account. Because there is no contribution from new one . I ve absconded from there

  171. Daer Sir

    I am looking partial withdrawal due to urgency of medical at home. My all KYC including Aadhar is updated but following error is coming when go online claim services in UAN portal
    “ Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding “

    Some information for reference –
    There’s settled account/ claim which is linked in my current UAN . Transfer does not seems right since this is settled. Why the settled claim / member id is coming and how I can I go ahead now
    Please suggest further. Details of old account is given.

    Member ID -XYZ S004967500000
    DOJ EPF-28/08/2014
    DOE EPF-09/02/2015
    DOJ EPS-28/08/2014
    DOE EPS-09/02/2015
    TNMAS150900006102 – EPF Final Settlement)(Resign)- Payment sent -21-sept-2015
    TNMAS150900006106- has been rejected due to :- LESS THAN SIX MONTHS CONTRIBUTORY

    Claim is settled and balance is nil than transfer option is not in my understanding to current active ID as per ERROR please suggest I am urgent need in family . I read that If Aadhar is updated the claim gets credited in 5 days .Any suggestion foe quick help . I read your articles and its really helps
    God bless !

    If old claim is settled and balance is nil than transfer option is not in my understanding Kindly help to remove the old member ids Help…

    What should be the ideal process/solution of old settled pf account which is coming in my Uan ? This is becoming problem while claiming new

    There is no balance in old account its setteled in sept 2015 still its linked to uan When I go to claim now its says multiple ids linked?

    Suggest the process of old settled member ids closure . Its coming with current Uan Thanks you.

      1. Sir -Can old or current Employer remove it or link it

        I heard EPFO Grievance Cell Online. takes lot of time do we other Channel as well ?
        Thanks for your time

          1. How about One Employee one EPF account should i register
            and more is inoperative helpdesk there .

            1. Sir –
              One Employee one EPF account i have submitted it for linking .How it works like TAT of this ?
              Form 11 revised has been introduced now should i ask my employer to do the needful and link the old with new .or One Employee one EPF account is enough and EPFO will do do it

  172. Thanks for the post!
    So you meant to say that all my previous EPF accounts’ fund will be summed up into current epf?
    Am I correct?

  173. Hello Sir,
    I had one query. I was working for one company then I was unemployed for 60 days . After 60 days , I did applied for the PF withdrawal.
    Now I m working for different company. Will I get the PF for the precious company since I have applied for the withdrawal.

    Today I did a received a below message:

    Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.

    Team do I need to worry on anything ..I will get my PF from previous company on time ?

  174. i have 2 old pf accounts on which i have not linked them up with UAN yet and i am unable to link them now plz help …………….above link i have tried but not getting the OTP on mobile i checked with new and old mobile both.

  175. Dear Sir
    Ager me apna previous company ka epf account se withdrl krna chata hu to kya possible hai kyo ki uan no same hai but pf no. to change ho rahe hai . agr me withdrl nhi krana chata hu to kya baad me koi issue to nhi hoga . or sab amount ek sath hi withdrl ho skta hai.
    for example sir me 3 compy me job ki hai or mera UAN no same hai but pf no alag alag hai or me jab apna pf a/c check krta hu to 3 company ka passbook show karta hai to iska mtlb mere pf a/c UAN se marge hai na sir.

      1. ok sir agr withdraw nhi ho skta but me 1 UAN se kitne pf account link ho sakte hai or jab bhi withraw krau to koi problem to nhi hogi na or mere pf UAN Se marge to hai na sir ji

        1. koyki jab me apna epf balance check krta hu to 2 epf no show krta hai or 2 epf a/c ka amount bhi , ab mene third company bhi join kr li hai or mene UAN bhi same submit krai hai to koi issue to nhi hoga na sir.
          sir ek question or hai agr me apne previous company ka epf amount apne current epf no me transfer na kru to koi problem to nhi hogi na sir . ya mujhe transfer krta hu to best hoga so plz give a suggtion.

          1. actualy sir me ye chata hu ki me jab bhi job resin kru to mera uan no se three epf a/c ka amout ek sath hi withdraw ho jayega ya nhi ager mera UAN no se mera epfo a/c mearge hai to.

  176. Hi, My While adding my previous EPF account into UAN, it give me error not found in master recored, It 7 year old EPF account.
    Kindlt help how to get it add in current UAN?

  177. I worked for 3 companies. My UAN was registered for the first company and UAN number reflects on my salary account as well. But when I moved to second company and though I gave my UAN number to them, the UAN number does not show in my salary slip. And third company I shared my old first company number again, it shows in pay slip. Does this mean the UAN number was not registered for the second company? If so can I withdraw my money to my bank account?

  178. Hi sir
    I have received an SMS from ID-EPFOHO stating “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are required to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.”
    Kindly let me know the steps on how to do this online
    On unifield portal how can i do process plz help step by step

  179. How much time it will take to consolidate two id as my UAN shows two id .. i have already submit to consolidate my previous id to my new id ..

  180. Hi,

    I have received an SMS from ID-EPFOHO stating “Your UAN is linked to more than one account in EPFO. You are required to transfer them to your present account by online or physical application.”

    Kindly let me know the steps on how to do this online

      1. HI Basavaraj,

        I got same SMS, could you please let us know how we can do through online. Could you please give us some steps to do so.

          1. Hi, I have also recived the same sms, but I already transferred my previous employer’s PF to my current active pf account. Still I got the sms. Previously I did the transfer by Online PF transfer portal. My question is DO I still need to map the same by using “one employee- one epf” link ?

              1. Thank for your reply sir. I also checked my current passbook of my current employer’s PF account. I can see the balance is transferred from my previous account. But i got afraid when i see the sms from epfo which is saying my UAN is mapped to multiple pf account. Yes that is true. But old pf account is blank..and current account has the balance from my old account. Do I need to worry about anything?

                  1. Thanks Sir.
                    I emailed epfo and got the reply tgat I recieved the email for technical issues. Also to be in the safer side I also raised a grivence online. Thanks for your help.

  181. I have one UAN no. and two PF accounts (old and new), when I want to withdraw the current PF amount (since Im not working), it says multiple member ids exists. When I went merge my old PF no. to new PF no..under One employee one PF, the status showed “Delete” then clicked on “Delete” the status shows “deleted record”. please advice what needs to be done next.

