All about Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)-2014

On 18th Nov 2014, Government of India re-launched one of famous Postal Savings Scheme called Kisan Vikas Patra or KVP. It was mentioned in a Finance Minister’s budget speech also. So let us see its feature and feasibility.

Post OfficeHow much you can invest?

There is no maximum limit specified. However, the minimum will be Rs.1, 000 and in denomination of Rs.1, 000, Rs.5, 000, Rs.10, 000 and Rs.50, 000. In addition, there is no limit in holding a number of certificates from an individual.

What is a period of Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?

This certificate will mature after 8 Yrs and 4 months. Your money money will double after 8 Yrs and 4 months. Therefore, interest will be 8.67%, which is annually compounding. For Financial Year 2015-16 the interest on KVP remained unchanged i.e. 8.7%.

Who can invest in Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?

As of now, only individuals allowed to invest in KVP. Therefore, this investment is not available for HUF, NRIs or companies.

What will be tax benefits for investing in Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?

As of now, you will not get any tax benefit while investing. In addition, earned interest at the end of maturity will be taxable income (taxed according to one’s tax slab, exactly like Bank FDs or NSC). 10% TDS will be there at the time of maturity.

Types of Kisan Vikas Patras (KVP)

  • Single holder certificate-This certificate will be issued to an adult for himself, on behalf of a minor, or to a minor.
  • Joint “A” type certificate-This certificate will be issued jointly to two adults and payable to both adults jointly or to the survivor.
  • Joint “B” type certificate-This certificate will be issued jointly to two adults and payable to either of the holders or to the survivor.

How to buy Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?

A person desiring to purchase KVP must fill the Application Form A either in person or through agents to the Post Office or to Bank. Purchaser either can make the payment in cash or locally executed Cheque, DD, or Pay Order drawn in favour of the Post Master. In case you want to invest from the savings account, which is with the same post office or bank, then you need to submit duly signed withdrawal form or cheque together with passbook.

When you will get Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?

If you purchased KVP by cash, then it will be issued immediately. However, in case you purchased through cheque, DD or pay order, then the issue date will be the realising date of these instruments. In case due to any other reason KVP not issued to you then the provisional receipt will be issued. However, the purchaser needs to exchange it while issuing of KVP certificate. In this case, issue date of KVP will be a provisional receipt issued date.

Is it possible to transfer from one post office or bank to another post office or bank?

Yes, one can transfer it to any post office or other bank without any hindrance. For this, you need to submit Application Form B. This application must be signed by the holder or holders. However, in case of joint holding a single holder signature is enough in case of another holder is dead.

Can we transfer Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) from one person to another?

You can easily transfer KVP from one person to another person by writing a consent letter to the Post Master of Bank. But do remember that no transfer shall be permitted in respect of Certificate held by or on behalf of a minor till the minor is alive. In all other cases, original holder must submit the KVP original certificate and the new certificate will be issued in the name of transferee.

In addition, one cannot pledge KVP easily unless the holder of the certificate is minor.

Whether can we nominate someone?

Single holder or joint holder of a certificate may nominate by filling Application Form C. You can nominate during the time of purchasing or at any point of time but before maturity. You can cancel or change the nomination by submitting the Application Form D. However, remember that for the first time nomination. But the subsequent nomination or cancellation shall be charged at Rs.20 per each change or cancellation.

Nomination facility not possible if the holder of certificate is held by or on behalf of the minor.

What if you not encash after maturity?

If you not encash the certificate even after the maturity period, then you will receive the post office savings interest rate which is applicable at that time on the whole amount payable to you on maturity. If you encash the certificate within one month from maturity, then no such interest will be payable.

What if you lost or destroyed certificate?

You can apply for a duplicate certificate if you lost it. But you need to submit an indemnity bond for the same along with identity slip. In case of mutilated or defaced certificate, you need to submit the original such defaced or mutilated certificate to get the original certificate.

Where to encash Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?

You can encash it in the same post office or bank where it is registered. In case of the different bank branch or post office then it may get delayed as the internal verification is required.

Whether one can encash it before maturity?

There is a lock in period of 2 Yrs and 6 months i.e. 30 months. After that, you can encash it before maturity. However, it may be liquidated even earlier too in case of below mentioned situations.

  • Death of certificate holder or any of the holders.
  • On forfeiture by a pledge being a Gazetted Government Officer.
  • When ordered by a court of law.

