Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018

In this article, I will share my Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018. Yearly I will publish my Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India. Continuing that trend, I will publish the list for 2018.

Before proceeding further, let us first analyze the funds of Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017. Do remember one thing that due to continues market uptrend, the majority of equity funds performed well and given you better returns.

However, my concern is always to go for a fund which is old, went through all market cycle, given you consistence performance and also with downside protection.

Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 Performance Report

Notice that few funds since a year not able to beat the benchmark index. However, they have easily beaten the benchmark if you look at 3 yrs, 5 yrs or 10 yrs returns. Hence, you no need to worry in this front.

Why I have to invest?

Before a BLIND investment, it is always best that you must know the reason for your investment. Hence, before jumping into investment read what I am sharing below.

You must have a proper Financial Goal

I noticed that many of investors simply invest in mutual funds just they have some surplus money. The second reason may be someone guided that mutual funds are best in long run compared to Bank FDs, PPF, RDs, or even LIC endowment product.

If you have clarity like why you are investing, when you need money and how much you need money at that time, then you will get the better clarity in selecting the product. Hence, first identify your financial goals.

You must know the current cost of that particular goal. Along with that, you must also know the inflation rate associated with that particular goal. Remember that each financial goal to have it’s own inflation rate. For example, education or marriage cost of your kid’s is different inflation that the inflation rate of household expenses.

By identifying the current cost, time horizon and inflation rate of that particular goal, you can easily find out the future cost of that goal. This future cost of the goal is your target amount.

I have written a separate post on how to set your financial goals. Read the same at “Financial Goals – How to set before jumping into investing?

Asset Allocation is MUST

Next step is to identify the asset allocation. Whether it is short-term goal or long-term goal, the proper asset allocation between debt and equity is a must. I personally prefer the below asset allocation. Remember that it may differ from individual to individual. However, the basic idea of asset allocation is to protect your money and smoothly sail to reach the financial goals.

If the goal is below 5 years-Don’t touch equity product. Use the debt products of your choice like FDs, RDs or Debt Funds.

If the goal is 5 years to 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 40:60.

If the goal is more than 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 30:70.

While choosing debt product, make sure that the maturity period of the product must match your financial goals. For example, PPF is best debt product. However, it must match your financial goals. If the PPF maturity period is 13 years and your goal is 10 years, then you will fall short of meeting your financial goals.

Return Expectation

Next and the biggest step is the return expectation from each asset class. For equity, you can expect around 10% to 12% return. For debt, you can expect around 7% return expectation.

When your expectations are defined, then there is less probability of deviating or taking knee-jerk reactions to the volatility.

Portfolio Return Expectation

Once you understand how much is your return expectation from each asset class, then the next step is to identify the return expectation from the portfolio.

Let us say you defined the asset allocation of debt:equity as 30:70. Return expectation from debt is 7% and equity is 10%, then the overall portfolio return expectation is as below.

(70% x 10%) + (30% x 7%)=9.1%.

How much to invest?

Once the goals are defined with target amount, asset allocations is done, return expectation from each asset class is defined, then the final step is to identify the amount to invest each month.

There are two ways to do. One is constant monthly SIP throughout the goal period. Second is increasing some fixed % each year up to the goal period. Decide which suits best to you.

Hope the above information will give you clarity before jumping into equity mutual fund products.

How many mutual funds are enough?

How many mutual funds do we have? Is it 1, 3, 5 or more than 5? The answer is simple…you don’t need more than 3-4 funds for investing in mutual funds. Whether your investment is Rs.1,000 a month or Rs.1 lakh a month. With the maximum of 3-4 funds, you can easily create a diversified equity portfolio.

Having more fund does not give you enough diversification. Instead, in many cases, it may create you portfolio overlapping and leads to underperformance.

Now let us move to the selection of mutual funds.

Taxation of Equity Mutual Funds for 2018-19

Remember that Equity Funds and Debt funds are taxed differently. Hence, you must understand the taxation part as well before jumping into investment. I tried to explain the same in below image.

Mutual Fund Taxation FY 2018-19

The rate of taxation is as below for the current FY.

Mutual Fund Taxation FY 2018-19 -Capital Gain Tax Rate


Below is the DDT Rates applicable to Mutual Funds after the Budget 2018.

Mutual Fund Taxation FY 2018-19 - DDT or Dividend Distribution Tax


Hope taxation part is clear to all of you. If you still have doubt, then refer my latest post “Budget 2018 – Mutual Fund Taxation FY 2018-19“.

How I selected Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018?

I will first screen the top 15 funds in each category based on their returns to benchmark since inception. The funds who consistently beaten the benchmark are listed in that 15. Once I have the list in my hand, then I select the funds based on Risk-Return Analyzer.

Many simply select the funds based on eye-catching returns. However, at what cost the fund is giving you a better return? To what extent it protects my investment during a downturn is what differentiate from good fund to bad fund.

Again, I am not saying that these 1o funds alone be considered as “Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018”. There may be fewer other funds, which are good to compete with these funds. However, I may be biased towards few Mutual Fund Companies (purely on their size and how long they are in MF business in India). Below are the metrics I used to arrive at finally selecting the funds.

If the fund cleared all these tests and given me around a minimum of 80% score since inception, will be added to my list.

  1. Beta-Volatility measure and tell how much the fund changes for a given change in the Index. Lower the beta, lower the volatility. Hence, your fund must have lower beta.
  2. Standard deviation-It tells us how for a given set of returns, how much do fund returns deviate from the average. Lower the standard deviation, lower the volatility. Hence, your fund must have lower beta.
  3. Alpha-It is the risk-adjusted measure. By taking risks, how much the fund manager generated the return over the benchmark. Higher the alpha, higher the outperformance of the fund.
  4. Sharpe Ratio-It is the risk-adjusted measure. Higher the Sharpe ratio, better is the performance.
  5. Sortino Ratio-It is the risk-adjusted measure. Higher the Sortino ratio, better is the performance.
  6. Treynor Ratio-It is also be known as reward ratio. Higher the Treynor ratio, better is the performance.
  7. Information Ratio-This is calculated by average excess return obtained compared to a benchmark and divides it by the standard deviation of excess returns. Higher the information ratio, higher the consistency in beating the benchmark.
  8. Omega Ratio- It is a risk-return performance measure of an investment asset.
  9. Downside deviation-This is also be called as BAD RISK.
  10. Upside potential-This is exactly the opposite of Downside deviation.
  11. R-squared- It is a measure of how correlated the fund’s NAV movement is with its index.
  12. SIP Returns-For how many times the fund’s returns are above the index when we invest in SIP.
  13. Lump Sum Returns-For how many times the fund’s returns are above the index when we invest in a lump sum.

Below are my selection in each category of funds.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Large Cap

In this category, there are other funds also which are in my radar like SBI Bluechip Fund, Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund. However, I found no reason to change my last year recommendations. Hence, I am continuing the same funds.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Large Cap

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Multi-Cap

In this category, I am bit skeptical with ICICI Pru Value Discovery as the fund underperforming since a year. Those who invested in this fund based on my recommendation must continue and watch this fund for another year or so. Along with this, you can check with the fund like SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund also.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Multi Cap

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Mid Cap

Last year I recommended HDFC Midcap Opp Fund and Franklin India Prima Fund. I am sticking to the same funds in this year also as I have not found any reason to change these funds. You can also have a fund like Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Mid Cap

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Small Cap

Last year, I recommended DSPBR Micro Cap Fund and Franklin India Smaller Companies Funds. However, DSPBR now not accepting the fresh investments. Hence, those who already have a SIP in that fund may continue in that fund without any worries. Fresh investors can use Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Small Cap

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Equity Oriented Balanced Funds

Here also I am managing the same funds of last year. No change here also.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 -Balanced Funds


The final list of Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018 are as below.

Best Mutual Fund Schemes 2018

Conclusion:-You might have surprised that I did not change my funds this year also. Yes, because equity investment does not mean changing fund frequently. However, keeping an eye on fund performance is also a must. The fund I selected are old funds and consistently performed in all market cycles.

You may see some other funds which performed well above these funds. But do remember that during a market uptrend, even the worst fund will generate you BEST returns. The real test of the fund will come into picture when the market starts to fall i.e downside protection.

If the benchmark fell to 20% and your fund has fallen 10 15%, then this is the best fund to me. Because it protected from fall. Hence, always look for consistency and other parameters rather than chasing returns.

Also, before jumping into investment try to refer my GYAAN given about investment. Because I found that many of the blog readers have no clue of why they investing and for how long they have to invest.

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1,137 Responses

  1. Hi Basu,

    I have recently started going through your blogs.. Thank you for this useful content.. I have till now read almost 15 to 20 blogs..

    I have few questions. I would very thankful if you could answer them.
    1. You mentioned the 13 parameters/tests for selecting the best SIP mutual funds. Could you explain from where we can get the information for these parameters and how to calculate and assess these parameters..

    2. What are your views on PGIM India Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund? Good to invest or avoid?

    3. Could you prepare blog on Best SIPs for 2022..

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you.


    1. Dear Sneha,
      Rather than this 2018 post, I suggest you to refer last year post. I will soon publish my new list.

  2. Hi Basu,
    I have been following your blog for past few months. Based on your suggestions i have created my goals and asset allocation before investing blindly. I’m planning to invest in mutual funds, so can you please publish top 10 mutual funds for 2019 based on current and past market .
    It will be helpful for me to start my investing journey.
    Thanks for being an eye opener for new investors like me.

  3. Hi Basu,

    How are u, contacted you almost 1 year back, Happy a new year 2019.

    I have already investing in the below 3 funds from last year and investing 1000/- each.

    1) [EARLIER BALANCED FUND]-HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund – Direct plan- growth

    (Earlier HDFC Balanced Fund is merged with HDFC Premier Multi-Cap Fund and the same has been renamed as w.e.f. June 01, 2018)

    2) [MID CAP]HDFC MID-CAP opportunities fund-Direct plan growth

    3) [LARGE CAP]ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth

    Below are the questions,can u please clarify

    1—> will HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund comes under balanced funds now?

    2—> I want to invest 1000/ each in below funds from this new year for long term 11 years.
    please suggest me?

    multi cap fund:
    ICICI pru value discovery fund(G)

    small cap fund :
    Franklin india smaller companies fund(G)

    NOTE: I have already investing FD and RD`s for debit portion

    asset allocation as of now is
    debit:equity is 70:30.

      1. Thank you Basu for your reply.

        For second question, you mean to say that, I have to continue either HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund or ICICI blue chip, correct?

        If your answer is correct, Shall I stop to invest in HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund and then
        will increase investment in ICICI blue chip and HDFC mid cap opportunity like below i.e

        2) [MID CAP]HDFC MID-CAP opportunities fund-Direct plan growth =====>2000/month

        3) [LARGE CAP]ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth ====> 2000/month

        Is it good?

          1. Thank you Basu, I will do as below

            1) HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund —> I will stop to invest
            (If you want me to stop, Can i know the reason please)

            2) HDFC MID-CAP opportunities fund-Direct plan growth —-> continue with 1000/month, fine?

            3) [LARGE CAP]ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth —–> Increase to 2000 from 1000/month fine?

              1. Thanks Basu for ur time.

                you want me to expose more on large cap.If this is the reason only behind HDFC hybrid stopping,No problem for me to continue in Hybrid

                1) will continue both HDFC hybrid AND HDFC mid cap(1000/month)

                2) will increase investment 2000/month in ICICI large cap

                Is this good? plz suggest

  4. Investing in axislongterm, reliance pharma, reliance large cap, Tata digital and Invesco contra fund through monthly sip. Please advice if I need to change any

  5. Dear Basavaraj Ji,

    A very well written article. I was thoroughly impressed.

    Can you please guide me in selecting the best Mutual fund.

    Currently I an holding following funds.

    1. Aditya Birla SL Tax Relief 96 Direct-G – 50000.00 (One time).
    2. Axis Dynamic Equity Fund Direct-G – 20000.00 (One time).
    3. DSP Tax Saver Direct-G – 50000.00 (One time)
    4. Franklin India Smaller Companies-G – 1500 (SIP).
    5. HDFC Top 100-G – 2000 (SIP) (Stopped for now).
    6. L&T Infrastructure Direct-G – 4000 (SIP).

    which one should I continue and which one to Stop.

    Also for Debit – I am doing PPF – 20000.00 (Per year).
    Planning to start NPS – 5000 (Per month).

    Kindly Suggest.



      1. Dear Basavaraj Ji,

        Sure I have read your article and no doubt it is extensively covered and recommended some good performing funds. Maybe, what I wanted to convey was not covered in the above was,

        My age is 35 years, and Have a target to save 2 Cr for retirement and 1 Cr for child’s education. I wanted to know with above fund and gradual increase in same fund will I be able to achieve the target. Also I have a amount of 10000.00 in hand to be invested further.

        Can you please guide me on the same.



  6. Hello Basavaraj Ji,

    Any suggestions or correction regarding trailing MFs

    Emergency Fund Allocation
    Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund-Direct-Growth +Axis Liquid Fund-Direct-Growth

    Short Term (3-5 yrs) Total-3000/-
    Franklin India Low Duration Fund -Direct-Growth 3000/-

    Medium Term (Son Graduation) (15-17 yrs) 12000/-
    Franklin India Smaller Companies fund-Direct-Growth (Small Cap) 4000/-
    L&T mid Cap Fund-Direct-Growth (Mid Cap) 4000/-
    Axis Blue Chip Fund-Direct-Growth (Large Cap) 4000/-

    Long Term (Retirement Allocation (25+yrs) 12000/-
    L&T Emerging Business Fund-Direct-Growth (Small Cap) 4000/-
    HDFC Midcap Opp. Fund-Direct-Growth (Midcap) 4000/-
    Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund-Direct-Growth (Multicap) 4000/-

    Checked with common stocks and portfolio overlap (approximately 4-5 % )
    Equity & Debt ratio – 70:30
    As the time duration is more have included midcap,small cap and multicap in the portfolio

    Appreciate your effort and good work, Thanks in advance.

      1. Thank you for your valuable reply, could you please confirm by reducing small cap and mid cap are you referring to reduce it by more 2000/- in each and include debt portion in right proportion like an Aggressive Hybrid Fund like HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund

        So if I understand correctly it will be

        Medium Term (Son Graduation) (15-17 yrs) 12000/-

        Franklin India Smaller Companies fund-Direct-Growth (Small Cap) 2000/-
        L&T mid Cap Fund-Direct-Growth (Mid Cap) 2000/-
        Axis Blue Chip Fund-Direct-Growth (Large Cap) 4000/-
        HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund-Direct-Growth (Aggressive Hybrid Fund ) 4000/-

        Long Term (Retirement Allocation (25+yrs) 12000/-
        L&T Emerging Business Fund-Direct-Growth (Small Cap) 2000/-
        HDFC Midcap Opp. Fund-Direct-Growth (Midcap) 2000/-
        Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund-Direct-Growth (Multicap) 4000/-
        HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund-Direct-Growth (Aggressive Hybrid Fund ) 4000/-

        Please correct me if I am wrong (reducing small & midcap & including debt portion in right proportion)

          1. Yes, already referred the above post (70:30 equity:debt asset allocation), however as there was no suggestion in Debt fund in your reply so replied my selection/option, could you please suggest on debt fund seeing the above portfolio and goal

            Thanks in advance.

              1. Thank shared above already included them in my portfolio

                Liquid Fund -Axis Liquid Fund-Direct-Growth

                Ultra Short Term Debt Funds-
                Franklin India Low Duration Fund -Direct-Growth

                Appreciate your reply. Will continue to follow your articles, Q & A via

  7. Hi Sir,

    What are your views on ICICI Prudential value Discovery? I started investing in it on march 2016 and have my sip running till date. I have started this investment for a long term of 7 years.

      1. Dear Sir,
        It had been underperforming both during last year’s bull run and this year. Also its top most holding sun pharma fell 8% yesterday.

  8. I had invested in sip in ABSL top 100 since 1 year. At that time both top 100 and frontline equity were classified as large cap. Now there are some who are top 100 is changed to focussed equity and categorised seperately(according to some sites). Do you suggest a change over to frontline equity?

      1. why is it that some of the top rated funds are giving “bottom of chart” returns when compared to their peers in same category over last one year? One can expect minor variations but most of the top rated funds across categories are in red with negative returns.

        Will your next year fund suggestion take into account the recent sebi reclassification?

        1. Dear Suresh,
          No fund will remain TOP rated forever. It has to undergo certain ups and downs. But it does not mean we neglect the performance and retain. If the fund is underperforming consistently then you can move out. Yes, my next year recommendations also involve the recent changes.

  9. Dear Mr. Tonagatti,
    Greeting!! Hope you are doing well.
    I am belongs to low income bracket and can only invest 1000 to 1500(Max 2000 if I push) monthly for my retirement money hence I want to invest another 25 years.
    Also from my conventional investment(FD,RD) I managed to save Rs. 1,70,266 from my last 9 years income for my retirement.

    Looking to the scenario in conventional investment I shall unable to save decent money using conventional way.
    I came to know Mutual Fund is good for long term investment and I want to invest my future monthly amount and 9 years income to Mutual fund.
    But there are lots of Mutual fund and I do not know which one to pick.

    One of my friend advise me about your blog and its very good but still I am not sure which one I need to pick.
    Kindly please advise me
    1. Mutual fund(s) for my monthly amount of 1000 t0 1500(max 2000) for 25 years
    2. Mutual fund(s) for my saved amount Rs. 1,70,266 for 25 years.
    Please note, I have PF(500+ monthly ) and did not pay Tax and I am willing take high risk and will not withdraw money before my retirement .

    1. Dear Atanu,
      1) Start with Equity Oriented Hybrid Fund (Like HDFC Hybrid Fund or Franklin Hybrid Fund).
      2) First do the asset allocation of 40:60 between debt and equity. In Debt, you can use PPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Fund. For equity, one large cap and one mid cap with 50:50 ratio.

