Check EPF balance through Missed Call AND SMS Alert

We all know that we can check our EPF (Employee Provident Fund) balance through online. Later EPFO modified the service to receive balance status to your mobile as SMS. However, for that, you have to login to EPFO site and provide details. Recently EPFO started balance-checking facility of EPF through your mobile. No need to login to EPFO portal and provide details. 


  1. EPF Mobile App-Activate UAN and Check EPF Balance
  2. New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature
  3. 4 EPF withdrawal changes effective from Feb 2016

Let us the feature in detail. We all know that recently EPFO started UAN (Universal Account Number) facility. This is a unique number provided to each individual employee. Whenever you change your employer then you just need to quote this number. The past account balance will be transferred and connected with new employer automatically. It is easy for employer and employee to track their investment in EPF. You may read more about this facility in my earlier post of “EPF Universal Account Number (UAN) -What it is?“.

Check EPF balance through missed call

You can check EPF balance through missed call also. The details are as below.

# Employees registered on the UAN portal may get their details available with EPFO by giving a missed call at 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number.

# If the UAN of the employee is seeded with any one of the Bank A/c number, AADHAAR and PAN, he will get details of last contribution and EPF balance.

# To avail this facility, the mobile number must be activated with UAN at Unified Portal.

# Giving missed call from the registered mobile number at 011-22901406 automatically gets disconnected after two rings.

# This service is available free of cost to the member. Moreover, these services can be availed from non-smart phones also.

Check EPF balance through SMS

To make this UAN facility more attractive, EPFO now started SMS based balance-checking facility. Please remember that this facility is only meant to those who have UAN Account Number and have registered their mobile number during UAN activation. Below is the format and number detail to send the SMS.

EPFO SMS Service to check balance

From your UAN registered mobile number, you have to send SMS to number 7738299899. The format of the message will be like EPFOHO UAN <ENG> for receiving the message in English. Currently, EPFO provided an option to receive option to receive SMS in 10 languages (English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Bengali). Once you send the message, then EPFO will send you, the member details available with it along with details of the KYC, last contribution, and total EPF balance.

You may not receive the message if Aadhaar, PAN and bank account were digitally approved and provided by the employer. Hence, if you will not receive the SMS then contact your current employer. For further assistance of UAN/KYC queries, you may contact EPFO Toll-Free No. 1800118005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on all seven days. 

283 Responses

  1. I wanted to know my EPF balance but our employer just provided my PF account no.Is there any way to check the balance with the PF account number??

  2. I want to know my pf balance. either tell my epf balance amount or procedure how to check.UAN not registered, resigned in 2004.

  3. I left my previous organization on April29, 2016. Please guide me how do i with draw pF online without my employer signature. Because to with draw they have asked me to fill the form and send back to office. I did that but till now I have not received any update and seems that they missed to submit my PF forms.
    I want to do this on my own.
    Please guide me.

  4. Claim ID : MHBAN
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (MHBAN) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Claim ID : MHBAN
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (MHBAN) has been approved. Payment is under process

    1. First SMS Came on 6th May

    2. I was given Missed Call from Ny Mobile Number ‘It Says MH BANxxxx is already Settled.

    3. My PF Office is Mumbai, Iam @ chennai.

    Pls tell me When can i Expected?

      1. Dear Sir,

        Iam Already registered with Grievance
        it Says

        Current Status : Under Examination at our level

        Next what to do?

  5. Claim ID : MHBAN
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (MHBAN) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Claim ID : MHBAN
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (MHBAN0) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Sir When Can I expect the amount?

      1. Dear Sir,

        I was given the PF missed Call from my Phone
        “it Says already Settled”

        But so for i am not received? pls help me on this….

