How to link Aadhaar to LIC Policies online within few minutes?

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It is now mandatory to link Aadhaar and PAN to all your Insurance Products like Life Insurance, Health Insurance or any other types of insurance you are owning. How to link Aadhaar to LIC Policies online within few minutes?

How to link Aadhaar to LIC Policies

IRDA yesterday (8th November 2017) came up with a circular that linking your Aadhaar and PAN number is mandatory for all your insurance products. The notification is as below.

Central Government vide gazette notification dated 1st June 2017 notified the Prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017 making Aaadhar and PAN/Form 60 mandatory for availing financial services including insurance and also for linking the existing policies with the same. 

The Authority clarifies that linkage of Aadhaar number to insurance Policies is mandatory for the prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules,2017

These Rules have statutory force and, as such, Life and General insurers (including Standalone Health insurers) have to implement them without awaiting further instructions.

It is clear from above notification that you have to link your Aadhaar and PAN also to all your insurance products. If you don’t have PAN card, then you have to declare the same in Form 60.

What is Form 60?

Form 60 is to be filled by those individuals  or a person (not being a company or firm) who does not have a permanent account number and who enters into any
transaction specified in rule 114B.

Note these below points before submitting Form 60.

1) Before signing the declaration, the declarant should satisfy himself that the information furnished in this form is true, correct and complete in all respects. Any person making a false statement in the declaration shall be liable to prosecution under section 277 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 and on conviction be punishable,

# in a case where tax sought to be evaded exceeds twenty-five lakh rupees, with rigorous imprisonment which shall not be less than six months but which may extend to seven years and with fine;

# in any other case, with rigorous imprisonment which shall not be less than three months but which may extend to two years and with fine.

2. The person accepting the declaration shall not accept the declaration where the amount of income of the nature referred to in item 22b exceeds the maximum amount which is not chargeable to tax, unless PAN is applied for and column 21 is duly filled.

How to link Aadhaar to LIC Policies online?

LIC started the dedicated link for the purpose of link Aadhaar to LIC policies online. The steps are explained here. But before that, keep in mind few points.

# Keep your Aadhaar Card and PAN card handy along with the list of policies.

# Mobile Number as registered with UIDAI is to be entered. OTP will be sent to the number provided. (In case your mobile number is not updated in Aadhaar, kindly contact nearby LIC Branch Office for Aadhaar Linking.)

# After submitting the form, a message will be shown on the success of the registration for linkage.

# After verification with UIDAI, SMS / mail confirmation will be sent to you. The verification may take few days.

Step 1-Visit the LIC Homepage. Here you will find the new link “Link Aadhaar and PAN to LIC Policies”. Just click on that.

Link Aadhaar and PAN to LIC Policies


Step 1-Then you will find the below page where you have to fill the details.

link Aadhaar to LIC Policies online

Step 2-Provide details like name (as per Aadhaar), date of birth, Aadhaar number, gender, Email ID, mobile number (which is registered with Aadhaar), PAN number, and policy number.

Step 3-Then click on the tab “Get OTP”. You will receive the OTP to your mobile number. Enter the same and click on Submit. After submitting the form, a message will be shown on the success of the registration for linkage.

Step 4-After verification with UIDAI, SMS / mail confirmation will be sent to you. The verification may take few days.

How to link Aadhaar to LIC Policies offline?

If you are unable to link Aadhaar to LIC policies online, then the next step is to use the offline process. For this, LIC came up with the standard form. You have to fill the form along with Aadhaar and PAN card self-attested copies to the nearest LIC Branch.

link Aadhaar to LIC Policies offline

Notice one thing that, now if you are unable to link Aadhaar to LIC policies online, then you can visit any nearest LIC branch and submit the form for link Aadhaar to LIC policies offline.

Also, you can use the same single form to link Aadhaar with your multiple policies.

Download form for link Aadhaar to LIC Policies offline

Note:-The deadline to link Aadhaar to LIC policies is set as 31st December 2017. Hence, complete the process at the earliest.

