How to transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal?

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Effective from 27th May 2017, you can now transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal. Earlier option of using OTCP (Online Transfer Claim Portal) is no more in use now. Hence, let us understand the process.

As I pointed above, earlier there was a separate portal meant for requesting online transfer claims. However, from 27th May 2017, that process was also brought into EPF Unified Portal.

Who can use transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal?

Before jumping into trying of this feature, first, let us understand who are eligible to transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal.

# You must be KYC complied.

# Those employees whose Aadhaar, Bank Account, Bank IFSC details seeded against their UAN in the Unified portal will only be able to transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal.

# However, Aadhaar is not mandatory for submitting an online transfer request.

# Your date of exit with reasons of exit from the previous establishment should be available in the unified portal.

# Your date of joining should also be available in the unified portal.

# Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted.

How to transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal?

Now you understood the eligibility conditions for transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal. Let us move on and try to understand the procedure for the same.

Step 1-Visit EPF Unified Portal Login Page.

EPF Unified Portal member e-sewa login

Step 2-Then the home page looks like below. Here, you have to select the option “Online Servies”.

EPF Unified Portal Online Services

Step 3-From the drop-down menu from Online Services, select “Transfer Request”.

transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal

Step 4-When you click the “Transfer Request” tab, then you can see your personal information like your name, bank details, contact details and all other stuff. Along with that, you will also the see the latest EPF account to which you want to transfer your old EPF account. The screen looks like below.

transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal details

Step 5-Now the next step is to select an employer from whom you want the PDF file which you download and about to send to be attested. Either you can choose your current employer or past employer. Along with that you also need to enter UAN number to generate OTP and also the transfer request PDF file.

transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal Step 1

Step 6-Then the next and final step is to enter the OTP you received and click on the tab “Submit”.  You are required to submit the signed copy of the transfer claim PDF to the selected employer within a period of 10 days.

transfer EPF online using EPF Unified portal Step 2

Once you send the online request and also submitted the PDF file to your employer, then the next process is purely left to your employer and the EPFO.

Hope this information will be a big relief to all those who are trying to transfer their earlier EPF accounts under the current UAN number.

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506 Responses

  1. In PF Transfer Form step-4 on epfo portal there are two fields- P.F Account No:- (which is coming autopopulated with some alpha-numeric value) and other field is PF Account No(Trust) which is blank text field. Please help me what should I fill here in this field.
    Isn’t both fields are same?.


  2. Thank you sir for your reply. Could you please advise on whether EPS transfer status from A to B will have any impact on further transfers? It was transferred offline between 2 uan and after raising multiple grievance status of thr claim was shown as settled, however old uan is still active and no information from that company is updated on second uan

  3. Hi,
    Please suggest on below case:

    EPF transferred from Company A(trust) to B(trust) with different UAN. EPS claim shows as settled in portal but old UAN is still active. Request was raised Offline. So EPS status is not clear.

    Now I need to transfer PF and EPS from company B(trust) and C(rpfc) to current company D(trust).
    Please suggest if I need to raise request in any sequential order or both request can be raised simultaneously.
    Also if EPS status of first transfer From A to B can have any effect on new transfer from B and C to D.

  4. Hi,

    I have applied for transfer PF amount. Amount is reflecting in the current PF account but also it is showing the msg. that “amt transferred but credit subject to verification”. This status is since last 2 months. Please guide is there something I need to do to get this cleared faster, because due to this I am not able to claim the amount.

  5. My PF transfer claim got rejected from previous employer stating “EPS DETAILS NOT RECEIVED HENCE REJECT & RETURN”
    What I need to do? Please hep with the next steps.

  6. Hi sir,

    i want to settle my pf account and i have claimed online for same but it got rejected showing mismatch in DOJ,
    And now i have filled joint declaration submitted it in regional office for the same(20 days ago), now i want to know that how do we know that our declaration has accepted & when i have claim again for settlement.


  7. Hi Sir,
    I have my KYC complied, DOE and DOJ updated in service history and matched my Mobile number with bank and UAN passbook.

    After entering the previous member id in one member screen, if i click on get details i am seeing an one line empty table with only heading of previous employment details.
    Also the “get otp” button is disabled.
    could you please help on this
    thanks in advance

  8. My transfer status shows “pending at previous employer”
    The transfer is from trust to non exempt firm.
    The trust has already provided Annexure K, with UTR No. And complete details of pf acccount to which amount is to be transferred. But when I approached Kandivali epfo, they are insisting on not having received the amount yet and which is why they have not credited it to my pf account.
    Its been 3 years that I have been running pillar to post.
    Trust says amount has been transferred.

  9. Hi Sir,

    I tried to transfer PF account, when I clicked ‘Get details’, a message is appearing saying that ‘Failed to verify UAN!!! Please try again later!!!!’. Do you why this message is coming up?

    Kind Regards

  10. Dear Sir,
    I applied PF transfer from previous company to current company on 21-4-2020 but still it is showing Accepted by employer pending at field office.still amount is not credited to my current member many days it will take to credit?

  11. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the detailed procedure. I have followed your procedure and applied for the online transfer in Dec 2019. My previous employer is a non exempt category and my present employer is an exempt category with its own trust. The online status changed to Accepted by field office, in Jan 2020. The passbook for my previous employer shows the amount transferred in Jan 2020 along with interest till Dec 2019. But when I check my present employer trust statement, my account doesn’t show the transferred amount even at the end of Feb 2020. I have checked with our finance person, who says I need to submit Annexure K But when I try to download annexure K from PF site, it says no exempted to unexempted provident fund transfer associated with the UAN.

    Appreciate if your help to clarify what could be the issue and what should I do to resolve this issue. Also, can you clarify who will be paying the interest amount for the months of Jan to March.

    Thank you,

  12. Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    – Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

  13. Why I am getting this error ” Details Of Previous Account Are Different Than Present Account. Hence Claim Request Cannot Be Processed”..

    Please help on this.

  14. Dear Sir,

    When i tried to do Transfer from my Old PF account to New Account, Present Employer Radio Button is grayed out, May i know the reason why it is getting grayed out?

    Hari Babu Divi

      1. I am trying to transfer PF money from Non Trust company to a Trust Company. I have a confusion in Step 4 where it is mentioned PF Account No.(Trust), Do i need to fill in my PF account number with the current employer or the current employer PF account number?

        Please Help

    1. Hai. When you move to a new company you need to wait for nearly 6 months to 9 months to make the present employer radio button active. Even after which if the present employer radio button is not active. (ie., if you are not able to click to the present employer radio button) please file a complaint in the grievance cell and share your experience here. Thanks!!!!!

  15. Hello,
    My previous organization was Govt. sector”Nigam”
    I want to transfer my pf account to present organization but it is giving an error that “trust details are not available against this id”
    Please help.

  16. My previous employer is PF trust. I have applied for PF transfer online and submitted signed form 13 to previous employer. Claim status shows “Accepted by field office”. But current passbook does not reflect the transfer amount yet. How much time it takes? And what will be the status when transfer is completed?


  17. Transfer Claim in Initiated, when previous employer UAN is submitted in the present employer UAN, the details are not available. Empty boxes with delete button shown and that also not allowed to click.

    Only if the previous employer details available i can choose and proceed to OTP process for Transfer Claim.

  18. Hi Basavaraj,
    My name is Dinesh I am trying to transfer by pf to trust using EPFO portal while enter the pf number Trust in step-4 and after submitting it says Invalid present PF A/C number. In case if PF A/C in trust differs from member’s PF A/C number, then maximum allowed length is 20. Please enter valid data. Not accepting my request to transfer. Please help me on the same ASAP.

  19. I currently don’t have access to my contact phone number in EPF website as I am not in India now. So to submit the transfer request, I will not receive any otp. Can I temporarily change my phone number for this and change it back once I have access to my old number?

