How to check CKYC or Central KYC status online?

Central KYC or CKYC was replaced the old KYC process. It’s centralized process avoids you to submit multiple KYC while opening savings bank accounts, buying life insurance or investing in mutual fund products into one time centralized process. How to check CKYC or Central KYC Status online?

As I pointed above, now this new Central KYC or CKYC replaced the old KYC process. This reduced the multiple submission of KYC at different stages of financial transactions.

What is CKYC or Central KYC?

It is a single and centralized KYC process for all your financial transactions. In the old format of KYC, PAN was the sole identifier for an investor. However, in new Central KYC Registry system, the list goes beyond Aadhaar and PAN. It removes the submission of KYC at different level or to different financial institutions of your financial transactions.

It is also the single form to create new KYC or modify the existing KYC. Three types of accounts are specified. One is Normal, second is Simplified or for low-risk customers and third is Small investors. You have to select which is applicable to you.

If your aggregate of all credits in a financial year does not exceed rupees one lakh, the aggregate of all withdrawals and transfers in a month does not exceed rupees ten thousand or the balance at any point of time does not exceed rupees fifty thousand, then you will be considered as SMALL account type of investor.

The simplified or low-risk customers means customers who are not able to submit anyone among 6 documents listed. They are Passport, driving license, PAN card, Voter ID, job card issued by NREGA or Aadhaar Card.

This CKYC or Central KYC also includes the FATCA declaration. Hence, it avoids you declare the same at the different level of your investments.

The format of CKYC or Central KYC will be as below.

Central KYC Registry or CKYCR Form

How to fill the CKYC or Central KYC form?

I have created a short video on how to fill this form. This is simple and easy to understand. Watch this video before filling the CKYC or Central KYC form.

How to check CKYC or Central KYC status online?

As of now, there was no link to check CKYC or Central KYC status online. Hence, many found it hard to check the status online. However, recently Karvy started the facility to check CKYC or Central KYC status online.

This I think a big relief to many. I know that even though you submitted the CKYC or Central KYC application, in some cases the status may not show this. I think they are still at data compilation mode. But still, I feel it’s the big relief to many.

Visit the Karvy website link to check CKYC or Central KYC status online.

The screen looks like below.

check CKYC or Central KYC status online

Once you enter PAN number and the characters appear below and click on the tab “Search Now”, you will see the below screen where it shows the status.

Status of CKYC or Central KYC

You notice that you will also get your CKYC ID, which is very much important to quote for future references like modify or update your KYC data.

As I pointed, as of now Karvy started this facility. I will update this post whenever others also follow the same.

Do note that if your KYC was registered in the old system of KYC, then the status will not reflect CKYC ID, instead, it shows the old KYC data.

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  1. Atul Kumar Katiyar

    I have checked my CKYC status on Karvy website, it is showing my 14 digit ckyc number . The problem is I am not able to invest more than 50 thousand 9n any AMC,. What i need to do now, as per karvy my CKYC is completed.

  2. Cyrus Hadvaid

    When applying for investment online my surname retrieved by etmoney or paytm money is spelt wrong Hadviad instead of Hadvaid but in my ckyc email sent to me it was correct All offline investment also correct name is there. They made a mistake in typing in server I think. My kyc status is compliant. Should I do anything or not

  3. Hi, my name is gobinathan. In NDML KRA KYC (done by Kuvera), my name is spelled correctly as “Gobinathan L” while in the CERSEI KYC, my name is spelled “L Gobinathan”. My bank (SBI) has uploaded the details incorrectly. Will this affect any of my investments in the future?

    When I contacted my bank branch, they said they don’t know how to update those details as they never received a request for such a thing and it’s not a problem as I already linked my PAN with AADHAR, and name mismatches are common in India. Is this statement by the bank staff acceptable?

    Nice article btw.

