DigiLocker-Aadhaar based Govt of India’s Digital Locker

How you are currently managing your all-important documents? It is either physical format or storing in scanned image format in local computer, emails or in Dropbox. However, how safe is it to believe on your own security system or third party security? Instead, what about using Govt owned platform, which is fully secure? The answer is a Govt of India’s recently launched DigiLocker.

As of now if any agency need documents then you need to submit it in physical or scanned image format. This is a cumbersome task not only for you, but to agency also. Because authenticating the originality is a big task to agencies. Otherwise, someone can fake your documents, which you may not notice. Hence, it is very much essential to integrate the issuer, user, and the agency in a safe method.

The main objectives of creating such a vast based digital format of documentation storage are as below.

  • Minimizing the usage of physical documents.
  • Eliminating the fake usage of documents.
  • Provide a default DigiLocker to all residents.

What is DigiLocker?

It is a safe Digital Locker. This system is dedicated to personal use only. It is Aadhaar based. It means to login to this system, you must have Aadhaar Card. You can easily store the scanned images safely.

Features of DigiLocker

  • It is linked to your Aadhaar Card Number.
  • Currently you can store up to 10MB of space. However, later on it will be increased to 1GB.
  • You can upload pdf, JPG, JPEG, png, bmp, and GIF types of files.
  • URI or Uniform Resource Indicator is an authentication of your loaded documents from respective department or agencies. For example Income Tax Department will verify your PAN. After verification, you will only see the URL not the image. You just need to click and share with the agency of your choice while sharing.
  • You can access it anywhere and at any point of time.
  • You can download your eAadhar also.

Who are the stakeholders of this system?

Issuer-These are the agencies or Govt organizations, which have rights to issue particular documents. Like IT Department for PAN Card, concerned school or college for your education certifications, Election Commission for Voter ID or state government which issues driving licence.

Requester-Agency which requesting the documents from you. For example, when you apply for further studies, then the college or university may ask you earlier documents.

Resident-It is you, in whose name the documents are issued.

How to create your account in DigiLocker?

Visit to DigiLocker site. You need Aadhaar Card and Phone number. Aadhaar card is the mandatory document. Phone number is must to receive the OTP (One Time Password) while creating login. Below image will give you an idea.

Digilock Login

Once you do this then the below pop up will show you to enter your email id (which will be your user id) and password. The process will be as below.

DigiLock login2 (2)

Once this process is over then the screen looks like below, where you can upload the documents of your choice.


For example, I uploaded my wife’s Aadhar card and which can be viewed under “My Certificate” tab. Let us see more details about this screen.

1) My Certificates-It contains two types. One is “Digital Documents”, which are verified by respective issuer, and other documents are listed in “Uploaded Documents”. For example, in above image the image which I uploaded is under “Uploaded Documents”. Because it is my wife’s Aadhar Card.

2) My Profile-This section displays the full profile of what is available in Aadhaar Card.

3) My Issuer-This section list all the documents, which are issued to this individual.

4) My Requester-This section list all the agencies which requested the documents by an individual.

5) Directories-This list all the issuers and requester with their link.

Currently this system uses the safety of what your banks uses like using your email id or phone number to authenticate an individual. As of now it is not clear how many central organizations already tied with this and whether state issuing authorities also tied up or not.

If you have any concerns, then you can contact the support team via email-[email protected]

179 Responses

  1. Sir my ctet certificate have surname before marriage and my adhar have surname after marriage.how I can get my ctet certificate.please help me

  2. I need my 10th standard marksheet. I was given my username and password to my mother’s phone number which is in turn attached to her aadhar. I couldn’t proceed through digilocker through my mother’s phone and aadhar number. Please help me to proceed.

  3. Sir Mene kuch din pahle apna digilocker se Aadhar aur DL Delete or Diya tha. Ab wo dobara nhi show ho rha bahut kosis kr li OTP bhi as jata h .fhir bhi nhi show ho rha. Your documents is already link in your account Likha aata h par show nhi ho rha h plz help

  4. One month before iam created dg locker and add my aadhar. That time my aadhar name and licenece name spelling was different. Thats why i couldnt add my digital licence…now iam changed my aadhar name. Now aadhar bame and licenece is same..but now also showing the same problem…and showing dg locker my old aadhar…what i will do


  6. I am unable to receive OTP on my mobile while linking my Aadhaar Card to Digilocker. It shows ‘NO Mobile number linked with the Aadhar’. I updated my Aadhar with my mobile number few days back and even verified it. Any solution?