        1. I am shivmani mishra
          I old Emplayer of PIL Mumbai our PF Fund not complet
          Regnetion Date.
          June 2012

  6. My UAN was activated at the time NAME in mismatch how to change to name my uan no ;100798301745 uan name :Mr. M.BALACHANDER change to name is M.BALACHANDAR this name .plf help

  7. I lost my sim card(mobile no) registered to EPF account… Can I change the mobile number. If yes what are the procedures

  8. I changed my job an year back. My UAN was activated at the time of quitting y previous company (with KYC details). My previous company maintained PF in an exempted trust. My current company maintains it in EPF Office. My earlier PF is not yet transferred from my previous employer.

    I tried to get my PF balance through the SMS option (my mobile number is linked to UAN). I got two messages :
    1) One containing UAN, Name, Aadhar, PAN and Bank Details, and says “Last Contribution: 0, Total Contribution : 0”
    2) Second contains only UAN without PAN and BANK Details, and says “Kindly register your KYC through Employer, to get contribution details and future services”.

    What action do I need to do to see my PF balance correctly?

  9. i jagan lal i want previous employer transfer epf fund on line and i requiest to employer but no action yet date. Please help me and action to be taken on previous employer why do it.
    my uan no. is that :- 100170033732
    I request last one year but no action.

  10. Is the EPFO site is under maintenance. Let me know. As several attempts I could not find the UAN passbook portal till now. Help me to enable me to see my UAN passbook to know my balance.
    Also I have put in 30 years of service in a company in which from 1995 to 2015 my basic was calculated as 6000 and till now calculation of PF contribution on 15000 and the retirement date is 2020 January 1.
    Kindly let me know how much pension should I get.

  11. My PF account to new employer is done and the status is approved. But how do you I find if the transfer is done and the amount through EPFO. I have downloaded the previous PF passbook. But I could not see the current one.

  12. Sir,
    i have applied for EPF transfer from previous company to UAN no. How can i know that fund is transferred to my EPF UAN .


  13. Hi, I have my UAN number and it is activated. I am unable to download passbook. I want to find my PF number and balance. Please help

  14. Dear Sir,

    I want to know my PF balance , i registered in UAN member portal but i forget my password and my registered mobile no in not active. How can i check my pf balance .please guide

  15. sir,
    my uan no. 100304720398 but i have join other compney i have other pf ac. no.
    i want to transfer my pf balence to present pf ac.
    because my past contracter did not submit my pf form to epfo office jaipur.
    plz help sir
    thank u

  16. Sir, want to check my pf balance but it not showing what to do because i have leave the company before 4 months.

  17. Hi Sir

    i want know a small clarification about the PF deduction , here i want know when we see the passbook , the amount is showing in 3 share , Employer, pension Contributin
    now my question is here whether we need to calculate all three share amounts . so that will know about the total balance of my PF.

  18. Hi Sir,
    My self GOPI KRISHNA and my UAN number is 100449855507.I want to apply for pf when i went to office they asked some documents including UAN activation copy but when i have entered my UAN and registered mobile number it shows that invalid UAN or mobile number then i have activated my registered my mobile num and the reference id number is 1606428332 and will contact you soon but there is no msg saying tbat mobile num activated so pls suggest me what to do
    In my office without UAN activation copy they are not processing my PF
    So pls reply and do needful


  19. Dear sir
    I have withdtrae my pf aftet twelve year job due to company has closed.but after four years the some of deposit by employer and I joined a new compan.and I generate the UAN.Now u suggest me in such condition can I transfer my account or not or withdrawal.

  20. I send pf transfer request before 3 month and i received message regarding transfer is completed, but when I check with uan amount is not reflecting. Amount show oo in my account.
    And Amount also not seen in new pf a/c.

    So please check and give me revert asap.

  21. Hi
    I got job in Malaysia on contract basis for one year later it may increase. I don’t want to withdraw my PF amount now.
    So, my PF account will not be credit any amount for some period. Please let me know the procedure like, how many years i can keep my PF account idle. is there any chance to deactivate my account if it is not crediting amount. If it is deactivate, can i get my money back ? Please let suggest me the solution for this.

