Interest on Inoperative EPF Accounts up to 58 Yrs of age

Many of us have the confusion of what is inoperative EPF accounts and how long the EPFO will credit the interest rate. For this, EPFO comes out with clarification about interest on inoperative EPF accounts. Let us see the rule.

What is the meaning of Inoperative EPF Account?

Before jumping into the recent changes, let us first understand what is the meaning of Inoperative EPF Account. I will try to explain the same through below image.

Interest on Inoperative EPF Accounts

You might have now got the clarity that your account will turn to be INACTIVE once you attain the age of 58 years. As per EPFO rules, the retirement age is 55 years. If you do not withdraw the money within 3 years from the attainment of the age of 55 years, then such accounts are called as INACTIVE EPF ACCOUNTS.

Interest on Inoperative EPF Accounts up to 58 years of age

Now as per the clarification from Ministry of Labour, your account will fetch the regular interest up to the age of 58 years. Whether you contribute to it or keep it idle, EPFO will credit to such accounts as long as you turn 58 years of age.

Here is the press report of the same.

Meaning of Inoperative EPF Accounts

This new rule will be applicable from 11th November 2016.

Is it wise to keep inoperative EPF accounts idle for so long?

Yes, this doubt is there in many employees mind. But with the advent of the internet and all data available on in EPFO portals, I don’t think there is any harm in keeping idle accounts for so long.

However, make sure that your fully KYC complied and you have an access to online EPFO portals. This makes sure that you can view the balance frequently. Also, it will ease your life when you try to withdraw it.

If you found anything unusual with your account, then you can raise the issue immediately with EPFO using EPFO Grievance Cell online.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know if there will be tax on interest deducted for a PF account in which there are no transactions for 6+ months?

    Also, are there are any complications from transferring to a private trust PF account from epfo PF account and vice versa?


  2. Basu, this is a wonderful article. Thanks for explaining in such detail the difference between inoperative and inactive accounts. My account has been in operative (no contributions) since Jul 2015. While your article suggests that interest will be payable by PF department, I noticed that they stopped paying interest from Jul 2018 onwards. What can the remedy be? Looking forward to your advice.

    1. Dear Deepak,
      You have every right to claim the interest. Raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  3. Dear Sir,
    If an employee started working at the age of 25 and he worked for 10 years and contributed to PF and after that he joined the new company and he is not included in the EPFO ??Act. So, will they get pension at the age of 58 or not?
    And what is the maximum time to apply for pension 10D?
    Thnanks & Regards

  4. Hello,

    I left my job in 2012 and after that no PF has been deposited as I joined a private company with no PF policy. I didn’t get my UAN because I left before the UAN creation in 2014.
    After a lot of follow ups I got the UAN and can see that the interest got accumulated till 2015. I am reaching 55 years of my age. Is there any chance of getting interest on the remaining amount if I withdraw it now? I will be gaining close to 3 lakhs if so.


  5. Dear Sir,
    I left my job on july 1995. And I have not yet withdrawn any EPF amount. As 26 years completed, hence it should be an inactive account now. I was wondering if i can apply for withdrawal through online for an inactive EPF account. How can i get the account details on line and procedure for the same. Could you please let me know on this? Thank you in advance.

    Onkar B.

  6. Dear Sir, I left my job on july 2015. And I have not yet withdrawn any EPF amount. As 36 months completed, hence it should be an inactive account now. I was wondering if i can apply for withdrawal through online for an inactive EPF account. Could you please let me know on this? Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi Basavaraj

    I retired from an MNC during May 2017 and the PF contribution from employer ceased from then. I attained 60 years in Nov 2017.

    I did not withdraw my PF anytime even partially . Now it is more than 3 years since my last contribution.

    Will I be paid interest till the date of withdrawal?
    Thanks & Regards

  8. I worked in a private organization from 1991 – 1999. Thereafter, I joined a company in which there was no PF scheme, so I withdrew my PF corpus accumulated till 1999.

