September 16, 2019

EPF Form 15G – How to fill online for EPF withdrawal?

Recently EPFO Unified portal launched a facility to submit EPF Form 15G to allow the EPF members to withdraw it online. This also makes you to avoid the TDS.

TDS on EPF Withdrawal Rules

Before jumping into know the process of submitting the Form 15G, let us first understand the rules related to TDS with respect to EPF withdrawal. I have already written a detailed post on this “EPF Withdrawal Taxation-New TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Rules“.

For your brief recap, I will share the below image which clears everything for you.

TDS on EPF Withdrawal 2016

# If you are withdrawing the EPF after 5 years of service, then there is no TDS at all.

# Here, 5 years means 5 years of contribution. Hence, if you worked for 3 years and kept the account idle for another 2 years, thinking you can avoid TDS means you are wrong. As for TDs purpose, your contribution period is considered.

# Even if you worked in multiple organizations but you retained the same EPF account, then such combined service period is considered as single and eligible for TDS exemption (if your combined all earlier employments contributory period is more than 5 years.

# When your service is less than 5 years and you are withdrawing the EPF, then during the financial year of your withdrawal, it is taxed under your head.

# Your employer’s contributions along with the accumulated interest amount will be taxed as “profits in lieu of salary” under the head Salary. However, relief under Section 89 will be available.

# Interest accumulated on your (employee) contributions will be taxed under the head “Income from other sources”.

Now you come to know who is eligible for TDS while withdrawing the TDS.

Who are eligible to submit the Form 15G/H while EPF withdrawal?

It is the biggest misconception among many of us that all individuals are eligible for submitting the Form 15G or 15H. However, there are certain rules related to this. Form 15G is for those whose age is below 60 years of age. Form 15H is for those whose age is above 60 years of age.

Below are certain eligibility conditions to be followed before submitting the Form 15G or Form 15H.

# You have to submit either Form 15G or Form 15H when your total income does not exceed the basic exemption limit (in case of Financial Year 2019-20 the basic exemption limit for an individual is Rs.2,50,000, for an individual whose age is 60 years or more but less than 80 years then it is Rs.3,00,000 and for an individual whose age is more than 80 years then it is Rs.5,00,000). You can check the latest tax slabs in my latest post “Latest Income Tax Slab Rates FY 2019-20 (AY 2020-21)“.

# If your estimated tax liability for the current financial year is NIL.

Hence, all individuals are not eligible for submitting the Form 15G or Form 15H to avoid TDs.

Do remember that Form No. 15G or 15H are self-declaration forms that can be furnished by individuals to state that their income is BELOW the taxable limit and hence no TDS should be deducted. The final tax on his estimated total income computed as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act should be nil.


Do remember that as in case of other TDS, any TDS done with respect to your EPF withdrawal will also reflect in your Form 26AS. You have to show it in your ITR.

EPF Form 15G – How to fill online for EPF withdrawal?

Now you have understood the TDS rules applicable to EPF and also you came to know what is Form 15G or 15H. Let us move on and understand the process of how to fill EPF Form 15G for online EPF withdrawal.

# Login to EPFO UAN Unified Portal for members.

# Click on ONLINE SERVICES >> Claim (Form 31, 19, 10C).

# Verify last 4 digits of your bank account as shown in the images below

EPF Online Withdrawal

# Then you will see the EPF withdrawal form.

# Below I want to apply for, you will see Upload Form 15G as shown in the below image.

EPF Form 15G - How to fill online for EPF withdrawal

# Download the Form 15G HERE.

# Now follow the below video tutor done by me.

# Do remember that you have to fill Part 1 of the Form 15G and no need to fill Part 2.

# Upload the filled PDF form to Unified portal.

# Enter the other details and submit for withdrawal.

# If you took the printout of it and filled, then take the images of the same and convert that into PDF format and then upload.