      1. thanks sir. But how to be in touch with EPFO, is there any online portal or emial id so that I can send the problem I am facing or if I call on toll free number will it work??…please let me know

    1. there was no need to delete, now you have to enter the information again, the message may appear as :No Action taken”

  182. Hi,
    I have raised a online request for merge my previous epf to current epf on 8th Sept, 2017. I have one UAN number for both companies.
    Can you please tell me how much time, it will take to merge into one account ?
    and how much time, it will take for withdrawn ?

  183. Good Day Sir,

    I have linked my old pf account and current pf account through “one employee one pf account” and both the accounts are under one UAN. Please advise any further step i have to take.

      1. How much time it will take as yesterday i have done it 17th sep and after completion how it would come in my new company pf account. That means old pf account will get closed and all the amount i can see in new account

          1. Old pf acct will discontinue and i can see all my old acct amt under new acct. No need to contact any one past or present employer

  184. Hii Basavaraj,

    I have two UANs,one generated by previous company which i worked for and one by the current employer.
    My details such as name is entered incorrect in my previous employer records.

    now my question is—

    Is it possible to transfer the PF from previous to current employer ?If so,how?
    Please suggest me both offline and online procedure.

    Is is possible to correct the incorrect details recorded by the previous employer online in PF portal?If so, how?

    If I wish to withdraw the PF from my previous employer,what is the procedure.
    As you know its mandatory to match every single KYC details in PF portal,and for withdrawl of PF Aadhar card details is compulsory.

    Please help me

      1. I have two non operational pf accounts under single active UAN. EPFO allows to merge all accounts to the current active pf account only. Since I am not employed, there is no operational pf accounts. How can I transfer/withdraw pf balance?

  185. Hi Basavaraj,

    I found your posts very much helpful.
    My Query is that I was working early in organization say “ABC” and I left it around 3 years earlier. Currently I am working in another organization “XYZ” from last 18 months. I applied for EPF & EPS withdrawal from ABC in 2014 by submitting Form-10C & Form-19. Recently I raised a Grievance to EPFO for cross-checking if the entire amount was withdrawn or not at that time. EPFO replied that still there is very little amount around 2000 in that account and I can submit Form-19 again to withdraw it. So I sent mail to ABC regarding the same and they provided me a UAN and asked me to submit Form-19 for the same.

    Now main thing is that my Aadhar,PAN, Bank account are already linked to my active EPF account of organization-XYZ. Also now my both companies are having separate UAN and I ended up with 2 UAN. So please answer my queries below:

    1)Already my Aadhar,PAN, Bank account details are linked to UAN of XYZ so can these same details be again linked to UAN of ABC and if they get linked then will there be any issue.
    2) Can I use “One Employee – One EPF Account portal” to get my old ABC-PF account transfer or mapped to my Active UAN of ABC
    3)EPFO mentioned to submit Form-19 but Can I get this remaining amount transferred to Current-PF-Account instead of withdrawal.

    Nitesh Gurav

      1. Hi,

        As I said, that I had withdrawn amount earlier so Can you please confirm if I can transfer this remaining amount or not to my current EPF.

  186. Hi Sir,

    I want to withdraw advance pf amount through form 31 offline. Please advise how to proceed and how much time it takes for the amount to be credited into account.

  187. Hi, i have a question. i am currently working in 1 company and would like to joint another company also as part time worker with PF. can i have 2 company depositing pf in my uan? 1st company is in chennai and 2nd is in coimbatore, i am working from home. please help

  188. Hi,
    Chanced upon your blog while searching for answers for some issues I have on PF, and found it very informative. Learnt quite a bit on the process, but is unclear about certain others.
    I currently have three PF accounts- the first one was with an employer for 10 years. I left in 2014 and immediately joined another company, which I left after 1.5 years. I am with the third employer for the last 1.5 years. I have separate accounts with all three and have never transferred the balance to any of the new accounts.
    1. Is it mandatory/necessary to transfer the amount from previous accounts and consolidate in one/ latest account and if yes, can I do it together in one shot or should I do it sequentially?
    2. I have a UAN number, but I can only see two of my earlier accounts in it. Is it better to consolidate the first two before i merge the third account with my UAN?
    3. Will I be getting any interest in the earlier accounts, since I have not merged the accounts? I have a substantial amount from the employer i left three years ago (2014)
    4. I had worked in two companies earlier in my career (1993-2004), but cannot recollect if I have withdrawn, transferred or let it remain- is there any way I can find that out online now?
    5. I am 56 yrs and will be retiring in another 2 years , so is it better to withdraw or let it remain in the account for a few years after retirement since I do not have any immediate requirement; What are the tax implications while withdarwal, is it better to consolidate accounts or withdraw separately ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Nair-1) Yes, better to transfer as it makes you comfortable in tracking and at the time of withdrawal.
      2) YES.
      3) Yes you are getting the interest rates even though they are more than 3 years.
      4) Check them using the EPF portal.
      5) Let them be up to your retirement.

  189. Hello Basavaraj,

    I am getting error “Invalid Credentials” even i have entered my correct information. Can you let me know what is the problem here.

    Thank you,

  190. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti…

    I can see 2 UAN have been created for me. One with the previous employer and the other with the current employer inspite of providing the UAN at the time of joining.

    I have activated the UAN of my previous employer.

    I need to make a PF transfer online from my previous employer to current employer.

    Please suggest the procedure on how to merge the 2 UAN. And how to make a online PF transfer.

    Also let me know if I have to activate the new UAN created by the current employer as well.

    Thank you so much for your contributions!

    Waiting for your reply…


  191. First of all thank you for the great blog!!!

    Under one employee one PF section i have raised a request to consolidate my previous member ID to present ID, on 27-Aug-2017 but till yet the website is showing no action taken from field officer, can you tell me how many days they take to consolidate all member ID in one?
    Also if they didn’t take any action so is there any way to raise the issue apart from online grievance cell?

    Ashish Varma

  192. Hi Basunivesh,

    When I was claim online then show the error message

    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

    Please help me

    all KYC approved already approved

    please help me

  193. Hi

    When I was claim online then show the error message

    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

    Please help me

    all KYC approved already approved

    please help me

  194. Hi Mr.Basavaraj,
    I have my active UAN no. and its KYC and Aadhar linked. When I am applying online ‘part withdrawal (Form-31)’ due to marriage purpose its showing ‘your service is less than 84monts’. My current employment service age is 4years. But I had linked two old PF ids into my current one before implementation of UAN and my total service age is 9years. When I logged in through UAN it’s showing only current employment service history. So again I was added my two old PF ids through ‘One employee -one EPF Account’ but after 10days back no action has been taken up. Under these circumstances please suggest how could I claim part withdrawal through online.

