LIC’s online Term Plan e-Term-Review and Benefit

Finally the wait is over for those who are very much interested to buy term insurance with LIC and especially ONLINE. Today LIC launched it’s first online term plan to all. So let us see it’s feature. This is the second online plan from LIC after the launch of pension plan Jeevan Akshay VI.

LIC Online Plans

Below are the few features of this plan.

  • You will buy this plan only through online mode.
  • There are two categories in this plan.
  • One is called Aggregate lives. Here you can buy whether you are smoker or non smoker. So there is no such difference in this.
  • Second is called Non-Smoker lives.
  • For Sum Assured upto Rs.49,00,000 only aggregate premium will be applicable.
  • From Rs.50,00,000 onward you have option to choose whether you are smoker or non smoker. If you are smoker then aggregate category only. But if non smoker then you need to mention it and accordingly premium will vary.
  • Proposal on own life will only be considered. So you can’t propose for your wife’s life.
  • Death benefit will be equal to Sum Assured opted.
  • There is no maturity benefit under this plan,
  • Minimum Sum Assured for Aggregate category is fixed Rs.25,00,000.
  • For non smoker it is Rs.50,00,000.
  • There is no maximum limit.
  • Minimum Age at entry is 18 Yrs.
  • Maximum Age will be 60 Yrs.
  • Maximum cover you can opt upto 75 Yrs.
  • Minimum Policy Term is 10 Yrs.
  • Maximum Policy Term is 35 Yrs.
  • You have to pay premium only on annual base.
  • Grace period of 30 days will be available for premium payment.
  • You can pay the subsequent premiums online either through net-banking/credit card/debit card.
  • You need to disclose all the existing policies while buying this plan (irrespective of company).
  • Medical Test requirement will be based on individual.
  • For further details about this plan, you can contact [email protected] or call to toll free number 1800-22-7717.

Whether NRI’s can buy this plan?

As of now there is no information available on LIC site about eligibility of NRIs. But good feature is, once you are covered under this plan and if afterward you moved to other countries due to your job then too the cover will continue irrespective of your stay across globe. So it is best whoever planning to move can buy this plan and move.

How to buy this plan online?

For detailed video tutor on how you can buy, visit my latest postVideo Tutor on how to buy online term plan of LIC’s e-Term“.

1) Visit LIC Online Plans Page by clicking LIC DIRECT. You will get below screen and rest of the process is displayed in below images.

LIC Online Plans

2) Select your residential status by clicking as below and click on the tab called Confirm & Proceed. Here you have two options too. One is for new customer and another is for those who calculated previously, for them need to enter Access ID (10 digit number which will be sent to your provided mobile number and to mail id).

LIC s e Term_2

3) Calculate your premium in next step. Enter details like Sum Assured, Date of Birth, Term and whether you are smoker or not.

e Term  Premium Calculator

4) Premium will be displayed as below and you can either recalculate or proceed further.

e Term  Premium Calculator

5) Proceed to fill your personal details in below step. Please remember that this online purchase is set for cities only. So if you not belong to any of cities mentioned in drop down then select city which is nearest to you.

e Term  Contact Info

6) Access ID will be generated and which will be sent to your mobile number and email id. Now below are some instruction to proceed and complete the process of buying online.

  • You must be in India while buying a plan as you need to undergo the health check up.
  • PAN Number is must.
  • Form 16 or ITR of last three years is must.
  • Details of all your existing insurance (irrespective of insurance company.
  • Details of family members.
  • Details of medical history.
  • Details of Bank like Account number and MICR code etc.

e Term Access Id

Click on Proceed tab and which asks for 10 Digit Access ID. Provide the same and click on proceed.

7) Provide Personal details, Correspondence details, Identity details, employment details, employment details, lifestyle details, nominee details and finally add family members details. Now add your previous policy details, medical details, provide bank details, personal financial quarries and confirm finally that you understood all the policy details.

Finally view the proposal form in PDF format. If you found any incorrect data then modify once again. Otherwise proceed for buying it through net-banking/credit card/debit card.

Hope above information will be useful for you all.

How much cheaper it is?

In below chart I tried to compare LIC’s online plan with offline plan of  Amulya Jeevan, HDFC Click2Protect and ICICI iCare II. You notice that price difference between this new plan to offline plan of LIC is very much. It is around 37% !!!. But if we compare with private insurers online term plans, then still this looks costlier. But not that much. So if you are very much interested to go with LIC brand name then definitely this is best buy.

Even whoever already own  Amulya Jeevan then they can plan to switch to this plan. But do remember that cancel your plan once your proposal approved by LIC and also compare the price difference for your individual age.

LIC e-Term Premium Comparison

So whoever planning to buy online term plan may definitely consider this plan as it is from LIC with highest claim settlement ratio in industry.

Interesting points to note before proceeding

  • Compare to existing offline term plans of LIC, this looks cheaper.
  • Maximum age is 75 Yrs.
  • No accidental benefit rider.
  • No additional riders attached to it. So it is plan vanilla product.
  • You must undergo medical test.
  • It is too early how LIC will give service as currently it is heavily depending on agents force.

806 thoughts on “LIC’s online Term Plan e-Term-Review and Benefit”

  1. Sir, I purchased 2 crore tech term plan. after multiple medical tests in 2 months, now they replied ” without commitment postpone for six months”.
    What does it mean and what steps should i take now ?
    I am a kidney transplant recipient.

    thanks and regards

    1. Dear Sampat,
      Better to interact with the LIC in this regard. Because they may be in a better position to provide the clarifications and reasons.

  2. Rajesh Dalavi


  3. I say just avoid it. The website is crap. I have made payment twice while purchasing policy. Medical will happen immediately since it’s automated. But no one is contacting me now. All numbers given are either out of order/busy. No response to emails for refund of excess amount. My 17k stuck with them, with no idea when I will get insurance/refund. Avoid Tech Term online plan. Better go with pvt. insurers.

  4. Good luck to anyone looking to purchase LIC Tech term policy. I applied for this policy six months ago. In those six months, I was asked to undergo medical tests twice as my sum insured was greater than 2 Crore. The response from both LIC and the medical team has been extremely poor and lacking. Both of these teams wasted a lot of time. Finally, as per LIC policy, my insurance proposal was rejected as it had been more than 180 days since the proposal was submitted.

    I would strongly recommend against purchasing LIC Tech Term. Their website for collecting documents is poorly designed and absolutely not user-friendly. They are extremely slow. There is almost no internal coordination between their departments. If this is how they handle applications for first-time customers, I can only imagine what may happen in the event of a claim file.

    1. Dear Nikhil,
      Thanks for sharing your horrific experience with LIC. I completely agree that LIC still have to develop a customer-friendly approach rather than 1947 attitude towards customers.

  5. Hi Basavaraj, I am 24 years and single working in private concern and my current annual income is 2,16,000 also I am doing agriculture and earning nearly 2.5 to 3 lakhs annually…I have not paid any income tax yet as my salary not falling under that category…I am thinking for policy sum of 10000000…as I checked in lic found I am eligible for that with total of my salary and agriculture income for 400000 per annum…but I have only salary slip for annual income of 216000…agriculture income not deposited in Bank account…can apply for this sum amount…i need to know that my application will be accepted by lic as I am only submitting my salary slip of last 3months which have income of 18000. Please help me to know. Thank you.

  6. Mr Basu – Greetings of the season!! I have recently purchased this e Term Plan for myself . I am a 32 year old professional working in the corporate sector. Interested in buying standalone CI and Disability Insurance, solicit your opinion.

      1. Mr.Basavaraj i am a govt servant aged 44.My annual income was around 4.5 lakhs.i want to take eterm policy for Rs,10000000.but whenever i apply online it always shows that” for the declared income you are not eligible for the sum assured(even i have tried sum assured upto 40 Lakhs)”.how could i know the maximum eligible cover for me.and whom should i contact since its a online policy.

        I am also contact lic through email.But they giving some unconvincing and general reply to me to try again.

        thaks in advance .

  7. Hello sir,

    Regarding e term plan of LIC –
    (1) What is the process of claim settlement for e term plan ? Since it has been brought online, whom to contact during claim?
    (2) Is process of claim settlement for online purchased term isurance plans differs from that of offline mode purchased?
    (3) Whats is difference between online and offline term insurance plan with respect to ease of claim settlement ?


    1. Vinay-1) You can approach the branch which will be informed to you during the process of issuance.
      2) BOTH ARE SAME. But Agents spread this misleading news that ONLINE purchased products are least bothered by LIC.
      3) BOTH ARE SAME to LIC. But for agents perspective it is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT 🙂

  8. I paid premium online and on the same day received call for medical test. Within 2 days i completed medical tests (14th Aug, 2017) but till date there is no further communication from LIC. Despite repeated calls and emails the process has not moved forward. The LIC representation told me first that the agency conducting medical test has not yet submitted report and next said that the people responsible are new to this process and hence taking time. It is hard to understand what is new in this process and why are they taking more than a month to take this forward. I selected this plan based on trust in LIC but this delay is making me think.
    If they do not process in next 15-20 days then i shall ask them for a refund and will take some private policy.

  9. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I am a 37 year old salaried professional in IT (with more than 12 years professional exp). I wanted to take SBI Life – eShield (Term Policy) for 50L. My salary is in the 7 Digits. Now i had sent my “Employer certificate” to the SBI underwriter, but they still insist of last 3 Salary Slips. I am not comfortable in handing them my salary slip since it contains data on my PF , UAN & Salary account and what not… The Employer certificate should be sufficient to let them know about my employment. Wouldn’t it be termed as an attempt to breach my financial privacy, since this kind of data about an individual can easily get into wrong hands!. Why are they so desperate to know my salary components via pay slips only? Is there any other instrument i can use to let them know my salary only ? Is there any other safe process here ?
    Also they can check my details in C-KYC. Will that help?

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Harishanker-I can understand your concerns. But they need the salary slip or IT return. If you have such concern then you can send them the last 3 years IT returns. Using CKYC, then can’t check your income.

  10. I am in middle of e-Term plan purchase. I have paid the premium for Non-smoker category as I neither consume alcohol nor do smoking. Undergone medical examication. After 10 days I received an email stated that you are not eligible for Non-smoker category but eligible for aggregate rate. Hence you need to pay 6000 rs more to get policy.
    I am damn sure that my blood and urine test must be normal & must not reflect any kind of alcohol or nicotine.

    Then why LIC is asking for Agreegate rate? how can I proove my self Non-Smoker? Is there any way to proove myself?

    1. Ritesh-I am not sure what went wrong with your medical report. However, being a customer, you have all rights to ask for the reasons for considering you as an aggregate category than the normal (but you can’t question their hiked premium). Hence, communicate with them and get the answer.

      1. Sir, I undergone retest for Urine Cotinine and got it negative. so after a month of proposal, finally i got my policy without change in premium or compromising proposed term and amount.
        Must say, Bombay office personal are very cooperative. Whenever you mail on [email protected], they always reply very quickly ( all the time i got reply within 15 mins, which never happened with any service provider).

        I am happy much happy with the LIC online term plan service.

        Thanks again for your valuable suggestion.

        Ritesh Oza

  11. I have bought online LIC e-term plan. After 24 hours of the submission of the online form, I noticed that I made some error while filling the form. Now I have to update the data before proceding it but not getting any response from the LIC customer care and can’t update it online also.

    Can you please suggest what should I do?

  12. Dear Sir,
    I have already purchased Amulya Jeevan-II from LIC in 2015, but now after launching Online eTerm I want to switch to it. Is it possible to do so. Because I have previously purchased policy of Sum Assured Rs. 25,00,000 Only and now I want to take of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- which will be more better than that of previous. Hence, you are requested to guide me and how to do this as well.

      1. (1) But Sir, If I am going to buy a new policy then I would have to declare the previously sum assured amount and due to which may be my eligibility to apply for a higher amount will decrease (I don’t know please guide in this sentence). But here (In new policy) I want a lump sum amount of 1,00,00,000/- (One Crore) then what should do to get this cover bcz I am in urgent need.
        (2) Second question: I am already purchased an Income Protection Plan from AEGON you know well that how it works i.e (Annual Salary Vs Sum Assured) then what should be mentioned in new upcoming policy’s Previous Policy Details column where Sum Assured is required by the new Insurer. Please guide in this regard.

        1. (1) Further, I have purchased ICICI Pru i Protect (All-in-one) and want to convert it into Only Life Option Plan. Is it possible?
          (2) If again I apply afresh for ICICI Pur Life Option plan then what is the possibility to accept by the under writing decision. Is it possible?