# Do remember that under Field 16 of Form 15G, mention the estimated income for which you are filing the Form. For EPF Withdrawal Enter the EPF amount you will get. This includes only Employee and Employer contribution. This should not include EPS or Pension.

# Under Field 19, for Identification Number Mention the Provident Fund Number, for Nature of Income: TDS on EPF Withdrawal, for Section: 192A and for Amount: Mention your EPF amount(Employer + Employee).

Hope this information is helpful for you all. Let me know if you have any questions or doubts.


  1. sir i’ve already claimed pension contribution(10c) but still i can see some amount under pension contribution so, i applied again however i knew my claim will b rejected cause i already applied for 10C. Now i would like to know why still amount is showing under pension contribution and if possible how i can claim it (i already claim 10C ) ? do i have to fill 15G now to get pension contribution amount?

  2. Hi Sir, Thanks for this helpful article. There are so many confusing instructions out there and since this posts has the most recent updates I would really appreciate it if you can clear my doubts:

    I left my previous organisation after working for 5.1 years. (Meaning NO TDS)
    Now I’m unemployed for more than 60 days. I want to withdraw “Final Settlement” (Form 19 and 10C).
    I can see these options in portal however my PAN verification failed due to name mismatch.
    My total amount is above 50K and below 2.5 L. I do not have FD.
    Will there still be TDS?

  3. Hi,

    I have worked for company 2 month they have open my PF account. after 2 month I left job. now where I work there no PF and my current salary is PA 2,80,000.
    my PF amount is just 5000 Rs. Do I need to feel 15G from? my PAN is not attached with PF.

  4. Hi Basu Sir,

    My DOJ EPF was 18/10/2010 and DOE EPF was 28/02/2013 and my total PF amount till date is 72, 333.
    Can you please let me know if I need to file form 15G?

    • Dear Mohammad,
      As your total service is less than 5 years, your EPF withdrawal will be taxable. Hence, to avoid TDS, you can submit Form 15G.

      • Thank’s for your prompt response Basu Sir. if my total income (PF amount+ Current year income) exceeds 2,50,000 for Column number 17, Do I still need to fill Form 15G?

        Thank you so much.

  5. Hello Sir,
    I worked in a private firm 04 Mar 2015 to 24 Apr 2018.
    Now I am applying again for EPF full settlement and Epf pension amount. EPF authorities sent me a message ” Your Claim has been rejected dut to 1) TDS applicable -please submit F-15 G & PAN. On their online portal my pan has been verified. Now I am going to submit form 15 G.
    My question is : Which year should I mention in Colum 4 of 15G? Financial Year 2019-20?
    In Column 16, should I mention the estimated income of this finacial year?
    thanks in advance!

    • Dear Jagadish,
      It should be 2019-20. Regarding Column 16, yes.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I was working in same organization from past 10 years. in 2018 they changed the organization enity and created a new PF aaccount and asked us to transfer the amount from previous account, which I did. I have quit the job and its more than 3 months currently. Now when I try to withdraw the full amount the Joining date shows as 2018 and in online cliam it asks me to upload form 15G. My query is…

    1) Will the TDS be deducted for me since my joining to the new account shows as 2018?
    2) If no TDS will deducted then is the form 15G is mandatory?

    • Dear Cutinha,
      If you are using the same old EPF account for your new joining company too, then TDS is not applicable for you.

      • Thanks for your response.

        Its new account created in 2018, amount transfered from old to the new one. Then will I attract TDS?

        • Dear Cutinha,
          If the old one is transferred to new one then it is considered as total service period of earlier and current one together.

          • Thank you Sir.

  7. Hi,
    I’m having pf amount – 40000 and pension amount – 15000 in my pf account. PAN has not been verified till now, but aadhar has been verified. I have contacted the pf office, they insisted me to submit form 15g with pan copy so there will be no deduction in TDS. Shall I proceed with same?

  8. Hi,
    My total income including EPF amount for 3 years and FD interests is 3,40,000 for FY 2019-2020. Am I eligible to file Form 15G as it says that the income should be less than exempt amount?

