Do you know EPF offers up to Rs.6 lakh of Life Insurance (EDLI)?

How many of us aware that EPF (Employee Provident Fund) offers an inbuilt Life Insurance of up to Rs.6,00,000? This scheme is called EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance. Let us discuss more about this.

Update:-Please refer my latest post on this issue “Now EPF offers Life Insurance of Rs.2.5 lakh to Rs.6 lakh!!“.

Many of us simply concentrate on EPF and EPS when it comes to monthly deduction towards the EPF. We concentrate on the interest rate on this EPF and when we get the pension from EPS. But we forget the Life Insurance facility provided by EPF.

The reason for such negligence is, earlier this life insurance was too small. But recently The Ministry of Labour & Employment revised this to a maximum of Rs.6,00,000. I feel this is a good amount as you will get it without DIRECTLY paying for this.

Features of EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance

  • All employees who are the members of EPF are automatically eligible for EDLI.
  • This Life Insurance coverage is irrespective of death occurred during working hours or non-working hours.
  • It covers the death of an employee, irrespective of a cause of death.
  • There are no exclusions under this plan.
  • Coverage and premium will be purely based on your salary but not on age or gender.
  • Earlier there was a condition that one must complete a year to be eligible for EDLI. Recently they removed such restrictions. Hence, you are covered from a first day itself.
  • There is no maximum age set for this insurance.

Who will pay the premium for this EDLI or Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme?

To understand about this, let us go deeper and see how you and the employer EPF contribution split. I tried to show the same in below image for your easy understanding.


From the above image, you noticed that the premium and management charges will be payable by your employer. But do note that the maximum limit set for this premium payment is 0.5% of Rs.15,000 (Whatever may be your actual EPF contribution from an employer or whatever may be your salary).

How much is the benefit or life insurance under EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance?

As per EPFO, salary means only Basic+DA. Also, for EDLI the maximum salary for contribution or for arriving at your insurance coverage, the maximum limit is Rs.15,000.

Currently, the maximum benefit of life insurance set under EDLI is Rs.6,00,000. It is based on your last 12 months average salary. It is calculated at 30 times of your last 12 months average salary. Along with that Rs.1,50,000 is also payable as a bonus.

Hence, under this scheme the maximum salary limit set as Rs.15,000, we can assume that the maximum ceiling of benefits under this scheme will be as below.

30 times of Rs.15,000=Rs.4,50,000+Bonus of Rs.1,50,000=Rs.6,00,000.

Who can claim the benefit in EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance?

This insurance exactly works like term insurance. Hence, after employee death, his nominee can claim the amount and below are a few points to consider.

  • A nominee can claim the amount.
  • In case there is no nomination, then the legal heir can claim the amount.
  • If the nominee or legal heir is minor, then a guardian of minor nominee can claim the amount.

How to claim for EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance?

  • You have to fill the forms like Form 20 (for EDLI), Form 10D/10C (for claiming the Provident Fund dues and Pension/Withdrawal Benefit as applicable).
  • All details should be in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • Provide bank details (better to attach a cancelled cheque copy for an accuracy of bank details).
  • Attach death certificate of a deceased employee.
  • Guardianship certificate (If the claim is on behalf of a minor family member/nominee/legal heir is by other than the natural guardian.)
  • Succession certificate (in case of claim by the legal heir).
  • In case the members were last employed under an establishment exempted under the EPF Scheme 1952, the employer of such establishment should furnish the PF details of last 12 months under the Certificate part and also send an attested copy of the Member’s Nomination Form.
  • You have to send such filled application to the EPFO Commissioner through the employer.
  • In case the company closed or they are not cooperating for claim, then you have to get claim form be attested by any one of following officials-Magistrate, A Gazetted Officer, Post/Sub-Post Master, President of the Village Panchayat, where there is not Union Board, Chairman/Secretary/Member of Municipal/District Local Board, MLA or MP, Member of CBT/Regional Committee EPF, Manager of the Bank in which the Bank Account is maintained or Head of any recognized educational institution.
  • A claim must be settled with 30 days of such submission.
  • However, if there is any fault in filling the form or processing, then you will receive the letter from EPFO for the same and that too within 30 days.
  • If EPFO not settles the claim within 30 days, then EPFO Commissioner will be liable to pay the 12% per annum interest on such claim amount from the date of the set period for claim settlement.

The major motive to set EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance is to protect the life risk of an employee. Hence, if employers can go for group term insurance also. If employers opted for group term insurance to their employees, then they can opt out of EDLI or Employee Deposit Linked Insurance. However, it must be approved by EPFO and the benefit must be equal or more than the benefit available in EDLI.

Note-Now you can withdraw EPF without your employer signature. Read my latest post on the same “New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature

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  1. Hello sir,
    I am Sirisha my dad as expried on Dec 1 he is 58 years so the agency is telling that we don’t get any death claim bez my dad as complete 58 we get this amount and tell use how to apply it

    Thank you

    1. Dear Sirisha,
      If your father was in service when the death happened, then yes, he will get it. Approach the regional EPFO.

  2. My father died on 09/05/2019.his DOB was 05/05/1959.but his retirement date was on 31/05/ my mother elligable for EDLI said she is not it

  3. Hello sir, my dad has died on February 2021 due to heart attack, his pf contribution was 4000, can you please tell me how much we will get due to edli? as he was died in service and been active since 6 years. As the minimum assurance under edli is 2.5 lakhs, is that the amount we get

  4. Hi sir my friend was committed suicide due to depression . she is working in private company from last 3 yrs 4 months . now her family get pf amount and EDLI insurance amount

      1. but sir from last 6 months company not credited pf amount . how can they proceed with next process

  5. Hi sir
    My father passed away in 2012. He was in u.p police . He had a gpf account. Can we now claim for EDLI INSURANCE?

  6. Sir
    My father also was expired in 2001 and my mother gets minimum EPS pension. She dont know about EDLI Now can she apply for EDLI and if Yes then to direct EPFO office.

  7. Hi Sir,
    My Father in Law is working as a teacher (Employee) in a school. But the principal (Employer) died. My father in law used to contribute to EPF. He recently tried to update details like aadhaar, bank, DOB details… But they didn’t get updated because the employer(principal)has to approve them… But the employer is no more…
    How to proceed to update details and to cliam the balance…

  8. Hi sir, my father died on Jan30th – 2021. His January Salary was Credited to his account on February 7th-2021, company has been deducted Pf amount in his salary. we received death certificate on feb-2021, after receiving death certificate, we submitted death certificate to company, and they have given documents of Pf, EDLI with Company sign hard copy along with all necessary documents (Bank pass book of my mother, death certificate & company Sealed documents) and submitted in Pf office Kukatpally region hyderabad on May-5th-2021. But still now no amount has been credited to my mother account. Now what we need to do. please suggest me the solution. we need to do heart operation to my mother.

  9. My wife has expired in March 2019 and she was active pf member that time. Also we didn’t withdrawn pf amount yet. Now can I claim or get ESLI benefits?

  10. Hi, my friend passed away on 19th April ’21 due to cancer. He is working in that organization since 9 yrs. His salary n pf was credited till mar’21. He didn’t get the salary n pf for apr’21 from his company. Will he is eligible to claim under EDLI scheme.

    1. Dear Raja,
      If the contributions not made for last month, then I don’t think he is eligible. But check with the company why they not credited. Also, please confirm once again with EPFO.

  11. Dear Sir,
    My dad died on 18April2021. He is having epfo account & epf is settled from the previous factory. & Credited in account. He is no more employee of that company/factory. Can we claim EDIL OF EPFO for the same.?
    Pls reply sir we don’t have any other polices of my Late father.

