MF Utilities-Online Investment Platform for Regular and Direct Mutual Funds

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Do you feel it hard to manage your funds through agents, offline, or visiting individual mutual fund companies physically? Solution for all ONLINE savvy mutual fund investors is MF UTILITIES.

MF Utilities India

MF Utility actually integrates all stakeholders of the industry like investors, mutual fund companies, and service providers on one online platform. This is an initiative by AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) under the approval of SEBI. The beauty of this platform is, you can do all mutual fund transactions under one roof, irrespective of a Mutual Fund Company or funds. Hence, this platform acts like “Transaction Aggregation Portal”.

This platform provides online access to investors to connect with service providers (like karvy or CAMS), Banks, Mutual Fund companies, Payment Gateways, and KYC registration agencies (CVL KRA). Therefore, you may say a one-stop solution for investors. This facility will available for 24×7 for access.

This is owned by all mutual fund companies and operated by MF Utilities India Pvt Ltd (MFUI). Below are the few features, which makes you to opt this service.

  • You will get Common Account Number (CAN) facility. It is unique number exactly like PAN number allotted to investors. Using this CAN you can submit the new applications, withdraw or transact online. You can do all transactions quoting this CAN (irrespective of a Mutual Fund Company and type of transactions). You can download the form HERE for registration.
  • Once you do the KYC process at MF Utility then no need to do it again in KRA.
  • You will have standardized format of forms for all transactions irrespective of a Mutual Fund Company.
  • You have access to do all sorts of mutual fund transactions online.
  • You can enable single payment for all mutual funds you hold. This means a single cheque like Rs.10,000 is enough to invest in two mutual funds (same or different mutual fund companies) of each Rs.5,000. You no need to write separate cheques. In addition, you can choose your choice of payment.
  • You can view all your investments in one roof. Your investment will be tracked by CAN. So one roof for all your investment tracking.
  • You will receive the normal alerts, messages, or triggers as you used to receive from mutual fund companies.
  • They developed the centralized complaint management and tracking system.
  • You can do financial transactions like KYC, CAN creation, purchase, redemption, switches, SIP, SWP or STP registration.
  • Along with that, you can also do non-financial transactions like change of bank or address change requests.

How can you connect with this platform?

Through the designated POS (Point of Service), you can start your journey, who acts as front office facilitator for this platform. An MFUI POS will accept transactions across Mutual Funds participating in MFU. You can check your nearby POS by clicking HERE.

Whether all Mutual Fund companies available on this platform?

Currently top mutual fund companies already tied up with this platform. You can view the list of associated mutual fund companies HERE.

What will be charged to use this platform?

It is a free online platform. Therefore, they will not levy any charges for you.

What type of funds allowed to invest, like regular and direct?

You can invest in regular funds or direct funds also. This is just an online platform. Therefore, you have both the options to invest.

Whether it is better to opt MF UTILITIES?

I feel it as a game changer in the mutual fund industry. Because nowadays all feel it convenient to do it online. Hence, MF UTILITY facilities this with integration of all funds and companies. This facility is at free of cost. Therefore, the added advantage is to opt for DIRECT Funds.

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156 Responses

  1. Aside,
    I have approx 1 Cr investment with 70 % funds with time horizon of more than 3 years. I have taken thru private MF agent.
    Shall I opt to DIRECT mode ?
    Can I switch the mode ( ARN to DIRECT ) by visiting MF AMC office and apply ? Will it be same as REDEMPTION ?

    1. Rajiv-If you feel that you can manage the money and your adviser not giving you the value based service, then you can move to direct. Switching to direct is nothing but withdrawing from regular and fresh investment in the same fund of direct. Check the taxation and exit load and based on that you can take a call.

  2. Hello, I have an issue with MFU.
    I have CAN and hold MF in 6 largest AMCs.
    I have opened ( 1 Debt scheme and 1 Equity scheme ) in all AMCs and have set up monthly STPs.
    Now, when I do an additional purchase in either Debt scheme OR in Equity scheme, it opens an seperate folder.
    It is highly chaos and very dificult to track schemes , as multiple Folios have been created.
    How to avoid this..

