How EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) interest is calculated?

Do you know how your Employees’ Provident Contribution will earn interest rate? How the interest will be calculated on your as well as your employer contribution? Let us discuss this issue today.

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Before proceeding, let us first understand how and in what way EPF contribution will be considered for interest rate calculation. We all know that if BASIC+DA is less than Rs.15,000 (Effective from 1st September 2014) then both employer and employee contribution will be same. If it is more than Rs.15,000 then you have option either to have this investment or opt out of this investment. Below table will give you how your as well as employer contribution will be distributed if your salary is less than or equal to Rs.15,000. Salary for this purpose means Basic+DA.

EPF Distribution

But if it is more than Rs.15,000 then it depends on the employer decision like how much your employer is also contributing. Below are a few options which usually followed. But do remember that whatever below option your employer may choose but EPS contribution is fixed as 8.33% and other contributions may change according to consideration.

Option 1-Employer may contribute equal to your contribution.

Option 2-Employer may restrict its share to Rs.15,000 only but your share as 12% of salary.

Option 3-Employer may restrict your as well as its contribution to Rs.15,000 only.

Coming back to the interest calculation method on EPF, lot of EPF members not aware that for EPF accounting year starts from March and ends on February but interest will be credited on April every year. EPF interest is yearly compounding but use the method of “Average Monthly Balance” calculation method. Let us take an example that Mr. Ajay joins the company on 1st June of 2012 with a salary (Basic+DA) as Rs.6,500 with no prior EPF balance in this account. I considered the current EPF interest rate of  8.50% for 2012-13. Below is the table which illustrates the calculation method.

EPF Interest Calculation Method

The above balance at year end of Rs.9,431 will be considered as a balance for beginning of account year i.e. for March 1st.

A few points to be noted

  • Contributions will be shown by your employer based on the salary due. For example, September month salary will be payable on October. So the September month contribution will be shown as a contribution against October but not in September. Whether the payment will be in October month or not.
  • Interest will be rounded off to a nearest rupee.
  • In case of death claims, interest should be restricted to the month preceding the month in which death occurred.

Note-Do you know these recent changes in EPF rules? If no then visit “Employee Provident Fund (EPF)-Changed rules from 1st Sept 2014“.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    I have changed job in middle of financial year (September) and I got PF account (balance & interest so far )transferred to new PF account on January. Since there is some interest also transferred on January, will there be interest paid for rest of the months (Jan,Feb,Mar) after the end of financial year.


  2. Dear sir, i worked straight 7years in A company and getting compounded interest which is the basis of PF account. Now i am changing to B company then if i will tranfer my balance from A to B then it will assume as a opening or tranfer balance , so when next year calculation happen then IS IT calculate with all past 7 years compoundedly OR just start as a new year … IF it consider as a new year this means system picks Simple interest ……..If it not considered as compounded then i think i will leave my balance in previous company only to get benefit.of compound interest for all 7 years.. Is this a right thing ?

  3. EPF withdrawal
    I have a query related to EPF withdrawal. I worked in a company for 11 years and then left without withdrawing my EPF and EPS. This was May 2015. I haven’t worked for any other company since. I am right now 55 yrs old (as on Dec 2020). The EPF was held all these years in a private trust run by my last employer. I am confused about some of the rules around EPF a/c becoming inoperative. Please help me understand the following:

    a) If I continue to keep this EPF a/c till my age of 58, will I get interest every year for the next 3 years?
    b) If someone is 55 yrs of age (and is not working) and does not withdraw the EPF in the next 36 months, the EPF a/c becomes inoperative after attaining age of 58 yrs. I read this somewhere. But I have my EPF account since May 2015 (without any contributions as I am not working since that time) so will my 36 months get counted from May 2015 onwards?
    c) But I have got interest in my EPF a/c till Apr 2021, hence it is not yet inoperative. Question is will it become inoperative any time now or in near future? I want to keep the account till I attain the age of 58 yrs and then withdraw the whole amount. Or the a/c will not become inoperative till I attain age of 58 yrs.

    Please reply soon.

    Thanks so much.


      1. Thanks Basu.

        to my c) question above, my EPF a/c will not become inactive till I complete 58 yrs. Is that correct interpretation?



  4. Dear sir,
    I claim my total pf and pension withdrawl request on 4th march 2021, can I get my interest for this year 2021.
    I left job on 30 Oct 2017. Is this account will inoperative from 2020 or I can get interest for year 2020 – 21.
    Please suggest or I have to cancel my claim for getting interest of this year.

  5. Dear Sir, I worked for a company A from April 13 to April 18. i was not on job after that and i didnot withdraw the epf amount.
    in Sept 2019, i joined a company B under which pf is getting deducted. Both accounts are under same UAN.

    For the company A, i understand that after 36 months interest will not get credited so i am trying to with draw it as i didnot transferred.

    1.) Can i withdraw the money before or after account getting inoperative (Company A)?
    2.) If i transfer amount to company B, then will the interest start coming for Company A epf amount even after 36 months are over.

    Kindly let me know what would be best way to get money without loosing interest

      1. Thanks Sir,
        I also bought one property this month on my wife’s name. Can i withdraw some percentage for house/property bought scenario.

        Also, pls tell will i be getting interest on transferred amount to Company B even after completing 36 months.

        Thanks a lot again.

          1. Thanks Sir,
            Awaiting your response for below.

            Also, pls tell will i be getting interest on transferred amount to Company B even after completing 36 months given that there is a gap between Company A and company B.

  6. Hello,
    What is OB Adjustment- ( AUTO APPENDIX BACK PERIOD )- IPR(Back Period) and OB Adjustment- (INTEREST )- IPR(Back Period) ?

    Is this kinda deduction that will happen once I withdraw my PF and pension? Your reply would mean a lot.

    1. For me also around 50+ transaction happened recently .Around 35K deducted
      Particular: B Adjustment- ( OTHER_INTEREST )- INT AMT AUTO ADJ TRRNO #~#3101602008775 MMYYY:22016 REJECTED AA EMP REQUEST .

      @Pooja Did you get any solution for this.

        1. Same here my last org PF amount of 40K got all deducted and now my previous balance is -7K. they deducted around 47k in 50+ transactions

  7. hello sir,

    First, I want to congratulate you for the rise.

    Second, plz try to keep doing such good job as people in india need it always.

    Third , we know u r a busy person bt try to revert the queries soonest as it is all finance nd it should be resolved in time line of the due time the person has. ?


  8. If the contribution of 5 months of year 2010-11 was filed on 05-08-2017, then calculation of interest will be done from 2010-11 or from 05-08-2017? please answer.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I see there is some discrepancies in interest calculation in my PF account. Could you please let me know who should I contact to get this clarified/resolved. I don’t see any such category in their grievance section.


  10. Hi Basava,

    I have quit my job in 2017dec after working 20 months and moved to new one in March ’18.

    Got a new account of pf under same UAN.
    When I have seen passbook,
    Previous account has no interest amount added for both the years(16-17,17-18)
    Current one is updated with one interest amount addition for 18-19, which is calculated based on 18-19 contributions. However the interest rate is 5.54% ( cumulative calculated).

    I have three questions.

    1. Is there anything as a clause of not getting interest?
    2. Will the accumulated amount in first account yield interest every year even after moving to New job?
    3. Will interest % change as per employer? if not can the reduced interest can be put in grievance?

    Sorry to bother you, but I have seen you responding to all queries. Which is a great act of helping people.

    Cheers and TIA.

  11. I was terminated from my job in Nov 2018 and since then I am not working. I will be 58 Yrs this Apr ( 2020). I have left my EPF continue to be in the PF Trust of my previous company and have not withdrawn the amount yet. I have seen in one of your other post that the interest which is getting accrued in the PF will stop once we reach 58 Yrs and will become inactive. Is that correct that my PF interest will stop when I reach 58 years ?
    Also will there be TDS on interest after my termination date ?

  12. i have 127000 in total in my pf account. what will be happen to the interest if i withdraw before 31 march 2020? please suggest me should i claim now or after addition of interest in march/april?

  13. Hi Basavaraj,
    On 5th July 2018, my PF accumulation Rs 251617 (help in Trust) was transferred (via NEFT) to effect regional office to new employer. My new employer received this amount on 12th dec 2019 and same was updated in my PF passbook while EPS service and amount was settled on 26th Feb 2019 as per PF transfer status. My concern point is who is liable to pay me interest for the period FY 2018-2019 and 2019-20 till 12th Dec. As per my understanding, i should have received both principal and interest amount together.

  14. Anyone else was wondering how he was able to answer each and every question posted here for last 6 years for this single post ? It needs immense dedication Mr Basavaraj! Congrats and Keep up the great work by helping the investment community ! God Bless Your Service !

  15. My employer has not paid my salary for last 08 months neither has he deposited the epf amount deducted from my salary or his contributions. I mean concerned that will I get the interest on the balance amount in my of account. Kindly help me.

  16. I have not received the 1st Month PF deduction after my joining, What is the best i can do here, Please suggest, They have deducted in my Pay slip the amount already.

  17. Hi Basavaraj,
    Til June 2016 my EPF balance is 143015 ( held in trust and transferred to effect regional office to new employer) ..including interest.and another 50000 till March 31st 2017.Total empire accumulated was 193000approx..But I received interest only 1500 approx for whole year… But 8.55% compounding of 193000 should’ve more interest right?.also in Till March 2018. Accumulated interest only 15k…What’s logic… Why they giving very low negligible interest in passbook

  18. Hi Basavaraj,
    Our company registered in EPFO on April 2018. Also started deducting PF from salary from april month. But in PF statement It is showing first entry as “Cont. For 052018”

  19. Do i get interest on PF if there is a gap of one month in a financial year.From 1.4.17 to 27.07.18 I do not get any interest and there is a gap of submission of EPF money in July 2017 month in my account.

  20. Dear Basavraj,
    Due to job change, if the PF amount is transferred from the old account AC1 to a new account AC2 in July2018, how will the interest be calculated for the year Mar2018 to Feb2019? I am clear about interest calculation on AC2 that got created in July and old PF balance credited in July2018. The interest will be calculated on monthly balance and credited in Mar2019.

    What will happen to the interest on the amount that was in AC1 from Mar2018 to Jun2018. Since after AC1 is closed due to transfer out, how wil the interest be credited in Mar 2019?

      1. My question is that the old PF account will have funds from Mar2018 to July2018 and it is closed after the new Pf account is opened. So how will I get the interest on the funds from Mar2018 to July 2018 as the AC1 is already closed when interest is calculation is done in Mar2019.

          1. Hi Basavaraj,

            Thanks for the reply.
            Does this means that the interest is calculated for the old account( for the duration till it is closed) and the interest is credited to the new account?

  21. I was salaried person till Oct-2017. After then I am self employed. I want to remove my provident Fund. But before that I would like to clarify the following doubts.
    1) Is provident fund amount (Employer share+Employee share+ Interest on both Employee and Employer) which I will be getting Tax-free ? Note that I am not talking about TDS deduction by PF office but it is w.r.t to filing return.
    2) If I do not want to withdraw PF then for how long this account will be active. Interest will also get earned during this period?
    3) Is interest earned during this period taxable or tax-free (i.e interest earned after my employment to my PF account).

  22. Hi , ishvar already applied for pf and it has been settled. I wanted to know will I receive the interest for it separately. If yes, how long does it take to get it . I got my pf settled on 11th mar 2018.

  23. I chose this plan because it provides tax free returns & after 25 years double the amt that I have invested.

    Please do correct me if I am wrong

  24. I would like to take the insurance scheme : Max Life Monthly Income Advantage Plan. Can you please give me the feedback on the same ? Is it worth investing this scheme ?

  25. Hi Basava,

    By which date in the year, will the Interest on PF be credited to the EPF account.


  26. Hi Basavraj,

    can i remove my previous company pf if days between my previous company date of leaving and new joining company
    is 15 days only or is it necessary to show 2 months employment from previous company date of leaving?


  27. Hi sir,

    First of you all, I would like to thank you for all your efforts and sharing your knowledge with us, I truly appreciate.

    Sir actually I am getting married and with very obvious reasons need some financial support so I am planning to withdraw my pf money. Can you please guide me with the procedure and would also request you to guide if it is advisable to withdraw.

    1. Hi Basava,

      I heard from my colleague today that the interest received on EPF is not on the entire amount but only on a specific years.
      Is that true or is the interest we receive on the entire amount of PF accumulated?
      Please clarify…
      Thank in advance.

  28. Dear sir,

    I have two UAN nos. And two PF accounts. One from last job and the other one from my current job.
    It’s been 3 years of me leaving the last job and I have not been able to transfer the money. Also my name has been spelt wrong in my last PF account.
    How do i transfer the money.
    Secondly, where do i see the interest calculated on my last account.
    Thirdly, in my current PF account there has been zero deposit although my employer deducts that from my salary. Is there a way i can file a complain and get this sorted.

  29. Hello sir,

    1. my previous company settled PF balance on 11th Jan 2018 but they did not pay interest for period 01-dec-2017 to 31-Dec-2017 saying that to get this interest, fund has to be with trust till 25th jan 2018 to be eligible.
    is this really a rule set by RPFC ? in this case, contributors will always loose one month interest.

    2. my currently employer got the cheque on 18th Jan 2018 and they deposited to RPFC on 27th Jan 2018 what will happen to January month interest who will pay for it ?

  30. Dear Sir,
    I am Kapil from Bengaluru.
    I have faced this ‘interest’ing problem twice during PF transfer now. I see there is always a loss of 1 month of interest loss during transfer. In both the cases the transfer happened on same date, i.e 6th February. The transferor(RPFC) computed interest for 10 months(i.e April till January) and the transferee(PF Trust) credited interest for the transferred amount only for the month of march, stating that the interest for running balance (in feb) is credited in succeding month. That meant that the transferee (EPFO) should have credited 11 months interest(i.e Mar till January) before transfering the amount.

