All about Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

Prime Minister of India launched two schemes on 9th May 2015. These two schemes may not be helpful to rich or ultra rich. However, these schemes will definitely helpful to others. One is a Life Insurance product called as Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY). Another is, Accidental Insurance product called as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY). Let us the features of both these schemes.

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)

This is nothing but a pure Life Insurance product. However, please do remember that it is pure Life Insurance product. In case of sudden demise of the policyholder, the nominee will receive the sum assured available in this plan. If nothing happens to the policyholder, then no benefit or returns. Such plans are called pure life insurance products or Term Insurance products.

Never compare this product with products offered by LIC, where if the policyholder survives then you get some money at the end of a period. That is the reason such plans will be offered at lower premiums. It is necessary for all individuals who are earning and who have financial dependents.

Features of this plan are as below


All savings account holders in the age group of 18 to 50 Yrs in participating banks will be eligible to join. Please remember, to avail this scheme you must have the savings account from the PARTICIPATING BANK. In case you have multiple savings account in one or different bank then the person is eligible to buy this product only through one savings account. Hence, you may say one-man, one policy.

You can continue this product up to the age of 55 years subject to the payment of renewal payment. However, an entry will not be possible beyond 50 yrs of age.

Life Risk Coverage

Rs.2 lakh will be payable on the member’s death DUE TO ANY REASON.


The premium will be Rs.330 per year. This premium will be auto debited from your savings account in one installment on or before 31st May of each annual coverage. In case you missed to pay the premium within 31st May in any year, then to renew it, you have to pay the premium and provide the self-certificate of good health. The premium would be reviewed based on the claims received and may be increased for you. However, the Government claims that barring unforeseen adverse claims, efforts would be made to ensure that there is no raise in premium if it is within 3 years.

Hence, do remember that buying this product and managing money on a particular ECS date is very much necessary. Otherwise, you may not get this life risk due to ill health or any other issues.

Enrollment Period

Initially, it will be from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2016. It will be a yearly renewable product. For this year, you have to provide auto debit consent before 31st May 2015.

Who manages this scheme?

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and few other Life Insurers will manage this scheme in coordination with participating banks.

How your premium will be broken up?

Life Insurance premium-Rs.289 per annum per member.

Reimbursement of expenses intermediaries like BC/Micro/Corporate/Agent-Rs.30 per annum per member.

Admin expenses to Bank for collecting the premium-Rs.11 per annum per member.

A few cases where your membership may be terminated

  • Once you attain the age of 55 Yrs.
  • In case, you will not maintain the sufficient fund in your bank for auto debit of premium.
  • In case, an individual covered under this scheme through more than one savings account. In this case, insurance coverage will be restricted to Rs.2 lakh only.
  • Closure of your Bank Account.

Do remember that, in case you have life insurance from term insurance, endowment plans, ULIPs or under any group life insurance schemes, you still be eligible to be a member of this scheme.

You can download the Consent-cum-Declaration Form from HERE. Also, download the claim form from HERE.

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)

This is the typical accidental insurance cover. It will be renewable on a yearly base. It is exactly like Health Insurance, where you have to renew it on yearly and you get the benefit only in case of an accident. This scheme offers accidental death and disability cover for death or disability due to an accident.

Features of this plan are as below


All savings bank holders in the age of 18 to 70 Yrs in participating banks will be entitled to join this scheme. In case you have multiple savings account in one or different bank then the person is eligible to buy this product only through one savings account. Hence, you may say one-man, one policy.

Sum Insured

Death due to accident-Rs.2 lakh.

Total and irrecoverable loss of both eyes or loss of use of both hands or feet or loss of sight of one eye and loss of use of hand or foot-Rs.2 lakh.

Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye or loss of use of one hand or foot-Rs.1 lakh.


Rs.12 per annum per member. This premium will be deducted from the member’s savings bank account on yearly through an auto debit facility on or before 1st June every year. In case, you pay the premium after 1st June, then the coverage will commence from the first day of the month following the auto debit. For example, you paid the premium on 25th July then the coverage will commence from 1st August.

Enrollment Period

Initially, it will be from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2016. It will be a yearly renewable product. For this year, you have to provide auto debit consent before 31st May 2015.

Who manages this scheme?

This scheme will be managed by Public Sector General Insurance Companies and few other General Insurance Companies.

How your premium will be broken up?

Insurance Premium-Rs.10 per annum per member.

Reimbursement of expenses intermediaries like BC/Micro/Corporate/Agent-Rs.1 per annum per member.

Admin expenses to Bank for collecting the premium-Rs.1 per annum per member.

A few cases where your membership may be terminated

  • Once you attain the age of 70 Yrs.
  • Closure of Bank Account.
  • In case an individual covered under this scheme through more than one savings account. In this case, insurance cover will be restricted to one account and your other accounts paid as a premium will be forfeited.
  • In case of insufficient of funds in a bank account.

You can download the Consent-cum-Declaration Form from HERE. Also, download the claim form from HERE.

My view on both the plans

Finally, the days come where the Government or Insurance companies felt the importance of pure life and accidental insurance product. For many of us Life Insurance means a product, which combines Insurance+Investment. However, never thought to have pure life insurance coverage. Also, for many of us insurance means Life and Health Insurance. However, in insurance there are many varieties like Life, Health, Accidental, Critical, or Travel Insurance.

I know it may not be useful for those who may be reading this post (hoping your earnings are at a higher level and feel these schemes coverages of Rs.2 lakh a meager). However, there are many who are totally deprived of insurance due to not knowing the importance of insurance. I sincerely request all of those to spread this unique awareness and make them to be insured.

Even though I personally have enough Life and Accidental Insurance coverage, I still enrolling for this scheme. Hope you all too. Please ask your Banks to enroll within due date.

The official website of these schemes is National Toll-Free – 1800-180-1111 / 1800-110-001  and  StateWise Toll-free numbers are listed in this document Statewise Toll-Free.