  20. Hi,

    I currently have 2 active Member accounts. One is under a trust and another one is under EPFO. Both are under the same UAN. I worked for 4.9 years in the fist company and 2 years in the second company. If I withdraw these amounts separately, will there be a tax cut?

  21. I am trying to select my previous organization but it showing error “Trust details are not available against this member ID”. Please help

  22. “Amt. Received, Credit IS Subject TO verification” in Passbook transfer entry how long does it takes to disappear. Because of this i guess the transfer is not complete and my experience is showing less than 5 years while withdrawing. If the transfer is complete then i guess the experience should be above 5 years, since this entry alone has the 3 years of my experience, altogether it will go above 5 years of service.

    Both the PF accounts are Government PF account not the trust.
    Below is the logs of passbook. Kindly help me in resolving the issue.

    :PYBOM00602830000000048 )-Amt. Received,
    Credit IS Subject TO verification 113,145 75,287 0

    on the other Passbook..

    | Employee Share 0.00
    | Employer Share 0.00

    Claim: Against PARA 57(1) 113,145 75,287

    Please let me know.

      1. PAN is unverified state, hope that does not matter for withdrawal since the total years of service in Service History showing more than 5 years.

        1. Hi Babu.. Have you applied for withdrawal?
          I am also getting the same issue.
          Is it still showing”RANSFER IN – SAME OFFICE(OLD Member Id-
          :PYBOM00602830000000048 )-Amt. Received,
          Credit IS Subject TO verification” in your passbook?

          mobile number9963687474

  23. Dear sir ,

    I already applied form 13 & request goes to previous employer but employer says he already done transfer request , & EPFO says he doesn’t get any requests on claim status. Where is my EPFO.

  24. In “Details of present account into which transfer will be affected” section which PF details needs to be given on “PF Account No.(Trust) :” tab ?

    1. You will have PF A/C Number and EPS A/C Number. Just feed teh PF A/C Number. Check with your HR for account details.

  25. Hi,

    When trying to raise a PF Transfer request online from the UAN portal, my previous account details are not visible (PF account which needs to be transferred to my current account).

    Just a delete button is visible under the section “Select details of previous accounts (which are to be transferred)”. Both my previous and current PF accounts have the same UAN.

    The Grievance Cell has also not been helpful. Can you kindly suggest a solution?

    1. Hi Deevyaa,
      Please check that your previous PF account details is having DOE and DOJ i.e. date of exit and joining. If not available please contact your last employer for the process for update.

    2. You will get this error in IE and Edge. Try with Chrome or FireFox. It worked for me after the same error in Edge.

  26. Hi Sir,
    I had worked with one organization from 2015 till 2017
    then working with another organization from 2018 till present with the one year gap between both the organization.

    Now I would like to withdraw PF of previous organization but under claim column I am getting option for current organization only so please let me know what should I do to claim the previous organization I am not getting option for the same

  27. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have worked with two employers in India and have claimed the settlement from both already.Now I’m trying for immigration and the authority has asked to submit the employment history for my first employer. I have got the UAN and PF no.of second employer and activated the UAN online.Now I can access the member passbook and service history of second employer and is fine. But when trying to link the first employer PF no.with this UAN using One employee- One EPF acc option, its giving error as “Online claim req can’t be processed as Present employer has not made payment in your PF acc”. I have contacted my second employer and they are saying that they can’t help me in this issue as the payment was claimed.

    Could you please suggest what should be done in this case.Is there any option to get the first employment details, kindly advice. I’m currently working abroad.

    Thanks & regards,

  28. I have Received the FORM PARAMETERS TAMPERED error.
    Then I tried attestation with present employer rather than previous employer, It works.

  29. Hello sir,
    The current EPF UAN site has an option for ONE PF one account.I have used the same and transferred my earlier accounts to current company.
    I used the option “attested through current employer”…They have done the same.What are the next steps and how much time it takes to effect the transfer.

    Earlier during OTCP transfer, we could see the entire trail and process, is there a similar way where we can track the transfer.

    Best regards,

  30. Dear basavaraj,
    I have applied for online transfer request form.After transfer of PF from previous employer to present.Let me know how to withdraw my full amount of PF that had trasfered.

  31. Dear Basavaraj,

    I worked for two employers and both had paid pf’s and i could see both companies member id’s in UAN portal. i have done AAdhar and KYC authentication as well.

    I left my first job on 2nd novembr 2015.
    I left my second job on 31st april 2016.

    I havent done any merging of accounts in UAN portal.
    Also, I havent been employed after my two jobs.
    Now, i am trying to withdraw my PF balance online and i am only able to withdraw from my second employer PF. also, if try to merge both member ID’s i am getting an error message saying transfer claim cannot be processed as present employer is not making any payments to EPF.

    Please help me to find a way to withdraw my PF amount from previous employer as well.

  32. Dear Basavaraj,
    I have 1 UAN and two of account. I want withdrawal my both account amount.But when I claim for it there is not showing my previous Pf account.Because of some reason I couldn’t give resign in my previous company.I want to withdrawal my pf amount without previous employer.what can I do.please give me some suggestions.

  33. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have single UAN account.I was changed the two companies and now i want to transfer the all the PF account amount into present employer account.

    But while transferring the old account its giving the error ” Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

    Can you please suggest me to what i need to do ?

  34. Dear Basavaraj,

    Can I get the form attested though my present employer even if I selected previous employer for “Attestation through:”
    Can I resubmit / edit the transfer request.

      1. Dear Sir, Could you please advise the proceedure as how we can resubmit / edit / cancel the transfer request done to the previouse employer. Since my previous organisation is shut down they are no more attesting the form and hence i need to resubmit it to my present employer. Also advise how long it will take to get confirmation that the request has been cancelled sucessfully.

  35. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have all the details updated in my UAN however, I do not get the previous employers details after I enter Member ID / UAN. Is there something that I am missing for online transfer? The UAN Id for both my previous employer and current employer is the same. I have two data’s showing in the service history as well.

    Please assist.


  36. Hi,

    I worked till 2009 in one organisation .
    and from 2009 to 2011 in one organisation.
    from 2011 to till date working in one organisation.
    For current organisation I have UAN but previous organisations i don’t have UAN.
    How to transfer my previous two PF’S to current PF?


  37. Dear Basunivesh,

    I have submitted my PF transfer request from my old employer on 17-Jul-2018.
    I got a mail from them with Annexure-K document stating that transfer is completed on 26-Jul-2018.

    But the Claim Status is still ‘Submitted’ in my EPFO portal and I didn’t get the amount in my new pf account.

    Kindly let me know how to proceed.


  38. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am not able to initiate PF Transfer.
    I am getting the below error:
    Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    My PF Account Held By TRUST.

    Can you please help me in this case.

  39. Dear Basunivesh,

    I have submitted the online transfer request. It got rejected with below remarks.

    Claim-Form-13 (Transfer Out)(Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments)) Claim id-PBCHDxxxxxxxxxxxx Member id-PBCHDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has been rejected due to :- FROM 13 INCOPMPLET/OK

    It picks up the details automatically and all my details are correct on the UAN portal, Still it got rejected. Don’t know why its rejected because of incomplete form 13.Can you please help me in this case.

  40. Hello Basavaraj,
    My work experience is as follows,
    Organization A – Jan 2011 to March 2013
    Organization B – April 2013 to June 2014
    Organization C – July 2014 to June 2015
    Freelancing – July 2015 to Jan 2016
    Organization D – Feb 2016 till Date (No EPF as this is startup)

    All my EPF is dormant since I left Organization C, which means that the last EPF contribution was done in June 2015. For that reason, I want to withdraw everything. The simplest way to do that was online if all A, B and C are attached to my UAN.

    Now, in my UAN account, B and C are reflected but A is not reflected since at that time UAN was not applicable. I am not able to add A to my UAN online as it gives me following error,
    “Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.”

    Please suggest a way out of this situation. I would be really grateful.