    In the year 2000, I joined another organization, where I started my PF account afresh.
    I worked there till 2018, for 17 years and 3 months, after which I took early retirement.
    Although I switched over to a different PF account, since I worked continuously for more than 5 years in the last company, I believe that the PF corpus accumulated since the time of my joining till my leaving this organization should be tax exempt.

    Please let me know.

      1. Thank you.
        Two follow up questions

        1) So, regardless of how many previous PF accounts I have had in the different companies from where I have withdrawn the PF after leaving the job, the corpus in my last PF account in my last company should be tax exempt, if I worked in the company for more
        than five years

        2) If I don’t withdraw the PF on resigning, after working for more than five years, the corpus accumulated till the time of leaving should continue to be tax – free, regardless of when I choose to withdraw the money from my PF account.


          1. Thank you.
            So for the point no 2, what you are saying is that the interest credited in the non contributory period would be taxable.

            However, the corpus accumulated till the time of leaving, after working for more than five years, should continue to be tax – free, regardless of when I choose to withdraw the money from my PF account. Right ?

    1. Regarding the taxation of the interest earned on PF after leaving the job, do I need to pay the tax in each year of the accrual, or ONLY at the time of withdrawal of the PF amount?

      So, if I have taken retirement at the age of 52, do I need to pay tax each year on interest earned for that year, or only when I withdraw the corpus when I turn 58 years old ?

        1. Thank you.
          A related question – is TDS deducted by the company each year on such interest?
          Or when I do finally withdraw the money four years from now, on turning 58 years old, will TDS be deducted then on the total accrued interest.

          I am asking this since that would mean that I need to adjust my tax payment accordingly.

            1. Thank you. Actually, I am apprehensive about TDS, since tax is deducted on withdrawing pf before completing five years of service, if the amount is more than Rs 50,000.

              Hence, I thought that TDS would be applicable in this case ALSO – ie, on interest earned on PF after leaving the company.

                1. Thank you very much for clarifying. Actually, I had checked with my erstwhile company, and they were not sure if they were supposed to deduct TDS in this case.

                  So, since there would be no TDS applicable, I will go ahead and pay the full tax amount, on the interest earned.

      1. I had left employment in Jan 2018,at the age of 51 years.
        My understanding is that I would earn interest till the age of 58, though it would be taxable.

        However, as per the article whose link I am sharing below, the PF account becomes *inoperative*, 3 years after non contribution, and stops earning interest. So, as per this article, I would stop getting interest in January 2021, by which time I would be around 55 years of age.

        Can you please clarify.

  9. I was working in a private organization for more than 17 years, which I left in January 2018, at the age of 51 years, and am doing my own work now. I haven’t withdrawn my EPF amount from the privately managed EPF trust.

    1) I understand that interest will be paid on non operative EPF account till the age of 58 years. Will this also be applicable to the privately managed EPF trusts, held by the private organizations ?

    2 )Also, do ALL the EPFO rules apply to the Privately managed EPF trusts ?
    Thank you.

  10. My last EPF contribution by Employer was on 01/2015,
    Date of Exit is 01/12/2014.
    EPF Passbook duly updated Interest for 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.
    I applied for PF Final Settlement on 22.04.2019 and Claim has been settled by NEFT on 21.05.2019.
    EPFO has settled my Account with interest updated till 2017-2018. Epfo has not paid me interest for 2018-2019 and April 2019 and May 2019.
    My DOB is 07/08/1961 & I shall be completing 58 years on 07/0872019.
    As per amendment in 2016, I am entitled for Interest credit upto 58 years, even if there is no contribution in my Account after 01/2015.
    Kindly advise if I am entitled to receive interest for 2018-2019 and for April 2019 as well as upto 15th May 2019, since Claim was settled on 16th May 2019 under Para 69(2)
    Mahesh B Makhija
    Mobile: +91 9821299441
    E-mail :[email protected]