    2 years fast forward, the same problem happened this year, only that transferor is PF trust and transferee is RPFC. Transfer happened on 13-Feb and the transferor(PF trust) has happily added only 10 months interest. I am pretty sure that Transferee is going to add only 1 month interest to the transferred amount this year.

    Multiple RTIs and emails yield no result as most of the employees/accounts personnel are clueless and they claim there is no loss of interest. But still cannot explain the 1 month loss of interest. Not sure what to do if you are changing jobs!

      1. Dear Sir,
        Thanks for helping PF subscribers with your deep understanding on PF Act laws.
        I have run into similar issues. My company got split in in April 2017, and PF corpus got transferred to new entity ( with new PF establishment code) on 4th July 2017. The new PF trust says they are paying interest from succeeding month (ie Aug 2017) as per PF law. The old entity says they have transferred corpus with interest upto 30th June 2017. Is it really a case of grey area in PF law that neither party is ready to pay interest for month of July 2017.
        Please guide me. My PF money is with private PF trusts, so am quite worried.
        Ashit Singh

  31. Hi Sir i have applied my pf money through online and got Rejected .Claim-Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Illness) Claim id-TNMAS180350007542 Member id-TNMAS00508440000013802 has been rejected due to :- CONTRIBUTION RECEIVED UPTO 11/17 ONLY/OK…I dont understand the reason they provided can you please explain me sir..
    Whether Can i Reapply??

    Magesh M

  32. Hello , i would like to know that i have applied for epf withdrawal , as interest not calculated or updated , will i be getting the interest on pro rata basis from 1st april till the date I applied for withdrawal? And second query , will i be able to get the entire amount of EPS (not being 10 years of service as yet )

      1. What is table d ? I have no clue on this , lets assume that pension contribution is 10000 and i have worked for 2.5 years then , what u think it should be approx ?

  33. Hello,

    I have a query on PF transfer. My previous employer was an exempted trust and they maintain the PF with themself. when i applied for transfer of fund (upon joining new company which has PF maintained with RPFC) they processed the settlement on 11th Jan but the final cheque they dispatched was only on 13th Feb. which has caused me a loss of 1 month interest. also i saw in statement the interest component is calculated only till November of last year. they are not listening now and not replying to my queried. please help what to do in this case

      1. ok. i will do that. thanks
        is their any further escalation point if RPFC also don’t take interest in this matter due to a private trust ?

            1. Hi Anurag, did you get a satisfactory response from EPFO. I have registered a grievance 10 days ago, but not sure if they will care to respond. regards,Ashit

  34. 1)If I quit JOB and start business after working for 10 years in same company.. Can I withdraw whole amount after 3 months or only EMPLOYEE contribution.

    2) I have downloaded EPF passbook, it has 3 components employee contribution, employer contribution and EPF contribution,,, but nowhere it is mentioned about interest ,,, need suggest whether total amount is including interest of 10 years,,, or they will add interest while withdrawl..

  35. Dear Sir,

    I have a query. As others have also pointed, so far, EPFO has credited interest only up to Mar 2016. The interest for FY 2016-17 is yet to be credited. Now, I am quitting my job and planning to move towards freelance. Hence I plan to withdraw my entire EPF balance. I know that I would be able to withdraw only my contribution plus interest. But what happens to the interest that is due from 2016-17 and also 2017-18 which will be due soon. Will I be losing these interest amount? Or what I should do to get these interest amount when I submit for withdrawal in couple of months from now?


      1. Dear Sir,

        Thanks for the clarification. In that case, can you let me know how the interest for FY 2017-18 will be handled? Because, I think the interest for FY 2017-18 is not yet decided. If I withdraw the balance now, what would be the interest that I would be provided for FY 2017-18?


  36. Hi,
    I have a query. My EPF account has not received any interest for Fy2016-17 (every year interest gets deposited on 31Mar, but it was not on 31st Mar 2017). On raising grievance, EPF officer responded confirming it is not done as accountfor Fy2016-17 is not finalized , it is will be automaticlaly deposited once account is finalized.
    However I have changed job and have a new PF account form my new employer. My question is –
    if I transfer old PF balance to my new account, how will interest be taken care of? Will it mean loss of any interest if old PF account is closed after the transfer of balance?
    Given it is aleady Feb 2018, I am concerned same thing might happen for interest calculation for current Fy.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    K Das

  37. Thanks for the Blog

    When i check in the member passbook i am not able to see any interest detail. Where can i see the Interest detail or i will be knowing those detail only if i withdraw

      1. Till now i am not able to see sir , since it is a compound interest i think interest should be available for every month right

        1. Finally i see int obtained in 31/03/2016 after that i am not seeing any entry for interest in after that specifically for 2017.

          is there anyone else got interest updated in member passbook for the year 2016-17.

  38. Hi,

    Greetings for the day !

    I have left one organization, where I was working as confirmed full time employee, during October 2016. That organization has a private PF trust. Due to certain reasons my Provident Fund transfer request was not sent to previous employer by my new employer. However, old organization has agreed to transfer PF balance in January 2018, however they are crediting only 90 days interest from October 2016 although the entire PF balance was with them for the entire tenor. Please advise if there is any government direction on this and can I claim the interest for entire period from October 2016 to January 2018 from my previous organization. Please guide how to get the interest amount.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  39. If i want to withdraw my PF, does it taxable on entire amount (employee contribution + employer contribution + Interest ) or only taxable on interest that i earned in last 2 year on that amount?

        1. Hi Basavraj,

          When i saw my account UAN account, in the passbook showing ( employee+ employer) contribution and plus Pension contribution (EPS) ….so my question can i withdraw this EPS amount and if yes then is it taxable?

            1. Hi Basavaraj,

              In such case , my salary inhand is 15k and total EPS contribution is 1250. Then what amount I get for 2 years period of time.

                1. Hi Basavraj,

                  Have u know about the superannuation? I joined a new company on 17 Jan and on 31 Jan my salary will credited now, in such case am i eligible for superannuation amount or need to cover a complete month?

                    1. Hi Basavraj,

                      I saw your video on youtube about filling form 15 g.
                      I worked in my previous company from dec 2015 to jan 2018. so can you please tell What Asssement year should i put on 3 number tab?


  40. Hello Sir,

    I am looking at withdrawing my PF , if i withdraw it before April , will i get the interest upto when i withdraw, or i will loose my interest for this year.


  41. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have 2 queries:
    1.) I have worked in India for 10 years and now moved to aboard.Can i withdraw my entire PF.
    2.) My name has a special character , which is updated in Aadhar , but when i try to link it in EPFO site it does not take special characters, how should i update this.


  42. You have written a great blog. I have a question. I had my epf account with a trust since May 2010 to September 2014. In September 2014, I switched my job. The new company maintains my epf account with epfo. I transferred all the money in 2015 from the old account to new account. Now, I am trying to take an advance from my epf account balance for purchase of flat through the UAN website, however, the website is showing joining date as September 2014. I want to know:
    1. Is the period during which I held my account with epf trust counted in the membership period with epfo?
    2. Can I take advance from my epf account balance for the above reason?

  43. Hi. Sir.
    I started working in an International Airline since 1st June 2016 with basic salary of 40000/-. My PF deduction from my salary is 3600/- and employer share is also 3600/- including 1250/- as Pension Contribution. I am currently working in the same Airline.
    But when I recently checked my PF passbook, I found cont. For 072016 to cont. For 122016 are there.
    Then Int. Updated upto 31/03/2017 is 856/- and 559/-.
    And then directly it’s mentioned next cont. For 042017 to till cont. For 112017.
    Total 52516 // 34719 // 17500.

    My doubt here is where is the contribution of Jan,Feb,and Mar 2017. Why it’s not there in passbook.
    Where is that contribution which is deducted and showing in my payslips of Jan,Feb,Mar2017.

    Please help me with information.

    Thanks alot in advance.

  44. HI,

    I had changed my job 7 months back. on 10th Nov.’17, my present company received my EPF check from previous company’s EPF trust. My present company deposited that check to EPFO.

    Its been 15 days now, this amount is still not reflecting in my passbook.

    Has EPFO not deposited check so far or its not updated in passbook ? Will I loose this month’s interest ?

  45. hi sir,

    I lost my husband 6 months back.He worked for 3 years in his last company and his basic pay was 40,000.What will be the PF amount and the pension i will receive per month.

  46. Last I left my last company
    After that when I checked my pf statement it shows employee share and employer share are 76778 & 29925 respectively. when I withdraw my pf , amount that I received is only 96033 which had to be 106703 . Can you please assist why this 10000 rupees are deducted. If intrest is paid separately than how many days it will take to be paid in my account.
    Please assist what can I do to get my remaining money from epfo

          1. Basavaraj I was referring on Ritesh case where he said employee share 76778 + employer share 29925 =total rs 106703./ He recived Rs 96033./ so the balance Rs 10670./ cant be TDS cause Tds is cut from the interest earned @10% so how come Rs 10670./ be tds I am confused please let me know

  47. Hi Sir,

    In the month of March 2017, I transferred to USA as employment transfer. Within 1 month, I came back to India and rejoined the same company. In my passbook, it is not showing the 2016-17 interest. What should I do now ?

  48. Still 2016-17 interest in not reflecting in myPF account, when I contacted EPFO office they informed me below:

    it is informed that the annual account not yet approved for the year 2016-17, interest will be credited automatically once the annual accounts approved . This is for your kind information

    Is that something which take so much time to approve?.Not seen such delay anytime. Please suggest.

  49. Dear Sir,
    My name is P. Harikrishnan. My PF Account name and PAN card name is same as P. Harikrishnan. But in my Aadhar card name is mentioned as Harikrishnan, the initial is not there.
    My question is that when I will withdraw my EPF amount that time any problem will occur or not for the ID card name mismatch. ?

  50. I had worked with one company for 9 years and left and join another and worked here only for 6.5 Months. Will i get complete PF from second company.
    Secondly i want to transfer my second PF to first company PF.
    What is the procedure to transfer PF from one account to another.

  51. Dear Sir,
    I have transferred my accumulated PF amount alongwith Pension from EPFO to PF trust of new company in October 2017. I believe the PF trust of new company will pay interest from October 2017 onwards.
    Will I loose the interest for the period of March 2017 to Sep 2017 on the amount transferred ? If not How can I claim that ?
    Kindly advise.


      1. Thanks Sir, but How I will I be able to claim that later as whole amount would have been already transferred by the time interest will add in old account (some time in June 2018) ?

  52. Hello,

    I left Company ‘A’ in May 2016. In the Passbook I am not seeing the interest credited after April 2016. Ideally interest should be credited in April 2017. I am informed that for 3 years interested will be credited in the inoperative accounts.

  53. Sir, I’ve several questions. Your help will be much appreciated.
    Here is my scenario:
    I worked in company ABC for 5 years 7 months. Then am in Company XYZ for 9 months now.
    I had different UAN and PF account number for both places.
    Later I got my EPF transferred from ABC’s PF account to XYZ’s PF account number.
    1) My EPS is still sitting in the PF account of Company ABC’s PF account. Can I withdraw it? If yes, how?
    2) I bought a house last week and have to make the payment in 1 month. Can I withdraw 90% of my PF balance from XYZ company?
    3) Will any of the above 2 withdrawals’ income be taxable? Or will it reverse my 80C deductions?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Keyur-1) EPS will never get transferred. EPFO only update your service records. Hence, you no need to worry.
      2) NO as you already purchased it.
      3) In 1st one, now you can’t withdraw but only can transfer. In the second option, you are withdrawing money as an advance but not income. Hence, no tax issue.

          1. Sir, the EPS is still not updated in the passbook of new UAN, it still shows in the passbook of old UAN. Please suggest, what can I do. Thanks in advance.

  54. Need some clarification about PF , I have joined my first company on 09/2014 onwards they have deducted pf up to 11/2014 , between 12/2014 to 3/2015 there is no contribution for the said months but showing OB adjustment (2014-15
    ) auto appendinx back period .

    Could ypu please share the reason

  55. Dear Sir,
    I have completed 5 years 6 months in a company. my basic salary less then Rs. 15,000. Now I want to reigned & want to withdraw my PF amount. kindly reply for my below mentioned query –

    1. Can I get Employee share, Employer share & Pension contribution all three ?
    2. how much % I will get from the pension amount ?
    3. Employee share (Rs. 49,703), Employer share (Rs. 15,594) & Pension Contribution (Rs. 28,953). What amount approx may i get from PF .

  56. sir ,

    I have completed 5 years in one company then i resigned and joined another company for 1 year .now i resigned from that company.My UAN is same in all comapny. so how many years of service will be considered in EPF ? will tax be deducted from my pf account ?

      1. Thank you sir ,
        what will i fill up in the date of joining place ?
        my Epf no is different in two company but UAN is same

          1. sir,

            Thank you ,I know , i have to fill but I wanted to know that I would fill date of joining of 1 st company or 2nd company .I more thing sir , please to me that how and where to send this form ?(to Pf office or company (1st or 2nd )) and by post or personally go to deposite .

            Kindly reply me sir.

  57. Nice article. Thanks.

    I have a query. Upon PF transfer from one company to other, is there a rule as to who will pay interest for a particular month. For eg. Company A transfered my PF to company B on 24th Of july but paid me interest only upto 30th of June. Company B says that as per their rule , if the transfer is received before 15th of a month they pay interest for full month else Nil. Effectively, I have lost 1 month interest on the entire PF amount which is substantial.

    Pls guide how to take this up. Both companies have their own trusts and rules.