  3. Dear Basu,

    I have open account with MF utility for my HUF. I got CAN & I can view my holding. Now I want switch some of my folio, how to do this?


    Arun Patel

  4. How would you compare MFUtility to CAMS or Karvy? My parents are looking to invest in mutual funds and I am looking at an option that has simple UI, lists a good number of AMCs and will be used totally online. Direct plans should be available too. They need to also open a new account so the least hassle in doing so, would be preferable.
    Also is there an annual charge for any of these?

    thank you ,

  5. Hi
    I just opened a CAN account on MF Utility site.
    But I see only option to download forms, physically fill it and send it to POS.
    I was very disappointed to not see online transaction option like ICICI direct or NJ Invest application.
    Is there a way to transact completely paperless ?

      1. Read this somewhere – Post allotment of CAN, you need to request for online access by sending an email to clientservices [at] after which you will be given an username and password.

  6. Hi,

    I have got the CAM alloted from MFUtility.

    Now I want to have online access to my account to do all the transactions related to MF, is it possible without filling any physical forms and submitting to PoS


  7. Sir,

    I am a novice and never invested in MFs . Should i register with MFU or other platforms like fundsindia, upwardly etc.

    please suggest


  8. Hi Basu,

    Recently I opened my MFUtility account after the CAN allotment. According to your article, I should be able to invest now. I have a query regarding my earlier purchased MFs which lies with FundsIndia. Please help me to understand what to do with them.
    1. I want to transfer my earlier purchased MFs lies with FundsIndia to MFUtility, as I can see them those are mapped. Is it possible?
    2. I think to apply for a new folio in MFUtility for a new fund house is easy, but what should I do when I choose to apply for more units of a mf through MFUtility, which was earlier purchased through FundsIndia and now I can see them in MFUtility in my dashboard as they are mapped? Is it possible?
    3. Do we need to transfer newly purchased mf units in DMAT account or it’s not needed?

    I am confused about these things and searched a lot in internet but no luck.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Sivadutta-1) You no need to transfer. They reflect in your MFU account as they track your investment through PAN.
      2) You can use the same Folio to purchase the units under same AMC (either in same fund or different fund and also either in regular mode or direct).
      3) NOT required.

  9. Do mf utility, cams and kary have any type of charges to invest with in direct mutual funds.
    If I invest in a direct plan of a fund on any of these platforms is there any difference in nav from the fund’s website.

  10. hi really helpful info
    i am planning to start platform like fundsindia and scripbox for mutual fund investment
    can u guide me

  11. Hi basavraj,

    I want to invest in ELSS, thinking of making lump sum investment in Axis Long term equity direct plan.tome horizon 5-6 years.expecting 14% Return.

    can you suggest is this is ok?

  12. Hello Sir,
    I am investing in SIP for the last two years through fundsindia. If I want to switch my SIP to mf utility is it possible. Can i shift all my existing units in fundsindia to Mf utility. Or i will have to sell there and start afresh here as they were regular plans in Fundsindia. Also will fundsindia create problems if I want to switch from their platform to another platform.

    Thank you,

    1. Ravi-You can still use MFU and all your existing investments with FundsIndia will also show in MFU platform. Switching is advisable if you plan to move from regular to direct funds. FundsIndia will not create any problems if you switch to broker or moved to direct.

      1. Hello sir,
        Thanks for your prompt feedback. if its entirely free , how do they get any profit or commission.They should have some gain for doing this and maintaining everything.

        Ravi Shankar

  13. Hi Basav,

    I have taken the following Life and Pension policy :

    ICICI Prudential Wealth Builder II RP last year. Paid one premium. (2015)

    Premium Installment: Rs. 100,000 p.a
    Sum Assured: Rs. 10,000,00
    Fund Name: Maximiser V (5GTH) ( I do not know what is this 5 GTH)

    I need to pay premium for 5 years.

