How to withdraw EPF and EPS online?

On 1st May 2017, EPFO announced the launch of the facility to withdraw EPF and EPS online. Let us see the procedure and conditions of online EPF withdrawal facility in detail.

Launch of withdraw EPF and EPS online

As of now, it is a tedious task to apply for withdrawal. The process involved physical application to move from one authority to another authority. Usually, this whole process used to take around 30 days of time.

However, EPFO since long planning to do this facility. Now EPFO released the press note on the same.

You can complete the whole process online and you neither needs to interact with the employer and nor with EPFO field office to submit the online claim. The claim submitted by the you would flow in soft form to EPFO database where it will be processed and the member’s bank account credited.

You are not required to give any supporting document while preferring online EPF Part Withdrawal case. If you are applying online will be taken as his self-declaration for preferring the advance claim.

Who can withdraw EPF and EPS online?

There are certain conditions for utilizing this facility to withdraw EPF and EPS online. They are as below.

# You must have activated UAN Card.

# You must be linked Aadhaar with EPF (Refer the complete process of linking Aadhaar with EPF at “How to link Aadhaar to EPF using online and offline?“.

# You must be using the same mobile number which is linked with your Aadhaar. Because EPFO will send you OTP (One Time Password) for authenticating the claim process online.

# Your bank account along with IFSC code should be linked in EPFO database.

# Permanent Account Number (PAN) should also be linked in EPFO database for EPF Final settlement claims in case his/her service is less than 5 years.

If these two conditions are satisfied, then you can withdraw EPF and EPS online.

What types of EPF claims can be withdrawn online?

# You can withdraw your EPF amount online.

# You can withdraw your EPS (Employee’s Pension Scheme) amount online.

# You can use this online platform for partial or advance withdrawal of EPF.

How to withdraw EPF and EPS online?

Below are the steps involved of how to withdraw EPF and EPS online.

As of now, the information is limited. Hence, I will be sharing the information which is available at this time. I will update the same, once it is live on EPFO portal.

  • Login to UAN portal.
  • Check that KYC and service shown against your UAN are correct.
  • Select which option of withdrawal you want to select like EPF Withdrawal, EPS Withdrawal or Partial or Advance EPF withdrawal.
  • Once you submit the request, then for authentication purpose, OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar based registered mobile number.
  • Authenticate the same by entering OTP.
  • Then submit for withdrawal.

The process of withdraw EPF and EPS online is now available and the process is explained as below.

Step 1-Login to EPFO Unified Portal for Members.

EPF Unified Portal Login

Step 2

Then on the homepage of Unified Portal, select the option “Online Services” tab. Here, you can withdraw EPF and EPS online and also can check the claim status online.

withdraw EPF and EPS online

This is the whole process to withdraw EPF and EPS online. It is claimed that settlement will happen within few hours. Let hope for such great journey 🙂

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  1. Sir I’d applied for pf claim on 10 feb, today on 10 March I’ve received a massage that ” claim rejected member wages showing 15000 but eps not deducted. Plz clarify”

    What is this issue? What is the solution for this.
    Kindly suggest

    1. Dear Dharmesh
      If your pf wage is 15000 eps has to be deducted. From employers contribution 8.33% goes to pension or eps maximum 1250 and the remaining goes to p.f employer contribution.
      If this is your first company they have to answer that.
      If this is the second company what was the deduction like in first company.
      This issue will take sometime to get sorted out because p.f. is clear regarding this issue.
      Anything further do write.

  2. Sir,

    I have applied for Online Pension on behalf of my father. The claim got rejected giving the reason “Claim Rejected EPS CONTRIBITION NOT RECIVED FROM THE ESTB FOR THE PERIOD SEP2015 TO JAN2016 PLEASE CLARIFY” How to proceed with this? As I donot have any option to reply for the same EPFO login. If it has to be done from company side do i need to apply fresh claim after company has given clarification?

        1. Dear Shridhar
          That’s correct what the Pf office has done.You have to request to correct your dad’s date of exit of pension and p.f.
          That should be before lwp.Because as far as they are concerned exit date and contribution received should match.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I have worked in three companies (A, B, C) from May 2016 to June 2020. Now, I don’t work anywhere. I have three Member IDs and haven’t transferred my EPF amount from A and B companies to C company. Three companies come under EPFO offices in Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Agra while I stay in Maharashtra.

    Now, I need your guidance for withdrawing the PF and pension amounts from these three companies.

    1) can I withdraw PF and pension from all these three companies through online EPF portal?

    2) Do I need to make separate applications on online EPF portal for withdrawing PF and pension from these three companies?

    Please clarify my doubts. Thanks in advance.

  4. My EPS service is not transferring automatically with online EPF transfer. When I checked and raised grievance for the same. But EPFO Bommasandra is asking for Member Ledger Card from my previous organization’s PF Office i.e. Gurgaon. And PF Gurgaon is not giving the member ledger card.

    Why PF Bommasandra is asking for Member Ledger Card because they claiming that my PF wages are more than 15000 at the time of my joining. But my first organization PF wages (Basic + DA) are well less than 15000.

    Tried to raise grievances with both the offices and raised RTI as well. But no use. For our amount we need to struggle this process is not employee friendly.

    Any suggestions any one can give. Any one having escalation contact mail id of All the PF offices. Because both PF Gurgaon and PF Bommasandra are not resolving the issue.

    1. Dear Dharma
      Print your passbook from your old office and give a copy to Bommasandra which will be a clear indication that you are a pension member.
      This way all doubts will be removed and your pension service will be transferred.

  5. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I need your suggestion for the below mentioned query.

    I have one UAN number and 2 member ID’s(from company A and company B). Transferred the PF from company A to B long back when I switched jobs. Currently, as I am not working anymore I had my EPF claimed and it got settled successfully. But while I checked my Pension which is still reflecting in my first company(company A and post checking online I got to know that during transfer of PF only PF gets transferred not the Pension amount and it stays back with the old company or Company A here.) Now my pension amount is reflecting in the old(or first)member ID(w,r,t company A) and please suggest me how to withdraw the pension. By the way, there is no pension contribution from Company B. Also I got to know that the pension can be withdrawn even if the service is less than 10 years and not working(without employment/job). Moroever when I try to claim the Form-10C, the service details section page(where we fill in out bank account number in the first page once we click on claim) it gives the second member ID(as I did the transfer from A to B) and as the second company B didn’t contribute to pension, my claim gets rejected.

    Please advice.


      1. Heelo sir, thank you for sharing this. In other words, you mean to say that I have to submit physical form in person in the EPFO office ? Here, the composite form has anything to do with this ? Or just the Form 10C is enough ?


  6. Respect Sir,
    I have total service of 1 year 9 months yet i am unable to withdraw my pension amount. For the 5th time my claims got rejected. I don’t know why Epfo officers are not checking my service history. I have worked in 3 different companies. Claims are rejected for saying not eligible for withdrawal benefits service is less than 6 months. For pension amount Total services count. You can also check my service history
    Member ID – (Service 1 year 1 month) MHBAN00452390000138181
    (Pension amount Rs 10304)
    Member ID – (Service 5 months 10 days ) THTHA02022260000113042 (Pension amount Rs 6157)
    Member ID – (Service 2 months 24 days ) THTHA00982850000063737
    (Pension amount Rs 1887)

    1. Dear Tousif
      It looks like you have transferred your pf from 1 company to the next.But as u are aware pension service should get transferred but the reason is they make an entry in their books manual entry in form 9 which basically is the history in short for an employee and eventhough it shows in the computer it does not give updated status.I suggest if the pf office is close by u visit them and give details of your working.That is the only way to get your full money.
      Or else it will be rejected because your last service is less than 6 months.

  7. I unable to withdrawal of pension (FORM-10C) due to not updated DOJ EPS or DOE EPS to claim ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31,19,10C & 10D).

    How to update DOJ EPS or DOE EPS in online portal?

    1. Dear Ramesh
      Please note the employer does not enter your doj of Eps.
      When doj is entered when an employee joins that is considered as doj of epf and Eps.
      Also employer does not enter doe of Eps .When an employee resigns his doe from epf is entered and that is considered as doe from Eps.

  8. I have total of 12 years service (first service is 10.6 years and second service is 1.1 years). Currently, not employed.

    I was suggested that form 10 C should be applied.

    When I apply for same, I receive this error.


    What should be done?

  9. Thanks Denzil Correa and Basavaraj Tonagatti for your advise,

    Yesterday, I have asked company to update my DOL on EPF portal,
    MHBANXXXXXX 04-JAN-2016 04-JAN-2016 23-SEP-2020 23-SEP-2020 CESSATION (SHORT SERVICE) – Any other reason.

    Now I am able to see 3 options for PF withdrawals. Form -19 (only PF withdrawal), form-10C (only PF pension withdrawal, Form-31 (PF Advance withdrawal), means exit date is mandatory for terminated employees and has to avail only form – 19 complete PF withdrawals.

    Not sure the reason for including advance PF amount for non-receipt of wages > 2 months in list,
    obviously, if the company exit, then employee would have applied for some other reason. even if the employee is terminated or not getting salary for 2 months, it doesn’t mean that company must be closed. Parent company exist and he is not getting salary > 2 months, then portal must allowed for advance money, till he get’s the new job. else he can’t apply for advance. It has to be complete PF withdrawals. (not talking about age > 50 or for pension schemes). So, EPF portal advance reasons must be updated.

    Thanks, I am going to applying for form -19 to withdraw complete amount and close my existing home loan.

  10. Dear Ajay

    You can update the exit date when u enter the system.There you are prompted with the last contribution of the employer.In that month only should be the last date which you enter twice The second to confirm.
    You are not allowed to use form 31 only form 19.
    Anything further pl message .

  11. Hi Sir,
    I have been working for 4.9 years in a MNC company and due to pandemic reasons, company started reducing work force. So, I was removed from services on Sep 23rd, 2020. Overall PF account is maintained for 12 years with EPF and PF passbook got updated saying, PF amount not received for past two months and 29 lakhs balance amount is showing from year 2008 onwards. Currently, I am not working and almost completed 3 months without any salary. So planning to take advance through form – 31, but online claim form – 31 was rejected with reason “NOT ELIGIBLE U/P 68H(1) AS ESTABLISHMENT IS LIVE”. means. I can’t take advance by using form – 31, incase current company is still exist or live. I have selected purpose of requesting advance as “non – receipt of wages > 2 months. (no other option available for me to select other than form – 31 advance. ) Means, form – 19 or 10c is not enabled for me, because my company not yet updated exit date on EPF portal. So is this exit date is mandatory for taking advance through form -31 or using form – 19 . If the company not updated exit date, then how will I get advance, even form – 19 can’t be used for final settlement, unless no exit date or I am decided not to work for future. (I don’t have any other reasons like illness, purchase house, .etc ? Could you please help me, how to get advance. (of-course, if I get new job, then I will raise online claim for money transfer from old company to new company member id).

  12. Dear Sir,

    Myself James Joseph wish to withdraw my EPF & EPS for my previous company. But while going through the UAN portal we can’t make the both withdrawals together. I think need to do separately. In this case first I need to do EPF withdrawal & then again shall I need to place another claim for EPS also. Please help me.

    Currently I have around 1,80,000 in EPF & 85,000 in EPS. So can I withdraw the full amount. Help me.

  13. I have joined organization on 26 Oct 1991 but I left the organization and withdrawal my PF but didn’t withdrawal my FPS. Then I rejoin the same organization in 06 Apr 1998 now my DOJ EPF is 06 Apr 1998 and DOJ FPS 26 Oct 1991 reflecting in PF portal.
    I have applied for advanced PF withdrawal but same is rejected due to joining date not tallied as per KYC. Please suggest what I should do now.

    1. Dear Pk
      Date of joining of fps will always be 26 Oct 1991 .What you should look is what is date of joining of Eps which should be 6th Apr 1998.
      Why rejected is hard to say and dates i feel should not be an issue.



  14. Sir I am lajara pedru pinto my eps date of exit is not updated I informed our employer and also pf office but they are blaming each other what must I will do to these problem

    1. Dear Lajara

      Exit date of Eps comes automatically on entering epf exit date automatically the system will put the same date.
      If you are over 58 when exiting epf then eps will be put by the system after calculating 58 years from date of birth.

  15. How to claim my eps online as I am unable to do the same I received my pf amount but not received my eps amount as its not making me withdraw the same

    1. Dear Sherry

      There can be only 2 reasons.
      There is no contribution to EPS or you have worked over 10 years then you are not eligible to claim EPS .


  16. Hello Sir,

    How can we see history of our employment prior to UAN? On EPF portal, I can see my service record starting 2015 only (when UAN was issued to me). Though I have done PF xfer from previous employer to current employer successfully, I am unable to see EPS related data for my service history (when UAN doesn’t used to exist) and hence unable to withdraw EPS contributed before UAN.

    1. Dear Ankit Jain

      Whatever your service was before Uan started you cannot see.If transfer is done successfully from one employer to the next your service details automatically get transferred to the new employer and the moment your total service is more than 9 years 6 months you cannot take out Eps and will have to claim reduced pension at 50 or normal pension at 58. From your side when you make the claim you should be aware of your total years of service .

    2. Dear Ankit

      When you do a successful transfer of p.f. your service details which is Eps gets transferred automatically to the new employer .This is not visible to you.