Below is tabular representation of premature withdrawal table.

Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) 2014 Premature Table

How the maturity amount is payable?

It will be directly credited to your savings account of post office or Bank. So at least while encashing the certificate at maturity one must have a savings account.

Is it the best product to invest?

  • Nothing special when it comes to typical postal schemes.
  • It offers the rate of interest of any typical fixed instrument.
  • No tax benefit while investing or at maturity.
  • Instead, if you opt for NSC or 5 Yr Tax saving FDs then your yield will be more.
  • KVP will come with 2 yrs and 6 months of lock in. So you need to think about it before investing.
  • No KYC or  PAN means good for small investors but may be used for some unlawful activity. However, this time maturity will be credited to your postal savings account. So by doing this, Govt to certain extent protect such unlawful activities.

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  1. Respected Sir , We deposited KVPS with automatic renewal. Due to my husband met with major accident, surgery we suffered. We shifted our house. Later we noticed that our KVIPS which are OUTSTANDING lost. We requested POST OFFICE to inform status of our KVPS which are OUTSTANDING by giving details of

    1. Dear Subra,
      There is no option of auto renewal in KVP. Regarding the closed status, I strongly request you to take a legal route rather than running behind them. Mainly because they are arrogant and least bother about your sufferings.

  2. Hello sir
    My mother did kvp in post office in 2010
    and it matured in December 2018.we want to encash it but we moved to another state and it is really difficult to
    Visit that post office now. Can we take money from the post office where we live now?

  3. Hi,

    If I want to pay tax annually on my invested kvp…what documents do I need to submit for the same for taxing? Is any statement needed as I have only certificate o kvp

  4. SIR,
    We are NSC and KVP purchased on Octo’2008 from Oridsha in the name of my wife and my self individual. When my job transferred we are transferred all NSC and KVP our local post office in my native place on 2010 and the said NSC has already been matured on 2014 and post office released the amount on time and KVP has already been matured on May’2017. But post office refused the encashment due to Finacle No. not mentioned on the KVPs. Please advise us how to realize the all KVPs. All original KVPs and copy of transferred letter keep with us.
    With Regards,
    Rajat Bose

  5. Hello sir,

    My mother invested in Kishan vikas patra from early 1990s and reinvested the amount received in the same scheme post maturity, now after 30 years we have found out that some of the reinvestments that she made around 1998 in kisan vikas patra are missing.
    We approached the post office as well, but since it was during the non computer era we were told we won’t be able to find records from 1990s of my mother’s investment in KV.

    So we want to understand if you are aware about how many years records for KV are maintained and how can we get a statement of her investment since the beginning that is from 1990.

  6. Can wife of. Non resident indian invest in minor name in kisan Vikas Patra and she is Residing in India and indian citizen


  8. I purchased KVP in name of my Son when he was minor. Now he major, do I need to file tax also does the inetrest gets clubbed with my income?

  9. Hi sir, my mother in law has opened kvp few years ago and my father in law is nominee of that kvp. Mother in law expired few years ago and we don’t have the kvp and father in law doesn’t know the number & dont have any duplicate copy . All he know is kvp was suppose to get mature in April 2019 . Can father in law being the nominee get the full amount which had been expired last year

  10. Hello Sir,

    Good day.

    I bought KVP in the name of my niece, who is a minor, at Banglore Head postoffice. We moved to Andhra Pradesh later and the certificates are matured now. When we requested to get them transferred to the local Head Post Office to encash them, they checked the details online and said the name of the guardian/Nominee is not mentioned. Could you please guide/suggest on how to proceed further.

    Thank you.

  11. Dear sir, KVP gifted by my uncle to my minor daughter in January 2002 matured in January 2009. I forgot totally and found it in spring cleaning recently. Now that old KVP is gone and new one is in place can I still encash it now ?

  12. Hello Sir,

    My mother and my Grandfather had KVP under joint holding and now after my grandfathers death my mother got those certificates which matured 11 years back. Now the issuing post office is saying that they are not able to find the records and i need to write a letter and wait for 1 year or so. please tell me what needs to be done in this scenario ?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. I have opened Ppf ac in 2005 on my daughter at that time she was 18yrs. Now she married 2011. She has also savings post office. Her surname changed after marriage. Her pranced adhar card as new name but ppf ac as old name
    Ppf ac 15 years on 31-3-2020 now she can continue for five years as old name or new name.

