How to link Aadhaar to EPF using online and offline?

EPFO now made it mandatory to link Aadhaar to EPF. Earlier there was an option to update it online only. However, now they started offline facility also.

Do remember that the deadline to link Aadhaar to EPF by employees and pensioners is extended to 30th April 2017.


Why have we to link Aadhaar to EPF?

# Aadhaar is one of the important KYC document which contains details like your name, date of birth and address details along with your photo.

# By linking Aadhaar to EPF, you will make it easy to merge multiple UAN numbers into single UAN.

# Aadhaar is used as Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA). This will reduce the number of documents to upload into a single document.

# During withdrawal process of EPF, it makes easy for EPFO to verify your KYC credentials at ease.

These are the major benefits for link Aadhaar to EPF. There may be some different views of making Aadhaar linking as mandatory. But going forward Aadhaar may be one of the important document of your authentication.

How to link Aadhaar to EPF online?

Using online facility of EPFO you can easily link your Aadhaar to EPF. Let us see the steps involved in this.

1) Go to EPFO Unified EPF Portal

EPF Unified Portal Login

Using your UAN number and Password login to Unified Portal.

2) Once you login, then the screen looks like below. Here, under Manage tab, select the KYC option from the drop-down menu.  Update KYC in EPFO

3) Once you select KYC tab, then you will find the screen as below. Here, EPFO provided the options to update Bank details, PAN details, Aadhaar, Passport, Driving License, Election Card, Ration Card or NPR.

We have to select the option of Aadhaar. Enter the Aadhaar number and also the name as it appears in Aadhaar Card EXACTLY. Then click on SAVE tab.

link Aadhaar to EPF

The majority of employees will face the issues here. Due to a mismatch in names or service issues with either EPFO or UDAI, you may be unable to update it. If there is a mismatch with name, then try to inform the same immediately with your employer to resolve the issue.

4) Once you save it, then you can view the same under pending KYC option. The screen of that will look like below. Wait for around 15 days for approval. If it is approved, then your Aadhaar status will be available in “Approved KYC” area.

EPF KYC Status

This is how you have to link Aadhaar to EPF.

How to link Aadhaar to EPF offline?

Considering the hardship of employees and pensioners in linking Aadhaar to EPF online, EPFO launched the facility to update or link it offline.

The EPFO has developed this Aadhaar seeding application with support of the (CSC) Common Service Centers and CDAC. The Common Services Centers (CSC) are ICT enabled front end service delivery points at the village level for delivery of Government and private services. With the implementation of Aadhaar Seeding Application, now Provident Fund member or pensioner can walk in any of the field offices of EPFO or CSC outlets with UAN & Aadhaar and seed the Aadhaar with the UAN.

With the implementation of Aadhaar linking Application, now employees or pensioner can walk in any of the field offices of EPFO or CSC outlets with UAN & Aadhaar and seed the Aadhaar with the UAN.

This offline linking is the latest news. As of now, I am having this much information only. I will update this section once I get more information on this.

Hope this much information is enough for you to link Aadhaar to EPF easily and within the deadline provided by EPFO.

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  1. Dear sir,
    As I am trying to login through epf member portal, it is showing to change the password as my old password has expired, then when I am trying to create a new password it is showing that an OTP will go to the new adhar registered mobile no. ;but the SIM of Adhar registered mobile number is already damaged and hence the OTP is coming. Kindly suggest

  2. Sir my name is inderpal singh i forget my uan password when I reset it shows temporary problem in adhar server

  3. Hi Sir,

    I am working as a HR in one company.
    One of my employee he has two pf member ids against single UAN.
    We corrected his name as per aadhar on UAN portal but the issue is correct name is reflecting on UAN portal only but not on passbook hence we are unable to transfer his pf as gov. Rejects his calim by giving reasion “Name Differ”
    Need your help please please suggest.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Warm Greetings !

    My self Mr.Shibu working as a Nodal officer of Vodafone . Here am in request of retrieve my dad’s PF account .

    My Dad Mr.Shajan C A was working in a company named Manikam radiations in subaraminiyapalam KNG pudur, coimbatore Tamilnadu , for last 20 years !

    Where else now he has left the organisation on mar 2018 with inimation , but the organisation is wantedly refusing to claim the pf amount.

    We have given online form submission via epf portal to re verify aadhar but the same is not accepted as on date .

    Secondly we have called multiple time to the company manager for last 3 months he says he ill accept the request but still now the same is not done .

    And we have tried to walkin to the company 10 days back with paper forms to get sign from the organisation, they are not even allowing inside .

    Sir , request your heartly support to resolve the issue , we have tried all the possible ways for the last 3 to 4 months .

    Now you all are the only support to us to get the pf amount to us.

  5. Hi Basavaraj,
    My Name,DoB in EPFO form and Adhaar matches.
    Still it throws error Aadhaar mismatch ‘ aadhaar authentication failed. aadhar number, name, dob or gender mismatch’ — > when i tried verify it.
    Can you please help

  6. Dear Sir,
    How can i merge my past Pf account to other pf account as i am not working. In My Uan everything mentioned but i cant transfer my Pf in my Uan both Pf account shows. kindly help me to merge my pf online. So that i can withdrawal my total pf online process.

  7. Hi,

    When i tried to entered PAN No, it show error as UAN name doesn’t match with Income Tax department.

    Where we can check what name registered in Income Tax department

    How to fix this, do we required to make changes in PAN or what to do

    please suggest

      1. Thanks for quick and prompt reply

        Name under PAN is ASARI NAFEESAHMED
        Name under UAN is NAFEES AHMED ASARI



          1. Thanks for support, just one question

            Hope we can withdraw partial amount only just with Adhar as well.

                  1. Hi Basavaraj,

                    Does withdrawal amount include pension contribution as well ?
                    How can we withdraw it and whats is procedure
                    My tenure of PF is 3 year running

  8. We are unable to link Aadhar Number with Employee Name in the P.F. Portal. It is coming

    “Temporary Problem in Aadhar Server. Please try after some time”.

    Please suggest how to go about.


    ERROR l temporary problem at aadhar server. please try after some time.



  10. On the EPF website, under the option “Online Services” – Transfer Request

    One of the points under the instructions reads as below-

    “Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted” What does this imply?

    I have to link 3 past/old PF accounts to my current PF account. I did not have a UAN with my previous employers. Per my understanding, before I can link all the PF accounts, I need to contact my previous employers individually, share my UAN and request them to link UAN to the PF no.

  11. Dear Sir,
    In my UAN every KYC updated but my father name and my Relation is not updated with my father. I put a complain in Help desk also in past 2 months ago still no resolution. In Online when i go for claim Please update your FATHER OR HUSBAND NAME in member details through your Employer/Unified portal. I left job 2 years ago and my employer wouldn’t help me to update this details. So kindly help me what should be my forward step so that i can get my money.

  12. I have a PF account which has not been active since March’2006 can I link this PF account also? Or will I be able to only withdraw since its been inactive for so long?

      1. Thanks! Does the govt. take funds from PF accounts that are inactive for a long period (greater than 10 years) and use the funds on some other schemes i.e. pension program for the elderly.

  13. I have a UAN generated/active, I have used the UAN details to log into the EPF website (, before I can link all my previous PF accounts, I need to ensure that my personal details are updated in the portal i.e. Aadhar, Gender. I filled the information and its currently “Pending at employer”. Can you tell me how soon will/can my current employer review/approve the details.

    1. + Can I link my other PF accounts even if my personal details are NOT updated in the portal?
      I have a PF account which has not been active since March’2006 can I link this PF account also? Or will I be able to only withdraw since its been inactive for so long?

    2. Dear Dushyanth,
      “Can you tell me how soon will/can my current employer review/approve the details.”-How can I say this? Better to set your personal details correct, then try to link or transfer.

  14. Hi,

    I am Vipul.

    My UAN name formate is firstName and last name but my Aadhar card formte if Firstname MiddleName Last Name.
    i tried to link my Aadhar card to UAn but it shows Aadhar data mismatch and not aalowing me to link my KYC.
    I wanted to withdraw my PF but department is rejecting my claim.
    Can you please help me to know what shoul I do in this case.
    Do i need to update my Aadharcard data or do I need to visit PF department to update my Aadhar card with present data.

    Please share your valuable input.


    “”Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication”””

    1. No need to go any whr pls go to mee seva and do Addhar correction and should match with the uan Same
      If u do This process u can seed adhar with uan easily

  16. I recently changed order of my name from “<>” to “<>” in AADHAAR before 60 days so that it gets matched with my UAN profile name. I received new AADHAAR within two weeks with correct order. Now, name and order in UAN profile and AADHAAR are same. Also, there is no discrepancies or spelling issues in Name, Gender, DOB. Still, when I try to add AADHAAR as KYC document in UAN member portal, it is showing “AADHAAR authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data” error . Due to this error, I am not able to submit online claim. Please note that I could successfully link AADHAAR with UAN via EKYC portal of EPFO and it is showing AADHAAR = “Verified (OTP)” in UAN member portal. However, above error is not allowing me to proceed with online claim. Please share your valuable feedback.

    1. Coorection in first line: I recently changed order of my name from ‘LastName FirstName Middlename’ to ‘FirstName MiddleName LastName’ in AADHAAR before 60 days so that it gets matched with my UAN profile name.

  17. When I want to clima the pf it shows that’s Addhar is not authenticated from uidai it’showing this pls tell me how to solve this problem

  18. hi,

    i am changing my current organisation and has submitted the aadhar for kyc with the current employer. what if the case the current employer didn’t approve it ? or do i need to do any thing ? please help me out. what impact does it have ?

  19. I unable to update my aadhar details with my PF account.

    I am getting a below error.

    Error: Temporary problem at AADHAR server. Please try after some time.

    I am getting the same error for a month.

  20. Hello,
    When i check in my EPFO web page under my login, under claim form its showing as AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office is it not possible to update in system with out going to nearest EPFO office.


  21. My Aadhar and Bank details are not updated.
    When I tried updating them now, It is showing that the request has been sent to my previous employer for confirmation. I’m no longer employee of that company and presently not working.
    Will it be done or Do I need to raise a request through call center for updating the above?


  22. Hi Basu,
    In my EPFO account my kyc is approved. But there is different surname (husbends) in my aadhar. In pan, epfo and in bank account are according to my father’s surname. Am i eligible for pf withdrawal ?

  23. Hi, Your article is very helpful
    I had one more query, I was not able to link my aadhar to my UAN so I went to one of my CSC center and updated the same using bio metric verification.
    Now, when I check my online portal, the aadhar number is still not updated,
    Can you throw some light on this or the time taken for the aadhar number to be seeded onto the online system.


  24. My father got retired from a PSE in 2014. His name in EPF and subsequent PPO has a typographical error of one alphabet. Can you please guide me about the procedure to be followed to correct this error. ?
    And do retired employees can also use online UAN facility ?

  25. Hi,

    I m Priya,

    Adhar and PAN details is not updated, its shows “verify”. but previously i didn’t get this error. now what i have to do? please anyone clarify.

  26. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for the detailed guide!

    I linked my aadhar card a few days ago and got a status saying that the verification pending at field office, but now the field is blank and also the KYC tab does not reflect my aadhar details.

    Appreciate if you could please share any insights about this.


  27. Hi Basavaraj

    I had submitted the online calim through portal , now there is no manual process right..? , i can wait and watch the online status regardingthe claim right..?

    approximately how much time it will take..?

      1. What are the chances of rejecting online claim..? we are able to submit the form because everything is in order right..?

  28. Hi, There is an name mismatch between UAN and AADHAR. So I was not able to update AADHAR details in KYC. I have initiated name modification request in online . It is pending at PF field office for long time. I have decided to withdraw through offline. I have filled all the necessary withdrawal forms and got establishment seal from employer. But employer says, my KYC status should be yes. But my KYC status shows NO. Please advise, is it necessary that the status to be YES.