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129 Responses

  1. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am a female, age 26years, I fall under the LIG. I bought an apartment 6 months back, I want to apply for PMAY. My loan period is for 30 years. And the total area of my flat is 1124 square feet. I am not sure what will be my carpet area. My parents own a house, but I don’t stay with them so will I be eligible for PMAY?
    Kindly reply

  2. One of my relatives got US citizenship a few years ago. He had taken two LIC policies 20 years ago. He doesn’t have PAN and Aadhaar. Will form 60 along with his US passport copy submission suffice in his case?.

  3. Sir
    I’m OCI card holder (overseas citizen of India)and I have my pan card but don’t have the aadhar card. I have enrolled 2twice for my aadhar still it is under process. Enrolment date was 20/02/2018 and 02/03/2018
    How do I link my policy without my Aadhar card.Pls help me and reply me by mail.tks

  4. It is heard that in case of LIC of India, many big shots take LIC policies for short period & pay the premium in cash, they dont clain deductions u/s. 80C & also dont reflect this huge premium in their books of accounts, meanwhile at the time of maturity of LIC policy, they get maturity amt. by cheque, thus their un accounted & un taxed money is being converted in to white money through LIC (May be through other insurence companies also) obviously, LIC of India has no convern with this issue, but by linking of Aadhar Cards with LIC policies, Govt. has PRESUMED that they will be able to drag out black money !!! In major cases, the LIC policy holders are not from black money team, they are doing jobs, or small businesmen, saving their money through LIC policies & securing future of their family, these all are now suffering forced to link their policies with Aadhar cards under a fake belief that all are black money holders !!!

    It is difficult to understand that how linking of LIC policies with Aadhar Cards will trace out black money ? If Aadhar card could not be linked with LIC policies due to technical problems of UIDAI websites why the LIC policies holders should suffer by refusing payment by LIC of India ??

    Just think many time …. this will be serious issue

    1. Yogendra-Who said you that maturity amount will be payable by cheque? Also, if the cheque is in terms of account payee then how can one encash it other than account holder? Regarding Aadhaar, it helps to track the individual’s KYC.

      1. Thanks for your response,

        LIC make payment of maturity amount by online directly in the bank of policy holders.
        The matter is how Govt. will be able to drag black money paid towards LIC premium, it is understood that Aadhar link is helpful for persons claiming subsidies from Govt… how Aadhar linking will helpful to the other persons who have no concern with subsidies from Govt. ?

        In 1 of the LIC branch it was told to me that they have got 5 lakh policies, & most of the policy holders have filed hard copy of Aadhar linking appl. with LIC policies, they have no staff to cover all the linking… before introducing any scheme , it is mandatory for the Govt. to provide sufficient staff & proper updated automation so people need not have to suffer for co-operating Govt.

      1. Dear Sir, I received an email from LIC, asking to link Aadhar before 31st March 2018. It mentioned “You can also update the details by visiting our website OR logging on to the Customer Portal or by visiting our Branch Office”.

        I logged on to the customer portal, I have updated my Aadhar and PAN numbers in the Profile section.
        Pl. confirm is this enough and considered as Aadhar and PAN Linking.
        Or I still need to link by OTP SMS.

        1. When 1st I linked my LIC policies with Aaadhar & PAN, I didnt get any reply , then when I loged in to my account through LIC portal of customers, I found that my Aadhar Card & PAN are there in my profile, it is due to reason that those r linked through link provided by LIC Of India.

          However, I have not received any confirmation from LIC that my LIC policies & PAN r linked, but my profile show that those r linked.

          I just enquired with LIC of India branch office, one of the officer verified through LIC computer & informed me that my PAN & Aadhar Cards linking cant be viewed !!!! (in fact I can view through my login on LIC customer portal after login)

          So I have been informed to file hard copies with LIC branch.

          Once again I tried to link my LIC policies & PAN with Aadhar through online link, but I get message logo “Error” – request already submitted for policies nos. ….. …

          I cant understand, I have sent email to UIDAI & LIC with screen shot of message… & waiting for their reply

            1. Thanks for your prompt reply

              The message is “request already submitted for policies nos…….. “

  5. I am able to see PAN and AADHAR number when I login to LIC portal and go to Personal Information —> Digital KYC.

    Does this mean that my AADHAR and PAN is already linked with all policies I have on my name?

    Note :- I am able to see all of my policies under My Policy section in the same portal

  6. my child have a policy New children money back policy,he have aadhaar card but no pan card. can I use my Pan No.