      1. Dear Mr. Tonagatti,
        Thank you for you kind response, its mean a lot.
        To be clear
        1) Start with Equity Oriented Hybrid Fund (Like HDFC Hybrid Fund or Franklin Hybrid Fund): This is for the monthly investment say 1500, right?
        2) First do the asset allocation of 40:60 between debt and equity. In Debt, you can use PPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Fund. For equity, one large cap and one mid cap with 50:50 ratio.: As advise I will invest money 70,000 in PPF account and remaining 1,00,000; 50,000 I will invest in a large cap and 50,000 in mid cap in one go. Please advise one large cap and one mid cap for the same.

        Thank you once again for your kindness.

  10. Hi Basu

    Thanks for your valuable advise always

    DSPBR is closed option for new investor so do you have any other suggestion for Small Cap part from Fanklin

    Thanks in advance

      1. Actually I can not invest online on it , as of now I am not in India working outisde till Feb 2019, and they said you must visit their office to start first from them and then you can use online as online website is not for the first time investor

        Other website does not have such restrictions like ICICI, HDFC, SBI e.t.c

        Waiting for your another recomendation on Small cap

        FYI with 10 Years goal, I already have ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth and HDFC MidCap Opport.- Direct (G) in my portfolio as 50:30

        Only Small cap 20% is pending , Appreciate your valuable advice, confused between

        1. SBI Small CAP
        2. Reliance Small CAP
        3. HDFC Small CAP


          1. yes I am KYC compliant from CAMS, now I will create Common Account Number (CAN) in below website


            1. Please confirm if the same site you refer
            2. Please confirm they do not have any backened changes or adjustment in NAV when doing transactions through them, I mean this site is also Free

            Thanks Again for your support, after your confirmation will go ahead with Franklin

  11. Hello Sir ,

    I want to increase my monthly SIP . Do i need to cancel the current SIP and open a new SIP with new value ? Does it make any change to my investment which I make till now in that fund ?

    1. Dear Harsh,
      You can do both ways. One way is to cancel the current SIP and register the fresh SIP with the increased amount. The second way is that to register one more SIP with the increased amount under the same folio. This will not change your investment returns (if you do both ways).

  12. Hi Basu

    R-squared- This should be high or low , please share as above in post its not mentioned like you mentioned for Aplha, Sharpe Ratio,Sortino Ratio,Treynor Ratio = higher

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hi Basu

    How are you

    Please can you advise is it write time to top up my HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund SIP as the NAV is 52 weeks low

    Also the fund size is increased tremandously so one should worry or keep invested , offcourse I am talking lont term 5 to 6 years of period

      1. Also please reply on this

        Also the fund size is increased tremandously so one should worry or keep invested , offcourse I am talking lont term 5 to 6 years of period

        Apart from it receive email that they increased the Total expense ration please advise

  14. Hi Basu

    How is Reliance Small Cap – Direct (G) can we cosider it over Franklin (I) Smaller Co -Direct (G) , Please advise


  15. Sir,
    I am a regular reader of your articles.I find them very informative. Please keep up the good work .
    i have a general question for you.
    Is it a good time to invest in Small And Midcap mutual funds via SIP for a long term (5years above) as they have gone down significantly and may tank further?
    I know that it is not right to time the market but it is essential to spend TIME in the market.

    1. Dear Sameer,
      If your goals are more than 5 years and did proper asset allocation between debt and equity, then it is the right time to invest. Such news based ups and downs are part of the equity game.

  16. Hi Basu,

    Below is my current portfolio-

    Time Horizon 15 years-

    1. ABSL Frontline equity- 1000 from last 2 years.
    2. ABSL ELSS tax relief 96 – 10000 from last 6 months.
    3. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip fund- 10000 from last 6 month.
    4. HDFC mid cap opportunities fund – 4000 from last 2 years.
    5. TATA equity PE fund – 5000 form last 6 months.

    Time horizon 7 years-

    6. Reliance Small Cap- 4500 from last 6 months.
    7. SBI small cap 2500 from last 3 months.
    8. L&T emerging businesses 3000 from last 6 months.

    1. What are the funds I should keep if I have to reduce the funds to 4 or 5.
    2. Please suggest if I have to include/delete any category or specific fund which is missing.


        1. Dear Bhaskar,
          In that case, first debt and equity asset allocation should be 40:60 or 30:70. For equity, use one large, one mid and one small. For 7 yrs goal, the asset allocation between debt and equity should be around 70:30. For equity, use one large cap.

  17. Hello,

    What is your view on the new category Large & mid cap fund ,is there any difference between this and multi cap fund ?

    I have been investing in Mirae asset blue chip which was a mid cap but now re-classified in Large & mid cap .Should I continue with same fund ?

      1. Hi ,

        I have been investing in Mirae asset blue chip with a long time horizon of 12 yrs. But as it is reclassified so I am confused on this .

        Other than this I have one Large Cap(SBI Blue chip) , One Balance fund (HDFC) , multi cap (Motilal Oswal-35)and One ELSS (Aditya Birla -96 fund) all with long time horizon of 12-15 yrs.

        My portfolio also include debt part in PPF, PF .

        My long time goal is buying house at the end of 12 yrs .

  18. Hi Basu,

    For one of my long-term goals (Retirement plan) I have been investing in the following portfolio (monthly):

    1. ABSL Frontline Equity Fund- 2.5K
    2. HDFC Mid-cap Opportunities Fund- 2.0K
    3. DSP Smallcap Fund- 2.0K
    4. Axis Long-term Equity Fund- 2.5K

    1. PPF: 2.5K

    I need your suggestions on the followings:
    1. Is my allocation fine? Do I need to think of any debt MF as well along with PPF?
    2. I want to increase the investment by 10% for the current year. How to do that?
    3. For my son’s education (~15 years from now), shall I follow the same allocation (but under different portfolio)? How much do I need to invest monthly to accumulate 30 Lacs?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Dear Basu,

        Thank you for your inputs that are very helpful. However, I am not clear on:
        Point #2: How to spread? Can I increase the SIP amount by giving change directions to the AMC-of-interest or need to create a different folio?
        Point #3: How much amount I need to invest to accumulate 30 Lacs after 15 years?

        Thanks again!

        1. Dear Mahesh,
          2) Either you can use the same folio or create one more folio to invest. Do which makes you feel easy and there is no such hard rule for this.
          3) Use the compounding formula (available online) to calculate.

  19. Hi Basu,

    How are you and hope you are doing well. ?

    Need your review on my Present SIP and have been investing for Last 2 Years

    Goal – 15 Years : 1 Crore

    I am investing below 20k monthly SIP

    1. ICICI Prudential Blue Chip – 8000
    2. ICIC Prudential Discovery Fund – 4000
    3. HDFC MidCap Opportunities – 8000

    Debt Fund

    1. PPF – 8k Monthly


    1. Can you please check if above Portfolio is fine or need any changes?
    2. Please suggest if Ineed to exit in any of the above SIP and take new or its fine ?
    3. Is NPS Recommendable. I invested 50 thousand but I feel its not good product w.r.t to Returns and taxation


      1. Dear Basu,

        Thanks for your suggestion.

        a) Any reason for not continuing Discovery Fund
        b) Shall I stop ICICI Discovery Fund and take Lump sump DSPBR
        Micro Fund with that amount + SIP of 4000 Every Month.

        Proposed One Monthly

        1. ICICI Prudential Blue Chip – 8000 [Large Cap]
        2. DSPBR Micro Fund (G) – 4000 [Small Cap]
        3. HDFC MidCap Opportunities – 8000 [ Mid Cap]


          1. Thanks Basu.
            One more Query. Can you please suggest which is good in below for long run for 10-12 years time frame for monthly SIP of 4000k

            Reliance Small Cap
            SBI Small Fund
            HDFC Small Fund
            L&T Emerging Businesses Fund


              1. Dear Basu,

                Ya correct.
                Was asking actually which is good Small Cap Fund in below List.

                Reliance Small Cap
                SBI Small Fund
                HDFC Small Fund
                L&T Emerging Businesses Fund

  20. Hi Basu,

    How are you and hope you are doing well. 🙂

    Need your review on my Present SIP and have been investing for Last 2 Years

    Goal – 15 Years : 1 Crore

    I am investing below 20k monthly SIP

    1. ICICI Prudential Blue Chip – 8000
    2. ICIC Prudential Discovery Fund – 4000
    3. HDFC MidCap Opportunities – 8000

    Debt Fund

    1. PPF – 8k Monthly


    1. Can you please check if above Portfolio is fine or need any changes?
    2. Please suggest if Ineed to exit in any of the above SIP and take new or its fine 🙂
    3. Is NPS Recommendable. I invested 50 thousand but I feel its not good product w.r.t to Returns and taxation


  21. Hi Basu,
    I am 37. I have invested 2 lakhs in SBI gilt short term last year, for my 3 year goal (buying house). Now SBI gilt short term has been changed to constant maturity (10 yrs gilt).

    As the average maturity and modified duration are longer, I have decided to switch it to liquid fund.

    How do I do this? What are the tax implications if I change to other AMCs liquid fund? Do I need to stagger the switching or do it as a single time?

          1. Dear Basu,
            Thanks for your opinion.
            1. How frequently we have to review our debt funds portfolio for a 3 year goal of house?
            2. Please write a blog on,
            How to review the portfolio of investments?

              1. Hi Basu,
                Thank you.
                I started investing in 2017 after reading your blogs.
                I had a Debt SIP portfolio – FOR 3 YR GOAL
                ABSL floating rate fund (long term) – 20000/month
                SBI gilt short term – 1000/month.

                In view of change in Gilt to Constant maturity- I changed it to liquid fund.

                Now my query is, should continue Floater fund or shift to Ultrashort term debt fund?

                Thanks in advance.

  22. Hello Sir,

    My Asset Allocation :
    65% – Equity, 35%-Debt (PPF,RD,etc)
    Kindly review my folio and suggest modifications,if any.

    Equity allocation is spitted as below.

    ELSS (Investment Horizon – 5 Years):
    ABSL TAX RELIEF96 – 1500/month
    AXIS LONG-TERM EQUITY = 1500/month

    Multicap (Investment Horizon 5 Years)
    AXIS FOCUSED 25 GROWTH – 2000/month

    Midcap (Investment Horizon 8-10 Years)

    Smallcap(Investment Horizon 8-10 Years)
    L&T EMERGING BUSINESSES – 2000/month
    HDFC SMALL CAP – 1000/month

    Contra bets (Investment Horizon – 5 years)
    L&T INDIA VALUE FUND – 1000/month

    Do let me know any better alternative in each category which you think will generate better returns in the given time horizons than the ones which I have mentioned.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Dear Anup,
      You have to do the asset allocation for each financial goals based on the time horizon of the goals. However, you mentioned the overall asset allocation for your total investment. This is completely wrong. As per me, don’t touch equity if your goal is less than 5 years. Also, for more than 5 years goals, first do the asset allocation and then choose the products.

  23. Hi Basavraj,

    This is Abhi and i am 30 year old. Here is my financial background.
    Goal: 2.5Cr by the age of 45 (15 years).
    Risk Appetite: Moderatly Aggresive
    Investment Horizon: 15 years
    Emergency Fund: 2,00,000
    FD: 3,00,000
    Insurance: 50,00,000
    Current Investment (Monthly):
    RD: 10K

    ELSS – 9 K
    DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund – Direct Plan – 3K
    Axis Long Term Equity Fund – Direct Plan – 3K
    BSL Tax Relief 96 – Direct Plan – 3K

    Equity – 25 K
    – Diversified Equity
    Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund – 10K

    – Large Cap
    Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – 10K

    – Small & Mid Cap
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – 5K

    Debt Fund – 10 K
    – Short Term
    ICICI Prudential Savings Fund – Direct Plan – 5K
    DHFL Pramerica Short Maturity Fund – Direct Plan – 5K

    1) Could you kindly guide me if my portfolio is in sync with my goals?
    2) How much returns should i expect with this portfolio over the next 15 years?
    3) Would you recommend any changes to my portfolio?

    It would also be helpful if you could share any other investment avenues.

    I highly appreciate your guidance. Thanks

  24. Hi Basuji,

    I am the regular reader of your blog and your article are also very transparent to understand.

    i have one query as below for small cap fund,

    currently i have SIP in Franklin smaller comp which was closed due to some error from Franklin side, now i have to start SIP again, hence should i continue with same or L&T emerging business fund is good, i am in dilemma for the same.

    Amount investment should be 3k for small cap SIP.

    I have all the asses allocation and everything.

    Kindly suggest

      1. Hi Basu,

        My time horizon is for 10 years and regarding the other investment, i have debt and equity 40:60having PPF/FD and for equity have SIP on large cap/ELSS/midcap.

          1. Hi ,

            My doubt about to choose the fund, as i mentioned my SIP of Franklin Smaller comp has been closed due to some error, hence now i have to register new SIP, so now i am in dilemma to select same fund or should i go with L&T emerging business fund??

            kindly comment

  25. HI Sir,
    I want to start a SIP in these funds
    Franklin India Blue chip fund–4000
    ICICI pru value discovery fund—4000
    Franklin India Prima fund–2000
    As I am beginner I am following u.
    I want to invest for 10 years.

  26. Hi Sir,
    I want to start 2 SIPs of 10000 each and my horizon is of 10 years or more. Please suggest me which fund I should choose.

  27. Hello,
    I am currently investing in below funds for last 1.5 year
    HDFC balanced fund -2k (Direct)
    Franklin India Prima Plus -2k (Regular)
    Franklin Smaller Comanies Fund -2k (Direct)

    My Expectation is to get good return after 10 years time. Currently I want to invest another 10K in MF- So How to distribute it among the funds? Or should I go for some new Fund ? Please suggest

        1. Dear Deepak,
          If you are confident of asset allocation did properly based on the time horizon of your goal, then stick to one large cap and one mid cap. You no need to go for balanced funds or small cap funds.

  28. Hello Basu,
    Thank you for your blog. Earlier I received help from you. I started a SIP 6 months ago with eq to debt ratio of 70:30 (long term investment, for 14 yrs). Now thinking of increasing the SIP by Rs 2 k.
    The funds I invest (all direct fund):
    1. ABSL Frontline Equity G: Rs 5200
    2. Franklin India Prima Fund G: Rs 3900
    3. IDFC UST Fund G (now changed to IDFC low duration fund): Rs 3900.
    So I increase without altering the 70:30 as follows:
    1 to Rs 6000, 2 to Rs 4500 and 3 to Rs 4500.
    Can you please suggested me ? is that fine?
    Thanks and regards, Raja.

  29. Hi Basu,
    I have SIP in Tata hybrid equity and UTI midcap fund since 2016. Should I continue or exit from these funds ?

  30. Hi ,
    I intend investing a lumpsum of Rs 10,00,000 for a horizon of 12-15 years in HDFC balanced fund. The goal is my son’s college education. What do you recommend should I go for a single fund or I should diversify this amount into smaller funds. Thanks

    1. Dear Sumit,
      Treat Balanced funds like pure equity product. Hence, do the asset allocation like 40:60 between debt and equity. For debt, use either PPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Funds. For equity, one large cap fund and one mid cap fund enough.

  31. Hi Basavaraj

    I invested X amount in one fund and returns are 11% approx and return profit is 4k .Here average age days is 98 days.

    However i invested LESS than X amount and returns are same 11% and here profit is 8k. Here average age days is 136 days.

    if return % is same 11% for both funds and though in second fund invested less than first fund and same XRR formula applies for all funds of different MF house why difference in profit .is it because of average age days??

    IF yes i have a question.if we switch funds every 2 or3 years say for example..then average age days will be less in new fund though we invest lumpsum switch of old fund to new fund. Then do we get less compounding effect like above example of 4k and 8k ??please explain

    1. Dear Srikanth,
      See the difference of “N” in both the cases. Yes, due to days differences the profit amount is different. When you switch the fund, then you have to consider your investment portfolio returns from the original first investment to last withdrawal date (ignore the days where you switch from one fund to another).

  32. I have been investing in direct mutual funds through SIP. I am planning to contine this for another 15 years. do i need to change any funds?
    1. L&T emerging business growth- 3000.
    2. ICICI pru bluechip growth-2000
    3. Motilol oswal focused multipcap 35 growth-1000
    4. Mirae asset emerging bluechip growth-1500

  33. Sir,
    I am investing since last 3 year as per below SIP portfolio_ Direct ( Growth). I was planned for 7-8 year horizon
    1. ICICI focused bluechip fund: 1500 Rs
    2. ICICI value discovery fund: 1000 Rs
    3. Franklin india smaller co Ltd: 1000 Rs
    4. HDFC balance fund: 1500 Rs.
    I am reviewing first time above portfolio. Pl. look into it and guide me on below query
    1. would I continue this portfolio for long term another 3-4 year horizon?
    2. Your opinion about ICICI value discovery fund
    3. I want to increase 3000 Rs sip. which fund to select ?

    Your opinion shall be highly appriciated
    Alpesh Patel

          1. 1. ICICI focused bluechip fund: 1500 Rs+1000 Rs: 2500 Rs
            2. ICICI value discovery fund: 1000 Rs+1000 Rs: 2000 rs
            3. Franklin india smaller co Ltd: 1000 Rs
            4. HDFC balance fund: 1500 Rs.+1000 Rs: 2500 Rs

            Pl. look into it and clarify my qurry

  34. Hi Basavaraj,

    I need some help in calculating retruns. For example till now i invested 67000 in one fund house and earned 10.25 % return .So according to calculation 10.25% of 67000 is 6867.5, But mutual fund house is displaying return /profit as only 3858.63.Why so?? could you please explain me.


  35. Hi Basavaraj,

    Need some advise in MF investment. I am investing in many funds for 15-20 years horizon but many went underperformed. i am investing from more than 2 years.So planning to planning to invest in Sip planning to invest in Sip in below funds.

    Franklin India Bluechip
    ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip

    HDFC Midcap Opportunties
    Franklin Inndia Prima Plus

    Small Cap
    DSPBR Micro cap (now DSPBR Small Cap)
    Franklin India Smaller Companies.

    Also want to redeem old amount invested these 2 years and invest in lumpsum in above mentioned largecap and midcap and smallcap

    Debt already investing 30% and my goal horizon is 20+years.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,

        its more than 2 and half years actually.So is it advisable to redeem amount invested till now and invest lumpsum in above funds?