  58. Hi – I joined a new company, which my old employer came to know of it and stopped processing closure of my PF. Is there a way out to draw this PF amount?

      1. Not only did they stop my PF processing but also my Full and Final Statement. If i do a complaint in EPFO Grievance cell, will the company not say the same answer, i.e., I have joined a competitor company?

  59. Hi Basavaraj,

    I joined one company in 25 Jan 2017 and 812 total pf deducted from my salary for 7 days of January month. For Feb month deduction was 3600 and so on. but I resigned from that company in 25 July 2017 means after six months. Then I downloaded my PF passbook. It is showing Cont. For 032017 406 + 124 + 282 =812. Can you tell me, why this discrepancy Shown, why it is showing January month deduction in March?

    And as I left the job in July month and waiting for salary but it is showing showing the contribution of July month. If company is depositing 2 month late then should I wait till September to get all PF.

    Cont. For 032017 406+124+282
    Cont. For 042017 1,800+551+1,250
    Cont. For 052017 1,800+551+1,250
    Cont. For 062017 1,800+551+1,250
    Cont. For 072017 1,800+551+1,250
    Grand Total 7,606+2,328 + 5,282

  60. I have completed 13 years of service and resigned on 1st March 2017..I am not working now..Will i get my full PF amount as a final settlement??

  61. PF is being deducted from my salary from last 10 years, but the company has not paid the same to PF office.
    Now, they have paid the PF amount to PF office after 10 years. I want to withdraw my money, whether i will get the interest for 10 yrs or i will get only my & company share only.

    1. Basu sir,
      My epf passbook still does not show interest amount for 2016-2017. Please suggest. I m calling on EPF helpline numbers but not picking up phones and i do not have time to go to pf office.

      Further i have an inactive account , is there any different rules for inactive accounts in terms of interest.
      Please help/suggest.

  62. Hi I worked one company in three years. I have seen my PF balance in three share. one is Employee share , second is Employer share and third is Pension contribution . Here employee share is 60,934 rupees , employer share is 18,623 and pension contribution is 38,684 . So
    1. Can I possible to claim all these three share amount. If yes when and how?
    2. If I claim, how much amount will be I get approximately?

    Please reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  63. Hello Sir. I downloaded the PF statement from the EPF website. It shows my contribution and employee contribution as well. But it does not show any accumulated interest. How do we find out the amount of accumulated interest? Thanks.

  64. Hi,
    I worked in a company for 20 months and it shows total Employee Share Rs 19187 and Employer Share Rs 5863.0 (along with pension contribution Rs 12,298).
    1)will i get all three Employee share, employer share and pension as i want to withdrawal my PF money ?
    2)what will be total approximate credited amount ?
    3)there is spelling mistake in my name on UAN portal. what is procedure to make it correct? my employer is not assisting

    kindly response 🙂

    1. Pankaj-1) You get full of EMPLOYEE+EMPLOYER+Part of EPS (depending on the tenure of your service).
      2) Not sure.
      3) You can do through employer ONLY. Because as of now UAN Helpdesk not working.

    2. Sir,
      My account is inactive from last one year and still it does not shows interest in my passbook for last year.
      Please help

  65. Hi,

    I see that interest is not credited this year(in 2017).Generally, interest should have been credited in April 2017.
    Any idea when we will get the interest credited into epf account.


  66. I have done job in a company for 2.1 years and contribute PF and put my resignation now , I need not joined anywhere ,can i continue my PF account .

      1. Sir,
        Why it is risky and if interest is continue on a idle account as well then it should be continue should not withdrawl.
        Please guide/clarify.

        1. Vinend-There are many who can do scam by creating bank account in your name. Even though such possibilities now reduced to the certain extent, but I still say, if you are unable to monitor, then better to withdraw.

          1. Sir,
            Thanks for your clarification.
            I have given 1.5 Lacs to anybody but now he is refusing to return, I have his blank cheque sign by him. Can i claim on the basis of this cheque and how i can proceed to get my money.
            I f have any idea please suggest

  67. for pension I want to know. if establishment sends pension form to epfo then what epfo does is it sends to bank or whats the process

    1. Basu sir,
      I have done job in a company for 4.20 years and contribute EPF and also withdrawl the same. further i did job another company and did job for 9 years and did not withdrawl my full epf (only partial withdrawl). Then i did job in another company for 7 months and did not withdrawl this company epf.
      Does i am eligigible for epf scheme and does all epf facility like insurance/death case benefit to family will be applicable for me.

  68. Hello Basu,

    I checked abt the EPF with my office trust. The EPF amt after resignation will urn interest for the next 3 years – thereafter the amt stays fixed. It does not means that although I have 18years more services(60yrs), the interest will be given for the next 18 years.

    So, EPF is a FD for 3yrs only (after leaving the organization & not until 60yrs)

    1. It means inerest will not be given after three years of job discontinue.
      Secondly, So it is beneficial to withdraw epf after three years

      My passbook does not show interest amount for 2016-17 session, please clarify

      Please suggest

      1. Vinend-Now the rules changed and there is nothing like inactive accounts. All accounts are eligible for interest accumulation as long you hold it. But he has doubt. Hence, he asked employer and they replied 3 years inactive rule. Hence, I am suggesting him to approach EPFO directly for clarification.

  69. Respected Sir,
    I am working in a pvt ltd. company and getting salary Rs. 16165/- (total) per month. I am interested for EPF scheme, but my company owner is telling me that my salary is exceeding Rs. 15000/- and hence I am not entitled for EPF scheme. He is not providing me any other provident fund scheme. Is is true that I can not contribute and opt for EPF scheme as I am getting Rs. 16165/- Per month salary ? Kindly advise and guide me regarding this issue. Above Rs. 15000/- salary, does it depend on employer to provide us the EPF scheme ? Sir, I need some provident fund scheme, Please advise, is any other scheme is available there ? I shall be grateful to your valuable early advise.

    Vimal Kumar Verma

    1. Vimal-If your basic and DA cross more than Rs.15,000 then it is YOU who has to decide either to be part of EPF or out of it. But in your case your employer forcing you to opt out and that too when your salary is less than Rs.15,000 (I assumed your basic+DA less than Rs.15,000). He just don’t want to contribute for you. Hence, saying such lies. You can complain against him with EPFO Grievance Cell online.

  70. Hi Basu,

    Shortly, shall receive the FORM16 & along with 26AS want to file my tax returns. Hence needed help

  71. Hi Basu,

    I wanted to share my 26AS with you & enquire on few details. Can I do that ? If yes, kindly share your email id.


  72. Thanks for the quick reply. So, then I can use the EPF as a long term FD with no tax on final claim.

    1. Dear Basu ji,
      I had withdrawl my employee contribution (Rs 2Lacks) 3 years ago from my EPF acount and remaining if employer contribution and my pension contribution.
      Now i m not contributing. Can i again deposit this amount (Rs 2 Lack) and will i get interest on it as accumulate.
      Please guide


    2. Basu ji,
      I have approx 3 lacks in my EPF account after 20 years how much it will get accumlated total. If tax payble or not after 20 years

      1. Vinend-It is hard to say so and also whether this Rs.3 lakh is except EPS? If so, then you can assume around 8% return and calculate the returns. If the EPF account is contributed for more than 5 years, then it will be tax-free.

    3. Dear Sir,
      Total contribution shows about 3 lakhs when i missed call epf balance phone number.

      Is this amount have EPS amount too or EPS is excluding this amount.

    4. Sir,
      Please guide as 2017 Interest not calculated in my pf statement passbook. Please help to suggest why interest not calculated

  73. Dear Basu,
    Firstly, I would like to Thank You for the great service you are providing us. May God bless you.

    I am 42yrs old. Assuming that I resign from my company (stop working – may be do some business) BUT donot claim my EPF amount – will the amount in my A/C still continue to accrue interest ? If I take the amt from EPF when I am 60yrs. will I get the “extra” amt (42yrs to 60yrs) ?

  74. Sir,
    I had worked with a company for 9 years and left the company in april 2016. Now i m not contibuting in my PF account as my new organisation does not have epf account facility.

    Please tell, Will i got interest on my already deposit balance and up to when without contribution ?.
    Also in between i joined a company having pf facility and i worked here for 7 months only and have different UAN number. Can i transfer this amount to my previous UAN and how.
    Further can i withdrawl all my PF balance including pension and employer contribution.
    Please help

  75. Sir,
    I had worked with a company for 9 years and left the company in april 2016. Now i m not contibuting in my PF account as my new organisation does not have epf account facility.

    Please tell, Will i got interest on my already deposit balance and up to when without contribution ?.
    Also in between i joined a company having pf facility and i worked here for 7 months only and have different UAN number. Can i transfer this amount to my previous UAN and how.
    Further can i withdrawl all my PF balance including pension and employer contribution.
    Please help.

      1. Sir,
        Thanks for your easy clarification.
        Now i want to know up to when i will get interest on my EPF balance without contribution.

              1. Sir,
                Transfer is ok.
                But i want to get continue interest and do not want to withdrawl epf for future planning.
                Please suggest

  76. Hello Basavaraj,

    First of all thanks for answering all our queries!

    Couple of years ago, I shifted my job and hence PF office too (BLR to PUNE)! The amount and interest got transferred without much issue. But when I see the interest deposited in recent years (2015 & 2016), it looks like the interest is calculated only on amount deposited in new PF office, and no interest on transferred amount!

    I registered a grievance but their response did not address my query. I have registered my grievance again, and hoping to get a better answer. Meantime do you know any other work around or what could have went wrong?


  77. Hi, can you please tell me when the EPF interest for 2016-17 will be deposited in EPF account? I can’t see any interest deposit for this year in my account.

      1. Any idea in which month do they update the annual EPF interest in the pass book available on the portal?

  78. I am interested in taking a SIP. My requirement is :
    Principle Amt/Monthly = Rs 10000
    Rate of Interest = 7%
    Time period = 18 years

    Please suggest a SIP that will run for a time period of 18yrs with interest rate fixed at 7%(min) & able to take a loan when reqd & not market linked.

  79. Dear Friends,

    I have worked in company near about six years and I left company in Oct’2016, as per my last salary the EPF breakup is 1800+550+1250=3800/-. as per my EPF statement I am getting interest on 1800+550 only and interest is not showing on 1250 (pension fund). any one can you please confirm if I am withdrawing my EFP amount, will I get interest on pension fund.

    1. You will not get interest for you Pension fund. Only PF part alone only earn interest. But when you close you PF account you Pension fund also will be closed and you will get the amount that was credited into the pension fund.
      But it is not a wise idea to close your PF account. Because this will be accounted at later stage of your pension calculation. Pension calculation will be based on how much years you have served. So it is not a wise idea to close the PF account when you are leaving a company. In my case I closed my previous PF account, which now I felt it is a mistake either becuase of lack of knowledge from my side or no one was there to advise me not to close but to transfer wisely.

  80. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for sharing knowledge. Can you please explain how did the interest get calculated in my case ? I have pasted the details from my PF passbook for 2010-11. I wanted to understand how did those interest numbers come up. I tried your method, but obviously I must be weak in Math as I couldn’t get the interest numbers in the passbook :). Please help me understand.

    Particulars Deposit
    Employee Share Employer Share

    OB Int. Updated upto 31/03/2010 0 0
    Cont. For 042010 0 0
    Cont. For 052010 4,403 3,862
    Cont. For 062010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 072010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 082010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 092010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 102010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 112010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 122010 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 012011 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 022011 3,500 2,959
    Cont. For 032011 3,745 3,204
    ____ ____
    Int. Updated upto 31/03/2011 1,595 1,360


      1. I totally understand, and thanks for your response. I tried that average monthly balance formula what you used in your example, but with an interest rate of 9.5 % (2010-11), but failed to arrive at the interest number given in the passbook. Thanks for your assistance.

  81. One question – I have left the job on April 2016 and now I wanted to apply for PF withdrawal. I know PF interest is credited in April 2017, so if I apply for PF withdrawal in March 2017, will the interest earned between April 2016 to Feb 2017 be paid to me along with the withdraw amount? Or Interest will be not be paid if I withdraw before interest is credited (April 2017)?

  82. I have completed 6 year 6 months in a company. Still serving in same company but in need of money urgently for personal reasons and reason not meeting any house purchace/marriage or whatever all listed. Is this possible to withdraw complete PF amount with any possible way? I am ok with Tax deduction on withdrawal amount.

      1. Hi, I am applying for loan advancement from PF for the purpose of repaying the Home Loan. If I apply it in March-2017, will I lose the interest for the amount which I am withdrawing (since the interest is calculated as of Feb and credited only in April)? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  83. sir, My working period in company is july 15 2016 to jan 13 2017. the pf amount was debited from my salary in the months of july,aug,sep,oct,nov,dec,jan. According to EPF rules i have finished 6 months or not?

  84. Dear Sir,

    In your example of Mr.Ajay’s interest calculation (the table in your article), since the employer 12% contribution is less than 1250 (towards EPS), only Rs 239 is considered. If a person’s Basic is more.. for example Rs 40,000/- , then the person’s employer contribution = 4800 – 1250 = 3550 ; So, Rs. 3550 of Employer’s contribution is added to his PF balance and interest is calculated as per your table ; Is this analysis correct sir ?

  85. Dear Sir,
    i have very big issue in MY PF account, i was worked with a company for four year, but case is that, i was taken full and final two year before and rejoin after 50 days, Company had closed the PF account in UAN, one year after rejoining, i found company send the my pf in previous closed PF account. after addressing the issue, company has allotted new Pf number and new UAN, now my previous amount is not shows in my UAN, also 2 account of UAN, whom to continue , and whom to deactivate or merge i dont know, and company said your amount will transfer in new account. is it possible, now i was left the company two month before. no reply from company, pl suggest what can i do.

