How to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline?

I receive many queries of how to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline. Because may might forget their password, changed phone number, changed address or some issues with EPF UAN. So let us understand it in detail about this problem.

Update (24th November 2017):-Many readers found that UAN Helpdesk not working many times and the only option left for them to correct UAN details is through an employer. However, EPFO came up with a solution and now EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction can be easily completed online itself using the Unified portal. Refer the post for the same “EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction – Online procedure“.


  1. EPF UAN Unified Portal-Now you can download EPF Passbook/UAN Card in a single portal instantly. Also, you can change your email and mobile number linked to your UAN. Refer the complete details at “How to download EPF Passbook and UAN Card online instantly?“.
  2. EPF Grievance Cell -Lodge EPF related complaints online

Let us recap of what is EPF UAN?

I am quoting the same lines of what I wrote in my earlier post about EPF UAN.

Universal Account Number or UAN act as a unique 12 digit number to each member under which you have multiple IDs allotted by your employer will be tracked. Suppose if you join a new company then you just need to submit a UAN number to your employer. You can now get this UAN number from your employer. Because allotting of UAN already started.

The main purpose of this unique number is to provide access to employees to have a view of his/her profile and access the services like viewing profile, changing profile, download online passbook, or request for transfer. To avail such facilities you need to create a login by visiting UAN Homepage. Follow this LINK to verify whether UAN is allotted to you or not.

You can read more about it from below link.

Now let us first know of how one can update or correct EPF UAN details online.

EPFO started an online portal to update or correct EPF UAN details online. This is called as EPF UAN Helpdesk.

Below is the process.

1) Go to EPFO Homepage

EPF UAN Update

Click on “For Employees”

2) This will re-direct you to the page which looks like below.

UAN Helpdesk

Here, you have to click on UAN Helpdesk.

3) This again will re-direct to the another page which looks like below.

UAN Helpdesk for Employee

Click on Member section.

4) This will re-direct you to the portal where you have to update or correct EPF UAN details online.

EPF UAN Problems

5) Here is the list of the problems which you can update and is shown in below image.

UAN Helpdesk Problem types

You notice that you can utilize this platform for below services.

# You can get your UAN number if you forgot it.

# You forgot password and due to mobile change unable to get OTP and login to UAN online facility.

# If you entered incorrect details like your name, father name, date of birth or wrong date of joining details etc.

# If details not matching during UAN activation.

# To check your claim status of EPF transfer or EPS.

# To check the status of linking of EPF account and UAN No.

# If your KYC is pending with employer.

# Or you have any other issue which you want to rectify it.

6) For example, if you want to retrieve your password due to mobile change, then the screen looks like below.

EPF UAN lost password and Mobile Change

Once you fill the details, you have to generate OTP, which will be send to your mobile number.

7) Then enter the OTP received on your mobile and click verify OTP.

UAN Helpdesk OTP

8) This will gives you a reference ID for the request you generated. This ID will be helpful for your future reference.  The screen will be like below.UAN Helpdesk Reference

Now let us discuss the process of update or correct EPF UAN details offline.

# You have to carry on the offline update or correction activity through your employer.

# Submit the request to your employer with supporting necessary documents.

# Employer in return will contact the concerned EPFO Field Office for change.

# But date of birth of EPF account mismatch can be corrected ONLY by the previous employer.

If you have any further queries related to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline, then use the below toll-free number or email id.

Helpdesk Number : 18001-18005

Helpdesk Email Id : [email protected]

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  1. I have one UAN. My previous Employer is now submitting a request to EPF office to generate UAN pertaining to my old PF member id for the period of eighties and nineties. How do I check the status of the allotment of UAN? Then what are the steps needed to link all UAN? This is urgently needed as my pensionable service is not fully captured in PF records. Please guide.

  2. my EPF UAN portal showing NO in differently abled field but i am a differently abled person so how to correct it as YES. Please guide me in this regard. Thank you.

  3. Sir I have a UAN number and have taken my PF in 2016, after that I am out of service till date. Now I am 58 and want to take the pension fund. Since I did not link my aadhar in 2021 I am not able to login. Also there is a mismatch in the name. What can I do sir? How do I rectify the mismatch in name.

  4. Sir I have pf nu n uan number also but employer didn’t activated my uan nu now dob is not matching for my pf account n I don’t have salary slips n esi card also now that company also closed so how can I activate my uan nu

  5. Hello Sir My date of joining in company is from 1.12.2005 but in EPFO shows doJ is 1.2.2007. How can I correct DOJ details through online. Please guide

  6. Hi,

    I see incorrect details for name, father name, DOB, Gender and Date of Joining in my EPFO portal. I have already sent a joint declaration and self declaration letters to EPF office in 2016, but they were not modified. Again i sent them in feb, 2019 still i dont see them modified. I want them to be updated as soon as possible as i am moving out of my current company and it would be difficutl to transfer or withdraw pf with incorrect details.

  7. dear sir,
    in my UAN portal page showing my name and my father name is same, and not updated PAN number also i want claim PF amount. any problems for in this wrong updates for claim?

  8. hello sir my name is Narendra Singh i want asked one thing . i did worked with Jana small finance bank. i had serve the notice period there but during the notice period i have join another company. was my last work date 01/01/2019 with Jana small finance bank. but during the notice period i have been join the another company Bell Finvest India l.t.d on 01/12/2018. i know that very well it my huge mistake. but now i am transferring my pf amounts but i am transferring my pf amounts. when i apply to for transfer then i get a an notification [details of previous accounts are different than present account. hence claim request cannot be processed] so please tell me the process how can withdrawal my pf amounts. if you have any suggestions so please tell me that. it is my humble request with you. it is very urgent for me…because my pf amounts is very huge approx 50000

  9. OTP verified but the data available against the UAN in system is not matching with the data available with UIDAI(AADHAAR).

  10. Dear Sir,
    My brother has been trying to submit his PF claims through UAN portal. But inspite of having same data ( Name, DOB, PAN, PHONE, EMAIL) in UAN and AADHAR, the UAN portal throws the following error every time while submitting the PF claims. Kindly suggest what to do here. We are stuck badly.
    Error: OTP verified but the data available against the UAN in system is not matching with the data available with UIDAI(AADHAAR).

  11. Hi Sir, in my Uan card, my husband’s name is shown, now after separation, I want to put my father’s name.Kindly suggest to change it as I have not informed my company.

  12. Dear sir i have forgot my password and my register mobile number not in service and my KYC not update. so how to change my mobile number

  13. I want to update myself or through online my FATHER NAME and Relarionship to my UAN. How can update to my UAN.

  14. I am unable to update my bank details in UAN portal . its showing SQL ERROR while saving the bank details. i am trying from last six days. my UAN account is also Verified. my friends UAN portal is working completely fine. so i don’t think its a server issue because happening only on my account. also sent mail regarding this to epfo technical team but no response till now.
    Is there any way to update bank details in UAN portal.

  15. Dear sir,
    I was wrongly update the gender i want to change from male to i will change that

  16. Hi Sir,
    My previous employer has done mistake in fathers name. They used my middle name as my fathers name. I want to withdraw my PF amount, Is it possible to withdraw without fathers name correction. if not, then how to correct fathers name?

          1. I have asked many times them but they have outsourced it some other consultant and previous employer is not showing much interest to give information. That’s why it is getting difficult.
            Can you guide me whats should I do in this case?

  17. Hi Sir,

    I want to withdraw my PF amount, I tried accessing the claims form through the UAN portal online however there is an error saying that father’s name or husbands name not updated. I have also tried my profile to make the following changes but the option does not appear to edit or update the name. Can you please guide me further.

    Also my bank account is linked to my UAN does this mean the amount will be directly deposited to my account ?

  18. Dear sir,my pf account is with ‘vijaysingh’.as per old aadhar(incorrect)
    but now i have updated it with my full name ‘vijaysingh pradeepkumar gadhave'(correct).All my documents are as per new aadhar only. As already my old aadhar is linked with pf account,now i am finding difficulty to update my new details in pf accoount with new aadhar details.
    please help me for above issue.

  19. Dear Sir,

    My name is anil kumar and I worked with Intelenet Global Services Pvt Ltd. (C-126 Industrial area phase-8 mohali punjab) and I have a concern wherein i am not able to change my registered mobile number in UAN. I forget my UAN password and also registered mobile number suspended from market. When i trying to change my mobile number through PF portal by entering name and DOB then showing incorrect details but as per HR team there is no issue from our side all the updated details are correct. If all the details are correct so why i am not able to change registered mobile number. Multiple time concern discussed with HR team but nobody helping me and guiding me to contact with PF department. From last 1 year i am facing the same issue but till now problem not resolve.

    Please help me.

    Below details for your reference:-
    Name:- Anil Kumar
    Emp ID:-100000000090731
    UAN No. 100099446155
    Joining date:17/02/2011
    Resign date:04/05/2017

    Anil Kumar
    +91 7018306868
    E-mail- [email protected]

  20. Dear Sir,
    My father,s name is wrongly mapped in UAN Data.Please guide me how to correct the name.

  21. Hi Sir,

    I have been trying to update my name which is wrongly mapped in my epfo . But everytime I am trying to save the details ,am getting the below error :

    “Aadhar service is not working right now .Please try after sometime”

    Please help !!!

  22. Dear Sir,

    My previous employer is asking for UAN password to update DOE EPF & DOE EPS. Do I need to share my Uan password with the previous employer to update DOE EPF & DOE EPS or can those details be updated from employer end. Kindy let me know.

    Thanking You,

  23. Hello,

    In case the an incorrect date of exit is mentioned on my PF account, how can I get the same corrected?

    Kind Regards,

      1. Sure. Thank you.
        And, can you help me with the option through which this can be handled by the employer?

  24. Dear Concern,

    In order to understand the claim request process I have unintentionally got the claim processed and it got submitted at online portal. The KYC is yet to be updated with PAN CARD details, plus the withdrawal amount was also taken randomly and is not correct. Please help me out by letting me know the process of cancelling the claim request. Would be grateful! Regards!

