150 thoughts on “What is Inoperative EPF Account and how to track it online?”

  1. Hi Basu,

    I don’t find the link of Inoperative Account Helpdesk now in EPFO website. How can I get my old PF Account details? Please advise.

    Bikash Ghosh

  2. Alok Agrawal

    Hello Sir,

    I was having EPF contribution from 2004 to 2012, in 2012 I went onsite and stayed there for 5 years (so no UAN number generated), in between my company was taken over by another company. When I came back in 2017, as I was not having UAN, they generated a new UAN number (and a new EPF number not linked with older one) and started depositing money under that. I tried to follow up to link my old account to new one though company but didn’t work.

    As the old account is now inoperative, please let me know how we can link the old account with new one or withdraw the amount.
    appreciate your help in advance.


  3. Hi Basu,
    I worked for IT company and moved to onsite 3 years back. It has been 3 years since employer made any contribution to my PF account. What would the status of my account be ? Will the money in the account be forfeited ? I am still able to login and see the balance though with interest, so kind of confused with your post(this one) and recent one you made(where interest would be credited till 58Years of age). Thank you in advance.

      1. Awesome. I should have read between the lines. So i shouldn’t worry as i haven’t requested an withdrawal with wrong details and Neither does the 3 year non contributory period applies. I just want the money to gain as much compound interest as possible in it 🙂

  4. Hello

    I have a query regarding the activation of inoperative pf account. I dont need the entire pf balance at the moment. Will my pf account become active if I submit partial claim form. Will the interest be paid on the balance pf amount

  5. Sir
    My name is Trevor. I have an inoperative pf account. I left my job in 2012.Whenever I go to the for employees section there is no option of inoperative help desk. Kindly help.

  6. I already have applied online to withdraw my epf money from inoperative account and got a reference number to check the status but whenever i click on existing user button of inoprative helpdesk, a new window open saying found error. I tried 100 times getting same error,if login window is not opening how will i check the status?Please advice me… what to do?

  7. I left my job in 2017. I haven’t yet started working again. Can my PF be safe with EPFO or do I withdraw it. Also recently I am not to login possibly it may have become invalid account. Earlier around Oct 2018 I was able to check EPFO balance updated with interest on Mar 2018.

  8. Hi ,
    I was leaved my job in 2013 but on 07.10.18 i have submitted details in inoperative help desk but still I have not get any response how many days they want to reply. If they reply can i get amount on online claim.

      1. Ashok Kumar Nigam

        There is no way to track this amount online.
        Means i just want to know the figure lying with PF office before approaching them for settlement.

  9. Dear Sir,

    My basic details are not updated by my previous employer which i can see in EPFO website which still shows ‘PENDING WITH EMPLOYER’ . I have left this company 3.6 years back. Can i raise this issue in under “GRIEVANCE” or in “INOPERATIVE ACCOUNT HELPDESK”.

      1. Thank You Mr.Basavaraj. I had raised the grievance and the EPFO has closed the case with following comment

        It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
        Please send non Aadhaar composite claim forms along with enclosures to the establishment for attestation under intimation to this office for taking necessary action.

        What does this comment mean.As usual my employer has not updated my details.

  10. HI,

    THIS IS SUGUMAR I HAD INOPERATIVE ACCOUNT Which Is Not used for 20 Yrs and also Which I worked Company also closed now so what is the procedure to raise the issue

  11. few months ago I tried and today also again tried to submit the query regarding my inoperative account. After providing the OTP while i click on submit I get below error message. While i emailed to [email protected] no one responded yet after multiple followups. Not sure that really exists or no one bother to check email.

    I get below error:
    Error occurred on 12-04-2018 11:08:44, while submitting your registration details. Kindly contact Inoperative Helpdesk at [email protected]

  12. Krishnaswami G M

    I got a reference number for my inoperative account lying in Mumbai PF office, but that establishment where I worked is closed.
    I am at coimbatore and. not working. None is giving correct procedures.Now tell me the procedures for withdrawal which I urgently required

  13. Dear Expert,
    MY EPF amount was not claim in last 10 Years (DOL – 2008). So, how to claim. Please advise.

      1. Hi Basvaraj,

        I have the same issue, how do you contact the EPFO? is a query to the in-operative account helpdesk not going to help in this case?


  14. Pavan Kumar Rathod

    Hi, my Aadhaar card n DOB is wrongly updated in my UAN portal and since the DOB is wrong in UAN site I’m unable to update in tab Modify KYC Detail. I tried calling to the respective department in my company for the changes to be made but hey too are unable to make those changes. Let me know how to solve this issue.

