Excel PPF Calculator-Calculate goal, loan or withdrawal amounts

It is hard for PPF investors to find the online calculator, which can calculate your goal, choosing investment options like lump sum or monthly and withdrawal options or post 15 years how to use a calculator. However, what if all these will be available in one excel?

PPF Calculator

Yes, once again, Mr.Pattu with the help of Mr.Karthikeyan Chellappa created an excel sheet which can answer all the above requirements. Let us see what you can do with this excel sheet.

1) Goal Calculator-

On this page, you need to enter the maturity value you required and the current PPF investment limit. Then go to a PPF calculator page where you need to enter the investment frequency along with interest rates. Once you do this and press on “Click on me” tab, then the result will show you the required monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual investment.

Therefore, to arrive at your target amount from PPF, you can easily calculate and set your investment goals.

2) PPF Calculator

This page will totally display you the each year investment details, accrued interest, and total balance amount at the end of each year. This sheet will show you the result up to 15 years.

3) PPF Tracker

On this page, you have an option to choose date on which you want to invest like before 5th of a month after the 5th. Along with that, you can change the investment amount (which is not possible with PPF Calculator), the rate of interest for each year and maximum limit per year for PPF. You can make these changes until 15 years to arrive at the result.

This sheet will also automatically show you the loan and withdrawal availability for each year based on PPF rules.

4) Post 15 years Tracker

This tracker is exactly like PPF tracker, but you can use this sheet only in case you have extended the PPF investment tenure after 15 years. The rest of the features are exactly like what you find in PPF Tracker sheet.

So overall, this PPF calculator will give wonderful features to all who is looking for PPF investment. You can find such interesting calculators from Mr.Pattu’s website www.freefincal.com. The beauty of all these calculators is that they make you start to think about money and all are free to use 🙂

Download the Excel PPF Calculator.

21 Responses

  1. HI, It seems the PPF calculator sheet is very nice and strong to manipulate many things, but sheet is not getting download. How to get and have a view at the PPF calculator sheet.

  2. Sir,

    Kindly clear:

    I have opened PPF account in March 28th 2019 and invested 150000. And I again invested 150000 on May1st 2019.
    Will I be eligible for interest for the both amounts.
    Is the limit per FY or annually or difference should be 1 year between lumsum investments

  3. Sir.
    From April 2016 what is the interest rate in a quater wise on PPF scheme?
    As this financial year is about to end it is better to have the figure before hand as few Post office are not equipped and calculate the interest which is at present 8% in last two quater.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for such helpful posts. Please clarify a query on interest rate. I started my PPF account this year i.e. August 2016. So will this interest rate 8.1% be consistent throughout till maturity?

    Thank you

  5. Hello Basu, Thanks for sharing your knowledge as always.

    I have one questionn. My wife is indian resident and she have ppf account in SBI. I am NRE and i dont have any NRE account in SBI, while i have in other banks.

    My question is can i transfer the money into my wife PPF account from my NRE account every year directly online.
    If yes, will there be any problem in future

    waiting for your reply.


      1. Sir ,I have gone through first time all your articles & really all are best as far as novice investor is concerned .

        I have back dated 2012 done ekyc ..one time process now wanna enroll for online mutual fund of birla sun life then it needs authenticate ekyc then while doing so otp has sent to registred mobile no of that time …I want to change that mobile no then start investing via SIP …please guide ..I’m sure u will definately revert back me soon .

  6. Hi mr.basavaraj I have my investments in mid cap, large cap, equity diversified, balanced funds & gold funds.
    pl suggest me good funds for further investment through SIP.

    1. Sudheer-According to you how many funds will actually be one must have to create a good investment? Please first think a loop holes in your current funds or portfolio then we discuss about further investments.

  7. Hello Sir,,,,,,,,, just wanted to check is it worthwhile investing in lic plan no 814 & taking maturity benefit into 10 yrs settlement option or to take maturity benefit & invest in some other plan.


    Thank you

  8. Dear Basu Sir, I am a fan of ur articles. U’ve don a commendable job by inventing this ppf calculator. I hope it’ll serve its purpose. But i’ve a question. Will it also work on my mobile?

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