  195. Hi

    When I was claim online then show the error message

    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.”

    Please help me

    all KYC approved


      1. then doing show one message

        Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.

              1. Did you get any resolution to this? I also get the same error. Grievance cell replied to me that:

                “Dear member we already referred this issue to our IS division and we will update you through mail once the issue has been sorted.Meanwhile you also forward the screenshot to e-mail id [email protected]

                1. Hi,

                  I had faced same issue, my previous company did not filled the date of exit of EPS and EPF, the problem just got solved when the filled same and then i successfully transferred the previous company amunt to my new one.

  196. Hi Basavraj,

    I have worked with IBM[say PF acc no PF_IBM] and then TCS[say PF acc no PF_TCS]. I have one UAN linked to member id of both PF accounts. I have following doubts:

    1) While joining TCS, I gave them UAN, does that mean the PF amount from PF_IBM will be transferred to PF_TCS ? Will PF_IBM=rs 0? Or PF_IBM will have its earlier amount and PF_TCS will have its own amount?

    2) I have left TCS as well and currently unemployed with more than 2 months. But my Date of exit is missing from EPFO portal. Without Date of Exit, we cannot raise online withdrawal claim as per my knowledge.

    3) Will any Tax be deducted?

    Hoping for a quick reply…..

    1. Abhijeet-1) They both exist under same UAN and might not be transferred automatically. You have to transfer using the unified portal.
      2) Let your employer update the same and then you can withdraw.
      3) If the service is less than 5 years, then there will be taxation and also TDS.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thank you for such a prompt reply.

        1)Before withdrawing full amount, is it necessary that I have to transfer PF amount from IBM to TCS or the online portal will automatically withdraw amounts from both the IBM & TCS PF accounts?

        2)While online transfer, only EPF from IBM to TCS will be transferred or Pension component as well?

  197. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am trying to map multiple member ids but getting “invalid credentials”.

    I raised complaint with regional ro through grievance management system but they did not respond properly.

    Is there a way to lodge a complaint directly with uan portal/epfo as this is more of a portal issue .The call never connects to the helpdesk number which they have provided.


    1. Thanks for the Excellent post, I recently tried to provide my previous 2 employer PF account details using “one employee – one EPF account” just added the details of my old PF account details and request got submitted successfully.

      My question is how many days EPF team may take to respond any idea. Do I need to do anything else apart from it?

      Secondly, Can you please suggest if i can completely withdraw my PF account and what are the conditions applied for it. I read that I need to be not working for 2 months at least then I can withdraw up to 90% etc. Please provide some clarity, thank you so much for the great work!

  198. Hi sir,
    I have two old member ids linked to my UAN APART from my current member I’d however I had withdrawn from old member Ids. I am trying to claim form 10c for pension contribution from unified portal but i get error of multiple member ids found consolidate it to current member I’d. For the same I visited one account one epf to consolidate where I entered my UAN, registered mobile no. With UAN & current member I’d , it says invalid credentials when I hit generate otp . Please suggest what to be done in this case

  199. Sir,

    My exployer where I worked for 20 days a year back didn’t give me UAN or PF no. But they have told me that they have seeded my Aadhar No with my UAN. Now at “Know Your UAN” page when I’m giving my Aadhar/PAA and Name, DOB, Mobile no it’s shoing ” Entered information does not match with any member.”. Can you please tell me why is that happening? IS this because the mobile no might not be matching or they have not linked my Aadhar or PAN with the UAN.
    Please help me.

  200. Good Day,

    I am trying to link my old pf account under new pf account both are under one uan, message pops up as invalid credential. Also my old pf account does not have exit date, date of joining i can see. Please advise.

    1. Sir
      I have two EPF Account.I gave transfer from old account to new account.But Claim is rejected , Because of Need to specify correct DOJ ,DOL and enclose NCP Days. I found DOJ and DOL . I am unable to to find NCP Days.
      Can NCP Days employer give Nil report.The employer have not the NCP Records

  201. Hi sir I want to withdraw my complete pf … currently I have only one uan number under which there are 2 member id’s…. will that be an issue

  202. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    I am join new company but they not continue my old UAN and created new UAN/PF no, i activate new uan no but my account no and ifscode not shown and i want merge previous and current but Invalid credential shown.
    One thing is also ask i have three UAN no Can i merge these three in current one, (1 – 2 years) (2- 2Months)
    (3-Now working from 21 june ) so kindly suggest please Asap.


      1. Dear Sir,

        How can request EPFO, Online or visit place…. Please suggest because Delhi is so far i am in gujarat

  203. I want merge three PF Accounts under my UAN.
    I entered valid registered Mobile No, UAN No, current Member ID and click on Generate OTP its showing Invalid credentials.

  204. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want map three PF Accounts under my UAN.
    I entered valid registered Mobile No, UAN No, current Member ID and click on Generate OTP its showing Invalid credentials.

    But I am able to download the Passbook and check the PF balance for my current PF A\c.

    Can you kindly let me know what could be the Issue.


  205. Dear Sir,

    My name and Father name both were incorrect in my PF a/c number and UAN in regional office Ahmedabad. I made a joint declaration with employer to correct the same. Subsequently I raised concern in the grievance cell also. Finally, My name and Father name both are corrected in my PF account number on the very next day of raising grievance. But my name and father name not yet corrected in UAN. Does it take time? What next steps? Actually I am joining new company in next 10 days. Is there any issue i will face?

      1. Even my name is incorrect in my PF account.It’s been more than one month that I have submitted the joint declaration form for correction of name to my employer. But still no action has been taken.Could you please suggest how did you raise the concern in the grievance cell.So that detail will be corrected. It will be very helpful if you share contact number or email id.

  206. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want map three PF Accounts under my UAN.
    I entered valid registered Mobile No, UAN No, current Member ID and click on Generate OTP its showing Invalid credentials.

    But I am able to download the Passbook and check the PF balance for my current PF A\c.

    Can you kindly let me know what could be the Issue.