          1. Dear Basavaraj,

            The reason is i am investing in 22 different funds, over diversification which leaded to not able rto track performance accurately.So now i want to stick to only 6 funds in portfolio of 3 largecap, 2 midcap and 1 small cap for time horizon of 30-35 years.

            Also i want to redeem whole funds in 22 different funds and invest lumpsum in these 6 funds below. Please CONFIRM if i can invest LUMPSUM of old amount (invested in 22 funds earlier) into below 6 new funds .

            Franklin India Bluechip
            ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip
            ABSL Frontline Equity

            HDFC Midcap Opportunties
            Franklin Inndia Prima Plus

            Small Cap
            Franklin India Smaller Companies.

              1. Hi Basavaraj,

                Want to allocate Rs 10k per fund . Also please tell if i can switch old funds as lumpsum into new funds.
                The debt to equity ratio is 25:75

  36. Hello Basavaraj

    DSPBR smallcap (micro cap earlier) is giving negative returns currently.But you stated above funds perform well in market down conditions also.So can you pls explain if i can continue in this fund as my horizon was 30 years and am investing from past 2 years

      1. From March this year.Also last year i earned 9-10% on DSP BR MicroCap (DSPBR Smallcap now).This year inspite of no return and in turn last year 9-10% was gone and also entered negative returns.So will i can recover last year return 9-10% and this year say max 9-10% return, total 20% atleast by end of this year??

        Basically when does the compounding happen is it on December 31st ? or March 31st for getting compounded returns

        1. Dear Krishna,
          This is the beauty of the equity or you may say the sadness of equity. Don’t expect returns like Bank FDs. There is a volatility always in the market. If you can’t digest, then simply stay away. Also, it is wrong to judge the fund based on it’s monthly performance.

          1. Ok Basavaraj,
            DSPBR Microcap fund is giving negative more than a month nearly 5-6 months.But can i continue still as per your advice?

            Also , when does the compounding returns happen on which date??they say yearly Compounded returns right in Mf,Basically want to know the date or month or atleast in period of yearly compounding .

            1. Dear Krishna,
              5-6 months are not enough to judge the fund’s performance. Hence, I suggest you to continue. Regarding compounding, I think you completely misunderstood the concept of how it works. Please read about this completely.

              1. Dear Basavaraj

                Please guide me for understanding compounding at what time .Mention any article or link for same

                1. Dear Krishna,
                  There is no specific month or year to ANNOUNCE the compounding. I think you have to understand the basics of COMPOUNDING at first (which you have learnt during your High School level).

  37. Hi Basavaraj,

    I could see the above mentioned funds few of them in Rank4 .So confused.

    My horizon is 30-35 years.

    Planning Portfolio like in below 6funds of Rs 10000 each of total 60 k per month

    Franklin India Bluechip
    ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip

    HDFC Midcap Opportunties
    Franklin Inndia Prima Plus

    Small Cap
    DSPBR Micro cap (now DSPBR Small Cap)
    Franklin India Smaller Companies.

    Also Please tell me about HDFC Smallcap, Relaincesmallcap and SBI smallcap as they are top ranked currently

    Please tell me

    1. Hello Basavaraj,

      For Debt i am investing in PPF of Rs 150000 per year (full limit of section 80c and VPF to some extent).

      1. Dear Srikanth,
        Both PPF and VPF are not bad. But the only thing you must take care of is that-DON’T INVEST 100% of your investable surplus in debt products and also the goal time horizon must match the maturity of such products.

      1. H Basavaraj

        Like in moneycontrol website HDFC SmallCap,SBI smallcap and Reliance smallcap They are ranked no 1,2 and 3 according
        to CRISIL

            1. Dear Srikanth,
              Don’t follow my funds also. Just keep in mind that star ratings change frequently and hence it does not mean that we churn our portfolio so often. At the same time, no fund on this earth remained top forever. You have to give enough time to fund. If the fund is consistently (say for around 1-2+ years) underperforming, then take a call.

              1. ok, So want to follow your portfolio as mentioned above.

                Franklin India Bluechip -10K per month
                ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip -10K per month

                HDFC Midcap Opportunties-10K per month
                Franklin Inndia Prima Plus-10K per month

                Small Cap
                DSPBR Micro cap (now DSPBR Small Cap)-3K per month (not accepting new sip)
                Franklin India Smaller Companies.-10K per month

                and HDFC balanced turned into HDFC Hybrid Equity-7K per month.

                Please suggest if i can continue in above funds.

                1. Dear Srikanth,
                  Don’t follow me blindly. But learn at first and then accept. Regarding above portfolio, I enter into small cap only if my goal is more than 10+ years and that also not more than 20% of my equity portfolio. Also, if you are managing debt and equity separately, then no need to go for hybrid funds.

                  1. Dear Basavaraj

                    Thank you.But went through the concept and understood for somewhat and planning to invest in earlier mentioned funds.

                    Also i am maintaining debt seperately in PPF and regarding smallcap horizon is more than 30 years.So please tell me if i can continue in above funds

  38. Sir, I am starting investment 21500/- per month SIP
    Here is my plan. Sir, Please tell me , is this a winning protfolio to creat 1 core in 13 yrs with yearly increasing 5 % of SIP amount.

    Axis Focused 25 Direct-G 20%
    ICICI Pru Bluechip Direct-G 20%
    Invesco India Contra Direct-G 20%

    HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Direct-G 30%

    ICICI Pru Value Discovery Direct-G 10%

    Please help.

      1. Thanks Basu for quick response.

        Pru Bluechip Direct-G 10% (LargeCap)
        ICICI Pru Value Discovery Direct-G 20%(MultiCap)

        I want to keep My Debt: Equity ratio nearly 50%:50% and increasing Equity portfolio 5% every year to cross 30:70 as progress with time . My age is 34.

        For Debt :
        PPF=12500/- per month
        SSY=10000/- for Daughter Higher Education
        MF(ultra Short term +Liquid fund ) 1 time=5 lac for emergency/unexpected expenses
        Savings A/C=1 Lac

        I am very much new to Equity . Please tell whether my choice of funds were correct for Equity MF investment .

          1. Thank You , But What is the Risk associated with Multipcap for longer period as you avoiding these plans?

            1. Dear Kumar,
              It is not the risk but their mandate to move to any market cap as per the fund managers view. In a certain point, knowingly or unknowingly we may have higher exposure to the particular market cap. Hence, I avoid.

  39. Dear Sir,
    I want to invest 10000 as SIP in the funds where highest return can be obtained and ready to take high risk. Please suggest funds in 5-10 years horizon.

      1. Sir,
        I mean higher returns. High risk is acceptable. for higher return purpose. Duration. 5-7 years. regards

  40. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for providing this platform.
    I have couple of questions regarding switching to new fund from old fund.

    Suppose i am investing in a fund for last couple of years and its not doing well hence i wanted to switch to better performing fund. so,

    1.What to do with old fund amount? It should be invested lumpsum in new fund?
    2.Also,if i stop old fund and start new one,then whether i loose the benefit of starting early where market was lower than the starting of new fund where market is higher ?

    Can you please clarify my doubts.

    thank you in advance


    1. Dear Sravan,
      1) Switch in one go with a lump sum in a new fund.
      2) You never lose the benefit of starting early. Because you are not withdrawing money but transferring to the new fund.

  41. Hello Basu,

    My self Amit, My age is 30 and I want start investment. As per my understanding through your blog I am investing in the below: Please suggest me is it right or not?

    My goal is for 10 to 15 years
    Fund Scheme: Monthly
    PPF: 3000

    Long term equity:
    1. SBI Blue chip fund-Direct growth :2000
    2. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G) :2000
    3. Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip-Direct Plan :1000 for 5 years

  42. Hi sir
    I’m investing through sip in a large cap,mid cap,equity oriented balanced fund each 1000 per month.i need this after 10 this portfolio allocation correct.pls do suggest me.

  43. What is your take on SBI Small Cap fund? VR has rated this fund as 5 Stars and also other risk parameters look good. Since this fund opened fresh SIP intake again, should I take it? Investment horizon: > 7 years with SIP of 2000 expecting 17-19% return.

    1. Dear Somenath,
      What you do if the same VR rate it to SINGLE star after your investment?? If your time horizon is 7 years, then don’t include small cap fund in your portfolio. Expecting 17-19% returns?? GOD BLESS YOU.

  44. Hi Basu the name of Kotak Select Focus Fund is changed to Kotak Standard Multicap Fund , what is category of Fund is it Large Cap or Multicap as name sounds

    I have checked in Money control and it says, FUND CLASS : Large Cap Please advise


  45. Hi,

    Thanks for the guidance.
    Below is my and my wife’s portfolio which I’m planning.Our 2 goals are after 8 years and other 3 goals are after 16, 25 & 32 years. Please suggest if you would make any change if you were me.

    My Portfolio:

    1)Mirae Asset India Equity Fund-Reg(G) (Large Cap)— 40%
    2)Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund-Reg(G)(Multicap)– 20%
    3)HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund(G)(Mid-Cap)- 20%
    4)Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund(Small Cap)–20%

    Wife Portfolio:

    1)ICICI Pru Focused Blue-chip Equity Fund (Large Cap)—20%
    2)Franklin India Prima plus(Multicap)– 20%
    3)Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip-Reg(G)(Mid-Cap)- 30%
    4)Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund(Small Cap)– 30%

    Above investment is 80% (equity part)of total Monthly Saving Required. Rest 20% we will invest in debt instruments.

    1. Dear Chandra,
      I think better to increase the debt allocation and reduce to the extent of around 70%. Also, I don’t think you need multi cap funds as you already separated with each market cap fund ralted funds.

      1. Thank you Mr Basavaraj,
        I have rearranged fund allocation in 30:70 ratio. I will also remove Multi cap funds from our portfolios and divide whole equity portion (around 40K in each portfolio) in to 3 funds belong to each market cap. Thanks for your suggestion. Please warn me if you don’t see it a right way of investment.

  46. All of my mutual fund investments are through Franklin Templeton,,, should I require to change some portion to other companies?

  47. Hi Basu ,
    My name is Sanjeev and I am 42years old my assest allocation is 60:40(Debt:equity)and goal is to create Retirement corpus and for children education after time span of 10 years currently I have started SIP in following instrument
    1. 2000 SBI BLue chip(large cap)
    2.1000 UTI Retirement benefit pension fund R
    3.1000 Franklin smaller companies fund.
    Further I want to start new SIP of 1000 PL suggest weather to start in Multicap or in Midcap

          1. Sir , Thank u for response one more thing Is UTI is good fund for long run or should I exit from that fund?I have just started in that fund.

  48. I am around 50 years old and have taken early voluntary retirement. Most of my investments are in FD, PO etc. I would like to invest around Rs. 40 lacs in MF with a time horizon of 5 to 7 years. I expect a post tax return of 10 to 12% and am willing to take low to medium risk. Would be grateful if you could guide me in selecting the MFs and whether I should investment in lumpsum or across a horizon of 1 to 2 years. Thank you.

    1. Dear Gopal,
      Your expectation is too high when we consider your time horizon. I suggest you to stick to the same DF or PO etc or try with Liquid or Ultra Short Term Debt Funds BUT NO EQUITY.

  49. Hi Basu,
    I am 37 yrs. I am an avid follower of your post. I thank you immensely for the same.

    My goal is buying a house within 5 yrs. Started SIP in following funds for last 1 yr.

    Debt funds – 25000/month as,
    1. Birla sunlife Floating rate long term (D) (G)- 15000
    2. SBI magnum gilt short term (D) (G)- 10000

    The annualised returns are 6% and 4% respectively. (I anticipated around 6to 7%)

    Please give your opinion on,
    1. Is it OK to continue for this year also? (I am reviewing after a year)
    2. Should I need to stop my SIP in SBI magnum gilt short term? (return is only 4%)

    Thank you in advance

  50. Hi,
    I started investment in following MFs with SIPs of Rs 2000 each group last month. My Goal is Wealth Creation.
    1. Reliance Small Cap Fund [Direct]
    2. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund [Direct]
    3. Motilal Oswal MultiCap 35 Fund [Direct]
    4. Tata India Consumer Fund [Direct]
    Will they give a good returns, if I continue to invest for a min of 10 years? How to analyze if they are not performing good & what are the actions required at that time?
    Kindly suggest it.

  51. Hi Basu,
    Good morning. Kudos for your great work.

    I am 37, last year started investing for my 10 yr goal of child education. (SIP of 10000/month)

    Debt:Equity 40:60

    Debt as, Birla short term fund (D) (G)- 4000/MONTH

    EQUITY as, Large:mid:small as 60:30:10
    Large cap – ABSL Frontline equity (D) (G)- 3600/MONTH
    Mid cap- HDFC mid cap oppurtunities (D) (G)- 1800/MONTH
    Small cap- Franklin india smaller companies (D) (G)- 500/MONTH

    I am reviewing my portfolio at 1 year, I have found that Large cap (Birla) is underperforming as compared to peers and Bench mark.

    What should I do now?
    Continue same/ Change LARGE CAP FUND/ Change asset allocation within Equity

    Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.

      1. Thank you for your quick response.

        I shall continue the SIP and reassess after 6 to 12 months. Is it OK?

  52. Sir
    Sbi small cap fund is opening for fresh subscription. Can you
    Guide whether to start sip in it. Iam having running sip in dspbr smallcap and want to discontinue.

      1. Thanks a lot sir. Registered sip frim 1/8/2018 (until cancelled).
        Sir, Iam eagerly waiting for your article on best MFs
        post-recategorisation scenario. TIA

  53. Dear Sir,

    I have small questions to know, Kindly help me on this.

    I had started investment in HDFC Long term Advantage – growth (1000 monthly) from last 2 years.

    Can you please describe about the same.-

    1. Good or bad
    2. profitable after 6 or 7 years or more
    3. Should I stop investing.
    4. any charges if stop continuing the same.
    5. If switch plan then to which plan.
    6. Should i withdraw the same anytime when money needed in emergency.

      1. Ok Sir,

        1. I am from a middle family so i started the investing.
        2. I am not withdrawing right now, but if something went wrong so i need to withdraw the same amount.

        I just wanted to know if i withdraw in 2021 or 2022 what amount that time I receive.

  54. Dear Sir,

    I have started SIP 1 year ago. My portfolio consisted of following funds

    Reliance banking fund
    Reliance Small Cap Fund
    HDFC Capital Builder Fund
    Aditya Birla Pure Value Fund

    All divided in equal proportion.

    Also I have invested in ELSS lumpsum
    Aditya Tax relief 96
    Reliance tax saver

    Should I continue with the above fund or I should reshuffle the funds.

    Also please suggest banking fund’s nav are low in comparison to market trends. Should I invest more in banking fund keeping in mind returns in long term.

      1. Dear Sir,

        1) Basis of selection – Reliance banking fund (sector had positive prospects)
        reliance Small cap ( for higher return)
        HDFC Capital buildier ( Diversified fund for managing the risk)
        ABSL Pure value (small cap for higher return)

        Tax Saver scheme ( for tax saving purpose having least lock in period and avg return
        higher than debt instruments)
        Relaince and ABCL tax relief ( 50:50) (for diversification purpose)

        2) Time Horizon – 6-7 years

        3) Assets Allocation – 70% Debt instruments 30% Equity funds (Want to increase allocation to equity fund but due to lack of knowledge and experience still slow in investing in equity)

        4) Sir also suggest should I invest more in banking fund keeping in mind long term scenerio

        1. Dear Nikunj,
          None can time the market or time the sector and win. If you are doing the same, then you are not an investor. Never do same. Set your expectation from the investment and accordingly do asset allocation and start investing. If your time horizon is around 6-7 years, then you just need a one large cap fund. You are risking your investment with running behind sector funds and small cap funds.
          Such theme or sector funds are innovative ideas of mutual fund companies to garner more and more AUM from investors.

  55. Hello Basu Sir,

    Thanks for the advice through the years now and I am happy with the way my portfolio has performed based on your inputs.

    Unfortunately, at the beginning, I randomly purchased 2 or more funds in the same category and need your advice to consolidate now. Following are the details.

    My horizon is long term and 18 Years away. Want to invest 50K monthly in Mutual funds apart from 20K monthly in Debt and PPF

    ELSS – 3 funds – 7K
    Axis long term equity -3K
    Reliance ELSS – 2K
    Franklin ELSS -2K

    Small Cap – 2 Funds – 7K
    Franklin Smaller companies – 4K
    Reliance Small Cap – 3K

    Bluechip – 1 Fund – 4K
    ICICI Focussed bluechip fund

    Multicap – 1 Fund – 2K
    Franklin India Prima Plus Fund

    1. Dear Tejinder,
      Retain Franklin in ELSS. In case of small cap, again retain Franklin Fund. Rest of the funds are fine to me. But do remember that to do proper asset allocation between debt and equity and also review the portfolio once a year.

  56. Sir,


    I have SIPs in both these funds.Overlapping is below 15%.Whether it is good idea to continue both SIPs or stop one. If one is to be avoided, I prefer MIRAE TO EXIT.


  57. HI Basu,

    In terms of returns and risk which factor which is better option ..
    Mutli cap or Mid cap . Or both we can invest equal amount for long term (7-10) years

  58. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for the detailed information its really helpful.

    But one quick question, when i checked the returns for the funds you have mentioned in the Large,Mid& Small cap categories in other websites like Money Control, Value Research , etc looks like the return value for 1yr,3yr,5yr & 10 yr doesnt match. from where are you getting these details ? are you using some other tools to get the returns calculation for these tenures ?

  59. Hi Basu,

    Many thanks for answering my queries in last two years.

    I am 32 years old. Moderate risk profile. This is my second year completion of financial accumlation phase considering 78% equity and 32% Debt allocation. I am rebalancing my asset allocation once in a year .

    1. Retirement – 18 years from now
    2. Daughter’s education – 12 years from now.

    Debt investment – EPF & VPF – (32%)

    Equities ( All are Direct Growth plans)
    1. Large cap –> SBI Blue Chip – 40%
    2. Mid cap –> Mirae Asset Emerging Blue chip -30%
    3. ELSS/Multi cap –> Birla Taxelief 96 – 20%
    4. Small Cap –> Franklin India smaller Companies – 10%

    I have following queries.
    1. Considering the major changes by SEBI, still am I okay to continue my investments in my above plans? Please suggest in case of any changes.
    2. How much money will be required to acheive the retirement safely. My current monthly expense will be Rs 40000 including EMIs.
    Loan amount remaining is 11 Lac. For that how much I need to invest considering my asset allocation.