  25. Hi sir,
    Am an ex-employee of a pvt company and resigned from 4 months back. am not working now. i tried to withdraw my PF amonut. the message showing like PAN need to be link with UAN. Initially my name was Sruthi marathappalli on my UAN portal. as for aadhar linking i changed my name to Sruthi.M.P and its got updated. but now am not able to update my PAN details to UAN . Because in PAN the name is in full abbrevation. Kindly suggest what can i do for my money withdrawal.

  26. UAN is not allowing to change my New Aathaar details since I had updated already…I made some correction in my aathaar due to details mismatch with PAN…

    my employer is not responding at all..kindly suggest me what needs to be done to get this sorted out…

  27. My name is Arpit Kumar soni and in portal it is Arpit soni, that is why My PAN card details (KYC) is failing because name in UAN is not matching with Income tax department.
    When i tried through updating basic details it’s saying your aadhar is already linked so that i can not update the details.
    I don’t know how aadhar has linked.

  28. Dear Sir,

    I had already updated my aathaar but due to mismatch in Aathaar ,PAN & UAN details I have modified as same in all the dos’s…if I try to modify details in UAN I couldn’t able to complete the same stating aathaar details is not editable…
    pls suggest me to get this cleared…

  29. Hello Sir,

    The EPF portal does not have UAN Helpdesk option anymore.
    Is there a way to fix our issues online.

  30. UAN account was created for me in our organization unfortunately without DOB, Gender, Father’s Name and Marital status. May i know what to do for its updation?

  31. I have updated my aadhar card. It’s verified by the employer and field office. But now when I am trying to submit my claim for withdrawal it’s asking me to update father’s name. Since Aadhar is already approved, I am unable to modify those. so please solved this problem.

  32. Hello sir I have given my correct date of birth to my office but when I try to activate my uan my month and date is wrongly placed .month in the date place and date in the month place but I activated my uan with these wrong date of birth.will problem occur when I claim for the settlement.iam going to claim settlement in 2 months.please tell me what to do.i gave my aadhar details to my manager he says no problem that he will correct it when claim for the settlement.

  33. I have a quary related to Epf that i had submitted my Epf form for withdrawal but my form rejected.
    and reason is that there is digitally bank account mearged with epf account but i attached my different banks cheque .
    So now what to do.

    There is also error with my pan & bank account which is digitally approved ..then what now.

    Please help.

  34. hi,

    I am not able to update my correct DOB in EPFO portal, my actual DOB is 08.04.1996 but in PF history it is showing 08.04.1995 so i want to make become 1 year old. In modify option i have already gave request for DOB correction but repeatedly i am getting rejected massage from epfo. last 1 month i am suffering more for this, please try to help me.

    1. Please give along with joint declaration proof like birth certificate or school leaving certificate
      Whenever birth date is a year or more different this proof is required.

  35. Greetings sir,

    Myself Arpitha.

    I have 2 PF account in one UAN. Currently i am not working anywhere. in A company 2015 to 2016 June, In B. 2016 July to 2016 December.
    In UAN employer mentioned DOJ & DOE all. But PAN number they mentioned wrong i informed them to change but they are saying no now can’t editable because your Adhar number is already updated.

    So how can i withdraw 2 company PF amount. and what all documents required for offline and how to apply. Please help me sir

    1. I have two UAN Nos, and one pf account without UAN no how to join all together,
      And correction in name and DOB pl suggest

  36. While updating KYC details for Aahar details it shows Name against uan and Aadhar does not matches. So, ..what can i do for this .

    even in my profile Adhar no tot showing

  37. Hi,

    I would like to withdrawal my PF amount. But, My Gender and My DOB birth details are wrong in UAN.

    I have raised a request under ‘Modify Basic Details’ section in UAN Portal to correct them. However, my employer when trying to approve is unable to approve and getting some error. What could be the reason behind this ?

    If online application is not working, can I still submit Joint declaration form? Can you help me with a link to download Offline Joint declaration form.

    Also, For withdrawing my PF amount, can I go ahead and mention the same incorrect details in the PF withdrawal form and ask my employer to submit to verify and submit them to PF office ?
    Since I am withdrawing PF amount less than 50 thousand , I will not submit PAN Card copy and Form 15G copy, I’ll only submit Withdrawal form and cancelled cheque. So, even if I don’t correct the details, I assume I can still withdrawal my PF by mentioning whatever details are configured in my PF account. Am I true ?

    Thanks a lot for your Help,

      1. But If I have to withdraw my PF, i can simply mention the same wrong details in PF withdrawal form and withdraw PF. Won’t that work ? I will not give PAN card because my amount is less than 50K

  38. I have made name correction in UAN through portal. In UAN correct name is being displayed, but when I check my PF balance it is still showing wrong name. Is there any other process to correct name in EPF or else correction made in UAN will automatically get updated in EPF?

  39. In UAN Portal DOB is displaying correctly and i have also done KYC verification on Aadhar & PAN but still my PF transfer got rejected due to Date of birth (DOB) mismatch. Please assist me how to update it office records. Thanks

      1. Thank You Basavaraj. I have raised Grievance in EPF_GMS site.

        P.S> My current employer said there may be a discrepancy in manual records of PF office which was maintained by my previous employer. So is there any other way to check and update it.

  40. I do have only option is PF advance in claim I dont see option to PF withdrawal .

    I noticed that there is no uan help desk option.

    I even noticed that in my UAN account or profile there is no DOE

      1. I am trying to withdraw my previous one..

        I think as my account is not updated with DOE i am unable to see withdraw option

  41. Sir,
    While updating KYC details for pan it shows Name against uan and pan does not matches. So, i have changed my name in pan as in also it shows the same what to do sir….

  42. Dear Sir, I left my job and joins in other organization. I want to widhrow my full pf online. I registered all details of kyc and bank account. But i can’t widhrow full pf its only shows claim option what can i do to widhrow all pf by online service?

      1. Yes i am in job but my new job has other PF account. I didn’t transferred my previous pf in it. So i want to widhrow previous pf online. Please help me out.

      1. JETTI

        Joint declaration form has to be filled to correct your fathers name along with employer and submitted to p.f. office. Attach prrof also.


  43. Hello sir,
    I have applied for pf withdrawal through my last company…they have submitted that request to pf office for settlement.. I have checked online status of my request and found after 20 days they have updated the status with comment ” withdrawal settlement has been processed and money transferred through NEFT.

    Almost 48 hours completed but I have not received any money in my account.
    Can you guide me what I will do to fix the issue?

  44. Hi Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti, happy to see this forum and based on the comments and reply , pls find the following scenario

    my aadhar have my first name with initials, and my PAN have my full name with expanded initials, this is creating scenario when i do my KYC thats resulting in UAN Name not matching with IT Name, this is not a mistake since in both cases my First Name is same , and my Father’s Name is same, only thing in PAN its full name with expanded initials and in UAN its my name with initial

    This is really putting a scenario, and PAN is not getting saved post entering in the “”

    What to do? !!

    Thanks in advance

      1. Thanks for your reply….Mr. Basavaraj

        Oh this is really trouble caused to we citizens, and at this hectic schedule and having least hrs to spend quality time for any, this is real burden caused , digital is a trouble when history is analog

        Ok , so i have to visit the local city’s EPFO office and do the needful, can you pls extend more , by what form should i get it filled, or which help desk should i r3each in EPFO in my city

        Would be great if you can provide or suggestion on it…

        Thanks in adv.,

  45. Dear Basavraj
    When registering a new employee in P.F. and if he is from North East we had to click on the check box and the employee was registered.In Jan 2018 clicking on the box makes no difference asking for Aadhaar. Any idea on this .


  46. MY Aadhar card is verified in KYC but the name in profile is not matching with aadhar card as I have changed my name in aadhar card and even I update my name as per new aadhaar card and it is accepted by employer and EPFO still it is not reflecting name change in my profile, so the problem is if want to claim PF should I attach old aadhar card or new aadhar card ?

      1. Sir today field office approved my aadhar and gender updation. And now when i go to claim online they say to update fathers name through employer.

    1. Hi Surya Sekhar

      Father details are required to claim/transfer your pf .
      if your father’s details not updated in your EPFO account , consult your company to update details.

    2. Sir i was given my surname change application that is approved by field officer vashi. but my father surname remains unchange. for this what to do.
      Is there any problem if father surname remains unchange.

    3. Ahemad

      Fill up joint declaration form along with pf composite form to correct father’s name in records and get your money

  47. Dear Basavraj,

    I have left job and it’s been a few years now. So there is no contact between the employer and me.

    I want to update my bank account details and PAN in UAN portal as I need to withdraw the amount. How can I do that via online or offline mode?

      1. I tried it a lot of times. But everytime it shows that Bank details and PAN to be updated by the employer.

        It’s always under pending. Now I have left working and hence the employer won’t update those details.

        What to do on this case? Please help.

  48. Dear Basavraj

    Is the epfo transfer portal working.If yes could you please confirm the site.
    An employee joined from a pf trust to an unexempted co.Same Uan it shows when printing both Pf nos are linked.How does it get transferred to the unexempted co.As passbook cannot be printed off a trust.


  49. Dear sir

    Can a member incorporate his bank account UAN account without the employer support. If yes please provide me the procedure.

  50. Dear Sir,

    I have submitted the name change request through modify basic request,its show accepted by employer but pending at pf field office from last 20days, Can you please help me how much time it will take.

      1. Gayatri

        My name change took place today 51 days after employer approved the same
        But Aadhar correction u have to update your kyc and get it approved by employer.


  51. Sir I have submitted the application form to change my dob and father’s name in EPFO office Malad on 20th of Oct. Now 2 month 10 days has gone but my correction is not done yet.Still it is pending from field officer side.
    Now please tell me what to do?

