Unable to link Aadhaar with PAN – What are the alternatives?

Effective from 1st July 2017, it is mandatory to quote Aadhaar for the filing of IT Returns and also linking Aadhaar with PAN. However, many taxpayers were unable to link their Aadhaar with their PAN. How to resolve this issue?


  • As expected, the date for linking PAN & Aadhaar has been extended to 30th June, 2023.
  • I updated this post again on 2nd July 2017, after IT Dept started linking Aadhaar with PAN by visiting the designated PAN Centers (Refer:-How to link Aadhaar with PAN Card OFFLINE (Download Form)?was activated. Now I have explained all the possible methods IT Dept provided for linking Aadhaar with PAN. You can now link Aadhaar with PAN using 1) log in to IT Portal, 2) Without Login to IT Portal, 3) Using the SMS facility, and 4) Through designated PAN Centers using OFFLINE mode

In the Budget 2017, a new provision was inserted, making the quoting of the Aadhaar number mandatory in the application form for PAN. Also, effective from 1st July 2017, it is mandatory to quote your Aadhaar number while filing an IT Return.

The intention is to identify the persons who avoid taxes by having multiple PAN cards. However, the implementation is not so smooth sailing. Because now all PAN card holders must have an Aadhaar card. Also, whoever trying to apply for the new PAN, must first have an Aadhaar card. Otherwise, the existing PAN cards will be treated as invalid.

What will happen if your PAN card is treated as invalid?

TDS will be deducted at a flat rate in many cases. You are unable to file an IT return and pay the dues or claim the tax refund.  You will not be able to acquire or sell the property or a motor car, open a bank or Demat account, purchase mutual fund units or debentures or bonds exceeding Rs.50,000, or pay life insurance premium exceeding Rs.50,000 without submitting Form No.60. Because, for all these transactions, PAN is mandatory.

Considering all these aspects, it is very much important to link your Aadhaar with your PAN Card.

How to link Aadhaar with PAN by login?

Before jumping into the problem of being unable to link an Aadhaar with a PAN, let us first try to understand the procedure of linking an Aadhaar with a PAN card.

Do remember that you not need to upload any copies. Instead, IT Department will validate the Aadhaar database.

Step 1-Visit the e-Filing portal login page and log in to your account.

e-Filing Login Portal

Step 2-Go to the tab “Profile Settings” and from the drop-down menu, select the option “Link Aadhaar”.

Unable to link Aadhaar with PAN

Step 3– Earlier you just have to enter your Aadhaar number, and the code and click on the tab “Link Aadhaar”. This looks like the below.

Link Aadhaar with PAN

However, now after so many issues and mismatches in Aadhaar and PAN card database, IT Department found the solution and inserted one more new option, where you have to provide your name AS IT APPEARS IN AADHAAR. Then click on “Link Aadhaar”.

It now looks like the below.

New field for linking Aadhaar with PAN

Step 4-You will get the successful message or unsuccessful message as below. If you receive the successful message, then you not need to worry.

Successful Message

You can see the below successful message on the portal.

Aadhaar-PAN Seeding Successful

Along with this, you will also receive the successful email as below.

Aadhaar-PAN Seeding Successful Email

Unsuccessful Message

Failure to link Aadhaar with PAN

How to link Aadhaar with PAN without login?

Now you do not need to log in to e-Filing or IT portal for linking of Aadhaar with your PAN. Just follow these below steps to link your Aadhaar with your PAN without login.

Step 1– Visit the e-Filing Portal.

Link Aadhaar with PAN without login

Step 2– Click on Link Aadhaar link. The screen looks like below. Enter details like PAN number, Aadhaar number, NAME AS PER AADHAAR, enter the Captcha code, and click on the tab “Link Aadhaar”.

e-Filing process of linking Aadhaar with PAN

Once the data entered with you match with UDAI and IT Dept data, then you will get the linkage successful message.

How to link Aadhaar with PAN using SMS facility?

Now IT Department started linking Aadhaar with PAN using the SMS facility. The steps are explained as below.

Note-Use this facility when the name in Aadhaar and PAN are identical. Also, the number registered with Aadhaar and IT Portal must be the same.

You have to send an SMS to 567678 or 56161 in the following format.

UIDPAN<Space><12 digit Aadhaar No.><Space><10 Digit PAN No.>

Example SMS to 567678 or 56161 as below.

UIDPAN 111111222233 AAAPT8888H

Unable to link Aadhaar with PAN – What are the alternatives?

As I pointed out above, if you receive the successful message, then you no need to worry further. However, if you receive the failure message as above, then it means that you are unable to link your Aadhaar with your PAN.

The reasons for being unable to link Aadhaar with PAN are as below.

# Your Name, date of birth, or Gender in the PAN database may be different from that of the Aadhaar Card.

# Aadhaar number you entered may be wrong or does not exist in the Aadhaar database.

The problems mainly faced are by south Indians. Because your name may be V. Rangaswamy in Aadhaar but in PAN it may be V Rangaswamy (without the DOT) or Venkat Rangaswamy.

This is just an example and you may find many such small errors in the name. Hence, the biggest reason why you are unable to link your Aadhaar with PAN is mainly due to the name difference between the PAN card and your Aadhaar Card.

Because the date of birth and gender usually in many cases will be the same.

Now you will come to know the reasons easily if you cross-check with PAN Card and Aadhaar Card. The solution is to identify what to do next.

There are two alternatives one can correct it. Either you have to correct the name in PAN Card or in Aadhaar Card.

e-Filing Portal now provided the link of how to correct either PAN or Aadhaar. You just have to click the link from e-Filing portal (which is below the “Link Aadhaar” tab called as “Links to correct name”. Once you click that link, then the screen looks like below. As per the choice of which one you want to correct, you click on any one link.

e-Filing links to correct Aadhaar or PAN

Unable to link Aadhaar with PAN Card- How to correct in PAN Card?

Let me first explain the process of correcting the name on your PAN Card as per your Aadhaar Card. But do remember one important aspect of changing your name with a PAN card is that you have to submit fresh KYC to update the name with your bank, mutual funds, or with any other investments you did (including an insurance company).

Few points to update your name on your PAN card are as below.

  • The fee for processing a PAN application is Rs.107.00 ( 93.00 + 15.00% service tax).
  •  Payment can be made by Demand Draft,  Credit Card / Debit Card or by using Net Banking.
  • You can correct your name, date of birth, and gender also (Along with these updates, you can also change your signature, photo, father’s name, or address).
  • You can update the data either offline or online.
  • To update or correct data offline, use “Form for changes in PAN” form and send this with your valid documents.
  • To update or correct data online, use the link of NSDL. In the application type, select the option of “Changes/Correction in existing PAN Data”.
  • Fill in the details and submit it online and send the valid documents. The complete procedure of online correction in PAN is explained HERE.

Unable to link Aadhaar with PAN Card- How to correct in Aadhaar Card?

The second option to correct your data is updating the Aadhaar details. You can update or correct the data in your Aadhaar either by submitting your request Online or Offline (Refer to this link for updating Aadhaar Offline). Updating Aadhaar details is purely free.

If you plan to use Online mode, then it is mandatory that you must be linked your mobile number to the Aadhaar Card database. Because UDAI will send you OTP and sometimes may call you for verification.

You can change your name, gender, date of birth, address, mobile number, and email id. The complete process is explained in the below video of UDAI.

Now you come to know the procedure of how to link Aadhaar to PAN. Also, you came to know what are the alternatives to you if you are unable to link Aadhaar with PAN. But which option do you feel is the best to update the data and link Aadhaar to PAN?

After the huge uproar by many taxpayers, IT Department came up with a simple solution. They said “In case the taxpayer is unable to link PAN with Aadhaar because of discrepancy in name, they can log into the Aadhaar website, request for a name change and upload a scanned copy of PAN card. However, the registered mobile number with UIDAI has to be functional,”.

As per me, this seems to be the best and easiest solution than paying for a PAN Card update and doing the KYC process once again.

Also, IT Department is planning to introduce an option on the e-filing portal through which taxpayers can choose to link the Aadhaar without changing the name by opting for a One-Time Password (OTP), provided that the year of birth of the person matches both documents. Until this happens, it is a nightmare for all those taxpayers who are unable to link Aadhaar with PAN.

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  1. Hi,

    I have linked my aadhaar with my pan card through Adhar biometric at authorised pan card centre after done with process got message like your adhar and pan card link process has been received. but after one month also still its not linked.
    even though my details are exactly matching with adhar and pancard. Please can you assist how to resolve the issue.


  2. Hi ,
    I was looking out for solution,my issue is my pan and adhar is linked before this mandatory process,My name in physical pan card is vidyashree N but in pancard data base it is vidyashree nagashetty ,As i reseach got to know pan will not take initial as last name .
    My issue is like my aadhar card ,including education certificate as name with initial ie vidyashree N,last name is not full

    Now i am facing issue on bank accounts after this linking made manditory

  3. Sir, it shows that my adhaar is linked with some other pen but I have only one pen I don’t know about the linked pen and now my pencard is become inoperative now what is the solution sir plz advice me.

  4. Sir, adhar pan link payment is done, but it showing payment initiated and valid till 15 July 2023 . What to do

  5. Respected sir
    I have 1 pan card it in that my name spelling mistake.iam residing in bangalore.wheni start to link they didn’t link because before 10years back they are taking self marks card to generate pan card .now even aadhaar also not taking that time in ourmarks card no photo was attaching
    Iam a house wife doing trading that time banks accepted ,is that my mistake? When aadhaar card starts that time they are taking photo identity voter Id degree convocation and all.but this time GOV.change rulesbefoe 1996 Karnataka.sslv exam marks card photo not attached .while I went to make pan card he asked self marks card.and photos.we r living in rented house.many times we changed suddenly if u changed rules every day.how we r suffering I have met an siviere accident then also here and there iam wandering middle one more instant pan card generated still i didn’t get new card .It’s from bagalkotebangalore it’s generated to delink that one 1 week iam com going koramangala tax officer even shivajinagar Bangalore 5ax officer he only find out .my aadhaar number is connected thatched see siraadhar card is in bangalore instant pan card in bagalkte in Karnataka if one thing is mistake if does not connected how it connected see we r middle class people what we do u can rules within a day but correction and all take 6 to 7 months without my fault mentally iam depressed .physically iam tried evenaffidate person took 200res actually it’s price should be 20 re this and all why sir you can’t observe.if advertise and all politician malls like why diidnt give like that advertisement why sir u should notgive.my sons degree fees i have to pay it will stuck in bank and how can I feel while making aadhaar card u should tell through message or tax officer name date of birth place address same.Really many people upset by this work sir you know sir if name correction pan card how many days it will take. Please it’s humble request you investigate that .We r not frauds ,lev8ng country by not paying tax for our promptnes they this prize

    1. Dear Lavanya,
      I can udnerstand your genuine concern. Sadly we have to wait for ways to be opened by regulator.

  6. Your Aadhaar-PAN linking request has been received and sent for validation. In case required, please check the status after 48 hours by clicking on “Link Aadhaar Status” under Quick Links on Home page.
    but its more than 6-7 days?

    1. I’m also getting the same message, whether your Link to Pan and Aadhaar is done, if so, how many days it took, message says 48 hrs, but it is taking more time, any idea.

  7. It’s been a week Aadhar is not yet linked .. I have completed the process.. whom to contact to further query on this

  8. Hi Sir
    Those who are updating their date of birth in pan now, using Aadhar as proof, can escape from fine?… as pan and aadhar will automatically get linked.
    And another question…. how long it will take for pan to get linked with aadhar after sending request… What will be the maximum time?

    1. Dear Navaneeth,
      Sadly you can’t runaway from the penalty. Regarding the timeframe, hard to say anything.

  9. I have linked my aadhar card and pan card on website in 2020 but now when I am checking status it’s showing not linked

  10. I have tried to link aadhar with PAN through Link button after login and received an email saying the linking failed due to technical error. The SMS option did not work for me either. What next should I do?

  11. Sir, Rs 1000 deducted from my account but when I checked the status it shows not linked. Should I try one more time. If yes will the amount gets refunded back

    1. Dear Shathrugna,
      As the deadline is extended, better to wait for few days rather than trying one more time.

  12. I have payed ?1000 to link my pan and aadhar but it’s unsuccessful due to mistake in my date of birth what should I do now?

  13. Sir , there is some problem in name mismatch as my challan is accepted but the linking verification process got rejected as it’s is barely a week left with me as today is 24 , March and it take easily more than a week for aadhaar or pan name editing. What if after changing my name in pan / aadhaar after 31 March and then I go for aadhaar pan link updation will my problem will be solved as my challan is accepted by them or will my money will be refunded back

  14. Is it necessary that the father’s name should be absolutely same in pan and aadhar for linking pan with aadhar?? Please reply sir.

  15. Sir, I also tried to link PAN Card and Adharcard but due to Birthdate mismatched it turn unsuccessful.I also applied for for the DOB change in adharcard.
    But I want to know that!
    Is there making of payment required or not for again linking process!

  16. Hi Sir,
    My Mom is unable to link Aadhar – Pan stating DOB mismatch. However the DOB is same in both Aadhar and Pan card. I have called up NSDL twice & check with Aadhar centre as well.
    Also email query with Income Tax is also not useful. Pls give your expert advice.

  17. Sir me apni mother k old pan ko aadhar se link krna chahta tha but bymistake new e-pan ke liye apply ho gaya or 2 pan card ho gaye .purana pan card sare official documnts m laga hai to me new ko cancel krna chahta hun .maine AO offce me surrender ki application dal di hai.kya delink ho jayega please reply or kya after deactivate new pan itr file kr sakte hai plz reply .