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  1. Vivek bhatlavande

    5 month ago my father passed away due to accident. I enrolled for both pmsby and pmjjby.
    But i got claim of only pmjjby and didn’t got claim of pmsby. As he was 52 years old. When i asked them for pmsby they(I was called on toll free no. For pmsby)told me that u can claim any one of them.
    Is it true??


    Thanks sir for reply us.
    We open today 21/11/2020 PMSBY from SBI bank. They charged Rs. 258 but premium is 12. How they charged

  3. I have paid pmjjy through my saving account. Them my account will be jan dhan account or this will be normal saving account.
    I am I eligible for 500 p.m which pm giving to people

  4. my husband expire on 4/6/ house my hus having both 330and 12 policys. how many days to claim and receving money in my bank account.pls send immidiately

    1. Dharmaraj Tamilrvam

      Sir,my father account in sbi,his pmjjby insurance 330,policy start in 2015.
      His was death in 19.08.2020,natural death.
      I have inform to sbi branch. Sbi branch no help for claim.I have claim apply in sbi life insurance branch office.
      This policy eligible for claim?
      How to claim process time?
      Any verification delay for claim ?

  5. Manjunath B M

    hi sir my dad is death on 01/05/2018 due to heart attack in home and my have 12rs PMSBY insurance it will be claim or not. please responce to my concern

  6. I have enrolled PMJJBY scheme in 2015 itself through SBI. Now I want to cancel the scheme. If I cancel it, can I get the amount back which was paid for 3 yrs (330*3=990)?

  7. Hi sir , my mother expired recently she had both the plan with hdfc bank for rs 330 and rs 12 . I have already applied for the claim sir . But we do not know whos the insurer . How can we track the claim ?? How can one find whos the insurer . Bank is also not helping us !! Please help

  8. Sir, under Prime Minister’s Protection, if a person dies in Gujarat state and he is from the state of Madhya Pradesh, then he has to translate death certificate, police report, post-mortem report from Gujarati to Hindi or English.

  9. Sir,

    I need to change my nominee name for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima yojana, what is the procedure for doing it. Is there any request form I need to submit?

  10. Sir I have a account in Dena bank and I want to change my bank to Kotak and continue the same Pradhan mantri Bima Yojana what I need to do

  11. Hai sir in my village one person pay the 330 rs and 12 rs he is dead in road accident he is how much amount namini got 200000 ? Or 200000+200000 ?please tell me sir

  12. I want to know whether the nominee under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana will be eligible for claim even if the death is due to accident, since PM has launched different insurance scheme for it.

      1. Hello Sir , I want to cancel my insurance PMSBY Scheme I had met with Vijaya Bank Manager but he denying to do so please advise where I can contact for deactivation of these scheme

  13. My father got deceased on Sep 15, 2017 due to brain hemorrage in hospital after surviving for 15 days. Family recently got to understand that he has invested in Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana from KMB. Will the nominee be eligible for the claim under the policy? Pls guide

  14. Sir, I have taken both policy through SBI. I submitted for Closure process, but SBI say they are no any procedure for closing related & money deducted even closer request. I have to continue even not requirement. i contact to help center sbi but no any response from there. i need to complain to top level so how can i ?? please give advice about ..

  15. Narayana swamy Ramaiah

    Dear sir,

    I given one year back request for cancellation of auto debit to PMJJBY but still not done , bank people telling once you get SMS run to bank before deducting , how its possible in this busy life. I given twice request, shall i fight in consumer forum for ( 330+330+ service tax).

  16. Under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) cover only accidential case if death is not happend by accident is it possible to get money from this policy what we pay to this scheme.

    2. under pradhan mantri jeevan jyoti bima yojana the amount will be get if death happend by any type and at any age

  17. S.Tamilselvan`


    Can we Join for both

    330 Rs (Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)) and

    12 Rs (Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY))

    Insurance schemes together for a single person?

    Is there any problems?

  18. Amit. G. Dave

    Mera email google se joint he. Vo reject hota heran hu.muje puri madad kare.RBI aur dusare givernment fieldme phone n lage.modijiji ko malum kare.

  19. Maine pmjjby ke thet claim kiya tha hdfc bank m 26th February 2017 ko par mujhe koi update nhi mil rahi h bank m jao to khete h humne aage paper bhej diya h aage pata kijiye to hum kya kare

            1. If we are taking this policy online then why you have not provided online option to stop this policy if we don’t want to continue?

        1. I don’t give any written or oral application to start this insurance, but the bank deducted my amount. I give a complaint and the manager refunded it. But next 2 years they deduct renewal fee. I give complaint letter again and they refund the same next year also. They said no option to stop this policy. My bank is SBI. What can I do?

          1. Sakariya-Without your consent they can’t deduct the money on their own. In my view either you have given the written application or clicked the link (if you have internet banking facility). Also, bankers are claiming false here. You can stop the policy as and when you need.

            1. I was working as Account and I was a regular customer of SBI at that time (going 2-3 times everyday, also all staff are my friends). And also I submit many applications of my colleagues to start this policy. I think that is why they deduct from my account also.

  20. Sir, I have taken both policy through SBI. now I submitted for Closure process, but SBI say they are no any procedure for closing related & so I have to continue even not requirement. what should I do next ?? please guide me.


    Dear sir,

  22. hi, i have PMJJBY and one other term policy, so in case of claim how can nominee submit Death certificate for both of them.

    Please suggest.

  23. can I activated these Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) on two different bank account? Eg. State bank of India & Bank of India

      1. But you can not get advantage for both insurances. Benefit of two lac rupees will given for one certificate.

  24. Sajal Kumar Dey

    I am EX IAF retired having applied for the PMSBY using my SBI net banking with reference no. generated for the same. But the acknowledgement receipt is showing as ” NOT APPLICABLE” in the social security scheme link where one can view the status. Without acknowledgement can the scheme be applicable to claim for the same in future in case of any accident??? Please do advise.

  25. Govardhanan T S

    Sir, How I can change my contact number in both PMJJBY & PMSBY. I registered both Policy from ICICI bank. I contacted the branch, they said that I have contact customer care. is that correct?

