January 23, 2020

How to update EPF Date of Exit Online without employer?

Many of the employees the biggest headache was to make sure that their past employers enter the proper date of exit in EPF records. To solve this problem EPFO recently launched a facility to update EPF date of exit online without an employer.

From now onwards employee can update his date of exit (DOE) in the UAN website without the help of an employer after 2 months of leaving the job.

Before proceeding further, first, you have to understand the terms and conditions to enter the date of exit in UAN.

# The date entered is NOT EDITABLE and in case you have entered a wrong date enormously then it can be corrected only by the concerned filed officer of EPFO on the basis of a written request of the employer to the office. The date of exit, however, can not be edited after the settlement has been taken.

# In case you have entered the date of exit and withdrawn the amount, then the service length under the schemes will lapse and on any subsequent employment the service length will start afresh for any eligibility for pension and advances.

# Please note that the date of exit entered by you will be displayed to the employer and in case you are still in employment then at the time of filing of the remittances for a period after the date of exit will be shown to the employer.

# Date of exit can be a month for which the last contribution has been received. In case the employer has defaulted in payment and your date of exit is later date then you to approach the employer for updating of date.

How to update EPF Date of Exit Online without employer?

Now let us understand the process of update EPF date of exit online without employer.

# Login to your UAN member portal. Then go to the menu “MANAGE” and from the dropdown select the “Mark Exit”.

update EPF Date of Exit Online without employer

# Once you select the “Mark Exit”, then a new window will open. Here, you have to select your employment (your last EPF Account No.).

# You have to enter the date of exit in two places.  You no need to enter the exact date of exit. You can enter the date within 15 days after the date of leaving of job.

Check the last contribution month in the online passbook and identify the latest Provident Fund contribution month. Accordingly, you have to enter the date of exit.

Suppose your contribution to EPF Passbook is showing up to the month of December 2020, then you have to enter the last date of that particular month i.e. 31st December 2020 should be your exit date.

Enter Date of exit in EPF

Then you have to check the box “I have read the below points carefully”. Then proceed for the entry of date of exit.

EPF Exit Date Entry ONLINE

Do remember that you have to mention the reason for the date of exit also. The reasons listed are as below.

-Retirement- When the employee takes voluntary retirement

-Superannuation-After completing 58 years of age

-Permanent Disablement-When permanent disablement happens to EPF member

-Cession (Short of Service)-When you resign your job.

Once you enter the exit date, provided the reasons and check the box where it will show you the terms and conditions, then click on the tab “Update date of exit”.

# Click on “Request OTP”. You will receive OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and submit for date of exit finally.

I hope this process will ease the biggest hurdle of many EPF members as due to many reasons (one may be employer closed the shop) employer not enter the date of exit. Due to which you are facing the trouble of transferring or withdrawing.

Do remember few things:-

You are allowed to update the date of exit only after the completion of 2 months from the last contribution done to your EPF account. Also, once you enter the date of exit, then you can’t change it. Hence, be careful while entering it.


  1. Sir date leaving update Karne par dikh raha no possible please contact employer ye kaise Hoga sir please help

    • Dear Vikash,
      If it is not possible, then approach the regional EPFO.

  2. no contribution was received date of exit updation is not possible please contact your employer is shown while adding exit date

    • o contribution was received date of exit updation is not possible please contact your employer is shown while adding exit date

  3. Hi Thanks for all the info published in the blog.

    However I want to ask something which I’m facing for last few months. I have worked for unexempted pf company for 6 yrs and have accumulated some pf balance then I moved to a exempted pf trust company. I did not knew about all these nitty gritties of transferring pf from one org to other, however I did fill up the transfer request form from the previous company to the new company. But to my surprise, now I have realized that the pf amount of the previous company is not transferable or am able to withdraw, because the previous company has not marked my exit dates in the system. Now by the time I joined my New Organisation, my previous company had got sold off to some company and that company also had been purchased by a 3rd new company(however, this 3rd company is still in existence).