    1. Itishree

      Could you clarify if dob change is more than a year you have to give proper proofs either birth certificate or school leaving certificate.

  52. Sir I have submitted the application form to change my dob and father’s name in EPFO office Noida on 8th of Nov. They said the process will take maximum 1 month to change dob and father’s name. Now 1 month 22 days has gone but my correction is not done yet.
    Now please tell me what to do?

    1. Hi Mohit

      For data correction in EPFO site (like father’s name/your name/dob etc). you need to consult your employer not the EPFO site.

      1. Mohit

        Date of birth correction if more than a year online updation will not do.Proof like birth cert. or school leaving certificate with joint declaration along with employer is required.I faced this in Malad office.

  53. i submitted my all documents for name correction at epf office at k r puram.bangalore on 13 november bt still pending.

  54. Hey all,
    I submitted my name change request on 29th nov and today it got accepted by field office n my name is changed. Hope this is helpful for you. Wait some time they will soon approve yours 🙂

    1. i have also got a notification” pending at field office” before 10 days. but nothing changes on my request.
      how many times it taking to change the name request…can u replay me??????

  55. Hi,

    I have submitted the name change request through modify basic request. It shows that it is successfully . However the name is still not changed on the UAN portal.

    1. Nitu-Market does not differentiate between housewife or an earning man. For market all of us money is equal. Now, regarding your time horizon of 3 years, I suggest you to use debt funds rather than equity funds.

  56. Hi,

    I have submitted the name change request through modify basic request. It shows that it is ACCEPTED by the field office. However the name is still not changed on the UAN portal. Does it take sometime to appear on the UAN portal

  57. HI,
    i have my UAN number i am trying to activate but after entering details i got error message ‘member name does not exist with available data’

    wat can i do?

  58. dear sir, please khow to way of uan portal logine. my date of birth, gender is not availebale in uan portal and also my registered mobile number is close. so any other way to login in uan and how to correction my uan portal. how to correction my uan details. and also my surname in speling mistak


  59. I am not able to activate my UAN getting below error.

    “uan member name does not match with the available data”

    Can you suggest the solution.

  60. Hi,
    I have submitted by PF Claim form to my privous employer before 8 month but till date no any payout released as per employer they told my PF claim form already submitted to EPF office. So please tell what am i do?

      1. I also raise the issue at EPFO toll free number but they did not get any positive response. They said it was resolved by my employer. But employer said the issue resolved by EPFO.

  61. My current company created a new UAN for me and pf amount credited each month against this new UAN but I have already a UAN that created by my last company. I want to transfer old pf amount to new pf account. Is it possible? then tell me what need to do.

  62. I am trying to update my name in UAN using option Modify Basic Details. But I am getting error message saying Aadhar Verification service is not working now. Try after some time. This message I am getting from three days. Any update regarding this.

      1. but i have updated my detail as per Aadhaar . it getting error your detail is not matched with Aadhaar while i have updated the correct detail.

        what should i do now.

        plz help

        1. Hi Shoib,
          In the error message it will say which detail is not matching like name, date of birth etc. After knowing that you can update the details as per aadhar in ‘modify basic details’ page.

  63. Sir, I have submitted pf withdrawal form for final settlement in EPFO office Noida but I have received only employee and employer amount not the pension amount.
    As I worked in previous company only for 1 year.

  64. Hi,

    The UAN helpdesk is not available. I went to the link through google and clicked on UAN helpdesk, it says every time – the page not available.

    My previous employer entered wrong date of exit and they are not able to edit it. Can you let me know how can this be corrected?

  65. Hi,

    I have changed my name on the epfo portal using modify basic details option. do you know how long it takes for the name change to take effect?

  66. Hello Sir,

    Would like to know from you the way I could update my gender status ,have left my job ; so asking employer to update the same is a bad option for me . Is there any way by approaching the EPFO office and do so ? (KYC pending)

  67. I submitted a application in online epf help desk and grievance to rectify my DOB. they give me a ref no also. do you have any idea how many days its takes to rectified?

  68. Hi,

    7 months back I resigned from my old company and joined newone. In the old one i have PF.In the new company, they are deducting my PF money but not paying to PF account. Till now I didn’t get my PF number in the new company, so that i did n’t linked/transferred the old PF account. Is it possible for me to complete withdrawal of PF money in the old company as I didn’t get my new PF number.

  69. UAN Help desk (as per the screen in above information) is not available on epf portal. My employer opened my PF account with wrong name and i am no more with the employee. I want to change the name online. Please tell me any possibilities.

    PS: I am not residing the city where my PF account was, i cannot go there as i moved to South from North

  70. Hello Sir,

    I had submitted the form directly to Regional office for my D.O.B correction. It’s been more than 1 month now, I can’t see the correction. Please guide me what to do now?


  71. The name correction in UAN portal through employer is not feasible. They are saying I have to change it in my 10th Marksheet also which I cannot do. Is there a way to do this personally or online without relying on present employer?

  72. Hi… I have updated my Adhar, pan card & even my bank account details, in every thing my Name is correct, but in UAN my Name only one alphabet is changed, I means
    My correct name is ajoy deb but at UAN it’s ajay deb,same uan kyc update ajay deb so can u plz help me how to change it or do it possible to clime the money..pls update me about it.

  73. I tried to change correct name for UAN, i am filling all section correctly. But in the end getting below error.

    ( Error occurred on 17-11-2017 03:15:15, while submitting your registration details. Kindly contact Inoperative Helpdesk at [email protected] )

    Please help me in this, i need to change urgently.

  74. Hi,
    I am not able to link the UAN with my Aadhar number as getting the message as
    “Dear Member,
    Your details (Name / Date of Birth / Gender) against UAN 100388869212
    are missing.
    Kindly update your Details.”

    When I am trying to update the personal details,I am not able to update the details (Gender/date of birth/ email) after login through

    Kindly help me to update the personal details there.

  75. Can I submit Joint Declaration form for DOB correction in non home PF office. Means I have PF account in Visakhapatnam PF Office and I want to submit Joint Declaration form in Hyderabad PF Office. Please suggest me, Is it workable for me.

    am submitted my correct date of birth in 23 October 2017 updated.but till date not update my date of birth.

  77. Hello Basavaraj,

    My UAN has been incorrectly associated with a member Id, belonging to a company for which I have never worked for. Can you please advise me whom to contact to for removing this incorrect entry? I have raised multiple Grievances and even have mailed employee feedback of UAN, but to no avail..


  78. Hi Sir,

    Have opted for the Withdrawal, as from last two months am not working due to personal reasons.

    Last month I did so and got a message from EPFO regarding the withdrawal in process.
    But till date have not received any payment and when asked during the form submission was intimated that will get the payment within 15 days.

    Please advice !

      1. Thank you, Sir !

        Also please let me know after Withdrawal of PF amount and the closure of PF number , will that even close the current UAN too and when I join a new company should I open a new UAN ?


  79. Sir, I left the company two months before and now i want to withdraw my pf amount. But the problem is that my aadhaar is not linked with my uan just because the dob in uan is wrong. So, can you please tell me I can withdraw my pf amout ?

  80. Dear sir,

    Good Morning,

    Kindly would request you to guide for the change in the DOB in the UAN portal page . My dad had visited multiple times the office at Hyderabad since Feb-2017. Every time they asked for new document and proof for DOB.
    Lastly in August 2017 they did take the biometric verification of the adhar card but till now the DOB has not been changed and his pension claim is held back.

    Due to this could not even link the AADHAR card details as it displayed DOB mismatched.

    Kindly suggest a way out for early resolution.

    Thanks in Advance & Regards

      1. Thanks Sir for your prompt response.

        In that case if issue is lodged with the EPFO grievance cell online, when can we except the response and what is the response rate from them.

        The followup with them also is difficult as we cannot reach them over phone and the offices are closed on weekends.

        Thanks in advance and regards,

  81. Hi… I have updated my Adhar, pan card & even my bank account details, in every thing my Name is correct, but in UAN my Name only one alphabet is changed, I means
    My correct name is Mohammed Mudassar but at UAN it’s Mohammed Muddasar, so can u plz help me how to change it or do it possible to clime the money..pls update me about it.

  82. This UAN Helpdesk is no more available on the portal website. How do i change it now?
    Please help I am not able to link my Aadhar to UAN as I got error as details not matching.

  83. Hi ,

    My previous organisation does not exist anymore and when I am trying to go on claim it is giving me error that gender details are not available.
    Kindly let me know how can I proceed further on same .

    Thanks ,

  84. Hello Basavraj,

    This UAN Helpdesk is no more available on the portal website. How do i change it now?

    I remember submitting the Joint declaration for name change around 6 months back and numerous grievances for which they have not replied yet. What next should i be doing?


  85. I have uan no .but it was nt activating.saying wrong informatiòn giving.anothwr uan no date of joining not mention so i am not unable to do withdrwning my pf kindly tell me proper way.

  86. Sir,
    UAN generated from my company but DOB wrongly updated, how to change the correct date of birth UAN.

  87. Dear sir I have changed my DOB as above said. Till date I didn’t get any updates. I have updated 1 month before. Please suggest me what should I do.

  88. Hi

    My employer verified my pan details. But when i checked the uan portal the status is in approved with blank. Verified status is not reflected where as aadhar it is showed verified. How long does it take to reflect in uan portal? When i apply for pf withdrawal message pops up saying pan not verified and liable for max tax.

  89. Hi Basavaraj jee,

    I have updated my KYC (pan card and bank acc details) 3 days ago, the aadhar was already verified but PAN card is still showing not verified.
    When i am trying to withdraw it, it says an error that i am liable for 34% tax deduction as my pan card is no verified yet.
    How do i verify it? Does the employer do this?
    When we can update the KYC info our-self then how it still says not verified.