  12. My father had passed in 2005. But his PF was getting deducted at that time. Can my mother still claim the money under EDLI scheme using form 5IF? How much will she get? and till when the nominees are eligible to fill this form after death?

  13. Sir if an employee is above 58 years but in service on superannuation role. His PF is deducted and deposited regularly. He is getting Pension also after 58. Is he eligible under this scheme after 58? If yes upto what age?

  14. Hi, Is there any time within which we have to raise the death claim? My father passed away in June 2017. Can I claim this insurance now? As I come to know about this recently.

  15. Hi sir my uncle died on May 21 , 2012 on the service due to an accident occurred inside the company. Is he eligible for EDL insurance and what can be claim amount.

  16. Dear sir
    My father in law epfo subscriber worked up to 6th December and passed away on 30th of December. Employer remitted December month PF contribution for the no of days he worked. EDLI claim rejected asking death in service or death away from service…. please advice what to do.. Thanks

  17. sir, my father was in his service till his death but he couldn,’t perform his duty due to hospitalisation he died on dt 12 th may 2020 and his EPF amount is updated till month of April-20 whether we will get EDLI or not.

  18. Hello Sir.
    My dad died on 27 Dec 2021. He was getting epf pension after turning 58 in 2019. He was still in service upto age of 60. Can we claim for edli scheme ?

      1. Hai sir, on nov 26 th i lost my wife in an accident nd she is working in the bank. Her salary is 46k. But her bank stopped epf for all employees and started NPS SCHEME. HER ACCOUNT IS STILL ACTIVE NOW. IS SHE ELIGIBLE FOR EDLI SCHEME?

  19. Hi sir,

    My husband Susie’s on 2019 July. Till now I didn’t get any Pf or insurance. My husband has nominated me as nominee in all his bank but the company failed to update the nominee on the Pf. Now my mother in law is also included in legal hire and miss using the amount. But I got resposibity to take care of my two kids. Please tell me even my mother in law will get benefited in the insurance clime or any other possibilities to avoid her.

  20. Heloo can anyone help me my father was working as a security guard he was died on duty on 30 12 2020 can anyone help me about edli how much amount my family can get for insurance

  21. Sir,
    My friend suicide on 2020 October month
    He is working in a private company from last 8 years. In carona time the company not paid 4months of amount.
    My doubt is he is eligible for pf and esi benifits in this sucide case.
    Please clarify sir

  22. My EDIL claim was rejected and cheque was returned saying MH45187 is excempted from EDIL.please help me regarding this.please mail me regarding this.I am his wife not employed and going through very bad condition. .Whom should I contact.

  23. Sir my father died on 11 March 2020.
    While rejecting EDLI and pension claim, EPFO ??has said that the employer has not paid the PF contribution of last 11 days. Please help sir..

  24. Good evening sir,
    My family friend worked before private sector at Tamil Nadu and he died, during the period for Provident fund P. F, Now My friend WIfe getting P. F Pention, this woman is suffering from LYMPHOMA (type of Cancer), Please let me know women is eligible for P. F Related any support or any insurance available, if available how this get reimbursement
    Have a nice day
    With regards

  25. My father passed away on 6th November 2020, according to employer epf records he was on the payroll till the end. However, on 26th Oct 2020 he had turned 58(retirement age). He was on unpaid leave for last 3-4 months as he got treatment for cancer but was still in the epf records. In this case will EDLI be payable? Thanks for your help.

  26. my father in law resigned 2 years Back. He has not withdrawn the EPF till now because of there is mismatch in name and other correction. He has died one month before. if EDLI benefit is eligible to his nominee?

  27. Sir my father died on 4 July 2020 due to cardiac arrest And he has completed his duty till 30 June after that he was admitted in hospital on 3 July . So sir ,I want to know we are still eligible for edli ? ..

  28. Hi sir, my friend committed suicide death when he was working in private company and he had a EPF and ESI sceme. Sir pls let me know his family members can eligible for death claim for his suicide death?

  29. Sir i dont now better engalish i have some problem of my freaind epf edil so i want to talk what to do sir because his family now very bad situations pls help me sir

  30. My father had last duty on 12th January , he was ill and got admitted in hospital on 12th evening till his death i.e on 20th January. The employer marked his exit from epf, eps on 12th January and noted reason is DEATH AWAY FROM SERVICE on the epfo uan portal. Should we got edli ,eps benefits?
    Can the employer had rights to select 12th January as exit from service without the resignation of the employee?

      1. They declared in june this year when they are marking exit from service. If the authorized signatory of the employer gives a correction request letter to epfo then, on that behalf can we claim edli and eps benefits?
        Please reply sir

  31. Hi Sir,

    My dad expired on 10th june 2018 and it’s been close to two years i am still in the process of filing his PF. And when he passed his age was 64 he was employed in a private firm. Can we claim EDLI.

  32. Dear Sir,
    One of My Friends husband passed away due to Heart Attack recently in March 2020. Her husband had changed his organization 5 months before his death and joined in another organization which which has not any PF benefits but her husband not claimed the PF Amount which he had in his PF Account.
    Whether My Friend can claim the EDLI Insurance? Whether it is eligible to claim?

  33. SIR,



  34. hello sir,
    i am a employee in govt. office. i have esic and epf benefits. My mother was died on 7th Feb 2020. My mother also included in esic. If any death benefits for my mother. Please tel me sir.

    Thanking you sir,

  35. My husband died on 16thmay 2019.till now the company did not file the pf forms.they said this month only they will send the documents to the pf office.its ok.
    I enquired the pf office they told me
    By mistake the company didnot deposit the may month pf money of my husband. They deposit the may month pf money in the month of october 2019…so there is a problem to get the insurance amount ..EDLI..
    I Totally upset Sir…Whats the procedure to get EDLI.

  36. My father was died in his service period….he was a dialysis patient..he was also under treatment under esi scheme..and we get salary from esi for few months….but last 22 days of his death month company did not contribute in his pf account….i have a certificate where company said he was in service till his death…but pf office does not accept my edli form causing of last few days contribution…how to solve my problem plz help number 7003729097.

  37. CLAIM ID VDBRD190800001035
    PARA DETAILS Monthly Pension
    CLAIM STATUS Settled
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – VDBRD190800001035 ] has been Settled on – 05-SEP-2019. Pension Payment Order No i

    He is died on August 2018 but his parantents EPS amount is “ 0” and his online site is epfo is settled it is correct or no please advise ?

  38. If a person has been working for 4 months in a company and dies during that time, is the person’s heirs eligible for EDLI benefits if he completes Form 5 if and pension scheme ?

  39. hello sir,
    MY husband passed away in a accident. he has changed his organization 3 months before his death. but overall he has around 6 years of epf contribution. when i claimed the EDLI benefit i received only 3330 rs. can u please let me know how to proceed on this.
    As per my knowledge i came to know we should receive more benefit.

  40. Hello Sir,
    My brother was died in road accident and EDIL claimed by my father and mother, they approved 2.5 lakhs,but only 1.25 lakhs debited to my father bank account,remaining amount 1.25 lakhs not debited to my mother bank account, as we enquired with EPFO , then they said that they already processed the remaining amount, but rejected by bank because of thresh hold limit for account , directed us to reach out bank to remove the thresh hold, they denied to give transaction number which they made to bank ( Andhra Bank)
    1. Does the banks really have/manage thresh hold limits for accounts ?? i mean restrict the incoming amount exceeds thresh hold limits .
    2. How do we get remaining EDIL from EPFO
    Thanks for your help !!!

  41. Sir mere father may 2019 me expire ho Gaye aur wah epf account holder haii.unki last salary 9500 thi kya Mai EDLI Ke liye claim kr sakta hu..

