Income Tax E-Filing Vault – How to secure tax e-filing account?

Recently CBDT announced the new security feature called Income Tax E-Filing Vault. This actually creates more security to your e-filing account. Let us see its feature and how to use it.Income Tax E-Filing Vault

Income Tax E-Filing Vault is nothing but a dual authentication security feature. Because you can login to your e-Filing account, as usual using the PAN card number and the password along with date of birth. However, once you login in a usual way, you have full access to IT portal. To make it more secure, the IT department launched this Income Tax E-Filing Vault. Once you activate this feature, you have to authenticate once again. Then only you can have full access to IT portal.

In this way, the Government tried it to secure more. By activating this feature, you can secure your account from any fraudulent attempts.

Who can use Income Tax E-Filing Vault?

If you have login access to the e-Filing portal of IT Department, then you are eligible to activate this option. Along with that to activate the Income Tax E-Filing Vault, you must fulfill any one of below said eligibility.

# You should have at least once logged into e-Filing portal using the internet banking facility of your bank.

# You need to register for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) facility before availing this option.

# You must already linked your Aadhaar to PAN (using e-Filing portal).

If anyone option is available for you, then you can activate Income Tax E-Filing Vault.

What are the options in Income Tax E-Filing Vault facility?

This facility provides two options.

  1. As I said above, using anyone eligibility (Net Banking, DSC or Aadhaar OTP), you can activate Income Tax E-Filing Vault and secure your e-Filing account of dual authentication.
  2. You can reset the password of the e-Filing account when you forgot it. Again, you have to register for “Lock Reset Password Options” of Income Tax E-Filing Vault feature.

How to use or enable Income Tax E-Filing Vault of Income Tax portal?

I created the video to guide you all in using or enabling the  Income Tax E-Filing Vault security feature of e-Filing portal.

I suggest you all to activate this feature for your e-Filing account. Because it secures your account. IT Department strongly advises all taxpayers to use a strong password (a combination of at least one uppercase, one special character and one numeral) and select the E-filing Vault option to add an additional layer of security to the their E-filing Account to login and resetting of passwords .

Soon the options like EVC options using an ATM, Bank Account Validation or Demat Account Validations will be launched to make the e-filing account more secure.

Click  HERE to view the complete procedure of the same from IT Department.

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  1. I received an email from a DONOTREPLY address, containing _only_ the words

    “Secure Your e-Filing Account! Click here to read user manual”

    How can I be sure that this is not a link to malware,
    or a fake site?

  2. Hi,

    I have been filing my IT return through Is there any consequences filing return through hr block, clear tax, etc.

    A very recently i have noticed that ITR-V generated by H R Block shows field place as ‘Pune’ however i am in Delhi and also when i e-verified the same from the Incometax site using my internet banking i got the Verification code as MUWXB1ZNUF , where prefix is MU (May be it is Mumbai). Is there any concern or i am good.



  3. I am 29;yrs old …I would like to buy term plan of 1 CR.including all major advantage…kindly suggest me which plan shall I buy.

  4. Sir, I was worked more than six months in Chennai and left job and came back to Hyderabad. Now contacted to hr but. They are not giving the signed document as monthly deposit amount but I have salary slip so I can withdraw of amount without employer’s give idea or any rules for it.

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