      1. Thanks for you reply Basavaraj jee,

        Yes, the employer has verified it and sent me the screenshot, but still under my KYC details, Pan is not verified. its been 2-3 days since its been verified by the employer, should I wait more and where can I escalate this issue to EPFO from the website?

  90. Dear Sir,

    I am trying to initiate for my PF transfer from a non exempted trust to my new firm which is a registered trust. When I went to the transfer page, the step 2 to authenticate OTP & submit is frozen. I entered all my details correctly in the first step and the attestation through present employer is also frozen. Please suggest a way out as to why my step 2 option is frozen?If you want a screenshot of the whole thing I can send you also. Please suggest a way out sir, all my KYC is linked so I am eligible for an online transfer.

  91. If the employer does not have digital signature, how can the DOE in UAN portal be updated ? Can it be done offline ?

  92. I only have name and surname contains in epf data but my AADHAR card contain my full name. Is this possible that it is the reason behind not matching aadhar card information with epf data? Please HELP…!!

  93. As a previous employer my PF no. Is different as with current employer with same UAN no. Is it necessary to update new PF NO. Or it is updated automatically.

  94. Sir
    In My bank passbook my name is Mr. Mahendra kumar sharma
    So in uan kyc detail can i fill Mr. Mahendra kumar sharma OR only mahendra kumar sharma
    Please suggest so in future there is no problem create

      1. have before my account name in my bank passbook but not in aadhar & pan card
        So bank detail me name se pahle Mr. lagana h kya UAN KYC filling me

  95. My problem is my date of birth in PF account & my aadhar card are different. I want to chang my DOB in PF account .Can DOB mentioned at aadhar is sufficient as I don’t have any other document as proof.

  96. Sir,
    I am Mrs. Aruna Jaryal and My UAN No. is XXXXXXXXXXXX and I had working through placement agency i.e. SECURITY SOLUTION AND MANPOWER SERVICES NOIDA U.P during period from 1st May, 2014 to 31st July, 2017. Sir My UAN Account detail is show wrongly. It has show that Mr. Aruna Jaryal and gender is mentioned Male. I request you please correct my name is Mrs. aruna Jaryal and correction in gender detail.

    Aruna Jaryal

  97. hi i have given correction form to epf office last 2 months back but still they not correct it what i can do now .. i need to withdraw pf amount urgently so what option their pls help me

  98. Dear Sir
    I have updated my personal details online through EPFO help Desk. In how many days it will get correct.

    Randhir Kumar Singh

  99. Dear sir

    my name in manoj rohidas patil
    Addhar card name patil manoj rohidas
    UNA name :- manoj rohidas patil
    online claim problem ,
    Adhara card update una member portal Error
    please halp
    DOB : xx/xx/xxxx
    Manoj Patill


  100. Sir
    I have two EPF accounts, one with current employer and other in previous. Can both UAN be merged through current employer?
    My name mentioned in UAN with previous employer is not matching with that on Aadhar Card. Will there be any issue of merging through current employer?

      1. Sorry, you have not mentioned which employer Previous or Current Employer. Somewhere I read if, there is a change required for one or two alphabet in name it is not required to apply through your previous employer just documents are required to support that; Is it true?

  101. Hello sir,
    few concerns i have :
    1.) I want to transfer pf..while clicking on claim (form-31 ,19&10c) i am getting “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.” this error.
    Although i have updated AAdhaar in the portal as a kyc details.
    Do, i have to go physically in EPFO office and get updated???

    2.) My father name is updated wrong in the portal , how to correct that??

    3.) Under Online Services..>Transfer Request, after entering member id , and clicking on the getdetails button i am geeting error as “Present & Previous member ID’s must be different.”

    1. Vineet-1) Whether it is verified by employer? If not, then better to follow the instruction what EPFO portal suggesting.
      2) Through employer you can correct it.
      3) Yes, may be your process is wrong. Cross check once again.

  102. Hi,
    Yesterday I have received SMS from EPFO saying that your adhar is not verified due to mismatch in detail and on UAN portal adhar kyc is showing in approved status with pop-up as verify.on Adhar my name mentioned as Name-Fathername- surname where as on UAN my name is Name-surname. On UAN my father name is mentioned separately in father section. My UAN is activated by my previous employer. So kindly advise if I need to change my name on UAN if yes is i need to contact previous employer or current employer can request the changes to EPFO office..

  103. Thank you sir for above guideline.

    But i need help for change my profile details in Relationship field detail. I’ll share my father detail at the time of PF account create . but, on portal shown in relationship in husband.

    Please note is my only one account (current ) ,no any past company employment.

    Please help how can i change relationship of husband to father.

  104. Sir, I tried to activate my UAN number.but it says my date of birth is not matching..I joined a new company one month back .how can I solve this issue? Did I need to contact my previous employer? My previous employer created my UAN number

  105. Sir my adhar no and uan account are changed so also contact my empoler but he say no idea about it please suggestion easy process to do employer in online.
    Vo bol rhe correction forum bhejngye then change hoga koi online process jo aap ko pata hai please share kijye.

  106. Hi Sir,

    The Link “UAN Helpdesk” is no more available on the EPFO portal. I want to update my service history as it has been incorrectly updated by my previous organization. Could you please help me understand how to do it?

    Best Regards,

      1. Sir so you mean that I will have to send a request to my previous employer to update the service history and the link “UAN Helpdesk” will not be available anymore?

  107. Dear Sir

    My ex company not provided me UAN no to me but i ask lots of time but i received very bed responds from accountant and senior member so sir how to i get my old uan no
    so plz help me .

    Kamal Singh

  108. Sir,

    They wrongly captured my date of birth my actual date of birth 22/1/1994 but they have mentioned has 1/1/1995 how can i change

  109. Hi Basavaraj,
    1. I need to change the name in UAN. Where should i get it done?
    2. How to know that PF amount from previous company is been transferred to my new account or not. How to check whether it is added to the new PF amount. Currently i could see that total PF amount, but no where it displays the transferred details or amount


      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Thanks for the reply.
        Am not able to Generate passbook currently. Please tell the steps to generate and check the same

      1. Sir One More Query from My end if my UAN name is Sandeep Singh But as per Aadhar card My name is Sandeep So i want change into sandeep for online Pf withdraw so its can be change From Helpdesk..Pls ensure its How much time Given by Helpdesk

              1. But i erase the query from Monday its working and i erase the complete Now its pending from There now i want confirm its work or not

  110. i want change my date of birth my pf account by mistake its showing 1980 bt all my doc and bank,aadhar showing cort date of birth how can i change i will change online

  111. ok Thanx sir ,
    for inform and pls confirm How Much time its correction from Employer end Because i have already very late..

  112. Hi My name is Sandeep as my poi but employer have attach with singh Now its Sandeep singh Show in UAN portal and Now i have issue in Online apply and aadhar card linking how can its possible

  113. Dear Team,

    The option displyed on your guide of ‘For Employees’page are not actually came on the website, but some other options are present there.

      1. Hi,

        Im the HR of a company …is there any way online that I can correct the Names and date of birth of our employees.There are many names wrong and the forms sent last year for name correction also the PF office has not corrected so far.
        Can I upload a pdf with the UAN nos and the correct names of employees on the new software.

      1. Two questions :
        1) Is the name, DOB, Father’s Name in UAN created by employer ?
        2) What happens if we move to another company and these details are not updated ? Will they be able to link new PF account number with UAN if details are not matching ?

          1. Thanks for the reply. One more doubt. I have come to know you need confirmation from employer to change details in UAN. Can I update these details through new employer or do I have to go through only my previous employer (who created the details in UAN)?

  114. Sir I apply to my pf but not update my correct name d.o.b ,pan card no.and my aadhar card no. Plz help me
    Ahamad raza

  115. Sir, l want to update my epf account but I am unable to do it as I don’t know how to do it. I had tried but didn’t get any option to update it. I had clicked the epf india. gov. in link, but could not make it. Please help me.

  116. Hi,

    My UAN was crated by previous company & was wrongly registered my name so im not able to update my KYC ,i need to update my name ,gender,DOB .
    Please suggest what should i do now.

  117. Hello

    You must be aware that for new employees aadhar is a must at the time of uan creation. What about staff from Assam Jammu & Kashmir etc. I asked in P.F. Bandra office they say they are aware of the same but no decision taken as yet . The result is last month on employee from Assam i could not create a uan .What do you think is a solution for this.Now in this month i have one more Assam employee .



  118. sir i want to know how can i update my date of exit in epf database. And second how can i delete bank account details as the bank account which i added was closed.

  119. Dear Sir,
    My gender has not been updated in UAN portal. I tried reaching help desk but number was always busy. Please let me know how can I update it. Since my gender is not updated.So Please update my gender is male

  120. Dear sir
    My bank IFSC code is incorrect. pls guide me as to how to correct it.
    it is wrongly filled by either employer or data entry clerk while makin it online.


  121. Hi Sir,

    I have my Aadhar approved in KYC details.But on accessing Online Services >>Claim it is again showing the error “Please update Aadhar No.”. how can I withdraw my PF as my previous employers are not responding when submitted offline or not even given any submission forms ?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Elza Jose

  122. Sir
    I am worked with GDCL from 24 april 2014 to 11 August 2017. That time i was filled a declaration form coz given date of birrh in pf account was wrong. But yet not updated, sir suggest me wt i can do for that also m outsid of India.

  123. Hi Sir,
    I am upload missing details of employees are wrongly uploaded in 2013-14 i.e., Bulk KYC Uploading System (DOB & DOJ) What can I do now ? How to update DOB and DOJ in EPF/EPS ? we are not maintain any Service Register What can i do Employees Dob Certificate is not issued by Registrar because those are born on before 1965, Hence kindly give me Solution? those employees are illiterate hence nobody give a transfer certificate

  124. Sir

    UAN helpdesk idoes nnot exist in the dropdown now. So how do I go about making those corrections marked in previous drop downs.



