EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property

EPF changed certain rules in relation to EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property. These rules will come into effect from 12th April 2017. These changes are called as Provident Funds (Fourth Amendment) Scheme, 2017.

I already wrote a detailed post on EPF partial withdrawal rules. Now the new paragraph is inserted along with those changes as 68BD. This paragraph will now supersede of whatever written in earlier rules.

Let us see these new rules related to EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property. If you are planning to acquire or construct a house or flat or a site, then you can apply for EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property. The two conditions are as below.

# If you are interested in purchasing or constructing the house or flat or a site.

# Otherwise, you must be a member of a co-cooperative society or a society registered for housing purpose under any law for the time being in force and such society has at least 10 members of the EPF.

Who can apply for EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property?

# If you are the member of EPF for more than 3 years (earlier it was 5 years).

# EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property is allowed only once. Hence, if you already availed this facility, then you are not allowed to withdraw again. Earlier also the rule was same.

# Your accumulated EPF balance must be more than Rs.20,000. If your spouse is also the EPF member, then the combined balance will be considered for the eligibility.

EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property – How much you can withdraw?

You can withdraw up to 90% of EPF Balance (Employee share and interest on that+Employer share and interest on that) or the cost of the construction of property whichever is less.

For calculation of the EPF balance eligibility for EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property, employee’s contribution and interest on that along with employer contribution and interest on that is considered.

EPFO will not transfer the money to you, instead to the Cooperative society, Central Government, a State Government, or any Housing Agency under any Housing Scheme or any promoter or builders as the case may be, in one or more than one installments as employee authorize the EPFO.

If the amount of such withdrawal is more than the actual cost or expenses of acquiring the property, then you have to refund such excess amount to EPFO in lump sum within 30 days from the date of finalization of the purchase, completion of the property, or necessary additions or alterations to a house or flat.

If you have failed to utilize the withdrawal for acquiring the property, then you must refund the whole amount to EPFO within 15 days from the date of such non-allotment.

Which form to use for EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property?

You can use the C0mposite Claim Form for EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property. There are two types of forms. One is Aadhaar complied and another Non-Aadhaar complied. Use the forms as the case may be. The process is explained in below image.

EPF Withdrawal Process using EPF Composite Claim Form

You noticed from above image that for EPF withdrawal for house, flat or construction of property, you can submit the form through your employer or can directly submit the same to regional EPFO.

Download EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar)

Download EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar)

Along with the EPF Composite Claim Form, you have to request EPFO Commissioner to issue the certificate in relation to the last 3 months EPF contribution and also the balance as of today. The form for the same can be downloaded from “Download Application to obtain a certificate of EPF withdrawal for the house, flat or construction of property“.

How to use EPF to repay your home loan EMI?

Do you know that you can use your EPF Balance to repay your monthly home loan EMI? Yes, you can use it to repay the home loan EMI for the accumulated EPF corpus.

You can use EPF balance to repay your home loan EMI either fully or partly as per your wish. For that, you have to instruct the EPFO. EPFO will transfer the money to your bank monthly as long as there is sufficient EPF balance in your account. This transfer will be active as long as you are the member of EPF. Once your membership of EPF ceases, then EPFO will stop to repay the loan.

Download the form to authorize EPF for repayment of Home Loan EMI.

Hope this much information suffices for you to avail these two new facilities of EPF.

575 Responses

  1. My construction of house rejected saying insufficient member balance ihave 2200 in employee share and 27700 in employer share. I applied for 23000 for construction of House

  2. Hi Sir I have applied for pf got the PF of one of the company on 20 March 2024 then I have applied for other company on 21 March 2024 filled the form number 31 the claim is rejected due to insufficient service for 68b form number 31 please assist me what should I do now

    1. Dear Basanti,
      Hard for me to predict of what went wrong. Better you approach EPFO through Grievance Cell.

  3. I applied for PF withdrawl under this cateogory “Purchase of House / Flat / Construction including acquisition if site from agency”
    But my claim got rejected with below reason.

    How should i proceed, I need the PF withdrawal in my bank account.

    1. Hi Sunil,
      I have the same issue. Were you able to resolve this?
      If YES please suggest what needs to be done.


  4. I have claimed PF amount for purchasing property, claim got rejected due to “FURNISH AGENCY DETAILS TO PROCESS CLAIM”, but while I submit in online nowhere it asked for any documents to submit. How to correct this and re-apply.

  5. Hello sir.
    please need your help. My claim is rejected with the below message. what other option should i be selecting to withdraw PF for purchase of flat. Please help on priority.


  6. I want to withdraw my EPF to make payment to DDA for newly constructed Flat (my own funds+ loan+EPF).How much % amount of my EPF i can withdraw? Will EPFO make payment to DDA directly or to me (the member) ? As flat amount is more compared to my EPF, will DDA accept such payment method ?

  7. Hi Nivesh,
    I applied for construction of house but it get rejected and the rejection reason is: ‘ OK 2) NOT ELIGIBLE-INSUFFICIENT SERVICE’
    However My total service tenure is 5 year 6 mnth
    Total NCP days is 5
    All previous employer transferred to current one
    Can you please help me what could be the reason

  8. Hello BasuNivesh,

    i had appled for PF advance but it was rejected as below reason . Even EPF bank details and cheque details are same.
    Kindly suggest me how do i proceed further on the issue.

    Thanks & Regards.
    G Venu Gopala Rao

    1. Dear Venu,
      May be some clearical error at EPFO side. Better to raise an issue using EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  9. Can i withdraw under para 68B(1)(b) for purchase of site for constructing dwelling house if para 68B(7) alteration of house is already availed?

      1. I got hospitalised a week back and total bill was of around 2 lakhs. Can i claim from epfo against illness clause?


  11. Hi,
    Good Evening!!
    My wife is Japanese national but living and working in Indian since last ten years.
    She has adhar, pan and OCI.

    Shes trying to withdraw PF for purchasing house.
    She working in this company since last 6 years.
    Her claim got rejected twice.
    Reason –

    Can you advice.

  12. Hello Sir, i have recently bought a resale flat and would like to withdraw money by para 68B (1) B could you please help how to apply and what documents will require to submit, claim submission page there is only one option to submit cancelled cheque photo.

    Appreciate your help on this regards.


    1. Dear Mohammed,
      It is hard for me to explain the whole process here in comment section. If you are finding it difficult, then approach the EPFO directly.

  13. Hi sir we have planned to maintain our house and requested for pf amount under construction of house ,its been 7 days its still under process. Can we get that amount or it will be rejected. Can we cancel it . Currently we dropped the plan due to personal reasons

  14. Hi Nivesh

    My pf withdraw got rejected while claiming for purchase of flat saying agency bank acct to be provided. Where should i provide the agency bank acct number while claiming. Will the amount to the agency will be in installments?

  15. my previous company pf money got transferred to current company. Annexure K is also available for the same. previous company had private trust handling epf and current company has epfo handling. I want that money as I have purchased a new flat. I have completed 5 years in previous company. When I select online claim status form, previous company name comes in red. cant raise any claim against that.
    How do i claim that money. I tried once claiming, it got regetted with reason PARA 68B(1)A IS PAYABLE TO AGENCY NOT TO MEMBER.

    1. Dear Djarni,
      The error showing that you are requesting a money to be transferred to your account rather than the seller’s account. It is not possible in EPF.

  16. Hi Nivesh, My claim got rejected as ALREADY AVAILED 68B 1 C when I applied with the construction of house para and yes I did. I am in urgent need of money. Is there any other way to withdraw the employer share? Please advise.

  17. PF Form 31 there are multiple PARA 68B example: 68B(1)(a), 68B(1)(b), 68B(1)(bb), 68B (1)(c), 68B(7) and 68B(7b). All these PARA’s have different condition to claim PF amount. if any one of these PARA is already claimed then can we claim again under different PARA 68B?

  18. i had claimed PARA 68 (7B) for renovation of house in May 2021 and now in Jan 2023 i claimed PARA 68 (1) (c) for Construction of house and it got rejected with reason ALREADY AVAILED THE ADVANCE FOR 68B IN MAY-2021. Since both the PARA’s are different and to claim also the conditions are different then why it got rejected? i have completed more than 11 years in company.

  19. Hi Sir,
    Can i avail EPF to produce a downpayment for a resale property 10 years old and if yes will the EPF dept.transfer the amount directly to the owner(individuals)bank account?

    1. Dear Subhransu,
      I am not sure how the EPF without transfer can be considered downpayment by the opposite party.

    1. were you able to withdraw again?
      I have the same problem – Claim Rejected 5 YEARS OF SERVICE NOT COMPLETED AFTER TAKEN ADVANCE UNDER 68B WHICH IS NECESSARY FOR REQUIRED ADVANCE. I withdrew an amount in 2021 and now when I want to withdraw it got rejected.. Any help, I am in urgent need!

  20. Dear sir,

    Please advise to solve below mentioned error,


    Thanks n rgrds,

  21. I am employed in the same company since 2004. I applied plot loan repayment of ?200,000 in 2014 under Section 68BB and received the money directly into the loan account. This property is not mine anymore. I sold this property in 2016.