  29. Hi,
    I’ve resigned from my job in less than 4 years and my accumulated PF is substantial. Can I withdraw the PF completely as I have no intention to work again? And if yes, what is the applicable TDS amount please? Thanks in advance.
    You are doing a yeoman service to all those in need. Keep it up.

  30. Hi Basavaraj,

    I’m trying to link my adhaar number in UAN portal. While updating , facing the below error.
    I have tried multiple times.

    “Temporary problem at AADHAR server. Please try after some time.”

          1. Hi, I’m facing the same issue(Temporary problem at AADHAR server. Please try after some time)from 2 days. Please help me in resolving it. Thank you in advance.

              1. If there is any mismatch in the details (Name, DOB etc.) between the Aadhar and UAN, then it fails with “Temporary Error”. Please check if there are any differences in your name, DOB address etc in your aadhar card and UAN portal.

                If there is any difference in UAN(even a small spelling error), then you should contact your employer to get it corrected. Unfortunately, neither you, nor your employer can change the details. Your employer will have to submit a declaration to the PF office for the error in details.

                1. Dear Sir,

                  Thanks for your response.Please can you advise while trying for offline method, do I have to visit EPFO office centre and provide them the details.

                  Tanu Gupta

                    1. Dear Sir,

                      I am able to enter details in KYC in EPFO portal.However, I am unable to generate claim form .Date of joining organisation is also missing in portal.Pls advise if I need to wait for my previous employer to enter reqd details.


                      Tanu Gupta

          2. Sir,
            My EPF account name -jagdish balodi, my aadhar name is jagdish chandra balodi, how can i change my EPF ACCOUNT NAME. Pl resolve my problem

    1. Error while AADHAAR authentication.Aadhhar authentication service is not available. Kindly try after some time.

      I am getting above error

  31. Hi,

    In the EPFO site, I saw they have enabled the change request for updating the Aadhaar details. I have updated my Aadhaar number and name as per Aadhaar.

    I got the reference number# 104027 and the present status shows as ‘Pending at employer’. I have checked with the employer and they said they have no idea on this reference number.

    Can you please let me know, how to track this reference number to be approved so that I can update the KYC details.


  32. Hi help me to get my PF. I am not able to link the KYC details lik aadhaar and bank details. It’s not allowing me to enter the details.

  33. Hi,

    I’m trying to update my adhaar card details in KYC. Even upon providing the correct adhaar card number and name, the below error is getting displayed.
    Please help me asap.

    “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.”



    2. Hi, I am facing the same issue and same error, Is it resolved for you ? if yes then please guide me! 🙂 It would be of great help! 🙂

  34. Finally my PF is settled and my money got credited in my account
    But it is 10% less than money it is in passbook , my assumption is they cut 10% tax.
    But i do have more than 10 year experince and i have submitted the 15g doc also. anyone know why they cut he tax

      1. I had visited the PF office , it was a mistake from their side. They told money has not yet sent to IT department, they assured i will get the money back in 20 days.
        Hopefully i will get it soon

  35. Dear Basavaraj

    I send offline claim of composite from aadhaar dt.18.10.2017 but i cannot see any progress of claim,i also register online epfigm but status is (Under Examination at our level).so how to know my claim progress.

  36. Finally i got reply from PF grievance cell.

    “The claim form – 19 processed for Rs.XXXXX/- on 09.11.2017 and the same will be credited to your bank account in few days. The form-10C rejected with the remarks: as the service is more than 10 years-not eligible for withdrawal benefit. You are advised to submit Form-10C (old format) for scheme Certificate along with the family details (along with the proofs for DOB) for issuing Scheme Certificate.”

    please let me know which form i have to fill for scheme certificate

    And importantly , the amount they quoted is wrong , it is less than which is in passbook , so how can i get the exavt money which is in passbook

      1. Sure will do that.

        What is the form-10c old format they are talking about, and what is this scheme certificate..?
        when will i get that amount..?

          1. I got that, but do i need to submit a different form for that..?
            I had given conposite withdrawal form now and it is rejected.

              1. I will check with pf office regarding new form.

                But help me to understand about service certificate, supposeni have 30k in the eps, after 58 years i will get that money..?
                Or is it in the form of pension..?
                And thiz week i joined new company and in form 11 i didnt mentioned about scheme certificate details in that, is it ok..?

  37. Its been 2 weeks since i applied for PF withdrawal through offline , i cant see any status of my PF withdrawal till now.
    But today i checked my EPF passbook , i can see , intrest added up to April 2018 and i can see one line

    Claim Against PARA 69(2) and associated amount

    Does it mean it is approved..?

  38. Hi,

    I recently changed my surname in Aadhar but my pf account is registered with my previous surname, I am unable to update Aadhar in epf portal. How can I claim my pf. My Aadhar and PAN having same surname now.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        This post is related to my spouse. She resigned that company 2 years back. PAN, Aadhar and other proofs having new surname. Only this EPF having old surname.

  39. Hi Basavaraj

    Till last week , when i am clicking online claim in UAN portal , i was getting this error
    “Aadhar is NOT Authenticated from UIADI”

    But today when i checked i got below error
    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding”
    I am having 2 PF account under UAN , but one of them is already transfered to current one 3 years back.

    Right now i had given offline application to pf office , will this situation affect my offline withdrawal process..?

    1. Hi Deepak,
      You need to merge/consolidate your PF accounts, please login to unified portal-> online service->transfer request and follow the steps to merge the account. once submitted, please wait for approval.

      1. With out that, cant i withdraw the money..?
        It is online issue right, i had transferred the money and i can see it in passbook.

        How much time it will take to approve that..?

        1. Offline process is time-consuming you can even opt for it. The issue seems to be of recently adopted online version, they are trying to make PF completely online. 3years ago you might have transferred via offline mode which lately in the online version might not have merged.
          Time taken for approval, still a ? Keep tracking.

          1. My offline withdrawal forms i already submitted last week.
            Before that i was trying for online withdrawal, but because of aadhar kyc issue i couldn’t do it.

            My worry is becuase of this merger issue, anything will happen to my offline withdrawal..?

  40. Dear Member, Your Aadhaar details – XXXX XXXX 4511 against UAN XXXX XXXX 6181 could not be verified due to mismatch in details. Kindly update your details. Regards EPFO

    Getting msg like this…pl tell query to this


    1. Hi Madan,
      Please match your Aadhar & UAN details and look for whichever is incorrect. eg: if your DOB is correct in Aadhar and incorrect in UAN, you need then contact your employer to correct your DOB in UAN as it is part of KYC.

  41. Dear Sir,

    I am getting message as Your Aadhaar already linked against UAN number when I tried with but I am getting error while using online claim through UAN Portal getting error as Aadhaar not authenticated visit nearest epfo office. Please suggest

      1. Dear Sir,

        I visited EPFO office and got finger print authenticated. I received a mail that aadhaar authentication is successful but I am not able to claim through uan portal.

          1. For me it took almost 15working days after seeding aadhar through CSC and was getting same error and visited epfo office and they have verified and confirmed that aadhar has been seeded. However post approval from employeremployerunder KYC I was able to claim.

            1. So unless , it is approved from employer side , we cant do anything from UAN portal right..?
              when your employer approved..?

              1. It was approved 2days ago and I have been following with my employer for a month and due to digital signature issue they were not able to approve. In the meanwhile I have dont mutiple follow ups through emails/calls/grievences to my pf home branch for 2 months but really pathetic service and for and finally before writing this comment I got first email from them saying your aadhar is approved and your claimclaimis in process this was the response I got after 10 emails/50 calls/2 grievence request with epfo bandra office 🙂 🙂 good that they wouldnt have replied after my retirement. 😉

                1. OMG , i am following with them since august , problem is my company outsourced to another third party , they are not responsive at all.
                  2 weeks back they told , it will be take 20-30 days more to do that.

                  1. Betteryouapply offline mode you would be able to get in 30-45 days. I applied through online finally on 10/21/2017 waiting for the update

                    1. Aadhar seeding through CSC/EPFo works only for transfer option I think even if yiur aadhar is not approved under kyc if your aadhar is seeded through csc/epfo/online it will allow you to raise transfer request but not the online claim option in UAN portal

                    2. I had tried the offline claim , and it got rejected by saying “Authorised officers signature differers”
                      looks like employer made a mess with my applicaiton , and waiting for it to be corrected.

          2. Hi,
            even I seeded my aadhar via online mode and now getting a message AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office. Also, in the PF unified portal Aadhar as KYC is showing pending and when checked with the employer there is nothing showing pending at their end. do not know whats happening?
            And, when i’m tracking it in e-KYC Portal it says : Dear Member,
            Your Aadhaar Details XXXX XXXX 4085 against UAN XXXX XXXX 3954
            has successfully been verified.
            Online services linked with Aadhaar can be availed.

              1. This is the common problem every one here is facing. @Basavaraj: could you create a new blog for addressing this issue , “Employer not aproving KYC on time , people are struggling” something like that.
                we can share the same in Social media and make some noise about that..?

                  1. One more doubt , what will happen to UAN after PF settlement..?

                    Suppose i join new company , need to use the PF settled UAN or need to create a new one..?

                1. Lately, I found out the GOI has deactivated >80lac Aadhar Card and as a result when someone is trying to link Aadhar with UAN are getting msg: Aadhar not authenticated by UIDAI, please visit your nearest EPFO office.
                  When I verified my Aadhar it was deactivated, to my surprise, many of my office colleagues found their Aadhar status as deactivated.

  42. Santa was asked what is the matter with him by Banta?
    “I have constipation”
    “Did U link your Aadhar Card to your ass?”
    “No wonder it is BLOCKED”

    Even if KYC is approved still the UAN cannot be Unfolded becoz “Aadhar is NOT Authenticated” when even my Bank accounts are authenticated by the very same Aadhar Card…Why shd we waste our time standing in mile-long queues in EPFO Bandra for eg.?

  43. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    My uan no active but i m trying to online claim but error( AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.)

    now how to claim online.

      1. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

        My uan no active but i m trying to online claim but error( AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.)

        now how to claim online.

        I M already seeding my addhar no through csc digital sewa.

    1. Can you please check in UAN portal if your aadhar has been approved under KYC?
      I have been facing the same error affer seeding aadhar from CSC however in UAN portal it was pending approval from my employer and I was facing the same error I got it approved in UAN portal, post that I was able to claim

      1. For me , UAN in linked with aadhar and new KYC portal is saying , i can use online services for pf withdrawal.
        But since my AAdhar is pending KYC approval , i am not able to proceed with online claim , Employer has to approve the same. and employer is telling , “because of technical reason” they cant approve now.

        in this situation , can i give offline forms for withdrawal by using composite aadhar form , which dont need Emplyer signature..?

  44. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have a doubt.Do we need to Link aadhaar to each individual PF account (since if switching companies has seperate account for me) and also do we need to link aadhaar to UAN seperately?

    1. Srikanth-Practically one must have one UAN and one EPF. First try to merge all UAN. Once they are merged, then try to transfer all EPF to one. If you have multiple EPF, then it is as of now best to link to all separatley.

  45. Sir while updating PAN CARD ERROR comes PAN verification fail NAME AGAINST UAN DOES NOT MATCH WITH INCOME TEX DEPARTMENT what should I do?

  46. Hi Basavaraj,

    I went to this site: I can seen there is Adhaar entry available under “Approved KYC” but there is verify button I can see with this. I tried hitting that button but getting error like “Error while verifyin Adhaar. Please try after sometime” and its happening from last two days. Now I need to transfer my PF to my account but its saying Adhaar is not linked.

    Could you give me some pointers on this.

    Munish Arora.


    Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed.

    I TRIED TO LINK THE AADHAR THEN GETTING THE ERROR AS Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.


      1. I face same problem , while transfer old company epf to new employer epf accoount , error show

        “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request cannot be processed”

        what is the solution of this error & why this problem occurs, I don’t want to go offline process. plz help me out

        this problem

          1. Dear Basavaraj,

            I had already attempted through offline , but they rejected the form by mentioning : ” reason of

            rejection: CERTIFICATE A/B/C/D/E/F NOT ENCLOSED/ SIGNED. Remark by DA/AO :


            can you plz explain what is this meaning.

