How to complete KYC or E-KYC for Mutual Funds ONLINE?

One of the biggest hurdles for online savvy Mutual Fund investors is the completion of KYC process. Because as of now there is no such process which we can say ONLINE KYC or E-KYC. Recently Quantum Mutual Fund started processing KYC ONLINE also called as E-KYC. By using this facility, you can complete the KYC or E-KYC for Mutual Funds ONLINE itself.

So what is E-KYC?

E-KYC is nothing but Electronic KYC, which totally reduces the typical process of paperwork. It is purely an online process. E-KYC is a simplified KYC for investments based on PAN and Bank Account no. details.

The Quantum Mutual Fund is the first Mutual Fund Company, which started KYC or E-KYC for Mutual Funds ONLINE.

What are the documents required for Online KYC or E-KYC?

# For Resident Individuals

  • Self-attested PAN Card Copy.
  • Self-attested Proof of Address (Latest Bank Statement/Pass Book not more than 3 months old).

# For Non Resident Individuals

  • Self-attested PAN Card Copy.
  • Self-attested Proof of Address (Latest Bank Statement/Pass Book not more than 3 months old).
  • Self-attested Passport Copy.
  • Self-attested Overseas Address Proof and attested by Authorized Attesting Officials.

What is the process KYC or E-KYC for Mutual Funds ONLINE?

I explained the whole process through this below image.

E-KYC or Online KYC

What is the E – IPV?

E-IPV is electronic In-Person Verification as mandated for KYC compliance. As I mentioned in the above image, during the E-IPV process, they verify your presence, original documents, applicant’s verbal confirmation about the information he provided and the signature of the applicant.

Advantages of E-KYC or physical KYC

  • It is purely an online process. Hence, no physical paperwork. This is a boon to those who stay abroad on in remote areas, but ready to invest in mutual funds through DIRECT.
  • As the whole process is paperless, it involves low cost or you may say zero cost process.
  • Reduces the time for processing your KYC.
  • You no need to send any physical signed copies, under this process.
  • The only hurdle is your presence during the E – IPV process.

Once the whole process completed, then you will receive a letter/email confirming the same. You can also visit the websites of any KRA and verify the status online.

Few doubts still need to be clarified are as below-

  • Whether investing Quantum Mutual Fund is mandatory to go through this E-KYC process?
  • Whether one can complete E-KYC with Quantum and invest with other Mutual Fund companies?

Let us see how the details unfold. But to me Quantum Mutual Fund took a big leap in establishing E-KYC process, especially to Mutual Fund Direct Investors.

Recently Reliance Mutual Fund also started the eKYC process. and the procedure is as below.

E-KYC process of Reliance Mutual Fund

Reliance Mutual Fund eKYC

Once E-IPV is completed, your KYC details will be shared with KRA. Once KYC is registered, you will receive the confirmation via email / letter.

What lags in E-KYC process of Reliance Mutual Fund?

  • In my view, during the processing of KYC itself, you have to mention the fund for which you want to invest. So if you have to be an investor with Reliance AMC to get the E-KYC process.
  • It is not purely an online process. Because at the end, you have to send the physical KYC application form to Reliance AMC.

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  1. I have opened demat account with zerodha online and during the process zerodha app did my verification digilocker adhar and thru webcam. Later after few days when I checked my kyc status on cvlkra site it shows kyc registered..ipv flag shows ‘E’. What I heard is there is limit of 50k per fund house per year for online kyc..but when started investing thru zerodha coin app i did not experience any such limit.. so my question is whether coin app is following right protocol to limit the investment to the investment beyond 50k there safe and legal.
    Also what does ipv flag ‘E’ means ..I heard it should be ‘Y’ for no limit on investment amount..pls advise

  2. Hi I have a question in 2012 in have done my KYC… recently I have started to invest in MF. I have also updated my address and phone number in CAMS. Now I want to know whether mine is eKYC or physical KYC.. Please advise.


  3. hi

    i have done Aadhar based KYC. Now when i want to convert it to full KYC through quantum website, it does not give me option to modify as it says i am already KYC compliant.

  4. Sir I already have KYC done but now I have to update my KYC address for that I should have CKYC no. So how do I get CKYC no?