      1. Sir, My query is to know if I withdraw my pf on account of retirement in the middle of the financial year i.e say in December and apply for withdrawal , will the department credit the interest up to date (for part of the financial year) and settle my payment or they pay with out interest because the dept normally credit interest yearly once i.e April month.?

          1. sir, calculation part is ok, but middle of the year if you withdraw upon retirement, will they pay us with interest up to the date of withdrawal (say with drawing on 25.12.2116) or with out interest for the current year ?, since normally they credit every April.?

            1. UAN is given by employer, only i activated it, and my pf number was already linked by employer, as i was found in this UAN.

  86. Dear Sir,

    I worked one company for 3 Months only, PF has been deducted & now applied for claim. If EE Amount is Rs.2913.00 & ER Amount is Rs.890.00, what is my Amount including Rate of Interest.

    Pl help me.

  87. It was really helpful reading ur posts. I am appearing for AFP( final module of CFP) can u please help me with a loan eligibility calculation like if a person opened PF account on 07/05/2005 and wants to withdraw. so how much can he withdraw and after how many years he can take loan. its 3 years or 7 years i am confused. It will be a great help to me.

      1. Sir I have such calculators. I am appearing for AFP n FPSB doesn’t allow such calculators. I want to understand its calculation. I want to know that hw much I can withdraw after 7 years n how much loan I can take from 3rd year. I want to understand the calculation

          1. Sir it was really nice n ur language or presentation made it very simple to understand. My doubts are clear now. Thanks sir for sharing ur knowledge.

  88. Hi Sir,

    My Employer Share shown in CTC break up is greater than 3.67% but in UAN am getting my Employer Share exacly 3.67% is there any hidden amount or should i ask this with my HR?

    please clarify this
    FYI my CTC is 3LPA
    Employer Share shown in CTC is 1784
    Employee Share shown in CTC 1572

    Employer Share updated in UAN is 481
    Employee Share updated in UAN 1572

      1. The UAN updated Employer share and the mentioned Employer share in my salary break up differs to me

        So i just need to know is there any hidden Employer share which I may get after retirement/upon resigning..

  89. Dear sir,
    Could you explain me about OB adjustment ?? [[OB Adjustment- ( AUTO APPENDIX BACK PERIOD )- IPR(Back Period) (2014-2015)-Contribution only]] what is mean by this sentence which is in bracket ??

  90. My basic is 48280 and company is deducting 5794, if I increase this deduction(5794) to 8 0r 9000, will it beneficial for me and how much my company will deposit (12 % or same to my contribution) ?

  91. Sir I m Ex-employee.I get 37430/- epf balance message.I confuse this amount will came or some more came please reply me

      1. Sir I apply of form before two months.after my friend applied but his amount is cleared.but no changes in my epfo system. Actually my original date of birth is 04-04-1990 but in epfo 04-04-1992 .I submit correct doc to my company but they done wrong I fight with my company for change to date of birth through mail.but up to date I don’t get my of information where and why it hold no claim information status in epfo.please give me solution for next procedure….

  92. Hi Basavaraj,
    First of all many thanks to you for this beautiful explanation of PF interest calculation.

    Now I have a doubt I worked for a company for four years and left the company last september and joined a new company. Now If I transfer my PF amount to this New company’s PF will I loose the interest from April to September (considering It will take atleast a month to complete the PF transfer) from my previous employer ?

    So my query is whenever we transfer our PF balance in mid of fiscal year do we lose interest from the previous employer ?
    As we know PF interest get calculated in fiscal year end i.e march end so that time my PF account is closed for previous employer.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I have around 2 lakh in my PF account before transfer (considering interest rate as say 8 %) so from April 2016 to Oct 2016 (until the time of transfer) say around 8000 is in interest.

        So when I transfer will be Rs 208000 will be transferred or interest amount of Rs 8000 will be again credited in March 2017 ?

        Please note both of my previous and present employer has their own PF trusts

        Thanks and regards,

  93. Dear Sir,
    I want to withdraw my pf balance of previous employer 5 years not completed ,so I have to fill 15G ,In column no. 16 (Estimated income for which this declaration is made ) total pf amount to be filled
    1.Please help me how to calculate total pf amount to be write in this column (deposit amount in pf showing Employee share 26,321 ;Employer share 10,504 and pension contribution is 13,427.
    2.In column no 17 of 15G( Estimated total income of the P.Y) :how to filled this if my my monthly inland salary is 20,500 and Yearly CTC is 3LPA.
    3.and please explain me column no 19. of 15G identification number of relevant investment /account ;what is to be write in NATURE OF INCOME ;SECTION UNDER WHICH TAX IS DEDUCTIBLE ;AMOUNT OF INCOME

    I m working in a private company and no other sources of income .

  94. Dear Sir ,

    In worked in a organisation for 3 years …my ER Amount – Rs 61020.00 and EE Amount – Rs 16151.00 as was shown last on PF Website . After applying i recieved Rs 24430.00 is ER amount and EE amount paid seperately.After how many days is the difference between the two payment timeperiod ?? kindly suggest .

  95. I left my job in India 0n 06 July 16 and moved to Gulf. Would I be getting interest amount next year Apr 2017? Is there a separate form to withdraw EPS? I guess my PF account will become inactive in soon so isn’t sensible to withdraw all contributions right away?

  96. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

    I have my pf account.i have one question here. current month is September and i have got my august month salary on date 16 September and pf on that date too. what will it reflect in my pf account..whether September or august?
    can you provide me any link that can guild me about what is pf and how it works?

    1. Nilam-I already cleared “Contributions will be shown by your employer based on the salary due. For example, September month salary will be payable on October. So the September month contribution will be shown as a contribution against October but not in September. Whether the payment will be in October month or not.”

  97. Hi Basavaraj,

    If I have a base EPF amount of 10L (example) & my basic is 50K. Is the below formula correct :

    EPF calculation = Compounded Interest on 10L + Compounded Interest on 50K * 12months.


  98. I have read many of your posts, and find them really helpful. Many thanks!

    I want to know, if an employee resigns and withdraws his/her PF in the mid of the year – say October or November, does EPFO provide interest for the last 7-8 months at the time of withdrawal or after the year end (April next year). And if yes, what rate of interest will be used to calculate interest.

  99. Hi,

    I have a question on, How PF statement works?

    Eg: I have joined a XYZ company on January 1st 2016 with salary of 10K. 1200 Rs would be debited from my salary and credited to PF Account. For Jan 2016 Salary PF Deduction, On what month it should show in PF month statement whether its Jan (or) Feb 2016?

    1. Murali-I think you not read the whole post. I clearly mentioned “Contributions will be shown by your employer based on the salary due. For example, September month salary will be payable on October. So the September month contribution will be shown as a contribution against October but not in September. Whether the payment will be in October month or not.” Therefore, for you it shows as Feb 2016.

  100. Hi Basvaraj, Thanks for this explanation. My last organisation PF balance is not transfer yet to my current company PF account. Will I get interest for my last organisation PF balance?

    Thanks, Chintan

  101. as per new policy changes, can I get interest on my balance after 3 years also?, I planing to work outside india and then I wan to withdraw my amount after 58 years, what is your advice?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        My Basic is 70000 & I am contributing 100% into EPF. EPF interest = 8.8%

        Assuming the above to be constant until retirement (for ease of calculation) : Can I use the below formula to arrive at the corpus amt :

        = * POWER( (1 + 8.8%),no of years until retirement)

        1. Irshad-If that is the case, then you have to first arrive at yearly interest calculation as per above method. Once that is arrived, then you have to use compounding formula to arrive at future value.

  102. Dear Bhavesh,

    You have given the break -up for PF Interest calculation. Thanks for that. Can you show the calculation for the beginning of the next year by taking the opening balance and continuing in a table format?

    Regards Gandhar Bose

  103. Hi Basavaraj,

    I wanted to invest in a retirement plan – LIC – Jeevan Akshay – Single premium. This means that I pay 10L & start getting pension @ 7.5% for life & in the eventuality of my death, my nominee would get the amount.

    Seems too good to be true. May I know where is the catch in this premium & do you suggest I take this plan ?


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Do you feel 7.5% after 10-15 years would have fallen to 2-3% & hence its a good deal?

        Are retire plans worth investing in the current economic context ? I am 41yrs old.


          1. Hi Basavaraj,

            Then kindly suggest some risk free instruments ( I have got PPF, EPF, SSA, KVP, NSC, FDs).

            I have a corpus amt of 10L that I want to invest.

  104. Sir, I’m working in a private organization & my pay is 6000…and I’m not getting how much they are deducting my PF and and what are the actuall calculations to be… please help !

  105. Hi Basavaraj,

    May I know what is the maximum amount that can be invested in Post office MIS / person ? Interest rate & term ?


  106. If I reassigned from my company & PF amounts were not deposited in to my account. Still do I get interest on my earlier accumulated amount ?

  107. Request advice on investing in KVP from Postoffice & NSC. I am risk averse & hence would like to invest in such bonds – locking for a 10yr term

  108. Hi Sir,

    I worked for one company less than 180 days & want transfer PF account from that old company to my present company but the PF number which they allocated to me showing different employee name in Online portal can you please advise me on this .

    Thank you!!

      1. Hi sir

        i worked in a corporate for 1o months. but i left that company with out intimation of them and they company terminated me and now the company is asking 40000 from me.
        But my PF amount is around 18000. now please give me some suggestion to get my PF with out and pay to that company.
        will i join same account in new company will i get that my amount in my new company

  109. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

    I have one doubt.
    For example : In my pay slip employee PF is getting deducted “X” per month and same amount is given by employer PF “Y” as mentioned in offer letter.
    In this case X=Y.

    But when i see my UAN passbook.There,

    1. DEPOSIT: employee share and employer share
    2. Contribution/Pension:

    Actually in my case , employer share+ pension should be equals to employee share as (X=Y)

    But first of all i see in UAN passbook,
    Employee share is less what is getting deducted in pay slip….
    And also employer share+pension is less amount …

    Please clarify my doubt…

    Bamdeb Ghosh

  110. Sir,
    i have some doubts related to my PF.
    I have been working in a firm for past 3 years.I had resigned from that firm 2 months before on may 31.I had joined another firm from june 1 onwards.The current firm is not having any PF advantage. Please advice me for following questions.
    1.What will happen to my PF amount.?will i be able to withdraw my whole pf amount(including mine and previous employers contribution)according to the new rules?
    2.What happens if i am not withdrawing the PF.?
    3.The current UAN account has been wrongly entered with the IFSC code by employer side and its still not corrected?i tried to change that i am not authorised to?

    1. Vineeth-1) Yes you can withdraw. 2) You get interest up to 3 years after that it will be idle account forever. 3) Once you join new company, then you can correct the same through your employer.

      1. Sir, will i be able to withdraw whole amount till now or onlynmy contribution
        Is there any time period for me to apply for withdrawal after resigning.

          1. Sir,i had joined another firm . But the current firm is not having pf benefits. But the salary is coming to same previous will i be able to withdraw total much time will it be taking for the same and what are tge formalities for that.

  111. I have retired under VRS scheme from a Private organisation on 15.04.2015. My date of birth is 03.02.1958. Date of Joining the organiation 19.08.1991. My Penion contribution from Oct. 2014 was Rs.1250/- per month. What will be my pension amount if I apply now. Since I have completed 58 year only this year I have not applied for it earlier.

    Thank and regards

    H. R. Krishnan

  112. Hello Sir,

    I was a member of PF in last organization (Tenure January 2014- July 2015). Some months back amount was visible under UAN Portal. But currently it is displaying zero value for that organization. My UAN Portal is displaying both the accounts but displaying zero value for previous organization account and where current organization PF value is visible to me

      1. Thanks Basavaraj, The concern is that I didn’t applied for transferring PF and its 1 year completed in new organization,I only provided UAN number to current organization. So I was in doubt whether that PF account is not gone into Inactive state

  113. Hi,

    Please provide explanation on below points;

    If I don’t transfer my PF from previous company, the interest will not be applicable after 36 months, however if i transfer the amount to my current PF number, will i get interest in the transferred amount even after 36 months?

      1. Hello Basavaraj,

        I have a question based on your answer.

        You said no matter if we transfer our EPF account or not, we will get interest upto 36 months (3 years).
        Does that mean that even if I have transferred my EPF account from my previous employer to the new employer, I will get interest for the previous amount only for next three years?

          1. Thank you Basavaraj.

            One more question…..

            The EPF which my employer is deducting, when does it usually reflects in the UAN members portal? The reason I’m asking this question is because I don’t see the first month contribution on the website. i.e. I joined in January 2012, but the contribution I see is starting from 022012. When I inquired, they said that the contribution gets displayed the next month and not the same month. Which means, the January month contribution will be visible on the site in February, the Feb contribution will be visible in Mar and so on….

            Is this correct?

      2. Thanks Basavaraj,

        What I am asking is, if I transfer the amount to my current PF number which is active, next year, the interest will be on my current PF contribution + all previous transferred contributions, and this will continue even after 36 months as long as the current account is active, right?

  114. My Dad is retired from a private firm last month after 10 years of service..
    His PF balance(EE+ER)=: 83k.
    What would be the withdrawal amount cheque value?
    can you please tell me?

      1. Basavaraj,

        I want to know the amount with interest(Approx).
        If possible, please provide calculation to know the return amount. Thanks

  115. Hi My basic is 10770 from that my pf is 1293 so is it includes Employer and employee as 646+646 or else they deduct as 1293+1293 please give me clarity on this

  116. Dear Basavaraj,

    Thanks for providing us with such good service.
    I have 3 questions:
    1. Is FOREX trading taxable in India ? Can I buy the british Pound & when the amount increases – sell it ?
    2. Can you suggest good pharma companies doing well in India ?(can I buyPharma stocks from UK/Swiss ?)
    3. Can you suggest good blue chip companies for stocks buying ?
    4.How do I invest in stocks at TESLA ?