  7. Hi
    Trying to update AADHAR in digital kyc on your portal, I’m continually getting “please enter a valid PAN” error. Kindly suggest

  8. I have policy in my child name(14 yes old).he is minor..and has no pan card

    While updating system is asking pan card number so can’t able to link

  9. Sir/Madam, PAN linking is also mandatory, my kid do not have PAN card. But Aadhar is available.
    So how can I link LIC policy? Pls suggest.

      DECEMBER 20,2017
      Sir/Madam, PAN linking is also mandatory, my kid do not have PAN card. But Aadhar is available.
      So how can I link LIC policy? Pls suggest.

  10. Dear sir

  11. Sir, I am an NRI , I have children policies for my sons. they are staying in India. I am the proposer. should i need to link aadhar with my children policies.

  12. My 78 year old sick and bedridden sister is unable to sign now. She has no mobile which can be linked with Adhaar. So online linking of 2 LIC policies, from which she gets a little monthly pension, is not possible. For offline linking what can be done? Will her thumb impression on application form and documents be acceptable?

    1. Sen-Better to use offline method. The signature of what she did is required actually. However, in her case I think a thumb impression with some LIC officials attestation may be required. Check with LIC Branch for the same.

  13. sir
    mai mera lic policy ko mera aadhar pan se link kar chuka hu.
    aab keya mai mera pitaji ka lic policy ko uske aadhar pan se link karne ke liya mera mobile & email ka istamaal kar sakta hu?

  14. Hello
    Me and my husband staying in UK and he got the NRI status he doesn’t have adhar card bt he got 2 LIC policies in india on his name plz help me to find out how things gonna work for him with his LIC policies.

  15. Tried to update aadhar with policy online but site seems not working. After giving OTP , site just gives errors.

  16. I have tried to link AADHAR & PAN online, But the field wherein Policy number is to be entered is not accepting Alphabets (Term policy) and also there is restriction in number of digits (Endowment policy).

  17. Hi My LIC policy was done with my pre marital name several years ago. However now that I am married I have my PAN and Adhaar with the post marital names. this is not allowing me to link the policy with the Adhaar. Pls suggest.

      1. Hi, I have the same problem. How can I change the name in my LIC policy? I am out of station so cannot visit the LIC branch. Can I fill out a form and send it to the LIC office?

  18. Sir, I am out of my home, my bro can link my adhar with my insurance. And here , one thing . The OTP only send to that mobile number which is resisted with adhar. But , my number is not resisted with adhar . What can I do.

  19. Sir, a little help there.i am getting this error message with 1 policy..other policies are linked .i have checked all the fields carefully but still getting this error

    Details keyed-in do not match with our records. Please retry for the following policies with correct details- [5XXXX3] OR Contact nearby Branch Office with original Aadhaar card along with a self-attested copy of the same.”

  20. Sir, My son got his LIC Policy while in India & now settled with family in New York. As an NRI he is unable to get Aadhaar . US Rules doesn’t permit to visit India since his Green card is in progress.
    Are NRI exempted from linking Aadhaar to LIC Policy? Or what is the other way out? Please guide me & I shall pass on to my son.

      1. but if someone has taken policy when he was in india, and paying the premium ON LINE then is it mandatory to inform lic about his status as a NRI , AND IF YES THEN WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE



  21. On 22nd Nov 2017 , I linked my Aadhaar and LIC Policy by following the instructions at I got this message on the site.

    Your Aadhaar details received for linking to your following LIC policies. Confirmation SMS and e-mail will be sent to you after verification with UIDAI.-  [XXXXXXX]

    It’s been 9 days since then and I have not received a confirmation after verification with UIDAI.

    How long should I wait for this confirmation?

  22. I Could not Add Details for the minor policy holder, How it can be done. aim getting error ” PAN Mismatch”, because I given my PAN no in this case how can I do this..

      1. LIC Policy in the name of minor and is been registered under mothers portal login. Which Adhaar number needs to be linked?Please help here.

  23. I have linked my policies with online portal and try to add one more policies of a minor policy holder, could not add the same. How it can be done.

      1. “The gender as per the policy is not matching the gender given in the profile. Please check your profile.” this is message shows as error. As the policy holder is a minor (8 years old)., please confirm this policy should be linked to aadhar.