    Now in 2022 October I applied for site purchase loan and got rejected saying already availed under Section 68

    I made some changes to my home and I paid it all myself so I am applying for advance so that I can meet the site purchase shortage. Will I get it sanctioned. I am afraid because that is also under Section 68

  22. Hi, i have applied for pf advance online form 31 for buying flat from promotor , but i didnt find any details to fill about promoter , and it got rejected by saying there is no provision to pay advance flat from promotor , what is this, which form should i apply for this

  23. I had applied for home construction advance but got rejected with the reason – has been rejected due to : 1) AS PER SYSTEM REMARK- INSUFFICIENT BALANCE. 2) NOT ELIGIBLE- INSUFFICIENT BALANCE

    But i have sufficient balance (Employer contribution) more than what I applied for. Employee contribution is less.
    What could be the reason?

  24. I applied through the online portal. It got rejected with the following comment.

    What’s the reason?

    1. Dear Subbu,
      May be the person whom to be payable is wrongly mentioned by you. Check with EPFO for clarity.

  25. Hi Sir, I have raised claim for partial withdrawal of PF ( for house construction) on Sept 7, 2022. This is still showing as Under Process. Please suggest.

  26. If I apply for epfo advance for construction of house Will the amount be credited to my account or to the bank I need to pay loan or to the builder as I didn’t find an option to share these details in the form 31. Also I had applied a claim for alterations of house thinking the construction of second floor will come under addition but it got rejected stating I need to have 5 years of service after construction of house so I thought I applied in wrong category and reapplied again under construction of house category within 2 days of previous rejection I have Total 11 years of exp with the same company. Could u pls guide me

  27. Hi Sir, I’ve applied for online claim for purchase of house. Claim got rejected stating “NOT ELIGIBLE FOR 68B(1)(A)”
    I’ve completed 6.5 years of years. I’ve withdrawn PF amount for illness 4 months back, is there any time gap needed to withdraw cash? I’ve no idea why my claim got rejected for purchase of house. Please advice.

    1. Dear Ajmeer,
      That illness advance is for a different purpose. You can raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  28. Hi Sir,
    I applied Pf For construction of house which I took a land in my hometown they rejected as my cheque was given to them to credit the funds. It got rejected, but they are saying if I can give them in writing that I will be responsible if any money withdrawn under my name. They will credit it. What does that mean?

  29. Hello Mr. Basu,
    I am trying to apply for pf withdrawal online. My total continues service is 13 years and not withdrawn any amount till now. I am not able to find composite aadhar form on the epfo website or mobile app. When I use form 31 I do not see any drop down to select para 68B for 90% withdrawal. Please let me know how can I apply for online pf advance. My establishment is based in bangalore. Do I need to physically submit the form in epfo bangalore office?

  30. I have applied to get PF amount under the head of purchase flat options
    But my claim rejected, below is the reason
    “Claim Rejected, provide promoter/Agency bank account details for advance payment”
    Please advise what I can do in this case and please confirm whether I will get PF amount in my account or epfo will transfer my pf account into seller account directly
    Should I reapply

  31. I have applied for pF withdraw under construction of house: it got rejected saying NOT eligible for this para though my total experience is 7 years.
    Can you please suggest what is the reason for same?

  32. My claim was rejected stating this reason. kindly help

    I had choose purchase of house/flat


    1. Dear Roahn,
      Either you are not eligible for withdrawal or the service period is less. Raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  33. Hello Basu,
    I had withdraw from PF for home loan in 2020, now i am trying to withdraw for house construction but claim has rejected twice.
    Can I withdraw
    from PF for house?
    is there any time limit post i can submit my claim?

  34. Dear Sir,
    I have already withdrawn PF Advance in November’2018 for construction of House.
    Now can I withdrawal PF Advance for Purchase of Flat?

  35. My service with first company is 3 years and service with present company is 4 years. I have transfered the PF balance from first company to current company successfully. I want to withdraw PF advance for House construction. So, for this minimum 5 Five years service is required. Am I eligible to apply PF advance in this case. Kindly confirm

  36. I have taken a new villa and i have applied for EPF withdrawal for 5L but my cliam reject with below comment.. can you please help?


    1. Dear Manohar,
      I am not sure how come the VPF issue arrived here for the withdrawal. Better to raise an issue with EPFO.

  37. Hi,

    I applied for purchase of dwelling house/flat from a promoter on 7th Jan 2022.
    Request is still under process how much time usually take for request approval.

    Pankaj Makkar

  38. I applied the claim online to purchase under construction flat. The claim got rejected due to name mismatch on cheque leaf and office. Now I corrected my name on bank account and trying to reapply online,but now all options of reason field are disabled except illness and I am not able to proceed further. What can I do now?
    Also is it mandatory to have same name on my linked PAN card? The change in my name happened after my marriage,which is reflected in office record, but i have not changed it in bank account and PAN.

  39. Hello sir,

    If I have let’s say 9 lacs (combined employee + employer + pension) in my current PF account and 1 lac (combined) in previous employer’s PF account both linked to same UAN and I have been with my current employer for 5.5 years, can I withdraw money to pay for down payment + stamp duty and registration of a flat in an under construction building.. If yes, how much can I withdraw? Thank you.

  40. My EPF claim has been rejected three times with the error “Claim Rejected PROMOTER DETAILS ARE NOT FURNISHED, CHOOSE ANOTHER RELATED PARA OR SUBMIT THE SAME DETAILS.” I chose “Purchase of Dwelling House / Flat from a Promoter” Not sure where to enter the promoter details in the claim form.

  41. I have applied twice for “construction of house” and both times its been rejected. I have been with same company for 8 years and 9 months. I applied through the UAn portal and the amount was 435000 which is less than 90% of my and my employer share. I attested the cancelled cheque with all details on it .. even signed the cheque but it got rejected. Below is the reject reason

    Your claim id BGBNG210750150611 ahs been rejected due to 1) Kindly upload bank copy with bearing IFSC, BANK, BRANCH NAME, SB ACCOUNT NUMBER AND PRINTED NAME ON IT. 2)SAME BANK ADDRESS NOT MENTIONED ON BANK STATEMENT CANCELLED CHEQUE AND PF FORM.

    Can you please help me with what has to be done to get this claim setteled?

  42. Hi Basavaraj

    Am planning to clear my home loan taken from the bank by Withdrawing PF

    Which option should one chose

    Purchase of Dwelling
    Purchase of House / Flat

  43. Hi All,

    I have applied for house Renovation/additions of house using the Claim 3 1 form , but it was rejected with reason 1) Claim Rejected CAN BE AVAILED ONLY AFTER COMPLETION OF 5 YRS FROM CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSE 2) Not Eligible – Insufficient Service Can someone help me with why this has come as even though i am working from Year 2012. Do i need to submit any other documents supporting the selected option , there is only chance to submit the Seeded bank a/c Cheque but nothing else. Can someone help me with this ???

  44. Hi Basavaraj, I had purchased a flat last year and due to lockdown, I could not complete my flat renovation. Hence can you suggest to me under which reason I have to select so that I can withdraw a certain amount from the PF amount to complete my interiors?

  45. Dear Sir,

    I would like to buy a flat from a builder which is under construction:
    Which option shall I choose on the withdrawal form
    1. Purchase of Dwelling House / Flat from a Promoter
    2. Purchase of House / Flat / Construction including acquisition if site from agency

    Will the amount be credited to the builder’s account directly?

  46. Hello Sir,

    I am purchasing a new flat and was planning to partly withdraw money from my epf account for down payment. I have a few questions
    Can I apply only after property registration is done ?
    I have been working with my company for 6 months now, however my total years of service with this same UAN is 9.5 years, am I eligible for this withdrawal ?
    Will this money be credited to my account or to the seller ?
    My employer says for online claim submission if kyc is complete, employer’s approval is not required, is this true as in various articles I see employer’s approval is needed.

    Thanks for your patience.

  47. Hello sir,
    I have applied for renovation of house.
    I thought for renovation of house we do get both employee and employer. But it got settled for employee amount which is less.
    And again i hav applied for construction of house it got rejected saying am not eligible since I took already on renovation of house..

    Now i have applied for purchasinh a property. It is still under process am waiting for that money which is very much needed at home. Is that valid will that be approved further both employee and employer amount. Please do reply.

    1. Same condition is with me, I have availed pf advance for renovation and when applied for construction it’s rejected with reason not sufficient service whereas I have completed 5 years in current job

  48. Sir, I availed advance for renovation of Home recently, now Can I take advance for construction of house? And what documents will be required

      1. Sir,
        I have availed advance for renovation as I thought I will get both Employer and Employee share but that was very less and I am in very much need of the amount, please suggest if its possible to claim both shares while in job ..

          1. Now how can I withdraw both shares as I have already taken advance for renovation, I have completed 5 years in my current service. My claim for construction is rejected giving reason that not sufficient service. As told earlier I have availed advance for renovation

          2. Sir
            My share is only Rs.87/- and employer share is 3 lac. Can i withdraw PF from employer share for addition/alteration of House.