  207. Hello Sir,

    Currently I am in my second organization. My previous employer generated the UAN after I left the organization. On the other hand my new employer also generated an UAN and said that PF transfer will deactivate the old UAN. My old UAN has only PAN updated in KYC. I have requested my current employer to update my Adhaar and other details in KYC. I have following questions:

    1) Will the KYC approval process conflict? Since my old UAN has the PAN KYC approved.
    2) How do I initiate the transfer? The OTCP portal does not work for last few months.
    3)Can I initiate PF Transfer from old UAN to new UAN from the new UAN member home?
    4) Can I link the old UAN EPF account to the new one using “One Employee – One EPF Account”

    Thanks in advance

    1. Parna-Your old UAN deactivating may take time. Instead, raise the issue to EPFO through your employer that you have two UAN numbers generated and hence request for a merger. Once both UAN merged, then you can see all your past and current EPF accounts.

  208. Hello Sir,

    I have two PF accounts from same employer. one PF account (TN/MAS/31309/227587) is linked to UAN but old one (TN/MAS/31309/048486) is not.
    I was planning to transfer amount from my old PF account to new which is linked to UAN.

    I raised a request also but my employer is saying there is a issue in EPFO portal hence its taking time. At the same time I am not able to see the status of that transfer. I am using link “” which is down.

    Kinldy help me with the correct website where I can check my transfer status,

  209. Hi, i am trying to link my previour company PF account to my UAN number.
    I filled the form and after clicking generate OTP it shows invalid credentials.
    However i am able to login my account with this uAN number
    Can you help me over this.

      1. I am facing the same issue when I try to consolidate multiple PF accounts. For the last one week it says “Invalid credentials” but I am able to login to the EPF website using the UAN number. Please could this issue be addressed ASAP. When I call the toll free number – it says it DOES NOT EXIST! Is there any email ID , which is can be mailed to?

          1. Thank you Sir for your reply. I have registered grievance with the EPFO. Sorry for the caps in the previous message. Thanks again!

            1. -I too am facing the same issue. Since last one week or more, the message consistently coming is “Invalid credentials” even though we can log into EPF site using the same.
              Don’t know what is going on .
              -Similarly, the Inoperative A/C helpdesk is consistently giving same error message “Description: Connection refused”
              – Looks like lot of issues exist with the EPF web-sites.

  210. I am working last 27th years and i am having UAN no….
    I am worked with 4th employers ( from 1990-2017 )
    all company pf transferred.
    while i am see online my service history show only current organosation.
    i want to see my all company detail with duration of my service so that my pension not effected..
    kindly guide me how can do this,
    thanks @ regads

      1. Sir,
        my accumulated corpus of 27 years is showing my and employer contribution only but pension fund corpus showing only last company contribution ( in EPF pass book )

  211. Hi Sir,
    I have a UAN linked to my current pf account.I want to link my previous pf accounts so I tried to add pancard and aadhar card but it threw error saying name doesn’t match against name in uan.
    I have linked pancard and aadhar card,in both of them my name is Ambily PV.But in my uan account my name is given with expansion of initials P and V.What should I do now.Do I need to change name in uan?

  212. Hi Basavaraj,
    I worked in a company for 3 years and resigned my job 4 month back. And i am working for new company for 4 month. 2 PF no is created under single UAN which is created by my old company. Shall i withdraw the full pf amount of my old company??. Pls confirm. and i have tried to update the Aadhar detail in UAN portal . But its showing “aadhaar authentication failed. aadhaar number, name, dob or gender mismatch with registered data.”. Pls help to solve the issue

    1. Raji-If your both EPF accounts are now showing under single UAN means you can’t withdraw as long as you leave the job permanently. If you are unable to link Aadhaar to UAN, then you can do so by visiting nearest EPFO.

  213. Hi Sir,

    My UAN activated by My Old Company and i left the job early this year. And while joining i have given my UAN to My current employer. I can able to see 2 PF accounts in UAN Passbook.

    Now can i withdraw money from my previous PF Account.?
    My PAN and Bank and aadhar details are showing Approved KYC but in Aadhar there is a Verification button. when i try click verify not allowing to go further, stating “Error while verifing aadhar”.

    Please advise.


  214. Hi basavaraj,
    I have an UAN linked to my previous employer
    My current employer created another UAN for my current Pf, can I add my old pf to new UAN?
    I have worst support from my employer
    Thanks in advance

  215. Not receiving the OTP on my registered number, though I clicked on resend multiple times.
    I’m receiving other sms and otps, not a network issue.

    Is there a workaround?

  216. Hi Sir,

    I left an organization in last year November after working for 7 days only. Neither I followed up for full and final settlement nor they did. Now I have received a Form 16 from them which shows that a certain amount as salary is paid/payable. Along with that an amount mentioned as deduction under EPF. And they didn’t pay it/epf either. I don’t want it either as post that incident I have been working with another organization and I didn’t tell my current employer about that 7 days stint.
    My question is can my ex employer where I worked for 7 days and left 7 months back link my current UAN with their establishment now if they want to pay me that epf due amount?
    If yes, then my current employer will get de linked from my UAN and they will come to know about this. So the situation is very confusing. But my current employer is paying epf and uploading ECR every month since November last year, so can my ex employer now link my uan with them in order to pay me the epf now? Or they can’t.
    Please guide me.

      1. Sir,

        Thank you. But I would like to now the reason. Is this because backdated UAN linking is prohibited or something like that?

          1. Bur sir,

            An employer after logging in if clicks on new UAN generation then the moment he writes my Aadhaar no it will show that a UAN is already linked with this Aadhaar and the UAN will also be shown to him. So he should not find any difficulty as far as finding my UAN is concerned. He has to only put my Aadhaar no, the UAN will automatically be shown to him.
            Am I not right sir?

            1. Atanu-How can you sure that your last employer with whom you worked for 7 months will do such research? Also, me and you unable to understand whether that option is provided by EPFO or not.

  217. I left my last organisation in Jan 2016. Currently i’m working as a freelancer and not employed. I did not withdraw my pf amounts. Interest was credited as on 31.3.2016 for fy 2015-16. There were no contributions in fy 2016-17. Interest is not credited as of 31.3.2017, for fy 2016-17 till now. Please help in finding the reason why interest is not credited. Thanks.

  218. Beginning to 2014 I changed my company. Two times I submitted pf withdrawal? form in my previous organisation but they missed both . By the time I got my UAN without my previous pf no. So, How can I withdraw amount from pf account no which is not added in UAN no.