  14. I purchased kvp in my son’s name at the time he was minor so as a mother my name is also in the formand he was major now..kvp is maturing this month .so can I produce my I’d and address proof and get the money

  15. Sir, I am the nominee in KVP and the account holder is no more. It is maturing in nxt month oct 2019. Should I get full amount as per post office offers. Or it will be different. Plz tell

  16. I have NSC made in dec2016 …I hv not shown interest income and claimed deduction in 80c on accrual basis. Can I show the interest accrued in the last 2 yrs together,as income now and claim deduction in 80c for reinvestment in NSC.

  17. one of my acquaintance had invested a large amount in KVP in 2007 in his name & his wife name. Wife expired in 2010 & he died few months back. Both were issue less but the man had brothers who are claimant of estate. My question is that KVP matured in 2012 and remaining as it is. How legal claimant can claim it and what amount will be given to them today i.e. whether interest for expired period too shall be given and at what rate

    1. Dear Narendra,
      Legal heirs should approach the Post Office with valid documents. Regarding the interest rate, as per my knowledge, postmaturity, they are entitled only for savings account interest rates.

  18. Sir I lost kvp . Its maturity month September 2019 only I know can I calculate the date and month I kept money and I dont have any account in postoffice… can I get duplicate bond

  19. Sir my wife purchase kvp in 2011 .before marriage her surname was different & after marriage her surname is different , and we dont have any account with old surname ,how can we encash that kvp ..

  20. Sir, my wife has KVP before her marriage name after marriage her sirname is change in bank account so now how can i reedom kvp
    Post officer giving me check of old sirname

  21. Hi sir, I have lost my kvp certificate. Can I transfer it to other branch? Also is it possible to apply for duplicate certificate any other branch of different state? Please help

  22. My KVP has been matured 2 years before now, the particular KVP was issued from nobat pur Dist Patna post Office, & now we all shift at raipur chattishgar…………. requested please suggest or guide us how to we in cash the said amount.

  23. Hi,

    How much time maturity duration change for KVP ? and which year ?
    Can you provide me changed maturity duration yearwise ?

      1. Can you provide KVP maturity duration for year 2017-2018 and 2018-19 ? because I have invest both of year and I dose’t know for KVP maturity duration time for both year.

          1. sir,

            I want before April-2018 maturity time for KVP (Duration of jun-2017 to Mar-2018) can you provide me how much duration for that period for KVP

              1. thanks, I got it.

                Can you provide guidance for investment in Post. which scheme is more benefits for invest 5 to 10 year

  24. Sir,
    My grand mother has a kvp but she is died on 27th september 2014 and his kvp is matured on 17th april and an his kvp the name in nominee is mine but the problem is my name in nominee and my name in account is different and how can I claim this?

  25. Sir my kvp maturity date is 17 april 2018…..n my name in certificate is different n my bank saving ac is on different name …but im having my affidavit in wich its written both r same….wat to do now

  26. Pooja chaudhary

    Sir here I want to know that my kvp was of april 2005 which was mature at 2014 Rs-4lakh is mature amount.on year 2018 our duplicate kvp was issued then is there any interest pay by post office..?if yes then how much it will plz guide me….

  27. Sir,

    I bought a Kisan Vikas Patra some years ago in demat form through ICICI bank. I did not use the account much and after some years the savings bank account was stopped and closed.

    I want to ask is there any way to retrieve the KVP from that account? I dont even know the number since it was purely in demat form. The amount is small but I just want to know what are the possible steps.

    Thank you.

  28. Dear sir – my wife opened KVP as resident Indian many years ago that is maturing in coming year but she is now an NRI. Is she eligible to encash and if so what documents should be asked to provide ? Thanks in advance !

  29. Kaustubh Mukherjee


    My wife had purchased KVP jointly with her first husband and later she got divorced. The certificate is in her married name and it is due for maturity in next 3 months. Can she withdraw the money by submitting divorce certificate. All her ID proofs are in her maiden name.

  30. Sir
    I have purchase kissan vikas patra in joint name, first owner is me (Subrata Kr. Das) and second owner my father (Mantu kr. Das) and he is expired in 2011. Then any person claim for this certificate on the behalf of my father?

  31. Hi sir
    I have purchased a kvp in January 2017 but I need that money urgently. But it is still in lock in period. Is there any way to encash it ?