    Kindly advise

    1. Dear Hari,
      1) SEBI changes made it clear for you and me about the portfolio of the funds. Hence, if funds sticked to the same mandate then continue. If there are any deviation which you feel uncomfortable, then switch accordingly.
      2) Use the online calculators and arrive at the values.

      1. Thanks Basu, when we switch AMCs allowing us with free exit load, How about the units redeemed before 1 year with govt? Will that be considered as a capital gain and to be declared in our IT returns?

        1. Dear Hari,
          Whenever there is a change, AMCs will send and also sending emails to customers by providing you the window to switch without any exit load. However, regarding taxation, there is no such exemption.

  60. Hi Basu,
    I am planning to do SIP on above for 10 to 15 yrs for 10k Month. I saw you referred 10 MFs
    1) Can I invest 1k per/MF/Month
    2) Can I invest 2K per/Month on selecting best 5 among ur 10MF list.

    If you suggest me to go on 2, then please suggest TOP 5

      1. Sir, i am rearranging my portfolio. I will have 2 large cap sbi blue chip nd icici pru focussed. 1 balanced franklin balanced and i need 1 multicap…investment period up to 10 yrs

  61. Hi basu I hope you are doing well !

    Can you please share your expert comment on Kotak Select Focus Fund – Direct (G) , and can one consider it now over Franklin India Bluechip Fund & ICIC prudential focussed bluechip fund

    Thanks in advance !

  62. Hi Bashu

    How are you

    Please share your thoughts about Kotak Select Focus Fund – Direct (G) can we consider it above Franklin India Bluechip Fund & ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty (G)

    Please share your comment keeping in ming time horizon of 10 years

  63. Sir, I m 35yrs old, working in a PSU… Father of 6 months old son.i m having additional rent income of RS.25000/- PM… Which I want to invest for long term (around 20-25yrs) for benefit of my child… Rent income may go up 5% annually.. Please suggest me better investment plan.

      1. I m already having sufficient insurance coverage for my family so insurance plan is not required. Investment is required to gift to him when he want to settle.

      1. I have referred your post, can you please suggest me is there any tax benefit if I invest in my wife name(house wife). Is benefit to invest in my name. I m tax payer,, salary income of RS.10.00 lakh p a and expected rent income of RS.3.00lakh p.a. hereafter.

  64. Dear Sir,
    i am planning to invest in mutual fund my time period for investment is 10 years and assets
    allocation is 60:40(equity:debt) for debt part i am already investing in PPF and EPF and
    for eauity part i have chossen three funds
    1.SBI Blue chip-G(Large CAP)
    2.Franklin Prima Plus Fund(Mid-cap)
    3.HDFC Balanced fund(Balanced fund)
    pl suggest weather the portfolio is ok or some modification req.

      1. Sir, Thanks for reply, one more question weather ratio of investment in above fund 50:20:30 is correct.

          1. Sir, Kindly give your valuable comments on TATA Retirement savings fund -modrate Thanks

  65. Hello Basu,

    I am planning to have this Fund as a SIP for at least 6 Years of Period Monthly.
    My only concern is, should I wait for new categorisation or I can start with this allocations?

    I have already Invested 20k in ICICI Focused Bluechip Equity Fund

    Now I am planning to have SIP in this funds.
    Invesco India Contra Fund – 1000
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – 1000
    HDFC Balanced Fund – 1000

    and Lumsum 15000 in SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Short Term

    Please advice your view, or Please suggest Fund to switch out.


      1. Thanks Basu for quick reply,

        I am in impression that If my investment horizon any where around 7-10 Years then Equity is more beneficiary. Thanks for correcting this.

        I am now correcting this. Can you please suggest Is this correct?

        I would Allocate more on HDFC Balanced Fund and Regular Investment in SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Short Term.

        So Investment folio would look at like
        Monthly SIP In below Funds
        HDFC Balanced Fund – 2000
        Invesco Contra Fund – 500
        Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund / HDFC MidCap Fund / LnT Mid Cap Fund – 500 (Any one from this)

        Regular Yearly SIP
        SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Short Term – 12000


          1. Thanks Basu,

            For Quick response again.

            Whether you checked the portfolio overlap for equity?
            No I have not chacked, I just read some of Mutual Fund related post including yours and selected the folio, actually I am not aware of this.

            balanced funds as 100% equity.

            So what could be your advice for 7-10 Years of time horizon.


              1. Hello Basu,

                I have check your link and downloaded the Sheet, but I am not able to Run the xlsm file.
                Does this require any specific Operating System?

                How I can identify my fund as HDFC equity or Invesco Multicap?

                Again looking for valuable feedback.


              2. Hello Basu,

                I have check online from few tools and found that there is between 20-40% overlap between those schemes.
                I am also seen that the excel is not able to capture invesco funds.

                  1. Hello Basu,

                    Yes, I have checked Same. I can see that there is less then 10% overlap for funds
                    Invesco India Contra Fund
                    L&T Midcap Fund /HDFC MidCap Opr Fund
                    HDFC Balanced Fund.

                    Should This Funds are good for 7-8 Years Investment Horizon?

                    1. Dear Chintu,
                      In equity, I usually suggest one large cap (major chunk), mid cap (bit lesser) and small cap (least). Regarding Invesco, I can’t say anything as the fund is new.

                    2. Hello Basu,

                      As I said.
                      I am having
                      ICICI Focused Blue Chip (Large Cap)
                      Invesco or Index Based Fund like ICICI Prudential Nifty Next 50 Index -G or SBI Magnum Multicap Fund
                      HDFC or L&T Midcap (Midcap – Please suggest which is better)
                      and HDFC Balanced Fund

                      SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Short Term(Debt)


                    3. Hello Basu,

                      Yes, You are right. It is hype and New investors like me blown away with this hyped air. That is why true guidance provided by you is necessary.

                      So, According to you I must opt for One largecap about 50%, One Midcap (About 30%) and one multicap(About 20%)

                      Is this correct?


                    4. Hello Basu,

                      Thanks for your reply and valuable feedback.

                      I need your last opinion. Since Overlap are more between Muticap and Large cap should I go with Index Based Fund? Or Please suggest bettwe fund. I have checked with both above multicap fund overlapping are almost 45%.

                      I have been starting SIP for
                      ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Fund (1500)
                      HDFC Mid-cap Opp Fund or L&T Midcap Fund (800)
                      ICICI Nifty Next Fifty (500)


                    5. Hello Basu,

                      Any Idea when this recategorization finally in effect?
                      Any last date guidelines by SEBI. I googled it but only able to see within 3 months from last notice issues that is in December.


                    6. Hello Basu,

                      I think, You should have post guiding the Fund as per new portfolio allocation because so many Fund has changed their PortFolios so above list might be Confusing to new comer like me.


                    7. Dear Chintu,
                      But you check it the list. 90% of the funds are still in same category and there is no such big change in the funds which I recommended. But still, YES I will update and write a new post.

  66. Hello Sir ,

    I have chosen Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund for my Mid cap fund . But recently I came across that there is a reshuffle in its portfolio due to investment guidelines changes and has increased its allocation in large cap .

    So is it something I have to worry about as it will behave more like a large cap .

    Please advice …

      1. Thank you for the reply .

        Actually I already have SBI blue chip as my large cap fund and Mirae asset I have chosen for my mid cap fund. Now since it has increased its allocation in large cap will it provide good diversification on my portfolio considering I already have SBI blue chip ..

        Please advise


    B) HDFC TO 200 (G) – RS.500/-
    C) HDFC MIP LT(G) – – RS.500/-
    H) ABSL MIP (G) – RS.1000/-




    1. Dear Baba,
      You started the SIPs just 6 months back. I don’t think it is worth for you judge the fund now and switch. Wait for another 1-2 years, then start reviewing. But before that what I saw has you missed the asset allocation as per the goal time horizon (refer above post for the same).

      1. Dear Sir,
        – Many many thanks for your swift reply. I am planning to top up in the existing fund. Kindly advise me in which SIP shall I top up.


        1. Dear Baba,
          Again such top need to set based on time horizon setting, asset allocation and then debt and equity fund choosing. Without knowing all these details, how can I guide you? Refer above post properly.

  68. Hi, Can you please let me know what is the difference between ” EQUITY SAVING FUND and Balanced Advantage Fund.
    I would like to invest 5L lump sum, for long run (10 years). Please suggest me which is the best fund which can offer less risk and moderate returns.

    1. Dear Adari,
      Instead of referring old funds and their categorization, better to concentrate on new fund categorizations. Equity Savings Funds ideally invest around 1/3 in equity, 1/3 in derivative and another 1/3 in debt. Balanced Advantage Funds combines equity, debt and arbitrage in a single fund. These are the generic definitions. Hence, better you cross check the fund theme and portfolio before taking a call.
      Regarding your investment, refer my post in detail to understand and how to move on.

  69. Dear Basu,

    Hope this message finds you well. I am interested in lump sum investment in MF.

    Time horizon : 10 years and more.

    Asset allocation : 70: 30 (For 70 % = Equity 30%- Midcap-30% -Small cap – 10%) (For 30Debt : PPF, FD)

    Funds : Top MF in each category performed best in last 10 years.

    Is this a good planning. Please advise.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kind regards

  70. Hi Basu,

    My goal is goal is 5 years to 10 years
    total investment per month –6000

    I’m planing to start Sip for following

    2k –RD
    2k– debt-IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund
    1—mid cap – HDFC Midcap Opp Fund
    1-small cap – Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund.

    Can you please suggest is that ok.. or do you want me to switch some other equity funds like balanced funds.

        1. Hi Basu,
          please look into my portfolio.

          Aditya Birla SL Medium Term Plan — Debt- 2k
          SBI Blue Chip Fund – Direct Plan—Large – 1k
          Mirae Asset India Equity Fund —- Large – 1k
          HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund– Mid – 1k

          time horizon -5 to 7 for Equity . 3 years for Debt.

          Is that fine or need to change any thing.can you please suggest

            1. Hi Basu,
              Im bit confused .
              As you said above if goal is from 5 to 10 years then Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 40:60.

              BUt now you have suggesting ratio equity to debt in ratio of 30:70.
              please clarify to invest in Equity what time horizon we have to keep in mind .specially for large cap

                1. so shall i change my profile now or shall i keep debt:equity .40:60 as i mentioned above. for 7 to 10 years.

  71. Hi,
    I like your articles and your analysis.I had started SIP is SBI Bluechip and Kotak Select focus fund one year back. now after some gaining a little knowledge like downside protection, rolling returns etc and reading articles a couple of reliable sites like yours, I want to continue long term SIP for 15 years with low to moderate risk in terms of equity. I am investing around 50:50 in debt and equity Debt is my PF and PPF for 15 years.
    After re-categorization of fund Kotak select and Franklin Prima plus both are multicap. I want to make a core portfolio for equity where I will need to analyse this once in an year.

    SBI bluechip 40%
    Franklin Prima Plus 40%
    HDFC Mid cap opportunity 20%

    SBI Bluechip 40%
    Kotak Select Focus 40%
    Franklin Prima (mid cap) 20%

    I am confused choosing between Kotak select and Franklin Prima plus and another confusion between Franklin Prima and HDFC Mid cap. also in case I need to choose one fund from Franklin what will be your recommendation.

  72. Hello Sir,

    Which is a better option – INR 1000 each in Axis Long Term Equity D G and ABSL Tax relief 96 D G or should I invest INR 2000 in any one of the above?

    I am 32 year old, and can invest upto INR 5o00/- per month(can be increased with yearly salary increments) with an investment goal of more than 10-15 years. Apart from the tax saver fund, can you suggest me 2-3 other funds? I am new to Mutual Funds & I can handle some risks.

      1. Since I am looking for long term investments like 10-15 years, I can opt for 70% equity and 30% debt. I was thinking of 3-4 equity focused funds across ELSS, Balanced and Highcap or Multicap and maybe 1 debt fund for a shorter period of 3-5 years. But I am not sure which funds to pick?

        I already make a little yearly investments into PPF, Atal pension yojna & Sukanya Smariddhi.

  73. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for your blogs, I found your blogs very informative and impressive. This blog solve many doubts about the mutual funds. I also want to invest to achieve some of my goals.
    Below is the details my for my portfolio.

    About MySelf:
    I am 32 years old software professional. I have two kids(1.Girls, Age: 6.8 Years, Studying in 1 std. 2. Boy, Age:4.8 Years, Studying in LKG). My wife is house maker(she is educated up to 5 std and not working). Living in a rented house.
    My Goals:
    1. Kids Higher Education : I assume for the girl kid education current money needed is 15 lacs. time period 11 Year(in 11 years she will qualify 12 std and will peruse in professional studies).
    and for the boy kid 15 lacs for the 13 year.
    2. Daughter marriage: Estimate current amount 16 lacs, time duration of 17 years
    3. Own House : Estimated Current amount 60 lacs, time duration 12 Years.
    4. Retirement: Estimated Per Month 30K per month, Time duration 28 Years.

    Please add Inflation Rate from your own site to calculate the future values of the goals.

    Please suggest me the mutual funds in which I can invest to achieve my goals with less risk and good performing reasonable growth to achieve the goals.


      1. Hello Basu,

        Thanks for your reply.. I can select from list bus dividing and money in these mutual funds and also how much % should be allocate is the real concern.. and what should be the future value for these goals?. So please devide for me. I can invest 50k-60k every month. Please make a model portfolio


  74. i have 1000 rs sip in
    1. absl frontline equity
    2. sbi blue chip
    3. icici focussed bluechip
    5. hdfc balanced
    6. absl 96 tax saver
    7.dsp blrock tax saver
    equity: debt 70:30a
    plan to invest in large cap for 7 yrs …in tax saving for 3 yrs…in balanced for 5 yrs ..
    is it ok

          1. dont understand much about finance. started these on advice of agent about 8 months ago… plz tell me clearly what i should do sir

            1. Abhi-You said that for debt part you have NSC, PPF or NPS. But do such products mature after 7 years (which you claimed your goal time horizon)? Also, NPS product ivnest in equity also. Hence, in what sense you considered NPS as debt product? Regarding equity, you just need one large cap like SBI Bluechip and one mid cap like (I mentioned in above list). I am not sure why you holding so many funds in equity.

              1. Sir can you explain why hdfc balanced fu d is not performing well for some time..even when market is good…plz elobrate

  75. 1. Please suggest if i can proceed with a multi cap fund of Motilal oswal most focused multicap 35 fund .

    2. Also review my portfolio I have one large cap SBI Blue chip , mirae asset emerging bluechip fund and HDFC balanced fund.All investment are for long term 10 yrs . I am also putting some amount in PPF fund .

      1. I am investing 8k and 6k respectively in HDfc balanced and sbi blue chip .

        I am investing 3k in mirae asset blue chip .

        And planning to buy motilal multi cap fund for 3 k .

          1. So these are my equity based investment and above that I have my ppf and pf .So I am maintaining 70:30 equity to debt ratio.

            I have chose these funds on the basis of what I have read and some advice .

            1. Anshu-If you already did asset allocation and also choosen the funds properly, then what is the doubt here? (Don’t take it wrong way for my repeating questions, it is for understanding you in better way).

              1. Thank you sir for your prompt response . Basically I was asking your suggestion on any multi cap fund which i am planning to invest .

  76. Hi, I am 22 year old and want to invest for wealth creation for my future needs, where should i invest (elss,ulip,ppf or somewhere else). Kindly guide me as i have no knowledge regarding investments.

    1. Rajat – Nice to see that 22 year old young man willing to start investments in mutual funds ..appreciated !!
      I think you can select small/mid/multi cap funds….

  77. Hi Basu I hope you are doing well , please can you share your feedback on below if this looks OK, I make this conclusion after reading your blog and comments and previous discussions !

    Time invsted = 10 years (Keep invested in the funds), SIP to continue = 5 years (will only deposit money for 5 years only as per plan might be continue but not sure I can save this much later), I am following Debt to Equity = 30:70, and as example Investing 30000 Amount, so 21000 for Equity and 9000 for Debt

    Equity :-

    Large CAP = 10500 PM, ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty (G)

    Mid Cap = 6300 HDFC Mid cap opp fund G

    Small = 4200 Franklin India Smaller Companies Direct-G

    Debt :-

    5000 PM in IDFC ultra short term debt fund
    4000 PM in Franklin India Savings Plus Fund

    Please confirm if I can go ahead or required any changes !

      1. Ok then I will make below

        1. Franklin India Bluechip Fund
        2. HDFC Mid cap opp fund G
        3. Franklin India Smaller Companies Direct-G or SBI Small & Midcap Direct-G — just thought changing not to have two funds with Franklin , if this is Ok, share your thoughts
        4. IDFC ultra short term debt fund

        Please advise


          1. Hi Basu

            Please just share your view on below point only

            3. Franklin India Smaller Companies Direct-G or SBI Small & Midcap Direct-G — just thought changing not to have two funds with Franklin , if this is Ok, share your thoughts

            can I go with SBI Small & Midcap Direct-G

  78. Dear Sir,

    Greetings !!
    I already started to invest 24k in 4 mutual i m planning to start small investment for GOLD ..I will have to buy gold in 4-5 yrs. (approx 8 sovereigns). To achieve this what is the best option to invest?
    1. Purchase 1g coin every month.
    2. Invest in Gold ETF
    3. Invest in Balanced or Diversified MF Funds (SIP-3000/-)
    4. Gold Bonds (nothing to know this).

    Please kindly provide your suggestion to take a good decision.


      1. Hi Sir,

        Its for Personal. I will have to give around 6-8s of Gold as gift to one my relative daughter !