          1. My annul salary is 7.58 Lacs only (Post tax) and Rs. 7.58 (Pre Tax). Please guide.

            Finally, I want to buy – (i) LIC eTerm for Sum Assured Rs. 1,00,00,000/- (ii) I want to convert ICICI iProtect into Life Option only.

        2. Kishor-1) If you are sure of buying new and dumping the old one, then let you not disclose the existing policy. Otherwise, you can let the old policy to lapse and buy new one. But the risk in this act is that you will be out of cover until they issue new policy on new.
          2) The existing cover of the Aegon policy.

          1. The insured with 3 kids, has nominated his spouse as nominee, If the Insured dies then nominee will get the death benefit of the Insurance and after one year if that nominee dies then who will be next nominee if monthly 1% of sum assured is fixed for more 100 months after the death of the Insured?

  13. Sir,
    It’s stated that ITR of 3 years is a must. But while filing online form there is no option regarding ITR. So please explain when those ITR documents are required and also if is it possible to buy e term for those who do not have either ITR or Form 16.

      1. Hi Sir,
        My age is 24 and I am working from last 1.6 years. Hence, I have only 1 ITR with me.
        So, Is there a way to get any of the LIC term plans : e-term or Amulya Jeevan?

  14. I am a Lecturer in Sr. College, My annual income s abt 7Lks. I have only last year form no.16.
    Can I got term plan for 50lks. Pls provide me contact number to fill online term policy form.

  15. If a BSF or Army person who has policy got died due to war or terrorist attack. than in that condition is death claim cover or not ?

      1. generally lic agent fill the application, he tells me just to sign in the application after giving the related xerox document. in the profession column he fills only government servant though I am a para- military force personal . I think I should change my policy detail ?

  16. Hi,

    I submitted the e-term proposal and made a online premium payment through net banking but payment confirmation is not generated but amount is deducted from my account. How to get the status and to whom query needs to be raised?

    Can i get a customer care number who can share the status of my proposal?

  17. Hi Basavaraj, what are your views on “HDFC Life Group Term Insurance” being offered to Jet Privilege members? It is surprisingly cheap with no documentation and no medicals! Please, need your advise before considering it. Thanks.

      1. Hi Basu, but I’m a Jet Privilege member and I got invitation from jet, asking to join this program. So, are there any cons with this type of group term policy (being offered with HDFC)? Please advise. Thanks.

  18. Hi

    I had undergone angioplasty 1.5 years ago after a mild heart attack and I am looking for any (Online/Offline) term insurance policies.

    In the last week couple of on line term policies were rejected/declined due to my health condition (I am in a good health now).

    Is there any insurance company offering online / offline term insurance for the above condition?

    Thanks in Advance

  19. Hi..sir
    I passed out PG in 2015. I started working from July 2016. I am getting pay slips every month. I haven’t filed IT returns till now. Am I eligible to get lic e term policy. Please tell me

  20. Hi ,

    Thank you for the effort in clarifying questions/doubts. I have couple of queries

    Query 1:
    I am planning to buy LIC E- Term policy Insurance, I have been outside india on a ON and OFF between 2012 and 2014 with stay close to 6 months twice in 3 years.

    There a question , if my work involes travel outside the country, Do I need to mark as “Yes” because I travel was only for an assignment and this is not something I do every year.

    Query 2:
    What is the overall time frame for the policy to get issue after submitting the medical records.


  21. hi sir.. i have following queries below
    1. last 3 years itr foms or last 3 months pay slips are enough to take lic-e term. is it true .
    2. is around 3 lakh per annum package necessary to take e term for 50 lakh and above.

  22. Hello,
    I have paid LIC eterm policy online (Rs. 8900) for 50 Lakh policy amount. I have no health related problem and to my surprise after medical test, LIC comeback and say to pay more Rs9000 totaling my premium to some Rs 18000. I wouldnt like to take the policy with such huge premium. Can I ask LIC to pay back my earlier paid premium ie, Rs8900, because I am no more willing to go for the policy. Does this fall under free look up period. Understand generally it is considered 15-30 days after I get the policy document. As now they ask me pay extra premium and I am not willing to proceed with the policy, is LIC liable to pay back my premium paid?

    1. Pratap-Your policy is not yet issued. Hence, it will not comes under the free look-in period. Either you have to pay the additional premium to issue policy or else inform them that you don’t want to pay the additional premium. Hence, request them to return the premium. They will pay you the paid premium (excluding taxes and medical examination cost).

  23. i want amulya jeevan 2 policy. my salary is above 1.5 laks to 2 laks from bank fd , home rent and agri business.
    but i dont have ITR . lic agent told me that ITR is must like this. how i get term insurance policy. please guide me.
    thank u

      1. ok thanks., and another one policy is anmol jeevan 2 is eligible or not eligible for me?
        sir i want term insurance for 15,00,000/- fifteen laks only.

        but some body is saying anmol jeevan 2 policy provide insurance will give up to 10,00,000/- without ITR
        person like this.
        is it possible?

        or where i get S.A.15,00,000/- policy for me? term insurance.

        thank u

  24. Sabitrimanjari Sahoo


    I am a female, school teacher age around 35 years, working in a private school. My current gross salary is 23,000 per month. Till now I have not received any Form 16 nor filed any ITR. I can get my salary certificate form the authorized signatory. Can I go for e-term plan for 2500000?


  25. My weight is 115 kg and BMI IS 33 with no other health issues. Will LIC charge higher premium from me just on the basis of BMI.

  26. Hello Sir,

    I want to buy Term plan, please suggest me which plan i Should buy?
    Shall I go for LIC? or any other pvt companies?
    I want my family shouldn’t face any problems while claiming for summered?
    Which is the company which is good, easy & helpful for claiming process?

    Planning for 1cr. term insurance, Age 29.

    please suggest.

  27. Dear sir,
    I gone through lic e term n like other companies they don’t have definition for smoker. I used to make 6 yrs back n all private companies are treating me as non smoker but in lic e term the question is ” do u use ot ever used tobacco in any form “? If I click yes then I’ll be smoker and can’t go for high sum assured.. Kindly suggest me should I proceed as smoker or non smoker for lic e term.

      1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti,

        I have completed 31 years . My DOB is 11-8-84. Mumbai resident.
        My concerns regarding term plan are below:

        1. I wish to take 2 term plans (LIC E-Term & HDFC Click-to-protect Plus) for 1 CR each respectively. The reason is HDFC offers additional riders and LIC does not. Can I opt for both the policies at a time?

        2. If yes then, is it mandatory for me to inform both the companies that about both the plans while applying?

        3. I am not a smoker. But I drink occasionally. In that case, will there be any extra premium load for me?

        1. Onkar-1) Try to buy critical or accidental covers separately from general insurers. Avoid riders. Also, go with any one insurer.
          2) I replied.
          3) Yes, based on underwriter’s decision of respective company’s.

          1. Sir,

            Thanks for your quick suggestion.

            Related to above point no. 3, while applying LIC E-Term plan there is no provision to declare drinking habits. It is a pure online application, in such case, how can I declare my drinking habit???

  28. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for your valuable information.
    I want to buy lic e-term but I have confusion about income proof. I have filed ITR this month for first time.
    Can I apply with single ITR or salary slip?

    Please reply

  29. Srikanta Paul

    OK and Thank U once again for Ur prompt reply. Now I have no confusion in this regard, and will follow ur suggestion in future.

    1. Srikanta Paul

      Hello sir, I jst want to know that can I change the nominee detail after marriage in lic e-term policy? if possible, how to do that?

      Thanking You

  30. Srikanta Paul

    Its nice to see someone answering so promptly to every qsn arises from various parts of the country. Thank You Mr. Basavaraj.
    In this context I too have query regarding choosing between Lic e-term and icici prudential I protect smart policy. This product from icici provides not only term insurance bt provides medical support up to 10lk, with disability, rider, double accidental coverage at a very cheap rate!!! That’s where my confusion began, and I am asking U to please reply me in this matter which one to buy. I am in doubtful mind for 6month or so. Is icici insurance a trustee one?

  31. Hi,

    I am 25 years old and planning on buying a 1 crore cover. I completed my MBA in April 2016 and started working at a reputed firm from June 6, 2016 with a salary of 15 lakhs. Since I was not earning prior to this and do not have previous income, will my proposal get rejected?
    Please help since I do not want to delay buying a Term plan and consider it very important. Thanks inadvance!






        thank you very much for prompt reply.
        can i buy with single return slip of one year as as i filed for one year for 2013-2014 only.
        kindly let me know.

  33. Dear Sir,

    The information that you have provided and your replies to the questions posted by various people has been of immense help.

    I wish to apply for LIC e-term (online Term Insurance policy) for my life coverage.

    It would be of much help if you can clarify these for me?

    1.I already have Amulya Jeevan policy with a coverage of about 25 lakhs . Do I need to surrender this policy before applying for LIC e-term ? If so, can you please provide me the steps to surrender the policy ?

    2. Can I increase the coverage amount or period of term in e-Term at a later date, if needed ? If so what are the steps ?

    3.Should I bear the medical expenses for any tests required or will the expenses be borne by LIC ?

    4. Will the premium at the time of applying be fixed or will it be changed after the medical tests ?

    5. Will I get access to the medical reports or will it go directly to LIC?

    6. In case of rejection based on results from medical tests what would happen to the payment made online already? Can I get an option for coverage with increased premium

    7. After few years, can I increase the term or coverage amount if needed?

    8. How long will it take for the whole process to be completed ?


    1. Dileep-1) It is not required. But is purely your wish to continue or discontinue. Surrendering term plan is easier. You just need to stop paying the premium.
      2) You can’t increase coverage or tenure in middle. If you desire to buy additional cover, then you must apply for NEW one.
      3) If the policy is accepted by you and LIC, then the cost of medical examination will be beared by LIC. If it got rejected or you not accepted the terms they put on you, and proposal cancelled means, you have to bear the cost.
      4) It will be fixed.
      5) NO.
      6) If you accept then policy be issued. Otherwise, they refund it. Yes, you can opt initially.
      7) I already replied to in your point No. 2.
      8) It depends on case to case. We can’t generelize and say so.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. Some more additional queries.

        If I retain Amulya Jeevan, then can the dependents of the insured will be able to claim against Amulya Jeevan Coverage and also e-Term for life coverage?

        Do I need to mention about Medical Insurance policies while applying online ?

          1. What will happen if term plan is cancelled by LIC due to any reason. will they refund all first paid premium amount

            1. Dear Jeetendra,
              It is a contract between you and the insurance company. They have to honor it as long as you pay the premium. Hence, they can’t close the plan for the existing buyers. However, they can stop offering to new customers.

  34. Hi Basvaraj,

    It is a nice initiative and you are doing a great job answering all the queries promptly. I am facing certain issues while applying for this plan. Please find the details below.

    Sum Assured: 1 Cr, Premium: 15k pa, Salary: 7 lpa

    1. Latest Year
    2. Prior Year

    My first job was from Oct 2011 to Jun 2014. I did full time post graduation from Aug 2014 to Feb 2016. I joined my current organization from April 2016. I entered my current salary in “Latest Year” textbox and kept the “Prior Year” text box as blank since I was a student in last year.

    When I clicked on Submit, I got following error:
    “* Income cannot be blank”.

    So, I tried submitting my application without filling the Annexure. But I got this error:
    “* As per your declared income you are not eligible for chosen insurance cover. However, you can modify income details if you have proof of any additional income”

    As a result, I am not able to buy e-term policy. Can you please suggest me, how I can go ahead with this? Does it mean that one has to wait for at least 2 years to buy term insurance so that he can produce income proof of past 2 years?


  35. Hi
    I opted LIC eterm policy for 1 Crore policy for a term of 35 years.
    when i tried to complete the application, i got an error”* As per your declared income you are not eligible for chosen insurance cover. However, you can modify income details if you have proof of any additional income”

    what should be the income to opt for the above Policy.
    Please let me know how we can calculate.


  36. Hi,

    While submitting LIC E-Term insurance questionnaires online, I got an error message as follows: “* As per your declared income you are not eligible for chosen insurance cover. However, you can modify income details if you have proof of any additional income.”

    I am 39, Male, Annual income 6.98 Lakh CTC. I wish to know, how much CTC is needed for eligibility.