  26. my grandmother has expired and i have subscribed pmsby but she die by snake bite and we have not done posmatom and they are asking that but when i ask they also have option that another option we have complete and but know they are saying to bring posmatom

  27. Sir I am Handicap student ..My account is in Bank of Baroda ..They told me handicap cannot apply for PMSBY . Is it true ?? ..All person can apply .why not handicap cannot apply ..pls help me.


    Dear Sir,

    I have applied for PMJJBY & PMSBY. After 1 year, I found this is useless & I wanted to stop it. Accordingly, I have applied in bank. But both of the insurance is not stopping & it is deducting money. I want to stop these.

    Pls. suggest me how to stop this without closing my bank account.



    Dear Sir,
    My father had PMSBY, my dad has been died by septick shock, I submitted all documents in bank & the bank personnel also forwarded the documents & they are telling it has been accepted. It happened 1 year before. After that, there is no information about the claimed money. Infact bank people also does not have any information. Could you please, suggest me, what can I do?

  30. Hi,

    Myself Sunitha lat year my brother expired i remember that he was telling dat he had made the Pradhan Mantri yojana now i need to know in which bank he has opened the insurance policy ,Sine he has 2-3 bank account when i went to bank and when i enquired about it dey told me that they cant check whether he had made any Pradhan Mantri yojana.

    Please let me know how would i check in which bank e has made the yojana.

  31. Dear Sir,
    One of my client died on 29 July 2015 , his family submitted all required document to bank where client maintain his account & deduct policy amount (Central Bank Of India ), in December-15 bank told to resubmitted the all document and client family again submitted the document still family not received the claim amount,
    Which type of policy you are providing the people or only collect the amount from bank account & when any person ask for claim you just clear your hand ,
    Also bank not support the client family, they are continuously coordinate with bank and bank told for complaint online , they are illiterate and think that PM give us any good facility but now they want his claim amount and bank or all not response them because they are illiterate , its not good please find below detail or help to him ASAP .


    Thanks & Regards,
    Abhishek Dubey

      1. Why don’t you provide details about the insurer sir? Do you really think it’s possible for a layman to reach the insurer? What’s the bank manager doing in this case?

          1. Oh, I thought as you did so much research about this, you probably know the main concern, who’s the insurer and how to reach them 😉

  32. Hi Saurabh,

    Say in cases the insurer is met with accident with critical injuries and survived. So can be request for claim to settle medical bills.

    1. Ashwini-Medical bills will not be reimbursed. However, in case of total and irrecoverable loss of both eyes or loss of use of both hands or feet or loss of sight of one eye and loss of use of hand or foot-Rs.2 lakh and in case of total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye or loss of use of one hand or foot-Rs.1 lakh will be receivable as compensation amount.

      1. but i had a word with executive Maharashtra on the toll free nos listed. They assured in case damage is critical relief of half amount is assured.

  33. Dharil kothari

    I have to bank accounts SBBJ and ICICI.
    I register for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and
    Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana on SBBJ bank account.
    Now i want to close my sbbj account and want to transfer this coverage to ICICI bank.
    Is it possible if yes then what is the process.?

      1. Actually i don’t want my sbbj account any more.But want to continue Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana. Please tell me process to opt for ICICI Bank ECS.

  34. Hi,

    If our parents has enrolled to PMSBY but they also have a medical insurance cover provided by the organization where I work. So in that case , if any accidental death happen, Can we claim for the amount from both PMSBY and other insurance. Or we can claim from any of the one?

  35. Pijush Kanti Mishra

    I have not received of Rs:330 & Rs:12 certificate as on date after completed two years.
    Kindly help me.

  36. Laxmi Narayan Vyas

    In May 2015, Mene ICICI bank se PMSBY, yojna mey SMS Dwara polisy le the, no deduction from my account and no response regarding the said policy. from L. N. Vyas, Bikaner

  37. Anil kumar chaudhary

    I already registered myself in PMSBY through ICICI bank through S. B. Account. But I have no documents for this policy. How Can I get any policy paper or any other documents regarding PMSBY?

  38. Sir we have a pmsuraksha bhina policy we did it for my father one year back and we reneaveld it for this year also but my father was death naturally 25 days back can we claim the policy my father’s age was 67 years

  39. Sir plz tell me .
    I am having my certificate no.of pmsby but I don’t know my customer id and plz tell me this also how could I find out all my details of pmsby. Plz tell

  40. Govardhanan T S

    I have registered in PMJJBY & PMSBY from 2015 June through SBI bank. I have received the Policy certificated for PMJJBY for 2015 & 2016. However how can I get Policy certificate for PMSBY. is there any Email id is available. Please advise.

  41. Hello
    I have two SBI accounts at different locations. Now I want to transfer one of the account and CIF number to another account where my both PMJJBY & PMSBY is activated. On transfer what will be the status of my these policies. From where auto debit will be carried out?





  43. I joined in the pradhanamanthri jjby policy certificate in last year may in icici bank. But they are debiting 330from my account from 2 yesr .but iam not having sny policy certificate. They are not responding properly. I called customer care service.but no use.i need policy certificate. If not I have to cancel how can I do this. Please reply.

  44. Dear Sir

    I am already paying insurance premium from last two years for PMSBY and PMJJBY through my SBI account. But I have not received my insurance policy till date. When I enquired with SBI, they do not have any answer.

    Will I get this online or is it not issued till date. pls help me in this.

    Dr Girish Pai K

  45. Dear Sir,

    I am having 2 savings account in Different Bank. Last year I opted for PMJJBY & PMSBY from one of the bank & Premium is deducted regularly.but this year without my consent the other bank has deducted my Premiums for both the policy. Is it possible to get refund from anyone bank. What is the procedure to take refund? where should i file my complaint?

  46. Anand Prakash

    Sir, my mother take both pmjjy & pmsby from central bank of India. Due to road accident she death 11th of June 2016.which one i calim & is my policy is eligible for both policy benefit?