  9. Hello Sir,

    I have received both EPF and EPS money in my bank account. I am self employed right now and not receiving any provident fund.

    1. Will my UAN remain active? If yes, for how many years?

    2. Now may I transfer the branch of that bank which is registered in EPFO?

    3. If I do that, do I need to give any other bank details to EPFO now? But who will approve that account ? As I have no employer at present.

    4. In that case I have to give a new bank account details to my new employer (if needed in future) for EPF right ?

    Kindly reply,


    3. For now

    • Dear Susmita,
      1) Yes. But there is no such deadline.
      2) Yes.
      3) You better do bank change request only when newly join.
      4) YES.

      • Thanks a lot for all your prompt and helpful replies.

  10. Hello Basu Sir,

    my total pf balance (employee+employer+pension) = 72000(aprrox). my pan is not verified with UAN. and aadhar is verified with UAN. and i do not have any FD in any bank . and i left job on march-2018 . after that i joined other companies but in other company no pf deduction happened. so now i create ekyc request to verify my pan to my previous employer. but for some reason they not able to see my ekyc request. so now i want to withdraw my total pf balance.
    1) can i withdrawal my total pf balance including pension amount?
    2) without pan verification can i upload pan image with 15g form ? will it accept by epfo?

      • Query on 2nd question answer: as my employee+employer balance is around 49000 and my pension amount is around 23000. and my FY19-20 income is 5lac and i will mention this in 15g form also so in this case TDS will also deduct? if yes then what is the percentage ? thank you sir in advance

  11. I left my last job in September 2018 (total 4 years of service) and after that, I am unemployed as I have proceeded with higher studies. I filled up ITR in last year. Recently I filled up online form for PF withdrawal, however that was rejected with reason of form 15G and PAN card missing.

    I do not have any fixed deposit in the associated bank account. Moreover, my salaried income for FY19-20 was more than 250000. Could you please suggest the best suited solution to proceed with full PF withdrawal in this case?

    • Dear Aditya,
      Sad part of EPFO is that they set the default option of submitting the Form 15G. You submit it as they are very rigid and unable to understand what the mistakes they are doing. Then you can file IT return and claim TDS if it is more than your tax.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply Mr. Basu. I will follow the suggestion and will share the feedback here.

  12. Hi Sir, I have worked for 8 years and moved abroad now. I want to settle my EPF. It has been given in the article that if we have contributed for more than 5 years, there wouldn’t be any TDS. But when I apply for withdrawal as shown in your screenshots, the system asks for for form 15G. Should I just ignore and apply for the PF. Please confirm.

    • Dear Mani,
      Yes, as you are an NRI you are not eligible to submit Form 15G. Hence, proceed without Form 15G.

      • Hello Sir, thank you for the prompt reply.

        1. In one of the comments I see form 15g comes by default for the online claim. You have asked me to ignore Form 15g but if I ignore how would they know that I am an NRI (I have recently moved, around 6 months back)?
        2.I have worked in three companies before and consolidated all the PF accounts into one but in the service history I see only my last company but not the one’s I have worked before. Since I have contributed for more than 5 years, my withdrawal should not deduct any tax. So I am wondering if EPFO would consider I have worked only for a couple of years since only one company is listed with DOJ in 2017 in service history.
        3. Please let me know how can I withdraw my PF online without any tax deductions because of the questions above.

        • Dear Mani,
          1) Yes, but this is the issue with EPFO. If they allow you to proceed without Form 15G, then do it.
          2) I think they will consider as all earlier EPF accounts are merged into single current account.
          3) Avoiding TDS does not mean avoiding Tax.

  13. Namasthe !!!!

    Thanks for the informational video Basu ji. Could you please help with the below scenario ?

    I quit my job 3 months back and i wish to complete my PF final settlement. My total service is less than 5 years.

    My approximate income for the year 2019-2020 will be approximately INR 7 lacs including PF amount.Should i submit 15G also along with final
    settlement request ? I am concerned because the video says 15G must be submitted only if the income is below taxable limit.

