How to link Aadhaar to EPF Online without login?

Earlier I explained you about how to link Aadhaar to EPF online or offline. However, today EPFO launched a dedicated link on EPFO portal to link online without login.

I already wrote a detailed post on “How to link Aadhaar to EPF using online and offline?“. However, today EPFO launched a new facility, where you can link Aadhaar to EPF online without login.

Note:-If your details of UAN not matching with Aadhaar details like name, gender and date of birth, then you can update the UAN details online. Refer my latest post for the same “EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction – Online procedure“.

Why have we to link Aadhaar to EPF?

# Aadhaar is one of the important KYC document which contains details like your name, date of birth and address details along with your photo.

# By linking Aadhaar to EPF, you will make it easy to merge multiple UAN numbers into single UAN.

# Aadhaar is used as Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA). This will reduce the number of documents to upload into a single document.

# During withdrawal process of EPF, it makes easy for EPFO to verify your KYC credentials at ease.

These are the major benefits for link Aadhaar to EPF. There may be some different views of making Aadhaar linking as mandatory. But going forward Aadhaar may be one of the important document of your authentication.

How to link Aadhaar to EPF Online without login?

Earlier to link Aadhaar to EPF online, you have to log in to Unified Portal. However, from now onward you no need to login to EPFO portal and easily link Aadhaar to EPF online without login.

The process is as below.

Step 1– Visit EPFO Portal and go to “Online Services”. There you have to select “eKYC Portal”.link Aadhaar to EPF Online without login

Step 2-The new eKYC window will open. There you have to select “Link UAN Aadhaar”.

Link UAN with Aadhaar online

Step 3– Here you have to provide your details like UAN number (mandatory), the mobile number which is linked to UAN. To this number, they send you OTP, which you have to enter and provide your Aadhaar number also, then click on Submit.

Aadhaar link to EPF Online

Another OTP will be sent to your mobile/email linked with Aadhaar. After OTP verification, if UAN details are matched with Aadhaar details, then UAN will be linked with Aadhaar. After linking, the EPFO you may avail online EPFO services linked with Aadhaar.

How to link Aadhaar to EPF online by login?

Using online facility of EPFO you can easily link your Aadhaar to EPF. Let us see the steps involved in this.

1) Go to EPFO Unified EPF Portal

EPF Unified Portal Login

Using your UAN number and Password login to Unified Portal.

2) Once you login, then the screen looks like below. Here, under Manage tab, select the KYC option from the drop-down menu.  Update KYC in EPFO

3) Once you select KYC tab, then you will find the screen as below. Here, EPFO provided the options to update Bank details, PAN details, Aadhaar, Passport, Driving License, Election Card, Ration Card or NPR.

We have to select the option of Aadhaar. Enter the Aadhaar number and also the name as it appears in Aadhaar Card EXACTLY. Then click on SAVE tab.

link Aadhaar to EPF

The majority of employees will face the issues here. Due to a mismatch in names or service issues with either EPFO or UDAI, you may be unable to update it. If there is a mismatch with name, then try to inform the same immediately with your employer to resolve the issue.

4) Once you save it, then you can view the same under pending KYC option. The screen of that will look like below. Wait for around 15 days for approval. If it is approved, then your Aadhaar status will be available in “Approved KYC” area.

EPF KYC Status

This is how you have to link Aadhaar to EPF.

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  1. Dear Basu,

    Good afternoon.

    My name is Hari Kizohrj and I am residing in UAE for almost 6 years. I need to get my PF summary soft copy but I forgot my password. I followed the above given steps but there is no option as “eKYC Portal”. Can you please help me to get my PF statement?

    Thanks and regards


  3. Dear sir,

    i forget the password of UAN website and my mobile number is also changed, i am not able to be login to update my KYC details. please tell me how can i update the KYC details now.

