How to check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project?

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How to check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project? RERA for real estate is now the reality. Hence, you may find many real estate advertisements quoting the RERA registration number.

However, there may be a possibility that their claim may be FALSE (not in many cases but few builders may dare to do this) or their application might be rejected due to some reasons or not following the compliance.

Hence, it is always the best to cross-check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project.

You may be aware that RERA even though formulated by the center, but it is a state subject. Hence, you have to first identify your state’s RERA portal and then accordingly cross check RERA registration status of real estate project.

You can also cross check the details like specifications mentioned there are in place in the project and the flat you have selected are matching or not.

RERA was implemented on 1st May 2017. However, a majority of homebuyers are still not aware of RERA rules. Even after developers mentioning their RERA registration number in their advertisement of every project, many homebuyers do not take it seriously to cross check the same.

By cross-checking the RERA status, you will also come to know the project details, a status of the same and also you may find other projects which are available in the same locality.

How to check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project?

Let us move on and let me explain to you the process to check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project. As I pointed above, RERA is now a state matter. Hence, you have to search for the respective state RERA portal to identify the RERA registration status of the builder.

Heere, I am showing you the process of how to check the registration status of Real Estate Project of Karnataka and Bangalore.

Step 1-Visit the Homepage of RERA Karnataka. Then click on the link “Approved Projects” (it is in Kannada).

check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project

Step 2-Here, you will find the four tabs as below.

check RERA registration status of Real Estate Project Bangalore

Start with the tab “Applications under Process” and then towards each tabs like “Applications under Query”, “Applications Approved” and “Applications Rejected” at the end.

Step 3-Under the tab “Applications Approved”, you will find the project details and also the certificate. However, to view the project details, you have to create the login and download the project details.

I suggest you to download the project details and download. Then compare the same with the builder provided project details. If there are any deviations, then immediately raise an issue with the builder. If he does not heed to you, then raise an issue with RERA.

Download RERA project details online

The typical Karnataka RERA certificate will look like below.

Karnataka RERA Registration Certificate

You notice from above certificate that it includes the validity of the certificate issued also.

Hence, before buying and BLINDLY relying on builder claim of RERA registration, it is always the best practice to cross check the same under respective state RERA websites.

If there is any deviation in the project, then clear it before you jump into buying. Also, cross the validity date of the RERA certificate.

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