Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017

Last year I published the list of Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2016. Now few started to force me to publish the post for Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017. But before proceeding further, let us review the funds which I recommended last year.

Note:-My recommendations for the year 2018 are available in below posts. Please refer the same.

Below is the performance report of the funds which I recommended last year.

Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2016 Performance

Before jumping into the selection of mutual funds, this time I thought to guide you why you MUST invest in equity mutual funds. The points are listed as below.

You must have a proper Financial Goal

I noticed that many of investors simply invest in mutual funds just they have some surplus money. The second reason may be someone guided that mutual funds are best in long run compared to Bank FDs, PPF, RDs, or even LIC endowment product.

If you have clarity like why you are investing, when you need money  and how much you need money at that time, then you will get the better clarity in selecting the product. Hence, first identify your financial goals.

You must know the current cost of that particular goal. Along with that, you must also know the inflation rate associated with that particular goal. Remember that each financial goal to have it’s own inflation rate. For example, education or marriage cost of your kid’s is different inflation that the inflation rate of household expenses.

By identifying the current cost, time horizon and inflation rate of that particular goal, you can easily find out the future cost of that goal. This future cost of the goal is your target amount.

Asset Allocation is MUST

Next step is to identify the asset allocation. Whether it is short term goal or long term goal, the proper asset allocation between debt and equity is a must. I personally prefer the below asset allocation. Remember that it may differ from individual to individual. However, the basic idea of asset allocation is to protect your money and smoothly sail to reach the financial goals.

If the goal is below 5 years-Don’t touch equity product. Use the debt products of your choice like FDs, RDs or Debt Funds.

If the goal is 5 years to 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 40:60.

If the goal is more than 10 years-Allocate debt:equity in the ratio of 30:70.

While choosing debt product, make sure that the maturity period of the product must match your financial goals. For example, PPF is best debt product. However, it must match your financial goals. If the PPF maturity period is 13 years and your goal is 10 years, then you will fall short of meeting your financial goals.

Return Expectation

Next and the biggest step is the return expectation from each asset class. For equity, you can expect around 10% to 12% return. For debt, you can expect around 7% return expectation.

When your expectations are defined, then there is less probability of deviating or taking knee-jerk reactions to the volatility.

Portfolio Return Expectation

Once you understand how much is your return expectation from each asset class, then the next step is to identify the return expectation from the portfolio.

Let us say you defined the asset allocation of debt:equity as 30:70. Return expectation from debt is 7% and equity is 10%, then the overall portfolio return expectation is as below.

(70% x 10%) + (30% x 7%)=9.1%.

How much to invest?

Once the goals are defined with target amount, asset allocations is done, return expectation from each asset class is defined, then the final step is to identify the amount to invest each month.

There are two ways to do. One is constant monthly SIP throughout the goal period. Second is increasing some fixed % each year up to the goal period. Decide which suits best to you.

Hope the above information will give you clarity before jumping into equity mutual fund products.

How many mutual funds are enough?

How many mutual funds do we have? Is it 1, 3, 5 or more than 5? The answer is simple…you don’t need more than 3-4 funds for investing in mutual funds. Whether your investment is Rs.1,000 a month or Rs.1 lakh a month. With the maximum of 3-4 funds, you can easily create a diversified equity portfolio.

Having more fund does not give you enough diversification. Instead, in many cases, it may create you portfolio overlapping and leads to underperformance.

Now let us move to the selection of mutual funds.

How I selected Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017?

I will first screen the top 15 funds in each category based on their returns to benchmark since inception. The funds who consistently beaten the benchmark are listed in that 15. Once I have the list in my hand, then I select the funds based on Risk-Return Analyzer.

Many simply select the funds based on eye-catching returns. However, at what cost the fund is giving you a better return? To what extent it protects my investment during a downturn is what differentiate from good fund to bad fund.

Again, I am not saying that these 1o funds alone be considered as “Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017”. There may be fewer other funds, which are good to compete with these funds. However, I may be biased towards few Mutual Fund Companies (purely on their size and how long they are in MF business in India). Below are the metrics I used to arrive at finally selecting the funds.

If the fund cleared all these tests and given me around a minimum of 80% score since inception, will be added to my list.

  1. Beta-Volatility measure and tell how much the fund changes for a given change in the Index. Lower the beta, lower the volatility. Hence, your fund must have lower beta.
  2. Standard deviation-It tells us how for a given set of returns, how much do fund returns deviate from the average. Lower the standard deviation, lower the volatility. Hence, your fund must have lower beta.
  3. Alpha-It is the risk-adjusted measure. By taking risks, how much the fund manager generated the return over the benchmark. Higher the alpha, higher the outperformance of the fund.
  4. Sharpe Ratio-It is the risk-adjusted measure. Higher the Sharpe ratio, better is the performance.
  5. Sortino Ratio-It is the risk-adjusted measure. Higher the Sortino ratio, better is the performance.
  6. Treynor Ratio-It is also be known as reward ratio. Higher the Treynor ratio, better is the performance.
  7. Information Ratio-This is calculated by average excess return obtained compared to a benchmark and divides it by the standard deviation of excess returns. Higher the information ratio, higher the consistency in beating the benchmark.
  8. Omega Ratio- It is a risk-return performance measure of an investment asset.
  9. Downside deviation-This is also be called as BAD RISK.
  10. Upside potential-This is exactly the opposite of Downside deviation.
  11. R-squared- It is a measure of how correlated the fund’s NAV movement is with its index.
  12. SIP Returns-For how many times the fund’s returns are above the index when we invest in SIP.
  13. Lump Sum Returns-For how many times the fund’s returns are above the index when we invest in a lump sum.

Below are my selection in each category of funds.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Large Cap

In this category, I found that funds like SBI Bluechip and Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund are also best. However, I am going with below choices.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 in Large Cap


Check the consistency of Franklin India Bluechip Fund from this below image.

Franklin India Bluechip Fund

Check the consistency ratio of ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund in the below image.

ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Risk-Return Analyzer

As I said above, there are other funds also which scores equal or more than these two funds. But I stick to these two funds. There is no reason of negating these two funds.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Multi Cap

Again in this category of funds, I found few funds like SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund and Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund. However, I stick to below two funds and which are my favorite too.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Multi Cap

Check the consistency ratio of Franklin India Prima Plus Fund in below image.

Franklin India Prima Plus Risk-Return Analyzer

You may notice that for a 1-year return the score is dropped below 80 and currently showing as 70. However, due to it’s long best track record, I suggest to invest and continue in the same fund (if few already invested in this fund).

Check the consistency ratio of ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund in below image.

ICICI Pru Discovery Fund Risk-Return Analyzer

Same is the case with ICICI Fund also. However, considering the consistency and just a drop in that for a year does not mean that we must neglect this fund. Hence, I will stick to this fund.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Mid Cap

Last year I selected HDFC Midcap Opp Fund and also Franklin India Prima Fund. I am continuing with same funds.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Mid Cap

Check the consistency performance of HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund in below image.

HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund Risk Return Analyzer

Check the consistency performance of Franklin India Prima Fund in below image.

Franklin India Prima Fund Risk Return Analyzer

A drop in a year from both funds does not mean they are BAD. Hence, considering the consistency of fund since long, I am suggesting these two as best funds.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Small Cap

In small cap category, the funds in my mind are Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund, DSPBR Micro Cap Fund, and Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund. In these three, I go with DSPBR and Franklin.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Small Cap

I am unable to generate the consistency score for both the funds. I will update the image once I am able to do so. However, these two funds are my favorite among small cap.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Equity Oriented Balanced Funds

Among this category, I have in mind the funds like HDFC Balanced Fund, ICICI Pru Balanced Fund, Tata balanced Fund and Franklin India Balanced Fund. But I go with HDFC and ICICI.

Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017 -Equity Oriented Balanced Fund

These are my choices of Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2017. It does not mean that they are universal choices. There are certain other funds too. However, I stick to these funds as my best choices.

NOTE:-I have disabled commenting to this post. If you have a doubts or questions, then refer my latest post “Top 10 Best SIP Mutual Funds to invest in India in 2018” OR raise the doubts in BasuNivesh Forum.

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999 Responses

  1. Dear Basavaraj,
    Can you advise best Ultra Short term/ Short term debit funds for Debit investment use after 8 Years. How about one of these ?

    SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Short Term – Regular Plan – Growth
    SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Long Term – Regular Plan – Growth

  2. Sir,
    I’m 31 years old with 8L salary p.a. I have been already investing in PPF for last 2 years of Rs. 75,00 per annum. I have Term & Health insurance. My next goal is Child’s education, wait time is 13 – 15 years and planning to invest in MFs with SIP Rs. 5,000 per month, however still at analysis stage. I’m a moderate risk take and have below clarifications.
    1. How should i diversify my funds b/w Large, Mid & Small Cap funds. What should be the ratio?
    2. Can i skip Large cap and focus only on Mid and Small cap funds alone?
    3. Can you suggest funds for my case, advise from experts like you is really beneficial. I will surely analyze them before investing.

    I would like to sincerely appreciate you on the excellent service/suggestions you do on Financial planning.

  3. Hello Basavaraj,

    I am Govt Employee 35 Year Old. I like to invest with following Portfolio for marriage of my daughter in next 18 years. I am moderate risk taker. My asset allocation in Equity:Debt is 45:55.

    My FD having 500000 will get matured in January 2018. I am planning to invest this amount using STP again for 10 years. Please advice which fund is suitable to do this or please advice other plan to utilize this money with time horizon of 10 Years.

    Kotal Select Focus(D) 3200
    HDFC MidCAP Opprtunities(D) 3200
    Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap(D) 35 Fund 3200
    ICICI Pru Balance Fund(D) 3200
    L&T Emerging Businesses Fund(D) 3200
    Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 (G)(D) 4000
    Total 20K per month

    Besides this, I have
    PPF 100000 Annual
    NPS 9000 Monthly
    FD 500000 (January 2018 maturity)

    My query is, should I go for any new funds or increase investments in existing funds? I would just like you to review my mutual funds selection and would like to know your thoughts on it. If any changes you think is needed then please suggest.

    1. Shreeja-Try to follow the asset allocation of around 30:70 between debt and equity. Regarding the fresh investment, use the same existing funds with proper asset allocation. You just need 2-3 funds from equity.

  4. Hello Sir,

    I am 35 Year Old and take Home salary is 3.50Lakhs per month.

    Started Investing 3 months back, having SIP profile below with clear 15 Years Investment Horizon. Please advise me on my Current Portfolio. Does it require any change by adding or removing fund? My plan is to Stay Invested for a longer period & the motive is Wealth creation over a period of time.

    My Risk appetite is Moderate to high. Asset Allocation (Equity:Debt) 70:30

    LUMPSUM (3years Horizon)
    Kotak Corporate Bond Direct 25Lakh
    SBI Magnum Gilt Fund Direct 25Lakh
    Franklin India Low Duration Fund Direct 25Lakh
    SBI Magnum Income Direct Plan Direct 25Lakh

    S I P(Monthly)
    SBI Bluechip Fund Direct 13000/-
    Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund Direct 13000/-
    Kotak Select Focus Fund Direct 13000/-

    Mirae Emerging Bluechip Direct 10000/-
    L&T Midcap Fund Direct 10000/-

    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund Direct 10000/-

    HDFC Balanced Fund Direct 10000/-

    L&T India Value fund Direct 10000/-

    Tata India Tax Savings Fund Direct 11000/-

    Total Monthly SIP 100000/-

    Suknya S.Yojna 1.5L Per Annum (since last 3 years)
    PPF 1.5L Per Annum (since last 6 years)
    NPS 120000 Per Annum (since last 6 years)
    Mediclaim Annual Premium 15000/-
    NFO ETF value worth Rs 100000
    Contingency amount 500000 in Liquid Fund

    I am in position to invest another surplus monthly amount worth 200000 with 3 Year horizon keeping in mind. Please guide me for how to utilize this portion as well.

    I currently do not have any debt upon me. Hence looking for an opinion whether I should increase my SIP / exit or invest in any others that would probably be more preferable then any of the above.

    1. Anil-For short-term goal, use Ultra Short Term or Short Term Gilt Funds. For long term goals, refer my above post of how to adhere to allocation and funds. You no need to have multiple funds within same cateogry.

    2. Sir, Thank you for your reply. I value your suggestion. I also see it crowded and remove unnecessary fund and will keep it straight and result oriented. I will modify and follow funds below:

      2 In large Cap
      1 each in Small, Mid, Multi, ELSS and Balanced Fund.
      I hope this will make the portfolio balanced and yield good returns, I expect not more than 10-12%

      For monthly 2,00000/ will certainly opt short term.

  5. Dear Basavaraj,
    To have a good retirement corpus, planning to invest in balanced funds as they follow Debit:Equity in 30:70 ratio. Also, thinking to keep 20% of my invest in ultra short term debit funds. I don’t want to touch this fund in next 5 years.

    planning to invest in lump-sum method and considering HDFC balanced fund. Is this OK or should I consider any other options. Is lump-sum better or should I invest in SIP in 6 months with weekly investment?

    Let me know your feedback on balanced fund and lump-sum approach

    S. Kumar

    1. Kumar-Whether your retirement is 5 years away from today? What allocation you are following between equity and debt? If the goal is long term (5+ years) and you did proper asset allocation, then spread your equity investment manually into not more than 5-6 months of investment than a lump sum.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj Ji.

        I will follow your advise and span it across 5-6 months instead one shot lump-sum. My allocation was 40% Debit in Short Term/Ultra Short Term and 60% equity and I am going to touch the corpus only after 8 years.

        On 40% Debit allocation, part of balanced fund, assuming that 30% of investment will be in debit and 60% will be in equity. For remaining 10% debit (for total 40%), I would like to invest in Short Term/Ultra Short Term.

        Is this OK?

        1. Read in the first line that 40% debit (30% through Balanced fund and 10% in Short Term/Ultra Short Term

            1. BasavaRaj,
              Another query on alternate to balanced Fund and go with below allocation.
              Ultra Short term/Short Term : 40%
              Large cap: 30%
              Mid cap: 20%
              Small cap: 10%
              Span the lump sum investment in 4-5 months manually (preferably buying Daily)

              Is the above allocation is OK or better to go with Balanced as per my above post on 21-Nov.

              Can I Split Debit 40% between Ultra Short term 20% and Short Term 20%

                1. Dear Basavaraj,
                  For Debit portion, Can I consider NPS Tier1 account Government Bond Pland (Class G) ?

                  In Debit MFs & NPS- Class G investments, which one is safe among each other?

                    1. Many Thanks Basavaraj.
                      Can you advise best Ultra Short term/ Short term debit funds for Debit investment use after 8 Years. How about one of these two?

                      SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Short Term – Regular Plan – Growth
                      SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Long Term – Regular Plan – Growth

  6. Dear Vasu Sir,

    I am 37 years and have a kid of 5 years. Have following investments. Want your opinion on my investments for any changes considering the long term returns, 10 years or above (wealth generation for my kids’ education). I am also planning to open “Sukanya Samriddhi Account” for here in new year with 2000 investment each month. Do I need to change my investments , especially MFs (or add more) . If so please guide.

    Note : I started investing in MFs from this month only and your blogs guided me a lot.

    Eagerly waiting for your advice.
    Best regards,

    PPF @12000 PM
    EPF-EPS with my company contribution @13424PM
    National Pension System-NPS @5000 (Started in Dec 2016)
    Cooperative Society @2000 PM
    HDFC- RD @2000 PM (ending in Jul 2019)
    ICICI- RD @2000 PM (ending in Sep 2018)

    MFs :

    Equity- Large Cap @1000-SBI Blue Chip Growth
    Equity- Large Cap @1000-ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Fund -Growth
    Equity-Mid & Small Cap @1000-Franklin India Smaller Companies fund- growth
    Equity-Mid Small Cap @1000-Reliance small cap fund- High risk high return
    Equity-Diversified @1000-Franklin India High Growth Company Fund
    Debt-Short Term @1000-Birla Sun Life Short Term – Growth

      1. Hi Basu Sir- Thanks for your comments

        What prompted me ?
        For conventional plan like PPF, NPS , CS and RDs : I just wanted to make saving. Frankly speaking, I was not much aware about other ways of savings. I just went with what my guardians and peers were doing to save money and taxes. I will love to continue with PPF, NPS, CS, and Sukanya Samriddhi

        For MFs : I recently went to one meeting where they discussed about MFs, Shares, Gold, and other modes for high interest rate compared to other mode (they also discussed risks). I selected and invested (before I experienced your blog) these funds based on my own research online and discussion with few seniors investing in MFs.

        Doubt :
        The more I read or try to explore, more doubts come in my mind about my investments whether it is a right start or not ? I also want to increase (about double) my SIP amount in early 2018.

        I just want to have your guidance on my current investments if it needs any changes considering my goal of wealth generation for my kid.

        As usual , thanks for your advice.

        Best regards,

  7. Hi Basu,

    I have one doubt. These days many foreign companies are working in India in Mutual funds industry. We are investing them in for say 10 years or more. Is it completely safe like what if they wind up their business in India after few years, so is it completely safe?

    Thank you.

    1. Pradeep-Nothing is safe on this earth including the money you are keeping money in your savings account. However, there are strict regulations by SEBI. They can’t wind up their business so easily.

  8. Hello Basu, Hope you are doing well. Just curious to know about the commission on MFs which we invest. When I was going through the NSDL report . I could see commission paid to the distributor comes around 2 to 3 % in total. When I had checked with my financial adviser, he told me that, if I invest for at least three years, there won’t be any deduction for the withdrawal and I have got few funds in ICICI securities , it’s same for them also. Apart from that , I have received email from ICICI securities , If our mutual fund holdings are less than 8 Lacs on the date of transaction, you will be charged the transaction charges as additional one.So I would wanted to check if we can transfer the mutual funds directly to originator or is there any better option to transfer the funds. Please advise.

    Thank you,
    Karthik Gangadharan

  9. Hello Basu,
    I am 30 yr old unmarried.i have invested in below.
    Ppf- 2k/month
    Axis long tem equity -2k/month.

    Wants to start sip of 2k or 3k for next 5 years.can you plz suggest funds for my portfolio.

  10. Hi Basu ,

    Many thanks for answering my previous queries! This time a new query for which my portfolio details are below

    My goal : Retirement corpus
    Investment Tenure: 20 years
    Risk ability: Moderate
    Investing last 1.5 years in the Debt: Equity ratio 65:35. Debt is EPF & VPF
    Equity proposition : 50% Large cap, 30% mid , 10% – small and 10 % – multi (ELSS for tax saving) – 4 funds

    Now I want to top up amounts my portfolio:

    Recent announcement of FM Arun Jatley(2.11 lakh crore investment towards PSU development) had made me to think in investing Banking sector fund with 10% and my choice would be “ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund ” in this space.

    Would you advise go with this fund or would you suggest to increase/top up in existing fund? please advise.

    As a golden rule, I will maintain the asset allocation according to the new top up. 🙂

  11. Hello Basu,
    I had few SIP’s under a broker since Jan2015. I now understand importance of Direct and Regular fund. I want to invest in mutual funds myself henceforth. So i stopped those SIP. My query is –
    1. Whether to redeem that money and pay Capital Gain? Then invest lumpsum in a fund and then start new SIP direct mode.
    2. Or Keep the money until i require them and for now, just start new SIP direct mode.
    3. Or Wait for 1 year, take LTCG benefit and then invest lumpsum in a fund and then go for a new SIP direct mode.

    1. Sumit-Better to wait for 1 year completion (if they are equity funds). Then move all such one year completed units to direct. In the meantime start a SIP freshly in direct fund.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for the reply.
        Since i’m planning to invest in direct mutual funds through Zerodha’s Coin platform, I can’t transfer/move the amount (after 1 year) directly, so you suggest to redeem the amount and buy directly, right?

  12. Hi Basu,

    Interested to purchase a Direct Balanced MF through CAMS. Already, few MF’s running under CAMS through AMC.
    Investing Rs 1Lakh /year for 5years and excess amount is deposited after 5years also.
    Withdrawal amount: Rs 2500/month and extra like Rs 1000/- withdraw after 5years only.

    Please suggest me, which Fund suits me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. Hai Mr. Basu,

    I Am Anvesh. Age 25. I want to invest 10-15k in a month

    I have shotlist the follwing funds:

    1. Aditya Birla Sun Life Front Line Quity Fund – Growth
    2. Mirae Asset Emerging Fund – Regular Growth
    3. Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund – Growth
    4. Canara Robeco Emerging Equities – Regular Plan – Growth
    5. Kotak Select Focus Fund – Growth
    6. L&T India Value Fund – Regular Plan – Growth

    Can you please suggest whether the portifolio is too risky. Also, if you feel so, please suggest other funds

    Thanks in Advance

  14. Dear sir, This is Rama Bhadra Rao, 32 years old. I am working in Taiwan and will be back to India after 5 years. I plan to invest 5L (Lump sum) in mutual funds. I do not want to use this amount for another 15 years (or above). Could you please let me know what are the best funds. I am very grateful to you if you can help to update the plan given below. Thanks a lot for your kind help.

    As per my knowledge (1 L in each, total 5 ):
    1. Large Cap Equity (Kotak Select Fund direct Growth )
    2. Mid and small Cap Equity (L&T emerging businesses fund Direct Growth)
    3. Diversified Equity fund (Principal Emerging Bluechip Fund – Direct Plan (G) )
    4. Balanced Equity based fund (HDFC Balanced Fund )
    5. Infrastructure Equity fund (DSP BR Natural Resources & New Energy – Direct (G))

    I am expecting 15% average returns per year.

    Thank you very much for your kind help.

      1. Hi, Thank You very much for your kind reply. I grab the list of funds from ,oney control based on last 5 years performance (reruns). Let me know your suggestion to meet my goal.

          1. Thank You very much for your kind reply and suggestion.

            I will invest 2.5 L now (50000 in each). I will wait for a couple o months to put the remaining 2.5L for the same funds (market may come down in a couple of moths). Let me know if I am wrong.

            Thanks a lot for your great help.

  15. suppose if we invest almost 8-10 year compare in Large cap & mid cap cap which fund should continue in this both for risk & return wise i expect better return and low risk can i go with only mid cap fund because i seen large cap return good in long term

      1. sorry my question is “can i go with only mid cap fund for up to 10 year because i seen large cap return is not good in long term as expected mid cap because i expect 18-20% return ”.

        1. Jai-Mid caps may be eye catching during such bull run. But large caps gives you consistency. Same way small caps are more catchy than mid and large cap. But with risk. Decide what you do.

  16. Hello Basuji,

    I have MF investments in following funds. All are DIRECT-Growth using SIP. Started in Oct 2015.
    My age is 32 and investments are for 18 years.
    Axis long term ELSS – 4k/m
    Aditya birla sunlife Top 100 – 3.5k/m
    HDFC balanced – 2.5k/m
    Mirae asset emerging bluechip – 3k/m

    I am handling my debt investments using PPF and FD. (equity:debt = 70:30)

    1. Is my portfolio on track. Do I need to perform any changes to my investments.
    2. Is it advisable to add one multi cap fund or should i increase my SIP amount instead.
    3. Is it true to understand Axis long term MF as a multicap fund in addition to its 80C benefits. (Reason being it as 25~30% investments in mid cap companies)

  17. i have separate portfolio with 5 different fund house for direct plan is that good or i need to move at signal place (like- zerodha) for all invest means is that secure to invest with MF fund house directly because i am not able to track my all fund at one place .

  18. I would like to extend my thank to you . You did wonderful blog ! Appreciate your efforts .. Long way to go bro 🙂

  19. Dear Basu
    I need additional amount about 50 lakhs in next 3 years for buying a bigger home . For this goal alone what should be the monthly SIP and which segment large cap/mid cap and which fund house you recommend. Please guide

  20. Hi basu,

    Your work is highly appreciated.Thanks a lot for your valuable service.

    I have already investing in SIP and have identified goals and accordingly invested in SIP ,PPF with 70% in equity and 30% debt with time horizon of more than 10 years.
    However,I still have around 30 lakh in my saving account which i dont need in near future atleast 7-8 years.What is the best way to invest this money?

      1. Thanks basu..but i do not have any financial goal to invest remaining money.Is is wise to invest lumsump in ultrashort term or gilt fund as safer option? Thanks in advance.

  21. Dear Mr.Basu Ji,
    This blog is very informative and knowledgeable and Many Many Thanks for this. I ‘ve below queries for your valuable feedback.

    I am 44 year old and planning for retirement investment some 50 lacs. Out of this I want to put 25lacs(from property sale) as lumpsum now and remaining 25 lacs to accumulate to a good amount in 10 years of time and then take the returns through SWP. Here are the funds I am planning to consider the below funds. Please advise.

    a). HDFC Balanced Fund (20%) = 5 lacs Lumpsum + 5 lacs SIP
    b). L&T India Value fund (20%) = 5 lacs Lumpsum + 5 lacs SIP
    c). Franklin Build India high grown companies fund(20%) = 5 lacs Lumpsum + 5 lacs SIP
    d). Mirae asset emerging blue chip fund (40%) = 10 lacs Lumpsum + 10 lacs SIP

    Q2). I would like to invest 25 lacs through SIP for my children’s education in next two years. would like to accumulate returns to take the returns after 8 years from now. For this I am considering the below funds. Please advise these are OK or any better funds you suggest..
    a). L& T Prudence Fund – 8 lacs
    b). SBI Magnum Mid cap fund – 8 lacs
    c). Mirae asset emerging blue chip fund – 9 lacs.

      1. Thanks Basu for the feedback.
        Considering your valuable feedback and following the principle 30:70, I planning to make the allocations as below.

        Retirement: Would like to invest 60lacs as almost lump-sum and Expecting returns to take after 7 Years. (25 lacs lump-sum and another 25 lacs SIP in 4 months]. Here is my plan and allotments
        a). HDFC Balanced Fund (50%) = 15 lacs Lump-sum + 15 lacs SIP
        b). Reliance Monthly Income Plan-Growth Plan (10%) = 3 lacs lump-sum + 3 lacs SIP
        c).DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular – Growth (15%) = 4.5 lacs lumpsum + 4.5 lacs SIP
        d). ICICI Prudential Value discovery fund (10%) = 3 lacs lump-sum + 3 lacs SIP
        e). Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund -Regular- Growth Option(10%)=3 lacs lump-sum + 3 lacs SIP

        Child Education: [25 lacs SIP in tw0 years and expecting to take only after 8 years from now for my children education]
        i). HDFC Children Gift Fund-Investment – 8 lacs SIP in 2 years
        j). Aditya Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 Fund – Regular Plan-Growth – 7 lacs – SIP in 2 years
        k). Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Growth Plan – 5 lacs SIP in 2 years
        l). Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief ’96 – Growth Option – 5 lacs SIP in 2 years

        Is the above allotment for the said purposes is OK or any other expert suggestion to change allotments or other funds for consideration.

        Thanks in Advance for your time and feedback.

        1. Kumar-For your 7 and 8 years goals, 30:70 is bit risky. I suggest around 50:50 or 40:60. Also, for all such goals, in equity one large cap (60%), one mid cap (30%) and one small cap (10%) enough. For debt, use ultra short term debt funds or short term gilt funds.

          1. Dear Basu,
            Thanks for yourfeedback.
            I can take moderate risk and per your feedback, changed the allotmnets to as below.

            Balanced Equity: HDFC Balanced fund (10 lacs), L&T Prudence Fund (10 lacs)
            Large Cap: Kotak Select Focus fund (5 lacs)
            Diversified: Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund(7.5 lacs)
            Mid & Small cap: DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund(7.5 lacs) & Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (5 lacs)
            Balanced Debt to reduce risk : Reliance Monthly Income Plan (5lacs)

            Can you review and provide your valuable advise on the above fund combination. If anything to be changed, please let me know.

            Thanks in advance

              1. Dear Basu,
                Thanks. I missed a point that fund selection should not only be on category and should also the fund portfolio whether it is matching our purpose.

                In HDFC balanced fund, 31.25% is under debit and L&T Prudance 24% is under Debit.

                It was mistake that I mentioned MIP in debit. In Debit, my choice is Aditya Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth

                Under Mid & Small, I will stick to Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund due to its low standard deviation, low beta and high alpha compared to DSP BR Micro cap fund.

                Here is modified fund selection further to your feedback.

                Balanced Equity: HDFC Balanced fund (10 lacs), L&T Prudence Fund (10 lacs)
                Large Cap: Kotak Select Focus fund (5 lacs)
                Diversified: Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund(7.5 lacs)
                Mid & Small cap: Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (12.5 lacs)
                Debt Fund : Aditya Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund – Growth (5lacs)

                Is the above OK or still you suggest to increase Debit %?
                Please let me know your expert inputs on the above MF Portfolio composition as lump-sum investment. Next 8 years I do not want to touch this as the purpose is for retirement corpus building.

                1. Kumar-In debt, I will not go beyond short term or ultra short term debt funds. Because you have already enough volatility in equity. For 8 years plan stay away from small cap. One large cap and one mid cap enough with separate debt fund.

                  1. Thanks again for the feedback.
                    I’ve chosen Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund and thought it is mid cap. Please confirm is this Mid cap or small cap fund. Under Short Term debit Debit, Aditya Birla Sun Life Treasury Optimizer Fund. Here is the MF portfolio list after suggested modifications

                    Balanced Equity: HDFC Balanced fund (10 lacs), L&T Prudence Fund (10 lacs)
                    Large Cap: Kotak Select Focus fund (5 lacs)
                    Diversified: Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund(7.5 lacs)
                    Mid cap: Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (12.5 lacs)
                    Short Term Debt :Aditya Birla Sun Life Treasury Optimizer Fund. (5lacs)

                    Is the above list is OK or any other changes to be made? Please suggest funds still I need to consider to make the MF Portfolio stronger for 8 years Retirement fund

                    Thanks in Advance

                    1. Kumar-It is large cap with around 70% in large cap and another 30% spread in mid and small cap. I don’t think any reason to go for two balanced funds in fact with balanced funds when you specifically allocating between debt and equity.