  22. By which date (last), can i request my employer to change the %age contribution from my Salary towards EPF.

    Kindly Guide

  23. Hi sir

    I am now out of India job so how can I withdrawal my EPF time submit pf form but this form rejected. Singnter don’t match so how can I withdrawal my EPF now….any option pls send me my mail ID [email protected]..thanks


  25. your all processes for check pf balance was a fack before 5day i call that no it was ringed but no replay today’s I message but message not send

  26. Hi,
    My PF A/C is linked with wrong UAN number. Now when I login through UAN on my payslip, I see some other employees details. How can I solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance

  27. Hi,
    My PF A/C is linked with wrong UAN number. Now when I login through UAN on my payslip, I see some other employees details. How can I solve this issue?

    Thanks in advance

  28. Hello Sir,

    I was working in a company A for 13 months, as I didn’t like the job, I quit it. But did so not in proper manner i.e not through Resignation (I just absconded as I had bond with the company to work for 24 months). Hence I can’t get back to that employer asking for UAN number. I have only PF No and EPS No. Can I get my PF amount back, If so what is the procedure. Please help me as I am not only person to do so, 50-60% of people who join that company will do the same thing. Please suggest the procedure so that it will be helpful for all of them.

    Thank You

    1. RN-If you have UAN, then you no need to worry. When you join new organization, then simply provide this UAN. If you don’t have UAN, then you can request for online transfer using OTCP option of EPFO.

      1. Thank you for the information.

        Previous company which I was working had EPF facility but the present company in which I am working has NPS facility. Then Can I transfer the amount using above said OTCP procedure.

        Thanks in advance

          1. Thank You for the info.

            I read in some newspaper that the Government is thinking of facilitating transfer of amount from EPF to NPS to encourage it. Is it so?

            And when I tried to check my PF balance I got a error message that the credentials don’t match. What may be the reason?

            Please shed some light on NPS.

            Thanks in advance

  29. Sir mujhe pf balance cheke karna he or mera mobile n add nahi he me kya karu sir plz help me

  30. Sir, I am Patil sandip hariram. I am an employee. My EPF number is HR/554/4274 but I don’t know how can check my EPF amount ?

      1. Hi Sir

        How we can check the PF balance using PF account .

        my UAN is not linked to PF account .I tried using SMS facility not able to find out that one

  31. Hi sir,
    My name is karpagam Babu from Chennai, when I m trying to generate my UAN no m unable to do . m getting error, when I checked with my HR he said like I need to create on my own. could you please help me and advice me when I need to do on that.


  32. hello sir ,
    My EPF Knowledge-

    ????? ??????/Member Passbook

    ????? ??? ?????? UPLKO00563180000000351 AJEET KUSHWAH 01-SEP-2014
    ???????? ???/ Employee Share 16591 ???????? ???/ Employer Share 5073

    ???/ Total 21664

    Please Provide Confirm balance of My EPF Account With Interest.

  33. hello sir mera EPF account balance janna h
    or mera mobile nmbr add nhi so mujhe janna h aap help kijiye plzzz reply…..


        1. Priya-I deleted your earlier comment where you mentioned your EPF number. Don’t share such personal information on public platforms. No need to worry of UAN. You keep record of EPF number. Once you join new company, then you can share the same number to your new employer.

  34. HI,
    if I am checking the status of my fund transfer I got this message Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.
    from past one year status is same.
    what should I do to follow up pls suggest

  35. Dear Sir,
    I am getting messages after withdrawing amount from ATM through EPFOHO. like EPFOHO BZ-ATMSBI and EPFOHO VK-KOTAKL. Please help me. what should I do.

  36. sir,
    my name is hemanth kumar, my brother worked in a automobile company for 4.6 years,after his resignation hlye applied for pf before a year but now also it showing status like ” Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process.” but he did’nt transferred his pf money to another company.when we contact the company hr he says we changed our company name so it showing like this. but its been showing from 7 months,what might be problem?? is there any chance of rejection?? company people are not responding properly,how we need to proceed if any tranfer occur to other account?? please tell me.