  42. My husband expired during Job and we claim there EDLI and PF amount and pension on 1.5.2019 but we just get in our account only half amount of PF and EDLI instead of full amount and on claim status show it settled with these amount. Kindly let usknow how we can get our balance amount of PF and EDLI.

  43. Sir my brother expired few days back may 2019
    He was working with Ericcssion India limited but he left the job in October 2018
    He was having pf account
    Still can I claim for ELDI insurance and what is the procedure
    Please guide

  44. Mere father ka death 2013 me hua that aur hum log 4 sisters hai par 3 ki shadi papa ke death k pahele hui thi aur last sister ki shadi after death hui thi bhainaur mammy nahi hai aur company hame EPF or edli k liye support nahi kar Rahi hai to fir hum kaise claim kare,aur papa ne nomination nahi KIya hua that pls give us better way to claim and get benefits for edli

  45. Hi sir, my father passed away last year while in service and we get all of the three benefits i.e. EPF, EPS n EDLI…sir my question is if there is any health n medical benefit for my mother as well???
    Like health insurance.
    She is getting EPS benefit regularly.

  46. Hi sir…my father passed away last month on his duty hours while doing job in other country..but he got pension from epf after the age of are we eligible for edli claim n pension claim on the behalf of her wife..?…if yes which forms are to be submitted .

  47. Sir,
    My father is working as a security supervisor in Bharat petroleum from last 10 years. He was diagnosed with cancer in Dec 18 and he is on medical leave from 8.11.2018 but on 06.02.2019 he got expired. On epfo website I have checked that his last contribution in of is of Jan 19. Is his nominee eligible for insurance and pension benefits.

  48. Sir my elder brother passed away in a road accident after 2 months of job on 8/1/18.
    We got yesterday only 1902/- rs after EDLI SETTLEMENT instead of minimum amount of 2.5 lacs.
    Sir is there any minimum service criteria for EDLI eligibility , if it is then provide me gazette notification.
    I shall be highly grateful for the same.

      1. Thanks sir
        And one more thing I want to know that the point mentioned in features of EDLI –

        *Earlier there was a condition that one must complete a year to be eligible for EDLI. Recently they removed such restrictions. Hence, you are covered from a first day itself.

        Is there any notification regarding removal of such restrictions?
        Sir if you have the said notification then please send me the same at my email.
        Thanks sir.

  49. My Husband died on 15th december 2018. He was on medical leave due to accident from July 2018 & was on Medical benefits through ESIC. Am I entitled for EDLI claim amount?

  50. Thank you for the information. My father passed away in 1991 at work and my mom get the EPS minimum pension. She never knew about edil. Can she apply now ?

  51. Sir mere husband needs July 2018 me school join Ki august 2018 se unka epf kata. But 3 November ko unki death ho gai Kya mai eps, eps edil ke lie eligible hu. Nominee me Mera naam h

  52. Sir my father was working in a company.
    There he was getting hand pay salary.
    Now he is no more.
    We are eligible for this benefits or not.

  53. Dear sir,
    A person working in a private company was working in 2005 and has been live with petitions of cancer for a year. E.S I C. He died in 2016 under treatment at the hospital, so that the company was not his filled epf contribution. so it is benefy of under edli ? we are submitted form 5if but epfo rejected.pls. advise

  54. Dear Sir, yadi pf account holder ki death service ke dauran ho jati hai to kya nomini ko EPF, EPS aur EDLI sabhi amount milta hai.

          1. Surely you agree that if an employee dies during service, EDLI is payable? My understanding is that if no nominee is registered, it is payable to family. Do you mean if there is a non-family nominee, then nominee gets EDLI and family gets EPF+EPS? That sounds reasonable and I don’t disagree.

  55. Sir ..Meri mummy company me kaam krti ti and 2006 unka last yr ta then she resigned 2015 me wo expire ho gye but abi tk unke pf n pension k liye apply ni kia h .Kya hum EDLI k lye eligible h

  56. Sir mere papa ji ka edli claim 6 november ko settle ho chuka h aur payment cheque se show kr rha h online check krne pr lkin abhi tk amount nhi aya h h bank m ab kia kru m

  57. Dear Sir, My company employee joined on01.04.2017 ie. new coverage. From 01.04.2017 no edli administrative payable. That employee was expired while in service during Sept.17. Now PF office refused to pay EDLI due non payment of EDLI administrative charges. Is it correct ? Please reply

    1. Dear Narasimhan,
      It is EPFO responsibility and liability to pay. They can’t run away from their responsibility just because the employer not paid. You can sue both the employer and EPFO for the same.

  58. Sir,
    My father Died ON 08/10/2017, or vo us time private sector mai working thy since 2 years se or unki death ghar par hui thi kya mai EDLI approcd kar sakta hun ki nahi

          1. Dear Sir
            My Father died on 13.05.2018. Wo us time private company me job krte the or ghar par heart failure se unki death ho gayi. Kya Main EDLI apply kr skta hoo.

  59. hello sir my brother died on 07-feb-2017..he worked in a private concern for 2 months. when my sister in law approached for EDLI it was said that he was not eligible for 6 lakh compensation.. is it true sir? could u please share your point of view?

  60. Dear sir
    My husband expired on duty due to electrocution on 20th October 2017. he joined this resort Pvt LTD in 2004 n got confirmed in 2006.. is he eligible for EDIL??
    Secondly, I had submitted the required documents in January 2018 for procurement of PF gratuity n pension but till date the employer hasn’t paid anything.. they are harassing me since January..
    Sir what is the time period to settle this n what legal action can I take against the employer?? N thirdly is there a provision of compensation from d company due to his death due to electrocution then how do I claim it as the company denies regards to it.. due to the negligence of theirs I lost my husband.
    Kindly help me sir.

    1. Dear Dolana,
      “is he eligible for EDIL??”-YES.
      Regarding delay, let them give in writing. If not, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell online or knock the local EPFO. Regarding provisions related to compensation from company, it is pure depends on company.

  61. Sir ,
    If an EPF holder dies during his service period and his nominee withdraw the amount after one year, does he get the same rate of interest for this period? Please answer.

  62. Sir,
    With regards,

    My mother died on 55 years of age on march2018 and she was the employee of coal India Ltd which maintains cmpf ,does my mother eligible for EDLI scheme? Plz reply

      1. Sir, can I ask you a more question “I am matured person(only one),can I have any amount of pension money at a time/periodical that had deducted from mother’s salary since 22 years.

          1. Sorry sir ,
            I want to say my mother died during service period,she had 6 years service left,she was contributing to”pension scheme” and “family pension” from last 20 years, can I (36 yrs old male only son) claim any amount of pension(one-time/periodical) from Coal India Ltd. Plz suggest.

  63. My brother expired on 13-05-18.and he was joined farma company in mid of feb 2018.he has six month old kid.

    Please help and suggest how can we claim pension for his widow wife and his 6 month old boy and how can claim edil insurance.plz help.or call 9356942742

      1. Can you plz share regional rpfo details and also suggest is there is any kind of conditions to claim edil insurance. My means to say it is compulsory to contribute pf deduction complete one year in same organization to claim edil insurance. Plz help

  64. Dear Sir,

    I, am Mahuya

    My husband was died on 30.10.2005 on service. But I claimed only EPF & Pension amount so EDLI is still pending.

    What is the procedure to claim it and will I get the amount.

