EPF Universal Account Number (UAN)-What it is?

EPFO launched providing Universal Account Number (UAN) to its members. This will be one of the major steps EPFO provided. With this facility one can download online passbook, update their profile, transfer account or view previous details.

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Universal Account Number or UAN act as a unique number to each member under which you have multiple IDs allotted by your employer will be tracked. Suppose if you join a new company then you just need to submit a UAN number to your employer. You can now get this UAN number from your employer. Because allotting of UAN already started.

The main purpose of this unique number is to provide access to employees to have a view of his/her profile and access the services like viewing profile, changing profile, download online passbook, or request for transfer. To avail such facilities you need to create a login by visiting UAN Homepage. Follow this LINK to verify whether UAN is allotted to you or not.

The advantages of creating Login to UAN

  • You can download or print your latest passbook.

From now on you can directly download or print the passbook by UAN Portal. Once you login to account, then there is a section for download. From there you can easily download the PDF format of passbook.

  • Download or print your UAN card.

As I said above, you can download your UAN card, also by clicking on a download link on the website.

  • Check your member IDs under your UAN.

Here you can check out your previous member ids allotted by your previous employer. This simplifies your EPF details also to check whether the particular account is eligible for transfer or not. However, in the future there will be no further member ids. Only UAN number is enough to track your all EPF details.

  • You can update your profile, which sometimes wrongly entered by your employer.

You can update your mobile number, email id and can submit the documents required for KYC.

The same features are highlighted in the above image. The process of creating your account and how you can use this feature is mentioned in the above image. For further information you can check out this MANUAL.

If you have any further doubts then you can contact EPFO.

Helpdesk Contact Number-1800 118 005

Helpdesk Email [email protected]

Or else you can check it out the FAQs.

Hope this service will simplify all sorts of service related issues.

149 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I worked for one company from 2007-2009. they deducted some amount as PF. Now I tried to create UAN number but it shows an error that your details doesn’t match like that. How could I access my PF without UAN number? Could you please help me sir.

  2. Sir
    I worked for 3 month in company A. I have UAN no which is inactive. Now I am going to join new company But I don’t want to disclose about my past job.
    Pls tell me
    If I don’t disclose my UAN no (which is inactive). Will it create problem in creating new UAN. Please help SIR

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have resigned from my office, but in my uan aadhaar, bank account details are not apporved. Company name is changed now. I stay in Hyderabad & office is in Chennai. My aadhaar details are verified by local epfo office, but showing as kyc pending status as it is not approved from employer. Please tell me how can i proceed to claim my pf amount. Can i claim offline procedure by visiting local epfo office in Hyderabad

          1. sir I downloaded the Non Aadhaar based composite from internet In the form Employer’s Sign, Designation & Seal of the Employer is there at the last.

  4. i am unable to add aadhar in kyc because gender detail not updated in uan profile. Pls suggest to update gender detail

  5. dear sir

    i will try to update kyc but some problem in updating kyc on uan member portal

    For Aadhar:
    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    For PAN:
    Pan verification failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)

  6. Respected sir, I am working in MNC and planning to work in college too simultaneously. But the institutions are paying PF. My doubt is. Getting two Pf is illegal or can I work both side. Please advise because I have no idea and never want to do anything against policies. Help me. Thanks

      1. But my concern is how can govt pay twice for same employee. Iam the only source of income to my family did not want to risk hard earned money. Please assist me

  7. Dear Sir,

    My Previous Employer Has Updated Wrong PAN Card Details In EPF Website So Can I Update It Now?
    And Now I Have Changed My Company And Can I Update My KYC Document PAN Card Detail In uan website?
    Please Reply Sir.


  8. Dear Sir

    I have got 2 UAN numbers from 2 different employers upon my job change. 1 is from my 1st employer and another one is from my 2nd employer.

    Now I am working with 4th employer and using the 2nd UAN which is latest(Have used the 2nd UAN for 2nd , 3rd and 4th Employers). But my personal details are mapped to 1st UAN and Iam not able to activate the 2nd UAN, as it is giving the exception that the details are already used by other member.

    I have dropped a mail to epf department to disable the old one but they directed me to a portal for submission of request, where there is no related option to my case and 2nd option is not valid in my case, as I already withdrawn my accumulates from my first UAN.

    Please suggest me how can I disable the old UAN and get the new one activated. Thanks.

      1. Hi

        Actually I have referred the same.

        I have dropped a mail to epf department to disable the old one but they directed me to a portal for submission of request, where there is no related option and 2nd option is not valid in my case, as I already withdrawn my accumulates from my first UAN.