  18. When trying to link pan and adhaar, it is asking to make the payment under 280 minor head 500, when trying to make the pahment, it asks to select retail user or corporate user, when selecting corporate user, it is asking to change minor head to 100 and corporate banking is needs corporate account.

    What should be done in this case?
    It is not allowing to make the payment.

  19. My PAN & Aadhaar link status is Showing “This Aadhaar Number is already linked to some other PAN”. I don’t know whose PAN card is linked to my Aadhaar. Could you tell how can resolve this problem.

  20. Hello sir, when I am trying to link aadhar with pan it is saying “This Aadhaar Number is already linked to some other PAN” Though I have only one PAN card.
    I am filing returns since last 4-5 years and never had this issue before .
    is there any way to check which all pan numbers are linked with our aadhar number ?

  21. Hello sir. While checking the linking status of adhar and pan. It is showing that this adhar number is already linked to some other PAN.
    Why this error is coming.how to resolve it?

  22. “Your AADHAR – PAN linking request is in process. Plz check the status later.” It’s showing since long time (almost 30 days). What should I do now ?? Help me plz

  23. Hi sir ur blog is very helpful to me i m having a problem i have linked my aadhar with pan one mnth ago till now status is showing pending my all information is correct n matched with aadhar the why it is happening like that plz help me

  24. Sir,
    On sms I am getting a msg “Your request of pan and addhar seeding is pending with ITD. Thank you.

  25. Sir, My Pan number is AAAAAAAAAA and my Aadhar number is !!!!!!!!!!!!, but by mistake i have linked somebody else pan number number to my aadhar Whose name and date of birth is same to my name and date of birth. how to change it.

  26. Dear Basavaraj,
    Very useful information’s indeed.
    I am an NRI. I had a Pan card and Adhar which is not linked. The pan is obtained years back using indian address. Now I would like to know whether i need to link Adhar to pan? Though not a tax payee I use it for Demat and property transactions. if not required to link will my Pan get cancelled? .Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi,

    My Aadhar card DOB was wrong, then i corrected with enrollment center and it got updated(On Aug 2017). But still i am unable to link my PAN with Aadhar, getting same error message.

    Can you please help me out here.

    Thank you.

      1. Many thanks for your prompt response.

        In my case, currently I am at outside of India. Is there any possibility to complete this link process?

  28. hi sir, I tried to link my aadhaar num but when i submitted all the details to generate otp it says aadhaar number already submitted for this pan. What should i do now pls help..

  29. Dear Sir,

    Can you please suggest me, i am working out of India. I want to link my aadhar number with mutual fund . The number which i updated in karvy is not working. So I cannot receive OPT ,But my pan number already been registered with Aadhar.

  30. Hi Sir,
    I found ur blog very useful .I am trying to link my mom Pan with
    aadhar but i get unsuccessful message .my mom dob was wrong in aadhar which i reapplied and changed a month back and got it reflected in aadhar but still i am uable to link aadhar and pan . Please help me on this

  31. My name is correct in the PAN card, but showing incorrect in NSDL website and in ITR. Please suggest me what should I do.

          1. Sir my Aadhaar details are correct and PAN card is also correct, but wrong in online/with NSDL website.
            in PAN card it is Bishwanath, but at NSDL it is Biswanath.
            Thank you for your response.
            Please suggest me what should I do.

  32. If DOB has mismatch for pan and aadhar whether the linking will done or not DOB mismatch means years are same in pan and aadhar but month and days are different whether the linking will done or not

  33. Hi, I have lost my first pan card and appliaed for new one , now I accidentally have two pan cards (Lets say pan A and Pan B) and I have linked the pan A to my aadhar but now I want to surrender Pan A and want to link pan B to my aadhar card, can you please let me know what needs to be done in this case?

      1. I heard it is very complicated process(Surrender of PAN) and IT department may impose the penalty as well of 10000? I just lost my first pan card , so i applied for the new one and after that I found my old pan as well , thats how I have 2 pan card. I googled and found nothing related to how to de link the pan from aadhar , experts are saying there is no way to de link the pan from aadhar. Not sure how shd I proceed.

        Thank you for the help.

          1. Thanks, I got your point I can surrender the Pan A easily and retain the pan B with me but the thing is my PAN A is linked with aadhar which I want to de link and want to link PAN B to aadhar.
            I am looking for the help on how to de link the linked pan from aadhar and link the new pan to aadhar. I hope I am clear to you now.


    1. My name is ‘Saneesh Kumar’ and DOB is 20.5.1986 pan card.
      In aadhar card my name is Saneesh Kumar K’ and DOB is 18.4.1986.
      So i can’t link pan with aadhar.
      After that i am corrected my aadhar DOB is 20.5.1986 but again display message shows ‘ Name or DOB is mismatched .
      What is the solution to my pan link with my aadhar

    1. My apologies.

      My CA has entered one figure in the last four digits of aadhaar while linking it with PAN details in the income tax department.

      My question is how do i get it rectified.


  34. Hi
    Am trying apply new PAN for my dad since couple of months. I applied for my dad k mom together my mom got RT pan but not my dad. I have sent all necessary documents at the time of applying for pan card. Now I got reply stating the below error message,

    Authentication of Aadhaar given in your application with UIDAI database has failed and as indicated by UIDAI the Aadhaar has been suspended.

    We been to aadhaar center and they have confirmed all details are correct and also bio metric was successfull.

    In this case please let know as what has to be done.

  35. Hello sir,

    My problem is message shown as update biometric details to active your aadhar no. So we follow the procedure for the same but it didn’t link with pan.

    So kindly give us suggestions

  36. Sir there is an error shown i.e
    “Your adhar no is already linked to some other PAN ”
    But i m preety sure that i have only one PAN
    Kindly help me in this concern please.

    1. My name is Saneesh Kumar. My aadhar number could’nt link with PAN . The message is displayed “Name/DOB doesn’t match with aadhar data base” Please reply any solution

      Name as per aadhar: Saneesh Kumar K
      DOB in aadhar : 20.05.1986

      Name as per PAN : SANEESH KUMAR
      DOB in PAN : 20.05.1986

  37. Hello Sir, My name is Afrin .i have one major problem..i applied aadhar card in my +2 through school,after that i lost my mobile which i given the contact detail in my card..after i didnt got my card..after some days i applied one more time for aadhar card again but i lost my acknowledgment slip..after that i applied one more time in my native one month before.i have enrollment number if am searching in website means am not getting any updates for my card sir,Please Update that what i need to do for getting my aadhar card..Pls Help me.

  38. Hello Sir,
    Your website is quite useful in relation to Aadhaar to PAN linking and its associated issues as reported by various users. I too had the same issue while linking aadhaar to PAN though name,gender and DOB was same both in PAN and aadhaar but it was giving error message as “Invalid Aadhaar No”.
    I got my Aadhaar No just one week back. So you advised to wait for few days/weeks before trying again as IT Deptt was not getting real time data of Aadhaar so I was trying every day to link and I was getting the same error message as “Invalid Aadhaar No”. However when I tried to link up today , it got linked up successfully. Thanks for your advise.
    I posted this comment in case other users are also facing the same issue.

  39. I want to update my KYC in my bank account but in my Addhar and PAN card father name is a bit different

    I Addhar its xx Gupta and in PAN its xx Kumar Gupta , bank officials are saying first correct the father name in one of the document and then bank will update KYC

    Please confirm what to do.

  40. Sir,
    I have made my PAN and Aadhaar Name same and linked in income tax, it is fine.
    My Bank account name is different, so I am not able to link aadhaar to my bank account.
    Bank said change the name in Aadhaar, If i need to change aadhaar then I need to change again PAN etc.,
    How to solve this issue?

  41. My Adhaar number is shown as Invalid when I try to link it to my PAN or UAN (PF). But when I verify the number on the Adhaar portal, it shows as a valid number with my details. What should I do.

          1. Thanks. I will wait for a few days. I have amiled to the adhaar help email id.. and also tweeted to thier handle but did not get any response from them. Personally I feel that Adhaar has been a completely unplanned and mismanaged thing that the government has done. We need more helpful helplines.

  42. Dear Sir,

    I have been continuously trying to link my aadhar card no.XXXXXXXXXXX to my PAN no. AAAAAAAAAA it shows the error message ” This Aadhar Number is already linked to some other PAN. ( It seems its linked to my previous PAN no BBBBBBBBBB which has been deleted/deactivated by Income Tax Dept) letter of income tax attached

  43. Dear sir i am a tax payer and my e-filling status mentioned as a NRI.I am trying to link my aadhar to pan but error is showing.please let me know the reason.
    Suhas gadgil

  44. Sir, can’t express how helpful this blog has been. I have been trying all possible ways to link the two documents, tried all possible call centres/helplines of the govt, tried so many TIN centres, sent emails for which I did not receive any reply. Finally after reading through various comments I got a lead to link the two documents. isn’t this a system the ministry should have in place to help out people. All of us pay our taxes so loyally and yet we suffer becuase of lack of clarity. The least the government should have done is trained people in specific TIN centres and made the public aware of such TIN CEntres. There is zero clarity about submitting Annexure 1 form for offline method of linking the documents.
    Anyway thanks for this blog again.

  45. Sir,I have applied for Addhar card on 01/08/2017.I have registered no.so far I have not received Adhaar number.Status says it is in process,check after few days.As 31st August is last date for linking what I should do?

  46. Hi Basavaraj,

    Name in Aadhar and PAN is different. So I have done the changes in Aadhar card on June 2017 and got the new card. I am not able to link Aadhar and Pan. Then I have applied for Name correction in PAN card offline after one month they are saying its not processed due to Biometric authentication. Kindly suggest me what I need to be done. Because of that my It return is on hold. Kindly help me on this.

    Awaiting for your response.


    1. Check for any mistske in name uding know ur PAN in IT portal. If there s mistake and if u r sure both r correct .write to them for processing without linking aadhaar. This will vlear the mistake in IT database . This is the one which worked for me..

  47. Hi I need URGENT help. I tried to link my mothers pan and Aadhaar but I could not. The reason was pan has male gender designated for my mother as I searched know ur pan. Today is last day for the linkage process. What to do??
    Can I use offline method for the same ?
    Please help urgently

  48. Dear sir
    My dad has been trying hard to link the adhaar with pan. The problem was with his name and gender. They have entered the wrong gender in the pan. Name has been changed in adhaar according to the pan. But gender is yet to be corrected. What can be done sir? He is really worried.

  49. Sir ,
    I have submitted aadhar card to correct my birth day on 30/08/2017 at 11am. It has a update request no.Can I link it with PAN.I tried it but message of invalid no is coming?Kindly help.

    I have been trying to link my mothers PAN and Aadhaar . All her details (Name, Gender, DOB) on the Aadhaar and PAN are completely matching. I have also verified that her PAN and Aadhaar are active/valid in incometax portal as well as UID portal. However, I am still unable to link the two. I keep getting the unsuccessful message which says authentication failed. i have tried using incometax portal, SMS but not able to link as it says not matching.
    NOTE: 15 days back i have corrected my mother details in aadhar center as per the spelling and DOB mentioned in PAN card. Now in UID portal i can download the corrected aadhar which matches with PAN card. I have dialled to various tin-nsdl centers in bangalore. they says linking we dont do.I dont understand what to do.
    Please HELP sir as 31st august is approaching.

    1. Hello Basavaraj,
      Could you please help me on my issue.
      If i need to wait for the time being, 31st august may cross the time. What to do?

    2. I am also facing the same issue. I sent email to: [email protected] with pan card and aadhar card scanned copy and mentioning the actual issue faced.
      Lets hope they come back with some solution to this.


    3. Pls check urtge name in PAN by visiting check ur pAN in income tax India efilibg portal. Mine was the same case as of urs. After correction by name change in PAN , its got linked now..pls try..

  51. arun jetali ko samjata nahi hai kya,lok bhaut pareshan ho rahe pan adhar karene ke liye .jo tax bhar rahe unko taklip hai,jo nahi bharte shaan se ji rahe hai.

  52. Dear Sir,

    I am working in USA for an Indian Software company from Nov 2016. I am having my returns to be filed upto Oct 2016.
    But my Adhaar-PAN linking is not getting done successfully. I am getting the Aadhaar not in an active state-Biometrics problem and suggesting to visit the nearest Aadhaar centre for biometric updation. It is not possible for me to visit India in near time. What action I can do to link /update the PAN and Aadhaar? Do I have any exemption?

    My bank account, demat account, mutual funds ,FDs are all linked to the PAN card.

    Thank You,


  53. Sir, I enrolled for Aadhaar on August 4, 2017. On August 17, 2017 I was informed that my Aadhaar number is generated. Now when I try to link Aadhaar with PAN online it says Invalid Aadhaar number. Is it possible to link PAN with Aadhaar enrolment number? If yes, where can I do that? Please help.

      1. Hi sir I sent SMS for Aadhar link to PAN on August 15 and now getting the status as below.Your Request for Aadhaar {XXXXXXXX….} PAN {XXXX…..} Seeding is pending with ITD. Thank you for using our services.my name in Aadhar is different from PAN card.could you advise if I can wait or do I need to change name in Aadhar? As we have not much time please advise on this.thanks on advance.

          1. Both are correct,in PAN it is starts with my initial that is M MALLIKA.In Aadhar it starts with my name followed by surname.

  54. My case of linking PAN and Aadhaar is different. Even though my name in both PAN and aadhar is M SEKAR where as is found as MSEKAR ( no space between my initial and name) in Income tax potal. Help me call to customers care to efiling and nsdl did not give a result. Pls help me if any faced such a problem.

  55. DEAR SIR,




          1. Hi, I have changed my DOB last month and it is now reflecting correctly in Aadhar. My Name,Gender,DOB is same in both the cards but still unable to link.