    • Dear Sunil,
      Yes, including EPF you have to mention. Submitting Form 15G does not mean avoiding tax.

  14. Hi Basu sir , Very good article as always
    I have one question on EPF full withdrawal iam not able to link my pan card in uan, if i was able to upload form 15g to avoid tds

  15. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have one query. I also want to withdraw my PF + Pension (worked for 3.5 yrs). I moved to Germany in the 2015. I understand that I fall under the NRI category but when I am applying for PF withdrawl I don’t see any option that mentions about my resident status. My claim got rejected recently because of not submission of Form 15G and pan card (I don’t see any option to upload PAN CARD while applying for PF withdraw).

    How can I proceed with my withdraw.

    • Dear Ashutosh,
      Sad but true that they don’t have such an option. Submit Form 15G and withdraw and separately file IT return.

      • Hi Basavaraj,

        Since I work in Germany, I file my tax return here. Is it also necessary to file tax returns from India as well.

  16. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the great blog post!

    I have a query regarding my PF withdrawal.

    I started working in July 2010 and worked in 5 different organizations before I moved abroad last year. In all organizations I had got a new PF account number. I got UAN in January 2014 and that was linked to my 4th organization.I transferred all my previous PF accounts to this PF account that was tagged to the UAN. I joined my last organization in May 2017 and worked there until December 2018 (Tenure 1.5 years). This PF account was also linked with UAN so I transferred all my previous PF balance of 4 companies to this account. In the UAN portal , I can only see the summary for only 2 accounts.

    Now, I want to withdraw my PF as I no longer work there. My query is:

    1). When I try to withdraw my PF online, it only shows tenure of my last organization which is 1.5 years. Now if they confirm my tenure through UAN it’ll still be 4 years 11 months. Does that mean that they’ll deduct TDS?

    2). If they look at all closed PF accounts then there won’t be any issue but I am not sure if they do that. How do I avoid TDS in this case?

    Would really appreciate your response!


    If they track my UAN tenure, it’ll again be 4 years 11 months

    • Dear Arun,
      1) As you have diferent EPF accounts which are not merged to ONE, it is reflecting that way. Hence, as and when you wish to withdraw, it considers the individual account and tax is applicable as per that.

      • Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I have merged all my accounts to only ONE account which only has a tenure of 1.5 years. Does that mean that my PF amount is still taxable? If I remember correctly, in case of multiple companies, PF department looks at the total employment after considering all the PF accounts. My total service is 8.5 years , so ideally my PF amount should be tax exempt right?

        • Dear Arun,
          If your all past EPF accounts are merged to ONE current account, then they consider your service as 8.5 years. Hence, it is tax free.

          • Thanks a lot for your reply. Much appreciated!

  17. Hi,
    I have worked for 3 years and I have been unemployed since then as I have been pursuing higher studies and I am planning to move abroad now. Hence, I want to close my account. My question is
    1. that I have interests from FDs , so should i mention that in column 16 or 17?
    2. Do i need to mention the details of NSC/FDs etc done this year in column 19?
    3. Should i mention the whole EPF amount in column 16? since its for last 3 years.


      • So, you mean in column 16 , I should mention just the total EPF amount and in column 17, everything i.e., including FD’s interest and EPF amount . Is that correct?

        Also, should I mention the EPF amount or just the interest on it (i.e. 10%) in both the columns?


  18. Hi
    I left the job in Feb 2019 and before that, I had been working in two different organizations for 4 years. So I transferred my old pf in new. Now I moved abroad and I want to withdraw pf but, I have below queries. Please help me with this
    1. As depicted in the above video this form is not for NRIs? So please suggest can I use it to withdraw my PF?
    2. Can I claim my pension amount as well?

    • Dear Pankarumar,
      1) This form is just to avoid TDS but not avoid the tax. Irrespective of your submission (actually NRIs can’t), the withdrawal will be taxable income for you.
      2) Yes, but not fully.