  41. Hi Basavaraj,

    This query is regarding ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31,19 & 10C)

    Its giving msg Note:- Please verify your Bank Account Number by entering last 4 digit other than already shown. If displayed bank account doesn’t belongs to you or is closed , please update bank details(KYC) with latest Bank Account Number through Unified Portal / Your Employer before proceeding with Online claim.

    My Aadhar name (Vaibhav Shetter) is verfied KYC done in UAN card also(Vaibhav Shetter).

    My bank account name is different its (Vaibhav S) will i get any issue to online claim what?

    1. Dear Vaibhav,
      If your bank account details are already verified and approved, then go ahead for the process. The message warning you that whether there is any change in bank details or not.

  42. Hello Basavaraj,

    As you know from my previous queries, I got my EPF ( 2 account linked and then EPF withdrawn)
    Got the amount credited… but not the entire amount.
    1) My Passbook showed the withdrawn amount leave a difference amount balance ( though very less 1K change). The difference shows as the Balance in the passbook. Why have they left this balance and not transferred the entire amount ( Minus the TDS, which I can see they have deducted)
    2) Is there any king of acknowledgement for the TDS, I did not see any entry or note.
    3) Trying to withdraw the EPS now… since I couldnt withdraw both.
    I read that we could withdraw if the total service is below 5 years (which applies for me). Here I see the service dates of just my previous employer and not the one before that ( where the amount is higher). I tried applying but was seeing a timeout, will try again. If I withdraw, will it automatically draw both the amounts or is there any other way to check/ensure that.


  43. Hi sir,

    I am getting error as “FORM PARAMETERS TAMPERED” while transferring my PF from old to new company, could you please help me for it because since one year i am trying to transfer my old organisation PF.

    1. Hi mohammed, I have Received the same error and then I tried attestation with present employer rather than previous employer, It works.

      1. Even I have Received the same error and then I tried attestation with present employer rather than previous employer, It works.

  44. Dear Sir,
    EPF transfer claim has been rejected with the remarks –

    Claim-Form-13 (Transfer Out)(Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments)) Claim id-PYBOMnnnnnnnnnnnn Member id-PYBOMnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn has been rejected due to :- PLEASE CONFIRMT THE MEMBER DETAILS AND EPS ACCOUNT NO AND FORWARD THE SAME TO THIS OFFICE/K

    What does is means? Who need to confirm the details? My ex-employer or current employer?


  45. When I’m enter member ID the drop down list not showing my previous employer name from that account to transfer to my current company account. What is the reason my previous employer not showing when generate MID code and see drop down list where you can choose previous employer?

  46. After I submit the OTP, it says “Form Parameters Tampered.” what does it mean, & how do I transfer my PF now?

  47. i have put my pan in uan portal but it’s showing field and i want to withdraw my pf amount if pan is not match is there any deduction in my pf amount

      1. dear sir,

        is their any deduction if i am going to withdraw in this situation ( field verified of my PAN )

          1. dear sir,
            1. I put my pan in the portal but not verified what happened in this case if i am going to withdrawal
            2. and my service period 5 year 3 month .

  48. Hello Sir,
    I just had a query as mentioned in step5 where in we have select previous/ Current employer and also have to type UAN / Member ID.
    I did the same it did not show any error but I am not able to get details of any previous employment, it showed all column blanks. I was not able to proceed with next step i.e. enter OTP

  49. Hello again Basavaraj,

    A different question now.
    While withdrawing we get the Employee and Employer share of the amount ( Please correct if I am wrong)
    What happens to the Pension Contribution addition (which I guess is from the Govt.) Is that lost? or accumulated and given after a certain time like retirement age?

    Just curious.

  50. I have submitted the transfer claim form no 13 offline to my present employer and have received the acknowledgement on 6th MAR 18 from pf office but till date the transfer is not reflecting ,
    Also have raised the grievance regarding the same but there is no reply
    when checked the claim status online it says ” NOT AVAILABLE ”
    Is online transfer possible now ? if yes thn would i need to do kyc first since when i m doing it online it shows ” Previous employer not found

  51. Hi
    Hope you doing good!
    I have two PF accounts created by my two previous employers.Two UAN also, now the issue is i want to claim the amount of both the accounts but i am unable to as its showing different error for both.
    i already switched both the companies and i joined another one recently.
    Can you help me to resolve the issue as my previous employers denies to sort this out from their end.
    One of the account shows the error of mismatch of my aadhar card details as my DOB not matched in the account, when i looked the account i got to know that DOB was wrongly filled by previous employer.
    How to resolve this?
    In second account, issue is to enter the bank details from employers portal which i am unable to do now from my end?
    How to sort out this one?
    I am not getting any satisfactory answer from the EPFO departement.
    Looking for your positive reply sooner.

    1. Dear Manish,
      You have to correct DOB using unfiied portal of EPF members. If that not works out, then visit the concerned EPFO and apply for correction. Bank details are mandatory. Hence, you have to submit the details with your employer. However, if you still have questions, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  52. Hi sir,
    I have transfer EPF online but more than 16 days does not transper . retrive to transfer get this message”Transfer claim request is already submitted for previous account.”.How much day s to transfer EPF

  53. Hi sir,
    4 years back i left job and
    joined new job and transfered EPF amount to current epf account. How to apply for scheme certificate from old company since EPS amount is not transfered to current.
    Vinodh Kumar D V

  54. hi ,
    while iam submitting pf advance getting error like Request XML signature verification failed,
    plz help

  55. while online claim of pf withdrawal i am getting error “Request XML signature verification failed”

  56. Hello Sir,

    I am trying to transfer my previous PF account to my present company account. However I am not able to do the same there is error it says “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed

    Please help me in resolving this issue

    Awaiting for your reply

      1. Thank you for the response Sir. I have checked the KYC details and its all correct.
        Could you please tell me how to do I raise the Grievance cell online

  57. Hello Basavaraj,

    Firstly thanks for being so responsive here and posting this blog. Very helpful. I clarified few doubts by just reading here. I have couple of
    I have PF from my last 2 employers. Its been just 3 months since I stopped working. I applied for online transfer, from my previous co. to the current one ( where I worked till Feb’18). I have Form13 downloaded and will sign and hand it to my last employer (within 10 days).

    1) What’s next, what will my recent employer have to do. Do they have to submit this form 13 to PF office after attestation? Can they still be able help, in-spite of me not working there?

    2) Once done, if I apply for a claim, can we claim the entire amount reflected in the pasbooks. How long does that take?

    Thank you for your help!

      1. Hello again,

        Just wanted to update here, that post applying for the transfer online. I intimated my current Employer, and they have accepted the transfer ( Digitally signed ) and sent me an Acknowledgement. I guess I just have to wait and check if the passbooks are clubbed into a single account that I requested for.

          1. Hello,

            Just sharing an update that the Transfer has been successfully carried out.
            1 Jun – Submitted the request online
            4 Jun – the application was accepted by employer
            12 Jun – the request was accepted by Field officer
            18Jun – The transfer was done.

            I could stills see both passbooks. The older one had the total amount withdrawn ( for transfer) and another line item for some interest added after that.
            In the second ( latest) passbook the total amount was added in. But has a note
            TRANSFER IN – SAME OFFICE(OLD Member Id-
            :xxxxxxx )-Amt. Received,
            Credit IS Subject TO verification
            (Not sure if I have to wait till this is cleared or I can go ahead and withdraw the total amount)

  58. Dear Basavaraj ,

    To give you a brief idea about my situation, I had got 2 PF accounts under same UAN, one from the second-last employer and another from the last employer and I am not working any more. After I left me last employer I submitted PF withdrawal for both the PF accounts separately, since I didn’t know that I need to transfer the amount from older PF account to newer one. The claim for my older PF account got rejected and the claim for newer one got accepted and that amount has been credited to my bank. Then, I initiated PF transfer request from older PF account to newer one but the claim status is been “Accepted by field office” from last 10-12 days but the newer PF account’s passbook is not yet updated. Do you think I shall raise grievance request for that ? Also, if it gets updated soon, do you think I shall submit another withdrawal claim online on the newer PF account for the transferred amount or shall I submit the claim offline ?