  4. Dear Basu sir,
    I had registered for ckyc in 2016 in cams. but i didnot get ckyc number till date. cams website shows my kyc is registered-new kyc. but no 14 digit number got so far. kindly tell what to do sir? register for new ckyc ?
    rajesh pai

  5. Hi,

    I have completed my KYC on paytm money but the name mentioned in that KYC is different. Could you please help me on this.

    Thanks in Advance

  6. I have registered for CKYC on CERSAI with Aadhar and have received the 14 digit code/id. But when i try to register on MFU website it shows that i am not registered with Karvy, CAMS etc..

    Should i do double registration?

  7. Hello sir,
    I have applied for ckyc in CAMS 2 month earlier, but only I received text messages kyc registered. I don’t received any mail or message after that.
    I don’t get 14 digit kyc number. please help me on this issue.

  8. Chandan Kumar Dash

    Hello, I checked my KYC status today and I got this type of screen. “CKYC APPLICATION STATUS SUBMITTED TO KARVY”. Is this for CKYC or not?

  9. Khuleipham Bishmillah

    Hello sir
    I got email from cersai I apply for ckyc when I check to karvy website for ckyc status nothing is show but kyc register is shown lastly I got another email form cersai I got kyc identifier no of 14 digit it is ckyc id or nothing else… Plz let me know…

  10. I have submitted two KYC Updation form for my two accounts in Canara bank to FATCA along with required documents .

    When check the status it is showing as status Not Available.

    Does i have to apply one more time or wait for some time

  11. Dear sir,
    I have registered ekyc previously, now I registered for CKYC with fresh form with CAMS KRA. Even after 14 days I have not received any CKYC number . But in status it shows Kyc registered. KYC mode showing Normal. How to get the KIN number???

    1. Harshit Shrivastava

      Sir, I received by ckyc registry through email. But I didn’t applied for it, still I received it. Also, it is not having my photo. Is there any option for updation for the photograph?

  12. Hi Sir,
    Earlier I registered KYC using Adhaar (it has limit on investment amount). Later, I submitted the docs to register for CKYC. When I check the Karvykra, it shows, MOdify status as “KYC registered” and date of modification as well. But, I did not get CKYC id. CKYC Apln. Status : CKYC RESPONSE RECEIVED. I did this activity thru groww. could you please tell me How to make sure that it is done?

      1. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply Sir. I was reluctant to invest because with adhaar based kyc , we can invest max 50K per fund in a year.

  13. Dear sir, 1 and half years ago I opened savings bank account in Karur Vysya Bank, yesterday I received kyc identifier number from cersai through email. I didn’t apply for ckyc but bank uploaded my details to CeRSai. In ckyc document, my photo, kyc id number, my name, dob, phone number, email id, ID proof: UID, and my address are present in that document… With these details can I open bank account, mutual funds, insurance in other institutions? I mean just providing my ckyc number.


  15. Pravat Sutradhar

    Sir, my pan is kyc complaint and I have complete ckyc form and submited to cams office with pan and aadhar xerox for ckyc.
    online show modification registerd and kyc status normal but till date i have not received any CKYC No. via sms or mail id. I go to cams office but there not provide me CKYC Id.
    what to do for get ckyc No.

  16. Hello

    I have applied for kyc at CAMS office with all required documents but after few days my kyc status shows “on hold”, proof of identity not available/improper.

    What does this mean and what should i do??

  17. Hello, my kyc was registered in 2014 and was updated to ckyc in March 2017. But my ckyc status do not show ckyc id/number. How do I get it?


    Surprised that Photograph on cKYC recd from HDFC Life is of different person. Pl advice where to contact and the details…thanx

  19. my KYC has done by bank it shows verified on sbimf account but when I check on camskra it shows under process and when I try to generate new folio number they ask for KIN number what is KIN number where can I get this ? and why KYC status is not same on both site?

  20. Hi,
    I want to know the difference between CKYC & KYC , as i have revived (CERSAI) cKYC via email from my bank credit card and all my details on it are correct with my photo, when i check on Karvy website link , it does not show anything, (status – blank) so i need to re apply for KYC or cKYC. As im thinking to start MF investment.