  19. Dear Sir
    I have some queries regarding my PF withdrawl, my date of joining is 01.02.2015 & date of exit is 30.09.2018, i.e.-3years 7months, today I have downloaded my pass book which is showing – employer share-21,653/- & employer share-6,624/- total- 28,277, & also Pension contribution as 13,144/-.
    I want to apply for full PF amount. Which form should I apply for?

    Now my queries in respect to Form 15G.
    1.Regarding column no-4- Previous Year- my date of exit from pf is 31.10.18, i.e. in FY-18-19 but now this is FY-19-20, what should I mention?
    2.Regarding column no-16- Estimated income – I think it should be 28,277/-.
    3.Regarding column no-17- Estimated total income – I think it should be 28,277 + all other income during FY 18-19 or for FY 19-20
    4.Regarding column no-19-(a) What should I mention UID or Member ID as per pass book (b) Nature of income- ? (c) Section under which tax is deductible- ? (d) Amount of Income – what will be the amount?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable information.
    S Chatterjee
    Mobile- 9204655205

    • Dear Chatterjee,
      1) Current FY.
      2) Yes.
      3) Yes
      4) UAN number

  20. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have completed 8.5 years of service and left the job in May 2016. Then I moved to abroad and I did not withdraw my PF as I was getting handsome interest on it. Now I came to know that the interest is only credited upto three years once you stop the contribution. (please advise if this is correct?)

    Secondly, now I want to withdraw the PF and pension fund. When I go into online account for claim. I get a option for uploading form 15G in claim for form 19. As I completed my service more than 5 years, my understanding is that there is no need for me to upload form 15G. So please advise, shall I ignore this in form 19 or it is mandatory for me as the option of 15G upload is showing up?

    Thanks in advance for you reply.

    • Dear Kulwinder,
      You will get the interest on your idle account but it is taxable income for you. It is better to ignore of submitting the Form 15G in your case.

      • Thank you Basavaraj for your reply.
        Just to clarify does it means I can leave my PF account without future contribution and will still be getting the interest?

  21. Dear sir
    My.. 34334Pf amount and 17451 is my pf pension should i need to fill 15 G form and if yes then what is estimated income pf amount or sum of pf amount and pf pension
    Thanks and regards

  22. Hello,

    I quit my job in April 2017. I’ve worked there for 4.5 years. So if I want to withdraw now (Which is Dec 2019), do I still need to submit 15G for no TDS deduction? The confusion is although I didn’t work for 5 years but the money is lying there for about 7 years now. So, do they count the actual number of years I worked or the age of the account?

    Another question, in the online portal, there are two option ‘Only PF withdrawal (Form 19)’ or ‘Only Pension withdrawal (Form 10C)’. I would like to withdraw both. Could you let me know how can I do that?


    • Dear Sri,
      Yes, you have to submit Form 15G as your contributory period is less than 5 years. You can apply form both. Check properly.

  23. Hello Sir,
    First time I tried to go through the claiming process of form 19C, but it was not successful as my gender was showing wrong, I got it corrected, it took 2-3 months to reflect correctly on EPF portal.
    Second time I tried to go through the claiming process of form 19C, I found uploading form 15G has been introduced (previously it was not there, it started from May 2019). So again I could not complete the process as I need to know how to fill up form 15G first.
    Today when I was trying through the claiming process it showed your previous claim is already pending. When I clicked on the link given beside this line to view the claim status, it is showing no claim found.
    Kindly help me in this situation. Is there any number of attempt restriction in claiming process? Simply internet connection can disrupt in between and one has to attempt several times to complete the process, right?
    Waiting for your reply.

    • Dear Susmita,
      It is an issue with their portal as they not updated that your earlier requests canceled. Better to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

      • Hello Sir,
        Thanks for your prompt reply. I will do as per your suggestion if it again happens next time.