  9. Hello sir,

    I had an issue with my UAN where in my DOB and name were incorrect.My prev employer was not helping in fixing the issue.So, i got my new UAN created with my current employer.

    Could you please guide me with the process for deletion/deactivation of my prev UAN.


  10. sir,

    My self created one UAN Number and my new employer also created one uan for me..so i want to deactivate old uan number..how to deactivate old uanpls help me..and i got one message from epfo stating that to ‘please seed Aadhaar with your UAN NUMBER..they mentioned my old UAN..

  11. One of our company Staff UAN is not generated his name is Santhosh Negi (PF.No.: TN/8395625). Please advise how to get the UAN for this candidate.

    Two UAN has been generated aginst my name. The PF amount from previous has been sent to new account. Now i need passbook regarding my previous account.
    But previous account only says that all amount has been settled and transferred to new account. and new account shows only transferred amount from previous employer and new passbook.
    i am not able to find previous passbook entries anywhere. Plz reply where can i get my previous passbook entries.

  13. i am working vodafone call center,But i leave this company only i have pf No.how to check my balance pls help me

  14. Hello sir, my name is shekar, 2 uan accounts was created to me one for past employer one for current employer…is there any chance to delete uan account..

  15. Hi sir,

    I want to know that when I’ll share my UAN number with my new company will they get to know about my previous company and the also for how long I worked in my last organisation?? This is because I applied as a fresher in my new company.

  16. Hi,
    I had left my job 4 years back and have not withdrawn my PF. As I have not been in any job after that I dont have any UAN number either. Is there a way I can get my PF amount

      1. Hi,

        To even withdraw my contribution it says I need UAN number. So Is there a way for me to withdraw even my contribution since I dont have any a UAN number?

  17. Respected Sir/Madam,
    Good evening,

    Hope everything is fine,

    I Need help for you,
    Right now i have problem I using my number 9845303890.
    But this Number already Registered to this UAN number 100410534323.
    Please remove this number from this UAN number.

    Thank You.
    Vishwa Kumar H C

  18. It has been 7 month but my Father’s name , DOB & DOJ is not mentioned in my UAN card & in UAN passbook also. I had also submitted all required documents & it has also been approved. How to solve this problem

  19. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have joined my new company on 15-Sep-14 and spent 7 years in previous organisation prior to join new.
    In my previous organisation my UAN number was created for PF account.

    As I have withdrawn my EPF and pension amount from previous organisation with which my UAN number was linked with giving the declaration on unemployment however i have joined new company after 3 days

    Do I need to create new UAN in new Organisation or old UAN created in previous organisation would be used?

    Kindly help me out is there any risk in using old UAN as i have withdrwan PF.

    Vibhor Jain

  20. My UAN is linked to my old PF account.I have added the new PF number to my UAN , but that is not the “Current Member Id”.How Can I change my “Current Member Id”.

  21. I worked for in 2yrs an marketing company after which I resigned and joined with other experiance in IT company. My previous company issued me uan i withdraw my money also and now my new company give the new pf account …is there any problem to give my old UAN number to my new company …is my new company trace my previous company experiance with that uan number ..plz give me the solution

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I joined a company and left it in 20 days (on 12 th January 2016) , but I filled form 11 on 28 th december 2015). I am joining a new company, will my new employer will come to know about the previous employee and should I share the UAN with them?

        Can I close the UAN or it can never be closed or can I create a new UAN to remove all previous records.


  22. Hi
    BASVARAJ sir
    I have an doubt .I m working in private company. In our company their cutting pf amount already over 8 months but they still did not given pf number n UAN they r telling always it will take time . is it true sir it will take long time .
    Sir mine salary is 21500 they cutting one month 1548 another month they will cut 1806
    How much will cut for my salary how should I calculate.

  23. I worked for 4 months in an IT company after which I resigned and joined as a fresher in other IT company. My previous company issued me uan and now my new company has asked me to fill the PF form which will issue me a new uan. What reason can I give of already having a uan with me, as I haven’t told them about my previous company.

  24. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thank you for sharing useful information with us. I have 2 queries as follows.

    1) I have a UAN number which I cannot view because the website keeps asking for my registered mobile number. Now my registered mobile number is inactive as I shifted to a different city hence how can I view my UAN number? The UAN number I am sure is inactive as I did nothing to activate it.
    2) I am really not too concerned about the amount of money lying in that particular UAN (which by the way is inactive). Hence can I ask my current employer to create a new UAN and will they be able to create it?

    P.S. I do not want to my current employer to know about my previous work experience by giving them the inactive UAN number as I have not shared my experience of 1 month which was prior to my master degree.