          1. No our company for some technical reason the 3 months has not got updated. They now say that it will happen in the next few weeks.
            Now for something wierd employees whose data has been uploaded properly gender is blank fathers name is blank.In one case a female staff who got married and all updations were done properly . The new software comes in from Dec 16 and all old updations in her cse have got reversed.Any clue . I am totally lost.

              1. Dear Basavaraj

                I am the authorised signatory doing pf work of the company and hence act on behalf of the employer. We have paid all pf dues on time and they have now said that it will be updated in the next 15 days but the above reason about wierd cases even though data has been uploaded correctly still is unanswered. And about the female employee I am at loss for words to explain


  125. My mobile no fees incorrect so I can’t get OTP so I can’t get details related to epfo
    Employer also try to change no but it’s not possible now what am I do

  126. Hi, I want to change my first name in UAN, How can I do?, Now am Not working with the Current Employer, As you given Option through UAM Helpdesk. Am unable to open it is getting page not available error.

  127. Hi, My Gender is not updated in UAN Portal. I have left my job in India and I have moved to Hong Kong from July onwards. How to get the gender corrected now as I can’t go back to my old employer to correct this?

  128. Dear Sir,

    My gender has not been updated in UAN portal. I tried reaching help desk but number was always busy. Please let me know how can I update it. Since my gender is not updated.So Please update my gender is male

  129. Hi,

    I have my aadhar card, pan card and bank details seeded with the unified portal for members site. Can I transfer my epf money to my new company online myself without my previous employer getting notified?

  130. hi
    help desk option is not available in epfo portal. do i need to contact my employer to change my name and father name? why epfo removed that option from the portl? and the helpdesk email id is not working at all.

  131. Dear Sir,

    My gender has not been updated in UAN portal. I tried reaching help desk but number was always busy. Please let me know how can I update it. Since my gender is not updated ,I am unable to seed my Aadhar details.

  132. Hi. I quit my last company about 4.5 years ago when UAN had not been introduced by the govt. I tried to activate my UAN online and am unable to do so and my erstwhile company’s finance manager say that I have to go personally and get it done manually since I am not working any more. Please advise. If yes, which office should I go in Bangalore? I stay in Bellandur. Thanks so much in advance.

  133. Hello MrBasavaraj

    After services, click on UAN Helpdesk. But I dont find the “UAN Helpdesk” in the list to continue, I have to make correction in my name and also add gender details. Please help me

    what can i do for correct my details.

    1. Sanjay-First warning-Never share your personal information on such public platforms (I deleted that information for your safety). If you are unable to update your personal data, then you can do so through your employer.

  135. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have two UAN numbers created as my employer did not transfer it though I filled out a form given by them to do so. Now recently I have moved to a new organization , I would like to know if it would be advisable for me to claim for the old one and transfer the 2nd UAN to my present Employer or if I have to transfer both one. Please advise.

  136. Hi…
    Sir, My name in UAN account is updated wrongly by the employer, not matching with KYC documents. Now I’m associated with different employer even state also changed. I want to withdraw PF from previous account and made new UAN with current employer. I have tried several times to get my name changed in UAN through previous employer but they are not responding or working on it. Please suggest me how could this issue be resolved ?

  137. Hi sir,
    I have applied for pf withdrawal on 6th July.when iam checking pf status it’s showing like this..we have received 11th July and its under process..
    Pls suggest when will the amount will credit in to my account…

      1. Thank you for your reply sir,
        With in a week time means,from 11th July it’s showing under process..I have to wait for one more week…pls give me suggestion sir..

  138. Dear Sir,

    I am having 2 UAN numbers. As i have submitted my old UAN to new employer still they have created new UAN. Now issue is that I am not able to update my KYC details against new UAN. For pan updation there is error – PAN verification failed (Name against UAN does not match with name in income Tax department). My name on PAN is Manoj malhari Jadhav and as per UAN my name is Jadhav Manoj Malhari.

    Also there is error while updating Aadhar because Invalid Gender details for AADHAR authentication.
    Please let me know what is the procedure to correct this.

    Thanking you,
    Manoj Jadhav

  139. DEAR SIR ,


  140. Hi
    I went to EPFO regional office to get my aadhar seeded against my UAN. They did it but one month has passed and still in my profile, my aadhar is not linked with UAN.
    In how many days, is it updated??

      1. Thanx for your prompt reply.
        And one thing more about it that I did not get any mail or message on phone.
        Do they send this at the time of submission or at the time of updation in profile?

  141. Dear sir my name is Pradeep Kumar epf code GGN south sir my DOB wrong mention in epf office.

      1. Sir,
        I have also submitted don’t declaration through my employer two months ago hence no updated My name DOB, DOJ, father name
        Please guide me

  142. Dear sir my name is jabed Hussain epf code delhi south sir my DOB wrong mention in epf office.

  143. hi,

    please let me know that as UAN Helpdesk is not available on portal since a long then what should do for making changes in UAN data as name, DOB, father’s name e.t.c. from employer side…..

  144. i changed my password sucessfully yesterday.But,when i entered passbook login it show me invalid UAN or password.
    is there any time taken to update new password?

  145. Hi Sir,
    My name is Sagar from Bangalore.
    My Employer has updated wrong name of my name . Instead of Sagar they have added my surname also its Sagar Nayak . But in all my documents its only single name as Sagar. So i want to correct it through online . But im not able to find it how to do it.

  146. I am unable to edit personal details live gender, marital status etc. And so read ur post to find solution but there is no ” UAN help desk” to make these changes. Please tell me how to do it. As UAN account is not letting me add KYC details as my oersonal details are not correct. Please help and let me know what should be my line of action. Do i need to contact my employer or can i do it online.

  147. hi basu jst need a information i had worked in 3 company & have 2 uan no. let say company A & B have same uan no. but company B have different uan no. I would like to ask you that i want to make one pf account I.E of present company in which i am working & also want to avail the previous service history for the pension scheme. so kindly suggest any solution.

      1. i had word with mine current employer and acc. to him i had to first merge the pf of company A to B from company B than after wards they can merge it. but regarding this i need to know if this process can be done than mine entire serivce will remain same or it will effect mine service history for the 10 yr pension. If their is another solution than pls share & one more thing can it be done online as mine current employer suggested me for of line method by form 13.

  148. HELLO SIR,
    I need your suggestion, while am updating KYC for UAN..for pan card kyc it’s not taking.. it’s showing name mismatch…..When I fill the form I will given the correct name & correct all documents…but in uan my name is SAIYAD MD FAIZ and in my pan it’s SAIYAD MOHAMMAD FAIJ ,the only difference is one word.. what shall I do now? How shall I change my name? Plz help me Sir

  149. HELLO SIR,
    I need your suggestion, while am updating KYC for UAN..for pan card kyc it’s not taking.. it’s showing name mismatch..but in uan my name is Sreenivasachar KR and in my pan it’s Sreenivasachar K R ,the only difference is space between Initials.. what shall I do now?

  150. my pan number in pf account is wrong is there any way to change it or can i withdraw my money without any correction being made

  151. Can we withdraw our PF amount from previous company without employer help , I have UAN but not link with Aadhar & also not update KYC because at time of update KYC error occur”Invalid Gender detail for AADHAR authentication”.
    my previous company is Delhi base now i am working in Pune. So please guide me how can we withdraw our PF without going Delhi & previous company.
    I am waiting for your responce

      1. My new company have generate new UAN and KYC is not updated then it is possible to transfer from old to new PF account(UAN are different for both OLD and NEW Company )

  152. Dear sir,

    i left the previous company and join the new company and given the old uan no. to the current employer but current employer create a new uan no. My previous employer had registered my DOB incorrectly in my USB.that’s why i am not able to transfer the old pf fund in new pf account .kindly suggest appropriate way..

  153. Hello sir,i am shashikala.i already register to UAN portal.i loss my mobile .i contact helpdesk and submit new mobile number.uan helpdesk says uan details not matched.what can I do.please help me

      1. Sir jii namste
        Sir main pahle jis company main kaam krta tha us company ka EPF mujhe mil gaya ab main dusre company main kaam krta hun vaha b mera epfo office jaha mera pahela wale company ka epfo office that vahi Hai but mera EPF account aur uan no new Hai eske liye sir mujhe future main claim krte hue kuch plb aa skta Hai sir …kya main mera new uan Abhi activate karva skta hun plz reply me sir…

  154. Hi

    I tried to link my old and new pf accounts, also applied through online claim portal and approved by previous employer but after few days now am unable to login showing some error. Now i tried through unified portal but showing details are different hence not accepting. May be because of my name in old account is Srikanth V whereas in new account it is V Srikanth. Please suggest me how to link/how to change name online.

    Thank you

    1. Sir ye mera epfo claim form ka last update hai …..Form 10C (Withdrawal Benefit/Scheme certificate) for acct PYBOM00463700000196377 recd on 07.07.2017 and Claim ID PYBOM170700006519 is under process…..eska matlab kya mera form approve huaa Hai sir…plz help me sir…

  155. Hi,
    While providing details for Father’s/Husband’s Name, I had provided my husband’s name. But now when I log in, my husband’s name is showing in the filed Father’s Name. There is no field which says Husband’s name. Not sure whether I need to update the name or it is showing correctly.
    Plz advice do I need to get this updated. Will there be problem while withdrawal ?

      1. How do I update my gender in my uan id?
        Please help.
        I m unable to update my uid details as my gender option is nt updated.

  156. Hi,

    I have left the Organization in March 2017. When I check my profile details in EPFO page, it has my gender “Not Available”. As per the above information, h ave tried to find the help desk which is inoperative help desk currently. Can you kindly help me on how to update my gender. So that I can link aadhar number further since I am getting an error saying your gender is not availble.