  219. Hi ,
    My last company got closed how to apply pf for it .Currently I ma not working anywhere.Please Suggest

      1. Thanks a ton Basavaraj!!!

        I can fill this form alone and can submit (EPF Composite Claim Form) if i have aadhar card linked .Also should i get any attest from Bank ?Please advice

  220. Hello
    My employer has provided my Uan number after six months from my resignation.
    Now as I have filled up the forms they are not signing the claim forms . Plz suggest what should I do now

  221. Hello Basavaraj,

    Hope you are doing good :). I found your forum very interesting and found only such website which was helpful. I would like your recommendation here for the current scenario I am going through right now.

    Currently working in my 4th organization,
    Withdrew my PF from my first organization.
    Second org’s PF yet to be transferred
    Third org created a new UAN number for me
    Fourth org created another UAN number for me inspite of providing my old UAN number.

    My queries are as mentioned below:
    1. Can I transfer my 2nd org’s PF account to my Fourth Org’s UAN account or should I go sequentially as in 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th. Got confused since I now have two UAN numbers.
    2. Can I transfer the first UAN to second UAN and deactivate first UAN number ? How to do that ?
    3. Should I withdraw the second org’s PF and just stick with transferring 3rd Orgs PF to 4th Orgs PF?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Vivek Ramakrishna

    1. Vivek-1) You can request for transfer of all previous EPF accounts into current UAN.
      2) You can’t transfer UAN but can be merged. Inform to your employer for the same and they do the needful.
      3) Better to transfer all under latest UAN.

      1. Thank you very much Basavaraj. As suggested I have initiated a transfer of all my EPF accounts including the one which is associated to my old UAN number too to my new UAN number. Will the old UAN and new UAN get merged automatically since I have initiated this transfer.

        Regarding the second pointer my org mentioned that I will have to take care of this on my own which I am very much upset about it due to no fault of mine. Waiting for an update for the transfer. Will let you know accordingly.

        Thank you for your quick response and my bad for the late reply 🙂

  222. Hi Basavaraj,

    Currently, I am not working. I have 2 pf accounts. But did not have any UAN number. I have created a UAN online with my immediate last EPF account. Now I want to merge the other account into this UAN account. I am currently not living in the same city where I was working, so I can not get in touch with my previous employers. But I want to merge both pf accounts into 1 UAN and withdraw my balance from both the accounts. How can I do that?

    1. Ananya-Use the portal EPFO OTCP for transfer and then you can. But if your intention is to withdraw, then I think it is better to submit separately and withdraw now than waiting for merger and then withdraw.

  223. I had my PF account linked to my UAN of the previous organization.I joined the new organization and the new pf account which is active is not linked to my UAN, neither my employer is linking it. Can I link the new PF to UAN. IF yes , then how ?

  224. Sir,
    Request you to clarify following questions:
    1. I shared my UAN with my current employer while joining around 7 months ago, but the same is not reflecting in my UAN page and I also worked with Exempted Organization (with PF Trust) earlier, so can’t see any details online for the same too. How do I link all these PF A/c’s under my UAN page?
    2. When I am following above method and specifying UAN with previous Employer PF (because that was linked to UAN), I am getting error of “Invalid Credentials”. Any possible reasons for this?
    3. Can I do online transfer from PF Trust of previous employer to RPFO of new Employer?
    4. How do I see officially my Annexure-K or Service details? I want to ensure that the service history is update during all my previous PF transfers (to make sure there won’t be any tax if I’ll be withdrawing PF in future considering min. 5 years of service)

  225. Can anyone run 2 EPF account at one time ? Suppose i am working in X organisation in morning shift & in Y organisation in night shift. Both of them are deducting EPF. so is there any issue at the time of online transfer claim ? Please suggest me…


  226. Hi
    I need to link my old PF number to my current UAN. But it has been many months my UAN has been activated. How can I do that?

  227. Dear Sir,
    I Am not able to view my EPFO Passbook when i enter my UAN & Member portal password then it shows Invalid UAN Or Password.Sir help me in this Regards

  228. Hi Basavaraj,
    I did not withdraw/transfer my previous PF account and it is also not linked to UAN. I am willing to withdraw old PF, can I do so? Currently I am working.
    If I can not withdraw, what are the reasons?

  229. Hello Sir,

    I have 2 PF & 2 UAN’s. I have transferred the amount from my previous PF account to my new PF account.
    Now on ‘One Employee One PF’ portal, I have logged with my previous PF & UAN and the attempt was successful. however when I am trying to login with my current UAN details, it shows invalid credentials and I can’t merge both the accounts. Please suggest how to go about it.
    Thanks in advance.

  230. Hi,
    My last employer refused to update my Adhar card details on KYC and informed that they do not upload details for resigned employees. Also, I am not able to update Adhar on uan site as I am getting error authentication.null error. What should I do please suggest.

  231. Hi ,
    I worked with two organisations and didn’t transfer 1st pf to 2nd organization. As now I have left 2nd organization too and both pf accounts are linked to same UAN. How should I proceed with the withdrawal procedure.

  232. Hi,

    I not only have two PF Accounts but also I have two UAN numbers. So is the above process applicable to consolidate multiple UAN as well as the title explicitly says “ACCOUNTS ” >> consolidate multiple EPF Accounts online?

  233. Hi Sir,

    Can you pls help me with the following doubts:

    I switched to a new job in Sep’16. In my previous organization the PF was maintained by the trust and I had a UAN. Though I gave my UAN to my new organization, they have created an additonal UAN here( not sure why, may be bocs my previous PF was with the trust?).

    So I now have a) PF1, UAN1 ( from the old organization, maintained by the trust in Gurgaon) b) PF2, UAN2 ( from the new organization, maintained by EPFO Chennai).

    1) How should I activate my new UAN2 online?

    2) Since the online PF transfer portal was not working for the last few months, I did not initiate any PF transfer(from PF1 to PF2).

    3) But now I will be moving to another new job in 2-3 months, so I felt it is not beneficial to initiate the PF transfer now(from PF1 to PF2) ? So what is the process that I should follow to transfer the PF when I move to the new organization…bcos when I move to the new organization, I might have PF3 and UAN3?

    Please provide your guidance on how I should proceed, as I am in a fix.

    Many thanks for your help.