  56. My 91 year old father in law had to suddenly start filing IT returns due to pension. Being a south indian, his name on aadhar card doesn’t match the name on PAN card… He didn’t have a mobile phone linked to his aadhar as he is hard of hearing and never used a mobile. He went to a local aadhar center to get his name changed. The biometric scan of his eyes failed to match the records (may be because he is old and had had cataract operations in both eyes). Twice this procedure failed. .Now the deadline is nearing and he is panicking.Is there any solution for him? Isn’t it unfair harassment of a law abiding super senior citizen?

  57. Hi,

    I seem to have a unique situation – I have been trying to link my mothers PAN and Aadhaar but no luck yet. All her details (Name, Gender, DOB) on the Aadhaar and PAN are EXACTLY THE SAME. I have also verified that her PAN and Aadhaar are active/valid. However, I am still unable to link the two. I keep getting the unsuccessful message which says authentication failed. I have tried this 15 to 20 times at different time points over the the last 2 weeks. I even tried various channels – 1) Login to IT Portal, 2) Without Login to IT Portal, 3) Using SMS facility. But I get the same unsuccessful message shown in your article above.

    My last resort is to try the offline process, but it would be days before I know whether that has worked or not and am afraid it will go past the deadline of 31-Aug-17.

    Any thoughts on what could possibly be wrong? Or how I could link the two?

      1. Not sure if I understood your comment – but If you meaning to ask whether we used her Aadhar for any verification purposes recently then the answer is No. However, I checked the status of her aadhar card via the UIDAI site and its active.

    1. Pls check ur name in IT portal by know ur pan link to check whether name is correctly spelt coz some times names in pan and portal used to be different. If different u have to correct by applying to IT department

  58. hii, please provide me suggestions for my problem as my aadhar card and pan card details are different, so how can I do aadhar card update ?? as I am unable to update online.

  59. Hi – I am struggling to link my PAN with AADHAAR. The name on both PAN and AADHAAR and the DOB ARE PERFECTLy matching. I have tried through Income tax efiling website without logging in & after logging in also. I have tried through SMS route also. My aadhaar card was made in 2012. The error message shown everytime i try to lnk is : “Kindly visit the near UIDAI enrollment center to update bio-metric details for activation of aadhaar number”.
    I visited the aadhaar centre and update the bio metric details also some 4-5 weeks back. Still I am getting the same error message.

    I am at complete loss what to do.

  60. Hi. Everything was right while linking pan with aadhar via online without login. But when i click “Link Aadhar”, the page is redirecting to login page. I havent got any errors. What will be reason?

  61. I tired to update my aadhaar and Pan card today. After entering my details on the incometax website I get this message that your details have been submitted to the uidai website. Status will be updated on the registered email id. What does this mean. Isnt it supposed to happen instantly?

  62. My name in Aadhar did not use to match with that in my Pan. So I recently updated my name spelling in my aadhar. After filing my income tax return I tried to link my aadhar to my pan but I was surprised to see the unsuccessful message in my email. I left it for a while and tried again after some days but it was a futile effort. After this I again tried but this time with my old name (with wrong spelling) as it was earlier in Aadhar and yes it worked like a dream and my aadhar was successfully linked to my pan. It may be that incometax department might not be having direct synchronization with the latest uidai data and hence the problem. Those of you facing the same problem try my technique.

  63. Respected sir,
    My name in Adhar Card is
    Amit vyankatesh Raut
    My name in Pan card is
    Amit vyanktesh Raut (the alphabet A after k in my middle name is missing in my Pan card with respect to the middle name in my Adhar Card)
    Evenafter that I linked my Pan card with my Adhar Card successfully by log into incometax filling website.
    Thus my question is Do I need to Change the middle name spelling in my Pan card to match with the middle name spelling in my Adhar Card for future reference?
    Isn’t there any need to do that as I have successfully linked my Pan card with my Adhar Card Evenafter mismatch in my middle name of just one alphabet?
    I would be Grateful to you Sir.
    Thanking you.
    You are doing great social service.
    Hats off to you.

      1. Thanks Sir.
        But sir, while doing KYC at EPFO website ; I am unable to put up my PAN card details as Error message come as :- PAN VERIFICATION FAILED AS NAME Against UAN DOESN’T MATCH WITH THE NAME IN INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT.
        My name in UAN website is. :- Amit vyankatesh Raut and
        My name in the pan card is :- Amit vyanktesh Raut
        So sir please advice me what to now as I have to verify my Pan details as KYC for the future reference as without verifying my Pan details at EPFO website , I won’t able to withdraw my PF or something like that.
        Thanking you in Advance sir

  64. Hi,
    I am unable to link my PAN with my Aadhaar. My DOB and Gender are same in both Pan and Aadhar card but My name is Manoj Prabhakar H in Aadhar and Manoj Prabhakar HanumanthaReddy in PAN. Is this the reason for linking failure?
    Please suggest.

    To update you, I have recently corrected my DOB in Aadhar which was wrong earlier.

    What to do now?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        I tried today again and it worked.

        My PAN is linked to Aadhaar Successfully 🙂

        Thanks for your suggestion.

  65. What does “transliteration error” mean?
    My innumerable requests for correction in the Aadhar got rejeceted time & again due to so called “transliteration error” in the request field.
    All data matches ditto between my PAN & Aadhar excepting that Name of father appears in PAN & Name of husband appears in Aadhar. This problem was detected when an effort was made to rectify since these two namely PAN & Aadhar were not linking.
    Karvy could not help..neither could Income tax dept.
    Can somebody help in resolving the passé.

        1. Exactly this is all that I have got after having knocked the doors of UDAI. No body can give me solution to my problem. Is there a specific way out …. or Is there a specific away I could knock UDAI

  66. Hi Basavaraj,

    I applied for AADHAR and I received the acknowledgement copy, but unfortunately I did not get my AADHAR card till date. Now as advised by the government we have to link PAN and AADHAR, since I did not have AADHAR number, I entered my enrollment number in in my tax form and e-verified on the income tax website.
    Now my issue is the income tax website allowed me to enter the enrollment number, but when I search my enrollment number on UIDAI/AADHAR website I am unable to find any data with my details. What do I do. Shall I apply for new AADHAR in the one of the Enrollment centers?

    1. Jenny-Please contact UDAI with that existing enrollment number and wait for their reply. Once it is cleared the doubt or you will come to know the status from UDAI officially, then take the next decision.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Need help again, when i went to the Aadhar center they asked me to apply for new Aadhar. I did that and now I have my Aadhar card with me. But when I try to link my Aadhar with my Pan card it is saying that my details don’t match Aadhar and PAN database.

        I have verified each and every letter of my name and data of birth it is all matches. Can you please help me, how do I proceed to link PAN and Aadhar.

        Jenny Fernandez

  67. I am a tamilian I am not able to link my aadhar with the pan card because of intials ie is in pan card the name is with intials as when we filled the form there was a option how do u want your name to be spelled while in adhaar its complete name amd my fathers name . Secondly it wont accept without surname as we dont have surname. Dont give me crap shit answers tell me what is the solution for this. Because you politiacians and govt employees never do you work properly and we have to struggle. Hasve all the politicians linked their aadhar with pancard . I dont have time to run here and there and spend money . Idiotic people n ministry without brains .

    1. Mohan-First of all MIND YOUR LANGUAGE. Second thing, I am neither a politician nor a Govt Employee. Hence, don’t consider me with them and blame me. Also, I try to give my answer to the best of my knowledge. If you feel all my earlier answers are “crap shit answers”, then I suggest you don’t visit my blog or never try to comment. I am not here to guide you on behalf of Govt.

  68. Thanks for the information provided in this portal with this help I have linked my Adhaar no. with PAN

  69. DEAR SIR,




      1. I changed my name in PAN card recently to match it to Aadhar Card.

        But Still I cannot link my PAN with Aadhar.

        Today is the last date of filing return.

        What’s my alternative?


          1. How to file IT return offline? Do you mean a hard copy? But I was told that is not acceptable. Pls clarify how this can be done.

              1. Just FYI – when nothing worked, I escalated the matter through central grievance redressal and I got very prompt response and action from all parties involved. My issue is resolved now. http://pgportal.gov.in/

                Although, I got a response to my grievance after 3 to 4 weeks but once the matter was assigned, the response was amazing.

                Thanks for your help, Basavaraj.

          2. The last date of it filing extended to 5.8.2017. If I cannot file before this date can not I file return after this date? I think IT will charge some penalty for the late filing and four the delayed payment of Incometax Can you clarify me as I may file only, next month

            1. Vaidyanathan-You can file it within a year also. However, if your AO asked you for delayed filing and you are unable to furnish valid reasons, then you have to pay the penalty of Rs.5,000.

        1. while entering your name in the Name on AADhar please enter all small letters. I did like this only. Please try this option

          Sri Krishna

  70. Hi

    I recently changed my name in aadhar to match that of pan card for linking purpose. It is approved and i got the e-aadhar with the name changed to that of pancard. The original will come to my adress through post within 90 days. But even now i am not able to link pan and aadhar though all information is same. I tried doing it through SMS but still not linking. Please let me know if there is any other way i can link. It always tells me there is a mis match between the aadhar and pancard. Believe me i have verified the pancard with atleat 20 to 30 ppl every one told everything looks same.

    Appreciate your help here

    1. I am having Aadhar since 2013. The problem came in linking with PAN. During online linking it says that Aadhaar exists but not activated. I went to service centre for updating biometrics & phone number. Service centre man says that your all finger prints are not good. IRIS is ok. But unlikely to be activated.This is probably due to my age of 75 years. Same thing happened my phone number is now recorded in online down loaded Aadhaar but linking is refused due to non activation.
      I don’t know how to file IT return.

    2. Bhati,
      please enter your name ( all small letters) in AADHR name filed. I tried like this and its working fine.

      Sri krishna

  71. Dear Sir

    I’m already update my both id’s UID & PAN but still, showing your details should be not updated & correction error is you name and pan details not matched . .

      1. I face same problem I apply for aadhaar update on 15 june 2017 but recently 31 july I able to update my aadhar in e aadhaar but still not able to link it pan

  72. Sir, My name on pan is
    “Ishwarbhai Jadavjibhai Patel”
    and name printed on AADHAAR card is
    “Patel Ishwarbhai Jadavjibhai”,
    rest DoB and gender is exactly same.
    And it is failure of linking Pan and AADHAAR,
    Do I need to shuffle the first name and last name on any particular document to match it for linking the same.
    Plz guide.

      1. Dear Basavaraj

        I have done the ADHAR LINK with PAN and now while uploading the XML for income tax return , I am getting a message that ” ADHAR no or Enrolement No is mandatory for uploading the income tax return”. What to do? in the excel utility of ITR2, there is a cell for updating ADHAR no / Enrolement no but this particular cell is protected and i can not fill the data. Therefor XML is with ADHAR no and not getting uploaded. can you please suggest a way?

        Devendra Sonar

          1. Thanks . I have raised the grievances about the problem and waiting for feedback from efiling web team

  73. Sir,
    My and my wife Aadhaar Updated 10 days back . we got the updated details same as PAN and download the AAdhaar Card. My Aadhaar linked to PAN, But not my wife. Reason is 1. Name, DOB, Gender Mismatch or 2 Aadhaar no does not exist. We call to 1947 Aadhaar Call center they told us every thing has been updated then only you can get the download new updated Aadhaar Card. but we tried to link bank account same problem raised.
    Please tell me what are the possible ways to link my Pan.

  74. Hi, I have aadhaar number and PAN number. But while linking aadhaar with PAN , it says invalid aadhar.
    Request you o help with this issue.

  75. Birth date on PAN card & Adhar card are different. PAN card date of birth needs to coeect .I am unable to fill IT return at present. What is the quick solution to compele IT return.


  77. Hello,

    It is very strange that I have the PAN card with the photo and all the correct details. But when I try to link the Adhaar with the PAN, it shows that my gender in PAN database is ‘Male’.
    Gender is not mentioned on the PAN Card itself but it is really strange to find that the name and photo itself shows that I am a woman, and ofcourse when several years ago, I applied for the PAN card, then it would have been cleared. I do not understand how the gender details can be incorrect in the PAN Database. Does that mean I now have to go through the whole process of getting the gender changed in PAN Card?

    Could you pleas suggest?


      1. I am facing similar issues. Gender suddenly changed without my knowledge from male to female. NSDL is of no help. they say that their database shows female but still at linking on efiling site it shows as male. Contacted NSDL, UTI, and also CPC and no help.Even for correction applied to NSDL and for one silly reason or the other they are saying documents not complete or not acceptable. I dont even know why I am applying for correction when NSDL claims their database shows female.

        1. Sorry, I meant gender in database changed from female to male. It is senseless as I have been a tax payer for 20 years and how they cant fix this record on their own if they made a mistake.

            1. Would it be helpful to file an RTI to know how the database changed gender from female to Male? I have repeatedly demanded an explanation but they are being silent on that point.

            2. hi… im in a similar situation .. im a female and have been filing returns for the past 16 years. now when im trying to link my aadhaar to my pan on the income tax site, it gives my pan number and states that im male…. has anyone tried the offline method for this … has it worked.. this is really so inconvenient

                1. This rectification is not working for me. NSDL keeps rejecting documents for one reason or the other. Firstly, I dont understand how can there be a gender mismatch. I have been a female tax payer for 20 years how can the PAN card have my gender as male. Is there any one to whom we can escalate against NSDL?

                  NSDL has control over our data – how come the gender was changed from female to male without my knowledge and why so much harrassment for rectification?

  78. Hello Sir,

    I checked the status of my Aadhaar card on the website, it says that it is deactivated. I contacted an Aadhaar updation centre, they said it would take about a month for it to be updated and activated again. Is it possible to fill the ITR without the linking of the PAN and Aadhaar before the deadline? There should be a way with an undertaking or some process.
    Can you help me with the situation?