      Denzil Correa

  17. Left the job on May 20, 2020 and I have around 12 years PF Contribution.Now I would like to withdraw the amount but the interest is not credited yet in my PF account.

    Could I get the interest of Last year along with this withdrawal or I have to wait for interest to be credited in my account,In such cases could I get the interest for such period. last year interest was credited on October 2019.

    Can Apply for EPS withdrawal also

    1. Dear Rajesh
      You will get last year’s interest if this years interest is not credited to your company at the time of your claim.
      Regarding Eps since you have worked more than 10 years you will get deferred pension at 50 or normal pension at 58.



  18. Hi Sir, I have not received interest component for 2 years in a row now.. I have written to the grievance cell a few times, but they only say that interest for previous years is yet to be settled. I’m now in a situation that I need to fully withdraw my PF balance. If I do so now will they credit my interest component before processing my withdrawal or will I lose that amount? Its a very substantial amount and I’ worried. Please advice

      1. Thanks for your reply. Just so that I understand this clearly, did you mean that they will eventually credit interest and then after that I could withdraw OR they will process the interest dues along with my withdrawal request?

          1. Thank you so much for your guidance sir! I followed your advice and was able to successfully withdraw my PF. Really appreciate all your help.

  19. Dear sir,

    I have submitted a withdrawl claim request for EPS on 10-03-2020 with tracking id no.10074939818204002 but i am not getting my eps

    UAN NO. – 100749398182
    PAN NO. – DNDPS2206H
    Sir,form where i get to know that when i ll get my claim.

  20. Hello Basavaraj,

    My claim is rejected for following reason
    ´Your Claim [ Claim Id – GNGGN190750106876] has been rejected due to : 1) DOJ FOR PREVIOUS TRANSFER IN PF AND EPS DIFFERS, CLARIFY 2) CERTIFICATE ENCLOSED IS IMPROPER´.
    Since my previous service history is not added in the UAN login (however amount from the previous PF is already transferred), I put DOJ as what is shown in UAN login (the date when I joined my current organization). Can you please tell me if I need to give DOJ as actual joining date of EPF (which is 16/08/2011 but not shown in UAN portal) or date of joining 15.10.2012 (shown in UAN where previous history is missing). OR do I need to file Grivence to get something corrected. Please advice.

  21. Dear Basavaraj,

    Thank for the info. I have couple of issues. I have been unemployed since 2016. The bank account which i have updated in the UAN is deactivated and since the branch is in Bangalore so it is a bit difficult for for me to travel just to activate the account number. Can i add another account which is active currently to withdraw my epf and eps.

  22. Dear Sir,

    10+ years of contribution in EPF and I am unemployed since dec 2019 – My online PF claim(form 19) has rejected with below reason though exit reason CESSATION (SHORT SERVICE) has updated in EPF and it’s mentioned in online claim form. Could you please advice?


    1. Hi, My PF interest for FY18-19 has not been credited yet. The entire FY20 passed but have no interest entry in my passbook. Have written to EPFO a few times, but no response. What do you suggest I could do?

  23. I have 7.5 month active history with eps from my last job i have claimed my share and employee share from epf but my claim for eps have been rejected several times, I have even raised request for funds transfer to my new establishment nothing looks great what to do with this

  24. Dear sir,

    My claim for 10c has been rejected due below mention reason .has been rejected due to : 1) SUBMIT FORM-10-C WITH FORM-19 2) CERTIFICATE A/B/C/D/E/F NOT ENCLOSED / SIGNED.Now what to do ?????

  25. Hello Basavaraj Sir,

    10+ years of contribution in EPF and I am unemployed since dec 2019 but online claim is rejected although DOE is correct at EPFO database. Could you please guide me here?


  26. Sir, I left my job in March 2017 fater more than 5 years service. I had my PF in two accounts ( previous company and current company). I was told it has to be consolidated into latest PF account and i have successfully done it online. Now i applied for online withdrawal through the portal. It got rejected with the following comments “1) CONTRIBUTION RECEIVED AFTER DATE OF LEAVING CLARIFY 2) CERTIFICATE ENCLOSED IS IMPROPER”
    I have only uploaded bank cheque leaf details. is it because i have not uploaded form 15G. Please clarify.

  27. Hi sir ,

    I recently joined a new company in may 2019 and I did an online epf transfer which got rejected and the reason is as mentioned below :
    Kindly let me know what can be done .
    Thank you

      1. I worked in an organisation for 8 years and 7 months. Recently my employer had updated my EPF DOE in epfo portal. But my EPS DOJ and EPS DOE is not filled. And there is no way for me to update it online. I am not working anymore in India and I want to withdraw EPS amount. So how can I update y EPS DOJ, DOE?

  28. Sir I have been working in company A from 25-8-2017 to 31-12-2018. I started working in another company B from 1-1-2019 to 27-9-2019. I transfered my previous company EPF to the present company B. Only the PF amount got transferred and EPS did not get transferred. Now I made a claim of Form 10 C and Form 19. I got the amount settled i.e PF and EPS of my current company B. I have not received the EPS amount of my previous company A. What should I do?

      1. Sir,
        EPS amount is not transferred, while transferring the account from previous establishment to the new establishment. Kindly tell us the procedure to get the prev. establishment’s EPS amount as it is showing in the prev. establishment passbook.

  29. Dear Sir, In my PF account pass book, employee contribution & employer contribution are showing settled,but EPS/pension contribution is still showing some amount figure.During my PF withdrawal time I applied only for PF withdraw (from 19).Now, when i am going to withdraw my EPS amount on line(from 10 C), the following message is coming “TOTAL SERVICE IS GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 9.5 YEAR OR SERVICE LENGTH IS LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.Why this message is coming,while filling online withdrawal EPS? Can you please explain/elaborate/clarify this?

      1. O.K. Thank you.I have already raised this issue to EPFO Grievance Cell today (30.11.2019) morning & my grievance has already been registered. Thanks a lot once again for your valuable reply.

  30. Dear Sir, I was joined in my previous company on 01.12.2015 & leave this organisation on 24.05.2019.I have already withdraw my whole PF amount online.Now, I want to withdraw my EPS amount on line.When I am filling 10C form online, the following message is coming “TOTAL SERVICE IS GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 9.5 YEAR OR SERVICE LENGTH IS LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.”As per EPFO record,my service period is 3.5 years. Why this message is comming,while filling online withdrawal EPS? Can you please explain/elaborate/clarify this?

  31. Hello Sir,
    I had left my previous company few years back, I had withdrawn the EPS amount then, but I didnt get the EPS amount because I was unaware. Now in my current company I have a new pf account and have generated UAN for the current account. Now I want to withdraw my previous EPS amount, how shall I do that ?

  32. Hi SIr,
    I am switching from one company to 2nd company my service of job is 8.5 Year, I want to withdraw my PF amount in place of Transfer. Can I withdraw amount and what is process.

  33. hi sir i have applied for eps withdrawl online but it got rejected and reason was Your Claim [ Claim Id – THTHA191050000042 ] has been rejected due to : 1) P F FORM NOT SUB 2) CERTIFICATE A/B/C/D/E/F NOT ENCLOSED / SIGNED
    can u please let me know what does it mean

  34. Hi
    As per my current employer I’m not the member of pension scheme EPS because I have mistakenly mentioned it in form 9 during joining.

    Now they are saying to check with previous organization regarding EPS withdrawal or EPS certificate. Current employer can transfer only PF not EPS. Employment history is 6 year 6 months

  35. I have submitted the online claim for EPS. But its been more than 5 days, till now it is not been sent to the field office.

  36. i m try online to fill FORM 10C but i have see masg DATE OF LEAVING EPS OR DATE OF JOINING EPS IS NOT AVAILABLE
    how to resolve this or how to update said dates

  37. Hi Sir,
    I have a query regarding TDS deduction. I have experience of more than 5 years holding PF account, I am unable to verify pan. Is PAN verification and Form 15G mandatory for online PF claim?

  38. Hello sir

    I left my job on dec 2018 with 3 year exp complete and did not join any else further,
    And post 2 months of leaving i applied for form 9 and 10c.
    Following 15 days i got the amount (“96k” as salry was 18k pm).
    Now when i open my epfo online portal i saw a pdf which shows employee share+ employer share
    Both r withdrawn, last column of pension contribution is still showing few amount of 35k approx,
    As my service is less than 10 yr can i withdraw that amount?
    If yes please explain process.

    Thanks in advance

  39. Hi Sir,
    i left my company 31st Aug 2014, i was not aware EPS may withdraw my EPS now. I transferred my account new company.

  40. Hi Sir,
    Hope ur doing great!!I’ve received final settlement for EPS contribution by Filing Form 10C online.I’ve some queries regarding calculation.Here is my service details
    1 Company A 23/05/2013 17/02/2015
    2 Company B 13/05/2015 24/11/2017
    3 Company C 11/12/2017 25/03/2019
    I’ve transferred PF from A to B then B to C as well(And I hope EPS has been transferred with Service history).Final PF settlement has been done through Company C. Now at the time I’ve filled form 10c that time my basic salary was 25000. The approx. EPS contribution during these 5 yrs 10 months is more than 50000. However finally I’ve got 15300 as EPS final settlement. is there any discrepancy in calculation or I got the correct amount? If any discrepancy in calculation pls guide me how i can recover the rest amount. Pls clarify my doubt. Thnx in advance.

      1. Thnx Sir. It means calculation is correct, 15300 out of 50000?? Then I don’t need to raise any grievance???

  41. Dear Sir,

    My DOJ EPS is not updated by the Employer and already claimed online PF final settlement with Form 19.
    But due to DOJ EPS is not updated We have not cliamed EPS form 10C.
    Is It Claimed offline.


  42. Also Sir, I see that Interest is not updated in the EPF passbook for me for this year (March-2019) and for last 2 years for my wife (March2018 and March 2019).
    1. Are these missed out by EPFO?
    2. What should i do to get this updated in the EPFO passbook?

  43. Hello sir,
    My father retired in 2015 and since then we have been receiving monthly pension, with lot of delays and hitches. The company he worked for is on the verge of shutting down and it is not co-operative at all unfortunately towards retired employees.
    1) What is the purpose of Form 10C ?
    2) Is there a way to withdraw full remaining pension in lump sum, rather than getting monthly pension ???

    3) If there is a possibility, could you kindly tell us how to go about it…..
    Will it involve the communications with the Employer as well ?

  44. Hello,

    I want to fully withdraw EPF and EPS, my company has stopped submitting my EPf and EPS since 4 months.

    I have verified aadhar and bank details online, but not able to update PAN. my PF contribution is 4 years and 8 months.

    Can i withdraw all amount online? Is there any deduction from amount?

      1. Hello,
        I have visited EPFO, they told me that there is a issue on site for PAN link up, I can fill form 15G and claim.

          1. Hello Sir,
            Can anyone withdraw all amount before 5 years of contribution? If person has joined another company and new company is not deducting PF.

  45. Hi Basavaraj,


    I am totally confused with EPS and EPF, though I have got some understanding on both and their criteria, I have a few doubts and hopefully you will answer them.

    I have worked for 6.5 years in my previous organisation and I withdrew my PF before quitting by claiming it online on UAN portal.

    Its been 6 months that I have joined a new organisation and I got to know about EPS, until which I had no clue that EPS existed also. My questions are:

    1. Since EPF and EPO contributions are separate, will the claims to be made towards each are separate? As informed above, I have withdrawn PF while I was in previous org so does this mean I have got only the PF share and not the EPS amount?

    2. In the above case ( point 1) how can I withdraw my EPS? and how do I check my EPS balance ?

    3. In case I withdraw my EPS by not opting for scheme certificate, what happens after withdrawal? will my service gets reset and starts from 1st year since i lose the existing years of service due to EPS withdrawal? will the EPS still gets contributed by employer post withdrawal?

    Note: I started working since july 2010

    1. Dear Tejaswini,
      1) Yes, they are separate and you have to claim them separately.
      2) You have to apply for EPS separately. Regarding the balance, you can check it in the passbook.
      3) If you withdraw EPS, your new EPS (which is attached with new EPF) will show the service history freshly without adding the past history of your old EPS.

      1. Basavaraj,

        Thanks a mill for the reply, May I please ask my last few questions……

        1. In umang app, for my previous PF account it is showing the details as below
        employee share : 6380
        employer share: 51116
        pension contribution : 72080

        since i had withdrawn PF already, under withdrawal section it is showing :

        claim against PARA 68B(1) (C)
        employee share : 166000
        employer share : 34000

        Q1: so can you please clarify what is my EPS balance as per details above? does it mean I have a total balance of 129576 ( sum of all 3 above ) or is it just 72080 ?

        Q2: I tried to claim EPS using online services tab on UAN portal but it is showing me the current PF account in the drop down and I cannot select or enter the old PF account number ( as my balance is in old PF account ). Also, I do not find an option for Form 10 c to claim and i assume that is because my current PF account is selected by default.

        Q3: How will i be able to withdraw my EPS and remaining PF balance from old account if the portal is not giving me an option to select old account.

        I started working from July 2010 so am I eligible to withdraw EPS?

  46. Hello Sir,

    1) i can’t submitted my PAN for KYC in UAN Login.

    2) i have worked 4 years and now i want to withdraw my pf then i got “As your service is less than five years and your verified PAN details are not available under Unified Portal, Income Tax at the highest slab of 34.6% is liable to be deducted if your settlement amount crosses Rs.50,000/-. You are advised to update your PAN details before filing for Online claim and also check your balance before proceeding to submit PF settlement Claim.”