  4. Hello,

    My mobile number is registered with EPFO and UAN. But when I try to seed my addhar with the UAN using the online method ( then I am not getting the OTP on my registered mobile number , even though the site says that OTP has been successfully send to your registered mobile number( the first 6 digits of the mobile number are also correct followed by XXXX)

    Pls guide me for the same as I am not able to seed my Aadhar to the UAN , hence it is creating KYC issue also.

    Thank you in advance,

  5. Mobile no is changed cannot get OTP.
    Aadhar not linked hence cannot use forget password option.
    Cannot acess plz help

      1. How if we are no longer working with that employer nor any employer in that country then how can we get the contact details updated to receive OTP which will in return help login to EPFO please.

        My issues is similar to above which is going in circles without a proper solution:
        Mobile no is changed cannot get OTP.
        Aadhar not linked hence cannot use forget password option.
        Cannot access our information.

  6. Dear sir,

    my name interchanged as per aadhar. employer not giving approval to change as per aadhar.
    please suggest….

  7. Hello Sir,
    I have modified my Basic details through UAN Login as on 08/08/19 and twice visited to EPF regional office at Vashi in September month to the Accounts Department to authenticate my Name as per Aadhar. But still it shows status that “One request submitted directly to EPFO field office to Change name is pending for approval against UAN:xxxxxxxxxxxx”

    Even Consultant of my company also submitted joint application to Vashi EPF Office

    please guide me, now what i have to do.

  8. Hi, My first name and last name are interchanged in PF portal. Also my Adhaar or PAN is not linked to UAN. My mobile no is changed and I have forgot the password.Is there anyway i can fix it online or i need to visit epf office?

      1. Dear Sir.
        I am facing exactly same situation as Sreekanth. Mobile number not in service, aadhar is not linked to UAN, forgot my password and on top of everything, I cannot contact my employer because they have shut their business due covid. Please help how to reset my password in such situation.
        I have raised grievances twice to Social Security Assistant, Regional PF Commissioner and wrote to NDC on their suggestion but no help. They are suggesting same steps over and over again. Which is not helping me. When I am using forgot password link, after selecting no for OTP at registered number, the website is asking to link aadhar first, for which I must first be logged in or verify the OTP which is not possible.

    1. Ahmed basic details will show you what is available in system and what you want as per aadhar on right side.If there is a difference in age of more than 1 year assuming that aadhar is correct you have to attach pdf of less than 3mb options birth cert,school leaving certificate or passport

  9. Navya Sri
    You have to ensure that either your Aadhar or pan card name matches with your name in the System .Assuming your name is as above Pan or Aadhar must also be Navya Sri.Then forgot password option will work say no when otp to be sent to old mobile.

  10. Iam forgot my uan password & my mobile number is changed, my aadhaar is not linked to my uan, now how i get new password

  11. on EPFO, from employer side when we tring to update members KYC details (like adhar, pan and bank details) it updates only bank details, we unable to update Pan and Adhar details… pls guide

    1. Dear Nilam
      I have been in the same position.What exactly is your problem.Kindly explain and I can guide you.
      Have taken Basu permission to give an opinion.


  12. WEe have registered adhar no to uan but unfortunatlythe adhar no is cansaled by uaida so we enrolled for new adhar and get it but now we want to link the coreect adhar to Uan registration .what is the way

  13. Hi Basavaraj,
    My PF account has become inoperative as I left job in 2015. I have UAN log in, but Aadhar is not linked to my UAN. Aadhar linking is not working now though details are exactly same.
    Please let me know what my options are for withdrawing money..
    Which forms to be submitted?
    Thank you.

  14. Dear Sir my name is vijay my pf account link mobile number is not active and pf account password is not available so how to change my mobile number in pf account and second resion if kyc not update in UAN account.
    please suggest any solution

  15. Sir My self Dinesh Dhamani working in a company and Open a UAN no and Link with Aadhar .after i resign my self withdrawn my pf amount . and after 1 year again i join the sane company or this time again company open a new UAN no ans diposite my pf amount to this new UAN Account number . now i resign again but i don’t withdrawn my pf because my aadhar link with my old UAN . my pf amount submitted to my new UAN no. when i open uan portal frist they said Aadhar link with UAN .after many afforts i am not link my Aadhar with my new UAN.