    Thanking You,

  65. Sir mere papa ki death 5-2-17 ko huaa ta jisme edli insurance ka pesa jo epf walo ne diya hai 947 rupey sir kya edli insurance ka pesa etna kam milta hai sir plz

  66. Hello sir my father was a teacher in inter college and he was part of group insurance he died during service period in 2016 April. Now I want to claim insurance. Still I can claim? I and what is the claim amount

  67. Sir school se writen hai or meri wife ko school record me medical leave pr dikha ya hai till to her death not job left

  68. Hello sir meri wife 2008 se sgrr eduction misson me teacher ki job pr thi 2016 me unki delivry hui or maternity leave pr vo 17sep 2016se 31oct2016
    tak thi maternity leave pr vo bimar ho gyi or hospitalized ho gyi school join ni kra hospital me admit ho ne pr maine hospital se medical banwa kr school me submit kr diya or school se vo leave without pay ho gyi till her death date of death 25feb 2017 unka epf contribution 30nov2016 tak hua school ki gudieline pr leave without pay pr epf contribution ni hua hai unki death ke time pr epf accont active tha mere ko unka pf 7april2018 me mila abi pension ni mili kya me EDLI benift ke liye claim kr sakta hu kyu ki unki 8saal ki job hui thi sir plz reply as soon as possible sir plz reply on my email thanks

  69. dear sir my father was joining in ongc in 1962 tharefore he was expire in 15/11/1990 because oF hartattek then i will do a EDLI clame ?

  70. Sir mere pita je 2015 se bimar the aur naikari nahi kar rahe the aur 06 months ke baad salary band ho gayi ab 2017 me Brian tumer se death ho gayi. Kya EDLI melegi?

  71. Sir my brother Name is Uday Singh Age 23 years 10/09/1995 date of birth
    Is on Death
    He work on Tex India company Faridabad
    His salary was 13000/-
    Post on Election but helper
    His Pf approx amounts 28 month
    What Sir are benefits
    His 02 children and wife
    Plz contact no sir

    What EDLI profit sir

  72. Hi Basa
    Thanks for sharing imp info. Please tell me that edli is applicable to retired up state govt employee as well who were getting pension? My father was getting pension and expired on 24th feb. Will i be eligible to file a claim? My mother passed away 9 years ago

  73. Sir my brother age of 23 years old
    But a accident death on.
    Sir 2 x children and wife
    Plz 8725097736 suggested me sir

  74. my maternal grandmother was working at BEST Mumbai. he died in 2001. he has worked for more than 10 years. he has an EPF pension going on. can EDIL claim ?

  75. Hello sir My mother expired in 23 Nov 2014 and I am only son to her now my age is 19-11-1993 till now I dint claim any Of the following like provident fund, Pension or insurance because of name intial difference recently I updated my mothers correctly in Online by UAN. And Gathered all documents. Is she eligible for Insurance?
    If So This IS the actual amount I got from her Epfo Passbook online

    Employee share -79,417
    Employer share-30,544
    Pension. -33,577
    So Sir Can you please let me know how much Insurance(EDLI) Amount I will get, I mean the total amount I want to know. Thanks in advance!

      1. Thank you sir and I got one more question I submitted all the Documents of my mother in epfo and they asked me a letter from my mother’s organisation and I submitted it today, After this how the process will proced by epfo will they do any verification for edli and take more time to claim my amount?

            1. Thank you sir for the guidance. Sir I got the pf amount this morning and what about pension and edli when I will get the amount please let me know Sir.

                1. Yes sir I contacted them and they are saying that in knew week you will e getting insurance amount and in one month you will get eps amount

  76. My father expired in Jan 2018. He was 59 years old. He was still working as retirement age is 60 ( per company policy)

    He was getting EPFO pension from age of 58. I believe, EPFO contribution was getting deducted from his salary ( for EPF part, not the pension part).

    Would he be eligible for EDLI claim ? His employer is making claim under EDLI scheme. Is there anything we should in case of denial. Is there any official site stating rules ?


    1. Hi sir,my father was ex employ of ONGCL,he passed away last year,he took vrs in 2001,after finishing 40/ years of job,would he is ellagible for this amount?pf was deducted according to act of co,pls inform ,thanks

  77. Hi,
    My father passed away few yrs ago. His organization gave insurance money that time. Now we have applied for his pf . Are we eligible for edli as he passed away during service?

      1. Thank you for your response.
        My father passed away in 2012. We cdidnt claim pf then as we didnt have our mother death certificate. She passed awsy in 1998. So we made her death certificate recently and applief for pf and edli. We got the pf part last week. Is there a time limit for edli under which edli neefs to be claimef or we will receive the edli part as well? As statef abv, he did pass away while in service.

          1. Thank you for your response. My father passed away on march 2012. The current coverage under edli is max 6 lakhs. Will we get edli undet present rule or the one in 2012? If it will be as per 2012 edli was calculated in march 2012?

              1. Thank you for your response. Could you also tell what was EDLI benefit rule applicable in 2012.? Was it 20 times 6500 max basic salary?

  78. Sir my father died past 2 years and my mother already received her pension but she did not get EDLI till date can we claim it now


  80. Hi Sir,
    First Thanks for this valuable service
    my father is working as security guard and he work 2 year in GAIL company on contract base then sister husband got accident so he depressed and then leave that job after that he join new job as unparmanet security guard job and one day he come after complete duty crossing railway track and got accident and death
    my query my mother is eligible to get any claim from pf , if yes then what is procedure
    please send me mail i m waiting ur suggestion or advise

    1. Dear sir,
      as i asked with my father collegue then my father did job 1 month 15 days and he get first salary and also deduct pf , my father accident happend after working hours , now tell my monther is eligible for EDIL and if eligible then what process ? second thing if employeer not help then what i do

  81. Hello sir!! My mother expired on 23-11-2014 by Blood cancer. I am the only son to her and my father passed away when i was small. I just wanted to ask you one thing about insurance part she expired while she was working under organization. And her salary was not 15,000 at that time. Is that necessary to have minimum salary of 15,000 to get this insurance or EDiL?? An d what Documents should be submitted to Claim this Insurance?

      1. Thank you so much for your response sir, And does Employer pays insurance amount on behalf of employee to Epfo? Is that true??

  82. Sir,

    thank you very much for this information. My husband died in Nov 2017 and his current employer’s PF details are not yet updated in EPF portal yet (as his current employer is new – established in 2015). Is there any deadlines for claiming EDLI.
    Also, i am unable to find out his PF amount details, do I check with his employer? Please guide


  84. Hi,
    One employee was working in our establishment, he dead during his service period itself I.e on April 2017. Whether now he is eligible to get the insurance amount..
    Also please tell Wat are the amount to included to calculate epf apart from basic and DA

  85. Sir,
    My relative expire in February-2013. He left three family members in his family wife and two daughter after that as per nominee employer help for generate monthly pension to all three members from EPFO.
    He completed 6 months in his job and salary was 6000 per month at that time. Employer did not told anything about EDLI now can we claim it or not.
    How can be apply for this.

  86. DEAR SIR,





  87. Hello sir,
    My father wad maharashtra state govt employee.
    My fathers monthly deduction was 2000 for pf account (GPF).

    He died in march 2017. We fillup the form for linked insurance before 3 months but yet we didnt get any response… and as you says that there will be bonus of Rs 150000, but employer officials says that total 60000 will be paid…

  88. Want to know if employer is delaying to submit the form due to their non submission of EDLI dues and it’s been 3 years my father expired in course of is a govt org

  89. My brother has expired in last month,He is working since last 2 years in private company and monthly deduct in PF Amount (i.e) Rs/ 750
    How much of amount that his family will get if he is eligible for pension plan if he is eligible how much of amount that his family will get

  90. My father died June 2017 and and his epf bal 140000 and 10year contribute on epf plans than how much how much given insurance amount pls ans

  91. Dear Basavaraj Sir,
    One of my colleagues who is EPF member got sucide in office with some personal issues & some professional issues. He was the EPF member since Nov 2013, his basic+DA is Rs. 2500/-. His EPF account does not have nomination. How much EDLI amount claimed? Please explain about this problem.