  79. Having valid Aadhaar number, is it possible to see the name in Aadhaar website. I want to know details such as name (first, middle, surname) , DOB and gender etc. in Aadhaar database (not in Aadhaar card)

    If there is any specific login for UIDAI site. I am unable find one in that site. Very poorly designed user interface and functions in their site.

  80. Hello,

    I have the same name mismatch issue. The name on PAN is incorrect but correct in Aadhar as well as Passport.

    I tried updating PAN name but then after payment it given an aadhar authentication failed error(I got the refund both times).

    I have to change my name on PAN but it doesnt allow on website 🙁

    I am not in India right now, can you suggest how to correct pan card name quickly? I have to file tax returns.

    Thanks for posting this article.


  81. As I have indicated before, entering enrollment number in ITR will help you to upload the returns. That happens. I did that for my mother. However, I got a NOREPLY mail from IT that it is mandatory to link A and P. I do not know whether they will go ahead with processing ITR. Wait and watch is the only option till IT Dept will fetch the UDAI updated database. No idea when that happens !!!

    We are in a hapless situation wherein every damn thing between A and P matches and but still linking fails. This is a clear indication that Aadhaar is going slow in exposing its latest database towards IT.

  82. I have updated my name in the Adhaar 10 days back but still I am not able to link the PAN with adhaar , every thing matches in the PAN and ADhaar now .

    Please tell me what to do as I have to submit ITR

      1. Thank you Basavaraj ,How much time to wait ?It is already 10 days ,I think . Is there any other alternative ?
        thanks in advance

  83. Dear Sir,

    My name in AAdhar and PAN are same and correct, but when i login to ITR site there spelling is not same as per my PAN card. one alphabet is interchanged. because of this i am not able to link my PAN to Aadhar and get error.
    Kindly suggest what to do to correct details in ITR portal.


      1. Name on issued PAN card is correct. Name on issued aadhar Card is correct. But when i go to ITR site than in their data base spelling is wrong. As name on my PAN Card is correct so i can’t ask to rectify the same . than what is the solution in this case.

          1. i have the same problem with y dad’s Aadhar and PAN. Name and DOB are same but still not able to link. what is the offline process to get the same linked.

  84. Hi Basavraj

    When i login to Income tax e-filing page for filing income tax, a pop up is displayed with Link Aadhar. Once i close it i get home page of income tax page .I tried to click Dashboard link or any other links in that page , it automatically logged out.

    Note:I have already linked my PAN to aadhar(But i dint receive any confirmation email).I again verified to link aadhar to PAN it gave me a message saying this pan is already linked to aadhar.

    Could you please help me to resolve the issue.Because of this issue i cannot file my income tax…Awaiting for your response.


      1. Thanks Basavraj for your quick response.

        I tried calling them through help desk 180042500025 -It says Network Conjusted and emailed to [email protected]–No response.
        I feel may be my aadhar is not linked completely to PAN.
        I used Incognito mode so its cache cleared here.Still the same issue…Can you please give me some help desk number or email id..So that i can contact iT team and resolve the issue

  85. my date of birth and name evrything is same in both pan card and aadhar excpt one thing in pan my name is in all capitals where as not in aadhar .Can you tell me in this case what should i do ?
    since i am not able tolink them both

  86. Thanks for the article!

    I have been facing linking issue since very beginning. And obviously my DOB and gender are correct in both the cards but not the name as you mentioned in the article. So I updated my aadhaar card name to appear same as my pan card name successfully and I got my new e-aadhaar yesterday. But I’m still seeing this issue. 🙁

      1. Yes it is true after updation of aadhar not able to link with pan..i m also facing this issue..no guidline from it dept..it dept says problm in aadhhar database delay updation..what to do??thanks

  87. Hello everyone,

    Now linking Adhaar with PAN is very simple. My second name is completely different in both, so I was not able to link it last week. All of a sudden, when I tried it worked for me. I think IT portal made the process simple now. You don’t have to worry about name discrepancies. Just will whatever the field is required in the IT portal then you will receive a successful message.

    Thanks Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti for your earlier responses to my queries.


    1. Same for me too. It linked out of the blue without me doing any modification.
      Thanks basavaraj for the all help.

  88. Thank God I came through this blog and its comments. Faced issue in linking Aadhar credentials with Pan initially.

    1. Your Aadhar name is case sensitive, which means type exactly as in the Aadhar card, for eg. if Aadhar card name is Devendran C M, type exactly the same, typing in full caps i.e DEVENDRAN C M doesn’t work.
    2. PAN CARD NUMBER ( I tried all CAPS)
    3. Enable the check box for “I have only year of birth for Aadhar card” though, i have full DOB, there is no way for me to the the DOB in the link portal.

  89. HI All,

    I was facing issue with linking of PAN and Aadhar although every detail was correct . To my surprise, it suddenly worked for me and now they are linked. Guess we just need to wait for sometime and keep trying.

  90. Every blog reader i need an information that after updation of aadhar can they able to link with pan ??? Plz help..plz reply who updated aadhar …thank u

    1. Yes you will be able to link your aadhaar with PAN after updating details in Aadhaar. Your DOB (Date of Birth) in both PAN and Aadhaar should match exactly.

      I updated my details in Aadhaar through online portal and once the update was successfully reflecting in e-Aadhaar,(It took only 3-4 days for updating Aadhaar details online) I was able to link with PAN.

  91. I changed my father dob in aadhar in may 27.i got eaadhar .every thing is matched but still now i am not able to link..i just wants to know those who recently update their aadhar can able to link ?? After How many days it dept fetching new data?? Plzz suggest ??

  92. Hi,

    I have my Aadhaar number linked with PAN card under incometax site, and its showing that its been linked. But while filing my ITR it gave me error stating – “Aadhaar number or enrolment id is mandatory for filing your income tax return” Could you please assist?

    Thanks in Advance.

      1. Sir

        If Aadhaar number with PAN is not linked, we cannot even upload the returns xml file. (Note that Aadhaar number is mentioned in ITR1 form). When trying to upload, the system throws the following error ..”Aadhaar Number entered in IT return should be linked in e-filing portal for filing your income tax return”.

          1. One more update.. (considering Aadhaar is not linked to PAN)
            If we have entered Aadhar in ITR, if not linked, it throws error “Aadhaar Number entered in IT return should be linked in e-filing portal for filing your income tax return”

            If we remove Aadhaar number in ITR (leave it blank in that box) and generate again xml file (xml can be generated if that field is blank) and try to upload, it throws message saying that Aadhaar or enrollment number is a must. Hence we cannot upload.

            However, instead of Aadhaar number, enter enrollment number (28 digit) in ITR and generate xml. The system takes this and upload will be successful and generates ITR-V.

            Note: while entering enrollment number we need to enter both enroll no and date and time. If Enrolment number : xxxx/yyyyy/zzzzz and date/time = 13/04/2017 16:26:43, we need to enter xxxxyyyyyzzzzz13042017162643 in ITR form.

            Using this method, I have uploaded successfully my mother’s xml file and sent the ITR-V to processing centre by speed post.
            We can do e-verity later in the web once A and P are linked (or use some other method)

              1. I had also raised my 4th Grievance request for A and P not linking despite all fields match 100%. I got a call yesterday evening from IT processing cell and they told it is not in their hands since Aadhaar is not moving fast with its latest updates (to which IT tries to match).
                He suggested to enter enrollment number in ITR and upload …that anyway I have done, sent ITR-V by post.

                Gist of the story is if A and P fields match 100% and still not able to link….we don’t have any choice but to wait for Aadhar database is updated.

                But for those who would like to upload returns, above method can be used.

                  1. As I have indicated before I had raised 10th Grievance request for A and P not linking despite all fields match 100%. The link to raise grievance is http://pgportal.gov.in/

                    After repeated follow-up progressively in little high tone, the Dy director called me and accepted my argument that all fields are okay. They took 2 days and I got a mail yesterday that issue is resolved. I went to site and I could link it successfully.

                    I sent a mail thanking them and also asked what was the problem. I will share in this forum in case I get a reply from them.

                    The gist of the story is if all fields are okay, just raise Grievance request and keep following up….meaning they will first few times close giving standard replies….don’t leave it …raise another one …..you will succeed.

  93. When I try to link my PAN I get the error message “Please enter a Valid AADHAAR Number”. Even though I enter a Correct AADHAAR Number. I went to the Verify AADHAR Number link of UIDAI website. There My AADHAAR is shows as VALID/VERIFIED,also PAN is in active state with same details as Aadhar viz name,dob,gender.what to do?

      1. Problem is for linking aadhar to PAN….
        Unable to link it with above error message….
        Having the details same in aadhar as well as PAN…

          1. How to find designated centre for the same?
            Are they of government or the one which are authorised to make aadhar cards,

    1. Its not just LINKING with Pan that throws this error of ” Invalid AADHAAR Number”. Did you try linking it with your mobile number at your Mobile Network Providers Center? You won’t be able to as even there, it fails to link. More so, try accessing “LOCK/UNLOCK BIOMETRICS” Link at UIDAI Website and enter your AADHAAR No. there. Even there it will say INVALID AADHAAR NUMBER.
      I am facing the same issue. Our VALID/VERIFIED AADHAAR is effectively Useless to Us, coz of this Issue.


        1. Sir
          I am also facing hie same problem of invalid Adhaar number. I got the Adhaar in the year 2012 and applied through then designated Karvey.
          The helpline 1947 has advised to mail
          I have sent a mail.

      2. i have the same problem like you. ALL DETAILS TALLY NAME DOB AND GENDER I HAVE VERIFIED

        1. Hi,

          Has anyone resolved this problem yet?

          My PAN card and Aadhar card details match exactly but still linking is failing with errors – Details do not match or your Aadhar card doesn’t exist.
          Any pointers will be very helpful.


            1. Hi Basavaraj,

              I am currently overseas and cannot come to India for next couple of months, hence offline way will not be possible. I have sent an email to UIDAI team for help but thought to post here as well to check if there is any alternative through which I can link it via online portal.


                    1. Hello All,

                      I just thought to update here that — my issue is resolved now.
                      There seems to be sync/update gap between IT dept. and UIDAI databases.

                      As raised here earlier, I was unable to link my PAN and Aadhar even though all details perfectly matched in both documents.
                      However, I kept trying in every 2-3 days and today finally the link worked fine. Please note that I did NOT update anything anywhere during this period… Probably the sync happens once in 8-10 days and hence the issue was coming.

                      In case you are facing same issue where linking does not work even though all data matches — it MIGHT be a sync issue. Please retry after few days, in most cases it will be self-resolved.

                      Hope this helps!

  94. my dad is retired service man and used to pay tax religiously but when i tried to link pan with aadhar ,it shows pan does not exist.wht should i do ,plz suggest

  95. Hi I changed my aadhar details (date of birth was incorrect in aadhar), i am not able to link pan now…is there an issue with 1st July as the last date to link aadhar to pan? I read somewhere than pancard will be invalid?

      1. Sir i have recently corrected my date of birth in adhaar card and now my pan and adhaa card is same but still i cant link both…still showing there is mismatch wat 2 do sir

  96. Sir, in my Aadhaar Card the middle name of my fathr is missing. That’s why the name doesn’t match with that on PAN card. Can it cause error?



    1. Hii I have tried using sms one but I haven’t got any confirmation message from UIDPAN what to do now? Please help me

  98. It says that my aadhar number is invalid, but when I verified it on the website it’s correct

  99. If you get ‘TECHNICAL ERROR AT UIDAI’, try to click the submit button twice or thrice. This worked for me with IE browser and i tried hitting the Submit button thrice. To make sure, your Aadhaar number linking is successful, follow the below steps.
    1. Login to income tax portal
    2. Go to My Profile –> Link Aadhaar
    3. It should show the following message – ‘ Your PAN is linked to Aadhaar Number XXXXXXXXXXXX’

    1. Thanks for sharing. You saved my day. It did link successfully after 4-5 attempts (clicked mouse as well as enter button like anything 🙂 ).

  100. Hello
    I have used sms method to link aadhar & pan… and I have got this massege “your request of adhar & pan seeding has accepted…”
    Is it done? Now how i get to know my adhar and pan has linked or not?
    Thank you.

    1. To make sure, your Aadhaar number linking is successful, follow the below steps.
      1. Login to income tax portal – https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/
      2. Go to My Profile –> Link Aadhaar
      3. It should show the following message – ‘ Your PAN is linked to Aadhaar Number XXXXXXXXXXXX’

  101. “There is no need for any panic. PAN will not become invalid after June 30,” Sushil Chandra, chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) told ET.


    Perhaps it is desirable for those who are not in a hurry to file their Returns to wait for a few days before attempting to link their PANs with Aadhaar. It would reduce the load on the system, the needy can resolve their issues faster, and will also benefit others in due course.

    1. I have tried correcting name in PAN CARD. Tried offline, online. Status in progress from months. Aadhar name is correct but a spelling mistake in PAN.
      Simply harassment to public. Whom to escalate?

  102. Hi ,

    I got error using url as well as through sms.

    URL:-I have tried on different computers / urls etc. Does not work. Its a problem at UIDAI.

    The exact error message is “technical error in UIDAI. Please try again.

    SMS:- Kindly visit nearest PAN Centre for seeding of Aadhaar using biometric authentication facility”

    I have try linking from Pan also still not getting sync.


  103. Not able to link adhaar to pan card..I have different surname in both of them..should i change the name in pan card first? Also, is it necessary to have an e-filing account? I have registered but didn’t receive any mail for e-filing activation..what to do..

    1. Akankasha-Change the document where it is wrong (as per you). To link Aadhaar with PAN, e-filing login account not required. You can use the forget password option and re-activate the e-filing login.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply, will the correction happen instantly? ID proof to be submitted? Si it better to update AADHAR or PAN?