      1. Hi,

        I opted for 1 crore coverage. I had a email communication with LIC-Direct personnel. Based on their response, I have reduced the coverage from 1 Crore to 70 Lakh & problem resolved.

  37. Hi.

    I have a doubt –
    I have an existing LIC term policy for 25l.
    I want to take another policy for 25 l with LIC. However, now I have got sugar and my hb% is 8.6% and if I take with LIC, I am afraid if they will raise any issues .

    Should I now take it with another insurer…like SBI Life…can you please help

      1. Thank you, Sir –
        Will LIC reject my proposal and will they make any problem of my existing policy with them. I am very much concerned on that
        I would prefer LIC but I am afraid that if they reject, I cannot get insured again.
        Or should I wait till I reach my hb1% less than 8 and then approach LIC again

        Please help me

  38. Hi,

    I have a couple of queries on this LIC eterm insurance
    – Is critical illness covered in this scheme? any premium waiver?
    – Is death by Natural disasters (ACT OF GOD) is covered?

  39. Mahesh Mhetre

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    Looking at details, it seems LIC eTerm is better choice. I do have one doubt, after insured person’s death what is the claim procedure for this plan? How it will be compared to settlement by an insurance agent?
    Buying an insurance by considering the claim settlement is very important as our dependents have to do this.
    It will be great if you could provide some information on this.

    1. Mahesh-This is an online plan. So, there will be no agent to help you. However, you no need to worry also. Your nominee must visit the concerned branch with death certificate, their bank details, and original policy document. LIC officials will help you.

      1. Mahesh Mhetre

        Thanks for swift response. This is was I thought of.
        The only followup question is, can we select the LIC branch when we enroll the policy? If not, can we claim from any of the LIC branch?
        Sorry for bothering you a lot 🙂

  40. Hi Sir,

    Why term plans are only for working or business persons. Can a normal person who is not working, take insurance ? please let me know if there is any such opportunity.

      1. Thanks for your valuable support

        I purchased LIC E-term plan on 13.04.2016 and completed my medical test on 16.04.2016. My date of birth is 01.05.1987,

        Is there any chance to increase my premium due to my age factor, if my policy commencement date on or after 01.05.2016.Please clarify this.

          1. hi,
            i purchased LIC e-term for 75 lakhs for premium of Rs 11679 /- on 13.04.2016, first medical test conducted on 16.04.2015, i mentioned in my proposal kidney stone in 2013. After the second medical test on 10.05.2016, the revised premium is 27137 /-. i want close the proposal. Please tell me the procedure.

  41. Thanks for the information

    Pl tell, How much disocunt i’ll get in annual premium every year, i want to buy Endowment policy table no 814,

    Sagar J

  42. If i go with Online LIC & not to buy policy through LIC Agent .. then can i get discount every year.

    Sagar J

  43. Hi,

    My age is 46. After entering all my the details, I run PDF report and verified. When I click on Pay button to make payment, the premium amount is displaying as Zero (0). Due to this, I am not able to make payment?

    In the proposal document, it is asking to paste my photo graph and many signatures in many pages..

  44. Hi,

    I want to get insured with critical illness and accidental disability.
    Please suggest me one good company where i can get it.
    I tried searching but ups and downs are there in term and conditions.

  45. my LIC policy (15L) got lapsed. when i checked to pay the amount LIC office which is in my native from were the policy had been taken informed my agent that i need to get the medical certificate done.
    now in bangalore i do not know were i can get this done. please guide. i need at indiranagar reagion

  46. I am planning to buy HDFC I protect and LIC E term policies. Do I need to inform them individually ? If I miss to mentioned previous term policy details , will it cause any issues when actual claim settlement time. Kindly confirm.

      1. Reason, I choose is that one is Semi GOVT and other one Private.. I have plan for take 1 cr. So split into 2 term policies. If any insurer rejct claim other can approve. Just for safer side.. Is that good choice?

        1. RAvikumar-When you apply for second insurance, you have to share the first insurance details. When claim arises, do you feel the second company not communicate regarding this claim? They always look for ways to find fault. Let us say company B not found fault and they are about to accept claim, but due to the information you provided about earlier insurance, they may communicate and what if company A rejected? Also, wait for few years, all database will be centralized. No cheating from anyone.

  47. Hi its Dattatray,
    I am 28 now.Annual income is 6 lac.
    I want to buy term plan.I was thinking like buy 50 lac eterm plan from Lic for 30 yrs and 50 lac from icici for 30 yrs with riders .
    1.Is there any hidden reason appears at the time of claim rejection?

    2. Claim procedure will be the same for both policies?

    3.pls provide 1 or 2 name of general insurance companies with riders?

    1. Dattatrau-1) There will not be any hidden reasons. Because if they reject on their own, then they have to answer to IRDA.
      2) Yes.
      3) General Insurance Companies with Riders? Unable to understand your requirement.

      1. Is it good thing to buy 50 lac cover from Lic e-term and 50 Lac from Icici with riders?

        3. Do you know any insurance that comes with options of riders like accedent benefits,critical illnesse,terminal illnesses etc?

  48. Dear Sir,

    These days insurers ask for history of previous and other current life insurance policies, if any?
    Sir, what impact does it have if someone does not discloses the number of life insurance policies he/she has?
    I am asking this because life insurance is different from general insurance and the Principle of Indemnity does not apply on life insurance…this is what I know so am requesting a clarification.

    By the way, I was unable to purchase the LIC’s online eterm policy bcoz I’m in my first year of job and cannot give the annual income for previous year.

    Thank you.

    1. Sushil-They ask existing LIFE insurance policies ONLY. They not ask for general health insurance details. This question makes them of how much actually is your human life value. So hiding this vital information is wrong and it can trouble in future.

  49. Hi,
    I am planning to buy a 50Lac cover in LIC e-term. I would like to know whether death here means whatever way it is or do they cover only natural death? i couldn’t find any terms and conditions for this policy. Also i would like to know even if i stay abroad for quite a while and during that if anything happens, will they honor the claim?

  50. Hello Sir,

    I plan to purchase the LIC e-term policy for sum assured of atleast 50L and I’m a non-smoker.
    My query is what is the medical test procedure after I purchase the e-term policy?
    Will LIC tell me which laboratory to go and the city too, OR can I ask for the choice of city and date?
    I am asking all this bcoz currently am posted in a village far away from city, so can i ask LIC for date and city as my choice for medical tests?

    Thank you.

    1. Sushil-Your medical examination will be before they issue the policy. Yes, based on your location, they suggest you the laboratory which is near to you and authorized by LIC. They will inform of what documents you have to carry, timing and the name of laboratory.

  51. Dear Basu,

    In LIC e-Term policy, after entered Basic information like this statement appeared above the family details “….. There cannot be multiple entries/no entry for Father/Mother “. There onwards no progress and confirm and proceed option also not responding. Kindly give me suggestion for further steps

    1. Dear Basu,

      Thank you, I successfully submitted LIC e-Term policy after watching your video . I have one more clarification, They sent list of (8) medical tests. Will they conduct these tests or we need to go for private labs? And all required documents and Proposal form send in Offline / Online mode ?

      Thanks n regards

  52. Hi Basavaraj ,

    While Opting LIC e-Term Plan , if we add only one nominee (Ex: Wife) and any unforeseen risk happened for Nominee (Wife in this case) and Insured(Husband) at the same time then who are eligible to receive the SA amount in case if they have children and parents .

    Here the question is the SA amount will be handover to only Nominee or any other dependant in the family of insured in the demise of nominee .

  53. Sir, I have applied for 1 cr. e-term policy online for non-smoker. But after medical check-ups LIC has reply me to pay Rs.6000 more as my test results are of Smokers category. I had never smoke or drink in my life, please advice what should i do?

  54. Hi,

    I wanted to know:
    (1) Does online term insurance policies cover permanent disability at par with death? Specifically for LIC e-term plan.
    (2) which term insurance policy covers the largest types of deaths like terror atack etc.

  55. Hi Basavaraj,
    Really nice write up with all details and comparison.

    I have a monthly income (take home) of 70,000/- rupees and I wish to take a cover for 1 CR. I felt LIC plan is bit costly with a premium of Rs.17000/- per year with no riders.

    . I somehow liked ICIC iProtect smart which gives 1 CR cover + waiver of premium for PD & Rs, 20 lakhs critical illness rider for a yearly premium of Rs.17500/-

    Do you think this is a good move to go ahead with mixed options which gives cover + riders?
    PLease help.


      1. Hi, everyone suggests to buy accidental insurance products separately and not as a rider. Why? Please explain.

          1. Can you please explain what you exactly mean by “features are restrictive along with sum assured” and how “standalone accidental insurance” differs from a rider?
            I am a newbie to this field. So have some doubts which might sound plain to you. Please help.

            1. Indraneel-The whole comparison can’t be explained in this comment section. If you need proof, then consider the rider feature of term insurance which you want to buy and then compare the same with ANY of the accidental insurance features. You find the difference 🙂

              1. OK. I will do that.
                Just one query, Can you please compare between the premium amounts of term rider and a separate accidental disability policy.
                Please suggest some website where this comparison can be made.

                Thank you for your quick replies. I really appreciate your help.

                  1. OK. Thanks. Will do.
                    Any suitable website if you can suggest? LIC’s own website is inappropriately managed and difficult to interpret.

  56. Hi,

    My name in Passport is full but in 10th class and PAN is in abbreviations.
    Please suggest which one should I use when buying insurance.

    Thanks in Advance.


  57. Hi Basavaraj,

    I applied for LIC E-term on 1 Nov 2015 online. And successfully submitted all the necessary documents before 10 Nov 2015. They said there is no need of medical checkup. After completing all the documentation, still they didn’t processed my application yet.
    I’m continuously chasing to LIC office. I have submitted my documents again and again as they requested many times. Every time they say, it will be processed in 2-3 days. I’m not sure why it is getting late. And today almost 50 days passed.
    Should this take generally 50 days ?
    What should I do now ?
    Is there any grievance cell ?

  58. Hi sir,

    I am confused to choose term plan between LIC (e-term) and HDFC (click to protect).
    as per my age LIC amount is more than HDFC plan please suggest me…

    May I know LIC cover which type of death please?
    Like HDFC cover Terrorist attach,natural calamity,suicide,critical decease death & of course Accident.

  59. Hello Basu,

    I am interested to buy. LIC Amulya Jeevan term plan.

    Can we buy it directly from LIC office instead of going through any agent or should i go for e-term.


  60. Dear Basavaraj ,

    In LIC E-Term policy covers Accidental death and Critical Illness ? or I can able to add those additional coverage in LIC policy ?

    pls tell me best e-term policy with above mentioned benefits


  61. Sir,
    I am 36yrs old , married, 3 yrs old son. My annual income is 4 lakhs.

    I am Type 2 diabetics and non-smoker.

    Can i prefer HDFC Click2Protect or Some other Life term policy.

    I need policy with Accident death cover, and

    I wish that, there should be no PROBLEM WHILE CLAIMING because of DIABETICS.

    Please guide me.
    Thanks in advance
    Raam Kumar, Coimbatore

    1. sir , i applied e term plan , and iam completed with all procedure including special bio meteric test for Diabetic , 20 days over , approched the concern they are telling it is kept under writter approval , what can i do next

  62. Hi Basavaraj
    I really appreciate your valuable guidance for investments. I applied for a eterm policy of 60L from LIC and they revised my premium to almost double after the medical reports. Is it possible to know the calculation of their logic for increasing premium. Is it possible to reduce the risk coverage age


  63. HI ,

    My mother is a TTD (trust) employee. its follows all rules(salary etc..) like a govt employee norms. and she is 51 years old.
    my queries are .she wanted to do term policy for her doughter and her take home is 18ooo PM.
    1. Will she eligible for LIC e-term policy? because her yearly income does not cross 3 lacs. But she get pension as well. if it includes it may cross 3 lacs. & .she is diabetic and she does not have any other policies(do not know if ttd is giving any govt polocies.)
    2.As she did is not fallen under income brackets she did not file any IT return. she get payslips everymonth. Is pay slip enough for applying the policy? or she need to collect her for 16’s.
    3. she belongs to non smoker category, on what amount(SA) she can apply.
    4.Do you suggest that if she consult any LIC office will be better?


        1. HI ,

          I recently contacted the LIC for this term insurance. they are telling since she is 49 years we can not provide the term insuarnace instead they are forcing us to take endowment or jeevan anand.

          My mother is a govt employee and she can pay premium why they are rejecting while discussion it self.

          I spoke in LIC people only not agents.