  92. HI,

    Is this insurance applicable if and only if the death happens while on service or applicable even after leaving the job/terminated/retirement??

  93. sir my Sister in law death in last Feb.2017. His EDLI in eligible or not in 11 month 03 days working in Epfo schem
    Pls reply me

  94. Sir
    My dad was working as an admin in a private company and company has made deductions for PF. Unfortunately, there was no nominee mentioned and we were told go for Succession certificate and apply. The thing is that i know the total deductions without interest. From where i can get the exact amount with accumulated interest and how to apply for EDLI. Can we apply for edli

  95. Hi All,

    My Father is a Govt Employee(AP)(Doctor) from 2003 to 2007 and later in 2007 in was passed away in a road accident, now i came to know about this EDIL, now my question is will do we are eligible for applying claim for my fathers death, if yes please let us know the process.

    Thanks in advanced,

  96. Sir, if employers opted for group insurance to their employees, who has to pay the premium for the group insurance, employer or employee.? My employer deducting Rs.315/- for SA of 3 lakhs since 7 yrs. including investment & accident rider from LIC. (Insurance=90, Investment=150, Accident rider=15). Can employees demand for EDLI ?

      1. Sir, recently Supreme Court has given Higher Pension option (pension on actual salary rather than 15000). Can u pls write article on merits and demerits of opting this option.

  97. My Bhabhi was died on 18/09/2017 due to viral infection she was working in Maruti company as customer care executive and she was the beneficiary of epf she had two daughters can we claim for benefits of edli

    Kindly revert asap

  98. Good Afternoon Sir,

    Will you pls guide me that my brother in law working in a pvt ltd company but he lost his job 2 month back & after 1 month he get died due to heart attack in home. His age is only 28 years & he have 2 child 1 is 9 month old & 2nd is 3 year old. And his wife age is approx 25 year old. Still we do not know that who is nominee. And also his father who is still working & mother is housewife. Kindly advise us who will able to get the pension & how we process & what docs we required.

  99. My brother in Law is died on 30/12/15
    He is in semi Government group called Aadivasi vikas maha mandal
    He completed 8 months of his service and his salary aprox 22k
    I had claimed EDLI but EPFO gives us only 14 thousands ????
    Please help

      1. In your post you told that recently they removed the condition that employee have to complete one year of his service.
        And you that employee is eligible on his first day of service

  100. Hello Sir,

    One of my Friend is working in private limited company. He was suffering from Kidney failure from last two years. He died one month ago. However he didn’t resigned from his job & availing the ESI benefit till his last breath . Please note he is not going to his office from last two years & he was not getting the salary but his employers paying the ESI amount to government so that he can get the benefit of medical facility. In the mean time we will visit his office for his contributed PF amount for the the year 2012 to 2015. Many thanks for your valuable response.

    1. Would his nominee is eligible for EDLI benefit?

  101. Mera bhayia assam sarba siksha kaa edp post mei 2011 se job kar rahe the the unka death 2016 mei 11 feb ko huaa thaa.humne pf claim kiyaa from 20,10D aur 5if submit kiyaa thaa hume do paisa milaa 156000rs aur 83000rs aur pension milta hai 2051rs.hume kitna paisaa milnaa chahye thaaa kiyaa aap bata sakte hai

  102. Ashish- sir my father is died in 3may 2016 now 1year and3 months is past away bt muje p.f ka paisa mill gaya hai magar insurance ka paisa nahi mila kya itna time lagta hai na hi company koi detail provide kara rahi hai na hi kuch mein kya kru jisse muje insurance ka paisa mile khaha report kru jankari lu…please provide mein information…

  103. 1. Grievance registered vide registration no: GJRJT/E/2017/01052
    2. Grievance registered vide registration no: GJRJT/E/2017/01053

    Dear Sir/madam,
    I, Deepa Jethva, daughter of Late Sh. Anilbhai Valmjibhai Jethva with deep pains hereby informing you that my father had unfortunate demise on 08/02/2016. As informed before he was working in M/s Venus Enterprise & Vikas Fabrication and erection, TCX south-97, Gandhidham, Kutch. Subsequently I applied for his EPF claim in moth of April 2016 which I have not received yet.
    My father has left four dependents including 3 daughters and a wife. 2 daughters are studying and unemployed. He was only working person in our family without whom meeting our daily expenses has become almost impossible.
    I filed for PF claim in April 2016 and since then I have not received required amount. I have been regularly following accounts department of M/s Venus Enterprise & Vikas Fabrication and erection but I am not been taken seriously over there.. Further I am calling their office daily for requesting for the same but situation is still same. It is not possible for me to visit the company accounts section daily due to my health issues and financial constraints. My father worked 05-02-2016 and his death on 08-02-2015, he taken emergency leave on 06-02-2017 (Saturday) and next day 07-02-2016 (Sunday) and admit him in hospital and 08-02-2016(Monday) his death. We applied for EDIL scheme benefit but no process yet.
    It is high time now. My family is in very difficult situation. My younger sisters are studying and are not even able to pay our school fee. My mother is also not well most of the time.
    It is my humble request to you to intervene and resolve my problem without further delays.
    Me any family will be great to you.

    Yours Truly,
    Deepa Jethva

      1. I filled form on April 2016 but 2 times form returned from pf office and they said that my family was not applicable for EDIL scheme benefit and till date we don’t revived pension benefit and not revived father’s pf money. what to do for next ??

  104. Sir,

    My father passed away recently , he is a member of eps scheme goi . i need information on how can i claim the pension to his nominee that s my mother so that she receives the pension in full not on a monthly basis and also the edli

  105. hi

    thanks for the information.

    I am just curious to know that in group term insurance scheme in lieu of EDLI SA should be equal or more than the EDLI benefits. Normally companies take 6.02 lakh benefits. or they take the cover simialr to EDLI based on the formula.

    But can companies have graded SA structure for their employees with minimum SA of 6 lakh. Ex – 6 lakh for workers, 8lakh for supervisors, 10 lakh for executives.

    I think SA for all employees should be same in group term insurance scheme in lieu of EDLI.

    Please suggest

      1. Hi,
        Let me reiterate

        If a company is asking for a group term life in lieu of edli from a private company, with a graded structure (6 lakh, 8 lkh, 10 lakh), is it allowable??

        As per my information it can either be flat (mostly 6.02 lakh) or graded based on the basic pay with maximum 6 lakh.

        I have never seen or heard that company may take a graded cover such as 6,8,10 lakh respectively.

        Is it legally allowed? Can it be done by a private company??

  106. sir,
    mera bhanja pvt ltd. company me work karta tha, age 23 yrs uski 20/04/2017 ko burn se death ho gayi , ab uske ghar me uski parents and 6 sisters ha,
    ab hum kese alaim kare or kya kuch milsakta ha,
    aap kuchh idea share kare sir,

  107. Hi basavaraj

    My self dinesh kumar 28 years old my father death on 14 nov 2014 my mother & my grand parents also died. i have 1 sister she is married my fathers total service 9 years means aprail 2005 to 2014 can i claim for pension fund withdrwal . Epfo officers said ur not claim for that beacause ur 28 years old. ?

    Plz clarify

          1. yes sir i am major but that is employer share contribute 70% share in pension fund & 30% in pf sir

            sir i am legal heir i think all the deposit money should be mine. employer also with me that is your money.

