May 19, 2017

EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses

Many of us are unaware that EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses is very much possible. Earlier the rules are bit strict. Now the rules are eased for all members. Let us see how to use this option.

During this new updates, EPFO not changed all the rules. But removed only a few clauses to it. I will try to explain everything as per the new rules.

Do remember that this EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses is a non-refundable advance. You no need to repay it back. Also, there will not be any interest EPFO will charge on such advance.

Eligibility for EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses

# You can avail this facility for compensating the medical expenses of your own and your family members.

# The meaning of the family for this purpose is-Spouse, son, daughter, dependent father, mother.

# You can avail EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses if you or your family members are hospitalized for more than a month.

# You can avail this EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses if you need money for the purpose of major surgical operation in a hospital.

# If you are suffering from T.B., leprosy, paralysis, cancer, mental derangement or heart ailment and having been granted leave by his employer for the treatment of the said illness, then you can avail the partial withdrawal or advance.

# There is no minimum service requirement. Hence, you can avail this facility as and when there is such need.

# The maximum amount you can withdraw is LESSER of-6 times of your salary (Basic+DA) OR full employee share.

What are the changes to EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses?

Earlier, to avail, this facility one has to submit the ESIC certificate or doctor certificate. But from now onward, you are no longer be required to submit any medical certificate or any other certificate or document or any proforma whatsoever to avail advance.

EPFO amended the Paragraph 68-J and removed the sub-paragraphs (2) and (3). These two are the paragraphs which made it mandatory for the submission of ESIC certificate or doctor certificate in case of such withdrawal or advance for medical expenses.

EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses

Along with changes to EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical, the changes are done for those members who are physically handicapped. Employees who are physically handicapped are now no longer be required to submit any medical certificate or document or any proforma whatsoever to avail advance under paragraph 68-N.

How to apply for EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses?

In order to apply for EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses, you have to use the newly launched Composite Claim Forms.

There are two types of forms.

1) EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar)

If your UAN has been linked with Aadhar and bank details, this form can be submitted for all types of EPF withdrawals. The attestation of an employer is not required and this form can be submitted to EPFO directly.

2) EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhar)

If your UAN has not yet been linked with Aadhar and bank details, this form can be submitted for all types of EPF withdrawals. The attestation of an employer is required and the form has to routed through an employer.

Submit the forms as per your requirement and avail this facility. The process is explained in below image.EPF Withdrawal Process using EPF Composite Claim Form

Notice that if your EPF or UAN account is not linked to Aadhaar, then you have to apply for EPF Withdrawal or Advance for Medical Expenses through an employer. Otherwise, you can directly submit the form to regional EPFO.

Both the forms are the simple and single page, which you can fill it easily.

# Download EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar).

# Download EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar).

Refer the complete details about EPF Composite Claim Forms to my earlier post “EPF Composite Claim Form -Single form to withdraw EPF without employer“.


  1. Hello sir, I had applied for pf advance for illness which was settled at that time now I need more money for same reason and I again applied for the same and my application is in process I want to know that in current application I am eligible for 6 month wages or the amount which was settled last month will deduct?

  2. One who applied for EPF Advance through online with scanned bank passbook copy, but it is rejected with a reason that 1) REJECT 2) INCOMPLETE BANK DETAILS. There is already the same bank account detailes are added & Employer approved with DSC.
    Do you know about this kind of issue and its solution.
    Scanned passbook details and Details in EPF records are same.

    • Dear Valeed,
      Hard to predict. Better to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  3. Hi,
    I have applied for my PF withdrawal for an medical emergency on Nov’6th but still i am yet to get the amount.How more days it will take

  4. sir I aply pf advace withdraw 26 day back still showing under process what is problem please explain me sir

  5. Sir
    How many times we can withdraw from employee share for Illness (Medical Expense) purpose

  6. Dear Sir,

    One of our employees is 60yrs,retired & asked me to fill & submit PF full & final settlement form & Form 10D for pension monthly withdrawal. I filled form 31 & logged out. That too his amount of PF was 1 lakh & odd but by mistake I have sent the settlement for Rs. 89,500/- as he said. Will I be able to claim the remaining amount in a second installment. How? Claim status shows: Claim is under process.

    How long will it take for re- submission of Form 31. Form 10D is also not available in the EPFO online portal. How to solve his monthly pension withdrawal problem?

    Sir Please reply over my mail. Sir can I have ur contact number & timing for contacting in case of an emergency.

    Thanks & regards,
    Vidya Girish

    • Dear Vidya,
      First let them complete your withdrawal. Then you can request for complete withdrawal.