  15. I have done online Provident Fund withdrawal. My Aadhaar Card, KYC is all updated and correct. Withdrawal was successfully processed by EPFO, NEFT was done on 16 Jan 2018 as per the status i see online as well as SMS i received on my registered mobile. But today is 31 Jan and the money is still not received in my Bank Account. I am out of India so cannot really physically visit the EPFO office. Moreover it is in another State than my hometown. I have tried calling the EPFO office landline numbers but it is always busy. What should i do?

  16. Hi, Since few days I am trying to submit a query from ‘Inoperative Helpdesk” online. After providing PIN generated in mobile and then clicking on submit button. It gives error stating ‘you need to contact helpdesk’
    I am trying around 9PM. Is there any time limit we need to submit the query or any is there any other issue. Please let me know.

    1. if you are using your mobile phone to submit the same form. I would prefer to use your PC and Google Chrome to submit your details of inoperative account. Hope this will be helpful

  17. Sir,

    I had joined my company on July 15 17 and resigned in Jan 18 and have UAN but
    1 I had updated my kyc details in the site showing that approval pending from employer.
    2 Does I can withdraw PF amount and if yes then how.

  18. I was working with a company and my PF Account has become Inoperative. I want to withdraw the PF money and have filled up required form through the Employer several times but it gets rejected each time. I am unable to initiate the withdrawal myself because the account is Inoperative. I have filled up the form for Inoperative Account Helpdesk several times too. But it gives me error each time.
    Error occurred on 11-12-2017 09:29:23, while submitting your registration details. Kindly contact Inoperative Helpdesk at [email protected]
    I have emailed at the given address of Inoperative Helpdesk too but i have got no response. I filled up the Grievance form, received the Registration Number. And now that I try to check the status of the Grievance using the Registration Number, it says that the registration number does not exists.
    Please help me how can i withdraw the money from my PF account as this blockade is too frustrating.
    Thank you.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your response. But can you answer my specific issue. I am unable to even lodge a grievance for my Inoperative account. What are my options to withdraw the money?

        Thank you,

        1. Monica-Your account is active but not inoperative. Hence, you will earn the interest as usual up to 58 years of your age. However, interest earned on such non-contributory accounts will be taxable on each year. Regarding, withdrawal, may I know the reasons for rejections (when you submitted through your employer)?

    1. Monica if you are using your mobile phone to submit the same form. I would prefer to use your PC and Google Chrome to submit your details of inoperative account. Hope this will be helpful


      I am also facing the same error

      Error occurred on 12-04-2018 06:43:33, while submitting your registration details. Kindly contact Inoperative Helpdesk at [email protected]

      No positive response from EPFO . Feel like my money doesn’t belong to me anymore.

  19. Want to withdraw balance from my two inoperative PF accounts.
    Name on PF accounts/PAN/Bank account is pre-marriage. Name on AADHAAR is post marriage.
    PAN-AADHAAR are linked. UAN and AADHAAR are linked. But since names are different, KYC is not complete.
    Please help me
    1. with procedure to link AADHAAR if name on AADHAAR is different than Name on other accounts/PAN.
    2. What is the procedure to withdraw balance from inoperative PF account while UAN is not linked to inoperative accounts

      1. Thank you for replying.

        Which form to submit for withdrawal? form 9 or form 19?

        I Declared Old PF Accounts under one employee – one EPF account. But no reply/no remarks


  20. On linking my previous PF account to my current PF account I keep on getting the message: Not found in Member Master. Can you pls advise why this might be happening.

  21. I am R .sekar.my date of retirement is January 2017.But my health condition forced my early resignation during 2013.after official delay i was relieved on 2016 march and the order was given to me during march 2017.I received my PF settlement on april 2017.interest was given only up to march 2016.
    Shall i eligible for 2016–2017 interest?or it is inoperative period?
    Kindly clarify…please.

  22. Sir,
    My name is Samrat Gupta n I recently left job in a company n with drew the amount from providend fund.But due to lackness of knowledge I could not withdrew the providend fund of my old company n when now I am checking the same they are showing in operative account.For this I raised the request thru the website of epf I also got the reference no but nobody called me yet as the field officer ia supposed to call me.It is already 2 months gone.Please advise my further course py action.


  23. Hi, I tried to use same option, but I have never received the PIN in my mobile. Is there some problem in generating the PIN. Because several time I have tried same option but PIN is never generated. Please guide me in same.

  24. Mahendra Shrimali

    Hi, I tried to use same option, but I have never received the PIN in my mobile. Is there some problem in generating the PIN. Because several time I have tried same option but PIN is never generated. Please guide me in same.


    I am a part timer , one is company another is establishment so i am requesting may be P.F & Pension deduction on both ( Company & establishment) but there are joining date same.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I have left job from my previous company on 08.08.2011 and now i am going to transfer PF amount to my present company.

    i need your support, i want to know my previous PF amount balance but i did not remember my old phone number.