        I have few more queries:
        1. 10C form is not showing any 15G upload option like form 19. Why is that so?

        2.My PAN is verified in EPF. Do I still need to upload image of PAN along with 15G?

        3.Can I upload scanned copy of front page of passbook instead of cheque leaf, where they are asking to upload?

        4.I do not know about form 11. I did not have EPF earlier than last employer. Will it cause any issue?

        5. What should I write in 15G point no.19 as identification number of relevant investment/account: Member ID or UAN number? Should I write the other number on the top of 15G?

        6. Can I claim EPF online only on weekdays during office hours or I can claim any day at any time.

        Waiting for your valuable reply,

        • Dear Susmita,
          1) If it is not showing, then you no need to worry.
          2) NO.
          3) Yes.
          4) No.
          5) As per your convenience.

          • Hello Sir,
            Thank you once again.

            I think “5)as per your convenience” is your answer for point no.6

            Could you please tell me
            5. What should I write in 15G point no.19 as identification number of relevant investment/account: Member ID or UAN number? Should I write the other number on the top of 15G?

            • Dear Susmita,
              Sorry it is for your question number 6. For 5th, my answer is mention UAN number or EPF account number is also fine.

              • Hello Sir,
                As I did not have EPF earlier than last employer, I have one establishment ID and one member ID along with UAN in passbook and service history. Nothing is mentioned as PF number.
                1. Then what is PF number in my case?
                2. Should I write member ID along with UAN in the specified column?

                Kindly guide me.

                  • Hello Sir,

                    1. I have got the pension amount little less as shown in passbook. Why is that so?

                    2. Is there any option to get the breakup of the money received? Is there anything I can download after receiving the money?

                    4. Is there any formality left with EPFO after receiving the money in my bank account?

                    Waiting for your your reply,


                    • Dear Susmita,
                      1) Because EPS will be payable based on Table D. Hence, you received it less.
                      2) No.
                      4) No.

  24. Hi sir,
    I’m currently studying. I worked for 3 years and wanted to close my both Pf and national pension (NPS). I don’t have anyother source of income. Is Form 15G enough for both to avoid tax or NPS will be taxed even though we submit Form 15G? I have epf online account

    • Dear Rajesh,

  25. Hello sir,

    I want to Withdraw My Full PF and Pension Amount Offline as My DOJ is 22/07/15 and DOE is 15/01/2019 and My Total Amount is around 60K.As In between I Joined other firm In which DOJ and DOE was before the DOE of Previous company so Online not possible.Kindly Suggest me How can I withdraw My Full Pf+Pension Amount Offline and Which Form I have to fill up and also My Aadhar is only Verified not My Pancard on UAN Portal and also My account PMC Banks has been verified but rightnow PMC has been restricted by RBI so how to get my other account attached if I m not having Cheque book sir but having Passbook.Please Do Reply sir as I have to Withdraw that money asap due to Home Renovation for marriage purpose.
    Thank You sir
    Yours Hopefully
    Chandrashekhar A. Bind

    • Dear Chandrashekhar,
      Yes, you can use the Passbook to update your bank detials.

  26. Hi Basavaraj,
    Firstly,thanks a lot for making such useful information available to all of us.
    Right now my overall experience in my profession is 10 years.But I have changed 3 different companies till now and for some reason I ended up having different UANS for each company .
    Now,my query is though I want to withdraw pf money from my first company where the experience was 3 years and also the amount to be withdrawn is more than 50000.
    I have not submitted the form 15g online,because my overall experience is more than 10 years.
    Yet I have been rejected based on the reason,that I have not furnished either the Form15g or Pan card forms.
    Kindly let me know what to do in this case.

    Note:Sry for such a long question

    • Dear Prasuna,
      Your each EPF account withdrawal treated separately as they are not transferred. Hence, you have to consider your first EPF as separately and act accordingly.

  27. My employee and employer share is less than INR 50,000. It is approx INR 49000. Do I need to fill form 15G for EPF withdrawal ?