  59. Hi,
    I left one company in 2014 and at that time no UAN concept, Then i joined another company in 2015 and got UAN number i left this company also and currently am running my own company.

    I would like to with draw my PF so i approached both the companies they suggested to do it online as i already have UAN. I was trying to first get transfer of my 2014 company amount to the UAN account so that i can withdraw both the comapny amount. I follwed the steps was able to see personal information, Details of present account in which transfer will be effected, But am not able to see option of Details of previous accounts (which are to be transfred).
    So am not able to move forward. And both the company are claiming that if we UAN account we have to withdraw PF online only. Kindly suggest.

      1. Online claim request cannot be processed as :-

        Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

        what should i have do plz help me

  60. Hello Sir,

    I have applied for transfer of my PF from 1st establishment to 2nd. The PF transfer has the status of Accepted by field office, but the amount is yet to be credited in my PF passbook. I have recently joined 3rd company. I have raised a grievance 4 days ago and still awaiting for reply. May i know, if i need to do something for Passbook updation ? How much time does it take generally for passbook to reflect once status changed to Accepted by field office ?

  61. Hi Sir

    I have two pf accounts from different employers but UAN is activated . I am not working with any of those employer any more but i want to withdraw my pf . Do i need to consolidate my accounts or separately i can withdraw from both of them.

      1. Sir

        I can withdraw separately as you said , can it be done online because my accounts have different regional offices .

          1. Sir

            One last thing does withdrawal from one account affects any chance of withdrawal from the other account .

      2. i have 2 pf accounts, both from former employers, I followed all the steps. clicked on previous employer and entered my UAN number. However the OTP link does not click. I dont know where im going wrong. Can you explain why i am facing this issue?

        1. It may be because of detailed to be filled by employer are not completed e.g. Date of Joining, Date of Exit etc.

  62. Hi I raised a request for transfer from one account to another for same UAN. However before it got settled I raised the claim request from the latest of account. Due to this I didnt get the pf amount from the old company and i got it from the new company only. I raised another request for pf settlement but it got rejected. Kindly help me for the same

      1. I want withdrawal. The thing is that i raised a transfer request from one account to another. Before it was completed I raised a claim request due to which I couldnt get the complete pf amount. Please tell me what to do now

          1. The request is completed both transfer and claim and I could not get the complete amount. I got the amount from the latest company only but couldn’t get from the old company. Please help me with this

  63. Hi Basvaraj,

    I initiated PF transfer using one member one pf service in UAN
    In Transfer claim status page I see claim status as “Rejected by field office” – I do not see any more details, How can i know the specific reason for rejection.


    1. Hi sivaram, could you please tell me how many days it took for website to give that status. Thank you so much.

  64. hi,

    I have raised PF transfer request in 2016, then it was someother portal(not unified portal). The amount was transferred and i was able to see service period also added in the old portal. Now after EPFO migrated to new portal, am unable to see previous service history.

    Then I observed that my previous UAN is still active and has different name on it. I got my previous UAN details updated and now want to link both the UAN’s so that my service history is in tact.

    How do i link my UANs now? As amount is already transferred.
    Please advice.


  65. Dear Basavaraj,

    How long will it take for PF transfer, through previous establishment ? (online method)
    I have initiated transfer request through online portal and submitted the ONLINE TRANSFER CLAIM FORM [FORM 13 (REVISED) ] to my previous establishment.


      1. Dear basavaraj, I have almost done 2 months back , still now status is submitted only. What could be reason, why this much late. If I ask HR he said, there was some closed down in PF office, now they have many tickets, so it will take may or still far. Is it true. Thank you so much

  66. I have 3 pf account under my UAN do I need to transfer all the amount to my current employers pf account to raise pf advance or I can get it without transferring it into the current one?

  67. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have been trying to raise a claim to transfer amount from my old PF Account to new one, but whenever I submit the form after entering OTP I get “Form Parameters Tampered” error.Its been months I have been getting this error. I raised this at also but haven’t heard back from them. Is anybody else also getting this error?.Is there any offline method to do this?


    1. I got it fixed. Basiscally the present employer PF no. is already displayed and it asks to enter PF number again, here don’t enter entire number just the last 5 digit i think which is trust number, then it submitted. vijaypvj at hotmail

  68. Hi, I have 2 PF accounts on one UAN. The second account is showing in the raise claim option but the first one is not coming there.

    Any particular reason?

      1. facing this error whoil applying EPF online Please update your latest Bank account no. and valid IFSC details through your employer/Unified Portal.

        PLS HELP ME


              1. kyc & merge two AC’s to one UAN done

                when i’m going claim / withdrawal total EPF amount it’s showing only PF advance

                i want to withdraw total ammount ?

                    1. Hi thanks for the support,

                      online portal showing claim settled but amount credited in my account ???

                    2. online portal showing claim settled but amount not credited in my account ???

          1. found this error . ppls help

            Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).

  69. Hi

    On the Unified Portal, I am looking for Claim form 19 & 10C. But my DOE is showing as “Not Available” because of which only form 31 (advance from PF) is showing in the drop-down. I resigned on Dec 29 2016, how can I update this information in the unified Portal along with other details regarding resignation?

    Please advise.

    Thank you in advance

  70. Dear Sir,

    after fallow all step and accepted by the employer how many time to get claim transfer from old uan to new uan

  71. I have two UAN Numbers and I am trying to Transfer PF From Old UAN and it is showing error “Details of previous account are different than present account, hence transfer request can not be processed.”. Kindly help me for the same.

  72. Dear Basavaraj ,

    I have two pf accounts for under one UAN, I have all the field like DOE, DOJ updated for my previous account.
    I have also linked my aadhar to UAN.
    When I try to transfer online, and if I enter my UAN details with present/previous employer, my old account details are displayed, but if I select the account and click “delete” nothing happens.
    I am stuck with this step.
    I could not be able to proceed to OTP step. Please help!

      1. I raised a grievance , but I haven’t got the registration number. Will I receive it by mail ?

        I tried to register a Genevieve again, but the site is not allowing ..

          1. Hi all,

            I found a solution for this.

            After selecting you old pf account/accounts, don’t click the delete button.

            Proceed to the generate OTP option.

            “Delete” button is useless and misleading for us. I don’t know what is the purpose they have given that.

            And in case if you don’t get the table for old account details used Google Chrome. IE has some issues.

  73. Hi, I submitted an online request to transfer to my new PF account(UAN is same as old job) and submitted a hard copy to my current employer around 3-4 months back, but the online status for the claim is still shown as ‘Submitted’. can you please help me on this?

    Thanks in advance.


  74. HI Basvaraj,

    Am having one query in following situation. Please suggest what should be the soution.

    one of my friend left xyz organization on Jan,1,2018 & joined ABC organization on the same date Jan 1,2018.
    So EXIT Date & Joining dates are same, is it possible to transfer?

    So how can we transfer old pf account to new pf account, while trying to transfer through portal under online service tab, it was showing as ” Present employer has not made payment in your PF account”.

    When we approached current employer they said PFamount has been credited into PF account..

    Please suggest

  75. Hi, I can 2 passbooks under my UAN. How can I merge these 2 passbooks ? I tried via online portal, but it says “No previous employment details found against this UAN.” But how can see the passbook of previous employer then ? Am I missing something ?

      1. Thanks for the reply Basavaraj.
        If I can see two different member ids under two passbooks, it meants I have two epf accounts under same UAN. Is that correct ? I am not sure about these things thats why.
        If so, how can I transfer old pf to new epf ? I tried it online again via “Online Services” => “One member One EPF account”. Filled my UAN with checking Present Employer checkbox and clicked Get Details. It again showing the above error. Please help me.

