Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) – Benefits and Interest Rate

After the recent increment in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) limit to Rs.30 lakh from 1st April 2023, SCSS turned out to be one of the best and safest instruments for senior citizens. Let us look into the features, benefits and rules of SCSS in detail. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme or SCSS is 5 years one-time deposit scheme.

Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) – Benefits and Interest Rate

Let us now look into the complete features of the Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)

Who can invest in Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

# An individual who attained the age of 60 years of age or above on the date of account opening.

# An individual who attained the age of 55 years or more but less than 60 years of age and has retired on superannuation or under a voluntary or special voluntary scheme. But they can open this account only on the condition that the account is opened within one month of receipt of retirement benefits and the amount should not exceed the amount of retirement benefit.

# Retired personnel of Defence Services (excluding civilian Defence employees) without any age restrictions. But they have to fulfill other limits specified in the rules.

# NRIs and HUF are not eligible to open this account.

Where to open Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

You can open Senior Citizen Savings Scheme either in the post office or with recognized 24 PSU banks and one private bank.

The list of 24 nationalized banks is State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Travancore, Allahabad Bank, Andhra bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab National Bank, Syndicate Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Vijaya Bank and IDBI Bank. One private bank allowed to open this scheme is ICICI Bank.

How to open Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

# Fill the Form A for account opening.

# Deposit Amount-If the deposit amount is less than one lakh, then it is accepted in cash. If it is more than Rs.1 lakh then either in cheque or DD.

# Two passport-size photographs.

# Age Proof like Passport, Senior Citizen Card, Birth certificate issued by MC/Gram Panchayat/District office of registrar of births and death, Voter ID card, PAN card, Ration card, Date of birth certificate from the school or Driving license.

# Address and Identity Proof like a passport or PAN card.

# You must carry original documents for KYC verification purposes.

How much one can invest in Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

# Minimum of Rs.1,000 and in multiples of Rs.1,000.

# Up to 31st March 2023, the maximum limit was Rs.15 lakh. However, effective from 1st April 2023, the maximum limit is Rs.30 Lakh.

One can open multiple accounts either in an individual capacity or jointly with a spouse. But the maximum limit including all his accounts must not cross the maximum limit of Rs.30 lakh.

What is the rate of interest of the Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

Earlier, the interest rate on SCSS used to be declared once a year. But not it is declared quarterly like April-June, July-September, October-December, and January-March. You can refer to my latest blog posts regarding the applicable interest rates. I write the latest interest rates once a quarter. The latest one is” Latest Post Office Interest Rates January – March 2023″

Even though the interest rate is mentioned as quarterly in many cases, it is wrong to assume so. Mainly because as the depositor gets the interest payout once a quarter, compounding frequency is not applicable here.

How do they pay the interest for Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme or SCSS?

Interest will be payable every quarter on 1st working day of April, July, October, and January. If you fail to claim such quarterly interest, then this interest amount will not earn any further interest. It will be kept idle. For the first time, it is paid from the date of deposit to 31st March/30th June/30th September/31st December and then every quarter.

Interest is rounded off to a rupee. For if the interest is less than 50 paise is ignored and more than 50 paise is rounded off to a rupee. There will not be any compounding. So for example, if you deposited Rs.1,00,000 at an interest rate of 8.6%, then for a year it fetches Rs.8,600. This they divide into 4 (because they pay it in 4 quarters) and pay you Rs.2,150.

Duration or maturity of Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme or SCSS

It is 5 year fixed deposit kind of product. After the completion of 5 years, you have to submit the written application along with the passbook and Form E.

In case you do not close the account after maturity and also do not extend the account, the account will be treated as matured and you will be entitled to close the account at any time. However, post-maturity interest at the rate as applicable to the deposits under the Post-office Savings Accounts from time to time will be payable on such matured deposits up to the end of the month preceding the month of the closure of the account.

What happens in case of the death of the depositor?

In case of the death of the depositor before maturity, the account will be closed and the deposit refunded along with interest to nominees or legal heirs if the nomination was not made or in case of the death of the nominee.

If the total amount including interest payable is up to Rs.1 lakh, it may be paid to the legal heirs on production below documents.

  1. Letter of indemnity
  2. An affidavit
  3. A letter of disclaimer on an affidavit
  4. A certificate of death of the depositor on stamped paper in the form Annexure to Form F.

Whether Pre-mature withdrawal allowed?

Yes, but with certain conditions. You are not allowed to withdraw within one year of account opening. You have to fill the Form E for this early withdrawal.

# In case the account is closed after the expiry of 1 year but before the expiry of 2 years from the date of opening of the account, an amount of 1.5% of the deposit shall be deducted and the balance paid to the depositor.