  37. I have pf number.but I don’t have account how can I created my pf account.please help me.if u don’t mind can u cal me my number number is +919613334491….

  38. Hi Basunivesh,

    I would like to take loan on EPF for buying a plot and as I have already a house loan + 1 personal loan not interested to take any loan from any of the banks. So is there any way that I can take loan on EPF with my monthly EPF will be as premium.


  39. Sir,

    my PF NO pertaining to EXEMPTED ESTABLISHMENT ( L&T CONSTRUCTION) resigned on 30.11.2014. UAN NO available and KYC details updated and approved by EMPLOYER.

    Now i can submit the Withdrawal Form ( FORM 19 UAN) directly to PF office without signature from employer.


  40. Sir,
    I have changed my organisation since 6 years but do not transfer or withdraw my EPF that is become in operative…today i try to transfer it ..

    can i onine transfer my epf balance…and what is process for online withdraw.
    please help.

  41. Hello,
    I joined my new company in Nov 2014 and with my previous company when I enquired there was no UAN with my previous employeer. My new Employeer has got new UAN nbr with my current PF account. While I chekcing for transfer , I came to know my previoius employeer also got another UAN nbr with my previous PF account. My current situaiton is I have 2 UAN nbr’s linked with 2 PF accounts [ previous and current ] . How to transfer my old with new and How to cancel my old UAN.As far as I understand I should be having only one UAN nbr.

  42. PF Transfer Issue
    I was working in cochin office (Kerala, but PF office (both current and previous) in KR Puram, Karnataka) about 5.5 years. I have active UAN. My company is taken over by another company. Majority of employees provident fund get transferred to new PF account. But my PF is yet to be transferred. Its nearly 2.5 years now. I raised this issue several times, (submitted form 13 twice) applied through online transfer (present employer only approved). I raised grievance to EPF office but they require online submitted PDF form with employer seal with my signature for processing. But these are pending now. How should I proceed now?

  43. Sir, i have Submitted my Withdrawal from, how many days it will take time to settlement and how to know it is under process

  44. Dear sir,

    i worked one and half years in one company in chennai in 2003-2004, then moved to other company in hyderabad, i took the new PF account and withdrwen the same, then i went for higher studies, now iam working in mumbai, now can i withdraw/transfer the chennai PF amount, pls inform the process.

    1. Narendar-Your confusing me. You worked in Chennai and withdraw the EPF of that account. Then joined in Hyderabad and after few year went for higher studies. Now if you again starting work, then mention your Hyderabad account.

  45. Our Employee Service is from 01/07/2007 to 31/08/2010 . ( A Little Above 3 Years )

    Claim is Submitted on 23/11/2015 .

    A ) For EPS amount invested is Rs 20612 /-

    B) Table D Withdrawal is Rs 6500 x 2.98 = 19370/-

    Will the Total EPS Claim be Rs 20612 + Rs 19370/- = Rs 39,982/-

    1. Sir, This is Ravi Kumar Reddy, i left the job on 30.11.2014, now i am not working any where, i am having my UAN no and KYC Details also updated and approved by employer, can i send the withdrawal form directly to EPFO Office for settlement without any sign from employer.


  46. Hi,

    I have submitted the Pf forms personally on the 17th this month. I was told that I would receive an sms with the status of my claim or alternatively visit the website.
    No sms yet, and the portal says no record found. Should I be worried?
    Also, how long would it take for the amount to be credited? Most of my friends for it in 3 days.

    Your advise would be highly appreciated.

  47. hi, i left old company 9/10 yrs ago. tht time im nt withdrew PF amount. can i withdrew the same. it may call inoperative a/c. how can i do this. let me suggest. i hav all details(Old) with me like PF num,emplr name etc. plz suggest.

    thank you.