      1. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

        1) In which link should I provide the KYC docs to activate my UAN2? I already did this during the UAN1 activation, should I do it again?

        2) Guess now, the online portal is working. Do you advice to transfer my PF1 to PF2 now, before I move to the new job?


        3) Do I wait, move to my new job and then transfer(after 2-3 months) the PF1 and PF2 to PF3? In that case should I do an online transfer 2 times, that is PF1 to PF3 and PF2 to PF3?

        Thanks a lot for your help.

          1. Hello Basavaraj,

            Thanks for your fast feedback. But I still have some areas that are not clear to me. Let me break it down into small, fine grained queries so that it’s easy to understand.

            Am sorry for bothering you again with my doubts.

            Context is :

            I worked in Orgn1 from Dec 08-Sep 16. The PF was maintained by Trust in Gurgaon. I had a PF1# and UAN1# here. I joined new Orgn2 in Sep’16. Here the PF is maintained by EPFO Chennai. Though I gave my UAN1 to this new employer, they created a new UAN2 from Jan’17( I don’t know the reason why they created a new UAN2). So I have a PF2# and UAN2# now.

            In this scenario:

            1) I am able to download my UAN2 ( with my name, father’s name and KYC : Yes) from the site. So this means that I need NOT do anything to activate my new UAN2? am I right?

            2) also when you say merge both the UAN, how should I do it ? Is it via the online OTCP link – where I can initiate the PF transfer process?

            3) If I do step 2, once the PF transfer is done, will my duplicate UAN1 be automatically removed?

            4) Also, I am planning to quit my current job( will submit my resignation in a week or two) and join a new organization after 2-3 months? In that case, please advice me what should be right way to approach the PF transfer.

            I hope I haven’t confused you more.

            Again many many thanks for your time and efforts. Your advice really helps a lot !!!

            Bharath S

              1. Hi Basavaraj,

                Many many thanks for the inputs.

                I have informed my current employer of the duplicate UAN situation.

                But I also read thro your link


                where you have suggested that the duplicate UAN’s can be automatically merged ONLINE via the OTCP portal of EPFO.

                I SHOULD initiate this from my end? am I right?

                Thanks a ton for your kind help. Will be ever indebted to you for the clarity you provide .

                Bharath S

                  1. Dear Basavaraj,

                    as per your advice, I have initiated an online transfer of my old PF1(mapped to UAN1, previous employer) to my new UAN2(mapped to PF2, current employer). Since my PF1 was maintained in the trust, during the online transfer, by default, I only got the option of selecting my current employer for attestation. I have sent the hard copy of the signed from 13 to my current employer and have also informed my previous employer.

                    a) Please advice, if I need to do anything more from my side?

                    b) via the OTCP -> View Status Of Transfer Claim – says claim form submitted Mar 28 and pending at previous and present employer. Is there a way( like any online follow up etc), by which I can push and follow up from my side, so that my employers can take fast action?

                    Thanks for your help.

                    Bharath S

                    1. Okay, thanks Basavaraj. Will then wait & watch as per your advice.

                      Thanks a lot for your guidance. Kudos & lots of respect to your selfless service and timely help.

                      Bharath S

                    2. Dear Basavaraj,

                      How are you doing? Hope all is well with you.

                      As per your guidance, I initiated an online PF transfer and yesterday my previous organization(Organization 1 : UAN1 andd PF1) confirmed that they have done the PF transfer to my current PF account(Organization 2 : UAN2 and PF2). They also sent me the soft copy of the annexure K.

                      But I have now quit my organization 2 and will be joining a new organization in July 1st week. I have written a mail to my organization 2 to check and confirm from their end if they have received the PF amount.

                      Please help me on the below:

                      1) Which is the correct link that should I use to view my PF details/balances; pass books of the EPF accounts that is now transferred and tagged to my UAN2? How can I check the status online?

                      2) When I join the new organization 3 in July 1st week, is it enough if I give them my UAN2 ( since that is the recent one and where the PF transfer is completed)?

                      Please advice if I have done anything wrong or have confused you.

                      Thanks a lot for your selfless help,wonderful service and timely guidance.

                      Bharath S

                    3. Dear Basavaraj,

                      How are you, hope all is well with you.

                      I have got the PF transfer done from my Org1 (PF1,UAN1) to my Org2(PF2,UAN2). I have the annexure k and cheque details from my Org1.

                      I have raised a online grievance , with the annexure k details to get the current status of the PF transfer.

                      1) From my Org2, I got a feedback that, Post submission of Cheque to EPFO it may maximum one month to complete the process and I can view the transferred amount in UAN passbook, only Post 3 month’s? Is this true? will it take so much time?

                      2) Also my PF1 was maintained in Org1 in the trust, but the pension was maintained in the RPFC, Gurgaon. In the Org2 both the PF and pension are maintained in RPFC, Chennai. My Org2 informed me that , with one form 13 both the PF and pension will get transferred and there is no need to submit another form 13 for pension transfer separately? Is this correct ? or should I ask my Org2 to send a seperate another form 13 to my Org1 for the pension transfer? Please advice.

                      Also in the status of the online transfer, its approved by my previous employer(Org1), but pending at my current employer side(Org2).

                      Once again thanks a lot for your kind help and valuable guidance.

                      Best Regards
                      Bharath S

                    4. Bharath-1) It usually.
                      2) Yes, to be frank EPS will never get transferred. They just update your service records. Hence, they said no separate form to transfer EPS.

                    5. Dear Basavaraj,

                      Thanks for the valuable guidance. Only from what you said, I get a better idea about pension transfer. Please guide on the below questions so that I can get full clarity on the right process:

                      1) Okay.
                      2) Since EPS will never get transferred(just update of service records), so just one form 13 for PF transfer is enough, am I right?
                      3) Does that mean that as far as the pension is concerned, there will be NO money value( via a cheque,annexure K etc) that will be physically transferred, unlike the PF transfer that was complemented with the cheque?
                      4) The cheque value for the PF transfer effected will be final amount that will be transferred, nothing in addition to that from the pension part?
                      5) Also will the PF cheque from my Org1 will be directly submitted to RPFC Chennai OR will it go from Org1->Org2 -> submit to RPFC, Chennai?

                      Thanks again very much for your help. Indebted to you for all your support and advice.

                      Best Regards
                      Bharath S

                    6. Bharath-2) YES. 3) YES. 4) While transfer yes, only EPF. 5) Why you have to worry? Just check whether the account transferred or not. It is the internal process of EPFO.