  22. I PUT 200000/- IN franklin ultra short bond fund super institutional plan IS THAT OK FOR ONE YEAR?

    AND MY sip IS
    1- Sbi MEGNUM MID CAP -2000/-
    2- Franklin Smaller cap fund 2500/-
    3- Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund 1500/-

    For 5 Year Horizon please suggest me sir if any change need in portfolio

      1. dear sir

        i want invest
        5 lac lumsum as per your suggestion which fund is better expected return 10 time fram maximum 2 year

  23. Dear sir
    I want 1 crore after 20 years. My investment is following
    1) SBI emerging business fund-1000
    2) reliance tax saver-2500
    3) Birla tax relief 96-1500
    4) IDFC premium equity-2000
    5) Birla frontline equity-2000
    6) Birla India gennext -2000
    7) Franklin smaller fund-3000
    8) Kotak select focus-2000
    9) reliance gold fund-1000
    Kindly guide me if any chance regarding to achieve my goals.

  24. Thanks for your reply,
    I have made some changes in the list. Pl suggest is this OK.

    S.No Fund Name Investment amount Tenure
    1 Birla sunlife front line equity fund 3500 >10 years
    2 ICICI Pru value discovery fund 2000 >10 years
    3 HDFC Balanced fund 1500 >10 years
    4 HDFC Mid cap opp fund 3500 5-10 years
    5 SBI Magnum gilt fund 1500 5 years

    1. Shiva-Please refer above post properly and the asset allocation you have to do. You included Midcap fund for 5-10 years. Not sure when the goal is. There is a huge gap of 5 years between 5th and 10th year.

  25. Dear Mr. Basu,

    I have planned to invest 10k monthly through SIP. Pl advice whether the below proposition is good for the tenure I choose.

    S.No Fund Name Investment amount Tenure
    1 Birla sunlife front line equity fund 3000 >10 years
    2 ICICI Pru value discovery fund 2000 >10 years
    3 HDFC Mid cap opp fund 2000 >10 years
    4 HDFC Balanced fund 2000 5 years
    5 SBI Magnum gilt fund 2000 5 years

  26. Hi Basu,

    I have read many blogs related to this topic but you were taken a place in my mind. It is really very different in comparison with other blogs. Yours was the most unique and attractive one. You actually really write something different and real.

  27. Hi Basu sir,

    please review my portfolio:
    Investment Time Horizon is 15 years.

    I am investing 10000 per month in the below mutual funds.
    1)Franklin india blue chip fund(G) -5000
    2)HDFC midcap opportunities fund(G)-3000
    3)Franklin india smaller companies fund(G)-2000

    And PPF-5000

    My overall Equity:Debt allocation is 70:30 (10000:5000).

    i also invested Rs.200000/-lumpsum in ultra short term debt fund(Birla sunlife floating rate fund(G)-direct) for 10 years.

    please let me know,is my portfolio balanced ?

    Thanks in advance…

  28. Hi Basu Sir,

    Could you please review my portfolio below

    I have been investing 30000 since last 2 years in the below mutual funds.

    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip fund- 6000
    Reliance Small Cap fund- 9000
    HDFC Mid Cap Opportunity Fund-9000
    HDFC Balanced Fund-6000
    PF- 6000

    Investment Time Horizon-12 years

    I am considering balanced fund and PF for my debit portion. Overall Equity and debit portfolio allocation is as below

    Equity : Debit= 70:30 (24000:12000 – As i said that I am considering balanced fund and PF for my debit portion.)

    Could you please let me know that if my portfolio is balanced.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Jitendra-Check the overlap with HDFC Balanced to other funds. If they are not that much, then you can hold and continue. Also, instead of higher exposure to large cap, you have given more importance to mid and small cap. Increase exposure to large cap and then mid cap and in small portion towards small cap.

      1. Thanks a lot sir for quick response. I will increase some more exposure to large cap.

        I am thinking to alloate money in the below ratio.
        Large cap- 30%
        Mid cap – 30%
        Small cap-20%
        Balanced- 20%

        Please let me know if equity allocation is fine for 12 years.

        Thanks in advance!!!

  29. Hello. My age is 37. I had sips running earlier for 3 years. Now i am planning following 4 sips.
    1. Kotak select focus fund G Rs. 5000
    2. A birla frontline equity G Rs. 5000
    3. Hdfc midcap oppn fund G Rs. 5000
    4. Mirrae asset emerging bluechip G Rs. 5000.

    The objective is wealth creation over long term over 10-15 years. Can you please advice if this looks ok?

      1. Hello

        It is 15 yrs to be specific. The asset allocation is 30 :70 where 70 is equity. I have current sip running in Franklin India bluechip growth, icicipru focused bluechip G and hdfc midcap opp fund all totalling to Rs.10000.

  30. Hi Basu,
    Hope u r doing well!My present investments are as follows:
    Franklin india prima plus growth direct-5000/pm
    Franklin’s india smaller companies fund direct-4000/pm
    Post office rd-5000/pm
    Now I wish to invest further total 10000 per month in equity mf devided in 2 sip,duration- 10+ yrs and 3-5 yrs.My plan is as below:
    HDFC balanced fund-4000 pm-3-5yrs
    Icici Pru focussed blue chip /frankline ind blue chip fund or
    Any other large cap fund- 6000/pm-10+yrs
    Kindly give ur valuable advice about my overall portfolio and new investments.
    Waiting for your feedback.

    1. Shekhar-First thing, if your time horizon is around 3-5 years, then don’t enter into equity. Second thing, regarding the investing or rejig in current portfolio, hold one large cap, one mid cap and small portion of small cap fund enough in equity. Regarding debt, if PF or Post Office RD maturity in line with your financial goal, then you can continue. Otherwise, try to use debt funds.

      1. Thanks for quick response.
        Re my mf portfolio as per ur advice one small cap ( Franklin smaller companies fund) is there. One multi cap(Franklin prima plus) I am holding.Now I have 2 questions.
        1. I wish to add one large cap I am confused between icici focussed blue chip fund and Franklin blue chip fund.
        2.Further one mid cap fund should be there as u advised. Kindly clarify one multi cap (Franklin prima plus which i am holding) will solve the purpose of having exclusive mid cap fund.Your insight is requested to finalise my investment/ shuffling in portfolio.
        With Regards,

        1. Shekhar-1) Franklin.
          2) The problem with the multi cap is that they have the mandate to move in any market cap segment. Hence, at any one point you may have higher exposure towards one single market cap without your notice. Hence, I suggest separate mid cap.

  31. Hello Sir,

    I am a 33 Years old salaried professional. Presently, I do not have any equity exposure and have around Rs.5 Lakh in my debt portfolio inclusive of FDs, NSCs and PPF A/c in the ratio 3:1:5. Additionally, I have investible surplus funds of around Rs. 1.5 lakh ,which I want to invest in Mutual Funds and have thought of the below mentioned plans.

    Further, I also plan to invest in 2 SIP plans worth Rs.2500/- each per month which will come out o fmy monthly salary. As you can see below, I have included some debt funds also as I plan to increase the amount proportionately in the same funds in the years to come. Kindly advise whether or not I should go for it and what changes can be made in my portfolio:

    Lumpsum Investments:

    Large Cap Equity – Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund (Growth, Direct Plan) – Rs.50000/-
    Mid Cap Equity – HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (Growth, Direct Plan) – Rs.30000/-
    Small Cap Equity – Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (Growth, Direct Plan) – Rs.20000/-
    Short Term Debt Fund – Franklin India Low Duration Fund – Rs.25000/-
    Gilt Short Term Debt – SBI Magnum Gilt Fund – Rs.25000/-
    TOTAL ——————-

    Large Cap Equity – SBI Bluechip Fund (Growth, Direct Plan) – Rs.2500/-
    Dynamic Bond – ICICI Prudential Long Term Fund – Rs.2500/-
    Rs.5000/- p.m


  32. Hello Sir

    I want to enter MF investments starting from this year, I am 30 yrs old married. No kids.
    I currently hold 5 lakhs of savings in my FDs+RDs. I already have Medical insurance and Term insurance plan.
    I am saving 1.5 lakhs each year in PPF and save 20k pm in RDs.
    Can you please suggest if my picks are correct for entering into MF for getting most out of it after 5-7 years of time.
    1. FranklinIndia Prima Plus Growth (Large CAP)- 5k pm
    2. SBI Magnum Midcap Find Growth- 5k pm

      1. Ok, thanks Sir. Need your opinion if I should keep on investing in RDs or should I go for MFs.
        Also, please let me know if you have personal finance planning solutions.

  33. Thanks sir for all your suggestions.Only one more thing are u happy with the performance of icici long term equity fund or I should switch to some other ELSS fund.If I have to switch kindly suggest me some other ELSS FUND.

  34. Thanks sir for your prompt reply. All the fund mentioned above I have invested with the aim of more than 10 years. And birla sunlife fund which I mentioned above may be read as birla sunlife front line equity fund. All the other fund are clear.
    Sir plz guide now.

  35. Basu Sir by your advice I have created following portfolio 3 years back.
    1)icici long term equity fund 4000 sip
    2)hdfc midcap 1000 sip
    3)birla sun life 1000 sip
    4) Franklin India smaller comp fund 2000.
    I have debt ammmont of around 60000 in ppf lic pli etc per annum
    Thanks sir for your kind advice at that time.I n fact it is because of u I become financial literate.
    Do you think my portfolio is OK at present time or u recommend certain change.
    Sir plz reply

  36. Hello Sir,

    I have MF investments in following funds. All are DIRECT-Growth using SIP. Started in oct 2015.
    My age is 32 and investments are for 18 years.
    Axis long term ELSS – 4k/m
    ICICI pru val discovery – 2.5k/m
    HDFC balanced – 2.5k/m
    Mirae asset emerging bluechip – 3k/m

    I am handling my debt investments using PPF – 30K yearly and 2oK in FD.

    1. Is my portfolio on track.
    2. I am not planning to add any other fund.

      1. Sir,

        I am following 70:30 (equity:debt). In additiona to (PPF+FD) in debt part I have one Jeewan saral LIC policy, Premium 25K per year. Policy will be expiring in next 4 years. I have no plans to surrender this policy.

          1. Sir,

            Thanks for writing.
            1. Any specific reason for leaving multicap (ICICI pru value discovery).
            2. can you suggest one large cap fund..

            1. Mukul-The only disadvantage is that you can’t track their moment and at the certain stage your portfolio may be tilted more towards one market cap. Hence, better to avoid. Large cap list is available in above post.

          2. Hi Sir, Icici Pru value discovery fund seems not performing in the last 1 year. Pl advice whether to hold or shift the portfolio to other fund.

  37. Respected Sir,

    Myself Saranya Ravi a pvt. school teacher, monthly income rs.20000 pm. I am new to Mutual fund, My friend who is working in ICICI Direct account. Through his guidance I opened an account and invest the amount in below Mutual Funds as Lump sum… to hold atleastfor atleast 3 to 4 yrs for 5yrs old daughter savings.

    1. Reliance Small cap fund (R) – Rs.25000 Lumpsum
    2. L&T Emerging Business fund(R) – Rs.25000 Lumpsum
    3. Hdfc Prudence fund (R) – Rs, 25000 Lumpsum
    4. Axis Dynamic Equity fund (R) – Rs.50000 lumpsum.

    Respected Sir, Now I need your valuable opinion whether the above MF investment is Ok or I have to quit from any MF or Modify any MF. Please give me your valuable reply to correct my Portfolios… Since I am very new to this MF investing. Waiting for your kind and valuable reply sir. Thank you very much sir.

    1. Saranya-I confused with your statement. You are planning for your kids future who is currently at 5 years of age. But claiming that you want to hold this just for 3-4 years. If your intention is to hold for 3-4 years, then DON”T ENTER INTO EQUITY.
      Also, investing in Mutual Funds through ICICI Direct is the costliest way of investment. Demat account is not at all required for investing in mutual funds.

      1. Respected Sir, Thanks for your immediate response and advise me to move out from ICICI Direct. However Now, I had already invested the above MF’s last month. Now kindly please suggest me whether the above MF’s is good to holding for long term gain or is there any MF’s should be avoided or to change the MF portfolio. Awaiting for your valuable guidance.


  38. Hi Basu,

    I need your help in guiding for a specific financial goal in my life.
    For my child’s higher education after 15 years, I want to save Rs 35 lakhs.
    I have around 3 lakhs in NSC/PPF in my wife’s name currently which might grow up to 10 lakhs.
    So I want to build a corpus of remaining 25 lakhs in equity/mutual funds. I can invest up to 7k/month.
    In the above situation, on which mutual funds should I invest?

    Please guide me.


  39. Hi Basu ,

    Hope you are really doing well.
    Can’t thank you enough for the financial knowledge you are sharing.
    I am outlining my Investment MF Portfolio with you and need your valuable insight into it. I do have a investment time horizon of about 20/25 Years. I am planning to start investing 21K (Equity:Debt: 70:30) per month in
    below Funds with a yearly increase of 10%.

    1)ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Equity Fund(G) – 8000 – Large Cap
    2)Franklin India Prima Fund(G) – 3000 – Midcap
    3)HDFC Balanced Fund(G) – 3000 – Equity Balance Fund
    4)Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund(G) – 2000 – Small Cap
    5)PPF – 5000 -Debt

    Kindly advise if the above mentioned funds are good to go ahead with and do i need to add any more Fund to my Portfolio.

    Thanks a Ton…


    1. Sir ,
      I have a sip of 5000 per month in ICICI VALUE DISCOVERY FUND for the last 3 years.
      The fund is not performing well for the last 1 year .
      The AUM has also become enormous:17000cr.
      Shall I stop my sip? And start in another multicap fund.
      Is the gigantic AUM causing its downfall?
      Please advise

      1. Sameer-How you felt that fund is under performing? What was your expectation while investing? How much is the fund generating? There is a misconception that AUM harm the performance. But do remember that such theories are copycat of the foreign market (which is much bigger than ours).

  40. hi,
    what is your advise with regard to starting new SIPs in funds which have stopped taking lumpsum investments and restricted monthly investment values? Probably the fund manager is already overburdened and is it wise to stay away for new investments?

    There are some conflicting reviews about HDFC mid cap opp fund, FI prima funds. DO you suggest fresh SIPs in these funds?

  41. Hi Basu,

    I am having 4000 monthly SIP of ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Growth.

    Last week I decided of adding 4000 more to this existing SIP but by mistake I created a SIP for ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Direct Plan – Growth


    1) Please let me know if returns are same for ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Growth and ICICI
    Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund – Direct Plan – Growth.

    2) Please suggest shall I stop the SIP for new Direct Plan – Growth and again create ICICI Prudential Focused
    Bluechip Equity Fund – Growth.


      1. Thanks Basu. Looks everything same in terms of portfolio. May be I wl continue with this Direct plan 🙂

  42. Hello Sir,

    I kindly require your valuable advise on the below doubts with respect to MF investing only.

    Let say I am 30 years now and i want to invest in mutual fund for 20 years,
    Risk appetite – High,

    Say i can start with 5k p/m & and increasing with certain % on yearly basis, with expected return of 10% to 12% at the end of 30 years (i.e, 20year investing & 10 year wait period =30years total, as I require the amount from my 61st year. )

    So further going with allocation on the basis of 70 : 30 (Equity : Debt) –

    1) Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G) – 2k p/m

    2) ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G) – 1.5k p/m

    3) Birla Sun Life short term fund – 1.5k p/m

    Now my question is :

    1) Am I on the right direction towards investing in MF as per above details? If yes

    2) Is the allocation ok or do I have to add or delete anything

    3) Can I transact through AMC online or MFutility as I can monitor on my own.

    If any other suggestions please advise
    Kindly waiting for your kind reply.


    1. Madhu-Your investable amount is less. Hence, we can’t select each category of fund. However, better you include one large cap and one mid cap in equity. In debt, you can either use PPF, EPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Fund. Better to use MFU as it is one place for all your funds to review and monitor.

  43. Hi Basu

    Hope you are doing well

    I am a beginner and wants to invest in Mutual funds, already gone through with your post and suggestions however not sure how and where to start. Target is to have enough money for kid education by 2028 which is 10 years from now
    Just to give you a background –
    1. Already having a PPF account with nominal savings say 1K per month and thinking to increase
    2. LIC Jeevan Anand with 7 Lac sum assured
    3. Term insurance – don’t have & wanted to buy
    4. Medical insurance – Only corporate, should I buy personal as well?

      1. Hi –

        Need suggestion on following, my target is 10 years from now
        1. Equity – which MF to start with, large/mid/small or balanced. I am targeting Franklin with 5K-10K per month, please suggest
        2. Debt – Is 1ooK a year in PPF sensible or should I think something else as well
        3. LIC – Should I keep it till maturity or surrender it now, I am having 2 Jeevan Anand (3ooK & 400K sum insured for 16 years and 21 years respectively initiated in 2009 & 2010)

        1. Jasvinder-1) One large, one mid and small portion of small cap.
          2) Your time horizon is 10 years, then how can a product which is 15 years (PPF) suitable for you?
          3) In my view better to surrender.

          1. Sorry, I forgot to mention that PPF account is 5 years old so I would be able to withdraw by 2028 hence asking for 100K-150K of deposit for remaining period. Also while going through internet, it seems depositing yearly amount between 1st to 5th April every year will yield maximum benefit in PPF.
            Requesting your guidance

  44. HI Basu,

    Recently only i came to know about your website. I found it very interesting and very helpful in improving our financial knowledge. I have following funds with me. Please let me know your inputs:
    SBI Bluechip (1000 SIP)
    DSP BR Focus 25 (1000 SIP)
    ICICI Value discovery (1000 SIP)
    HDFC Mid cap (1000 SIP)
    DSP Micro cap (1000 SIP)
    TATA Tax saving (1000 SIP) – Though i have selected this fund for tax savings. But since i invest in PPF, so i don’t need this fund.
    ICICI Balanced fund (1000 SIP)
    Birla sunline MIP Savings 5 – dividend payout (For lumpsum investment)

    Problem is that i don’t have clear objectives for my investments. My only objective is to maximize my returns in the SAFEST manner. All my investments are long term.
    Please let me know your inputs.

      1. by maximize i want to point out interest rate scenario that we have today. Icici is offer 6.75 ROI and considering that i am in 30% tax bracket, i hardly make any money from FD’s.

        That is why i am looking for other investment options (after exhausting my PPF limit) that can give me better returns. Since i am looking for long term investment, so equity exposure seems OK to me.

        SAFEST – Here i believe that markets are very high these days. I want to be bit cautious while investing. Birla sunlife MIP i have chosen as a alternative of FD. Not sure if my decision is good.

        1. Saurabh-Whether MIPs are safest? Above that which is SAFEST? The art of INVESTMENT is art of managing RISK. Don’t chase returns based on the market cycle. But go for equity and debt based on the time horizon of the goal. This is what I explained in above post.

  45. Hi Basu I hope you are doing well thanks a lot for the valuable article I will be starting SIP as an example, I have 100 INR amount invest per month , time horizon 10 Years+ for all and Equity to Debt ratio 70:30

    35 INR SIP PM in SBI Bluechip G
    21 INR Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (G)
    14 INR SIP in DSPBR micro cap fund G

    30 INR PM in PM time horizon again 10+years , if there is any Fund that can be better that it on second best please advise also

    1. Please advise if you think there is some correction needed
    2. Please advise if I have to top up the funds by parking some surplus money with similar time horizon objective, can i follow same pattern
    3. Please advise if you have to change any funds in Debt and Equity
    4. Please advise how to allocate balance fund like HDFC Balanced Fund (G) by exchanging any of above

    1. Shahnawaz-It looks fine. But for DSPBR fund as of now you can’t invest. Regarding, debt, what product you selected? Whether it is for SIP or top up, you can use the same funds for the set time horizon with same asset allocation.

      1. Thanks can you replace DSPBR with HDFC Balanced Fund (G) please advise or suggest anything else

        In addition please advise any DEBt for 10+ years time horizon still not able to finalize although read your article

  46. sir i 47yr, I am investing given below funds. Do you think my portfolio is ok or should i change?

    Please Reply

    Thanks in advance.

    BSL Resurgent India Fund Series 1 Growth Regular
    Sundaram Select Microcap SR 9-5 Year Regular Growth
    HDFC Long Term Advantage Fund Regular Plan Divident
    HDFC Mid-Cap Oppertunities Fund Regular Plan Growth (SIP) Rs.1000/m
    HDFC Balanced Fund Regular Plan Growth-(SIP) Rs.3000/m
    ICICI Prudential Value Disvovery Fund Growth (SIP) Rs.1000/m
    IDFC Balanced Fund Regular Plan Growth (SIP) Rs.1000/m
    IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund Regular Plan Growth (SIP) Rs.1000/m
    IDFC Tax Advantage Fund (ELSS)Divident Regular Plan (SIP) Rs.1000/m


      1. Dear basu.. lot of people asking for funds for goals.. many of Ppeople like us dnt know how to set goals which are more practical.. i request n suggest u give some time and write an article about setting goals n accordingly choosing funds. Some very generic goals with different aged people as example… so that most of us can get clear picture of Goals n funds for them… i thought after reading the new article people can ask u specific n clear questions….

  47. Hi Basu first of all thanks a lot for this great article and advice, in your article as you advise the one should invest in maximum 3-4 funds based on goals , but I just need to know how we can choose between large cap, multi cap I mean can those 3-4 fund can be all all multi cap or large cap or mid cap or one fund from each category e.t.c

    In addition talking of about debt:equity as 30:70 , debt here can be one of of debt mutual fund in your other posts or it should be only bank FD, RD or PPF or it should be mix of both, how to mange this

    Appreciate your advice


    1. Shahnawaz-One large, one mid and one small cap fund enough for equity. It can be any debt product like FD, RD, PPF, EPF or Debt Funds (based on your goal time horizon and comfort with the product).

  48. Hi Basu,

    Appreciate if you could write an article on the way to rebalance mutual fund portfolio year on year basis.

  49. Hi Basu,

    Whats your opinion for ETF equity fund and index fund. They are good for investing for 20 years?

  50. Hi I am 35, Started investing this year. Currently have the following SIP’s

    HDFC Prudence Fund – 2000
    Birla Sun lime Small & Mid Cap – 2000
    ICICI Pru Value Discovery – 1000
    Mirae India Opportunities fund -1000

    I am planning to add a liquid fund and also Blue Chip fund to this portfolio. Planning Franklin BlueChip & Birla Sun life Cash plus.

    Your advice?

    1. Subramani-What allocation % you are performing between debt and equity? If time horizon is 20 years, then why the liquid fund? Whether you checked the overlap of the portfolio in the existing investment?

      1. Basu,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I am planning to shift a portion of my emergency funds to Liquid fund. The Liquid fund I am planning for a year to 18 month SIP of Rs 5000 and then let the investment continue.

        I have not really checked the portfolio overlap. Will do so over the weekend. I have an MIP which focuses on debt funds at around Rs 4000 per month.

        I am fine with a riskier portfolio in my first 10 years as I want to maximize the returns over the 10 year period, before rebalancing.

        So I was thinking my Portfolio lacks a largecap/bluechip fund and obviously the liquid fund for the near-term.

          1. Well I do not mean a 20% return as a high return. I would be happy between 12%-15% return over the next 10 year period. Which I think is reasonable on these funds.

  51. Dear Basu,
    I am 36 and planning to invest Rs.10K per month in the asset allocation between Debt(30%) and Equity(70%)
    Time Horizon – 10 years for my Kid’s education and marriage

    Planning to move all my matured fixed deposits close to 1.5L in MFs
    So far, my MF SIP investments for the past year are split-up accordingly

    With Motilal Oswal – 30 K
    SBI MAGNUM MULTICAP FUND (Exit load period not over yet)
    RELIANCE SMALL CAP FUND – GROWTH PLAN ((Exit load period not over yet)
    RELIANCE TOP 200 FUND – GROWTH PLAN (Exit load period not over yet)

    With Motilal and Funds India


    With Funds India – 1.25 L
    Birla SL Dynamic Bond-Fund-Reg
    Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund (G)
    Birla SL Treasury OPtimizer Plan (G)
    Franklin India Prima Plus Fund (G)
    HDFC Balanced Fund(G)
    Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip-Reg(G)

    I have gone through your post which made me think to regulate my MFs.

    I am planning to move all my existing MFs to Zerodha (or) MF Utility

    Large cap

    Franklin India BlueChip

    Mid Cap
    HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund (G)

    Ultra short term or short term gilt debt funds
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G)

    Need your suggestion,

    (1) If I had made right decision to move all MFs to mentioned diversification
    (2) Your thoughts on Zerodha and MF Utility
    (3) Should I invest some amount in PPF also ?
    (4) Is it worth to move Reliance and SBI Magnum before exit period gets over ?

      1. Ramanathan-For 10 years goal, make sure to have proper asset allocation. Yes, your final fund selection is good for equity. But for debt choose ultra short term debt fund or short term gilt funds. In my view MFU is best than Zerodha as MFU is completely free. Your goal time horizon is 10 years but PPF is 15 years product. Hence, this product is not suitable to you. Stick to 2-3 funds in equity and one fund in debt. This much is enough.

        1. Dear Basu, Thanks for your suggestion.
          My Asset Allocation- Equity- 70%- Debt 30% Out of 70% in Equity, 40% in Large Cap and 30% in Mid-Cap and
          Out of 30% in Debt-Ultra short term or short term gilt debt funds, I thought
          Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G) is the one. Can you please confirm ?.
          Also, For 15 years plan,
          I am investing Rs.2000/- in Sukanya Samriddhi account for my daughters marriage.
          If it’s for 15 years, Can I continue with Sukanya Samriddhi investment or I can opt for PPF

          1. Ramanathan-In Equity-50% in large, 30% in mid and 20% in small cap. Your debt is OK. I am not fond of this Govt scheme. Because I feel now this Govt launched it and giving highest return. However, if Govt changes then they may not be so aggressive like this Govt. Instead, I prefer PPF.

  52. Hi Basunivesh,

    I would like to invest in below funds:

    for large cap : ICICI Pru focussed blue chip Equity fund (OR) – SBI blue chip – Rs5000

    Mid cap : HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund – Rs5000

    Small Cap : DSPBR Micro Cap Fund (G) – Rs 5000

    Can you please suggest any better funds in the above categories. As i am new to the invest methods, could you please let us know at where i need to invest these funds or whom to contact for investing of SIP

    Please let me know.

  53. hello sir,
    I am planning to invest 14000/- in mutual funds by monthly sip. time horizen– 18 to 20 years..I choose following funds in different categories

    Large Cap:-
    1.. Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund
    2. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund

    Small Cap:-
    1. Reliance Small Cap Fund
    2. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund

    Mid cap:-
    1. Mirae Emerging Blue Chip Fund
    2. dsp small & midcap fund
    3 HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund

    Kindly comment on these chosen funds.. if possible suggest some more good funds.

      1. Because of market risk and performance of every fund.. I think every fund performs in their own may be possible if one fund is not performing ,choosing two funds in one category may minimize the loss. This is my opinion. I invest 1.5 lakhs every year in PPF also..

        1. Arun-In my view, hold single fund which is best track record, give enough time for fund to judge before jumping or quitting. Doing re-balancing and reviewing once in a year are best. May be I am biased. But I love to simplify the investment from those experts who made it as if ROCKET Science 🙂

          1. Sir, you are right. Investments should be kept as simple as possible. I am new to mutual funds. So don’t have much knowledge about judging the performance of a fund.. can you please tell me how to judge the performance of a fund..

            1. Hi arun, I am also a newbie… i came to know about few ways to choose by my financial freinds spurce.. i.e. see the track record of 1yr and 5yr returns and ranking… and ur intution… but past performance cant ensure future ..but its one of the ways may be to choose… Basu might give better insights… thanks

              1. Prashant-I am of the opinion that holding single fund is better as holding multiple funds with same underlying stocks or with the same benchmark may hardly give any diversification. However, if your fund is continuously under performing the BENCHMARK (not it’s peers), then you can think of switching. Whether you invest in 1 fund or many funds, tracking and managing risk is more important.

  54. hi. iam 42yrs now and am planning to invest in SIP MF. Goals are retirement/child education 18yrs (for both). I have allocated 30% for debt in form of PPF,NPS and debt funds. Planning to invest remainder in equity.I can spare about Rs 50000 monthly for the same . I am considering to invest in following funds; Large cap-Kotak select focus & BSlife frontline equity: Multi cap- motilal oswal most 35, Midcap–mirae asset emerging blue chip and HDFC opp. Small cap: REliance small cap. What is your opinion about fund selection? I am having some confusion between BSL Fe and SBI blue chip . also Between HDFC midcap opp, reliance small cap, FI small co, DSP BR small and midcap.

      1. Hi–thanks for reply.
        I have 2 doubts:
        1. just like mutual fund returns are influenced by market performance, what is the effect/impact of the funds on the market performance?
        2. considering even the worst crashes of market, how much would actually one loose by investing in mutual funds ?He might not get the expected returns, but will he really loose out all?