  49. Hi Basavaraj,

    First of all, I would like to appreciate you for helping people from 2017 with your replies.

    My issue is I’ve changes 6 companies in total and ended up with 3 UAN numbers; I’ve managed to transfer money from all pf accounts(even the PF’s associated with my different UAN numbers) to my current PF account through UAN portal.

    I would like to do partial withdrawal for purchasing a property. Now my issue is my service history associated with previous UAN’s are not showing in my current UAN, because of this my service is showing as less than 60 months; hence I’m not able to withdraw money.

    Could you please guide me to merge my previous service history in my current UAN.

    Thanks in advance.


  50. I am constructing home, planning to withdraw some portion of PF. I have raised request online & its under process. Do i need to submit any document for the same ? Please advice

  51. Hi, I am planning for down payment of resale house through EPF. First query js whether it would be credited to my account or to seller’s account? Secondly my query is broker states we need to show that seller has received the payment perhaps giving through PDC and cannot show anything payable. Whereas in EPF form I see column which says payable as per agreement. How. Should I proceed here so that my application doesn’t gets rejected.

      1. Dear Basavaraj, my broker said you cannot show anything as outstanding in registered agreement, he asked me to give cheque which will be shown as received. So my query is will I still be able to withdraw as cheque won’t be realised until I withdraw

  52. Hello
    Thanks for the article. I am planning to buy a resale flat from an individual. I would be taking a home loan for the same. I was thinking of using some portion of EPF for down payment for the loan? Can it be done? If Yes, which advance para I need to select? Will the money come to my bank a/c?

  53. Hi Sir,
    The house is not a approved one and is on agreement papers. which is on my mothers name , however i can get the terrace transferred to my name on agreement will for further construction.
    can I apply for PF withdrawn, also can i get that amount in my account as I myself will be bringing materials and labor to build the house.

  54. Thanks for taking time out to reply to all.

    I have a query regarding tax implication of partial PF withdrawal from my current company. I have worked in company A for 4 years, then a company B for 2 years and then current company C for 1 year. Company A and C have PF accounts but company B was a small company with employees count less than 20 and hence no PF account. Now I have transferred PF from company A to C (my current company). So I have a total service (where active PF contribution was made) of (4+1 = ) 5 years. It is not continuous though. There was a 2 year gap in company B. My questions are –

    1. Am I eligible for partial withdrawal for house purchase ? Is the total service taken into account or period of continuous service ?
    2. If yes, then would the withdrawn amount be taxed ? The reason for my doubt is that the PF contribution is not made for 5 continuous years, there was a 2 year gap in company B when no PF contribution was made. I have read at many places in internet that if any PF withdrawal is made before 5 continuous years of service (where active PF contribution is made) then it is taxed.

    Please help.

  55. Hi, I am planning to buy a flat which I want to withdraw money from my pf and I am planning online claim just want to know will I get my claim money in my account and is any document required to claim flat purchase online

  56. Greetings of the day, sir

    My service period is above 10 years, I want to withdraw advance money around 2.5 lakh for construction of house,
    everything is linked like pan Adhar etc

    Will department deduct TDS??

    KIndly reply, Thanks in advance.

      1. Because sir i had already claimed EPF under 80 C in pervious years,

        So i want to confirm from you is there any chance of TDS deduction in my case.

  57. Hello,
    I had applied PF advance for purchasing a new house, My claim was rejected with reason “Claim Rejected ALREADY AVAILED ADVANCE FOR PERMISSIBLE TIMES”. Where as I have never applied or withdrawn PF till now. Please guide me how to solve this issue. Thanks.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj,

        PF Advance for House purchase and PF advance for home loan repayment, are they same category or I can claim both individually? Please confirm. thanks

  58. Sir,
    If I take construction of house advance payment from my pf account can I repayment to epfo with interest

    Please suggest sir

  59. Sir, my total service ex is 8+ years, i recently switched company 8 months ago and tfd prior companies all pf amount and my service record also. I applied for Home loan withdraw category for 90% but it came as claim rejected- insufficient service. If i raise a grievance will they resolve and then approve the amount or how it will work? i am tensed as the amounts are becoming due.

  60. I have purchased a plot and as the builder wanted immediate money, i have taken personal loans and got site registered. Now to clear my PL as the interest rate is very high, I am planning to take PF amount, can you suggest to take out money from my PF account!

    1. Dear Mruthyunjaya,
      What reason do you say? As you already paid to the seller how can you justify it? Instant gratification played a big role in this. Think twice the cost of a personal loan to the returns you get it from that plot.

  61. Recently i have booked a flat and also done with Agreement Payment. My Home loan also approved and it will disburse once Registration done. Now as next procees is flat registration. it will cost around 342000. For that i am planning to withdraw my PF. So Can i withdraw PF for flat registration? Also if yes then will it be part of Flat purchase type in PF withdrawal process.

  62. I have claimed EPF advance form 31 under reason ” construction of house” . now once the claim is approved where the money will get credit??

    Will the money get credit in my bank account which i mentioned in EPF portal?

    Please clarify in detail

  63. Hello already i have purchased a flat by withdrawn some amount from my pf account.
    What are the post withdrawal documents i need to submitted?
    Is that required to get back the interest amount which has been deducted post withdrawal?

  64. Sir,
    I have applied for pf advance under repair/ alteration of house on 23 Jan 2018, now I want to repay my home loan, I need 90 % of pf amount, I have completed 12years of service…what should I do to avail pf advance.can I apply for purchase of house option

      1. Hello sir.
        I also have a similar query.

        I already have a homeloan from past 5 years. Now i wish to withdraw money from pf and reduce principal of homloan.

        If this is possible, which Para should i select while raising the claim online.

        I was searching many places but couldnt find which Para to select.

  65. Hi,I had already availaed PF advance for construction of house in 2018.Please let me know if I can claim PF advance for purchase of land/plot?

  66. Hi Basu, can i withdraw from EPF post purchase of the flat to adjust against the down payments i have made ? Will need immediate liquidity to carry out some works in the flat and would prefer to maximize withdrawal.

  67. i have applied advance from epfo purchase of dwelling house/flat from promoter and same rejected for following reason,

    1. it is not admissible to sanction advance under- this purpose
    2.photocopy of bank passbook not attested by the authorised signatory ( i have submitted cheque copy and passbook having bank seal)

    what head i have to apply for advance and is it compulsory to get attestation for bank passbook kindly inform section under which i have to apply for advance

  68. I processed the EPF claim online but there is no provision to put the builder name. I requested claim for the 90% which is about the 20% upfront payment I need to pay the builder for the new flat and rest I am processing a loan amount. But I am also confused that EPF will not post the money in my account but will settle the payment to the builder but how to then provide the builder details to EPFO? builder is processing in flats and will be ready Dec 2021

  69. Hi, I have also bought a property with father as joint owner and I am paying the EMI. I am also eligible for withdrawal under this catagory. But my requests are getting rejected by my company citing the reason that I cannot have a joint ownership with father. Can you please let me know the steps for withdrawing

  70. What are the documents required to withdrawal pf for construction even if epfo account comes under trust because they have rejected my claim stating that insufficient document

  71. Respected Sir,

    I am trying for PF advance withdrawal online for purpose of house property. The claim is being rejected due to “insufficient service” I have now been in continuous service for more than 5 years (including all employers). However, when I submit the form on the online portal, the date of joining which is considered is the current employer’s only. How can I change that?

    Thanks in advance

      1. Sir, I have the same issue – my UAN number is same from last 6 years but i was told insufficient service criteria. But my association with my existing Employer service is 13 Months old and on my grievance they are saying UAN number doesn’t matter service needs to be filled as per requirement.


  72. Hi Sir, Can you tell if there are any documents required to take an advance for down payment of flat? I am planning to tale 90% of the fund for the same. Also i am planning to use future credits to fund EMI partly. Please if you can confirm the process and documentation that will be very helpful.

  73. Hi Sir,

    I am working in one organization from last 7 years and i have completed 6 years for VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund) and have applied form 31 in construction of house, and the amount is created to account, now i came to know i required some more amount.
    can i apply again for construction of house by form 31?

  74. Dear Sir,

    Bit confused with few questions, answers will be great help

    1. I am buying a ready to move flat on mother name from builder. Can I use my epf balance to make some payment

    2. Form 31 ask in whose favour check needed, can’t I mentioned builder name even if property not on my name

    3. Do I need to give any supporting document to employer/epfo with form 31 as per rule

  75. I have applied PF claim for construction of House through online portal on 05.08.2020. The portal shows the status is under process still. How many days required to complete the process and kindly share the details.

  76. Dear sir,

    I have applied PF claim for construction of House through online portal on 05.05.2020. The portal shows the status is under process still. How many days required to complete the process and kindly share the details.

  77. Hi Sir,

    I applied the form 31 online. Here i donot see the option for withdrawer for site/land purchase, i can see only for the purpose of construction of house. Please help me as i want to apply PF for site purchase.