    3) i personally submitted my PAN & 15G to PF Office on Thursday and they told you can claim within 3 days.

    Now i am trying to claim online then i got same warning of my point (2)… also trying to call but no one receive any call from yesterday….. what should i do?

  47. I have applied for my PF withdrawal online. But it got rejected and the remarks given were ” WAGES LESS THAN RS.15000/-ELIGIBLE FOR PENSION MEMBERSHIP BUT ESTT NOT REMITTED PENSION CONTRIBUTION/OK ” .

    Can you please help me understand what does that actually mean ??

  48. Halo Sir,

    I worked for an organisation from Nov 2009 to Oct 2018 (8 Years 11 months). I want to claim (withdraw) both EPF ans EPS amount.
    While trying to do it online, after verifying my bank details it is giving me only 2 options in drop down i.e.a) Only PF withdrawal and
    b)Only pension withdrawal, composite (both PF and EPS) option is not available in drop down.
    My KYC is completed. Please assist on how to go for claim ?

  49. Hi sir,

    I had applied for PF transfer from previous employer to present employer through online and as well submitted form 13, pf office has rejected my pf transfer request.

    They say that, after 2014 who has a new pf account are not EPS member, hence they are not eligible for person scheme.

    Where at previous employer I joined in year 2015 and this my only one and new PF a/c .They have showed the contribution under both employer and Pension scheme as their practice.

    Now PF Office are instucting that they have to reverse the contribution made for pension scheme to employer and which has to be shown as equal to the contribution made by employee.

    They say it is possible for employer to reverse this and employer will have to send a letter to PF office to do the changes after reversing as said.

    After then PF office will do the necessary changes and do the pf transfer.

    1, Is it true, my previous employer would have not contributed to pension scheme?

    2, My present employer also contributed to pension scheme, do I needs to inform my present employer to reverse the contribution made under pension scheme?

    3. How I take the way forward, please advise.

    I have been running around with PF Office since last October 2018, I request you to please please help me in this and do the needful.

  50. Thanks for these details, I am trying to get my Pf and EPS withdraw. I have submitted “I want to claim my PF ONLY” Option.

    Now it is not letting me select theothe option “I want to claim my EPS”.

    It is showing error, you have one request pending.

    Shall i wait for PF amount to be clear first, then raise it for EPS? Because it is not showing any composit option.

    Also, it is not showing any options for saving on tax.

    Pls guide.

  51. hi sir,

    your article is very informative, thanks a lot for sharing it:)

    I have a query regarding EPS, cant i withdraw money if i want now? the Portal says – TOTAL SERVICE IS GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 9.5 YEAR OR SERVICE LENGTH IS LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.

    Can you pls help me on this?

  52. Hello sir,
    I worked in a company from 24/10/2016 – 23/08/2018.

    Submitted form FORM-13 on 7th June 2018 . Claim settled.

    Now I resigned from my job and submitted FORM-19 on 4th January 2019 .
    Claim settled.

    But still my pension amount is unavailable for withdrawal. I tried submitting Form-10C. But after I select it . It shows

    Date of joining is 24-1016 and date of leaving is
    23-08-2018 which is visible on my EPFO portal along with my other data like mob number, UAN ,name, PAN. ETC.

    PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT CAN BE done to withdraw my whole pension amount.
    Thank you

    1. Tushar no worries, all you need is to contact your last employer and tell them to update your DOJ & DOE date for EPS accordingly in the PF account, that’s it. I just contacted my previous employer today and request them to update DOE for my EPF & EPS which they did immediately and i was able to apply for withdrawal right away.

  53. Hello Basavaraj,

    I have completed 10 years service and also few months back I have withdrawn my EPF online. I have completed 10 years from 03 Employers. As I gone through your detailed EPS article I understands now I need to apply for Scheme Certificate from Employer by Submitting Form 10 C. My questions are below

    1. Can I submit request online to get Scheme Certificate or only it can be done through Manually submitting updated Form 10 C to PF Office

    2. I have 03 former employers and I am not working for any employer at present. Do I need to get scheme certificate for all 03 employers ?

    3. I see Rs 1,02,239 accumulated in my EPS account from 03 employers. Will I get this amount back after I reach to age 50 ? or I will get pension based on last employer EPS deducted amount. My last employer has contributed Rs 1,250 to EPS account which I am seeing in EPF Passbook though I am not sure

    4. After I get scheme certificate what is the next step? Do I need to wait till 50 years ? or I can submit Scheme certificates to PF office once I get all

    Kindly let me know


      1. Thank you basavaraj

        I don’t see any option to get Scheme Certificate on EPFO site. Is pension withdrawal and Scheme Certificate both are same? I heard like as I have completed service more than 9.5 years I cannot withdraw my pension and need to apply only for Scheme Certificate. Kindly share me link to get Scheme Certificate


  54. Hello Basu,

    I have epf with exempted trust. The EPS is with EPFO. My employer gives me a statement for EPF. At the bottom of the statement, there is a single note mentioning that Rs. XXXX will be credited to EPS scheme help with regional EPF commissioner office. There is not dedicated column or even summary of EPS amount credited so far.

    1) Is there any way I can really cross-check that the EPS is actually credited per month. Can I approach the EPFO (using UAN number ) for the statement of EPS OR the trust is supposed to give me some proof of
    2) Also – Do people having EPF with trust get an EPS account number? (Just like EPF number)

  55. Sir,

    I have following Queries-

    1) can UAN number be generated for Old In-operative Account for year 2007-2008 ?
    2) How can I get Date of Joining and Date of Leaving details if my Ex-employer is lost.
    3)If I Physically Visit Regional EPFO , The process of My Name correction if required may resolve in one day?
    4) How can I follow up for above process and check the progress..

  56. Dear sir i left the job 2 months back .. my employer didnt apdated DOE in UAN so i selected form 31 in online portal and applied for pf… now what will happen??/

  57. Hi Basavaraj,
    My EPF amount credited but not the EPS amount.
    The company which I worked for is an Expempted.
    I applied for full PF withdrawl by filling the composite claim form.
    I am unsure whether my eps amount will be credited or not?
    Please suggest me what need to be done next and whom to approach for the withdrawl of remaining EPS amount.

  58. Hi Basvaraj,
    I have recently quit my job and joined another company. I want to withdraw EPF and EPS from my previous organisation. I have quit my job after 4 years of service and my total experience is 7 years
    From the UAN portal I am only getting option of withdrawal of EPF. I am not getting option of withdrawal of EPS.
    Should I submit the request for the withdrawal of total amount EPF+EPS in one request only i.e. EPF withdrawal? If that is not the case where I can claim my EPS amount from my previous organisation?

  59. Dear Sir, Recently I had applied for for both 19 and 10C. I had completed
    12 months service. The EPF claim got through and i received the money too. But EPFO (Bommasandra,B’lore) has rejected the 10C claim quoting the reason “WAGES ABOVE 15000, BUT PENSION ALSO CONTRIBUTED”. As usual nobody at PF office, Bommasandra answer the calls in any of the enquiry numbers provided in the website.
    Request your help as to how to resolve this rejection.

      1. Dear Sir,
        Am planning to visit.
        But, basically wanted to know, from your experience,
        why in the first place this kind of rejection of the claim.
        Once i visit , will keep you updated.

  60. Dear Sir, My father Applied for Form-10D settlement for monthly pension after complition of his 58 years jobs. Now status shows on epfo protal is claim settled but pension amount not credited yet in account. Could you please help to understand the how long pension will take to get credited in account.

  61. Hello Sir,

    My EPS claim has been rejected for beolow given reason….

    “Claim-Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate)
    Claim id-PUPUN180950021488 Member id-PUPUN00176800000017546 has been rejected due to :- SERVICE LESS THAN 6 MONTHS./OK”.

    My service details are as below….
    1) Company 1: DOJ 01/4/2015 DOE 9/1/2018
    2) Company 2: DOJ 25/6/2018 DOE 11/7/2018

    can you pls explain the reason for claim rejection..


    Sachin V Bhoinallu

          1. But then what about my old EPS amount, if I am not planning to do service henceforth, pls suggest a way out.

              1. Dear Basavaraj,
                All my EPS amount is seen on my previous company’s account,how to transfer it and where to transfer it pls guide.

                  1. Dear Basavaraj,

                    I have applied for my epf and eps claim offline by submitting the composite form duly signed by my previous employer.
                    also I had submitted form 15G along with copy of my PAN card. But after submission I observed that the middle name on my pan card is shortform and in aadhar card it is full name.(ie. V in pan and Vasant in Aadhar).
                    What will happen to my application..

  62. Hi Sir,

    I have claimed my pf withdrawal and got it rejected. The reason is shown as below:

    Can you please tell me what should i do , to correct this.

  63. I have completed all the documentation work along with employer on the portal. every thing filled up in withdrawal form and accepted the terms. after pressing the “get aadhar OTP” icon, it is saying ‘Invalid authenticator code’
    Please help here as I am in emergency !!!

  64. Hi Sir,

    I have claimed my pf withdrawal and got it rejected. The reason is shown as below:

    This is the second time I have got this error. Please advise what to be done on this.

  65. Hello Sir,
    I exited my job after working for 11 years in 2016,and have now placed request for claiming of full PF withdrawal with form 19 online,just want to ask whether I would get the EPS certificate along with it or have to do some other process ,as the portal is not allowing me to submit for scheme certificate

  66. dear sir,
    kya main apna employee, employer or pension amount ye 3no amount ek saath online claim kar k nikaal sakta hu, uska process bta dijiye sir.

  67. Dear Basu,

    I have worked in 2 companies. Can you please tell me what is the procedure to submit for EPS Withdrawal ? Should I submit form 10 to my last organisation or to my 1st organisation ?


      1. Dear Basu,

        There is a bit of confusion with my PF and EPS withdrawal because my 1st company had the money in 3 trusts, and the 2nd company had just 1 pf account.

        When I quit my 2nd company, I received the
        total PF amount . But I don’t know about the EPS. I can’t see how much is my EPS balance online. This is why when I wrote an email to the 1st company, they asked me to submit form 10.

          1. Dear Basu,

            Ok so if I understand it right, because my 1st company has trusts I cannot withdraw the complete EPS from 2nd company. I should apply for EPS withdrawal separately to both companies ?

            To withdraw earlier EPS I should send form 10 to my 1st company ?

            And, to withdraw 2nd EPS I should contact the 2nd company ?

          2. Dear sir,

            I have the same problem. First company maintained money in trusts but 2nd company had 1 PF account. My question is, in this scenario, should I submit for EPS withdrawal separately to 2 companies ? or as you mentioned I should still submit form 10 to the 2nd company ?

  68. Dear sir,

    I worked with Yes bank i left a bank on 31-mar-2018 all kyc updated exit date also updated. now i join another company with same uan. now i am unable to calim for my yes bank pf. whenever i am trying its showing current company advance PF claim option. how can i get my yes bank pf amount

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        How can I advance my EPS amount. I am also using the same UAN as my last job. Please help me if possible.

  69. hi, I worked in an organization for 6.5 years and it has an exempted trust. After that I worked in an organization for 3 months and left the job. I haven’t transferred my EPF to the 2nd organization. If I withdraw my EPF now, from the 1st organization, will I get my EPS amount also? If yes, how will it be calculated

  70. Hello,

    Do I need to get my DOE updated from all my previous employers or just from the last one as I am currently not employed for more than 2 months.



  71. Hi,

    When I am applying for pension withdrawal an error pops up “Claim Is Not Submitted on portal,Please try again later”
    I get the error after submitting OTP.
    Kindly let me know the reason for the error.



  72. Hello Sir,

    6 month ago i have left my job & submitted Form 19 also for PF withdraws.

    onfortunately i have not submitted form 10C for pension withdrawls.

    Now my PF settled successfully but i am not able to submit claim for 10C.


    Could you please help me & share your valuable advice ? because my money got stuck


  73. Hello Sir,
    I was going through your blog on HOW TO WITHDRAW EPF AND EPS ONLINE.
    I have retired on attaining age 58 in May’2018, I have not been a contributing member after November 2015 and wish to apply online for final settlement of EPF and also submit claim for pension under EPS

    Would be grateful if you could kindly advise on following :-

    1] I tried connecting to the online form but could not find any option for EPF final settlement (in fact the composite form was not available there). There was only an option for advance request. I have UAN, AADHAR, PAN & bank account details, mobile, email, etc registered and verified. Kindly advise

    2] I could not see interest details for the year 2017-18 in the pass book, it shows interest credited till 31.3.2017 only


  74. Hi Sir,

    I quit my job on May 31st 2018.
    My pf account is UAN activated, linked with aadhaar, bank account and pan. Also, I have transferred my previous pf accounts to my current account. I have total 8 years service.
    I am not employed anymore. My questions are

    1. Do I have to wait for 60 days after my last working day to withdraw pf amount?
    2. Can I withdraw 100% amount or only employee contribution is allowed to withdraw? If so when can I get the employer contribution?
    3. Is there any tax deduction on online withdrawal?
    4. How long it takes to get money for online withdrawal?

    Thank you

  75. I need to know how do i withdraw the eps amount?Am i even eligible as I have just completed 3.5 years of service with my organization?