        1. Suresh-1) It is exactly like few chasing many or many chasing few. But in the current scenario, I don’t think a single fund can turn the market. It is collective money across all AMCs, which may impact.
          2) Anything can happen. Hence, the art of investing is the art of MANAGING RISK but not chasing returns.

  55. You really write well. I have seen lot of blogs on this subject but yours was the most logical and articulate. I also read your Jeevan Umang review which my LIC agent has been asking me to buy and of all reviews on the net, yours was the best.

  56. Hello Sir,

    Nice Informative article with many queries and quick responses! Truly appreciate!

    I have LIC policy with yearly premium of 16500/y, PPF of 470000 (because of decreasing interest rates, I add just 1K/y in it now onwards, maturing in 2022)

    Started to invest in Mutual Funds from last 2 years only.

    MF Lumpsum are as below:
    DSP Micro Cap: 30000
    DSP Small & Mid cap – 5000
    Franklin India Opportunity – 20000
    Franklin India Smaller Company – 20000

    DSP Small & Mid cap: 2000 SIP from last 3 months
    Franklin India Smaller Company – 2500 SIP from last 4 months

    Goal: 10 years (Minimum)
    Monthly desired investment – 10000

    Please suggest me if I am doing right or which funds I should Switch/add new?

    Kindly appreciate your help!


      1. Hello Basuji,

        Asset allocation is 30:70. For 30% Debt, I have PPF, LIC etc. I am looking forward to buy some equity based Mutual Fund. But confused about which one to select to get maximum wealth creation benefit. Can you please help me in selection?

        Thanks in advance…

          1. Hi.. i am little worried/confused.. why do u suggest only 1 fund in each catagory? Many funds have not given verygood/good returns but few have given best consistanly… and future depends on market and mainly the thinking of fund manager…. if we choose one smll cal… arent we taking risk with on find manager?? If he fails to tackle right stocks… growth is not expected… but if we choose atleast 2 good funds in each catagory…doesnt that make better risk diversification??

            1. Prashant-If both funds tracking the same index as their benchmark and if the particular fund is not beating it consistently, then you have to think of switching. However, PEER comparison is the biggest enemy in investing. Also, do remember that whether you choose SINGLE or 10 FUNDS within the same category, no fund will be BEST forever. The art of investing is the art of managing risk. Stop chasing funds returns. But concentrate on fund returns. If the fund is generating your expected return, then why to worry? Also, invest in equity MF does not mean you invest today and forget for next 10 years. You have to review and do rebalancing activity once in a year.

  57. HI Basu,

    I m planning to invest my monthly in different sectors i.e mutual funds, PPF and in other investment. Kindly guide me which are good for above 15 years.

    Looking for the response.


  58. Dear Basu,

    I am a 33 year old guy. I am getting Rs. 3 lakh after the maturity of my LIC policy. And I want to re-invest that amount for my family’s future. I don’t know much about mutual funds so please guide me.
    My goal is to gain maximum returns.
    Time horizon is 15 – 20 years.
    Risk level is moderate.
    So, please tell me that should I invest this amount in SIP or as Lump sum and in which funds so that I can get maximum returns??
    Thank you in advance.

  59. Dear Sir,

    Please look into my portfolio and correct me if anything in wrong. My Time Horizon for all is 10 years.

    Debt Portfolio.
    1) Bank RD – 10k per month
    2) PPF – 1.15 lacs invested so far as on 10/07/2017.
    3) Tax Saver Bond in Bank – 50k (lock in period – 5yrs)

    SIP – Equity portfolio:
    1) SBI MAGNUM MID CAP FUND(DIRECT GROWTH) – 50k (Lumpsum investment)
    2) SBI Bluechip Fund (Direct Growth)- SIP : 2k/month
    3) HDFC MidCap Opportunities(Growth) : SIP : 1k/month

    SIP MF : ELSS Funds (For Tax Saving Purpose)
    1) Franklink India Taxshield (Direct-G) – 1k/month
    2) Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 96 – (Direct -G)- 1k/month

    In addition to above I would like to start for investment of 1k/month as SIP in HDFC Balanced Fund(Direct-G).
    So, Total- 18k Investment/month.

    Sry for the long post, please advise whether my portfolio is correct and also advise me regarding new fund HDFC Balanced Fund in taking new SIP.

    Thanks Sir.

    1. Shashikant-What asset allocation you are following? Why 3 ELSS funds than a single? If already managing debt and equity separately, then why a balanced fund? Asset allocation can be following as above. Also, 3-4 funds enough (including ELSS).

  60. Good evening sir. By comparison, which one of the following is better for long term i.e more than 10 years? Sbi blue chip vs Kotak select focus. Size of both funds are above 10k Crore. Some sites mentioning that Kotak select is multicap and some sites as large cap / diversified. Which one is correct? Large cap or multicap

  61. Hello Basu,

    Thanks for such a in depth article. I need to take your suggestion on my current portfolio. I have invested in 3 mutual funds :

    1. BSL Frontline Equity Fund – G
    2. Franklin India Prima Fund- G and
    3. DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund – G

    I am currently 24 yr old. i have started investing in above funds @1K/month for about 1 year now. I need to invest more. I am thinking to go for : Franklin India Bluechip Fund- G and DSP Micro Fun (1K/month each). Then I shall more invest in these funds only in coming years.

    But I am confused that already having 2 equity funds ( sr no 1 &2) in my fortfolio, should I go for a equity-balanced fund(HDFC Balanced) instead of Franklin India Bluechip.

    Your suggestion shall be highly appreciated.


            1. Chirag-If your time horizon is 15 years, then first set asset allocation. Then for debt, use PPF or Ultra Short Term Debt Funds. For equity, one large cap, one mid cap and one small cap. Enough

  62. Hi Basu,
    This is Deepak,
    My current age is 31 and i want to retire @ 55 and 40k/month.
    I am planning for my baby next year and want save for education and marriage.
    Kindly guide for well plan for it.

    I have a PPF of 50K has been deposited.
    I have a mutual fund investment of 3K in Axis Bank Long term investment(G) as an SIP.(suggested from you 🙂
    And PF around 3lac and some portion is being deposited to it every Month.

    Kindly guide me to do the right investment.I Can invest 15-20K/month.
    Is it suitable to go with Mutual funds or Stock Market investment?
    If You suggesting me Mutual fund then suggest me which funds should i select and for how many years and price point.

    Is stock trading a good option ?

    Can I put some portion in Traditional plan as well ?

    1. Deepak-You identified your goals, the next step is to read the above post properly. You will get all answers. If you still have doubts, then you can raise the issue here.

      1. Hi Basu,
        That is so kind of you for the response.

        I have choosen HDFC MID-CAP opeertunity fund-4000/M
        SBI BLUE CHIP-3000/M
        Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Direct Plan (G)-2000/M

        Now I am thinking should I opt for Balanced fund or Multi-cap fund for 3000/m

        01.Please share your views on the above portfolio,If any changes required,please tell.
        02.Should I go for balanced or for Multi-cap fund for my portfolio.

        Thanks in Advance.

        1. Deepak-You set the goal and you know time horizon. Now the next is to do asset allocation and identifying the funds. Do this exercise and let me know the result. Sorry for giving you the task. But I want you MUST learn instead of going for readymade answers. If you have doubts in this, then I am here to guide you.

          1. Hi Basu..
            Thanks for educating me.
            As per your advice i made my investment 30:70(Debt:Equity) as my horizon is over 10 years.
            And I have planned for invest 20K per Month as SIP.
            30%=6000 and I am investing 2k/M in PPF and rest are yet to decide, as PPF intrest rate is decreasing day by day i am investing only 2k/M.
            For Equity part I have choosen one midcap and for cushioning I am opting a Large cap.

            And for that I have choosen the above funds.One Large cap and mid cap and for the rest debt part i am thinking to opt the balanced fund to cover.

            Please correct me if I am wrong and provide guidance.


            1. Deepak-Now you are on right track. Even though PPF interest rates are down, but the tax efficiency over other products and the current inflation rate makes it still attractive. Hence, if your time horizon matching the maturity of PPF, then I suggest using PPF.

              1. Thanks much Basu..
                Please answer about my other query also.Should I go for Balanced fund for the debt part as I am opting Large-cap and Mid cap for equity.


      1. Hi Basu

        Can you suggest an alternative to the DSP BR Microcap Fund for new investors? I understand Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund is also part of your list, but I dont think its listed in MFU

        Is there something that you would recommend?


  63. hello sir
    I have strarted investing in MF’s through SIP from last four months through financial advisor. I came to know that they are under REGULAR GROWTH plan. When I browsed the difference between REGULAR vs DIRECT, I felt I have done mistake by adopting GROWTH plan because commision to advisor will be deducted from my returns. What should I do now, shall i change plan through advisor or stop them and start new one freshly.

    1. Srinivas-First understands whether you can manage everything on your OWN or not. If you are capable doing clerical work related to MF investment and also can handle the portfolio on your own like review and all those things, then go ahead to DIRECT. Otherwise, stick with good adviser (I am not saying to stick with the same adviser).

      1. I beleive clerical job will be one time at the starting of MF’s. Will there be any work after starting MF’s through direct plan

        1. Currently I am investing 12000 per month, if an average return of about 15% is considered then I would get 1.53 Cr at the end of 20 years. What is the difference in direct plan vs regular plan returns after 20 years.

  64. Hi Basu,

    While selecting the scheme name under MF SIP creation in HDFC securities, I see four almost similar plans .

    For instance, Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund – Growth Direct Plan, Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund – Growth Direct Plan1, Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund – Growth Plan, Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund – Direct Plan.

    1) Please advise which among these 4 is better and if you could please elaborate on the difference between Growth Direct Plan and Growth/Direct plans.
    2) What is your suggestion on the performance of Birla Sun Life Top 100 Fund Growth.


    1. Amit-1) Check whether HDFC Securities offers you DIRECT funds. In my view, NO. Also, selecting direct or regular depends on your comfort with MF. Hence, choose the regular or direct based on that.
      2) Without knowing much about your reasons for investing or time horizon, it is hard to say whether it is good fund or bad.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for your reply.

        My time horizon is 10 years, I am a moderate investor with the goal of achieving at least 10% returns after the maturity of the funds.

        MF Summary for 20K/year
        1) Large Cap : SBI Bluechip (4K), Birla Sun Life Top 100 (1K)
        2) Multi Cap : ICICI Prudent Value Discovery (3K)
        3) Mid and Small Caps: Mirae Asset Emerging bluechip direct growth (2K), Canara Robeco Emerging equities direct growth (2K) & DSP BR Microcap (2K)
        4) Balanced: HDFC Balanced (6K)

        Does it look okay to you?


          1. Hi Basu,

            My current asset allocation is Equity(70%) and Debt (30%).


              1. Thank you so much Basu for your expert opinion.

                Once I have purchased the mutual funds, how often I should monitor and any specific aspect to be tracked?


                  1. Thank you again Basu for your extended support.

                    In the current article, you have mentioned that, If a fund clears all these tests and gives you around a minimum of 80% score since inception, it is given a green signal from you.

                    I would like to understand and learn, I can calculate the below parameters for a fund on my own and analyze. If yes, please guide me.

                    • Beta
                    • Standard deviation
                    • Alpha
                    • Sharpe Ratio
                    • Sortino Ratio
                    • Treynor Ratio
                    • Information Ratio
                    • Omega Ratio
                    • Downside deviation
                    • Upside potential
                    • R-squared
                    • SIP Returns
                    • Lump Sum Returns


                    1. DIY (Do It Yourself) investment does not mean calculating all these parameters. There are sites that do these calcs like moneycontrol and valueresearch. Your responsibility as DIY investor is to check these sites and get these values for the funds you selected. Then decide whether to redeem or stop SIPs or continue SIPs. It’s even easier if you create your portfolio in moneycontrol with fund name date of purchase cost etc. They will tell you how good is the performance. Dont review daily. Once in six months is enough.

  65. Hi Basu

    I am holding
    Birla Sun life equity front line
    UTI equity
    ICICI value discovery
    Franklin india small companies

    I am planning to add
    DSP blackrock micro fund
    Mirae asset india oppportunities
    HDFC balanced fund in portfolio it a good idea .what is your suggestion ?

    Also is it worth investing in UTI euity fund or I can switch to some other fund

      1. Hi Basu my time horizon is long term more than 10 years
        Also I have no debt allocation in funds as that’s taken care by pf/ppf/liquid cash

  66. Hi Basu,
    I started investing in MF recently. I have made asset allocation of 70:30 (Equity : Debt) for my 10 year goal. My portfolio in equity is 60:30:10 (Large:mid:small cap). I have two queries.
    1. I am not able to start SIP in Ultra short term fund (Birla SL Floating rate fund-long term). Birla call centre says it is not possible. Then how to go about investing monthly?
    2. Is it right time (bear market) to pick and invest in a mid and small cap fund?

    1. Pappu-1) What they are saying? If you are unable to do that with Birla, then why not move to others?
      2) If you did the proper asset allocation for your long term goals, then the current status of the market is irrelevant.

      1. Hi Basu, Thanks for ur reply.

        1) The Birla call centre says- It is a liquid fund, try investing lump sum. But when I purchase lump sum from the same folio, it says your invest is worth 7 lakhs, please visit our office or CAMS centre with KYC details.
        2) I agree, as it is going to be an SIP.

  67. Currently, I am investing an amount of Rs 10000 in all the funds selected below through Funds India. Could you please high-light your though on this. My goal is to invest till 15 -20 years




  68. HiBasu! I wish to invest Rs 1 lakh in lumpsum for 5 yrs may be 50k-50k each if u suggest two good funds.A balance mf will be a good option??Or should I invest in short term gilt funds.Time horizon may be increased to 7-8 yrs.

      1. Basu Thanks for your quick response.. Could you please be kind enough to specifically advice one fund in each category for lumpsum investment.
        Thanks in advance…

          1. I have gone through your post re – debt mf (very informative article)and decided to invest as follows:
            35000-sbi Magnum gilt fund
            65000-Frankline Ind blue chip fund
            A.Kindly advice if it is a right choice.
            B.Money is ready to invest but hesitating to invest right now as market is at highest level and I’m investing lumpsum.Is it right approach ?? Should I invest rt now or wait for around a month??Kindly suggest

            With regards,

            1. Shekhar-If your goal is long term and you did the proper asset allocation, then if you still feel the fear, the option is to spread this investment for the next 5-6 months.

      2. Hi Basu, u have give nice detailed info.thanks for the info . I have few doubts.
        As you are suggesting to go with only few funds i.e. 1 or 2 funds in large/small/multi etc… in this case if somehting goes wrong with AMC/Fund manager or stoks they have invested in just like Tarus liquid fund…most of the % profic/capital of the investor is lost/reduced. But when in if we choose multiple funds of different AMCs with different asset allocation this chance of drastic loss is reduced right? for example i want to start SIP of 30k monthly. and i choose 15 funds. in that 8-10 equity funds spread across with all AMCs, and all caps without much overlap. and remaining liquid,short, ultra short, long term, bond, gilt funds. So this profolio is much more stable and diversified than having only few funds inspite of having multiple good options in the market?!!? only thing is managing all of them could be little difficult if all are in direct mode. But doesnt above analysis make sense?? pleasae give your views.

        1. Prashant-Whether you checked those 8-10 equity funds overlap? Check with the same category of a fund (like a large cap with large cap), then tell me the % of overlap. Your answer makes us to discuss more on this. When checking overlap, if you compare large cap with mid cap then sometimes it may be less than 10% overlap. But if you compare with same market cap funds, then you will find the % of overlap.

          1. Hi Basu, please find my views here,
            Below is my planned profolio with full diversification:
            please give ur views n modifications

            Share : Debt = 37.78%, Equity = 60% Others= remaining

            Giant 23.91
            Large Cap 19.99
            Mid Cap 31.45
            Small Cap 23.37
            Tiny 0.28
            Not Classified 1.00

            Equity funds
            1 SBI Small and Mid Cap Direct-G
            2 Reliance Small Cap Direct-G
            3 L&T Emerging Businesses Direct-G

            1.Birla SL Pure Value Direct-G
            2.Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Direct-G
            3.HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities-G

            1.Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Multicap 35 Reg-G
            2.ICICI Pru Value Discovery-G

            1.Reliance Pharma Direct-G
            2.DSP BlackRock Natural Resources and New Energy Fund – Direct Plan
            3.Franklin Build India

            1.ICICI Pru Balanced Direct-G
            2.L&T India Prudence Direct-G

            1.ICICI Pru Nifty Next 50 Index Direct-G

            1.Indiabulls Liquid-G
            2.Birla Sun Life Floating Rate Fund – Short Term Plan – Direct Plan

            Ultra Short term
            1.Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Super Inst-G

            1.UTI Bond Direct-G
            2.ICICI Prudential Income Plan – Direct Plan

            DynamicBond/Corp Bond
            1.ICICI Prudential Long Term Fund – Direct Plan

            1.Birla SL MIP II-Wealth 25 (G)

            And i checkd and analysed overlap within the same catogary many times with different tools like
            the maximum overlap i saw was between hdfc midcap oppor fund and Mirae asset emrging bluechi which is around 30%. remaining all combinations are below 10% or around it.

            please give your views and sugggestion about above given portfolio which is much more diversified to manage losses and get avarage profit…. please correct if any of my views are wrong..
            and i am new to this fianace field, from few months i am analysing and trying to invest….

              1. Hi basu. Here are my few goals.
                1. Emergency fund – build time 1year.
                2. Refund of loan from relatives 2lakh time period 1-2 years. 3. Home/flat – 20lakh period is 4years.
                4. Toure amount 2lakh, time period is 3years.

                How do u attach above given funds to each of these goals?? Which fund suits each goals..?
                Yes..i chose multiple funds in same catogsry as safety if one fund / fund hous crashes or falls… and there is less overlap between all of more diversification…

                1. Prashant-None of your goals are more than 5 years. Hence, in my view investing in any equity funds is risky. Stay away from all equity funds and also stay away from other types of debt funds (except Ultra Short Term Debt Funds or Short Term Gilt Funds).

  69. Hi Basu,

    As we know that Market is on high now and there is a possibility to fall the market for some coming months.

    I have been investing in mutual fund since Oct 2015 . so I want to know that shall i continue invest in mutual fund for coming 5-6 months?

    I am thinking to stop mutual fund investment for coming 5-6 months and then again continue after 5-6 months. As there is a possibility of correction in market in next 5-6 months. So till the time i can invest my money in bank RD.

    Please guide me this

    Jitendra Chauhan

    1. Jitendra-Who know that market will FALL from now ON and after 5-6 months they be again on track?? If anyone know, then he must be GOD. If your goals are long term, did the proper asset allocation, then why to worry??

  70. Hi Basu,

    I am planning to invest for long term (15 years) goals. Below are my current investment. My asset allocation would be 30:70 (Debt:Equity)

    FD – 1 lakh (Tax Saving – 5 years) started in 2016
    LIC – 10,000/year started in 2011

    Axis Long Term Equity Fund(ELSS) – 2000 (started in Jan 2017)
    ICICI Value Discovery Fund – 3000 (Started in Apr 2017)
    Franklin India Small Cos – 3000 (Started in April 2017)

    Could you please review my portfolio and tell your opinion.

  71. Hi Basu,

    Many thanks for answering our queries.

    My Goal:
    1. Need to have one crore for my retirement in 20 years
    2. Need 40 lakh for Girl child education and marriage in span of 15-20 years
    Risk ability: Moderate
    Investment horizon: 20 years
    Debt-Equity ratio: 30-70% (investing last 6 months)
    Emergency fund: Keeping 3-4 months of monthly income
    Medical coverage: Have term plan of 50L, will need to take for my parents.
    Current Debt portfolio: PF – 1500 & RD – 2000 per month
    Current Equity portfolio: (all Direct Growth plan monthly SIP for 3 years)
    SBI bluechip – Rs 2000
    ICICI value discovery- Rs 1000 –> Need to remove this multi cap as I am planning to add one ELSS(multi cap)
    DSP BR Micro Cap – Rs 1000
    Franklin smaller comp- Rs 1000
    I was having two small caps as their portfolio overlap is 15%.
    Now I am planning to refine my portfolio after reading number of mutual fund forums/blogs/articles considering my below requirements/understandings.
    a) I need to diversify my portfolio and remove the small cap ratio to some extent considering future corrections.
    b) I need to accommodate ELSS funds(multi caps) to my portfolio to get tax exemption as well as Growth creation (same 20 years).
    c) Since bank FDs not in favor of good interest rates, I am planning to move to Debt funds to replace my FDs.
    d) Further I want add one mid cap to diversify my equity portfolio to have each category of Large cap, Mid cap, small cap and multi cap(ELSS)

    Now my queries are,
    1. Are my understandings are correct?
    2. Is that okay if I invest Debt funds through monthly SIP? or Lump sum is recommended for Debt funds?

    3. Is the below portfolio looks fine?

    SBI Magnum Short term gilt fund(Debt) – Rs 4000
    SBI Blue chip (Large Cap) – Rs 3000
    Franklin smaller companies(small) – Rs 1000
    Mirae Asset Emerging blue chip (Mid) – Rs 3000
    DSPBR tax Plan(ELSS/Multicap) – Rs 4000 –> Large cap oriented ELSS

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Harry-1) YES.
      2) You can opt like monthly SIP or even lump sum also. But strictly invest only in ultra short term or short term gilt debt funds.
      3) Perfect.

        1. Hi Basu, Sorry, just forgot to ask you!

          Even if I have a horizon of 20 year for debt allocation , still you advise me for ultra short term or short term gilt debt funds?

  72. Hello Sir,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I have a very generic query related to mutual fund investment. Today I got an email with Subject line as “Get 8.65%* on your savings”. I went through the email and found that, its kind of an open ended mutual fund scheme which invest in debt and money market instruments for return. They are doing the advertisement by saying, its a saving account which will give you more return compared to a bank saving account. Below are the features

    Zero account charges
    No Minimum balance
    No lock in period
    Anytime withdrawal, 24*7, with in 30 mins
    Minimum investment is 1000 and 500 thereafter.

    My query is, I have my money kept in a saving bank account which will be going to different mutual fund schemes through SIP mode, does it make sense to park all this into above mentioned scheme as I can withdraw the required amount anytime whenever my SIP dates are near.

    I know it may sound little childish but I am curious to know your thoughts on the same.


  73. Hi

    I am a new bee in Mutual fund investment. I have a PPF of 30k per year and an FD of 50 K. Also have a LIC of 30 k per year. Wanted to know whether it is worth investing in MF for 5 years?

    I would like to invest in Franklin india prima fund & HDFC mid cap fund in the mid cap category. Is it good enough to start off?

    Would like to buy a house by 2025. That is what i am planning. Kindly advise

  74. Hi Basu.

    Thanks for the informative blog. I learnt a lot as a new investor in MF.

    I have one general question which may not be relevant with the topic.

    I want to know which web interface (like fundsindia, scripbox,invezta, MF utility etc..) should I choose to invest and track.
    Should I go for individual fund house site and invest.

    P.S. I want to invest only in direct plans as I know in long term Direct will have big difference in total gain amount compare to Regular.

      1. Can you plz share some insight about “Kotak Select Focus Fund direct growth”.
        I am thinking to invest in it for long term 15 years as I analyzed its performance is good last 4 years.

        Is CRISIL rating is reliable for choosing funds ??

        Please suggest.

  75. Hello Basu,

    I am planning to start an investement in SIP & MF and they are new to me.. not a rocket science but i had refrained in investing in them for a long time.

    Could you please review my portfolio and advice me the funds accordingly
    1-ppf 7lacs
    2- Sukanya acc 3 lakhs

    DSP BR Mirco cap -50000k lumpsum

    PLanning to start an SIP of 5 k each on below MF
    1- Kotak Select focus fund (large cap)
    2- Kotak emerging quity or Reliance small cap or Mirae emerging bluechip

    looking forward to you advice

      1. I am looking for long term.. next 5 to 10 yr or more. Thanks for a quick revert.

          1. I am planning for investment for a period of 10 yrs.

            I already am investing 1.5l in my PPF and SSY account every year. Plus have insurance policy for 1 lakh that i pay every year.

            Am not looking for any tax saving MF investment provide it get me a better return than investing in Equity MF.

            I am bit confused on which MF should I select for SIP as I am planning on Investing 20 every month on sip.

            Am planning to Select max of 2-3 Sip for this purpose.

  76. I want to start an MF with minimum investment for 20 years with minimum of 12% return. Please suggest me one good Mutual fund in SIP to invest. My target is to recover the interest amount I am paying for my Home Loan of 7 lakhs for 20 years. Please suggest.

      1. HI Basu, thanks for the prompt response. Can you pinpoint one such fund because I am totally new to this and do not have at all any idea which will be the best for long term with good return. Please suggest.

          1. Thanx for prompt response.

            Even i need to have 1lakh 30 k by 2018 march. How much minimum and in what fund do i need to invest to get that amount.

              1. S it s different from previous query. I need 1lakh 30 k in march 2018, so may be 9 months from now.

  77. Hi Basu,
    Good morning. I am 36 yrs, newly entering equity. I have started investing for long term (>10 yrs) as ELSS. I want invest more than 1.5 lac per annum. I am a moderate risk taker, expecting 12% returns after 10 yrs.
    Can you please suggest me which equity I have to opt?
    Balanced/multi cap/large cap/mid cap/small cap

    Thank u in advance.

      1. Thank u for your quick reply.
        I have decided Debt:equity of 30:70. I want to choose any one of following to limit the number of funds.

        a) Equity oriented balanced fund
        b) 70% Equity (large/mid/small) + Short term gilt fund (30%)
        c) 70% Equity (multi cap) + Short term gilt fund (30%)

          1. Hi Basu,
            Thank u for your reply. Sorry for more query.
            Kindly suggest me the proportion of large/mid/small cap, if I am moderate risk taker. Thank u in advance.

  78. Hi Basavaraj, Good morning !

    My current investment details :

    Axis LTE Mutual Fund( Tax) 4,000
    Franklin Mutual Fund(Tax) 4,000
    Franklin Smaller co Mutual Fund 4,000
    Mirae Emerging Bluechip -Direct (G) 4000
    LIC Quartley installment ? 5,163.00

    I am planning to invest one more fund for 4k monthly which would be short term 1.5 to 2 yrs. I can take risk. Let me know which will be best to opt .

    few which i selected as :

    1.Birla Sun Life Small and Midcap Fund – Direct Plan (G)
    2.L&T Midcap Fund -Direct (G)
    3.Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund
    4.L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-DP (G)

    or MIP or any other….

      1. Thanks for reply ! i would be getting 7k each month from other income for next 18 months.. so i thought of investing it .. i am fine with taking risk too. would you suggest any other good options to proceed

        1. Sudhakar-It is easy to say that “IM FINE WITH TAKING RISK”, but hard to face the reality. However, at the end of the day it your money. Hence, it is YOU who has to take a decision. But in my opinion, STAY AWAY.

          1. Thanks for your suggestion Basavaraj !

            would you suggest any other to invest ? i will have 30 K each month for next 1.5 yr for savings.. so thinking where to invest instead of lying in saving bank account.

            Do let me know where can i invest this. The one purpose is in case after 1.5 years if want to buy any property i will need to withdraw this amount as single shot

  79. Hi Basu,

    A common query!

    I have 10-20 year retirement goal and investing debt- equity ratio as 30-70%. Moderate risk taker. Can you advise which one of the below portfolio is better? I am planning to have a proper allocation in equity itself for better diversification.

    a) large cap fund,- 1, mid cap-1 and small cap -1 (currently I have)


    b)2- 3 Multi cap funds ?

    In option a –> Even Mid and small caps have large cap allocation in it. vice versa all funds have others in it.

    In option b –> Multi cap funds have a mandate to shift any caps according to the current market in which we can’t guarantee the proper equity allocation of mid,small and large caps.

    So both options have their own loop-hole in it.

    kindly advise which one makes my portfolio well diversified and down fall risk reduction?

    1. Hari-I know that some % of funds always tilted towards large cap (even if they mentioned mid cap or small cap). However, in case of selecting the funds separately like large cap, mid cap and small cap, you know how much % is in what type of capitalization of stocks. But same you can’t predict with multicap funds. They have the mandate to move as per fund manager’s view (I am saying fund manager’s view but many fail to follow the opportunity). Hence, I stick to separate and feel comfortable.

      1. Thanks Basu for your prompt response!

        However I am planning to add ELSS funds for tax saving in span of 10-20 years. (considering ELSS is the best tax saving and wealth creation instrument). I understand that ELSS funds are considered Multi cap funds. In that scenario, if I opt some Multicap(ELSS) funds, my portfolio is in correct mix?

        Currently my portfolio has large cap :60% mid:30% and Small 10%. (Rs 6000)

        I am planning to add Franklin tax shield and Birla tax relief -96 in equal amounts (Rs 2000 per fund monthly SIP).

        Is that a correct mix? Kindly advice

        Many thank in advance and sorry for increasing my queries in to sub levels?

  80. Hello Sir,
    I have investments in following funds through SIP since Oct 2015 for 15+ years, Request to review investments:
    1. Axis LTE – Direct G – 4000
    2. Icici pru val discovery – Direct G – 2500
    3. UTI mid cap – Direct G – 2500
    4. Lump investment of 9000 in DSPBR – Direct G.
    I am planning to add Franklin india small co and 1 balanced fund. Please advise..