      1. Thank you Sir. I have already registered my grievance on 21.05.2019 on EPFiGMS.
        I have read your Explanation on Interest applicability on Dormant Accounts. In my case since Date of Exit from employment is 01/12/2014. Thereafter no EPF contribution for 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018 – 2019.
        EPF Passbook was updated with Interest for 2017-2018.
        Since I shall be completing 58 years on 07.08.2019, you are of the opinion that I am entitled for EPF interest for 2018-2019 and for the month of April 2019 and till 15.05.2019, as Claim was settled on 16.05.2019. I hope EPFO authority agrees to releasing payment.
        Mahesh B Makhija

          1. My advice to all is to withdraw the EPF at the earliest possible time. Looking at my case I have been denied interest for 2018-2019 and April 2019 and upto 15th May 2019. I have lodged my grievance on the portal. No one answers calls at Regional P. F. Office Kandivali, Mumbai.
            Someone needs to file PIL to get more clarity on the amendments in respect of interest payable to member till 58 years of Age. Dormant or inoperative Accounts should be crystal clear with no ambiguity. All EPF Accounts to be treated Inoperative after Members Age reaches 58 years if there are no further contributions in members account.,since interest is paid till 58 years.
            All contributory accounts beyond 58 years any way will get interest till the last contribution.

          2. Grievance lodged on 21.05.2019 on EPFiGMS.
            No response received till date.Also I have sent E-mail to Kandivali Regional PF Office, Mumbai and Central P F Commissioner, New Delhi.
            No response till date. Nobody answers calls on the number given on website.
            Kindly suggest way forward.

              1. Following reply received from Regional Office
                Sir,you left your service under account no KDMAL00455100000000160 on 01/12/2014.Subsequently no contribution was received from Dec.2014 and your account was classified as unclaimed deposit account w.e.f.01/12/2017(i.e.due to non receipt of contribution for 3 years).As per rule interest is not credited to unclaimed deposit account and hence you were not paid interest for the year 2018-2019.

                R. O.has rejected my claim. They have not considered the amendments of paying interest till member reaches 58 years.
                Please suggest what should I do next to get my interest for 2018-2019

                    1. I also had inoperative account in Gujarat and the interest is being paid on this since 11th Nov 2016. So you should also get interest.

  11. Hi Basavaraj, One of my previous pf account in Bangalore was operative till 2012. I got the amount in this account transferred in 2018. However, PF Department has not given any interest for the period 2012 – 2016. I wrote an application to PF commissioner but my application was closed/rejected for the reason that interest on inoperative PF circular came is effective starting 2016. Can you please guide me if i am eligible to receive the interest for the period 2012 – 2016.

  12. Sir,
    I retired from a pvt organisation in Oct 2017 at the age of 69 after contributing to the EPF for 14 years. I have not yet withdrawn my EPF. As i understand that the interest is credited for 3 years after contribution is stopped, but since I an already past 58 years will be getting the interest?


  13. Hi,
    I resigned my job in 2014 Oct.. In my PF account i see the interest credits for March 2015, 2016 & 2017. But i dont see any credits for 2018. Are they crediting interest after 3 years(In operative account)?. Whom should be contact on this?

  14. Hi,
    I served the job from 27.11.2000 to 22.06.2014 and then after my EPF a/c is inactive, means no EPF contribution. The EPF is private Trusty. Will I be getting interest continuously if so, for how long?

  15. Hi

    i have submitted my pf withdrawal claim form physically in PF office on 08/june
    when i checked my claim status online initially
    form-10C showing (settled )

    but for form-19
    initial status:under process

    now its showing status: Status not available
    no remarks…mentioned?

    what did we mean by this?
    Any grievance needs to raised or wait?

    plz let me know

  16. Dear sir,

    I worked in the organization having EPF contribution till 31/05/2015. My date of birth is 15/05/1959 that means I had completed 56 years when I left the organization. No EPF contribution there after.