  28. My claim rejected due to
    1.MR has to submit a letter regarding his previous service any to decide his EPS membership eligibility
    2.Certificate enclosed is improper

    please help . Do we need to submit 15G form?

  29. Thanks for the above information!

    I just wanted to ask some questions. I want to fill 15G only for my EPF purpose so I should only state the amount of PF to be withdrawn and not other kind of incomes right?
    And another thing my PF ranges from june 18 to july
    19 so which FY and AY should in mention in the form

    • Dear Ahay,
      “I should only state the amount of PF to be withdrawn and not other kind of incomes right?”-YES.
      The FY should be current one as you are withdrawing it currently.

  30. Sir I want to withdraw my EPf and EPS online . Total amount less than 50,000 but my PAN card not updated to my EPF account by my employer though I have my PAN card with me. Can I submit form 15g?

    • Dear Sinthui,
      You can submit so. But I hope your service period is less than 5 years, then obviously it is still a taxable income for you.

  31. Recently I applied for PF withdrawal (Form 19) and Pension withdrawal (Form 10C) which was rejected with reason “certificate a/b/c/d/e/f not enclosed / signed”.
    What does it mean and what should I do?
    Kindly suggest

    • Dear Anjani

      Could you elaborate further


  32. Hi, my total of is 69008. I don’t understand the 15 g form no 16 and 17. Can u tell me how to fill it up.

  33. I have moved to abroad and want to close my EPF account. Is EPF withdrawal process different for NRI ?
    What is the difference between EPF withdrawal process for Resident Vs Non-Resident.

    • Dear Yogesh,
      Is EPF withdrawal process different for NRI ?-NO

  34. Sir…
    I want to withdraw my both EPF and EPS…and it’s been 3+ years to left my job…which form should i fill

    • Dear Sandy,
      If you have login and UAN, then you can withdraw it online itself.

  35. Very useful pieces of information have been processed in a very constructive manner.

  36. I worked for 3 years and my PF amount is more than 50,000 however my annual salary was more 4 lakh. Do I still eligible for tds exemption by filling 15G or I am not eligible for 15G and there will 10percent tax deduction?

    • Dear Huzaifa,
      If your taxable income (not gross) is more than Rs.2.5 lakh, then you are not eligible to submit the Form 15G. As I said above, avoiding TDS does not mean avoiding tax.

  37. hello sir,
    My PAN number not accepting by EPFO portal. form 15 G also not accepting. i need to withdraw my PF.

  38. Hello Sir,

    I worked for one company for 8.5 years. Recenlty i have leave this job ( in Sep 30 -2019) . I want withdraw all my PF & Pention balance. So should I fill 15G form ? And can I apply .
    Please suggest .

    • Dear Sunil,
      As your service period is more than 5 years, you no need to fill Form 15G.

      • Hi Basavaraj Ji

        My case is also similar to sunil . Please reconfirm here as there is no need to upload form 15g ?? Because though there is 5+ years of service and PF contribution , but with 15g form submission is for TDS rebate.Please advise.


        • Dear Ajay,
          If your service is more than 5 years, then yes no need to submit Form 15G.

  39. sir, I need withdrawel fom epf,but I not pancard.unportel is adhar linked.

    • Dear Prasad,
      If you don’t have PAN card, then be ready to cough TDS.

  40. hi Basavraj !!!!
    your blog is really commendable. Can you please help me to clear a few doubts?
    I am an ex employee of a company. My CPF is around 3.5lakhs(excluding pension contribution). Now if i am withdrawing the total amount then i have to add the 15g form . But should i only add form 1? will it be ok for the pf department? what about form 2? will the department send it to my employer for filling up? Kindly advise.

    2. Bit more clarity on column 19 please.

  41. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thanks for the informative article, I have a doubt here, my PF is 83,500, I have left my job in December 2018 and I worked for 3 years, If I want to withdraw my PF do I need to submit TDS and

    1) My total salary has exceeded 2.5 lakhs margin for 2018 till December month and I am not employed currently and I do not have any income from December 2018.