  79. Hi Sir, My name is Balaji & I’m 28 years old now. I’m planning to invest in the Mutual fund over 10 to 15 year horizon and I’m willing to take Moderate to High risk. I planned my portfolio as follows.
    A) Large Cap – Kotak Select Focus(2K)
    B) Multi Cap – SBI Magnum Multicap(1K)
    – Motilal Oswal MultiCap(2K)
    C) Mid Cap – Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip(3K)
    D) Small Cap – Reliance Small Cap(1K)
    – L&T Emerging Business(1K)

    Please advice, if you think to change any fund?

    1. My Opinion is 3 or 4 funds are enough.You can chose best funds in the respective category Large/Diversified/Mid & Small cap.


  80. Sir,

    Could you enlighten us for the mutual fund expense ratio???

    I am under impression that even after SEBI’s guidelines, none of AMC is bothering about expense ratio….

    PL have a write up for the same.

  81. How about investing in quantum fund of equity funds?
    Investing in such a fund saves the investor the trouble of monitoring and reviewing the his portfolio as and when required.

    Just one fund is enough for Equity portion of portfolio.

    But why very less interest on this fund ,just because tax treatment like debt fund, but in longer run, Indexation benefit will be plus.

          1. Taxation – How about indexation adjusted for long term . Now Equity funds also not tax free.

            Apart from Taxation perspective, do you feel its good to consider for long term goals.( Equity portion).

  82. Sir
    Pls check & kindly let me know if any modification is required in my current SIPs

    3. SBI LARGECAP FUND-D(G)-2000/
    4. Franklin India High Growth companies-D(G)- 2000/
    5. ICICI Balanced fund-D(G)- 2000/
    6. Franklin India Smaller Companies fund_D(G)-2000/
    7. ICICI Value discovery fund-D(G)- 1000/
    8. Reliance Small Cap fund- D(G)-2000/
    9. SBI PHARMA FUND-D(G)-1000/
    10. L& T INFRASTRUCTURE FUND-D(G)- 3000/

  83. DEAR SIR,

  84. DEAR SIR,

  85. Basu,

    Recent SEBI Categorization effect, Mirae Emerging bluechip changed from Mid cap to Large & Mid cap fund. Do we still consider this fund as Mid cap for allocation. Or Shall we look for pure mid cap fund based on Portfolio.

  86. Hi basu if time horizon is 10 years is it compulsary to split investment in large, mid and small cap , can we go only on large cap , like you advise can we invest only on two large cap as per your suggestion abave

    Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G)
    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Eqty (G)

  87. Hi Basu,

    As per my understanding after reading your various post and some online help i have come up with below
    portfolio for my goal(> 10 years)

    Time period:- more than 10 + years:
    Allocation:- equity : dept(70/30)
    dept – ppf(6000)

    Large/mid/small: 40/30/30

    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – Direct Plan (G) //smallcap- 4k
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan (G) //midcap -4k
    Kotak Select Focus Fund Direct Plan //largecap -6k

    My question is keeping in mind long term investment , should i decrease sip in large cap and increase in mid/small/ or in a new balanced direct plan.

    Please suggest should i decrease amount in ppf also?

      1. Thanks sir for the prompt response.

        1.Please advise is the amcs selection good.
        2. It is good to spilt 4k into two mid caps instead of single mid cap.

  88. Hi Basavaraj,

    as per current market conditions, which are 2-3 Mutual Funds i should invest .
    My criteria is i need to get Dividends atleast once in a year and atleast 10% -15% returns in total.

    1. Manjunath-My recommendations will not change based on CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS. But they definitely change based on your goal. However, it is hard for me to guide anything blindly with mere two lines of sharing.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Sorry if i am question was not clear. I wanted to invest in SIP in 2-3 performing Funds and to get dividends atleast annually. The reason i am asking is i invested since 2.5 years in DSP Blackrock Smallcap -Dividend payout fund and it did well till Jan end and now its market value fell down. They have not declared any dividends till now. So, please suggest me .

        1. Small cap is the most volatile and exuberant of the fund category. Always go for growth category in that and hold it for 10 years

  89. Below are my funds selection in SIP, please check and let me know if any modification required.
    Investment Period is 10 years.

    Canara Rob Emerg Equities Fund-Reg(G) – 5000 Rs
    L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(G) – 5000 Rs
    Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund-Reg(G) – 5000 Rs
    Tata Equity P/E Fund(G) – 5000 Rs

      1. Asset Allocation
        Equity 93.87 Others6.13
        Market Cap Allocation of Equity Exposure
        Large Cap 84.21 Mid Cap 12.31 Small Cap 3.48

  90. Hi Basu

    If any one invested as SIP mode in Mutual Fund and he has completed the SIP for 3-4 Years but after that he has some financial issues and not able to deposit the money in SIP , but he dont want to break it and dont need the money , I mean he can let the money keep invested

    What will happned to invested amount
    Did the MF company making any penalty
    Did he will receive the appreciation on invested amount if the fund perform well, if he let the corpus invested for another 4-5 years


    1. Yes there is no penalty. You are free to stop , reduce, increase your SIP. And yes whatever money is left will appreciate over time. The main use of SIP is reducing risk by cost averaging , and encourage disciplined and methodical investing.

  91. Hi Basu please also mention how one should allocate the investment between Large,Multi,Mid, Small & balance like you mention as If the goal is more than 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 30:70.

    Please calrify

    Thanks in advance !

  92. Hi basu please also mention how one should allocate the investment between Large,Multi,Mid, Small & balance like you mention as If the goal is more than 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 30:70.

    Please calrify

    Thanks in advance !

      1. Hi Basu I saw below is some of comments

        “Equity to Debt 70:30. In Debt, use either PPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Fund. For Equity, one large cap, one mid cap and one small cap in the ratio of 50:30:20.

        Please advise

          1. I just want to ask you below, if the time horizon is 10 years can we follow below allocation, please share your expert opinion

            1. Equity to Debt 70:30. In Debt, use either PPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Fund.

            2. For Equity, one large cap, one mid cap and one small cap in the ratio of 50:30:20.

            Please confirm if this allocation is OK

  93. Hi Basu, I hope you are doing well !

    1. Do you have any article that says about investing lumsum in Mutual Funds or we can invest in same fund where we are doing SIP’s
    2. When you talk about investing in Debt and Equity, do you consider Debt Funds also in Debt class , or one should always consider PPF, FD’s for Debt class, I mean that comes with assured % of returns
    3. can you write any artcile that can categorize investment in SIP based on risk apetite and amount to invest like we have one in ET , check below link

    Thanks a lot in advnace , you are doing great work !

    1. Shahnawaz-1) If you are investing in debt as a lump sum, then you can go with one time. If you are investing in equity then spread that lump sum investment to 6-12 months.
      2) Debt product may be your EPF, PPF, RDs, Bank FDs or Debt Mutual Funds.
      3) Risk is same in both lump and monthly SIP. You have to manage it with proper asset allocation.

      1. 3) Risk is same in both lump and monthly SIP. You have to manage it with proper asset allocation.

        SA:- I mean after asset allocation 10K is available to invest in SIP with horizon of 10 years, in that case how I will choose from above funds , Shall I distribute this money in your suggested large cap and multi cap and start , so that I will be having 4 funds to distribute this 10000

  94. Hello Sir ,

    I am planning to invest a lump sum amount of 1.5 lac approx in a mutual fund for long term basis (10 + yrs) .
    What I have understood is i should invest in a mixed fund having debt:equity ratio of 30:70 .

    So should I proceed with such fund or you have some other suggestion .

  95. Hi Basu,

    I am investing in MF (Regular Plan) from last 5 years through SIP mode. But most of my funds are not performing well now and some are sectoral funds. After reviewing my portfolio, I made a decision to restructure my portfolio by switching over to direct funds for long term (15-20 yrs) for my retirement and my son (age 4 yrs) education. My age is currently 35 yrs and my risk appetite is moderate. I have selected few funds (where few are from existing portfolio and few included new). I have sufficient amount of 4 lacs as emergency fund in bank FDs. Currently I don’t have any term plan but planning to buy the same by this month only (please suggest if any).

    Below are my funds selection, please check and let me know if any modification required or if not well diversified (in term of amount diversification, extra MF, suggestion of new mf or drop any).

    Kotak Select Focus Fund Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000
    Reliance Small Cap Fund Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000
    Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000
    Principal Emerging Bluechip Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000
    HDFC Balance Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000
    Birla Tax 96- Relief Direct – Growth Plan – Rs 2000

    To maintain debt ratio I am investing 5k/monthly in PPF and few in Bank RD.

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. I trying to match ratio of equity : debt as 65:35 and I have selected one fund from each category.

        Please advise if any changes required.


  96. Hi Basu,
    According to robo advisory + your advisory I starting learning and investing in MFs (started investing last month). SIP transfer date on 7th of every month. I wish to invest for 14 years (so 70% for equity and 30% debt, refer below), specifically for my child’s education. I want to ask you two questions.
    1. Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund-Direct-Growth: Rs 5200/pm
    2. Franklin India Prima Fund-Direct-Growth: Rs 3900/pm
    3. IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Direct-Growth 3900/pm.
    Q1: Suppose in future I also need to invest for my child marriage. So I need to increase in the above 3 MFs (maintaining same 70%:30% ratio!) or should I start new portfolio with different MFs or same MFs? (note: above portfolio for 14 yrs, and possibly marriage portfolio for 23, i.e. 9 yrs after the above portfolio completes). I just want to know in future.
    Q2: I am using invezta and I have to set my investment profile. In that there are 3 question as follows:
    What would you do if your portfolio LOST 10% in volatile markets? (Sell full or partial / do nothing / Buy more)
    What would you do if it GAINED 10% in a few weeks? (Sell & book profilt / do nothing / Buy more)
    Where do you invest currently ? (Stocks / bank deposits / MFs / Propert/gold).
    I am just curious to know your opinion on Q2. Currently I opted for ‘do nothing’ for the 1st two question and bank deposit for the 3rd (as I also save in suganya account for my child, PPF for myself). I think I will stop my PPF because I become NRI.
    Thanks for reading the above and replying, regards, Raj.

      1. Thanks! That means I should increase the money in each MFs maintaining the same ratio. Or same MF with another portfolio?

        1. Raj,

          Even i too having the same doubt and requested Basu to write an post on how to manage all goals with single portfolio. Hope he will sooner comes up with post 🙂

  97. Basu,

    You are recommending of Large cap , Mid and Small cap with 50:30:20 ratio for long term goals(10+ years).

    My query is why not Multi cap funds not recommended in the above ratio. Most of the multi cap funds are investing like 60-70% in Large cap funds and rest with Mid and Small cap funds. Why not we choose Multi cap funds instead of Large cap funds.

      1. Basu ,

        There are some multicap funds keep 60-70 % always in large cap stocks. ( This is my understanding, No data available to know the fact)

        Franklin prima plus
        Quantum Long term Eq
        Mirae Asset india Oppor

          1. Thanks Basu.

            What is your view on Small amc funds when compare to large amc funds.

            For instance, Quantum, Motilal oswal,PPFAS funds are performing well compare to ICICI,Franklin and HDFC funds.

            Is there fund performance is only criteria or Size of AMC also matters in selection of funds for long term goals. If you filter for 10+ years performance, i am sure these small amc funds wont be listed because of their age of amc.

  98. Hi Basu

    I have short listed following funds for Large cap category :
    Quantum Long term Equity
    ICICI pru Focussed blue chip

    My query is whether Quantum Long term Equity is Pure Large cap fund or Diversified fund. It invests 80% of large cap stocks. Can you please clarify

      1. Value Fund* – This is one of the category defined by SEBI.

        Can i assume that Qunatum long term EQ will be classified under this scheme after SEBI Cat rule.

          1. Quantum announces SEBI CAT implementation as follows :

            Quantum Long Term Equity Fund is an Value Fund.

            Value fund definition ” An Open Ended Equity Scheme following a Value Investment Strategy ”

            I do not understand , what is Value fund category . Any idea

              1. Nothing much in detail : –

                ” An Open Ended Equity Scheme following a Value Investment Strategy ”

                Scheme should follow a value investment strategy.Minimum investment in equity & equity related instruments -65% of total assets

                  1. Thanks basu,

                    My understanding is, Its like an multi cap fund and looking for an Value investment strategy in all market caps. Once again, I complain SEBI should clear this confusion 🙂

                    1. Parag parikh long term also stating that , following Value investment , but they have mentioned clearly that it will be Multi cap fund in SEBI CAT implementation addendum.

                    2. Basu,

                      If we avoid Multi cap fund completely and construct portfolio with large cap, Mid and small cap fund , Should we manage the investment ratio to small and mid cap based on Market conditions like Fund manager. Hope this kind of tracking and managing not possible to retail investor. This is the one point, most of them suggest outsource this work to Fund manager and buy Multi cap funds.

                    3. Vandhi-I will never try to time the market nor I trust such activity who claim to be do on behalf of me by investing in Multi Cap (in equity) or Dynamic Bond Funds (in debt).

                    4. Ok Got your point.

                      Shall we keep the same allocation 50:30:20 (Large:Mid:small) till the end of the tenure of the goal.

                      Rebalancing will be done only on EQ:Debt part of the goal.

                      Kindly clarify.

                    5. Yes, I got that.

                      But till that period ( Say 15 years goal, till 12th year of the goal)
                      Can I manage the same 50:30:20 (L:M:S) equity cap ratio.

                    6. Hi Basu

                      Do you have time to response the above query.

                      Would like to clarify ,whether how long to keep the same ratio of Mid and small cap funds in overall portfolio till reach the goal tenure.

                    7. Thanks Basu,

                      My query is , till that time of moving from Equity to Debt, Can we manage the same market cap allocation of 50:30:20 ( L:M:S).

                      My assumption is when we near the goal, More large cap to be allocated and reduce/ no Mid & Small allocation in overall Equity Part.

                    8. Thanks Basu. In general most of the planner/blog sites recommending having very little exposure( 10%) in small cap . Thatswhy i was asking whether to keep till end of the goals

                      Thanks again for your patience 🙂

                    9. Ok Basu,

                      Is this reason you avoid Multi cap funds, where there is always Small and Mid cap fund exposure irrespective of our goal tenure(either begin or end of goal).

                    10. Basu,

                      I am planning to de clutter my existing portfolio and finalize
                      following funds for Equity Porttion :

                      Quantum Long term Eq – Large cap
                      Sundaram Select mid cap – Mid cap
                      Parag Parikh Long term Value – Multi cap with International stocks.
                      I have checked Morningstar for the Portfolio overlap , its very minimal is this portfolio.

                      I think, no need to add small cap funds, already small portion of small cap stocks are getting invested in this portfolio funds.

                      Kindly share your views, I am so grateful to your post and responses for all my stupid queries so far 🙂

  99. Hi Basu, I m bit of confused about asset allocation. I can invest 5k pm. Time frame 5 to 10 years also want to allocate some money for quick liquidity as emergency. Can you please guide on this?

      1. Hi Basu, thanks for your advice. Can you please help for asset allocation?? 10 years goal for child education and 3-5 year goal for personal.
        What are the funds will be suitable also the liquid or ultra short term debt funds.

  100. Hi Basu as you said maximum 3-4 funds are enough so based on your article one should choose a fund from each category and invest like one from Large, one from multy, one from mid and so on

    Please ca you clarify this

  101. Hi Sir,

    Thank you so much for your all articles. I want to start sum new sip for 10 years and more. I have selected sum fund for my future investment. I can take moderate risk.
    1 – hdfc prudence fund regular growth
    2 – dsp blackrock opportunities fund
    3 – dsp blackrock small and midcap fund
    4 – sundaram select midcap regular
    5 – canara robeco emerging equities.

    Can you please suggest which fund is good for me,

  102. hello Basu,

    I’m new to Mutual Funds, at age of 29 years i have not invested anything yet.
    I’m planning to invest in MFs:
    One with 10000 per month for next 20 years
    And another is for 5 years with 10000 per month.
    Please suggest Best way to invest.

  103. Hi Basu,

    I just want to know, if I am electing funds from categories like : elss, large cap, mid cap and small cap, does it advisable to include a multi cap fund in my portfolio? Please confirm.

    Not having my much knowledge of MF (correct time to invest into right kind of fund), should I only go for a multi cap fund or it’s better to invest in different funds? Please suggest.


  104. Hello sir,
    I want to invest in reliance small cap fund for long term and reliance tax saver fund for tax saving.are these funds good or I should invest in other fund?as these are not in your list of top 10 fund

  105. Dear Pattu
    I am considering two large cap funds SBI Bluechip and Mirae Asset India Opportunities fund for monthly SIP of Rs 10000 for 10 years investment horizon, I have to zero down on one fund. My mind goes with SBI Bluechip, heart is going for Mirae.
    Mirae,I feel, has key person risk but returns are good.
    In your opinion which would be better for longer horizon, with above average risk taking capacity.
    other funds Iam investing presently are:
    Mirae Emerging bluechip 4000
    I Pru Value discovery 4000
    Franklin High growth companies 5000
    DSPBR Microcap 4000
    (Since one year I have been investing 5000 in SBI Bluechip ,my SIP is finishing in next month)

      1. Basu sir
        I invest full amount of Rs 150000 per annum in PPF and around Rs 15500 per month (including employer contribution) in NPS. So, Iam not investing in any amount in MF.
        For emergency fund Iam saving in I Pru Arbitrage 2000 pm for 2 years; I pru liquid fund 3000 pm for five years. I have 2 lakh rupees FD.

  106. Basu

    There are changes coming out from AMCs , post SEBI categorization mandate.

    Will there be any update/changes in your Top 10 Equity/Debt list.

  107. Hello Sir,

    I have read this article from start to end then after I have decide to invest in following way.
    Right now I am 30 years old, I have not done any investment like EPF/PPF/FD etc.
    I want to invest 10000 per month from this month, then I have chosen the following option.
    My goal is for 10 to 15 years
    Fund Scheme: Monthly
    PPF: 3000
    Long term Debt: I have 3 options but I want to go with 2 options
    1. SBI Magnum gilt fund -Direct plan-Growth :1500
    2. ICICI Pru Long term fund -Direct plan :1000
    HDFC Medium term opportunities fund- Direct Growth : 1000
    on option 2 which one is better ??
    Long term equity:
    1. SBI Blue chip fund-Direct growth :2000
    2. HDFC Balance fund – Direct growth :1500
    Short term:
    1. Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip-Direct Plan :1000 for 5 years
    Please suggest me this good option for or I will go with another option as per your suggestion.