                    7. Dear Basavaraj,

                      Thank you very much for your validation and providing the much needed clarity. Appreciate your kind gesture and valuable help.

                      Bharath S

                    8. Dear Basavaraj,

                      How are you doing?

                      I have raised 3 grievances in the portal asking them for the status of the PF transfer by attaching the image of the cheque sent to RPFC, Chennai & Annexure K. But every time they just reply that “they will verify the issue as per the ann-k attachment and will credit the amount to the present pf account after due verification”. My cheque was sent on 30th Apr’17.

                      a) How I get a specific feedback and proper action to ensure that the amount is transferred?
                      b) will raising a RTI work to get a proper feedback? do you have any procedure in your blog on how the RTI can be raised online?

                      Pls advice. Many many thanks for your timely guidance.

                    9. Hi Basavaraj,

                      Any feedback, guidance from your end would be help for me to decide the next steps. Thanks.

                    10. Hi Basavaraj,

                      Below was the feedback for the grievance that I raised ( this is the 4th time I am hearing similar feedback):

                      “it is informed that the member transfer in amount is reconciliation process pending and action taken to approve the same and amount will be credited to member present pf account shortly”

                      a) what do they mean by reconciliation process?
                      b) should I still wait or raise a RTI?
                      c) also for the latest UAN that was created by my previous employer, my KYC docs are NOT approved by my previous employer. He keeps telling me that the online portal from the employer side is not working properly since Nov’16 for them to approve the KYC. It seems they have also highlighted the issue to PF office, but so far nothing has happened. How can I get my KYC docs approved?

                      many thanks for your help and guidance.

                    11. Hi Basavaraj,

                      Thanks, I have raised a RTI attaching my cheque copy and annexure k, asking them by when the transfer will be done and updated in my EPF pass book.

                      How do I fix the below issue, please advice:

                      For the latest UAN that was created by my previous employer, my KYC docs are NOT approved by my previous employer. He keeps telling me that the online portal from the employer side is not working properly since Nov’16 for them to approve the KYC. It seems they have also highlighted the issue to PF office, but so far nothing has happened. How can I get my KYC docs approved?

                      Many thanks for your help.

                    12. Hi Basavaraj,

                      As per your guidance, I did raise the RTI. Now when I checked my EPF passbook, I find an entry for the transfer effected from my old member id(PF1) in the deposit colum with employer & employee share totalling to the cheque amount.

                      1) Is this a solid evidence to assure that the PF transfer(from PF1 to Pf2) is completed?

                      2) Also now my situation is blurred :

                      a) UAN1/PF1(Company1) transfer is done to UAN2/PF2(Company2), if you confirm point 1? This transfer was effected since Company 2 created a new UAN, which is the UAN2(latest UAN).

                      b) Now I am working in Company 3, which is mapped to the latest UAN2/PF3. My PF2(Company2) and PF3(Company3) are mapped to UAN2(latest UAN).

                      c) But for my UAN2, the KYC docs are NOT yet approved by my previous employer. He keeps telling me that the online portal from the employer side is not working properly since Nov’16 for them to approve the KYC. It seems they have also highlighted the issue to PF office, but so far nothing has happened. How can I get my KYC docs approved?? I have raised an online grievance in EPFO portal, is this enough?

                      d) also I got a sms from EPFO saying ” Your UAN is linked to more than 1 account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer to the present account by online or physical application”.

                      e) Does this mean that I have to ONCE AGAIN initiate a transfer from PF2 to PF3 even though both the PF’s are linked to the same UAN2(latest UAN)? If yes, to initiate the online transfer the KYC’s are NOT approved?

                      f) What is the purpose of “One Employee – One EPF account”interface, when should I use it?

                      Please clarify and provide me your guidance. I am totally confused.
                      Thanks a lot for your kind help & efforts.

                    13. Hi Basavaraj,

                      OK – clear that the UAN merge is then taken care of by the PF transfer(from PF1 to PF2).

                      But to the latest UAN(UAN2), both my PF2 and PF3(present employer) are tagged.

                      I got a sms from EPFO saying ” Your UAN is linked to more than 1 account in EPFO. You are requested to transfer to the present account by online or physical application”.

                      Should I again initiate a transfer from PF2 to PF3, despite both PF accounts mapped to UAN2? OR
                      Should I use the ‘Óne Employee – One EPF” account interface?

                      Please provide your guidance.

                      Hope it’s clear & I have not confused you.

                    14. Hi Basavaraj,


                      In that case since both my PF2 and PF3(present employer) are mapped to my latest UAN2, how should I initiate the PF transfer :

                      1) Is it via One Employee One EPF account interface?



                      2) Is it via Unified member portal -> Online Services -> Transfer Request?

                      ISSUE is : it says “Online claim request cannot be processed as, bank account number & IFS code is missing”.

                      I have submitted the KYC, but the employer says that they are having issues in the portal from NoV’16 to approve from their side.

                      Please let me know your guidance. Thanks a lot.

                    15. Hi Basavaraj,

                      I have raised a grievance in the EPFO portal asking why my KYC are not yet verified. If the feedback is not satisfactory, I will then follow it up with a RTI like last time. I hope that will make my (previous) employer act fast.

                      Since now my PF2 and PF3 are mapped to UAN2(latest UAN), can I use the “Óne Employee One EPF Account ” interface for the transfer from PF2(previous employer) to PF3(current employer)? Isn’t that the purpose of it…pl let me know.


                    16. okay thanks Basavaraj.

                      I will try to initiate the transfer from my PF2 to PF3 both mapped to same UAN2, via the Óne Employee One EPF Account ” interface.

                      Thanks for your help.

                    17. Hi Basavaraj,

                      I raised a grievance in EPFO portal, saying that my employer has NOT approved the KYC. But they closed it saying that ” KYC should be approved by the employer only , if any problem persists then employer may be advised to contact concerned pf office “.

                      1) Can I raise a RTI to get my KYC approved? Despite my repeated followups for almost an year, my (previous) keeps saying that there problem from the employer side in the EPFO portal.

                      My current situation : UAN1/PF1(Company1) transfer is done to UAN2/PF2(Company2). This transfer was effected since Company 2 created a new UAN, which is the UAN2(latest UAN).