    1. u are eligible for withdrawing the both Epf and Eps , but u can submit the legal certificate and original death certificates of of your parents

      1. sir already sumbit my all documents but he said that i am major dats why you not get pension fund

  108. Hi,
    My father passed away due to cancer in 2011 at the age of just 51.
    We did not have knowledge of EDLI at that time.
    Can we claim for EDLI now after 5.5 years?


  109. Dear Basavaraj,

    Recently my father 69 passed way due to accident. He is a epf pensioner. Mother died well before him. I am the nominee. Please tell the benefits those I will get?

  110. Hi Basu,

    My mother’s brother (my uncle) expired due to heart attack on 7 december 2016. He was woking in a private company and was 58 years 6 months old. His wife went to EPFO office for claiming epf, eps,edli. EPFO guyz are saying that they cant give edli amount to her as he was more than 58 years old. Is there any age limit on this edli insurance that the person should be less than 58 years old while his death so that nominee can claim edli amount. Edli amount is close to 6 lacs. Please suggest what we should do in this case. How can we prove these EPFO guyz wrong. Is this age limit thing for edli mentioned on EPFO site. Please suggest what should we do as epfo guyz are denying to give sdli amount stating the reason that the uncle was more than 58 years old at the time of death.
    Appreciate your quick response on this

    Mohit Dhingra

  111. Dear sir,
    My Brother in law demised on 17.10.2016 due to Brain Cancer. EPF & ESI were not contributed for almost 10 months. last time he went to office on feb 2016, we needed the money for his treatment so we applied for the gratuity money but we recieved the gratuity money after his death by january 2017, as he was medically not fit so he didn’t gone to office for long time but he also didn’t resigned from the company but on the company record he was not the employee of the company when he died, because we had applied for the gratuity money so the company has shown the laps and EPF were also not contributed for long time, is his wife eligible for claiming EDLI If yes how, because EPFO is asking for on roll death certificate by the employer, suggest in detail please

      1. That’s the confusion on the employer record as we had applied for gratuity money, so when he died he was not the part of the company, as per record of the company, as he was medically unfit and cannot walk also so he didn’t went to office also, but he didn’t resigned from the company, can we claim EDLI on medical term?

          1. Company is ready to help in any manner they can but EPFO is asking for on roll death certificate by the employer and company can’t provide that because on there record he was not part of the company, what best you can suggest me on this, I was thinking is there any provision in such cases that we can claim EDLI on medical terms, please suggest

  112. Hi Sir,

    Death claim clarification.
    Age limit to claim pension is 25 or below for childrens..
    Same age limit is applicable for EPF and EDLI claim..?? Or all legal heirs will share the benefits.

    My case:
    mom passed away when she is in service.
    Remaining family members are list below, who will be eligiable to claim EPF and EDLI claim..??
    Father 68yrs
    sister 35yrs married
    brother 32yrs unmarried..
    myself (Male) 28yrs unmarried

  113. my aunty is expired on march, she is cancer patient, and she had worked on pvt.,
    she had no children’s, and she is widow, my father was looking after her, there are like husband
    and wife, she is staying separately, they proof is voter ID, for her childrens, so he is married my mother, for that no objection from her, she is use to come my home regularly, she like’s very much, and she is nominated my name in
    pf and edli, and my father not mentioned is name in PF Application, he had mentioned widow,
    after her death we had applied PF Amount, and we received PF amount within a one month.
    For my aunty no brothers only one sister is there. Sir, now we can show the Voter ID Card, to the company.
    Sir, Please tell me I am eligible for ELDI Amount.

  114. Dear Sir,

    I have 2 + year old EPF account. and my lump sum deposited amount Employer share + Employee share will be more than 60 K. Now I want to withdraw employee share. Is It possible that I can withdraw desired amount as I require it for education purpose. as I know that I can’t withdraw before 5 years . Is there any way so that I can withdraw the employee share in emergency case. if yes Please tell me the procedure for it


      1. Sir her sister and their childrens are there, but when she was ill we had looked after, every time we had taken her hospital for every thing we are taken care.

      2. Sir her sister and their childrens are there, but when she was ill we had looked after, every time my husband and myself use to take her hospital, we have proof also, where my husband had signed in admission report, and also she has mentioned in bank SBI, nominee in my husband name. we had all her medical reports original and Bank pass books, ESI Card. Sir please tell what should we do, whether we ill get EDLI AMOUNT

  116. Dear sir,
    We are maintaining EDLI policy with LIC of India, and even though applying for exemption for this from EPFO so many times, we have not got the exemption. We are regularly paying monthly premium of EDLI to LIC . We came to know that we have to intimate EPFO regarding monthly contribution of EDLI to LIC.
    But we do not know how to intimate it and what is the procedure for the same.
    Kindly suggest.

  117. Hello sir, my father was dead on 17/10/16 . My father was emploess of kataria wair privat limeted . How to apply EDIL . My father was dead in the preiod of accedent in factory …sir plese gude how can clam other source ….

  118. Sir, My mother died on 04 May 2008 . She is left due to sickness from compay on 7 Feb 2008 but did not withdraw PF at the time of death. Can I claim EDLI

  119. Hello,

    My uncle died in a road accident on 20/05/2016 while going to his duty.He was 55 years old and was unmarried.He was working with Municpal corporation of Delhi(Government body). We have recently come to know that he has appointed my Father(his elder brother) as a nominee. We are already working with his Employer to for benefits that my father is entitled to get.

    Can you please help to understand that what all benefits my father is eligible for? Is he also entitled to get EDLI and I assume it is over and above his GPF contribution. Is EDLI different from Insurance provided by the Employer?

  120. Dear sir,
    My husband demised on 22.07.2016 due to heart related disease. EPF & ESI were contributed till 30.06.2016.From 01.07.2016 under went medical leave with permission of employer and died on 22.07.2016.The leave period i.e from 01.07.2016 to 22.07.2016 ( 22 days) EPF & ESI were not contributed due to my husband went on medical leave and also loss of wages. is he eligible for claiming EDLI. suggest in detail please.

    1. hi basavaraj sir

      my father expired in 2008 his age was 49 about to 50 , later on we my mother , brother and me getting pension my questions is
      1. ihave crossed 25 so mother will get my pesion too.i.e whether her pesion is added with my pension
      2.we did not get any insurance on that time is there any amount we can get from epf kindly give informtion on this
      it will be really helpful for my family

  121. dear sir
    One of our company ‘s contract labor died on 22.07.2016. due to heart failure. He proceeded on medical leaves from 01.07.2016 on wards. Employer and employee has contributed towards ESI & EPF up to 30.06.2016.but they are contributed towards EPF & ESI during medical leave period i.e 01.07.2016.Is he eligible for claiming EDLI. please clarify

  122. My wife expired on 07.01.2016 was in job continuously since 03.07.2003.she was subscriber of EPFO .salary consideration basis for EPF contribution was Rs 15000/- i eligible for EDLI benefit of Rs 6.0 lakh or 3.6 lakh? as i understand limit was enhanced by EPFO TRUST in September2015.

  123. Hello Sir,
    Please give me the answer of one more question but it is not related to EDLI.
    My father died on 18th of sep2016. So his work tenure in the present company was 3.5years.
    Are we eligible of Gratuity, because on Internet, I have find somewhere 5 years of continuous service rule is not applicable in the case of death.
    Can you please guide me for this above mentioned situation. Are we eligible to get any gratuity from company or not?
    Thanks in advance

  124. Hello Sir,
    I lost my father on 18th sept & please let me know how much EPFO amount we will get.
    I heared we will get upto 6 Lakhs, is this possible or not.
    Please reply ASAP.

  125. Hello Sir

    Thanks for this valuable information.

    My brother worked as asst. Professor in a private college and he died in August -2014 due to some illness.