  7. Sir very useful blog, I have applied for pf advance withdrawal for medical reason, as per EPFO employee can withdraw his share in EPFO (6 months only) for contribution is 1400 then it will calculate 1400*6 is it ?? Please help me to understand the calculation..

    • Dear Imtiyaz,
      I have written this post based on the latest notification. Refer the same for your doubts.

  8. Hi Sir,
    I recently applied for pf form 31 category illness my request was approved and payment settled by epfo but the money wasn’t credited due to name mismatch with my bank a/c. Can i resubmit it again online after updating the correct KYC with my pf a/c or i have to submit a hard copy of re-authorization form to the pf office?

  9. Dear Sir,
    I have applied for advance pf for illness of my family member. I habe applied on 1st nov. How many days it take to claim the amount since its on emergency purpose

  10. Do you have a copy of the circular wherein the EPFO office has asked the banks to attest form 19 & 10C in case where the employer is not available/company closed. SBI bank is not signing my documents they want to see the circular/notification.

    • Dear Patricia,
      Approach the regional office or search for the same in EPFO portal.


    • Dear Dhanraj,
      Please refer above post for your eligibility.

  12. Sir
    Do we need to pay interest or repay back amount that we’ve received from form 68j claim

    • Dear Uday,
      NO. Because it is an advance you are withdrawing from your accumulated EPF.

  13. In PF advance,can we withdraw both Employee and Employer contribution in Medical illness criteria?

      • thanks for the prompt response

        but I am unable to withdraw advance PF amount through online in illness category as it is showing Error:- Invalid key Info in digital signature(this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid-it is either expired or doesnot belong to the AUA or is not created by well known certification Authority.

        Pl suggest what needs to be done from my end for resolution of this error so that PF advance in illness category can be withdrawal.

        • Dear Karan,
          It is a technical glitch and hard for me to guide you.

          • hi,

            What should i do now??

            Pl guide

  14. Can we withdraw employee share in case of illness. as i am aware we can witdraw employee share. but need to confirm about the employer share apart from pension fund.

    • Sudhanshu-There is no such option that you can withdraw your portion alone. Refer the above post for advance in case of illness.

  15. Sir i raised a claif for advance pf but it got rejected and asking to submit certificate of esic how do i get it and submit please advise

    • Satyam-I am not sure about ESIC. Better you raise this with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

    • Hi Satyam – ESIC is the Employee State Insurance Corporation wherein they have been insured by employee corporation. Their clinics and hospitals are available across India. You can ask for list along with the ID to your employer and visit to nearest to take certificate. Hope this will help you.

  16. Hello Sir,

    I want to withdraw some amount from my PF account to settle my immediate requirements.
    My Query is, is it possible to deposit any surplus amount in my PF account? I will be having some surplus left, after Nov-Dec this year.
    worth note here, PF withdrawal is the only option left over with me right now.

    • Vasim-EPF withdrawal if for special purposes only like medical expenses, property purchase and all.

  17. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for PF Advance withdrawal due to illness of my family member on 5th Feb and on 12th It says claim Rejected, Checked the Rejection Reason and it says as below.

    Claim-Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Illness) Claim id-xxxxxxx6 Member id-xxxxxxx has been rejected due to :- AS PER SOP, MEDICAL CERTIFICATE SHOULD BE ENCLOSED WITH FORM./OK

    Please let me know what should I do and as per my understanding there is no such requirement for to provide the Documents if we have UAN active with all the correct details in EPFO

    Please help me step by step as what I have do and I will be very much thankful to you

      • Dear Sir,
        As per your guidance, I have filled the EPFO Grievance Cell Online and I got the below response,

        “This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number HxxxN/E/xxxx/xxxxx.
        It is informed that after processing your grievance, the following action(s) has been taken:
        Sir the application has been rejected as per prescribed rule under Par 68J. Your required to fulfill the condition as prescribed in EPF and MP Act, 1952 provision. Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office. Please quote the same in your future correspondence.”

        Please help me out with and I will be very thankful to you.

        • Abdul-Refer THIS for latest Par 68J and accordingly, you can raise an issue again with them.

  18. Hi Basavaraj ,
    Greetings ! . Thanks for your guidance . I have withdrawn my PF from old UAN number ( My new company created new UAN number almost six months back and my old UAN and PF number under exempted trust.) . But I have received only PF and EPF . Is this right .. They didn’t process or not provided update on my EPS amount . How to withdraw this EPS amount and where to get the statement for EPS statement . Unable to check in online as my previous PF was under exempted trust .

    Please advise.

    • Abdul-I think you missed to provide withdrawal request for EPS. Check with concerned EPFO for the same.