      1. Hi Sir,
        Thanks for your quick reply. As I see my claim status is “under process”, so I want to know whether in the next step it will ask for the required set of the doc? If yes what docs are required to purchase a site?. It already 2 days over, so total how much time it will take to finally process the PF and get the amount.

  78. Hi,
    I have applied withdrawal option Renovation of house that is my ancestral house but my employer asked me to provide registered document although I have given all the necessary document how is it possible to give registry paper if my house is ancestral house. So is it will not be consider without registry?
    Thanks – H Khan

  79. Hi Sir,

    I have booked a flat in November 2019 and Registration was done in February 2020 but It is still under construction and i havent occupied the flat yet.
    Is it possible to apply for EPF Claim under House Construction category. If Yes, what all documents are needed for the same

  80. I had applied for the construction of house for epfo withdrawal.
    It’s shows under process is the fund is approved.

    1. hi sir im vishwa

      when will update the option i had complted 5 years but not updated the epfo has 5 years options home construction of house option

      i have joined 20-july2015 its now 6-7-2020
      by last month its complted 5 years but option is not upated in my epfo

      who will update this option employer or epfo office

  81. Message received from pf office that NOT ELIGIBLE INSUFFICIENT BALANCE and my claim 19 has been rejected although Iam without job last 5 months. Why my claim rejected

  82. Dear Sir,

    My claim was rejected with the following reason.


    I have 12 years of epf contribution, although I have changed organizations, I have transferred them. I am able to see last 7 years in the service history.

    Can you please help, how should I proceed with the claim?

  83. Sir I applied for partial claims using 31 form via umaang app. I claimed under covid19 scheme
    It’s showing pending at DA accounts
    How many days still it takes?
    Or I have to apply it again?

  84. Dear Sir,

    Can I withdraw 90% of the EPF amount for renovation of my house ?

    If yes, kindly suggest the process to raise request and also, the documentation required. Thank you.

  85. I have raised a claim online. After 12 days it is saying status as Pending with DA accounts. Not sure what is it … Can you guide me on this please.

  86. Sir I already done pf process online withdraw before 20 ago but still status showing pending at DA account so means what reply

  87. Dear Sir, i ad applied for pf advance form 31 it been 20 days status showing that pending at Da accounts whats does it mean i m nt understanding the same

  88. sir reply dena jarur

    8 yers pf me hogy hy pan updated nahi aadar update hy or advnce pf niklna he amount 1 lakh upar he to ky tds lag sakta hy?
    advnce pf layny ke baad . kitny time baad total pf kitny dino baad kar sakty hy?

  89. Hello sir , sir I recently claimed advance pf of 5 lakhs for the purpose I mentioned is construction of house . My total balance is 11 lakhs (8+3).but amount approved by EPFO I only. 2.5 lakhs and they mentioned that “amount is settled for 2.5 lakhs as a first installment”. Now the thing I did not understand is what is mean by first installment and if they make payment in two installments then when will they pay remaining amount? After how much time ?

  90. Hi Basavraj, I want to withdraw of for construction. Since bank is funding 80% of the estimate. Now, my question is can I withdraw the pf for construction of house for paying remaining 20%. Can I withdraw after the loan is sanctioned and also after 80% of what bank will be funding has exhausted means after 80% construction of house. This is because more money may be accumulated at that time.

  91. hi in my PF account i have nearly 2L of fund ( EE+ER ) (UAN is nearly 7 active years ) are but when i filed a claim of 140000 Rs they have opproved only 40,000 rs ( EE share ) Any idea why they have reduced the requested amount

  92. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have total 9 years of working experience, where initial 2.5 years had PF Trust account (It was PF Trust with my 1st company). Now, for the past 6+ years I’m having EPFO account. I tried submitting online claim for PF Advance (Form 31) via online EPFO portal, and recently got rejected with below reason:

    Claim-Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Construction of House) Claim id-xxxx Member id-xxxx has been rejected due to :- 1) INSUFFICIENT SERVICE FOR ADVANCE UNDER PARA 68B 2) NOT ELIGIBLE-INSUFFICIENT SERVICE

    PS: I have joined my current company 7 months back. But having EPFO account for all the last 6+ years.

    Are they calculating only my last company experience for PF Advance? If not, how could I resolve this?

    Please help!


    1. Dear Shinde,
      yes your correct, your not transfer your previous PF amount to current employer, hence request will send to your current employer only its shows insufficient service because urs 9 month only, kinldy check if your transferred
      or not

  93. I applied for home construction pf withdrawal. But my request is rejected. I have in my account 1.20 lack empyee fund and 38 thousands employer fund. How much can I withdrawal.

  94. Hi Basavaraj
    I and my father are joint owner of property but the emi is paid by me.Can I withdraw from FP to pay housing loan presuming i have completed the no of years service and have accumulated PF balance

  95. My PF withdrawal for house construction got rejected due to INSUFFICIENT MEMBER SERVICE .I have been working since 8.8 years and i dont no the reason for rejection .

  96. Hello ,
    i am applying for a house purchasing advance , can i use the funds of my Pension or only epf share which i pay to pf and my company share , because when i opened a Pass book it has 3 coloumns , one mine and company share and 3rd was a Pension share , Please suggest , because my share and company share is totaling 6 lacks and if i include pension share its showing as one more lack totaling 7 lacks , can i draw 90 % of 7 lack or 90 % of 6 lacks

  97. Hi, I have started construction on my own site. Can you please let me know documents needs to be submitted required for pf withdrawl. Form-31 did not mention requirement for such documents

  98. Hi,

    I am planning to buy a flat, would like to withdraw my pf for making Down payment. When I raised the request online for construction of house it got rejected without giving any reason. I have raised a grievance for the same but haven’t received any response till now. Any idea about
    the defined timeline for grievances?

    Also my wife is trying to apply online for the same reason but we are not getting the option for construction of house both of us have same years of service. Any alternative option to apply?

    Thanks in advance.

  99. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for the blog.
    My flat is almost ready and I have to pay my contribution to builder now and the registration may be after a month or two. If I receive my of advance now through online application, can I use it for paying the builder now and keep remaining amount till registration which may be happening after one or two months?

  100. Sir I have purchased a Bda flat by karnataka government. Flat is in the name of my dad but Emi is payed by me. Loan is joint loan between me and my dad. I have completed 5 years of service to be eligible for pf withdrawl. Can I withdraw the amount if flat is in the name of my dad.

  101. Hello , I have bought an constructed flat from an builder in April 2017 by home loan. I have also closed all the dues to the builder in June 2018 . But currently in 2019, I am planning take my PF amount 90% under the construction/purchase of flat through my employer So in this case how should I proceed it ? What are the documents do I need to submit ?. Please help me on this regard .

  102. Hi,

    I have plot land and planning to start the house construction. Can i withdraw PF under construction of house option? if so, what are the documents i have to provide?

  103. I have the eligiblity for PF withdrawl. I am planning to construct a house on the land which is in my name. I am planning to give a labour contract and all material will be purchased by me. As such I want to withdraw some amount from PF. ( I have been member for 20 years). I want the DD/Cheque to be in Contractor’s name and the rest of the withdrawl amount in my account. Or I can have all the amount in my account and I can make the payment to Contractor as per our agreement (which I can share while applying). Is this mode of withdrawl possible?

      1. One followup question.. If I withdraw PF money for House Construction, Will it be taxable at any point in next 1 year.. I have 20 years of services, so I think there won’t be any TDS but since I had claimed rebate under Section 80C during all years of IT returns, will the amount I withdraw becomes taxable?

  104. I am completed 3.8 years (2years one company and 1.8 years another company) am I eligible to with draw my pf for house construction

  105. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for writing such an helpful blog.

    I booked an under construction flat recently (paid token amount) and I need EPF advance to pay down payment. I completed 6years of service.

    In online form, I don’t see an option to pay the money directly to the builder rather I see “Construction of House”. Is it ok to use “Construction of House ” option in online form and pay the down payment to the builder after receiving the EPF advance in my account linked to UAN (i.e. EPF -> to my bank account -> to builder)


  106. Hi Sir, I have applied for PF loan advance ( house construction). Current status shows as under process.
    1. Did i need to submit any form. If yes, what form and how to send in online?
    2. Did i need to show the proof of landbuilding documents.

      1. Thanks for your quick response Basa..
        Yes, i have already applied in online. But didnt submit any (composite claim) form. I have claimed for PF advance. I have completed 6yrs in one organization and joined in another company recently.
        how long they will take time to processreply?
        Will thy transfer amount or else they will ask for any document?
        Will thy provide 90% of PF amount or thy will reduce the loan amount?

              1. Hi Basu,

                I got this suggestion from a blog “Suggest you to transfer the funds from your previous EPF account to current one and then can apply for partial withdrawal.”

                Share your comments on it. Is it rite or any suggestion

  107. Sir I like to withdraw epf amount through online for purchase a plot but while submitting online claim there is no option for purchase of plot there is only one option related to this is construction of home can I use this option for online withdrawal

  108. Hello Basavraj
    I am buying a new flat straightaway from the builder. Option I am seeing in for 31 is ‘Contruction of House’. Should I use this for option for ‘Buying of Flat’.