  81. Hi Basu, I posted this question on another section just now and realized i should have posted it here, please ignore the other one (sorry). I visit your webpage once in a while to check out the investment atmosphere in India since i am an NRI and have very limited options in investing in India.  Thanks in advance for dolling out quality advise for free, for otherwise uninformed investors like me.  Looking for some advise today, I have an Ultra long term FD in an Indian bank maturing soon which is to the tune of about 8 lakhs (my only investment in India) and was thinking of moving it to an investment vehicle which may give me slighlty more interest/return than a conventional Fixed Deposit (since FD interest at historical lows).  I dont need this money for the next 10 years (or more) and this is just to allocate som money on Debt (getting may be slighlty higher interest rates).  Can you give me some suggestions, may be a Balanced Mutual Fund ? or is it prudent to put it on a Debt fund ? Can you please give a suggestion ? thanks in advance

    1. Divakaran-Debt to Equity in the ratio of 60:40. In debt, select either ultra short term debt funds or short term gilt funds. In equity, one large cap and one mid cap enough. So totally 3 funds. That’s it.

  82. Hi,
    First of all I would like to say that you are helping to people who seek your help which is very good. I like that so much + you are giving advice with proper formulation which is also good. I got your reference from quora, I read above comments and as your replying I thought to ask as well 🙂

    I am going to start my investment as I was busy in other stuff. you can consider me as a fresh. I dont have any knowledge and I want to achieve few things as a Goal.

    goal 1 – buy a Car (5 yrs) – 6Lcs
    goal 2 – investments (3 yrs ) – 5Lcs
    goal 3 – Furniture (2 yrs) – 3 Lcs

    I can invest up to 5000/Month

    I think goal 3 is first priority and then Goal 1 and then goal 2

    Please suggest good Funds, I know your first answer will be read abouve post but if you can suggest directly any good fund, I will review and take that SIP.


    1. Gopal-Skip from equity mutual funds. Because your all goals are within 5 years time horizon. Instead, I suggest you to use either Ultra Short Term Debt Funds or Short Term Gilt Funds.

      1. I am impressed. Thank you for really quick reply. Support lines are not such Quicks 🙂

        1. Can you suggest me good funds?
        I checked but I am not clear on that.. and this funds gives about 9-10% return. I am not sure these are good or OK.

        2. If I plan Rs. 2000 – Rs. 3000 investment for long term say 10 – 15 – 20 yrs, which fund you suggest. directly give your best fund name, so I will review that.

        Thank you so much 🙂

  83. Thanks very much Basu.

    If my understanding is correct, asset allocation is something which I need to spread my money into different investments according to age and goal.

    If age between 20 to 30

    EQUITY – 70%
    Large cap – 45%
    Mid and Small cap – 25%

    DEBT – 30%
    Debt fund – 15%
    Cash/FD – 15%

    If age between 30 to 45

    EQUITY – 60%
    Large cap – 40%
    Mid and Small cap – 20%

    DEBT – 40%
    Debt fund – 20%
    Cash/FD – 20%

    If age between 45 to 60

    EQUITY – 30%
    Large cap – 30%
    Mid and Small cap – 0%

    DEBT – 70%
    Debt fund – 40%
    Cash/FD – 30%

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

      1. Thanks Basu for your reply.

        One doubt though, If i invest in one multi cap and one small cap then what fund should I choose for other to not affect the diversifcation? large cap or mid cap

        1. rtech-When you invest in multicap fund, then they have mandata to move the investment to any market cap. Hence, it is hard to say whether you have to include large cap or mid cap.

  84. Hi Basu,

    I am 27 and new to Mutual Fund. I would like to invest in 2 or 3 funds. I already invested in tax saving Axis long term ELSS fund. My goal is for long term (above 10 years), so probably asset allocation is 30% debt and 60% equity based on your suggestion. Could you please suggest funds to invest.

    ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (Multi Cap) – 2000/- (or) Any Large Cap
    HDFC Midcap Opp Fund (Mid Cap) – 2000/-
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (Small Cap) – 1000/-

    Are the above funds are good to proceed?

    Axis Long Term Equity Fund (ELSS) – 2000/-

    Thanks in advance for your great work.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for your reply.

        So I can go ahead and invest in these 3 funds.

        ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (Multi Cap) – 2000/- (or) Any Large Cap
        HDFC Midcap Opp Fund (Mid Cap) – 2000/-
        Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (Small Cap) – 1000/-

        You are doing great job helping others with your insights.

  85. Hi Basu

    Great information loved it. Kindly help me with my portfolio. First time investing in SIP.

    Age – 33 years old
    Invest – will do it for next 20 years
    Goal – To get 1 cr by 2037
    Can invest in SIP – Maximum of 5000 INR per month.

    Investment already done

    PPF – 60000 INR per year
    TERM insurance – 5000000 sum assured
    LIC Life insurance – 20,517 premium per annum
    Medical policy – 2 lakhs

    Kindly suggest which which mutual fund to invest

      1. Yeah I have read the entire post, if you can take extra pain and suggest 5000 INR which fund what amount i should put in

  86. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for all your Replies. Really Appreciate all your efforts for these Analysis and guiding People.

    I am investing below Mutual Funds since last 1 Year. Time Horizon is 15 Years

    1) ICICI pru focussed bluechip fund : 4000
    2) ICICI Discovery Fund : 4000
    3) HDFC MidCap : 8000

    I am investing PPF : 150000 per year


    1) Shall I continue on these selected Mutual Funds
    2) Is it advisable to take NPS with the investment of 50,000 Yearly
    3) Shall I opt for Small Cap as well. If yes then can u please suggest one. I thought of DSBR Micro Cap but seems its stopped now.


    1. Rishi-Why you felt doubt about own recently started MF investments? Funds are good and you have to continue with proper asset allocation. I don’t think NPS is a great investment product (considering tax and illiquidity issues). You can use small cap to small extent.

    2. Thanks Basu for your Guidance. 🙂 Most of my Colleagues/Friends have become Fan of your Blogs. Its really Helping us


        1. Hi Basu,

          Good Evening ! !. Hope you are doing good.

          Got Few more thoughts today … 🙂

          I am dropping the thoughts of investing in Small Funds and Instead I am planning to increase SIP from 4000 to 8000 for ICICI pru focussed bluechip

          So it will be like below

          1) ICICI pru focussed bluechip fund : 8000
          2) ICICI Discovery Fund : :4000
          3) HDFC MidCap : 8000

          I am investing PPF : 150000 per year one Time


          1) Please guide me if my Asset Allocation is fine w.r.t to LargeCap/MultiCap/Midcap for 10-15 Years Time Frame.

          2) I guess next time I need to decrease my PPF Investment to 100000 Yearly to maintain 30:70 Ratio Debt:Equity Ratio. Correct?


  87. Hi Basu!!
    I have shortlisted following MFs after reading your post for SIP, all Direct mode:

    1. Franklin India Bluechip(G)- Rs 2000
    2. ICICI Pru value Discovery(G)- Rs 1000
    3. HDFC Mid Cap Opp. Fund(G)-Rs 1500
    4. Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund(G)- Rs 1500

    My age is 28 and i am willing to stay invested for long time (10+ year).
    I am also investing Rs. 50,000 yearly in PPF.
    please share your opinion regarding above selected funds.

    One question regarding above funds is all of they have allocated maximum percentage of their assets in Banking/Finance sector in their portfolio.Will it affect the diversification in my portfolio.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply.
        can you suggest other fund in this category, Franklin India prima plus is also having 25% allocation in banking/finance sector

          1. In multi cap category, two funds from your list are:-
            1. Franklin India Prima plus and
            2. ICICI Pru value Discovery(G)
            You suggested to avoid icici Pru value disc…. and Franklin India prima plus have similar weightage of allocation in banking/finance like icici….
            That’s why I asked about other fund….

            My other question is….What could be alternative of multicap fund.

            Thanks for your reply again.

  88. 30yrs male,married,1yr old son. Aggressive investor.
    I’ve started SIP’s of 13K on below funds from Jan2017.
    Investing until Jan2019. But planning to withdraw in 2020 or 2021.
    Large cap-SBI Bluechip Direct-G = ? 1,500.00
    Multi cap-ICICI Pru Value Discovery Direct-G = ? 1,500.00
    Mid Cap-Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Direct-G = ? 5,000.00
    Small Cap-Franklin India Smaller Companies Direct-G = ? 2,000.00
    Thematic & Sector
    Franklin Build India Direct-G = ? 1,000.00
    ICICI Pru Banking and Financial Services Direct-G = ? 2,000.00

    Would you please advice whether my fund selection and amount allocation is good?

    Thank you.

      1. Thank You Basavaraj for your swift reply :)..
        Sorry for asking a lame question.
        If we leave out the time horizon,
        Is the funds and allocation hold any good for my portfolio?

  89. Basu, I am surprised at the kind of patience you have in answering for FREE all the questions. Hats off and kudos to you. May your tribe grow and may you continue gathering all the goodwill of the folks benefiting from your posts!.

  90. Hello Basu,

    Good Morning. How are you? I was reading your post and planned to invest in DSPBR Micro Cap Fund, however they have stopped taking new application for the said fund. They are re-directing to look at small & midcap fund managed by the same fund manager.

    I thought to inform you, relevant changes can be made to that category if you think viable.

    Thank you.

  91. Dear Basu,

    I am 32 years old looking forward to a long term (15 year) investment in SIP. Based on the above listing, comments and readings I have selected the following SIPs. Request if you can please guide me with the investment plans.

    Goal :
    1. 3 Crores by end of 2032 for buying Home
    2. 5-6 Crores by end of 2045 (Retirement Amount)

    1. ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity Fund – 5000/month
    2. Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund – 5000/month
    3. Icici Pru Value Discovery fund(G) – 5000/month
    4. HDFC Midcap Opp Fund – 5000/month
    5. DSPBR Micro Cap Fund(G) – 5000/month

    Apart from the above I have currently invested in the below

    1. LIC – ~60,000/year for a period of 21 years (~5000/month; Starting 2011)
    2. PPF – 150,000/year (Plan to invest for 30 Years; Starting : 2016 )
    3. NPS – 50,000/year (Plan to invest for 30 Years; Starting : 2016)
    4. NPS Employer Contribution – ~50,000/year (Plan for 30 Years; Starting : 2016)
    5. PF Employer Contribution – ~ 50,000/year (Plan for 30 Years; Starting : 2015)
    6. FD – 10,000/month (Plan for 1 year term)

    Please let me know in case you need any details that I might have missed out. I humbly request you to please suggest and guide me with any changes I might need to make in my investment pattern/strategy or even allocation of the amount so as to maximize the return after 15 years (2032) and at time of retirement (2045).

    Sincerely apologize if my question is silly.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    1. Avisek-Financial Planning can’t be created based on your few lines of sharing. However, in case of Mutual Funds, why you selected two large cap funds? One large cap fund is enough. Also, manage the asset allocation based on the above post for your respective goals.

      1. Thank you Basu for your reply. It will be helpful if you can please guide me in a bit detail. Please let me know what else I may provide for making a balanced investment strategy. I understand that 2 large cap funds are redundant and I mistakenly wrote it instead of or.

        Please suggest the best one out of 1 and 2.

        I will be very grateful if you can please guide me with the SIP investments in a bit more detail, in terms of choice of funds and detailed asset allocation by each fund. I am very new to SIPs and would be highly obliged if i can get some expert guidance from you.

        Hope to hear something positive from you.

        Thank you again for your time and explanation.


  92. Namaste sir!
    I want your suggestion
    On my current sip
    Sir I am 27 years old
    And my goal is child’s education
    My son is 2 years old
    2;HDFC MID CAP OPP.-4000
    3;I pru value discovery-7500
    4;I pru focused blue chip-2500

  93. Hi Basu,

    How and when one can decide that his/her fund is doing well? By comparing with what benchmark? Would appreciate if you can share any link for the same, if available.

    Thanks in advance.

  94. Hi Basu,
    I am investing following MFs since 2011
    1. HDFC Top 200 Growth – 2000 Rupees
    2. HDFC Balanced – 1000 Rupees
    3. HDFC Tax Saver Dividend – – 1000 Rupees
    4. Sundaram Select Mid cap regular growth – 1000 rupees

    I have started one more from this January in Franklin India smaller companies growth (1000 rupees).

    I am looking for longer term investment with asset allocation ratio of 70:30.
    Could you please advise on Funds selected

    Thanks and Regards

  95. Dear Basu sir,

    I am planning to invest in SIP(Systematic investment plan).Whether to invest in march end or april first week…because for all working employees they will get salaries & bonus in march last week.
    Could you please tell ur suggestion.

      1. Sorry,My point is since most of the working employees will get salaries & bonus in march last week.
        will there be any effect of this on Mutual funds?

  96. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am pleased to find a genuine financial advisor, I talked with lot of advisors but none of them could explain my simple questions or could exlpain why, how etc.!!

    I gone through your post (Mutual Funds, ELSS & short term), all users comments and your genuine responses to each and ever query. Hatsoff to you!!!!

    I am new entrant to the mutual fund investment & financial planning hence was digging your post, reply to understand it in better way…

    Planning for retirement, 20 years from now, with asset allocation ratio of 70:30.

    From your list, I have shortlisted below mutual funds:
    ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity fund (Large cap) … 5000 Rs/Month
    SBI Magnum Mulitplier Fund (Multi cap) … 5000 Rs/Month
    HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund (Mid cap) … 5000 Rs/Month
    DSPBR Micro Cap Fund (Small cap) … 5000 Rs/Month
    HDFC Balanced Fund (Balanced Fund) … 5000 Rs/Month

    RD … 10000 Rs/Month

    For tax saving:
    DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund (Large cap) … 5000 Rs/Month
    Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 (Balanced fund) … 5000 Rs/Month

    NPS (Tier-I)… 4200 Rs/Month
    Tax saving FD, PPF or NSC … 2000 Rs/Month

    Additionally I have 5 lakh corporate medical policy for my family. I have 3 lakh in my saving account as for any kind of emergency.

    I am still bit confused with maintaining balance between investment & tax saving. Can you please help on it.

    I am OK with handling 3 or more mutual funds, also I am OK with readjustment of mutual funds, debt media & amount.


    1. Sai-One large cap and one mid cap is enough (if you are fond of risk, then a small portion of small cap). Also, whether you calculated the equity portfolio considering the mutual funds (both tax saving and non tax saving) and also the equity portion in NPS?
      You no need to have MORE funds. Two to three funds enough.

      1. Thanks for prompt reply!!!!

        I wanted to use equity funds and dept such a way so as my investment and tax saving purpose gets solved.

        Per your comment, I will go ahead with one large and one mid cap and little bit of small cap portion:
        ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity fund (Large cap) … 10000 Rs/Month

        HDFC Mid Cap Opp Fund (Mid cap) … 10000 Rs/Month

        DSPBR Micro Cap Fund (Small cap) … 5000 Rs/Month

        RD &or FD= 10000 Rs/month

        For tax saving:
        DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund (Large cap) … 10000 Rs/Month

        NPS- 5000 Rs/month

        FD (5yrs) &or NSC &or PPF = 5000

        Does this looks balanced? I am more than 3 on funds which I know is not per your advice. But couldn’t get how to balance. Can you help me so as I wisely spread amount between equity and dept (70:30 ratio and retirement 15 yr horizon) so as my tax saving and investment purpose is solved.

  97. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks a lot for such detailed yet simple analysis!

    I am investing in Mutual Fund through SIP route from last two years.Request to kindly review my portfolio and suggest for any modifications,if any.

    ELSS: Axis Long Term Equity Fund(G)–3000
    Large Cap: ICICI Prudential Focused Blue Chip Equity Fund(G)-3000
    Small Cap: Franklin India Smaller Companies(G)-2000
    Balanced Fund: HDFC Balanced Fund(G)-1000
    Diversified Equity:Franklin India High Growth Companies(G)- 1000

    I have noticed that the Axis Long Term Equity Fund is under performing. Please suggest whether should I stop further SIP in this fund and shift other ELSS fund?

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I am investing in the funds for my long term goals.(Retirement, Child education, Child Marriage).

  98. Thanks for the informative article Basu. Till 2015 I was only saving through PPF and one Endowment LIC policy. But last year I planned to start saving using Mutual funds and had below 2 Mutual Funds and my PPF:

    UTI Long Term Equity Fund (SIP) – 3500/-
    Axis Long Term Equity Fund (SIP) – 2500/-
    PPF 30000/-

    This year I am planning to add two more funds as below (previous ones will be continued):
    ICICI top 100 (SIP) – 2500/-
    SBI Ultra Short Debt Fund (yearly once) – 30000/-

    Could you please review and suggest if this is the correct allocation to the various types of MFs or I need to replan.

    1. Pooja-You can continue both the tax saving funds. But why two funds than one? Also, for your investment, I don’t have any idea of time horizon. Hence, it is hard for me to guide you.

      1. Thanks Basu for your inputs. Here is more details…

        I started investing in tax saving mfs couple of years back and then I was in wrong impression that investing in one single fund can be risky in long term so I decided to divide it in two. Let me know if I need to discontinue one of these, if not ill continue both.

        Horizon of my planning… I have divided it in three parts
        1) after 3 years for my marriage.
        2) after 7 years for buying a house.
        3) for retirement.

        Again I am a complete novice in investment and may be my above break is not perfect or even good considering long term planning.

        So kindly guide me accordingly, like do I have to correct my planning and what all options I have for investing in that direction.

        My current investment also includes vpf 30000/- yearly. One query here too.. if ppf can be an alternative for debt does vpf can be an alternative of any type of funds.

        1. Pooja-Refer the post properly and you have to do asset allocation for your 3 yrs, 7 yrs and retirement goal accordingly. Yes, VPF and EPF also be considered as your debt portfolio.

          1. Thank you and Sure ill do so. Can you help me with couple of more doubts as below:
            1. As you described different types of equity funds in this post are all good for any time horizon ? Or anyone is good for long term or mid term planning?

            2. Is there any time restriction to keep money in debt mfs ?

              1. Here is my asset allocation, I am not including PPF in this as its not fitting in the time horizon of short term and VPF is already pre declared for long term:
                1. Long Term Planning (30% Debt + 70% Equity)
                VPF: 30000/- annually
                ELSS Fund (Axis and UTI): 6000/- SIP

                2. Mid Term (40% Debt+60%Equity)
                Debt Fund: SBI Magnum Gilt Fund: 2500/- SIP
                Large Cap: ICICI Top 100: 20000/- annually
                Mid Cap: HDFC Mid cap opp fund 25000/- annually

                3. Short Term (100% debt)
                Debt Fund: Birla Sun Life Floating 30000/- annually (amount will vary depending upon surplus amount ill have at any time)

                Kindly review and let me know if above allocation is good to go. And if any correction is needed.

                And thank you for your valuable feedback and guidance.

                1. Pooja-1) Retain one ELSS. 2) SBI Fund modified duration is around 3+ years, whereas your goal is midterm. Hence, stick either to short term gilt or ultra short-term debt funds. In my view, one large cap (with around 60% exposure in equity %) and one mid cap (with 40% exposure in equity %) is fine than owning one multi cap and one midcap (with higher exposure) for such mid-term goal.
                  3) I think the fund is ultra short term (if it is so), then continue.

                  1. Thanks Basu.
                    1. Finalized Axis ELSS.

                    2. I checked your post on Debt funds and there SBI magnum gilt funds are mentioned as Gilt Short Term so I selected it. if its not appropriate per my time horizon ill invest in Birla Sun Life Floating rate fund instead.

                    Also modified the percentage as 60+40 among large cap (ICICI Pru Focused bluechip) and mid cap (HDFC Mid Cap Opp fund) in equity.

                    3. yes its Ultra Short Term Debt Mutual Fund.

                    Thanks again for your valuable advice and feedback.

  99. Hi Basu Ji,

    Firstly many thanks for answering my previous queries.

    As per your article, suggestion and my analysis I have built my portfolio with 30-70 composition comprising 4 funds for my long term goals . All funds are Direct growth plans.

    One large cap – SBI Bluechip
    One multi cap – ICICI Value Discovery
    One small caps- Franklin smaller companies.
    One Micro Cap – DSPBR micro Cap – Here portfolio overlap is less than 15%

    Now I want to increase my SIP amount in my portfolio to achieve my goals.

    I understood that mid and small caps valuations are at very high and remarkable corrections are expected in near future.This may lead higher volatility and lower returns. Is this true ?

    kindly advise which Cap I need to go for my further SIP increment considering the current situation.

    1. I will also make sure the new SIP amount addition will not affect my 30-7.0 debt-equity ratio. Kindly advise which category (CAP) is ideally good to increase SIPs in my portfolio i.e. Large cap or Mid Cap or small cap or Multi cap?

    2. Hari-“mid and small caps valuations are at very high and remarkable corrections are expected in near future.This may lead higher volatility and lower returns” is based on hindsight view. I look forward for long term. I suggest the lower small cap always. Because I don’t want unnecessary volatility in my portfolio.

      1. Thanks Basu! So can I take this applies to ELSS funds as well? I mean I need to select ELSS funds with major allocation of large cap stocks to avoid volatility. Is that right?

  100. I wish to invest an amount of 1Lakh in mutual funds for a period of 10 years. As of now i do not have any experience in investing in mutual funds. my questions are

    1. what would you advice whether to invest 1 Lakh in one go or go for a SIP of 10000 PM. in the first case can you give me an advice as to which funds to choose.

    2. Despite my best efforts i fail to understand the algorithm behind investment. If i plan to take the help of an online portal like scriptbox, fundsindia or goalwise for a SIP. which one would you advice for a novice like me. On the other hand if you are providing financial services i will be glad to invest through you.


    C.K. Dharan

    1. Dharan-1) It is purely based on your comfort. In my view, one go is best. But if you are apprehensive, then break into 5-6 and then invest.
      2) None of the said middlemen will personalize you based on your risk and all. If you are uncomfortable with DIRECT, then choose an adviser of your area.

  101. Dear Sir,

    I am investing via SIP in three mutual funds since three years for my retirement (another 22 years)

    UTI Opportunties – 5000
    ICICI Pru discovery – 5000
    Reliance Equity Opportunties – 5000
    ICICI pru long term equity (tax saving) – 4000

    I choose the funds based on advice three years back but now I am evaluating my portfolio. UTI Opportunities and Reliance equity opportunities funds are not performing for more than year or two. Please suggest should I continue with SIP or change funds.

    Vijay kumar

      1. Dear Sir,

        Currently I invest about 30000 per year in PPF. Pls suggest if I should stop SIP in reliance eq opportunity and pick one mid cap fund instead from the list.

        1. Vijay-Stop Reliance and before entering into Midcap, check the portfolio overlap between Midcap fund (you want to choose) and with ICICI Long Term and ICICI Discovery. If the overlap is less than 30-40 then choose one mid cap. Otherwise, it is not required.

          1. Thanks!. If I stop Reliance in which I have about 1.5 lakh invested (since last 3 years) should I keep the amount lying in the same or should I systematically transfer it to rest of the mutual funds I am investing in.


  102. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for your support . I have started a SIP for my retirement goals as per your advice. I want to start another SIP for my children’s education goal . Time horizon is 10 years. Please advise if the below distribution is good.

    1-Quantum Long term equity – 3500
    2-Mirae Asset Emerging Blue Chip fund – 3000
    3-Icici prudential Value discovery fund – 1000
    4-L& T India Value fund – 1500
    5-HDFC balance fund – 1000


    1. Hi Basu,

      This is only the equity part. I will invest 30% in debt in Birla Sun Life Floating Rate Fund – Long Term .Please advise the if the funds are good . Do you advise to remove or add any fund? Is one debt fund enough for the portfolio?

      1. Deb-One Ultra short Term Fund is enough for debt. Retain all funds. But come out of L&T Fund. Because you already having Mirae Fund. Do the asset allocation as I mentioned above.

  103. I wish to accumulate a fund of 30 Lakh after 10 years. Can you suggest me a SIP investment plan (RS 10000/15000 per month ). or any other alternative investment plan

  104. Sir,, my age is 29. I want to invest 10k per month in mutual fund.Kindly provide some details or a portfolio so that i can open and invest as SIP.

  105. Hi Basavaraj

    I am planing to invest 10K per month for the next 4 years for my kid

    Could you please suggest me the suitable split which can yield me modest returns


    Jawad Shaik

  106. Dear Basu,
    After reading your blog about SIP. I understand that investing in many SIP’s is not a good idea. I already invested on 11 no’s SIP for last one year. Now i want to closed some. Please suggest me which should i close. my investment goal are 10 years and investing 1000 on each SIP. please see below.

    1)Franklin india bluechip fund-1000
    2) Franklin india prime plus-1000
    3) franklin india prima fund-1000
    4) ICICI prudential dynamic plan cumulative option growth-1000
    5) ICICI prudential export & other service growth-1000
    6) ICICI prudential focused bluechip equity retail growth-1000
    7) Kotack emerging equity scheme-1000
    8) HDFC midcap oppotunities fund growth- 1000
    9) magnum midcap fund-1000
    10) BSL frontline equity -A -1000
    11) BSL mnc fund-growth -1000.

    I have ppf for 150000 per year.
    I have FD & NSC.

    waiting for you reply.

    Thanking you

  107. Dear Sir,

    My current portfolio is as follows:

    1. Birla SL Front line Equity Direct-5000 Rs SIP p.m
    2.DSP MicroCap Direct-5000 Rs SIP p.m
    3. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunity Regular-5000 Rs SIP p.m Through ICICI direct

    Additionaly i have invested lumpsum Amounts to following:

    1. UTI Transportaion and logisitcs growth regular: 260000 Jun 2016 through ICICI direc
    2. HDFC Balanced Fund regular : 195000 dec 2015 Through ICICI direct
    I have few questions:
    1. Since HDFC is not available in mfu online utility can i switch any other similar SIP plan.
    2. Whether i should remain invested in my lumpsum purchases or should i move to to separate funds.
    3. do you see any benefit if i move away from ICICI direct for current funds and start similar funds in mfutility ( after finishing locking period)

    My investement horizon is 7-10 years. I am currently paying home loan EMI of 35000 INR as well. health and term insurances are covered.

      1. Sir,
        I am really new investor and invested with poor advice of ICICI direct. Currently my lumpsum and hdfc sip is through icici and other are shifted to mfutility. lately After going through your articles i understand the importance of allocation. I can invest 10K more on SIP after march.

        Please suggest suitable allocation considering my investment horizon. would you suggest my lumpsum purchases which is more than 1 year old to transfer to debt lumpsum via mfutility?
        thanks in advance.

  108. Hi Basu Sir,

    I see your Blog on a regular Basis. I request your Opinion on the below Asset allocation.

    My Horizon is 12 to 15 years. My expectation is 12 to 13 % return

    I am investing on the below Equity Funds.

    Franklin India Blue-chip Fund (Large Cap) –> 4k
    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (Muilti Cap) –>2k
    HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (Mid cap) –> 2k
    DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan (small Cap) –>2k

    For the Debt , i have PPF of 10k per month.

    So, please do explain if this is good or i need to change any portfolios.

    Thank you

    Best regards
    Ravi Kumar

  109. Hello Basu,
    I am 33 and have below SIP portfolio(includes mine and my spouse)(investing since 2016)

    1. SBI bluechip – 5K (15-20 yrs for child higher education)
    2. DSP BR microcap – 5K (5-10 yrs for vacation planning)
    3. Franklin smaller companies fund – 5k (5-10 yrs for next car)
    4. Franklin Higher growth companies fund – 5k (5-10 yrs for wealth creation)
    5. UTI midcap – 5k (5-10 yrs for new business at 45)

    Does these funds right choice for my goals. I may increase sip amount on these funds based on income and bonus components every year. Pls suggest.
    Can you also suggest right fund for retirement planning.


    1. Santhosh-The problem in your investment are as below-
      a) No asset allocation between debt and equity for each goal based on time horizon.
      b) Single fund for each goal. Instead each goal must have one large cap, one mid cap and one small cap in equity portfolio.
      c) No equity in case your goal is just 5 years.

      1. Thanks for quick response Basu. Do you mean that one should have total of 9 different sip investments if planning for 3 long term goals.

  110. Dear Sir,
    The entire media talking about equity mutual funds. It is a very good way to saving retirement/ for kids education or another long term goal.
    As an investor, my question concerns the laws that govern these mutual funds.
    I understand that the fund houses cannot be held responsible for the ups and downs of the stock market. But my concern is, how are these AMC Companies held responsible by the government so that tomorrow they do not close shop like Chit fund?

      1. Dear Sir,
        As your mentioned that “Once you understand how much is your return expectation from each asset class, then the next step is to identify the return expectation from the portfolio.

        Let us say you defined the asset allocation of debt:equity as 30:70. Return expectation from debt is 7% and equity is 10%, then the overall portfolio return expectation is as below.

        (70% x 10%) + (30% x 7%)=9.1%.” If return from PPF 8 to 9 % why should people go to MUTUAL FUND…This is fully high risk.

        1. Mr Kumar,

          You are contradicting your own statement. You only saying that Debt return is 7% and saying PPF returns is 8 to 9%. As far as I know, PPF is also debt instrument and interest rate is decreasing also now.