    I have observed that, there is interest shown in my UAN account till 31/3/2017 only. No interest shown till 31/3/2018.

    I have crossed 59 years of age on 15/5/2018. Will I get the interest for 2017-18 period from EPF office. As per rule, I should get the interest on my inoperative account for 3 years from 31/5/2015.

  17. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have worked in 4 different organizations in last 13 years but have not withdrawn my PF from any of the previous organizations. I do not have a UAN.

    * Left Organization A in 2005 and did not withdraw/ transfer my PF to any of subsequent employers.
    * Left Organization B in 2008 and have not withdrawn/ transferred my PF to subsequent employers.
    * Left Organization C in 2014 and joined the current Organization D and have not transferred my previous PF balance to my current organization D.

    Please confirm if I would get the Interest on my accumulated PF balance in all these 3 previous accounts with Organization A, B and C from my date of last contribution till date i.e
    – For Organization A : From 2005 till date
    – For Organization B: From 2008 till date
    – For Organization C: From 2014 till date

    Thanks a lot for your help.


      1. Dear Mr.Basavaraj,

        Thanks a lot for your response.

        Will this interest be earned from the date this new rule for Interest to be given on Inoperative accounts is applicable from OR will it be retrospective from the dates these accounts became inoperative.

        Also, From which date this new rule of interest on Inoperative Accounts is applicable from.

        Thanks a lot for your kind help.


  18. Hi Basavaraj ,

    i have two pf accounts

    1) i left the company x on (sept-2013) and left that pf account idle now this pf account will be inactive state as per govt rules etc…..

    2)after joining the company z they have created new pf account and UAN for this aadhar is verified also but pan not verified

    now i planning for abroad now.can i withdraw my full amount from the two accounts offline (submitting CCF forms in regional offices)

    plz let me know

  19. Sir ,

    My query is ,is it safe to keep PF amount in EPFO or withdraw it after the resigning of job.After the date of resigning one will get interest accrued in PF account even if contribution is not there.what is the percentage of interest .can i keep the amount for longer years my current age is 45 yrs .

      1. 1) As per article published and read in one of news paper that after 3 yrs from the date of resign of job there is no tax if one removes PF amount .

        2) After the date of resigning one will get interest accrued in PF account even if contribution is not there.what is the percentage of interest .

  20. Dear mr basavaraj
    I plan to retire at age of 40 & take up some voluntary activities for social cause.
    Can i withdraw just interest amount year on year untill 58 years of my age. And finally withdraw entire amount.?


  21. Dear Sir, can you send the interest for in operative accounts notification to my mail id. [email protected].
    As you said pf member will get interest after resigned from company . if its exceeds more than three years.

  22. Dear Mr Basvaraj,
    My son worked in an IT Company at Bangalore for appx 7 yrs before relocating to US in Oct 2013 under H1B Visa ( green card is under process). He has yet not finalized about residency in US. He had not converted to UAN nor does he have an Adhar No so far. He is likely to come to India probably in 2019.
    His old company HR Mgr has sent him the CCF non Adhar form and advised to withdraw EPS & EPF
    I had suggested on mail to continue with his EPF as the same will draw interest upto the age of 58 yrs as per the GSR 1065(E) dt 11.11.2016 ( as learnt from your blog), with CC to his HR Mgr.
    However, HR Mgr of his old Company has replied that Bangalore EPFO is not aware of this new ruling. He has personally requested for a copy of this Notification which will be an authority / record for them. I am unable to trace this on web.
    Request your help for the same and secondly your advise regarding withdrawal of EPS for my son
    Thanking you

      1. I am not an expert but the notification also says it becomes in operative if the subscriber has migrated abroad permanently, not sure how EPF office will check this out. So you may want to consider this angle as well. Dear Basavaraj any suggestions?
        Thanks CK Mohan

      2. Mr Basvaraj,
        Thanks for the clarification. However, the IT Company HR is looking for the copy of the Gazette Notification being referred in the image – that will be an authority to refer to EPFO office. Where will the same be available and how to get the same. Will be really grateful for the same .