  32. Hi Sir,
    A relative of mine lost their original KVP. When we asked the post office people to solve the issue, they asked their superiors and told that, they can’t give a duplicate copy as this process is online now. Is there any solution to get the money? They don’t even had the xerox copy.

  33. Sir, my mother’s kvp matured on 16th September 2017, on 25th October 2017 my mother submitted her matured kvp and her postal savings account no. On concern forms on concern post office.
    Till now they didn’t deposit matured amount on her savings account.
    Whenever asking for delay, they told wait for some days, there is link failure.
    Whatll we do now?
    It’s nearly 3months over.

    1. Surpiyo-No need to wait further. You just sit in front of them as long as they transfer money else let them give in writing the reasons for delay and along with that the interest from Sept 2017 to till date.

  34. Recently I heard that the Post Office will not provide cash / cheque of maturity amount to the KVP certificate holder. Compulsorily a savings account has to be opened in the PO that issued the KVP ? Can you please help here ? Is this true ?

  35. Sir my name was changed from Alka Goyal to Manisha Jain by pandit at the time of marriage due to gan nakshtra problem.i invest money in kisan. Vikas Patra 8.5 years Id like ration card voter ID adhar we’re issued by Manisha Jain name.but five six years later I changed my name back to Alka Goyal and old id was renewed by name of Alka how can I encash vikas Patra. My husband is nominee

  36. Hi !

    is PAN is mandatory now to encash Mstured kvo in post office account ? And will post office deduct TDS ?

    Can i encash kvp with Form 60 & Adhar ?


  37. Dear Sir,

    My father had purchased some KVP’s in his name & nominated my sister’s daughter. He expired in November’ 2015. Now, as required when contacted the issuing Post Office to link the Aadhar Card with the KVP’s, it was informed that since my father has expired, the claim for the KVP’s by his nominee should have been submitted immediately after his death as the interest on the KVP’s purchased by him will not be paid from the date of his death.

    Kindly guide whether the claim should be made immediately and loose the interest of two years (since the date of his death) OR the nominee will get the full maturity amount (along with interest) on the date of maturity of KVP’s purchased by my father.



  38. Sir our documents submitted 1months ago till now not any reply got from post office they r only telling it will take time can u plz tell me what process r done if we apply for duplicate kvp….?

            1. Pooja chaudhary

              Sir our duplicate kvp done & from h.o given that on a passbook form & post office employee told that to open saving account that also done now I want to know how much days it will take to convert amount in saving account from that passbook…..

                1. pooPoojaPooja chaudhary

                  OK thank u so much sir.
                  from ur
                  Advice finally my duplicatekvp
                  was issuedthank u
                  so much

  39. pooja chaudhary

    post office member are saying that our form was dispatch to dio office can u plz explain me what was the process & how much time they take for all process…?

  40. pooja chaudhary

    sir we applied for duplicate kvp issue one week ago all documents given according to post office recruitment & they r forwarded also now i want to know how much time does it take to issue duplicate kvp…….

  41. Sir, i have 4 KVP of Rs 10000 each which will mature on 2019. Its a joint B category certificate 1. Ist holder is my fathers sister and I am the second holder.. Can i encash the amount in my saving account without the physical presence of my bua? The bank is asking for e-kyc is it mandotory? Can i encash it by my self

  42. prabhat pandey


    i have purchased kvp in name of my grandson ,now post master is saying that certificate is issued wrongly .grandfather can not take kvp in mame of his grand son.Post office is giving maturity amount @4%.please suggest for above issue.

  43. Hi,

    I only have my KVP certificates with me but not the identity slips. Will there be any issue because of this at the time of maturity ?

    Fyi, I purchased my KVP in 2016.

  44. I am having KVP. It is made from jamjodh pur . But presently we are in Rajkot. KVP is matured now I have to take it. Can I take from Rajkot head post office? For that what things are required it was two person joint account one of them is died . Make a list of documents which requires to have a process .

      1. I have asked at post office. CBS is working.

        But very big problem is there.

        KVP is made such that first name is of my mother and other is my sister.
        Now post officer Sayed that this money will not get to you.
        My sister is married and due to problems she come back to home. And where she married they not accept my sister so she left the earth (die).
        In this situation post officer Sayed that this money is going to the people where she married.we have done police case against them.we are not having good relationship with what to do give me a list of documents which requires to get money back.
        Give me full information I not having time.what to do.