            1. Dear Basavarajji,

              I have two UAN numbers.

              & I want to transfer my PF from old UAN No. to New UAN No.

              I have sended my KYC online for approval to my New Employer after updating in New UAN Number,

              But Employer refuse to approve Aadhar No. as this Aadhar no. already updated in Old Employer UAN No.

              Then plz clarify ,

              How to update Aadhar No. in New UAN No. ( as this no. already approved by Old employer in Old UAN No.) is it required .

              Can I transfer my PF from old UAN to new UAN without updating Aadhar No. in New UAN (as Aadhar already updated in old UAN)

  48. Dear Sir,

    My employer is not updating the bank account details in UAN portal is there any other option to update the same. I don’t want to get into trouble while doing epf claim. Please suggest.

  49. Dear Sir,
    I went to epfo office and updated my aadhar details after that I received a mail that my aadhar authentication is successful. In my uan it is still showing as aadhar status pending and in online services facing issue as ‘AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.’ Kindly tell me how to solve this issue.

      1. I had visited the PF office and linked the aadhar , still it is not reflecting in KYC section and it is showing same message “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office”
        Office is telling , it may take 10-15 days to reflect in online. @divya when you linked your aadhar to UAN..?

    1. Hi Divya,

      adhaar is not authenticated from uidai. please authenticate your aadhaar by visiting nearest epfo office. Is this error resolved?

  50. sir please confirm me how to update aadhar details in employer portal… we update aadhar details online in employer portal but name,gender and Dob mismatch while updating Aadhar details against employee previous UAN no.

    Please help me to solve this problem.

  51. Dear Sir,
    My aadhar card number is not atteching with my uan. That is showing “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.”
    Please help me to solve this problem.

    Vijay Sharma

  52. I find that my DOB is wrong in my EPF account. If I try to connect my AADHAR number to this account, it gives error DOB does not match as AADHAR has correct DOB. How to solve this?

  53. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    My KYC is not updated in epf portal (in Old Company). i have left my old company and join another company. Now new company has generate my new UAN number. Should i withdrawal my old pf amount by non aadhar form, then will there be no problem at the time of withdrawal ? Or should i merge my old UAN number to new UAN number? can you please suggest me ? what should i do now ?

      1. My employer not updating my KYC since long time, so i was thinking withdrawal my pf. what kind of issues will face at the time of withdrawal ? and if i merge both, at this condition when old pf amount will be transfered into my new PF account?

  54. sir i am getting error as ‘AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.’ for online services in uan, but in UAN card KYC status is yes, linked aadhaar by visting epfo office. please tell me the solution

      1. Sir I received a mail saying aadhaar authentication successful after visiting local epfo office. Do I need to still wait?

          1. sir but still I am getting error as ‘AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.’ for online services. What should I do to claim epfo.

  55. Am getting the following error on my EPF site.

    “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office”

    Presently my PF is maintained by Hyderabad office and am in bangalore.

    Kindly advise what needs to be done.

  56. Dear Basavaraj,

    I had an issue like name,gender and Dob mismatch while updating my Aadhar details against my UAN.
    My AADHAR is issued with wrong name and DOB initially and I have submitted the same for my employer while creating the UAN, later I have corrected the details and got the new AADHAR.

    Here is my scenario.

    Current Details in UAN portal:
    B.Abcdef (proper name but not fully written as per Aadhar)
    dob: 01-02-1990 (Proper AAdhar)

    Old Aadhar:
    Bxyz Abcdef (a letter is missing in surname)
    dob: 01-05-1980 (Improper DOB)

    Current aadhar: (aadhar with proper details)
    Bxyzz Abcdef (Proper name)
    dob: 01-02-1990 (Proper Dob)

    Can you please suggest me how can I proceed with.

    Thanks in advance.

  57. Hi Dear,

    I have updated Aadhaar in Portal and my Employer has been approved and they shown me also under approved MY KYC, but in Portal it has not been updated from 1 months and due to this i can not able to transfer my PF balance…

    Can you please guide me what to do in this case.

    Thank you in advance,

    Best Regards,

  58. Hi Sir,

    In UAN portal I need to authenticate my Aadhaar details. But when i am trying to hit the verify button, it is throwing some error message that details are mismatch. I believe so many people receiving the same by reading all the comments. How i need to verify my aadhar details in UAN portal. I applied for PF withdrawal. It is returned reason is Aadhaar is not yet authenticate, that is what i received. Please help me how i can solve this issue ?

    Thank you,

  59. I have visited the local PF office and updated my aadhar number from there. however its still not reflecting on the online portal.

  60. Hi,

    I would like to withdraw now as I am not working since an year. Aadhar mismatched while entering KYC details. How I can withdraw and to whom I have approch now for update aadhar in KYC and withdraw amount? Please suggest me

  61. My epf pension has been stopped as office at Durgapur cold not match my biometric finger prints three times I visited the office but no results l had to come to Bangalore to stay with my daughter till November.kindly guide what I should do.thanks

  62. Hi Basavaraj,

    I find this blog very useful.

    I have worked for 2 MNC’ s and now unemployed.
    Last 2 MNC’ S have different UAN Created and want to merge it and link to aadhar

    Please help me as I can’t fix this from employer(as I’m an unemployed now)

      1. Im not planning to do so.. but doesnt want to face any issues while withdrawing in furutre.

        Is it mandate to withdraw if a person is unemployed?

      2. Hi sir,

        I have also worked in two MNCs and now unemployed. Want to withdraw money. My aadhar and UAN is updated on the epf website. but I am getting a message which says ” Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding. ”
        Tell me what should I do ?
        and there is one more problem that I could not serve my notice period in the last company. Can I still withdraw my money ?

  63. Dear Basavaraj,

    I am trying to update my aadhaar Details on UAN portal. It shows error ” Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”.

    i am not working since Dec 2016 and i want to withdraw PF amount. When i try contact to my old employer they told to update name in the aadhaar details in UAN and also remove the PAN details and update it once again.

    But im not able to do it and it is not allowing me to update the PAN details again.

    My pf account number is in Chennai and im currently staying in Bangalore.

    Please suggest me the possible solution to withdraw the PF amount.

  64. After login with UAN and checking the KYC details my aadhar and bank details are listed in Approved list, but infront of AADHAR a button showing “verify”. When i click it, it says You name, DOB, and details not match with provide details, while all the information are correct and same as aadhar card…Also i tried to save information as you mention above but not showing anything after clicking on save button. Please suggest me if aadhar already listed in approved list, its necessary to verify by EPFO?

  65. Hi Sir,

    I seeded aadhar card with epfo by visiting nearest epfo office.They said it will take 1 month to get updated in online portal.But still it is not yet done.It is past one month.Do u know exactly how many days it will take?Do u know some person who has exactly done the same and got it updated?


  66. Hi Sir,
    30 and above staff names or mismatch in my concern with their Aadhaar card Ex: as per PF record Name and Initial there but in the Aadhaar card Name and father’s name were registered. Error showing while link it through EPF portal. How to I link Aadhaar card with their PF account. Please suggest me and let me know.

  67. Dear Sir ,

    i am not able to link aadhaar number in UAN , its showing like error

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

  68. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have multiple UAN numbers means I have 3 UAB Numbers..Now recently i joined in xxx company they gave me new UAN with epf number now the problem is previously i withdrawn money from old epf account ..Now iam trying to seed aadhar to my new UAN but it didn’t happen..While aadhar was verified for my old UAN..So please tell me how can I update aadhar to my new UAN and is there any chance to cancle my previous old UANs??

  69. Dear sir
    i can’t update my Adhar card due to error like “invalid gender detail for authentication”
    so please suggest to me what i have to do

      1. While i tried to link my Aadhaar card, it shows “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”. Could you please suggest what is to be done

  70. Hi sir, Im facing the issue of linking the Aadhar card. I found out the issue it was my name mismatch in my uan my name was registered as HEMNATH.R
    But in my Aadhar it was mentioned Hemnath. Initial mismatch in Aadhar. Is that possible if I can able to update Aadhar through offline.

  71. Hello Basu,

    when i try to link my adhaar to UAN i get below error.

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    where/how can i check what are my adhaar details registered and where.

  72. After linking my adhaar in KYC column of UAN login. It’s showing pending approval. It’s almost 20 days gone, but no response.

    Another thing is that, after linking my adhaar, is this possible to withdraw 100% money without visting EPFO or employer?

  73. Dear All

    Specially Basunivesh

    Any online option to approved my all Pending KYC or after some times option available in PF website.

    Because I am unable to visit PF office and employer not supporting for the same

      1. Dear

        Many time contact grievance cell online portal but unusal response contact employer again or visit office

        already Inform I am unable to visit office please do something in favour of me and employer not doing so please take against it but no one

        personally request please suggest me what can I do

        or if any EPF person so help me in this case

        or any online to register full case and received response in favour of me

          1. Thanks for reply

            and Need one more information

            IF I will withdrawal PF after some time so face any issue in future….

            last amount submit date 21-08-2017

                1. i have update my aadhar online it shows pending @field i have to do any offline procidure for update but is other staate then how will it work temme i m
                  warried .if aadhar is show pending can i apply pf offline while submit all related doc..please do help me i mfascing this problem past hr also cant helping

  74. Hi Sir,

    In My UAN details, my middle name is missed, that’s the reason it is not linking to Adhaar.

    I tried using following link to request for updating my middle name(which is missed as per UAN)


    But after filling all details, at last page number, i am not getting OTP to “verify pin and Submit”. i am tried this lots of time and getting blocked here.

    Any body knows how to proceed..?

  75. Dear Sir,
    My Aadhaar no is XXXXXXXXXXXX Name Sarvesh Tripathi DOB – XXXXXXXXX Hai
    Epfo Kyc Updetation me nhi le raha hai usme —Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication Likh kar aaraha hai please help me

    1. Sarvesh-Just a WARNING, don’t share your personal details on such public platform (like what you shared your Aadhaar number and date of birth). Better you try linking by visiting the concerned regional EPFO.

  76. hello, sir
    when i trying to update my kyc detail i am not able to type anything in given field.i alsom tried to click the checkbox but nothing changes.

  77. whenever t tried to update my aadhar no i am getting the error mentioned in below please tell me what is problem over there

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data

  78. Can an employer reduce the pf contribution? Can he change the employee’s basic salary to reduce his contribution to EPF? For us up to last month they have deducted Rs.1400/- and from this month they are deducting Rs.878/- only. Is that possible or illegal? If illegal what action we should take against him?

  79. Dear Sir,
    How much time it will take to update aadhar no. at uan portal. As i update my KYC on 15/07/2017 till now my kyc not updated.

    Please update

  80. dear sir,

    as tried for the aadhar no to link in the uan portal but showing the error ,

    pls advice if any mistake entry made by employer then how can we link into this.


  81. Hello

    I have left my Previous company 2 1/2 years back and i wanted to withdraw the PF amount and i learned that i can withdraw the PF amount without the previous/present employers attestation. but for this to happen i need to have my aadhar and Bank account details linked to my UAN. my Bank account details are verified but the issue is with the aadhar number. it is already updated but not verified and when i try to verify it says details mismatch and not getting verified.

    1) so to whom i need to approach to get this corrected. do i need to check with my prev employer
    2) can i still go ahead with the old procedure of going through the attestation
    3) Can i my current employer can fix the aadhar details .

    Please help me on this

    1. just to confirm my aadhar number is already showing up in the approved KYC details. but looks like it is not verified as i can see the verify button for it. so can i still go ahead and apply for the transfer. please help me on this

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for the Response. i have both my old and new PF account linked to the same UAN number. so can i still go ahead and withdraw money from my old account by submitting Form 10c with my previous employer.

  82. whenever t tried to update my aadhar no i am getting the error mentioned in below please tell me what is problem over there

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data

  83. Hi I have updated my aadhar online about two months back but still it is in pending approval. and i did through CSC also still it is not reflecting in member portal. if i try to update again through CSC it is saying that it is already linked but not reflecting in portal. can please help me about this?