          1. Gazettes ( pdf files) pertaining to 2017 are only available. In spite of extensive personal efforts in EPFO Portal & few others unable to track the same .
            Will be really nice if you can help me out with the PDF file of the referred gazetted notification pl.
            Thanking you

            1. It is not the Gazzettes notification but a reply by Ministry of Labour. You can find this in PIB of India. You can easily search that one using that portal. However, I sent that reply of Ministry of Labour to your email. Please check it.

  23. Hi,
    I worked in an organisation till completion of 60 Yrs of age till Jun 2016. I have been a regular contributor of EPF.
    I withdrew my EPS since I had not contributed for 10 yrs.
    Now I am leading a retired life. I have UAN which is Adhar linked. Intermittently, I keep updating my passbook from EPFO web site.
    Interest is being added to my contribution done earlier, annually so far.
    Is there any embargo on the No of years that I will be entitled to draw interest for the Fund lying against mu UAN ?
    Kindly clarify. Thanking in advance.

      1. Dear Mr Basavaraj,
        Thanks for your immediate response.
        As per the same, any contribution to the EPF acct ( employee & employer) will stop earning interest after age of 58. Hence the same should rightfully not be permitted by EPFO organisation & Employer.
        However, my contributions continued upto Jun 2o16 till I completed 60 yrs & retired.
        Further, while withdrawing EPS in October 2016, I had directly interacted with EPFO staff for speedy processing – nobody pointed out that I should also withdraw EPF since it is not earning interest. On the other hand, my e- passbook updated today has interest upto 31Mar 17 clearly reflected.
        Kindly clarify if there has been an error by the EPFO Dept in allowing accrual of the interest beyond 58 yrs of age.
        What is you advice to me at this stage pl ?

          1. Thanks for the response. Well now how long I can keep earning the interest ? In fact, I would like the accrual to continue with EPF for as long as interest earning is feasible.
            Pl guide

  24. I left my job after 14 years in Dec 2011.I got internet on PF upto Dec 2014. Later I have withdrawal PF amount in Sept 2017 but CIPLA Company told that from 1 April 2016 PF internet only for 6 months on yearly basis.

      1. Sir I left cipla company indec2011. company gave interest from Dec 2011 to Dec 2014 on PF. From jan 2015 to March 2016 no interest. Afterwards April 2016 to March 2017 6 month’s interest paid instead of 12months. I have withdrawn PF IN OCTOBER 2017 they have paid PF INTEREST from April 2017 to September 2017.
        Kindly clear my doubt from April 2016 to March 2017 interest 6 months or 12 months with documentary proof if possible.

    1. Dear Sanjay
      When you left the job in 2011 did you continue to work and did you have another PF account? Or you retired or did not take up any work? Please clarify since some people say interest in inoperative accounts will be paid only if you continue to work and have another PF account? Thanks
      CK Mohan

        1. Yes that is my interpretation as well. Experts like you are saying this and I think CPFC is also may be in the same thinking. But RPFC are saying no circular etc. Let us hope clarity emerges. Thanks and Regards
          CK Mohan

  25. Dear Basavaraj,

    Thank you for sharing this vital information. I have few queries, if possible please help me with a clarification.

    #1. Background : My ex employer closed down the India center in March 2009 and my pf is lying in that acc since then. I believe as per earlier law, post March 2012 (3 yrs after company got closed), my pf account would have become Inoperative and i would have not rec’d the interest.

    As per new, will i get interest starting 2016 or will i get interest since 2012 ?

    #2. How can i check the balance in so called inoperative account ?