  104. Tried to link Aadhar with PAN – Reply says, request for linking of Aadhar with PAN could not be proceed , as PAN details do not match with Aadhar. Visit nearest PAN centre for seeding of Aadhar using biometric authentication fecility.

    Pl note that the name & age tallies both PAN / Aadhar, still it is not linked

  105. I have a misspelt name in AADHAAR. That’s why unable to link aadhaar. I logged a name change request onlineon aadhaar portaL.
    But today is the last day to link pan-aadhaar.

    What can I do in such case?

  106. All your suggestions and advice work under ideal conditions. I took my PAN card after 2005 when online IT returns online filing facility was not available. In 2010 when I tried online filing I couldn’t. On calling their toll free number I was shocked to know I was five years younger. To correct this I had to reapply for a PAN card. I thought the problem was solved. The next year I got another shock when my name was spelt wrong, although the covering letter with the PAN card showed correct spelling. I had to reapply again. Then my father’s name was spelt wrong. Finally I got the correct PAN card. Now the problem of AADHAR started. I got my AADHAR card in 2011. By the time I received the card, rather a piece of paper, I moved t o my permanent address. I had reapply for the AADHAR.. It took several months before I got the updated AADHAR. Everyone does not add father’s with their given name. My name changed by the addition of my father’s name. Hence PAN and AADHAR not match. Reapply. In Andhra the surname if given first and the given names 2nd and 3rd names. While my PAN card was correct my AADHAR showed my given names and the my surname Again a mismatch. If the system is so flawed why are they forcing people to link the two. Shouldn’t the system be corrected first.

    1. Susarla-For your information, I am holding PAN card since 2001. For your information, I changed my Aadhaar address and name ONLINE and get it updated within 4-5 working day. Blaming the authorities not work. Instead, check the reason why they forcing u to LINK. Rest you decide.

  107. You can also try this below format through your mobile.


    Example SMS to 567678 or 56161 as below.

    UIDPAN 111111222233 AAAPT8888H


    1. Hi

      I tried linking it on IT portal but unable to do as it says Error at UIAD..so I tried thru SMS and sent SMS as prescribed
      But I got SMS from UTIITSL saying my PAN is already linked with other Aadhaar as per Income Tax records but in my IT portal the Link Aadhaar is still active as am unable to update there too..this is a loop , could you advise how to address this pls ! Thanks Manish

      1. Manish-The message to link Aadhaar may be default one. If you are getting the message as it is already linked, then you no need to worry. If you have doubt, then take the screen shot of the same for your future reference.

  108. Hi,

    I tried multiple time y’day to link my wife’s Aadhar through ” https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/Services/LinkAadhaarHome.html “, but it was displaying error related to name mismatch.
    Today when i tried again, it say “The Aadhar is Already linked to the PAN” So i logged in to check under Profile setting and found its successfully linked 🙂
    Y’days error might be due to the huge traffic.
    Those who had issues y’day kindly check under profile settings.

    Anuroop Padmanabhan


  110. Hi

    I have same name in both Adhar and pan card.
    But while linking up in portal i gave the (Firstname Surname) viceversa of what is present in above adhar and pan(Lastname Firstname).
    Is there any problem? If so how can i correct it?

  111. Not allowing me to link aadhar and pan. Tried for 3-4 days but same result.

    Error -Technical Error at UIDAI.Please try again

          1. Hey, try internet explorer. It should work, like it did for me, while chrome and firefox continuously gave me same error that you mentioned. Considering it is govt we are talking about, we should have started with slowest browser anyways.

    1. Check mark “I have only year of birth in my Adhaar ” and try. Those who had mistakes in Adhaar card and even it is rectified also, they are not able to link.

  112. sir today I was trying to link my mother’s aadhar card with PAN card. It is showing an error that the name is a mismatch so I went to the make correction in Aadhar Card.Now as you know it won’t happen in such a short period so can I enter the same name as that of PAN card in the box given for providing the Name?? As I know that the name will be changed in short while.

  113. Hi
    I was trying to link my mom’s PAN card with Aadhar Card and I was unable to link it. I got a message, “PAN is de-activated. Kindly contact your assessing officer for more details” Im not sure what I need to do. Kindly suggest.

  114. This is happening due to lack of vision of the concerned departments .
    PAN Card + Smart Card + Voter’s ID + DL + PassPort etc’
    all these could be replaced by the Single Aadhaar Card !
    This could be done by having Aadhaar name as the correct one
    with all three names with the Same DOB in all these verified !!

    Be it Gopalan Nanda kumar or Nanda kumar Gopalan or Dr.G.Nandakumar or G.Nandakumar in Bank or Income Tax or Insurance Etc with First Middle & Last Name entered as demanded by various agencies from time to time over the years,
    it shall be “Nandakumar G” as in the Aadhaar Card containing all Biometric Data
    with Synchronized Date of Birth in all as the same. The relevant agency can itself
    delve into the Data base and rectify their records & intimate the persons involved.
    It could be done by a consolidated confirmation by Post + E Mail + SMS by Mobile.

    It can say that the record stands corrected & abolish all other Cards other than this
    Rest of the Duplicate Cards will automatically stand cancelled & hence Invalid only.

  115. I am trying to link my pan with adhar but the problem i am facing is it keeps on saying that the name does not match. But after checking my pan card and adhar card i see that the name is same. In adhar card its “Prashant Kumar” and in Pan card its “PRASHANT KUMAR”. What could be the possible reason that its not letting me link my adhar number with pan?

    1. I have the same issue. Every detail matches in both the cards but still unable to link. Today the IT dept. replied to my complaint and asked me to send scan copies of both the documents along with the screen shot of error message to the help desk email ID.

      Regards, Ramya

      1. I also get same reply but once i sent all the documents they replied Your Aadhaar data base at (UIDIA) and PAN data base at (NSDL) is not matching between each other. kindly contact the departments to fix the issue.

          1. After so many to and fro with IT Dept , i got final solution which says’ Kindly delete all the temporary files from your browser, clear the cache memory and the cookies then retry to Link Aadhaar.’

            I used IE browser and follow above steps with my first name only and i am able to get it don e 🙂

  116. Today i cal to it dept..they says that aadhar and pan linking is not mandatory before 30 th june.there is no last date..if you want to do you can..my question is that who have already update aadhar as per pan but they cant able to link..what they do..is there any last date ?? Thank you

  117. Sir,
    My name is Remya. S in every documents including Aadhar card and it is printed the same on Pan Card. But, it seems the name is Remya Ramachandran Pillai in the PAN data base. Ramachandran Pillai is my father’s name. I cannot correct my name in PAN as initials wont be accepted as surname and my name is correcr in Aadhar. I am unable to link my PAN with aadhar. what to do? please help. Income Tax fellows say they are helpless.

    1. Remya-Recently one of a reader received this message “Kindly visit nearest PAN Centre for seeding of Aadhaar using biometric authentication facility”. Hence, suggest you to follow the same.

      1. Sir, My Name is Antony Almeida and my details in pan card and adhaar card are same including date of birth but still I am not able to link to adhaar card, I have tried using all the steps via login to icome tax login page also even sms through also, but still I am not able to link the adhaar card with PAN CARD kindly give the opinion in this regard and help us to link the adhaar.

        Yours faithfully,
        Antony Almeida

    2. Remya ….you go to resident aadhar portal and download your aadhar by validating with aadhar OTPafter that again try linking in income tax portal…it may work for slight name mis match…

  118. Sir,

    In my PAN name is R Ravi kant
    In my Aadhar name R Ravikant

    When going to link aadhar & PAN,it’s telling name mismatch.

    In aadhar name is correct actually.
    So going to modify the name in PAN then again issue in Last & First name.
    Where Surname initial ‘R” is not accepting due to single letter.

    Neither can link Aadhar-PAN now nor PAN card name update.

    What to do,suggest please.

      1. Sir,i got something new reply by trying sms linking.
        “”We could not process your request for linking of Aadhaar with PAN as your PAN details do not match with Aadhaar data. Kindly visit nearest PAN Centre for seeding of Aadhaar using biometric authentication facility. Thank you for using our services.””

        WHAT IS THIS?

    1. Sir It is easy to change in Aadhar card . pAN card details cannot be changed easily. Then names in reginal language is also a problem to do at Home. I went to e- center to change in aadhar in UI D portal. Easily uploaded and reuest was accepted. Then wait for some time. Definitely they will extend . India is a vast country with low e-literacy . Wait and see. Dear citizens Dont Panic.

  119. Hi, Today when I was linking my mother’s Aadhar with PAN , It was not accepting as there was a mismatch in the DoB, in the PAN and Aadhar. If I go to the aadhar centre to update the correct DoB, will I be able to link the same before June 30th. If not what should be the next step.

  120. I have recently updated my Aadhar details & it has been done on 13th June. Now both aadhar & PAN details are same. Still I am unable to link aadhar with PAN card using Income tax portal. What may be reason for it & how can I link aadhar with pancard?

      1. Sir,

        I’am not able to link my Aadhar with PAN card as my Date of birth in the former is wrong. I had applied for rectification with the UDAI on June 17, 2017. Although I received acknowledgement for my request the same day, the details are yet to be updated. Now, if this is not possible before June 30, will my PAN become invalid?

        V Pramod

        1. See the paper news and judgement. They cannot invalidate your PAN. Then 40 percent PAN cards will be invalidated.

  121. I have recently updated my Aadhar details & it has been done on 17th June. Now both aadhar & PAN details are same. Still I am unable to link aadhar with PAN card using Income tax portal. What may be reason for it & how can I link aadhar with pancard?

  122. Hello,

    As my name in PAN and AAdhar is different , I’m not able to link.
    I don’t have my last name in any documents till now but PAN card has last name.
    If i try to apply PAN card without last name like other documents , I’m not able to do.

    Is there any other possibility to do this?

  123. My PAN Card is under updation in line with details in Aadhaar card. In case I don’t receive corrected PAN by due date of filing return, I would not be able to link it with Aadhar. In such case, what would be the consequences?

    Will I be exempted for linking PAN & Aadhaar while filing ITR in view of the above.

          1. Evan I have same issue. I have updated Adhaar online and I got my e-adhaar with correct details. Still, I am not able to link Adhaar.

              1. Sir, My aunty name, dob matches exactly in both aadhar and PAN. Aadhar was updated successfuly 1.5 month back. It still does not link. I have shown PAN and Aadhar at local Aadhar center also, they are unable to help. I tried multiple times since last 1 month to link online but no success. What can be done.

                  1. I have the same issue. I got the aadhaar details updated on 19th May 2017, by submitting the scanned copy of PAN Card. Still, I am unable to link. What can be done to get a resolution? How to file ITR now?

                    1. Today, I tried to update. It showed “Session expired” many times. After multiple attempts, it showed “Your PAN is already linked to the given aadhaar number”.

  124. When I try to link my PAN I get the error message “Please enter a Valid AADHAAR Number”. Even though I enter a Correct AADHAAR Number. I went to the Verify AADHAR Number link of UIDAI website. There My AADHAAR is shows as VALID/VERIFIED. But at the LOCK/UNLOCK Biometrics Link of UIDAI Site, when I enter my AADHAAR Number, the same is shown as INVALID AADHAAR NUMBER.
    I mailed UIDAI, I contacted their helpline at 1947, but nothing happened. No one gave a clear answer. Please help as this is a major issue I am facing.

      1. But, the issue is at the UIDAI End as well. As i said, Even when I try to access the “Lock/Unlock Biometric” option at UIDAI, I get this error “Invalid Aadhaar number” where as the “VERIFY AADHAAR” option at UIDAI shows my AADHAAR as VALID.

              1. I thought may be someone might have reported this kind of an issue. And a resolution must have come which may be you are aware of. The CC executives at 1947 don’t understand a word. All they say is Card Printing is in progress. Anyways. If you get to know any thing regarding this issue, please let me know.

                1. FAHIM:


                  1. Exactly. That’s is the problem. Even though we’re able to download our AADHAAR, Our aadhaar is valid/verified, but yet we are facing this “Invalid Aadhaar number issue”. Did you try linking your mobile number with it? You won’t be able to. Did you try accessing Lock Unlock biometrics Option at UIDAI. Even there it says INVALID AADHAAR NUMBER even though in the same website VERIFY AADHAAR displays our AADHAAR VALID.
                    So far no solution has come out. Have mailed, have called, have complained. But nothing so far. Its a serious issue at the backend (that’s in database). And we need the right person/people to complain to.

                    1. Yes same issue faced by me, even tried through sms but no luck….
                      on uidai site it says Aadhar exists and PAN is also in active state….
                      Kindly notify if any solution is found

                  2. Did you complain? What did they tell you? In my case everytime i did, i got this bizzare reply, that your Aadhaar card printing is in progress. They don’t seem to understand a word. What do we do now?? It’s a major bug/issue and we gave to get out resilved. Despite having a valid Verified Aadhaar, we are not able to use it for anything. Neither pan, nor mobile linkimg.

                  3. Have you complained? If so what did they say? We need to get this issue resolved as it has rendered our AADHAAR Useless. Mobile unable to link, PAN unable to link.
                    Kindly let me no if you find a resolution. If i find one, i will inform.

                    1. Its not just PAN linking problem. Its much more then that. Trying to link AADHAAR with mobile also fails. Can’t even access LOCK/UNLOCK BIO METRICS at UIDAI as even there this “Invalid AADHAAR NUMBER” Issue pops Up.

  125. Hello Sir,

    Here is my problem. My PAN name is Vanitha Kailasam (added my dad’s name) and my adhaar name is Vanitha Shibu (Husband’s name). I tried link, it came up with name mismatch issue, so I tried to change the adhaar name as PAN name. But I’m not able to change because my mobile number/any of the mobile is not registered in my name.