  111. Hello Sir,
    Lower interest rate of FDs has pushed me to park some money in Mutual Funds. I am a beginner and a 35 year old women and have planned to invest for 10-15 years. For this I can take out Rs. 10,000/- per month. Am prepared for all ups and downs as I know that market situation keeps changing. Was trying to look for a guidance from internet and reached your site. Glad to find you. Could you please advise if my selection for following funds is fine?:


    regards, Garima

  112. Hello Basu,
    I am NRI 48 years, own a house. have term and family health cover. have a daughter9(13) and son(9) and started saving after going through your blogs and your guidance and advice.
    Present contributions
    Jivan anand -8000
    UTI pension -5000
    HDFC balance 5000
    Tata balance -5000
    Franklin India short term debt -5000
    Franklin India Prima plus (growth)- 5000
    Have FD – 10 lac ( also as emergency fund)
    UTI from past 3 years but all other MF’s since 5 months SIP investing.

    Goal- to archive 50 lac corpus. 30 for daughter’s marriage and 20 lac for retirement kitty.
    Time horizon- 10+ years
    * Shall I switch from Tata balance to HDFC balance(merge to reduce the funds)
    * I shall Increase the contribution now and then
    * wants to invest 5 lac Lump sum in HDFC balanced fund
    * 4-5 more years for Jivan Anand -so I will continue.
    Kindly advice any addition or deletion in above funds or to increase or decrease the contribution.

    1. Josy-
      -If you have separate debt portfolio, then why the balanced funds and that to more than one?
      -One large cap, one mid cap and one small cap enough. Whether you continue or increase.
      -Without knowing your time horizon, how can I say HDFC Balanced Fund best for lump sum?
      -Its left with you to continue or hold Jeevan Anand.

      1. Thanks Basu
        -Cancel Tata balanced fund and continue with HDFC balanced,
        -I will cancel Franklin Debt and start Franklin Blue chip
        – I will hold Franklin Prima plus (large&mid cap)
        -Jeavan Anand hold as Debt and only four more premium left to complete 16 yrs.
        -wants to invest lump sum in HDFC balanced and hold for 10+ years Pls. suggest any better fund than this for 10+ time horizon. HDFC,Franklin preferred as already holding folios
        -should I hold UTI pension?

        Kindly advice

        1. Josy-“I will cancel Franklin Debt and start Franklin Bluechip”-Why canceled debt and started equity? Will you be able to re-balance your portfolio with Jeevan Anand? Think and retain this product. HDFC Balanced is good for 10+ years time horizon. Why to select new fund for each fresh investment?

  113. HI Basu,

    I am planning to invest lump sum money in the following ratio. This is for my equity portfolio (70%). I have done 30% asset allocation in Debts – PF, PPF etc apart from this.

    SBI Blue Chip Fund – Direct (G) 30%
    Franklin (I) Bluechip – Direct (G) 30%
    ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G) 15%
    HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) 15%
    Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) 5%
    DSP-BR Micro Cap Fund – Direct (G) 5%

    They all are for long term more than 10 to 15 years.

    Kindly suggest /advise if my portfolio is diversified enough and not over purchased.


          1. Thanks Basu. Dos this makes sense?

            SBI Blue Chip Fund – Direct (G) 50%
            ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund (G) 20%
            Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) 20%
            DSP-BR Micro Cap Fund – Direct (G) 10%

            Also, please shed some light how should we decide in which portion we should distribute our investment among large cap , mid cap ad small cap?

            Thanks Nikhil Gupta

  114. Hi Basu,

    Iam planning to invest in mutual fund and my goal is for a period of 5 years ,to create a corpus for my child’s education.

    Monthly SIP is about Rs. 3000 . Let me know of good funds to invest and also is it the right time to invest since market is going up?

  115. Dear Sir,

    I have been following your website a long time. I am 36 years old. My details are :

    1) I have EPF, FD & RD Rs. 2 lac.
    2) For my child education I want invest in Mutual fund for 10 years under SIP Rs. 2000/- PM.
    3) In our area, there is only SBI Fund House. Hence I want to invest only SBI fund house in direct plan, Which funds are suitable for me ?

  116. Dear Sir,
    My current age is 36, I have planned to work till 46.

    1. I want to have 20 Lacs at the end of 10 years for my business and sons education. How much amount should I invest monthly and which are the best funds to invest.

    2. I would like to invest for 20 years for my retirement. I need to have 50Lacs at my age 55. How much money to invest and what are the funds to invest.

    Kindly suggest.

  117. Dear Basu,

    I am 42 years old. I have accumulated Rs 50 Lacs in Saving Account, Rs 30 Lacs in PPF account and Rs 30 Lacs in PF. I dont want to invest in Real estate anymore. This is surplus cash and I am looking for 15 years horizon of investment to support my retirement. What’s your recommended investment strategy?

  118. Hello,

    My current investment SIP MONTHLY from last 15 months are :

    TATA BALANCED FUND REGULAR oaln monthly dividend :4000 rs

    L&T INDIA VALUE FUND:3000 rs

    BIRLA SUN LIFE ADVANTAGE FUND dividend:3000 rs

    I am looking to invest more in equity fund around 3000 month

    Can you suggest some?


      1. My friend who is a financial adviser suggested it.Time horizon is for five years.And the current investment started 15 months back.I was thinking of re-looking into the investment

  119. Hi Basu,

    My Goal is to build wealth of Rs 1 Crore in Next 15 Years

    Please suggest if below is allocation is fine

    EQUITY : (70%)

    1) ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip 4000
    2) ICICI Pru Discovery 4000
    3) HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities 8000
    4) HDFC Balanced Fund 5000

    DEBT Fund (30%)

    PPF : 9000 monthly


        1. Hi Basu,

          I am planning to add Rs 5000 more to my SIP. Please suggest to which Mutual Fund I can add to below Existing Funds (Large or Multi or Mid Cap)


          1) ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip 4000
          2) ICICI Pru Discovery 4000
          3) HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities 8000

          16000 Monthly as of now.


          1) 9000 PPF


  120. Dear Basu
    I had a query and was waiting for your reply for past two days. But looks like, it is deleted??!!

    1. Josy-I never deletes comments. Check once again. If it is missing then it is during the server migration of blog. My blog recently moved to another server. If you commented during that migration period, then there is a probability of missing. Hence, I request you to comment once again with your doubts. I will reply.

      1. Waw! that’s great of you sir.I was wondering as it never happened to me before as well as to my colleagues at my office,we all immensely benefitted from you.
        Many of the bloggers gets upset with repeated query but in your case I have seen people asking and taking advice even in the name of Narendra Modi and Abdul Kalam. But your focus is always on subject.
        Never mind I will post my query again.
        GOD bless you and may your tribe flourish!

        1. Josy-Sure waiting for your comment. Usually, when we shift to the new server and during propagation time, some user comments may miss. It is natural but it was necessity for me to move to upgrade.

  121. Having more fund does not give you enough diversification. Instead, in many cases, it may create you portfolio overlapping and leads to underperformance. >>> Overlapping in my point of view in simple terms means, stocks will be same in both funds. Let me give you an example in a different way.

    Fund A – large cap – Investment amount 2000 for 10 years Sip = Suppose, first fund is giving 14% return then total amount (invested amount + interest) will be 5,24,182.77.

    Fund B – large cap – Investment amount 2000 for 10 years Sip = Suppose, first fund is giving 13% return then total amount (invested amount + interest) will be 4,93,361.30.

    Total Fund A and Fund B = 1017544.07

    Now, lets go by your point with 2 EXAMPLES.

    1) Investing only in one fund. Investment amount 4000 (SAME AMOUNT) for 10 years Sip = Suppose, fund is giving 13% (CHOOSING LESS % HERE) return then total amount (invested amount + interest) will be 9,86,722.60. (HERE loss is 30821.47

    2) Investing only in one fund. Investment amount 4000 (SAME AMOUNT) for 10 years Sip = Suppose, fund is giving 14% (CHOOSING HIGHER % HERE) return then total amount (invested amount + interest) will be 10,48,365.53 (HERE profit is 30821.46).

    Probality here is that returns will be above average (instead of loss or litte extra profit)

    Now, in a common person simple terms, I think, its better to choose 2-3 large funds/small/mid cap etc (from top 3-4 funds in each category) cause, it is difficult for a common person to track and monitor who s fund manager etc on 2-3 year basis. I dont think 70% of the investors are doing that. Suppose, if I only have to invest 3k and I have 3 top funds in that category then why not split amount in 3 funds cause, it will be less risky (then investor dont have to worry, too much on who is fund manager etc). As per above chart, franklin blue chip 5 years return was 13.10% and ICICI one (large cap) was 15.60%.. I understand, ICICI one will give high returns but who can tell future? So, if a investor select both funds then his return % will be 14.35%. What I am MISSING here?? I hope, you are getting my point. To me, I am feeling more secure in selecting 2-3 funds in each category. Suppose, I have to invest 10K then I will prefer to go in 10 funds with 1K amount. I really want to know, what I am missing here. Plz reply. Thx!

    1. Pankaj-So holding more funds means more returns?? Do you think holding more funds means all your fund managers generate alpha over what the single fund generate? What if all funds investing majorly in few stocks or sectors?

      1. Basavaraj, frankly speaking that was the doubt in my mind. 🙂 You know, I was just trying to play safe.

        I was planning to invest 30 k per month in equity and 15k in debt (Just got good hike lol).

        Plan 1 >>> 30k equity = 8 k large cap + 8k multi cap + 7 in mid cap + 7 in small cap.

        then I thought, why not play more safe and invest as per article (just split amount) >>>>

        Plan 2 >>> 4 large cap (2 k each) + 4 multi cap (2k each) + 3 mid cap + 3 small cap = 14 funds. (different funds houses/good rating/ consistent past performers). ONE IMPORTANT point >>> Overlapping % of 9 out of 14 funds is below 23% and remaining ones 33%)

        I know, its very difficult to track 14 funds but just to save my money, I was planning to do that. Basavaraj, my only question is to you is, if we forgot about pain in tracking 14 funds as compare to 4 funds (which I truly believe and accept it>> it is painful) but I will manage that. Do you think, it is wise idea to opt for PLAN B or simply stick to Plan A.

        One last thing, you know, if we go to Amc’s or any other similar places (no body is suggesting correctly but all points on your blog making sense so, I selected 95% of the funds from your blog) so again your opinion is very imp to me cause, it is my hard money which I am going to invest.

        When my portfolio is diversified between all caps and have enough debt funds (fd’s ppf etc) then whats harm in Plan A and PLAN B except my pain to track more funds??? Many thanks!

        1. Pankaj-When underlying stocks or sectors are same then in what way by mere adding of more and more funds will create diversification? It is like investing in FDs from Bank A, Bank B and Bank C, where all Banks (A,B and C) providing you the same interest rate.

    2. Two reasons why diversification within same fund category is not necessary:

      1. According to your example your loss is 30k while getting almost 10 lakh. This is 3% loss in 10 years, ie 0.3% loss in one year. Is it worth the effort of monitoring and analyzing fund performance of both funds for 10 years? Investment is not a plant and forget strategy, periodic monitoring of funds is needed which requires effort and expertise.

      2. All funds in same category have positive high correlation. Some times market is good for large cap, some times for small cap. If you have multiple funds in largecap itself, when one fund fails (when largecap fails) all funds fail. Instead if you diversify to mid and small cap and across equity and debt, it is will be a wise strategy.

      This is why diversification is done, not to maximise returns (0.3% more), but to reduce risk (not all funds fail you at the same time)

      1. Hey Jerry, thanks for your input too 🙂 Ya, I am getting your point also. You know, if we look at mid and small caps then % difference is huge so that profit % is also huge. So, if we invest big amount then with pain, return will also be more… Please read my second response and would also welcome your suggestions. Thx thx 🙂

  122. Dear Basu,
    My age is 30. My monthly salary is 80,000 and my living expense is Rs30, 000 per month. I am keeping six months of living expenditure as my emergency fund i.e. Rs2, 00,000.
    My investment are in ratio of 30:70(Debt: Equity) for long term goals as below for 10-15 years
    1. SBI – Blue chip – DP growth – Rs2000
    2. ICICI Pru Value disc – DP Growth – Rs2000
    3. Franklin small companies – DP Growth – Rs1000
    4. DSPBR Microcap fund – DP Growth – Rs1000
    5. Fixed Deposit – Rs3000
    Currently I am paying LIC retirement policies of Rs5500 per month to get tax advantages. Along with I am going to start ELSS of Rs3000 from April 2017 in DSPBR tax saver for 10 years to save tax.
    At the moment I have Rs5.5 lakh in my salary account and this will be keep on accumulating every month every month after my living expenses. I don’t want to keep the excess money i.e. Rs3, 50,000 ideally (after emergency fund) in my salary account as this will only get 4% interest. So kindly clarify my below queries with high liquidity.
    1. I understand that the possible ways of money maximization techniques such as Swipe in Account, Monthly Income plan and debt funds etc. I am ready to invest 50% conservative and 50% moderate risk taking investment. Kindly advise the suitable options?
    2. Please note that I was paying Home loan until last month and it is completed now. This was the reason for investing only Rs10, 000 out of my total salary of Rs80, 000. Considering this, can you please advise the tweaks required for my investment portfolio?

      1. Basu,
        I am planning to invest equities for next 15-20 years.

        My Financial Goals are
        1. Daughter’s Education & Marriage – 2028 to 2035
        2. Retirement corpus to beat the inflation . I am planning my retirement in 2037

        If this is the case, kindly advise my query 1 &2 according to my data.

        1. Hi Basu,

          1. As mentioned I need to park my excess money somewhere so that I will get more interest than FD but if I need that money for any purposes (which exceeds my emergency fund), that should be easily withdrawn (but in reality, I can wait to grow for the next 2-3 years)? Kindly suggest that option or suggest some better fund?

          2. I have a plan to exit my endowment insurance policies covering them with appropriate pure term plan – Can I come out immediately as I paid premiums for 3 years ? Is it wise?

          3. After exiting of insurance policies with term plan cover, where I can park my existing premium amounts ? As stated earlier , I have below funds & SIPs.
          SBI – Blue chip – DP growth – Rs2000
          ICICI Pru Value disc – DP Growth – Rs2000
          Franklin small companies – DP Growth – Rs1000
          DSPBR Microcap fund – DP Growth – Rs1000

          waiting for your response ! Kindly help!

            1. Thanks Basu for such a precise and honest answer!!
              For Question 3,
              My goals are,
              I. Daughter’s Education (2037 to 2040) ? Expected to have Rs 35 Lakhs considering inflation rate 6%
              II. Retirement corpus of 1 crore ? I am planning my retirement in 2037. I have few land properties and I can sell and liquidate it for my retirement funds. Through this lets say I will get 50 L
              Investment horizon is until my retirement. i.e. 15 to 20 years
              Please advise that
              a) Considering endowment exit and that amount flowing into mutual funds, now my portfolio would be as read follows. Again almost 30-70 debt ratio. Is this portfolio suffice for both goals?
              • SBI – Blue chip – DP growth ?2000
              • ICICI Pru Value disc – DP Growth ?1000
              • Franklin small companies – DP Growth ?1000
              • DSPBR Microcap fund – DP Growth ?1000
              • DSPBR Tax Saver fund? 3000
              • Fixed Deposit ?4000

              b) Do I need to have separate portfolios for different goals or my existing portfolio suffice? If so kindly advise the funds with SIP amounts
              c) If no new funds needed and more money to be invested in the existing funds, kindly suggest the required amount to achieve my goals?

              1. Hari-1) Why two small cap (Franklin and DSPBR)? Retain anyone.
                b) It is your comfort. If you can manage in a single folio, then you can do so. Otherwise, separate for each goal.
                c) This many funds suffice. Regarding, investable amount, I can’t plan it and write down the whole planning here.

                1. Thanks Basavaraj! Please advise the place where we can discuss about this?

                  I think I need to have separate portfolios for my goals as If I need to withdraw money for Goal1 which affects goal 2 when I have only one portfolio. Can you advise whether I need to have different funds for my different portfolios or choose the same funds as mentioned earlier?

                  My two goals are below and can invest 20 years atleatst through SIP.

                  I. Daughter’s Education (2030 to 2034) ? Expected to have Rs 35 Lakhs considering inflation rate 6%
                  II. Retirement corpus of 1 crore in 2040.

                  1. Dear Basu,
                    To answer – why two small caps?
                    1. DSP fund is Micro cap and Franklin is small cap. I thought of getting benifit from Micro cap stokes along with small cap.
                    2. Portfolio overlap between funds is less than 15%

                    so now my portfolio comprising one micro cap, one small cap, one multi cap and one Large cap
                    Please advise still this affects the returns ?

                    Also I am planning to add “HDFC Children’s Gift Plan- Growth” (Balanced fund) of Rs 2000 per month for 10 years.

                    Kindly advise this fund selection is okay for child education?

  123. Hi Basu,

    I am planning to invest 20000/ per month – in SIP. I have enough debt in forms of F.D.

    Below are my goals and time horizon

    1-Goal -Child education
    Time horizon -(in 2026)

    2- Goal- Retirement
    Time horizon (in 2037)

    Can you please advise if the below asset allocation is ideal for me?

    1-ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity Fund – 4000/- (Large Cap)
    2- HDFC Midcap Opp Fund – 2000/- (Mid Cap)
    3-DSPBR Micocap Fund(G) – 4000/- (Small Cap)
    4-Icici Pru Value Discovery fund(G) – 2000/- (Multi cap)
    5-ICICI Pru Balanced Fund – 4000 /- (Balanced fund)

    I would like answers for the below question.

    How to distribute between different types of funds for each goal considering only equity part?

    To make it clear:-
    a)What is the ideal combination for child education goal? (Example- large cap+Balanced+Small cap)?
    b) Similarly, what is the ideal combination for retirement goal (Ex-large cap+Multi cap+ Mid cap etc.)?


    1. Deb-Forget as of now about asset allocation within equity. But what asset allocation you are following between debt and equity? Whether your debt is easy enough to re-balance to make sure the same % of allocation?

      1. Hi Basu,

        I am allocating 70% equity and 30% debt. When you say same % allocation, do you mean 50 % equity and 50% debt?

          1. Hi Basu,

            I am not very sure if I can manage it.I need your advice here.Do you think it is wise to break the F.D. and transfer the corpus to debt mutual funds (30% allocation)? Bit confused here.


            Leave the F.D. as it is and concentrate with 70:30 equity:debt allocation through SIP.

            1. Deb-If you emotionally not attached to break FDs for the sake of re-balancing, then continue the same. However, if your goal is more than 3 years, then debt funds plays better than FDs.

              1. Thanks Basu for your advice. I will break the F.Ds.

                Now , can you please help with the below and advise if it is correct ?

                1-Goal -Child education
                Time horizon -(in 2026)

                2- Goal- Retirement
                Time horizon (in 2037)

                Equity – 70% allocation
                1-ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity Fund – 4000/- (Large Cap)
                2- HDFC Midcap Opp Fund – 2000/- (Mid Cap)
                3-DSPBR Micocap Fund(G) – 4000/- (Small Cap)
                4-Icici Pru Value Discovery fund(G) – 2000/- (Multi cap)
                5-ICICI Pru Balanced Fund – 2000 /- (Balanced fund)

                Debt – 30% allocation
                6- L&T Gilt Fund- Investment Plan – 2000/-
                7- Icici Prudential Long term fund – 4000/-

                I will also appreciate if you can explain how to allocate different fund types (Large cap,mid cap ,balanced etc) and percentage distribution for each goals. I am not sure if you have a post for this.

                  1. Thanks Basu. I will follow your advice.

                    I have selected the two debt from your post . Are they not good for my portfolio?

                    If not , can you please advise the alternate debt for my goals and time horizon?

  124. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks a lot for your time in helping others. I read the answers posted by you and I find it really very helpful and valuable.

    I am investing in SIP in following funds since last year, 5000 per month in all of them. The target of my goal is of 2045

    1) HDFC Balance Fund
    2) HDFC MID-CAP Opp FUND – Gr
    3) ICICI Pru Balance Fund – Reg Plan – Gr
    4) ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund
    5) Axis LT Equity Fund – Gr
    6) Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund – Reg Plan – Gr

    Could you please guide me whether my allocation is in line. Please suggest me.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Axis LT Equity Fund – Gr fund has been struggling to perform as compared to its benchmark. I expect it to give better results in future but wondering what went wrong in the last 1 year period. Kindly suggest on it.

      1. Balanced funds are for child education goal. Asset allocation is 70 equity and 30 % Debt.
        Mid cap is for retirement goal.
        Not opt for pure debt mutual fund.

          1. For retirement, I am investing for longer period of time ( 30 years). So I decided to go ahead for 100% equity.

              1. Hi Basavaraj,

                I am holding a SIP of ICICI pru value discovery fund in mid cap category. Now, I am planning to invest Rs. 4,00,000 in Invesco India Contra Fund -Growth for 20 years duration.

                Please suggest if it is good way to go, if not please suggest any other fund in same category.

                Thanks a lot for all your guidance.

  125. Hello sir
    I am planning to invest in following companies. can you please let me know if it is a good choice.

    Birla sunlife frontline equity fund – 3000
    Birla sunlife equity fund – 3000
    hdfc midcap opportunities fund – 3000
    franklin india smaller companies fund -3000

    1. Forgot to mention about my goal of investing. Actually I wanted to get lumpsum amount of money around 70L for my child education after 15 years.

        1. Srinivas-Who suggested you these funds? If you invested through an adviser, then ask him “what asset allocation you recommended me between debt and equity?”. If you invested directly, then refer the above post properly before jumping into investment.

          1. Actually these are suggested by financial advisor. I just told him that I want to have diversified portfolio that should include large, small and mid cap funds. All the above are equity related only. Since I have planned to invest 3000 in PPF, it can be viewed as debt invest right. So on the whole, I have 4 equity funds as stated above and one debt fund (like ppf).

  126. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to invest 45000 monthly through SIP. I am 40 years old my risk profile is moderate. My goals are below.

    1- My Daughter marriage 2022

    Motilal Oswal Dynamic Equity 15000 Rs SIP
    ICICI Equity Income Fund 10000 Rs SIP

    2- Retirement 2031

    Mirae emerging blue chip 10000 Rs SIP
    Motila oswal most focused 35 10000 Rs SIP

    Can you please help me to choose the right MF.

      1. Sir,

        Just wanted your opinion on the selected funds and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  127. Hi Basu,

    My current MF investment is as follows

    1. Mirae Assets Emerging Bluechip Fund – 3000 per month
    2. Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – 3000 Per Month
    3. Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund – 2500 Per month
    4. DSPBR Micro Cap Fund – 7500 Per month
    5. Birla Sunlife MNC fund – 2500 Per month
    6. Axis long term equity Fund – 2500 Per month
    7. SBI Pharma Fund – 3000 Per month

    Can you please advise me how to optimize above funds or can I continue with same mix ?


      1. My time horizon is more than 5 years. This is my surplus income and I dont have any need for liquidity in near future.

  128. Hi Basu

    I am currently investing in
    1) Birla Sun life Frontline equity Fund
    2)ICICI PRU Value Discovery Fund
    3)Frankline India Smaller Companies Fund
    4) UTI euity Fund

    I also have Birla SUN life Top 100 FUND which I am not investing any money at the moment .
    Shall I continue same Fund , as I do not good growth in UTI equity FUND

  129. Hello Sir,

    I have a home loan of 30 lacs which I am planning to finish off within 10 years. I want to know what should be my investment option? I have already started SIPs in HDFC BALANCED FUND, DSP BLACKROCK MICRO CAP FUND, HDFC HIGH INTEREST DYNAMIC PLAN.

    My doubt is not about the amount to be invested, but should I invest more in Ultra Short Term Debt Funds or take a risk by using equity funds. I don’t have any RD/FD/PPF.


      1. Hello Sir,

        Actually my question is what would be the best approach to invest and grow money to repay the loans faster.

        For Eg: If a Do a SIP of 10 k per month, I would be investing 120000. At the end of the year I would replay 1 lac towards principal repayment and I would reinvest the remaining 20000 along with the returns for another year.


        1. Pavan-What is the guarantee that after one year your invested money will be Rs.1,20,000? What if the market crashed and it turned to be Rs.90,000? For short term goal (to accumulate yearly repayment of loan principal), don’t use equity funds. Instead use simple products like Bank RDs or FDs.

            1. Pavan-But what about taxation? Both Debt Funds and FDs or RDs offers same tax benefits. However, debt funds not provide you guaranteed return whereas FDs and RDs provide that. Hence, instead of debt funds for a year goal, I suggest FDs or RDs. Don’t complicate your life.

  130. Hello Sir,

    Very Very Nice article. Sir, I have one confusion. It says, no tax on long term capital gains. Please give me answer as per below example.

    If I invest 5000 per month in ICICI Pru value discovery funds G – Multi cap for 15 years.

    5000 * 180 months = 9,00,000 >> invested amount

    I am assuming, I will get return as per 12% so, my wealth gain will be 16,22,880.

    Now, 16,22,880 + 9,00,000 = Expected Amount Rs. 2522880 (25.2 Lakhs)

    Will I get 25.2 lakhs in hand after 15 years? Please be exact amount as per above calculation, will be any tax etc.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Rahul-Yes, you will receive invested amount and the growth on that. As per current LTCG rules for equity funds, any investment which is more than a year will be tax-free. Hence, when you withdraw after 15th year (or at the beginning of 16th year), then the amount invested up to 14 years will be tax-free as all of those monthly investments completed a year. However, the amount you invested in the 15 years will not be completed one year. Hence, that one last year investment will be considered as STCG and taxed accordingly.

      1. Many thanks 🙂 for your valuable feedback. ok, I have done my research and would like to go with 4 funds.

        1) SBI Blue chip fund growth – Large cap
        2) ICICI Pru value discovery funds G – Multi cap
        3) HDFC Mid cap opp fund growth – MiD cap
        4) DSPBR Micro cap fund growth – SMALL cap

        Tenure 10+ years. After 12th year, whenever, I feel, amount is super good is any of the funds. I will start taking exist. Debt and other things, I have and I dont need liquity in near future.

        I am planning to invest 2000 per month each in all 4 funds (total 8000 k per month)

        I only have one question>> Do you think, I am doing right by distributing equal amount in all 4 funds. My age is 30 and I myself judge as Moderately risky player (trying to play little safe) and expecting (11-14%) with my current plan?

        Basavaraj, as you know, its not T- 20 match (very long term plan) so just double checking everything :). Whats your best suggestion on this?

        oops one more question in my mind >> I have selected 3 funds from your list out of 4. Would you suggest to make any minor changes in that also (to make my portfolio more attractive)?

        Thanks 🙂

          1. hmm, brother. Time >> Well >> You are right on this. Frankly speaking, I will take exit between 12-16 years (all funds)- As of now, its not fixed. However, its for more than 10 years that I am sure.

            no proper asset allocation.>> I am sorry, I am not getting your point. I know, what asset allocation means. Please elaborate? What do you think, would be the best for me?

            1. Rahul-Considering your time period as 10 years, then you MUST follow debt and equity allocation at around 30:70. It means never invest whole money in single asset class like equity. Try to diversify the risk by investing in debt category also.

  131. Thanks Bashu for sharing very nice article related to mutual fund investment.

    For tax saving, I invest 1 lakh in SSY and get health insurance of 3 lakhs from the company

    Currently, I am investing an amount of Rs 15000 in all the funds selected below through Funds India. Could you please high-light your though on this. My goal is to invest till 20 years.

    Axis LT Equity Fund (Rs 1000)
    Birla SL Frontline Equity Fund (Rs 2000)
    Franklin India Prima Plus Fund (Rs 2000)
    Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund (Rs 2000)
    HDFC Balanced Fund (Rs 2000)
    HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (Rs 2000)
    Mirae Asset Emerging BlueChip (Rs 2000)
    Tata Balanced Fund (Rs 2000)

      1. I am not able to understand about debt. Can you please guide how to do. Regarding Balanced and mid-cap, I selected based on recommendation by one of my friend. Can I close any one fund and reinvest the same in existing fund.

  132. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for such a lovely post.

    I am planning to invest 20000 monthly through SIP mode for 10 years.My goal is below
    1- My two son’s education after 10 and 15 y years
    2- Retirement savings after 20 years

    Below are my assets
    Home – 50 lakhs (Loan closed)
    Fixed Deposits – 20 Lakhs

    Can you please help me with the asset allocation with the portfolio you advised above?

  133. Hi Basu,

    I have been investing in SBI Bluechip fund(Large cap) and ICICI Pru Balanced fund(Balanced fund) for last 4 months; through SIP with 5k per month.

    I don’t like the performance of large cap fund compared to balanced fund. Is it better to divert my funds from large cap to balanced fund(Above mentioned funds). My investment horizon is 5 to 7 years.

    Please suggest me whether i should continue with SBI Bluechip fund irrespective of the poor per performance for last 1 year or so OR should i consider any other large fund instead of investing whole amount in balanced fund.

    I have sufficient allocation to the debt in terms of NSC

    Please suggest; thanks in advance.

    Thanks you.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for reply.

        I know 4 months is certainly not enough to judge the performance of the fund. My question was

        Is SBI Bluechip fund a good fund to invest in long run? Or any alternative in Large cap space?

        Should I go with Balanced fund instead of Large cap as Balanced funds are less volatile to market and gives better results in long run?

        Thank you

        1. Durga-This is what I am pointing again. Why you are taking a call after JUST 4 months? Wait and if the fund not providing the expected return or continuously underperforming (for 1-2 years), then think of switching. Investment lazy game not like the game to act on monthly basis.