    Kindly need your advise on this. whether this is good to continue or not?

    Raja Rajagopal

      1. Hi Basav,

        Could you please elaborate your question?

        You mean, who asked you to buy this policy? or on what impression did you buy this policy?

        Raja Rajagopal

          1. Hi Basav,

            Thanks for the reply. One of my friend told me that, I will get pension after 10 years. On that impression, I took this. Can I surrender this policy now?

            Thanks & Regards,
            Raja Rajagopal

              1. Thanks Basav. Definitely will do in future investments. If I surrender, How much money I will lost?

                Raja Rajagopal

  14. Hi Basavaraj,

    This is Raja Rajagopal

    Hope you and your family are doing good.

    I already started investing some amount (as as lump sum) through MF Utility. However, I would like to know the following clarification.

    I have started SIP for Rs. 2,000.00 in ICICI Pru. Value Discovery Fund – RP through agent (before came to know about MF Utility). Now I am planning to do add another Rs. 1000.00 as a SIP in the same fund through MF Utility. so, my questions is, How to do the same via MFU? Also, if do via MFU, what is the benefit I will get it or my agent will get it?

    Please clarify.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raja Rajagopal

      1. Thanks for your reply Basav.

        So you are saying that, I need to register another SIP with Rs.1000.00 in ICICI Pru. Value Discovery – Direct Plan rite.

        Also I have one more question, after reading your blog about EPS. I have been working with my current company for the last 9 years. They have separate PF trust for them. so, now my question is, Is the EPS is applicable for me? If so, where I can check my EPS?

        Raja Rajagopal

          1. Thank you so much Basav. Your advise is realy very helpful to me. and I just to invest in MF (SIP as well Lump sum). Let us see, How long I can invest in MF?

            When can I get that EPF? Or Do I need to check anything with my company payroll team? I checked in EPFO website. I could not get anything on that.

            Once again, Thank you so much.

            Raja Rajagopal

          2. Hi Basav,

            Thanks for your reply. EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is fine. But, I want to know about EPS (Employee Pension Scheme). where I can get the EPS details?

            Raja Rajagopal

  15. I have registered for CAN but I find that online investment is still not possible through this route. An offline application has to be submitted.
    When I called up the organisation, sadly they are unable to give even a tentative date as to when the online option will be available.
    Do you have any information as to when we will be able to use online facility?

  16. I want to invest in UTI MF direct mode through Karvy . There is any deviation in NAV if I invest through UTI MF office and Karvy

  17. Dear sir,

    Few days back I have opened account with scripbox. com. So, I want to ask you about my decision is good for better returns. As currently I’m having some direct investment of your suggestions. scripbox or not.

  18. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I have registered with MF UTILITY and have been given CAN NO about 4 months back. But till now they have not started online transactions. DO you have any idea of when they can begin operations. As i want to start SIP in Direct plans. How to proceed pl suggest.

    Also pl advice me best MF palns for 5 years term, for 20000/- as SIP??

  19. Hi,

    It seems you are disagree about online investment in MF. then why you have mentioned FUNDSINDIA’s hyperlink on your own blog.
    its confusing

    1. Deepak-Why and where I disagreed about ONLINE INVESTMENT? For your information, ONLINE INVESTMENT is NOT DIRECT INVESTMENT. It is you to decide which route is best for you. Online portal of AMC, online portal of FundsIndia (or other online providers) or through an adviser. I explained all details. It is up to you to chose the path.