  76. I left one company on 30.03.2018 and another on 01.07.2018. Both the pf account is showing in UAN portal. The bank account details have been updated in UAN portal and Addhar seeding has been done. But the option of final withdrwal is not appearing in the portal . Only partial withdrwal is appearing . Kindly help

  77. Hi Basavaraj,

    This is a very helpful blog.
    I read many replies posted by you to various questions and they are very helpful.

    But I didn’t find exact answer to my question.
    My previous company closed our working unit on Oct-2015.
    I’ve UAN with verified AADHAR and updated SBI saving bank a/c nunber.
    When unit is closed, I’ve completed 4.3 years (DOJ: Aug-2011)
    Now, I’m working with other company and this company has his own PF trust.
    UAN portal shows both PF a/c numbers (but can not access present a/c).
    I didn’t transferred my PF balance of old a/c and received interested on it for 2 years (still I didn’t received interest for the last financial year).

    And my question is,
    Can I withdraw all amount (EPF+EPS) of my old a/c?
    I don’t want to transfer it to this EPF trust a/c.

  78. I have left the job on April 3 2018. and my final settlement was on may 15 2018. Form 19 and 10 C is not available in my portal

  79. Dear Sir,

    In my UAN I have one pf account in which all my kyc and bank details are updated and approved by my employer ( which i left 1.5 yrs back).
    For the last 1.5 yr , no pf amount deposited in that account.
    Now recently I joined another employer , they opened new pf account and linked with my UAN.
    But If I click on claim to withdraw the pf now , I got a message that :: Please update your latest Bank account no. and valid IFSC details through your employer/Unified Portal. Even though my previous employer have already approved my all kyc and bank account details on portal.

    Please suggest what to do and why it is like this ??

  80. Do I have to submit the claim for EPF & EPS separately (through EPF portal)?

    I have worked just two years,…..

  81. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have 3 PF ac and all these are linked with one UAN i withdrawal pf for two ac successfully but the amount of pension contribution for both the ac was not get withdrawn with.
    pls guide what can i do to withdrawn my pension contribution.

  82. I m also getting the same error Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority). you said to be in touch with EPFO. what does that mean coz i had been doing that. nobody picks up the call neither anyone replies on email. what am i supposed to do?

  83. Hi Sir, My employee share – 31850, employer share – 9738 & pension contribution – 21678. My total service is one and a half year. My Aadhar is verified. I have 2 questions.

    1. If I withdraw my EPS alone, is it taxable?
    2. My total EPF is about 40k (Employer + employee), So this is taxable or not? becoz, the flowchart saying above 30K without PAN is taxable and when I tried to claim, above 50K it is table. What is correct?
    Can I proceed my claim without PAN verification?

      1. Thanks, Sir. Still, I am confusing. How is it a taxable income for me? Because my total EPF is Rs. (31850+9738).

  84. I am getting this error when i click on the Addhar OTP to submit the pf claim form.
    Please advise me what should i do.
    My no. 7738509032
    Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).

    1. kindly confirm whether by visiting the EPFO office this error is getting closed by the EPFO members as me to getting the same type of error while applying for online EPF claim.

  85. Dear Sir, I am have left my company before 4 months and settled abroad…Now I am trying to withdraw my PF, but getting Error message during final stage…

    Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).

    I am not getting any OTP on my registered mobile and getting above error….Please help…I am trying this from couple of days.

      1. I m also getting the same error Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).

  86. Hi Sir,

    My employee share – 31850, employer share – 9738 & pension contribution – 21678. I raised a ticket for some queries in the grievance cell and they said Rs. 24101 is available in your account. Since it is less than 30000 TDS is not applicable. I have some confusions.
    1. Why are they saying its only some 24k available in my account?
    2. Can I withdraw my both PF and pension at a time or separate claim process required?
    3. Am I eligible for TDS deduction or not?
    4. If I withdraw both PF & pension amount, totally how much I will get in my account?

    Please Clarify

  87. I have submitted form to withdraw PF not pension.
    The claim status initially was Under process and now it is Status not available.

    What could be the issue and what action or followup should I take to resolve the issue..
    I have completed 9 years of services..

  88. Hi,

    When i am trying update my PAN details in UAN getting below error .And ADhar and bank updated in UAN and approved as well. I think PAN contains name along with intial only . Actually i wanted to withdram my full PF balance .
    Employee contribution: 39755
    Employer contribution: 12148
    Pension contribution : 26200

    May i know if i proceed with PF withdraw without PAN updation , how much tax will deduct and how much will credit ?

    UAN name : Poornima Digumurthy
    PAN name: D Poornima

    “Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)”


  89. Dear Sir

    I have left the company on 31-03-2013 after 4 year of working, I got my PF Fund Transfer thru Form 12 B in to my New Company, but didn’t took any action on the EPS fund accumulated due to lack of knowledge
    Please guide me how can I withdraw the same now, as 5 years have passed on now

  90. Hello sir,
    I have few doubts. I left job on feb 3rd 2018 and updated all KYC details including bank account. The company also has updated the end of employment details.
    I want to claim the EPF amount as well the EPS amount(pension amount). My service is only for 2 years. I am going abroad and I am not going to continue employment here.

    I submitted the online form 19 for claiming the EPF amount.
    Now to claim the EPS amount whether I should submit the option as “ONLY PENSION WITHDRAWL(Form 10C)”

    It means whether I should submit it twice (form 19 and form 10 C online seperately)

    Also, my employer advised me to send a two copies of form 15G and a pan card to PF office after online submission.
    Whether I should download form 15G fill in and send it?

    Please help me in claiming full amount.

    Many thanks in advance

      1. Thank you so much sir. Do you have any copy of form 15G and instructions for filling it. In internet i can find the two different copies of form 15G. Where to find the right one?

  91. HI sir,
    Im apply online claim 31 form . 30days completed i will check my pf passbook 9600 withdraw but my bank account check amount not cradit. Pf passbook Claim Againts Para 68j .

  92. Hello,
    I have applied for EPs withdrawal through online portal on 5th April 18 but after 22-23 days my claim status was reflecting rejected without any reason, I haven’t applied for pf withdrawal yet.
    Please help..

  93. I have entered only epf amount in claim form now it is showing under process is it possible to withdraw eps also if yes what is the process tq

  94. I have got EPF on 2014.Now I have applied for EPS after 50,can I get?How can I know that I got EPF and EPSboth in 2014.

  95. Hi,

    I am not able to link my PAN in UAN portal, but I have completed more than 5 years of service.

    Still TDS will be deducted if I withdraw my PF? If yes, at what %?


  96. Hi Sir, I am trying to update my KYC. Even though my name in both PAN and the EPFO Portal is same, I am unable to update my PAN details. I raised a grievance too and got the same reply as ‘your name both the database should be same’

    Can you help me to update the KYC? because i need to withdraw my PAN and Pension Contribution

      1. Dear sir i just got advance pf amount But i want full pf and eps amount so i login uan. Portal again and go at our services then at claim but i couldn’t got any option to withdrwal just showing claim status please help how to withdrwal remaining pf amont and eps

  97. I have transferred the PF amount from my earlier organization to new one. I see the amount got transferred into the new PF account with new company. But my EPS amount was not transferred. I realised this will be be transferred after one resigns a company.

    In the claim request I dont see an option to withdraw the EPS amount . (10c). Can you recommend other options I can explore?


      1. Thanks Basavaraj for the response. But my doubt still remains. But I can see only the Form -31 option on the claim option

        Logged into the unified portal –> Online Services –> Claim (Form -31,19 & 10C) –> in the drop down only form 31 option comes up. Nothing else

        I have submitted a transfer request earlier and the status in Accepted by field office.

        Am I looking at the right option you are referring to? Kindly advice.

  98. Sir I have applied pf full settlement 19 on 13/4/18 and I have got money and now I have applied for EPs amount form 10c on 19/4/18…….now I will get EPs amount or not

  99. Hi sir,
    I have applied online pf claim and submitted both 19 and 10 c form within gap of 5 minutes between 19 and 10 c.
    Is it okay?
    Will I get my amount on time ?
    Is there any mistake I have done?
    and how much time It will take to
    Get the whole amount?
    Pls suggest I have to pay my loan ASAP.

  100. I have received my partial PF amount however I am not getting the option to claim for form. 19 or form 10c . I left my organization on 17th Feb 2018 and I am currently not employed. Why am I not getting the option to claim for my eps amount ? I have worked for more than 2 years there. Please let me know why is it happening ?

  101. Hi,

    Currently I am working in Company C, Previous company A’s PF account is transferred to Company B. In the Member passbook of Company B is showing only EPF amount of Company A, EPS amount is not transferred. Now i want to close the Company B’s PF account permanently and want to withdraw full EPF and EPS amount.

    I worked in Company A for 7 Months and Company B for 11 Months.

    Q1. what will happen to Company A’s EPS amount if I close the Company B’s PF account?

    Q2. Is it possible to Withdraw Both EPF and EPS also from the Previous Company B?

    Kindly help with the Confusion….!!

      1. But i am not able to see the EPS amount from the first company. Is there any procedure to check the EPS amount?

  102. Hi Basavraj Sir,

    I have a query regarding my PF and Pension amount withdrawal.

    Sir, I have applied for my PF settlement on 6th April, 2018 and on 11th I have applied for my pension amount withdrawal online. On 13th April I received an email stating that my PF settlement amount as per form 19 has been sent to my bank account and will be credit within 3-4 working days but I have not received any notification about my pension amount.

    Sir, I have worked for just 7 month will I be getting my pension amount as well ?

  103. I am working on company C.Previously i have worked on Company A and Company B.
    I have transferred PF from A to B. Now when i tried to transfer from B to C ,i got replay that it cant completed because EPS is still with Company A.What is the next step here.

  104. Hello,

    A small doubt, Can I withdraw just the EPS amount and not EPF amount… Is there a provision for that?

    If yes, what is the criteria that I need to fulfill?

    Thanks in advance

  105. My claim status shows moved to feild office does it mean 100% it will be processed p.s I have not updated pan since my pf amt is less than 20000
    SECONDARY Will I need to submit eps 10c separately becoz some sort of error is shown after aadhar otp entered correctly
    My total service is Oly 13 months

  106. Awsome blogs!

    Some basic queries. If I change jobs from an unexempted organization to an exempted organization (with it’s own trust), am I still legible for EPS withdrawl or would the EPS be mandatory moved to the newly joined exempted organization?

  107. Hello,

    I completed my service of 9 years and 9 months and left the job form privat company. I placed request for final withdrawal of PF online, which is currently pending. By mistake I missed to claim the Pension portion. Will I able to raise the Pension withdrawal separately? Please guide. Thanks.

      1. Hello!
        Thanks for the quick response. As suggested, I tried requesting pension portion online. It showed the following messages and hence I could not proceed:
        “NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PENSION WITHDRAWAL” :- Your Previous Claim (Form 19) is Pending Already.

        I hope I am eligible; but can raise the request only after current claim for withdrawal of PF portion is closed. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

          1. No. As mentioned earlier, by mistake I selected the ‘PF only withdrawal’ while submitting the current pending claim.

            Sure, let’s wait until it’s closed.

            1. Hello,

              As mentioned earlier, I had placed the PF withdrawal request online during the first week of April, which is currently showing under process status.

              To my surprise, today when I checked the EPFO portal, many of the details available earlier under my profile have disappeared. Details like ‘exiting service’ etc are now blank.

              Also under the claim, only advance claim option is available; where as, earlier 3 withdrawal options (only PF, only PS, and combined) where available.

              Is this change in my portal temperory as the claim is under process. I am quite surprised to see this status.

              Also, last midnight I got SMS from the EPFO (same message 21 times). The content of the message was: “A auto transfer claim for transferring your EPF accumulations from XXXX. P LTD to XXXX. P LTD has been considered against UAN XXX. If this transfer does not belong to you, it can be stoped claim within 20 days of date of linking(13-APR-2018) by login to or contact your employer /concerned EPFO field office.”

              Please guide. Thanks.

  108. Dear Sir,

    I would like to withdraw EPS only through online. Is it possible? if it is possible how much TDS will be deducted. May it affect the EPF claim because I would like to withdraw EPF after some time only.

  109. Dear sir
    My PAN not verified at UN portal, Can I withdraw my EPF and EPS online. My service is only two and half years. Please guide.

  110. Hi,
    I submitted claim forms for PF and EPS withdrawal and my claim got rejected mentioning reason “ Member has not furnished form 15g and Pan copy”

    All my kyc details ( pan, aadhar and bank details) are updated and approved in portal.

    Could you please suggest where to submit mentioned form and document and are they even required during online claim submission ?

  111. Sir,

    I want to online claim EPF Amount but whenever I click on claim form tab it shows its under maintainence.
    Iam suffering from last 10days.
    EPFO is highly reputed organisation, and such a loose point ?

  112. Sir my epf balance withdraw by me,but by mistake my pension contribution not withdraw,so tell me how to withdraw pension contribution balance online or offline.

  113. I am facing issues with my EPF withdrawal, after more than six months of exit. During this time, I have worked as an independent contractor, and may take salaried employment at some time during the future.

    I would be happy if some things could be made clear to me, by an expert, point-wise.