  76. Hi, I am working in XYZ organization which is an exempted establishment and I transferred my EPF and EPS from my last organization ABC into XYZ. Now I am able to see EPF transfer in PF-Statement of XYZ but EPS-service-details are reflecting partially on Unified-Portal under Service-History tab. Actually DOE-EPF & DOE-EPS for ABC are missing on Unified-Portal and so I raised a Grievance with EPFO but they provided a Annexure-K to me stating that EPS details is updated properly from their end and same reflecting in Annexure-K. So I wanted to know that does it mean that EPS-service-details are properly updated at EPFO end whereas missing-detail on Unified-portal is just a portal issue. please check and suggest.

  77. Hi,
    Thank you for the info. I somehow ended up doing all the above procedures just by following the unified portal. Now i have the portal showing that the claim is accepted by the employer.
    As i didn’t read through anything before submitting the online claim, I did not submit the downloaded pdf hard copy signed by me to the current employer. In the otcp website, the status says it is under process. I have not been working for 3 months plus. So i am waiting for the accounts to be merged and then apply for a withdrawal.

    Will this affect the merging of my two UAN numbers? especially as i have not submitted a hard copy?

    Best Regards,

      1. Thank you for the swift reply.
        According to otcp 6th March 2018 is when it became “under process”. So will sending a hard copy now work. How long can this take?

        Thanks again

  78. Hi, I submitted the online request at last. 🙂
    Now what should I do ?
    I thought this is pure online.

    But we should take the printout of Form-13 and then submit it to our employer ?
    Do we need to send a copy to PF office separately ?

  79. Dear Basavaraj

    I need your help in making me understand the procedure of transfer of my PF amount from private company trust to EPF account.
    Secondly if private company trust doesn’t transfer to my UAN linked member passbook then where should I report. Is there any grevience cell where I can address the issue. it’s already one year over.

  80. Hi,

    I changed my organisation and provided my UAN to new organisation. However, now organistaion created new UAN for me. Now I have 2 active UAN. I want to tranfer my PF from old to new but getting error message “Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.”
    Also, Date of Exit is not updated in my old UAN.

    Please suggest how I can have all the PF in my latest UAN instead of carrying 2 UANs.


    1. Hi,

      i have two epf accounts with with different UAN numbers .after filling form 19 i am getting error as “AUA authentication has expired” in both the accounts. I already authenticated my Adhaar Card online. if i try to merge them i get the error message as ““Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.” however, they confirmed that the did that. please help

  81. I am having two pf accounts. I claimed online for first account and get amount credited and also sent of form to employer for settlement of second account which employer sent to epfo but epfo has rejected my claim form as reason stated that Claim for other account has already settled. Why they reject my form as I applied for second account which was not possible to apply online. Please guide me to get my money

      1. Dear my old already transfer my new PF account but My Old Pension fund not transfer my New Pension account .

  82. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am unable to transfer my PF amount from previous org to present Org. As per the UAN portal details, My data is correct and there is no mistake in the name, Pan, aadhar, DOE and all even two passbook shows in One UAN. Still I Am facing the issue
    “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed”
    Is there any suggestion?

    1. Please Kindly check the Date of leaving of your previous company , whether it’s updated or not , if they yet to update on portal ,kindly contact your Ex HR for the same .

      1. Hi,

        I’ve a similar issue, two of my old PF accounts do not have an exit date on them and so I am unable open a withdrawal or transfer request. Can you guide me with the steps to fix this and also plz help me with the following queries

        1) I would like to withdraw my old PF account money – Is that possible ? If yes, Can you help me with the procedure ?
        2) When I try to open a withdrawal request on the portal, it takes my current PF account/employer details and most of the options in the “withdrawal reason” dropdown are greyed out as I’ve not completed 5 Yrs of employment in the current org. There is no option to select my previous/old PF accounts.

  83. Dear Basavaraj,

    I left my last employer in 15th march 2017 . and submit my old Uan no. with my new employer.
    I am still working here, so can i withdraw my pf amount submitted by last employer. In my uan account 2 passbooks are visible .


    sushant chaudhary .

    1. I was facing the same issue for almost 2 weeks. I sent couples of emails to and tried calling 1800 11 8005 but no response. On one of the site I read that clear all cache, cookies and select “Present -Attestation through”, add UAN and select previous employer account details to transfer. Opt OTP and try again. It didn’t happen couples of times, but in one “golden” try it was through :). I received an message on screen in green color text, that your Transfer request submitted. To have assurance, I followed Track Claim Status from On Line Services Tab, and I saw the transfer request entry.
      Hope this helps..

        1. Thanks.. why do you suggest to raise a grievance now, if I could able to track claim status online now? Do EPFO has any online portal to raise grievance? please share. In case if the transfer doesn’t happened even after 60 days will raise grievance. Any suggestion are welcome..

    2. Even I was getting same error ‘FORM PARAMETERS TAMPERED” with option “Attestation through present employer”. However it got resolved after selecting “Attestation through Previous employer”
      Hope this helps – It makes sense as well. Transfer need to be validated by previous employer.

  84. I am trying to withdraw partial PF form my current employer but unable to withdraw it because when I see my service history it shows my current employer name but the DOJ and DOE is from previous employer because of that I can only see form 19 and 10C. I tried to reach out PFhelpdesk form my employer and they suggested me to submit hard copy which is temporary solution. Is there any way to solve this issue ?

  85. I tried to transfer my PF money from my Old UAN to new one. I followed all steps as is and it went good until the 5th step. When I entered the UAN and hit Get Details I see a small table coming up below but with no PF Ac details. I tried with ‘Get MID’ option also, no Ac details is populated and no error msg is seen. Hence, I don’t get OTP too.

  86. Thanks for the information. I have followed the steps of online PF transfer. And entered my current employer with the current UAN number. But when I reached the OTP part. Generate OTP is freezed. Any specific reason for that?? Please help.

      1. Is your organization is an extempted organization. Then try to submit by OLD organization and you will get it settled. I was facing same issue for 6 months. For more details you can contact +91-9901449944 and

        1. Hi Robin,

          I am trying to transfer my PF online. My organization (previous) does not have their own trust. But when I am trying to transfer online it shows me an error (establishment code is 5105A) and the system does not allow to enter A(or any other alphabet. Do you know how can i possible resolve this

      2. Basavaraj- I took my case to the grievance cell and they have suggested to submit the Form 13 to the PF office. What I know is that offline we could submit the Form 13 to my current or previous employer to process the PF transfer. But my current employer says that from last 2-3 months they are not taking it offline. Is it true? If it is. Then can I submit the Form 13 directly at the PF office. Please suggest.


  87. My EPF passbook shows employer has credited all amounts to my pf account.
    Also, i am getting interest.
    My passbook shows all details correctly.

    But, when trying to claim, why it is showing error “Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.”

    Pl.. reply. Thanks,…

  88. Hi,

    I’m currently working on my third company. but PF from first company to second company didn’t happen. is there a way that I can transfer PF from 1st Account to 3rd Account?

    tried online method but ended with error “details of previous account are different from current account”

  89. hi

    i need to merge the previous company pf with the current company pf , as of now from earlier organization i only have pf number and UAN as per the current employer is well updated but i m not able to generate MID since its asking for establisment ,extension and member id , please advice how to generate these details since without which i cannot proceed with OT P
    Also please advice how to merge both the accounts

  90. Hi,

    I have submitted online pf transfer request from unified portal using UAN/OTP options. Now do I need to submit physcial form 13 to current or previous employeer or it will be fully online now?

  91. Hi
    I have few accounts which are not UAN linked and need to transfer ; tried to perform using online transfer but it nis providing error when we are trying to fetch the member id details
    “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

    Please providesome info

      1. Actual problem is EPF account of previous company and the current company are in different state. (i.e,. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka)

  92. Dear Basavaraj – The amount from my old PF account at previous organization has been transferred to new PF account couple of years back itself, as can be seen from my EPFO member passbook. However, the service history in unified portal does not reflect the service period at previous organization. Could you please suggest how to get it updated.