  20. Dear Sir,
    I am very busy, what you suggest to choose cams and karvy services for all my funds, investments, stock market to , plan, handle , service me for my financial needs etc.

    because i dont have time to wtach and maintain.

    kindly suggest


  21. Hi Sir

    I am RAMESH from Coimbatore.. I have applied CAIIB exam and I ve taken FINANCIAL ADVISING as optional subject. I ve given 2 attempts

    earlier. But I couldn’t clear it…It covers 1) INVESTMENT PLANNING 2)INSURANCE PLANNING 3)TAX PLANNING 4)REAL ESTATE

    INVESTMENT AND ESTATE PLANNING 5) RETIRMENT PLANNING..I ve purchased one book from IIBF which is not sufficient to pass the

    exam..In real exam they were asking problems and case study like CALCULATION OF SHAPE ND TREYNOR RATIO, WITHHOLDING TAX,

    CAPTIAL GAINS,BALANCE SHEET PROBLEMS, TAX CALCULATION ..Can you please suggest me good book or online portal which could

    cover above topic with detailed problem solving? I am anticipating your reply…Please help me sir…

  22. Sir
    I am Ramesh from Coimbatore….I wish to invest in Mutual fund for my daughter marriage and her education…now she is 6 months old..

    now I got CAN number from CAMS…if i wish to invest Direct plans should i submit CAN -Purchase forms to CAMS / KARVY?

    If it so is there any commission Adjusted towards NAV to KARVY/CAMS?

    1. I find the direct plans bit more time taking as i have to approach individual AMC for every investment, instead i would suggest you go through the distributor who can help you with investment, I have done my investment through Karvy distributor and find the assistance satisfactory

      1. sir direct good but if your adviser is nice and give value to you then why you fear of 0.7 % is it good to lost more gain for just .7 % i dont think so yan if you had one to 2 crore investment then you can go in an advisoriey but it charged more about one percent of portfolio tht is much greatter then trAIL SO DONT FOOL OURSELF BY GO DIRECT BCS BOOKS ARE THERE BUT THERE ARE ONLY ONE OR TWO PERSON WHO GET EDUCATION WITHOUT TEACHER .AS SAME THERE ARE ONLY FEW PERSON WHO CREATE WEALTH THROUGH DIRECT THESE SITES DONT AWARE BUT FOOL PEOPLE BY ENDORSING SIRECT BCS THEY KNOW INDIan people are miser and big bargnairs and like free chaiye it become poision .so be aware they dont oppose inurnav=ce planners tht commision is to hgh but a person who advise you add valuation doesnt need something a witer is allow tip a ca get fees wht us we are foolish who add valuation to our client and thes site owners are god na who only write blog to increase their hit so they can earn add revenue

        1. Somesh-What guarantee the adviser give the client that he be in the same business? He will create an alpha because of his advisory? There are hardly few who are knowledgeable and rest or just standing in market to sell NFOs or star rated funds. For your information, I am a mutual fund adviser too 🙂

  23. Thank you very much for this informative post.
    I have a few doubts
    (1) I already have a SBI demat account which is started last year for which i have done KYC. Do i need to do the KYC again.
    (2) To buy MF’s online now, say for examable, i need three MF’s SBI magnum, axis long term and franklin, do i need to do separate KYC or is there an easy option. I understand once MFutilities is started i can do it but currently how can it be done.

    1. Vinod-1) Yes, because the system is not integrated. Hence, if you are a first-time investor across mutual fund companies, then you have to do KYC once again.
      2) No, with an initial application you have to submit the KYC. Once it is accepted then take the print out of KYC acknowledgement from CVL KRA and attach the same with the rest of mutual fund forms. So you have to do KYC only at beginning.

      1. Thank you. I got the CAN number. How will i get the online access to the portal. whom should i contact for that.

          1. I got CAN number and i took Axis long term DIRECT via CAMS and i got purchase successful email from MF Utilities. Then i mailed them for online login access as there is no way to create login via website. They replied that they have not started online access. I mailed again clearly mentioning that i dont want to “transact” and just need to monitor my MF’s but they again replied that they have not started online access!!
            What exactly should i tell them to get the online login access…

  24. Mr Basvaraj,

    Nice articles. Really benefited by reading them. I will talk in lay man language so that it will easy to understand by new investor like me.

    In short if we say, MU Utilities India will be online portal same as Fundsindia. But at MU we will have option of applying in MF direct scheme, which was not available in Fundsindia. Please confirm.

