12 thoughts on “PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme interest rate July-Sept 2016”

  1. hi

    i am sudha working private company i have transfer my PF money company 1 to company 2 now i am going to transfer company 2 to company 3 if i see my passbook my pension amount is not there.

    1.How can i get my pension amount?
    2.it got transfer or not how can i check?
    3.if not means what i need to do get my money?

    Can you please clarify this.

  2. Hello Mr. Basu

    My query is regarding PF too. I have worked around 3 years in a company. It was contract based job, which was renewing every year. My current PF account has accumulated around 1.5 lakh amount. This April i left job due to maternity issues. I have not decided yet i will continue my job in a year or two.(Depend upon my baby’s situation). Kindly suggest should i withdraw my PF or stay it ideal in PF account? As per me Pf account interest rate is better than FD rates and interest is tax free too.

  3. Vandana Sirakaje

    Hi Basu,

    Again i am troubling you with query.

    I am changing my company is it good to continue the same PF account or withdraw the account amount?
    The current PF account has acculmulated around 3.5 lakh amount and its been 7.5 years in my current company.

    Is it good to withdraw that amount and invest in FD/NSC/Mutual? or to continue?

    Few say if i withdraw the amount tax will be deducted? if i continue the same account do i get interest?

    Please do let me know on the same.

    Vandana Sirakaje

    1. Vandana-No issues 🙂 Better to continue. Because it is a retirement product. However, treat this as debt product for your retirement corpus generation. Frequent withdrawal at each job may not be wise idea.

  4. sir I have UAN number but my Kyc and adhaar not updated by my previous employer and he is not interested to update in UAN portal so can I apply for pf.

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