  93. Hi Basu,

    I have two UAN Numbers and I am trying to Transfer PF From Old UAN to UAN and getting error “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed”

    My details was same in both UAN Numbers but still getting error

      1. Hi Thanks,

        Is it mandatory to merge UAN? If it’s mandatory we need to request current employer or Previous employer.

        I saw your previous posts that once transferred,EPFO will close old UAN

  94. Hi,

    I am facing an issue while requesting for PF transfer.
    After selecting Attestation Through as Previous Employer I have provided the Member ID in the right format. While I’m clicking on “Get Details” button, I am see a blank table with just the headers.

    What could be the issue?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I’m facing the same issue from the time I reported it. I would have tried more than 10 times in these 3-4 weeks. I have Basic Member details, KYC updated in both UAN, The service details is also updated and everything is approved by my employers and field office. Still the same issue persists. Not sure why it is not pulling the details. My current PF is with Chennai and the old one is that on Delhi South.

  95. Hi,
    I worked for my previous employer for 4 months and then joined another organization and provided my UAN number to them at the time of joining. I activated my UAN but did not check it again for few days. I left the second employer after few months and submitted them form for EPF claim. Since the claim was not processed for another 6 months I enquired about it and they asked me to do it online. Now, the portal which only shows my first employer says Present employer has not made payment in your PF account and KYC details are not updated and in my member passbook only previous employer transfers are seen. Is there any way to process the claim now. I am not working now.

  96. Hi Sir,
    I joined my first job in 2004 and quit in 2008.
    I withdrew my PF amount as well.
    Is there anyway I can link that old member id to my UAN in the EPFO portal, so that my service history
    is compete and I have a full track of all my PF amounts.
    My subsequent two employments are visible and track-able in the EPFO web-site.
    Many thanks.

  97. Hello
    I am facing an issue while requesting for PF transfer.
    After selecting Attestation Through as Present Employer, providing the member id and clicking on Get Details button, I am getting below error message:
    “Present & Previous member ID’s must be different.”

    I am unable to understand this message and hence not able to proceed. Can someone helpe me know what is missing?


  98. Hi Basu,

    I have recently corrected my details in UAN and the details same as other UAN Number , but i am trying transfer PF Still getting error ‘Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.’

    I could see only difference in CAP Letters and Small letters. one more wrong name still showing Member Passbook but it was corrected in UAN

    Can you please let us know because of any of the above reason getting reason

  99. In the very last step, after receiving the OTP when I put that and click submit I am getting error message saying “something went wrong, please try again later”. The otp I received is 4 digits long and I am keying in exact number.

    Any clue?

    NOTE: One thing I noticed that the application is not fetching previous employer details using UAN or Member ID if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.
    It is working for google crome and mozila firefox.

              1. i am also facing the same issue since months. i tried to reach Grievance cell as well, but they simply replied that is a technical issue and they can not do anything about it.

                any suggestiom?

  100. Hi,

    I have left my previous company and currently not working (on a career break). When I tried to withdraw the money to my bank account I am getting the message “Present employer has not made payment in your PF account”. However, I do not have a present employer and my previous employer has already mentioned in the “service details” section the exact and correct date of when I left the organization (in 2016). Still, that organization is still listed as “present employer” in the transfer page.

    What is wrong here? Please help.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj. I checked with my last company and with EPF passbook and it seems my previous company did deposit all the money. It was some error with the EPF website I guess. The email address they have (customer care) is of no help. Should I lodge a grievance?


        1. In my case the employer had incorrect DOE (Date of Exit), therefore it is showing this error for me (Online claim request cannot be processed as :-

          Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.)

  101. Hi,
    Now it says, Details of previous account are different than present account, hence transfer request can not be processed.


    1. I received same error message and then next day it was gone. For me last working day was not updated by the previous employer and that was probably creating that problem.

      But now for me the problem is happening at the very last step. The OTP I am receiving is not getting validated and saying “something went wrong and please try again later”

  102. Hi,
    I keep getting this message ‘No data found against this member id: xxxxx when checking previous employment details’.
    My previous account is more than 3 years old.


  103. Sir , I want to transfer my PF to new employer. However the site says “Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Trust details of your establishment are missing.” How do i get those details available on portal?

    Thank you in advance!!

      1. Hi,

        I am getting the same error. I work for Capgemini. I don’t think this has to do with past employer. My current PF account is with Trust. Past account was with EPFO. Now my employer doesn’t know to how to get this updated (which is pathetic). I am planning to visit the PF office to ask them how the employer can get this updated.

        1. Hello, did you find solution for this? I am getting same thing. There is no provision to update trust details of current employer on the site, nor I can create new transfer request. Please help.

        2. Hello Amit,
          I am working for Capgemini and also getting same error on portal.. Did you find any solution?

  104. sir, by mistake i have filled wrong account number for advance PF claimed form 31, and amount transfer to this wrong account number, so how i can solve this problem

  105. I had left a company and my company had sent a EPF cheque from their PF trust to my new company. My new company deposited this cheque to Wazirpur EPFO around 25 days back but still there is no entry in my passbook.

    How much time does it takes for EPFO to deposit a cheque received from a PF trust ?

    When can i see this amount in my passbook.

      1. Hi Rajat,

        I am trying to transfer my pf account however while doing so I am getting an error as it does not fetch any details with the UAN.

        please suggest.


  106. I am trying to raise transfer request online in the unified portal. But after submission it says “SOMETHING WENT WRONG!!PLEASE TRY AFTER SOMETIME!!!”… I am getting this message since many days.
    Is this portal issue or any other issue??…

    Please suggest

  107. Dear Basavaraj ,

    I have two PF accounts showing in the unified portal and linked to the same UAN.
    When I am trying for online transfer request by giving the UAN details in the Member ID / UAN field it is not fetching any details, could you please tell how I can proceed on this.
    Should I contact previous employer or present employer?

    Note: Both PF accounts are in different state(Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh)


  108. Hi Sir,

    please let me know how do i change my new bank details in EPF as I’m not using my old bank account which is already verified in EPF.

  109. I have to transfer my pf account from previous employer to current employer,But my details are missing:
    Your bank account number is missing.
    Bank account IFS code is missing.

    How to update this??

  110. Hi I am getting Error as below on Unified Portal-> Transfer Request Tab:-

    Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    Can you please suggest.

      1. Okay Thank You, shall raise a grievance in this case?? As I never get a response on the EPF helpline number

  111. Dear Sir,

    I have print for online transfer claim form no. 13 (Revised) claim date 11/11/2017.

    After submiton of form employer which process employer site

    please reply sir

  112. I left a job and joined new company. My UAN show two members I’d. Can I withdraw my previous account. And I wish to transfer into new account it show ur current employer does not deposit any fund. How can I transfer my account. And now who will approve my KYC, previous or current employer

  113. I am trying PF transfer online but getting errors. I can see both of employers in Service Details. I am using Member Id from previous employer, but on get details I am getting error message as “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed”.
    Option of selecting current employer is disabled. If try using UAN number error message says “No previous employer details found for the UAN”.
    Tried sending email to EPFO but received no response. What else I can do to get myself out from this.

    1. Milind, plese ensure your previous employer updated your date of exit on EPF.
      I too faced the same problem, but after following up with them, they updated and I can see the same.
      Do check once.

    2. I think you need to get Date of Exit (DOE) updated by the previous employer. Send an email to your previous employer and ask them to update DOE. Once they update it, please submit the transfer request

  114. Sir, i have made transfer claim request online from my previous employer to current employer.
    On checking the status, its shows that “Something went wrong, Please try again later”.
    what does it mean. Neither the customer care epf is picking the phone.

  115. After OTP and clicking on Submit button for online Transfer it is giving me an message saying that “Form Parameters Tampered” message and nothing happening after that. Any solution for this?

    1. I resolved this issue after selecting the proper present or previous employer details and finally made online transfer request. Now the big question is I’m not able to see any details of my transfer request in claim status section. Not sure to whom I should contact for the same.