      1. okay, so i have to fill form and need to mention that 14 digit number in that and need to tick mark for upadate KYC, Or i have to do the procedure as a new KYC ?

  21. hi, how do i update contact details for ckyc ? does it have to be done with all mfs/ bank accounts individually ? or can i just fill 1 form through cvlkra or cams kra & it gets updated everywhere ?

  22. whether submitting CKYC form with an intermediary and generation of CKYC number result in updating records with all KRAs automatically? Will the KRAs download the data from CKYC database for updating their KYC records for MF purposes, just like all R&STAs download and update from NSDL / CDSL for equity segment?

  23. My bank did my KYC on my behalf while opening up the demat account with salary account. However, when I am trying to check my CKYC ID ( for a mutual fund investment), its not available on the Karvy website. It just shows that I am KYC registered.
    With this, shall I go for the above procedure to generate my CKYC Id or the same can be done from the Bank’s end ?

  24. I have filled the ckyc form. The 14 digit C-kyc number is shown in my icici purchase slip but nowhere else. Is my ckyc done or not? I invest through investment ac with kotak

  25. This KMFS site does not capture full CKYC details. I got done my CKYC through SBICAPSEC/CDSL and got a letter intimating my CKYC no. However the KMFS sire above with my PAN number showed a blank for CKYC though the KYC update date is recent. Pls check / let us know any other avenue to track CKYC status.

  26. My mutual fund kyc is done through cams but it shows as not registeted in karvy. My investments in reliance mf is still being done. I noticed this when I was not able to open accomt statement with my Pan. How can I get kyc done status in karvy serviced mf?

  27. samrat sarkar

    I initially did eKYC on 6th February which is showing up on Karvy website.
    Later on i tried to do c KYC & submitted documents to Reliance MF.
    When i check in Karvy website it says CKYCRID generatec and gives a 14 digit number. I havent received any sms or email confirmation. Does it mean my cKYC process is complete?
    Thanks a lot.

      1. Samrat sarkar

        Thank you very much for your kind email. But I still didnt receive any SMS / Email & in CAMSKRA website KIN number is showing up as blank.
        Would you please advise me why is this?
        With regards

      1. Sir, I applied for ckyc at CAM on feb 07, 2018 till today i.e, March 06, 2018 status showing under process/new kyc. How many days it will take to complete CKYC.


    Can KYC data (E-mail, Mobile & LL number) with CVL KRA differ from KYC Data with Central KYC Registry? If these must be same then how can I make data with CVL KRA same as with Central KYC Registry which is up to date?


        Thanks Mr. Basavaraj. I followed the steps mentioned by you in your article to check CKYC Status online & connected to Karvy website & entered my PAN. It displayed the screen similar to what you mentioned in your article but did not show details against CKYC Apln. Date, CKYC Ack. No. , CKYC Appln Status & CKYC ID. I had received E-mail from [email protected] with an attachment showing my KYC Identifier. As you have mentioned “Even though CKYC launched, it is not serving full purpose” possibly that is the reason why fields CKYC Apln. Date , CKYC Ack. No. , CKYC Appln Status & CKYC ID were left blank when I tried the procedure mentioned by you? Thanking you once again. RAKESH

  29. Hi,

    I had invested in Axis mutual fund and through them I submitted the KYC. I got my 14digit CKYC number some 10 days ago. But when I search the status online, it still shows rejected/not modified and KIN field is blank.

    Can I use this CKYC number and invest in other mutual funds when the status online still shows not modified?


      1. I got axis mf. Through them I also got my Ckyc done and got a 14 digit kin. But when I check my KYC status online it shows not modified. My question was can I use this kin in other mutual funds( apart from axis) when online my KYC status still shows not modified.