  47. Mishra ji Dubai

    Sir, mai dono policy liya tha but mai Rs.330 wala policy close karna chahta hu,or mai 31st may ko bank balance 50 rupye kar diya to mera Rs. 12 wala policy auto debit ho gya, kya mai agr bank me paisa fir dalunga to fir se Auto renew to nai hoga Rs.330 wala plan??

    1. Krishnamohan Yadav

      wrong, its same condition is my. i am also withdrawal all money in my Releted Account of PMSBY & PMJJBY. but after 31 may 2016 date in that account in no money. but just i deposit some money in my account in 12 june 2016 than he deducted 330 & 12 RS in my account on yesterday.
      any body help me how to deactivated any one Service in my Bank account.

  48. Sir my mother taken a pmjjy policy on 09-05-2016 unfortunately my mother death on 21-05-2016 can i claim this policy or please send me a mail or cal my mb 09063112675

    1. hlw sir meri papa ne 330 ka policy liye hain 30/05/2016..or un ki died 03/06/2016 main ho gaya kya main unki 330 ka jo policy hain uska CLAIM pasakung gaa..plz sir ans…

          1. hlw sir main ne bank giya bale ne bola apki papa ne jo policy kiya hain 30/05/2016 uska claim jo 03/06/2016 app nehi payengee .. jo date se kiya hain 45 days main kichu hota hain up uski koye claim panengi nehi …haaa apki papa …30/05/2016 jo policy kiya hain uski 45 days gujar jani kain bath died hojathi hain app claim paa sakthi hain..

            policy jo date se app kar rahin hain uski 45 days main kuch hota hain up koyi claim nehi payengi nehi…

  49. HII SIR..

  50. Sir i want to pay premium of pmjjby and pmsby from other bank ac, my ac at icici bank where i enroll, but restriction of minimum balance i want to close, now i pay from other sb ac. and how

  51. I am Arun Sahu, my father name is Shiv Kumar Sahu who has died on 28-Nov-15 in a road accident & having account in SBI, Yashoda Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh & taken the PMSBY policy, i have submitted all the required documents with required concern filled form with my mother (Sudha Sahu) signature in above mentioned SBI branch in the guidance of assistant branch manager in very next days of death of my father, after so many days, i have received a letter from above mentioned SBI branch in which again asked for same documents so i visited in above mentioned SBI branch and again i have submitted all the required documents with required concern filled form with my mother (Sudha Sahu) signature but still not got any proper response.

    ?I have received from above mentioned SBI branch only a registry number as per above mentioned SBI branch register in which above mentioned SBI branch has send all the documents to National Insurance Company Limited, PMSBY HUB Jeevan Bhawan.

    So request you to kindly help & do the needful for the same so that we can give up from the same.

  52. hello sir,
    my state bank saving account is rs. 12/- auto matic,
    but i don’t have any form and right to sbi bank..i fill form in our other bank indian bank

    both bank debited rs. 12/- in my account…

    how can remove sbi auto debit facilities

  53. Sanjay kashyap

    Sir meri sister NE pmjjy bank SE liya that aur uska Rs 330 bhi a/c SE kata gaya hai…
    Meri sister ki death policy lene ke 41 day ho gaya
    Kya uske nomini ko claim milega

  54. rajib karmakar

    Sir,may Bsf may hu,muja 1 sal ho gaya 330,12 dono policy kiya hua,abhi take bond paper nahi mila hay.may RAJESTHAN barmer 37 Bsf Kay jawan hu.

  55. A person entering the PMJJBY at the age of 50 has paid only one premium. Say, the person dies the same year once the premium is paid in full and policy enforced, will he get claim with the payment of one premium?

  56. I am having both pmjjby and pmsby policies. I would like to cancel.both. i contacted my bank..they replied they are helpless to cancel. How can i cancel my policy..

  57. Sir,
    I taken both pmjjby and pmsby policies in one private bank. Now I will go to close my bank account. How can I move both policies to other Bank.

  58. Several banks are deducting Rs 12 from my account towards PMJBY without my permission. How to stop these bl00dy deductions? In spite of complaints they keep debiting.

  59. Sir i m taking PMJJBY@330 per annum . Or mera sbi bank branch haryana me h. Lekin maine pmjjby scheme ko Imphal. Manipur k sbi bank se liya h. Or mera 330 rs bhi imphal sbi me hi deduct hota h . Kya mai is scheme ko haryana k apne sbi branch me transfer kar skta hu. Plz detail me

  60. Sir,

    I need your suggestions regarding baby schemes. My baby girl age is 20 days. Which are the best schemes for long term. I can spend 5000 per month. can you suggest men LIC schemes or fixed deposits or any postoffice schemes.

    Right now I have only idea about SUKANYA SAMRIDHI scheme. Other than this i have no idea. If you give your suggestions, It ll be great help for me.

      1. Thank you soo much for your valuable suggestions. I need to R&D about mutual funds. Can you give me small example how it will be.

  61. I Applied for both Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) from Statebank of india. But now download acknowledgement is showing “notapplicable” . What does it mean.

      1. Thank you Basavaraj for very quick response 🙂 As per the SBI customer care, We need to contact local branch(where we have account). Right now I am far away from that.

        Not only for me. For my sister’s account also showing like that. Do you have any idea about that is this schemes are in active or not? It will be great.

  62. Hello sir,
    I am 47 years old men I want enroll for pmjjby .
    After I am attaining 55 yrs what will happen
    Means they said that after attaining 55 yrs your membership will be canceled I did not understand this .
    Whether I will get money when I attain 55 yrs of age
    Pls clarify

  63. rashmi ranjan panda

    sir i have not summited adhar card with pmjy policy and pmsby.then there is any issue or not and can i get policy aggrement paper in soft or hard copy..pls reply on my mail id.

  64. Sudhakar Chopra

    Sir, As soon as PMJSBY started, I went online and bought one on 29 Jun 15 online from SBI. The money got deducted, but I did not receive any documents, online or otherwise.

    What can be done?