  64. My age 32 i am willing to take term plan from LIC of Sumassured of 25 lakh so kindly advice which plan is best is it pure term plan or Refund of premium i am confuse in between these two . I compare all term plan i find LIC is best in all sence except premium because premium is high as compare to others. But still i can manage it but which one is best term plan or term plan with refund of premium.

  65. Hi,

    I need to put multiple nominees(Parents & spouce) for my LIC online term plan for 50L. Kindly let me know how to opt for multiple nominees for LIC online term plan.

          1. While filling LIC online term plan, After entering nominee details it’s shows error as “We are not in a position to process your request. kindly try later or contact ….”..

            Please clarify

  66. Hi Basavaraj,

    Can you please explain the basic difference between (apart from the premium amount) Amulya Jeevan and e-Term Policy of LIC? Is there any difference in claim process for the e-Term policy? Why should one go for the e-Term policy instead of Amulya Jeevan? Also, is it LIC look out for arranging the medical test if I am buying e-policy?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Vineet-Apart from premium and ease of buying of e-Term, there is no DIFFERENCE between both (even in claim process). Cost effective is the major force to go for e-Term. For both plans, LIC manages the expenses of medical test. However, if the proposal rejected then in both the plans, they deduct the premium equal to the cost of medical test and return the premium.

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        And, the premium is low with e term as compared to any offline policy, is due to no agent commission involved. Is that right? Also, does LIC provide the hard copy of policy or will it be the soft copy only because of online policy?

          1. Thanks for all the detailed information. At last, I have given the proposal for LIC e-Term policy. Waiting for the next steps whatever communicated from LIC. Fingers crossed.

            Thanks again for your help.

            1. Plz let me know that if their is natural death, accidental death and medical insurance corvered in term policy or not and how the claims are taken do let me know in details
              Thanks in advance

            2. Hi Basavaraj,

              I register this policy on 12th Oct and went for medical test on 20th Oct, now since then the eterm team in LIC saying that the proposal is with underwriter for the decision. But that thing is still pending since last 25 days. E term customer care are not responding as well. How to escalate this matter and to whom? Please advise if you are aware of such situation.

  67. Hi Basu,
    Your information are very useful to all readers. I have some doubts about LIC E-term policy. Please clarify the same.

    1. LIC E-term policy includes the accidental death benefits?

    2. While applying on-line, in the family details which are the details to be entered. Myself, My wife and son are living away from my native place. My parents alone are living in native place. My two brothers are living separately along with their families. Should i include my parents and brothers also in my family details while applying online policy.

    Expecting your valuable reply….

  68. I am willing to go for LIC E-term policy, and have few queries as below. Can you please help me to clarify the doubts?

    1) Can I take 2 different policies of 30L each and put my wife as a nominee in one and my father in another policy?
    2) What is the maximum amount for which I can opt for the Term insurance?

    1. Girish-1) Yes, you can do so. But it cost slightly higher. Second, even if you nominate your father, the first legal heir will be your WIFE ONLY. Hence, she can claim from your father.
      2) It depends on your income, age, health and other issues which underwriter consider while issuing a policy. Usually, they allow insurance of around 20 times of your yearly income.

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply Basu,

        Does that mean there is no other way in which I can ensure that some amount should definitely be received by my father only?

  69. Hi,
    I had purchased E term online. after medical i got an email as below. What should I do?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The following is the decision of the underwriters


    We thank you for your proposal No 5247 for assurance but regret to inform you that it is not possible to accept this proposal at present. The consideration of your proposal is postponed .

    Kindly let us have your consent for the postponement of the said proposal, as above, or you could also request for refund of the deposit amount (subject to deduction of cost of medical examination/special reports fees), if you so desire.


    Admn.Officer, LIC Direct

    1. Pounacha-Who take care the risk of the period until they get GYAN and issue the policy? Strange and worst decision from LIC. Just come out or let them specifically mention for what reason they are postponed and when they issue. If they are not specific then it is wrong to wait. Move with private players.

  70. Hi Basu,

    I’m unable to decide between taking Amulya Jeevan II or LIC e-term.
    For a sum assured of 50 L, the difference in premium is roughly 40%. The term is 35 years (I’m 31 year, and 6 months now).

    The 3 main queries I have are:

    1) The LIC agent who is helping me with Amulya Jeevan II clearly mentioned that in that plan, I’m assured till end of life, EVEN AFTER the tenure ends i.e. even after I stop paying premium 35 years from now. Is this accurate? How does this compare the LIC E-term policy? The information online doesn’t really clarify this clause.

    2) Can you confirm that neither Amulya Jeevan 2, nor LIC E-term have any “disability”, “disease”, or “unemployment” benefits? Does the LIC E-term policy also cover Suicide?

    3) Is there a way of skipping the medical test while signing up for the LIC E-term policy (by way of changing the sum assured, or tenure, or specifics about my health). I’m a healthy non smoker, non drinker and am not excited about being poked with needles.

    Thanks for your assistance.


    1. Icarus-1) The biggest mis-selling and the cheater is your AGENT. Amulya Jeevan II works exactly like LIC eTerm. In both the plans life risk ends if your death occurs, at maturity or if you stop premium payment. Now decide yourself how much you have to believe your AGENT and his service for the rest of years.
      2) Both plans not support any disability riders or unemployement benefit. Both the plans covers suicide only after a year of policy start.
      3) If you skip the medical test then they may have more reasons to reject the claim. If you don’t want to go for medical test, then simple solution is to STAY AWAY FROM TERM INSURANCE.

      1. Basu,

        Thanks for your prompt response, and for clarifying my doubts.

        Can I assume you recommend that I book the LIC E-term policy online directly? Is there any benefit at all in signing up for the more expensive Amulya Jeevan II ?
        I noticed some comments around the claim to payment ration being unknown for the E-term, and that it could be risky to buy it?


        1. Icarus-There is no special benefit to you in buying Amulya Jeevan II. But yes, your agent have good benefit in terms of commission. Hence, he may build up lot of theories. For your information, claim settlement of Amulya Jeevan II are also not known. Becuase it is a raw data which not classify whether the settled claim is of term insurance, endowment or ULIPs. Hence, don’t worry and go ahead with online term plan.

  71. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for the information in the article. I have one doubt which I would request you to please help clarifying it.

    I was a smoker and quit smoking about 3 years back. So last 3 years I am not smoking.

    Last year I purchased a LIC e-Term plan for 50 lakhs. While applying I got confused whether I should apply as a non-smoker or smoker. I e-mailed them and asked this question. They asked me to apply in non-smoker category. I applied in non-smoker category and finished medical checkup and got the policy as well.

    Now my doubt is,

    There was a question – Are you a smoker or have you ever smoked. I answered “No” to this question.
    I answered “NO” to that question because I was applying as a non-smoker.

    1. Will that make my policy invalid because I was a smoker previously?

    2. Can I cancel this policy and apply for a new policy declaring that I was a smoker before?

    Waiting for your valuable help.

    I think I committed a mistake by purchasing a policy without consulting an insurance expert. 🙁


      1. Thank you Basavaraj for answering my Query.

        My annual income is 15L. So I was planning to buy another term plan also for 50L from HDFC (or any other provider). To avoid this confusion, I am planning to declare as ‘smoker’ in the new term policy. If I declare as ‘smoker’ in the new term policy will that create any problem? Because I declared as ‘non-smoker’ in the LIC policy and declare as ‘smoker’ in the HDFC policy? When applying for HDFC policy I have tell them that I have a LIC policy also right?

        Thanks in Advance.

        1. Augustine-If you quit smoking since 3 years and you no longer continue that habit in future, then I don’t think it is required to mention about this habit with HDFC too. Yes, while applying for HDFC, you have to mention about the existing LIC policy details.

  72. Hi Basavaraj,

    Let me appreciate you for providing your valuable suggestions to many people who have doubts on insurance policies.

    On Aug 27th 2015 I have applied for 25Laks LIC e-term policy, paid the amount on the same day. Still LIC not issued the policy number. Current status is praposal with LIC underwriter.

    On 01-Sep-2015 I have applied for 25 laks AEGON Religare iTerm Insurance Plan, today I got policy number via SMS and awaiting for soft and hard copies.

    When I was applied for LIC e-term I was not having AEGON Religare policy, When I was applied for AEGON I was not ( still not ) having LIC e-term policy numbers. So I was not able to declare these details.

    Does this impact on claim ?

    Please advise.


    1. Adityakumar-If LIC accepts your proposal at later date than that of Aegon then you have to inform to LIC. However, if policy period start date is prior to Aegon, then you have to inform to Aegon. Informing either of insurers based on the policy commencement date of LIC will relieve you.

  73. Thank you Basu sir for your timely reply.
    I have one more doubt. Please clarify. You say that the acceptance of my application for term insurance will be based on my income, health issues and current insurance. I have already told my income level. I am a Non-smoker category and am maintaining good health. As I already said, I have to pay around Rs.8000/- per annum for Jeevan mithra upto the year 2020 and Rs.4400/- per annum for Anmol Jeevan upto the year 2025.
    1. Please advise me whether I should close these policies before taking term insurance of Rs.1.5 crore for 30 years from any one of the companies so as to get the eligibility for the desired amount and term period of insurance.

    Madurai Suresh Kanna

    1. Suresh-That you have to decide. Because I don’t know for what purpose you bought these policies. But the reality is, endowment plans provide you returns of around 5% and offline term plan is costlier. My suggestion is to apply for term plan without mentioning both these policies. Once you get the term insurance policy issued, then go ahead and cancel these policies immediately.

  74. Dear Basu,
    I am 45 years old. Central Govt officer. My wife housewife. I have two daughters at the age of 14 and 7 respectively. I draw anuual GROSS income of Rs.7.25 lakh at present. You know that this income is to be revised around Rs.9.25 lakh (minimum) from next year due to recommendation of pay commission w.e.f. 1.1.2016. I have read your various blogs. I bought 10 years ago one LIC Jeevan mithra – 1 lakh policy (triple coverage policy) covering upto the age of 50 (Rs.7892/- per annum) and I bought 5 years ago LIC Anmol jeevan for Rs.10 lakh covering upto the age of 55 paying Rs.4400/- per annum. Now I want to buy term insurance for a sum of Rs.1 crore to Rs.1.5 crore and for a period of 20 years to 30 years i.e., upto the age of 75. The premium amount of LIC e-term, HDFC click 2 protect, ICICI prutential I protect, MAX Life, AVIVA and Kotak e preferred for Rs.1 crore and Rs.1.5 crore in respect of term period of 20 years, 25 years and 30 years are given below for your ready reference. Please advise me, after analyzing the tables and my opinions in order to come into conclusion and to take the right decision.

    20 years 25 years 30 years
    1 Cr. 1.5 cr. 1 Cr. 1.5 cr. 1 Cr. 1.5 cr.
    LIC e-term 38988 58482 46170 69255 54378 81567
    HDFC click 2 protect 24443 36665 28878 43318 36252 54378
    ICICI i protect 29526 44289 34086 51129 NA NA
    MAX Life 19200 28800 21200 31800 NA NA
    AVIVA 24169 36254 24792 37188 NA NA
    Kotak e -preferred 21119 30296 22430 32234 24567 35397

    My opinions are:
    1. As per your advice, the risk coverage period need not go beyond the retirement age or some more years based on our financial commitments like children studies, marriages etc., i.e., not beyond 65 at any cost because thereafter it would be a burden to us. But what I feel that if I am covered upto the age of 75, the chances of receiving the sum assured are much more to our nominee / children and that I ask why it should not be considered as one of our additional investments made to our children like House, Land , jewels, FD etc.,
    2. You frequently say that the amount of coverage should be reviewed at the interval of every 5 years because we will earn more in future and the value of coverage might be considered lesser at that time. In this regard, what I feel that though the amount of coverage of 1 crore is considered enough at present it would not be definitely suffice in future. If I increase the coverage amount by separate policy at that time , I will have to pay higher premium and above all there would be possibility of rejection of my application due to medical reason, if any. So I want to increase my coverage upto Rs.1.5 cr. Moreover, I feel that it would not be a burden to me because I pay nearly Rs.3000/- pm now and after a period of 15 years i.e., in post retirement the value of Rs.3000/- would be definitely drastically diminished due to inflation. Hence, it would not be such a heavy burden to me even though I will be getting pension only.
    3. You say that all these pvt companies are much reliable like LIC since they are all have good solvency ratio with IRDA regulations. Moreover, when we do not have the claim settlement ratio of these companies including LIC e-term with regard to term insurance, why I should not go with Kotak for Rs.1.5 crore for 30 years If am not able to go with LIC e-term for 30 years for a sum of Rs.1.5 crore.
    4. All these are only my opionions based on your argument. Please inform me whether my thinking is right and any omission is there in arriving at my conclusion or any hidden clause is there in kotak for their such lowest premium when comparing to others.
    5. I came to know that Kotak e-preferred started only 1.1. 2015.
    Expecting your valuableand timely reply,

    Date: 05.09.2015
    Madurai Suresh kanna.