    1. I had incorrect date of birth registered with my EPF account. I filed the changes through the epfo portal. The employer sat on it for 45, days, but agreed to send a joint declaration fixed it. (I don’t need clarity on this, just added this for context)

    2. I understand that Aadhaar number, bank account, and Pan number are essential for online transfer. As of now, the employer tells me the following
    i) The employer has lost credentials to the epfo portal (irresponsible, but plausible)
    ii) The employer is saying that they are submitting form 9, and form 2 (or both)

    Can you tell me what these forms are for, and do they, in any way, help in approval/updation on the KYC? Or is the employer being clueless, or worse, being deceptive?

    3. Suppose, by magic, these KYC are completed. (Aadhaar, Bank A/c with IFSC, PAN), is there any employer involvement/approval for EPF withdrawal? (I mean for the online process). In the past, I have done an online transfer, and employer approval was needed, but it was granted promptly.

    4. In case I do an online transfer to a future new employer, will the past employer approval be needed? (Online)

    5. I had also filed a grievance, with the relevant authority. The reply was as follows:

    It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
    Necessary directions have been issued to the establishment to update KYC and the same will be approved shortly. Member has joined xx-yy-zzzz and left on aa-bb-cccc member may apply in claim form 19 and 10c for withdrawl

    Can you tell me what is the role of form 19, and form 10c? Do either, or both need the employer’s signature?

      1. Thanks, I am perfectly capable of looking after myself. As you can see, I have done a fair bit of work on my own, unlike many of the other posters. I just wondered if you knew what these forms were, and have some knowledge about the process. And I’ll obtain more info from RTIs, and try to be more helpful than you to those who need it.

        I just hoped that you could be more helpful.

        So, thanks, but no thanks.

  114. Does EPFO database gets itself updated if employee is unemployed for two months with Exit Date taking last PF contribution into account or that’s done manually though we have all automated. Does this functionality exists of DOE updation automatically?

  115. sir
    after working for 2 years i quit my job to be a housewife . i applied for pf withdrawal (form 19) and eps withdrawal (form 10 c).
    After about 20 days i received the epf final settlement on my bank account but not the eps . My doubt is whether the final settlement epf amount includes the eps as well. does epf final settlement includes eps
    please help me clear my doubt

  116. Hello Sir, My dad wants to withdraw his full pension amount what form needs to filled for that 10C 0r 10D?, he retired last year on 1 June 2017, and has worked in his company for 20yrs.
    He has withdrawn his full EPF amount by filling form 19 successfully online and also received the amount with 10 days, however he is unable to fill form10c online he keeps getting message as ” Service more than 9.5yrs or less than 6 months”, can you please guide me please EPFO is not very helpful.

  117. Sir I My previous company is wipro I work there for 7 month after left the wipro i apply for my pf withdrawal. within 3 days I got my pension amt but i did not get my pf amount yet. i apply for both of the amt( pension amt and pf amt) can i withdraw my pf amount also online ? and how much days they taken for give me that amount (pf amount)

  118. Sir,

    I want to withdraw both EPF and EPS as I served in my previous company for 11 months.
    While authenticating PAN it is giving name mismatch. when I checked the name on the PAN and UAN
    are same.

    Can you please advice me how to overcome this problem.


      1. Sir,
        Thank you for the reply.

        Since my previous employer company in Delhi.
        I am staying in Bangalore, can I visit Bangalore EPFO office to get the KYC updated.

        Kindly advice.


  119. Sir, I want to withdraw my EPS balance online just like EPF. Is this possible? If yes then please tell me the procedure.

  120. Hi sir my company name got changed from A to B. Now I have two Pf accounts hence I transferred Pf from A to B.. But pension amount not transferred still it is in A account.. I left Company now.. How to claim pension I claimed Pf but for pension it s getting error claim not submitted on portal please help me

      1. While applying for EPS getting error claim not submitted on portal.. How to fix it tried multiple times.. I got claimed only Pf not pension.. Help me sir

  121. Hi,

    I have submitted form 19 and form 10C online. My Adhar and Bank details is seeded but PAN is not seeded.
    Without PAN also I could submit the form. How much will be the TDS?

    Thanks in advance.

  122. 1. Sir my question is that if i quit my current organisation on 20 th may 2018 and join new organisation on 1st june 2018 then can i withdraw eps in this 10 days gap. And if this is allowed can i join new company on 1st june post withdrawing eps amount?
    2.My second question is whether i can check my eps balance anywhere?

      1. Thanks for prompt response.
        1. Sir is there any time gap defined between two organizations for withdrawl of eps?
        2 . My organization is exempt establishment hence unable to check on epfo site in passbook. Is there any other way?

  123. Hello
    I have worked in a company for 7 year and now I am not working anywhere. The company has updated my Last working day and sited reason as Cessation (short service). I tried to claim form 19 and form 10 c. But in UAN I am getting seperate options. “Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)” & “Only Pension Withdrawal (Form 10-C)”, how to submit the claim. Is it like twice I have to submit if so can I do both the submissions the same day?

      1. Hi Sir,

        I am facing same issue as there are only 2 forms listed in the drop down “Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)” & “Only Pension Withdrawal (Form 10-C)” and no Composite Claim Form is listed there.
        I have applied for PF using form 19 but while selecting form 10-c for pension amount I am getting “DATE OF EXIT EPS OR DATE OF JOINING EPS IS NOT AVAILABLE”.
        Please suggest regarding it.


  124. I have submitted form D. The claim status initially was Under process and now it is Status not available. What does this indicate?

    1. I am working since 1983 March continuous without break but in different companies.
    2. I have never withdrawn my PF but kept transferring to the new PF account till my last employer.
    3. I resigned on 4th July 2017.
    4. My DOB 14/08/1960.
    5. I have now received my PF ~ 70 Lacs and applied for pension by submitting form 10D providing all PF Account Details of previous employments.
    6. My last CTC is approximately 63 Lacs.
    7. What will be my Pension amount.
    8. My email ID [email protected].

    MJ Menon

  125. Sir,

    As I have resigned 3 month ago and i have 9.7 Years of Aggregate service.
    10% TDS is applied on my online claim of Rs70000.
    pl explain why and what can I do now?

  126. Hi Sir,

    I worked for 7 years in Company A and then moved to Company B. I transferred my PF from A to B. Both of this PF were mapped to UAN A. Now when I moved to Company C after 1.5 years, they have created a new UAN B (I do not know why) . I transferred to my pf from UAN A to UAN B. Now from UAN A , I raised EPS withdrawal claim. Will it be accepted or rejected? If accepted then will I get both of the EPS amount of Company A and Company B?
    Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Sir, Thank you very much for your prompt response. But I did not see any option to transfer eps from UAN A to UAN B while placing withdrawal request from UAN A.
        Also I want to withdraw this eps amount of UAN A now. Am I be able to do that?

        1. Sourav-Yes, this what I wanted from you to know. EPS will never get transferred. Whenever you transfer EPF, your EPS records will be updated by EPFO. But before that you have to request EPFO through your current employer for the merger of both UAN.

  127. Hi Sir,
    I do have a question;
    As on the Portal it is showing the options for Online Claim as “Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)” & “Only Pension Withdrawal (Form 10-C)”, Am I eligible for both of them & withdraw one at a time, or I can only Apply for ” Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)” i.e Employer & Employee Share.? I served a total Period of 2 years & 3 Months in the Organization..

  128. Hi sir,

    I am having 5.6 ys service and have applied for EPF witdrawl and not EPS for previous company as result EPF got credited.Now I want to join into other company and want to withdraw total EPF and EPS.So should i get the previous company EPS amount. Please give the steps to withdraw entire EPS amount.

      1. 1.But UAN is same for both the EPS Accounts.If so when i would be able to withdraw previous company EPS amount?
        2.I am being released from the current company on march last week and company joining will be april 1st week.So when i need to submit the online withdrawal EPF and EPs request?

          1. Hi Sir,

            1.Shall apply for EPF advance withdrawal(90% Total EPF) for my personal emergencies while working in the company?
            2. If so the total EPS and rest of EPF(10%) will be transferred online to other company pf account if I leave from current company?

            1. Mallesh-Personal Emergencies in the sense? You are allowed to withdraw only for purposes like health issues, purchase of property or educational cost and that also with some rules and restrictions.

              1. Hi sir,
                Due to some health issues only I wanted withdrawal.
                So in that case could you please answer my previous queries

  129. Hi Basavaraj

    I have been working in the existing company for last 7.5 years.
    i have applied for partial withdrwal through form 31 online 4 days back. Now the amount which i put as 90% of my Employee contribution+employer contribution+employee pension scheme. It is showing udner process but i wanted to know whether i will get amount transfer or not in your previus comments i have read that for eps i need to separate form of form 10c.

    Please suggest

          1. Hello sir..

            When I change the job I haven’t t to transfer the pf..currently iam not working.i want to withdraw complete amount from both the employer.please suggest do I need to raise transfer req now?

  130. When I apply for EPS -10c online, error showing ‘DATE OF EXIT EPS NOT AVAILABLE’ , but in website it clearly shows date of exit. What should i do?

  131. I worked in previous organisation for 1.5 years (1st and only Job) and I have applied for EPF (Form 19 ) and EPS (Form 10C) both together. Its been more than 2 months I left my previous organisation and I am jobless now. Will I get full EPF and EPS amount? My total EPF+EPS is around 56,000 INR so, will there be any TDS deduction? If yes, then how many percent?

      1. Thank you. I would like to know if therr is any online provision to upload or fill 15G form because I submitted form 19 and 10C online but wasn’t able to locate any 15G/15H form or is it calculated automatically ? As every month the actual earned salary is updated by the employer.

  132. Sir,

    I am jobless from last 4 months, I have 9.8 years of aggregate service (in 2 companies).
    I have two queries –
    1) Can i withdraw full PF balance ( employee+ employer share) or only employee share + interest.
    2) can i withdraw partial/full EPS amount using offline procedure in some emergency conditions?

  133. Dear sir,
    I have left my old company at dec 2015 and now i want to withdrawal or transfer my EPS money. I already activated my old UAN no. With pan card.
    1) is it possible now to withdrawal or transfer
    2) my old pf was in trust so please suggest me the right way.


      1. Hello Basavaraj

        I have completed 10 years and 02 moths and I am not working since 6 months. I worked for Employer 1 for 4.5 years +Employer 2 for 2.8 years+Employer 3 for 2.5 Years. I see Employer 1 has EPS amount of Rs 29000+ Employer 2 EPS 22000+ Employer 3 EPS 36000

        Can I withdraw EPS amount now? Please let me know


          1. Thanks Basavaraj for the quick reply

            I see it will be 86000 overall. When I can with draw this amount? Please let me know


            1. Hello Basavaraj,

              I have one more query

              My PF amount at the moment is 4 Lakh+. I would like to know when would interest earned on the account will be credited to account every year. If I withdraw PF I will get additional amount as interest

              Please let me know

  134. Sir, Thank you for your valueable replies.I have applied for both EPS & EPS through online. For EPF, it shows under process. But for EPS, rejected as….has been rejected due to :- PLEASE SUBMIT FORM 19 & 10C/OK

    Please provide me a suggestion.

  135. Hello Sir,
    I have claim final settlement and Yesterday EPFO credited the amount of PF into my account but not credited Pension contribution, so they will credit pension amount or not?

  136. Hi,

    I have raised a PF transfer request form UAN portal. EPF amount has transferred to my new PF account but EPS/pension contribution was not transferred.

    can you please help me to get pension contribution my new PF account.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thank you so much for your reply.

        If you dont mind can you please tell me

        1. where can we track our pension contribution as you said EPFO update our service records.
        2. when can we withdraw pension contribution from our EPF account.
        3 what is the terms and conditions to withdraw pension contribution.


        1. Shiva-1) You can check online using your employer-provided facility (if they trust). Otherwise, request your employer to share the EPS balance details.
          2) You can withdraw after 6 months (when you leave the job). But if you are withdrawing before 10 years, then you will get part of it but not fully as per Table D. If you completed 10 years, then you will get scheme certificate which is eligible for pension when you retire from your employment.
          3) I already explained in 2nd answer.

    1. Dear sir,

      I am working in A company and after two years B company is acquired A company. I’ve transfer entire PF amount to my existing B company through UAN.. but in this new company EPS amount is not reflecting. If i resigned from this company can i get entire amount including EPS and from my earlier two companies I’ve claimed the EPS or not i dont know because on that time i was not having the UAN and online checking on breakup..
      If i was not claimed my previous EPS how to check and get the same from EPFO. please help sir..
      In present company if i resign or continue what is the procedure to claim the EPS from EPFO

  137. Hello,

    I have applied for PF Claim using UAN portal but Claim got rejected due below reason. Could you please give me some inputs on this.

    Claim-Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id- has been rejected due to :- WRONG ECR FILED BY EMPLOYER FROM 09/2014.SO APPLY ALONG WITH REV-3A ALONG WITH CLAIM FORM19&10C/OK

    Note – when i activated my account in UAN portal, i have observed there was mismatch in name, i have corrected it and uploaded KYC. it this be any possible reason

  138. Hello, I applied for PF using Form 19 and 10-c and now Passbook showing Employee share-Rs.21306 and Employer share –Rs.6517 in withdrawal column and Pension Contribution showing is Rs.13426, i got a message 2 days back that Rs. 13426 has been credit in my account, but still not yet received, what about the Employee share and Employer share amounts, please help me and advise me .I did not understand please advise me

  139. I need to claim both pf and pension, but in EPF site shows two options 1 ONLY PF, 2 ONLY PENSION ,Third option is not available how can I claim both at same time

  140. I am trying for Full PF settlement through online Form 19. On selecting the option, it only asks me to fill the address on the form and then on the same form there is a small box to check for OTP generation. Should it not show me ‘Generate Claim PDF’ option to generate ‘Claim form’ first for my review before I allow for OTP generation or will i get the claim form generation option after OTP is authenticated?