      1. I am in similar situation. I know my EPF no. But do not have a UAN allotted as i stopped working in India in 2006. How can activate my account so that I can go online and check balance? I have aadhar and PAN.

  26. Sir,
    I need a clarification to my following query for which there is no clarity and there are different views.
    I was working and contributing till age of 57years. I am unemployed now. My PF was maintained by a trust of the organization where i was employed last. However my epf is with RPFC. I have completed only 9 years 5 months and 8 days of service in which there was pf contribution. Hence i am not eligible for family pension.
    My query is:
    Will i get interest on my inoperative account for the next 3 years which is allowed as per one of their earlier notification. Which means my account will get interest till 60 years of my age or rather 3 years of inactive account.
    I am not getting proper reply from my past employer. When i enquired with one of RPFC staff she says you will get interest for 3 years from the last contribution date to pf account.

    Kindly clarify sir. Also please share me the link or the notification to that effect.
    Since my pf is maintained my a trust and they may try to save the interest payout for their benefit. Only if i have the circular i can fight with them and get the money.

    Thanks in advance and regards

    1. Gurumoorthy-Refer above post. It clearly states that up to 58 years only interest will be provided. Hence, you can’t get the interest up to 60 years of age. Three years rule of considering inoperative account was amended and now the above-said rule is final. If you still have doubt, then clarify the same contacting EPFO through EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

    2. dear as per notification of Ministry of Labour and employment. definition of inoperative account is changed and you are fully eligible to get interest ,only if you not attained age of 60 or not left India,2out of 3 term given by Ministry for the same.I had 2 fight with 2 Rpfc and got success.Even most of regional pf offices are not yet updated their offices ,as per my practical experience. you can get this notification by typing Ministry of Labour and employment inoperative account 11nov2016 ,further forwarded by Epfo ho to all India Regional pf offices on 21nov2016 to update .In case if your case is other then 3 condition mentioned there in ,you are eligible for full interest till date.


      1. Thanks Mr. Ramesh for this. I will now write to my ex employer and convince him to convince RPFC to clearly say that inoperative accounts will get interest till at least age 58. Best Wishes.

      2. Hi Ramesh,

        My case is similar to Mr. Gurumurthy’s. I read the notification GSR1065 as well as the PF Scheme 1952. No were the age of 58years is mentioned. Is it possible to get the interest for 3 years from the date of leaving the company?

  27. Sir I applied for my pf withdrawal first from ro Bandra and then ro ahmedabad ,I was surprised to see that both ro are not aware of interest calculation pertaining to inoperative account and refused to add interest over it ,more ever after long fight with usage of all available notification come from Ministry of Labour and employment,finally ro Bandra given interest for specified period ,as per directive come from rc.wsu (epfo ho) and then epfo HO shown me their reply that interest will not be available from Apr,11to oct16 as per earlier notification ,but I no where find any specified notification ,with given time period clause ,hence I not get my interest for that period and ro ahmedabad given amount without interest.
    I am fully surprised that still almost all Regional offices are not aware of the interest calculation information for inoperative acounts,which must be known to them.

    Can you please confirm any such notification which has specific time period restrictions for interest calculation.

    Please confirm.

    1. Dear Ramesh
      Your case is very interesting. When I wrote to the EPF facebook page, they also say that if you have retired before age 55 then interest is available only for three years and not till 58 age. I even shared the notification but after that there is no response to my query.
      Is it possible for you to share your exact situation i.e. when you left the job, what is your current age and for how long there was no contribution for both Bandra and Ahmedabad accounts it will help a lot.
      I think Mr. Basavaraj view is correct but there is lot of confusion. So this needs to be clarified.
      Thanks and Regards
      CK Mohan