    Pl. suggested me how can i link my Aadhar with my New UAN.

  16. Sir,
    I resigned my job on may 2015.i was in my service from 1999-2015. but our management start to collect epf for 2013-2015.I was unaware of AADHAR,PAN in those days.So, i dint link aadhar,pan with my EPFaccount.I dint get my password from our institution.And i missed my,even though i gave forget psw ,im unable to get OTP.My d.o.b also wrongly entered.How will i tackle these problems and getback my money?
    Thanking you.

  17. Hello BasuNivesh,
    I left the company in 2017 and they processed my PF withdrawal last year and received only PF money . They didn’t process my EPS withdrawal request .After requesting employer submitted form 10-c with EPFO last month. My company is under trust. I requested the EPS Withdrawal status and they provided below info. Is this correct .? I can see TOTAL AMOUNT APPROVED is N/A . Why they mentioned the amount as N/A .?
    Could you please advise .?


    Form-13 (Transfer Out)

    Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments)




    Claim Form-13 (Transfer Out)(Transfer (Unexempted to Unexempted in other region or to Exempted Establishments)) Claim id-XXXXXX Member id-XXXXXX your claim has been settled.

    1. Its because EPFO manage both EPF and EPS for the organization who are not having any trust.
      But in case of trust EPFO don’t Manage EPS.
      EPFO related more queries you can visit on my youtube channel “Sab Kuch Online”

  18. Hi
    I have claimed only form 19c is it necessary that we have to submit form 10c along with it.

    I have claimed form 19c on 1st of may still its showing under process.

  19. Hi
    I am unable to link my Addhar to UNA the Reason is there is a Special character in my surname ( D`Souza )
    and UNA is not accepting any special character what is the Solution to this

  20. Hello Sir,

    I’m a private employ working in the same organization from past 7 years and this is my first job. now i have to UAN no, one is before 2016 with HYD and now another one with Pune. Recently I have update all my details like Adhar, Pan, Bank Ac etc, everything went fine and updated correctly in both the accounts.

    Issue is now i’m trying to withdraw some amount from my new PF account, after providing all the required fields when i click on GET ADHAAR OTP it is returning a error : Aadhaar number does not have both email and mobile.

    Could you pls suggest on the next steps.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for your promt and quick respone, now i’m getting a new error.

        “Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).”

        Again reached out to the EPFO Grievance website for this error they responded saying.

        “You are requested to submit Aadhar based F-10c(physical) duly enclosing a cancelled cheque with name printed on it and mentioning your previous service.”

        Could you please guide me where and what should i have to correct, I’m in need of money and this PF guys are asking one after other to do.

        Sreekanth Sheri.

          1. Hi Sir,

            I did not understand exactly what they are looking from me, what is “Aadhar based F-10c” were should i have to submit it.

            Another thing is they mentioned “cheque with name printed on it and mentioning your previous service” what name should be on cheque and I’m working in the same company from 2010 to till date and its my first job.

            Sreekanth Sheri

  21. Can one still link Aadhaar with UAN i.e in April 2018 .
    I tried to link online but it’s not happening. Not sure if there is an error in the webpage.

  22. Sir l link my aadhar with UAN by UMANG app it show on my uan status but when i check kyc detail by epfo missed call message come aadhar detail not available with your UAN

  23. Sir, I want to know that what if one fails to complete the kyc for his UAN till 31st march?

  24. hi basavaraj, thanx for ur valuable guidance.
    my uan got activated but the mobile number resgitered against my uan is a wrong one. when i am trying to change the mobile number via portal, the authentication of my aadhar and pan is getting failed and is not getting validated. thus i am getting unable to update my kyc via online and offline. i had raised complaint to my employer but they failed to do so and asked me to complaint at epfo office. i have also raised complaint at grievance cell but they require joint request. i had also raised complaint at PG portal which feedback is yet to come.
    plz help.