        Post officer Sayed to have 100? stamp paper, two 20? stamp paper.

        What to do I am in big problem.

  45. Sir my mother purchased kvp on 2005 of amount 350000/- till now we had not withdrawal that amount bcoz our kvp was lost so plz tell me how much amount we get till now & what is the correct process of issue a duplicate certificate…

      1. pooja chaudhary

        no sir we confirmed from post office still amount was showing & plz conform me how much time did duplicate kvp takes to issue

  46. Hi,

    My Grand mother has a KVP which is not yet matured, though the locking time 2 years 6 months is passed. So she can withdraw the KVP. Right now she is not well and she cant do the authentication signature. So what is the procedure to withdraw the KVP. She has a savving account at Post Office. Please help


          1. Anjani Agarwalla

            She can’t do signature that is a problem. Sub post master said that a medical certificate particularly issued from a government hospital needs to be submitted. But my grand mother is getting treatment from a private hospital.
            She has more than 40 KVPs. I have enquired all this quires from the post office, they are saying they wont accept all KVP at once. The are asking to bring her everyday and submit 2 KVPs,So i have to take her 20 times to the post office. Due to her health issue that is quite impossible. Post offie official working time ends at 4 p.m but in my locality they closes the counter by 2 p.m. When i asked the reason behind it they said, we have lots of work and if you have aproblem , you can complain am many times as you want. They don’t care.Their behavior is very unprofessional.
            When you ask any query to them the sub post master(head of the post office in my locality) is saying she doesn’t know all the rules , she will confirm the rules form head office and let you know later. Do we have any portal to raise a complain against all this? And does complaining against all this will be effective ?

            1. Anjani-I can accept their claim of submitting the medical certificate from Govt doctor. You can consult a doctor and get it done. BUT I am strictly against 1942 old style of saying that she has to come daily to submit 2 KVPs only. You tell them strongly that to show the rule book or give it in writing that of whatever they are claiming.
              If they have work, it is their problem but not your’s. Never bend and let them bend. There are here to serve you and for the same they are getting salary. I know their behavior and tone of talking. Hence, asking you to let them show rulebook or give them in writing then only YOU MOVE from that place.
              They know the rules or not it is their issue. You go with medical certificate, sit infront of post office. Never move until all 40 KVPs processed. They really really need some heat treatment.

              1. Thanks Basavaraj for the reply. I had a big fight with them regarding this matter. They are not accepting more then 2 KVP’s and and returning me the rest of them. Even i gave them a application to query the existing nominee details of 8 NSC’s 1 week ago. That information also they didn’t give me yet. Sub post master is saying check with the person who will search the old file and the person who does that is saying it will take a month at least. I am really very frustrated with their behavior and way of work.If, you know any portal or address where we can complain against this kind of service,kindly let me know.
                Really appreciate your help.

                  1. Anjani Agarwalla

                    Thanks a lot Basavaraj !! I will definitely raise complains regarding this. Thanks for quick reply. 🙂

      1. Sir,
        If I have claimed KVP amount after the maturity , and after 10 years. (5 yrs kvp scheme+ 10 year late claimed)
        So the amount has received or not.
        Please suggest what can I do for claimed the Kvp amount.

  47. KVP is matured on 2015. I would like to encash it, but its issued to me and my wife. Can I redeem it by getting authorization letter from my wife? or is there any procedure I need to follow to redeem without her presence to Post Office.

      1. Thanks for info. But she lives in US now. I will be visiting alone to India. Can I take authorization letter from her to release KVP maturity to both of our names, since Post office is issuing Cheque to us so that I can deposit Post office cheque in the Bank.

        1. Matha-Yes as it is like bearers cheque. But for complete process, check with the concerned post office. Because I scare to say anything about Post Office procedures 🙂 They are totally still living in 1942 and act like British rulers on customers.

          1. Thanks for ur quick suggestions. You are right even though we got independence from them still we follow British rules for our convenience 🙂

  48. Sir,Seeking your help.My father purchased 5 KVP and Indra Vikas Patra in 1989.But he died in the same year.I was a toddler at that time.I am only having registration numbers and date of maturity with amount which is written in his diary.How can get to know the details ? whether the KVP is exist or not?