  84. Hi
    I am resigned in April 2017, my date of exit is not shown in my epf profile. And also aadhaar is not approved. If i update aadhaar through EPF office by offline, can i claim my pf by online without the date of exit?

      1. Hi
        Thanks for the reply
        But Date of exit is showing mandatory in online pf withdrawal instructions.
        If i update my aadhaar through epf office, how much time it will take to approve it?

        1. Hi Fahad,

          Yes… you will have to get ‘Date of Exit’ updated by your ex-employer without which you will only see (once Aadhar is linked and verified) partial withdrawal option as already experienced by many others including myself.

  85. Hi Guys

    i had added my AADHAR to UAN portal and now it is KYC pending , i do have few doubts here.

    1: who will approve my aadhar for linking with UAN..? , i had left with the company and not joined anywhere

    2: Once KYC is approved , can i withdraw my PF amount..?

    3:generally how much time it will take for KYC approval

  86. Sir,
    I am able to login with my UAN in unified portal which you mentioned above in your post. But using same credentials I am unable to log in into ”“. What should I do? I contacted EPFO office via mail. But they are not taking any interest.

    What is the use of such service where people face so much of difficulty. Please tell me what should I do?

  87. Hi,
    I have filled Adhar number in UAN portal but it the status of it is showing pending.
    Please let me know how much time it will take change the status as approved.

      1. They won’t update. You have to go and meet the EPF people. I have complained to the PMO regarding this stupidity but nothing happened. It is all bullshit. Basically, you need to go there and this online thing is farce.

  88. KYC Status is pending
    Aadhar and bank Account details has been updated
    How many days it will take to change the status as Approved and which concern team giving approval ?
    Thankssss in advance…….

  89. I am already aadhar number update in EPF Online system but my status is Not Showing in approved KYC. how many days aadhar number Update in EPF account

  90. Employer not approved my KYC any other online Option to approved KYC pending KYC Aadhar card and Pan card

    Please help me I am totally helpless

    or share any contact whose help me

  91. Getting below error while adding KYC in UAN portal.

    For Aadhar card entry add – getting below error

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    For PAN Card entry add – getting below error

    Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)

    I am providing correct information but still errors.

    Please help

  92. Hello Sir,

    This is regarding linking my Aadhaar with PF Account. I have made link request online. Its been over 15 days now and I have very less hope that it will be done online.

    My question to you is, Can I authorise some one in India to go to PF office and link it offline as I live in abroad.

    Appreciate all your help regarding this.

    Many Thanks

  93. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,
    I have recently switched my job.
    To initiate PF transfer claim online, I have seeded my Aadhaar Card with my UAN but KYC approval is yet to be done from employer. Seems I have to visit EPFO office to get it verified.
    My query is – can I visit any nearest regional EPFO office to get the KYC verified (Delhi) or the regional EPFO office where the new PF account is created (Chennai), as the current employer HQ is situated in Tamil Nadu.
    Thanks in Advance.

      1. sir
        i have updated my aadhar…..and it is showing as pending for a long time now…
        i am not in employment for the past 1 year …so no employer
        what to do to get my aadhar updated….so as to claim my pf online

  94. hai

    I want to withdraw only pf amount and not the pension . and I want to transfer my pension amount to new employer . is it possible . kindly advice

  95. Dear Sir,

    I have logged on to EPFO site and tried updating my adhar number online but I am getting the below error.

    “Invalid Date of Birth for AADHAAR authentication.”

    I tried several time but same error. But my Date of Birth is correctly written on Adhar card printed copy.
    Please advise


  96. Sir,

    I worked in an organization for 2-3 months, and joined new organization without final settlement.

    as i dont know pf and uan number my new employer generated new UAn.

    now i am having problem to view passbook and other details, whenever i try to see passbook it shows old details.

    i want to deactivate my old uan as it does not have enough money.

    Please tell me how can i close/deactivate my old UAN without the help of employers and in easy way.


  97. I have update aadhaar in EPFO portal. It is still pending.
    Does it need to be approved by employer ? If yes, then both current or previous employer or just the current one ?

  98. Respected sir,
    I have added KYC more than 3 months. Till now it was showing Pending KYC. May I know when it will be approved ?
    with regards,
    Anirban Nayak

        1. Dear Basavaraj,

          I had talk to HR of my last company so they were asking that they will update the KYC.

          that’s why

  99. Hello sir,

    My PAN number and Bank account was approved and it is linked with UAN.But the AADHAAR number is under pending KYC and need to be approve by employer. I am following past one month still employer not responding.Is it possible to apply through offline mode by EPF withdrawal form (AADHAAR based) to EPF office? Thanks for your reply & help.

  100. Hello Sir,

    My name, DOB, gender on Aadhar card and Pan no matches exactly. However on EPFO website under KYC details I don’t see my Aadhar details but under online service transfer request tab in personal information I can see my aadhar no, which is wrongly updated. Don’t know who have updated my Aadhar no. My previous employer said he is not able to delete the Aadhar no. Als0 I’m not able to add correct Aadhar no in KYC details. We both me and my employer are getting error as Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    Please help me out what should be done in this case.

  101. Hello Sir,
    Just need to confirm if offline linking of Adhaar and UAN number is in process.As my ex employer has not approved the KYC from last 15 days and today when I called them, they said the site may is having some issues.
    Also , what is the time frame of getting the money in the account as I am in need for the same urgently
    Thank you

      1. Hi,

        I logged into my account. Under approved KYC it has a) Bank b) PAN and c) Aadhaar. Against AADHAAR its shows “verify”. After clicking it gives the error message “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”.
        I can see that my name is not displayed correctly as per what is in Aadhaar.
        How can delete this and add Aadhhar details again?

  102. Hi.. I have left the organisation in April 2017.. after that I have updated all the required details on UAN portal and all the documents are approved. But, there is an tab of verify next to aadhar card in approved column. when I click on that it says gender missing. How to update that as my emplyore saying that they dont have the access for the same.

    Below is the error while requesting on claim form.
    AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.

    Please help !!

  103. hi
    i am resigned from my company in last april. now i am looking to withdrew my pf amount. but my aadhaar is not linked with UAN. i am added aadhaar details by online. how much time it will take to approve the aadhaar details? who will going to approve? if it is by the employer, and i am not working with the company for the last 3 months, how it will get approved?
    could you please help me ?

  104. HI ALL



      1. Thanks for reply

        but already do that (EPFO office Noida Region)

        From Grievance Cell Received surprised reply Please come along with your employer joint representation with your original ID proofs.

        Already inform employer so how i can do that

        Please if any other option please share with me

        Really I am helpless

        1. Hitesh-Only GOD can understand. How can possible joint employer representation? If a letter is required, then it is fine. Inform to your employer that their representation by the way of a letter is required.

  105. Hello Basavaraj,

    When am trying to claim FORM-31 online, after filling all the details and upon clicking “Get Aadhar OTP” it is showing the following message..

    “Error: Mobile not verified”

    Can you please help me in what way can i get my Aadhar OTP?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. How to get my mobile number to be verified at UDAI level?

        What is the procedure for that?

        Pls advice.


          1. Hai basavaraj.
            I have also same issue mobile number not verified.actually my mobile number updated in adhar.I don’t know what is the exact issue.can i know the any other option to withdrawal PF.or how to get adhar pin please explain

  106. I have tried many time to update KYC in my ac on line but i didnt able to do it when i try and tick on adhar card after that i didnt not able to put other detail like number and name.

  107. Not able to link uan with Aadhar and getting name DOB etc mismatch error as others when trying the online route, so visited a CSC and linked through OTP option in their software. Received OTP from UIDAI and also confirmation mail from UIDAI that authentication through OTP successful from EPFO system. But when I checked the uan portal when reaching home not able to see Aadhar under approved or pending KYC. Is there any idea whether my linking is successful. Whether there is any timeframe for this to get updated in the uan portal under approved or pending KYC.

      1. Further to our last conversation I would like to share my experience on linking UAN with Aadhar. As mentioned earlier my issue is my name in Aadhar is with initials expanded and name in UAN is with initials only so not able to link online and getting error.

        I tried linking through CSC software which also showed the same mismatch and the CSC personal said that they may clear as it is minor only. I waited for a month and nothing happened, so decided to visit the EPFO. Checked with a person working in EPFO whether we can visit any epfo office or only the concerned EPFO where our account is and he checked and asked to visit the concerned EPFO only.

        Visited the regional EPFO at Royapettah Chennai and tried to link, to my surprise the software used in CSC is same what is being used in CSC and the lady shown me the name mismatch and said you cannot link it and informed me of 2 options.

        1. If you want to link immediately collect joint declaration form from counter, change name with your employer(provided you name in Aadhar is correct) fill the form, sign yourself and get it attested from the employer with seal, attach a copy of Aadhar and submit at the concerned EPFO. Then the name in UAN will be corrected and Aadhar can be linked online or offline.

        2. If you can wait they are on the process of making changes in their software as done for linking pan for accomodating minor changes as mine but the time for which this to happen may be 2 to 3 months or more which she is not certain.

        This is my personal experience on the issue and thought sharing this will be useful to others also.

    1. Dear Chitharanjan

      Whether AADHAAR number is updated in UAN portal now?Please let me know the information since today i updated through CSC center. How much days it takes to reflected in UAN portal?



  108. Thanks for the info. But, when i tried to add my aadhar details in KYC it is throwing an error message with ” Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.”

    Could you please help me.

  109. I have added KYC details in epf site but it is not verified yet.Who will be doing it?My employer or epfo site?

  110. How long will it take for aadhar to be updated?
    who approves the request?
    i am not working from the past 1 year.
    who should i contact regarding approval?

  111. HI Sir,

    I’m getting this error while adding the AADHAAR card– Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication. But I entered correct information. Please give me solution. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gokul,

      First check whether your Gender information is updated correctly on UAN portal, if yes then Send a mail with above error details to EPF customercare which is available in UAN page. Thank you.

    2. Hello Gokul,

      Gender detail to be updated in your profile. Ask your employer to do it, since they have only rights to do.
      So update Gender and then update AADHAAR. This will work.

      1. I am facing the same problem but i have not opted for pf with my current organisation. So how can i get it updated ?

  112. Hi,

    I am trying to link my AADHAR details to my UAN. However, it throws an error while linking the two. There is a discrepancy in the name at both my AADHAR and UAN levels.


    Could this be a problem while linking of the two?
    If yes, I would like to get the name changed at the UAN level. What procedure should I follow?

    Chirag Jhurani

  113. Hii…I can see the most of the people here are facing the below error:
    AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office

    Even I am getting the same error and my Aadhaar is approved under KYC. Also, I got an email from UIDAI last year (Sept 2016) that my Aadhar authentication is successful.

    Could you please let me know what would be the next step here. I have dropped an email to them with he screenshots but i do not think i will get a reply.

    Please suggest !


      1. Hi,

        I was trying to see what happens when you claim PF online . It gave me an error – Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.

        What does this mean? Thanks.

        1. Dont Try,

          Worst Site of EPFO . . Last 4 years since 2012 They are talking about online Still they are useless nothing new except adverstisement .

          1. hi basavaraj,

            i have 1 uan only.. but 2 member id’s. 1 for my previous company and 1 for present company.. which is how it is.. I already withdrew PF when I left previous company.. so why is it asking me to link both member Id’s ?

            1. Hi Rajesh,

              I’m facing the same issue. Were you able to resolve this issue? Please help me if you have solution.

              I have nothing to be transferred from previous pf account, this was already done in past.

              The call center number is not reachable, I believe this is deliberately done 🙁

              “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding. ”


  114. Hi,

    I am not able to register the Aadhar number in KYC upload as it is showing(Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.) on saving it

    Please help

  115. I approached the epfo office for aadhar seeding through aadhar seeding application. They seeded it . Its being around 10 days but the aadhar is still shown as pending KYC in uan.