      1. Hi Hanumanth,

        I am also getting the error “Form Parameters Tampered”. Can you please suggest how to resolved this issue.

            1. I don’t remember of any file it generated for physical submission. I think as it is a online process, no need of physical submission of the details. I’m not very sure about it.

              1. After one week of my online transfer claim submission, it generated an printable form of the transfer request under “transfer claim status” section. Hopefully I should take a print copy of the same, sign on it and must submit it to my previous employer.

                Still it looks to me like an old fashioned manual process, where is the Advantage of automation?

                  1. Even I also got the same problem of FORM PARAMETERS TAMPERED but by changing the “Attestation through” to present employer the problem was resolved. Lets see what will happen next.

                    Thanks for the conversation Hanumanth, Basavaraj & Prabhat

  116. I am trying to transfer old Pune PF account to new Gurgaon PF account but when I am trying to provide OTP it is giving error OATP verification failed even I am providing correct OTP. Can you please help what can be the issue here. Is it providing some wrong information.

    1. Hi I am facing issue with transfer, when i press the transfer claim button error are showing’ you present employer has not made payment in your account’ while i have checked my passbook all the amount are updated. and i am trying to update my kyc from my end but i am unable to do so.

      Please help..

  117. Hi,

    In Detail of Present Account section there is one field “PF Account No.(Trust): “, here we need to enter current Employer’s Account number of our current PF Account number?

    Also along with this our Pension will also get transferred or we need to follow any other procedure?

    Please help!
    Thanks in Advance…

      1. Thank you very much sir for your quick response.

        I have reffered the above steps but i am confused about field “PF Account No.(Trust): Enter PF number in trust”. Here what I have to enter either my current Pf account number or my present Employer’s (trust) account number?

        Kindly help…

  118. Dear Bhardwaj Sir,
    Good morning,
    Sir on my previous UAN portal showing error of #Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.# What does it mean sir, and how it can be resolved,
    Plz suggest sir, due to this error I am unable to transfer my pf.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hitesh,

      I am also getting the same error, Tried to call the call centre number but every time it fails, does your problem solve. If yes than please guide me.

      I dropped an email to EPF too for the same.

      Amol Gupta
      +91 9493 1 9394 0

  119. Hi

    If I try to transfer my old EPF to new EPF , it says “No previous employment details found against this UAN”, if I provide my UAN number . But I can able to see my two passbook details also in passbook portal , could you kindly help me to transfer to old efp to new epf transfer .

    Thanks & Regards

  120. HI,

    Have served two months(Feb n Mar) notice period in my last company and rest one month(April) they allowed me without salary. In between I joined the new company(in April 2nd) but when I got the relieving letter from my prev company they mentioned my last day 30 April. Now am not able to get my PF due to this. Please suggest how I can get my PF?

  121. I have changed 3 jobs in past 4 years. I got UAN in my current job and want to transfer previous 2 PF accounts. Please tell me which UAN or MID number to be entered in the field MID/Uan described above? And where to enter my previous PF account details.

    A PDF is mentioned above for previous PF accounts. How to generate that PDF?

  122. HI,

    NOW WHEN I TRY TO DOWNLOAD THE OLD PF NUMBER PASSBOOK , IT SAYS “Contribution not received or status is as UCD Member or Already settled. Kindly contact to concern EPF office”.


  123. Hello Basu Sir,

    Greeting !!! Have a couple of questions on PF Transfer.

    1) I had moved my old PF account balance to new PF Account couple of years ago. What I noticed is Only the PF balance got transferred, but the accumulated Penstion Fund from my old PF accoutn is not carried to my new account.
    a) Is this by mistake or is this how the transfer works?
    b) If error what is the steps to get it transfered? If its the process then what happened to my existing Pension fund accumulated?
    c) Do we have a separate portal to check our pension fund details like Pension number etc or is it directly linked with PF number?
    d) Please throw some insights on this pension fund structure of ProvideFund.
    2) When could I get back the Pension Fund? Will the maturity summed up with Interest? If interest not provided for Pension amount, then what is the benefit we will get out of it?

    Thank you.

    1. Balaji-1) Your EPS will never get transferred. EPFO just update the service details.
      You can check the online portal for balance. what fund structure you want to know? You get back EPS either when you retire at 55 years or before that also (if service is less than 10 years then some % and if more than 10 years then fully).

      1. Thank you Sir. Fund structure in the sense, what I meant was, Where and How can I check the Pension balance that was not transferred. Should I need to perform any actions for now or during withdraw – so that I do not miss the accumulated fund unclaimed.

  124. Hi Basavaraj, 1) How long does it takes to Merge PF accounts? I have submitted merge request on 8-Sep-17 but it is still showing “no action taken..”

    2) My previous company they did not update my DOE due to some technical errors, but yesterday they reprocessed and said your DOE has been updated, but my previous PF member id still “date of exit” not reflecting ! will this process also takes time?

    Please advice

  125. Is the 1.5 lac investment limit is a combined limit for EPF plus PPF .

    For example …
    In case i am salaried having an EPF deduction of 1.5 lacs already and open an PPF account in a Bank too . Will i earn applicable PPF interest rates , will the proceeds on withdrawal be tax free for both EPF and PPF accounts ?

    1. Avinash-EPF and PPF are different. In PPF you can invest up to Rs.1,50,000 (irrespective of your contribution to EPF). However, the limit in Sec.80C for tax saving purpose is set as Rs.1.5 lakh only where PPF and your contribution to EPF is also considered.

  126. Hi,

    You mentioned above that “Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted”. So can you please let me know that what does it mean exactly.

    For example : Let us assume that I worked earlier in 3 Organizations and out of these three, only 2 Organization EPF is mapped to my current UAN whereas third EPF account is present with a seperate UAN. Then can i submit trasnfer request for all 3 EPF & EPS using current UAN or whether I will be able to transfer EPF & EPS for only one Orgaization account using Online facility. Other two I have fill offline form. Please suggest.

    Nitesh S. Gurav

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for early reply.

        Can you please let me know that “Can I merge both UAN using One Employee One EPF Portal” or is there any other method for the same.

        After merging what is the further process to get all 3 EPF & EPS transferrred to my current organization EPF & EPS.

        Nitesh S. Gurav

  127. Hi Basavaraj sIR,

    I appreciate your efforts, please help me also
    whenever I am trying to request online transfer my previous PF account to current one it gives error that “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

    Please help me

      1. Hi Basavaraj Sir,

        thanks for response, but my details are matching in EPF and Govt issued IDs. even after EPF system throws error.

        Although in order to get rid of error I googled as well and found that Date of leaving is not available in EPF portal from my previous organization.
        I am checking with previous org for the same but I don’t know whether it will solve the issue or not.

        Best Regards,
        Praveen Dadhich

  128. Hi Sir,

    It looks you are replying for everyone, giving suggestions . So good to see like you person.
    Below is my issue.

    I have 3 UAN’s for 3 different companies. all are activated. I am trying to raise transfer request but it says below error
    “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.” What details it will compare?

    for current uan, aadhar is updated, but for previous uan, it is not. they said for exit employees, they cannot update the kyc for exit employees.
    Please help what i can do, how can i transfer pf to latest UAN.

    Thank you so much.


      1. Hi sir,

        Thank you sir, but current employer , says dont know and asks me to transfer. You are telling to ask me to current employer? Could you please tell me the process of merging , so that i can suggest my current employer.

        Thank you so much.

        1. hey Divya,
          get form – 13 for transferring P.F accounts. fill it up and get it attested from your current and previous employers (as mentioned in the form) and submit directly to the EPF regional office as per your employer’s registration.

  129. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    First of all, I like to thank you for solving people’s query and helping them out. I really appreciate your effort.

    It will be great if you could guide me with your unbeatable knowledge for below query.