    1. Madurai-1) Yes, the possibility to get RETURN from Term insurance is more when you turn around 70 years. But what about the value of this sum assured when you turn to 70 years??
      2) First check whether they issue the policy of Rs.1 Cr or Rs.1.5 Cr. It depends on your income, health issues and current insurance. If they issue then go ahead.
      3) No issue, you can go ahead.
      4) I already shared my experience.
      5) So what?

  75. Hi, Can someone help me ? I have recently finished my MBA and joined a company. I didnt file my IT return for the last 2 yrs. Will I be able to get LIC e-term Insurance ?

    Note: I have 3 years IT return filed before I started my MBA. But dont have IT return for last 2 years.

  76. Dear Basu,

    I have applied for HDFC Click to protect life insurance. After medical tests they came back saying wanted to postpone “Elevated blood sugar levels , liver enzymes levels and MER findings” they are not going to share the medical reports me and would like to refund the full money.

    I immediately planned go with LIC though its costly compared to HDFC.

    Do I need to disclose postponement of the policy with HDFC and its reasons while applying with LIC?


      1. There was section in the policy online form it says

        “I further agree that if after the date of submission of the proposal but before the issue of First premium Receipt”

        “if a proposal for assurance or any application for revival for a policy on my life made to any office of the Corporation or any other insurer has been withdrawn or dropped, deferred or accepted at an increased premium or subject to lien or on terms other than as proposed i shall forthwith intimate the same to the corporation in writing to reconsider the terms of acceptance of assurance”

        this should be fine right ?


        1. Mahesh-The first sentence of what you shared is about start of risk. Insurance companies not provide any claim if death occurs during the submission of proposal and issue of first premium. I don’t think the second point create any issue. Because they again suggest you to go for medical examination, where they surely find this issue.

  77. Dear Basu,

    I am 34 yrs old and would like to buy a Term insurance. What is the Policy Term or Tenure in Term insurance policy? and on what basis we should select the Policy Terms (Ex. 20 yrs term, 30 yrs and 35 yrs term). Could u please explain?


  78. Hi Basavaraj,

    1. Can we buy more than one insurance policy?
    2. Is it ok to declare the previous insurance details to second insurance provider if he ask for, or we can hide
    3. If we hide, is there any effect while claiming from both the insurance providers.
    4. If answer the q.1 is ‘Yes’, then how claim process works, if I am submitting all my document to 1 insurance provider, then how to claim from second insurance provider.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks a lot!! for you your valuable reply.

        I more thing i wanted to know is that, all the insurance policy by default cover the accidental death also or only when we buy out for Accidental Death Benefit rider.


  79. Hi,

    I am 26 years old,smoker and wishing to go for 1Crore sum for 34 Years.

    I was applying for LIC e-Term insurance. At initial stage I came across below the question,

    Do you wish to opt for:- 1. Aggregate Rate(For sum assured upto 49lacs, ONLY for aggreagate rate is applicable)
    2. Non-Smoker Rate(For sum assured 50 lacs and above proposer can opt for non-smoker rates subject to findings of urinary continine test )

    I guess i should select option 2, right?
    But I didn’t get the meaning of the terms inside the brackets, for both the cases.

    please elaborate what does it means? If i am choosing sum to be 1 crore then what the bracket sums are saying.

    it will be much helpful.

      1. Thanks Basu.

        But I am confused with the description provided inside the brackets as in below.

        2. Non-Smoker Rate(For sum assured 50 lacs and above proposer can opt for non-smoker rates subject to findings of urinary continine test )

        Can you please elaborate von it.

  80. Hi Basu,

    First off all I would like to appreciate you for your service which is valuable.

    I am planning to opt for LIC e-term plan. I am just curious about below simple doubts/queries regarding e-plans,

    1. As currently I am unmarried, I am putting my parents as nominee. But they are illiterate/unfamilier about internet or anything online. Is it necessary that the nominee be should able to claim online?

    2. If No, Then can they claim offline by contacting LIC peoples.

  81. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thanks for sharing all the above questionnaires.
    Could you please clarify one of my question regarding State of Health in Family History.

    I am planning to take LIC e-term policy. In the online form one has to fill the “State of health” of all the family members.
    There are only 2 options “Good” and “Not Good”.
    My Father is healthy person. But he has diabetes. I am confused how to highlight this point in the online form.

    In this case should I mention Fathers State of health as “Good” ?
    In that case can I manually write regarding his Diabetes using a pen on the application form (where Family History Details are mentioned) before submitting to the TPA ?


  82. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to buy a term plan with S.A 1cr.I need rides as well with term plan.SO as such i have a plan to purchase two term plan as below.

    LIC(50L)-no rider
    SBI(50L)-rider available(50L). it ok to take two term plan instead of taking one single term plan?what are the disadvantage of taking two term plan?
    2.taking two term plan will create any problem in case of claim scenario?
    2.SBI is having accidental death rider, but what if there is no loss of life and ocurred permanant disability due to any accident?
    3.if SBI is not providing anything in above case then what should be my strategy to cover above as well (2nd question)along with term insurance.


    1. Jagadish- 1)I don’t see any valid logic behind splitting your term insurance. 2) Not at all. 3) Separate your accident insurance with life insurance. 4) That is the reason, I suggest to separate accidental insurance. You get more features with opting facility of higher sum assured.

      1. Hello sir,
        I want to buy LIC e Term policy . My question is while declaring existing policy details whether the policy in the name of my minor son should also be mentioned? Or existing policy details in the name of the proposer only to be mentioned. Again in the liabilities disbursed loan details or the sanctioned loan detail are to be mentioned. Pl clarify

  83. Hi Basu,
    I am trying to buy a LIC e-term for sum assured one cr for 35 yr. term in aggregate category but not able to submit my final application.
    While submitting my application after filling last stage annexure I form (details of current year income and previous year income) it shows a message of “as per your declared income you are not eligible for chosen insurance cover however, you can modify income details if you have proof of any additional income”
    My current per annum income is 4.8 lac p.a and my previous year income was 1.53 lac p.a. I am a salaried person with one year service period…am I not eligible for this plan??
    I am trying to contact LIC but not able to get a response from them…..after looking their service I am thinking to buy the term plan from other private companies. Do LIC improve their service in future.


    1. Prakash-It is considering your last year income (which is Rs.1.53 lakh). Hence, they are saying you are not eligible for Rs.1 Cr sum assured. Now the only option for you is to change the sum assured. Otherwise, try with private companies.

      1. I got a mail from LIC regarding this:-
        “Dear Sir/Madam, Eligible sum to be insured depends on age and your annual income(average of last 3 years) for age less than or equal to 35 years—total insurance cover allowed is 20 times of annual income for age 36-45 it is 15 times of annual income total cover includes your earlier insurance policies also. On calculating this way,if you are not eligible for 1 crore ,try for 75 lakhs or 50lakhs or so”

        Whether sum assured of 75 or 80 lac would be advisable for me or this amount is less(as you said term insurance SA should be 20 to 25 times of your current income).
        To change sum assured do I need to recreate access id.
        Thanks for your reply.

        1. Hi basis, would you please suggest me if 50 lac sum assured be good enough for me as per my salary for 35 year term plan.

  84. Dear Sir,

    I have apply for a e term of LIC.
    Now they call me for medical check up, the location is 250 KM away from me.
    it will cost me some extra, so i want to cancel my proposal.
    please suggest me how i cancel my proposal.

  85. Hi Basu

    My below 2 queries are related to online Term Plans (related to LIC e-Term as well as HDFC Click to Protect)

    (A) Regarding declaring the Previous Insurance details: I have 4 existing policies:

    1)HDFC Classic Assure (Traditional plan) Sum Assured = Rs. A
    2)MAX Life (Max Life Life Gain Plus) Sum Assured = Rs. B
    3)Aviva ULIP Sum Assured = Rs. C
    4)Aegon Religare ULIP Sum Assured = Rs. D

    ## query For LIC Term Plan: Does it matter what kind of policy it is (like ULIP or Traditional) while mentioning different policies. All should be mentioned?

    ## query For HDFC Term Plan: Should the Total Sum Assured by previous insurers = A+B+C+D
    In HDFC website detailed breakup is not asked.

    (B) My Father had heart operation 15 Years before and Hernia operated 3 years before.
    He is fit and able to perform everyday tasks and activities on his own.

    ## query For LIC Term Plan: Does he comes in Healthy or Not-Healthy category.
    (How can I confirm the same with LIC?)

    ## query For HDFC Term Plan: How should I mention these details in the webpage as it doesn’t give an option to write in detail.

    Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Sharma-Yes, existing insurance policies matters more to arrive at further insurance requirement for you. Yes, it is A+B+C+CD for HDFC Life. It is bit tricky. However, currently if he is purely fit then you can mention as fit. Provide whatever they asked for. If you feel it is insufficient then you can write a mail or letter to HDFC Life.

  86. Sir,
    I applied for LIC eterm policy and was issued as well with normal premium which was mentioned on the website. I am 32 yrs/married non smoker. I did not realize what does good state of health mean and I mentioned my fathers health in good condition. But he suffers from diabetes and BP. I worry if there will be problems in claim settlement in case of an unfortunate event. Should I go for a new policy next year since the premiuim for this year is already deducted. Please advice.

  87. I want to purchase LIC term plan of 50,00,000/- fifty lakh.
    I smoke and drink and my current age is 28 yrs .
    Am i eligible for the 50 lakh term plan and how much amount will my wife receive on my death.
    As per your blog i can relate that i can only get 25 lakh ,is my assumption correct.
    for Smoker what will be my premium amount.

      1. I was planning to take a 50 Lac term plan . Will it be wise then to take two term plans of 25 lac each and nominate my mother in one and my wife in the other . In that case i was thinking of LIC e term and HDFC click to protect plus ( Life Option ). i want your advice.

          1. So even if i nominate my mother for one of the policy , my wife will receive the money for that policy if i die ? Hence in that case what should i do ? Should i then go for only one policy of 50 lac and nominate my wife in that ?

  88. I want to purchase a LIC E-term policy.

    After filling the online form, do we need to send any documents to LIC. If yes then who and when we get this info.

    Is it wise to go for LIC Online or Offline Term insurance.

    By going through your post i also think ICICI Term insurance is also good to go.

    Please suggest?

  89. Hi Sir,

    I have submitted online e-Term proposal last week (May 27th,2015) till now none of TPA guy called me for medical tests. And i called LIC number – 022-67819282 / 9284 and mailed them several times ..but no body responded. I think it’s waste of time.. Planning to go with some private(HDFC) term plans.

    Can you tell me how to cancel this proposal and get my money back?

  90. Hello Sir,

    I had kidney transplant in 27-Feb-2006 till then to now ,I am fit and don’t have any problem.I am healthy fit.
    I have already two policies from LIC those have been 5 years old but on that policies i have not declared my medical condition.

    now i want to take e-term plan of INR 1 Cr. where , i will have to declare my medical condition for medical checkup.
    So , Can LIC issue e-term policy for me ? Please suggest.

    Date- 01/06/2015

  91. Snigdh Chandra


    As per FAQs posted on e-term website the premium once quoted is for the entire period/term. What would b the effect of future revision in service tax, if any. Suppose LIC has quoted a premium of Rs. 34900/ incl. ST for Rs. 1 cr cover, wd it remain the same? or the amount excluding ST wd remain constant over entire cover period?

  92. I want to go with LIC e-term. My age 36 & weight is 95 kg and medically fit. Is my weight create any problem to issue a policy??

  93. Hi Basu,

    I am planning to buy LIC e-term plan.

    Pl let me know do they consider all these way for suddenly demise from accident, Act of God, Suicide, Natural Death (Heart attack or any future illness ) or any else..

    Thanks !


