Income Tax Sparsh-Register and Track status of PAN Card Complaints

Income Tax Department recently started the PAN related complaint grievance cell called Income Tax Sparsh. You can register and check the status of the complaints related to PAN card applied through NSDL or UTIISL.

You can register complaints in following conditions.

1)  If you neither received PAN number nor PAN Card.

2) If you received your PAN number but not received PAN Card.

3) If your PAN was returned undelivered.

4) Your Name is not matching.

5) Your photo not matching.

6) Father’s name mismatch.

7) Other related complaints. (Don’t know what these other complaints :))

Below are the links to register the same.

To Register Complaint “Click Here”

Mandatory information need to register are Receipt/Coupon Number, Applicant Name, Phone and Applicant’s remark (comment related to complaint).

Check your Status of Complaint “Here”

Hope this information may be useful to all.


70 Responses

  1. Sir,
    These links are not working now.
    I tried earlier in last year it was working. but currently it says “You are not authorized to view this page”

  2. What is the query of 01-januray year xxxx to card data, what is the date of birth and no PAN card?

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have applied PAN card on 15-FEB-2017 and my acknowledgement no is XXXXXXXXXXXX.
    It is very urgent for me because my whole work is pending due to PAN card but i have not received PAN in four months card yet.
    I request you please dispatch my PAN card on urgent basis.
    Please informed me when i can receive PAN card.

    Name – Manoj Kumar
    Mobile No. – 9540109048
    Email – [email protected]


  5. My PAN card was returned undelivered so i tried log a complain in the given link but the given link shows error and not able to process… what to do

  6. Now the link to the website is not going through. I want to obtain copy of complaint i raised.

  7. My PAN Card XXXXXXXXXX returned undelivered to PDS Mumbai.
    Please do needful to re-send it.

    Lalit Kumar

  8. I have given PAN Application with attached support required document , and still i am not able to get corrected PAN. so many calls and complaint, and call to customer, but the process is too slow to get is soon. still status shows only under process with Income tax department.

    Please help to get it ASAP.
    because of PAN some task are pending to pay money for abroad..

  9. Hi sir,

    I have same but little different. I have two PAN card . One with correct details and another with the wrong details like my name and my father name.

    I have surrendered the pan which is having correct details.

    And I gave update request for pan which is having wrong name
    I have given complaint also 95171130 . Still I didn’t get response for update request.


      1. Already done complaint,(95171216) but no positive response , when ever call to customer care, they says wait its under process .I dont know for a documents update or verification why they need to much time, even we have an digital ID as UIDAI. the worst department of India. thats why people become fadeup and apply for a new PAN card instead of make any correction .

              1. Already Raise issue with mail communication and phone call, but no positive and fast response , only one line need to wait for 2 – 3 days and till 50 days over …

                  1. That is the main fade up things, there is no any command officer to take it up and ask them why the process is too slow..even we have almost digital system to verification .

  10. Respected Sir,

    I know the guy in delhi who is having multiple PAN card and AADhar card with different D.O.B and Father name and without fearing he is using these government ID for illegal purpose like banks loan etc.

    Please let me know to whom, should I complaint against him?


  11. two different people but same pan number issued by uttisl and incometax kolkata, identified alllahabad bank kanchrapara. Help how to short the issue

  12. hi Basavaraj,

    I have raised a complaint online at sparsh india to cancel/surrender the duplicate PAN number that was allotted to me mistakenly. The complaint no is 95160056. As I need a document to submit in my bank as a proof of cancellation, could you please let me know how can I obtain that confirmation letter.

    You kind assistance is highly appreciated.

      1. Hi sir,

        I have same but little different. I have two PAN card . One with correct details and another with the wrong details like my name and my father name.

        I have surrendered the pan which is having correct details.

        And I gave update request for pan which is having wrong name
        I have given complaint also . Still I didn’t get response for update request.



          1. Hi basavaraj

            I din’t update. Still it is process it seems @ at Mt local IT department

            I sent same mail to my AO officer yesterday only. I will let know if I get response my AO .

            Complaint Number is 95117689

            Thanks for response

  13. hi..I have raised the complaint for surrender of Pan XXXXXXXXXX
    My complaint no is XXXXXXXXXX.
    Let me know the status plz…& also provide me your contact no.