      1. Thanks for your response!
        Please also suggest me for the option 2 in long term debt fund

        My goal is for 10 to 15 years
        Fund Scheme: Monthly
        PPF: 3000

        Long term Debt: I have 3 options but I want to go with 2 options
        1. SBI Magnum gilt fund -Direct plan-Growth :1500
        2. ICICI Pru Long term fund -Direct plan :1000
        HDFC Medium term opportunities fund- Direct Growth : 1000

        on option 2 which one is better ??

        Long term equity:
        1. SBI Blue chip fund-Direct growth :1500
        2. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund(G) :2000
        3. Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip-Direct Plan :1000 for 5 years

  108. Hi Basu,

    I have question regarding Emergency fund, currently I have parked some funds in FD as a emergency amount but interest rates are very low. Do you think any other better alternative like Liquid fund?

    If liquid fund then which liquid fund do you think to go ahead?

    BR, Kumar!

      1. Hi Basu,

        As I mentioned, I already build a emergency fund in FDs, now I want to increase it bit more but thinking instead of adding in FDs again, I should select some other better option where I can park it and get better return also.

        Hope you got my point.

        Thanks, Kumar!

        1. Kumar-I am again saying that your main intention from emergency fund is to how fastly you can liquidate it rather how much return I get it from it. If you are looking for alternatives, then use Liquid Funds.

  109. I am new in mutual funds, I am trying to invest through online different kinds of mutual funds in ration of amount 3000,2000,2000. I have created my account online account on HDFC/SBI. But there is no scope to invest less than 5000 through their portal. Any other online platform where I can start investment in mutual funds in my ratio amount with out brokers. Please suggest me.


        1. Amit-In case of manual investment, your such each investment is considered a lump sum and that the reason the minimum limit is showing as Rs.5,000. I suggest you to set up a SIP. If you are uncomfortable with SIP setting, then once you accumulate Rs.5,000, then go ahead and invest.

          1. sir,

            I have selected the below products, Please suggest me this is right for me on initial level with good amount value or value of amount increase or decrease little bit.

            Fund Scheme: Monthly
            Scheme Type: EQUITY

            Large Cap:
            SBI Blue Chip Fund Regular Growth – 2000
            HDFC Balanced Fund-Direct Plan-Growth Option-2000

            Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip fund-Regular Plan-G :1000


                  1. MidCap fund for short term – 2 years is not advisable. In fact it should be used only for the longest goals. 5+ years. Increasing order of risk is liquid->short term debt->long term debt->MIP->Balanced->Large->Multi->Mid->Small

                    As risk increases, the term also should increase.

  110. Hello Sir,

    My self Amit, I am soft eng. From past few days, I am planing to invest in mutual funds. But i have no idea about this. How to start investment in mutual fund. I have created online account on HDFC mutual funds and SBI Mutual funds, there is option to invest minimum 5000. I have no idea, which plan is better for me in HDFC or SBI. I want to inverst for 3-5 years. Please suggest me hdfc/SBI best mutual funds plan or sip plan for this duration. You can also suggest me better plan expect to HDFC and SBI.

    Thanks & Regards


      1. sir,

        I have selected the below products, Please suggest me this is right for me on initial level with good amount value or value of amount increase or decrease little bit.

        Fund Scheme: Monthly
        Scheme Type: EQUITY

        Large Cap:
        SBI Blue Chip Fund Regular Growth – 2000
        HDFC Balanced Fund-Direct Plan-Growth Option-2000

        Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip fund-Regular Plan-G :1000


          1. I am going with direct plans on their site. Like HDFC for HDFC site and SBI for SBI site. I have created account on all the above product site.

        1. Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip fund-Regular Plan-G – Mid cap fund will be changed to Large & Mid Cap Fund effective from March 14, 2018. Please make note and construct your portfolio.

  111. I’m new to mutual funds and I’ve been spending time reading blogs and doing my own reasearch. What are the pros/cons of starting a SIP in 2 blue chip funds say of 5000 each Vs Starting a SIP in just one bluechip MF for 10000/-. The only downside I see is overlapping of companies?

      1. Firstly, thanks a lot in replying to each and every post. Really appreciate your patience!

        No, overlapping isn’t a good idea. The reason I asked this question is because I was wondering if I should invest 10k in Hdfc small cap direct OR Reliance Small cap direct MF VS Investmenting 5k each in the above 2 MFs, considering there’s hardly any overlapping in Top holding / portfolios in either Of the MFs. What do you think in that case?

        1. Ryan-For simplicity sake, I always prefer fewer funds in my portfolio. Above that, if you invest today then it does not mean YOU HAVE TO STICK to that fund forever. Review the funds once in a year, if the fund is not performing well, then just come out of it.

  112. Hello
    This is Vinay, I am 37 and planning to invest in MF starting March 2018. I am new to MF and need some guidance to pick and invest. All my savings since 10 years are in FDs and just started PPF in 2017. My plan is to invest (SIP) 25000 per month up to 10 years to use it for my son’s education. Can you please suggest 4 funds to invest. One of my friends suggested below two funds, {(1) HDFC tax saver growth option (2) ICICI Prudential tax plan growth option} but would like to understand if these are performing good as per your short list criteria, if these are okay please suggest two more MF to invest so that investments are distributed properly.

  113. Hello Basu,

    I have one more query..My Wife having 2L and she would like to go for Bank Bonds..But i am looking MF for better than that with Low risk..Please suggest me.


      1. Sir ,
        I would like to have emergency fund at least 1L..So i want to park that 2L into any Debt or Ultra short term and transfer to Balanced funds to get some decent interest on my investmenets using STP. Is this looks good ?

        Sivaraj D

          1. Dear Basav,
            So we have to keep it in Bank only? I was thinking to park in Liquid funds and get some interest .

  114. Dear Sir,

    I am 36 now , i believe that i can take 65% risk for Asset allocation. Please guide me sir..Is there any changes required for my Fund selection ?


  115. Dear Sir,

    I have started SIP from Jan 2018. I am 35 years old and my time horizon is for 15 years. Below is my portfolio.

    Birla Top 1oo – 10K
    Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Fund – 10k
    Franklin India Smaller Companies – 5K
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – 10k

    Please suggest If I required to do any changes here. Also I would like to put 5K more from next month. Please suggest should I go for any new fund or choose among these

    Thank you

      1. Dear Sir,

        This is only my equity allocation (70% of my total allocation) For debt I have remaining 30% which is in FD and others which is 15k.

        Thank you

  116. Hi,

    Very Nice Blog ! Keep going …!
    I have been investing in below funds for the past 1 year and my aim is to make good returns in long term (more than 7 yrs). Please kindly suggest your valuable input on this…And also please suggest that should i start in Balanced fund to reduce my risk?

    Franklin India Prima Plus – 5k
    DSPBR Micro cap -5k
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip – 5k
    Reliance small cap – 8k


  117. Hi, Thanks for your good article.

    I have a question regarding my portfolio plan.

    I already have SIP in below schemes
    HDFC small cap fund – 3000 – small cap
    Mirae asset emerging bluechip – 3000 – mid cap
    HDFC Balanced fund – 4000 – balanced
    Birla sun Life short term – 5000 – debt – short term

    My time horizon is 10 years.

    I like to invest another 3000 in equity fund, which category fund to chose either large cap or multi cap or yet another mid cap?

    Kindly help me.

      1. Thanks for your reply,

        I have filtered SBI bluechip and ABSL frontline equity in large cap category, kindly suggest which one I can invest?

  118. Hi Basu

    I read many of ur blogs which educated me very well.
    I did lot of home work and below is the data and need few suggestions from you please.

    Based on my calculation debt:equity ratio for my goals would be 40:60

    1. My age currently 32
    2. I have not done any SIPs/MFs as of now.
    3. Based on my current other debt holdings and considering your suggestions
    i have short listed the below for my SIP

    Franklin India short term growth (min 3 years) – 2000

    Based on my risk apetitie long term for more than 10 years goal equity

    HDFC Balanced fund – 2000
    L and T emerging fund (mid cap) – 2000
    SBI Blue chip (Large caP) – 2000

    Need your susggestions on,

    1. To start with SIP does the above plan look good?
    2. Adding one MF in small cap/diverisified caps does it help ?
    3. Do you suggest any other fund over the above?

    You blog on wbesites which allow direct investments was really helpfull to me.
    I have selected Kuvera and they have everything except FTT.

      1. For Debts i have PPF (usually its not long term but no plan of removing it), bank FDs, and still shortlisting few short term and long term debt funds.
        Kindly suggest me on my above points

          1. Hi Basu, My apologies i missed giving few points
            For short term debts i have planned few ultra short term bonds, PPF for one of the goal. Bank FDs as remaining Debts. Need your suggestion on the with respect to my equity selection which i am about to start as detailed in my initial post.

            1. Sat-Consider HDFC Balanced as 100% equity. Also, HDFC Balanced Fund holding around 75% in large cap. Hence, in total SBI and HDFC created overexposure to large cap. Instead, use one small cap (not more than 20% of your equity portfolio).

              1. Basu sir thanks for the reply really appreciated i did not think about this. Good that i contacted u during my planning stage of SIP.
                I have not yet started with them have waiting for bank’s approval with kuvera once done will place order. I got Kuvera suggestion from you blog which helped me lot and i have suggested to many friends also.

                So as per u r suggestion
                1. Large cap – Will consider HDFC balanced and will not start with SBI blue chip. hope this is fine?
                2. Mid cap – Land T emerging – hope this is fine.?
                3. Small cap – which one would u suggest among DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Direct Plan, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund or Reliance Small Cap Fund. Will make sure not to cross more than 20% of equity/

                Kindly guide me as i am at last stage of my planning and will be starting SIP

                  1. Hi Basu sir,

                    Thanks a lot for quick response, this really helped me not to do wrong planning.
                    For equity I have gone with formula of 60% 30% and 20%. I have planned all in kuvera and FTT in FTT website as kuvera still doesn’t support.
                    Thanks a lot for good blogs. Keep writing such blogs which helps us a lot.

                    1. Thanks for letting me know. MF utility is best and it has everything under it, but they are taking lot of time to complete my ekyc and not responding to me from more than a week. Hence, I have registered all from Kuvera and for Franklin i have directly invested from Franklin website it was online and easy also. So everything is set now.

          2. Hi Basu sir, I have one more small question heard form kuvera that few of MFs allow SIPs on particular dates only based on something called BSE and AMC. Hence as per that my SIP start date is 25th not before than that so does this mean we have no other option to buy invest before that or is this dates only from Kuvera

            1. Sat-All compnies specify few specific SIP dates (nowadays few companies offers any date of your choice). Hence, better to first check with mutual fund companies portal. I think it is not related to Kuvera.

  119. Hello Basu,

    I want to invest around 5000 rs per month I am 25 years old and i have just started earning so can you recommend me where should I invest.

          1. One more doubt. Please suggest a small cap fund apart from franklin indian smaller company. I started in franklin india smaller companies. This is for my wife(as part of diversification ) .

                    1. That was not i am asking. They have suspended investing temporarily. So kindly suggest a small cap fund other than franklin smaller companies.

  120. Hello Basu,
    I am 39 yrs old nri. I just started my SIP (robo advisory from a website) from this month as follows:
    Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund-Growth-Direct Plan: Rs 5200/pm
    Franklin India Prima Fund-Direct-Growth: Rs 3900/pm
    Icici Prudential Income Opportunities Fund-Direct Plan – Growth: Rs 3900/pm.
    Equity if 70% as you suggested somewhere in your website!
    My intention is to invest for about 14 years for my child’s education. Risk: moderate to high!
    I would be very happy to receive your suggestion. Any changes, adding one more mutual fund, ??? Since I am nri, do I need to also consider for tax decuction? if yes how? just adding some tax saver mutual fund?

      1. Basu,

        I am planning to move my investment to that same Robo portal which Raj mentioned in this post.

        What should i do with my existing funds. Can i stop investing in the existing funds and continue with Robo recommended funds.

            1. Devan-If the new platform offers that, then you no need to do anything. Simply unsubscribe from existing platform and create login into there. Based on your PAN, your existing investments will show in that new platform.

              1. Ok fine, I will do the importing of portfolio to new platform.

                Should i stop further investments on the existing funds and start Fresh investment from next month on wards with Robo recommended funds ( 2 Equity fund & 1 UST fund) .

                  1. Sorry, I have not mentioned it properly to you . Actually i am changing the funds.

                    I am trying to declutter my portfolio. I am interested to continue only with Robo recommended funds for all the goals.

      2. Hello Basu,
        Thanks for looking in to my case. I am very new to MF. Just getting help from all. Since I just started SIP (yesterday!), if I change that income fund to ultra short term term debt fund will need to pay fees? I selected IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund !
        Thanks again.

        1. Raj-As of now you request for SIP cancellation. Once that is stopped, then start fresh SIP in new fund. Let the one more SIP amount be there. After considering exit load and taxation, you can later switch to new fund.

          1. Thanks! I understand what your are saying. I think I have to check the exit load, I will either switch to the new fund (you recommended ultra shortr debt fund). I am currently invest via invezta and there is a option for switching funds within the goal, which I set. I appreciate your service. Especially reading other replies are also helpful.
            Regards, Raj.

  121. Hi Basu,

    After the annual budget 2018, the government is going to bring back the LTCG on equities. How this is going to affect the existing investors and the new investors. Is it advisable to invest money in equities?


  122. Dear Basu,

    I had general doubt in ULIP. It is basically market based, If market goes up it will grow and vice versa. It will give non granted return. Can you tell me avg return value of ULIP product with an period of 15 yrs.

      1. Basu: Actually I had offer from SBI Life Ins agent telling that smart scholar child plan(ULIP) will give return more than 12% compared with smart champ traditional child plan of 4%. So that only I asked whether ULIP will give avg return of 12% +/-2% ?

        1. Praveen-Definitely ULIPs may have higher edge than traditional plans (irrespective of insurance company). But the return generation of 12% mainly depends on the expenses involved in such plans, fund manager’s past performance and what theme they follow for equity and debt. Hence, it is hard to say and generalize that all ULIPs generate 12% returns. In my view, better to stay away from products which combine insurance with investment.

    1. First of all, not all your money is invested. Some part goes into charges. The rest of the money is invested in a blend of products. The user can tweak the blend according to his risk/needs. Etc. So return could be very varied

  123. I want to have SIP for Rs 15000 per month. Kindly advise me better SIP plan with moderate risk & aggressive risk for long term.
    Thanks in advance.

  124. Sir,

    I want to ask few common questions cause I am confused with Google information.

    1) Suppose, today is Saturday (market holiday) and I redeem my Mutual funds. So, will I get Friday NAV or Monday NAV Price?

    2) Suppose, bear market trends starts and I want to invest in lump sum. Today its Monday and example Sensex below 500 points. At what time should I invest to get Monday NAV before 3PM or after 3PM?

    3) Does NAV of mutual funds changes every second like stocks? If yes, Lump Sum amount exact time also matters? Example – 1PM market in positive 100+ (NAV 10) and 2 PM market is 100 – (NAV 9) so it means, if I invest in LUMP sum at 2PM, I will get Nav 9?

    4) I understand, no one can time the market but as you have good financial and market knowledge. Dont you think, market is in over valued situation (P/E ratio very high) and this bubble can burst anytime?

    Please clear my doubts. Thanks!

    1. Rishab-1) Monday NAV.
      2) Based on the fund category (debt and equity), there is a cut off time. If you purchase within that time on that day (funds must be realized to AMC), then the same day NAV will be applicable).
      3) NO.
      4) I never ran behind NOISE whether it is BULL or BEAR.

  125. Hi Basavaraj,

    Which category should I treat multi cap? Does it come under Large or Mid or Small cap? And is it safer to go for balanced fund as it does not have LTCG tax?


    1. Multicap means it has allocation in large, mid and small. It is diversified. Any equity fund whether large, multi, mid, small of balanced (equity oriented) , arbitrage, all these do not have any LTCG tax if held for 1 year+

    2. Sayeeganesh-Multi Cap funds have mandate to move any type of market cap as per the opportunity the fund manager find. Hence, you can’t say specifically which type of market cap they follow. Balanced Funds also bears the same risk like any other equity funds. Hence, you must understand where your equity portfolio and debt portfolio is. Blind following of Balanced Funds as lesser risky may be dangerous to you. Yes, Balanced Funds also considered as equity funds and hence they are tax-free if you held for more than a year.

  126. I am a newbie to investing, Planning to invest long, mid and short term in the ratio 50:25:25 depending upon my goals.
    Does the cap refers to investment term period ?

    1. Cap refers to market capitalisation . Cap = total number of outstanding shares * current market price per share. Large cap companies are typically large companies with many decades of existence. They are stable and are less affected by the turmoils compared to mid and small caps . But on the flip side, large caps grow in a sedate manner compared to mid and small caps. So in the very long run, large caps grow slower than mid and small but are more stable

  127. Hi Basu,
    Thanks for nice article, which give a lot of insight on MF. Am a working professional earning 40k.
    My asset allocation as you mentioned its around 60:40.
    In equity am investing in the below funds
    1. Reliance ELSS(5k)
    2. ICICI prud ELSS(5k)
    3. HDFC Balance Fund(5k)
    4. L&T Emerging fund(3k)

    Debt portfolio, am not investing on any mutual funds
    1. PPF 50,000/annum
    2. Recurring Deposit 8000/month
    Am planning for NPS.

    Above mentioned mutual funds for 10 years time line, for children. Please suggest whether mentioned portfolio is good to go or any suggestion ??


          1. Hi Basu,

            PPF started before 2 years as per my knowledge it’s for 15 years. Coming to RD it’s for 5-8years and NPS Yet to start (is it suggest able ?)

              1. Hi Basu,
                Thanks for your suggestion I won’t go for NPS and I will reduce my contribution to PPF and RD, the reduction amount I will obese in debt funds based on your blog(top debt funds ). That’s fine right ?? Or anyother suggestion ??

