DigiLocker-Aadhaar based Govt of India’s Digital Locker

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How you are currently managing your all-important documents? It is either physical format or storing in scanned image format in local computer, emails or in Dropbox. However, how safe is it to believe on your own security system or third party security? Instead, what about using Govt owned platform, which is fully secure? The answer is a Govt of India’s recently launched DigiLocker.

As of now if any agency need documents then you need to submit it in physical or scanned image format. This is a cumbersome task not only for you, but to agency also. Because authenticating the originality is a big task to agencies. Otherwise, someone can fake your documents, which you may not notice. Hence, it is very much essential to integrate the issuer, user, and the agency in a safe method.

The main objectives of creating such a vast based digital format of documentation storage are as below.

  • Minimizing the usage of physical documents.
  • Eliminating the fake usage of documents.
  • Provide a default DigiLocker to all residents.

What is DigiLocker?

It is a safe Digital Locker. This system is dedicated to personal use only. It is Aadhaar based. It means to login to this system, you must have Aadhaar Card. You can easily store the scanned images safely.

Features of DigiLocker

  • It is linked to your Aadhaar Card Number.
  • Currently you can store up to 10MB of space. However, later on it will be increased to 1GB.
  • You can upload pdf, JPG, JPEG, png, bmp, and GIF types of files.
  • URI or Uniform Resource Indicator is an authentication of your loaded documents from respective department or agencies. For example Income Tax Department will verify your PAN. After verification, you will only see the URL not the image. You just need to click and share with the agency of your choice while sharing.
  • You can access it anywhere and at any point of time.
  • You can download your eAadhar also.

Who are the stakeholders of this system?

Issuer-These are the agencies or Govt organizations, which have rights to issue particular documents. Like IT Department for PAN Card, concerned school or college for your education certifications, Election Commission for Voter ID or state government which issues driving licence.

Requester-Agency which requesting the documents from you. For example, when you apply for further studies, then the college or university may ask you earlier documents.

Resident-It is you, in whose name the documents are issued.

How to create your account in DigiLocker?

Visit to DigiLocker site. You need Aadhaar Card and Phone number. Aadhaar card is the mandatory document. Phone number is must to receive the OTP (One Time Password) while creating login. Below image will give you an idea.

Digilock Login

Once you do this then the below pop up will show you to enter your email id (which will be your user id) and password. The process will be as below.

DigiLock login2 (2)

Once this process is over then the screen looks like below, where you can upload the documents of your choice.


For example, I uploaded my wife’s Aadhar card and which can be viewed under “My Certificate” tab. Let us see more details about this screen.

1) My Certificates-It contains two types. One is “Digital Documents”, which are verified by respective issuer, and other documents are listed in “Uploaded Documents”. For example, in above image the image which I uploaded is under “Uploaded Documents”. Because it is my wife’s Aadhar Card.

2) My Profile-This section displays the full profile of what is available in Aadhaar Card.

3) My Issuer-This section list all the documents, which are issued to this individual.

4) My Requester-This section list all the agencies which requested the documents by an individual.

5) Directories-This list all the issuers and requester with their link.

Currently this system uses the safety of what your banks uses like using your email id or phone number to authenticate an individual. As of now it is not clear how many central organizations already tied with this and whether state issuing authorities also tied up or not.

If you have any concerns, then you can contact the support team via email-support@digitallocker.gov.in

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