    1. Irshad-1) Yes as it is considered as business income.
      2) I am not an expert of guiding direct stock investment.
      3) I am not an expert of guiding direct stock investment.
      4) What is TESLA?

  117. Hello Sir, I was a member of pF in my previous co. I have joined a new co now. My basic is more than 15,000. is it compulsory for me to become the member ? or can I opt out of the scheme. what is the process to opt out?

    1. Prashanth-It is your choice to be or not to be. However, you must inform this to employer immediately at joining. There is one format of declaration. This you have to fill and submit to employer.

  118. Hi Basavaraj

    Can you pls share the excel sheet for the calculation of PF interest. I need to verify interest working for last 2 years.


  119. Dear Sir,

    I joined the Company during 2013 at the age of 55 years. From Sept ’14 Company started deducting PF from my salary. Today at the age of 58 i’m requesting my Company not to deduct PF. Is there any way by law i can be excluded from subscribing PF every month.

    Secondly, inspite of mymany requests, the company consultant is dodging me in giving me my UAN. How can i know my UAN.

    Best Regards


  120. Dear sir,
    We had 326 employees.We paid Salaries & EPF to 325 employees for the month of April 2016.Remain One employee worked, but no information to us.So,we paid salaries for remain 325 employees.Now, employee asked his salary.Now can we pay his PF for the month of April 2016 of both Employee & Employer contributions to PF Organisation? If we can pay,What is the processor?

  121. My age is 41years.

    Current EPF balance = 1516630
    Basic Salary = 68852
    VPF contribution= 88% (Company = 12%)
    Salary Hike for next 20 years = 8% (average)
    EPF rate = 8.8% ( I assume for 2016)

    I would like to know what would be the corpus EPF/EPS amount when I turn 60years.

      1. Thanks for the speedy reply Mr. Basavaraj. Do you think the below link on EPF calculator is authentic ?
        If yes, when I put the data from the above post in this tool, it shows a corpus of Rs. 8,00,47,981

        Is this accurate ?

  122. 15-16 interest yet not credit then how they calculate future interest on balance +interest for 16-17

  123. Hello Sri Basavaraj ji,
    I took VRS from my last company after 13 years of service (I had joined them on 16/12/1992 and left on 16/11/2005) Entire amount of PF was withdrawn by me for which I received the cheque in Dec 2005. Around that time, my previous employer also gave me one Scheme Certificate. As per that, my past service upto 15/11/1995 is shown as 3 years and monthly salary is shown as Rs. 4,315. Pensionable salary is shown as Rs.6,500 and last drawn salary is also shown as Rs. 6,500. Date of cessation, as shown in Scheme Certificate, is 16.11.2005.
    I joined my present employer on 21/11/2005 and will be completing 58 years on 11/08/2016. I will be retiring on 31/12/2016. I have a few queries:
    1. How do I calculate my pension amount? I am unable to get the formula and combination of past service with present service amounts.
    2. Will I get pension from September 2016 or January 2017 ?.
    3. I had safely kept away the Scheme Certificate for last 11 years and as I will be completing 58 years this year, I approached my last employer. They say that my current employer will need to link their Scheme certificate with my current EPS account. Previous employer says they have already done the needful in Nov/Dec 2005 when I left them.
    I have given a copy of that Scheme Certificate to my current employers but they tell me it can be processed only after I become 58 i.e. post August 2016. Is that so or is there anything I need to do before I complete 58 years of age so that I can get maximum amount of pension benefit. ? Kindly advise.
    Thanks in advance
    K B Das

  124. In case if employer deducts PF contribution (for the period FY March 15 Feb 16) from salary and deposits the amount few months late (after Feb 16) in our EPF account then whether we will automatically get interest from EPF because of delayed deposit by our employer.

  125. Dear Sir,
    CB: 31-03-2009: Empee: 144210 & Emper: 106654/-
    Int updated upto 31-03-2010: 12258/- & 9066/-
    Int updated upto 31-03-2011: 12191/- & 9017/-
    As I have transferred from one state to another State in the same company the EPF a/c no got changed & there is no contribution in old accounts. Hence only interest got credited.
    Now my doubt is how the interest has been calculated for 2010-11.

  126. Hi ,
    I was checking my E-Passbook but still the interest amount for year 2015-16 has not been updated. I tried to reach the contact email address given but no response. What should I do now?

          1. I meant to ask that the interest credit date is Mar 31 so for 2015-16, it should have been showing by now since its already almost end of May. When can the 2015-16 interest be expected to be showing in the e-passbook?

              1. I am wondering when interest for financial year 15-16 will be credited. It is now 3rd June but still it is not credited.

  127. I have opted for VPF in my company, and the amount is getting deducted in salary slip, but in the EPF passbook this amount is not getting reflected in employee share, please let me know is there anyother way i can see this or is it a mistake done by my company. Thanks in advance.

  128. Hi,

    I withdrew my PF for the year 2006-07 (when I changed my job), will I be still considered as the member of PF for this period. The reason I am asking is , I would like to withdraw my PF for housing loan repayment and it needs 10 years of PF membership.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I withdrew in 2006-07 whatever was accumulated in one year. I have not touched the amount that is credited after 2007 till now..


  129. Sir, I have done 13 years of Service and Currently my Employer shows the balances as follows
    Employee : 297451 , Employer : 235085 , EPS : 62366
    On that page , below is the statement. : The Grand Total is excluding Interest as PF is being maintained by RPFC.

    So does that mean these are just sum of all years PF Contri or the Interest also got added every year since 2003 and only 2015 interest is to be added to this amount.

    Also what will be my final amount, if this is not inclusive of tax

  130. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the article.

    I worked for an organization for around 3.5 years and left that in June, 2014. After that I did not join any organization in India.
    When I see my latest passbook, I find that last interest was credited to my account on 31 March, 2015. And the passbook is last updated on 26 April, 2016.
    May I know why my passbook is not reflecting the interest accrued in FY-2015-16. When will it be shown?

    Please note that my account is not dormant as It has been only 2 years since I have left the organization.

    Anticipating your guidance Sir.

    Ravi Verma

      1. Yes Sir, that’s what I was planning to do. But I am not aware of the proper channel through which I can raise my issue.
        I do not have any email ID etc.

        [email protected] is not functioning.


          1. Ya, I tried. But there are some technical glitches.

            Do I have any other way to raise my issue to the concerned authority?


  131. Is the interest on VPF non-taxable, like the interest on EPF ?

    I understand the amount I contribute through VPF is taxable though.

  132. Dear Basavarj, Lots of appreciation for your thankless efforts to the needy ones.

    My request is, from my salary 12% of my basic will go to PF and the from the employer it is 8.33 %, reamaining is towards pension. Is it good for me or not if it is good. Please explain how it can.
    Other one is, I have choosen for VPF option, monthly 75% more than the PF amount will be deducted. This amount is also get the present intrest benefit or not.

    PLease explain.


    1. Manju-It is better to be a member of EPF. The reason is, even though you contribute a small amount, in the long run it helps you in retirement corpus creation. Also, if you already a member of EPF with your employer, then you have no choice to opt out. Yes, VPF also earn the same EPF interest rate.

  133. Hello Friend,

    PF Total Amount Rs. 1,15,621. From April 2011 to July 2013 – Full time employee, after Aug 2013 to till date working as freelancer. I recently submitted PF documents in the month of April 2016 2nd week and received less amount Rs.12,300. Kindly advice.

  134. Hello,
    My dad was associated with a company which he left in 1991, he is not having his PF number or salaryslip
    all he knows is the company name and the date of joining and leaving (appointment letter and relieving letter he has)
    is their any possibility we can retrieve his pf number ??
    kindly help if you can

  135. ‘i left my previous company in may 2010 and i have not withdrawn my pf till date… for how many years i will get interest’

      1. that means he will get interest till 2013 after which his account will be deactivated incase he does not inform to them before 2013…….am I getting it right. Please acknowledge

  136. Hi,

    I have withdrawn my PF in the month of Feb’16.
    1) The interest for Mar’15-Feb’16 would be credited to my account in Apr’16? Right
    2) Many of my friends had withdrawn with me from same EPFO. Few of them have already received their interest 2-3 days back. Should I wait for few more days or check with EPFO?

  137. Q1) What happens if you withdraw the corpus in the middle of the year, say November. What is the interest calculation for the duration March-Nov
    Q2) on the similar lines what might be the best time to withdraw to get the full interest benifit

  138. Dear sir,
    Some 2-3 days back i got a sms from EPFO of my employers contribution to my EPF account. When i download my passbook from EPFO site it shows contribution till March 2016 but interest from April2015 to March 2016 not updated. Can you please guide me what may be the problem and when will it be credited to my EPF account as it is half month crossed April.
    Thank you

  139. When will be the interest be credited for EPFO account for the period of March 2015 to Feb 2016.
    (By which date in April 2016??)

      1. I have gone through it again, but could not find the answer to my query. Please confirm by which date the Interest is being reflected / transferred in the account.

  140. I have 7 and half years experience. I resigned my job on last month. Can i withdraw my pf money along with pension.

      1. Dear Mr.Basavaraj,

        Thanks for educating the non-finance officers.

        I would like know, in EPF whether we get interest only for the month on annual basis? and is there any interest paid to the accumulated amount for the earlier accumulations?

  141. Hi
    I recently resigned nd want to know how to calculate aur what is the exact PF amount ill get.
    700 monthly was the PF amount and i resigned after 2.5 yrs ie joining date was july 2013 and resigned 31 jan 2016

  142. Hi ,

    Great info. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Small clarification, I have been working for last 5 years. When I checked my passbook , no interest has been added till now. So how to get the exact balance as of now?

  143. Hi

    So if I withdraw PF from my dormant account in March-2016 then do I get the interest (which is credited in April 2016)

    Please clarify


  144. Hello Sir,

    I quit my previous company last year April which I worked for 9 years. I am not working now and I decided to take my PF account. I came to know that I cannot withdraw complete amount now. In such case previously there was a rule that no interest will be paid for dormant accounts after 3 years. What will happen to it now since if I cannot take my money completely my account will remain dormant till age of 58. Will it earn any interest. Please clarify.

  145. Hi Sir,

    I have one query about pf amount. my father was working in small pvt ltd company 20years ago. for 15 years. I don’t have his PF no. and UAN no. please guide how I know PF Status.

    1. Maine ek company me Nov ‘1999 to February ‘2010 tak kam kiya. Mere PF Amount par kab tak Interest milega.

  146. hi sir
    1. how much interest we get on pf ?
    2. how much % tax they cut & on what amount govt cut tax ?
    3. govt cut the tax after total amount including interest or excluding interest ?
    4. I had submit 15G form will it help me on tax, if not then please tell me the use of 15G form ?


  147. HI,

    I wanted to know if there is any difference between EPF & RPF?
    Is EPF interest paid or it just gets accumulated in our account & paid at the time of retirement

  148. Hi Basavaraj,

    I wish to withdraw my EPF now in Feb 2016 , i have the below queries.
    Q1 : Does i get the EPF interest till Feb 2016 or only till the last Financial Year – March 2015
    Q2 : My job has been terminated which is beyond the control of the member, hence TDS/tax should not be deducted as i have served for only 4.7 years and terminated by employer. I have joined a new company almost 2 years back and had earlier applied for EPF through employer, but the claim settlement has rejected and did not get the reason for rejection and also did not get the rejection letter dispatched.
    Q3 : Whom to contact for reason for rejection.
    Q4 : Does the employer accept if we mention Reason for Leaving the service as – Terminated from Employer.
    Q5 : To withdraw EPF and avoid TDS/tax for EPF amount what all forms to submit – Is it Form 19 and 15G is enough or any other forms to submit, as the EPF amount is above 2.5 Lakhs.
    Q6 : As i don’t have Adhaar card and UAN for the earlier employer, can i submit the forms in regional EPFO office without Employer signature or can be submitted through employer only.
    I have UAN for the current employer only.
    Q7 : How much time will it take to get the EPF amount to my bank account now.


    1. Manju-1) It will be up to your the withdrawal month.
      2) Confusing statements. Need clarity.
      3) Contact regional EPFO.
      4) Yes.
      5) Avoiding TDS does not mean that avoiding tax.
      6) YES.
      7) It may be around 20-30 days.

  149. Hello.

    I am informed that with regards to PF funds, interests would not accrue to the same upon 3 years of accumulation (i.e., no withdrawals).

    I wish to know if the same principle applies for accumulations in case of PF Trusts as well.

    If possible, please provide the legal source ( either under the EPF Act/Scheme or a judgement/case-law) to support your answer.

    Thank you.

      1. Maine ek cmpny me 3yrs kam kiya but maine without infm i leav the job fir maine 2yrs baad oos cmpny me resignation ltr bheja is this psble to get my pf?

  150. Hi sir,
    Great piece of info.
    Just 1 question , I downloaded my passbook from online account but i didn’t see any interest calculation in it. Is it periodical ? how can i see how much interest i have earned ?

  151. Hi Basavaraj,

    My pf account number is old one will I able to withdraw without employers signature. Also it’s three years old now employer closed there company.

  152. Hello Sir,
    I wanted to know about. PF interested. is PF interest is calculated only after year end?
    If i resigned the job for my personal business, so there will not be any PF deposit from my side. But i wanted to hold my PF account as i will be getting interest on the accumulated amount. Here i wanted to know how many year they (PF authority)will give interest if there is no deposit in PF account.