      1. my job location is at kolkata and my employer office is at bangalore. i tried a lot ovet mails and calls but they are not intended to support. please guide how to submit joint declaration and where to submit. More over what is joint declaration?

          1. Hi, basavaraj, the local office is also not coordinating. Can it be done at local EPFO office at kolkata. my pf account is of Bangalore EPFO. Also please guide me if there is any alternate options.

  25. Hi,

    I have issue while inserting AADHAR details, its showing authentication error either while DOB, Name or AADHAR No.,

    I have re-check multiple times all are correct, when i had informed to Employer, they said that, i have to update my name in Aadhar card like “Paras Dineshbhai Shah” which is “Paras Shah” right now.

    Is it right??,or any other way we can resolve this issue.

  26. Hi sir, without leaving current job can I withdraw my pf amount. What document is required for medical reasons (hard copy required) how much amount i.e% I’ll eligible. As I’m work in in infosys BPO since last 11 years.

  27. Sir my AADHAAR is showing unverified because they( my past company)have not entered my name as it is on my AADHAAR

      1. Sir I have done it through EPF only but it’s showing AADHAAR authentication failed due to name, DOB, and gender mismatch.

  28. Dear Sir,

    How a retired person from GOVT link aadhaar to PF acoount specially when there is no UAN no. THE SERVICE OF UAN WAS NOT IN EXISTENCE WHEN MY DAD RETIRED IN 2006, he did’t have UAN no.

    please respond, awaiting your valuable suggestion.

    Amit Gupta.

  29. Dear Sir,

    I have tried all the means and ways to connect my AAdhar with UAN but not able to connect, in my I tried to update through KYC updated but no success. One more thing I want to know that is this online service available for certain time only because I tried in night it was not working.

    Please suggest.

      1. Hi I tried that as well but nothing happen it is still showing KYC not updated. I registered my self in inoperative accounts but the status is as it is. I want to withdraw as I left the company and new one does not have PF facility.

        Please suggest what should be next step

  30. Hi

    Pls help me..

    When I applied for PF transfer from my old UAN to new UAN only pf amount is done. Pension amount of 20 K is not transfered and it is still with the old UAN. What should I do next?

  31. Can employee update the date of exit (DOE) in URN portal? If yes, what are the process. Actually I want to withdraw my PF, all details like PAN, AADHAR & Bank Account are updated, but only due to DOE I’m not able to process online withdrawal service. This is also for your kind knowledge I’ve left that company 2 and half years back, and presently I’m not working with any company. read more at:

  32. Hi Basavaraj,

    Really informative post. Thank you for sharing this information.

    Question – My Aadhar was not updated with my last employer. I was also facing issues while using KYC option as it said “gender missing for Aadhar update”. I’ve initiated the online process by clicking on “Modify Basic Details” option. This is stuck with employer as of now.

    In the meantime, I followed your steps for updating e-kyc without logging in, as given in your other post, and that has accepted my Aadhar number but yet to get any confirmation on this.

    Can you tell me what to do now?

    Once again thank you for your help.

  33. I have been trying to link my adhaar card to epf but its always showing busy I’m continuously trying from last 3 days but still showing same error

  34. dear basu my ex employer has not edited my date of leaving epf as a result i am anabkle tpo withdraw all my pf kindly suggest what shall i do

  35. hi how much amount can i withdraw pf i have worked for 2 years in my previous company its been 6 months since i left .. in my new company i am not saving pf and is any documents to be provided for pf claim all my kyc have been verified

      1. thanks for the reply can u plz suggest what option to choose for full pf withdrwal like for house,or medical or etc

  36. Sir
    My Aadhar card has the following format for my name
    Surname FirstName Middle Name
    Deshpande Paritosh Govardhan

    However my PAN card has name as Paritosh G Deshpande

    My Aadhar has got verified in UAN however my PAN Card is not verified in UAN and verification for the same is failing.