    Also it is asking me to enter the amount. I want to withdraw whole of the eligible amount, which I understand is 90 % of total fund. Is it possible to withdraw more than 90 %. What if I enter more than 90% in the Amount. Will it be rounded off to max eligible or claim will be rejected.

    Best Regards

  109. Hello Basavaraj,
    Online PF claim is applicable for purchasing a flat?
    Because there were no option to provide supporting documents and builder details to get the cheque in favour of.

    Previously I have applied through online pf claim form 31 for para construction of house . After few days claim got rejected without rejection reason. I have raised the concern in grievance portal.

    Please assist how to proceed further.

  110. I have withdrawn PF in 2015 for renovation of house, can i withdraw pf again for purchasing new flat as registration for the same flat has been complated.

  111. I have a service of 4.5 years and I am buying a flat on my mother’s name but home loan will be on my name.
    Can I withdraw pf from my account?
    I have given some amount to the builder but I am a little short on the full payment.
    How much time it takes to complete the process?

  112. Hi Bhuvanesh,
    My PF account is being managed by DKM trust. And i need to withdraw some amount to purchase a site in my wife’s name. Will they allow that? In the form 31, this is what the condition is “? Grant of withdrawal for purchase of site/house / flat in the name of the spouse is not permissible.” Dont they follow the EPFO rules ?

    Thanks in advance.

  113. Hi Basavaraj,

    Is it possible to withdrawn the PF amount for the flat registration purpose?
    If yes, then how much % max I can withdraw ?


      1. Actually house registration done recently.
        i want to give it for rent so i need money atleast kitchen woodwork, is there way to withdraw it?
        under house construction, as my existing homeloan is exhausted.

  114. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have applied for PF claim under house or flat construction. I have some doubts, Please clarify:
    1) I have worked in 2 company. First company work experience was 5 years & 4 months. & I have joined another organisation in Feb-2018. So I have 6 month of experience in present organisation. I have transfer my PF amount from previous employer to current employer & PF amount was credited to my present organisation’s PF account. So am I eligible to withdraw my PF amount under house or flat construction using Form 31?(as my present company exp is 6 month & total experience is near about 6 years) . Please conform.

    2) I have online PF claim under house or flat construction & status is showing “Under process”.

    3) As I have claim under house or flat construction, then I am eligible for 90% PF amount. Will 90% of PF amount will be a part of both Previous PF amount + Present PF amount (will the claim amount consider from my Previous PF amount + Present PF amount?)
    eg:- My previous organisation PF is 160000 & present organisation PF is 40000 then the 90% of claim amount would be from 160000 or 200000?

      1. As you say I am eligible for 90% of the amount but that 90% of amount consider from my Previous PF amount + Present PF amount? or It may consider only my previous PF amont?

            1. I have applied for PF claim under house or flat construction. & I have raised a concern on GRIEVANCE so got a reply as pending at DA level. Its already 20 days before I have applied for claim. What is the meaning of “pending at DA level”? How much day it will take to settle from this status?

      2. Hi Basavraj,

        Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Here is my situation is similar above like Sharadchandra, but in my case as below.

        Name: Prasad Vasadi
        I joined a company A – 24-Jan-2011, this company created a UAN and I transferred all my past companies PF to Company A account.

        In 2016 Company name A changed to B and management and staff remaining same.

        After changing the name to B, B created new UAN and new PF account number and they transferred, company A PF money to company B and CompanyB DOJ as 01-04-2016.

        Here I have an issue to withdraw money for House construction. i.e new UAN DOJ less than 60 months to full fill the PF rule.

        I am not sure, how to deal this, when I contact Company B i.e current company, simply said to deal with PF office and have been chasing them for last 2 yrs, no update yet.

        I raised PMO as well, but no luck.

        Please, could you suggest your thoughts on this?

        Is this case PF withdrawal possible for house construction?

          1. Thanks for your reply. I haven’t raised yet. I will raise now.
            Please, could you confirm, is this my case, PF can be withdrawn for the house construction?

              1. Thanks for your response.

                I have been trying to raise a complaint to EPFO Grievance Cell, I filled all the necessary information, but not showing an error or success after clicking submit button, simply back to same screen. I have tried more than 10 times. No Luck.

  115. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am EPF member since 2007 (i.e more than 11 Years now , 1 company 1 PF account, with UAN number & Aadhaar Verified)
    Now my questions are,
    1. If i withdraw my PF amount to repay my already existing home loan , Can i still go ahead and use the choice “You can use EPF balance to repay your home loan EMI either fully or partly as per your wish”.
    And Set my part of PF as EMI ?

    2. What would be the tax treatment for amount withdrawn for repaying the loan , will there be any TDS on the amount which is transferred to Loan account ?


      1. Thanks Sir
        little bit confusion about percentage of pf withdrawal for construction. Different site shows different percentage ;e 30%,48% or 90%


  117. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have overall 7.5 years of service with EPFO under a single UAN number (4.5 years in 1st Company + 2.5 years in 2nd Company + 7 Months in present Organization) with three different EPFO offices.

    I have also transferred all my PF accumulations to my current EPFO account.

    But when I raised PF withdrawal claim for house construction, it was rejected by EPFO saying the below reason.


    Please let me know if I have to update certain details under my UAN and how am I supposed to raise this claim.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        First of all, thank you so much for your prompt response.

        Besides, my current organizations EPF/EPS DOJ is Dec 2017, wherein my actual DOJ of EPF through my first organization (which is a EPF Trust) is Nov 2010.

        Do I need to request my current organization to make changes to DOJ of my current EPF account.

        Please let me know if any of these above factors are affecting my eligibility to withdraw PF amount.

        I have also raised grievance to my EPFO related to this.

  118. Plz mujhe btaye ki kyese pf ke acourding book karwa sakte hai or minimum pf kitne ka kata hona chahiye kya process hai

  119. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have total 5 yrs of exp (3yrs in 1st company and 2 yrs in present company). I have following doubts regarding the PF withdrawal for House Construction

    1. My PF transfer process is completed and i could see the amount got credited in to the present company’s PF account. But my DOJ still remains my 2nd companys’ joining date. When i checked with my present employer, they said “DoJ will not be change in Portal, only your services will be added to your account “. Is it correct?

    2. Withdrawal limit for House construction is minimum 24 months basic salary or total cost of the property, is it 90% of total PF amount?

    3. If it is 90%, then should i calculate the 90% of the amount or they will calculate 90% incase i enter full amount in the “Amount Required in the Applciation Form”. Bcoz it should not happen that my application gets rejected by entering full amount.

    3. Will the PF withdrawal amount is directly credited to my bank account linked with the portal? While applying online, there is no provision entering the builders’ account details right?


      1. 1. It should be your current DOJ. Please rectify the same with them –> It should be present employer DOJ or Previous Employer DOJ?

  120. Dear Sir,

    I did withdraw my PF online 10 days back, but still could see status as “under process” ..when I check with my friends they say usually it gets credited in 3days…Kindly advise

  121. Sir,

    May please advise. Is it admissible to withdraw loan from PF for second home as the first acquired thru PF loan has already been sold. Any EPF rule for getting loan second time .
    waiting for your kind advise

  122. Dear Sir,

    Today i tried to withdraw PF amount. But, I am facing the error message as below after submitted all details.

    Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).

    Can you explain me, how to sort out this issue?



  123. Dear Sir,
    I am buying a plot of land to construct a house. When I go to the UAN PORTAL for online application, it is only showing me “CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSE” as the option in PURPOSE field and not “PURCHASE OF SITE” , request your suggestion on what to do.
    Also they have not yet updated the interest accrued for FY 2017-18 which they normally do by end of march every year and now with this 90% limitation should I just enter the entire PF balance I have in the “AMOUNT REQUIRED” field and let them handle all the calculations?
    I will really appreciate if you can help me out.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishant Pundhir

      1. Thank You sir, I shall just enter the entire pf balance I have and let them handle all the calculations.
        And what should I do about the PURPOSE field as it is not showing me the option of PURCHASING OF SITE ?

  124. Hello Sir,

    If I opt for PF withdrawal for housing loan will it include EPS amount as well even after 10 years?

    Will i able to withdraw employee+employer+pension in total amount?

    Thanks & Regards

  125. I am the member of the PF for more than 3 years and i want to remove my 90% PF amount for home construction but when i am applying it is still showing as 60 months which means 5 years.
    Could you please confirm whether it is 3 years or 5 years.

      1. HI,
        am also facing the same problem, when am trying to process the claim online…. is the EPFO rule amended or not?

  126. Hi Sir,

    I need to withdraw EPF for house construction purpose. I have UAN and adhar and mobile bith are linked to UAN.

    I wanted to know, what evidence for house construction I would need to submit and at what stage?

    I mean i need to provide any evidence initially while initiating the claim? or at some later stage?

    Thanks in advance.