  134. Hi Basu,

    I need your suggestions on my investment portfolio correction (I am sure too many of them). Below are the current state of my investement;

    1. PPF – 20k / yr
    2. Mediclaim – 5 L
    3. Tax Saver MFs – 4 k / month (Axis LT Equity Fund(G), Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund(G), Birla SL Tax Relief ’96(G), Franklin India Taxshield(G))
    4. HDFC click 2 Invest – 2 k / month
    5. Reliance Money Manager Fund – 1-3 k / month

    I am looking to be invested for next 10 yrs. I will be having yearly increase in my spare for 8-10k. Please suggest.

    1. ++ My Goals are;
      a) Retirement after 12-15 yrs
      b) Kid education (fund will require after 10-12 yrs)

      1. Frankly, I was looking for a retirement investment. people around me suggested this. Really don’t know, if this is a good bet or not.

  135. Hi, I have 1 crore windfall from ancestral property. I am 51 years old. I have enough income for myself and wife. I would like to retire from ny business after 10years. How should I invest this money for rest of my retirement courpous ?

      1. The question is how should I invest all in one go or SIP for 1 year or SIP for 3 year? I am cofused about this part? I may need some money from this corpous after 16 years.

  136. Wish u a Happy New Year . I am 43 & have been investing in SIP in following funds :
    (a) Birla sunlife Frontline Equity fund – 3000/- per month
    (b)Quantum Long term Equity fund – 2000/- per month
    (c) Franklin India smaller companies fund – 3000/- per month
    (d) ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Equity fund – 2000/- per month ( my wife investment)
    Let me guide whether my allocation is in line & can I invest further 2000/- in ICICI Pru Balanced bund and also in Debt fund such as SBI Magnum Gilt fund.

  137. Dear Basu
    I have an investment in Reliance retirement fund which is not performing well. Please advice if I should stop it and hold or switch to Reliance tax saver fund. I have been investing in the said fund for last 3+ years but not happy with low return. Please help

    1. Dear Basu
      I have SIP in Franklin blue chip ,Franklin Prima plus fund and Franklin flexi cap fund. Would like to continue with any one or two out of three. Pease advice

      1. Dear Basu
        I already have one Sbi large cap fund. Planning for one more in large cap say Mirae Asset. Is it required or advisable

        1. my goal is wealth creation over a horizon of 6-7 years for daughters education and marriage .
          return i am getting is 0.5 % in 2 years thats making me unhappy.

          I could have gone for tax saver fund itself

            1. ok. if I continue in some of the equity funds what is the ideal period to continue for good returns

              also suggest some hybrid funds and ultra short term debt funds please

              1. Seema-It is usually more than 5+ years with proper asset allocation of debt and equity (I explained the same in above post). Regarding debt funds, refer the link provided in above post for debt funds I selected as my Top 10.

      1. my goal is wealth creation over a horizon of 6-7 years for daughters education and marriage .
        return i am getting is 0.5 % in 2 years thats making me unhappy.

        I could have gone for tax saver fund itself

        1. Dear Basu

          As I said I have an investment in Jeeval saral policy of 2042 monthly for 20 years. I have completed 8 years , would like to surrender. Surrender value is 170000 around loss of 30000. can you suggest me where can I invest it for about 12 years to get very good return around 12-15%

  138. Hi Basu,

    I’m 36 and this is the 1st time I’m investing in MFs. Earlier it’s been always ULIPs and PPF. I want to build a strong portfolio where I’ll stay invested for 10+ years. I seek your in-depth knowledge in this regards. My portfolio follows as :

    1> Group Medical Insurance : 10 lacs
    2> Term Insurance : 2 Cr
    3> Critical Illness Insurance : 20 L
    4> PPF : 1.5 L (shall continue as per the max limit)
    5> SIPs : Rs 2000 x 5 funds

    SBI Blue Chip, Mirae Asset Emerging Blue Chip, Mirae Asset India Opportunities, DSP Micro cap fund and Franklin Smaller Companies fund.

    6> SBI Dual Advantage VI (close-ended) : 5 L lump sum.

    4 and 6 is to neutralize me being too aggressive with the SIPs. If 6 could earn 7-8% , I would be happy and might keep investing the maturity amount in similar close-ended product.

    Could you please review the above and share your thoughts ? Any feedback would be highly appreciated.


    1. Indrajit-1) You must have your own health insurance. 4) Consider PPF as debt instrument and invest only if your goal tenure math with PPF maturity. 5) Why DSP and Franklin in same category funds? Why two large cap funds like SBI and Mirae Asset India Opportunities? 6) I am not sure of what prompted you to select this hybrid fund. Instead, Ultra Short Term Funds are enough to fill the gap of debt (along with PPF).

      1. Thanks Basu, that was quick 🙂 I knew,I’ve messed it up , thus wanted your advice to fix. DSP micro SIP would start from next month. So I can withdraw it right away (as I registered online). SBI Blue Chip being Large Cap while Mirae Asset India Opportunities being Diversified – thus investing in both. With 6, I was not sure where to park the lump sum 5L , and as I said I’ve no experience of MFs, thus invested in the safer option over FDs which is taxable unlike the close-ended scheme.

        And, yes, I’ve my own health insurance. I’m very much looking forward for your advice to sort out my portfolio. Please suggest if I should invest in any other funds (as I’m withdrawing DSP Micro SIP) .

        Also, one of my ulip would mature next week (approx 3L) . Please let me know how best I can invest it.


  139. I would like to know what is the difference between regular and direct plan?Nd how to switch from regular plan to direct plan if that is better?

      1. Thank you for your reply.I have started investment in few mutual funds around 6 to 8 months back. I am investing through sip via my bank under regular plan. Now since I know the difference of 1% can make alot of difference if have invested for 10 years. I would like to switch over from regular plan to direct plan. How should I do? should I stop those sip and redeem them after few years and start a fresh under direct plan through online directly through fund house

        1. AND also i want to know whether the performance of fund remain same for regular and direct plan?

          1. My all the equity funds are of less than a year old investment and some are just one month old investment . So as much I have understood I should stop those sip and start new sip in direct plan.Could you plz guide me from where I can buy direct plan . Do I have to visit respective fund house site and start new sip under direct plan. Can it be done through online payment

  140. Hi Basu,

    I am investing monthly 1000 each in 3 below funds from past 1 year(Long term goal >10 years) and i have suffient RD`s and FD`s.

    ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

    HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

    HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

    Here my question is, i want to invest 1000/- in one of the below 2 funds(For long term goal>10year), please suggest me, which one is suitable?

    ICICI Balanced fund(Direct) (OR) ICICI Pru value Discovery fund(Direct)

      1. Hi Basu,

        1) As per investment diversity, i want to invest 1000/- monthly in either of ICICI Balanced fund(Balanced) (OR) ICICI Pru value Discovery fund(Large & mid cap)..
        Please suggest.

        2) I want to invest 1000/- monthly in HDFC children’s gift plan(Investment option)..Is this advisable

        Above 2 questions funds time horizon is 10 years and maintaining asset allocation 30:70

        FYI,I am investing monthly 1000/- each in 3 below funds from past 1 year(Long term goal =10 years) and i have suffient RD`s and FD`s.

        ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

        HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

        HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

          1. Hi Basu,

            As i already explained you, Because of Money diversion, i want to invest 1000/- each in ICICI Balanced fund(Balanced) & ICICI Pru value Discovery fund
            (Large & mid cap).. even though i had below funds.

            ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

            HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

            HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

            SO totally i will be investing monthly 1000/- each below 5 funds.

            ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

            ICICI Pru value Discovery fund (Large & mid cap)

            HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

            HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

            ICICI Balanced fund(Balanced)

            FYI, time horizon is 10-15 years and maintaining asset allocation 30:70

            Shall i continue in these 5 funds or else shall i take some other funds?

            1. Karthikeyan-Check the portfolio overlapping of ICICI and HDFC Balanced Fund. If there is higher overlap, then one fund is enough. If you are separately managing debt portfolio, then why the balanced funds?

              1. Hi Basu,

                Thank you for reply.

                Below are the questions, please suggest

                1) Instead of taking both HDFC and ICICI Balanced funds, I will continue the existed HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) ..It it fine?

                2) Finally , i will start to invest 1000/month in “ICICI Pru value Discovery fund (Large & mid cap)” . It it ok? (OR) Shall i increase investment amount in
                ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund instead of taking new fund.

                3) I want to invest 1000/ month in Birla sunlife frontline also(Large gap)..It is good? (Time horizon=10 years)

                  1. Hi Basu,

                    Thank you for ur suggestions. please clarify below doubts :))

                    1) Currently i am investing 1000/- monthly in below funds each from past 1 year,Now i want to increase invest amount to 6000/- per month in these 3 funds..
                    How can i split that amount ..Is it fine to invest 2000/- for each funds or any specific ratio?

                    ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

                    HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

                    HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

                    2) I will invest money in the below funds only for long term, It is good to continue in the existed 3 funds (OR) shall i take new funds along with old funds?

                    ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

                    HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

                    HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

                    1. Hi Basu,

                      Thank you for ur suggestions. please clarify below doubts :))

                      1) Currently i am investing 1000/- monthly in below funds each from past 1 year,Now i want to increase invest amount to 6000/- per month in these 3 funds..
                      How can i split that amount ..Is it fine to invest 2000/- for each funds or any specific ratio?

                      Time Horizon = 15 years

                      ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

                      HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

                      HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

                      2) I will invest money in the below funds only for long term, It is good to continue in the existed 3 funds (OR) shall i take new funds along with old funds?

                      ICICI pru focussed Bluechip fund(Direct) — Large Cap fund

                      HDFC Mid Cap OPP fund(Direct) — small and mid cap fund

                      HDFC Balanced fund(Direct) — Balanced fund

                      Maintaining debt through RD`s and FD`s

                    2. Karthikeyan-For 15 years goal, you can use the said equity funds but with proper asset allocation and check how much flexible are your RDs and FDs to make sure that they are easily accessible for re-balancing.

                    3. Hi Basu,

                      Thank you 🙂

                      Yes, i am maintaining good asset allocation and flexible RD`s and FD`s.

                      Shall i continue to invest 2000 each in below funds(10-15 years time horizon) instead of taking new funds in coming future?

                      ICICI Bluechip fund
                      HDFC Mid Cap
                      HDFC Balanced

                    4. Hi Basu,

                      Thank you for ur advice.

                      I will increase investment amount 1000 to 2000/- in each below funds monthly.(Time horizon=10-15 years)

                      HDFC mid cap(Direct)

                      HDFC Balanced(Direct)

                      ICICI blue chip(Direct)

                      Which option i need to follow from the below

                      1) I need to cancel the 1000/-SIP and request for 2000/- SIP investment monthly for the same fund, so that 2000/- rupees
                      will be debited at a time.


                      2) Already i am investing 1000/- and need to take separate request form for 1000/- to invest on the same fund
                      SO that 1000/- and 1000/- (2 times ) will be debited.

                    5. Thanks Basu,

                      Both options(1,2) are similar, but why you have suggested for option 2, Can I know the reason? 🙂

                    6. Karthikeyan-Both are not same. You will cancel the existing SIP. This may take time to cancel. Once cancel, then you have to register for Rs.2,000. Instead, let Rs.1,000 continue and start additional SIP.

                    7. Hi Basu,

                      Thank u 🙂 , except delay, every thing is same, I mean returns point of view

  141. Hi Basu,

    I’m @41 yrs and planning to start a SIP with a monthly investment of @30k+. My plan is to spread out the investments over 3 funds (large, medium, and small CAP funds) for a period of @20 yrs. I have shortlisted Franklin Templeton India for the same. Pls advise on the which funds in large, medium and small CAP categories would be a good bet for investments over 20yrs?

      1. Thanks Basu!! 1 quick question: Would a equal split of the investments across the 3 funds be a good idea, or 50% in large cap, 25% each in medium/small cap be a good option over 20 yrs??

  142. Hi Basu,

    I must appreciate the research you do and the time you invest in not only posting your views but also replying to each query . Its commendable and hats off to you for that. Your articles have always been informative and I have been regularly visiting your blog whenever I need any information on personal finance.

    My queries are somewhat broader and not specific to choosing MFs for portfolio. I am looking for your views on the following:

    1. How to switch from one fund to another in case the original fund has been under-performing for say a couple of years? While one can switch to a new fund, what do you suggest about the corpus created? Should one just sell off the under performing fund and increase the SIP/make one time investment in new fund accordingly so that entire corpus is transferred to the new fund or is there any other way you would suggest?

    2. Should separate funds be allocated to different goals? Say I have 5 financial goals. Should I have separate funds for each goal or do you suggest a lump-sum corpus for all the goals. In such case, even if I go for 2 funds per goal, I would end up with 10 funds.

    I was wondering about these two issues for some time and thought of asking your views on it.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Sanjay-1) When you said FUND, then I mean it as equity fund. Why we select equity fund? When our goals are long term. If our goals are long term, then while switching I suggest a lump sum transfer and increase the SIP in new fund.
      2) It is purely left with you. If you feel adding all goal investments in 2-3 funds confuse you, then you can use separate funds for separate goals. Otherwise, within same fund create different folios for different goals.

  143. Hi Basavaraj,
    sorry may be I confused you with 2 questions in my previous post so reposting my question here

    I followed your blog last year to chose my SIP MF,

    Below 4 funds will be for 15 years — expected returns 1 crore

    ICICI Prudential Focused Fund – large Cap — 4000 / month
    ICICI Prudential DISCOVERY value – Large and Mid Cap —- 3000/month
    HDFC mid-cap Opportunities Fund – Small and Mid cap —- 9000/month
    HDFC Balanced Fund – Balanced fund — 4000 / month

    6,000 per month in RD as debt fund
    Total = 26,000 per month for 15 years

    Below 2 funds is for 30 years — expected returns — 5 crore

    Franklin India Blue Chip Fund – Large Cap — 5000 / month
    SBI Magnum Mid-Cap Fund – Small and Mid cap — 5000 / month

    4,000 / month in RD as debt fund
    Total = 14,000 per month for 30 years

    please advice if I need to increase my contribution or continue with existing SIP MF to reach my 15 years (1 cr) and 30 years (5 cr) goal ?


      1. my current asset allocation debt:equity is 33:67 (almost like 30:70)

        As per your calculation
        (30% x 7%) + (70% x 10%) = 9.1%

        In 15 years plan I am achieving my goal
        26,000 / month for 15 years with 9.1 % returns = 1 crore (goal achieved)

        but in 30 year plan

        14,000 / month for 30 years with 9.1 % returns = 2.6 crore (goal not achieved – I am expecting 5 crores here) –
        Anything I need to change here ? like increasing SIP or I keep current contribution and review my funds as time goes on (like every 2 years) and changing funds accordingly will get me to 5 cr goal ?

        1. Mohan-Increase your investable amount or reduce the target amount. By doing anyone of the two (as per your convenient), you can achieve goals. Changing funds will not guarantee you the targetted amount.

  144. Hi,
    I planned to invest 2L per annum in HDFC Click 2 Invest [Opportunity and Income fund] for 7 years and wait for 8 years
    to get maturity

    I am expecting a return of 15%. Let me know if this investment is the right option



      1. Thank you Basavaraj

        I have no knowledge in financial investments

        I request your insight if this plan will give returns at 15% annually

        *What I see in the history of its performance for the past 2 years is it is giving a return of 20% annually


        Jawad Shaik

        1. 1. Also I request your suggestion for retirement planning

          I am 33 and expect to retire at 50 with a fund of 1 Cr . Kindly suggest the funds I should invest in and the monthly value I should put in

          2. If I have to do a one time investment like say 10 L , which funds do you suggest

          Thanks a lot for your time and insight


          Jawad Shaik

          1. Jawad-1) Always better to create your own retirement corpus than buying the so called retirement or pension product. Follow the above mentioned procedure and start investing.
            2) Refer above post properly. If you still have questions, then we discuss further.

          1. Ya got it . I agree on not clubbing insurance with investment

            I was told by agent that in long term this will return at 15%

            With 2L per year for 7 years with a term of 15 I was told I could expect a minimum of 78L. In short can I believe in this return ?

              1. ok Thanks Basavaraj

                It does not have record older than Apr 2014

                Expenses is 1.35%

                I want to learn about trading in share market . I have no knowledge in this, can you guide me with a resource where I can learn this

                1. Jawad-If the product is new, then why I have to RISK my money when there are enough products and avenues available to track the performance? Simply avoid such products. I am not stock market expert. Sorry.

  145. Hi Basavaraj,
    First of all, I really appreciate your effort in research and putting this across for us. Thank you for doing this.

    I followed your blog last year to chose my SIP MF,

    Below 4 funds will be for 15 years — expected returns 1 crore
    ICICI Prudential Focused Fund – large Cap — 4000 / month
    ICICI Prudential DISCOVERY value – Large and Mid Cap —- 3000/month
    HDFC mid-cap Opportunities Fund – Small and Mid cap —- 9000/month
    HDFC Balanced Fund – Balanced fund — 4000 / month
    Total = 20,000 per month for 15 years

    Below 2 funds is for 30 years — expected returns — 5 crore
    Franklin India Blue Chip Fund – Large Cap — 5000 / month
    SBI Magnum Mid-Cap Fund – Small and Mid cap — 5000 / month
    Total = 10,000 per month for 30 years

    Also I am contributing 10,000 / month (as debt fund) in Recurring Deposit (soon I am going to convert this to PPF)

    please advice if I need to increase my contribution in SIP MF to reach my 15 years (1 cr) and 30 years (5 cr) goal ?

    Question # 2:
    Also to make my child life easy in future, I am contributing 5,000 / month for below funds and this contribution will go more than 25 years(as my baby is just 3 months old she got more time to play with this fund when she is 25 years old). As I have more time I would like to select total equity fund so that I (or my daughter) have more return. Please suggest suitable fund for this category.

    Currently I selected, TATA Balanced Fund (2500 per month) and Reliance Equity (2500 per month)

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        For Question #1 above
        From equity for 15 years fund above my expectation is 1 Cr and 30 years fund above returns expectation is 5 Cr.
        Can I continue with funds and contribution with what I have ?

        For question #2 above
        My return expectation is 12-15% for 25 years fund from equality fund. So which funds to select for this returns ?

        From debt I am contributing for safety and expecting returns of 7%

        1. Mohan-1) Yes, but with proper asset allocation of debt and equity based on time horizon.
          2) The well diversified equity funds with proper asset allocation for long term (10+ years), then 10% to 12% from equity is not bad.

  146. I am investing in SIP growth option the below funds from 2015, can you please advise shall I continue?

    ICICI Value Discovery
    ICICI focused blue-chip
    franklin India opportunities
    Franklin India high growth companies
    Can rococo emerging equities
    Reliance RF wealth creation

  147. Hello Basavraj,

    I am new to mutual funds, I would like to start investing on mutual funds. I am planning to invest 5000 per month for next 15 years. After reading your blog I am planning to take 2 mutual funds. 1st one from Large cap i.e Franklin India Bluechip Fund for Rs3000 and 2nd one from Mid cap i.e Franklin India Prima Fund for Rs2000. Could you please suggest?

    Many thanks in advance.

  148. Hi,
    I have invested in IPRU Wealth Builder II after reading your 80cc not sure if need to continue with this. Please confirm whether I close early and took from one of your tax investment list.

    Thank you,

  149. I am planing to take SBI Life – Smart Scholar ULIP plan for my son (6 months old).I am planing to pay 1lakh per year for 5 years.
    I am expecting maturity amount of around 22lakh after 18 years (for education).In this plan I have to select one of the below fund. Which fund I should select ? Everybody is selecting Bond Fund I don’t know why ?
    Equity Fund
    Top 300 Fund
    Equity Optimiser Fund
    Growth Fund
    Balanced Fund
    Bond Fund
    Money market Fund

    Is it a good plan ? or Should I go with a SIP or any mutual fund plan to achieve my goal?

      1. Thanks, Basavaraj

        Could you please review below information which I understand ?

        Forget about INSURANCE part of SBI Life – Smart Scholar.

        This is what SBI Life – Smart Scholar guys say about return:
        100000 per year for the next 5 years = 500000, to get more than 20 Lakh after 15 years. Is it true ?
        They said, they will select Bond Fund for me. (will get more if we select balanced or equity fund)

        I got that info from site below.

        Could you please suggest some alternate plans to get good return for child education after 15 years from now ?

        1. Sam-Ask them on what basis they claiming MORE THAN Rs.20 lakh after 15 years. There must be some assumptions for calculations. You have to ask them the basis of their calculation.

  150. Hello Basavaraj,

    Can I contact you via phone to discuss what investment plans I can go for, for different financial goals, long term and short term.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        I heard it is not the best time to invest in SIP’s. Could you please suggest what specific long term investment plan is good to go for now for 3 year, 5 year, 10 years and 25-30 years returns (retirement), also providing tax relief under 80 CC. I have currently invested in the Axis Long Term Equity Fund but it does not seem to have done well in the past year. Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

        Please also suggest a good term plan.

          1. Divya-If you have asset allocation done and goal in mind perfectly, then NO TIME is GOOD or BAD. The best time is NOW. You have to do asset allocation as I explained above and accordingly start investing. Regarding Axis, do you feel a single year return worst means you must switch? Investment is the game of patience.

  151. Hi Basu,

    i am investing in below funds/policies since 1 year , all are long term investment > 10 years.
    I would like to have your expert analysis and advice on my portfolio to achieve the target of 40L . I can invest 5000 more on MF. please let me know if any changes needed to these investments.

    LIC policy 3000
    NPS 4000
    PPF 5000

  152. 35k a month investment on the following funds – is this a good portfolio for 10 years to achieve a 50L goal?
    Fund Name Fund Class % Allocation
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (G) Small & Mid Cap 6%
    L&T Emerging Businesses Fund – Regular Plan (G) Small & Mid Cap 9%
    L&T Emerging Businesses Fund – Direct Plan (G) Small & Mid Cap 9%
    Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) Small & Mid Cap 9%
    HDFC Small and Mid Cap Fund (G) Small & Mid Cap 9%
    ICICI Prudential Select Large Cap Fund – Retail Plan (G) Large Cap 7%
    Kotak Select Focus Fund (G) Large Cap 9%
    SBI Blue Chip Fund (G) Large Cap 9%
    Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund – Regular Plan (G) Diversified Equity 7%
    HDFC High Interest Fund – Dynamic Plan – Direct – Normal Dividend Option (11NT) Debt Long Term 14%
    ICICI Prudential Banking and PSU Debt Fund – Direct Plan – Growth Debt Short Term 14%

      1. This is based on inputs that I took from people in the family who had some exposure on MFs and they suggested to have a diversified portfolio that makes the split of 40% in Small and Mid-Cap , 24% of LargeCap , 7% Diversified Equity and 29% in Debt Funds – hence checking if I am on the right path. Kindly advice if you suggest any revamp.

  153. Hi Basu Sir,

    I am new to this Mutual Funds. I request you to help me in selecting some good Funds.
    I already have PPF and PF which is covering my 80C.
    I have Medical Insurance for my Family.
    I have one FD which equals my 4 Months salary as Emergency Fund.

    Now , i am planning to go with Mutual Funds for a horizon of 5 years to 10 years. I can afford 10k , please suggest 3 to 4 funds which suits me.

    Thank you.

    Best regards
    Ravi Kumar

  154. I wish to start SIP with following asset allocation
    equity:debt = 60:40
    within equity
    large:mid:small = 50:30:20

    Planning to buy one scheme from each of these so a total of 5 schemes

    My questions are:

    1. Should I have 1 multi cap scheme in equity instead of 3 or in addition to these three? How I’ll control assist allocation in that case?

    2. Similarly should I have just 1 balanced scheme instead of these 5 or in addition to these 5? How cap allocation can be controlled with balanced scheme?

    3. I have some FDs in nationalized banks, cooperative banks and companies like Muthoot finance. Should I consider these as my debt exposure or should I have additional debt funds? Or should I buy debt funds as and when the ads mature?


    1. Jerry-1) I personally stay away from multi cap as they have mandate to move any market cap.
      2) Select balanced fund only in case you are unable to allocate debt category separately.
      3) Yes. But check for liquidity issue also.

      1. Thank you. Another doubt is that how do I fit in ELSS funds in this allocation pattern, since I don’t know their asset allocation. Are they multicaps since they are not specific to a particular cap?(Franklin India and Axis Long Term)

  155. Hi Basu,

    It’s always good to hear about your views on the best funds every year and it helps in planning.

    I just had a small question about the Diversified equity funds, Is Franklin India prima plus fund better than Franklin India high growth companies fund?

    If someone like me has to chose one diversified equity fund then which one would you suggest between these Franklin funds and ICICI Prudential Value discovery fund?


  156. Hi Basu,

    Does fund’s AUM being > 10,000 crores have an impact on fund’s performance? There is general perception as fund grows bigger it does not perform that well. Is it true?


  157. Dear Basavaraj,
    Thank you very much for such an informative post. I am MF investor from last 8 months only and I am investing in following fund for 12-14 year time horizon for child education and 20-24 years for retirement
    Equity:Debit- 70%:30%
    1) HDFC balance fund- 15% (5% of this balance fund goes to debit fund)
    2) HDFC mid cap oppurtunity 10%
    3) Axis long term equity fund- for ELSS 40%
    4) Franklin smaller companies fund 10%

    1) Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund-Super Institutional Plan- as liquid fund 5%
    2) Franklin Low duration Fund- direct growth- ultra short term 10%
    3) ICICI long term plan direct growth- dynamic fund 10%

    Apart from that I have FD as emergency fund for 4 month of salary and if further needed, I will use liquid fund for that. I have term plan which is 15 time higher than my annual income and health insurance which is 8 time of my monthly income.

    Do you suggest for any change in equity or debit portfolio or to add/remove any fund, I am expecting 12-13% return from my equity part and 8% from debit part, I am moderate-high risk investor, atleast for the next 10 years until I become 45 years.

    Many Thanks in advance.

      1. Thanks for your comment,
        My thought was that since Axis long term equity fund that I am using for my ELSS is very similar to diversified fund which as the moment put 45% in giant and 22% in large cap so basically 67% of my 40% allocation meaning 30% is put in large cap only. In addition, I have balanced fund also that put more than half of the fund to large cap only. so that is the reason why there is no separate large cap. Please correct me if there is any thing wrong in this strategy. Do you still suggest to allocate more to large cap and less to small/mid cap considering present valuation (bubble theory?)

        yes, I agree with dynamic fund, Actually I am thinking to stop and allocate dynamic fun to short term fund now. Is Franklin Low duration Fund good in current situation?

        looking for your suggestion please.

          1. Yes Sir, for 80C I put ELSS 96K and remaing school Fee. I don’t do PPF for 80C because I don’t want locking period that long for my debit fund. I want my debit fund to be liquid in nature so that I can take up in case of extreme emergency.

              1. Yes Sir I agree about PPF as a best debit fund and I also like except the longer locking period.
                I just calculated that out of all allocation
                37%- Large cap, 33% mid and small cap, 30% in debit fund.

                1) Do you think I am little more over weight on mid/small cap?
                2) Should I exchange dynamic fund with Franklin Low duration Fund (short term fund)?

                  1. Just to be sure you said to go for
                    ultra short term debt funds and short term- not short term gilt, right?

  158. Greetings
    I am investing in following mutual fund from 2014 as
    • Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity
    • Mirae Asset India Opportunity
    • Franklin India Prima Plus
    • HDFC Mid-Cap
    When I have taken Mirae Asset India Opportunity that time it was listed as multi cap fund, now this fund moves to Large Cap category. I have already BSL Frontline in large cap hence want to skip one fund either BSL Frontline or Mirae Asset India Opportunity. Both fund are performing very well, both have outperformed benchmark and category from their inception. Please suggest which find I have to skip.

  159. Hi Basu,
    Thanks for the article. I am impressed the way it is written. This is Hariprasath,30 years young :-).
    • My aim is to create wealth around (10% – 20%) for future plans such as children education & marriage etc
    • investment horizon is 10-15 years
    • Moderate risk taker.
    My investments below.
    Life Insurance
    LIC & Exide life insurance with life coverage + Pension plan – Rs 60,000 Per year
    Debt Portfolio
    RD & FD – 60,000 per year and no Debt mutual funds
    Equity portfolio – SIP/Month
    1. Large cap–> SBI Blue chip – Direct Growth – Rs 2, 000
    2. Multi cap–> ICICI pru value disc fund – Direct Growth – Rs 1,000
    3. Small& Mid cap
    a) Franklin Small companies- Direct growth – Rs 1,000
    b) DSPBR Microcap – Direct Growth – Rs 1,000
    Also I have completed my Home loan recently and hence need to start ELSS from next year.

    Can you advise
    1. Whether my portfolio is in the correct mix. If any corrections required, please advice
    2. Please suggest some ELSS mutual funds for my portfolios.

          1. Hi Basu, My investment horizon is 10 years. As per your Asset allocation definition; debt should be 40% equity should be 60%. As per my current portfolio total savings per year is Rs 1,20,000 and portfolio allocation is Debt – 50% and Equity 50%. (Rs 60,000 each). To achieve a proper mix of portfolio, I need to invest 10% more in Equity side.
            Also as I told earlier, my home loan is completed this year , due to this I am unable to show interest/Principal component for tax deduction. Hence I thought of investing in ELSS funds which will give me tax saving as well as wealth creation. I am going to put the pending 10% equity in ELSS side. If I do so, my portfolio also will be in correct mix and tax will also be reduced. please note , I have sufficient coverage for life insurance too as mentioned.
            Now Kindly advice based on the above facts,
            1. Is my portfolio is in a correct mix?
            RD & FD – Rs 60,000 per year and no Debt mutual funds (40% Debt)
            Equity portfolio – Total of 90,000 per year considering below SIPs (60% of Equity)
            a. Large cap–> SBI Blue chip – Direct Growth – Rs 2, 000
            b. Multi cap–> ICICI pru value disc fund – Direct Growth – Rs 1,000
            c. Small& Mid cap
            a) Franklin Small companies- Direct growth – Rs 1,000
            b) DSPBR Microcap – Direct Growth – Rs 1,000
            d. ELSS Funds – 2500 per month
            2. If some of the above funds are not preferable, kindly mention
            3. Advise some good return producing ELSS funds (moderate risk)

            Many thanks for answering and apologies for more queries.