    Also I completed more than 10 years of service and am under 50 years of age. Is it right that i can not withdraw EPS online for that reason? If yes, then what is the process to get ‘Scheme certificate’ ? Is it possible to do it online?

    1. Meeta-Once you generate OTP, then you can view the claim form. As you completed more than 10 years, you are not allowed to withdraw. Hence, you have to apply for Scheme Certificate. Approach the concerned EPFO for the same.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply.

        With regards to Scheme certificate, do i need to have form 10C signed from my employer? How long generally EPFO takes to process the Scheme certificate ?

  141. Hi I have filled up my pf form online last week. I have filled up form 10 and 19 c both. I had received pf amount today. But it is less. I did nt receive the pension amount. I had worked fr 9 months. So can I know when will my pension amount gets credited to my account?

  142. hi .. I linked my PAN and AAdher with my EPF and left my job 2 months back.

    1. Can I withdraw both EPF and EPS?
    2. Is request given through UAN portal enough to withdraw both EPF and EPS?

  143. Dear Basavaraj,

    I had applied for pf withdrawal 2 months
    After checking the status online its showing claim settled but amount dint got credited into my account yet.
    Also after checking the Pan details
    Its showing pan verification failed which was showing proper before withdrawal.
    So the failed transaction is because of pan verification failed.??
    If yes then do i need to apply again?
    Please help
    Please help ..

  144. Hello Basavaraj,

    I had transferred my PF from employer A to employer B. I understand that PF amount gets transferred to my new employer whereas EPS, only service record gets updated on UAN and the amount does not get transferred to the new employer account.

    Now I am unemployed for 3 months and have claimed for PF withdrawal by submitting for 19 & 10C online. I want to know if EPS from my previous employer (A) will also get credited along with the entire PF amount of A&B?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  145. hi i have applied my form 19 last month
    but i have checked in online its getting aadhar pending at field office
    my employer said that no need to link pan already aadhar linked to pan please tell me

  146. Hello, I applied for PF full Withdrawal using Form 19 through online and it is under process.

    Will I get Pension amount also withdrawn from that form itself ‘OR’ I should again submit Form 10C through online separately?

      1. Hello, I applied for PF using Form 19 and 10-c also through online on 16 jan 2017 and now Passbook showing Employee share-Rs.41231 and Employer share –Rs.12793 in withdrawal column and Pension Contribution showing is Rs.12718 But credit in my account only 2 Amounts 1st is Rs.48622 and 2nd is Rs.3150 Total Amount Rs.51772.I did not understand please advise me

  147. Hi,
    I have EPS total till date contribution is 1.47 lacs with 22 years of service. My retirement will be after 15 years. If I retire today, can I withdraw EPS? or when and how much EPS?

  148. Hi sir,

    I can see that my PF from ex organisation has got transferred to my new organisation. But I can’t find the EPS amount.

    I have quit my current organisation in order to study outside the country. So I wanted to place a request for EPS withdrawal. Please tell me how can I do it ?

      1. I got the PF transfer done from the 1st organisation to the 2nd organisation I worked for. But I dont know whether the EPS also got transferred because it didn’t reflect in the passbook. The 1st organisation maintained 3 trusts.

        When I left the 2nd organisation few days back, I submitted the composite form for PF withdrawal.

        So now I am wondering what to do about the EPS in 3 trusts from my 1st organisation. Can you please let me know what can be done ?

  149. Hi,
    I have 4.3 years of experience and i claimed for EPF partial withdraw today online.
    My PAN is appproved by my employer but online verification status is “Unverified”. My Adhaar is linked to my UAN and bank account details and mobile number are provided correctly.
    After submitting the claim, i found in the claim pdf that the PAN is reflecting as “Not Available”. As the amount i claimed is more than 50k, i heard that there would be TDS deductions of 34% if pan is not provided.
    But my doubt is, My PAN status. is it considered as provided because it is approved by my employer in the portal and also linked to my Adhaar, or considered as not provided as it is unverified?
    Also, if there would be more TDS, i would like to cancel my claim. Please suggest how.

    1. Gayatri-This is all happening due to your employer NON-verification of PAN. Inform the same to your employer. Also, avoiding TDS does not mean avoiding tax. Due to your service period, the income you receive from EPF is still taxable income for you and you have to pay tax on that.

    2. Lemme share my experience here.

      My KYC (Aadhar, PAN Bank A/C) was verified 3 years ago by my previous employer. A couple of weeks ago, UAN shockingly displayed that my PAN failed. PAN Unverified!!

      Then i realised that the name on my PAN card ended with my initials while UAN and Aadhar just had my name spelt as ‘Arun Kumar’.

      When i tried uploading my PAN i encountered an error message on UAN that stated (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department).

      Worried about the 34% TDS deduction while withdrawing PF if PAN not verified, I thought of correcting the name on my PAN online. It took around 12 days to get a copy of my corrected PAN from NSDL to my residential address.

      After which, I was able to upload /re-submit my PAN on UAN for my employer’s to digitally verify the same. Right now, its all fixed.

        1. TDS stands for ‘Tax Deducted at Source’. PF withdrawals above 50,000 is taxable. TDS will be deducted at the rate of 10% unless PAN is submitted or verified on UAN.
          However, in case Form 15G or 15H is submitted along with pan by the member, then TDS is not deducted. These forms are to declare that their income would not be taxable after receiving payment of their PF accumulations.

          Note : If PAN is not updated then there will be a deduction of 34.6% for PF withdrawals above 50,000.

            1. Basavaraj, nowhere in my earlier comments have i mentioned about avoiding tax. Lets not get mixed-up between avoiding vs. saving. My intention here was to highlight the savings of 10% tax against 34.6% when PAN is provided during PF withdrawals.

              If an individual withdraws PF above 50,000 before the completion of 5 continuous years of service then he/she is entitled for TDS.
              If PAN is verified on UAN then they are entitled for a 10% TDS. If PAN not provided then the TDS is deducted at 34.6%.

              Not all PAN verified members can further save the 10% TDS as there are certain criterias that make them eligible. To get detailed explanation on who can submit Form 15G/H and when, please visit the following link:


  150. Dear Sir,
    Successfully My previous PF transferred to current Member ID, I have raised the claim. But receive only current organisation PF and pension in 3 days. But not the OLD organisation. Its showing in Passbook with note : Credit subject to verification. Suggest way forward

  151. Please call me sir
    Sir ia m apply 19 or 10c but
    Payment receive from 19 full payment or 10c full payment not receive please help sir .
    My pension 12890rs iam receive 4462 rupees

  152. Hii sir I checked my passbook it’s showing zero balance and the withdraw columbs it’s showing the balance.. But still I didn’t get.. And status is showing only my PF number…

      1. Ok, so I have been facing the same problem, because I provided an incorrect and invalid account number, the payment did not get credited to my account, however, EPFO has deducted the amount, now I have raised a grievance about the same issue and gone to the regional office, where they asked me to get in touch with my bank but the bank has no information about this. The claim status is “settled” . I don’t think they really know what that word means.This has been going on since March 22nd, 2018. Clueless.

  153. Hi Sir,

    I raised claim for settlement online i.e. form 19 and 10C. However the claim got rejected saying “Form 15G not submitted”.

    Please help me regarding this. As per my knowledge there was no need of form 15G for online claim. Please let me know if it is required, how and where to submit this form.


  154. I Ave complete job service of less then five years in a organization and now resigned from there. And now I m not doing job anywhere. Want to withdraw both epf amount and pension scheme fund. Please suggest me which online form I need to submit. Form 19 or form 10c or both.

  155. Hello,

    I moved to Germany(don’t have employer in India) and trying to place a PF withdrawal request using UAN portal where I have everything activated however I am getting the following error. As per the pre-requiste, all the pf balance must be transferred to the last PF account, since I don’t have employer in India, I even can’t initiate a transfer as the employer must sign in this case. So can you please suggest any alternate way to withdraw the EPF and EPS ?

    Error -> Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding.

    Thanks in advance.

  156. Hi Basu,

    Greetings of the day,

    This year april month i changed job from one organization to another with 3 years experience in first company and same UAN only given to current employer for EPF now my question is am i allowed to withdraw pf amount whatever there in account by first employer because inside one UAN login two passbook are there

    Thanks in advance

  157. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the brilliant blog.

    I have one query. I have resigned from my company (Infosys) and am currently unemployed and no longer plan to take one for next 2 years. KYC shows that we need our employer to verify our documents. But I have no employer currently. Who has then to validate my Aadhar document in KYC? I need this so that I can claim my EPS money online as per your blog.


  158. Dear sir,
    I am working in I was taken internal shift from one Dept. to other Dept. after five years in the same organization but I am not transfer my PF to current Dept. here I was new PF account opened. I want to withdraw my previous PF. Can I able to do the same.

  159. Hello Sir, Is there a way i can withdraw my EPS amount after 10 years? I would be needing that money because i have personal loan to be paid off.

    Thank you!

      1. Ok..thank you sir.

        If i opt to buy a house will i be able to withdraw EPS as well along with EPF after 10 years ?

        Thank you very much for your time and support…very much appreciated and helpful.


          1. Thank you very are doing a great work by sharing knowledge and helping people this way…..It is much much appreciated sir!

  160. hi sir punith hear in my pf passbook in withdraw column they entered amount but i am still dint get the pf amount

    in passbook balance showing zero.

  161. Hi,
    I was on maternity leave and had to resign due to personal reasons. My employer has credited 2 months extra salary to my account, when the whole maternity policy was being changed by the govt. Now my employer says i’m not eligible for new policy. they added salary by mistake and i’ll have to return it to complete exit procedure. I want to withdraw my pf online but my name doesnt match with aadhar and my employer is not cooperating to change it or help me withdraw my pf until i pay the due amount. I’ve been struggling for almost 3 months now and i dont know what to do.
    I want to know if we require the company relieving letter to withdraw pf directly from epfo office.
    I wanted to avoid visiting epfo as i’ve heard it takes a lot of time and too many visits. It’d be difficult for me to manage with a baby and sick mother at home. but looks like i have no choice.
    Not sure if you can advice something helpful but i just thought of asking.
    Thanks anyway for your blogs, they’re very helpful

  162. Hi Sir,

    I am currently not working. It has been more than 3 months since I resigned. Now I am planning to withdraw my PF. But I am not using the bank account which is updated in EPF portal. Are there any options to change my bank account number against my PF.

  163. Sir in UAN portal in approved kyc section a ‘S’ is showing under verify column against aadhaar .Can you say what is this ?

  164. Hi Sir,
    I am Rishav and i have worked for 22 months and now I’m pursuing my MBA. I’m financing my study my self and for that i needed my epf and eps amount. I applied for both online using form 19 and 10C. My epf request is settled but my eps request is rejected. Can you please help me in resolving it because I’m in need of money.

  165. Hi,

    I am planning to withdraw PF for paying for my new house. I have paid the downpayment but I want to prepay my housing loan. My PF is linked to my AADHAR and I have submitted an online statement to my housing society.

    To withdraw, do I need to submit the composite form? And should I give my personal bank account number in the composite form (which is already linked to my PF account)?

    Also, I have not been working for more than 2 years due to ill health but I have only 4 years of continuous service. Will I be taxed for this withdrawal? If yes, is there a provision to not get taxed?

      1. Thanks Basavaraj. I read through your article and it doesn’t answer a few questions:
        (a) I have not been working for more than 2 years due to ill health but I have only 4 years of continuous service. Will I be taxed for this withdrawal? If yes, is there a provision to not get taxed?
        (b) If the downpayment is already made through a bank loan, can it be used to prepay the bank loan (not EMI but prepayment)
        (c) The composite form doesn’t have any provision to write some other bank account number there (e.g., bank account number of the loan)

  166. Hi,

    Can I withdraw the EPS amount rather transferring it to a new account while moving from one organisation to other?
    Can I do this each time?

    If yes, please let me know the procedure.


  167. Hi ,

    I have applied for PF withdrawal 31 as my PF age has crossed 5 years. I have already linked my Aadhaar , PAN and Bank Account with UAN and the same is reflecting on the KYC form.

    Aadhaar has a caption verified but my PAN doesnt have the same on the KYC page.
    But anyhow i am able to apply for the claim online and i received an acknowledgement .
    In the acknowledgement it shows my PAN number but in the bracket ( not verified )
    Will i have any issues on withdrawal ? request you to guide me on the same and let me know whom should i contact for verfification

    Balaji K

      1. Thank your for your update !
        It is reflecting under the approved KYC along with Aadhaar and Bank details , but Verified status is available only for Aadhaar and not for PAN .

  168. Hello Basu Ji,

    My total service experience is 3.6 years, I used to work for an IT company and worked there for almost 3 years and now i have changed my job 5 months back, after joining in new organization i applied for PF transfer and can see that PF transfer has been done successfully. but wanted to know about the EPS amount.

    Can I withdraw that amount? if Yes, than what is the procedure for that?