                      Now I am working in Company 3, which is mapped to the latest UAN2/PF3. My PF2(Company2) and PF3(Company3) are mapped to UAN2(latest UAN).

                      In UAN2, only Aadhar seems to be in VERIFIED status, bank details are NOT verified, hence unable to initiate online PF transfer from PF2 to PF3 via Unified Member Portal.

                      2) Since now my PF2 and PF3 are mapped to UAN2(latest UAN), can I use the “Óne Employee One EPF Account ” interface for the transfer from PF2(previous employer) to PF3(current employer)? Pls let me know.

                      Thanks a lot for your help.

                    18. Ok thanks a lot Basavaraj, I will raise a RTI for this issue by today.Even they transferred the PF from my UAN1(PF1) to UAN2(PF2) only after I raised a RTI. Will do so again for this too. Thank you.

                    19. Hi Basavaraj,

                      After I raised the RTI, now in the member portal all my KYC(Aadhaar,Bank details, passport) are approved finally after a long struggle.

                      1) When I click ”Online Services” -> ”Transfer Request”

                      it looks like, I can now initiate the online transfer.

                      2) When I click ”Online Services” -> ”Claim” -> I get the below ERROR message

                      ”AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office”

                      – what does this mean and what I should do now?

                      Thanks for your help

                    20. Dear Basavaraj,

                      This is a shocker surprise? I now verified my Aadhaar,mobile and Aadhaar-Bank linking via the UIDAI site. Isn’t this enough or should I still visit the EPFO in person? Thanks.

                  2. Hi Basavaraj, okay thanks for your feedback, will go to the EPFO in person too. Also after I raised the RTI, my KYC’s got approved and online transfer link is active now.

                    Now to transfer my PF2 to PF3(both linked to UAN2), is it better to get it attested thro my previous employer? I read in your blog that the process is fast if attested thro previous employer.Just wanted to confirm with you. Thanks a ton for your help.

                    1. Okay, but the transfer process will be faster if I get it attested thro my previous employer(than my present employer), correct? pl let me know. Thank you Basavaraj.

                    2. Thank Basavaraj.

                      1) in the online transfer via the unified member portal, is it now 100% online or we still need to physcially submit the forms after initiating the online transfer process?

                      2) also my PF1(UAN1) has got transferred to PF2(UAN2), transfer-in is reflected in the PF2 EPF online passbook. How do I check if the EPS pension service details are transferred? should I raise an EPFO online grievance to check this or is there any other link?

                      Thanks a lot for your kind help and selfless efforts.

                    3. Thanks Basavaraj.

                      1) My PF1(UAN1) has got transferred to PF2(UAN2). But EPFO’s feedback(for my online grievance) was that “The EPS details have not been received from PF1. Kindly contact your employer”.

                      In this case, what should I do now to get my EPF transfer done?

                      2) I also have to transfer my combined PF from PF2(UAN2) to PF3(UAN2).

                      3) Should I now wait until the EPS transfer is complete from PF1(UAN1) to PF2(UAN2), and then execute step 2) only after that?

                      PF3(UAN2) -> is my current employer & UAN2 is latest UAN.

                      Please let me know your valuable guidance on how to proceed. Thanks a lot as always for your selfless help and efforts.

                    4. Bharath-1) If EPF transfer is completed, then EPFO just need to update service records in your EPS. Hence, once the past employer send the information, then they update. Bring this to the notice of your employer.
                      2) You can do so.
                      3) Better to wait.

                    5. Dear Basavaraj,

                      Pls give your advice. Have been stuck for a long time in this.

                      1) Have transferred my PF1(Org1, UAN1) to PF2(Org 2, UAN2). But EPS is NOT transferred so far.

                      UAN2 – is the latest UAN.

                      2) For EPS transfer, I again submitted a manual form 13 exclusively and my Org2 have submitted it to RPFC,Chennai and gave me the acknowledgement copy. Since the transfer was not done, I raised a RTI. I got a feedback from RPFC,Chennai that they have sent it to RPFC,Gurgaon and are waiting for the details from RPFC,Gurgaon.

                      3) I then pushed a First Appeal( asking the exact date by when the EPS transfer would be complete and the reasons for the delay) . Then the RPFC,Chennai have transferred the First Appeal to RPFC,Gurgaon. That’s the current status.

                      4) Now I am currently working in Org3(PF3,UAN2). Can I go ahead and transfer the combined EPF2 to EPF3 online OR should I wait until the EPS from PF1 to PF2 gets completed? What will I lose if I initiate the transfer without the EPS?

                      Please let me know, because I have been waiting for this EPS transfer for a long time..hence unable to initiate the next EPF transfer to my current PF account.

                      Thanks a lot for your kind help and guidance.

                    6. Hi Basavaraj,

                      Yes, I have raised enough number of EPFO grievances online and now a RTI as well. If the EPS never gets transferred and they only update the service records, then the issues is my service records for PF1(UAN1) to PF2(UAN2, latest UAN) hasn’t been updated so far.

                      a) So should I wait until this is DONE or can I go ahead for an online transfer of my PF from PF2(mapped to UAN2, latest UAN) to PF3(mapped to UAN2)?

                      b) Btw, do you offer any paid consultancy services for clients to get in touch with you and get guidance on how to get this completed? Pls let me know.

                      Thanks for your help.

                    7. Hi Basavaraj,

                      As per your guidance, I initiated an online EPF/EPS transfer {via unified member portal -> online services-> One member One EPF account(Transfer Request)} to my current PF account after selecting my previous 2 PF account numbers from where the transfer has to happen.

                      The current scenario is : From #PF1 to #PF2, EPF has been transferred, but the EPS service records has not been updated yet.

                      So I initiated a consolidated online transfer from #PF1 & #PF 2 to
                      # PF3. PF3 is the latest account number of the organization where I am currently working.

                      The ‘Transfer Claim Status’ tab shows the details of the transfer from both the #PF account number with ‘Claim Status’ as SUBMITTED.

                      1) Should I also take a printout of the respective form 13 and send it to my previous employers( since I have chosen the previous employers for attestation, to make the process faster) or is that NOT needed since the process is 100% online now?

                      2) How do I track the transfer status online? like where it is getting delayed, has the employer approved or not etc?

                      Please give your expert advice.

                      Thanks for your kind help and all the guidance.
                      Bharath S

                    8. Dear Basavaraj,

                      As per your guidance via the online transfer request in the member portal m