  65. i hv submitted application to STATE BANK OF INDIA ,ERNAKAULAM FOR PRADHAN MANTRI JEEVAN JYOTI BIMA YOJANA and PRADHAN MANTRI SURAKSHA BIMA YOJANA.Premium amounts deducted in june,2015 and policy copy recd from bank.noticed nominee name ie my daughter name spelled out in thePRADHAN MANTRI SURAKSHA BIMA YOJANA policy wrongly whereas the other policy it was correct.when approached for correction, bank officials informed unaware of the procedure,they only deduct premium,due to GOI pressure to handle that work,nothing more than that.I gave a letter to bank in writing and got acknowledgement in july 2015,but no action till date despite personal enquiries with bank officials and also various mails to SBI LIFE AND teletalks. My application copy and savings bank account clearly spells the correct name.In case of any future claim,this typographical mistake in name done at the level of bank/national insurance,difficult fir suggest ways for getting correction in nominee name.

  66. Sir. My wife having pmjsby of 12 rupees. She met on accident and died on the spot on 27 09 2015 . I have submitted claim on 15 10 2015 just after 18 days. But till date 26.02.2017 i did not receive payment. I have already complain to bank and chairman but not to avail.whom should i complain minister or finance minister. Please advise.

  67. Dear Sir,
    My DOB is wrong in my pmsby certificate. Please advise me that how can i change my DOB & it is possible or not.
    Awaiting yours

  68. SIR,my sb account was debted for rs 12 under PMSBY scheme ON 1-7-2015.but so far i did not receive the policy .when i enquired in the sbi bank they asked me to contact you .please suggest ways to get the policy .my SBI ACCOUNT NO IS 8571980 2157,DILSUKNAGER BR HYDERABSD ,TELANGANA.
    amounnt of rs 12 was deducted from account on 01-07-2015.if possible please send copy of said policy

  69. Hello,
    Are both schemes of Pradhan Mantri yogna tax benefited? Though it looks small amount but still.

    Also i am unable to find or get the enrollment receipts/acknowledgement letters for my enrollment. Where do i get them from

  70. Respected Sir,
    My self Satya, I have enrolled for bith the schemes through my online banking account and money has been deducted account rs. 12 and rs. 330. And I can see under social security tab that it is shwing the two schemes active but should I get any policy papers from the bank (SBI, Delhi University branch) ?? Or the auto dedudcted money in pass book wud be the proof.

  71. Hi Sir, I am 25 years of age, and working for monthly salary in a private company. I am paying income tax every year.. In this case, am I eligible to PMSBY and PMJJBY..? Because I understand that these schemes are only for the benefit of poor. So, can the middle class, upper middle class, high class people and regular IT payers shall avail these schemes??

  72. Sadanand Giradkar

    Dear Sir
    Which type of accident cover under this Bima yojna. is snake bite death Comes under pradhanmantri suraksha bima yojna. Please mention.

  73. Sir, my mother applied for PRADHAN MATRI SURAKSHA BIMA YOJANA ON 27th May 2015. The Indian Bank authorities debited the amount of Rs.12 on 02nd June 2015. She met with an accident on 06th June 2015. But she died on 12th September 2015 while undergoing treatment. Post Mortem Report also shows that she died due to the accident related injuries. Now, the bank officials rejected the claim of the nominee on the plea that the amount was debited on 2nd June 2015 and the policy commenced from 1st July, 2015 and hence the accident cover can not be applied. They are not considering the fact that she died on 12th September and she was covered by policy as on the date of death. They have also not considered the fact that she applied for this scheme on 27th May itself. Further, it is nowhere mentioned in the rules of this scheme that the date of accident is main criteria for this scheme. Please throw light on this issue and guide me accordingly. My phone number is 09989285929. Kind reply. Regards.

    1. Vamsi-If the commencement date is from 1st July and death occurred on 12th September, means they have to accept the claim. Instead of discussing the issue with bank, I suggest you to contact the insurance company itself. If your complaint is not answered, then complain with IRDA.

      1. sanjeev kumar

        sir mera account icici bank me mere account se 12 rupaye cat ta h mujhe koi paper ni mila h abhi tak mujhe kya karna h bta do

  74. This is regarding my “Father-in-Law” who met accident and situation was so critical that doctor kept him in ICU but could not do anything much to treat him before his body gets normalize ( For 10 days ) ,Family members brought him home where he died same night ,Now when family reached out to PnS bank team for same they asked for postmortem and FIR which they never had as this happened in house and person who hit him ran away.Now question is what can be done to get this moving as bank people not taking this responsibility and family members are very weak financially.Please assist/advise as there should be at least some way to get this moving for humanity at least

    Vivek Kapoor

      1. Basavaraj : This is “pradhan mantri jeevan jyoti bima yojana” ,So in such cases to whom we can escalate ? becoz as a human being i want to help them in this tough time.

  75. I have already claimed under PMJJBY. But the bank manager is saying that you cannot claim in case the insured died within 45 days from the date of opening of insurance. As the insured person died within 35 days he is not agreeing to proceed furthur. What should I do??Please Suggest.

  76. Sir, Is there any 45 days no claim period under PMJJBY. My brother in law had insured under PMJJBY on 27th August, 2015 and he died due to heart attack on 3rd Oct. 2015. So, Can I claim this insurance. Please guide.

  77. i bought policy of PmJJBY throught Axis Bank, and i got the policy document on my E-mail. But bi-mistake it was deleted permanently by me. Even i dont know the Policy Number. how do i get the Policy document. Please suggest.

  78. SIR
    I want to know the contribution ratio between the state government and central government in this Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana .
    Thank you

  79. dear sir my mom was pradhan mantri jivan bhima yojana holder she death in 20 sept 2015 when was insurence money coming sir send me answer please

  80. Sir, the actual problem was my dob is in correct in my PAN so in my bank details is also same dob. Now I process for change my dob in my PAN. In Other document my dob is correct like aadhaar card and 10th marksheet as well. on the besic of these document can i apply for change my DOB in Bank and My PMJJBY.

    Please guide me.


  81. Hello, sir I get Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna but my DOB is Wrong In policy document which i get. Please guide me How i can change my DOB in ploicy document.