    Now I’m unable to either withdraw or request for transfer of the accumulated pf balance. I tried contacting the previous employer HR Manager, but he is also unable to help in this regard.

    Please let me know how to get my balance transferred or withdrawn ?


    • Dear RR,
      If you have UAN login, you can enter the exit date online. Check for the help of regional EPFO.

  4. much needed info, thanks

  5. Hi
    I have 2 PF account, i want to exit from one account and merge with the other. The problem is my previous employer has not paid PF for 9th months of my salary and I have left the job already. I wont be able to exit the account unless my previous employer adds pf in my account, kindly suggest what i should do in this situation.

    • Dear Sarika,
      No option but to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  6. My current company for past four years does not have EPF contribution since we are less than six people. I have previously worked for four years in another organization which had PF contribution? Can i withdraw that PF and whether it will be taxable?

    • Dear Rahul,
      Yes, you can withdraw. If the service is less than 5 years, then it is taxable.

      • OK… Thanks…what do the tax authorities consider as period of service ?since I have 4 years of service with PF contribution and 4 years without PF contribution. Will they consider 4 years of PF non contribution as something out of employees control and therefore non taxable since service is for eight years ?

        • Dear Rahul,
          It is taxable income for you as it is less than 5 years contribution.

  7. Hi,
    can you give me clarification of another scenario, my last working month is April, 2019 and i want to withdrawal full amount but for this i did not follow mark exit process. when i will go to claim so a error message appear that “your KYC bank updation is pending on 14/12/2018 from co. name for approval,
    in this case what should i do for withdraw my amount as soon as possible. KYC updated. i can not coordinate my last employer.
    kindly give solution regarding following points:
    * i will have to follow the process of Mark Exit to withdraw money or not.
    * is there any online option to approve bank details from my side or what will be the process.
    * what is the full process i have to do in this scenario.

    • Dear Akshiv,
      The issue is not updating bank details. If your employer not helping you, then visit the regional EPFO and update the same.

  8. i tried update my date of exit in my uan portal but it is showing ,No contribution was received.date of exit updation not possible, please contact your employer. what do now

    • Dear Subhash,
      I think it is an issue with employer. Check whether they deposited to your EPF or not.

      • Hi Sir, I left company A and date of exit has been already updated as 15/12/2019, and last contribution was 11/12/2019. And then I joined new Company B on December 2nd, worked for a month and then in the first week of december i left Company B due to personal issues. But i got one month(December) salary from company B, but Pf contribution has not been made till today. In UAN portal I was getting a pop up saying date of exit cannot be updated since no contribution received. But now i am getting an option to update date of exit for company B. So i am confused which date to update as DOE, since no contribution was made from company B. Can i consider last contribution from company A while updating DOE for company B ?!

        And another question, if the last contribution is december 2019, can i update DOE as Feb 2020 ?!

        • Dear Rudolf,
          If no contribution was received earlier, then how can you enter exit date.

          • Sir, before i didnt get an option to update.. since i got the option to update now for the new organisation..i was thinking if i can update considering the last contribution received from previous organisation. Can I ?!

  9. This is really a good article and they way you explained is so simple, yet I need to understand one scenario. I left company A and joined a company B 2nd of Dec, again I left within a month 7th of Jan, due to health issues faced because of company timings (night shifts), so I joined another company, say it is company C on 8th of Jan, without informing company B. Now, I got paid for second month PF from company I left (that is B).
    #1) Will I able to update my exit details as 7th Jan, say if the PF paid by company I left (that is B) is on 21st Jan.?
    #2) My new companies salary is not yet credited, hence PF is not generated yet, however, after new PF generates from company C, from which PF account amount will get transfers from company A or from company B.?
    #3) Will my new company C needs to send a PF transfer request, to company B or to company A.?
    #4) Will my current company C able to access UAN portal.?

    • Dear Mezdha,
      1) In that case the exit date should be 31st January.
      2) Generating EPF will not automatically transfer your EPF. You have to request.
      3) Not company but you to EPFO.
      4) Yes.


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