    Drawback at MU will be that we don’t have all the AMC. While in fundsindia we have all option available for investment.

    Secondly personal question. I just started with HDFC Bank ISA account and done SIP in AXIS Long term Equity Growth 3 days before on 11/05/2015 .

    Now if I want to start with MU Utilities online portal for my future investment through SIP. I would like to know following–

    1. What is the best way to move from HDFC ISA to MU and How.

    Like to clear some point I am 29 yrs old and NRI.

    Waiting for your reply.

      1. Appreciated your early reply.

        I heard that investor has to submit physical CTF (transaction form) for all transactions. There does not seem to be online purchase and redemption through this platform

        Is it correct, As I am NRI will be difficult for me to do that. Please give a guidance.


          1. Dear Basu ji, As you mentioned above, it will take some time may be around 5 to 6 month for Mf to open online portal for investors.

            I had a plan to start with more SIP, as I already had one SIP with HDFC ISA account.
            Would like to know, Should I start another SIP with HDFC or with other online Portal like Fundsindia .

            Will I be able to transfer this SIP later with MF Utilities online portal and will I also able to convert them to direct option later.

            Or should I wait for MF Utilities to open online portal for Investor and than invest.

            Waiting for your reply.

            1. Mayank-If your choice of new fund is with HDFC then you can invest in DIRECT using the already existing folio number ONLINE. No need to go with FundsIndia. However, if you don’t have any folio number with HDFC then invest a one-time lump sum of minimum Rs.5,000 with FundsIndia. Once the folio created, create login with a mutual fund company then start investing online using mutual fund company portal. After a year, switch the existing one-time investment of FundsIndia to DIRECT.

              1. Hi Basu, i have recently opened an account with Fundsindia and they are saying that they don’t take any charge for investment done by me. What is the effect of investment through fundsindia and direct investment. Which will be more beneficial? i don’t want to pay any unnecessary charges and commission. I went with fundsindia because they provide consolidated portfolio management i don’t need to log into different portals for my investment holdings. Plz guide as i have not yet fully started my investment. I am planning to start regular investment in mutual fund and want all my investment at one place.

                1. Niraj-They not charge you anything upfront, but they earn commission through trail and upfront commission which are adjusted to your NAV. It is costlier than DIRECT. Hence, if you feel their service worth for what they earning then go ahead. Otherwise, if you feel you can manage everything on your own then switch to DIRECT. For your information, there are many portals which offer you the online portfolio management at free. So I don’t think that will be your major force to be with FundsIndia.

                  1. Can u suggest how much they charge or its only one time at the time of investment only or will be regularly adjusting towards my investment? Also suggest alternate online portals where i can link all my investment without any extra charges and can view in one consolidated way

                    1. Niraj-Upfront will be charged whenever you invest and Trail will be up to your holding of an investment. Charges differ from fund to fund. Mutual Fund companies (But not FundsIndia) adjust these cost to your NAV automatically. You can use the tools like Perfios or The Fundoo to track your investments.

              2. Mr Basu,

                Thanks for your guidance as always.

                As you told me last time to generate folio number.

                I had done my AXIS LONG TERM EQUITY SIP for 60 month from HDFC BANK ISA Account.
                Now I got my folio number from AXIS MUTUAL FUND.

                Now what will be the procedure if I want to shift my SIP to online portal of MF Utilities India, want to invest on direct option.

                Please guide.

                1. Mayank-Request for SIP cancellation. Once the SIP is cancelled then using the same folio you can invest in DIRECT funds. After one year completion, you can move the existing regular investment to DIRECT funds.

                  1. Thanks Basuji,

                    Appreciated your reply. Would like to know one more thing.

                    How much time it will take to get CAN number, if we already have our KYC.

                    Once we get our CAN number, hope we can start investing by submitting CTF-SIP Registration form on presence at POS of MF Utilities.

                    Once in future MF Utilities will start online portal for investor also, we can use for our existing profile .