  82. Dear Sir,

    I want to enrol this policy for my sister and want auto-deduction of money from my bank account.
    Is this possible? If no what is alternative way. My sister don’t have a bank account.


  83. Sir,
    My father died on 3rd June due to heart attack. He had enrolled in Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna of Rs 12 and the amount was debited from the Bank (SBI). But when i went to the bank for claims, the authorities told me that it is only available in case of accident and not heart attack. Please guide me what should I do.
    Thank You

      1. But the website say:
        Sum Insured–

        Death due to accident-Rs.2 lakh.

        Total and irrecoverable loss of both eyes or loss of use of both hands or feet or loss of sight of one eye and loss of use of hand or foot-Rs.2 lakh.

        Total and irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye or loss of use of one hand or foot-Rs.1 lakh.

      2. Well the pdf does say accidental death in its very first line.

        The scheme will be a one year cover, renewable from year to year, Accident Insurance Scheme offering accidental death and disability cover for death or disability on account of an accident.

  84. I wish to download my PMJSBY policy. Unfortunately I do not know the site for the same. Kindly help and oblige

  85. Geetika Agarwal

    Hi Sir,

    I applied for both Pradhan Mantri Life insurance and Pradhan Mantri Accidental Insurance but mistakenly registered my name as nominee..
    I sent SMS again with other person as nominee but I got reply that it is already registered..
    When I reached to axis bank to change the nominee name , they said we just deduct fund and do not know how to change nominee name..
    Can you please guide me what should I do to change nominee name as it will be of no use if it remained unchanged..

      1. Geetika Agarwal

        In your reply what do you mean by “insurance company”…
        Since I enrolled in Pradan Mantri Yojna, so which company I contact to??

  86. I had applied for PMSBY thru SMS. My account has been debited with Rs. 12/- but i have not got any certificate. Whom to contact ? Pls advise.

  87. Dear Sir,

    Providing good information with clarity. I have one doubt, scheme been started by BJP government , tomorrow if some other comes what is the situation, whether the scheme will continue or possibility of withdrawing by new government .

    Thanks and Rgds

    1. Krishna-They continue but with providing less importance to such schemes. That is the reason I said never invest in schemes which are meant for political class benefits. They make you as a scapegoat.

  88. Sir,
    I have applied PMJJBY from HDFC bank through SMS but bank not confirm me that time. so i have applied from bank of Maharashtra. now both bank has debited my a/c under same scheme. I have check with PMJJBY team they told this scheme only for one bank a/c you cancel your earlier request. also I had submitted application to bank of Maharashtra but bank’s person told they have no idea how to stop this policy. Please advise because both bank’s will debited my a/c in future for same scheme.

  89. Sir,
    I already enrolled in PMSBY & PMJJBY, and the premium already deducted from my State Bank of Travancore account.
    still I didn’t received any policy document. please advise me from where can I get the policy document.

  90. Saibal Majumder

    Please clarify if the death of nominee holder is prior to the Policy Holder how I would change the name of nominee holder.

    1. Saibal-In all these, your banker and the insurance company (about which you will come to know after receiving the document) will be service providers. You can change nominee by simply submitting the letter to them.

  91. Hi,

    Sir,My family’s some members policy is through ICICI bank, they get certificate but my policy is through SBI internet banking, when i’ll receive the certificate of the same.

      1. Dear Sir,

        Thank you for your valuable reply,

        Through internet banking can it process correctly? i received 1 message that those policys activation through internet banking is stopped for few days. is it correct or not?

  92. Narasimhareddy

    I Enrolled to PMSBY through ICICI bank because it is my salary account and If I changed my salary account to some other bank or if I stopped the transactions from ICICI bank then Is this Policy will be transfer to new bank account or Do I need to continue the relationship in the same bank where it was enrolled to till 70 Years of Age.

      1. Sandesh Sharma

        Hi Basavaraj,

        Can we now transfer the PMSBY & PMJJBY to other bank saving account?

        Please share the process, Thanks.

  93. Sir, my brother subscribed for pmjjby on 23 may 2015 but sadly he expired on 10 th June 2015 owing to heart attack, he has savings account in SBH, I have informed the bank about his death but bank officials said the said premium has not auto debited from his account. Sir , officials also said that they received receipt of his policy . sir I’m totally confused , kindly guide me !! Its urgent…

    1. Anil-How they received the receipt of policy without deducting the premium from his savings account? Check his bank statement. If the premium is deducted and you already received the receipt (even bank) then you can proceed for claim.

  94. Looks like bank guys and insurance companies are very much careless about these policies. i.e PMJBy and PMSBY. I have opted for both of them – when i got the policy – i am getting state as different and even city as well – rest details are correct.
    In one of the policy there are no details when policy starts and ends it shows as dd/mm/yyyy instead of date.
    Nominee details like Age are showing as NA.

    When i ask bank people they are saying it is system generated and nothing we can do on this. What the stupidity it is?
    Then i called toll free number – then they say that nothing we can do – we have to get it corrected by Bank – ask them to verify it .Either incase if person didn’t enter the details clearly/correctly then at the time of filling application it should be made clear – we do understand that there can be many applicants – if it’s not possible to manage it – then they shouldn’t be introduced.

    How can illetrates can identify it.

    There should be a method to change the incorrect details.

    1. Sharath-Whether the information available on policy documents matches the personal details provided in Bank? Because data will be collected from what you have give to Banks during KYC process. If anything is wrong then it is Bank, which have to rectify it.

    2. Hi Sharath,

      Could you please confirm after how many days of amount debited you received the policy?

      I haven’t received the policy yet, though the amount was debited since more than a month. Moreover, I have taken follow-up with my Bank and Bima Yojana dept., but invain to get any response in the matter.

  95. Dear sir,
    Please tell me that is premium amount will get refunded back to the person after attaining the age of 55 yeard.Please reply it as soon as possible..

  96. Dear Basu,

    Please forward the self declaration format for good health that can be accepted by LIC.