      1. Hi Basu,

        Yes, Its true. Do you have any declaration documents of LIC E-term plan regarding death causes to be consider while settlement policy if anything goes wrong\happen to holder..

        i.e if anybody die from act of god like earth quack or any else.. or somebody suicide in critical condition then do they consider it and settle policy..

        Thanks !


  94. I have purchase online lic e term plan for 25 lakh for 30 years term. After making a payment when I download my proposal form for signing and submitting I found that I have wrongly choosen term 30 years instead of 34 years.

    Is it possible to change term from 30 to 34 years with paying extra premium?

    Is it possible to cancel my 30 years e term policy and newly proposed 34 years term policy after refunding of my previously paid premium?

    I have not submit any document till now, hence my proposal is under consideration.

  95. Dear Sir,

    I have taken LIC e term policy. We have shifted to a new house and I dont have any address proof for the same. Initially I have given address of my new house in proposal form but due to no address proof. I have asked them to change my address in the proposal form to old address as I had address proof for the old one.
    They have accepted my proposal application with my old address. I am planning to change it to my current address later on after having address proof.
    Please suggest and is there any problem…

      1. Thanks sir, but I am getting communication all my email.. What all communication they send on home address??

          1. I don’t have anyone to collect that documents now… We have sold that house and shifted to new city.. What should I do now?

            1. As per recent Rbi circular you can get your address changed in ac on declaration and submit new address proof within 6 months get the same changed and submit passbook copy to lic

    1. sudarshan r pai

      Hi Sir,

      Going through the article and the comments have cleared many of my earlier doubts. I have intended to take a term insurance policy from LIC online for 1cr my age being 31.However, there are a couple of clarifications which is requested :-

      (a) Can i link the payment of premium for subsequent years i.e after the 1st year through ECS by giving a standing instruction to my bank.

      (b) Also, i am serving in the Armed Forces and likely to retire in 2yrs time. Will there be any change in the premiums.

      Clarifications will be very helpful,


      1. sudarshan r pai


        1. Thank u for the clarifications.I have further ventured out on the options of term insurance and have understood that “riders” can be attached to policies. I am interested to buy policies with riders especially that offers “critical illness” and “disability”.

        2. Have checked SBI e shield. However, they offer disability only due to accidents and not due to any disease, can u suggest any other policy?


        1. Sudarshan- 1) I don’t know which source provided you that information. However, LIC portal still confirms that this plan will be offered without any RIDERS.
          2) That is the reason, I always insist to buy riders separately than bundling them with Life Insurance.

          1. sudarshan r pai


            (1) Yes, LIC does not offer riders.

            (2) Can Critical or Disability insurance taken separately not as a rider but as a policy in itself? . If yes , can u please tell some products?.



            1. Sudarshan-You can buy such riders as an independent products from general insurers. But Critical illness and accidental insurance. Nowadays they offer at very cheap price. Check with general insurers.

              1. sudarshan r pai

                Dear Sir,

                1. I did check for stand alone policies for critical illness. But majority of them offer a cover of upto 20 Lakhs (ICICI Crisis care). However, SBI offers equal to sum assured or 50 Lakhs as upper limit. Further, keeping track of one more policy is not the case with riders.

                2. Request reply.


                1. Sudarshan-The major difference between going for standalone to riders is, these life insurance companies provide you claim only due to an accident. However, what if someone met with an accident and bedridden or survive with a disability? In such a situation, the standalone companies offer you solution but not the life insurance products.


  97. Sanjeev Kumar Singh

    Respected SIR,

    I want to purchase LIC E-Term Policy. But my problem in 02 points.

    1. Filling of details of Family Members in the proposal. My first marriage held 1997 and a daughter about 16yrs. Since, year 2009, I am living separate with wife & daughter. Several criminal & Famlier cases run in the court. No any chances to Compromise/Divorce near future. She only harasses to me and damaged to my life. She is taking maintenance regular from me.

    But, I did second marriage in year 2013 (not legal/without divorce) and a 01year old son.

    I want to purchase LIC E-Term Plan and as a nominee, nominate to my son (Minor/2nd wife) and appointee name is 2nd wife (mother of minor). Please advice. Can any problem to receive of insurance amount to nominee/appointee, after my death?

    2. Filling of details of existing insurance policy. I have some LIC Policies. In one policy of my daughter’s name (first wife’s). In 2nd policy (Health Plan) Joint with Self + Daughter’s name. In 3rd polcy – nominee is my first wife.

    If, I show above old policy details in the purchase of LIC E-term policy, can any problem to receive of insurance amount to nominee/apointee, after my death?

    If, I prepare a ‘WILL’ in favour of ‘2nd wife and his son’ in this regard. I can safe the above mentioned problem. Please give me clear advice.

    Thank you,

    1. Sanjeev-1) Consult the lawyer on this matter. Because legally I think your first kid also be considered as legal heir. 2) You can provide details without any doubt. They are asking your existing insurance to arrive at actual insurance requirement based on your income. You will not face any problem in that.

  98. Hi,
    I bought the LIC eterm plan for SA 75lakh. I am 33 yr old, and I paid premium of 18100 3 days back. Yesterday I went for the medical. After the tests I asked pathology people about getting a copy of my reports. They denied and said they are only allowed to share that with LIC. You have to contact them. I called the LIC direct marketing guy in Noida and asked about seeing my reports. He denied that they dont have the permission to share. I asked who can give the permission. He cut the phone without answering. I am wondering why my reports are not going to be shared with me. I understand I have the full right to see the findings related to my health, irrespective of accept or reject of proposal. Can you please help me in this regard like what is the way to see the reports. Is it legal to hide the information about client health from the client itself? Or there is some proper way to find out.

    1. Sandy-I don’t think LIC will share the medical reports with you. However, you can ask after the result like rejection or approval. They may share that. But I am not sure they share.

  99. (11 May 2015)
    Hi. Thanks for your initiative.

    Just before I start a Life Insurance Policy and hopefully either in LIC or SBI, I would like to be well informed on the following query.

    I am currently 32 years old & am a NRI for the past 7.5 years now. I would like to start receiving pension from the age of 55 years onwards until death and then for my spouse (or if I died earlier, then the annuity to my spouse). I would like to start investing from November 2015 (I will be 33 years old).

    I would like to know the best policy for such type of annuity.

    I would like to receive at least 1.5 L INR per month then.

    Can you please guide me on this query? Thanks a lot.

  100. You are doing a great service…. I have few queries….1) I work in PSU…Steel Sector..should I click hazardous material and working with conveyer in LIC e term policy form filling…will they ask for extra premium for this….2) I am fully healthy 31 years old non-smoker…but my mother has blood pressure and father is diabetic….will they charge extra premium for this info… 3)I have Amulya Jeevan Term Plan with 25 lakh cover. its next premium is due on 21th june…should I cancel it before taking this eterm policy of LIC…. I plan to take policy of 50 lakh… in non-smoker category….

    1. Gautam- 1) Your work in a steel sector depends on a job profile. For example, whether it involves table job or factory job and what are the risk involved if you have to work in a factory. Hence, analyze yourself and if there is risk, then I suggest to mention it. 2) If left your habit since long and in no mood of going back then mention as a non-smoker. Better you mention parents health status with LIC. They may or may not raise the premium. I can’t say that at this stage. Because it is entirely underwriter’s decision. 3) First let this online policy be issued, then cancel the existing insurance. If they reject your proposal and before that you cancelled your existing insurance then you will not have both.

      1. Thanks a lot for such a prompt reply… I couln’t frame my question about parent’s health properly…In filling the form, they ask whether your parent’s health is good or not good…My parents are leading a normal life…In this age diabetes and BP is quite normal and managable…So, my question is what this good and not good means….and what should my answer be in this case….


    Sir, I paid for lic’s e-term policy (plan 825) online on date 05/03/15 and went for medical check up on date 15/03/15 having proposal number 10179.
    I want to know my policy current status please tell the contact numbers and mail address for which to I have to contact?

  102. I recently opted for LIC e-term and after medical check up they have increased premium to 22584 of initial value of 13483. It seems me too high in comparison to other private players in market. Is it possible if i choose to HDFC click2Plus, there also my premium would get increase after medical check up comparable to this? Would it be fine to go through HDFC and check if they can provide me this around 12-15K rs after that i can withdraw from LIC.

    I am non smoker and rarely drink alcohol(almost nil, once in one to two months) but have bronchitis(only experience seasonally when exposed frequently to dust and pollution). This is declared in proposal.

    One this i have stated my father and mother health status as good(since while filling nothing was mentioned about what is “good” ) but thay are suffering from Diabeties. Would there be any problem of claim settlement regarding this. If yes, how to rectify if i go ahead buying this.

    Please advise

    1. Deve-Same happened to me and later on I felt it cost and moved to private insurer. They offered me without any loading. You can try private insurer. It is better to bring in notice of insurer about your parents health.

      1. Hi,

        Are the private insurance companies trustable to term policy? I mean to ask why private companies are giving in cheaper price compared to LIC? any hidden T&Cs in private companies?

          1. Hi Sir,

            I got to know from XXXX life insurance company’s (private) customer care represenative..that based on my current imcome, location and SA, they are going to process with out Medical tests..will it be reliable?


            1. Ram-But I insist you to go with a medical test. If they are offering you without medical test then better to change the insurer. Because they must know you fully about your income and health.

  103. Sir my annual salary is 7 lac in previous year having two dependents. I have taken 50 lacks lic e term, I have 34 lacs group insurance from my employer covering my liability of 24. Lacs +10 lacs additional group insurance. Now what will be my additional insurance eligibility and how much insurance should I go for.

    1. Sanjay-Forget about insurance coverage from your employer. Because we don’t know when they kick you off (harsh but a reality sometime) or you leave the job. Hence, have your own life insurance. Ideally life insurance must be around 15-20 times of your yearly income+any liability.

  104. I bought term policy on mar 09. which assess id is – 673841528. and after all check uo proposal no. is -10263. but till now i have not receive any positive reply and i called many times to direct marketing no. and do no but not recive any proper ans. what should i do.

  105. kishore behera

    I applied for a online LIC term plan yesterday. The payment was done online. after doing everything, I received a message ” proposal could not be completed at this juncture, pls. mail to [email protected] for details quoting your acess ID” I mailed them couple of times but they are not responding. Is it a normal process. pls. guide me

  106. Sir after online e term lic plan I went through medical now I have received message that your proposal is completed as policy no ######## does this mean that they have accepted my proposal without any extra premium or they can increase the premium even now

      1. How long it take after giving medical test for providing a policy number by LIC ? I have undergone a medical test on 28th April but still waiting for my communication on policy number. just got one email on 5th May saying that my proposed application and medical reports are shared to LIC for consideration.

  107. I am 34 years old. Looking for purchase of 1. LIC eterm or 2. SBI Eshield for 50 Lakhs for 30 years term. Questions are

    1. Is it good to go with accident cover if I choose SBI? If we take accident cover will it be processed correctly?? Or can Insurance company deny/void the accident cover for any reason?
    2. Do we have any options to cover permanent disability? (in online term plans).

    Pls suggest a plan that can cover permanent disability also? Also state what all are considered as permanent disability

    1. Suresh- 1) My suggestion is to buy accidental insruance from general insurers than with Life insurance companies as riders. 2) This can be easily covered by buying accidental insurance from general insurance companies. But not sure with life insurers. Even though few offers, they restrict many features. Hence, avoid clubbing Life Insurance with Accidental Insurance.

  108. Dear Sir,

    I am going to take Life Insurance Term Plan but bitterly confused. Pl advice.

    * What is best term insurance plan among (LIC, ICICI, SBI) on behalf of their services & claim settlement.

    * In ICICI, for Age 35, Sum Assured 50 Lakh, time preiod 30 year, the preimum is Rs. 8750 and with
    extra (8750+2300) preimum for accidental they increase sum assured to 1 crore.
    for same condition LIC term insurace preimum is Rs 12978, I want to know IS the LIC has also a option for
    accidental preimum or not.
    At ths same amount ICICI give Death benefit of 50Lakh & accidental benfit of 1 crore.

    * I m from Delhi and try many time to LIC customer care or regional number but they not responding, some faith in LIC but scared if this is their poor sale service then what I accept them for claim settlement.

    * after filling LIC onling eTerm plan, what is next process to get this policy bond/hard copy.

    kindly reply soon to get the same at earliest…..

    1. Chitra-1) All the three are best. You can go ahead with anyone of them. 2) LIC not offers accidental rider. But in my suggestion it is better to buy accidental insurance from general insurance companies separately. 3) It is you to decide. Personally, I feel LIC still lags in case of adopting technology and making process customer friendly. 4) They communicate you through mail. Ideally the next process will be of medical examination.