    Please suggest, eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Warm Regards

  25. Hi,
    My UAN was created 1 year back by my previous employer and is active.

    but by mistake, my current employer has created new UAN for my current PF account. I have not activated the UAN till now as I come to know about multuple UAN few days ago.

    Please let me know the process for cancelling the new UAN (created by current employer) and link current PF account to OLD UAN (created by previous employer).

    UAN Helpdesk is not working properly, so not able to raise the Query. Also, Toll free number is continuously busy.


      1. But How can they create another UAN? Isn’t the first UAN linked to Full Name; father’s name ; DOB; A KYC document like (AADHAR, PAN etc)? With this information already on old UAN, when trying to create new UAN will it not show that there is a UAN already with the above credentials?

          1. I have seen that a few of my friend’s UAN cards (downloaded from the EPF web) do not have Father’s name and mentioned as N/A and also that the KYC section is ‘NO’. I think in cases where employers do not provide complete details like father’s name and KYC document, duplication of records is possible as another UAN having all the details can be created. It would be better if Abhi can clarfiy if his old UAN profile in the EPF website and the UAN card showed all the details like father’s name and KYC etc. Only then we can get a clarity.

      2. Dear Sir,
        how to deactivate current current employer UAN Number & updated old in current employer

        pl suggest…

      3. Hi Basavaraj
        Can you help me here? I’ve wrongly generated an UAN for one of my employee and he’s is yet to activate his UAN. How do I de-activate or cancel the new UAN wrongly generated by me?

        //Lavanya D

    1. Hi

      I have a account in UAN but when am going to log in its showing my date of birth is wrong

      what is the solution for this and how can i change the details


        Error: Certification chain Invalid. Trust Chain missing. You should import the intermediate and root certificates.

        What happen

    2. I am also facing exactly the similar problem as ABHI reported in a previous thread. I had a UAN from my previous employer which had 3 of my past employment PFs linked. My new employer has mistakenly created a new UAN for me and linked my new PF no to it. My previous PF contribution from past employments has been transferred to the new current account. However, since my mobile is registered to my old UAN, I am unable to activate the new UAN and access the same.

      So, the situation is that the UAN that is accessible to me has zero balance, while the new UAN that contains a significant amount of my PF, is not accessible at all.

      Kindly advise how do I sort this out. I would like to continue with my previous UAN. Is there any way I can close the new UAN and link my current PF account to the previous UAN only.

  26. Hi Basavaraj,

    I logged into UAN portal with my previous Company’s Member Id and UAN provided by them. Recently I switched my job. I can find option to List my Previous Member ID but not the Current one. How to link my current Company’s Member Id?


  27. Hi.

    In my UAN portal my current company has been shown as previous employer and previous one as current. How can I change it?


  28. I have switched 3 companies and transferred my PF amount everytime. Now everything is under UAN and total years of job is 5+ years. I have stopped working in INDIA. What are the options available to me?

    Can i keep my UAN account active and keep getting interest?
    Should I close my UAN and withdraw the money? What would be the TDS?

    1. Karan-If you no longer continue the job again in India (within 3 years from the last date of EPF contribution), then better to withdraw. Because idle account for more than 3 years will not fetch any interest. Your UAN will remain same.

  29. Hi,

    I am a new employee to my company, for the past 6 months I was waiting for the new UAN to come on my salary slip but it could not, so at last I visited to the EPFO website and with the help of my PF number I sent the request to generate the UAN after 15-20 days later I received a SMS on my mobile from EPFO that your UAN is activated and your password is ******* but I have not received UAN.

    So, kindly assist me that how I can know my UAN, as per the EPFO SMS it is already activated.
    Please please please kindly assist as i want it desperately……..

    Hope you will reply…………….

  30. I have Started My Company and all the workers salary is less than Rs 15000/ . I want to start their PF scheme to all the workers. How i can enroll them to PF and staring Deducted their EPF

  31. Dear Sir
    I have already have UAN number with me but I have joined in New company and they provide me New UAN Number. i have Resied my concern to my current HR on this but they said as you have withdrawn all the money from old UAN that why we have created new UAN.
    What should i do now. If i will carry on with New UAN than how i can delete or deactive my previous UAN.

  32. HI,
    I have updated my UAN no. link and got myself enrolled also but then i shifted my number to a new number where i forgot to save my password.

    Could you pls let me know how can i get my mobile no. changed in UAN

    Also how can i take help my last employer in same.

  33. My PF amount is being deducted by the employer but they are not giving me PF number, neither mentioning in my pay slip what to do

  34. Hi Basavaraj

    Thank you for the very information article. I have an EPF (last contribution was made in April 2013). However, with my current employer I am working on a contract basis, and therefore, do not have an EPF.

    My EPF account was first created in July 2005.