  157. Hi,
    I’m a employer. Registered my Establishment as we have now crossed 20members. I’m allotted a Establishment Code. Can you please guide me further as what is the next procedure ? No documents are available for the same on Internet. How to register and allot Member ID to my employees ? When I’m trying to register an individual it displays an error of Time-out most of the times and when not showing as Time-out it shows Name not matching as given in UAN and the one in PAN Card.

      1. Thank You! Can you help me with any link or portal which has detailed information with regards to the same. EPFO website is silent on the above issue.

  158. Hi,

    I am trying to update my AADHAAR details but while doing so, it states invalid ‘gender’ details for AADHAAR authentication.

    I am trying to correct the above through helpdesk but its down.How can i get this corrected?


  159. Hi,

    My actual date of joining in company is 01/01/2015 but in service history of epf portal it is mentioned as 02/02/2015 and also there is no DOE mentioned. Which date should i need to provide in PF withdrawal form ? My aadhaar is not linked to EPF due to my wrong name provided, shall i proceed with Composite Claim form (Non aadhaar) along with name correction form?

      1. Thanks.
        Which date should I need to provide whether actual date of joining the establishment or the DOJ mentioned in EPF portal(Service History) ?

  160. Hi,
    I have quit working 1 year before my second company. Now not working. I am trying to withdraw my PF online. But in UAN gender details are showing as “NOT AVAILABLE”. I tried to contact my previous employers. But no one is responding properly. Also my last company PF account is not visible online. In this case whom can I contact to withdraw my PF? I raised a grievance and has been following up for months. No one is responding. I am not able to see an option “UAN helpdesk” as you have shown above in the site. What can I do in this case? Please reply!!!!

      1. Hi I have joined second company 6 month back now they created new PF so now i having 2 UAN numbers so i tried to transfer account but my old account DOB,FATHERNAME not added so what can i do now?

      1. Do you have any idea when the site will start working? Please let me know when login works in epf india site. Do you also have the same problem?

  161. Sir,

    In my UAN profile Gender is not updated because of this i am not able to link my Adhara

    Please help me with this issue

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        This is Tamilanban for me also the same problem.

        Can you please elabirate how to change it.

          1. If I have uploaded my addhar card and pan card details in uan portal, byt ther are showing as pending, By when and who will approve it?

                  1. what is the procedure for the same. As today I have updated my aadhar card details along with Pan Card. What should I do to make it approve.

                    And Do the present employer also make gender correction? as the joint declaration sent by me to regional office through previous employer is not showing updates as if now

  162. According to my Adhar card my dob was wrong and the same document has been updated for UAN. Now i’ve update my Adhar card with correct DOB. But UAN is not getting update with my actual DATE OF BIRTH. So please suggest for the same.

  163. Hi,

    My Aadhar number is wronly updated in UAN web portal. Is there any option to correct it online without the help of employer. Pls suggest

  164. Sir, I am trying to submit online claim (Form 31) on website, however getting error as ” AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.” In KYC section, I try to verify Aadhar but giving me error as “Aadhar Authentication failed. Name or DOB mismatch.” Can I update the name as per Aadhar card in PF office or I need to check with Employer? Please guide me. How many days it take if Employer has to make the correction?

    1. Sir Maine EPF claim Karen me lite bheja Hai magar mere uan profile pe mera naam guru shinde hai magar mera pura naam kyc pe gurubalaji shinde hai Maine kyc document keep saath form submit kiya Hai kya mera form approve yoga sir plz reply me sir..

    2. Dear sir plz help me maine kuch dino pahle epf form claim Karen ke liye submit kiya hai jb main apna passbook download karke balance dikhta Hai 14 thousand dikha raga Hai aur baki 10 thousand pension fund main dikha raha Hai tou kya sir mera form claim hone ke baad 14 thousand ayega ya pura 24 thousand ayega

  165. Hi ,

    my name is SHAIK JANI BASHA, while activating the UAN by mistake i entered SHAIK JAIN BASHA.Could anyone help me on this.

  166. Hi,
    My employer takes passport as reference for creating employee profile and my passport has no surname. But all the other documents like aadhar, ration card,etc has initials mentioned.
    And my employer has skipped my initials(as in my passport), while submitting for PF account creation. Hence has no initials nor surname.
    Now I am requesting to change the name giving Aadhar as reference. PF in-charge in my office is saying that, first the Aadhar number has to be verified in KYC details, which is obviously failing because of name mismatch.
    Also, my father name initials expanded in the PF profile. Should this be changed too? Because my Aadhar card has only initials mentioned in my father’s name.
    Please suggest to get the name changed.

  167. Dear Sir,
    I have been transferred in same company from one sector to another ans state location is also changed. when i checked my details in UAN profile, it is showing Mr. “Surname” “First Name” instead of Mr. “First Name” “Surname” and when i am submitting my KYC. it is showing error that UAN details are not matching with details of submitted documents online. Now my new company has opened a new PF no. and i want to transfer my old EPF amount to the new one but not able to do it.

    Would you please guide to resolve the issue and correct the details for smooth transfer in future also.

  168. My Surname is put instead of my father’s name and i would like to change and i am unable to do so from my end,is there any procedure to do so.kindly advice.who should i contact.?what should i do to change.?

      1. Thanks a million.I’ll request my employer to make the changes and how long does it take to reflect in the portal.

  169. Hi,

    My name is showing corrected spelling in epf passbook but my name spelling is wrongly shown in the UAN card. I want to know which one is correct. Also I registered my wrong name spelling in the online redressal system and I got a message from the labour ministry that my name stands corrected in the records. I want to enquire is my name finally corrected and if so why it is showing wrong?

    1. Hi,
      My date if birth is changed in UAN, any option to change it online. From your website I tried but couldn’t find the link properly. Could you please tell.

  170. When I click on UAN Helpdesk option shown above in Step 2, I’m not navigated to the expected page. Getting “Page cannot be displayed” . Can you please help me here?

  171. Hello sir,
    I joined one organization with my pre-marriage name.After marriage i changed my all legal documents to post marriage name.My UAN card is with premarriage name.I want to change UAN account(UAN card) with post marriage name .Now My organization also changed my Employee name with post marriage name only. I want to change my UAN card details also.pls help

      1. I want to correct my dob in pf account ,but my employer did not support properly ,because I relieved from that company..can I get other option please help me

  172. sir, my KYC is still pending, how do i get this approved ? i want to add my fathers name in UAN card, how can i do it?

      1. Sir, i quite the company in 2015, can i still ask them to update or can i get it done from RPFO ?

  173. My aadhar card is not seeded with my epf account. On repeated enquiry in my accounts department they always say that the server is hanged and have in fact shown me how the system remains hanged all the time. They have suggested that I go to the EPF office directly and seed my account there. So i ask you should i go to my epf office directly for seeding my epf account with aadhar card??

  174. Hi Basavaraj,
    1. I need to change my name in UAN.. To do that do i need get any sign from my current employer and submit in EPFO office?

    2. Initially i had transferred my old PF amount to the new PF amount. How to check that it is been transferred or not.
    Currently i could see only the present PF amount

    3. Now in the new portal, if i click on current passbook, it is showing as no records available?..

  175. Hello Sir,

    My current company has created new UAN instead of linking new PF account with previous one.Now they are asking to transfer old pf balance in new one. Is it possible to merge both UAN without going into hassle with transfer of balance from one account to another account?

    My old UAN profile does not have gender & leaving date information updated .Can my current employer do that or what could be the best way to get it resolved?

    Thanks in advance .

  176. Hi Sir,My DOB is entered wrong in PF details,i informed same to my employer,but they are not responding,how can i edit from my self?Is it possible? Now can i link my Aadhar card which consist of original DOB?While withdrawing my PF money is it become problem?

  177. Dear Mr BT,

    You are executing the BEST way Practices to all queries – GOOD WORK > WE APPRECIATE

  178. DEAR SIR, UNFORTUNATELY i have submitted wrong DOB in registration of UAN log in online. so my aadhar card does not match.

  179. Dear Sir,
    As i am working with en employer who has enroll my name with pf department and activate the uan after activation of uan when i have log in to my account i found that my dob and martial status status provided as wrong but after giving the joined declaration the department has not rectified the dob in the mean while i have to change my job from old employer to other employer but i like to withdraw my pf and close the account since the aadhar has been given as KYC document to old employer i mean to that whethet new employer can employer my name with pf department for new uan or with old uan. whether the uan can be tracked with aadhar no

      1. than he can force me to contine with the olde uan no or he can generate the new and whether it is possible for the new employer to rectify the same, one thing also clear that if the new employer is the govt concern than what will be the effect.

          1. no i didn’t like to merge, i will withdraw my whole pf amount from the earlier employer enrollment when i will resign from the earlier employer service than what will be the impact whether the earlier account will be closed or old account will be carried forward by govt employer or new enrollment will be generated without merging with the old one, kindly guide

            1. Pintu-If you provide your UAN and EPF details then the same account will continue (especially UAN irrespective of you withdrawn or not). However, if you not provide old data, then they create new UAN and start contributing to it. Later on EPFO automatically merges the both UAN.

              1. Kindly guide me that whether my new employer will be eligible to rectify the ,mistake committed in date of birth and martial status of mine during enrollment with pf department by old employer

  180. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to Withdraw PF amount Partially for the Purpose of buying a Flat. i have been more than 5 years with my current employer.
    In the account details provided in the Form i should fill my account details or the Builders account details.
    Looking forward for your reply.

  181. Hi,

    My last employer has updated wrong aadhar no. in my UAN . Now My new employer is not able to connect with the existing UAN. How to update aadhar card no.. The modified website doesn’t have any option of UAN Helpdesk.

      1. Hi…

        As suggested by you, I have already sent a declararion from my last employer for the gender change. Its been more than 2 months now, no change has been reflecting. I want to transfer my previous pf ro my existng record and I am unable to do so.. please help what should be done. Which authority can solve my problem.