            1. Hariprasanth-Ratio you opted is fine. But think whether the debt portfolio is liquid in nature to meet your financial goal (Like RD and FDs)? Regarding funds, they are find. I already wrote a ELSS selection blog post. Please refer the same.

              1. Thanks a lot Basavaraj! My debt deposit term starts with a minimum period of 12 months, and after that I can choose whether to increase the tenure in multiples of 3 months up to a maximum period of 10 years. Also I have 10% of liquid cash for contingencies.

                For ELSS , I am going to select DSP BR Tax saver considering its Asset Size and low expense ratio over Birla SL Tax plan.

                Once again many thanks !

  160. Hi ,
    Sir, Currently I am investing 10,000 per month in 4 Funds through SIP. Now I would like to add another 5000 per month. You may please suggest me on choosing the right fund and please do guide me on the existing funds too if any change required whether I can continue investing with them.
    Current Funds
    1. Axis Lt Equity Fund (G) – 2500/month
    2. Canara Rob Emerging Equity Fund (G)- 2500/month
    3. HDFC Balanced Fund (G) – 2500/month
    4. ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(G) – 2500/month

    Sir my investment plan is for like long term for a period of 7 or 8 years. Please guide me sir

      1. Thanks for your reply sir ,

        Sir I don’t have any. Can you please suggest any changes if required in my current portfolio or with a new one to add for additional 5000 per month. I only have some Fixed deposits in nationalized banks for an amount of 5 lakhs. One RD account for 5000 per month in my wife name.

        Please suggest me on how to go about sir. I can invest 15000 per month out of which 10000 i am already investing with the above said funds so please suggest me any changes required so that i can start a fresh from New Year.

        Waiting for your reply sir,

        1. Suman-First do asset allocation matching with your time horizon (based on above post). In existing equity funds, even a single fund like HDFC Balanced Fund is enough than holding so many funds.

  161. hello sir
    My FD of 2lac has been matured can u plz guide me how to invest this lumpsump amount. Should i go for balanced fund or MIP aggressive. My age is 27 and my time horizon for 1 lac is less than 5 years and for another 1 lac is more than 5 years.

      1. i have to invest 2 lacs of matured money. since fd rates are very less there is no point of putting my money back. I want a fund with which i can expect return of atleast 12% above. My time horizon for investment for 1 lac is less than 5 years and for another half i.e 1 lac is more than 5 years of investment.plz guide.

          1. Hello Sir,

            More than 5 years means investment up to 10 years or more and where should i put my money for less than 5 years of investment apart from FD .

              1. I don’t have any fixed tenure in my mind. May be as the need arises. I have no kids as of now. My only purpose is investment of money as if now. So you may consider 10-12 years of investment.

  162. I want to invest in SIP in Mutual Funds of about Rs. 10,000 per month and want to earn high returns. My time horizon is long term. Plz advise.

  163. Sir
    I want some suggestions for my goal and my overall savings is-
    1- LIC jivan notes 621/- mly.
    2-NPS Tire two 2400mly.
    3-PLI- 1604mly.
    4-1 cr term insurance 749mly.
    My monthly earning is 29k and expenses 17k and these are my savings(except term insurance). Now I want save for my child education what come after 12yrs and mly 5000 in mutual fund investment how? Which way would be best? And when long-term investment is less risky so why you suggest debt allocation?
    My age 26yrs 70:30 equity debt need or full on equity?

    please suggest

    1. Abhijeet-First buy term insurance to the tune of around 15-20 times of your yearly income. Then for this particular goal, do the asset allocation as I said above. Who said long term investment is LESS RISKY? Proper asset allocation is MUST which protect your money during volatile equity market.

      1. Sir
        As I say 1crore term plan is continuing now for child education what asset allocation need? Between 12 yr 30 lacs possible? If no then 6k monthly sip mode investment can accumulate this expected amount?

                    1. Abhijeet-If we consider inflation at 7%, then today’s Rs.30 lakh after 12 years will be around Rs.67 lakhs. To achieve this, with around 12% return expectation you have to invest monthly around Rs.21,000.

  164. Good morning sir
    Sir postal life insurance for 25 yrs (what I have already) tenure or equity mutual fund same tenure or more, which is better investment for return. I look this investment as a retirement corpus. Please suggest.

      1. Sir
        I have 1crore term plan already. Now I want investment for post retired corpus so which is better?

  165. Hi sir,

    My goal is for less than 3 years. Is it good to invest in Mutual Funds ?
    If yes then please suggest the funds.
    Risk appetite can be more if its for short time, is’nt it ?

  166. Hi,
    Im currently investing SIP (10,000 each ) in the following funds from last couple of months, I have 1 Lakh money which im planning to invest, Can you guide where to invest. Im ready to take risk and looking for long run(7+ yrs) returns.
    1.Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund GROWTH


      1. Equity Funds .. one of the ICICI representative suggested 3rd on SBI BLUE CHIP is taken by me.
        I have 1 lakh extra want to know where you suggest to put.

        1. Ankur-Answer to my earlier questions one by one (What asset allocation you are following for 7 years? Where is your debt portfolio? Who suggested these funds to you and why you felt doubtful on these funds NOW?). If you not did, then first read the above post fully. If you still have doubts, then we discuss the same.

          1. Hi Baswaraj,

            What asset allocation you are following for 7 years? I want to invest in equity!
            Where is your debt portfolio?>> No positions so far on debt
            Who suggested these funds to you
            >> ICICI person Ujwal asked to invest in those
            SBI BLUE CHIP is picked by me

            and why you felt doubtful on these funds NOW? No doubt .. just I’m going to continue with until you instruct to change it.
            I want to know where I invest my extra 1 lakh

            Sorry I’m not aware on the terminology so might not giving correct answers.

            1. Ankur-Equity is fine. But do you feel investing 100% in equity is GOOD? If no debt allocation, then first you have to do asset allocation. Refer the above post for the same. You don’t need financial terminologies to invest your money. But what matters is COMMONSENSE. Putting all eggs in a bucket will be risky than diversifying in different buckets. Hope you got the point.

  167. Sir
    Please provide some information about diversify mutual fund and it is good for long term then equity funds?

  168. Hi

    can you please help me which Balanced mutual funds i can invest in.
    i have no particular goal except growth of money over 10 years and 15 years to help
    finance the education of my daughter and son. i am 47 years old and an nri with savings of about 50 lakhs / annum.

    i have saved enough in FDs in the bank.
    i have money at my disposal of about 20 lakhs. Do you suggest i go for balanced funds or some other fund.
    i am very new to mutual funds and i am looking for the long term with minimum risk.

    thanking you in anticipation


    1. do you suggest SIP or should i invest directly the whole money.
      please suggest how to balance my investment ….. i am for minimum risk with modest growth of money

      will the accumulated returns be taxed and if possible do inform if i can operate from my NRE account or do i need a NRO account?


        1. “Navinnavin-If your goal is long term and you have cash ready for that investment, then why for SIP?”

          SIP is better because of rupee-cost-averaging? Isn’t it better to put lumps amount in Debt fund and buy equity fund as STP. Ofcourse STCG tax needs to be considered.

          1. Jerry-Any proof that for long term goals if cash is ready then STILL going for SIP is better than lump sum? STP is the strategy used by advisers to get commission cash flow for them.

    2. Navin-You can choose one large cap and one mid cap fund from above list. Keep equity and debt ratio for around 30:70. For debt, if your goal is 15 years long then you can use PPF or short term debt funds or ultra short term debt funds.

      1. quote : Keep equity and debt ratio for around 30:70 : unquote
        since my goal is 10 years + and as explained by yourself it should be equity : debt at a ratio of 70:30!
        please correct me if i am wrong.

        suppose i choose a large cap fund and a mid cap fund :
        Franklin India blue chip fund / HDFC mid cap opp fund
        now how is the equity : debt fund allocated here, it is predecided when you are investing or who decides this or how is the allocation done and how is it possible to know you are investing in short term or ultra short debt funds….( AS YOU HAVE SUGGESTED TO ME THAT I DO THE SAME )

        if it is possible please try to explain citing any example or maybe explaining it in your own way.

        i hope i have been able to convey my difficulty in understanding about the
        whole concept of investing in MFs….
        I dont own any mutual fund as of now.

        thanking you

  169. Hi Sir,
    Your are doing great job by guiding all kind of investors…..
    Congrats and best wishes on completion of FIVE Years….
    Need your advise on my SIP Portfolio (Not yet started).

    My Goal : My current age is 33 and Retirement plan after 15 Years.
    For Children Education purpose after 15 Years.

    Shortlisted following Mutual Funds(Direct) from your suggestions and its allocation.
    Fund Name Monthly SIP Amount
    ————————————————————- ———————
    1. ICICU Pru Focussed BlueChip Equity Fund(G) or
    Birla SL Frontline Equity (G) Rs.5,000/-

    2.Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(G) Rs.4,000/-

    3. HDFC Mid Cap OPP Fund(G) Rs. 3,000/-

    4. ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(G) Rs. 3,000/-

    Current Investment:

    1. NRE Fixed Deposit of 5 Lacs for 8 Years and Rate of Interest 9%, Expected to Mature in 2022

    2. Jeevan Anand LIC Policy – Half Yearly 20,000/- premiums (3 Policies) expected to Mature by 2024

    3. Yearly investment of 1 Lacs in Wife PPF (Since 2 Years)

    4. Last week purchased HDFC Click 2 Retire policy for Payment Terms 8 Years and Policy Term 15 Years and Half Yearly Premium of 1 Lac

    ## Y’day i read your one of the blog about the above policy, so thinking to Cancel the Policy (Am yet to receive the Policy documents). I got impressed about this policy for less overall Policy charges (FMC is 1.35% and Guarantee charge of 0.5% and remaining charges are Nill) compared with other Retirement policy from SBI, ICICI, Canara-HSBC which are over 5-8% PA.

    Kindly advise, how frequently Funds allocation and reshuffling requires to be done ?

    Basavanagowda M

      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for the quick response.

        Above stated Mutual Funds for Equity Allocation (60-70%) and remaining in PPF as part of Debt allocation.

        I have started these LIC Policies almost 10 Years back, so want to continue for another 6 more years. I know there is no much return from it…. To cover the risk, i have term Insurance for 30 Lacs…

        I was looking for a retirement in Policy Bazaar, compared the its Policy costs with the others retirement plans in the market and so brought that and 2 days back i read one of ur blog on this fund…. So it opened my eyes….. So i have already initiated for Cancellation of Policy.

        So requires you suggestion in preparing and planning the Investment portfolio for next 15 Years.

        If there is any gap in understanding or structuring the Portfolio, Please suggest how to go ahead with the exact policy and allocation for each fund.

        Thanks a lot..


          1. Yes, after reading your blogs it was clear….
            Kindly help me in narrow downing my portfolio’s

            Following Monthly SIP Mutual Funds with Direct Options for 15 Years

            1. ICICU Pru Focussed BlueChip Equity Fund(G) or
            Birla SL Frontline Equity (G) Rs.5,000/-

            2. Franklin India Prima Plus Fund(G) Rs.4,000/-

            3. HDFC Mid Cap OPP Fund(G) Rs. 3,000/-

            4. ICICI Pru Balanced Fund(G) Rs. 3,000/

            Is it required to choose any Fund ? as i am currently deposit 70,000 to 1,00,000/- towards PPF since last 2 years.

            Kindly advise which is better ICICU Pru Focussed BlueChip Equity Fund(G) or Birla SL Frontline Equity (G) and about my current chosen MF’s …
            Is it required modify any of the amount or fund, Please let me know.


              1. Thank You Sir…..
                There are only few helping others without expecting anything in return…
                You are doing great job….

                If you provide any professional services, Please list in your blog….

                Like me many people might have interested in availing your paid services if any… Please let us know…..


  170. I plan to invest in MF for education/marriage of my daughters. My time horizons are 10 years and 15 years for my 2 daughters, respectively. As of now, I can invest Rs.10000/- per month. However, I prefer one time investment instead of SIP. So, I can wait for 2 – 3 months to accumulate money to make one time investment in MFs, if required.

    I plan to start these investments from January 2017. I would be thankful to you, if you can suggest a few mutual funds for the investments.

    I have a demat account. Can I invest in MFs through that account. Till date, I have not used the demat account for any investment. I feel, it will save me the hassle of investing separately through different MF portals and can maintain them from a single account.

    Considering the two different investment periods for my 2 kids, I think investing the amount in the ratio of 60:40 will be ideal. Your opinion and suggestions please.

    Also, what amount can I expect at the end of my investment period for the monthly investment of 6000/4000? This is required to have a rethink of my investment amount.

      1. Mahesh-I receive many of comments and I might missed your’s. It is not intentional. Funds are already listed in above post. Demat account is not at all required for investing in MF. In fact it is costly way of investment in MF. Your asset allocation is fine for me. I am unable to understand your question “Also, what amount can I expect at the end of my investment period for the monthly investment of 6000/4000? This is required to have a rethink of my investment amount.”.

  171. Hi Basu,

    I am planning to invest in tax saving ELSS. Please suggest me any best saving schemes.


  172. Hello sir,

    I would like to have your opinion on my portfolio which is as following:-

    1)DSP BR micro cap fund-Rs2000pm
    2)Franklin India prima plus growth – 2000pm
    3)L&T India prudence fund-growth-2000pm
    4)icici pru value discovery fund-2000pm
    5)mirae emerging bluechip fund-3000pm
    6)l&t india value fund -1000pm
    7)Franklin India smaller cos-1000pm
    8)principal emerging bluechip-1000pm

    total amount invested in equity-14000pm

    In debt
    1)Birla SL Dynamic bond-2500pm
    2) icici pru banking & psu debt-1000pm
    3)icici pru dynamic bond-1000pm
    4)hdfc high interest dynamic-1000pm
    5)hdfc balanced fund-1000pm
    6)birla SL bal 95 fund-1000pm

    total in debt fund-7500pm

    My interest is wealth generation for both short term and long term. kindly suggests some changes if required .

      1. I am 26 years old and want to invest money for short period of 2-5yrs and For long period of 10-15yrs. As if now I have no kids so my goal is to have maximum return for both short period and long period of investment. This portfolio I have just short listed to start from next month I am only following 3 funds from the above list but wants to increase the amount in debt and equity funds . could you plz give opinion whether it is fine to start the investment as above distribution.

        Thank you

        1. Shweta-For 2-5 years, you don’t need any equity funds. Short Term or Ultra Short Term Debt funds suffice your requirement. For long term goals, refer the above post regarding asset allocation and also 3-4 funds enough than having so many as listed by you.

          1. I have listed the following debt fund for investment is it fine?plz suggest necessary changes in fund or amount if required.

            1)Birla SL Dynamic bond-2500pm
            2) icici pru banking & psu debt-1000pm
            3)icici pru dynamic bond-1000pm
            4)hdfc high interest dynamic-1000pm
            5)hdfc balanced fund-1000pm
            6)birla SL bal 95 fund-1000pm

            1. Shweta-I am not sure whether you are understanding my points or not. In debt fund category, no need to take risk as you already have enough risk by investing in equity. Hence, don’t go beyond short-term debt funds.

            2. Actually sir i am very new to mutual funds according to moneycontrol
              1)birla SL Dynamic bond
              2)icici pru banking & psu debt
              3)axis short term are in debt short term category fund and among top ranking so i have listed them from there list . well now is it wise to distribute my debt fund in above funds plz guide me if they are not right fund to invest.

                1. Dear sir,
                  As you have suggested that for short term I should invest in short term debt fund. So can I go for the above short term debt fund. Is it fine. Or can you name few from the lot as I am not able to choose from the pool of dent funds.

                  1. Sir, it will be great and very useful for other people as well if you can provide us with best debt fund to invest for the coming year . Thank you

  173. Dear Sir,
    I want to invest lumsump 60,000 for 7 years for tax saving purpose i.e. ELSS as it as less in 1.5 lakh.Plz suggest me on which fund should I invest or it may be diversified in 2 schemes. Thnx in advance.

  174. Great Information! Really helpful for the people who are thinking about investing in mutual funds.

  175. My name is Suresh Kumar, Ex-NRI currently stationed in India. I am 49 years old, staying with my wife and two daughters aged 19 and 13 respectively.

    I have Bank Fixed Deposits worth Rs.1.17 crores and the interest income is used for meeting my family’s expenses. And, I live in my own house.

    In addition, I have invested Rs. 55 Lacs in various Mutual Funds. Following are the Funds I hold (started investment through SIP in 2011, now completed -managing my funds by creating portfolio in Value Research Online Site)):

    Amt Invested
    4 Birla sunlife MNC Fund GR – Growth 140000
    6 BIRLA SUNLIFE TOP 100 FUND (G) – REG 60000
    8 DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan 180000
    9 DSPBR micro cap fund -DIRECT 109000
    11 Franklin India Prima Fund 90000
    12 Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – G 90000
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – G 60000
    22 ICICI Pru FMCG FUND GROWTH 168000
    23 ICICI PRU TECH FUND 90000
    24 ICICI PRU TOP 100 FUND (G) 60000
    26 ICICI Prudential Banking and Financial Services Fund – Regular Plan 90000
    28 ICICI Prudential Exports and Other Services Fund – Regular Plan 60000
    29 ICICI Prudential Technology Fund – Regular Plan 60000
    30 ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Regular Plan 90000
    Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund 60000
    34 RELIANCE GOLD FUND – Divident Reinvestment 18000
    35 Reliance Pharma Fund 90000
    Religare Invesco Mid N Small Cap Fund 60000
    39 SBI FMCG Fund 60000
    41 SBI Magnum Global Fund 60000
    43 SBI PHARMA FUND 60000
    44 SUNDARAM S.M.I.L.E 30000
    45 TATA Dividend Yield Fund – Dividend Re-investment 24000
    46 TATA Equity P/E Fund Div Trigger Option B (10 Percentage) – Re invest. 24000
    47 Tata Ethical Fund – Plan A 60000
    49 UTI Mid Cap Fund-G – Regular 90000
    50 UTI MID CAP FUND – DIRECT 12000
    51 UTI MNC FUND- G 90000
    UTI MNC Fund – G 150000

    Total : 5541000 – Present Value Rs. 75 Lacs

    My goal is to accumulate Rs. 3 Crores by 2026 to meet marriage expenses for my daughters and my sister’s daughters.

    Please advise with the current portfolio, can I achieve my goals? Do I need to re-arrange the existing portfolios?

    1. Suresh-Stunned with your number of holding funds. Who sold you so many funds? What ratio you are following between debt and equity? You need the maximum of around 3-4 funds. You have to dump rest of all funds on PRIORITY.

      1. Thanks. If I have to restrict my portfolio to 4 funds, can you please advise the best options?

  176. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the wonderful article. Currently i have 3 funds all equities: 1. Axis Long Term Equity 2) DSPBR Tax Saver and 3) DSPBR Microcap fund. For the Debt portion, i have PPF and FD’s.
    My question is, for the debt portion, shall i continue in PPF and FD’s or go for debt funds?

        1. RAJ-In that case, considering your goal as long term, I suggest asset allocation as 30:70 in PPF and Equity MF. Retain one tax saver fund than two funds. Include one large cap fund also.

  177. Hi Basu,

    Kindly suggest whether my portfolio looks fine-

    Current age:32 My husband’s age: 40. Both of us are working
    Financial Goal – 15- 20 years.

    1). 16 LIC Endowment policies with SA of 55K/per policy + 1 whole time LIC policy, SA 1.2L . All 17 policies were Started in 2008 and Matures from 2029-2045 (1 policy/year).Total permium paid /year =32,416.
    2). 1 money back LIC Policy for my husband with SA 3Lac started in 2012.Premium /year = 27.5k
    3). 2 SSA (Sukanya Samridhi) for my daughters opened in 2015. 25k in each / year(investing in April of every year).
    3). ICICI Pru True value discovery Growth Fund(Direct) started in Aug 2016 SIP= 2k. I am also making a onetime purchase in the same fund whenever i see some surplus in the mid of the month.
    4).Medical insurance – Covered by my employer (for me, my spuse & kids -nil premium from my pocket. However for my parents 5000/year). Sum insured: 2.5Lacs

    We also have a Housing loan of 32 Lacs (taken in 2012) from LICHFL, for which we pay EMI of 32,419 Tenurity is 20 years

    Now my questions are –

    1).I Would like to include one more MF with a SIP of 2-3K. Suggest a better fund.
    2).Which is a better option – to do one time purchase whenever there is a surplus or to partial pay Housing loan?
    3).I am also planning to transfer my Housing loan from LICHFL to SBI, by which ROI reduces from 10.7% – 9.5%. Is this a good choice to proceed ?
    4).Should there be a term insurance one for each (my husband & me) ? Suggest a good one.
    5).Any other items to included / excluded from my portfolio ?

    -Thanks in advance,

    1. Sasikala-1) Without knowing the goal tenure (15-20 years is a 5 years gap, hence not a proper identification of goal) it is hard for me to guide.
      2) Depends on what type of goals you have. If the goals are sure in nature like retirement or kids education, then give priority to investment. Otherwise, to clean off the loans.
      3) Better to switch.
      4) Refer my post “Top 5 Best Online Term Insurance Plans in India-2016“.
      5) Hard to say, but the immediate action required is come out of all those JUNK products called LIC policies.

  178. Dear Sir,

    I want to invest 6K (2k each in 3 funds) for a period of 10-15 years which will be used for my child education and to have some corpus money post retirement.

    Pl suggest 3 good funds for a time frame of 1 fund for 10 years and 2 funds for 15 years.

  179. Hi Sir,

    I have got a increment of 10K. Is it wise to invest that amount in SIP or increase my current home loan EMI from 21K to 31K which I am paying against 17 Lacs @ 18 years tenure.

    1. Shiva-It depends on for what goals you are planning. If you are goals are sure in nature (retirement or kids education), then priority must be towards these goals. If any surplus left after meeting these goals, then you can divert the money towards home loan repayment.

  180. i would like to know about the gilt fund? Is it good to invest in gilt fund for the time horizon of 4-5 yrs.

      1. Well for both. Actually I have to invest for both short term of 2-5 yrs and 10-15 years. I just read some where the returns are good.

          1. Mahek-Sorry for delayed reply. First thing, for long term goals of 10-15 years, you no need to invest 100% in Gilt Funds. Instead, as per above said asset allocation you can do the investment in equity and debt and in debt I prefer short term or ultra short term debt funds.

  181. Hello Sir

    I am looking for investment of Rs. 5,000/- per month each for one year, three year and 5 year via SIP in mutual funds.

    kindly advise, which type of mutual funds to select.

      1. hello Sir

        thank u for your advice.

        can u please suggest names of a few debt funds which will be better for my requirement. i am first time investor.

            1. I am a first time investor in mutual funds from science background. Your article was of immense help for me to grasp the basic philosophy behind mutual funds investment.

              Thanks to you, I am quite confident now to invest my money in mutual funds.

              again THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  182. Dear Sir,

    I want your precious advice for the following investment:

    I want to have Rs 3.5 lakhs for buying my Car after 4 years.
    I want to invest in mutual funds for this target. SIP investment for Rs 5000/month is what i am looking for.
    Which type of mutual funds should I invest in (Equity/ Debt…..etc)??
    Please suggest me.
    Thank you in advance

  183. Hi Basu.

    I am investing in following funds through SIP from last 6 years. I am 34 yrs old and objective of investment is higher education, marriage of my kids and capital gain.

    IDFC Sterling equity fund (Previously known as IDFC Small & Midcap Fund) = 1500 P.M
    Reliance Equity opportunities fund = 1500 P.M
    ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan = 1500 P.M (Invested 5 yrs but Paused due to loss of my job previous year)
    HDFC Growth Fund = 1000 PM (Invested 5 yrs but Paused due to loss of my job previous year)
    RD = 5000 P.M

    Now my job and financial situation is stable. I would like to continue my paused funds. Please advice should should i continue in same funds or switch to new one ?

          1. For my daughter’s education, marriage and wealth generation for me in my old age. She is 6 yrs old right now.

            1. Singh-Why 3 multi cap funds (HDFC, ICICI and Reliance)? Retain one specially the above one I listed. Include one large cap fund and along with that try to come out of the IDFC. One large cap, one mid and one small enough for equity portfolio. Manage the portfolio % as I suggested above.

              1. Thanks Mr. Basu

                I started this portfolio 6 years ago with 3 multicap funds thinking of it is well diversify itself with in each fund class as suggested by my financial adviser.

                For IDFC Sterling equity fund i am thinking of switch all units into HDFC Midcap opportunities fund and continue SIP with it. Same for ICICI Dynamic plan with ICICI Bluechip Equity Fund. Whats your suggestion about Reliance Equity opportunities fund for Diversify fund ?

                By this my portfolio will be consist of 1 Midcap, 1 Multicap and 1 large cap.

                1. Singh-I am not fond of Multi-Cap funds. Because they have mandate to shift to any market cap. Hence, tracking may not be easy for you. As per me, select one large cap, one mid cap and one small cap from above list. That much enough.

  184. Hi Basu Sir,

    I am 26 year old married women and want to invest in SIP for 10-15yrs. I want to invest 10k pm more in sip. Could you plz suggest me some funds to invest. I already have few sip which are as follows

    1) DSP BR micro cap fund-Rs2000pm
    2)Franklin India prima plus growth – 2000pm
    3)L&T India prudence fund-growth-2000pm
    4)Axis long term equity fund-growth-2000pm.

    Plz suggest how to invest 10000 more in sip

      1. And sir in earlier conversation above I have also posted my portfolio. Can you plz give opinion abt my existing sip.

        1. Mahek-
          1) DSP BR micro cap fund-Rs2000pm-Continue
          2)Franklin India prima plus growth – 2000pm-Continue
          3)L&T India prudence fund-growth-2000pm-Continue
          4)Axis long term equity fund-growth-2000pm-Check the performance for one more year, then take call.
          Where is your debt portfolio for this above investment?

          1. THANK YOU so much for your replies . Sir earlier I have invested in rd and fd only and currently the tenure of both have been ended and the amount is matured . plz suggest me where to invest in debt fund . i am not intrested in RD and traditinal fd as the intrest rates are very low. Can you plz give your wise opinion and can i get your email as i have few more queries regarding my investments.
            Thanks a lot.

              1. Hi Sir,

                Actually I am very confused where to invest in debt fund.
                debt short term
                1)Birla SL Saving funf grp
                2)ICICI PRU banking &PSU debt

                debt ultra short term debt

                1)L&T Ultra short term fund
                2)axis banking debt fund.

                i want to invest above fund plz guide me

                  1. Sir, I am not ablr to decide as I can’t see the list of debt funds for, 2017.plz can you name few or paste the list here. M sorry but list for, 2017 debt fund is not available to me

                    1. Hello Sir,

                      THANK YOU so much faor your replies.
                      Sir in my previous comments i have posted my that i have mentioned that i am investing in Axis long term equity fund-growth-2000pm for income tax rebate. But now this is not benefiting me as i am exceeding the tax rebate amount of under section 80c .SO now shlould i end this mutual fund and switch over to some other fund. and if so then plz tell me where to divert my money and after following your advice i have also started investing in 2500pm in debt fund. plz advice.

  185. Hi Basu.

    I am investing in following funds through SIP from last 6 years. I am 34 yrs old and objective of investment is higher education, marriage of my kids and capital gain.

    IDFC Sterling equity fund (Previously known as IDFC Small & Midcap Fund) = 1500 P.M
    Reliance Equity opportunities fund = 1500 P.M
    ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan = 1500 P.M (Invested 5 yrs but Paused due to loss of my job previous year)
    HDFC Growth Fund = 1000 PM (Invested 5 yrs but Paused due to loss of my job previous year)
    RD = 5000 P.M

    Now my job and financial situation is stable. I would like to continue my paused funds. Please advice should should i continue in same funds or switch to new one ?

  186. Hi Basu,
    I am following your articles since few days and I just now started investing in MF. My age is 35 and work in private sector. My portfolio as on now is below mentioned and I planned to add on intervals (Quarterly) the amount in these funds in similar ratio. Target is to invest for 4-5 years so as to collect sufficient fund for son education (7 years) and daughter (3 years)marriage. I already have a flat so not planning to buy any flat or home in next 5 years and can easily invest about 1 lac yearly if good return is received. About 20% yearly return is good for me.

    HDFC Balanced Fund – 5000/- (One go not SIP)
    ICICI prudential value discovery fund – 2000/- (One go not SIP)
    DSPBR micro chip fund – 2000/- (One go not SIP)

    Kindly suggest whether the above profile is good in your opinion and how much should I invest yearly in above plans to not be in much risk.

    Apart from above if I want to start another SIP of 3000/- PM which of below mentioned is best fund you advice to buy.

    Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund (Large Cap)
    SBI Blue Chip Fund (Large Cap)
    Birla Sun Life Top 100 Funds (Large Cap)
    Tata Balanced Fund
    SBI Small and Mid Cap (Small & Mid Cap)
    Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund (Small & Mid Cap)
    Mirae Emerging Blue Chip Fund (Small & Mid Cap)
    Birla Sun Life MNC Growth Fund (Large Cap)

    Sorry if my question are not technical but your advice will help me in proceeding and learning more about MF market.

    Vivek Vashistha

    1. Vivek-You mean to say that you invest for 4-5 years and after that you will wait for your kids higher education? Why lump sum investment portfolio differ than monthly SIP portfolio? 20% expected return NOT MUCH RISKY?? What is your asset allocation you preferred?

  187. Sir,
    I want to invest Rs 10000/ month in mutual funds. I wan to divide it as follows

    Sr. No 1.: 2 Nos of ELSS funds having monthly investment of Rs 2500 each.
    I want to invest these funds for 10 years.
    Sr No 2.: 2 Nos of other mutual funds having monthly investment of Rs 2500 each
    My target is of 5 years for these. Ready to take considerable risk for 2.

      1. Dear sir,
        Serial no has not any significance
        I just want to have 2 ELSS fund for a time investment of 10 years
        And two any other mutual funds for a 5 years period

        For All four funds i want to invest 2500/ month
        I.e Total of 10000 per month divided in 2 ELSS funds and two other mutual funds

          1. Dear Sir
            It can help me in tax savings as well as for making money.
            Its my opinion
            Otherwise please suggest me how should I invest in 10000 per month for both tax savings and grow my amount as well

            1. Anuj-A single fund with proper debt and equity allocation is enough. As I pointed for 5 years equity is not suitable for you. For 10 years goal, you can read above post of what allocation you need to have.

  188. Hi Basu,
    My portfolio is :
    1)HDFC Balanced Fund(G)
    2)HDFC Prudence Fund(G)
    3)ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Equity Fund(G)
    4)ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund(G)
    5)Invesco India Mid N Small Cap Fund(G)
    6)Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)

    I have invested for last 2 years using SIP option but now paused as market was not good.
    now I want start with investment using SIP, Pls advise which of the existing or new MF I should go for?

    1. Tushar-Without knowing your time horizon, it is hard to guide. Who said that market is NOT GOOD? If you are long term investors then you will notice such BAD times many. It is wrong to come out and this is where many us do mistake.

      1. My portfolio is :
        1)HDFC Balanced Fund(G) – Rs. 1000/-
        2)HDFC Prudence Fund(G)- Rs. 1000/-
        3)ICICI Pru Focused BlueChip Equity Fund(G)- Rs. 1000/-
        4)ICICI Pru Value Discovery Fund(G)- Rs. 1000/-
        5)Invesco India Mid N Small Cap Fund(G)- Rs. 1000/-
        6)Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund-Reg(G)- Rs. 1000/-

        I have planned it for 5 years but stopped I was getting unexpected results.

  189. Hi Basu,

    I am following your articles and learning investing. My portfolio as below:

    1) Debt : HDFC Balanced fund – SIP 2000
    2) Small cap : Franklin India Smaller companies – SIP 2000
    3) PPF – 3000/month

    I want to invest in two more funds in SIP mode from January-2017(Long term 8-10 years).

    Please suggest 2 funds from below list or any other funds which may be good.

    1)HDFC Mid cap opportunites
    2)ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund
    3)ICICI Pru Exports & Other Services
    4)Franklin India Prima plus
    5)UTI MNC Fund

    requesting you to advice.

    Thank You.

  190. Sir, I HAVE
    MY GOL IS UP TO 10 YEAR…..

  191. Hi,

    First, I would like to thank you for taking time and creating a list. Appreciate it.

    I started with 3 mutual funds last year from October 2015 and then added one mutual funds on March 2016. I would just like you to review my mutual funds selection and would like to know your thoughts on it. If any changes you think is needed then please suggest.

    3 mutual funds started on Oct 2015:

    1) Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth – 3 years/SIP – 3000 Rs
    2) HDFC Balanced Fund Growth – 3 years/SIP – 2000 Rs
    3) SBI BlueChip Fund Growth – 3 years/SIP – 2000 Rs

    1 mutual fund started on March 2016

    1) DSP Blackrock MicroCap Fund Growth – 5 years/ Flexi SIP – 1000 Rs


      1. I started out with a time frame of 10 years but as of now my mutual funds is of 3 years. I will increase the tenure if it performs well.

        Do you think I need any changes on my fund list ?

          1. My goal for investing is to buy a home after 10 years for which I need at least 1 crore from this mutual funds. I am not much of an expert but do you think the mutual funds that I have can achieve that target

            1. Jay-Whether you did proper asset allocation as I stated above? Also, while investing what was your return expectation? Archiving target amount depends on how much you are expecting and how much you are going to invest. Can you let me know both the values?

  192. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am 27 yrs old, investment term can be 5+ years, new to mutual funds, planning to invest rs.5000 per month. Can you please suggest me any two mutual funds?

      1. Excuse me, if the question is dumb.
        Can you please give some insights on the growth and dividend plans.
        If am purchasing Franklin India blue chip fund and I do not expect any returns from it for the next five years, which plan i can opt for?

  193. Hi Basu,

    I recently started a SIP in below mutual funds with 5000rs each per month. And planning to hold the same funds for next 5 years.

    1. SBI blue chip fund(D)
    2. ICICI Prudential Balanced fund(D)
    3. Mirae Asset Emerging bluechip fund(D)
    4. Relaince small cap fund(D)

    I am afraid now as the markets are coming down and on seeing the negative returns over the past few months. Should I continue to hold the above mentioned funds or please suggest any alternatives for those.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Guest-Where is your debt portfolio? In falling market debt protects you. Also, if you are not comfortable with volatility and unable to do proper asset allocation, then never enter into equity.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for your reply. Can you please suggest me the best Debt mutual funds to invest. And do you want me to divert the funds from any of the above mentioned funds to debt funds? Please suggest.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Guest-There are many debt products available again based on the financial goal. Hence, without knowing much about your financial goal, I can’t suggest you. Yes, investing 100% in equity is dangerous move.

          1. Hi Basu,

            I would like to invest a minimum of 5 years in debt funds with 500rs SIP every month. Please suggest me some good debt funds for long term.

            Thank you

  194. Hi basu ,
    good day to you ,
    My mutual fund port folio :-
    25k sip in Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund – Div (from 1-sep-15 to 28-sep-16) ,after that i have stopped it because of poor fund performance , but the money is still in same fund , shall i reddem? or let it be for further time.
    10k sip in L&T India Value Fund-Gr
    10k sip in DSP BR Equity Fund – Reg Plan – Gr
    5k sip in Canara Robeco Emerging Equities – Reg Plan – Gr
    my goal term is for 7yrs,
    request you to kindly review my port folio and advise shall i continue with same , or should i stop any of above , and start some other , at presently i am taking advise from financial services, but i am nit happy with fund performance from past 1.5 yrs , please advise 🙂

      1. Hi Basu , as a part of my Debt port folio , i have Nre Fixed deposit Of 10lk , and i am re-investing the same amount every year with the maturity of FD.

        1. I have plans to put Lump sump money of around 1.5 lk ,by this month end , as per the advise from my financial agent’s , they asked me to invest in L&T short term tax saver fund , and then to transfer that money in L&T growth fund by Jan end , Shall i do it ,please advise shall i put all the money in one fund or divide in 3 parts of 50k , and put in different fund? if so can u please advise me the fund , seeing my port folio ? and any changes to be made in my port folio to be done ? please advise , Thanks 🙂

            1. Hi Basu , Good day ,
              regrets for incomplete information , the name of fund is L&T Tax Saver Fund ,
              also as i have seen , it’s showing no lock in period on valueresearchonline , and exit load for this fund is 0.0% , so please advise will it be good to invest all the lumpsump in this fund? or shall i split the money .. thanks 🙂

                1. Hi Basu ,
                  Good day ,
                  yes i checked up , and your correct it’s an Elss fund , has lock-in of 3yrs , so i talked with my financial service advisor , and as per him , he wants me to put lumpsump in L&T Short Term Income Fund , and then weekly transfer till jan end into L&T India Value Fund , so shall i go with it , or you have any suggestion on this?
                  Thanks and regards 🙂

                    1. Hi Basu ,
                      Good day ,
                      yes i was thinking of the same , when my financial advisor told me to put in firs in short term income fund , so will directly put the Lump sump half in L&T value fund , and half in Mirae Assest Emerging Bluechip Fund , i hope that will be ok .
                      Thanks for ur advice 🙂

          1. Hi Basu , Good day to you ,
            you mean continue with the same port folio , or shall i do some changes?
            thank you 🙂

              1. My plan is to continue with –
                10k sip in L&T India Value Fund-Gr
                10k sip in DSP BR Equity Fund – Reg Plan – Gr
                and cureently i have one more Sip as:-
                5k sip in Canara Robeco Emerging Equities – Reg Plan – Gr
                shall i continue with these ,or i shall my changes , by stopping any of above and starting somthing new , my goal term is for another 7yrs.
                also i want to start 1 more Sip for 10k , so which fund shall i take , goal term is same for next 7yrs. please advise
                Thanks 🙂

                1. Himanshu-You have not included a large cap. Also, by selecting L&T Fund (which is multi cap fund), whether you checked portfolio overlapping? I prefer one large cap and one mid cap for your timeframe of goal. Small cap bit risky.

                  1. Hllo Basu ,
                    Good day ,
                    yes your correct , i have two multi -cap in my port folio , and was also thinking to add one large cap fund in my port folio , will follow your advise , and will stop this small cap fund, when will redeem the units , when the market is on higher side , and start a multi cap , instead of this small cap fund , so shall i start the new large cap fund and mid cap fund , based on the top 10 funds posted by you on this blog , or you have any recommendation for me?
                    Thanks and regards

                    1. Himanshu-None on this earth can time the market. So go ahead and do the rejig. We don’t know how much the fall is or when the market start to recover. Also, you are not coming out of equity, instead you are doing corrections to your fund selection. You can choose the large cap fund from above list.

  195. Hi Basu,

    Waiting for this as I am following this piece of article every year. My Mutual fund portfolio as below:

    1 Large Cap : ICICI focused blue chip – I guess OK as per your advice
    2. Large and Midcap – ICICI Prudential dynamic growth – Is it better to switch to ICICI Pru value discovery ?
    3. Mid & Small cap – IDFC premier equity fund – What should i do?

    If i have to switch on the last two fund, then how to do it? do i switch the entire amount or hold it as it is and start a new SIPs in the proposed fund in each category? If done so, how does it serve the purpose of staying invested for long time?

    requesting you to advice .

      1. what will be the tax implication on switching within same fund house like ICICI in case 2 and different house as in case 3 in my comment above

  196. Dear Basava,
    Invested SIP in
    * Franklin prima plus 5000k,
    * HDFC balanced 5000k SIP and 5 lac lump sum.
    *I had one UTI pension(2000k since 3 yrs) but every time they have problem in SIP deduction from bank, so I do not want to continue this.
    *In debt I have PPF and one LIC Jivan Anand – 5 more year for maturity of 10 lac sum assured.
    *HDFC debt bank n PSU fund closed as per your advice.
    Time horizon – 10+ years I will stay invested
    Goals- wealth creation, kids education.
    I want to further invest 10k SIP
    My query is, should I go for any new funds or increase investments in existing funds?
    Should I continue UTI pension fund?( SIP deduction issue creeps up every 4-5th month)
    Kindly Advice and Guide

    1. Sir,
      I regularly read your blog and have learnt quite a few things regarding investments in mutual funds.i have a couple of questions for you.
      Q1 if I want to make an aggressive portfolio, how much percentage should I allocate to MIDCAP and SMALLCAP ? ( I am investing 70:30, equity :debt as all my goals are long term :>10years)

      Q2 shall we consider the AUM of the mutual fund before investing? As per my understanding , higher the AUM lower will be the performance as it becomes difficult to manage the funds.please explain sir.


      1. Sameer-1) There is no such hard rule of how to make it aggressive. One can put all 100% into small cap or mid cap. It depends on your own risk taking ability.
        2) Who said AUM matters to performance and that too in Indian context?

  197. Hi Basvaraj,

    thanks for providing the parameters to decide the mutual fund and more importantly is that you explained about all this parameters. I am investing in Tata ethical fund Direct Growth plan for almost an year. Did a total investment of around 10k in splits. But I am noticing that fund is not performing good from 1 or 2 year, also expense ratio is also very high 2.1%. Is it advisable to switch to BSL Advantage or BSL India GenNext fund?. investment period is minimum 10 years.

      1. Hi Basavraj,

        while comparing with other funds in this category, which are CRISIL top ranked funds. Though, this is also among top 3 funds in it’s category, but not giving expected returns as peers funds are giving. However, I am not expecting much higher returns. 10-12% return is sufficient for me .

        1. Mudit-No fund on this earth will consistently give you 10-12% return continuesly year on year. There will be some ups and downs. Never judge the fund with peers. But judge the fund with benchmark it is set and also the expected return. If the fund is consistently underperforming for more than a year or so, then you have to think of switching.

          1. Hi Basavraj,

            I am not expecting 10-12% return every year. I compared the fund with its benchmark i.e Nifty 500 and Nifty 50. There is difference of return of -8% and -4% respectively for an year and -0.7% and 5% over a 3 year . This data is taken from Tata Mutual Funds fact sheet only. Shall I wait for 6 more months and keep investing in it?


  198. I recently started a SIP of 5000 each in Axis Long term equity Growth and Franklin India Tax Shield for retirement.

    Now I want to invest another 5000 in small/mid cap fund for a horizon of 3-5 years. Can you please suggest a fund or 2 for the time frame.

  199. Hi Basu,

    Thanks for the updated information for the best SIP Mutual Fund for investing in Year 2017. I am a frequent reader of your blog and follow your investment ideas mostly.

    I am an NRI and currently have SIP in Five Mutual Funds since last one year. My NREFD which is about 10L is maturing very shortly and considering the current interest rate scenario, I am looking for another viable options. I do not require this amount for another 5 year term and like to invest in Balanced Fund for another Five to Six Years.

    I already have monthly SIP in Tata Balanced Fund. So i like to know whether it is good to invest in Tata Balanced Fund this amount in additon to ongoing on. My thought is to make a new SIP in different date for some months for investing the said amount.

    I would appreciate if you could answer below query.

    1) Should I invest in Tata Balanced Fund or any other recommended Balanced Fund you listed above
    2) Considering the amount is 10L, how long should be the ideal for SIP (1, 2 3 years)?

    Once again thanks for all your effort for educating us about investment and I would like to wish a very happy and Great new year to you.


      1. Dear Basu,

        Thanks for the reply, my investment horizon is five to six years. but SIP can be for 1 to 3 years or can be stretched further if requred Still should i look for debt funds?

          1. thanks basu. Can you give some recommendation of good debt funds and should i opt SIP in Dept fund too?

  200. Thanks Basu for your nice article for 2017,

    Here is my selected portfolio for 10 year horizon. All are growth and direct.
    I would prefer to have an aggressive portfolio, my expectation is 15% of return for 10 years of time horizon.
    And would like to have your expert analysis on this.

    SBI Bluechip (Large cap) – 40% allocation
    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (Multi Cap) – 30% allocation
    HDFC Midcap – 20% allocation
    DSP Blackrock (Small cap) – 10% allocation

    Thanks in advance

      1. Thanks Basu for your quick response,

        I already have HDFC Balanced, but the returns are not so promising. so thinking to drop that.

        Do we really need debt, if the time horizon is longer to get more returns.

        As I said, I would not mind to have a bit aggressive portfolio.
        Do you think, with the above selected funds for 10 years, I can expect 15% returns.

        Feel free to change the selecting and add allocation %

        – Sanjay

          1. Thanks Basu, here is the revised one with a balanced fund:

            SBI Bluechip (Large cap) – 30% allocation
            HDFC Balanced – 20% allocation
            ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund (Multi Cap) – 20% allocation
            HDFC Midcap – 20% allocation
            DSP Blackrock (Small cap) – 10% allocation

            Feel free to make corrections.

            Also what is the right formula for doing % asset allocation for fund categories

            1. Sanjay-But make sure that debt part should be around 40% of your overall investment. Hence, either increase the same from balanced fund or invest in debt funds separately. Try to allocate less towards Midcap and Small cap (considering your tenure).

  201. Now that there are top 10 mutual funds provided for 2017, most people consider these religiously and think about the list for 10 months unable to decide which one of them to invest in and then finally wake up and invest peanuts with whatever little remain in the last 2 months salary just ahead of financial year ending! :). This cycle continues.

  202. Hello sir,
    I have ppf ac since 2012 investing 15000 per year
    Having Fds around 100000

    Two mutual funds axis long term elss and axis focused 25 diversified investing 1000 per month in each

    Goal : 2027 want to buy home worth approz 40-50 lac..
    So need to have 30 lac at that time..

    Kindly suggest investment stratergy for that in mutual fund

  203. Hey Basu!

    Indeed exquisite piece of writing!!

    Mutual funds have become the hot favorites of the investor community. As you said, it’s important to understand what one is doing, same thing applies to investing as well. Otherwise, the entire game of investing becomes risky and irrelevant for goal achievement.

    In addition to the fund selection criteria mentioned above, you may incorporate “Expense Ratio” and “Quartile Rankings” to strenghten the analysis.

  204. Hi dear,

    Awesome work at writing this post. Just wanted to clarify..Where is the disclaimer??

    How will one know that u are not getting any monitory benefit for these AMUs ?

    Do Clarify otherwise I have to forward this post!

    1. Adesh-If I have to list these funds based on the MONETARY BENEFITS I get from AMCs, then I might have did best funds of particular few AMCs. I explained how I selected them. If you found anywhere that I inclined towards any particular AMC, then you can question me upfront 🙂
      By the way, let me add that disclaimer also for your satisfaction so that you can share to all.

      1. Thanks for replying. But it is not for my satisfaction but for your own good! Hope you understand between the lines.

        Good going.

  205. Dear Sir,

    Good Day to You!!

    I want to invest in mutual funds for wealth creation. Duration is minimum 15 to 20 years . Investment amounts is Rs 5K/month. Already I am investing Rs 2K in ICICI Pru Value disc fund basis your recommendation on the site and many so. I have 3K balance to invest. Pl suggest the best option.

  206. Nice one as I am already an investor of the funds of 1st three categories from the last 3 years.Gave me a boost…….thnkss…

  207. i Basu,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and recommendations.

    I am 33 year old male, looking to build wealth over 10-15 years (may be longer) and therefore investing into MF as below, mode of investment SIP.

    • SBI blue chip (Direct)
    • LnT India Value (Direct)
    • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund (Direct)
    • DSP Black rock Micro cap fund (Direct)

    • Axis long term equity fund

    My queries are three folds :

    • Currently I am investing INR 1000 each in above and wish to put in additional INR 10000/month, kindly suggest if can invest in above only or switch anyone of above and start new?

    • I tried to avoid overlap as much as possible with my limited knowledge but not sure, kindly advice on this as well?

    • I am service class and will be getting annual bonus in few month time so kindly suggest if more suitable to put into FD or debut MF ?

    Many thanks,
    Kind regards,

  208. Dear sir, I have one suggestion. The heading in the first table under Larg cap (highlighted with light green color), the last two words should be “Large cap” instead of “Multi cap”. Thank you.

  209. sir i 40yr, I am investing HDFC Mid Cap Oppurtunities Fund regular: Rs2000, franklin india blue ship Rs. 2000, DSP BLACK ROCK Top 100 equity fund : Rs. 1000, HDFC Top 200: Rs. 1000 for last 3 year. Do you think my protfolio is ok or should i chng

  210. Hi Basava, Nice Article.I had shortlisted Birla Frontline equity Franklin High growth, Mirae emerging blue chip and HDFC balanced in proportion [.66/1/1/1] for a SIP plan for 10 years. Considering the interest rate cycle i use to park my surplus funds in Birla Treasury optimizer and ICICI longterm debt fund so that i can utilise it for investing during market correction in midcap funds.But now mirae had stopped lumpsum investments,need to shortlist on few midcap funds.whats your opinion on all above ..Thanks

  211. Dear Sir
    I choose LIC Nomura mid cap fund for minimum 10 year it good selection?
    Please reply

  212. Hi basu
    Thanks for the list. A good reference for us for future investment.
    For a goal with 15+ years of investment duration , Do you think a balanced fund is a must in the portfolio.
    Currently i have 3 funds
    LargeCap,Mid/smallcap and Diversified Cap in portfolio.
    Since duration is more i can take volatility risk.
    What is your opinion?


      1. Thanks for the reply Basvaraj .
        For retirement PPF,PF and NPS(C,G) covers debt part .
        For children’s expenses Debt option’s like PPF/NSC – interest rates are falling for now.FD interest rates r low.In debt mutual funds short term funds, arbitrage(Debt) funds looks safe bit.
        Bit confused wh option to use for children’s expenses for debt allocation.
        Your suggestion on this

          1. Then will keep it simple . Will put Debt portion money in PPF for now.
            Will later see Dent MF options.

  213. Hi Basu,
    Regarding Mid &SMALL cap funds, my personnel preference would be for Mirae Emerging Bluechip &Franklin prima fund. HDFC Mid cap opportunities,had a stellar performance,lead by a highly able fund manager but whether the fund will be able to maintain its performance in future remains to be seen. The reason, being a too huge AUM for a mid cap oriented fund. Its precisely for this that ,mirae bluechip has stopped lumpsum investments. I myself am holding hdfc midcap, but stopped further SIP and diverted to mirae bluechip.
    Similar is the case with ICICI pru value,but it being a multicap fund,will be able to manage its growing AUM . Still, keep it under observation.
    It will be really helpful if you do an article on ‘AUM of funds& whether the investor should be concerned’

    1. Sreekumar-I understand your apprehension. But why I am uncomfortable with Mirae is about the age of the fund. Nothing against it. I don’t think AUM is a hurdle for a performance. If that was the case then HDFC Top 200 Fund might be under performer. Check what Mr.Prashant Jain said about this issue “You guys are making a big deal about size. Internationally, these kinds of situations arise when the size of a fund reaches say 1% of the market. Why should I get worked up about size when my fund is around 0.12% of the market? The Indian markets are growing and as the size of my fund grows, the market will be even bigger,”.
      I am apprehensive about multi cap because they have mandate to move to any cap. This may sometimes lead to higher exposure for an individual to any particular market cap.

      1. Hi basu- Thanks for the reply. I dont know whether the recent underperformance of HDFC Top 200& Equity,is anyway related to its AUM, but the funds did start underperforming (when compared to its previous stellar performance),once its AUM became large. It depends on fund manager too. If I am correct, when Kenneth andrade was the fund manager at IDFC Premier equity, the fund used to stop taking lumpsum investments once the AUM crossed 2000 crores. An ordinary investor still gets a little uneasy hearing about big AUM.

        1. Sreekumar-There are enough study available to hint that AUM is not a major impacting criteria (especially in Indian context) for fund underperformance. I know that some fund houses restrict the latest one is Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund temporarily suspends lumpsum subscription of units (Max SIP allowed is 25K. Any lump sum is not possible). There are many reasons to it may be no such opportunity for further investment or apprehensive about market condition. Hence, instead of holding the fresh subscription in cash or debt, the AMC may suspend fresh investment. We have to look into the reasons than simply generalizing.
          Also, our market is not so matured and large to arrive at any decision based on western theories.

  214. In MultiCap Space – considering 2 MFs in this bucket:
    31% of portfolio within ICICI pru value and Franklin India Prima Plus is same. I would prefer ICICI and SBI combination more which has < 15% common.

    1. Anubhav-But I would rather skip multi cap. The reason is, they have mandate to move any market cap based on fund manager’s view. In that case, at certain point, we may have heavy weightage to particular market cap. But if you are fond of multi-cap then I think one is enough than two.

      1. Ok. Within my bucket of Equity – I have 50% MidCap, 20% SmallCap and 0 LargeCap fund. To avoid LargeCap exposure, I would prefer MultiCap (and generally MLC have >50% within Large+Giant), so no I would not skip MultiCap because in general MultiCap performance when averaged out for 10 years has avg. 3% better than even large caps, and this comes due to increased flexibility (avg was taken over VRO data of screened MLC and LC funds with consistency score > 75% and top 5 in their returns of each year since 2005).

        Now when deploying a big chunk within MLC, I would prefer to split it into two MLC funds rather than one even if general convention is that one is enough.

        Coming to my original question – 31% of portfolio within ICICI pru value and Franklin India Prima Plus is same. I would prefer ICICI and SBI magnum multiplier combination more which has < 15% common. What's your thought on this? Secondly, what was the risk-return consistency score for SBI magnum multiplier . I could create the chart for same because of Mac and lack of Windows.

        PS: I am passionate about Personal Finance and a CFP myself, would be open for further discussions if you would like to discuss any venture/opportunity.

        1. Anubhav-What if the multi cap tilted more towards small cap or mid cap highly than large cap at any point of time? Do you not feel the higher exposure towards these two volatile caps?
          When you feel 31% in common among ICICI and Franklin, then why can’t you retain one fund rather than two funds with less than 15% overlapping? Also, you checked multi cap overlapping, whether you compared your multi cap with other small and mid cap funds you are holding?
          I always appreciate quality discussion. Eager to learn and hence I welcome your sharing always.

        2. mr anubhav,

          at present condition . sbi and icici portfolio overlaping is15%.

          what will you do if after 6 months the portfolio is changed and now the overlapping is 40%.

          in my opinion portfolio overlapping may not be useful for diversification.

          just know your fund managers style..that will help you much better. rather than the share holding

          secondly ..u have not invested in any large cap fund .
          may be u r getting baised by 5 years performance of large cap fund.
          but u must also read about fund liquidity.
          what will happen to your small cap fund in liquidity crisis

  215. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thank you for the write-up. A great compilation, as always..!

    As I recollect, during one of the discussions earlier (on some other forum of your website), you expressed the view that PPF is better than Debt funds for asset allocation because of EEE.

    Now, my question is that if the goal is >5-10 years< then what to consider for debt allocation? RD, FD or Debt funds? given that PPF has 15 years lock-in period?

  216. Dear Basu Sir,

    I am a central govt. employee. Shall I do Intraday trading. If not what would be the other options. Your answer is very much needed.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Dear Basu Sir first of all thank you for your reply.

        Recently I gained some knowledge about stocks through research. I want to utilise this and to get some extra money for my family expenditure and in future if the income will be more I will divert this money to mutual funds for long term investments.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Pradeep-From my experience and reading from few of my gurus I am saying it is not so easy. Many people feel that it is like quick reach way. But it is not like that. Never depend on others. Learn on your own then do. I am neither against direct stock investing nor against day trading. But I personally satisfied with MF way of investing.

            1. mr pradeep.

              if you want to try intraday trading.

              then there is a virtual trading platform by moneycontrol.

              try your hand on it.dont risk your money without proper knowledge.

              intraday trading is very risky without any knowledge

        2. Experience is more important than knowledge in stock markets. In a cricket match, you compete with ONLY 11 people but in stock market when you decide to buy a stock, you compete with millions of speculators! Thus, making money in stock market is much difficult than making a century and be “man of the match” in a cricket match. This is why we have more number of crorepathis in cricket but less number of crorepathi stock traders (don’t remind about Jhunjhunwala, Damani, Shankar Sharma etc, they are lucky to enter at the right time and patient enough to wait for the longer horizon before they amassed wealth to speculate money now). For starting as a trader, consider if you have answers to the below questions:

          1. Can you predict at least 4 hour before whether the SENSEX/NIFTY is going to increase or decrease and by approximate how many number of points?
          2. If you think the SENSEX decreases, will you be in a position to make bets on particular sectors/stocks which will increase even if the broader markets decrease?
          3. If you think the broader markets will decrease, do you have courage to short sell the index stocks?
          4. Ability to predict the “Results” of a company/sector?
          5. Understanding dollar-rupee, oil price movements?

          For day trading, you need to be in a position, to predict the market over night. Try doing this for one week. Even if you are correct by 3 out of 5 sessions then you may think of trading else, you will lose money. I believe even God will lose money in stock markets in day trading. But, it’s your money, you have right to do anything you want. Who knows, you may win. All the best.

  217. Hi Basu Sir,

    Thanks for the list. From last 2 yrs i have been following ur list. In 2017 I am planning to take one ELSS fund. Any suggestion on these funds?

  218. Great Job
    Once again Thank you for all your uncoditional hardwork

    Have a great 2017 year in advance.

  219. Dear Basu sir,
    Thanks a lot for considering my request (eventhough its earlier) for publishing an article regarding Top 10 MFs to invest in India. Surely it will helps to young investers like me. Once again thank you.

  220. Hi Basu,

    May be a silly question but can you assist or guide me to any listing of the inflation rates for expenses such as Education (India\Foreign), Healthcare, Marriage etc. so that I can compute the Future value for these?


    1. Deep-It is not a silly question. But a serious and valid question. But sadly there is no such data which we say will match with REAL inflation rates. We can assume but not surely validate.

    2. Basu,

      You have been very very kind in answering all questions/queries without expecting any benefit. May be your should consider at least a small token amount (Rs. 100-200 or so) for questions about portfolio suggestions. I’ve not seen anyone who is as generous or patient as you in helping others. I’m sure people who are investing in multiple mutual funds with thousands of rupees can surely spend few hundreds of rupees for evaluation.

      No offence meant to readers. I just get a feeling that we don’t go to a doctor for free advice. We like to pay for his/her skill without second thought so why not now?

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