  30. Hi Sir

    I had submitted my KYC documents to INVETZA and today I got mail from CAM that my KYC is verified and I can see same status on CAMONLINE and where status is showing that KYC is registered but I did not get KYC ID.
    Please help me How can I get KYC ID even I can invest via any AMC.


  31. Hi
    Recently we did in person verification at cams centre Andheri.
    I can see the date of new kyc as 12 th Feb 18.
    But haven’t received any ckyc number on sms or mail.
    Also on cvlkra link, ckyc number is not visible.
    Does cams do not generate ckyc?
    Or any more procedures required for ckyc number generation?


      1. CAMS is not doing CKYC. They take KYC Form of CKYC but complete only Normal KRA KYC.

        In case if you want to do CKYC, please submit your documents and CKYC Form at Karvy POS.

          1. Hi

            I agree CKYC is Mandatory and KRA KYC is gone but CAMS is still doing KRA KYC even after submitting CKYC Form. I have experienced the same with my clients.

                1. Hi ,
                  I think you both saying correct but have one doubt If KYC is gone back then How I am able to purchase mutual fund from any AMC via their portal just 2days back just I tried to purchase and I got all details of my folio No. etc and even CAMS did not provide KIN to me. Should I ask to CAM to provide my KIN ? and if they don’t provide KIN then is there any way to get KIN via online even on all online portal my KYC status is showing that KYC is registered.

  32. Hi Mr Basavaraj
    I am an NRI working in Saudi Arabia. I recently started investing in mutual funds, for which I did ekyc by cams. But I put my tax status as resident individual instead of NRI(because the kyc process for NRI seems very complicated), but for the transactions I am using my NRO account. Later I came to know that it’s mandatory to declare my NRI status. So far I didn’t face any problem with the transactions from my NRO Account, but As I have declared myself as a resident during ekyc in cams all my folios also show status as individual, and also whenever I try to create a new folio in cams I don’t get the option to select tax status as NRI.
    So what should I do now. Should I continue investing as resident individual? What can be the consequences if I continue as a resident?

    Also recently I opened an NRE Account with yes bank , so they also did my CKYC for the account opening and I also received my CKYC identification number from CERSAI by email. But that also doesn’t show up in karvy website.
    But the mail I got from CERSAI has both my indian as well as overseas address mentioned in it, which means my CKYC might have been updated as NRI.
    So will my eKYC be now overridden by my CKYC data and I can invest as an NRI?


    Dear Sir,
    I am a NRI.
    Can i submit my CKYC form to my bank through whom i have invested in mutual funds?
    How i will come to know my status


        Is it possible to do it online?
        If so, can you send link?
        What are the documents that will be required for NRI?
        How many days it takes for CKYC?

  34. Baidyanath Sinha

    Dear Basavaraj,
    I have submitted all the required documents at CAMS centre last week and today after 6 working days I have received my CKYC no. Just wanted to confirm with you if I can invest now more than 50,000 because details are not yet updated on camskra/karvy/ndml website.

    How AMCs will verify if I can invest more than 50,000 now. Thanks for your information in this regard.


      1. Baidyanath Sinha

        Sure Basu,
        Thanks again for the heads up, one of the AMCs have updated by CKYC no. in their database and updated me on the same, now I can proceed with more than 50,000 amount of transaction as well with them.


  35. Dear sir

    I have ckyc generated. I hv 14 digit number. I m nri.
    Now still on website of cvl it shows kyc registered n modification rejected. Still LNT N ICICI mutual fund showing kyc failed and not allowing to invest.
    What should I do.
    Please guide

  36. I received my ckycr number today but when I enter my PAN on the karvy website it doesn’t show any details there. Does it take time updating?

  37. Can I do my ckyc with name given on my Aadhar card . I want my ckyc to have name that’s printed on Aadhar card instead of pan card

  38. Hello basu,

    How to do my CKYC. Is it possible to do it from HDFC bank. Will it be easier through AMCs or banks? Any charges applicable for it.?

  39. I have CKYC number but KARVY has my old KYC details which are incomplete.
    How can i get CKYC details updated in KARVY too?