  182. Hi, I need to update my name but the company on which I was working shut down, now how can I update my name in epfo account

  183. I want to change my UAN Name but I am not able to find UAN Hepldesk link.
    Can you please tell me how can I change my UAN Name.

  184. My exit date not updated. It blank shows in UAN portal. How i can update in UAN portal so that i will apply online for withdraw PF amount with Adhar linked approval KYC.

  185. Can I know my UAN on the basis of my PF No. without contacting my ex employer? I had left job in 2015 and now I am doing business. I want to withdraw my balance. Please help.

  186. Hi Sir,

    My Father name is wrong in UAN Site, how to update the correct Name,
    Could you Please Suggest to me.

  187. Hi,

    My Name is Mismatching in PF account.

    Is the Online Link for Name change (UAN Helpdesk )not working ? Cos the UAN Helpdesk Menu is not available right now.
    How long does it take to change the name if i apply in Offline ?

      1. Thanks for your Prompt reply Basavaraj.

        I have 2 questions

        1. How long does it take to change the name normally ?
        2. I can change it directly at the PF office after Getting authorized seal and Sign from the employer right ?

  188. How to change dob? I dont see an option as “UAN HELPDESK” under Employees Tab.. Thanks in advance!!

  189. Hi this is nageswari,

    I have a query In my PF account gender was wrong updated as MALE instead of FEMALE.

    how can i correct it.

  190. Hi,

    I am Rajib and I am trying to get my DOB rectified in my EPF details. However, my previous employer has closed their operation and are refusing to change my DOB. How should I get my DOB changed? will there be any difficulty if i want to withdraw my pf amount in this case?



  191. Is their any option of changing of date of joining in present establishment? OR Any by which i can change the date of joining on online claim portal as its showing wrong date of joining bt its correct in efo portal? suggest wat to do

  192. Hi,

    My Name is Jegadeesan but in UAN Shows as Jagadeesan. and my gender not filled in UAN. i couldn’t save KYC.
    What i wanna do….? Currently i quit from that company…. Is possible to correct by my previous employer..
    Kindly guide me, to do further.


  193. Hi Basavaraj – First, this is extremely good of you to do this. Thanks for all your patience while answering queries. I have a query. I need to submit an online application for my PF transfer. By mistake, i entered my PAN Card number wrongly in te registration link:

    Now, when i want to edit my details, it is redirecting me to – which is defunct.
    1. How do i rectify my PAN Card number please on the transfer portal? 2. Also, will this in any way affect my transfer claim when i file it online (as i guess i need to send signed physical copies of my claim within 15 days of filing it online.)


      1. Basav – sorry, not sure who will pick this up? How will they reply please? Sorry if i am bothering you.

  194. Hi my question is like i submitted my documents for pf withdrawal with my old pan card name as Hemanth Prasad N Bookankare but its still the same pan number, Wherein i had given for the name correction as Hemanth Prasad BN for the new pan card but its still the same pan number with fathers name and i received the new pan card after submitting the documents… So will there be any issues or rejected regards to this as name on old Pan card Hemanth Prasad N Bookankare changed to Hemanth Prasad BN on new pan card…..but the pan card number and father name is same.on rest all other documents its as Hemanth Prasad BN.

      1. Thnx for reply Basavaraj that’s the only concern i had and i would like to know why do they need pan card while submitting this pf form

  195. i want to update my adhar on UAN account but i am not able to do the same. as my gender is not updated on my profile.
    Helpdesk is not working, Helpline no is not working is there any way to update this.i can’t update this by the employer is am not currently working with that Org Please help me here asap. thanks.

      1. Is there any update on this issue? Should we approach regional PF office or the gender details can be updated online? Any suggestion?

        1. have you ever Check before replying here if the given solution ,by you is working or not.

          follow these steps by urself and check if these option is available on the website on not?

                1. Basavaraj Tonagatti – You are doing a great job by guiding people regarding EPF queries.Thanks a lot for that.

                  Can you please suggest how to update the Gender be updated in UAN portal .as the UAN helpdesk link is not present now.

                  1. Hi,

                    Wrong date of birth showing in my UAN number.
                    Please share online procedure for correction date of birth in my PF account .

  196. Good Morning All,
    There is some information missing in my UAN like male, marital status, qualification etc and i want to update. I went to employer and he updated the same but even after i waited for one month it is not reflected in my UAN No. I again went to employer he clearly showed me that the information is updated by employer. But information is not reflected in my account. I have already sent so emails to employeefeedback, ro chandigarh for the same and in the reply they are only saying contact your company. What should i do next please guide:-

    1. I lodge a complaint for update of my gender info. I got this answer today :-

      This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number ROCHN/E/2017/00784.
      It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
      It is informed that any particular/information has to be updated in r/o UAN by Head Office, New Delhi. As site is not working properly and when the same will work properly, your information will be updated accordingly.

  197. Hi Basavaraj,

    Helpdesk portal link is not working.Pls suggest any otherway to update my name against UAN

  198. Hi,

    My Gender field is also showing FEMALE but actually it should show MALE
    I had submitted required form for this correction via my employer to RPF office and this correction is already done in RPF office, I have got a printout from them, but its more than 4 months now UAN portal still not showing correct details.
    I have contacted many times to UAN Help Desk – [email protected] & Help Desk – 1800 11 8005 they have asked me to contact my employer, but when I contacted my employer they have shown (screenshare) me that gender field section is disabled for any modification in UAN portal for employer and they are unable to make any change.
    Could you please tell, where is option for employer to correct gender field in UAN ?

    Thanks & regards

  199. Hi, I have my approved KYC as pan card which is showing but when i manually try to enter my pan card number and name again manually it shows as details donot match with income tax department. I want to know is my pan card kyc accepted and the error it is showing when i enter manually is just server error or not?

  200. Hi I have a error in my UAN id name. The spelling of my name is showing wrong as ROBIN instead of ROHIN, this issue I raised with my employer through a joint declaration. After months of pursuing my case and registering my grievance through the online EPF portal, I got an email from labour ministry that my name stands corrected in the records. When I checked my name in the unified portal it was still showing as ROBIN,however when I checked my balance in the passbook of the site my name spelling was showing correct as ROHIN. When I rechecked my name in the epf unified portal my name was still as ROBIN. Hence I concluded that my name was corrected in the passbook balance check site but was still wrong in the epf unified portal. So I ask you what should I do??

  201. Hi when I tried to manually enter my pan card number and aadhar number in the unified portal for KYC verification, it is showing error that name against UAN doesnot match with the NAME in the income tax department. what should i do??

    1. same error message I am also getting.. I think it may be due to initial misplacement. In UAN my name is given as Razeena Nilofer N. But in PAN it is N Razeena Nilofer.

  202. I don’t see the link for UAN Helpdesk. do you have a direct link for that ?
    I need to apply for correction in my name and also update Adhaar Info

      1. Basavaraj, in your instructions the step 2 where you are referring to “click on UAN Helpdesk” that link does not exist on the page. Hence i don’t see page 3 and can not do anything. any help is appreciated.

  203. I resigned from my previous company and no longer work. When i upload my aadhar number using UAN it shows pending approval. My past company cannot approve since i no longer work there.

    How can i get my aadhar approved on UAN portal ? Appreciate your help.

      1. Thanks for the guidance. I logged an issue with EPFO Grievance cell online and got the below response.

        “Sir this is to inform that the KYC details has to be approved by employer only. The PF office has no option to approve or upload the KYC details of member please tell your employer to approve the KYC detail”

        Further following up with my employer, they says since you’re no longer our employee their system doesn’t allow to update the AADHAR details.

        Its now back and forth becoming frustrated.

  204. Hello Basavaraj ,

    I would like to update my gender detail in UAN, as you know the UAN help desk is down and i have asked my employer to do it but there is no response from them, without this my Adhar number cannot be updated, could you please suggest me any other option?

    I tried to call the toll free number, its busy all the time and email id [email protected] is deactivated now.


      1. I am Facing Same Issue Why we always have such inconvenience with Govt Portals. No Helpdesk, Toll free number – Always Busy.

        Is there any other option Bhasavaraj to update gender details on UAN Portal ?


  205. HI Basavaraj,

    Please clarify my query, when i sent with draw of my PF Amount they rejected Due to some reason please check my claim status below.
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (THTHA02006980000009427) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.
    Reason of rejection: FATHERs NAME DIFFERS

    Thanks you sir,
    Bhargav Teja.

      1. hi Basavraj,

        the link you mentioned is deactivated now”UAN helpdesk”, kindly suggest some other way out to update the details,excepy my name, nothhing is updated in my UAN,

  206. dear Sir,
    my name is soreabh. i am facing a problem that when i update my kyc (pan & aadhar card) it is show “Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)”. please tell how can i update my pan no and aadhar card.

            1. sir g wo toh tab bhejnge na jab mein update kar dunga kyc detail. but wahi nahi ho pa rhi h. pan no aur aadhar no likhne k bad wo msg aa jata h. mene apni company k pf wale bande s bat ki thi but wo bol rhe h ki talk to pf customer care.

                  1. I also have got same issue. There is someone else’s name against my PAN card. When I tried to add new details, I got Error- Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department) .Not sure whom to go. Its been round robin going on.

                    Please suggest.

  207. Hi, My DOB is in incorrect in my previous UAN. I tried to update DOB with this portal but got the message that I need to submit joint declaration with employer. I had already done that but they said I first need to update DOB in UAN and then EPF. I raised a grievance and got the reply that I can update DOB on portal. I am seeing that my PAN card is already uploaded and approved by previous employer but in profile DOB is incorrect. Can you please tell me how I can correct that?

      1. I have tried a lot but employer is not responding well. Is there any way I can do this? I have joint declaration with him regarding this with me.

          1. Did that 🙂 They only told me to use the portal I mentioned above. Will raise another grievance. Thanks for your help. 🙂


  208. Hi,

    Please help me out. I have wrong gender updated, How can I rectify it as I have changed the job. Please help me at the earliest.