  127. Hi Sir,
    I purchased a site in 2016, Now i’m planning to construct the house. So I need to withdrawn PF amount. I have completed 6 years employment in one organization. Please let me know the documents which i need to submit and how many days it will take to credit many into my account?

  128. I have 2 UAN for 2 PF account of different employer
    2-3 month back have transferred my old epf account to current epf account ,but problem is that old UAN is also live till now and old pension amount showing their,
    now need to withdraw advance PF for house construction but portal not allowing me due to below 60 month current PF account, while my old PF service was 7.5 yrs and new PF service is 2.3 yrs

    what should i do

  129. I’m planning to buy a flat under construction. I’m Member of epfo since 6yrs. Don’t have enough money to make the down payment. Possession is in April 2018. I want to withdraw pf for making down payment. What are the things I need to provide to epfo? And to whom the amount will be credited?

    Thanks in advance!

  130. Hi

    If PF advance amount withdrawn and used for buying flat and this amount needed to be repay?


  131. Hi,

    I am PF member since last 6 Years. Now I am going to by Plot from a farmer in Authority sectors. Plot will sell by Farmer and all the payment need to go farmer directly via chaque or online transfer. Property on his name currently.

    Can I withdraw PF for Down payment or for Registry in this regard. Construction will be done after 2 years. as per authority norms.

    EPFO will sent money to farmer account or they will send it to my account and after that i can transfer the amount to farmer.

    How many days it will take to complete the claim to settle after submitting online request.
    Thanks in advance

    Anoop Yadav

  132. My PF funds are managed by a trust (per my company policy). I have completed more than 23 years in service now and need a small amount to pay as booking amount to a builder in Bangalore. Is it possible for me to get the amount in my account and then I write a cheque to the builder for advance? What does the rule say?

  133. Hi,

    I have 1 query. I am able to withdraw my PF amount, I was requested for 90% of amount including employee and employer. But now I can check the status via track my claim its showing me exact half amount. They did neft yesterday so probably I will get money on Monday. Can you explain my I can see exact half amount on track my portal?

  134. Hi,

    As discussed earlier i have transfered my old company PF to new company. I can see the entire amount got transferred to new account except pension fund. Now I am facing new issue, the DOJ EPF is my new company joining date it should reflect my old company joining date. Due to this I am unable to withdraw my PF amount.

  135. Hi Sir,
    I am working in Public limited company, and completed 4 Yrs and 10 months of service, Now i urgently required Loan from PF for construction of House. But they denying for accept application for not completed 5 years. Company HR has told me still 5 years time limit is maintained in PF for withdrawl limit.

    Can you please advice, is it possible for apply now ( 4 yrs + 10 months completed )

  136. Claim-Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Purchase of Dwelling House/ Flat from a Promoter) is approved for payment via cheque. Payment under process.
    I have applied for this partial withdrawal through my employer. for Purchase of Dwelling House/ Flat from a Promoter. My employer told me fund will be credited into member account only than as per this status it is showing payment via Cheque. Please clarify.

  137. I have spent 4 years with my previous company and with the present company I have spent 1year 4 months.I am using the same UAN no as I used in my previous company as I have not withdrawl money and transferred the pf balance to the new company which I joined.Can I now withdraw money for my house which I have booked as per the new policy of withdrawl.

  138. Dear Basavaraj,

    I am looking your assistance in 2 topics:

    1. I want to do partial withdraw of my PF account as I have attained eligibility criteria of minimum five years in my organization, I am looking for 20% initial down payment of my new flat though this. You mentioned above that if your aaadhar & bank account details are seeded correctly in UAN (which is in my case) withdrawal can be made directly to employee so do we still required to fill the physical form and send cross cheque bank leaf to EPFO?
    Could you please clarify because as per my understanding everything is just need to be online.

    As per your block “EPFO will not transfer the money to you, instead to the Cooperative society, Central Government, a State Government, or any Housing Agency under any Housing Scheme or any promoter or builders as the case may be, in one or more than one installments as employee authorize the EPFO.”

    2. Claim website of EPFO UAN is down since last 2-3 days, I assume interest calculation will be going on these days but any assumption when it can be available again for the people ?

    1. Checked with PF office today. Looks like it will be back in 5 days. But, no guarantee. I am also waiting for applying PF withdrawal for the past one week.

  139. I need to apply PF withdrawal for a re-sale home. Can you please tell me the documents required to submit in this case (sale agreement) for applying

    1. I assume you are buying a resale house.No documents other than the Aadhar card copy and PAN card copy ,Form31 and a Form 31 decln,a cancelled cheque

  140. Sir please guide me
    (1) which challan to be filled by a tenant to deposit/remit TDS in bank on rent paid to NRI landlord?
    (2) Is it necessary for a tenant to obtain TAN no. or PAN no.will do?

  141. My PF is settled for house purchase and amount credited to my bank account directly. However I have already registered last month through borrowed amount from friends (As My PF was earlier rejected for missing documents and we provided it) . Can I just use my PF money to repay or should I use some process so that I dont violate any terms.

  142. Hello Mr. Basu,

    I am having an ongoing home loan from HDFC Ltd. I want to pre-pay it (fully/ or partly) with some of my savings and an amount maximum from PF withdrawal. I fulfill all conditions for the same.
    My questions:1) Is HDFC Ltd comes under the set of institutions which are eligible for payment from EPFO.
    2) If yes, what is the mode of payment, a DD or money goes to HDFC account directly.

  143. I have withdrawn an amount from my EPF account in November 2013 for the construction of my house. Now I want to withdraw from my account again for the modification of my house. Is it possible now? What is the procedure? How much percentage I can withdraw? Please reply……….

  144. I thanks for this info. Iam constructing my home by self, almost 70 percent finished. The price for construction material shot-up, and I need money. Can, I apply for PF withdrawal?

      1. Thanks, In this particular case, I was not able to understand rules for own construction, that too partially completed. Any input, 🙂

  145. Hi, Thank you for information provided.
    I have applied for EPF withdrawal to pay my home loan, so just have couple of questions.
    1. My PAN Status says uploaded (not verified), but Aadhar is uploaded and verified Demographically.
    Will this have an impact in processing the request?
    2. How long does it take to complete the request which is requested online?

        1. Satish, I had the same problem. Called the PAN office checked first name, surname, etc and put accordingly for PAN verification in epf website. Also, you need to ask your company to verify it.

  146. Hi Basavaraj

    Earlier I have added Pancard under UAN but there was name mismatch with Pancard and Aadhar card. Now I have updated Pancard and Aadhar card with same name, but now I am unable to see my Pan details on UAN portal. I tried to add Pan details again but getting error (error while PAN authentication. Could not send message ).

      1. Sheryas – you click the KYC tab and see the bottom side of the page which will have your updated AADHAR and PAN details. Ask your employer to approve your name corrections. If it is done, the field officer in EPY office will take 5 days to very and approve. You will receive SMS / email for the same.

  147. Hello Basavaraj,

    Few month back I claimed PF and was able to get the advance for the house construction. But that time I was not sure about the withdrawal percentage and have just withdrawn 40% of my total amount. Now can I claim it again for the construction?

    Thanks in advance…


  148. Hi , I have changed my company before 7 months , and I have withdrwan my PF amount but till now I have not received my EPS amount. will you please tell me how do I get the EPS amount.

  149. Thanks for the detailed info. I am planing to construct house with land + construction loan. I would be getting loan as per guideline value. My query is, can I opt for home loan and also withdrawal from PF?

      1. Hi I am in similar situation as Vignesh. However, I would like have some more clarification on this statement “EPFO will not transfer the money to you, instead to the Cooperative society, Central Government, a State Government, or any Housing Agency under any Housing Scheme or any promoter or builders as the case may be, in one or more than one installments as employee authorize the EPFO”.

        I am planning to engage a contractor/builder for constructing my new house. If the amount is directly credit to builder/Contractors account then how do we ensure there is control over the payment from our side. What if the builder/contractor fails his commitment after getting the EPF amount into his account.

          1. ok, I have not seen that option so far. I may have to re-check it Thank you Basvaraj for the quick reply.

            Kind Regards

  150. Hello Basavaraj,

    I’m holding two PF account and have recently transferred the old account balance to the new one.

    Previous company working tenure was 4.5 years and the current company is more then a year now.

    So please help me to understand if I can withdraw the PF for my house construction as total working is more then 5 years.

    Is it tax free or do it need to pay tax for withdrawal?

    Awaiting for your response… Thanks in advance.


  151. Hi Basavaraj, I need to withdraw pf for construction of house and I can see that option available online EPF claim under form31. Using that option how much percentage I can claim to my bank account?

    1. Hi Prabhat, did u apply? and if yes how much amount did u get? and did that get transfered in your bank account directly?