    Halesh KM

  27. Jogeshwar Singh

    On checking my account status I found that it was inoperative, hence I submitted a request just like you explained. I had submitted this on 21st sep 2016, and they gave me the ref. no for future correspondence,but till now there’s no reply from the department.
    How many days does it take for the department to give a reply? Please suggest.

      1. Sir what rectify? I didn’t understand. I Spock to previous employer she told me that ur leaving date is late. So it can’t be transferred. Now please tell me what do?

  28. Hello sir,
    I leave my last job one year before on 23sep. But I joined new company on 1st sep2015. Previous employer neither let me transfer my pf nor withdrawal. But I want to withdrawal my Pf. Please tell me sir what to do.

  29. Dear Sir,

    My account is in KRPURAM WHITEFIELD AREA and LAST operated in 2004. I want to transfer the money to my current PF account however in UAN portal when I check eligibility it displays a message “Not eligible for online transfer claim. Kindly submit physical claim”. This is maybe because its an inoperative account. I went to and followed the workflow but it is not sending the OTP to my mobile. I have tried with multiple numbers but no luck. Please tell me what to do now?


      1. Thanks sir for your prompt reply. However I am presently in Kolkata. How do I proceed for PF transfer now from here?

        Also any idea why I am not getting the OTP from the helpdesk. I have tried multiple times but failed in getting an OTP>

  30. Hi,

    I have a PF account from a previous employer which would complete 3 years of inactivity in a few months. I recently got a new PF account allotted from my current employer. Both these accounts have been mapped under my UAN.

    Will the first PF account become inactive when it completes 3 years? Or since the new PF account will have active contribution, will the old PF still be active as both are linked under a single UAN?



    Respected sir I left my previous company in 2011 due to my MAJOR family problem.After that till now I am not in job.I am doing cultivation. Due to various problem I did not with draw my pf.Now I want to with draw my PF but now it is IN OPERATIVE & COMPANY also not ready to give me sign in PF FORM.Now iam hopeless.So pl suggest me & help me. I have UAN NUMBER .THANKS.

  32. Dear Basavraj,

    I have worked in Delhi till 2008 and left with job and also withdrawn my P.F. in 2009. After that I did not work
    where there is EPF benefit. In 2013 I have moved to South India. But those days UAN was not introduced, nor I was aware of it. Recently I understand that without UAN, pension will not be given or entitled. I contacted but not proper response from the department. Can you help me to get my UAN and also get it activated?

    Best Regards,
    Vincent Raj

  33. Dear Basavraj ji ,

    i appreciate your good work .

    sir , my pf a/c is in -operative state ,how should i withdraw the pf ?

    can i online transfer it ? it is on idle from last 8 years.

    can i withdraw it by boycotting employer ?

    thank you ,


  34. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for the wonderful post.
    Just one query: On checking my account status I found that it was inoperative, hence I submitted a request just like you explained. I had submitted this on 08th April 2016, but even today, 13th May 2016, after more than a month there’s no reply from the department.
    How many days does it take for the department to give a reply? Please suggest.


  35. Hello ,

    I want to change my registered number into new number actually i lost that number . i filled the online form regarding update the number and i got reference number but do not know the further process .when i will get the password or what is the process to login my pf account ? please suggest

  36. sir, my company closed in the year of 2006. co deposited all pf dues under recovery of deptt in the year 2015. when claim form submitted pf deptt asked for uan. in this matter whether this type of pf members uan is madatory or not

  37. Hi,
    am n0t able to view my fully transfer epf balance, only can view old balance, and already transfered from old a/c to new a/c. and my UAN is also activated. when can i check through uan epf balance its shown only old a/c balance.

    Please guide me how can i check or any processor there..?

  38. I have submitted an online transfer of inoperative PF account from my old employer to new employer. I have signed the form and submitted to old employer. My old employer has now approved the same on the portal.

    Now what next?

    How much time with PF dept take to do the transfer

  39. Hi, I worked in Zenith software (Bangalore) for 1 year and quit the job and came to my native (Tuticorin). I have once applied for the claim but no update yet for almost 2 years. Is there any possibilities of applying directly without going to EPFO Bangalore? Because I don’t have money and time to go to Bangalore and so on.


  40. Sir,
    My Payslip (given by Employer) says Employer Share (EE) 11357 and Employer Share (ER) 1800
    Can that be correct? As i understand the share is equal and ER is then divided into Employer Share and Pension. Correct?
    I think that my employer is incorrectly representing the same in the payslip.
    Can you help me with some guidance.
    Thanks in advance.

  41. Kumar Divyaprakash

    I have worked in a Pvt Ltd company till Jan 2015. They have provided final settlement in march 2015 and also contributed EPF in that month as per passbook available on UAN site. They haven’t provided me Form-16. So, i am not aware that whether they have considered march EPF contribution in tax calculation or not.
    I am filing ITR1 form. So, should i consider march contribution also under 80C ?