  48. Hi
    I worked in 3Infotech BPO company last 6 months, they are debited 965 in my salary

    credited in EPF account but so many times I asked the EPF number but they did not give the EPF account.

    How can complaint the EPF office.
    Please suggest me.

  49. Hi Sir,

    I lost my registered mobile number for PF account also forgot my pass word in UAN portal,please give me an idea to overcome the situation.

  50. Hi,

    I resigned from my job of 11 years and am presently not working. I am able to login with my UAN at the EPFO portal but download passbook option is not available for my prev organization. The previous member id details show my date of exit as my last working day. The issue I am facing is that I am unable to view my PF account balance. Upon sending the SMS format, I received a response that the last and total contribution are zero! Check pf balance details online link also says no info available with my details
    What can I do to find out my PF balance?

    Thanks in advance

  51. Sir past 2yrs back live the first company but not regained. Now present working another company From lost to dairectly clim or trasfer to my new pf acount

  52. I worked one and half year in one private company in 2003 in chennai, now can i claim my pf amount, pls inform the process

      1. now i am in another company, i worked only one and half years worked in chennai, still i did’t claim and transfer that amount, i have the PF account no. and company is big group only

  53. Sir i left from company.shall I get my of amount without UAN register? Because When I register it is showing REQUEST FOR UAN FOR THIS MEMBER ALREADY UNDER PROCESS THROUGH ECR.pls help us..

  54. Hi Sir,

    Just wana ask u what should i do in the case the employer is not proving me UAN number and its been 2 month i have submitted the form in office but they r delaying it for no reason.

    Pls suggest

  55. Sir
    I initiated my pf withdrawl claim 3 months ago, but recently i got to know that my saving bank a/c is on hold due to some kyc issue. Now i have regularize my a/c.
    So pls tell me what will i do right now as one of my friend received his claim who also submitted the same at that time.
    Pls reply

      1. Sir
        EPF portal is still showing that claim is approved for payment nd payment is under process. But i have some doubt that if bank returned the amount saying the a/c is on hold then, what is the process to again transfer the claim in same a/c.

  56. Hi Sir,

    I have recently changed my company on july2015. I had initiated a PF transfer and got a message that Trasnsfer is done.
    When i go account balance provided by my new company’s PF account no it says “* * No record found”

    where my money would have gone. Some wrong account?
    As well my UAN provided by my previous company is working and UAN provided by my new company is

    Request for UAN for this Member Id ————is already under process.(through ECR).

    What to do?

  57. Hi ,

    I am trying to know my PF balance. It is asking for A/c number. i am using all the account details. Please let me know, what a/c number i have to use?


  58. Sir iam working past six years one company now I resigned work and I studied Post graduation course . how I claim my PF amount

  59. my one year pf amount deposit name of radheyshyam dube ofter one year my name radheyshyam change by employer which are correct. so I wants to know about .How can get pf amount which are incorrect. Pls send me replay
    to us. I hope you will be not disappointed us.


  60. Sir
    I have UAN number but when I tried to know my PF balance it is showing your adhar card and pan card number are not registered. Then how to check my PF balance.

  61. Sir,

    Whenever I try to check my PF balance it says “Service are unavailable due to the heavy workload. Kindly try after some time. Inconvenience is regretted .”

    I kind of feel something is wrong, even when I try to do this on Saturday or Sunday it gives the same message. Once I tried in the middle of the night (around 2 AM) and it gave the same message. Do you have any idea why does this happen?

    I tried sending SMS and Miss calls to EPFO to get my balance. As I have two PFs linked to my UAN, it just shows the status of one PF as “Settled”. How do I check my balance? is there any other way?


  62. Dear sir I was trying to check my Epf balance for last one week but I was asked to UAN. How can I get the UAN? Please help!

  63. Sir replay me,
    I got one msg yesterday.
    Cliam form 19for PF settlement for member account number.
    kRkch00194050000001304 received
    On 28.9.2015and ID
    Krkch 150900011469is under process.