    * I am not currently working .My ex employer is not able to seed KYC that is why I approach epfo.

  116. I have tried to link to Aadhar with UAN but got the error as below :
    ‘Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data’.

    Kindly suggest the further action to correct the UAN portal
    And what is the last date to link aadhar with UAN??


  117. Dear All,

    For all those who are facing problem in aadhar authentication may also try mailing [email protected]

    Subject line should be – – Aadhar – UAN Seeding Authentication
    Attach your pan card and UAN Card
    Give the following details

    a. Full Name (Mandatory)
    b. Address with State and pin code. (Mandatory)
    c. Phone number
    d. E-mail address.

    I mailed them few days back & today got revert to send the following details

    Today I received their mail and said that they will do the needful .

    At least we can try . Me also waiting now after mailing today . Atleast Aadhar customer care now also gave me The querry ID no to tract the same in future with the querry ID.

    All the best to me and all People here.

  118. Hi Sir,

    My DOB is incorrect in the UAN portal. I have tried to link to Aadhar with UAN but got the error as below :
    ‘Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data’.

    Kindly suggest the further action to correct the DOB in the UAN portal (unable to find online option to change DOB in UAN portal.)
    And what is the last date to link aadhar with UAN??


  119. Hi,
    “If there is a mismatch with name, then try to inform the same immediately with your employer to resolve the issue.”

    What does this mean? I have joined a new organisation and while trying for online pf transfer I am getting Aadhar authentication issue. Probably it’s because my epfo registration is with initial included in my name.(Surabhi M Panwar) and on Aadhar card it’s only Surabhi Panwar. It says mismatch while doing KYC. How can the employer help in this situation? Please clarify.
    Thanks in advance..:)

  120. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a Lot — Just checked online status showing Claim under process – – Possible how many days will take to get money credited in bank account Now ???

  121. Hi,

    I had added my Aadhaar on KYC at EPFO portal. While Aadhaar is visible at Approved KYC and a verify click button is visible. When the verify button is clicked I get the error: “Error while verifying AADHAAR. Please try again later.”

    Also, I’m not able to login into Member Passbook Facility, I get error message as invalid UAN or Password.

    Thank you
    Sushant Nayak

  122. Hello Basavaraj,

    I want to merge the old and new pf. I logged in to my UAN Portal and checked for transfer, but it has mentioned as below:

    “Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Your AADHAAR is not authenticated.”

    Kindly suggest how to overcome this issue and transfer my previous pf amount to new pf.

    Thank you in advance:)


  123. Dear Sir,

    Just got the Acknowledgement receipt of claim submitted in physical form Non-aadhar based . It was submitted on 22nd June 2017 at EPFO Park Street Office.

    Now if i am able to apply online should i apply or wait for the company claim ??

    Still I have not received any message on my mobile so is it processed or not that also i dont know.

    Approx now how much time will be taken to settle my claim I mean why what date i can expect the the money in my account settled as documents are all ok and complete ??

    1. Is it possible that message on mobile does not come and the claim in under process ??? My mobile no are updated one

  124. Hi, I forgot my UAN password and lost my registered mobile number. So i tried to change my mobile number and it gave me the erro “Aadhar and PAN not verified”.
    How do i link AADHAR card an PAN card to my EPFO account in this case?

  125. Dear Basu Sir,

    My Mother receives family pension from EPF after my Father’s demise. For the last 2 months, pension not received, when we checked with EPF and bank, they asked us to link my mother’s AADHAAR through Jeevan Praman. So, we did Jeevan Praman which is nothing but getting a digital life certificate. I hope there is no UAN to be generated for my mother as she is family pensioner and not an employee. Please clarify our doubt.

    Also, we did this Jeevan Praman link in Bangalore whereas she receives pension in Chennai. We just give the PPO number as per the document. There is no identification that this PPO number belongs to chennai/tamilnadu. Is that ok….? Noone at bank or EPFO is guiding us on this.

    Looking forward your reply.


    1. What is the address on the AADHAR(Chennai/Bangalore)?

      Probably if they identify from AADHAR that you are residing in a different state, PENSION might be stopped.

      Also, since you have just got the PPO number you can just wait for a couple of weeks for that to get updated and check if the next months pension is credited.

      For PPO, there is no need of UAN.

      You can track your credits of pension from the below link:

      1. Ranganath-Having address proof of Aadhaar differ with actual residence may not be cause. Once the pensioner confirm the LIFE CERTIFICATE, then that much enough. They can’t force anyone to stay in same locality.

        1. “They can’t force anyone to stay in same locality. ” .. but there are a few people whom I know who lost their pension because of this reason. But, cannot confirm if this was the ONLY reason why their pension was stopped or if there are any other reasons.

            1. Yes, the complete process is getting streamlined, that is what is happening and there is no use of this thread to discuss that this is right and this is wrong(as what ever is documented in form of a note or circular as well is in vain, visiting the nearest EPFO centers is also of no help as they are in a complete dilemma and no info with them as well). There is no concrete procedure that is in place at this point of time, it is a complete chaos with the labor department. Online transfer not happening, offline withdrawal process is taking months, online website not upto the mark with all errors(though AADHAR is updated and showing up in KYC, there is a popup which shows to update AADHAR … and so on..), passbook is not up to date with the amount credits, it still shows the credits only upto March(not sure about April, May and June credits and interest update for last FY)… It seems that it will take a couple of more months as per the grievance cell for everything to fall in place if not more.

                1. I understand..waiting from last November, more than 8 months. Testing our patience. Not at all a publicity stunt, was a good thought by the PM, but the people who are implementing it including the labor department minister along with his assistants have failed in this perspective, I understand, it is a big process, but that cannot be a reason to get away..background work has miserably failed, no back up. It is like demonetization, want everything computerized, soft cash, wanted to see no utilization of hard cash, demolish black money, so old 500 and 1000 rupee notes cancelled(good thought again, but people including RBI and then its partner banks who was implementing this has miserably once again failed to create a back up or work on its after effects) … not sure about the future when the present is looking dark for many..The same will be now with GST..nothing for the common man once again….only benefiting the rich. As per a study 2000 crore burden(if not more) on farmers, where we say our Nation(INDIA) is dependent on agriculture, farmers once again are ditched along with the common man. People who took it up to implement this is definitely a good thought, but people who are sitting in the AC rooms and designing the framework ….. I have no words for them… Not sure why it is taking so long to recover from demonetization and this UAN structure with EPF and not sure what will happen with GST that is gonna start this midnight. Seeing many farmer suicides across a few states was alarming and _____________

    2. Dear Mathan,

      Since your mom is NOT an employee but just a recipient of family pension, there should be no need for UAN for her.

      I believe you have already completed the aadhar linking with digital life certificate (through Jeevanpraman)

      Usually pension is credited to bank account within first week of the month.Just check whether you got it in your bank account.If not contact your bank where it gets credited.Hope this helps

      Best regards,

  126. Problem occur while updating KYC Aadhare card

    Reason: Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.

    Plz help what to do

      1. This is not working.. it’s hopeless department ever I seen in my life..

        Offline facility only available for pensioners & not for who are working.. online facility showing error from last 2 month.. it’s wasting of time.. privatization of EPF department required very soon.. money collection govt sites are up to date like Income tax.. only problems with who give money to public & its public money & not epf money.. they treat like beggars to us when we visit epfo office..

        1. But this may not work for digital India.. dream of our Modi sir.. issues with people’s behavior on how to find mistake rather than to cooperate EPF account holders..

              1. Namaskar kakasaheb,

                Earlier EPFO was bigger mess. What your are seeing now is still much much better than earlier times.

                (Adhichya peksha khup …badal zhala ahe…..I hope these things are changing for better…)

                Best regards
                Pranav C

      2. Hi Basavaraj!

        I visited EPFO office, they said correct your name in AADHAR, whereas everything was correct!

        Totally helpless now! They didn’t corrected even i shown my AADHAR card.

  127. I had middle name missing in EPFO website and my Aadhar has the middle name. I have submitted the application through my employer in March. My employer has submitted the same on March 30 to EPFO office but I don’t see my correct name reflecting on the UAN portal. What should I do? I got Aadhar Seeded today manually visiting the EPFO office. But here are my couple of questions:

    1. When will my Aadhar number reflect on the UAN portal.
    2. When will my correct name appear on the UAN portal. It’s already been 90 days.
    3. Changing my job next month, with the above issues. How should I proceed?


    1. Rachit-1) Your Aadhaar number may not reflect in UAN until you apply for name change in UAN. Do the same through an employer (I am doubtful whether you requested for name change in EPF or UAN).
      2) Not sure.
      3) Better you resolve now. Otherwise, raise the issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

      1. 1. I always thought EPF and UAN are one and the same. I had submitted Revised Form 5 for the correction in the PF account. How can the UAN name change be initiated?

      2. HI,

        My Aadhar is already approved and showing under approved KYC section. Even than Portal is reflecting “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.”, when i tried to click on tranfer fund tab.

        Do I need to Seed Aadhar offline ?


    2. Ruchit,

      U did seeding through thumb print or mobile otp. While doing through thump print did you get any message on mobile ? ?

      1. I did seeding through thumb print. I didn’t get any message on mobile but got an email. Are you facing the same issue?

        1. No i didnot receive any message of email but got the receipt as ” Aashar seeded succesfully with UAN” is it ok NA ????

  128. Dear Sir,

    It has been 5 days since i seeded aadhar with UAN at CSC centre and still it is not showing in approved kyc list . How much time it may take . I need to with draw PF cz of medical emergency . Also i got the receipt as allmatching and ” aadhar seeded successfully with UAN”

  129. Hi,

    I had added my Aadhaar on KYC at EPFO portal. While Aadhaar is visible at Approved KYC and a verify click button is visible. When the verify button is clicked I get the error: “Error while verifying AADHAAR. Please try again later.”

    Please advise.


      1. This problem only coming for who eligible to withdrawal partial amount in below category:
        Housing Loan/Purchase of site/House/Flat or for Construction/Addition, alteration in existing house/Repayment of Housing loan (Para 68B/68BB/68BC)

        Rest others Adhar linked with EPF account.. This was my general observation.

        This error is not genuine.. Its intentional error by EPF department..

        It was common observation, whenever people withdrawal fund in above mentioned category(offline), they faced lots of problem & hardly 2-5% peoples claim fulfilled without in hesitation.

  130. I recently joined one organization. Here there is no provision for PF contribution. Please give your suggestions that shall I withdraw the PF or let it be in the account itself.

  131. Hi Team,

    i am trying to verify my Adhaar no. in epf portal but getting below error:

    Error while verifying AADHAAR. Please try again later.

    it has been approved by KYC.

  132. Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)

    When i tried to linked on Incometax portal its give me info that already linked. but when i tried to KYC update on UAN Portal its gives on above error.

  133. For there are few information missing under my Member Profile like Gender and Father’s Name. Those fields are stated as ‘Not Available’ . I searched to update those section online but no luck. Though, option to change phone number and email id is there. How would be I able to change those concerned fields?

  134. When i am trying to update my Aadhar number i get this error message ‘Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.’
    I am very much sure sure that my Aadhar is updated accurately with all the information. yet unable to update for UAN.

    Please help!

      1. Basavaraj – Are you sure, they allow offline authentication.. As per my knowledge.. they not entertain.

  135. Sir,

    My aadhaar no is reflecting in approved kyc list but is asking for verify , but after clicking on verify it gives an error


  136. Dear Sir ,

    After aadhar seeding done by local CSC E governace centre – – Does it require employer approval as i have left job since a year . I have my bank and pan seeded . Aadhar is pending . So asking after aadhar seeding at pf office or local vle is employer approval needed ?????

      1. Dear Sir,

        Thanks a Lot . Today I went to CSC centre and got the receipt that “Seeding successfully completed.

        How many days it will take to get reflected in my Online UAN portal under approved KYC list.