    Can I update my name in Adhaar without having mobile number? If yes, please let me know in detail. Else, what is the next option to proceed with? Thanks in Advance.

    Vanitha. K

    1. Vinitha-You can update name in Aadhaar offline by visiting the nearest Aadhaar center. If you want to do the same online, then your mobile number must be registered with UDAI as they send the OTP to your phone.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I visited Adhaar center but they said the link is down for past several weeks so can’t be updated. Should I wait until it gets resolved? If so, does it mean I can’t apply of IT return until I link?

  126. Well .. I had some problem trying to get a Jio connection. Biometric authentication failed. My problem is complicated with my nearby Aadhar Kendras claiming their system has gone for some software updation.
    I have not been able to link Aadhar to PAN so far. What can I do now?

  127. Hi,

    If there is a difference in surname in PAN and Aadhaar but other details are same like first name,date of birth and gender (as happens for women making PAN before and aadhaar after marriage ) , the “Name as per AADHAAR” is not accepting the same and throws error as unable to link due to name mismatch. PAN number created 10 years back and Aadhaar number created 6 months back.

    Could you please help.


      1. Hi,

        If one needs to change the name itself, then what does the option “Name as per AADHAAR” signify !. Could
        you please let me know.
        I thought this option was specifically introduced for the name mismatch and it should be able to
        match the data from aadhaar database to link to PAN.


        1. Sankhadip-Changing name in Aadhaar not cumbersome and if you change name in PAN, then you have to update the same in all your financial transactions. Hence, I opinion to change in Aadhaar.

  128. Dear Mr. Basavaraj:

    Very helpful info in your website. Congrats.

    In my Aadhaar Card I have my name comes first, followed by surname.
    In my Pan Card the surname comes first, followed by my name.
    Will it create an issue for linking my Pan with Aadhaar?

    I am not a tax payer. Do I need to link Pan with Aadhaar before June 30?
    Is there any last date announced by Government/Courts for linking Aadghaar with Pan?

    Can I, as a non-tax-payer avail the services of correction based on OTP etc from the e-filing portal?

    Shall be grateful if you can clarify.

    Thank you.

  129. I am not able to link my PAN with ADHAAR as it shows name mismatch, actually in IT DATA BASE THEY HAVE THE EXPANSION of my initial as my surname but in adhhar it is just initial PM, but when I tried to correct my name in PAN data base, the website shows that “Two charectars Initails in Applicant’s Last Name are not allowed other than Master sheets Intials”. this is the comment coming and i am shocked to see that there are spelling mistakes in this response also. it will be another misery to the ordinary tax paying citizens like us as in the case of demonetization. m

  130. SIR,

  131. SIR,

    1. Same here I updated my name and date of birth in aadhar and got e-aadhar on 23rd jun2017 but pan aadhar linking fails though details of PAN and aadhar cards tally

  132. My name in PAN appears as ANAYATH NARAYANAN PISHARODY and I have changed my name in aadhaar as Anayath Narayanan Pisharody. Even though name in both are same, linking of aadhaar with PAN could not be done and the error message props up. What could be the reason and what should be done? What is the last date for linking?

  133. Dear Mr.Basavaraj,

    Myself Gopinath. I am facing issue in linking PAN & Aadhar card. Initially I gor error message saying that my name,DOB /Gender is not matching. Then I realised that there was a spelling mistake on my father’s name. I have updated the same through Aadar portal and received updated eAadhar card. But even after the update still I am getting the same error message. Could you please suggest me on this ?

  134. Also, IT Department is planning to introduce an option on the e-filing portal through which taxpayers can choose to link the Aadhaar without changing the name by opting for a One-Time Password (OTP), provided that the year of birth of the person matches in both documents.

    Where is this one time password coming to ? mobile as per adhar? or email ? or else where

  135. Hi
    My name as per Aadhaar is Latha Chakravarthy. In PAN card it is Lata Chakravarthy. I tried to submit application for change of name in PAN to NSDL through online submission. I paid the fee but the submission failed. I think it is because there is no mention of gender in my PAN card. So even if I enter gender in the application form for correction, that field is not getting populated at the time of form submission. What is the solution? I am unable to link aadhaar and PAN due to this reason.

    1. I updated my Aadhar to match with the PAN and the mobile no.is also registered.Still not able to link by any of the three me

  136. I have a peculiar problem. My PAN card has initials but in my income tax login it shows the full form for those initials.
    So now if I give the PAN card as proof for change of name in Aadhaar card it will obviously change to the exact name as it is printed in the PAN card. Will the linking be successful?
    Secondly I tried linking through sms just to try and see what error message I get. This is what I got.

    ” We could not process your request for linking of aadhaar(xxxxxxxxxxxx)
    with PAN(XXXXXXXXXX) as you PAN details do not match with aadhaar data. Kindly visit the nearest PAN centre for seeding of aadhaar using biometric authentication facility. Thank you for using our services.”

    I have heard from sources that the govt plans to launch linking of aadhaar and PAN using biometrics if the names haven’t matched. I’m not sure of this yet.
    If you have any other information regarding this please let us know. Thank you!

      1. Thank you! But then I can’t give my PAN as proof for change of name. My other proofs have only initials. I can’t change PAN name as initials are not accepted there.
        I can’t change Aadhaar name as name in PAN database varies from my PAN card.
        Basically i’m screwed.
        Is it true that next month we may be able to link it at PAN centres using biometrics without the need to change names?

          1. When tried the SMS met node i got msg that there is mismatch and ask me to visit nearest
            NSDL centre for biometric linking For younger generation, perhaps it may yield result
            But for me while I tried t link my Mobile number with Author Number which is now made
            mandatory, Cell co could not get my finger prints in any finger being 68 plus and many senior
            citizens have experienced the same in linking mobile no with author. Best thing is TO APPLY
            FOR NEW PANCARD WITH NAME PRINTED AS PER PAN DATABASE THEN you can upload the same in Aadhaar portal. Even after doing the same, we have to wait atlas 45/50 days
            to link as told by many persons in this column.

  137. I have my maiden name in PAN card (before marriage) and a new Surname in Aadhar Card (after marriage). Can I link the two without changing name in PAN card?

  138. Does the upper case or lower case in name matters while linking PAN and Aadhaar? I feel it should not. Any views ?

  139. Hi.
    There were errors in my PAN card for which I submitted a change request.
    Instead of changing the errors they gave me a new PAN card with new no.
    Unfortunately I linked my AADHAR card with the new PAN card no.
    Since all my transactions were with the older PAN card, I had to continue with my older PAN card and deactivate the new PAN card.
    Now I’m stuck in a limbo.
    My old pan card is activated but my AADHAR is linked to new PAN card which is deactivated.
    When I’m trying to link the old PAN card with AADHAR, its saying this AADHAR is already linked to some other PAN.
    How do I go ahead? Please suggest.

      1. Hi. I’ve already done that. Post which the older PAN got activated. Only post which the error is coming.

  140. Hi,

    While trying to link AADHAAR with PAN CARD, it says AADHAAR number is valid but it’s inactive, please try again after activation.
    We haven’t made any changes recently or before.

    Could you please guide me if it’s really needed to activate and if so, on how to active ?

    thanks in advance.


  141. If I change my name in Aadhar Card through online , when it will update in database. One week enough?

    1. i have done the same around 40 days back. I am still yet to get the updated name. When i called them they say it may take 2 months. In any case it is better to do it with an aadhar centre by which u could get it done faster.

  142. Sir,

    I gave my first name and last same in Pan card as it appears Firstname last name. 10 years back i gave like that. But in Aaadhar i gave given my first name and Initial of my father name. When i tried to link, error displays like ‘Name are mismatch’. How can i solve this?

      1. Thanks. I will update either anyone as you said. But could you tell me how to file taxes in this financial year. Dont know how many days it will take even if I update. But as of now, I can give the Pan and Aadhaar number for this year tax filing. Right?

  143. Dear Sir,

    While linking my PAN with Aadhaar No. it displays an error message “This Aadhaar Number is already linked to some other PAN.”. I have entered my Aadhaar No. And PAN details correctly. What is the problem. IT department and UIDAI both are not providing any solution. What can I do?

      1. This Aadhaar Number is already linked to some other PAN. what dose you means to danger have you any solution for that

  144. Dear sir
    My addhar and pan card details like Name ,date of birth , Gender are all of same but j goes to link each other its Error Msg on screen plz Help whats is The i do

    Regards Hrishikesh

  145. I want to change my surname and address(following my marriage) in both aadhar n pan card. So on 12th june I made the changes in aadhaar card online. I downloaded my e-aadhaar card which was generated on 12th june. When I tried to change the same in pan card,its showing aadhaar authentication failure!! Is there anyway I can make changes in pancard?
    plz provide me a solution…thamks in advance

  146. I have double check the PAN details and Aadhar details and seems both are matching still I am not able to link. It is giving error message.

    I have updated my AAdhar details Prior to 20 days. Does income tax department usind OLD aadhar database? If I generate E-AAdhar then it is showing Updated information but unable to link it with PAN.

    What is the alternative because My Information is Identical.

    1. Same problem here. Trying since last 1 month. The concerned departments should put their systems in line before coming out with new rule. No clarity.

    2. Same case happened to me.What is the alternative solution? I have applied for new Pan Card , but the adhaar not authenticate hence failure.

        1. I have updated Aadhar information prior to 20 days. I emailed to income tax department but they are saying same like what website is saying (Update Aadhar/PAN) details. They are not giving proper answers.

          According to me, May be they are using old database.

          They should inform it. Either Income Tax department or Aadhar department are not taking responsibility. where should we go? Both are saying that this is not their issue.

          Too much ambiguity.

          1. Same issue is here with me. I had mismatch in dob and I have updated the details in aadhar. But I am unable to link it.

  147. HI… I am facing similar issues like most of the people here…. My name and all other details match in PAN and Aadhar yet when I try to link, it throws an error saying Name in Aadhar doesn’t match with PAN. The only difference I can see is that in PAN, all alphabets are in CAPITAL. Should this be an issue?

  148. My name, DOB, Gender everything is same and correct in both Pan and Aadhar but still i am not able to link aadhar with pan card. What to do now??

  149. My address in PAN card and Aadhaar Card is different ,is it possible to Link, if not what is the alternative

  150. Not able to link aadhaar number with pan
    It shows “Please enter valid 12 digit adhar number” when I enter the 12 digit number given on my aadhaar card. Please Help.

      1. sc verdict having come, is it now mandatory to link pan and aadhaar already having both of them
        SC inform that linking is not mandatory but aadhaar no into be entered or noted while filing return

        Can you help me what is the actual position and what is due date for linking them both

          1. thank you for the link . I feel that i can go with filing by giving aadhaar number while
            submitting IT RETURNS

            vaidyanathan v

  151. My PAN card contain initials whereas Aadhar originally issued with full name. Based on the linking error, I got Aadhar name changed and now is exactly same as PAN. Even after making this change, still linking error is shown. All other details in both data base is exactly matched. Information displayed while linking does not specify the exact error, but gives only general comments and hence not able to assess exact reason.

    I tried to link 10-15 days after changes in Aadhar.

    Can anybody suggest a way out.

      1. Sir, Thanks for your feedback. Kindly let me know your views on following points:
        a) Whether linking error could be due to initials in the PAN
        b) Is there any agency in IT deptt who can help in this.
        c) Is it advisablè to change name in PAN(with full name) since the PAN is used deduction of TDS & many places

  152. Hi Basavraj,

    I am getting error message “aadhaar number is valid but its status is not active” while linking Aadhaar with PAN.I can download my Aadhaar card from the UIDAI website , I can also verify my aadhaar number from there, but I do not know why I am getting this error. My Name and DOB also exactly matches .

    Could you please help.

  153. Hi Sir,

    I am trying to link my aadhar and pan in different ways but it is popping up that name or sex or date of birth are no matching. As per the cards I have been issued by the respective departments it is showing exactly the same details. I tried 20 days ago ones and again today number of times in many ways but no successful result. Please suggest me a right way.

    Thank you.

      1. Sir, if there is mismatch in name, we initiate change in pan or aadhar. As we see it will take much more time to reflect.

        Is it possible that we will mentioned aadhar no. While file return as we had done last year. Most of newspapers tells mention aadhar while filing return is mandatory. Not necessary to link the both. This is my doubts. I may be wrong.

  154. Mr. Tonagatti,
    all the data on both my PAN and Adhaar cards are the same, except that only the year of my birth is mentioned on my Adhaar card. I tried linking them on the IT portal, including the OTP option, and then via sms but failed. What can I do now?

  155. I tried to link both Aadhar with Pan and it showed that it was successful! I did it last week.
    But somehow I havent received an email confirming the same.

  156. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    If you can solve my problem, then you are genius.

    First the name in my aadhaar card was not as per PAN card. Hence I went to Aadhaar card website and corrected my name there. Now the name in my PAN card and aadhaar card both is same. All other details are both same in aadhaar & PAN. Still I am not able to link aadhaar with PAN card and getting that bloody message. I have taken all possible pain to link both but in vain.

    Even I have written to many big officers of income tax department but not a single reply has been received. You won’t believe, even I have written to Mr. Arun Jaitley on his mail id but no reply. Even the income tax website is not giving the perfect reason for not linking of both.

    Also, I tried to file a complaint on Income Tax website on e-Nivaran tab. But on doing this I get a message “suspicious activity found on your computer”.

    Please help me and whatever is your reply please mail me on my mail id [email protected] only otherwise I will not be able to track your reply.

    Thanks & regards,
    Jyotindra Thaker

    1. Jyotindra-First of all, I am not GENIUS 🙂 Because neither I am the representative of UDAI or IT Dept. Hence, your problem is not under my control to resolve. However, I only guide you. Fetching data from UDAI to IT may take delay. Hence, once you update data with UDAI, then wait for some time and then try to link.