    Thanks in advance,

  97. Sir,

    In case of savings bank a/c jointly held by a husband (41 years) and her wife (35 years) – the husband being the first holder and Income Tax payer whereas the wife has no source of income – can both of them enroll for PMJJBY, PMSBY and the wife for APY also? Please let me know

        1. Kaushik-It is not yet clear about the joint account bank account holder rules. But if they show you the rule book then we have to accept. In my view there is no such rules available in APY portal.

  98. hi!
    If a person enrolled to both life and accident plan..suppose if he died due to accident can he claim for both?

  99. Hi Mr Basavaraj Tonagatti, i want to know something more on Pradhan Mantri Jan dhan yojna can you please help, i am MBA-marketing and working for a project, it will be of great help if you help on this.

  100. iam holding pension account with sbi alonwith my wife as joint account holder. can we seperately join the pm jeevan bheema yojna

  101. sanjay bharne

    mistakenly I have enrolled into two different banks ,for which I am the account holder
    is there any possibility to stop one so that other bank policy will be continued

  102. I already registered myself in PMSBY through UBI ONLINE banking. But I have no documents for this policy. Can I get any policy paper or any other documents regarding PMSBY? If yes, How can i get that?

  103. Sir,

    I send the message for both insurance polices. but till date I am not received any news regarding this.
    How do I know the process.

  104. sumanta dutta


    I already registered myself in PMSBY through SBI ONLINE banking. But I have no documents for this policy. Can I get any policy paper or any other documents regarding PMSBY? If yes, How can i get that?

  105. PMJJBJ,PMSBY and ATAL pension scheme comes under tax exemption?

    Your every post is being very useful..u r doing such a great work…every day I’m looking ur page even u not post anything on the day…all the best

  106. Dear sir

    as you mention the last date for enrollment for both scheme as 31.05.2015.
    can’t I enroll after 31 May or in June or then after is not possible.
    If yes then what will the policy commencement date.

    Please reply at the earliest as possible.
    awaiting for your valuable feedback.

      1. In some artical I saw the Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana Premium is comparatively high from others is it right, still it is right to move for it or do we choose any other which better from this. pls suggest.

        1. Rajik-When you see the current trend in term insurance (especially online term insurance), then you may feel it bit costly. However, this is a life for low earning people who never thought to buy life and accidental insurance. Because no one approached to educate about the life risk and how to protect it.

  107. Hi
    Thanks for the write up! It is a very helpful article and I would like to subscribe the both schemes.

    Let me clarify one thing, Is it NRE/NRI Savings Account can subscribe this? (A/c @ SBI)

    Best Regards

    1. Nisha-As I pointed above, I think these schemes are not meant for NRIs. But as of now there is no clarity on this. Also, they specifically mentioned that ALL SAVINGS ACCOUNT HOLDERS but not NRE/NRI Savings Account holders.

  108. Hi Basavaraj,

    My dad is insured in LIC. As this scheme is maintaining by LIC company , is my dad eligible for this scheme?
    If yes, will he get covered for both schemes(LIC + PMJJBY) ?


    It is a very good article , quite informative. My doubt is applicablity of this scheme to NRIs. As already mentioned all NRIs may not be rich. So is this scheme applicable to NRIs? If applicable can they use the online platform available across different banks?

    1. Smitha-All NRIs will have huge cash flow. However, they lack in a skill to create wealth. Also do you feel NRIs hungry of just Rs.2 lakh life and accidental insurance? I don’t think so. By the way, this scheme is not meant for NRIs. Let us see the official declaration on this and decide 🙂

  110. joydeep majumdar

    Dear sir,

    My wife and I have a joint account only, no other bank account. Can we both have this polices?

  111. Arun Udumbassery

    Hi Sir,

    I tried submit this policy using SBI online net banking more than 10 times, but some message got display the message is “Sorry, unable to process your request. Please try later.”how can I enroll this policy through online net banking

  112. Can a person (age 30) join in both policies (Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana). Or is it like any one of them. When tried online in SBI after joining one plan its not allowing to join in other.

  113. my dad is 54 ( government servant) can he apply for this scheme , ??? do they have restrictions in this , that only middle class people should only apply like that ???


    shall we apply in any branch of SBI (excluding home branch)? I want to support contract drivers plying in different areas through-out India, for all the drivers (having S.B A/c in different states) can we apply in one branch by mentioning SB A/c no?

  115. Laishram Leingakpa

    Dear all, I’m a visually challenged. Am I eligible for this scheme? When I enquired in my concern bank one of the staff told me that they are not sure whether disabled individuals are eligible for this scheme. There is a refusal syndrome among the officials if its not written clearly that persons with disabilities are eligible for something. Is it necessary to write that irrespective of sex, age, mental status, physical abilities/disabilities everyone can avail a certain scheme dispite mentioning that every individual of a certain age group can avail?

      1. Dear Basu,

        Please guide if below statements are true in respect of all 3 schemes of GOVT. Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY). and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY). and Atal Pension Yojna.

        There is confusion among many people with regard to PM’s insurance scheme. Many are under the impression that all Saving Bank account holders are eligible for the scheme. In some banks based on the submission of application the accounts have been debited with premium amount.

        There is no ambiguity in the scheme. In the guideline draft it is very clearly mentioned about the eligibility criteria.
        1) Central and state government employees
        2) Public sector employees including bank
        3) Any person who has taxable income as per IT act, 1961
        4) Persons who are included in the aam admi Bima yojana covering 48 occupations.
        5) A person who has already taken life cover under any IRDA approved insurance policies.
        please visit for full details.
        If any Bank has received premium from non eligible persons, The same can recovered with Interest. If the Bank refuses complaint can be lodged to OMBUDSMAN

          1. Hi Basu,
            I just want to know that all individual are eligible or not for PMSBY, PMJJBY and APY. if any condition where any indivudual is not eligble under these scheme.