    Thanks in advance,

      1. Actually I am in need of some small amount as of now, so can i withdraw it, if yes than what is the procedure sir?

  169. My query is relating to my moms eps withdrawal.My mom & dad are staying separately & we don’t know about his whereabouts.My mom is retired and now we are trying for her employees pension fund withdrawal…In form 10d,they have asked to submit age proofs and photos of family members(including spouse).We can submit just a copy of marriage certificate where age of my dad is mentioned apart from that we don’t have his photos or any other id proofs,will this be sufficient for eps withdrawal form?Will the form be accepted? Please guide.

  170. I have updated my mobile number at adhar center. It says my mobile number is already verified in UIDAI site. But, when I try to submit online PF withdrawal form, I get error as Mobile not verified. I tried several time. What may be the reason? Please help

  171. Hi Basu,
    I left my job 6 months ago after working for 2 years and 9 months and am currently persuing studies.
    I am in need of some money and was thinking of withdrawing my EPS.
    Can you please help to clear my following doubts:
    1) Can EPS be withdrawn without withdrawing EPF?
    2) Am I right in thinking that EPS withdrawal is better for me than EPF as i do not need the whole amount, EPF will still earn me interest for 3 years and will also be taxed since I have not completed 5 years of service?
    3) Does EPS withdrawal alone attract any taxation?

    I would be really greatful if you can help to clear my doubts please.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  172. Hi Basu,

    I requested for PF Final Settlement online and I got the amount credited to my account. While filing the claim I selected option ‘Only PF withdrawal (Form 19)’. My question is – when I request for PF final settlement – does this amount includes the pension amount. Or I have to file another claim online using option ‘Only Pension withdrawal (Form 10C)’. Please suggest what needs to be done – As per my understanding – Pension is credited in a separate transaction. Hence, I have not received Pension amount. I was in a job for 8 years and now a freelancer.

  173. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for sharing the useful Info, Can you please guide how can I get my PF amount transferred since I am having 2 UAN one for current employer and one for last and now no one is ready to help. Pls suggest

  174. Hi Basu, All the conditions (Aadhar, Bank and mobile linking) mentioned in your post are satisfied in my case but online withdrawal (form 19) is not showing in my UAN login. Only Form 31 is available for loan facility. Please guide me to withdraw my EPFO balance through online.

      1. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti,

        Recently I have withdrawn my Pf amount and then I have registered a request (25-09-2017) for EPS withdrawal through epf web portal and still reflecting as under process. may I know, how many days does it will take to credit the amount in bank account. please let me know.

        My work experience is 1.5 Yrs

  175. basu ji i got a msg from epfo your aadhar details against UAN could not be verified due to mismatch in details how to correct online plz respond

  176. Hi Basu,

    I quit my job last year and want to withdraw my PF balance as i am not in a job anymore.
    My UAN has 2 PF accounts linked to it and when i try to claim withdrawal online, i get an error message saying i need to transfer the PF balance from first employer to the second one before withdrawal. My question is do i really need to do that. As my Aadhaar data is seeded can i not withdraw using the composite form and UAN number and submit it to the EPFO.


  177. Hi,

    I have been trying to claim the PF amount (partial withdrawal) on the portal. However, keep getting an error message ‘Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding’. The transfer from previous organisation is reflecting in the passbook with a note saying ‘subject to verification’. Have frequently followed up with the EPFO, but in vain.

    Could you please suggest how the above issue can be resolved in a timely manner. It has already been more than a month and the wait is still on.

  178. Hi,

    My name is Swathi, I have complete 10 years of service in my current organization. I am planning to go for
    PF partial withdrawal for purchasing a house. I have below doubts. Can you pls check and reply .

    1) When I try to apply for the loan online, in the purpose of Loan filed i could see only the option “CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSE”. So for “purchasing a house” also I have to select the option “CONSTRUCTION OF HOUSE”?

    2) Once I received the PF loan for “purchasing a house”, do I need to send any documents to the EPFO
    after the property registration. If so, is there any dead line (time period) to submit the registration documents to  



  179. Hello Mr. Basavraj,
    I am a 66 year old individual who took VRS in 2003. I have submitted 10D form for withdrawal of EPS after I completed 58 years age. But the EPFO has not yet given me the EPS. They have been giving some of the other reasons and totally I have submitted the form many times. I have been trying since last 8 years. Also they do not respond to any of my letters until I raise a grievance.
    Now finally they are saying that my EPS of some of my years was not transferred to the right office. Finally I got that to done. Now after I have sent everything they are still not responding. I do not know how to raise a complaint and get my EPS. Please advice now I can withdraw my EPS without these many problems.

      1. Grievance has been raised on line to get my pension but I have not yet received my monthly pension. It’s been really long wait and I am frustrated with the wait. Can I take legal action going to consumers court for this.

  180. HEY ,

  181. Hi

    What is the process of online transfer claim in the new EPFO portal?
    What am I supposed to submit the signed claim form to my employer? Is it to be sent to the respective EPFO office ?

      1. I have submitted the signed form to my present employer. what is he supposed to do next? How he is supposed to do the attestation? is it to be done online or he has to send the form to the respective epfo office?

  182. Sir, my epf online claim current status is “CLAIM SETTLED”till date but yet not received amount …

    please advise me

      1. Sir,

        For me also applied online PF advance.From past three days on wards the status showing as CLAIM SETTLED but till now the amount is not credited in my account.

        Please advise me..

        1. Hi Anil,

          It showed the same for me too. It will take atleast 7 – 10 days for it to show up in your Bank account. beyond that time frame, you may have to follow up with EPFO


    1. Hi Ashish,

      My claim status also showing CLAIM SETTLED from past three days on wards..
      Do you received the amount.



    Pan verfication failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)

  184. I authenticated aadhar still I am getting message please authenticate aadhar when tried to fill form 19 online plz suggest

  185. Hi Sir,

    I have transferred by EPF amount from my previous employer to current employer through online .

    However my EPS amount still not yet transferred to my current employers EPS account. Could you please tell me when this amount will get transferred to my current employers EPS account.

    Also is there any form do we need to submit for transferring EPS amount to current employer EPS account?

      1. Sorry sir I dint understand the above comment.

        Correct me if I am wrong. Are you trying to say EPFO will just keep updating our service with all employer and at the time of our retirement i.e after 58 yrs will gave back this money in the form of pension or bulk amount.

        Could you please tell me where can i see my eps amount of all employer till date from the date i started working.

  186. Dear Sir, I have a UAN number and is applying for Form 31 (Advance) for construction of House property from two or three days, but while entering Aadhar authentic OTP it is always showing “OTP mismatch error or Please try again later” each time. Please help

  187. I received PF final settlement amount today. Online withdrawal request was submitted on 26th July. So it hardly took 10 calendar days. Issues I faced with the tool (nothing after submission though) are already shared on this blog and elsewhere as appropriate.

    My special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Basavaraj for putting up this page/blog which I’ve found very useful when I was groping in the dark.

  188. Hi Basavaraj ji,
    in my last company i have worked for 4.5 yrs and after that it suddenly got shut down. There is no employee whom i can contact there as the that company does not have any existence. I have applied to transfer the last pf fund to my new pf account of my present employer.The transfer has been done, but i have not received/tranferred the EPS amount ,which is more than 30,000/- . I want to withdraw that EPS amount. Please suggest me how can i do that.I am i urgent need of that amount.

          1. I have transferred my EPF to my new PF account (with new UAN). The EPS amount didnt get transferred which i want to withdraw.

                  1. So whenever we resigned our current job and joined another company , we must have to transfer EPF, but we are allowed to withdrawn EPS ? is that my understanding correct ?

  189. Hi Sir,

    Recently I checked the status of my online claim for PF withdrawal and found that it was rejected.
    Below reasons were given-

    Reason of rejection: CERTIFICATE A/B/C/D/E/F NOT ENCLOSED / SIGNED

    Could you please elaborate the reason of rejection.
    I have done it through online process and why do the certificates need to be enclosed?
    All they have asked in the online process was seeding of FORM-11,aadhar card, and bank details


  190. good evening basu ji

    who fills date of joining date of exit details in epfo data base and can we enter our selves online

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      It is done by the Employer. Just a couple of weeks back, I got the ‘Date of Exit’ updated by my ex-employer since until then only ‘partial withdrawal’ option was allowed and rightly so.

  191. Hello Basu,

    I was able to successfully do a online claim of my PF account on the UAN portal, however while checking the status yesterday, i see it was rejected with below reason.


    The period they mentioned above i was at onsite and then it started continuing once i was able in India. My Aadhaar, PAN and bank details are seeded..

    What should i do next, should i approach EPF branch using a composite Aadhaar form for withdrawal along wiht form 15G? I assumed if the service is below 5 years and if PAN is submitted the TDS would be 10%.


  192. Dear Sir,

    I have tried to submit online claim but the error stated that more than one ID’s linked to UAN. All accounts to be merged in single account before proceeding.
    I have left one Pvt. Company 4 months back where I have worked approx. 3.5 years and joined new company from that time. I have given my previous UAN number in the new company.
    I want to withdraw my previous company PF amount as I need money for higher study.
    Please help to guide the process.

    Much appreciate your valuable feedback. Thank you!!

      1. Thank you sir for the support.

        I have some query for offline mode of withdrawal. please help: –

        1. My UAN is active and linked to my Aadhar. All other information are correctly updated in EPFO records. Which form I can use to withdraw pf offline….. UAN based new form or the old form.

        2. Does it attract TDS? Since my PAN is updated in EPFO and the pf contribution is for 3.5 years and val. is more than 2lac.

        Looking forward for your support.

  193. Hello Basu

    I quit my job last year and have not yet claimed my PF.. I am currently working for my own startup and don’t have any PF running.

    So i have everything that is mandatory on UAN member portal to do the withdrawal..
    After filling the online form, validate it by Aadhaar OTP and then when i click on ‘Validate OTP and Submit’ I get a message
    “Claim Is Not Submitted on portal,Please try again later”

    Do you know what could be the reason..

      1. I am trying to submit withdrawal request online since thursday and continually get the same message.
        “Claim Is Not Submitted on portal,Please try again later”

      2. i feel they might have disabled the portal as there has been a holiday on friday and they did not want their work to pile up

        1. Did you give a try to the instructions I had shared in my comment dated – ‘July 26, 2017 at 12:26 PM’ ? I see that, it has worked for many others too.

    1. I just happened to try final PF settlement option and I received the same error – “Claim Is Not Submitted on portal,Please try again later”. I’ll try again during business hrs tomorrow and also by clearing cache/switching to a diff browser as suggested above. Will update if it gets through.

        1. HI Prasanna,

          I’m getting the same error and I was looking for threads that could help me. Were you able to process your claims. If yes, please share the mitigation steps you followed. Thanks much.


          1. Hi Mithun,

            I’ve already shared the updates on this blog. Pls refer to my comment dated – ‘July 26, 2017 at 12:26 PM’.

    2. Hi Vivek,

      As posted below, I had faced the same issue too. I tried clearing cache/cookies, switching to a different browser/machine but in vain. Today, on a hunch, I redistributed my address info on the 2 address fields ‘equally’ (earlier, first text box had much of the details while second box only had my village name) and that nailed it for me.

      Hope, this could be of some help to you/others too.

      1. Hi Prasanna,

        Did you split the complete address mentioned on your Aadhar Card in equally in the “Street” and “Locality” Field (including commas, full stops and space)?


  194. Hi Sir,

    I have been working with same company since 16years and still working, I would like to withdraw my amount. out of Employee share, Employer share and Pension Amount how much amount I can withdraw online. Pls advice which form I need to submit and how much percentage I can withdraw out of Employee share,Employer share and pension amount.


      1. how much amount I can take as an advance out of my Employee share, Employer share and pension fund. I am holding three shares totally 12lakhs.
        out of that 12lakhs how much amount I can take an advance.please advise me.

          1. Aa per online request under form 31 (construction of house) min 1000 to max 500000 only showing, is it maximum amount 5Lakhs only I can with draw or what?
            please advice me.


              1. when I checked online while filling form 31 under advance amount point it is showing Rs 1000 to Rs 5,00,000. As per ur link it is showing 90% Employee share with interest and Employer share with interest. in that case why not more than 5,00,000 not allowed.
                Just answer and advice for my point. if u send me link there it will be general way.
                Is it correct or not. while submitting online request form 31 it is shoeing maximum 5,00,000 ?
                thanks in advance.

                  1. I have applied online withdrawal on 21st July, till now its showing under process status. how Many days it will take to settle this online withdrawal process.

                    1. Hi,
                      I have applied online on 21st of July, but till now its not cleared. it is showing underprices status only as of now. its nearly 20 days over, as per your reply it should be done in 10 days time, what should I do now. please advise me.

  195. hi basu sir. I want to know if I fill form 19 for final settlement am I gonna paid full amount I.e employer and employee contribution if yes then for pension epf will deduct amount from where if they credit entire amount

    1. Siddharth-Your final settlement involves only Employee EPF Share+Interest on that and Employer EPF Share+interest on that. EPS will be payable to you based on the number of years you served.

  196. is epfo deduct amount from pf contribution I.e employee contribution and employer cont for monthly pension to employees

  197. Hi Basu,

    Its nice article. Thanks for posting this.

    I served with my company more than 10 years and resigned my job March 2016. I no longer working in India. I didn’t withdraw my EPF. I received my EPF statments from my previous employer for the year 2016-2017. In that TDS 10% is being deducted for the interest amount . Could you explain why TDS if I am not withdrawing my amount?