  40. Hi Basavaraj,

    My father KYC is done and registered but not ckyc..So can he is eligible to invest in mutual fund online through direct mode without any limit of 50k per fund per year which is incase of ekyc?

  41. Hi Basavaraj,

    I got my ckyc done about 6 months ago and the status shows new KYC registered but I m yet to receive KIN.
    What should I do?

  42. Sir , I have already registered my kyc .after seraching my kyc status shows that I am registered but I don’t receive my KIN number yet.

  43. Sir I have got my 14 digit CKYC number by mutual fund websites.

    i want to take hdfc term plan for this i have to upload CKYC document, my query is how do i get ckyc document?

  44. Hi Basavaraj,

    In CVL – status description it shows KYC Registerd. but in top i am able to see NAME and PAN Number only. CKYC ID & status all other blank will it be any problem.

  45. My date of birth is worngly entered in ckyc. What is the procedure to rectify my DOB and where I have to go for rectification.

      1. Date of birth in PAN is correct but they have wrongly entered in CKYC. It will be very much help full to me if you tell me where I have to submit this form again for rectification.

  46. Hello

    I received a text regarding CKYC register details and with identifier number. So can you please assist me what is this and what can i use from that number.


      1. But the thing is i didn’t do any thing like that, i don’t know what is this and i don’t know how i get this number?

  47. Hello,

    I have received my KYC identifier from CERSAI, i want to ask how to check the NRI/Resident status by using KYC identifier, please advise.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply, I have NRE PIS Account(new)and resident demat account(old) as well, I will convert my resident account to NRI, but still my CKYC showing with residential account, although it should be updated as per new NRE PIS account. No clue to check the current status

  48. Hi

    I recently got my ckyc number. They have made a spelling mistake in my name. How do I get it rectified?

    Thank you

  49. Hi Basavaraj, I am an avid reader of your blog and you do a fantastic job on educating the blog viewers.

    I have a question.

    I already have a KYC with KARVY, so is it necessary to do cKYC or automatically I will be allotted cKYC ID / KIN whenever the transfer happens in future? Can I do it voluntarily so that I have KIN assigned to my PAN / Aadhaar?

    Appreciate your response, thanks for your time!

  50. Vishakha Kulkarni

    I’ve already done KYC with KRA almost four years ago. Now I want to upgrade my KRA KYC to CKYC. Is it Possible?? My mutual fund broker said me that if a person done KYC, it is not possible to registered for CKYC. If it is possible then please tell me the procedure.

    Thank you,

  51. Hi
    Today I received a message saying that your kyc details have been registered with central kyc registry and ckyc id is provided to me. but I never applied for it. I checked with the above link and for my and my families’ pan card number, it’s not showing any ckyc id. So the message I received was a glitch? If not then., How to check the ckyc status using ckyc id?

  52. Hi Basu,

    I am an NRI and recently registered my KYC through SBICAP securities.
    I got email from NDML mentioning about the successful registration of KYC.

    However in form I see my status as “RESIDENT INDIVIDUAL”. Is this status correct for NRI?

  53. Hello,

    I have given my cellnumber and email id for my mother’s CKYC. Can I use the same mobile and email id for my CKYC?

    Also, I have recvd my mom’s ckyc number via sms on my cellphone but when I checked on Karvy website, CKYC Appln date//Ack no.//Apln status and CKYC ID coloumns are blank but Status Description says KYC registered under CAMS. So,Is ckyc done for her??

      1. Thank You Basu. Also, should the address mentioned on CKYC be word-to-word as that mentioned on aadhar or passport? In my mom’s case,overall address is correct, except that the landmark is mentioned differently.

            1. Hi Again Basu,if Ckyc has been done in June while investing in MF’s. do we need to go thru aadhar link procedure again?
              Also, is Aadhar link compulsory for first and second/joint holder?

              Thanks in advance..