  152. Thanks for your enlightening post, have a small query we have a ancestral property transferred on mine and my brother’s name on my father’s death. I am constructing house on my share of land, I am PF member since last 21 years and want to do partial withdrawal for construction will it be possible

  153. Hello Basavraj,

    I sincerely appreciate your efforts in simplyfying the information related to EPF withdrawal for property purchase. I have been reading various articles on use of EPF for downpayment of Housing loan. In all the cases, I have noticed that the they have mentioned buying of a new property. I wish to buy a resale flat, please let me know if I can use my EPF funds.
    Please note that the flat is about 10 years old and does not have a cooperative society formation. Also, note that my EPF account is 4.9 years old.

    Thank you!

    1. There is absolutely no problems with that.In your case since it is a resale the money would be transferred into your account and not the sellers account and you would need to pay the seller.I had a similar experience and the pf money was received in about 30 days time from time of receipt of the application form at the pf office.All the best.I suggest you wait for 3 months for your account to complete 5 years,else there is a strong possibility the forms would be rejected citing account has not completed 5 years.

      1. Hi RANJIT ,
        Thanks for the information. Can you please confirm if we need to submit any documents (sale agreement) for applying for resale home

  154. Hi Basavaraj,
    I am running a loan on my home. Need 6L for registry. Can I get that amount from my PF account?

  155. Property is owned by me and my wife, we have started the house construction.

    I have 6 years exp in my firm, construction is costing me 50+ lakhs.

    Can I apply for pf withdrawal for house construction? Or should property be only in my name?

  156. Hello Basavraj,

    Very informative post however I have a query here. I have my Aadhar linked to my UAN Number and when I try to do a partial withdrawl it shows the construction of house reason in RED and doesnt let me select the option. I have joined EPF on 16-JUN-2014( Previous maintained as inhouse by HCL).

    You say that for the construction of the house only 3 years with EPF would suffice where as here it shows minimum 60 months.

    I bought a flat in July 2015 and want to do a part principal amount through EPF which I cant. Please help me in this regard.

    Thank you in advance

      1. Thank you for your swift response. Could you let me know the mail id of the grievance cell if there is one specific to Hyderabad region.

        Once again thanks for your prompt response


  157. Hi,
    Thanks for your very informative blog.

    My house is jointly owned by me and my mother. Can I withdraw from my PF for house reconstruction?

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I read that the property should be jointly owned with spouse. In my case, my wife does not own the property

      1. Thanks for your quick reply.

        In that case, can I avail a construction loan in my name and use PF to pay the loan?

        I realize it would work out a little expensive. But would it be possible


  158. Hello Basavaraj, First of all thanks for your post..

    I have purchased a flat 2years back with 80 percent of loan. Remaining 20 percent was paid by myself.

    Now for possession I need to pay the final amount of 9 lacs to proceed with the registration.

    My remaining loan amount to be paid bank is around 4 lacs. So I need to arrange another 5 lacs to proceed with registration.

    Here my question is can I withdraw the partial PF amount for paying that 5 lacs to builder?

    Please help with your suggestion, thanks in advance…


  159. I was with infosys for 4.3 years and initiated the pf transfer to my TCS pf account where am currently working with 9 months of experience. My question will i qualify the 5 years eligibility to apply advance?
    Thanks in Advance!!

      1. Thanks for your comment Basavaraj. So I can apply for advance through my current employer even though i have only 9 months of pf account with them, but based on my 4.3 years of existing employer pf account transfered to current employer. Am I eligible to apply now with 4.3 years + 9 months?

  160. I purchased site on 2015 through housing loan now I cleared the housing loan through epf. And how I fill and what types document attach to epf form 31.

  161. I have got the possession in flat. And I need advance EPF for the payment of registration fee. Is it possible or not. And what is the procedure?

  162. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I want to avail EPF loan for alterations/repairs at my parental owned house . Is this facility granted as I have gone through the rules and regulations which specify that the house should be owned by self . Hence request clarification / alternate solutions on the same . I have completed 13 years of my service .

  163. Can I withdraw PF to buy a flat in a pre launch apartment project. The project is planned to complete in year 2020.
    Fyi.. I have never withdrawn my PF before for any cause.

  164. I want to withdraw my PF to buy a flat. I have 7.5 years of experience. I have closed my first company PF in 2013.
    I have PF relationship from 26th Sep 2013 to till date. (4+ years as of now) .In between I switched to different company and didnt close any PF instead i Transferred to current PF account. Am i till eligible to withdraw. Please help.

    Because my company says 5 years of continuous service is needed.

      1. Today i visited Chennai-Tambaram PF office, they said 5 years of continuous service in PF is mandatory.
        Is this true ? Shall i go ahead and apply for part withdrawal.

  165. I want to avail epf loan for construction of my house at village, what document I have to submit, shall I get the loan amount direct in my account.

  166. Hi,

    I work for TCS which is a ‘Exempted PF Trust’ and have total work experience of 7.5 years. I want to ‘Withdraw 90% of PF’ to purchase a Site from “Karnataka Government’s Agency – Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)”. Could you please let me know how i can go forward i.e.

    1) Will only ‘Composite Form’ suffice ? If YES, which option in the composite form should i opt for to get 90% withdrawal i.e. Final PF Settlement, Pension Withdrawal Benefits, PF Part Withdrawal
    2) PF Part Withdrawal limits the amount to either 24/36 months of wages depending on Site/House. How can 90% withdrawal be mentioned if this option is to be selected ?
    3) Can i initiate it within my company or thru Regional EPF office?
    4) Will this ‘90% withdrawal’ include my ‘Pension Benefits’ as well or only ‘PF amount’?
    5) Can i withdraw my ‘Pension Amount’ also along with my ‘PF Amount’ ? If YES, please let me know the steps to avail the same.

    with regards

  167. I took pf advace for house building purpose. Now I want to repay homeloan. Is it possible to take advance again from the pf

  168. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have a doubt regarding PF withdrawal towards purchase of flat.
    Should I withdraw PF, before registration of the flat? Or can I withdraw after flat registration also.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Daniel Rex P

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Actually the company i was working for was acquired by another company. They have not yet initiated the PF transfer. And for me the flat registration is planned within a month. Can i withdraw the PF through my previous employer?


        1. If the PF account still shows the employer name as your ex-company,then you would have no problems withdrawing it via your ex company.If employer name has been changed to your new company,then the advance would have to be initiated via your new emplyer.

  169. Hi ,

    I purchased a flat in 2016 and occupied in 2017 Feb. Currently I am paying EMI for this housing loan . Can I use a part of my EPF to pay monthly EMI for a specific period i.e one year .

      1. Actually I checked in my office . They are saying I can’t use EPF balance for EMI payment since according to my office staff EPFO requirement is for EMI , Housing society should be formed first then this society should take the construction of house .

        Please provide some more clarity on this, mine is a private developer and it consist of more than 500 houses . This month we are going to formed APARTMENT OWNERS ASSOCIATION.

          1. Thanks Basavaraj. Still having doubt since my office staff saying he received this information from EPFO . But as you suggested I will go myself and check.

            1. Hi Basavaraj,

              Today I went to EPF Chennai office regarding EMI payment enquiry. But it seems employee there in Enquiry section has limited information . He didn’t know about this new rule and form.
              Could you please answer below query to help me on this.
              1. Do we need to attach EPF Composite Claim form along with Annexure III 62BD form?
              2. Do we need Employer’s attestation in case of Aadhaar not updated with EPF ?
              3. Do we require to submit any other proof documents along with 62BD Form ?


                1. Basavaraj,

                  I could not understand 1 st answer . Let me rephrase ” To get partial withdrawal for Home Loan EMI . Do I have to submit only Annexure III 62BD form or both EPF Composite Claim form along with Annexure III 62BD form.

                  Also there is no point mention in the EPF Composite Claim regarding Annexure III 62BD.

              1. Basavaraj is correct.The only form now a days that needs to be attached for advance withdrawal is the Form 31 AND the form31 declaration form.Alongwith that you will also need to submit your Aadhar Card copy and PAN card copy-both self attested and a cancelled signed cheque which has your name printed.

                The form will have to be submitted via your current employer.

  170. Previously I have taken a loan for land purchase & two times for parental house renovation. Thereafter I sold out my purchase land with house & now I want to purchase a flat for my name I leave in rented house. There are some shortage of fund can I get a loan from EPF. I completed 27 yrs of service & retd. date 31.10.2031.

      1. At present I have no ownership house & I withdraw only 100000/- from my account. Now my account balance is near about 800000/- can I purchase a flat for me.

  171. i want to purchase a plot in mysore from a society. since this is a society plot, they do not accept one time payment.
    as and when they call for , i should pay. i meet all the requirements for the pf withdrwal.
    i do not have any other savings other than PF. COULD YOU please guide me, if I could request multiple times as and when the society calls for to buy the site.

    second query, can i use the PF money for one more site in future apart from what i would have used.
    please respond to me and the procedure for the same.

  172. I took already in the year 2017Advance from Pf for purchase of flat. Should I be eligible for taking advance again for house building loan repayment

  173. I already took advance from pf in this year for purchase of house. Now I want to repayment my home loan should I eligible to take the advance again.