                1. Thanks, Nimesh, Basavaraj. Was there any mismatch in your name on AADHAR and on UAN?
                  In my case, the UAN card has my name as expanded by my AADHAR card has initials. So, I was getting the “name mismatch” error when I tried to link AADHAR to UAN online. So, I went to the EPFO in Bangalore. The lady there took my UAN and added the AADHAR number and I verified through biometrics. She said AADHAR is seeded but the system will reject it later because of the mismatch. Is that correct? Should I apply for name change in UAN in spite of completing the AADHAR seeding process?

                  1. Dear Bharath,

                    At CSC online only i got the receipt of aadhar seeded with UAN . . All three details also showed matching . Name DOB and Gender and then i got the receipt . In case name differs then please rectify in UAN at the earliest cz if name mismatch in uan and aadhar online claim will not be processed.

                    Alaso can you plese tell me how much time it will take to get reflceted in UAN portal approved List

                  2. I am also having same issue and not able to link aadhar online through KYC section. So, which EPFO office did you go to in Bangalore? Please let me know. Also, what is the procedure to update the name in UAN to match that of Aadhar? You have any idea

                    1. Hi Kiran,

                      I went to the EPFO at Richmond Circle. There is a separate desk for AADHAR seeding. You can also find signage to point you the way within the building.

  137. 1) Problem occur while updating KYC pan card

    Reason: Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)

    2) Problem occur while updating KYC Aadhare card

    Reason: Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data

    Plz help what to do
    [email protected]

      1. Employer can able to update by Aadhare card and pan card if I provid login ID and information

  138. Looks like some kind of data-mismatch correction is in place. I’ve been checking new UAN portal almost daily and online withdrawal option has opened up for me today. It is only allowing me to select – ‘Partial withdrawal/advance’, may be because – ‘Date of Exit’ is not set yet. I’ve been un-employed (early retirement) for more than 60 days and now asked my employer to get this date updated.

    Btw, when I check with my wife’s UAN, I still see same old ‘Aadhar authentication failed’ error. So, it looks like work-in-progress.

  139. Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    This message is displayed everytime I try to update adhaar details, whereas my name,dob, gender is correct in contact details of UAN.

  140. Hi Basavaraj,

    Please can you help me with the below query:

    My PAN is having name as Lastname First name and Aadar as Lastname Firstname. Would it be problem if have names like that for linking process?

    Thank you in advance!


        1. but this linking was done successfully with my PAN number and having problem with only EPF

          1. Sorry… there was bit clarity is missing from my query end :)… The linking process is not happening with UAN and UAN has my name as Firstname Lastname.

  141. I left my job one year ago for some personal i didn’t put resignation letter.can i withdrawal my PF money?
    Also i updated my KYC details on 17th June till now status was much time it will take to update ?

      1. My all KYC documents was approved.and my AADHAR Number was Verified.till now BANK NUMBER and PAN CARD NUMBER not verified.what to do?

          1. I have updated my all documents through online but to claim for PF I am getting two option separately form 19 and form 10C where it should show together.
            what is the problem here?please help me sir

              1. Their is 3 options for others named “only PF withdrawal-19”
                “only pension withdrawal- 10 c ” and “PF and pension withdrawal -19 & 10C”

                I’m not getting that third option.

                1. Hi Akash,

                  As Blog Admin has already pointed out, you have to submit the forms separately. That is because one may only be eligible for EPF withdrawal and not for EPS withdrawal (i.e if EPS contribution is less than 6 months or greater than 9.5 years)

                  1. Hi Sir,
                    I have applied for PF withdrawal through online so within how many days I will get the amount?
                    And how much is percentage will deduct ?

  142. When tried to claim or transfer request gtting an error as Your AADHAAR is not seeded. ” how to rectify this error?
    also when checked the KYC status all are approved nothing in pending status.

    also please help me to undestand what should be the document number against AADHAR? is it our 12 digit AADHAR number?
    if that number is diplayed wrong what are the posible way to update the same?

      1. Thank you for the uick response Basavaraj.

        Also can you please tell me if the unique 12 digit Aadhaar number is wrongly updated and it is shown in approved KYC. how to modify the same?

  143. Hi,

    I have updated Aadhar number in my UAN account online and it is showing in approved list. Still, I see the message ” Aadhar not seeded visit nearest EPF office” while selecting the withdrawal claim option. So I went EPF office and done fingerprint/thumb verification there. In their system, it showed something like seeding successful. Still even after 2 days, now the online account shows the same “Aadhar not seeded” message!! What did I miss?


  144. When I logged in into EPFO member services and check Member details , I can see that Gender as NOT AVAILABLE. What to do, it causes me to validate AADHAAR as kyc

  145. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have couriered all the documents required for withdrawal to PF office Moggapair Chennai on June 1st week. Still now I did’nt receive any acknowledgement message or status message from them. Kindly let me know how can I check the status of my documents.

  146. Dear sir
    my aadhaar not linked with pf account because my name is slightly difference in aadhaar and pf account can i change my in pf account as per aadhaar.please help me sir.

  147. Dear sir
    my aadhar donot link my uan service because my aadhar not have mention my surname please help me

  148. hello sir,

    my adhar card is approved in KYC section but when I applying for online transfer my previous pf account into current employer then it’s showing that your adhar card is not seeded.
    so once again i updated my adhar no and now its showing in pending documents.
    may i know that any other way to seed my adhar card instead of visiting EPF office

  149. I have already approved my AADHAAR details in UAN portal as it is showing me in approved KYC but when i have clicked on “Online Sevices–>Claim (Form 31,19 & 10C)” ,it is showing me this error
    “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office”.
    Please help me out to get it resolve as i want to withdraw my pf amount because i have 2 UAN no.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Mayank-This is the not your own problem. Many are facing this. I am not sure why such error message even though you already linked. Better to visit nearest EPFO Office and resolve the issue.

    2. Mayank please go to the approved kyc list in unified portal. There is new option listed for verify aadhar no.
      Please do that & claim pf settlement online.

      1. HI Rahul,

        Even after clicking on verify I am getting error that verification failed. My aadhar was already approved by employer I dont know why this is happening. is the portal still under work ?

  150. Hi Basavaraj,

    I resigned from my company without informing to the employer.. My Aadhar and Bank details are available in Approved KYC.. Can I claim my full PF amount (100%) through online without employer signature..


    1. Hiii Muthu,

      According to your query, you definitely withdraw your 100% epf balance without your employer sign.

      follow below steps:

      1. Your KYC should be approved by employer.
      2. fill the 19 and 10 c claim form.
      3. If your epf balance is between 50k and 2.50k then you need to fill the 15g form also.
      3. After filled this form you need to attached a cancel check with your form.
      4.And send it by courier to EPFO office where your account is available.

      I am sure u will get ur epf balance.

      1. Jitendra-Regarding your point NO.3, your total income (including EPF and other sources) must be below Rs.2,50,000 to be eligible to fill the Form 15G. It is wrong that only EPF balance should be below Rs.2,50,000 to fill Form 15G.

  151. Hi Basavaraj,

    My KYC is approved with Bank A/C No., PAN and AADHAR in the UAN Portal. Still when I am trying to use the Online Claim service, it show the error “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.”

    So is it a technical error or do I need to get it approved manually from EPFO office?? How should I proceed further to file my claim ? Please suggest.


          1. In the EPFO Grievance cell there also no one is aware of this option. They basically want to lock/block all the 5.2 crore PF members with their money. They need to invest money in the government pet projects and schemes. So they need to create madness in the system where everyone is unaware of everything.

            There was no need for the new UAN portal. The earlier UAN portal was of UPA Government, so the sitting govt felt they need to do something to appease labour class. What we got is a non-functional UAN portal with no KYC migration.

            Moreover, why cant Aadhaar be seeded with UAN with online OTP? Why physical fingerprint at
            EPFO office is required? Are we truly into Digital India?

  152. AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.

    This is the error which I m getting while checking the claim form drop down from online services. However, I can see that under KYC my aadhar shows as approved. Do I have to still visit EPFO office? If yes, then what is the use of this online facility…

  153. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,

    Thank you for such informative articles that too in simple easy-to-follow language. I often come to your site to find answers whenever I have doubt on such matters. I just followed your instructions as above and hope after 15 days Aadhar details will come into Approved KYC.

    Meanwhile, I have been getting direct credit of Pension since Dec 2016 into my bank account (I completed 58 years in August 2016 and submitted claim form 10-D in Sept 2016) incl. arrears for Sept to Nov 2016. Thereafter every month it gets credited on 1st or 2nd as Pension for previous month.

    Surprisingly, no credit has come after 2nd May 2017 (for month of April 2017). I tried the Customer toll free number but all the time it is engaged.

    Shall be grateful if you can please guide me – many thanks !!


      1. Thank you Sir for your advice. I personally visited EPFO with copy of my AADHAR and got it linked. As per PRO there, my “Biometric” was not done and so Pension held up. I found many in the queue with similar problem. After almost one and half hours of queuing up, I managed to get the biometric done and was informed, the arrear Pension would be released on 10th July for May and thereafter for June, it will release in end july. Let us hope that happens. Its a nightmare visiting that place and so many very senior citizens in the queue is really pathetic. Our Govt should do something positive to alleviate such suffering of pensioners.

        Many thanks again. Regards
        Miss Kanta

          1. Sir, I followed your steps for “How to Link Aadhar to EPF online ” on 13.6.17 morning. However, since my pension credit has stopped I visited EPFO Kolkata on 14.6.17 with photocopy of my Aadhar and Bank Passbook. They did the Jeevan Pramaan i.e. Digitial Life Certificate and biometric. They told “Pending KYC” would become “approved” in 10 or 15 days.

            Happy to share, today when I logged online at to check, it is appearing under “Approved KYC”

            Many thanks for your helpful guidance in easy steps as above.

            Sincere Regards
            Ms Kanta

              1. Kanta,

                Did you get any message on mobile after seeding through thumb print. and how many days taken to get reflected in online approved list

  154. while going for withdrawel i am getting below error message

    AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.

    but my aadhar is updated in approved KYC

  155. Sir


              1. So ONLINE SOLUTION BY EMPLOYEE having active UAN is IMPOSSIBLE…This is a classic eg. of EASE OF DOING BUSINESS

  156. Hi ,

    I update my Aadhar card and PAN Card details in KYC 20 days back.still it showing under Pending KYC.When it will approved.

  157. Dear Sir,
    when update the aadhaar no. link to epf account then show name and date of birth is worng, while all is correct.
    what to do is not understand please suggest me.

  158. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the information .

    One more question do I need to update my aadhar details once again, though it is approved by my previous employer but my Online services shows Please update aadhar.
    Is it a technical glitch from EPF site.


    1. Dear Sir,

      Thanks for the information .

      One more question do I need to update my aadhar details once again, though it is approved by my previous employer but my Online services shows Please update aadhar.
      Is it a technical glitch from EPF site.


  159. Dear Sir,

    Trying to update aadhaar number as you explained.

    Getting error : Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.

    Kindly help how to update the details.


  160. ” Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data. ”
    How do i resolve this ?

  161. hi sir,

    I left my job 2 months ago and now i m trying to claim my money without visiting my ex-office ,i m trying to withdraw it online by updating my KYC details but when i put Aadhaar card number and my name it shows” invalid gender aadhaar authenication” what should i do to clear this problem without visitng my ex-employer?plz suggest

      1. Hi Basavaraj, I am trying to do an online transfer from my previous employer PF account to my present employer PF account. But I am getting an error that My ADHAAR is not seeded, though on the portal, under Approved KYC field I can see my ADHAAR details. Can you please let me know how to sort this out?
        Many thanks in advance

      2. Hi sir,

        I want to claim my pf through online, but it says add aadhar to KYC. when i try to do the same it says “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”. Can i update in manually? I am a resident of andhra but my pf account is in maharashtra. can i be able to update from my local EPFO or should i have to consult there? Please help

  162. Hi,

    I also have the same issue like
    (Murugan says:
    June 6, 2017 at 8:49 PM..)

    I have resigned and shifted from hyderabad to bangalore.

    Can I claim without employer signature by visiting nearest EPFO ?