      1. Same problem! Tried it a lot many times. Will need aadhaar as an issued document in the next few days. What to do?

  7. Sir Mera password bhul Gaya lekin ham forget password karke no dalte hai to this account is not active likhata hai. Sir please help me

      1. I am not deleting my account for knowledge purpose I want to know how I can delete digilocker account permanently.

      1. I’ve tried more than 10 times. But it’s not working. I have tried this today also but not received the opt. Really confused.

  8. I registered in digilocker last week and I had not linked with adhaar. But as of now I forgot my username but I remember my password and mobile number
    So how can I recover my username plz help

  9. While creating an account I have provided mobile number and OTP. then it asked for user id, password and after that it got stuck(did not provide Aadhaar number in this process). So after some time when I tried to create new account again it is saying that Mobile Number already registered with Digilocker, You can sign into account using your credentials. So I tried with user id and password then it it is saying that they are worng. I tried with forgot username/password. It is asking for Aadhaar number. when provided it is saying the Aaadhaar is not registered. Need suggestion on this.

    1. directly u have to click on forgotten username in that options using
      1. by aadhar number
      2.mobile number
      u have to select option !mobile number and enter the mob. number it will send OTP to ur mob.number enter it and your username will be shown to u
      and next password will also same….

  10. Dear Sir,

    I have create the digital locker account and upload our RC & DL.
    Our RC& DL show on the list but we are search DL&RC in search box the have not found our data.

  11. Sir i lost my registered mob number of aadhar card, but all d OTP’s are goin to it. So how can i use it now
    Can i link my mom’s aadhar card

  12. Sir i want a user name with my name Abhishek Singh Chauhan i tried alot of times its not accepting

  13. Sir the message in which my digi locker id and password is given is deleted so I don’t know my user name and password how I can open my locket to get my 12 CBSE board result

  14. sir, i deleted the message sent to to my number, so now how can i open my digilocker account for my +2 markscard??/

  15. Sir i want to open my digiloker account using passwords sended by cbse for class +2 certificate.sir but it is not accepting my user name and password .i want my marks sheet immediatly.sir plz help me.

  16. How can i access my daughters mark sheet given by cbse on digilocker.she has an aadhar card but her mobile number is not registerd with aadhar…how can she download her marksheet.please advice.

  17. Hello Sir ,
    I am stated for digilocker integration for requestor side api but still it is not work properly it gives ” unauthorised access 207 “.so i am litttle bit confused how to integrate with digilocker . Please send me reply as early as possible .

  18. I registered for this service yesterday. I was able to register without linking to the Adhaar Card. When I tired to link Adhaar card an error message appears: Aadhaar service temporarily unavailable. Please try again. If problem persists, check back in some time. Tried again today and the same error.
    The system is very user friendly otherwise. But as of now I can only use it for loading and downloading the documents. Cannot share or get the documents issued as the Adhaar card linking is mandatory for that.
    Can not trust the system as of now due to the errors left unattended. Did not find an FAQ. No procedure for complaints in case of emergency.

  19. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I want to know the procedure for the digital locker requester. So please inform me.. Thank you…

  20. Hello …. I registered for digilocker, but there are no options to verification or any other relevant Tabs, only all PDF copies uploaded…. its deleted from new website…?


    Rakesh Vora

  21. sir, i have sign up for digital locker. form demand for id proof and address proof so i am upload my both the things after that a message show that we verified your address it will take15 days of time so what is the procedure of verification of address

  22. sir i searched for it.found no way to register mobile no online. They are saying that to do it you need to fill a form and send via post.you can only update a no online but can’t link it(first time)

  23. Dear
    Though my aadhar number is linked with my mobile number, still while registering for digi locker, the message is your mobile number is not linked.
    E- mail id of customer care number is also not correct, when i tried to send my request to them
    pl help

  24. Hi, am not able to upload any documents to my account, recently i have created folders and moved all the available documents which i have updated previously into it, and now when am trying to upload new documents (from both out side and inside the folders)am not able to do it, its showing “Warning Only JPEG, PNG and PDF files are allowed to upload” but i was trying to upload a pdf file alone and the size also was minimal

  25. my aadhar address was updated after creation of my digital locker id but digital locker account not getting updated with that updated data and showing old address in profile .

  26. Sir when i was at final stage of signing up system says for username
    please match the requested format
    What is the requested format

      1. Sir I have my user ID rbansal6807 and didn’t know my password. I used forgot password link entered OTP then set new password then it showed a page written that your account has some issues contact support[at]digitallocker[dot]gov[dot]in. I send an email about my problem with my user ID and password but there is no reply from there side. Please help me Sir I need it very soon for counselling of colleges. Please Help.