  174. I have completed 4 years of service in an organization. Would like to take home loan down payment from my pf amount. what is the procedure? and is it mandatory to have 10 people along with me to apply for it

  175. Dear Mr. Basu,

    Iam joining a new company from next month. I will be getting Rs 6 Lakhs through my PF.
    I have taken a top up on home loan for Rs 6 Lakhs, Is it good complete this loan with the PF money or transfer the PF money to the new company. Pl suggest.

  176. Hi Basavaraj,
    For Construction of house on a site owned by member/spouse/jointly by member & spouse as per para 68B 1(c) did Declaration form required. “I asked for This standard declaration form will be discontinued from Feb 2017. Henceforth, there is no need to submit this form.” is it True!!!

  177. Hi Basavaraj ,
    I have 5.9 yr experience and need urgently withdrawals through (FORM 31) for my sister marriage but as per clause ( para 68k ) there mentioned minimum 7 yr of Membership/ period required. so i need your suggestion from which clause/para shall i prefer and did any declaration form needed for the same.

  178. I want to withdraw pf advace house building construction purpose. I had withdraw it before for purchase of land. Should I be eligible for again withdraw. Or any time gap between the same.

  179. I have my Aadhar and bank account seeded to my UAN acc . I get options online to withdraw. I intend to do a partial withdrawal through the online channel. Do I still need to fill the composite claims form. If yes do I submit it to my employer ? Can u please explain the online process step by step. Also if you could kindly advice about the prime ministers housing scheme as this will be my first purchase of a house and if I can avail any benefits under the scheme.

  180. For Partial PF Withdrawal to purchase a Flat , We need to summit Withdrawal form and other docs to the EPFO office where we hold the account ? I mean my PF account is in MH/BAN and my office is in Gurgaon
    In this case I will have to send docs to Maharashtra/Bandra or I can do it in EPFO office in Gurgaon/Haryana ?

    1. Sachin,Only the Form 31 and declaration form are to be submitted.This is to be submitted via your office (usually HR).The form needs to be signed by the employer and once signed,the form would be submitted to the office where your PF Account is held.In your case,your HR would send it to the EPFO at Gurgaon (this is usually done via the PF consultants whom most corporates engage now a days).There are no additional documents or plans other than the form 31 that needs to be submitted.Once submitted within a span of 7-10 days you would receive a Claim ID via SMS,which can be used for tracking the progress.Please remember to send a cancelled cheque and Aadhar copy and PAN copy alongwith the form 31 and declaration.

      1. I am have a similar situation as Sachin, Ranjit you can please guide us to whom the withdrawal money will be given.

        1. The money would be transferred to your SB account and you would need to disburse it to the builder.In case of a direct purchase from an agency or a builder,the money would be transferred to the builder directly.

  181. I am planning to buy a Builder Floor ,No member of a co-cooperative society or a society registered for housing purpose.
    Do we need to provide any Docs related to Flat like Registry etc ? what all docs required in this case ?

  182. I want to withdraw my PF for purchase of under construction flat by builder. How can I become a member of registered housing society, as this is pre-condition for withdrawing as per new notification.
    Registration number is asked in Annex-1

    1. Anshul-I doesn’t think this is a sole criteria. Because all employees can’t buy property only through housing society. Check with EPFO if you have doubt. In my view, this is not the MUST rule.

      1. Can you please check and confirm this. I had the same question that how can one become a member of a housing society to buy a flat of our choice ?

  183. Hi Basavaraj,

    In your article, you’ve described the process for partial withdrawl for the purpose of flat purchase from a builder, in which case EPFO will transfer money directly to the builder. What about construction of a house on a self owned plot. Will EPFO transfer money to my bank account in this case? There is no professional builder/seller involved here. I have a plot in my name and I wish to construct a small house. Please advise. Thanks.

      1. Thanks, Basavraj. Also, a PF consultant told me that only 50% of my contribution can be withdrawn (for partial withdrawl) from my PF account. Please confirm if this is the case. I have taken a loan from HDFC for the plot that I will build the house on, please confirm if there will be any objection from EPFO in this regard, as though the plot is in my name but there’s a pending loan against it. Thanks.

  184. Hi Basavaraj,

    Intend on buying a flat from a single owner.In this case,would you be kind enough to advise what would be the procedure to request for a partial withdrawal(any documentation from the existing owner?),as well as would the amount be transferred directly to the existing owner?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers Ranjit

    1. Ranjit-There is no clarity in this regard. I am sure, you may buy and they will directly credit the money to seller. However, there is no clear guidance in this regard. Better you check with local EPFO (I am sure that they too don’t know).

      1. Many thanks for your prompt reply.I just did some digging around and finally found that the Secn 68 b of the EPF Scheme has detailed this point out.The money in such case would be transferred to the Member and the member can transfer to the seller.

  185. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for your Help.
    I want to withdraw PF partially for Addition alteration in existing house.

    What are the documents to be sumbitted to the EPFO along with the Claim Form ?
    Will the amount be credited to my account ?
    Can i withdraw 90% of the amount ?

    Thanks in advance

  186. Hi,

    Thank you for the article.
    In my case, I have already purchased a flat 2 weeks back. 90% loan from bank and 10% I arranged . Now I want to withdraw amount from PF to paint my flat, and also to repay money to my friends, from whom I Borrowed for registry n all.
    Is it possible to withdraw money from PF account, since I already purchased the flat.


  187. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for your Blog,
    I want to withdraw partially my PF amount,
    In My PF Account only my First and Last name is registered.
    My actual name is Three words in all Documents.
    Is it necessary that my PF account name should match with any of my document ? is there any parameter that they will check before they deposit the money to builder account ?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj,
        In one place you have mentioned that that amount will be deposited only to builders account. My builder says he doesnt have a Cheque book or a passbook as it is a corporate account.
        He is unable to give the cancelled cheque leaf.

        What is the Alternate way. Thanks in advance for your help !!

              1. the Builder says its an Escrow Account and the cheque book facility is not available for this kind of account.

                Anything can be done for this ?

  188. Hi Basu,
    How many days it will take to process the claim for part withdrawal ? (Form 31). I have submitted on 19th May and it is still in “Under Process” state.

  189. Hi i wanted to buy the flat. what are the documents required from my end?
    how many days it takes to withdraw my pf amount

  190. I am a Public sector unit employee. I want to purchase a new flat through a builder for which I will be availing housing loan from a nationalised bank. For Down payment I want to withdraw from my CPF account. My query is:

    1. Am I eligible to withdraw from my CPF account? If yes, How much amount I shall be eligible to withdraw from my CPF account?

    2. Since I will be also availing Housing loan from a bank am I required to be member of any cooperative society?

    3. What type of Co operative society is mentioned here?


  191. I have withdrawn PF amount in month of September, 2016 for the purpose of purchase of house. Can I avail tax benefit now on the same

  192. Dear Basavaraj,

    Firstly thanks for your blog its very help up !

    I am planning to buy a property and need to make a payment to the owner. I have been transferring my PF till date and never withdrawn. I would like to take advance from my PF and recently switched my job. I can do the PF transfer only after 60 days from the last working day with the previous organization correct.

    Please suggest if i wait and do the online transfer to my new account and then proceed further for taking advance. Please assist.

  193. Hi,

    I want to apply for advance partial pf withdrawal for construction of my house in my hometown. What documents are required. Plot is on my name.

  194. Hi Basavraj,
    This is very informative. I plan to withdraw epf for making down payment for the apartment I have finalised. I am unable to link my aadhaar to UAN from the portal ?
    1. Can I visit epfo and submit in physical ? How many days it will take to link ?
    2. Is it only composite claim form that I need to submit to withdraw 90% of the accrued amount ?
    3. Does the epfo make payment directly to the builder ?

    1. Rishi-Yes, if you are unable to link, then better to visit EPFO and try to link. Yes, the composite claim form is enough to withdraw the money. I already mentioned in above post that EPFO will directly transfer money to the builder but not to you.

  195. iam a newly registered establishments employer side person.
    Is an employee can withdraw all the contribution including Pension after leaving the service.
    Pls answer

  196. For exiting a member from our establishment ,they need error codes .
    What are the codes for death case and leaving job cases.
    Can you send all the error codes also

  197. where to submit application form? do i need to go personally to EPFO office or i can apply online. My account is Aadhar enabled.

  198. i already had a mortgage loan for the land(Plot) which we purchased in 2014 May.
    Am i eligible for partial withdrawal, so that i can close that loan?

    1. Venkatesh-If it is for the renovation of old property, then they might have gave you. However, in your case you already purchased it long back. Now you want to repay your loan. This I think not possible.

      1. Hi Basavaraj, i have applied for pf for purchase of house. I have given amount below 90%. But exactly half of the amount which i claimed was settled. How can i get the other half amount.

          1. Dear Sir,
            As we read various post that no supporting document will be required for epf withdrawl for house purchase or rennovation..only self declaration is sufficient..i would like to know..is the same applicable for exempted trustee establishment employer..

    1. Hello Dear

      My Employee share is 7000 and Employer share is 3,5 Lac so I need to apply under construction of house can I withdraw atleast 1.5lac.

      Pls suggest !!

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