    Thanks & regards

  153. Dear Sir,

    I worked with an organization between 19-3-2008 to 13-3-2010. after leaving job I had not withdraw PF from my account till 22.01.2016 my basic salary was 2250 and no DA. PF deduction was 270 P.M. from my account & my employer contribution. but now I have apply for withdrawal of EPF and EPS. how can I know how much amount I received on withdrawal or how to calculate amount received on withdrawal. my account might be consider as inoperative from 2013. I am unable to trace my detail from EPF site & they say contact employer for detail.
    Please help me on this.

  154. Dear Sir,
    I had joined a company in September 2014 precisely on 15th September 2014 and the company was deducting 2100 as the employee share and 2100 for employer for the September 2014 month the employee share was 1,120, employer share was 343 and pension fund was 777 and then from Oct 2014 regular deductions of 2100 and 2100 stared.
    But…….in my passbook on UAN portal the following entries are there
    Employee Share Employer Share Pension
    Cont. For 102014 1,120 343 777
    Cont. For 112014 2,100 850 1,250

    I want to know if this is correct as the Rs 1120 contribution was for September 2014 month and not October 2014.
    Where is my money (2100 + 2100) deducted for October month???

      1. Yes sir,thats what i precisely meant.The deduction happened from September 2014 but in the passbook the entry starts from October 2014.I will check with my employer.Thanks for your reply.

  155. Hi, I resigned from a MNC on Feb 2014 and have been running my own start up company since April 2014. I currently do not have any employees. In the meanwhile I joined my friends company in March 2015 and have a new PF account created.

    I wish to withdraw my PF from my company which I had exit in Feb 2014. I have been working for 10+ Years continuously with no breaks. SO I assume that I would be receiving interest on this PF account till Feb 2017. Please correct me if am wrong. Also if I withdraw the PF, is it good to do it in March or April? What are the tax implications in this case?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for your prompt response.

        Sorry if I have not communicated clearly regarding my interest till Feb 2017. If I don’t close the account till Feb 2017, then I should be getting the interest till Feb 2017. Is that right?

        Suppose I wish to withdraw my PF in Feb 2016, I should have the interest credited till Feb 2016? And I should be getting it when I withdraw

        Regarding Tax – I did go through your other link and was confused 🙂 Hope I don’t pay tax for PF interest if I have been continuously working for 5+ years.


  156. Hi,

    My Employee Share 32,300 & Employer Share 11,521 and Pension Contribution 17748 till 31/3/2015.
    i have already applied for withdraw so what amount i’m getting from EPFO.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I have recently applied for PF claim.but the amount received was less .
        when i check with employer,they says only 65 % amount will be credited,rest will after 5 Months,it this true ?

  157. hi.
    I’m facing a little trouble.
    I am a college student and worked part time with a company for 2 months.
    i left the job now but i want to withdraw my pf because i need some money.
    my manager told me that once i withdraw my pf, it won’t be generated if i work again somehwere else.
    every month 1200 were deducted that makes 2400 of them.
    any idea how much money will be available in my pf account?

  158. hello sir i am shariq khan i am workin in a national institute of fashion an dtechnology from august 2015 and i have completed more than 5 months there from my salary the agency is deduct the pf amount but am not getting any uan number plzz suggest me what can i do..i told to other staff members but they do nothing in this case.

  159. I am working with a company having more than 250 employee. However, my company does not deduct any EPF from my salary. My finance dept told me that I do not have a EPF account and it is not mandatory.

    Please suggest how can I get my EPF account open and how can I force my company to start contributing in it.

  160. Hello Basavaraj,

    I left the company on August 2013 and did not join any company afterwards. Since I’m doing my own Business,
    Now I wanna withdraw my EPF, Is there any chance to withdraw my EPF amount without going to my old employer?
    Because recently I heard about it. Could you please suggest to me

    Thank you for your time

  161. Resigned in Nov2015 and can claim on Feb 1,2016.Would I get interest of fy16 as withdrawal is before end of financial year for pf and their interest calculations. There were similar query but felt the need to clarify.

  162. Hello Basavaraj,
    I left a company 3 years back and did not join any company afterwards. My EPF is still blocked by my old company. I thought they would anyway transfer my PF after 3 years paying interest. When I contacted EPFO office they said PF in my old company was maintained by PF organisation of the company itself. So how do I get this legal amount of mine blocked by the company.Do you have any pointers, did not get much help from the EPFO office queue.


  163. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thanks for the information. I have some doubt regarding PF withdraw. I started working from 23-aug-2012 and worked with same employer till 5-oct-2015(3 years 12 days). Then I took approx 50 days gap and joined other organisation on 30-nov-2015. Can you tell me if I withdraw PF after 2 years(after completing 5 years) lets say on 30 jan 2018,
    1) would tax get deducted from the PF ?
    2) Do we normally get complete PF amount (Employee + Employer) without tax?

      1. But I haves raised request to transfer fund from my old account new account. And once I will complete more than 5 years, and will withdraw Pf, in that case also tax deduction would be there??
        Is there any way so that tax would not be deducted from PF?

  164. Hello,
    My employer was not created UAN, so i only created UAN, and I want to update KYC.
    Can I give this UAN to my employer ? If they not accept, what should i do ? What are all the steps i need to follow ?
    One more is, I joined to my employer on Aug-2014, and at the end of March-2015, I asked Form16 for the year 2014-15, But My employer not given, After that I logged into incometaxindia website and created account with PAN, and i checked Form26A for the year 2014-15, there is no data, all tax amount is zero. But In my salary slip, employer deducted tax amount. Is there any fraud happened from employer ? What are all tax documents need to collect from employer ? How can i collect it ? In Incometaxindia website, which document should collect ? Please help me
    Thanks !!

    1. Adiga-Now you create UAN online and same can be shared with your employer. There is no question or rejection from your employer. I am not sure of what went wrong. But check the same with your employer regarding Form 26A missing data.

  165. following statement was made in epass book of pf account. what does it mean sir ?

    IPR(Back Period) (2014-2015)-Contribution only
    4,866 1,488 3,378

  166. My last working day is 31st Dec 2015 and I am planning to submit PF withdrawal forms in 2nd Week of Mar 2016(after completion of 60days). Kindly let me know whether I will get interest for the period April 2015 to Dec 2015(or from Apr 2015 to Feb 2016).

    As they normally calculate the interest and credit the amount in April(end of fin year), I just wanted to check whether I need to wait until Apr’15 for submitting the withdrawal forms.

      1. Thank you Basavaraj for your reply. So, I dont have to wait until end of Mar’16 to submit my withdrawal forms correct? Please confirm.

        I get interest around 1.5L so I wanted to cross check with you. Thanks again

          1. Thank you Basava. I have another question. I joined my present employer on 23-Mar-2011 and my last working day is on 31-Dec-2015 and I am planning to withdraw my PF. As you know I am eligible to submit the withdrawal forms only after 01-Mar-2015(after 60 days).

            Now, can you please let me know how EPFO calculates my tenure? Is it going to be 4yrs 9months or will they round it to 5 yrs for calculating the TDS?

            FYI – I am not eligible to submit Form-15G so I wanted to check these options

            1. If I submit the withdrawal forms after 23rd Mar 2016, do you think they will consider my tenure as 5yrs and I will be exempted from TDS calculation? or
            2. They will calculate TDS as my actual tenure with the organisation is 4yrs and 9months.

            Kindly reply.

            1. nagy-It is 4 years and 9 months only. Even if you consider after 5 years completion, they consider it as 4 years 9 months account only. Because they consider the contributory period but not the contributory+non contributory period. Yes, they consider the tax part and accordingly deduct TDS.

  167. sir i have joined a company in gurgaon in aug-15 and this is my first job.
    they are deducting 1080 INR PF from my salary and they have provided me a PF account number also PB/CHD/37710/1036
    but it seems that is PF number is wrong.
    they are not providing me the UAN number.
    please tell me how can i check my balance of EPF account and when can i withdraw the money?

    1. Vicky-You have to check with them regarding the correctness or call local EPFO. When can I withdraw money?? It is meant for long-term goals like retirement and all. You are thinking of withdrawing it within few months? Strange !!

  168. Thanks for a detailed help and illustrations.

    I need to know is it beneficial to withdraw EPF accumulation or to get a personal loan to pay an amount of Rs 350000/- . I will be able to payback this amount in 12 months max.

    present PF accumulation is 1630861.

    Per month Deduction is 5640 Voluntary deduction Rs 6110.

    it will be great if you reply in details on my email ID [email protected]

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Parag Dharkar

  169. Dear All
    One of NGO is running its PF TRUST. From 01st April 2015 they are switching to GOVT. EPF A/c. My query is that a person who has already deposited in PF trust, Can transfer the amount in new EPF A/c. Will EPF provide interest on that amount.

  170. Sir,

    In our contract works, apart from the regular employees, we do en-gauge temporarily for 1 to 5 days. they are not permanent, to-day ‘x’ comes next day ‘y’ comes., we pay them on daily basis., as per minimum wages including every thing. but we doesn’t show in the wages book, as there is not permanent employees in this slot.

    but these payments are comes in balance sheet as a Salary’s head.
    how we have to justify, as total salary’s shown – EPF contribution paid -doesn’t match.

    Plz clarify..

      1. i will get my PF next month as i resigned in September. They told me that after 60 days i can withdraw my pf. i have a question. will i get the interest till March 2015 to November 2015 with my final PF amount?

  171. Dear Sir,

    For PF contribution, what are to be consider apart from Basic + DA.

    suppose the Total Salary is of so many columns like -Leave Pay, Bonus, Night allowance, Performance Bonus and any other payments. Does the EPF should be calculated on total pay or only on Basic + DA, Please clarify, as from Sep’14 the rules have been changed, and not clear to us.

    thank you.

  172. Hi sir,

    As per new rule if i withdraw Pf money less than 5 years, 10% will be deducted. this will happen right away or when we do the tax filing in year end.

    Second query is : If no PF contribution made at my account, how long they will give the interest? i mean 1 or 2 or 3 years?


      1. Thanks for your reply.

        4 years i was doing job in india, and all these period pf amount is added, then i resigned and since 1 years i am working in singapore and no pf amount is added in that account. hence can i consider that i completed total 5 years?

            1. Krishnama-Yes, in that case you have to pay 10% TDS. Also do remember that by avoiding TDS, you can’t run away from your taxability on the amount you received. It is taxable income for you in India.

      2. Hii,

        I was working in a private company from Aug-2005 to Dec-2014 in Mumbai and left the company on by Dec last year and moved to USA. While I left the company I had completed all the forms and formalities for final settlement of my PF. But after a numerous emails and phone calls I have not received any update from the company. Can you please let me know how can I get my PF amount.
        Another thing While I was in that company they were frequently changing the PF accounts in every 4-5 years. Few days back I had loged in with my UAN no and checked the details. The amount shows is from only from Jun-2012 to Mar-2014. Can u please let me know the approximate amount of my PF balance till I left the company.Ref. the details bellow for Calculation :-

        1) Joining Date was – Aug 2005,( PF Deduction was Rs.445 till June – 2007) after tht the Deduction amount was Rs.780/Month till Dec-2014.

        2) Employer Deduction Shows in the UAN account is Rs.241 and contribution to Penson account is shows Rs.539.



          1. I have already given the deduction amount, i.e Joining Date was – Aug 2005,( PF Deduction was Rs.445 till June – 2007) after tht the Deduction amount was Rs.780/Month till the end Dec-2014 and employer contribution was the same,



  173. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to relocate to US. How long i can hold my current EPF account with no contribution (as per 2011 guidelines, its 3 yeares, after that i will not be getting interest, is there any change in the duration of non contribution account for interest accumulation).


  174. Hi Sir,

    Need a Clarification on New PF rule change impact. If I have a establishment and say less than 15 employees, with a basic monthly salary of < Rs. 15,000, what will be the PF contributions from EMPLOYER. I thought it is mandatory EPF of 3.67%.

    I understand it is 12% from employee but I would like to know more on 'employers' portion on this updated PF rules.

    Advance thanks

    1. Muthu-First, if employee strength is less than 20, then your organization will not come under EPFO. Second, being an employer, you can restrict your contribution to either 12% of Rs.15,000 or 12% of actual salary.

  175. Hi,
    Going through your calculation and explanations,
    1.lets say that a company deposits the EPF on or before 15th of the month, the contribution will only be taken for interest in the next month.
    2. how long does it take for the contribution to show up on the passbook if the company deposits on or before 15th of the month.
    3. To prevent loss of interest, can a company pay up the contributions before the month. ( eg Salary+PF contribution for a month lets say September is paid by 25th of the month)

  176. Sir,

    I have worked for a Private company in the year 2011 and after 8 months i could not continue my job. (Initiated my seperation process) but could not complete my notice period of 3 months(completed only 1.5 months after that had one surgery done). Company sent me a showcause notice for which i did not respond. The mail said if i don’t get back to them in written letter within so and so date i will be terminated. no action taken from my side. now i want to withdraw my PF now as i am not working for a long time now. How to withdraw my PF money as if i contact my previous employer i might get in trouble. I tried to register for UAN but that too says it will go to my employer. They might have forgot me after 4 years now.

    Please advise (if any) a way to withdraw my PF.


    1. Barani-No need to contact them. Fill the Form 19, get it attested by gazetted officers or PSU Bank Managers, and write a letter to regional EPFO stating reasons of attestation instead of an employer. Also, create an affidavit stating that you are currently not working. Send both form and application, along with affidavit.

        1. Hi Basavaraj,

          Heard that EPF is going to put cap of 75% on premature Withdrawal amount as per new law to be implemented from Ministry of Labour.