  109. I had a simple question . I want to take a loan in the next one year from HDFC and want to buy term plan now onwards.

    I opted for LIC Term Plan Online but one of my agent suggested that if I take only LIC term plan it will not be considered when I take the Loan from HDFC and if I take a normal LIC term plan then only HDFC will consider it.

    Is this true or he is just misguiding me for his commission.

    I did check may of the post but no one had asked this question. So sorry to bug you on it.

    1. Roshan-It is completely falls. Even there is no mandatory that you must buy term insurance while going for home loan. But to be at safer side, you must buy a term plan to protect yoru liability. This insurance may be from any company of your choice and offline or online, it is purely your take. If you planned to go for online LIC term plan, then go ahead.

  110. Umesh Sukhwani

    I have applied for the e-term policy of LIC over a month back now, my medical examination was also completed then only and I also submitted the requisite documents to advised person only. Thereafter I got email from LIC that my policy has been submitted to the underwriter for the requisite action. It has been approx one month now, but I haven’t heard from LIC since then. What to do? How to check what is the status of my policy proposal?

  111. Hi Basavaraj,
    My husband has an insurance of Jeevan Anand for 40L coverage , and he earns 12L per annum and is 32 years old ,and the premium amount is 75K per annum . But the sum assured of 40L is too low and hence we think of cancelling it and starting a new e-term policy. But reading the diverse information here, I now feel that we should retain it as it is better to keep the e-term only till age 55 to 60 , by when we shall be in a good financial state and also because Jeevan Anand has certain benefits also ( it is also a pension scheme and life cover is till the insured is 100 ) .

    Can you please advise us on the right move here ?

    Many thanks in advance,

    1. Srmenon-Jeevan Anand is good if you feel 5% to 6% return is BEST on your investment for such long period. Otherwise think seriously to come out. Buying term insruance seems to be best solution that retaining this. For your information, this plan not provide any pension benefit. Also do you feel insurance required for your husband after his retirement? What will be the value of this Rs.40 lakh after say 20-30 yrs??

  112. I am turning 29 years next month , May 2015.
    How this 35 years of maturity is calculated, I mean shall I buy this plan now or next month after turning 29 years old ?
    I have checked and premium are same in both cases- now and next month after me turn 29 years.

    1. Akshay-They calculate based on your nearest date of birth. Suppose currently your age is 28 Yrs and 5 months then your age will be 28 Yrs only. However if your age is 28 Yrs 7 or 29 Yrs 4 months then age will be 29 Yrs.

  113. Hi.
    I plan to take LIC Eterm. Am having the following doubts for filling online application.
    1. I have purchased a land taking home loan 2 months back. I will inlude this in the loan details. Whether I should include this land under my assets details.
    2. In future if i purchase loan for construction will i need to inform LIC.
    3. I have opted my Aunt(sister of my mother) as my nominee. Am staying with my
    grandparents, away from my parents. My father died few years back and his death
    certificate is not available with us. Whether any need for death certificate of my
    father or presence of my mother will be needed by my nominee during claim.
    Application needs to fill the family details. Whether I need to add my aunt in the
    family details(aunt is staying seperately).

    Kindly reply to the questions or please suggest any options/links to get the answers of the questions. Am dialling to LIC on the contact numbers given on the page for last 2 weeks. But no one is attending.


      1. I have purchased the plot by the financial help(50% 0f land value) of my aunt. So I am nominating my aunt.
        My father died because of blood cancer(liquor).
        1. Whether I need to mention the cause of death as natural or others.
        2. In this case whether during claim any need of health report or other things of my father will be needed by my aunt.

        1. Nair-Whatever may be the reason, but in case you are unmarried then first priority should go towards your mother. It is left with you to whom you want to nominate. 1) Better to mention it (defnitely they raise the premium). 2) You father health reports not required.

          1. Thanks a lot for your kindly advice. I will think and decide about nomination.
            May I know why they raise the premium. Its not a genetical/heriditary disease.
            Am a non-alcoholic and non-smoker too.
            If they don’t need any health report during claim then to avoid extra premium why shouldn’t I mention death by accident or simply mention my father as alive. Will it cause any problem??

            1. Nair-Especially LIC is too apprehensive in issuing policy. For small issues I know they raised around 20% to 50% of premium. But hiding materiel facts may lead to claim rejection. Hence don’t hide anything. If they issue then go ahead. Otherwise rest of companies are there.

  114. Great to see such a social service in this era.

    Pls tell in LIC e term plan:

    1. Can we change nominee
    2. Can we appoint nominee, if he is not in blood relation
    3. Will nominee get money on accidental case death
    4. will insurer get money if he mets accident
    5. after giving money online while filling lic e term plan, if i felt, premium increaed after medical tests
    & i dont want to go further, will i get my money back & how.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Ankur-1) Yes 2) Nominee must be within family. 3) Yes 4) Life insurance is meant for death. So if death occurs due to death of insured then his nominee will receive. 5) Yes you get it less of medical examinaiton cost.

  115. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I have go through with your Post,
    i am planing to buy a term plan to secure my family. request to help me buy a best term plan for me.

    I am 31 year old and income is 6L/A, depend are my wife only hope after few yr a kid also.
    i am smoker a day 3-4 max and light drinker in month only.

    i am confused with LIC, HDFC and ICICI, i want to buy a term plan which accidental death also.
    please help for 50 lacs cover


    1. Kripa-All the three are best. No doubt in all three. Go ahead with your premium affordability. Also don’t forget to mention your habits without hiding. Better you buy accidental insurance separately from General Insurers.

  116. Hello Sir
    I came across your blog randomly and found it very useful and informative for people like us.

    I am a 27 yr. Male, central govt employee with one and half yr service period and want to buy a e term, would be thankful to you for answer of following queries.

    1. Is it necessary of having 3 yr. Service period to be eligible for this plan, am I eligible for this plan?

    2. Is it necessary to inform lic about change in life style after getting the policy like if someone start smoking or drinking after buying the poliicy, if yes then how.

    3.for 1 cr sa for 35 yr. term an lic agent told me for offline term of premium around 24k p.a and offered me medical would be done with all o.k report and when I checked same in e term with aggregate category premium is around 22k p. a should I go with agent for offline term plan???

    4. I used to smoke 2-3 cig a week for 1 year but recenty i quit smoking, can i go for non smoking category in e term.

    5. I don’t have any policy, other than this what other insurance should I take .
    Questions are long but hoping for your reply.

    1. Prakash- 1) It is required to average it your income. But you can show previous year ITR and buy term plan. 2) Not required. Because they ask only while issuing a policy. 3) If he is claiming that all medical report be ok then he is not only cheating you but to LIC. What guarantee that he will not cheat your family when your death occurs? Stay away from such cheaters and buy it online. 4) If you are sure that in future you not smoke then mention as a non-smoker. 5) NONE.

      1. Thanks for your advice.
        Actually one year was my training period and I was getting stipend for one year which was non taxable and after that I joined my job since last six month so I don’t have ITR, am I eligible for this plan?

        Secondly Because they are also doing medical test and on the basis of that they may increase the premium then how does it matter to lic if I will not smoke in future……just asking.

        1. Prakash-You are eligible. But still, I suggest you to discuss with LIC officials on the same. It does not matter to LIC because rules they follow allow them to check during policy issue but not throughout your life.

  117. Dear Sir,
    I have gone through some of the query and your reply, I feel you are correct person to clarify my query.

    Sir, I have LIC Term Plan of 30 yrs,with Sum assured 2500000 opted in year 2011. On 2014 I have taken Home loan of 2450000 along with insurance. Home loan is on name of me and my wife. She is house wife. Requesting you to clarify Following:

    1) If I die, do my wife will get the waive-off from paying Home loan EMI(Home loan is in name of both of us)?
    2) Is it advisable to take Home loan with insurance or Separate Term Plan?
    3) Insurance taken on Home loan is possible to cancel?
    4) Is it possible to increase Sum assured on existing Term Plan?

    Thanking you in advance,
    With best regards,

    1. Jignesh- 1) What policy wordings say about this? 2) Better to buy separately. 3) You can do so. But they usually not allow. Because you have given initial ECS mandate 🙂 4) Yes you can increase it any time.

  118. Hi Mr Basavraju Garu,

    Thanks a lot for this website and helping us in understanding the insurance details. I am a 35 year old and looking to take 1 Crore e-term policy from LIC website.

    I used to smoke earlier but I stopped smoking about 1.5 years back. I am very confident that I will never smoke in my life again. Should I declare myself as a smoke or non-smoker in the website? I didn’t see any option, which says used to smoke earlier but stopped now.

    Second, I take about 60-90 ml of once in a week (strictly once in a week), should I declare myself as drinker? I feel, 60ml for week is very less to call myself as drinker and have any potential threat to my life expectancy. Kindly help me with these doubts.

    Thanks again.


  119. Sir,
    Thanks for nice article!!!
    I was interested for LIC e-Term plan but I found that I cannot buy the plan through Credit Card.
    Is there any other way in order to buy thru Credit card pl.

    Rajiv Hota

  120. Hi sir,
    Am planning to take e-term policy. Could you suggest whether taking policy through service brokers is good or not. Or better to purchase online myself. Where should the nominee contact in terms of claim. If purchased through service brokers will they help the nominee during claim.
    Kindly explain within how many days of my death should the nominee need to submit for claim. What happened if I died when the policy is active but my nominee submitted for claim after lapse of policy (including grace period).
    Two years before I purchased a endownment plan with other insurance company. But now the policy lapse because I had not paid the premium. Should I enter the details of this lapsed policy in the form. Am not able to surrender that policy because paid premium for only one year.


    1. Nair-Better to go online. Because who knows he will be same business at your death? Who knows whether he support your family or not? Regarding claim procedure, better you contact insurer. No need to enter lapsed policy details.

      1. Thank you for the reply..
        Kindly explain within how many days of my death should the nominee need to submit for claim. What happened if I died when the policy is active but my nominee submitted for claim after lapse of policy (including grace period).

  121. Sir,i want 2 know wether term assurance rider is available with new jeevan anand.if present what is the maximum amount of term assurance rider i can take?

  122. Hi Basavaraj, I applied for LIC eterm in Jan 20015 undergone medical also, but still i did’t get any response. So, i called the customer care, they told my proposal is postponed for 6 months and told i will be getting email regarding same. But still i did’t get any email, when ever i call customer care they are telling same, but did’t get any email. Its been more than a month.

    Whom to complain????

  123. Hi Basavaraj,

    I really appreciate your effort in providing required information to people. I have not gone through each and every comment and response of yours. I just want to ask about LIC eterm insurance, it might possible that similar queries are already asked and replied by you.

    Basavaraj, kindly suggest which insurance option is good for Rs 50 Lacs. These days LIC eterm insurance policy is very popular. What is the benefit of buying online insurance as compared to offline insurance except from premium amount.

    What all exclusions in LIC eterm insurance?

    Looking forward for your response.

    Ankit Garg

      1. Basavaraj, what is your opinion on SBI eShield? I found that LIC is only providing Life insurance whereas SBI is providing Life insurance along with accidental insurance. Whether person should go with separate insurance for Life and accidental or combined is also good?

          1. Thanks for your response.

            Is there any specific reason for having separate insurance for life and accidental?

  124. Sir,
    Thanks for providing so much valuable information and helping people with the complex things.

    I have recently baught term plan from HDFC. While submitting the proposal I had three active Life policies
    2 LIC policies (Term + Endowment), 1 ULIP from Max. Based on my discussion with advisor of
    I did not mention about these policies in the online application form as I had decided to cancel/surrender those
    after getting new term plan. Now I have closed these three policies.

    Was it a mistake of not mentioning those while submitting the proposal?

    Do I need to inform HDFC about other policies cancelled after getting their Term plan?

    Nilesh Sawant.

  125. Hi Basaravarj,

    After going through one your comments on someone’s question, I have got this doubt please advise..

    1. While filling LIC e-term proposal, should we even need to furnish the details of the infant(who could have been younger sibling to me) who died at the time of delivery, because of complications arose. The only reason trying to understand this is that, there should not be any problem in future after taking the policy.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  126. I am sorry, some how I could see my first question after submitting hence I submitted it again, answering either of that will help me, I really apologize for any trouble caused here

  127. Hi Basavaraj,

    I appreciate your efforts in providing the iformation on Insurance….