      1. Sorry Sir, if I have used any inappropriate words for you. But my actual problem is that 34 days have passed I have corrected my name in Aadhaar card. My worry is that if Aadhaar does not get linked by the date 30th June then my PAN will become invalid.

        Jyotindra Thaker

    2. Even i have the same concern. I dont know to whom i have to contact. This is Big Bull S*** process.
      Can you share the mail id’s to whom you have written.

  157. i used sms service for link adhaar with pan and send sms on both the numbers, then i got 1 success and 1 failure message from different source.
    one is saying adhaar link up is successful, and other is telling invalid details.
    what should i do now???

    1. Atal-Try once again to link. If your Aadhaar already linked, then it shows the message that your Aadhaar is linked with PAN. Then you will come to know whether the linkage is a success or what.

  158. I am trying to link PAN with my aadhar but have been unable despite name, gender and DOB exactly match on both the documents. I have tried all options including the SMS facility but to no avail. It gives me the error message ‘invalid inputs’. My PAN and Aadhar made in 2012 and there is no further updation made or done by me. Please suggest what to do ?

  159. how many time it will be taken for correcting date of birth in aadhar . I had requested for the correction an year ago through online still it shows it is under process.

  160. Sir,
    My Problem is little different.
    In all of my documents – Birth Certificate, 10th class passing certificate, Voter Id, Aadhaar and Passport – my name is written as “Sk Jahiruddin”. But beacuse of some strange reason in my PAN database my name is recorded as “Sekh Jahiruddin” – Sekh as first name and Jahiruddin as last name.

    Although the name printed in card is Sk Jahiruddin.

    Now I’m unable to link PAN and AADHAAR as two database is different.I have tried both before login and after login to e-filling website.

    I have tried to correct my name in PAN card but PAN is not accepting two letter name which is -Sk – for my case.
    Income tax department has mailed that for partial name match OTP will be generated but there is no OTP generating for my case.

    Change of AADHAAR is not possible because the name printed on PAN card is exactly same as aadhaar – “Sk Jahiruddin” !!

    Quite Strange!!! If PAN does not accept the name as printed in Aadhaar card then how income tax department claim that the name should match in order to get it linked ?????

  161. Not able to link adhar number with pan, shows “Please enter valid 12 digit adhar number”, where iam entering correct adhar number, what is the solution for this?

      1. I am having the same issue,,,While linking adhar number,it says “please enter valid adhar details”.

  162. hi , I am facing an issue that I do not have my surname in any document except PAN . Hence wants to update my PAN name.
    Tried to submit PAN change application to remove surname but that has been rejected.
    Do I need to raise a fresh PAN request ? IF yes how should I handle my return for this year and cancellation of old PAN ?

      1. I could not locate the reasons on site any reason.

        However my request was to remove surname as checked online surname is part of my PAN no , same has to be changed.


  163. Hello Mr.Basavaraj,
    I am trying to link PAN with my aadhar but have been unable despite name, gender and DOB exactly match on both the documents. I have tried all options including the SMS facility but to no avail. It gives me the error message ‘invalid inputs’. I had changed my aadhar name to match the name on the PAN in April 2017. Not sure what to do now. Please help.

    Thanks and warm regards,

      1. Hello Sir,

        The IT dept told me to try during 3rd or 4th week of June 2017 and try linking. I had updated Aadhar name during mid April 2017. However, I still get the same error. IT dept or UIDAI is not responding to my complaints. I am really worried now and don’t know what to do.

        Regards, Ramya

              1. Finally I was able to link today. The IT dept called and told me that they have resolved the issue. Surprisingly, I had to type the name that was there on the aadhar card prior to updating it.

  164. update …i got my mom’s aadhar pan linked.,.waiting for mine …to be linked after pan card update. Guy’s check now if you had recently updated your data in aadhar,.

  165. Just to share some information in this forum. I was trying to link my wife’s PAN with her Aadhaar and was not successful for last 2 months. When I tried today it got linked …looks like Aadhaar database is getting slowly updated and it will be successful once we tried to link PAN. Her first name, middle name and surname were in different order between PAN and Aadhaar.

    May be we have to wait little more time for the correct database to get linked.

      1. No I have not updated anything either in PAN or in Aadhaar.
        It just got linked today when I tried.

      1. Thanks sir

        One more info…I had raised a grievance in IT site regarding unable to link PAN and Aadhaar of my mother.
        To my surprise, I got a call from IT yesterday and asked me the “the date” indicated in the Aadhaar card sent by post (not on e-aadhaar document). The date in my mother’s case is 02/05/2017 (the date is printed at the left side of the name and address in Aadhaar card. They said it will take another 2 to 4 weeks for Aadhaar database to be accessed by IT. They told me to wait till June 3rd week and try linking..they said it will link …


        1. Ravindra-Thanks for this update. This confirms to us that IT Dept will not fetch UDAI database on real time basis. Hence, if we do some correction to Aadhaar, then we have to wait for few days to link.

        2. Sir how did you raise a complaint regarding non linking of adhaar and pan on IT site ?
          I too have updated my name on Adhaar card on 28th April 2017. I am unable to link my pan and adhaar card!! Will it take so long?

          1. First Login to e-filing IT site and then hover over the cursor on the the tab “e-Nivaran”, you will see 3 options. Select “Submit Grievance” and proceed.

  166. Mismatch name in PAN and Aadhar card and mobile number is also not given in aadhar. How to add my mobile number to Aadhar card and how to resolve name mismatch problem? Kindly help me to solve this problem.

    1. Kumari-You can update your mobile number either online or by visiting the nearest UDAI enrollment center. Once you do that, then you can update your name as per your records. In my view, it is best to first update your number and then you can do rest of the things using online platform.

      1. Sir, my pan name is RENISH Garmora. Aadhar name is RENISHkumar Garmora. Can I link with otp in future. Write now I m not able to do this. I don’t want to change name in pan/aadhar if possible with otp.


  167. I changed DOB in Aadhar Card, but still I am not able to link it with the PAN.
    All Details in Pan No. is same as Adhar Card. What to do?

  168. Respected sir/Madam

    i want to link my aadhar card to pan card.but my name is different so please help me to link my aadhar in online

  169. Mine problem is somewhat same like others …my name in pan card is Madhu Sudan Sharma while in aadhar it is Madhusudan Sharma..i tried multiple times but it failed any way i had sent application for correction in pan card waiting from 26 days for it to occur but it still shows under process.

    Got my mother’s name corrected along with dob in aadhar ..same as pan card …ditto but now it still fails to match and link. Only Supreme court can help in this matter 25 of june is date in sc regarding this matter. Hopefully things will sort out.

  170. Thank you sir..how much time require after updation of aadhar to link with pan ??any update about this probleam ??

  171. I corrected my mother’s name in aadhaar card as per pan card name.
    now both have same data.
    still upon linking error is coming 1) data mismatch 2)unable to find adhar number in db
    what to do ?

      1. Thanks Debu. That number is working. Quick response. Asked me to login and see profile. I have reset password, now I can login after 24 hours and verify issue.

        1. Sweta-what they say about not linking aadhar with pan after updation of aadhar..how much time require to link ?? Actually i also faceing same probeleam…thank you…

          1. Hi,

            Adhaar linked to pan now. Changed wife’s name in adhaar as same as pan 2 months back. But unable to link it because of old name referring while linking. Now it got resolved and linked. So please wait for some time after correcting the data.

  172. Sir, my mom had incorrect DOB in her PAN, and thus it did not match with the Aadhaar as the Aadhaar has correct name. So, we used the online option of correcting DOB in PAN by verifying it with Aadhaar, using OTP on the registered mobile number in the UIDAI data. We got an email from NSDL regarding the required change and also the E-PAN was attached in the email with the corrected DOB. It has been 5 days since i received the e-mail but now since we are trying to link her PAN with her Aadhaar, it is again showing the same earlier message of mismatch. What to do sir??

  173. Dear Sir

    For my mother everything matches (name , gender, DOB) …but still unsuccessful to link.
    I got Aaadhar number of my mother recently ( 1 week back) ; When applying for Aaadhar, I ensured first name , middle name, surname in PAN is same as Aaadhar.

    I am not able to see the e-filing portal “Links to correct name” service in e-filing portal (before login). I think that is removed and they have kept only “Link Aadhaar” which is blinking … below that Update PAN/Aadhaar Details is given (there is no Links to correct name service)

    Since in my mother’s case, everything matches but I have got Aadhaar number only recently, IT would not have taken the correct server. Is that correct ? thanks

      1. Dear Sir

        No, the name is same in both PAN and Aadhaar for my mother.
        PAN says name as Nonavinakere Subbarao Lakshmi (first name, middle name, surname)

        I have exactly given above combination (meaning first, middle and surname) when applying for Aadhaar for my mother. In Aadhaar, the name is also Nonavinakere Subbarao Lakshmi
        DOB and gender also same.

        What could go wrong sir ?

  174. Hello,

    My wife has her Pan card in her maiden name and is a regular tax payer, but the aadhar card has her
    name post marriage. How do I link the Pan and Aadhar card as both the names are totally mismatched.

    Please advise.

  175. Many prople said in this post comment that they are also unable to link after aadhar updation..dob gender name all are matched but still faceing same probeleam..where is the probeleam..who will help…plz help….plzzz..thank you…

  176. Earlier comments i told that my father dob was wrong in..so i update my father dob in aadhar.but still when i try to link it to pan authentication error or mismatch msg come from the IT site..what is the probeleam…plz help…thank you

  177. My father aadhar name and gender matched but dob not matche with pan..aadhar dob is wrong..so i unable to link..i applied to update aadhar dob as per pan..after updated can i will able to link pan aadhar ?? Is updated aadhar data used by efilling website ?? What is the information..very large number of people says that after updation of aadhar they are stile unable to link..plz help..


      1. In the allotment letter my name is appeared as shitalnath p kasture there may be problem in fathers name or in grandfathers name I have attached proof for fathers name is pan and adhar of father but still application was rejected

  179. Earlier I too had problems in linking though everything matches.Now IT website had added another feature while linking ie for people who had only their year of birth in Aadhaar card. After checking that box the linking was successful.

  180. Hello All,

    I guess the problems in linking is now sorted for most of the people. Yesterday, I got an email from income tax debt saying they have further simplified the linking process.

    Now I tried and it worked like a charm. But the only thing is they are still referring to old aadhaar data. I changed the name in aadhaar Card last week. When I entered the changed name as name in aadhaar, it said authentication failed. I tried with the old aadhaar name, and the linking was successful.

    So please try with your old name also if you have updated Aadhaar recently.

  181. I was able to link mine by correcting name in aadhar, but struggling with my mothers linking.

    Her name is Shree Lakshmi in PAN and ShreeLakshmi V in Aadhar. Though her Aadhar is correct, her PAN name has to be changed. Trying to change pan name online but struggling. Please help.

      1. I know..DOB and gender matches.. where as the name is as i mentioned. So i need to change the name in PAN card. need help here

        1. Deepika-Don’t be in hurry. Changing name in PAN means you have to update all your records of wherever you provided PAN. Just wait for some time. Let IT Dept come up with more clarification, then go ahead and change accordingly.

  182. Hi Sir,

    My name in PAN database is Satyaveni Bommakanti and in Aadhar card, initially it was Devalla Satyaveni ( it was created after my marriage ) , I have changed it to Bommakanti Satyaveni thru online update request, I have downloaded new aadhar card and it shows name as Bommakanti Satyaveni and when I try to link it to PAN, it has thrown message as NAME, DOB or GENDER doesn’t match. Is it like IT dept has old Aadhar DB information due to which it is not able to link the details?? If yes how many days should I wait or whom do I need to contact??

      1. I have verified other details DOB and Gender and in both databases, it is same , my concern is whom do I need to contact to link my Aadhar to PAN as I am not able to do it online.

  183. Thanks for such a nice article.

    I am facing an issue in linking Aadhaar with my PAN, in Aadhaar it’s printed as ‘Rahul’ and my PAN card it’s printed as ‘Rahul Shah’.

    We moved to new place and hence I wanted to update my address in Aadhaar, so using online mode placed a request for changing my address, for which I have submitted BSNL landline bill, after few days karvy sent an email it’s rejected, again I have placed a request for change of address with my IT Assesssment receipt as a proof of address, but still they rejected. Once again I placed a request with Passport as my address of proof, still they rejected ‘Data mismatch in document and update request’.

    So can you pls assist me how to get this resolved, I want to update my address in both PAN, Aadhaar along with these details to be in sync with each other.

    Is there any limitation in placing request for Aadhaar updation? As of thrice it is been rejected
    Can this be sorted out by manual procedure that is by approaching to aadhaar office?

    Life is getting miserable by new rules and norms. What should I do to get both PAN and Aadhaar to be linked?

    Thank you

  184. Hello,
    My name on PAN before marriage is nikki durgapal. and after marriage name on aadhar is nikki juyal.
    i am not able to link aadhar with Pan card.my dob and gender is showing same on both but still i am not getting any OTP.
    Please help me.

    1. Anita,

      Same for my Wife’s case, but changed name in adhaar as same as pan. Still unable to link. IT dept somehow referring old name in adhaar. It seems IT Data warehouse contains old adhaar data


  185. Hi,

    I have changed my Wife’s name in adhaar as same as pan database. Still unable to link adhaar to pan. It seems IT system still referring the old name. Please let me know what to do next


      1. Thanks Basavaraj, IT Dept says contact Adhaar Dept and Adhaar Dept says contact IT Dept. Did not get a positive reply from both the Depts.

          1. @Basavraj
            Sir when this OTP based linking option will be available on income tax efilling portal…any idea?