  49. sir is there any way i can surrender my kvp i bought 5 months before and i’m in serious need of money as banks are not giving loans against it.

  50. Hi, 6 months back I have purchased KVP in my maiden name from Post Office. Now I want to change my name after marriage in KVP.Is it possible and kindly tell the procedure also. One more thing after maturity whether they will deposit amount in my Post Office savings account or will they issue cheque in my favor.

    1. Reena-Yes, you can change the name by providing the application for the same and some proof of marriage or any other documents which is showing as your name changed. KVP is like bearers cheque, they give you the cash.

  51. Sandeep Chandel

    My kvp is mature it’s a joint certificate is it nessesary both have to be present or one person can collect and other one will sign the certificate.

      1. I think presence of both is needed if it is Joint A. For joint B (either or survivor), presence of one should suffice. @ Basu – please confirm if this is correct.

          1. Thanks for your comment. In case of joint holding with Joint B type (either or survivor), can one holder give objection against another holder for encashment at maturity (if there is a dispute)? I understand that the joint holder who has possession of the certificate can encash at the time of maturity in case of Joint B (since KVP is more like a promissory note). Is this correct?

  52. Hello, Good Morning. I am an US Citizen. (Overseas Citizen of India- status) Can my Parents in India, purchase KVP and transfer it to my name.

  53. My father buy KVP in 1998 and it should be matured by 2004 but in year 2004 my father died .we do not know if he withdrawn the amount or not . I am just having a photocopy of the KVP . how to confirm is it is collected or not and if not then where to go and collect it as I am in Delhi .please help me .

  54. Hi,

    My maternal grandmother had a KVP issued in her name on 22/Jan /2005 from the Post office of Mathura(UP). My name was written on the top of the KVP. At the time of issuing the KVP, I was a minor. later my maternal grandmother expired and It was only last year that we got the KVP and found that it got matured after 8.5 years.

    We are residing in Madhya Pradesh now . We have approached the the post office at mathura, along with the original KVP, the death certificate and the document proof of my age. But the staff at the post office says that in the meantime the records were computerised and so the record is not available with them now and that they are looking for it . It has been months now and they say the same thing. The main superintendent in the post office doesnt say anything as to how long is it going to take.

    Please tell me what can i do in this issue.? how do i get this done. ?
    What remedies do i have in this case.?

  55. My brothr purchased rs 150000 kvp 8 yrs bk n now they hv renwed it with full intrst 300000 n prinipal amount …so is it taxable any where how we will show in ITR as he is working n gtng rs 15000 as monthly salary too

  56. Hi Basavaraj

    My father purchased KVP when I was a minor. I’m a major now and they are due for maturity in 4 months but I won’t be living in India for the next 2 yrs. What is the procedure to authorize my father to encash on my behalf as soon as they mature?

  57. Moda Nand Thakur

    I have purchased KVP from jhanjharpur R S Post office in Madhubani district(BIHAR) on23.11.2007 Now it gets matured on 23.06 2016 after 8 yrs 7 months and I want to encash the certificate from another post office/Bank in Delhi. These Certificates were issued in Physical form by the post office at the time of purchase. Travelling toDELHI TO JHANJHARPUR is not possible for me due to ill-health. Please suggest me how could I encash my KVP?

    1. Moda-First you request for the transfer of documents to the post office where you want to withdraw at maturity. Once, transfer is over then you can withdraw from that new post office. However, if the concerned post office and the new post office are under CBS network, then you can encash from new post office. However, I suggest you to enquire the procedure with postal officials.

      1. Moda Nand Thakur

        Keeping in view of Digital India, one can withdraw from that new post office/Bank , I want the procedure.If ,there is no such way then please suggest me how could I encash my KVP?

  58. Sunil Prajapati

    I invest sum of Rs in KVP & it not more then 6 month so if i can want to break my KVP so how much charges deducted by the Post office

  59. Ravindra krishna

    My father purchased KVP of Rs. 2,10,000/-. After his death we withdrew the KVP . My question is that the interest on this amount is either taxable or not. As it is invested by my father and credited into my account prematurely because of his death. As someone was saying that in case of death interest is not taxable. so please guide us under which rule it is not taxable . If no how can i pay tax on it.


    sir my father brought kvp of 10,000 in my name but unfortunately i lost my certificate.I haven’t got any identity slip at that time,then how can i got a duplicate one ?