    I have a question on furnishing the family details in filling proposal form of LIC e-Term..

    – There were an elder kid to me in our family who passed away at the age of around 7-months, at the time our parent used be in a small village where there was no good medical faclities and they were not much educated so not sure the medical reason why he passed away(other than) just fell sick. I request your advice whether to provide this information or not. If need to provide, can you guide me on what further details do I need have when they(LIC) contact for with any additional requirement.

    Thanking you in advance for your response with guidance.

  128. Hi Basavaraj,

    Nice initiative and you are doing a great job for solving issues and clarifying doubts.

    I have recently opted LIC’s e term plan without any additional premium.
    My query is regarding the premium which I need to pay every year –

    Instalment Premium 14700
    Service Tax 1764
    Education Cess 53
    Total Premium 16517

    Is this mean I need to pay 16517 every year or only 14700 every year?

    Thanks for your advice.


      1. This means service tax and educations cess is applicable every year?
        BTW I have registered this policy and online portal shows 14700 premium.

  129. Hi Mr. Basavaraj,

    I had applied for LIC Eterm policy (Age 31 years, 40 lacs) recently and received an email on 31st January, with the Premium receipt and Welcome Letter.

    Today on February 7th, I have received the hard copy of My Policy but it has a cancelled seal on the back. I had filled all the information required in the Policy form.

    My age is 31 and i had declared that i smoke. They have not attached any test reports with the policy that they have sent. I had paid a premium of Rs. 11142 online.

    What should i do now. Does the Insurance companies share the medical reports among each other through IRDA.?

    Will i be able to get the term insurance through others. Will i get my premium back. Please share your views.


    1. Mani-How they can issue policy document when they not accepted your proposal? What they mentioned in their policy document? Usually LIC not share the reports. None of insurance companies share the medical report. First check with LIC whether the policy was issued or not. If not then go ahead with other insurers.

      1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

        Thank you for your reply. Also you have written a very nice article here. I was travelling last week hence could not reply.

        Yes, they have sent me the policy document on 7th Feb with policy number and other details mentioned on it. But in the back side, there is a seal of “cancelled” on it. I am trying to reach them on the provided contact numbers of their concerned office in Santacruz, Mumbai but there is no response from them. My call is being put either on hold or nobody picks up.

        I have emailed them twice on the provided email id (No reply) and dont know how to get the further information from them. Please advise what i should do now. I didn’t expect this from LIC at least.



  130. Dear Basavaraj,

    I really appreciate your effort in responding each and every comments. Also a very well written article.

    Below is my situation:

    I applied for LIC e-Term plan for non smoker category. My premium was 9663. After going through medical tests, in the final decision, they increased the premium amount by more than 50% (now 13933).

    Below reason they mentioned:

    “Kindly note that your e Term plan has been accepted with extra premium of Rs 0.76 per thousand Sum assured. The extra premium is charged on opinion of our medical referee on medical reports submitted along with the proposal form.
    Your revised (including service tax)premium is Rs. 13,933/- (including service tax). You are requested to kindly remit the balance amount of Rs.4,270/-”

    Also below was the disclaimer:

    “The extra premium is required under this policy is based on the assessment of the specialist medical examiner and underwriter on the long-term implications of the current health status of the life proposed and are in no way indicative of any immediate serious health problem. Since LIC of India is covering the risk for a long period of time, the extra premium proposed is based on the implications of current health position if remain unaltered over along period of time. The extra imposed under this policy does not necessarily mean that the same shall be applicable for future policies also as every policy is issued after assessing the risk independently at that particular point of time. It is also possible that future policies may be issued without any extra if the medical reports so warrant at that point of time.”

    Please suggest, should I continue with that or should drop it.

    Thanks in Advance

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for your reply. I just got reply that they have increased the premium on account of the high GGTP. I inquired at the test center and found out my level of GGTP was 72 whereas normal level is <65. I am pretty much sure that there was some problem with the test at the test center as the level should not that high as I don't consume any kind of alcohol,smoking. I am planning the get that test done again on my own from some of the renowned diagnostic centers like "SRL Lab" or "Dr Lal PathLabs" etc.

        But the thing is if I found from outcome of test that my GGTP level is normal, how can I proceed with that? Or suggest some other way.

        Thanks for your time.

        1. Nitin-The problem is they not accept your theory. It happened with me, they found some fault in ECG. But private insurers done the same test and issued the policy and that private insurer’s appointed test lab not found any wrong. So try your luck.

          1. Just to make sure, I got the GGT (Liver function test) done by myself from SRL Lab and found the level to be 52. Normal range for my age male should be between 0-41. I don’t know why my level is up as I am completely non smoker but yes, the level is high. I also found out on net that it can be up for several other reasons for example fatty liver etc i.e. not only due to smoking.

            Therefore I gave up the idea of quitting LIC (although premium is still high in comparison to other private players but I can live with it only because its LIC) and paid the rest of the premium. Now I am relaxed because if I was ready to pay 10000 premium in an year, I can easily afford to pay 4 more thousand and live with a piece of mind.

            Anyway, thanks for your valuable suggestions.

  131. Dear Sir,

    My income is 4.4 lacs per annum and I am 27 years old and so far I have not made any investment. Kindly advice me on how and where to invest. I have been reading articles and reviews on insurance policies, mutual finds, PPFs. But Still I am confused.
    I Want to invest in plans where in I can get money at certain junctions, like when my child goes to college, when he/she is getting married. Does LIC offer any plans for this.

    1. Jacqueline-First buy term plan, health insurance, accidental insurance or critical illness. Once they are at place then create emergency fund. Finally identify your financial goals and based on that choose products.

  132. Sir,
    I purchased LIC E term plan and paid the mentioned on the same day through net banking. After medical test the premium amount increased 85% from the original amount. after so many request, still they not mentioned the reason and simply say high i decide i will check my health and after that i will purchase t it. so, now i want to withdraw my proposal. please give me advice to claim my paid amount.

    1. Seenivasan-Usually LIC not provide any health reasons. But the short way for you is to contact the testing center where you undergone the medical examination. They may provide you the details like what went wrong to raise the premium. If you feel the loading is more to you then shift to other companies.

  133. I want to take lic e term plan
    But I have not filled ITR of last 3 years
    instead I have filled it for 2 years.
    whether it is valid or not>>
    whether in future there is problem regarding claim or not??

  134. Hi,
    I am planning to buy LIC eTerm plan for my self, but I have few questions which confuse me, and I am not able to take the buying decision. Kindly help me out in these questions:

    – Does LIC eTerm plan cover death due to terror attack or death due to natural disasters like tsunami or earthquake, as I have checked with ICICI which is providing the same cover.
    – How much time does they take for claim settlement after ones death.

    Kindly help me out with these queries.

  135. Hi Basavaraj,

    I apreciate your efforts in providing the information which is very helpful on term plan.

    I am planning to take “LIC e-Term” plan for self.

    My question here is while filling up enroll ment form online for “LIC e-Term” , in family information section they asked a question like, State of Health (options being “Good or Not Good”) of family members, my Mom is a daiabetic patient , should it be considered as “Not Good” in fillign up the forms. if so please guide if this will have any impact on my premium(for your information I am not daiabetic)

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        thanks for the information provided on my previous query, and request you provide me the info on following questons.

        1. Under “Medical details fo the life to be insured”, we have a question “Did you ever have any accident or injury”, Please guide if I need to Yes/No, I did not met with any accident but fell down from bike couple of time, But no major injuries so I am confused what to update while filling the proposal form.

        2. I would like to know if we can nominate(share certain % among my family members).

  136. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank You for this information. Its really helpful for people like who are thinking about buying their first insurance policy. I am currently thinking of buy LIC eTerm. However I have the below questions. It will be really helpful if you could clarify those.

    Does LIC eTerm cover Accidental deaths such as road accident or any other type of accident? (eg. a building collapse, etc?)

    I am hearing from people that LIC eTerm will cover only deaths due to illness. (such as cancer, heart attack etc)

    I want to buy one term policy that covers everything. That is why the question.

    1. Roy-Yes it covers the death reason mentioned by you. But this policy not offers any riders. So you will not get any additional benefit like accidental rider benefit and all. Instead they pay you the sum assured amount.

      1. I am already having a LIC term policy Jeevan Amulya for Rs.70 Lakhs taken in 2013. I am paying a premium of Rs. 21630/-
        Now when i checked premium for same SA , premium comes to only 11000.
        Should i continue with previous policy or get a new policy with all medical formalities. They may increase premium due to drinking.
        I am confused with this.
        Please help.

        Thanks in Advance.

  137. And in my prtfolio i am with three funds from last two years ,they are


    SHOULD i continue with this or what ever else you are feeling please tell me

      1. Hi

        one of financial advisor give me those funds and now i want to review my investment
        please suggest me are they good or i have to change please give my portfolio if you can ,i am investing in these funds from last two years .

        1. HELLO

          i am really impressed from your knowledge hats off to you.

          basu sir actually i want to start a new SIP for my newly born child for long term say for his education and all that .i want to know the funds you mentioned in your top funds for 2015 are good or any other funds for children’s.

          And in my new investment i want to do it from DIRECT plan without that adviser how can i proceed
          and please guide me so that i would take this step for my benefit.

          And there is any way of getting in touch with as soon as possible through phone or any other medium ,if its ok for you sir

          Thank you
          Nitish Kumar

                1. Hello

                  Ok sir i would like to add icici focussed fund and in first line are you saying about change form SBI ?

                  if it is then pz tell me which fund from large cap or small cap what ever ?
                  and what is the best way of going from one fund to another
                  is it redeem and start new one ?
                  any other way
                  kindly suggest

                    1. hmmm

                      sir i am confused about

                      are you saying ICICI focussed instead of sbi FMCG
                      icici focussed
                      and change from sbi

    1. Hello sir how are you?

      sir thank you for your valuable feedback and giving so much imp information about my profile

      sir can you tell me one more fund which suites my profile and risk ratio?
      right now i decide to go with

      icici prudential discovery fund
      icici prudential focussed bluechip fund (previously sbi fmcg fund)
      and one tax saving
      BNPP tax saving fund

      please also tell me i choose icici focussed bluechip fund in place of sbi fmcg
      and i want to add one more SIP so for that either i choose another one or remain with SBI fmcg,
      if you think not to remain with sbi then give me name of one more fund for bettering my profile and risk ratio.

      please tell me

      Thank you
      NIitish kumar

        1. Hello

          I was thinking of one new fund because of

          ICICI focussed entirely for child
          ICICI discovery for future needs
          and other BNPP as tax benefit

          and one new more for reserve kind of.
          but Now i think according to you i divide my new SIP in those existing funds.

  138. Hello Mr. Basu,

    My regards for you.

    I am planning for buying LIC e-term plan.

    But i got confused on the detail they are asking . They ask many details.

    I need somebody who can professionally fill the form with no error.

    Taking online term is a tedious job.



    1. Paritosh-It is more simple than letting your agent fill the form and signing it with blind folded. Also non riskier than buying through agents. Because you know what you are disclosing. If you find any difficulty in filling the form then either you can contact their customer service or comment here. We can discuss further.


  140. Hi,
    I have taken term plan from LIC, my medical test all has been done before couple of weeks.
    I am trying to call them, but no response and no mail reply.

    I called on phone 022-67819284, one lady picked up and ask me hold the phone, I was waiting and she dropped after 5 minutes.

    Please suggest where can I complain about this lady.

    Guys, please dont go for LIC term plan, very poor service.

    1. Bhawana-In my case I applied and everything was smooth until I get back my paid premium (They raised premium so I rejected their quote). Don’t know what went wrong in your case. Hope for the best and early resolve 🙂

    2. Even i am facing same issue… Worst customer service. I am calling 022-67819282 and 022-67819284 from past 3 months they picked only twice and told they’ll call back with in five min, but its been months there is no response. Can anybody help whom to approch??

  141. Hi,

    I have purchased AVIVA online term before 3 years for 1 CR for which i have provided all relevant information and my medical test is also done. but i have not checked AVIVA settlement ratio at that time.

    Now my friends is suggesting me to shift to LIC as their claim settlement ratio is best in the market.

    Now I am confused. Please help me in selecting best option for me.
    1) Continue with AVIVA and purchase separate 50Lacs term plan from LIC online.
    2) Close AVIVA plan and purchase 1CR term plan from LIC online.
    3) Any other which comes in your mind.

    Thanks in advance.

    Taranjeet Singh