      1. Hi,

        I am not getting the optipn for changing the gender in this portal. Guide me through the option.


          1. The moment i am.opeming employess section the uan helpdesk link is not working. Please suggest as doing from.employer will going to take more time. IS THERE ANY WAY TO DO THIS.or send me the link through which i can directky open the link

        1. I have similar issue, employer shared the link of this portal and asked to update on its own but there is no option to correct the gender

  209. Hi Sir,

    I want to know how can i see all my passbook present under my UAN account details. This is my 3rd company i am working with and i have 3 different passbook but not able to download or see anyone of them. I am not sure if my employer contribute amount which they have mentioned in my CTC.

    My 2nd employer is a trust , and i have submitted duly signed form-13 to my current employer but not sure if amount is being transferred or not.

    Please suggest some why to download or see all 3 passbook.

    Waiting for response.


  210. Sir,
    Last year i have received a cheque against PF settlement where around 10% TDS was deducted, an amount of 21,318/- in AUG’16.
    Please, i need your guidance that will i require the TDS certificate in connection with my ITR or not?
    Thanks while awaiting your reply.
    best regards

      1. Hi,
        My company has issued me a cheque of amount 185647 after TDS deduction(21318).
        I am NRI during FY 2016-17.
        Can I get refund on the TDS deducted(21318) as I have no income in India.

  211. Dear Sir,
    I have created UAN and when i downoaded my UAN card, it is not showng my DOB and fathers name and also not complete information on my current PF account like DOJ ETC….

    Awaiting your suggestion/advice/

  212. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Very nice articile by you
    I have on query that-
    I have worked for one organization from 1-APR-08 TO 1-MAR-09 and, by form-13 asked for transfer of pf balance to current organization in year 2009.

    > joined another organization(epf-2) on 02/03/09 till 18/09/13
    THEY SETTLED pf only in 2016 after my request in JUNE-2016. and then i got the withdrawal in AUG-2016 after TDS.
    BUT THE CHEQUE WHICH I RECEIVED THEY HAVE ISSUED ME THE AMOUNT ACCORDING TO THE STATEMENT THEY MADE UPTO MAR-2014. i wish to know, i should receive interest for the period of APR-2014 TO APR-2016(2YEARS) OR NOT!

    > Currtnely, i am working in same organization on different position having different pf(epf-3) since 23/9/13

    Kindly advice, if i can request them to give me the interest for 2 years as per epf rules!!

    Thanks awaiting your advice

      1. Actually, first account was with my previous Employer from APR-09 TO MAR-09
        2nd a/c with CURRENT EMPLOYER as contract employee from mar-09 to sep-13
        3rd a/c when I regularized by same employer from sep-13 till data

        I asked for settlement for 2nd a/c, for which my case is concerned!

  213. Sir,
    We already entered employee details in PF portal in 2014. At the time of entry we missed/not entered DOB/Gender of employee. The employee resigned in Dec.2016. We try to upload KYC details – but system not considered – DOB/Gender mismatch with registered data.

    Pleas advice how to Edit/Enter DOB/Gender of Existing employees? (NEW PF PORTAL)

    ratish (from Employer)

  214. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for the very informative post above. I have a query.

    Is The DOB shown in the UAN member portal, the DOB linked to the current PF account also?

    If not, how do I see what is the DOB associated with my PF account?


  215. I need to withdraw my pf (now i am not in job) ,but my name is incorrect .Employer and me jointly applied for name correction a long before. Employer is now telling that they submitted the form and also the office informed my employer that the process was done.When I checked my pf ,the same is issue is still existing. I informed the same to employer.

    Now the employer asking me better you apply directly for withdrawal . But I’m afraid that EPFO will reject my form due to my name mismatch,if I apply. Please suggest me solution.

    1. OK Divya,
      Can you ask for the acknowledgement slip from your Employer. Whenever correction form is submitted,
      employer gets the acknowledgement receipt. With this acknowledgement if you raise the grievances, then
      EPFO will immediately update the same . You will have to email or call them to make these changes.


  216. Sir I have mismatch in surname in adhar and uan number details
    My true surname is satuniya but it is in uan online sathvaniya
    Can I do widhdraw pf

  217. Dear, Sir pls help me i have a problem my UAN no. in other parson name and father name but my date of birth and mobile no is rights please give me suggestions…

    Sumit Rai

  218. sir
    in my uan card in place of my DOB and Fathers’s name place N/A is given and in the data base also it is not there and for that i could not upload my adhar card. Kindly help me in this regard that how to upload that said information.
    Thanks and regards

  219. Hi,

    My mobile number is changed and I am trying to update my new phone number but not getting the option of FORGOT PASSWORD OR PHONE NUMBER CHANGED as mentioned in your presentation. I have tried using different browsers but nothing changed.

    Please guide me what to do. Also, if you can suggest the browser that I can use to get the option of updating my new phone number. I have tried explorer, crome and Mozilla..

    Please reply. Need help on this matter urgently…



            1. sir i checked my name in the newly launched unified portal. It is still showing wrong spelling name and it has still not been corrected. I have also left my job with my last employer and applied for withdrawal from them but since my name is still incorrect will it create a problem at the time of withdrawal?

    1. sir my name is wrongly spelled in the epf database by my last employer. I have left the company and now when i enquired about my pf situation the company is not responding to my calls. I have two questions for you. can i withdraw my pf amount directly without the employer signature?and will the spelling mistake in name cause a problem in my epf withdrawal?

        1. The company has said they have done it from there end as they have given me a copy of letter dated 25th october,2016 but when i checked it yesterday it is still showing my wrong name spelling. I left the company in december 2016 and filled out the form for pf withdrawal. Now the payment is due after February 2016 that is after 2 months since I left. I am worried that the wrong name spelling might make a problem in the final withdrawal since it is still not been corrected at the EPF database. Also i donot have a clue whether the company has sent my forms for epf withdrawal since I left on bad terms with them.So I wanted to ask can I withdraw the amount myself? and will the wrong name become a problem in my final withdrawal if i decide to withdraw myself since it is not corrected in EPF database?

            1. sir i have raised the issue at the helpdesk but they hardly reply and still havenot corrected it. The toll free number also does not work

  221. Hi,

    My previous employer has registered my DOB incorrectly,which is creating a problem to link my current employer in my UAN.
    So I have generated a new UAN with a new mobile no. Now can I ask ask my current employer to link my new pf account to this new UAN only,and where can I find DOB in my new UAN???

  222. I was stuck and don’t know how to correct my EPF UAN details and there your write-up really makes me hassle free to get my records updated.

    Thanks a lot:-)

  223. Dear Sir,
    I have moved from company A to company B, my UAN has created from company A , but unfortunately my DOB is wrong . I have applied for correction with “Joint Declaration by the Member and Employer” offline in EPFO office
    recently I have applied online with the UAN Helpdesk but now, the system popped the message to check the reference number and told to submit the signed documents to the field officer. which I did already in EPFO office.

    please help me this regards.

  224. there is a mismatch in my pf name and DOB and i have followed the above process. all the processes are done. Now, the system popped the message to check the reference number and told to submit the signed documents to the field officer. what is online in this? i need to submit manually all the document again.

  225. Dear Sir, I had provided correct details to my previous employer but unfortunately they have misspelled my Father’s name. I have two member ID’s linked to the same UAN passbook and one ID the details are correct, where as for the other, my father’s name is misspelled. Will this affect my pf withdrawal?

    I checked the details in UAN portal under member passbook. Please help!

  226. actually my employer is putting detail but due to mismatch of mobile no which was filled in form 11 . he can not update my epfo . kindly help me so that i can assist him.

  227. dear sir i had joined new company in ferbuary. i have filled f-11 form. right now they want to update my Pf account . mistakely i forgot my mobile no.. but to update this they require two field first date of birth and second mobile no. right now i forgot my mobile no. which i had written at the time of filling form. how can i do this or change my mobile no.

  228. using above link in problem matter field i requested them to change my name…. my name field is not enabled for editng… per pan card i have requested and enterd my correct name……..
    will this request be accepted……
    how much days it will take to correct name any time resolution….

      1. thanks you for your kind reply
        i have enclosed my pan card no in problem matter field also
        today i sent mail to “[email protected]” proofs of my pan card and uan card.
        if they provide any time line like for aadhar card it would have been helpfull…

        donno how much time it will take for them to update….’

        my pf office is in delhi….

        i am in bangalore…
        ill visit any of the pf office and check with them , with this reference no.
        whether can they do any thing,

  229. Hi Bhhaswaraj Thanks Man you helped me in changing my father name and D.O.B through online and i got reference number
    i have 1 doubt now will they change name as mentioned by me through online without any documentation?

      1. k.. Now i have 1 question i have reference can i check the updates on this reference number. do we have any online status to check with reference number or to whom to call like do we have any tollfree number about the status.
        if they ask for id proof to whom should i mail it.

  230. Hello Sir

    I tried to change Father’s name using “” link. It is sending me OTP link but not submitting after that. I tried it in all browsers and javascript is also enabled on all browsers.

    Please help me.


  231. I have changed my Name (Full Name) after marriage. I want to chane in UAN account too. Kindly guide me with Process. whom should I approch and what all documents are required.

  232. I am trying to rectify my date of birth but after entering all the details and clicking on generate OTP, nothing is happening.

    Its just stuck at that page, please help

  233. DEAR SIR,


  234. Sir, i checked my details in uan.but my dob is wrong.should i correct it or will I enter same dob at the time of withdrawal in my application. Suggest me

  235. I have submitted the ECR for the month of sept wages ,the surname of one new employee is wrongly entered ,so i want to correct . as he is new employee UAN is not genearated yet , so once correction in name take place ,i will generate their UAN, SO kindly tell me procedure for there surname change in member id .