    Please advise if I need to change my name in both the documents.Also please advise on the format of the name

  37. Hi Basvaraj,

    I am unable to verify my PAN card on the EPFO site due to name mismatch however the Aadhaar is verified.

    Will I face any challenge at the time of withdrawal of PF. I have worked with the organisation for 14 yrs hence PF should not be taxable.

    Please advice.

    Kiran Poojari.

  38. Hi Basavaraj,

    My wife left the job 4 months back . Her Adhar card details is not seeded in UAN and she is not working. She wants to withdraw her PF amount. She tried to update her adhar details in KYC and its pending from employer ( Adhar card name and EPF name is not matching). Before updating to KYC unfortunately she selected wrong option ‘ Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment’ its created a new UAN number . How to cancel the new UAN number created accidentally .
    1) . Is ther any way to withdraw the PF without updating the Aadhar. ( Not sure how to get the approval from employer)
    2) . Any issue to withdraw the PF because of this new UAN created .


  39. Hi, I have update my aadhaar details employer also accepted.but field officer bending it’s shows more than 20 days. How long to approve field office ?

      1. I am trying to link Aadhaar number but I got an error “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data. pls tell me what i do my aadhar is linking bcoz of dis issue pls tell me

  40. Hi ,I have uploaded all necessary documents to EPFO for KYC updation but after 1yr it’s still showing pending in status due to my employer did not approved KYC docs due to some consequences. now I left that job and want to withdraw PF Balance.Can I submit & update KYC docs by visiting my EPFO nearest branch? I tried offline aadhar link but the server has always f**king issues.kindly advise

  41. Hi
    I am trying to complete KYC in EPF site, but Adhar is not getting updated. How do I retrieve my PF money.

    Really frustrated with this lousy service from EPF. seems like there is zero accountability.

    I have a new organisation also

    Pls advise,


    Aromal M

      1. Thanks for your earliest reply.

        My adhar recently 1 month bk.renewed as per pan and matching.

        Again at epf portal I’m facing issue

        So the suggestion is to visit regional epfo

        Pl confirm

        Thank you

      1. after dob mismatch i requested for change now its showing in modify basic details Accepted by employer–> Pending at field office kindly tell mw what to do now

  42. Hi ,
    I am trying to withdraw my PF through Online and all the KYC is done but when I click on claim it’s stating Adhar is not authenticate. Please advise . Thank you in advance

    1. HI SIR I HAVE TWO EPF ACCOUNTS i will transfer my previous ac to present ac i cant able do it even my auditor tried it he cant solve it is there any other options to link the both acccounts


          1. hi sir i was updated adhaar successfully but
            HI SIR I HAVE TWO EPF ACCOUNTS i will transfer my previous ac to present ac i cant able do it even my auditor tried it he cant solve it is there any other options to link the both acccounts

  43. Hi,

    My name is chetan

    I am trying to link Aadhaar number but I got an error “Temporory problem at AADHAAR Server.
    Please confirm when this issue will fix.
    Also I applied online PF transfer claim and the status is settled however, I have not seen any balance is transferred.
    Could you please advise is their way to find the balance details.

    1. Now they have provided option to update AAdhaar number under Manage Tab–> Modify basic details. But it goes through employer verification. Hope this option is user friendly as you can update your name, gender,DOB & Aadhaar.


    1. Now they have provided option to update AAdhaar number under Manage Tab–> Modify basic details. But it goes through employer verification. Hope this option is user friendly as you can update your name, gender,DOB & Aadhaar

  45. Hi, my pan, Aadhar everything is showing under approved list. But when u try to verify it is showing unexpected error. And when I try to click on claim it is showing your Aadhar I’d not authenticated by UIADI. Please contact EPFO office. I have verified my Aadhar in UIADI website. But still in EPFO same message is showing. Please help me.

      1. Thanks for your promt reply. I checked. All the details are matching with the Aadhar. But In UAN portal my father name is there. But in Aadhar only my mother name is there. Is it the cause of the problem?