    So please confirm whether my sister in law is eligible to get this benefit.

    Thanks in advance.




  127. My wife was died in 11 month of service so i applied for this insurance scheme but i got only 6300 rupees only.
    please help …

  128. My husband died about a year at the age of 70. He is a head master in a primary school from the age of twenty plus until pension. The cause of death is stroke. Are we eligble to claim this?

  129. Hello Sir

    Thanks for this valuable information.

    My brother worked as asst. Professor in a private college and he died in Aug-14 due to some illness.

    So please confirm whether my sister in law is eligible to get this benefit.

    Thanks in advance.


  130. Hello Mr. BASAVARAJ,

    I Need To know about this EDLI scheme that it is dependent upon Employeers Salary?? My Father was On duty when Expired Working on a Private Company now already this all paper work i did with the coo-ordination of his company but already its more that 1.5 months and no any claim amount we recieved from Government and could we eligibe to get six lakhs amount?? so please suggest me to whom i should contact in this regard??

  131. An employee is absent for last 3 years, he has no contribution to PF & ESI, please let us know if any thing happens his family can be eligible EDLI benefits.

  132. Hi, Basava Raj sir

    Thanks a lot for the most educative information..

    please favor me also,

    My beloved father died on March 20 – 2016 and He was retired as a Manager in a State Govt Office in 2009..
    So this Rs. 6 lakhs plans is applicable to my father??? Can we get the above mentioned amount???

    please tell me sir…

    Thanks in advance.. Deepu 🙂

  133. Dear Sir,

    Plz confirm me whether the insurance amount of Rs. 6 lac has been enhanced from 3.6 lac or still the decision is pending in labor ministry. my EPF has been started to deduct from October 2015. If in case of any mis-happening the nominee can claim for EDLI or not.

  134. Sir my brother in law died on 30/12/2015
    He is 30 year old and he joins his duty 8 months before he died
    will he get this benifit?????

  135. Dear Sir,
    The information is highly educative and simple to understand the interpretation techniques.
    Now, I seek your guidance in my case as under:
    1. Employed at Mumbai from Nov 1989 to Sep 2001 ….. Total PF was withdrawn from the TRUST.
    Pension Scheme is still with EPFO Mumbai.
    2. Moved to Bangalore and served with pvt firm from Jan 2011 to Aug 2015 Whereas superannuation falls during
    2012. DOB : AUG 1954. PF withdraw from EPFO Bangalore is being processed.
    What is the procedure for settling the Pension scheme? Is it to be done at Mumbai or Bangalore.
    Part pension ( prior to 1995 ) and formula pension (after 1995) details may please be given to me.

  136. Hello Sir,

    My father passed away at the age of 59 Years and he was still in service when he expired. Can you please tell me the age limit for EDLI. Do we have chance of getting insurance coverage for him.

  137. Hello, My spouse joined a company in April 2014, at that time there was no PF deduction from her salary. As per the new rule, the company started her PF deduction from 1st September 2014. However my Spouse met with a fatal accident while commuting to work in March 2015. Recently i got to know about the EDLI scheme and contacted her office and they provided me with contact details of their consultant who looks after the PF , etc for them. The consultant says that as the PF contribution has started from 1st September 2014 and my spouse passed away in mid March 2015, the required 6 months contribution is not present and hence no benefits can be claimed. I need your expertise and guidance with the following .
    1) Does my spouse get entitled to be covered under the EDLI scheme in the above mentioned case?
    2) Is there any minimum contribution to PF account to avail the PF, EDLI benefit in case of death?
    3) What are the benefits if applicable ?
    4) Can I withdraw the PF amount? if yes how would it be calculated? The deduction was 1380 in the salary slip from September.
    5) In case, eligilible for the benefits, whom to approach if the company and the consultant are not providing co-operation.

    Thank You in advance

    1. Mohammed-1) In my view YES.
      2) I am not aware of such rules.
      3) It is the EDLI amount and EPF amount available in her balance.
      4) Yes, you can withdraw and in fact YOU HAVE TO. It is EE+ER and interest on that.
      5) Better to approach regional EPFO. If they not heed, then directly knock the door of central EPFO office.

  138. One of our employee was worked upto 09.01.2015 and he was unable to attend the duty from 10.01.2015 due to cancer and he was taking treatment for more than 17 months (one and half year). Hence, we have maintained his attendance “on medical leave”. He was taking treatment from private hospital and getting reimbursement for his medical expenses from ESI and also getting leave wages for his medical leave days. In this juncture, he was expired on 13.05.2016, hence we request you to let us know whether deceased family of above member is eligible for EDLI benefits.

  139. sIR,


    PLEASE GUIDE THE DATE OF APPLICABLE THIS RULE .A member death was occured on 17.11.15 then in this case
    what amount get i.e.365000 or 8 lac.
    please inform this message to my mail i.d. [email protected].


      1. Sir,

        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        This matter is pertains to private wherein payment of EDLI is being paid through their insurance co metlife under control of EPFO and provident fund is also being paid by trust.Only nominee pension will be paid from EPFO. I have a confusion that EDLI amount to be paid as per new rate because claim is under process and one expert is stated to me that EDLI payment will be paid on new rate .It is depend the date of payment.If any information in this regards is available with you or your expert friend,so may be guided.


          1. Sir,

            How much time takes for the disbursement of p.f,Edli etc as documents is submitted on 20.6.16.
            Also guide for the death gratuity rule along with pdf in my mail.

              1. Sir,

                No payment is received yet but it is under process. Payment pertain to private
                wherein p.f.payment in death case is settled by its trust and nominee pension to be settled from EPFO. PLEASE GUIDE FOR THE SAME FOR RELEASING PAYMENT.

  140. Sir There is some issue regarding EDLI scheme ,
    Member details is given

    D.O.J 01/06/2016
    and after 24 working days he was die.
    Date of death 25/06/2016

    so sir please help me , that first of all He is eligible for EDLI benefit , if he is eligible then how many amount will be payable .
    sir please provide the calculation process step by step.


      1. Hi sir,
        My father died in 2019, he was working in a company but they didn’t give him pf. Can i apply for EDLI?

  141. Dear Sir,

    Could you guide regarding comparison for EPF EDLI and LIC plans of EDLI, which is better or plus minus of both schemes.


      1. Dear Sir,

        In my organization, the management has opted for LIC plan instead of EDLI scheme of EPF. This plan has two options, graded cover & flat cover with upper limit of Rs. 3,62,000. The current plan has ended on 31 May and now it is time for renewal.

  142. Sir, I would like to point a small typographical error, which requires correction. It is written:

    “30% of Rs.15,000=Rs.4,50,000+Bonus of Rs.1,50,000=Rs.6,00,000.”

    It should read as “30 times Rs. 15,000= Rs. 4,50,000+ …….” OR “30 X Rs. 15000= Rs. 4,50,000+ ……”

    (30 % of 15000- is Rs. 4500).

  143. My mother have a one time polycy bima nivesh amount only 25000 but my mother have died 20/4/2016 I am the nominee in this polycy I have claim this polycy but I can not understand how much money I got pls calculate me actual amount which I will given

  144. Dear Mr. Basavaraj

    Thanks for your elaborate update. After the amendment of EDLI provisions and revision of
    benefits to 6 Lakhs, Kindly inform us what is additional benefit we are going to get in case
    we cover our employees under Group EDLI Policy in LIC of India.


    Dorai Kumar
    HR Manager

  145. Thanks for your information. But sir my wife worked in chennai,
    but her adminstrative and EPFO office in Gurgaon. How can i contact them or
    how can i transfer the EPFO claim to chennai. Please advise me sir.