    Form 10withdrawal benefit scheme certificate for acc Krkch recd on 28.09.15 and claim ID.

  64. respected sir ,
    i have worked in company A from may 2013 to may 2015 . then i worked in company B from may 2015 to july 2015. now i am working in company C from august 2015 till date . i had received my UAN number from company A . i have been using the same UAN number in all three companies . now kindly advice me how to transfer the entire sum of money to my current pf account . how much time will it take ?

  65. Hi sir,

    I want to know my EPF but the balance option is not available on portal how can i know my balance.


  66. Dear Sir,

    My Case

    I have worked with Company “A” for 11 years till 30th June 2014 ,Then Company “B” for 5 months and currently working in Company “C”

    Having talked to my HR team of my current employer I am given to understand that :

    1) Option of transfer from “B” company to present employer is possible since company “B” employer has paid all their dues and transfer can be initiated and there won’t be any problem here.

    2) Now as far as company “A” transfer is concerned my present employer has informed that even if say Company “A” may have filled the (EE +ER) contributions till March2014(tentative) and if a request is Raised from Present employer to company “A” for Transfer, the transfer may be rejected since I have worked till 30th June,2014 and Part transfer will be rejected by EPF office online and the Transfer claim will remain stuck till the time complete payments are done in the EPF account by Company A (Total employee +Employer “A” till June2014).

    3) The SMS system and the missed called service are excellent initiatives by the EPFO office but it does not show the month till which each contribution in paid for a particular EPF number…how can this suggestion be given to EPFO office

    4) I am really worried for point 1 and 2 since while linking the UAN no the DOB and DOJ joining of Company “A” are not available and linking of the UAN is not happening…..Company A response is weak. So will it effect by transfer as mentioned in point 1 also if I try to transfer as per point 1?

    Please do guide me on this matter.

    With warm regards

    1. ASI-2) Let EPFO initiate the criminal case to company A. You apply for transfer, let us see the result and response from EPFO. 4) Why you have to worry about point 1, when you can easily transfer from company B?

  67. This is to inform you that my name is radhika khanna and I applied for PF with no Z55497215 on dated 15/06/15. But still I m not reveived any information regarding this.
    pls help me

  68. Sir
    I worked in a comp for 2.5 yes.and now I left that comp..currently I m working I a company which has no of my previous employer is asking me an un employment Lett er for withdrawn of it mandatory to provide the unemployment letter? pls suggest.

    Thank you
    Rupanjana Mukherjee (Kolkata )

    1. HI,

      My suggestion is don’t withdraw your PF , you can transfer it your new organisation with new PF Account,

      First you need to Activate you UAN then initiate a transfer request.

      Thank you


  69. Sir
    I worked in company A for 2,5 yrs.but at that time there was no UAN currently I m working in a company on contract basis.there is no pf .my previous company is asking me for an un employment letter to withdraw the same qutn is is it mandatory to submit the un employment letter?or can I apply without unemployment letter?pls help me sir…

    Thanks and Regards
    Rupanjana Mukherjee

  70. Dear Sir,
    I am apply my pf for withdraw , and I have send some form ,plz tell me its correct;
    3.own voter id,
    4.pan card ,and every copy sign by me,

    but I am not send salary slip ,its any problem for withdraw pf.
    plz tell me

  71. hii sir I m shripat choudhary my EPF no.ap/hy56070/201876 I beg to say my pf form I filled my pf form before 35days but no receive my pf balance so please help me

  72. Hi Basu, A very nice article as is every time. Good. Please advise, do you know any PF consultant who can liaise and resolve PF related problem. It is a complex problem but needs a positive resolution. Many thanks.

  73. Dear Sir,

    I had applied for with drawl of my PF amount in previous company, checked ON line, received message as EE Amount Rs31182.ER Amount: Rs13055(Accounts updated up to 31.03.2015).

    I don’t what is my total amount I would receive ?????

    Please help me in this regard.