    Total amount in EPF : 10 lakhs
    Interest credited approx for this year : 86,000 RS
    10 * TDS decuted : 8600 RS

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    1. Prasanna-In my case TDS is not at all an issue. Because first thing, your account is more than 5 years old and you have not withdrawn. But still TDS for what purpose they deducted I am not sure. Check with EPFO immediately.

      1. Hi Basu,

        I checked with my employer and received the below response. I am still not clear.. Will you please explain?

        The interest on your PF balance as on 31st March 2017 will attract tax as per below income tax rule. ”

        “Under Section 10 (12) of the Income Tax Act, the ‘accumulated balance’ due and becoming payable to an employee participating in a recognized provident fund during the tenure of his service, do not form part of total income.
        The expression ‘accumulated balance’ is defined under Section 2 (f) of the Fourth Schedule – Part A, to mean the balance to the credit of an employee on the date he ceases to be an employee of the employer maintaining the fund. Thus the accumulated balance, is the sum of the amount of provident fund credited to the account of the employee during the tenure of the employment of a member.
        The interest credited to the accumulated balance of an employee who has resigned or retired from his services, does not fall within the exceptions provided in Section 10 (12) or Section 8 of Part A of the Fourth Schedule, and is therefore to be treated as income liable to be taxed. The Company / Trust is therefore under the obligation to deduct tax at source from such interest under Section 194A of the Income Tax Act. ”

        Thanks in advance for your time.

        1. Hi Sir,

          I would like to add one more point, I was under loss of Pay for an year between 2013 and 2014. Will it be considered as break in the service and treated as less than 5 years service? Is it the reason for tax on interest?

          Best Regards

        2. Prasanna-Here income liable for tax only when you realize it (withdraw it). Here, you are not withdrawing. Hence, no question of tax liability. You can file a complaint against your employer with EPFO and CBDT. They have to bend.

  198. basu ji for offline withdrawal of epf money I.e form 19 claim is aadhar mandatory for withdrawal.

  199. When I request for transfer (after providing all KYC docs which are approved). I enter my UAN and click on get ,I get a message that No previous employment details found against this UAN. please help.

    1. HI Arpita,

      Did you solve your issue. I am also getting same issue.
      No previous employment details found against this UAN

      1. Hello,

        I was receiving the same error. I reached out to my previous employer and asked them to update EPFO site to reflect my Date of Exit. Once done, within seconds, I was able to submit the transfer request.

  200. basu ji. I had submitted form 10d for pension after 1 month when I check my account amount credited bulk posting 60000 on 27 june 2017 and again on 30 june 2017 credited 2350 I want to know is 2350 is the pension I will get every month

  201. if i upload my pan number is seeing error it shows “Pan verification failed. (Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department)” why how to solve the problem please help me. in my pan card name is VINOTH THANGAVEL bt why not upload this prob how to solve.

      1. In my company so many people having this problem how to solve the problem give me a idea please and nobody know how to solve this problem please guide me in this problem

          1. sir, in my uan pan not updated but aadhar and bank details are updated and approved in uan portal.can i apply pf withdrawal is eligible r not.

  202. Hi,

    I have submitted online PF withdrawal form 31, It’s been over 45 days now its still showing as “online claim submitted at portal” does it usually take this long or should i visit nearest PF office and submit the from 31 again. Please Advice

    Thank you in advance

  203. I have given application for PF claim online on June 19 th and when I check the status it is showing the claim is submitted on the portal. After online submission there is a printable form showing the summary of withdrawal request. Do I need to send this form to PF office or everything will be done just online?

      1. Thanks brother. Its been more than one week and still the status is showing submitted on the portal. Do you have any idea how long it will take?

  204. I have updated my adhar no online. its been more then 2 motnhs. Its still showing in pending KYC. what should i do?

  205. Sir, I had a doubt. Could you please answer this query.

    I had resigned on Aug 16,2016. The interest will be credited only up to the last transaction in the passbook or will it be credited(FY17) until I had withdrawn the amount?

    Thank you in Advance!

  206. why is it risk to keep idle account for long because now interest will be given to every account am I right sir

  207. Hi Sir,
    I ll be quitting my organization by end of June.Post that I m flying to USA in July for my higher studies.
    I have a registered UAN.
    My company says that PF can be withdrawn only after 60 days of release.
    Is there any way I can withdraw my PF& VPF amount quickly?I plan to use it for my education expenses.

      1. Thank you Sir 🙂

        In my case I ‘ll not be available in India after July and have no plans to return back soon .So how do I claim my PF& VPF amount.

        1. Is there any way provision to initiate an online PF claim?Do I have to be present physically to claim my PF & VPF?Also will I need Employers help to initiate claim (any documentation ,seal,sign etc)

          Request you to Kindly suggest me the best possible solutions for the above query.I also heard that the PF account might become inoperative if kept dormant.

  208. Sir, my aadhaar number is wrong in my UAN portal. How can I edit it. I am not working currently. I relieved from my previous organisation before 1 year.

      1. Sir, my concerned pf office is located in mumbai. Whereas I am from Chennai. My ex employer is not helping in this regard. I dont know what to do. Kindly help me in this regard.

  209. good morning basu ji. epf generally credits interest in the month end or any day of the month

      1. once in a year I know. means they can credit any working day not specifically month end isn’t it sir

  210. sir. I joined the organisation on the yr 1977 and retired on 2013 plz tell me what is the approx pension I will get avg salary 1995 onwards was 6500 for pension calculation. before 1995 I dont know the avg salary

      1. I can understand sir. but before 1995 can u have the formula to calculate after 1995 it is avg salary *no of yrs ÷70

  211. basu ji. the epf interest is calculated on the last contributation or on total figure which is employee plus employer contribution full amount

  212. basu ji I want to know the process of pension. means steps. concerned office send to epfo then what are the steps

  213. Hi,
    I left my job last year Dec 2016 and applied for EPF withdrawal.
    At the time of balance withdrawal I had 7 years of experience with different employers.
    I always transferred my EPF balance from old employer RPFC to new employer RPFC.
    Also I ad submitted Form15G at the time of filing the request with employer.
    But now I see the RPFC has deposited the amount y deducting 10% from the amount I see in EPF updated passbook.

    Please help what should I do now?

      1. I started my employment in Dec 2009
        Switched employers below
        2nd employer in May 2011
        3rd employer in Dec 2013
        4th employer in Mar 2015
        left 4th employer in Sept 2016

        My EPF account also changed for every switch and I made sure to transfer the EPF balance from previous employer to current employer.
        But in case of 4th employer, they created a new UAN account for me instead of referring the UAN from 3rd employer. Now the EPF passbook shows the PF credit for 4th employer and balance transfer from 3rd employer.

        I spoke to RPFC today and they said to submit documents to prove my balance transfers, I dont know what doc can prove/where to retrieve the same.

  214. Hi Sir,
    I worked in a company for 3.5 Yrs , two month back i quit my job now not working, i hav 65k in my EPF account , want to apply for withdrew online but my doubt is will any tax deduction for online claim. all my pan, aadhar , kyc details where updated online and verified too,
    my salary slab is 2 lac i have filled nil tax return can i opt for 15g declaration with manual UAN based EPF claim to avoid 10% TDS, kindly advice am i eligible for 15g declaration to avoid tax

    1. Kumar-This income will be taxable for you as you have not completed 5 years. Just giving Form 15G to avoid TDS does mean that you avoided tax. Even if you submit Form 15G and avoided TDS means you have to pay the tax as per your income tax slab.

  215. Hi Basu sir,
    Interrupted you once again.
    As this article is not relate to my question but i believe I will get solution here.

    You helped me in pnb bank issue before.

    My question is how much money I can get from my Exide life new fulfilled policy?
    I have a bad experience, with customers support, no call no reply on mail, even not my advisor helps me.

    I will complete 5 years in Aug this year and planning to withdraw my policy. I did not get even my bonus which is occurring 75K now on my Exide online account.

    Can you please advice, what to do ?
    I’m paying 25 K ever year, so till this Aug i would paid 125K.

    Please advise

    1. Sheaan-I am not sure of how much you get back if you surrender and none than the Exide Life will have to tell this to you. Hence, better you reach to their office and inquire. Instead of a call, emailing of taking help of an adviser, why not you reach physically to their office and get the information?

  216. Hello

    I am Unable to Update My Aadhaar Number in KYC Documents. It By default shows my UAN number there.

  217. What is the implication of the recent EPFO order No. Pension-I/12/33/EPS amendment/96/Vol.II Dated 23.03.2017 based on a decision of the Ministry of Labour & Employment (Ref. Press release dated 19.12.2016) and Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgment in SLP No.3302-33033 of 2015, whereby a provision has been introduced for payment of pension on the basis of “actual salary instead of statury limit of Rs.15,000/-.

    When is it going to be implemented and how this is going to be implemented in the case of exempted Trusts/Companies.

  218. as u said 10 yrs of service required for withdraw full amount. mine it is 30 yrs compleated in organisation. can u say sir from which yr its implemented

  219. sir. part of eps means. what percent we can withdrew of the total eps. this error is coming when I apply online

  220. sir. when I am applying 10c online withdrawal of pension then error is coming you have compleated 9.5 yrs of service less than 10 yrs sir how to claim then

    1. Rakesh-You are allowed to withdraw the part of EPS but not full amount. Because of that may be you are getting an error. However, I don’t think they must show such error as one can withdraw EPS before completion of 10 years also.

  221. basu ji. epfo interest calculated on total amount means total of employee contribution and employer contribution or any other process

      1. that’s right but if the employee is retired from 3 yrs and his money still with epf he didnt withdrew and he nor employer contributes any more then his interest will be calculated on total lum sum money he has in epf. suppose he has 800000 total interest calculated on 8 lakhs?

  222. why after aadhar seeded successfully its asking for update aadhar is there any error in their database plz clarify

  223. hi

    I have two UAN numbers (old company and current company), I did online PF transfer the old account to new account one month back but still its showing previous and present employer approval pending….. What can I do now?

    i have submitted all the forms to my current company ,


  224. December 30th-16 I resign from my last company and joined new company as 02-jan-17.

    Total epf contribution is around 3 years. I have same UAN number in both the company.

    Can i withdraw my PF amount via form 31 or advance (online /offline).
    reason- marriage or medical

  225. Sir,
    I worked for a Pvt Co. & had withdrawn the EPF. For FPS I have received a certificate.
    Now I have joined second company having EPF & FPS, but my FPS is not transferred.
    1. Whether I can transfer the FPS?
    2. If yes, How?
    3. Or I will have to wait for superannuation to get both the FPS?
    4. The current FPS is in a different state (Jharkhand) than the first one (UP).


  226. The error “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.” while applying for Online PF withdrawal might be due to the name mismatch. Usually employers link Aadhar to UAN with name as shown in PAN card, there are cases where in the name sequence in PAN card is different than the one in Aadhar card (PAN card can have “Middle Name First Name Surname” while Aadhar has “First Name Middle Name Surname”). Try getting the KYC corrected from your employer.

    1. The error happens to appear even if the name in Aadhar is same and is approved KYC list. This is something which no one is clear about and the only option is to visit them with the composite claim form (Aadhar based).

      Waste of life..Pathetic implementation of a very good service…


    2. Hi,

      I have all the 3 KYC doen successfuly and its showing as my Bank account, Aadhar and PAN but it giving me the error “AADHAAR is not authenticated from UIDAI. Please authenticate your AADHAAR by visiting nearest EPFO office.”

      Please suggest.

  227. I am also I tried to submit online claim, the error stated that the your aadhaar number is not authenticated pl go nearby epfo and authenticate the same. What will do, pl reply anybody known about this

  228. Hi Basavaraj,

    Its was nice to read your blogs i have a doubt in my mind.

    Can we transfer our EPF To NPS ?

  229. Online service activated for my account but as usual facing typical govt issue. It gives me error “Aadhar number not authenticate by UIDAI. Please visit nearest EPFO office.” Then I tried for again updating Aadhar number then it show error “temporary facing Aadhar server issue” Dont know why these babu logs create problem in every good initiative.

      1. Its the same issue with me and other colleagues here!!.

        Well, have tried it 10-30 times and still the same error. WHY? can’t they think and make something it coz giving out our money is a pain in their ***?

        Could you please let us know any other way apart from physical visit to the EPFO office?

      2. As per social networking sites, majorly all people are facing same issue. Hope govt will take some action.

  230. No option to withdraw when login to EPFO. My KYC is already done and Aadhaar is also linked.

      1. Dear Sir,

        I applied to withdrawal to PF & EPS amount on 30th may-19. I have got PF amount but still waiting for EPS amount. Pls suggest.

        Vajid Ali

  231. Pl share the links for reaching the UAN sites and I did not find any menu tabs for withdrawl in the UAN portal

      1. Respected Sir,
        I have worked in Accenture for 3.5 yrs and then switched to another company bt worked there only for 3 months. I have already claimed the epf amount from the latest employer pf account without merging the old pf account. After this I merged the old pf account with the latest employer. Now total pf amount credited in new pf account . UAN is same for both the account. Now I am trying to withdraw the pf amount as well as Eps amount , but it get rejected with the error message-EPS erroneously remitted.
        Please suggest me the solution .I will be thankful to you.

  232. Great News..thanks for the info Basu.

    My account number uploaded by my previous employer in in correct and my withdrawal was rejected.
    What should I do?

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