      1. HI,

        OK.. Thanks

        If I am going to my concern EPFO without employer signature, Will I face any problem?


    1. Hi Sir
      I have resigned 3 months back and now i want to link my aadhar card with EPFO for PF withdrawal.
      I want to know if still the employer will be able to help me to autheticate my KYC in 15 days.

  163. Dear sir,
    Thank you for the information. My KYC (AADHAAR, Bank account no with IFSC) are available under Approved KYC . But, when I click on “Online Services” tab to withdraw my EPF, below error message appears.

    ” AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.”

    I have some issues with my employer.

    Can I claim my PF by visiting EPF office and WITHOUT EMPLOYER SIGNATURE?


      1. Hi,

        I am also facing the same issue. Can we withdraw PF from any EPFO office?
        My PF account is at Andhra but I am shifted to Mumbai.

          1. Hello Sir,

            I tried to withdraw my PF online , but I got error as your “Aadhar is not authenticated by UADAI . Please visit nearest EPFO office. ”
            My PF account number starts with AP as my office was in hyderabad.
            As per your blog and error displayed on portal, I visited to nearest EPFO office located Charkop, Kandivali West Mumbai.
            I waited in enquiry queue for 2 hours to get my turn.
            Enquiry officer told me that they can not help me on withdraw process as they dont have my data. He suggested to visit andhra EPFO for further process.
            Also gave token to meet EPF team .
            Person from that team said that this EPFO office do not have centralized server. They can’t help me. Also told me that Online PF withdrawal process is not allowed. News Media said about online process but it is all not implemented. Only one option to withdraw PF is to visit Andra EPFO office and submit below documentations,
            1. Bank cancelled cheque
            2. Copy of PAN
            3. Form 19 & 10c composite form
            4. 15 G form
            5. ID proof copy.

            He shared landline number of EPFO office. No one receive call .

            1. Radhika-It may be true that they might not have data to process your withdrawal, but at the same time, they can accept your request and pass the same to concerned. It is ridiculous that Labour Ministry and EPFO office claims one thing, and these lower level management speaks the different things. I suggest you to raise this issue with EPFO Grievance Cell (explaining the same you shared in above comment).

              1. Hi Basavaraj,

                Suddenly error message changed at UAN portal.
                Currently I am getting error as
                “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.” .

                I joined IT Company 1 in 2012, later in Dec 2015 I joined Company 2. I have successfully transferred my PF account from Company 1 to Company 2.

                Company 1 PF start with : PY/KRP/
                Company 2 PF start with : AP/HYD/

                Kindly suggest, why we get this error. What action need to take from side to resolve this issue.


  164. Dear sir,

    i have some issues with my employer. i left the job 3months before. but in KYC documents they given IFSC code is wrong. and my father name is also wrong compared to aadhar.

    Please tell me sir, Is there any process to update IFSC and my father’s name without EMPLOYER APPROVAL.


  165. Hello Sir, I submitted my PF withdrawal form personally at the regional EPFO two weeks ago, but when I check the status online, it still stays “claim record not found”. What do you think could be the reason? Do I need to visit them again or wait for some more time? Thanks for your time.


  166. hi,

    I had updated aadhar long time back and it shows in approved under KYC. Now when I am trying to transfer my PF amount to my current employer, I am getting a message stating that “Aadhar is not seeded”. Please let me know your views on resolving this.

    Thanks and regards

      1. So another page says that I need to visit EPFO office to authenticate aadhar. I guess there is no other way. Please let me know if there is. Thanks for the response.

  167. Hi,
    I have updated my KYC details in the website. So these gets updated automatically within 15 days. or we have to get it updated from employer or someone

  168. Dear Sir,

    1.) My aadhar number has been verified by my last employer but when I am going to the online service it is showing Please update your AADHAAR.
    Though in approved KYC aadhar number is showing .

    2.) Moreover another thing is showing in bank approved KYC .Instead of approve bank account number they have approved in my CIF number.
    Let me know what should be done and how to fill online claim.

      1. What does one needs to fill in the portal of Grievvance Cell Online.

        Moreover also let me know the bank details verified is showing my CIF number instead of account number.

        Will it create a problem in approved KYC. As in my bank account number my CIF details are showing.

        Please enlighten .

        And moreover howmuch time it takes to open the Online services claim form as my Aaadhar was verified on 30 .05.2017 and is there any mail id where this issue can be raised of EPF Office.

          1. Dear Sir,

            I majorly have couple of issues.

            1) In bank approved KYC my CIF number has been approved with the proper IFSC code instead of bank account number.Will it create a problem while filling for the Online claim.
            2) My Aaadhar number has been verified on 30 May 2017 by my past employer .Now when I am trying to fill the Online claim it cannot be done as it is still showing to update your aadhar.
            Moreover I am sent mail to the epf offices regarding this issue but they have not yet revert back on these two issues I am facing .Kindly let me know what needs to be done in this connection.


              1. CIF is my customer Identification number which is showing in approved KYC instead of bank account . number .Will it have a impact in withdrawal of my PF as it says aacount number should be seeded not CIF number.

                My aadhar is already showing in approved KYC then why again to link aadhar again.

                Please revert back.


                1. AADHAR thing seems to be a technical software glitch. I will still have to visit the local EPFO to check what they have to say on this..

                  1. Dear Sir,

                    Sorry to say As per your previous mail wherein you have said that the account number is not considered by EPFO but the Customer Identification number is required for the transfer of funds with IFSC code.
                    Though my CIF number is approved in KYC ,instead of account number.

                    Do I have to update again my bank account number or the CIF number with IFSC holds good.
                    Please update.


  169. hi sir

    i could not bale to link my adhaar to epfo portal its showing varies type of errors . could you please help me to sort out this issue.
    1, Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

  170. Hi sir, I left the job 3months before. But I have some issues with my employer. Can I withdraw my Pf without employer signature. Pls tell me sir.

  171. Dear sir
    I upload my adhar detail but it show as pending KYC but bank a/c & PAN detail approved. so what can i do plz ?

  172. Sir my adhar card, bank statement, PAN card, and other 2 documents submitted with uan 45 days ago but not approved till now how can do for it.

  173. My aadhaar is approved in KYC but it still says ‘AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.’
    I tried calling the EPFO help desk and local offices but they never answer any call. I have a personal emergency and need my PF ASAP. Could you please help me with this? And also, how long would it take to update by visiting local EPF office?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I worked in Hyderabad in IT Firm. I left job in Sept 2016.
        Currently I shifted to Mumbai (Maharashtra). I have also tried to withdraw PF Online but I received error as “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.”

        I tried to visit nearest EPFO office, they said they can not see my record in their system. Nothing can be done by their end.

        Kindly suggest on this.


        1. Radhika-It is strange that regional EPFO office unable to see your data. I think they are reluctant to update at their end. If you have any other EPFO (apart from the one you approached), then go and try to update the same. If the answer is same from there also, then raise the issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

    1. Hi Venu

      I am facing the exactly same issue. Did you figure out what needs to be done? Can we have a talk over this?

  174. Dear sir, I am a school teacher in kolkata my employer has given wrong date of birth and in my adhar and pan card it is correct.but still it is linked and no error is it possible?

  175. My Aadhar is showing in approved KYC but when I open Online services it shows “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office”

    Please Guide.


      1. Yes, it shows under ” APPROVED ” .. But still says ” AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office. “…

        Seems to be a technical glitch as they are still in the process of streamlining this Provident Fund and Pension details digitally online(Computerized).

        I will try to visit the nearest EPFO and see what they have to say and will keep you guys updated..

        Also, it seems that there is probably a field missing which should allow us or employer to upload the documents, or if it was there probably it is missing the option to view the document uploaded.

        1. Hi Ranganath,

          Please let me know the status after you visit nearest EPFO ..for fixing the issue .I am also facing same issue .


            1. I faced the same problem. Local EPFO, when consulted, said the online claim submission is not in place and advised to file offline Aadhar based form 31.

                1. Hi,
                  I have also updated Aadhar number online and waiting for its approval. My Employer is also not able to help because the system is not supporting update from Employer as well. Its more than 2 weeks, the KYC shows AAdhar status as pending.

                  When I called EPFO helpdesk, they said to follow with employer. I am kind of helpless. Now, I will try to visit the EPFO in person.

                  1. This is just a scam. The errors you get is not glitch but systematic way of telling people to do it offline. They will not allow the online claims cause if they do many will go for it and they will lose money in crores in a single day.

  176. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    I left my company two & half years back but still not withdrawn my PF. I need to know till what time my PF will not be lapsed (as am planning to withdraw my PF).

      1. I believe there is nothing like LAPSE, but the account will not receive any interest credited, if there is no amount transferred by the employer for a period of 3 continuous years. Need to verify this.

        We can withdraw the amount at any point of time.

          1. Oh .. Well .. We will then have to see .. also,if there has been a GO or any source for this news(where it is documented) if that can be updated, then we can trust this or circulate this.

  177. When I try to link my adhaar card with Employees Provident Fund Organization, India I get this error “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication” . I tried a number of times but failed. I dont know how to resolve it. Please help.

    1. Hello Sanjay – I had same issue.. You need to contact your current employer who has access to update the records. It was resolved for me but landed up with Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office

  178. I am murugan.s I have Work 2 years Andrewes school V,k puram My total salary 9500 But they are taking Bf Mony 1140 After 166 2.5 ESI I get salary 8194 I have lot of doubt, so I am not only, 35 teacher same problems Please help me My UAN :NO:100565414467 MY ph: 9952506805 Please enqiry school , School Addres ,
    Andrews matric hr sec school
    1st puthumanai street
    Mala kottaram
    Ambai taluka
    Tirunalvali (dis) Totaly In this school Record EPF Ac totaly mis take Please healp, Thank you sir

  179. Hlo.

    We are unable to update the adhar card in Epfo no through Uan no

    When we tick on the checkbox in Kyc section then no option available for enter the any adhar card no or Name of the applicant

    Please resolve the issue Asap


  180. Dear Sir,
    My Aadhar, Pan and Bank details is already approved in KYC but whenever i tried to CLAIM the error comes ” Please update your AADHAAR” and my bank details I updated is different from previous employer now I am not working I left the job 2 years back in my city there is no pf office please suggest me how to get my pf.

  181. Dear Sir,
    My Aadhar is already approved in KYC but whenever i tried to CLAIM the error comes ” Please update your AADHAAR” and when i try to update Aadhar within KYC, the error comes as “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication”.
    I left the job two yers ago, now how can i resolve this issue, please guide me

  182. Dear Sir,
    My Aadhar is already approved in KYC but whenever i tried to CLAIM the error comes ” Please update your AADHAAR” and when i try to update Aadhar within KYC, the error comes as “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication”.
    I left the job few moths ago, now how can i resolve this issue, please guide me.

        1. BHAI JUST put grievance through online and wait for reply ,,, n why this guy always telling contact regional epf ,,, so silly

          1. Sunny Singh-Do you think contacting EPFO Grievance Cell ONLINE will solve the LINKING??? In the case of one of blog reader’s case, the same so-called GREVIANCE CELL suggested to visit regional EPFO and link physically. Linking Aadhaar with EPFO is online. But there are many who don’t know about INTERNET and EPFO is well aware of it. Hence, they are insisting on linking it by physically visiting the EPFO Office. I think my SILLY answer now holds good for you 😛

  183. Hi Basu,

    My company had given my name wrongly to EPFO, I had got it corrected. Now, in the new portal, the name is correct but the KYC column shows the wrong name, which the company had given. I have added the details again & thry’re showing in pending KYCs. Can you tell me who approves these KYC details so that I may expedite the process? I am leaving my current company in 10 days & want to resolve this at the earliest. Please help.

  184. Hello, My Aadhar no. is already shown in the Autheticated KYC, but when I try to apply for Claim, it gives error saying your aadhar is not authenticated. What shall do now??