  14. Dear Sir ,

    I got PAN number and my PAN Card was send via speed post but its return back.
    now i want to receive pan card in different address. Is it possible ?

  15. i am applied pan card 4 months back but i am not received status is shoeing RUD i am given complant 2 months back .
    complaint status is your card is dispached & you inform to message & mail toyou on 27/01/16
    but i am not reciving any message what i do PLEASE SOLVE MY ISSUE.
    pan no CHUPD7349J
    COMPLAINT NO 95147416

  16. i have applied for pan before five years but status was sown it deliverd but i dint reciev any again one month back i applied but status showing already deliverd my aknowledg no 030409703040216 i hope i will get this problem solved soon

  17. hi sir /madam
    my name is yogesh basavaraju i had applied Pan card through UTIITSL

    Application / Coupon Number 999999999/560835331
    PAN number : CDCPB5647K
    Status RUD lying in Mumbai
    even though we were at home the post man didn’t came to our place to deliver the PAN card ,but he stated as DOOR LOCKED and he has taken back.
    i need my PAN card BADLY and Urgently for my Company..
    please help me to get back the PAN card

      1. i contacted the post man ,he has sent back my PAN to mumbai , i have raised the complaint but no response from them yet ,it is in Mumbai stating returned undelivered as status
        any other process to get back my PAN?

  18. The process u have demonstrated is to get the details through pan number,but one who is going to apply for a new pan card is not having the AO regarding details. From where these new applicants can get these details as there is nothing as such in the video for new applicants

  19. Dear,
    I have applied for PAN Card on 27 JULY by UTI the status of application are UNDER PROCESS i did not get PAN NUMBER while the other candidates who applied for PAN with me got PAN NUMBER. It is too urgent for me to know PAN NUMBER please update me how can i get my PAN Number.
    My Coupon Number is 551228213.
    Anuj Kumar

  20. Hi Basu
    I have received Pan card 6 years before.
    My name is ELAM BHARATHY K and my father name is KUPPUSAMY M. ( I am from TN, so we have father name as initials at end)
    As per ITD database, my first name is updated as KUPPUSAMY and last name is updated as ELAM BHARATHY. Is this a problem? Will it cause any problem in future? or should i not bother about this. I have checked some of my friends they too have father name as first name.

    Should I correct this as ELAM BHARATHY as first name and KUPPUSAMY as last name/surname using Change Request Form? As there is no name change has been carried out, i guess i will face same problem as stated by Madhu here.

  21. I got my PAN card issued 8-9 years ago. My father’s name was mistakenly recorded then as “Patel” instead of “Khatri”. I online applied for correction this Feb-2014. I did submit Annexure-A, signed by District Primary Education Officer, for name verification along with clarification letter as well as copy of signing officers official id proof. I have been getting letters from PAN/NSDL that the proof is not valid. There are also remarks from them that Voter ID and Aadhar do not have change of name mentioned – (my concern is, because my father’s last name was never changed how come any of his proof has changed mentioned). In almost every email, I clarify them that my father’s Last name has NEVER CHANGED, but my clarification is not taken in to consideration.

    Please suggest some workable path that will help me get my PAN card re-issued.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

  22. I had recently applied for a PAN card for my daughter. I had faced problem in filling Father’s name. My
    name has a long middle name totaling about 30 characters. So while filing application ONLINE I had abbreviated with three initials ‘B S R’. The NSDL objected to it and wanted me to expand it. Here I find
    a)online form does not have sufficient space (24 char) for which they said use offline form and
    b)they want all documents in which the fathers name is exactly matching with PAN application entry which is not available. For example her CBSE certificate mentions my name with middle name INITIALS only. Many people in Andhra with 2,3 initials in middle name will face same problem, I suppose. I am planning to file a RTI stating this problem and asking for IT dept suggestions.. Any take on this?

    1. Prasad-In my view it is better first to fill the form physically instead of online submission. Second thing, if all her current documents are mis-matching each other, then my suggestion is to rectify it now itself by creating a court notary and submitting it wherever you need changes. Because if you rectify in PAN but not in her school documents or in other documents then it will create problem for her in future. I understand your concern. In India we have different style of naming, like in my hometown we use to write “My name” next “Father name” and finally “Family name”, which is a different thing in Bangalore. So within a state there are so many styles which sitting in Bombay NSDL will not understand. If at all you are not satisfied then best is as you said above, use RTI.

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