      1. Kumar Divyaprakash

        Thanks for reply. Even after deducting TDS, they are not providing Form-16.
        Please suggest what should i do?

  42. Sir,
    After transfering EPF account, EPF amount (Employee share + Employeers share of 8.33) is showing in epassbook but the amount diverted to pension fund is showing ZERO for last organization. Where as current organnization it shoows amount diverted to pension fund. Then from where I get information of amount added (deposited) under EPS (amount diverted to pension fund) ?

      1. Sir,
        Its fine. If my transfer is recent. But I am talking about the transfer that I did in 2012. Till today it is (EPS, amount diverted to pension fund) ZERO. It is not only my case, One of my collegue has also the same problem. Infact both transfered EPF account from different zonal offices.
        If it is the fact that pension amount (Contribution towards EPS) is not shown then why current employeer’s contribution towards EPS is shown? Please suggest what can be done in this relate?

  43. Sir,

    Thank you for giving excellent advices and clarifications on various PF related queries.

    I have been deputed from PSU to abroad on official trip. Presently, I am not drawing salary from the PSU and therefore, PF contribution is not being credited to PF account. I have a separate compulsary private pension scheme in the organization in the abroad. After my deputation, I will join back to same PSU as per my deputation term. However, I would like to continue to make both employee and employer contribution to EPFO during the period of my deputation to abroad in order to avail pension benifits. Officials of PSU told me to make direct payment to EPFO. EPFO is not responding for queries. Is there any option to make direct online payment to EPFO to my EPF account. Can you please advice what I need to do. Thank you very much in advance. With Kind Regards

  44. I have a smal query,i have been working with same organisation since 1997,till 2007 my pf Amount was deposited in my delhi office ie:-laxmi nagar branch after 2007 same organisation started submitted in mumbai pf office
    But they did not transferred my old pf from delhi to mumbai

    When i asked about the pf interst which govt gives they are saying that you will get interest of those years also the moment your amount got transferred from delhi pf account to mumbai pf account

    Is it true?

  45. Hi Mr. Basavaraj,
    I have few questions on EPF managed by private Trust.

    I did not transfer my EPF from my previous two private Ltd employers (let us call them A & B). I left A in the year 2010 and B in the year 2014 where EPF were managed by Trust.

    In this context,

    1) Is it possible to transfer EPF from A-> Current employer & from B-> Current employer separately?
    2) For many years they are suppose to pay interest to EPF if it is not transferred till date?
    3) Do they have time limit to transfer my EPF to PF account with current employer? i.e. 3 months or so

    The reason is I heard different answers from these two ex-employer citing theirs is different case i.e. private Trust

    Can you help me with your opinion?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandeep HR

  46. Hi

    Your information is really helpful. I have a question, when I try to transfer my previous PF account to my current PF account, it states that your current organization digital signature has expired. Can you tell me how long does it take for the digital signature to be renewed ?? The finance executive of my current organization stated that it would take more than a month, is that true ??

  47. My employer has deducted less than what is required by law. can I ask them to pay the less amount deposited in may epf account ?

  48. Sir,

    I have small doubt regarding EPF , i am working in a educational institution and every month some amount was deducted from my salary towards epf, suppose if i leave the job from the current employer, then a new pf number will come or the old one continuous, please clarify and is the current pf balance transferable or i have to withdraw.

  49. Hello,

    I am working in a Pvt Ltd. company since last 4 yrs and I have decided to leaving the said company latest by May-15. I have checked online EPFO status and found that incorrect DOB is laying in EPFO office, that send my company.

    I have asked my company and they advice me to submit a request letter to update my DOB along with a self attested photo copy. Please advice is it correct or said work need to be done by the company?
    Whereas, I have submitted all my correct document. Please suggest what shall I do in this regard?

    Worm Regards,
    T K Adhikari

  50. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the great information i have a doubt regarding this i had a PF account 3 years back so using this option i have registered with my pf code, establishment code and all the details and it has been 10 days but no updates from the EPFO office, usually how long will it take


  51. Hi Basu,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful article. I had one PF which I forgotten after my job change. Now after seeing this article I have requested EPFO to provide the more details. Let’s see how they would reply to my query.

    Hope through this can track my previous pf amount and able to claim it.


        1. Kirthan-Thanks for your concern. But that portal used the information and wrote it in their own style. So we can’t say this as a copying. It is copying when word to word copy pasted. Usually such people are smart and do some changes in sentences.

  52. Shalabh Srivastava

    Thank you for the great information you have provided.

    I have a question, can a person from (govt. sick PSU) can withdraw all the money his money before or after retirement
    through online platform.


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