                Thanks, Bharath

  128. Hi Basu, I would like to make investment of 10 years and 5 years period each separately for my 2 kids education and marriage. Please can you advise the portfolio I should stick to.

  129. Dear Sir,

    I am 39 year old working in a public sector enterprise. My family includes-

    wife-37 yr ( house wife)
    Son -10 yr
    Father -75 yr.
    Mother-70 yr.

    1. My gross salary is 1.20 lac Per month. Take home is about 80,000.
    2. My goals are –
    Retirement corpus- 8 crore (2038)
    child education- 1.5 crore (2025)
    Child marriage- 1 crore. (2033)
    Foreign tour – 5 lakh (2020)

    3. I have contingency fund of about 2 lacs kept in liquid fund.(franklin treasury management fund).
    4. Though wife , son and myself are covered in health insurance by employer, for my parents, i have none.

    5. I have term insurance plan for 1 crore.
    6. I am investing about 74,000 per annum in Postal life insurance (10 lac SA) and SBI unit-plus-II (3.6 lac SA)
    7. Recently i have opened national pension scheme account. I plan to invest 50,000 annually.
    8.My mutual fund exposure is as follows.All are direct-Growth
    1. ICICI prudential value discovery fund- SIP- Rs-2500
    2. HDFC mid cap opertunities-3000 SIP
    3. SBI bluechip-3000 SIP
    4. Franklin templeton smaller companies fund-3500 SIP.

    9. I have home loan of 18600 EMI (till 2029).

    Pl advise
    1. How to meet goals
    2. Fund selection is ok

  130. Sir Good Morning.
    I have the following SIP-Having Horizon 7 years
    Large Cap-SBI Blue Chip Fund-3000/PM.
    Debt Fund-Looked after by PPF.
    Your Sincere advice please.

  131. Sir Good Morning.
    I have the following SIP-
    Large Cap-SBI Blue Chip Fund-3000/PM.
    Debt Fund-Looked after by PPF.
    Your Sincere advice please.

  132. Basu,

    How to find the Market cap of the fund. Portals are giving different definition. For instance what is the market cap of Quantum long term equity fund.

    Different definitions from portals as Large cap / Diversified / Flexicap – Too confusing.

    I want to construct portfolio with a pure large cap fund . As an investor how do i find the correct market cap of the fund.

    Is it Bench mark of the fund ( like BSE 100, Nifty 50) will give clear picture.

    1. Quantum long term equity investing in the S&P BSE 200 companies, but its bench mark is BSE 30 TRI.

      What does it mean. If it chooses BSE 200, then benchmark should be the same. Confusion 🙂

      1. Devan-All other funds as of now used to follow simple index (excluding dividend income). Whereas Quantum is the only fund house which considered TRI (Total Return Index), which also considered as dividend declared by stocks are considered as re-invested. This is the best practice, which now slowly all started to follow and SEBI also warned all AMCs now follow TRI rather than normal index.
        All AMCs simply avoided TRI. Because it is hard to beat the TRI index and show the investors that they have generated alpha 🙂

      1. Thanks Basu , Quantum i just quoted as an example.

        Generally as an investor where to find the correct market cap of the fund.

        For instance if its Large cap fund, – It should have bench mark / selection of stocks from BSE 30 / Nifty 50.

        Because some of the funds using BSE 500 / BSE 100 – Totally i am clueless , is there any mandate that Funds to be looked upon . I know SEBI new rule will clear this confusion.

        As an investor, how do you look into the information before you select the fund

        1. Devan-I can understand your frustration and hence is the SEBIs new categorization. As of now, you can follow the funds based on their major chunk of the portfolio. Benchmark can be found in factsheet of the fund.

  133. Basu ji,

    I am following your blg from last 2 years…

    Kindly review my MF portfolio: I have following fund in which SIP is going on. All investments are using MFU platform Direct growth: I do not follow any adviser.

    SIPs are going on form Oct 2015. recently I have added Principal as mentioned below. Investments are for long term 18 years.
    Axis Long term elss 4000/pm
    ABSL Top 100 3500/pm
    ICICI pru val discovery 1000/pm
    Mirae asset emerging bluechip 3000/pm
    Principal emerging bluechip 3000/pm
    HDFC balanced 2500/pm —– (shot term goals)

    I am handling my debt part by investments in PPF and FDs. (Equity:debt is 70:30)


      1. Basu Sir, Thanks you. I was out of station.

        1. Keeping two mid caps will be an issue. Please clarify this sir. Since my time horizon is 18 years, I have splitted my investments in two mid caps instead of one. Just thinking that it will maximize the return. Otherwise Principal emerging blue-chip has higher risk as compared to Mirae asset emerging bluechip. I am fine with that.
        2. HDFC balanced my time horizon is 9 years.

  134. Sir i have sip 2000/ sbi magnum midcap my question is should i need to switch in any other fund and stop sip in this fund or can i continue my sip in this fund i am planning to switch sip in Sundaram Select Midcap Fund please suggest me time horizon is 7-9 year


  135. Hi basu,

    If we maintain a common single portfolio(equity and debt funds) for all the goals, How to track each goal progress.

    Should we track each goals or we will treat it as single basket of money and withdraw whenever the particular goal comes to end of tenure.
    Bit confused ,when reading about re-balancing of portfolio. How to implement re-balancing it in Single portfolio.

      1. Thanks Basu, Yes you are correct, I am unable to find any clear post on this topic.

        Too much confusion on which would be the easy approach ( Single / Multi portfolio) for an DIY investor..

  136. Helo sir,

    I m new to MFs and i have set up below portfolio for SIP

    Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(G) – 3500/-
    DSPBR Opportunities Fund-Reg(G – 2000/-
    SBI BlueChip Fund-Reg(G)- 2000/-

    I m looking for a long term wealth plan close to 10 years. Is this funds fine? Also i m planning to add 1 more fund for Rs 2000 SIP do u have any suggestion on any fund?

      1. You means i have to allocate as mentioned below?
        If the goal is 5 years to 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 40:60.

  137. Hi Basu

    My 80-C limits are already exhausted by way of PPF, Sukanya Samridhi, Principal repayment of housing loan, NPS and LIC.
    So is there any benefit in starting SIP in ELSS ?

    Can you please suggest some other alternative funds/category to generate income without attracting STCG or LTCG taxes? My investment horizon is 1-2 years; maximum of 10,000 per month (SIP).


    1. Ganesh-Stay away from equity if your time horizon is less than 5 years. Also, never invest in a product with the mindset of TAX SAVING ONLY. If your Sec.80C limit fulfilled, then you no need to invest in ELSS.

      1. Thanks for the reply. So can you pls suggest some other fund categories (debt, hybrid, arbitrage, etc??) to park my money?

  138. Dear Basu,

    Nice Blog. The below is my SIP portfolio. Hope this is fine? This comprises of my 10 year interim goals as well as my 25 year retirement goal

    1. Motilal Oswal Focused 25
    2. Mirae Asset India Opportunities

    3. Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35

    4. Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value

    5. L&T Emerging Business
    6. Reliance Small Cap

    7. Tata Retirement Savings Moderate Growth

      1. Hi Basu ,
        Sorry I might have missed it. Debt is handled by a small lumpsum in Franklin Ultra Short Term, a SIP from next month in BNP Paribas Govt Sec, PF, VPF, PPF Monthly

        1. Ragesh-Funds are new and hence are performing good due to market conditions. But keep an eye when market start to fall. I am not sure what prompted you to select Tata Retirement Fund, which has exit load if you retire before 60 years of age.

          1. Thanks Sir,

            Sure I will watch them. I had selected it because it had good performance but also to discourage myself from impulse selling/redeeming 🙂

  139. Sir, I am investing in these three funds. I want to know your opinion on them. Can you please help me with your review. Thank you for writing the blogs.

    1. Birla SL Equity
    2. DSP blackrockt Top 100
    3. Reliance regular savings – growth equity

      1. Sir, I am putting rupees 25000 in the three funds. another rupees 25000 in recurring deposit (every month) and 4,00,00 in fixed deposit. I can tolerate medium risk Sir.

        I am saving this 25000 rupees in MF for 15-20 years, keeping for retirement. I am 45 now.

        Please help me with it. Thank you for your help.

  140. sir i have invest in mutual fund . I am expecting to gain return within next 3 years.Hence please suggest me good
    mutual fund today

  141. Hi,

    My calculation shows I need to invest 75K permonth to achieve my all 3 terms goals[further study, house, car]. I am afraid if I should put all 75K in mutual funds. Is it safe enough to put all my investment part in SIPs or I should do 30% or 75K in the form of bank RD as it’s most safes?

    1. Chandra-You did the calculation and if you did the asset allocation also but fearing of equity, then you have no option but to stay away from equity and invest more in debt products to achieve your financial goals. At the end, it is your RISK taking ability that matters to YOU.

  142. Dear Sir,

    I have 40:60 goal and already have monthly SIP of 5000 Rs. each in five of the top 10 best funds you mentioned for 2018. i.e. total monthly investment of 25000 Rs.

    I am looking to invest gradually a sum of 10 lakhs in next 6 months to this portfolio, please could you suggest me the right frequency and the right time to start given the current uptrend in the market.


    1. Deepak-Do the asset allocation at first. For debt, invest lump sum in one shot. For equity, you can spread the investment for over 5-6 months (if you are feeling apprehension about the current market trend).

  143. Hi Basu

    I have a listed out long term goals ( totally 6 goals ) and decided asset allocation as 70:30(Eq:Debt). Now for equity funds selection, i am going to pick one Large cap , Once Mid cap and one Small cap fund = 3 Funds per goal.

    Now my query for 6 goals, can choose different funds / same funds . My doubt is if the same funds selected for all the goals, then the fate of all the goals lies on the fund performance .

    Suppose if i have selected different funds for goals, there may be chances that some of the goals may good perform and other may lag.

    So bit confused , how to finalize , whether different funds or same funds for all 6 goals. Kindly advice

      1. ” underlying assets are same or different? ” – Do you mean the stocks holdings of the funds chosen.

        I am not getting you . Sorry.

        My understanding is, If i select only 3 funds for all the goals( same of different folios) then if the fund is not performing well, then all the goals will be affected.

        Suppose if i have different funds for all the goals ( 3 Funds per Goal). Not all the goals will depend on the same fund performance.

        What could be the problem, if we have more funds,rather than strict to 3-4 funds. Because each goal with 3 funds will be treated separately as each portfolio. Hope there will no overlap also. and even one fund is not performing will only affect that particular goal and not all .

          1. Thanks for reply.

            If i am comfortable in managing each portfolio with the selected funds (1 Large, 1 Mid, 1 small, 1 UST debt ) , then this will be treated as individual unit of investments.

            There is no need to worry on overlap, my point is when you select each fund from Market cap category , then easily overlap will be avoided.

            This is my understanding.

              1. Each portfolio with the selected funds (1 Large, 1 Mid, 1 small, 1 UST debt ) , Do you think still overlap comes in picture.

                Because if we select the fund which is following pure mandate of following market cap , then there will be less/little overlap between funds.

                Kindly share your thoughts .

                  1. Still if i feel there is overlap between mid and small cap funds, Because most of the mid cap funds are having some considerable exposure in Small caps.

                    Finding pure mid or pure small cap is challenging , What do you say.

  144. Hi Basu,
    Thanks for your detailed analysis and the wonderful blog you run.

    I am a beginner in the MF investments.
    I have a financial goal tenure of 10 years for my retirement from IT. I am 30 and currently a software architect based out of Delhi looking for an early retirement to pursue my other interests in about 10 years.

    I can allocate a total of Rs 50000 per month from my salary for overall investments . I will be increasing this overall allocation by 10-15% every year .

    Currently I have allocated Rs 20000 monthly to flexible RD products as per your planning guide.

    I am now planning to invest remaining Rs 30000 in equity based MFs on SIP basis for long term wealth gain –

    Here is the SIP folio I have finalized:

    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity-G : Rs 10,000
    HDFC Balanced Fund : Rs 10000
    Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular G: Rs 5000 (Other options in this category – SBI Magnum Multi Cap Fund OR Franklin India Prime Plus)

    Can you please provide your valuable inputs on the above? Is the SIP folio good to go with?
    Do you recommend any specific MF in multi cap category?

    Thanks for your time.


      1. Thanks for replying. So, are you suggesting to go for debt funds instead of RD?
        I thought of going 40% total safe on overall allocation which may be utilized as emergency fund .

        debt funds that I shortlisted based on your blog : SBI MAGNUM GILT FUND, IDFC ULTRA SHORT TERM FUND

        Also, is the amount percentage allocation fine between the equity funds to start with?

        My risk profile : Moderately high


          1. Based on your inputs , I have updated my asset allocation for a total of 30k per month allocation. I will keep emergency fund of 20k per month as liquid.

            Here is the updated SIP book:

            Rs 25,000 portfolio

            Equity (Rs 15000)
            ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity-G : Rs 4500
            HDFC Balanced Fund : Rs 4000
            Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular G: 3000

            SBI MAGNUM GILT FUND Short Term : 10,000

            Tax saving folio :
            Tata India Tax savings fund – Rs 5000 per month
            rest amount comes from PF and VPF)

            Is it good to go now?


              1. Thanks a lot for pointing this out. I will just pick one large cap.
                Which large cap ones of the below do you recommend for moderately -high risk profile? :
                ICICI PRU focussed bluechip G
                Mirae Asset india opp
                SBI bluechip
                Kotak select focus

  145. Hi Basu,

    I am Dr. Amit. 1st I should admit, that i am a big fan of your blogs specially related to Insurance sector, since I work with one of standalone health insurance company.
    Recently, while searching on MF’s, i came around with your blogs on same topic which interested me. Let me tell you my demography, Age -40, Investment plan – 10 yrs at least, appetite – lets says 60:30:10 (equity:debt:balanced), goal – wealth creation for my son who is 8 yrs old now. I am in 20% tax bracket for now.
    Here is my portfolio mentioned below:

    SBI Magnum Gilt Fund Long Term Direct Plan Growth 4000/month
    SBI FMCG Fund Direct Plan Growth 2000/month
    Reliance Tax Saver ELSS Fund Direct Plan Growth Plan Growth 1000/month
    ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund Direct Plan Growth 1000/month
    ICICI Prudential Long Term Direct Plan Growth 3000/month

    Want to add:

    ABSL tax saver 96 2000/month
    HDFC balanced 2000/month
    DSP Micro cap 1000/month
    ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund Direct Plan Growth 1000/month

    Kindly suggest, if any modification required in sector allocation keeping 7-10 yrs in mind. Also. request to suggest any better fund.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Amit-Kindly stay away from sector funds and long term gilt funds. Also, in balanced fund allocation, there is again equity exposure. If we consider that, then your overall equity exposure go at higher end.

      1. Hi Basu.
        Thanks for prompt reply.
        You mean to say that my ideal exposure should be 50:40:10?
        Can you please suggest correct allocation and right funds for 7-10 yrs investment.

  146. dear Sir

    IF I make a CAN in MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd. and invest through it then is this service fully free service to the direct investor? or there is some fees to be paid?

    thank you

  147. Dear Vasu

    I came to know from your blog that direct investor can invest thru MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd.
    Now my question is
    1) Is this service fully free service to the direct investor? or there is some fees to be paid?
    2) Does MF Utilities act as a distributor to the MF houses and earn commission?
    3) If Suppose , I open eCAN a/c with MF Utility then , Will my NAV value of the scheme will be lower than the normal direct investor’s NAV value ? (which got invested thru MF website ) ?

    warm regards

      1. “My NAV” means NAV’s of the units purchased thru the MF utility CAN registration number. in other words, is there 3rd type of NAV’s , i.e. Regular NAV, Direct NAV and MF Utility NAV with difference price point?

        warm regards

  148. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for sharing this detailed information on SIP.
    Can you please share any MF which are new in market where NAV would be less and looks promising . As this MF would give a very high returns on long term investment.
    Even let me know what factors needs to be considered for investing in such new schemes.
    Based on history users who had invested 10-15 years ago are well settled now because they took risks and invested in Start ups scheme . All such schemes are still outperforming but return yield is not that high for new investors against the one who invested in the same schemes when they were launched.

    Even do we have any references for Schemes for lump sum investment.Please share you view and comments on such schemes which looks promising for 2018.


    1. Mayank-How you assumed that for NEW INVESTORS one must in low NAV Funds ONLY? For you NAV matters or Fund Performance? If the fund is performing consistently, then why not invest in the same OLD fund? The success in equity based on PATIENCE than chasing funds or returns.

      1. Sri,

        Thank you for your response.

        So I think it I did not communicate my message correctly.
        I have invested in 5 Years in SIP in 60:40 Equity : Debt ratio which includes all the top funds which you have listed .
        I wanted to invest in Newly Scheme which are not old then 1-2 years but based on the portfolio & other details you can predict can be good for long term. Advantage for me would be that I would have good no.s of MF Units after 5-10 years and the appreciation would high .
        Again this is just my view on Investing. I know that my view might be wrong .

        I am just worried as I started investing too late & i have so many upcoming plans where i would be ending up compromising my goals.Thus wanted to take small risks which can be helpful in long run.

        So Please suggest me some MF where you see the portfolio looks good .

        Apart from this Please share your views on Lump Sum MF Schemes . I am looking for 5 Years of investment .

  149. If my goal is More Than 10 plus years., Can I choose gilt medium fund. Some people suggest ultra short term funds for debt portion of portfolio. Intested to know why not Gilt.

      1. Thanks basu.

        Reason for choosing Gilt funds – Credit quality. But not diversified like Ultra short , its an concentrated portfolio of govt loan,bonds.

        How about return perspective compare to UST. Because some of RIAs recommending Gilt for purely Longer goals. Any other reasons for choosing UST, please list out for my learning purpose. If you have any post, kindly paste the link here.

        1. Kalai-Longer the maturity period of bond higher will be the volatility. You look for debt funds just to mitigate the volatility which is already there in equity. Not sure about RIAs. But as per me, Ultra Short Term Debt Funds or Short Term Gilt Funds are best to choose in debt category.

          1. Thanks basu. Ok , then which type of the goal ,the investors can choose to Gilt funds.( Medium-Long term Gilt).

            Can we diversify debt funds like equity. Reason is Gilt is only investing in Govt Securities .