          Will this apply to Inoperative accounts also as i have been without a job and no contribution for a long time. Is there any way to get 100% amount.


  177. Sir, While joining 2nd company, i have filled a form to transfer old pf account to new one.
    But how do i get know whether my old pf transferred to new one or not…??

  178. Dear sir
    My mom take volu tary retirement and apply for. Pf on 24 april 2014. And received pf. On may 2015
    Whether we can claim for interest for this aprrox. One year

  179. Hi Basavaraj,

    Gud evng,

    A small Query..

    Will i be getting the Employee & Employer shares only or even the pension contribution will also be given to me when i apply for the PF?

  180. sir, i m working in GTPL Broadband pvt ltd company since 23 jan to 23rd august 2015, and my pf deduction from my account is 850 ,recently two-three days ago i gave my resignation letter and now when i check my epf balance online then its shows only 1150 , want to know why is it so..?

  181. I am working in a pvt organization and contributing in recognized PF run by the same organization. If I withdraw my PF amount in October do I get the interest for March to October period ? If not, how to get it.

      1. Basavaraj, taking the query of PF withdrawal in the middle of the financial year, at what rate will the EPFO pay the interest for Apr to Oct since the interest rate for current FY has not been decided yet?

  182. Hi Sir,

    Can you plz help me out my pf deducted 666 rupees from may 2011 to till aug 2015 . how much amount calcuted till now for my provident fund.

    included interest and etc..

  183. hi sir,

    I wanted to invest I’m mutual fund but I don’t know anything about it.Could you please let me know in which mutual fund I should invest. I am thinking for long term investment.


  184. If we transfer epf from old a/c to new a/c, then that transferred amount will be considered in the interest calculation or not?

  185. Sir – Is there a rule which says – that when a person’s marital status is changed from Unmarried to Married, the existing nomination in PF becomes void? And one has to re-nominate people ?

  186. Hello Sir,
    I am working in the company from November-2014 but our consultant opened my PF account in the month of JAN – 2015 , where my company deducted my PF amt from nov-2015 of RS-1500 / month so from nov-2014 to till july-2015 my total amt is 13500 but when i have checked my PF balance it is showing less and i came to know that my company is paying PF to me from JAN – 2015 so its a loss for me , kindly suggest how can we take that two months difference amt from company .

    1. Amruta-If your employer deducted EPF from your salary but not deposited the same with EPF account is means it is illegal. You can first discuss the issue with your employer. If they not return the money or not deposit to EPF account, then raise the issue with EPFO.

  187. Hello Sir,

    I have recently left the job (17th March) and joined in a new company where the strength is less than 20 people. Hence we do not have the option to avail PF in my new company. My previous company submitted my PF withdrawal in July 1st week and seems like there is a new rule of Tax deduction if the PF amount is taken before 5 years. I worked in the company only for 3.5 years. If I withdraw the amount now, I will have to pay tax for all the savings that I have done these 3.5 yrs. Also they want me to fill an additional form for the same. Please suggest if I shall leave the accumulated amount for another 1.5 yrs and then withdraw it in order to avoid TDS. And if I would earn the same interest for the accumulated amount as I did when i was paying. I understand that it wouldn’t become inoperative till 3 years. Appreciate your help.

  188. sir i was been working for infosys from past 8 months & i have left the infosys job in 2013,during this i am having 1 pf account.
    later i was joined in wipro there i had one more pf account in 2014.
    now can u please suggest me to take or avoid the pf withdrawal from my Infosys pf account.

  189. Hi,

    I left my job about 2 years back but not applied for withdrawal or transfer. As per the information it should earn interest but downloading the deposit data (detail) it shows the same date of last update which is of 14 months back. So there is no interest credit into this account for last 14 months.
    Kindly help with possible reasons and solution.

  190. I never withdraw my epf amount since last 5 year from the date of resignation. Will my pf amount earn interest on the amount lying on the pf account.

  191. Hi, I worked for PVT company for 3.5yrs, recently I resigned . When I checked my PF amount online it shows me EE amount: Rs 58771( as on 31-03-2015) which seems to be correct because that is the total amount which had been deducted from my salary since i joined the organization but the ER amount is Rs 32780( as on 20-04-15) . I applied for PF withdrawal i got Rs 1,12,000. Could you please explain me on which bases my ER is calculated(total amount is calculated). why there is difference between EE and ER contribution.

  192. Thank you for your wonderful article and information on various tax related matters.

    I read in some internet source that tax benifit cannot be claimed for principle or interest earned for employer contribution for EPFO scheme under section 10 (D) and other section at the time of retirement.

    I would be thankful, if you can clarify whether both employee and employer contribution and its interest are tax free at the time of retirement or interest earned in employee contribution is only tax free ? What are the tax liabilities for employee and employer contribution at the time of retirement ? I would be thankful, if you can eloborate this matter.

    With Kind Regards

  193. Dear Sir,

    I am working in private construction company in last one year my EPF contribution split up on Employee Share+Employer Share+Pension fund (1578+483+1095). Suppose i am resigning this jobs for one or two months later i will get the full amount (or) deduction the pension amount. Please Confirm

  194. Sir,

    what is it means Claimed by para 69 (2) in UAN Member portal. When will the pf amount will be credited after applying.

  195. Hi, I am working in a Pvt Ltd organization since Sept 2010. When I checked my PF amount online it shows me EE amount: Rs 48581( as on 31-03-2015) which seems to be correct because that is the total amount which had been deducted from my salary since i joined the organization but the ER amount is Rs 14849( as on 20-04-15) which seems to be incorrect because i know for the fact that the employee contribution and the employer contribution is same. For ex- if my contribution is Rs 600 then the employer contribution should also be 600, so i will be entitled for Rs 1200 at the end of the month, so for the year it should be Rs 14400. So if go my this calculation then till now my ER amount should also be kind of same as of my EE amount or nearly less than that. Kindly help and suggest on the same.

  196. Dear Sir
    i have worked with an organisation for 4 months starting March.My epf amt is 2450 .now iv quit the company.They have asked me submit the claim form incase i dnt have a job for 2 months.In final setllement the amount shown is 7350,which is only 3 months contribution.How do i check if it has been deducted in March as well,Also acrrding to new brk up ,in 12 % of employers contri 8.33 % goes to pension sceheme.since iv just wrked for 4 months,will i receive this amount???

  197. Dear Sir,
    could u please tell me after leave the company, How Many days after I can claim for PF.
    Employee Share + Employer Share + Pension Cont , These three shares included will be added time of claim. OR not.

    1. Manoj-Once you leave the company and you no longer in mood to continue you job then immediately you can withdraw. Yes, it covers all (But EPS in % based on the number of years you worked).

  198. Dear Sir,
    Could you please tell me I am working in pvt. ltd co & deducting pf, and I want to leave this company before left the company , Can I claim for PF ever.

  199. I Have worked in a company for 20 months.Rs.690/- amount deducted from my salary as PF.How much PF amount i will get? & I am Consolidated Employee.

  200. I am 54.5 years old. I recently resigned from company. I do not want to withdraw epf amount. I want to continue it till my age of 58. If I do not work anywhere in future and no contribution will be made in epf account, Can I get interest? Can I just keep my money there in epf without withdrawing it? When my pension will start? What is the best option for me. Please reply and suggest.

  201. I want to know the latest update news abt the PF.

    Is it true that if you spend more than 10 years in a same company then you will get only 75% PF amount rest of the amount will be given you once you crossed 60 yrs as a pension .

  202. Dear sir,
    Could you explain me about OB adjustment ?? [[OB Adjustment- ( AUTO APPENDIX BACK PERIOD )- IPR(Back Period) (2014-2015)-Contribution only]] what is mean by this sentence which is in bracket ??

    1. You get this when your PF contribution was not updated automatically into your PF account but had to be manually done by the EPFO department.

  203. I was an employee of State Bank of India from 1995-1999 for 3.5 yrs . After that I went abroad and sent my resignation by post in 2001. I did not receive any response from the bank. After coming back to India after 10 yrs, I followed up with the bank for my PF dues. They made me go around them hundred times, and finally last week they said they will pay me interest only upto 2006, because that is when they accepted my resignation it seems. But I find it unfair because I will lose 9 yrs interest from 2006-2015. What is the EPF rule about interest payment, isn’t it calculated until the date of payment since the funds were with them?

  204. Dear sir
    my pf account ialdermanis satalde d. But interest amount sowing when I download e passbook. Can I widrwal it. If yes that what is process.

  205. Dear sir,
    i am worked my last company 6.5 yeat now i joint new company , if i withdraw my pf amount can i withdraw my pension amount also. or transfer to my new pf account
    pls suggest wich one is better way.

  206. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for providing such good information and helping to all of us.

    I would like to know about the interest calculation of PF.

    2014-15 Interest got credited into my PF account.

    I would like to withdraw now, will i get the interest for April, May and June Months for my PF amount.

    Please let me know.


  207. I have joined in X organization 2010′ Sep and i left after 3 years then i joined in Y organization so am about to finish total 5 years in the coming Sep. If i will withdraw PF from the first organization after completion total 5years i.e. in Oct2015, tax will be calculated or not ?

  208. Sir,
    I want to know how PF amount is calculated under old pension scheme. is it on daily basis, monthly basis or yearly compound rate rate taken?

  209. Hi basavaraj,

    First of all, Thanks for the article. It is very informative.

    I would really appreciate if you can help me out with query as I dint get any concrete info from anyone

    I have worked with my previous organization for 4 years, While leaving I duly taken all the PF related documents and submitted to new employer. My PF amount amount has been transferred without any issues, however my pension amount which is of 24,000/-( shown in statement of old company) hasn’t been transferred to new employer. Though I have sent many queries to new employer, they are saying that old employer hasn’t initiated and no response yet from old employer on this from last 1 year. If it is not possible to transfer to transfer, I am ready to withdraw( I prefer transfer though). Some people also have suggested me that pension amount would not transfer and only details such as last salary drawn details would be forwarded. Please help me out on this. please tell me what are possible options I have.

    Thanks in Advance


  210. Hi Expert,

    I’m in service with my employer for the past 6 years. Now I need some amount of money for new flat purchase.
    When I have approached my employer for the same he said I can apply for PF loan. And then I have asked if any interest will be charged on my PF loan, then my employer answered that no interest will be charged and also they redirected me to any near PF office to clear my doubts how interest is not charged and etc.
    I want know from you the exact procedure of opting for PF loan.

    Thank you.

  211. Dear Sir,

    This is Guru here, I have received notice from PF Department How to pay Interest u/s 7Q and Penal Damages u/s 14B in ECR or is there any other way to pay


    Guru Shelar

      1. Sir,

        I am the Employee of Company. Company got notice as a accountant how to pay that Interest and Penal Damage.

  212. Dear sir,

    I left my job after working for 8 months. I am now applying for PF withdrawal. The amount which is showing in my e-passbook of PF is about Rs 10000 combining my part and employer contribution. But there is another section of EPS-95 in which about Rs 4500 is mentioned which was also contributed my employer. I got to know that it is the amount under pension scheme. With the PF withdrawal form i also got Form 3C for EPS now i want to ask you can i withdraw that EPS amount also or not as i worked for only 8 months in that company. And if i cant withdraw that amount now then when will i get that money or i will lose that amount???

  213. Sir

    I left my organization and filed for final withdrawal in form 19 . my claim settled on 25-04-2015. the amount they credited is same that i received in e-passbook of epf as on 31-03-2015 (i.e. closing balance after crediting intrest). as per your comments i received intrest only upto february 2015, so my intrest upto 25-04-2015 is pending with epf. can i claim remainig intrest from epf.

  214. Respected Sir,

    My self My Name is Yakanna

    How to Calculation Basic salary & at present PF Calculation ( Employee & Employer )

    How to Calculation PT pls give clarification


  215. In addition to my earlier query, i would like to ask with respect to your answer to Mr.ashwin regarding pension amount. what if a person withdraws his PF amount and he does not get his pension amount, will it remain in his PF a/c for future withdrawal or it will be lost.

      1. Still my query regarding the pension amount is not solved. There is nothing mentioned against same in the EPS rules which solves my question. Can you help out. Will repeat my question:-
        If i withdraw PF amount and i don’t get my pension amount now, does this pension amount remain in the a/c for future withdrawal or govt. takes it back.

          1. Thanks for reply. One more thing. Is it possible i withdraw PF amount and transfer my pension amount(which i did not receive) to new PF a/c.
            Also do i get interest on PF amount which is in my a/c even if there is no addition in that a/c(as i left the organization).If yes then till what time period do i receive this interest.

  216. dear sir,

    can you help in PF interest calculation. i have given below my PF amount for 2010-11 for 4 months. help me in interest calculation. also provide me interest % for 2010-11 till 2013-14
    Month Employe Employer
    april’10 – 267 81
    May’10 – 420 128
    June’10 – 420 128
    July’10 – 420 128

  217. Hi Sir,

    I have logged into EPFO website using UAN number and found that there are 3 sections which are bifurcated as “Employee”, “Employer Share” and “Pension fund”.

    My question is that if I opt to withdraw my account within 4 years of service will I be eligible to get the pension fund.

    If not how I can go about to get the Pension fund.


  218. Hello,

    I worked in a company for more than 5 years before resigning. Its been 2 years since i left previous company but have not withdrawn PF. My current company doesn’t provide PF facility. Recently i came to know that interest is not credited to my PF account since 2 years. Can I withdraw PF now even Hello I am working in a company which does not provide PF? Will I get interest of previous 2 years when I withdraw PF? Please answer my questions.


      1. Thank you sir. Should I approach my previous employer for withdrawing PF or I can go to PF office directly?


  219. hi sir,i have doubts,please help?