  28. I am unable to withdraw my EPF amount after 36th months from I left employment due to service deficiency of my past employer and poor work performance, inefficient work culture of EPFO as I have to pay income tax for my PF contribution of 61.5 months and as well I have to lose interest for the last one year if I claim my PF amount now i.e. after 48 months from the date of my last employment
    My employer not remitted 3 months notice period pay PF in the month of Sep. 2013 as per Form 3A
    EPFO Enforcement/Audit wing did not check/detect/find the mistake till Feb. 2017
    EPFO told me that I have to pay TDS as I have not completed 5 years, when I approached EPFO in the month of Feb/ 2017, against my justification of 3 months notice period pay then only EPFO found that 3 months notice pay PF contribution not remitted by my employer as per Form3A
    3 months notice period pay PF contribution remitted by my employer after 41 months delay in the month of March 2017 against my effort/complaint
    Now I have two PF i.d’s from same company for same period
    Back period contribution of 3 months notice pay PF remitted in the new account no which is not evenly distributed for Sep. Oct. & Nov. 2013 hence EPS of Rs 470 detected for Sep. 2013 only and Rs 470 not detected for Oct & Nov. 2013 (If Form 3A would have complied properly then it had been distributed evenly for Sep. Oct. and Nov. 2013)
    It took more than 5 months to reconcile the account by EPFO
    Had my employer remitted 3 months notice pay PF contribution in the month of Sep. 2013, then I could have withdrawn on time and reinvested somewhere else and as well EPFO did not find the mistake but took more than 5 months to reconcile the account, now I am the victim losing interest if I apply for claim
    Now I am legally entitled to claim my PF amount without any TDS as contribution made for 61.5 months irrespective of shortfall of 41 days to complete 5 years based on DOJ/DOE but if I claim now I have to lose interest for the last one year as it is inoperative as per clause 72 (6) new amendment dated 11/11/2016.
    I kindly request Mr. Basunivesh to advice me against below points
    The amount is more than 5 lacks
    Can I claim now without incurring loss of interest for the last one year as no fault on me but fault from EPFO/my employer
    Can I claim without TDS
    Can the EPS amount Rs470 evenly distributed for the each month i.e. Sep. Oct. and Nov 2013 by splitting PF contribution of 3 months notice period pay accordingly
    Can writ of mandamus or writ of certiorari fusible if so then I can request High court to direct my past employer through EPFO
    Thanks a lot in advance
    Kind Regards

    1. Mudaliar-Yes, you can claim the EPF now also without any loss of interest. If your EPF contribution is less than 5 years, then they deduct TDS. You raise your other issues with EPFO Grievance Cell online.

  29. Hi, I had worked with HCL for 13 years and was contributing to EPF, now I’m working with a startup company and have no contribution to EPF. HCL is having their own EPF trust. When I try to download my passbook in EPFindia portal i’m getting “Passbook not available to this Member-id as this pertain to exempted establishment (i.e. Trust).Requested to
    contact your employer” message. Also I’m not able to do Aadhar KYC?. My question is,

    1. How long can I keep my EPF with HCL EPF Trust ?
    2. Can I transfer my EPF from HCL trust to EPFindia? or how it works?

    Jagadeesh P

        1. Hi, One more question, If I transfer my EPF account to my new employer will my EPS amount also will be transferred?

  30. My son is unable to withdraw epf. They have refused claim siting worked for less than 6 months. Later he worked with a start up for almost 2 years, the strength being less, no epf was deducted. Now he is pursuing higher studies. How di we get this epf money back? Can he request transfer to his father’s epf? Or anyway we can get these funds?

      1. Ok. Thankyou. However, somewhere, I have read, that, one can claim, if he or she is out of job. Can my son, claim refund with this as a reason.

  31. Hi Basavaraj,

    Let me update my query again.

    I am out of work since 2 months. So I am planning to withdraw my PF. I am able to download my passbook from PF site

    I see below amount

    Particulars Deposit withdraw Pension
    Employee Share Employer Share
    Grand Total 275825 1,25,964 36,000

    If I add all I see it would be 437,650

    If I put withdrawal request now I will get exactly get exactly 437,650 right?