  27. Dear Sir,
    I did my high school from International Board. IBDP. & Cambridge AS and A level. I would like to know would my original mark-sheet and other certificates will get verified or not. Since, the head quarter of my board is In Switzerland and of Cambridge its in London. So will my documents get verified or not ?….I hope you reply me ASAP

    Thank You
    +91 94689-14450

  28. hello sir,
    thanks for sharing the above information it require many important information which are very useful for us.
    Thanks for the post.

  29. Hi Sir , how much time will it take to get verified the uploaded certificates and how we can see that they are verified what if some one upload fake documents can we apply for passport using this digi locker ( if we apply for a fresh passport we still have to book an appointment to verify our certificates my person or we can simplify provide adhar number to them online to verify our certificates

  30. I tried to login through OTP and I got the OTP. but when I started to fill network has gone. the transaction failed. now I m trying again it is saying ”UID service not responding plz try again”. please help me what to do for opening account.

  31. Sir at the time of sign up on digital locker by mistake I enter a wrong user name . but now I want to change my digital locker username. So please help me.

  32. Sir,
    Can u check Site is working Or not ?because after otp code enter in otp column it should be stop.

  33. Sir, I upload all the documents. I give my locker number to the concern. In that time shall i hide any document, what not necessary to the concern.

      1. Sir, When i want to upload my document. The website want to seat no.. I am not understand the what is Seat no. means. In my all mark sheet is cant show seat no.any where please suggest me what can i put in behalf of seat number.

  34. sir , i cant sign up in digilocker,, after OTP registration and while signing up , it says password must contain ……….. ,, but i did and included everything ,, but it wont work ,, it says same that password should contain charctr,alphebts,no,,,, i repeated everythng but no use ,,,,,,,,

  35. Just saw your site , found by search. Nice contents, really helpful. Keep updating the same with latest info 🙂

  36. I do want to apply adsense on my site. I applied for two times but i got disapprove. Please tell me about solution.

    1. Android-I am not an expert to suggest you what went wrong in your case. But you can take the help Tech Blog Experts like Shoutmeloud or probloggingsucccess . They may help you in this regard.

  37. I suspect .. is it official digilocker.gov.in website? any miss use or taking out other’s confidential information. i just saw in linkedin and googled . many people dont know about this.

    I tried to open this website it shown me message. its unsafe website. and red cross on Https

    I saw comments that it wrote ” it should be https and it should be secured but this site was http.

    Guys be careful.

    Akash g

  38. Hello sir. After logging in and while trying to upload by SSC certificat e, it shows error that the exam center number allocated is wrong while I typed my hall ticket in that. Can you suggest me the troubleshoot for the error? Thanks

  39. the site itself doesn’t have the authenticity certificate to be opened in mozilla firefox. How you can assure the privacy then..?

  40. I have lost my number which was registered at aadhar. Now how can I receive otp bcz it is sent to the registered mobile number.

  41. I think the website is in beta (Testing) version, once they launch the original one.. then we could be able to open it through trusted source and can use it in proper way..

  42. i am unable to open digilocker site . it is showing bellow error.

    Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from http://www.digilocker.gov.in (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

    Back to safetyAdvanced

  43. The concept is great?1) Even though it’s driven by our government how will they assure the security of sensitive data?
    2)Today there are multiple duplicates of Aadhaar, PAN and license, then what will be the further verification in this case?
    3) Even if upload my original document am sure that there will b some further verification

    1. Arif-1) Security will be as equal as to other Govt Sites. 2) Issuing authority will authenticate it. So no more duplication or forgery. 3) Yes…there will be verification from the issuing authority.

  44. on trying to open the website, it says it is not a secure site, with no safety certificates. how safe will our documents remain?

  45. Site doesn’t even have proper HTTPS certificate… Why would someone upload all their important documents…

  46. what if somebody hacks the website…..? they can simply get the datas of graduates within seconds right…Yea am sure that it will be protected….but dnt tell that it is impossible….

  47. While creating the UserId, do i have to enter e-mail id? (the one registered with Aadhaar or any other-mail id?)
    Well i forgot my registered e-mail id and its not written on the aadhar card.

    Then what about the password (password of my e-mail id or a new password?)

    There is not much detailed information/procedure in the DigiLocker home site,
    which is sad…

    1. Manish-They have not specified which email id you need to register. Hence no such restriction. Password again is of your choice (no need of same password which you use to your mail). It is started recently. You can get more information at FAQ section of the homepage.

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