          1. Hi,
            I did correction to my Aadhar and now it is verified successfully in UAN portal. Thanks for your help. But now new issue is there. I was working in private MNC and it had exempted PF trust. Now i m having NPS in new job. In UAN portal when i try to click in Claim it is showing an error “As your establishment is exempted in PF, please submit your withdrawal case to concerned Trust.” Can’t i claim it online? Please help.

              1. Hi, I had PF in earlier job. Now i m working in Public Sector Bank. I have NPS now. So, i think i can’t transfer PF amount of earlier job in MNC. So, can i withdrae my PF amount? Please guide me.

  46. I have generated and activate my UAN through Aadhaar. but I am not able to find my EPF account online as the format is not matching.

    EPF account number mentioned on my salary slip is GJ/BD/20418-E/101161254
    is not matching standard formats given on websites for the following 2 reasons

    1) For Baroda – your website is giving code as VD/BRD where as my salary slip contains GJ/BD

    2) Also there is an additional ‘E’ in ESTABLISHMENT ID (after 2nd forward slash) in account number given by my employer but EPF website is not accepting it. Website is giving error that it has to be digits only.

    Due to above 2 problems neither I am able to check my passbook nor I am able to login and manage my account

    Please help and suggest what should I do ?

  47. Hi Basavaraj,
    I am getting error Gender mismatch. I checked my profile. In Gender it says – NOT AVAILABLE. While registering for UAN, there was no field to mention gender. Now it is giving error when I am trying to link it with my Aadhaar.
    Please suggest what should I do.

    I have already sent email to [email protected] for correction

      1. My employer is not providing me any support in this matter. is there any other way that I can update the records of EPF without involving the employer. I have Aadhar card with me

  48. Hello I tried linking my ADHAAR to my UAN but system throws an error message that “Dear Member,
    Your details (Name / Date of Birth / Gender) against UAN 100426361199 are missing. Kindly update your Details. “.

    This UAN is with my previous employer but unfortunately my previous employer has been closed already.
    How can I update my details and how to link my Adhaar as I want to withdrawl my PF amount.

    Thank you1

      1. Hi sir, this is jagadish i was update my adhaar throw online shell i withdrawal online now or i need to take the approval from my ex employer

  49. Hi, When updating Aadhaar through unified portal , its showing error message like Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication. Any solutions?

  50. Hi,

    I have updated my Aadhar through EKYC portal. But when I track the status it is showing that Aadhar details has been successfully verified and details will be updated on next day. Same status is showing from last 10 days.In this case what need to done..


      1. HI

        I am also getting the similar message from the last 12 days..

        Also once this is complete, will it be easier to withdraw PF online?…i have bank details n PAN approved under KYC.



        1. guys bank details n pan details should be updated from employer end or it will be automatically verified through pf office

  51. I am not able to update my aadhaar details , the error on the website says ‘Details mismatch’.

    Kindly suggest. I have resigned from a company in march’16 now want to withdraw my PF. How do I proceed ?

  52. Dear Sir,
    I have uploaded my aadhar card and bank details in epfo portal a month ago for KYC to withdrawl PF . Still its in not approved. Your kind help will be required. What is the next course of action from my side ? Please provide your valuable inputs.

  53. I tried linking UAN using method 1, where we input UAN. As soon as I input my UAN, it gives error “INCORRECT UAN!!”.

    What kind of error is that? I’ve cross-checked my UAN several times and I’m putting in correct UAN.

    Now since it gives this error, mobile number does not automatically populate and hence, not able to go ahead and generate OTP.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  54. I have linked my AADHAR with my UAN using new eKYC portal, but AADHAR is not verified in my PF portal login. When is tracked on eKYC portal, it says AADHAR is already linked. I am unable to transfer PF amount from my previous company. It seems eKYC portal and Member Login portal is not linked. this is useless service and PF officers first check before releasing any new system.

    Everything has become mess with EPFO. educated people like us cannot do anything, I am just thinking about people which doesn’t have knowledge of internet and online services !!!