  146. Sir my father work in pvt company in 9 year 6 month 14 days and death

    Please give me advised for this case in benifit
    Aur kitne Rs milge kis kis ke

    Sir i m student i m not information pf case please inform sir

    Thank you sir

  147. Dear sir
    My name is harshad and my father is passed away in year 2008. Initially I was not aware about EDLI scheme, so I could not claimed the insurance. But now I just got to know that we can claim the insurance. My father was working as government employee in high school as teacher. And for his account my mother is nominee. So please tell me that after filling form 20, 10C/10B, with attachment of death certificate of my father, which step I should take and where I will have to go to submit the form. Also let me know that where I can get blank form to fill or I can download it or fill online.
    Please help

  148. Sir thank you for enlighting me with the details of epf. I would like to share my problem of receiving the epf of my deceased wife who was worked with AGA ALLIANZ GROUP and passed away in october 2014. I have been running from pillar to post to get the settlement of EPF but till date not received a single reply from the company. They had asked for all certificates related to her death but the company says that they have misplaced it and ignores my repeated request. Kindly guide me what can we done. So that i can get the claims.

      1. Thanks for yor reply, But Sir my wife worked in chennai.
        But her adminstrative and EPFO office in Gurgaon. How can i contact them or how can i transfer
        the EPFO claim to chennai. Please advise me sir.

  149. Hi Thanks for the information . I am widow and I am trying to apply the claim. The employer is seeking for Affidavit with Notary seal for the same and also asked me to open a pension a/c.
    Can you please help me with the format for Affidavit and also let me know which bank can be contacted for opening the Pension a/c

    1. NR-I am not aware of the format. Please contact a lawyer. You can open with any public sector or private sector banks to get your pension. But make sure that you must manage the account for long. Sorry for not helping you in this tough time.

  150. I want to link my LIC Insurance policy payment to EPF using FORM14. May i know the procedure, how to approach this?
    Can you please explain it clearly?

  151. Hi,
    The recent proposal by the EPF board to extend the Life insurance coverage for the person who lost the job and not contributing PF for 3 years. The insurance coverage can be extended by paying a small amount of premium. Can you please share the details on the PF board approval and premium payment information?


  152. Kindly let me know the effective date of implementation of the latest rules of EDLI scheme which has been raised from Rs. 3.60 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh.

    Has the notification been issued by the government for the latest changes in the EDLI scheme? If yes, then kindly provide me the link to the notification.

    The employer is telling that the new rules of the EDLI scheme is not currently applicable because the amendment of the rules of EDLI scheme is under process & it is still not approved by parliament.

      1. Kindly twll me from when is it effective.. itwas 3.6l before it has increased to 6l now..
        my father passed away in april 2015 during his service. Will he get 3.6l or 6l

        1. Dear Sir,

          My dad worked for ongc & got retired on 2014,he was expired on 2019 and had EPF & EPS account.Does he was eligible in getting the EDLI scheme insurance.

  153. Hello sir,
    if a company has taken Pension Group Scheme from LIC of India , then the EDLI benefits can be claimed or no? (in case of death of an employee)

    1. Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti.

      I have worked for Company and got the PF benefits from June 93 to 2004, I have withdrawn the PF amount of employee and employer, but they have not settled Pension amount, they said to obtain the Scheme certificate. Again I have joined the Same Company in Nov 2009 to till date under different PF code. I constructed house and availed loan from Bank. I submitted the PF application for repayment of Housing loan, rejected by PF Insufficient service.

      By considering the First employment in the same company and working presently in the same company, the service is more than 10 years and I also requesting for legitmate purpose to clear the Housing loan to the Bank where I am paying high rate of Interest. Then how to again submit the PF application.

  154. Hi Basavaraj,

    This EDLI will come into picture only in case of employee’s death. Employee can not enjoy this EDLI benefits when he is withdrawing his PF. Correct? Please clarify whether I am right or wrong?

    Thank You,

  155. I want to know whether employee’s contribution can be more than 12%. Also interest earned on this is taxable?

    1. Manish-Yes, it can be. This is called VPF (voluntary provident fund). This employee can do it voluntarily. The maximum limit is 100% of Basic+DA. Taxation is same as that of regular 12% contribution of employee.

      1. The observation of Financial planner about admissibility of 100% of Basic+DA needs re-look. I understand that the maximum limit is to the extent of normal PF contribution by the employee.

  156. Hi Basavaraj

    Your entire blog was very informative and educative in terms of Financials. Your efforts are prices less and precious . Thanks for such a educative posts.

    If employee served 5 years in same organization then what’s the gratuity amount he gets from the company and how it will be calculated?


  157. Hai,
    I am working as a Q.C Manager Iget Rs-20,ooo/-Per month ,so The EDLI scheme is eligible to me? Please Clarify as soon..

  158. thank you for your valuable information. calculation pf pension is based on12 months average salary or 5 years average salary . kindly give the correct information

  159. Our Employee Service is from 01/07/2007 to 31/08/2010 . ( A Little Above 3 Years )

    Claim is Submitted on 23/11/2015 .

    A ) For EPS amount invested is Rs 20612 /-

    B) Table D Withdrawal is Rs 6500 x 2.98 = 19370/-

    Will the Total EPS Claim be Rs 20612 + Rs 19370/- = Rs 39,982/-

  160. Hi Basu, good article. I was waiting for these details. Please advise what could be done in my situation. My father worked in various public and pvt companies from 1962 to 1991 and passed away in 1998. Was EDLI applicable during those years also? Should my mother claim through any one employer (he changed 5 to 7 co’s and we don’t have all PF details). How much is my mother likely to get (she’s absolutely no income now)? Please advise. Many thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Basu, Soon after posting my comment, I realised thatthe EDLI is applicable only when the person has passed away while he’s still employed; not after he is not any more employed. Right? So in my above example, EDLI is not applicable, right? Thanks.

  161. thank you for your valuable info,
    is only applicable for on roll employees or whether applicable for contract too?
    this EDLI purely applicable for death cases right?

  162. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thanks for your inf

    is newly appointed state govt. employe eligible to this? new state govt. employ does nt hav profident fund but he has contributionary pension scheme(PRAN)?

    Thanks in advance

  163. Hello sir,
    Thanks for the valuable information. But I have one question my colleague has retired last month, is he eligible to get that insured amount now. Since he has retired not in service any more. Please reply as soon as possible

    1. Mahadev-Your colleague will be eligible for this insurance only during his membership with EPFO. Also, there is no maturity value similar to typical endowment policies. However, the benefit will be only in case of employee’s death.

  164. Thanks Basavaraj for a valuable information . In the above article 12% from employee salary and from employers but the diagram shown as (3.67+8.33+0.5+1.1+0.01=13.61(but 12% of Basic)). In my EPF account we got inforamtion regarding employee share, employer share and eps no infor like EDLI, admin charges. This amount is given by whom either from employee or employe ?
    Please clarify

      1. Thanks sir for your response ..
        The amount of EDLI(approximately 600000/-) will be given only after employee death or after the total period of service is completed.
        Thanks .

          1. Thanks sir for your response and i refer your site ever time to get some unknown information which a normal person can not findout easily.


  165. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thanks for your information !!!
    Just a doubt please clarify .
    is that claimant eligible to claim only if the insurer died while in service. Or claimant can claim even insurer died after retirement / voluntary retirement / Not in service?

    Thanks in advance

  166. Thanks Basu for valuable information.
    I would like to know if this amount is paid only when there is a deduction from your salary every month or even if you are not employed can this amount be claimed?

    Also on EPS, so far when there was no Unique Account and when we would have claimed the PF amount i believe the EPS part was not being credited, is it possible to know the EPS balance with the current and previous PF accounts?


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