              1. Sir,@basavraj
                As per the Finance Act we have to quote only Aadhar number in ITR form…that can be done without Aadhar-PAN link…we just need to enter our aadhar Number in the column provided in the ITR form…just need clarification on this

                1. Mahesh,

                  As of now we only have to quote the Aadhaar number in ITR.

                  But Section 139 AA (2) says that we have to link PAN and Aadhaar by a date which government will publish thru its official gazzette. But there is no gazzette publication on the date by which PAN and Aadhaar must be linked yet. If you dont link PAN and Aadhaar by that date, you PAN would become Invalid.

            1. It is already activated. You will receive OTP only if there is a minor mismatch. There is a new bulletin also available in efiling portal home page from yesterday.

              1. Hi Sukiraman, my name in the Aadhar is MAHESH , but in PAN database it’s MAHESH KALBURGI…so unable to link even not getting OTP also…what I need to do ? Shall I apply for change of name in pan card

                1. Then update aadhaar Card by uploading a copy of PAN card and once Aadhaar is updated, and then you can link PAN and Aadhaar.

                2. Then update aadhaar Card by uploading a copy of PAN card and once Aadhaar is updated, and then you can link PAN and Aadhaar.

                1. Yes Basavaraj – OTP is going to work only if there is a very minor mismatch. This won’t help the masses.

                  I was hoping that the Supreme Court would pass some interim order on the cases filed. But, the Supreme Court Judges happily went on summer vacation until 3rd July 2017 knowing this is becoming mandatory from 1st July onwards.

                  Lot of people are facing problem and E Filing, NSDL and Aadhaar department are each the ball on each other’s court if you call them to get an update on the issue.

                  I tried using the Aadhaar Seeding option in NSDL website https://onlineservices.tin.egov-nsdl.com/Aadhaar_Seeding/

                  I’m getting a success message using NSDL seeding option. But the PAN Aadhaar Link St is not reflecting in e-filing portal even after 1 week. The process is easily said than done.

                  1. Hi
                    My name in my Pan Card is Mohd Azeem and in Aadhaar it is Md Azeem.
                    and rest of details are same in both the places.
                    As per rule I could have easily Link my aadhaar with my Pan.
                    But Linking is failing .Dont know why?
                    Please help into it

                    1. As per my all Educational certificates my Name is Md Azeem.
                      Then will I have to change name in All my Documents?

                  2. Yesterday I tries with the website you have given above I HAVE ENTERED
                    JOIN ME

    1. Denny,

      Is your wife having a single name without any surname? Something like Ashwini with no surname? If this is the case, then you would not be able to link it at all. There is a software logic bug in their system. But they are not understanding at all when I speak to them.

      What happens is if someone is having just the first name, that first name is updated in the surname field in PAN database. Because in PAN, first name is optional where is surname is mandatory.

      Now, if you have updated Aadhaar database by uploading pan card, the name appearing as surname in pan is updated as first name in aadhaar.

      And while linking, authentication fails because of this. Like Pan will pass the data to aadhaar database if someone name is Ashwini like NULL (FIRSTNAME) ASHWINI (SURNAME) whereas the data in Aadhaar will look like ASHWINI (FIRSTNAME) NULL (LASTNAME).

      Hope you are able to understand. And in this case, you won’t receive OTP as an option also as it is not a minor mismatch.

      So in short, people with only Surname available in PAN database will find no way to link even if they change it Aadhaar database.

      1. in aadhar form hard copy, first line is for Full name. you can write first name or surname whatever you wish. in future, this will become your headache while linking. it should be clear by separate block for name ,surname, and middle name when you are going for most sophisticated system of addhard card.

  186. Today on 10.5.2017 I have submitted my name change in AADHAR PORTAL and uploaded my PAN will i get intimation from Karvy through my mail ID and once done can I Down load my Altered Name change Aadhar and hopefully can I link the same in my efiling Income tax Portal ?

  187. My name,gender, date of year are same in PAN and Adhaar, still not able to link.its giving failure message. Please help if any one know the solution,Thanks in advance 🙂

      1. Thanks, for OTP based linking mobile number should be registered? Or they can send on email Id?

    1. Vishesh-First thing, don’t share your personal information like PAN or Aadhaar numbers on a public platform. I deleted those two numbers. Regarding your comment, whether you tried by entering name as per Aadhaar?

  188. Sir, My name in Aadhaar is “Rajan S” but in PAN card is “S Rajan”. I cannot link both in IT website. Whether it might cause due to my initials replaced in both the sides? If yes, what can i do next step to link my details. Thanks in advance.


  190. Sir,

    I don’t have surname and my name, age, sex are same in Aadhar Card and Pan card, but I am unable to link both. Kindly help.

  191. As per the new option of providing name as per aadhaar card My pan has been linked to aadhaar. Thank you for the information as it helped me to know the latest update and link my pan with aadhaar

  192. Sir, as my PAN name includes middle name and Adhaar card does not include it, the linking was not successful through login in incometax e portal. Then i did Link Adhar option without login in on incometax e portal. It said linked successfully.

    When i login and click on Profile Settings->Link Adhaar, it shows the reasons for failure along with Continue button. After clicking on Continue button, it shows: Your PAN is successfully linked to your adhar number.

    Also, if I retry to link through Link Adhar without login, it says it is already linked. Calling Incometax helpline is not helping as they are asking me to check Link adhar link under profile settings.

    Please let me know what to do.

      1. When i emailed to income tax dept, once they said its linked, other time they said its not linked.

        How can i get confirmation?

        Calling them is useless as they are illiterate in their own process as they keep on saying that check under profiel settings->link adhar which is not helping as per the dilemna expressed in my original comment here.

        1. Hi Pooja,

          Kindly logout from ITEfiling website and login again.After login, when you click on Link Adhaar, you should see “Linked to Aadhaar number ***.. “. Can you do this?

          1. I have been logging out and relogging in many times since yesterday. Its the same story when click on link adhar after relogin. It shows error message along with continue button. When clicked on continue button it shows successful message.

            1. Ok, when you initially tried to link in the ITEfiling website, what did you enter in field “Name as per Aadhaar card” ?What error did you get? Was the error that details don’t match or was it some technical error?

                1. Hi Pooja,

                  Are you sure that there were no typo(In name, Aadhaar number) when you tried linking through IT Efiling website(With login)?

                  My guess(note this is just a guess ) is that there was some typo when you first tried linking through IT Efiling site(With login), then you typed correctly when linking without login. But since you linked without login, you are facing this issue. My guess is that once you finish filing , you should be able to use Aadhaar OTP for e-verifying. If you are able to use Aadhaar OTP for e-verifying then it means your linking has happened. But, I guess it is too early for you to file returns?

                  Best regards,

              1. They sent me an email stating that my pan has been linked to Aadhaar. Further I have also have the screenshot of the msg that my Aadhaar has been linked to my pan displayed when I linked my Aadhaar using name as per Aadhaar card option now introduced.

                1. Hi Pooja,

                  You can check your inbox for this email. This should confirm. Check in spam folder also if you don’t find this in inbox.


          2. @Basavraj and @Rakesh
            In this new option in efilling portal …it’s written in red letters that , if there is any mismatch in name user has to provide OTP for linking aadhar ….but I am not seeing any box or option to get or enter the OTP…plz help me understand this …still I am unable to link aadhar

              1. Today i logged in and clicked on profile settings->link adhaar. It says your pan is successfully linked to your adhaar number. No more error message. So we have found an alternative in case of name mismatch with fields being the same. ?

  193. I have corrected my mothers name on the Aadhaar card same as in PAN card but still I am unable to link PAN with Aadhaar card. Other details are same in both.

      1. Sir ,my name in PAN card is MAHESH KALBURGI ,but in Aadhar Card it’s MAHESH only…so unable to link Aadhar with my PAN ,even trying with this new option on efilling portal with partial name match i am unable to link…so plz tell me how to link Aadhar and pan using OTP and where this option is available Or else what are the alternative options

          1. Sir, is there any option of linking PAN-Aadhar using OTP , if date of birth &gender both are matching

              1. @Rakesh
                I entered my name as in Aadhar Card asMAHESH…but it failed again ..Ask option left now .. I will wait for few more days, let’s see if they start any process with otp..@basavraj sir if there is any update regarding this plz let us know sir

  194. Even after giving odl name, it asking to send OTP on adhaar. My number is registered with Adhaar but efiling says mobile not register with UIDAI. Pls get it registered.

    Pathetic Server. When they can’t link, why they have made such complex system. Remove every row, just add row for adhaar . What shd I do now ?

      1. Sir, I have checked with UIDAI. They are saying that your number is updated. The issue is with Efiling website that it is not extracting correct data from UIDAI website.

        I am stuck between PAN, Efiling & UIDAI…
        There is no one to listen my issue. NSDL , UIDAI & IncomeTax … My name , gender & dob is same everywhere.
        There is no body to complain against 3 of them ?

        I m getting depressed, what shd I do now ?

        1. Am trying to link after updating name in aadhar data to match PAN data still i am unable to link and same error message is displayed while attempting. Any help?

          1. Rajesh i too have updated my name in Aadhar just for the sake of linking it with PAN. Unfortunately in e-filing site it was still giving error even after I got my Aadhar updated.However in the field “Name as per Adhar” I gave my old name and it got linked.
            I suggest you to try with both names in the “Name As per Aadhaar” field and try again
            Hope it works

        2. Kumar-Calm down 🙂 It is not a big issue. Whether you tried now to link (after they provided the another field where you have to mention your name as per Aadhaar)? If you tried and still unable to link, then wait for clarity from IT Dept.

            1. Hi Kumar,

              I am also facing such issue even after updating aadhar. The Old adhar name has two parts seperated by a space. I have updated aadhar data now to match pan still getting issue. I have tried linking using old and new aadhar names both end up in same error. I feel its refering old aadhar data and the space character is creating issue in matching i feel.

              Kindly someone help with workaround for this issue.


              1. Hi Rajesh, can you tell what is your old Aadhaar name, new Aadhaar name, name in PAN database, and name printed on PAN. If you give these details, one could guess what the issue could be.

                1. Hi Rakesh thanks for response.

                  Old Aadhar Name: Kowsalya Krishnan
                  New Aadhar Name: Kousalya
                  PAN Name: Kousalya


                  1. My guess is that : Now, IT website just matches the field ‘Name as per Aadhaar’ with your name in Aadhaar without bothering about name in PAN database . But then, it should ideally match for you with both your new and old Aadhaar names. I think your name in Aadhaar database is updated and IT Efiling website might have some condition that the name should not be a single word.(Very big guess. One other person in this forum, Mahesh, is in similar situation). Or there could be some problem in spaces as you said. Can you try again with different number of spaces between words,start and end with your old Aadhaar name, and with different combination of spaces at start and end with your new Aadhaar name?
                    Also, the website says that if name doesn’t match, it will give OTP option for you to proceed further. Are you not seeing OTP option after the mismatch?

    1. Hello,

      I am getting the following error “Technical Error at UIDAI. Please try again” I have provided correct AADHAR number and name as per Aadhar. Any idea how to fix the problem?

      1. Now the e-filing website asks “Name according to Aadhar Card” after you provide the Aadhaar Card no. Are you using this option?

        1. Did you change your aadhaar card name to match with the Pan recently? If yes, try with old name.

  195. There is finally a solution of sorts provided by Income Tax e-filing site …

    Now when you go to link, it asks you “Name according to Aadhaar Card”

    So I assume there is no need to change either PAN or Aadhaar for small discrepancies any more?

    Curiously, I had changed my aadhaar name to reflect pan card name but successful link happened with the old aadhaar name !!!! So Aadhaar data surely updates with considerable lag.

    1. Yes, you are right. 2 days back I had to get my name changed in aadhar to link it to PAN. Today, one of my colleague who had same issue linked it as you have mentioned.

      1. Yes, but what is curious is that it links with the old name … not the updated one !!!

        There is definitely a bug in the database 🙂

    2. Yes it is true. I managed to link both PAN and AADHAR by mentioning PAN No., AADDHAR NO. and NAME IN AADHAR NO.

  196. Respected sir ,

    Me and my husband is problem that the name mentioned in pan card is in expanded form ( we are south indian ) and in aadhar it is with initial . My husband name is mentioned in pan card is Mooledath krishan sukumaran but in aadhar card it is M.K.Sukumaran . He is retiring this year and his pf account bank account and all other documents are bearing name with initial . IN case of me also the aadhar and pf account etc are bearing name with initial . Incase of my husband with the short time it is difficult for him to change name in all records like of etc . can we wait for some more time to go through the method ‘OTP”.without changing name. what is your suggestion. Is IT department introduced that option? why donot they

    Kindly advise us sir , as we are in panic .

      1. Respected sir

        I have tried in new portal and the site linked our aadhaar with pan incase of me and my husband without any problem . we have mentioned the name as mentioned in the aadhar card in small letters .

        Thanks for God as now we feel a great relief .

        Thanks a lot sir .

  197. Respected sir,
    MY Name in IT Dept data base is AYYAVU ANBAZHAGAN. I opted to print my Name in pan card is A.ANBAZHAGAN
    In Adhaar card my Name is ANBAZHAGAN.A. I think i am unable to get PAN as A.ANBAZHAGAN. Because they want initials expanded form.If i proceed Name change in Adhaar it may leads to so many problems in future. Because defenitely very soon REGISTRATION DEPT. going to ask to mention the aadhaar no in registeration documents. During that time they may raise objection about adhaar card and document name is not matching.etc.Hence even i donot have any proof to change my name in adhaar. Even if i uploaded PAN card zerox it may be rejected due to name printed in pan card is A.ANBAZHAGAN. so kindly i request you to give the solution. What i feel is i can wait for some more time to go through the method ‘OTP”.without changing name. what is your suggestion. Is IT department introduced that option? why donot they (IT) link with finger print method?please give your suggestion