            Is there any category debt fund which is diversified and invest in all kind of debt instruments.

  150. Hi Basavaraj,

    my current age : 35 yrs

    Looking to create wealth of 7 Lacs in next 10 years

    currently i invested in
    Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund GROWTH -500 rs from last 3 years. ( looking for long term for 10 years
    Franklin India PRIMA PLUS – GROWTH-500 rs from last 3 year (looking for long term for 10 years)
    Franklin India PRIMA PLUS – GROWTH-500 rs from last 3 year (looking for long term for 10 years)
    HDFC Balanced Fund – Regular Plan – Growth-500 rs from last 3 year (looking for long term for 10 years)
    HDFC Prudence Fund – Regular Plan – Growth-500 rs from last 3 year (looking for long term for 10 years)

    Pl suggest whether I should hold or redeem the funds and switch to another funds.


      1. Hello,
        I would like to switch from HDFC Prudence Fund to HDFC Balanced Fund and from Franklin India PRIMA PLUS to Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund.Can you plz suggest me.

          1. Now HDFC Prudence Fund is #3 in CRISIL ranking and it doesn’t good option to invest and all funds in the same category.Hence i want to optimized it.

  151. Hello Sir,

    I want to invest a lumped sum of 2 lac as an investment for another 7years. What best fund would you suggest to have a good and safe return of the same.

    Thank you

  152. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for sharing the information, Find my portfolio below

    ICICI-ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving) – Growth(4k)
    BirlaSoft – ABSL Top 100 Fund – Growth-DIRECT – (Large cap)(1.5k)
    LNT – L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Direct Growth – (small & Mid cap)(1.5)
    HDFC Balanced Fund (G)(2k)

    Am looking this portfolio for 10 years, please let me know do I need to add any other funds/suggestions or continue with the existing funds. Am 26 years old and this is for future like children education

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        In the above comment i didn’t mention about debt investment, am investing on RD which is 5k/per month, where as in equity 11k/per month.

        Could you please let me know whether the portfolio is good? or any changes required? Pl sugggest


  153. Dear people, I’m new to sip n want to start some investment for future saving.. I can invest around 2k monthly. Please provide me some short term and long term plans. I need some right guidance from experts.

  154. Thanks for ur reply Basavaraj.

    Long term means planning for my retirement. Wanted to stay invested for 10 yrs.

    I have started invested in the below mentioned funds only from this month and if I have to change please advice. I have chosen these by reading blogs and online research.

    DSP black rock small and mid cap Direct 3k

    Motilal most focused 35 multi cap direct 3k

    Adithya birla sunlife quity direct 2k

    HDFC balanced fund growth direct 3k

    SBI blue Chip fund growth Regular 3k

    Relaince vision fund growth Regular 3k

    Mirae asset India opportunity fund (g) regular 3k

    L&T India value fund growth

  155. Hi Basavaraj, my goal is my retirement and a long term plan of 10 yrs and I started investing in mutual funds from this month. I am 40 yrs old. Kindly advice on the funds that I have chosen.i have done been reading blogs and googling in selecting these funds. I want to be sure of my selection. Please help.
    DSP black rock small and mid cap
    Motilal most focused 35
    Hdfc balanced
    Aditya birla frontline

    Thanks in advance..

  156. Good day Mr.Basu
    I want to start SIPs for the higher studies for my new born baby.
    My time horizon is 15 yrs + and amount would be 20k. I am 31 yrs old and ready to take risk for more return. Where should I start my SIPs?

  157. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have started started in Mf from this month. I have choosen the below funds plz comment on the same. It’s for long term and I have diversified funds.. 25k per month. Since I have started this month, I have the option to change in case it’s required. Plz suggest.
    DSP black rock
    Aditya birla
    Hdfc growth
    L and t
    Mirae asset opportunity
    Relaince vision
    SBI blue Chip.

  158. Hi basu sir,

    I need your advice I have 4lakhs in my bank account as FD I am afraid about my money with Frdi bill , can I invest in debts Mf fund is it safe

  159. I am working as IT professional and also doing freelancing in the US. Can I use Presumptive Income Tax Scheme? Please help me Mr Basavaraj . Thank you in advance.

      1. Ok, I have an IT job and plus doing/getting free lancing work from America. I am in 30% salary bracket. My employer is doing TDS at 30% for my job. How should I pay Taxes for my Freelance work. I heard something about – “Presumptive Income Tax Scheme”. can I use it? Do I need to pay taxes in India or in the US for the freelancing work. Thank you.

        1. Neha-You have to show your freelancing income as the income of Business and Profession. Regarding Presumptive Income Tax Scheme, refer the link I shared with you. You have to pay the taxes in India.

      2. Good blog sir. I have a similar situation like this question. I am working in software industry and have the 30% taxable salary bracket. Now I am also in parallel working as a freelancer for American companies and taking work. My company is already deducting my 30% tax as per my salary.

        The question is how should I pay my taxes for the freelance work? Will that be 1- presumptive tax scheme 2- 30% on my freelance income or 3. GST (export of services)?

        Please help. Thank you.

  160. Hello, I am investing in Birla sunlife frontlife, SBI bluechip fund growth direct, DSP black rock top 100, and Reliance Regular Savings Growth Equity from last 7 years. How do you think these funds are? I am investing Rupees 20,000 now in all these. I want to invest another 5,000 rupees. Please advice. My one time horizon is 2 years and another is 10 years. Thank you for the help.

      1. Thank you for the reply. Ok, I will go with your advice. I am looking for 10 years with these funds. Also, want to invest 5,000 for 10 years through SIP. Do you think RD is a good investment for 2 years time horizon.

    1. Hi Basu,
      I have invested in the following funds:
      Axis Long Term Equity Fund SIP Rs.2,000/- p.m
      Franklin India Taxshield Fund SIP Rs. 2,000/- p.m
      ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund SIP Rs. 3,000/-
      Reliance Tax Saver Fund SIP Rs. 3,000/-

      I want to invest 50k lumpsum in the name of my wife for a period of 5years
      I want to gift my god child (cousin’s new born baby girl) with some financial product i have a budget of 20k which will be for a period of 15years.
      i thought of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (later the parents can keep depositing once a year), but i dont trust the govt, they keep reducing the interest rate.
      Please suggest

      1. beside the above i have investment in PPF.
        Should i invest 50k lumpsum in HDFC Midcap Opp fund (G).
        just a thought that even for my god child if i could invest in a MF (lumpsum 20k).
        please advice

        1. Dominic-For your 5 years goal, stay away from equity and use debt funds. Regarding another 15 years goal, first do asset allocation and then start investing. I am not sure why so many ELSS. One or two funds are enough. Stay away from Sukanya Samriddhi. Instead, use PPF as debt portion of your 15 year goal.

  161. Hi Basu,
    Excellent blog I must say ! I have gone through your informative portal and I must say that it is one among the best I have seen in recent days.
    Please cast your expert eye on my SIP portfolio as well and advise. I have been investing in below finds thru SIP since last 3-4 years now and was trying to find if any reallocation or changes required. I am looking it as a long-term investment (an alternative of the pension plan) (Not a big fan of pension plans).

    1. HDFC TOP 200 FUND – GROWTH (4k per month)
    2.HDFC BALANCED FUND – GROWTH (3.5k per month)
    3. ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Fund Reg Plan Growth 3k per month)
    4. IDFC Premier Equity Fund-Regular Plan – Growth (2.5K per month)

    Thanks in advance !

      1. Thanks Basu for the prompt response.
        But ICICI Pru focused bluechip fund is also in your list of funds for 2018. Please help me understand, is it because my HDFC top 200 is of same category large cap?

        Debt portfolio includes – PPF and FDs. Since my investment horizon is long I invested 70% in mutual fund and 30% in FDs and PPF

  162. Dear Basu,

    I have started Franklin High Growth Companies MF – Direct G (SIP- Rs.1500) from April 2015. This fund is not performing as expected for 2 years. Would like to know your thoughts on it. Should I switch now to other performing funds. Please suggest a good fund.


  163. Hi sir,
    Manav this side I want to invest 30k per month for minimum 5 years and I can increase my budget 30k to 50k per month. Which mutual fund will be better for me.

  164. HI basavraj,

    I am Zero knowledge in Health, PA and Term insurance, based on your blog learnt many important basic things and even purchsed the products. Thank you for that Genious.

    Now, What is Mutual Fund? where can i learn about it to gain atleast knowledge of that product.

    And , coming to pension plan , which one is best Atal Pension Yojana or LIC /NPS / mutual funds etc

  165. hi basu,

    i want to invest in HDFC mid cap opp (G) sip of 10,000 INR , my doubt is , as markets are on peak point now ,should i start investing now or should i wait for market to go down slightly and then invest , please adivce

    regards ,
    Arjun Vanam

  166. Hi,

    I am very new to SIP and invested Rs9500/Monthly in different 4 SIP’s for minimum 8-10 years. Kindly check and suggest if my SIP’s selections are correct or overlapped. Also I want to invest another Rs2500/monthly in HDFC Midcap opportunity fund or HDFC equity fund. Kindly suggest me which one should I take.

    1. Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund – 1500
    2. Birla Sunlife small and mid cap fund – 3000
    4. Kotak select focus fund – 3000
    5. Mirrae asset emerging blue chip fund – 2000

    1. Will not prefer for Mirrae Asset Emerging BlueChip Fund , Kotak select focus fund is Superb in choice you should have invested more in this.

  167. Hi,

    I am new in MF investment.
    For this FY in 80C , I have only LIC which is around 23K. I want to save tax for this FY and need to invest in ELSS as lum sum.
    Could you please suggest me some funds for lum sum in ELSS. and also From Next FY 2018-19 I want to start SIP.
    Please suggest me some good funds.
    My goal is to create wealth in next 10 year. Current age 27.

  168. Hi Basavaraj,

    My goal is 35 years from now .So can i invest all in equity like 60K per month in SIP mode?Please clarify.
    Is it advisable to invest for such a long period of 35 years??

  169. You need to consider the PE ratios of the stock these funds have bought. Value discovery for example is overpriced at the moment. Funds with high amount of cash find it hard to place these funds with a good PE, thus the high PE. This is going to impact future return at some point. I too have most of the funds you mention, but am doubtful of some of them going forward due to their high PE’s.
    you do not mention Birla Sun life pure value fund which has a much lower PE ( around 20) .

  170. Dear Basava, Jai Hind,

    Now kindly advise me on the following points please:-
    (a) Now, in which funds (4-5 funds), I should invest lump sum 1 lakhs in any four balance fund.
    (b) My time horizon is 6-7 years.
    (c) Shall I start SIP ? If yes, Kindly suggest some MFs name please.

    Warm Regards,

  171. Hi Sir,
    Can you please help how to do the asset allocation??

    My time frame is 5-10 years. For 5k monthly SIP.

  172. Hi Basu ,

    Thanks for this nice article. I also need your advice/suggestions in following:

    I have invested in Mutual Funds in three different portfolio started in couple of year back:

    Portfolio#1: Child Education (24000 monthly)
    1. UTI Equity fund (G) – 10000 (monthly)
    2. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities fund (G) – 10000 (monthly)
    3. Birla SL Dynamic Bond fund-Reg(G) – 4000 (monthly)

    Portfolio#2: Child Marriage
    1. ICICI Pru Value Discovery (G) – 10000 (monthly)
    2. PPF (1,50,000 yearly)

    Portfolio#3: Retirement (34000 monthly)
    1. Franklin India Bluechip (G) – 15000 (monthly)
    2. Franklin India Prima Plus (G) – 15000 (monthly)
    3. DSPBR Income Opportunities Fund -Reg(G) – 4000 (monthly)

    Other on-going ACTIVE-SIP (to accumulate yearly PPF amount)
    1. Birla Sunlife Floating Rate Fund-Long Term Plan (G) – 6000 (monthly)
    2. ICICI Pru Flexible Income Plan(G) – 6000 (monthly)

    Other NON-ACTIVE SIP (to accumulate yearly PPF amount)
    1. HDFC Equity (stopped since 2013 but amount is still there)
    2. SBI Emerging Business fund (stopped since 2013 but amount is still there)

    All there investments are for long term (more than 10 years)

    1. I noticed that UTI Equity fund is not performing well from long time so is it time to replace this fund with other performing fund like:
    – ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip, or
    – SBI Bluechip (Large-cap)

    Any recommendation here?

    2. I am NRI and due to recent changes in PPF rules, its now not a suitable option for a NRI. What is the other alternative options for me on a debt side?
    Is Balanced fund like HDFC Balanced fund can be a replacement for this?

    Any recommendation here?

    3. I want to do addition 20000 investment monthly, where can I add this in my existing portfolio?

    4. Is there any other changes required in my portfolio?

    I really grateful for your prompt suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Kumar-Portfolio 1-Stay away from dynamic fund and stick to ultra short term debt fund. Child marriage, heavy in debt least in equity. Retirement, no asset allocation between debt and equity. To accumulate yearly PPF, why not invest in PPF monthly directly than this circus and that too with equity?
      The biggest mistake you are doing is no proper asset allocation. Please refer my above post properly.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I agree with you regarding asset allocation ratio, I will work on it.

        Can you please give your suggestions on UTI Equity fund replacement/switching?
        Also on replacement of PPF option since it is no longer valid for NRI?


          1. Thanks again, but UTI equity and Franklin bluechip are part of different portfolio.

            And PPF was choosen for long term investment but ultra short funds are meant for short investment right?

              1. Hi Basu,

                I meant UTI Equity is part of “Child education” porfolio and Franklin bluechip is a part of “Retirement” portfolio of my porfolio. So you meant I should discontinue “UTI equity” and make investment in Franklin bluechip and made it part of my two different portfolio?

                Regarding PPF replacement, which utlra short fund you would recomment for long term prospective?

                Thanks again for your time and response.

                  1. Hi Basu,

                    Considering the current market crash, is it advisable to do additional (one-time top-up) investment in some of existing fund to take advantage of market down and to do average-out some of the funds?

                    If yes, then which category of funds are suggested to do additional investment, I mean larger cap/diversified-cap/mid-and-small cap?

                    Is this a right time for doing this?

                    Please share your views on this.

                    Thank you,

                    1. Kumar-These ups and downs are part and parcel of equity market. Never try to time the market. If your goal is more than 5+ years and did the proper asset allocation, then can invest now also.

                    2. Dear Basu,

                      Hope you are fine and doing well.

                      I am in the process of re-shuffling my portfolio for setting proper asset allocation between Equity and Debt fund. Presently I have investment in below 4 debts funds (apart from Equity funds) but I want your suggestion on following points:

                      1) Since my all investments are for long term (7+ years), are these 4 existing debts funds (mentioned below) are right choice for debts funds for long term prospective? If No then can you please suggest which one should I replace and by which fund for my debt portfolio?

                      My current Debt funds:
                      > Aditya Birla SL FRF-Long Term Plan(G) (Active SIP)
                      > ICICI Pru Savings Fund(G) (Active SIP)
                      > DSP Credit Risk Fund-Reg(G) (Active SIP)
                      > Aditya Birla SL Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G) (IN-Active SIP)

                      Please note,
                      > I wanted to invest in only 3 debts fund for long term prospective (1 for each 3 portfolio, total 3).
                      > I have some investment in FD
                      > I have some investment in PPF (but not much)

                      2) I am going for below allocation percentage for different fund categories, is that advisable or any correction required?
                      Equity: 70%
                      Larger Cap: 60%
                      Mid-cap/small cap: 20
                      Multi-cap: 20
                      Debt: 30%

                      Awaiting for your prompt response.

  173. Hi Basavraj,
    I have not invested in mutual funds before and my goal is to build wealth in 5-10 years. I am thinking of doing SIP every month of 40k. Reading your blog and some other similar articles I decided the following:

    SBI Bluechip Fund
    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Fund
    Franklin India Prima Fund
    HDFC Balanced fund

    10K in each.
    Can you please review my portfolio or suggest some alternative portfolio.

    Thanks a lot.

            1. So I need two portfolios basically,
              One is I need to buy a house in 5 years
              Another is I want to build wealth in general which may be used for child education.


  174. Hi Basu,

    Wish you a very happy new year.

    I am a regular follower of your website/blogs. My plan is to invest monthly 10K into MFs. I am about to start 4K SIP into ELSS Birla 96 for Sec 80C deduction along with a long term goal. Need to invest 6K per month into some other funds. I have very long term goal of at least 20 years and I planning to go for small and mid cap funds as I have long term goals.

    After my online research I want to split my remaining 6K into L&T Emerging Businesses Fund – 3K and another 3K into Reliance small cap fund after looking at their past performances. I am also thinking of HDFC small cap as well, whether I can split this 6K into 2K each. You might have a thought why not DSP and Franklin. Actually, I am not permitted to invest in those company funds due to my professional restrictions.

    Request you to kindly review my portfolio and suggest. Your thoughts are always welcome. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Many Thanks,

      1. Basu, thanks for your quick response. Honestly speaking, I didn’t decide my asset allocation for this 10K. I am just looking for an better return and trying to allocate this 10K into as much as equity (small and mid cap). I already do have a good amount of PPF and I can plan something in debt fund in coming months/years as my income increase. Please let me know if I can help you with any additional info. The HDFC Fund I mentioned is “HDFC MID CAP OPPORTUNITY FUND”. Thanks again, Rabi

          1. Basu – I want this entire 10K per month into equity. I have some other plans in debt (like PPF, LIC Endowment Plan, etc). Hence, here are my portfolio :

            Option A:
            ELSS – Aditya Birla Tax Relief 96 – 4K per month.
            Mid Cap – HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund – 3K per month.
            Small Cap – L&T Emerging Business Fund – 3K per month.

            Option B:
            I have another thought if I can add Reliance Small Cap Fund in my portfolio and split the above 6K into these three funds 2K each.

            As informed you earlier, I am not permitted to invest in DSP and Franklin Funds. Also, I have not touched any Large Cap as it covers under above ELSS Fund. Please have a look into my portfolio and let me know your thoughts.

            Can I set my return expectations as 15% ? I will go for at least 20 year term. Looking forward to hear from you.