    My questions:
    1. How can I check the balance in my EPF?
    2. Where can I transfer this amount before my account becomes inactive, so that I continue to receive interest income, and I continue to get the tax benefits?

    Thanks for your help.



  35. Hi,

    Is it possible to close my PF account with previous company without the approval of Employer. I haven’t served the notice period and my Full and Final Settlement was not done. Employer is saying that I need to pay 1 Month salary for the PF closure to initiate?

    Kindly help me. I do have my PF Account Number.

  36. Hi,
    Kindly help me to update/change my registered mobile number as the old one is not active.
    Please send me the exact link to make changes.

    Pritamjeet Singha

  37. Hi Sir,

    Is it possible that after withdrawing the PF amount and closing that account i can be allotted a new UAN for a new pf account at a new organisation ?

  38. Joined new organisation before 3 months and employer told me that i will gate my UAN no. After 6 months. So want to know tht for UAN no. How much minimum period taken by employer?

  39. Hi,

    Iam working as HR. When am trying to download UAN number, it is showing status of from 11 pending. what is form 11? Can I submit Online? New employee withdrawn the PF amount and doesn’t remember previous employment PF number, how to get UAN number of new employee? Kindly advise.

  40. Hi sir,
    Greetings.Right now i am working in private software mnc..i got a job in public sector bank..i can relieve from my current company without any issues..But i didnt disclose about my current job to the psu bank while attended the intervirw and not filled in any of the forms..now i have uan number in my current job.But i dont want to submit my uan to the bank…in this case whether they will create new pf account and uan…pls clarify..

  41. my company deduct my PF amount every month but till not received my UAN no, (Last 11months deducted)
    So Please tell me after deduction of PF from Employee Salary , how much time take deposit the same by Employer ?
    How Much take time to got the UNA No ??????

  42. Dear Sir,

    My UAN no is – 100122624611 and that of PF no is MH/424/0139992/S&E, while working with L&T Infrastructure Ltd.
    They have there own trust where they keep our PF amount.
    Now I have left L&T and joined other organization.
    My current employer & me too unable to activate my UAN no online.

    Kindly guide & suggest

  43. my uan no i don’t know…..not give my contractor uan no…so plz you idea give me….how i am know the uan no..
    My contact no-9019410550


  45. MY name is SHAILESH KUMAR , PF No. is BG/BNG/0035224/000/0523940 ,UAN no. 100346105625 ,but unable to download my Epassbook , pls help

    Regards : Shailesh Kumar

  46. My old employer not co-operating to give my PF Details.
    Pls assist me on how to transfer my OLD com PF deduction to my new company PF a/c

  47. Hi,
    I have initiated my PF transfer online and it is approved by both of my employer i.e. previous and present on 12 FEB 2015.
    But since then the status is showing Payment under process.
    I want to know how much time generally it takes to complete the process ?
    For queries related to this whom I should contact?



  48. I am facing a serious problem in my PF account.
    I have changed a company by Feb 2015 and I shifted to Hyderabad from Ahmedabad.
    I forgot my UAN password.
    My Register mobile no is 7600313413 and It is deactivated because I shifted to andhra pradesh . So I am not able to reset Password.
    Is there any way to update new mobile nuumber in your database? So I can reset password.

    Kindly suggest me what to do or call me on below number.

  49. Hi,

    My previous employer had provided me a UAN integrated with my PF account. My current company has not implemented UAN still and is planning to do in a couple of months time. In this case, do I have to transfer my PF account with the current employer or do I leave it with the old account?

  50. Hello,

    can anyone help me in getting the clarity about withdrawal of PF, shall we still withdraw PF in 2014? i left previous company in Nov 2014 after 4 years and looking to withdraw my PF, can anyone tell me the procedure, i came to know my company maintains it own PF trust but not sure since how long time,also they havent given me the UID number, any help will really helpful, thanks

  51. Sir,

    Currently i am working in two company , and both have EPF account and also deposite the amounts.
    sir plz suggest me there is any problem in my future.

  52. Is employer and employee both amount can be deducted from employee account . If not what should be legal action we can take this condition . against employer .

  53. How to check the UAN at the EPFO site, as my Company maintain their own PF trust, Though company has provided me the UAN no, but not able to check where the PF has been linked with UAN no , as whenever I put my allocate PF account no, its say UAN is not allocate, though my company has provided it. Please let me know how will I check my Allocated UAN no has been linked to PF or not.
    As the person who has the PF account with EPFO, can check the UAN has been linked through EPFO site

  54. How to handle if PF is managed by Trust like Big comapney Reliance and L&T does.
    In that case people to have their UAN. But they cant register due to Lack of EPF Office information.

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