              1. Sorry..slight correction in my question…
                if Ckyc has been done in June2017 for first holder and Normal KYC for 2nd/joint holder,while investing in MF’s.,do we need to go thru aadhar link procedure again?
                Also, is Aadhar link compulsory for first and second/joint holder?

                1. Hi Basu,

                  My mom’s ckyc mention Occupation as Business but she is a homemaker. Is there any need to change the same?

                  Also, is there any way to check if aadhar updation is done on CVL and CKYC platforms


  54. Dear Basavraj-ji,

    Thanks for your very informative write-up! Much appreciated, especially for a babe-in-the-woods investor like me.

    I have received two SMSs on my mobile giving me two different CKYC identifier numbers. I suspect one of these two would be mine and another might be of my wife. How to check that, please?

    Warm regards and gratitude……….


    Sir my CKYC is registered at CVL on 17/9/2017 as per their website. But I do not get any and ckyc id from their site. Over telephone and through mail I requested CVL to send my ckyc id and acknowledgement letter. But till date I do not get the same. Please suggest how can I get the acknowledgement letter and ckyc id online. I check the karvy website site by my PAN no but it shows only kyc registered but no ckyc id. My PAN is AAAAAXXXXA.

    1. Manik-First wanring, never share your personal details like PAN number on such online platforms. Hence, I removed it. Regarding your doubt, please contact the financial institution to whom you submitted this CKYC.


    1. sir, i want to open demat account in minor category, PAN number of minor is allotted but PAN card is till not get from IT Dept. Now my broker require copy of PAN, i tell i have PAN number & aadhar copy is also available as proof of id,
      they said copy of pan is compulsory for CKYC.
      plz guide with PAN No. & copy of aadhar CKYC can not upload ? in case of opening Demat account

  57. Dear Sir,
    I have done my cKYC and also got the cKYC number through CAMSKRA. This cKYC is almost updated in all mutual fund AMCs I am investing with. Now I want to link this cKYC to my bank accounts also to rectify the slight mismatch in name and addresses.

    Please suggest how it can be done. Usually banks are not aware enough to update their KYC according to cKYC I have done.

      1. Sir, I have no problem with my cKYC, it is successfully completed and already updated. I just want to update bank KYCs according to this cKYC.

  58. Hi,

    I have submitted the all the details for fresh CKYC at CAMS office. Now I can see the status is showing KYC registered, but CKYC ID and KIN number is yet not received neither by email nor SMS. Any help/suggestion is most welcome

  59. Sir,
    I applied for ckyc on 10 Th Aug 2017 through birla amc, but cams upated my kyc as Ekyc not ckyc and i have not received kin Please help me

  60. Hi,

    I had applied for Credit card with HSBC they have done CKYC registration from their end , I had recieved CKYC mail & KIN number via sms & email. However when i try to invest in Mutual funds it still shows its “KYC-Not verified” & also in KARVY KYC check CKYC is not reflecting what should be the procedure followed in this case please suggest

              1. You are true we need to undergo KYCagain as I can judge their KRA SERVERS ARE NOT LINKED TO CKYC . POOR IMPLEMENTATION JUST LIKE AADHAR BEFORE

  61. As a existing MF investor I was KYC compliant.
    Now I am a NRI with NRE A/c in India and wish to invest in new MF’s on repatriable basis.
    Now that I am a NRI will fresh kyc be required, to be done and where can I do it ? In MF office or cvlkra.

  62. Surendra Prasad Yadav

    My Pan is KYC compliant as per old system. I also applied for modification adding my emai and Mobile.Finally I am having verified status but I have not been communicated the ckyc I’d number. How to get it.

      1. Surendra Prasad Yadav

        I had done so in July to modify but the authority only verified and did not send Id No. on my mobile.

          1. I have a similar situation for my spouse, where she has a KYC record in NDML. No issues while investing in MFs.

            Currently have submitted the CKYC forms twice with HDFC Mutual Fund to get CKYC record created. However, on both occasions my KYC with NDML is getting updated and CKYC record is not being created.