    When I try to transfer my PF to another UAN it shows:

    ” Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account. ”

    Could you guide me what should I do next?

    Thanks in advance.

    Warm Regards,

      1. Glad you replied sir.

        This was my previous employer with whom I worked only for a month.

        What is the solution for this issue? Because I have my previous epf in this UAN and I need to transfer it to current UAN.

        Please advice.

        Warm Regards,

      2. Hai Basavaraj Tonagatti,

        While, I am trying to submit the transfer claim from previous employer to current employer, an error occurred “”.

        I have tried more than 10 times in a day for past one month and failed to complete the claim with the same error message. The mail communication to EPF authorities were not yet replied.
        I have filled all KYCs like Aadhar, Bank Details and PAN. They were approved by the employer online. Both the employers are having registered digital keys for approval.

        Kindly help me with suitable suggestion.


        1. The error message missed in the trailing comment.
          ie. “Something went wrong!!! Please try again later!!!”

  130. Hi

    I have been working from last 7 years and have change 3 companies and for past two firms i have PF a/c no. Current company have given me UAN no.

    Kindly assist me how i can merge previous companies PF account with the current company. Or how can i get that withdraw to my account.


  131. Hi
    I have got two UAN. due to Job change. Now i want to transfer money from old pf/UAN to new one. My new uan has all kyc verified like Bank detail, ifsc and Aadhar , and Pan card. But old uan dont have aadhar seeded. Also there is Difference in details like qualification and marital status. In old one it is showing not available.
    When i am trying to put transfer claim through unified portal using new UAN details. After putting all details i am facing two issue. My otp and submit tab is not active i mean i cant click these option. Also in step 1 where i put old pf details it says no previous employement record. What to do. How otp and submit can be active to place my transfer claim request.

  132. I have been facing issue with EPF transfer, had submitted transfer form where put wrong DOJ by mistake then employer rejected the transfer request.
    Could you please suggest me, who can i edit the form online or what should i do to re-submit the same.

  133. 1]My UAN name is not correct, my middle name is made last name and last name as middle name. Even after sending request from my employer with all the details pan aadhar and form, still not changed.

    2] I tried transferring old pf account to new pf account which is under one UAN, message pops up we r unable to find any old employer details.

  134. I have completed my 12 years in one company. Now I have joined another company & I have given my UAN number to the new company. Now I can see 2 PF accounts under my UAN one is of old company & Present company.

    Please advise can I transfer my old company pf amount to my new pf account of current company.

    I can transfer my whole amount including my pension amount.

    Is that I can do it manually from my end or I have to take help from my current company.

  135. Hi Basu,

    I have below query regarding my EPF:

    1. My New employer has made a new UAN number for EPF. I just want to confirm that what is the procedure to transfer the HCL UAN EPF to my new UAN Account. How do I initiate the transfer process request. Do I need to contact my previous employer (HCL has EPF TRUST), current employer or EPFO Site ?

    2. In my previous employer EPF statement, One component was Pension. Please let me know in case if I transfer the old EPF to new EPF account will my pension amount be also transferred ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vinod Singh

      1. Thanks for the reply Basu…

        Since HCL has “HIL EPF TRUST” for EPF and I am not able to see the EPF amount in passbook of EPF site. Do I still Use EPF Unified portal for transfer of old EPF account to current UAN or need to fill form 13 to current employer. Is form 13 same which transfer online from EPF Unified Portal. or can also filled form 13 to current employer?

        I tried to transfer the same through EPF Unified portal but my aadhar card not accepting due to not matching gender information, my old employer has not filled gender and other information and EPF portal trying to match the same with aadhar card and giving error.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Vinod Singh

  136. Hi Basu,

    I have my both my Old and New PF accounts linked under the same UAN Number and i want to transfer the amount from to the new PF account. when i try to do it by providing the UAN number on the field Member ID/UAN i am getting the message as “NO Previous employee details found against this UAN Number ”

    can you please help me on how to fix this.and do i need to really go for the transfer claim or is it ok as both my old and new PF accounts are visible under the UAN and what will happen to the money if i dont apply for the transfer

      1. HI Basu,

        Yes i have my both old and new PF account linked to the same UAN number. but ther eis some issue with the aadhar number. eventhough it is added and visible under the approved kyc details but it is not verified. when i try to verify it i am getting details mismatch error.

        how can i get it fixed. can i check with with my previous/present employer or i need to check directly visiting the nearest PF office..

      2. Sir,

        My both EPF accounts(previous company-left 13th June)/
        (current company-Joined-27th June) are within single UAN and this UAN is KYC complied ‘Yes’.

        As m-epf android app shows after entering cell # and UAN.

        Current company:
        Aadhar/Bank ac/PAN-
        Last Contribution –
        Status – Not Updated

        Previous Company
        Aadhar/Bank ac/PAN- correct info
        Last Contribution –
        Status – Exempted Trust

        Are you sure that PF amount/account is transferred as passbook showing nothing?

  137. Dear Sir

    Recently I joined a new company. I had a UAN during the job in the old company. I gave it to the new company. Now both the PF accounts are shown in this UAN Number. In that case, I have to transfer my old PF to a new account?

    For that I did a tray but got the massage as follows

    “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.”

      1. Dear Bharat Sir,

        I have joined new company. I have submitted my old UAN no in my new company. I want to transfer my old PF amt. I tried so many times but this message is showing “Present & Previous member ID’s must be different.” So i want to know how can i complete this process.

        1. Hey because you are selecting wrong Checkbox of either of Previous & present employer. Better you put there as UAN number instead of old or new Member ID.

  138. Hi Basu,

    I have 2 UANs (One each from the previous employer and the current employer). I could only access my previous EPFO details using old UAN. However, when I try logging in using new UAN it says “UAN doesn’t exist”? Long back I had requested for fund transfer online to my new PF account but not sure if it’s been done or not. What to do?

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for the reply. I am now able to login to my NEW UAN (it was not registered earlier). However, I am getting the following alert message when I try to raise transfer request (from OLD to NEW):

        Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
        Your bank account number is missing.

        Bank account IFS code is missing.

        Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

        These messages are with respect to my OLD UAN generated by the former employer and I can’t update the KYC through them. What to do next?

          1. Hi Basu,

            I was able to update my bank details but facing problems while updating AADHAR details. I am getting the following error message:

            “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.”

            Don’t know why it is showing so. Please help.

  139. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your info. I want to transfer my EPF from my previous organization to the current organization. As shown in the blog I have logged with my previous UAN number and preform the steps, For me its showing as,

    Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    – Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    Where as in my current organization they have generated the new UAN number. Which has been mapped with the new account along with the Aadhar card. What should i do? I have confused. Kindly guide me sir.
    If you need any other info please let me know sir i am glad to send.


      1. Sir, In my new company they have generated a new UAN number. I have cross check in the internal tool. And also in my payslip, For past 5 months they deduce the PF amount in my payslip. But till now i didn’t activated my new UAN number. What should i do ?

        Where as i asked in my old company, they mentioned that they didn’t paid the PF for till date (My last working day was FEB 2017). And also i have checked the EPF passbook, the amount for paid upto APRIL 2016. Still there are pending dues for 8 months.

        Kindly suggest me sir, whether i want to transfer my old UAN to New UAN, or else i want to withdraw?? Thanks and awaiting for your response..

  140. Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

  141. Sir….its showing me the below message, any inputs on correcting this? i guess its the issue with KYC, how can i update it? Thank you..

    Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Your bank account number is missing.

    Bank account IFS code is missing.

    Father or husband name is missing.

    Relationship details are missing.

    Member Date of Birth is missing.

  142. Dear Basavaraj ,

    Another helpful article.
    w.r.t transfer of pf can you please help us for below mentioned querries :-

    a) If we transfer the older PF say ( x Rs ) to current amount say ( y Rs )
    Will we get EPF interest on ( x+y Rs ) or only on ( x Rs )

    b) Practically how much time does it take to get the PF transferred.
    Is there any maximum duration set for this


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