    2) If I want to withdraw my PF amount is there any way that I could avoid TDS on withdrawing my PF amount. Please suggest me the best option I have, thanks.

  42. Hi basavaraj,

    I want to do partial withdrawal for illness..,I have employee share of 55000 in epfo..,so what’s the maximum amount that I can apply during withdrawal.


    • Dear Hemanth,
      You can’t withdraw as per your wish (there are certain events like marriage or house property).

  43. Hi Basavraj,
    very useful blog I had a question,I had worked for a company for 5.5 years which is based in Maharashtra and I have moved to Karnataka.i am very much confused about the process.Can you please throw some light
    1.Online withdrawal process my Pan card verification got failed.I checked with respective department ,they said its problem with Pf dept.
    2.Pf dept asked to fill in the form 15g and submit Pan card document.My employer is asking me to send all the hard copies and he will process it further so I am not sure how much time it would take again.
    Can you please give me better solution for this.

    is it necessary to submit hard copy of pancard and form15g again to pf dept??if yes is it fine to submit anywhere as I have single UAN no.
    Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.


    • Dear Disha,
      1) If your PAN is not linked, then they deduct the TDS. Hence, online is not happening, then do the same either through your last employer or through regioanl EPFO.
      2) It is better to process it through employer.

  44. My total PF withdrawal amount is less than 50000, then I have to submit FORM 15G & PAN or I can withdrawal it without that.

    • Dear Himanshu,
      Submit those two documents if you don’t want there should be a TDS. Otherwise, you no need to submit.

  45. Can You please send me PF withdrawal form? Because online I am getting 2 types of Form 15G. Please send me which one I can apply for Only PF withdrawal.

  46. Hi,

    If I resigned from a company due to a reason that I have to move abroad as my partner was out of india. Is this reason consider as reason beyond the control of employee?

  47. Hello Sir,
    I worked for one company for 5.5 years, while filling online PF withdrawal there is form 15G upload link.
    Do I need to fill it ?

  48. Dear Sir,
    Is PF account is showing only amount from employee and the employer. There is no calculation of interest amount which EPFO supposed to give us(8.65%). Then how do i update exact amount. If i add displayed amount then will they add interest up on that or its just dead end for common people.
    Richard Noronha

    • Dear Richard,
      You have to enter the amount which is visible in your passbook balance as on date.

  49. Hi Basu Sir,
    Thanks for informative article.
    I have worked for one employer for 4 years and then during separation process withdrawn PF. With the next employer I continued PF contribution and now after 4 yrs 10 months of employment I moved to abroad permanently. I want to close my EPF account.

    Does my PF eligible for TDS ? Do I need to fill Form 15G for PF withdrawal ?

    Praveen Kumar

    • Dear Praveen,
      Yes, your withdrawal will attract TDS. But before filling Form 15G, check the eligibility of who can submit Form 15G.

  50. HELLO SIR,


  51. Hi, I worked for 10 years in one company and resigned.
    If I’ve to withdraw my full PF amount now, do I’ve to submit any forms for no deductions?

    • Dear Niklesh
      2 months waiting period only then you can apply assuming you are not working.If working not possible.

  52. Hi
    Thanks for sharing good article.
    Now my dad is working in government sector but due to some health issues he cant move out. How can i get all money back to my account.

    • Dear James,
      Approach his employer or regional EPFO to get back the money.

  53. Hi Basu sir , Very good article as always
    I have one question on EPS withdrawal , will there be any deduction – one of my friend recently submitted for EPF and EPS withdrawal and around 1500 less credited in account

    Total EPS in passbook was 27100 where as he got only 25700

    do we need to raise any request

    • Dear Venkat,
      For how many years the EPS contribution was done to EPS?

      • Dear Basu sir
        Thank you
        The total experience for my friend was 3 years 1 month and that was the only contribution towards EPS


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