                    Waiting for your reply.


  25. Dear sir
    I have a query regarding Do I first apply for KYC or CAN or I can move directly starting with CAN online because its not possible for me to submit KYC Document physically in office hours & rest of the days ( Holidays & Sunday) the Karvy office too closed. Hence due to lack of convenient to submit my KYC doc. since past one I unable to start this journey.
    Can I move with CAN online, is it good for me or if any else dirrections. Please advice.
    Awaiting for your valuable advice.

      1. Thanks
        Can I submit my KYC Doc here (MF Utility) then whats the procedure & what are the docs I keep in ready
        Pls guide.

            1. dear sir

              what will procedure to take your assistance (advices) for investing in SIP.
              I want to start with little. pls guide.

  26. I very much waited for this to happen and there has been no coverage for this significant tool.
    I spent considerable time to read the MFU website and appalled to find out that investor has to submit physical CTF (transaction form) for all transactions. There does not seem to be online purchase and redemption through this platform.

  27. Dear Mr. Basavraj,

    Many thanks for the social service rendered by you. I have one doubt:

    I am holding some mutual funds in single holding and some in joint (either or survivor) mode.

    Do I have to submit two applications or I can tick at two places under mode of holding?

  28. Dear Basu

    I have read your blogs and found very useful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I am an NRI living in Singapore. Can I invest online from Singapore using MFU as a platform.

    Do I need to complete the formalities of KYC as non resident and also apply for CAN. I will be visiting Chennai in the month of June 2015. Kindly guide me on what needs to be done to complete the formalities at one shot during my visit to chennai.

    Looking forward to your guidance.

    Thank you.

    1. Krishna-Yes, first time you need to complete the KYC formalities and along with that CAN. So in my view, during your stay in Chennai, visit first directly to the mutual fund company where you want to invest. Do KYC and start investing. Then apply for CAN too.

    2. You need not be present in person to submit application at POS for MFUtility. You can do so by post to any of the POS. If you are not KYC compliant, you have to submit KYC form too along with CAN. I am an NRI and found no problem with it.

  29. thanks for excellent article,

    how can i invest online using CAN registration no.( i only invest directly)do they provide any loginid/password

    HOW many days it takes to get can no.

  30. I have been waiting for MFU since the first buzz. However there is no much detail anywhere. Thank you for very detailed information.

    Few question.

    1. I know that it’s not open for investors yet. But for existing MF investors, existing folios can be mapped to CAN. if yes, how we can map existing portfolio to CAN. can we transact on existing folio after that through MFU. Redeem, switch etc.

    2. My Existing folios has ECS mandate/Bill pay for monthly SIP. If these are mapped to CAN, Will there be any change in the mode of payment.

    I am desperately looking for MFU launch for investors. I am looking for single view & transaction platform for all my MF investments. Yes, as you said, it’s going to be game changer.

    Looking forward for your valuable information.

    1. Pradeep-Once you CAN created then all your mutual fund holdings will be converted under your CAN. No need of any process from your end. Yes once all in one umbrella then you can start transacting. No change in SIP formalities even after moving to CAN.

  31. I have a query related to KYC.
    Do we need to notarize (with Rs. 100 stamp and that red sticker) the fillrd up KYC form ?

      1. The lady at the KARVAY, Pune office asked me to do it. She didn’t accept KYC form saying it would get rejected if not notarized.

          1. Thanks for the info.

            She specifically asked me to notarize the KYC form itself.
            She told me that the KYC form needs seal / stamp from AMC / Intermediary (under “for office use only” section) and they don’t have authority for that. So I need to get it notarize.

            Instead of all this, I am planning to start SIP for direct MFs through some AMC so KYC will also be done along with that. And once KYC is done, I will submit CAN form at KARVAY.

            1. Avinash-I understood what she said. It is not notary but a intermediately signature that originals are verified. Instead I suggest you to go directly to AMC submit KYC along with investment forms and cheque (in direct mode). Once the KYC and folio generated then you can proceed for other AMCs.