  185. My company has closed suddenly without any we cant contact aadhar no not linked with my PF Account,but PAN No and Bank details are already updated with my PF Account. my company located in Delhi and my PF Office in Chennai. so request you to please provide me the suggestion how can i claim my PF?

      1. I cant get employer signature and Aadhar no also not updated in KYC,then how i apply? pl suggest

  186. Hi,

    I’ve logged into my UAN account ( on 1st of May hoping for initiating PF withdrawal but failed to do so. Each time when I click Online Services << Claim (Form 31, 19 & 10C) an error message showed up "Please update your AADHAAR". My approved KYC documents are Bank Acc. No., Aadhaar and PAN where my name is similar in all(of 3).

    My bank account and PAN is already linked to my Aadhaar via their respective portals. I don't know why such error is displaying each time. EPFO Tollfree never works, they don't respond to email……I humbly request you provide any feasible solution to me. Thanks in Advance.

      1. Automagically the error msg changed to ” Please update your latest Bank account no. and IFSC details through your employer.” without any intervention by me. I don’t know how the things going on at the backend but this is really frustrating.

  187. Hi, Basu Sir,
    Good Morning

    My Company has given wrong birth date to EPFO dept .
    So I am unable to link my pan card & Aadhar to my epf account

    So can you help me that how to change update my birth date in EPF account please

    Thanking You,
    Gautam Panchal

  188. Dear sir
    now it is almost 1 month my pending KYC has not been approved, what to do Next?

  189. Sir, can i withdraw my pf online. My adhaar is not linked with my previous UAN. i have uploaded successfully but now it was not in approved KYC and may be my company is also will not approve it.

    when i going to the option it is showing that please update your adhaar no.

    So is there any way to withdraw pf without uploading adhaar to pf account.

      1. My PF office is in mumbai & i am living in delhi. so can send somebody from mumbai on my behalf.

  190. Hi All,

    I am unable to update my Aadhar Card number in KYC documents.

    I am getting below error “Invalid Gender for AADHAR authentication”

    Also I am unable to edit my profile.

    kindly check and suggest for the next course.

    Thank you..!!!

      1. I have checked, there is no data mismatch

        I would be visit the nearest EPFO office and submit the hard copy.

        Thank you for the response.

  191. Hello Basavaraj,

    Thank you so much for the valuable information. I have a small question, Who approves the Aadhar KYC and does it involve my employer?

    Since I have not worked with the last employer for more than a year, I wanted to withdraw my epf without them as i have lost contact. Is the online withdrawal possible if my aadhar, PAN and bank accounts are successfully linked? Do i still have to send the withdrawal forms to my employer? Thanks in Advance.

    1. dear Sir
      i have upload kyc but facing the problems of Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication so what can i do.

  192. Sir, my last job tenure was more than 5 years and it has been six months since I have left my job. Do I still need to submit PAN card details to withdraw PF amount.


      1. Thanks for your reply. My father’s name in EPFO records is Uday Prakash, while in my PAN card it is Uday Prakash Singh. Will this cause any problem? (My PAN card is already linked to my Aadhaar Card)

  193. My DOB is incorrect in Aadhaaar Data. After correction in Aadhaar can I re upload Aadhaar KYC online in UAN portal.

  194. Hello I have linked aadhar card with uan but still showing not approved and I have left job and not having reliving date. How can I withdraw pf amount or can I transfer Pf account to new company without the approval of previous employer? What todo for aadhar card approval all details are same. Please help

  195. Hi, My addhar is already aavailable in approved kyc still when I click the claim it throws an error ” please update your aadhar. Can someone help on it

  196. I have approved KYC in UAN but when i raise online claim then it is giving error that
    AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.

    don’t know why

      1. AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office. This is the message I am getting. EPFO office is very very far, what is the use on digitization if we have to go to sarkari offices for minor fixes.

  197. Hi , Can you please how much they’ll charge in CSC for seeding UAN with Aadhaar through Offline Mode. Thanks

  198. i update Aadhaar details its shows message “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”.

  199. Hello Sir,
    I left my previous job in 2007. My name spelling wrongly in EPF as MAlAY HALDAR but actually it must have MALAY HALDER. Now KYC not done due to his. How I claim?

      1. Sir,
        I leave the job few year back, now in new job NPS scheme is there. My old employer denies to do so.
        Please let me know the way. Am I able update aadhaar by changing spelling in Aadhaar only?


  200. I left my company few months back and now I am self employed and trying to withdraw my PF however I learnt from my employer that details in EPF records should match the same in KYC Docs while filling form19. My name in EPF record is not the same has in KYC docs. My employer sent me Name correction doc and I updated and sent it back. Now I get a response from that Name correction doc is rejected by EPF team for not updating KYC Docs like Aadhar, PAN. While I try to update the KYC docs I get error stating PAN verification failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the Name in Income Tax Department). Because of this reason only I sent name correction docs to employer now seems like it’s not leading me anywhere. Please help if you have come across such instance. Thank you

  201. Hi Basavaraj ,

    Thank you for the detail information. My KYC (PAN, AADHAAR, Bank account no with IFSC) are already seeded into UAN interface by my employer. But, when I click on “Online Services” tab to withdraw my EPF, below error message appears.

    ” AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.”

    Could you please throw any light on this issue?

  202. sir,pl,give me information that my adhar no has upload for kyc but due to change the portal now ,my adhar no is not approved by my employer.i had oprated my spinal cord and needed partial give me solution. how can i get amount without employer approvel ?

    1. Same issue with me. In my UAN profile gender says ‘not available’.
      I left my job few months? back and currently unemployed. Please help me to correct it. Thanks in advance

  203. S Naveed Anjum – Aadhar Card name
    Naveed Anjum Shaik – UAN details
    As, I am trying to update Aadhar card details and I was getting an error message
    ” Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data ”
    [ data is same in both – age, DOB and Gender ]
    so what has to be done??
    I am looking for help

  204. i update Aadhaar details its shows message “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”.

  205. Hi Basu,

    I am trying to add Aadhaar number in new EPF unified portal. But I am getting Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication. When I enquired about this with my employer , they don’t have a option to amend Gender details it seems. Also they are telling whether the old PF portal or UIDAI portal would have mismatches in it.

    Kindly advise for further proceedings? whats the impact if I didn’t link Aadhaar no with EPF within this APR 31?

    1. Hari-But let your employer request EPFO for correction in UAN. Because Aadhaar data correct (I assume so). I am not sure what will be repercussion if you not do. But better to do it at the earliest.

      1. Yes the Aadhaar details are correct. I will ask my employer to request the correction in UAN. Thanks Basu for such prompt response!!

        1. Hello Hari i am currently facing the same trouble as you did. Can you please help me out here what did you do to get it done correctly.

          I understand you must be very busy but if you got time can you please call me for 2 mins and help me out here. or give a solution ??


          1. Hi Anurag, I still have this issue.My employer told to check from their side. You may need to contact your employer and ask them to amend the error data. Before that kindly check your Aadhaar details are correct.

            Basically there is a mismatch between two portal and hence ask your employer to amend the UAN amendment as Basu suggested.

            In case if I get some resolution, I will let you know. Expecting same from you..

      2. Hello Basu thanks for sharing these details, I am facing the trouble of aadhar gender authentication, as you provided a solution below to contact the employer and get the UAN details updated would it help in uploading the aadhar card of PF portal ??

        I checked my UAN card my name over there differs from the Name on aadhar card, is that going to be a problem ??

        please let me know so that i can do the needfull at the earliest.

        Thank you so much for help Basu.

  206. Does the upload of Aadhar for KYC requires the approval of Employer also or it is done by the EPFO directly?

      1. Thanks, I updated my Aadhaar number on the portal and it’s currently in pending state. I want to know, should I ask my Employer to verify it or it will be done by EPFO directly and my employer has no role to play now ?

  207. Dear Sir,

    I have resigned IT job in June’2015 and joined in some other IT organization, but new company don’t have PF Option. My Previous employer is not signed on PF withdrawn forms and told like he will approve KYC from PF Portal. But while adding the KYC with Aadhar then below error is displaying.

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

    Note: But Same Name, DOB, Gender “Bank” & “PAN” Details are added successful. But PF office they told aadhar seeding is mandatory. So kindly help me and do needful.

      1. Dear Sir,
        Thanks for your quick response. My Aadhar details are correct,but problem with UAN details. UAN profile details page surname is not there. Just now I added passport with surname is added successful in kyc page, Kindly assist me for UAN profile update.


    1. Dear Sir,

      I have uploaded KYC Details on UAN portal except Aadhar Details and when i try to update Aadhaar details in KYC, it shows message “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”.

      i am not working since September, 2016 & i want to withdraw my pf .

      employer is also not cooperating, so please give me the solution How can I withdraw PF ?

      Or there is any other option to attach Photocopy of Aadhar Card with the Claim Withdrawal forms.

    Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.

      1. Thank you for reply sir but my problem is that right now not working .. I have no employer. But I have UNA number from previous employer . What to do . Thank you

  209. While updating the AADHAAR online to EPF, I got below error.

    “Invalid Gender details for AADHAAR authentication.”

    But I could see that Gender details not updated in EPF site.

  210. Hello Sir,
    I have seeded my aadhaar no and bank account to my kyc and these ateb approved by employer as it is showing after logging in my e-sewa EPF account. But in the form submission time for claim the efp officials are denying about the aaddhaar upgraded with my UAN. It is so disappointing. Please help me what to do. I need my amount very badly.
    Yours sincerely
    Pritish Majumder

  211. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    I have uploaded KYC Details on UAN portal but it’s pending for the long time.

    also when i update Aadhaar details its shows message “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data”.

    i am not working since Dec 2016 & i want to withdraw my pf .

    employer is also not supporting

    so please give me solution How can I withdraw PF ?

  212. My EPFO account has a minor spelling mistake. AAdhaar has Ragu while EPFO has Raghu. This extra ‘h’ makes me unable to link aadhaar through online facility. Do you think the offline facility you mentioned here (hearing it first time) will help me link aadhaar since it will be done by a real person instead of the software? I am not sure if I can change the name through my ex-employer prior to April 30 deadline.

      1. Offline mode will also not work in this case. You have to submit joint declaration form to EPFO office.
        Recently officers from EPFO office came to our company with Fingerprint sensor device to seed aadhar of all employees but they were unable to seed aadhar of some employee with mismatching in name and other details.
        So offline mode will not work.

  213. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the informative article. I have earlier register my aadhar number in UAN portal almost 2.5 years back and I could see it reflecting under unified portal “Approved KYC” section. So I believe there is no updated needed once again from my end.

    However to my surprise, when I checked “Service History” section of Unified portal, I could see one of previous employers not listed. Unfortunately that is the employer I served for longest duration of my career. Do you know how should I go about it?


      1. I don’t think contribution is missing, it is pretty much updated. I have been punctual enough to successfully transfer my EPF from previous employer to current organization as soon as I join .

        Since this Unified portal is a new concept, it does not show my balance/passbook, rather it re-directs me to to check for my passbook balance which is apparently not working (as I am writing this response).

        Not sure if there is a way to check the passbook balance directly in Unified portal which I could not find so far.

        Having said above, I have dropped a mail to the epf helpdesk to get their response on updating previous employer details in the portal (their toll free number is always busy).

        Incase you know any other channel to get this done do enlighten us.


        1. Hi koustav,

          Please Download epf app from Android play store & sign up one time process (easy if latest mobile number is linked) .
          You can check balance (passbook) there easily.
          Note : in case if it throw any error while viewing passbook please try non business hours

          1. App name is EPFO, error which u may notice is “check your network connectivity”, Ensure you closed all parallel tabs related to EPFO app….
            Not to forget this is govt related app so hurdles are expexted

  214. Dear Basavaraj Sir,
    this is a very nice article. Thanks to you. I also request you to write an article on how to link PAN with AADHAR? this has become mandatory now.

      1. Namaskara Basavaraj,

        Greetings. As Mr Rajesh Pai has rightly requested ,you should write on linked PAN with Aadhar.This would be helpful to many people.

        Best regards,
        Pranav Chitre

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