            When we approach HDFC with this issue, they are saying that its not something which they control and their responsibility is only to send to the KRA like NDML / Karvy / CAMS etc., and not to CKYC.

            How do an existing investor already having a KYC record with any of the KRA register for CKYC?

            1) For MF investments, KYC with any of the KRA is mandatory as of now. CKYC is not being referred to
            2) New investors investing in MFs -> when they submit CKYC forms, then both KYC with anyone of the KRA and CKYC are being done (my case falls into this scenario, however I’m not able to view the CKYC details on the Karvy website link though. Not sure why, but I do have a CKYC identifier sent to my email almost 6 months back).

  63. Hi Basu

    Is CKYC required if one has not invested at all – maybe other than via NPS.

    Pl confirm.

    Also guide on where to get the form from, in case of NPS subscribers, if they are needed to have this.

    1. Deepti-If CKYC is processed while investing in NPS, then you just have to attach the proof every time while investing somewhere. You no need to go CKYC process every time. You will get the form with NPS designated POS.

  64. Hi ,
    While doing fresh mutual fund investment I found that my name is incorrectly spelled on that mutual fund website.
    My name is correct on PAN card as well as Aadhaar card, and other mutual fund websites. Only this new MF site shows incorrect data.
    Can you please help me, to whom shall I connect to get this corrected? The new MF customer care team says we can’t update the data, PAN card team says you need to fill up PAN card details change form. Now I am confused as exact point of contact is uncertain or unknown to me.
    Please help

  65. Dineshchandra. Durlbhbhai. Naik

    You. Are allotted me CKYC But still not send me. Information. In my email. Id. Pl send me

  66. Dheeraj Kalra

    I had opened the demat account with sharekhan on April -2017 but till today it is showing that my FATCA and CRS details- submitted (but this does not mean verified)? and also after generating the folio in mutal funds i got a call from them that my KYC compliant is pending and after verifying it online i saw that it is still under process with NDML KRA with status date of 14 May 2017. What to do now?

    1. Dheeraj-KYC process completes within 1-2 days. I am not sure why the delay. Also, if you are planning to invest in MF, then why you used Sharekhan account? It is the costliest way of investment.

      1. Dheeraj Kalra

        I didn’t used sharekhan I created the portfolio directly but I am getting a regular call that my kyc compliant is remaining and I won’t be able to invest. But the thing is since my demat account is opened they must have done kyc for me and once it’s done I need not to do it again whether I buy MF directly or through sharekhan then why I am getting a call that my kyc compliant is remaining??

  67. I am done with my CKYC process last month only. But I didn’t get my CKYC ID number till now. So please, help mw regarding this as early as possible. Thank you.

  68. Hi,

    I checked the same but in my case CKYC ID and other CKYC fields are blank and in the below table it is showing as “NDML 11-11-2014 09:38:16 02 KYC Registered 20-11-2014 15:57:40 “.
    Does that mean I have not registered in CKYC?? if so please tell me where I can do the same.
    Consider me new to all these financials area
    Thanks in advance 🙂


  69. Hi, Can we complete our CKYC with banks too? Or is it with AMC or CAMS offices only?

    As you know bank branches are always nearer to your home as compare to AMCs offices.

  70. How long will take to complete CKYC process after the CKYC Ack. No. receeived

    I have received this on april 5th, 2017, still now no news

      1. I haven’t received CKYC done even after one month from the date of CKYC Ack. No received.

        how can i check for the reason for delay

          1. HIMANSHU JINDAL

            i also have same problem, i have given to axis bank got ckyc no. on 27 apr and even now kyc not done, however i bought mutual funds through bank but not able to by fund which are not with bank

              1. HIMANSHU JINDAL

                i have talked them but they are saying Kyc is done as only after that they have alloted me the units but not showing on portal as my kyc is done