                  1. Rakesh Mishra

                    my home branch manager says he is not able to cancel auto debit (ecs) .
                    i am give application to him also mail to sbi life please help me for auto debit cancel .

                    my home brach 01276 central mket lajpat ngr new delhi i am very disturb for him..

                    my con no 09818366491

                    1. Thanks for a quick reply Basavaraj! Just wanted to check if you submitted hand written application or Do they have a printed form for that? (My account is with SBI)

  116. Dear Basava Raj,

    Very good informative article…From the article, I understood these 2 insurance products are must for every Indian…btw, can we take these policies for higher sum by paying additional premiums?


  117. Ravi Raj Trivedi

    Hi Mr.Basu, Thanks Man For all your posts, as my earlier comment i ask u that why government don’t make Term Insurance Compulsory, and what-ever your answer was. I just fell that “Bhagwan ne meri sun li.” OR “Government ne meri sun li” ha ha ha ha.
    I think your blogs become guidelines for our Governments. :- )
    And as u said i encourage all people to take these term insurance spaciously to those who can not afford as we can.

    THANK BASU ! Hates Off To You !

    Keep Writing.

  118. Dibyendu Kumar Banik

    Dear Sir

    Thank you for writing this article on Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana(PMSBY).
    But we need clarification on one aspect which has not yet been highlighted.
    How can an individual already enrolled under PMSBY raise a claim when needed and what documents needed to be furnished.Since we have not received any Card/Certificate of sort as document to register for the claim.
    Also how will the claim if raised and accepted will be processed and what will be the time frame within which the transaction/s be completed.
    Kindly share your thoughts or ideas on these attributes.

  119. Sarang Panajkar


    Is there any condition that customer shall not have any other insurance than these once to avail the benefit?

    Thanks & Regards,

  120. I submit online netbanking but some message got display the message is “Sorry, unable to process your request. Please try later.”how to enroll this policys in online netbanking

  121. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the article.

    Can you provide us the PARTICIPATING BANK list?

    Thank you


  122. Hi Basu,

    Can you please also share some information on “Atal Pension Yojana” started by Narendra Modi.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vinod Singh

  123. Hi Sir,
    I have joined Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (premium of rs.200 per year with auto debit ) when I Opened account in SBI for this particular accont, Now can I join newly announced Accident(PMSBY) and Life Insurance Scheme(PMJJBY) by prime minister for this same account. Note( my previous insurance scheme is not PMSBY and PMJJBY )

      1. Hi Sir,
        1. Where do i Want to submit my form? I have filled in forms(PMSBY and PMJJBY) with me and now I am staying in out of my home town. But my account is in my home town SBI Branch.

        2.Can I submit filled in forms to any SBI Branch or do I want to send it to my home branch(SBI) where I am holding my account?

        3.It is very useful if I able to submit any one of sbi branch. Waiting for your reply.

  124. can a person join pmsby and pmjby at the same time?
    limited time at disposal , we need a quick response from you.

  125. If one subscribe to both policies i.e. PMJJBY and PMSBY, then if there is death due to accident, whether in that case one would get claim of Rs.4 Lacs [2 + 2 ] ?

  126. Hi Mr.Basu,

    Again you have come up with excellent article. Thanks a lot.

    I have one query , How does partial disability and disability define in PMSBY ?

    Does it cover injuries, expenses on medical treatment etc.?


      1. Partial disability here means – Loss of both eyes or loss of both the hands or loss of both the legs or one eye or one leg or one hand. Here you will get Rs 2 lac and if its only one eye or one hand or one leg you will get Rs 1 lac.

  127. Pradeep Mitagar

    Dear Mr. Basu,

    First I would like to thank you for sharing the information.
    Today I subscribed to your posts.

    As I am newbie to the insurances I am looking for best life insurance plan that covers pure life insurance and health insurance. insurance..

    Please do call me @ 8553469862 in your free time I want to discuss with you.
    I wish good luck for your future articles.
    Thanks to you!


  128. Good Information …

    Also cover Terms and condition and where we need to go for claim ..

    Insure is an easy process but to claim its so much tedious and lengthy process .. i think..

    1. Satish-As of now they have not shared any info on this. But in all probability, it will be insurance companies who manages this scheme. I will update once I get the information on the same.

  129. Rahul Khandelwal

    Dear Mr. Basu,

    I am subscribed to your and I regularly read your posts which are really useful and full of updates. You are very well fulfilling the objective of spreading awareness!

    Now, as far as this post is concerned, its great that Govt. has introduced a scheme of insurance. OK its fine. But, what is new about introducing a term plan and an accidental policy with a different name? No novelty. OK, I understand its not for higher Income groups. But the same could have been done by LIC itself -> by introducing a new line of product. I might be mistaken since I am not getting the objective of involving Central Govt. at this much level. Its absurd.

    Anyway, That was just about the scheme.

    I wish good luck for your future articles.
    I am sure, I will always have good read of them.
    Thanks to you!
    God bless you sir!


    1. Rahul-The problem with LIC is, it is offering term insurance since long back (even the popularity of term insurance came through private insurer). But term insurance being a low premium product, neither LIC officials nor agents promote it. That is the apathy of LIC.

  130. Sir,

    I am regular follower of your posts…….You are doing great ojb by educating the educated people like me…..Thanks a ton….

    I have one query to above post is whether this scheme is applicable to NRI as well?

    1. Suhas-Do you feel this much life and accidental insurance actually suffice your need? This is meant for all low earning people to have at least a bit of support. But for NRIs, I don’t think it suites (even if it is available to them).

  131. Thanks Sir, for information and knowledge sharing, My Question is Premium amount may be increase in future. and final output depend on Claim clearance , But good move by government in Social Security

  132. Narendar Kumar

    Best insurance plan at low premium. Preference can be given to nationalized bank which have tie-up with LIC for better claim settlement.

    1. Narendra-Banks are just collection agents of your premiums. They don’t have any rights over claim settlement. Hence, banks not matter. Also LIC alone not manage this scheme, it is shared with other private insurers. Please read above lines carefully. I already mentioned that.

      1. how much coverage will one get if he enrol for both pmjjby and pmsby and dies due to accident.
        Will the nomineevget 4 lacs

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