  24. i case of single holder it is o.k. but how do i put 2nd holder’s name, date of birth, pan and aadhar card no. in case of joint policy holder. pl guide me.

  25. Hi – I could not link the Aadhaar online. The LIC page shows me some error with my login id.
    I have written to the support portal of LIC, but have received no response.
    What happens if I do not link the Aadhaar and LIC policy by the deadline date?

      1. I am out of station and cannot visit the branch before December 31st. I can visit only after December 31st.
        Will I lose my policy if I do this linking after the deadline?

    1. Good to know this has come so soon. While I put a query here on saturday about how to link LIC policy, I also put a complaint on pgprotal ( govt complaint website) for the same. I got a response last evening stating soon they will have an online method to update aadhar seeding to LIC policy. And today it actually is here.


  26. Hi Basavaraj,

    How to link insurance policies from other insurers? I have a family floater health insurance policy from oriental insurance company. Should it be done by manually visiting the branch. Please let us know as to how to link aadhaar to health policy in this case. Thanks.

    With Regards

  27. LIC has this self service portal, where we can link both Aadhaar and PAN numbers, also manage all our policies at single place.

  28. Sir,

    Can you explain the below terms and conditions with example.

    “The person accepting the declaration shall not accept the declaration where the amount
    of income of the nature referred to in item 22b exceeds the maximum amount which is
    not chargeable to tax, unless PAN is applied for and column 21 is duly filled”

    Here what is the meaning of 22b exceeds the maximum amount??

  29. It is good that they are allowing us to update our Adhar Card through web otherwise it would become difficult for us t do such a hectic job. Thanks to the Government of India and LIC.

  30. Wonderful post. Helps a lot of folks out there who are not IT Savy.

    Basu I wanted to know if the LIC linking is necessary for Children policies as well ? & how to link that. Can one mobile # be used to get OTP for 2 aadhaar (if I’ve apply for my kid). My kid doesn’t have an aadhaar yet.



  31. sir,
    is it required to link aadhar to non life policies also like car insurance???
    i have SBI GENERAL INSURANCES car policy,but they have no provision to do that.
    pl guide.

  32. My son , a doctor , now settled in UK with his family,has some LifeInsurance Polcies ,in his or in his wife & two children’s names ,which he took while he was resident in India. Now he is an NRI & has an OCI card . As per UIDIA authorities, he or his family are not eligible to get an Aadhar Card , being non residents. Under these circumstances, how can he link his insurance policies with Aadhar card,which is now mandatory for all policy holders.

    Govt has now exempted NRI/OCI holders, having bank accounts in India, to link their bank account in India as they are not eligible to get Aadhar Cards.

    Accordingly can NRI/ OCI holdershaving LIC policies be exempted be also,exempted from linking their Policies the Aadhar cards.

  33. LIC website has the option to update AADHAR under profile section “Digital KYC” tab on their website.

    You may update this post. I believe there will be no need to visit the branch.


    1. M-Thanks. But such options need once to login to portal. What about the huge Indian population whom LIC serves and such people don’t know anything about login. I think they must provide the facility where one can link it even without login exactly like CBDT created for linking Aadhaar with PAN.

    2. The update aadhar link is mentioned under ‘help us serve you better’ section. It works fine only for policies which are non Grouo insurance or non group pension.
      I have tried it and was successful except for the categories mentioned above.

              1. Branch says notification for aadhar not yet come to them.If one has policies from different branches,then one has to visit each branch separately. Huge inconvenience since one may have changed city also if policies are old.Then one has to transfer policy and then do, but even for transfer one has to visit the old branch and give letter.Very bad.

                1. Yogesh-The best way is to first transfer all your LIC policies to one branch which is nearest to you. For transfer request, you no need to visit personally. Through post you can send the request to transfer the policy to the specific branch. Once they all transferred, then you can easily link to policies. However, I think LIC will soon launch an online facility to link it. Let us wait.

  34. how to link aadhar to superannuation or pension policy provided by employer though LIC ?

    Can you update the article for the above condition also ?

  35. LIC has this self service portal, where we can link both Aadhaar and PAN numbers, also manage all our policies at single place.

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