    Thanks with Regards,
    Bangalore – 560018,
    Contact No.9845905099.

  74. i recently changed my job and location, previously my PF was in Pune and now i have requested online tranfer to Chennai PF account, but recently i got an email saying my amount has been transfer to one SBI account which is not mine. Could help me in this

  75. Sir,
    Can 2 or more UANs get allotted to one person ?

    I was earlier working in company A, and that time there was no UAN. I switched to company B and thereafter my PF account was created and it now shows than UAN has been requested for this account in B. Meanwhile I also received the UAN number from company A. The PF accounts of A & B has not yet been merged.

    Now i am in company C and have provided them with UAN of A, and also going to deposit Form-13 for transfer from company B. Am I doing it correct ? PLease advise.

  76. I have got password but don’t know UAN how could I get bcoz I receive one message of UAN generated & password its mention so pls help me abt .

  77. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Shankar, recently I changed my job from Y to X company it is almost completed 6 months. My concern is the allotted PF number in X company belongs to other person within the same organization, whatever the PF amount is deducting every month from my salary it is directly credited to other person PF account. When (4 months back) I tried to transfer my “Y” company PF amount to existing company showing different person name from that time only I came to know that PF account in “X” company is belongs to me.

    Immediately , I went back to employer asked how its happened and said we will work on that and get back to you.

    However, till date I didn’t get any response whenever I ask they are telling it will take some time to resolve but they are not ready to give any clarity on that, how it was happened and also before joining I provided the old company UAN details to them, but no use.

    We would request you to assist on this how to fix and get correct PF number from them.


  78. I has joined contractor comp three month ago but they did not give me my pf no as well as uan no. I would like to request kindly suggest me what should I do. I will be highly thankful

  79. Hello Basu,
    How to retrieve pension contribution amount from PF account after retirement. Or Is it possible to connect PF account with NPS account direcly, so that we will get benefit of it. Please reply me.

    1. Hi sir,

      I want to know my EPF but the balance option is not available on portal how ca i know my balance.


  80. Dear Sir,

    Greetings !!

    Sir now just i change my job, i withdrawal hole balance from last PF Contribution, Now i want to add new PF account to my UAN, please suggest for same .

    Manish Kumawat

  81. Hi I have received less amount of pf as I suppose to receive 15500 but received only 5900. Haven’t received form10 C withdrawal benefit

  82. Dear Sir,

    I had checked that link and got a sms that your balance is 13410/- rs. in your account but as per me it suppose to be 25000/- + . please suggest me ……….

    Mayur Chandibhamar

      1. Hi,

        I got my full PF amount in just 5 days.

        Amount I got in 2 parts

        1. Pension Scheme Amount
        2. Pf Amount.

        Mayur Chandibhamar

  83. @Basavaraj Sir, I recently changed my job. I have already initiated the process to Transfer my PF balance to the new PF account (as linking UAN doesn’t help in my case).

    I want to know, how to withdraw the EPS amount ?
    What happens if I do not withdraw it ?

    Please advice.

    Note: I have served for 6+ years in my previous organization.

  84. Hi All,

    If you have UAN no and send SMS to 7738299899 as exactly EPFOHO UAN ENG from the registered mobile they will send reply with PF balance along with our UAN no. You no need to tell your UAN no in SMS. You just send it as UAN only.

  85. Dear sir,

    I want to invest Rs.2500/- every month for 1 year which scheme is good but without Risk less or less risk
    Your feedback valuable for me.

  86. Sir, Please I want to know the details of pf . Please do the needful. My UAN No 100461302560.

    Thank you

  87. HELLO SIR , I M RAJESH KASHYAP I WANT TO KNOW MY PF BALANCE VIA MO.7499640202 SMS AND MY PF. NO. IS TH/THA/0200282/000/0005352 AND MY PF DEDUCT 01/11/2013 TO TILL MONTH SO PLEASE IMEEDIAZETLY AND I debited from employee salary or employers contribute 12% epf from the company fund. please sir provide me valuable information.