  5. Hi Mr Basu,
    I am an NRI and have opened recently a 4 in 1 account with Axis bank through which I am investing in shares. Now I am planning to invest in some direct plans for SIP’s but all MF’s asking CKYC no. But when I put my pan no in Karvy platform, it is showing KYC registered with NDML without a number. Please can you advice on what I should do to enroll in SIP Direct plans

    1. Neethu-I think that is sufficient. By taking the printout of the Karvy platform acknowledgement, you can start investing directly in MF. The problem with CKYC is that it is not yet centralized as it was thought initially. Sad but the reality.

  6. Hi Basu,
    I started investment in MF as an E-KYC complaint so there is a limit of 50K Per AMC per year.Recently i had applied for conversion of e-KYC to regular KYC in cams office and i did all the procedure as guided by officer there but application was finally rejected due to absence of IPV and cams advised me to do the document processing again. I have done some other investment through ICICI securities limited and they have processed my C-KYC. I have already got an email of my C-KYC processing and c-KYC number allotment.I need to know that do i still need to do the processing through cams as i am already C-KYC complaint?please reply.Thanks in advance.


  7. I have already ekyc complaint. But now my address is charged.
    Can I change my address in ekyc online (with proof of bank passbook not more than 3 months) without any physical work?
    Thanks for your this service.

  8. Hi Basu,

    My first question is similar to the one you’ve already answered but that was more than 8-9 months ago. I am asking again just in case there are any changes.

    Question 1: I did my eKYC through Karvy online. I want to invest more than 50k / year in mutual funds. Therefore, in order to convert my eKYC to regular KYC, is the process still the same as advised in the earlier post?

    Question 2: If I invest in mutual funds through Karvy website, would I be paying them any commissions now or in the future?

    Question 3: Is it possible to invest in mutual funds through my wife’s demat account with ICICI?

    My wife and I are both NRIs but since my wife doesn’t have any income I transfer some amounts to her NRE account from my own NRE account.

    Would really appreciate your valuable inputs to all above queries.

  9. My e-KYC is done. Now Mutual fund like Franlkin not accepting investment more the 50K. Tey said investment made under eKYC can only be made upto 50K. Now I want to convert my eKYC to physical KYC so that I can invest more money.

    Issue is that when I submitted documents for KYC to distribution center Bajaj, they said that you need to first make physical investmentment by them, then only eKYC willl be converted to regular physical KYC.

    You can not do online translation without it.

    Thta logic sounds wierd to me that eKYC can not be converted into KYC without physical investment.

    Please suggest how to get done physical kyc.

  10. its kind of bullshit procedure … its just KYC …. when u can trace pan card details and also bank accounts name from number , even trace adhar card no.

    3 tracing system available still u need to print n fill details on paper and scan n upload it again … not stop from that point asking for skypee … mobile varifcation etc…

    who say its paper less …. it paper waste n time consuming process …

    suggest ….

    e – kyc mean its must me easy like opening email id
    1> ask pan details …. trace the name in system
    2> ask bank a/c. details …….trace name in system , and make initial process fee , should be min. and make payment through net banking
    3> ask mobile no. ……. verify by otp system
    4> verbal confirmation by call …

    thats it …….

    re check after register … 2 days later , 5 days , 10 days , 15 days ,…. randomly

    so thinking of fraud case is 0 …….

    re think and initiate this kind e kyc … which is actual e kyc …

  11. Sir bloggers residing in India earning money through Google adsense what they should mention for Occupation and source of welcome, please clarify thanks.

  12. hi basavaraj ji, i am nri.. and already a KYC Compliant, but now i got an email from HDFC mutual fund stating that i need to again go thru KYC procedures to continue my SIP investments from 1st jan 2016. but i am not yet still IPV compliant…so pls. advice…how to go ahead further… as my physical presence and other documents again i need to send..

  13. if i have done e kyc verification for one MF company for my first investment. so i need to go for another round e kyc/kyc for another MF company.. please help me

  14. Hi Basu,
    Could you write a post about mandatory additional KYC requirement for all existing and new mutual fund investors.(Additional KYC, FATCA, CRS & UBO declaration) I had completed my KYC while registering for CAN. Now i have two mutual funds axis and franklin -SIP. So now
    (1) Should i submit the additional KYC requirement in individual fund house or CAMS(i took CAN from there).
    (2) Though MFUtilities still have not started investor login as its almost more than a year,I can see additional KYC forms available in their website. Can i sent them the new forms or should i personally go and submit.
    (3) If i dont submit will my SIP be rejected after the proposed deadline of december.

    Thank You.

  15. I tried it. I did not get the one time SMS. So, could not proceed further. Anyone else completed successfully?

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