  61. SIR ,
    My father bought the kvp of 3,50,000/- in my & my mother name but we lost that certificate i want to know to withdraw that amount that is compulsory that authorized person required

  62. Sir, I will have around 15,00,000/- Rs available to be invested .. I am interested in Post office schemes .. Will you recommend NSCs or KVPs..

  63. We talk a lot about investments and securing our family’s future by buying insurance policies, term insurances etc.etc. But in case of untimely death of both husband and wife, how is a minor child’s financial future secured when a child has no clue of the investments made by the parents and things remain unclaimed. Who takes responsibility ? Pls throw some light as to how a child’s future is to be made financially secure?

  64. Hello Sir,
    We have a KVP it’s matured and a cheque has been issued . The KVP certificate was issued in a wrong name which we didn’t notice therefore the cheque issued by the PO is also in the wrong name . Now, the PO is not willing to re=issue the cheque . What can be done about it?

  65. Thx 4 spreading awareness n helping people.
    We have lost the kvp bonds of our nieces. They have bcome majors now.
    I haveseen from other replies abt the procedure to get duplicate ones. But my question is ….. is it true that all unclaimed matured bonds are sent to the main post office of the area every year? Is it possible for us to get the info of the lost bonds from them?

  66. Hello Sir

    My Name is Bala I live in Chennai . I request Fathour guidance on the below matter.

    My Father in law deposited 5 K inKVP in a Post office in Andhra Pradesh Nellore district place name is Rapur.
    The KVP original is lost in transit. We have the number and also the post master has given the number of the certificate in a paper with his seal. Now its matured.

    He says we need to file FIR to get duplicate . Is it so, or enough if we get indemnity bond with with his Id proof . He is alive .

    My mobile number is 9176269382 . Please provide yours if I need to call you or please reply to this.

    Thanks and Regards.

  67. ajit vishwakarma

    sir would u tell me that i want ask that is post office is super and safest place for me that i want to make every month rd and kvp please guide me that is it so safe for my investment

  68. My Mother invested Rs. 100000 on the name of my little sister in march 2008 0r 2009 but now we lost that document and we dont even know kisan vikas patra number or date, nothing. so what we can do now please suggest me.

      1. I had already did that.. They have that document but they are not ready to find out.. So what should i say to them so they can find that document.. They can contact us when time period for KVP will be completed??? Or ever i’ll be able to get that money or that is losted??we got KVP from the Agent and he is also refusing from helping us. M super confused and dont know what to do please give me suggestion..!!

  69. Ganesh Chikhalikar

    The article is very informative. Thank you. I have a query. My father had invested in KVP in 2007 in the joint name with my mother as ‘either or survivor’. He sadly passed away before the maturity of such KVP and now my mother has received the whole amount. Now, I want to know whether the whole amount of interest needs to be declared in my mother’s IT return or how? the interest has not been declared before. My father passed away in Mar 2015. KVP matured in July 2015.
    Please provide your valuable guidance Sir.
    Thank you.

  70. Good Afternoon Basavaraj,
    I have a KVP as Joint B with my sister. Its is 4 years past now. Is it possible for my sister to prematurely withdraw the KVP, as I am overseas. Else suggest a way.


  71. Sir have found kvp at my home which is issed by name of my grand ma she is no more how should i know that maturity amount is recevied by my grand ma or not

  72. Kaustubh Sindkar

    if i invested 1000 rs after maturity it will be credited to post saving account as 2000. will thay cut tax from there end
    ? if my annual income is 0.00 rs.

  73. I have purchased 5 KVP of Rs. 10000/- each from Kolkata Post office. Now it gets matured and I want to encash the certificate from another post office in Delhi. I check to my nearby post office. They ask for identity slip. But no such identity slip was generated by the kolkata post office at the time of purchase. Travelling to Kolkata is not possible for me. Please suggest me how could I encash my KVP?
    Another question ,
    I have purchased KVP from post office. Can I transfer it to State Bank branches?

      1. I have kvp certificates which gets matured. Lastonth i purchased another certificate. Please tell me about the identity slip problem.

  74. my kisan vikas patra is going to mature by next month.. how much net I will get and I am having 10000*5 denominations.. for an investment of rs 50000, how much net amount I wil get after deducting all sort of formalities, pls kindly instruct me..