  55. sir, i tried to link my aadhaar in online in UAN portal its shows name or gender or date of birth mismatch with register data kindly update ur details .
    i went to epfo office to update my detils and did my fingerprint verification after they said after 45 days it will be updated but i received a msg from EPFO OFFICE that the name mismatch with register data .
    pls help me how to update and i contact my employer they are not responding properly .my name in aadhar VENKATAKRISHNAN in UAN VENKATA KRISHNAN

    1. hai.Venkatakrishnan
      first step you clear the aadhaar section.
      like correction or updation throw Aadhaar official wep site.
      then you will follow the next step.

  56. My aadhaar Having first name+last name and UAN having last name + firstname…I am not bale to link them.please help me

  57. My name in Aadhaar is name + initial, which matches with all school certificates. My PAN is name + fathers name.
    Thus both are different. My UAN name is as per PAN. Now I am unable to link.
    Why can’t UAN Aadhaar linking be similar to the PAN Aadharr linking ?

      1. My EPF account is of Chennai and I’m living in Pune now. I visited EPFO, Pune for offline seeding my AADHAAR and they said you have to go to Chennai as they don’t have access to change it ( because system is not yet centralised).

        I did go through the first procedure i.e. eKYC portal by and getting message as “Authentication not done by UIDAI.. Please visit nearest EPFO”.

  58. Hi Ma’am/Sir,

    we are unable to upload the adhaar card in EPFO site my UAN no. and so the error message in give the bottom line.
    For your reference find the error message of UAN Portal Screenshot of Aadhar card uploading time.

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    so can you help me for upload the adhaar card

  59. hi
    i upload the aadhaar in EKYC portal and got successfully uploaded but while applying for online withdrawal through uan login it is showing as AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.
    what shall i do for this

  60. Dear Basu,

    My aadhaar number is not updated in KYC due to mis match. I have informed this to my employer. But they say there is no way that they can help me to link aadhaar and they are asking me to contact PF department.

    Please provide solution. Can the employer link my aadhaar and PF number from their end ?

  61. Basu, I tried linking my UAN to Aadhar through the new link provided in the epfo site. I finished all the steps and also entered the OTP for aadhar verification and clicked on submit. but its showing some HTTP error code 5oo. What does that mean?

      1. Thank you. I have successfully linked my UAN to Aadhar. I used to work for Capgemini and when I contacted them about withdrawing my PF online, they are saying that I cannot do it online and I have to follow an offline procedure. Is it true? Please let me know and also kindly let me know the time taken for offline procedure.

  62. Mobile No: field is disabled in the dedicated link. Any reason for that ?
    Also PAN – Aadhaar linking went fine even though there is name mismatch (initials expanded). Is that the case here ? They are asking for two different OTPs for UAN and Aadhaar separately. Ideally that should be enough to link both the accounts. If they are still looking for exact matching, that is pathetic 🙁

    1. Sreekanth-Disabled because you can’t change your mobile number while updating this process. The name on PAN card may be different than the name in IT Dept databse. Hence, sometimes matching may be successful. Yes, they send two OTPs as I already explained in above post.

  63. The Aadhaar OTP page to which EPFO redirects throws an error “X103: Unknown client” .. Seems they need to fix the portal redirection as you will see Aadhaar is passed as “null” to the Aadhaar OTP page

  64. Hi, I am Sudha PF profile, my name is showing sudhakrishnasamy but Aadhaar is different so its not linking. How to change my name PF profile Name.

  65. Basu, does this mean one does not have to upload scanned copy of the Aadhaar as was required earlier? Secondly, does the Aadhaar get linked immediately to the EPF in this new procedure? No approval of Aadhaar required from the employer?

    1. Kapil-Sir, in the earlier process also (Unified portal), you just have to mention your Aadhaar number and the name as per Aadhaar. However, earlier you have to login to unified portal and then link. Now they created the dedicated link, where you can link it without login. In my view, it will get linked immediately if all data matches (exactly like Aadhaar linking to PAN). They do e-verification and you will receive the authentication email from Aadhaar.

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