    My sister has joined and her salary is 20000 and pf deducted is 1800 as per new rule and now almost 5 months

    1)Do she have option not to opt for Pf anymore and can save that amount in bank?

    2)Since in EPS as per my understanding it is saying 10 years continous service then it can be claimed at 58 years but she may a take a break and may or may not continue job so her pension amount which is 8.33 % is lost?is it right

    Please suggest what best can be done?

  220. Dear Sir ,

    As a fresher I was start my job in Jaipur year 2011 and my company has been deducting money for EPF as per rule later I switch my company and they don’t deduct any EPF but currently I am in a limited company and they deducting my EPF so my concern is my previous EPF account number is continued automatically or its start with a new one.

    1. Jaydayal-If you want that old account to continue then provide that number to your new employer. In your case it will not continue automatically (Unless you have UAN and you provide it with your new employer).

  221. Dear Basu…

    i have joined work on 9/04/10 and my last working day was 06/03/2015. And my total PF is Rs.278.000/- in my PF account…how much interest i may get in final settlement………?

  222. My earlier PF a/c was starting with TNMAS from there it was transferred to KDMAL, but during transfer of amount only PF amount was transferred and not pension amount. would like to know why this pension amount was not transferred.

  223. dear sir,

    i would like to know if it is possible for me to get complete statement of my epf a/c from date of my joining till my leaving of company.

      1. then how can i know if correct PF has been deducted and paid to EPF office by my employer.

        secondly my pension amount from old PF a/c was not transferred to new a/c. why is it so.

      2. Respected sir,
        I want to know that,
        Can any company deduct 16% epf of our salary when salary is Rs.12600
        And the company deducting rs.700-900 Esi.
        I think this is frod
        Pls sir suggest me what is right…

  224. sir i am working in a bangalore based company in Chennai, i am getting 16500, but i dont know how they are deducting PF & ESI from my salary, hence can you please advice us the calculation of the ESI & PF

  225. Sir,my father was death on last 2 year but company not given any amount of till date, what can i do.(company said just wait..& wait)

        only payment slip is sufficient to show regional officer

  226. thank you very much for above posts.
    its truely very much useful.

    can you please suggest the way to transfer pf from trust pf to general pf which would take minimum time.?

  227. Dear Sir,

    What is the current rate of interest of EPF and from which month the interest is calculated?

  228. I want to withdraw my PF , was waiting for this year interest on my PF amount, do you know when interest in actual credited to PF account, in my Passbook can’t see any thing as it is still showing last updated in 18 Nov 2014.

    Should i give request of PF withdrawal as it is 2nd April( I want my last year interest to be credited) , or wait for some time more. from last 6 month i am not contributing PF as i am not working in india.

  229. i have checked the epf balance through online portal it is showing clear balance as 32ooo rs and i am waiting for amount to get credit but please let me know how much final amount will be credited to my account i worked for 2years , please let me know how much amount will credit to my account

  230. what is the date on which PF interest is calculated? Is it 31st March every year? I do not see any interest added today

      1. Dear Basavraj Ji,

        i am working for TATA group in pune. i am monitoring my PF from my monthly salary slip right from the joining and crosss checking it with online EPFO website. Both the amounts ( my record from salary slip and the amount on EPFO/UAN website) matched till feb-15 month, i.e contribution of PF till Jan-15 month. But i do not see the contribution of PF for Feb-15 month on EPFO website. i mean too say that my PF has not been updated for Feb-15 month salary. will you please comment on which date of the monthly the PF gets added on PF account? and when intrest is credited; monthly/annually or at the time of PF withdrawl?

    1. How can I take befit of my EPF account.Still my company not provide me a passbook .If in necessary time I want to withdrew my money then how can it I should do ?

    2. Arundhato-Please read above post in detail You get the idea about how many rupees will transfer to your PF account. For your information, employer not provide you the passbook. You can get it online from EPFO portal.

  231. Hello,

    I have applied for closing my pf account by submitting Form 19 and 10C.

    Both the forms get rejected for 2 times, they have not mentioned the reason for rejection. The below is the rejection report.

    Claim ID : TNMAS140700053913
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (TNMAS00838800000000002) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

    Claim ID : TNMAS140700053912
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (TNMAS00838800000000002) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.
    Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO CHENNAI for further details

    But suddenly 2 day’s back i got the refund deposited directly to my account, but only a part amount (employee share + employer share) not pension fund.

    Claim ID : TNMAS150300015838
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (TNMAS00838800000000002) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    There is no update about form 10c, Please let me know should i approach the PF office again to get details of form 10c? As long as i searched in the net there are 2 different answers. Some people says that pf refund will be in 2 installments, the second installment will be automatically credited to my account within one week.

    And some says that we cannot withdraw pension fund before 10 years / 58 years of service.

    Please clarify which is true and will i get my pension fund or not? if yes, how long should i wait?

    Please guide me the right procedure to get the pension fund.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Basvaraj,

        Thank you for your reply. But please clarify which one is true. Will they deposit EPS amount directly to my account within a week or EPS cannot be withdrawn before 10 /58 years of service?

        If not should i approach my PF office for withdrawing EPS using form 10c again?

        Thanks in advance

  232. Hi Sir,
    Thank you so much for all detailed information. I also wanted to know the interest credited to my withdrawed epf account. As per your suggestion I downloaded the e-passbook, but it states the account statement is not available as it has been closed. The company got shut down. In my previous company, (which also shut down) I got a statement via post in which everything was stated but nothing this time. Please help me to calculate the interest credited in my account.

  233. Hi,

    Let take my pf amount is Rs 100000 now(5 Mar 2015). Pls advice me interest of last year added or it will added only in the month of April. I am applying for claim now. Is this suitable time to get claim or can I wait for some time. Note: I am in the need of money though I am unemployed


  234. My salary above Rs. 20000.00 per month, i am eligible for epf or not? My employer is not continued my epf account.

  235. Recently, I downloaded my “Member Passbook” from EPFO website. I can see employee along with employer share. But, I did not see any interest calculated on the total amount. Is this hidden in employer share ?

  236. Hello,
    I am Rebin. I do have an amount of 36035/- in my PF account. starting from 01/08/2012. My share was 780 each month and the company share was 239 each month till 01/26/2015. After that i resigned from there. Can you please tell me how much is the “interest” amount in this account.
    Please help me…


    1. adding to the above note

      employee share is 18410
      employer share is 5757
      pension fund is 11868

      also, if i am closing this account I will be getting the sum of the above three, right???
      please help me…

      1. thanks yaar…
        the passbook says 156+53 at the month of march 2013 and another 932+292 during march 2014
        so the total interest amount credited in my account is 156+53+932+292. Am I right ?

        1. and when i am closing it, i will get my share + Company share + pension; am i right?
          also tell me the interest i mentioned above shown in the passbook is the only interest amount in the account.

  237. Hello,
    I am about to claim my ex employers epf balance this month itself which i did not claim since last two years, so just wanted to know that since you said the interest gets credited at the end of every financial year. my question is, as this is the month of Feb so shall i wait till 31st of march’15, to get the due interest or they will anyway give my due interest on pro rata basis even if i submit before 31st march.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

    Thanks & Regards

  238. Hi,

    As you told that 3.67% of the basic salary+ DA will be contributed to EPF. But what about EPS and EDLI deductions I mean I withdraw my PF then I will only get 3.67% of employer contribution. Is EPS and EDLI also included when we withdraw PF? I am confused here.

    One ore thing I want to mention that my employer was deducting their EPF from my CTC? What should I do in this case?>

  239. I am working in a PSU for the last 6 years. My PF balance is around 7 lac and i am contributing around 6000/- month.
    So in this case how to calculate monthly interest on my deposit? can you pl give an example using excel?

  240. My question is that if my salary will be hike above 15000Rs. is my PF account will be closed or it will deduct continuously???

  241. Question:-
    I Joined the Organization on 30th Aug 2010 and Left organization in Dec 2014. I moved to out of inida in Dec 2014 so no PF transfer option I had.
    My question is if I do not withdraw the money, till when can I get the intrest on that amount? If i Withdraw the money, will it be tax payble? Tax will be deducted by EPFO or I have to submit the intreste earning while filling theIT return.

  242. 8.33% of Employer Contribution to EPS does there a limit/cieling. I have seen some updates the deduction limited to certain amount. What is that amount ? if the amount is beyond that does the excess amount from employer contribution get added automatically to EPF instead of EPS.

  243. Hi,

    I see in my PF statement that the interest for the Employee contribution & Employer contributions per month are calculated and added every month.
    How ever i do not understand how the interest is calculated on my last years balance or this years opening balance amount. will that also be 8.5% of the actual outstanding amout ?
    want to know at which month that interest on opening balance amount will be added to the total. ?


  244. I left organization on 24-06-2011. Now I transferred my PF to current PF account. I got interest for
    2011-2012 – Got Interest
    2012-2013 – Got Interest
    2013-2014 – Did not get interest
    2014-2015 – Did not get interest
    As per rule I should have to got interest up to next 3 years, after leaving the organization after that account will get inactive and no interest will get added. Could you please help me to know up to when I should get interest and if I didn’t get interest as expected then with whom I should check\contact?

  245. Hi sir i did work at pvt ltd company 2 years and 11 month so did i know how much pf amount will be save in EPF account ????

  246. Hi Sir,

    i am working in pvt ltd company , now my pf slip shown opening balance is Rs 17356 as on 13-14. interest amount is Rs.1881/-how i will calculate and 2013-2014 contribution is 9203.

  247. Hi,

    I read your article on EPF and it was very helpful. Thank you.

    I was hoping that you could help me figure out if the EPF balance shown in my PF account is correct.
    My payslip shows 2 different PF account numbers for the 2 years that I worked for the same company.

    From June 2011 to July 2012, Rs. 600 has been deducted for PF.
    Then from August 2012 to April 2013, Rs. 765 was deducted for PF.
    PF no. is different from May 2011 to April 2012 and from May 2012 to May 2013.

    Could you please calculate and tell me how much I stand to gain altogether when I withdraw my PF amount in april 2014?

    Thank you.

  248. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for sharing awareness and spreading knowledge.

    My query is – I had worked for an NGO from July 2011 to March 2014 (32 months) where I had an PF a/c. From April 2014 I had joined another firm and there is no PF facility.
    Now , I had no choice rather than withdrawing it. Please let me know, whether I will be taxed as I am withdrawing before 5 yrs ?? And is there any better solution to get exempt from tax? Please advice

  249. Hello sir,

    My question is my employer has deposited employer contribution part after two year’s and 1 year employee part recently now do i get any interest on that amount retrospectively or no interest will credited for 2 years.

    Please reply soon

  250. Dear sir,

    I Subir Banik inform you that, My father is a serviceman in bank sector. He had 4-5 year left to be retire. Recently he applied for an “EPFLoan” and it sanctioned for my elder brother’s marriage. Now the marriage has been cancelled. The loan amount is nearly 4Lac.

    1) So is there any chance to cancel the loan and refund it.
    2) Is there is any situation to refund it with any penalty interest.
    3) Can I simply keep the money for my brotrhers marriage later.
    4) Is there any chance of imprisonmaent.

    But the bank have signed my father in a “NRW7” form which says i can refund it with “.interest at a rate fixed by the fund”.

    So please let me know how much interest I need to pay to refund the money as I have 15 days left to complete one month of the loan taken. And I still did not spend any money. I know there is documentation on upon this. But it will be better for me to understand if you give me a quick view by answering me these question.

    Please give me your good advice as early as possible. I am eagarly waiting for your suggestion.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Subir-There is no imprisonment kind of penalty on you. But it is best to refund it mentioning that marriage was cancelled. Once the marriage re-scheduled then you can raise the loan once again. Why to keep it at your end pay interest on it?

  251. Sir,

    I have an pf account from last 7 years and I have changed job in august month till now I have not withdrawn PF Amount I will get interest on what ever balance is available in my account or not

    If I will get interest on my balance when I will get it

    Or better I can withdraw the amount immediately


  252. Sir,
    the amount that is deducted from my salary for PF is not the same as the amount that is getting deposited in my PF account. I spoke with the competent authorities also regarding the same but i have not got any revert from them. please suggest me how to proceed further regarding the same.

  253. Dear sir,

    My name Midhun TS and i worked 4 month in SHRI RAM Infomedia Ltd Delhi, I submitted the PF forms in the month of june 2014 at my company, till now i not got PF. i checked my company they said that ur form was rejected, Please kindly Help me…

    My PF a/c Number: DL/38854/3254
    i attached my pay silp with refrence,

    Midhun TS
    [email protected]

  254. Hi Sir,

    I had made a request to transfer my PF account via online around 2 months backup and last week I got a message saying that it has been successfully transferred.

    I thought my pension account will also get transferred, but seems like it has not happened. When I checked the passbook via online, I could see only the PF account balance of my old company and it doesn’t contain any pension fund.

    Is the pension fund also got transferred ? If so why it is not showing in the passbook ? If not what should I do for the transfer of pension fund?

      1. I have request for old EPF account balance transfer to my current EPF account.
        Status of request is : “Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office.”
        I want to know within how many days/month it will be transferred?

        Also. I am not able to see old EPF balance as it is INACTIVE Account.
        as I had left the job 7 years back.
        How can I see the balance of OLD EPF account?

  255. Dear Sir, I am working as computer operator as on the date 01-04-2014 to till today. My consulted salary is Basic + VDA Rs. 7229/- How much Rs cut of my salary for PF & ESI

    How much Amount Employee share & and Employer share contribution Please give the details

    Thanking you sir

  256. I would like to know if I should withdraw my pf or wait for few months or years to do so. (Is there any intrest accumulated )As I am not going to continue work. I joined on feb-2014 & quit on November -2014.