  71. Subhasis Samanta

    This is Subhasis from WB. I started investing in SBIMF being eKYC compliant. Later, I applied for CKYC through CAMS only, have also been alloted the 14 digit Central KYC Registry No. But I am not able to see any data regarding my CKYC either in CAMSKRA or in CVLKRA site. Presently, my every online transaction in SBIMF gets rejected citing the reason that I am only eKYC compliant, not normal KYC which limits my investment to Rs.50000 in any specific fund in a year. I argued them with my CKYC no. but seems they are not aware about this. Strange! what should I do in this situation? Suggest, Please

      1. CKYC is not linked yet for MF investments. KYC with KRA is mandatory. You will need to visit your AMC or any of the KRA.

  72. Hi Basu,
    Is it mandatory to link aadhar for doing CKYC. I got email from SBI MF asking to do do CKYC. But in their portal it was showing aadhar mandatory!! I emailed them but they are not replying properly.
    If its not mandatory i dont want to link aadhar.

    1. Vidya-It is not mandatory (even I too not linked and I have not received anything from other MF). Not sure when they made it mandatory without such regulation either by SEBI or some other regulators.

  73. Vijay Bakshi

    My original PAN was made invalid as it was subsequently allotted to somebody else.I have since applied and got a new PAN.The problem is that I have some FDs made in the old PAN a couple of years ago.I had even filed Form 15H in the old PAN.What should be done now ?

  74. Hi Base, I have done eKYC. Now I have problems when I need to invest more than 50K in FY. I thought I have to upgrade to CKYC. But when I tried to do it in the mutual office with documents. They say that it’s not their job. Kindly guide how to convert my eKYC to CKYC.

      1. Any AMC or KRA will do this along with the investment into the fund. Just invest over 50k in the fund you want thru the selected AMC and provide the CKYC forms, then watch on why it wont be their job 🙂

  75. I inadvertently make two folios on reliance mutual fund site. Now I want to delete/remove them, ie donot want to invest in reliance mutual funds. Can you please help me to delete the folios.

  76. Hi,

    i had a older KYC registered with NDML in 2013(with old address)

    i wanted to change my address& mobile number so what i did was i have applied for C-KYC(aadhar has new address & mobile no) through a bank. after 2-4 days i got an email saying that my C-KYC and been registered.

    when i check from the above site that you have mentioned it is showing me the older KYC details (which was registered in 2013) along with CKYC Ack. No. :1xxxxxxxxx1 & CKYC Apln. Status : CKYC RESPONSE RECEIVED

    so now my question is will my KYC address & mobile number gets updated as per my ckyc ?

    Thanks for your help in advance

  77. Questions: 1) What’s CVL 2) For those who have already completed KYC, do we have to do CKYC unless there is any change?

  78. Mr. Basavaraj – Informative article on CKYC, but seems FIs aren’t too enthusiastic using it. I checked my CKYC status on the Karvy website in the link provided in the article, but it merely shows my PAN No and name. But, it does mention that my KYC data was uploaded in 2009 and updated in 2016, but doesn’t show any other information about what data now exists in their Database. How do I get my CKYC done, as no FI I have been associated with has ever asked me to submit the Form for the same.
    Thank you.

      1. Mr. Basavaraj – I would, but after reading your post in Feb’17 on CIBIL Report, which I promptly checked, I noticed that my PAN details are mentioned incorrectly in CIBIL Report, but my data with IT Dept is correct. Guess, I’d have to become a paid member at CIBIL to get corrections made in their records. Hence, was wondering if the incorrect PAN details (as with CIBIL) would be carried into my CKYC too, which is wrong. Hence, wanted to know how I can get CKYC done voluntarily. Thank you.

        1. Ramesh-It is better to correct PAN in CIBIL report. Then wait for updates. If it get corrected then OK. Otherwise, you have to track which transactions are wrongly linked to your PAN and then take action.

      2. In CKYC, there is a field for capturing mother’s name. This field was not there in old KYC. How will this field be updated when old KYC details are ported to CKYC?

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