    Please let me know your responses


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for the quick update. I am clear with your response except one thing

        Part of EPS (As per Table D). Is it not possible to get whole amount here?. Even if I get part of EPS now when I will get remaining amount of EPS.

        Please do let me know


        How can I calculate amount Employer Share+Interest on that. Please share me if any links


          1. Thanks again for the quick response.

            My total experience is 10.3 years. In this case I will get it whole EPS? Is there anyway that I can withdraw only EPS ?

            Please do let me know


              1. Thanks again for the quick response.

                Last query

                Once I withdraw my EPF , I will get Employee Share + Employer Share+Interest on that+Total EPS amount accumulated so far right? Please let me know your response


  32. Dear Sir
    I left my job in 2014 (age at that time was 50) and I am now self employed. There is no contribution to the EPF account for three years now. Now I am 53 years old. Can I assume that interest will continue to be credited till I reach 58 age i.e. in the year 2022? Please clarify since there seems some confusion – some are saying that if you resign before 55 years of age and there is no contribution then the account becomes in operative. Not sure what to do. Thanks.

      1. Dear Sir
        Kindly see the EPF facebook page todays posting. They have said that if you have retired then account becomes inoperative after three years even if not 58 age. Can you kindly see this post and let me know your thoughts. In my case even though I have left my job, but I am self employed in a LLP. But I am not contributing to EPF. My age now is 53. Please help Sir. Thanks.

          1. There is no circular or notification received by PF office . Have spoken to commissioner and the response was in absence of any circular from CPFC Delhi , the changes will not be implemented .

            Dear Basavaraj – the above message I got from my employer!!. I have written a message on the facebook page of EPF asking to take this up. Can you suggest the best way to handle this? Lot of confusion. My 36 months is ending today and that is why I am very concerned about it. Thanks.

            1. Mohan-I have written this post based on the notification, if they not received, then it is their issue. Let them give in writing that due to non-availability of notification from PF Office, they are not going to implement it. Then you can raise the issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  33. Hi Basu.,

    Thanks for the article. Glad to see the topic here.
    I worked for 8 years in India and become NRI since 2015 and there is no PF contribution from employer anymore(employed in another county).
    My current age is 34 and if I don’t withdraw my PF now, I hope it continue earning the interest until my retirement age.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your kind response.

  34. This is such a vital information. I thought after being inoperative govt pays interest on the EPF account till 3 years of leaving the job and then stops the interest payout.
    Couldn’t thank you more.

  35. Sir,

    Thanks for your reply but for your clarification I am sending copy of ;ass book to you by your ;personal email.

  36. Sir,
    Thanks for your clarification. Govt of India is crediting the interest on all inoperative account,but my account also inoperative since December 2013.The interest has credited by EPFO is very less i.e. 5% during year 2016-17 and in this connection I have a complaint with EPFO grievance , but they are not giving full interest.Please help for the same. I will complete 58 yrs as on 3.11.2018 then it will withdraw.I have worked 36 yrs regularly and is still EPF member.From December 2013 I am not contributing epf amount because doing self own work and not in service.
    Kindly guide me what I to do in this connection for receiving full interest i.e.8.65%.

    1. Kukreti-Sir, it is impossible that EPFO gave you only 5% of interest during 2016-17. I think there is something missing here. Hence, suggest you raise the issue at EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  37. There was this clause of 3 years as well what happened to that? Essentially it was mentioned that if no new contribution to PF is made for 3 years continuously then it would be called as inoperative and no interest would be added from thereon – Is this now invalidated with above reference in the article?


      1. Hi, will this new rule apply for PF held by a trust? Or is there a way to get the amount transferred to govt. EPFO – as I am not in hurry to withdraw if such interest is paid for so long..

  38. Thanks for this clarification. It is really relevant for me. There were enough misconceptions around this point. This write-up makes things clear.

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