  32. Hi Basavaraj,

    Your blog articles are really stunning and helpful.

    Well, I am planning to invest in mutual funds from this financial year through MF utilities for one of my long term goal may be for 15 to 20 years. I selected following funds and your feedback is much appreciated on allocated amount and fund selection:

    ICICI Pru Focused Bluechip Fund : 1500
    Axis Long Term Equity Fund: 1500
    Franklin India Prima Plus Fund: 1000
    ICICI Prudential Long Term Fund – Direct Plan: 2000
    HDFC Midcap Opp Fund : 1000

    I will increase or decrease the amount depending upon available surplus and marketing conditions but as of now it’s 7:3 for Equity and Debt. I selected Axis Long Term Equity Fund because it looks pretty good to me for long term investment.

    Your thoughts sir. Thank you

      1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund comes under Large and Mid Cap. category. Right?
        What about debt allocation?

        I will go with your suggestions. Thank you

          1. I spoke with MF utilities and they said this is not open for investors yet, only for distributors. Is that true?

              1. Sorry, bothering you again. There is no branch of AMC’s in my area; shall I go with Karvy?
                Can I invest in Direct plans offline or online through Karvy?

  33. Dear Sir
    I am a investor in iciciprudential mutual fund and do it online with “prutracker” login.
    I would like to know if i am investing in the direct schemes offered by them , am I charged trail commission which is done on yearly basis.
    Please clarify
    Rajashekar T

    1. Suman-Yes you can do it. But first enroll for CAN. Then you can switch to direct funds. Do remember that such transfer is considered as redemption for old fund and in direct option it is considered as fresh investment.

  34. Hello Basuji,
    Very important information.
    Thanks a ton for it.
    I am regular reader of ET wealth, however i surprised bcz this information is not there also.

  35. Thanks a ton Basu!

    It’s such a big boon to the whole MF fraternity (investors and distributors alike). I am surprised that there has not been any noise about this anywhere at all except for your forum here. Where did you get to know about this?

    You have clarified lot of queries in your article above. Still there are few things I would like you to clarify a bit more.

    1. You said we can invest in Direct schemes through MF Utilities platform. You mean the actual ‘Direct’ scheme which does not have distributor associated with it, right?

    2. I went through the links you mentioned and found that there are separate POS for CAMS and Karvy. So, I will need to submit 2 forms, 1 each to CAMS and Karvy POS? And what about the schemes which are not under CAMS or Karvy either, like Franklin Templeton?

    1. Ravi-There is no such hue and cry, because this online platform also allows DIRECT Plans. So there is huge possibility that advisers or big big brokers may loose their business. Hence no such publicity on this. But as I said above, it is a great game changer in MF Industry. 1) Yes you can invest DIRECT plans too 🙂 2) Don’t bother about CAMS or KARVY, whether they manage the particular MF Company or not. It is all segregated. Hence you just need to visit POS and submit the forms.Rest of the things will be taken care by MF Utilities.

      1. Thanks a lot for Prompt and clarifying reply. I am going to submit the CAN application. Will update if I get any helpful information to share.

      2. Your articles are really helpful.

        I have a couple of queries:
        – So does it mean that for a fresh investor, he just has to submit a couple of forms (either at CAMS or KARVY) for CAN and KYC and that’s it ?
        – Does MF utilities provide an option to invest in direct plans online ? I mean, after login, do I see MF options from various fund houses (ultimately I may get redirected to respective fund house’s site) ?

            1. Avinash-You are correct CAMS and Karvy and along with both these are are other few who also appointed as POS. When you are utilizing this platform then treat them as MF Utilities POS than RTAs of Mutual Funds.

  36. Basuji,

    I would like to invest in SBI Bluecip Fund(g). Pl guide me whether I have to continue with this or opt for some other large cap options.

    Thanks in advance.



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We neither SELL any product nor represent any Insurance or Mutual Fund Companies.

We offer you an unbiased Fee-Only Financial Planning Service.