      1. I have invested 50000.. on maturity I am expecting to get 100000 next month.. how much net I wil get sir after deducting TDS etc..

  75. Mrs. Deepali Yogesh Shewale

    Our KVP Certificate is misplaced and our maturity date was in July, 2015, but the local post office is asking for Government Employee salary details and the senior officer’s signature, but no one is ready to disclose such kind of information, can suggest a solution for this.

  76. rampravesh shah

    After maturity of Kisan Vikas Patra post office has issued check but the check is some where misplaced.How I can get the rreplacement check and what is the procedure.

  77. i have a kvp in the name of maidservant in the year 2000 ,but the maidservant has left the house long time back.can i encash it now

  78. hii sir, i have “joint b” kvp with my husband and the maturity period is completed. but my husband gave the application to stop the payment without his presence. but i want to encash the payment. so please tell me the right procedure for withdrawal the monty. thanks


    Dear sir

    I lost my kvp documents amount of 93000 Rs and maturity date is 26 .1.2015.
    I Have done the all formalities in february month as requested by post office manager
    Here i want to when i get the dublicate kvp?
    After maturity i am eligable for the interest or not ?

    Regards laxmi

  80. Sir,
    My father has lost 5 KVP certificates while travelling. He does not even remember the KVP number. Please guide, how duplicate KVP certificate can be obtained. Thanks.

  81. Dear Sir,

    My Mother having KVP purchased in 2007 from Mangalore. Now she is staying in kerala Now she is sick and not possible to travel to Mangalore to encash KVP. Is it possible to encash the KVP from any post offices in Kerala. Since we have sold the house in Mangalore the address is also changed. What is the formalities to encash the KVP . Is it necessary that the address should be same, at the time encashing the KVP.

    Kindly reply


  82. I have 2 KVP’s that are maturing this month. Can I renew them? If yes, what are the documents that I should provide for renewal.

  83. i had purchased kvp from jamnagar and at present iam in chennai . my kvp will be matured in aug. can i encash at chennai in which branch

  84. VaishnaviPrakash

    hi Basa, If i am planning to invest 200000 in Kisan then if i need to break before maturity period,is it possible and how much will be paid as interest if we break before maturity period of 8yrs and 4 months

  85. Sir ,

    What is the tax treatment,
    when KVP amount matured if tds would not deducted from intrest

    Please let me Know sir

  86. if i make kisan vikas patra for rs fifty thousand then what cash return by post office person to give me as a cash return

  87. Millessa Rodrigues

    i have 3 KVPs which are held under the name of my grandma and her sister (jointly owned by both of them). Her sister is dead now. The KVP was issued at the Mumbai branch of post office some 15 years back. Can my grandmother encash the same here in Goa?
    What formalities will have to be done?
    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  88. I lost my kvp certificate, and even I don’t know the date of issue how can I get my money back, please help me out.
    Thank you.

      1. Sir, they are saying without date how can we find, it is not possible to find 10 years old record.
        What else I have options to do.
        Waiting for your reply.
        Thank you sir.

  89. Birendranath Singh

    The details provided here was very helpful. Please send me a table citing the amount I will get back on premature encashment the old 8 years 7 months KVP>

  90. iswar chandra chatterjee

    What is the process to premature kvp after 5years. In jont name group B where ist name is my mother who is seriously ill neither write or speak 2nd name is mine.should it premature only by my signature?? Doctors certificate regarding my mother’s health condition is provided to the post master. Still they asking for both signature for premature. Please reply.

  91. Suppose I buy five KVP certificates, each rs 10000. After 100 months I encash..So I should get 100000. Now how 10% TDS will deduced? What should I show them apart from KVP certificates? Will they ask my PAN card, Bank passbook, income tax return, etc? Or just they reduced 10% and I get rs 90000 (i.e. 10*100000/100=10000; so 100000-10000=90000). Or 10*50000/100=5000; so I get 100000-5000=rs 95000. Which is correct..?

      1. Basu,
        I checked with Post Office HO. They mentioned no TDS at maturity. PAN will be needed as part of KYC irrespective of amount.

        Can anyone more confirm this?
        Reason being, everytime you call different Post Office the information changes 😉


  92. Would not this scheme yield somewhat higher returns than 8.5% FDs for people falling in 30% tax slab? Because it looks like tax on interest needs to be paid only on maturity for this scheme unlike yearly taxation on interest from FDs?

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