  19. Whether PF office verifies reason given while claiming partial withdrawl online UAN portal for house cobstruction, medical etc?

  20. There are so many hitches to withdraw the money from PF that’s why I dislike to contribute to VPF.

    • Suman-You have option to stay away from VPF but for few (whose basic is less than Rs.15,000 per month) have no option.

  21. If the employee in critical condition, he can’t even respond and his family needs his funds to spend on his treatment, How can he withdraw his funds?

  22. iam applied to claim pf amount for the last worked company, but it was cancelled due to my name & father name was change in pf account. After that the forms are returned to my old company, iam attached Joint Declaration form to this forms and send to pf office. Now iam check the pf claim status in that status was ‘ Settled but returned’ payment sent via NEFT has been returned on 20.nov.2017. like this shows , what should i do for claim my pf amount.

  23. I am in service for more than 3 years in a company. Can I withdraw PF advance for illness online if yes do I need to submit any certificate.

  24. I took advance from pf for buying home .
    Now I wish to take advance for addition alteration of home. Should I be eligible to take this. Or what is the time gap between this .

  25. Respected Sir,

    Thanks so much for your precious informative blogging

    Please update us about new EPF housing loan? how i can apply? latest rules?

  26. Sir – for part withdrawal- What are the options available for multiple Id error case / KYC is verified but online is not able to submit due to error .
    I have two account linked with current / i have placed request of merger online transfer claim and one employee/one EPF online nothing is happening status claim submitted . I have urgent requirement .

    Question – in this case can i submit EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar) direct to EPFO regional office ?
    Thanks for time.

    • Akhilesh-Better to submit the forms to regional EPFO directly.

  27. Hello Sir,
    Actually I want to know that I am done with the KYC in EPFO but while withdrawing procedure I am getting an error saying no Previous/Current Employer is linked with this UAN. BUT my passbook is showing me the amount and my company’s details.

    Please guide me how to withdraw that PF amount.

    And one more thing, do we need to make the payment of the advance PF taken?

  28. Hi Sir,

    In my UAN 2 PF numbers are linked. I am currently unemployed. I have left my job on 1 st Aug. Now I want to withdraw my both companies PF amount, my aadhar is not updated. My 1st company got closed and I have no support from my HR. In this case, can I apply my 1st company PF withdrawal first and then my 2nd company PF withdrawal seperately?

      • But my 1st company is closed so I can’t get employers help in getting this form signed.. in this case what should I do..

        • Divya-You can still withdraw without employer help if you had UAN number and KYC complied.

          • My KYC is complied. But my Aadhar is not seeded properly. Now can I submit the composite claim(Non- Aadhar) form directly in PF office by getting sign from my account bank manager ?

  29. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the wonderful info.

    I have currently resigned from my current organization, and last date is 21 Sep. So I want to understand
    is it possible to withdraw only EPS using online/offline, please let me know the details.


      • Sorry I didnot undertstand, Am I not eligible to withdraw only EPS or can i withdraw only EPS after Sep 21.

        • Srinath-You can’t withdraw either EPS or EPF if you are in job.

  30. Hi,
    I resigned from my previous company in March 2017 and joined new company in April 2017. Can I withdraw my previous company PF? I’m asking this because I read somewhere that you have to be unemployed for atleast 2 months to withdraw the PF.
    Also, please let me know if I can take a loan from my PF? Is there any separate thread for this?


    • Arya-I hope you are handling the same EPF number or UAN number in your new employment. In that case (or even you not using), you are not allowed to withdraw. You can only transfer it. Yes, you can withdraw as an advance against some particular reasons.

  31. I Worked in an institution in One year with PF . After Resign rejoined in same institution after one year , but they created another PF Account. can i have transfer old account balance to new Account online or offline.

      • Aadhar Not Linked , Any offline Way.

  32. Thank you for the very informative article.

    I have a query: if UAN is linked with Aadhaar & XYZ Bank a/c during service. At the time of PF withdrawal if my Bank a/c is changed, which Composite Claim Form applies (Aadhaar or Non-Aadhaar)?


    • Manjunath-Aadhaar based. But in my view, it is best first to update the bank details and then proceed for withdrawal.

    • I am getting the following error while applying online PF Advance withdrawal.Aadhar is not authenticated from UIADI.Visit nearest EPF office

  33. Hello sir how can I withdrawal my EPF money without employer I have not done kyc first epmloeyer is passed waye and second party employer are not corporateing me to withdrew EPF I have get uan no only not linked addhar pan bank account.???

    • Bishnu-You have to submit the Non-Aadhaar based forms to regional EPFO.


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