    1. Abhay-Sir, I am not here to check and inform either from EPFO or from you. I shared the knowledge and you have to use it. If you don’t have that much patiency also then GOD can only protect you.

  88. Sir, I am sudhakar. I am an employee. As per EPF 12% on basic salary Rs. 1,130/- has been deducted from my salary during my 01 year 03 months of service. I recently resigned. I don’t know my PF. No. How can i know my total PF amount and how can i get my PF amount. Please let me know.

  89. Thank you Basavaraj, the site had some issues “Service are unavailable due to the heavy workload. Kindly try after some time. Inconvenience is regretted.” for the last one week. Your post really got me the info i needed.

    Keep it up!


  90. Dear sir,

    please give me the My Account balance and My Childrens Two are Female so I want some Sukanya are any suggestion of Education and Mertury and Marriage of Save the Money Suggestions please give me the My Mail sir and My PF account balance also.
    My PF NO: AP/kkp/0042944/000/0000079

    1. Naidu-Whether you commented to check balance? It is your own account and it is your responsibility to check but not mine. Regarding investments, it is raw information from your end and based on that I can’t help properly.

  91. An amount of Rs. 23,340/- has been deducted from my salary during my two years of service ; however, to my consternation, an amount of Rs. 15,482/- has been deposited to my salary account. Kindly advise on the steps to be taken. My P.F. No. is WB/CAL/40639/503.

  92. Hi this is madhur sonawane i had applied the Pf last year july 2014 but still yet it has been nt crrdoted to account no.i want solution.

  93. My sincere suggestion- those who change jobs- take a week off- visit your of EPF office and take out your money- soon you will realise how difficult it is- give whatever penalty for early withdrawal- but take out and invest in PPF. In long run you will make more money and save thousand litres of blood and dissapointment.
    Transferring EPF is one of the most non-transperent procedures in India. In my third job I realised that my first job’s EPF had never got transferred to second one (even though all paperwork had been done…the application had been lost in EPF office…etc etc)……It was a garangutan process of withdrawing my hard earned money…………….

    EPF is the biggest blackhole in India……either see it as a contribution to fund PM’s foreign visits or take it out and use it for your own purpose…..

  94. I want to know the balance enquiry of my of a/c I go all sites of balance but I don’t find pls help me how can I get balance amt in my a/c

  95. Sir i got a uan no i want to check the epf blance i resign the company 60 b4 how to process to check my blance can you pls guide me thank you

  96. Hi,

    In next week I will join my new company.
    EPF is deducted in my current company and more than 4 years is done.
    Now my new company which is small and can not provide any EPf facility.
    But I want to continue my EPF account.
    What should I do?
    Even if I will withdraw EPF , It will become taxable.So I want continue it at least 5 years so I will have not to pay any tax on my Epf amount.

    Please guide me as soon as possible.

  97. Sir,
    I have changed my organisation since 6 years but do not transfer or withdraw my EPF that is become in operative…today i try to transfer it ..
    but my leaving date of previous organization in 01-07-2009.

    and in present organization date of joining is 15-06-2009
    and date of appointment is 24-08-2009..
    i cannot onine transfer my epf balance…
    now how can i get rid of that problem..please help

  98. Hi Sir,
    Can you Please Post Article About “Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme for girl Child” , I want to open this account for my sister’s girl child. It will be more helpful for parents those who have girl child. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hello Sir,

        I am working in a Public Ltd. Co. sir my question is regarding epf policy.
        is total 24% contribution epf of (Employee and employers) debited from employee salary or employers contribute 12% epf from the company fund. please sir provide me valuable information.


  99. Plz check

    Check my of stutas.I m rsevied SMS my claim I’d 150300029209 form 10c.
    & my form no.19 claim id is 150300029206

  100. Sir,

    who to check my PF Balance and old Company PF who to withdrew,
    good Idea.

    Thank you


    Rabi Patnaik

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