# In case the account is closed on or after the expiry of 2 years from the date of opening of the account, an amount equal to 1% of the deposit shall be deducted and the balance paid to the depositor.

Whether one can extend the Senior Citizen Saving Scheme or SCSS?

# Account will not be extended automatically.

# You can extend for 3 years after 5 years maturity period. However, you have to submit Form B within one year from the date of maturity.

# Also, such extended accounts can be closed after one year of extension without any penalty. This means after the completion of 6th year, one can withdraw the amount without any penalty.

# Interest rate during such extension period will be as per the prevailing rate of interest after 5 years of maturity.

# Only one extension is allowed to the old account. This means after 5 years of completion of SCSS, you can extend only once. After that, the account will be matured.

# However, you are free to open one more account during the old account tenure or after the maturity of the old account subject to the maximum ceiling of Rs.15 lakh.

Whether one can nominate?

Yes, you can nominate one or more than one person. Also, you can nominate, change, or cancel before maturity as and when you wish. You have to submit Form C and present the passbook for registering, changing, or canceling the nomination. This service is free and there is no fee for it.

In the case of joint account deposit. The nominee will come into the picture only after the death of both joint account holders.

Whether loan facility is available?

No, you are not allowed to avail of the loan by pledging it. Because this scheme is meant for regular income from your investment.

Whether transfer facility is available?

Yes, one can transfer Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme deposit from one office to another office. You have to fill out Form G and enclose the passbook. If the deposit amount is Rs.1 lakh or above, a transfer fee of Rs.5 per Rs.1 lakh of deposit for the first transfer and Rs.10 per Rs.1 lakh of deposit for the second and subsequent transfers will be payable.

However, SCSS deposits can’t be transferred to others or they can’t be traded.

What if you break the Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) rules and deposited the amount?

Many may break the rules in the lure of higher interest rates. So if banks or post offices found that there is any break of rules from depositors, then the account will be closed immediately. The amount will be refunded after deducting the entire interest paid to such deposit from starting to till date.

Joint Account Rules of Senior Citizen Savings Scheme or SCSS

# You can open the Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme scheme jointly with your spouse ONLY.

# The age of the first account holder will be verified for eligibility. But not the spouse of a first account holder.

# In the event of the death of the first account holder, then the second account holder continues as the primary account holder but with the condition that the maximum overall limit of the second holder must not cross Rs.15 lakh.

# Even though it is a joint account first holder is attributed to the scheme. There is no sharing from a joint holder.

# Both individuals can open as many accounts as they can subject to the maximum ceiling of Rs.30 lakh based on their eligibility conditions either individually or jointly.

# In case the first holder dies and the second holder continues the scheme but if his/her limit crossed the maximum ceiling of Rs.30 lakh from all accounts, then such over and above Rs.30 lakh will be refunded to him/her.

# If both spouses hold individual accounts and either spouse dies means the survivor can’t continue the account. They have to close the deceased spouse’s account.

Tax Benefits of Senior Citizen Savings Scheme or SCSS-

# During Investment-One can avail up to Rs.1,50,000 as a maximum benefit under Sec.80C by investing in SCSS scheme.

# Interest Income-Interest income is treated as taxable income. Hence, there are no tax benefits. It will be taxed as per your tax slab. TDS can be deducted on interest earned if it exceeds the minimum limit prescribed by the Government which currently is Rs 10,000 and TDS is 10%.

# If your income falls before the basic exemption limit (Currently, if your age is below 60 years then it is Rs.2.5 lakh and for above 60 years it is Rs.3 lakh), then you can submit Form 15G (if your age is less than 60 years) or Form 15H (if your age is 60 years or above) to avoid TDS. However, in case the tax is already deducted, then you can file an IT return on your own and claim the refund.

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  1. What is difference between SCSS in post office and State bank of India. Seems the Benefits such as interest rate are same. But, any TDS deduction in SBI? Please clarify. Thanks

  2. My father and mother held joint scss accounts with each 15+ lacs with each as first names. My father passed away and there is 31 lacs totally. I would like to know will there need to pre close one of the accounts to make it to 30 lacs

  3. I have opened 1 Senior citizen saving A/ Bank of india ,and another in Bank of Baroda.
    Can i transfer that A/C. of Bank Of India,to Bank Of Baroda now ? Can the interst of s.c.s.s. opened in Bank Of India,be transferred in Bank Of Baroda ? If so,what forms i am required to file ?
    I am a senior citizen of 79 years of age
    Pl. guide

    1. You can consider giving standing instruction in bank of India to transfer amount (equivalent to interest credit from scss) every 5th of April, July, October, and January from your bank of India sb account to bank of baroda sb account. This way your consolidated interest amount will be in bank of baroda account which you can withdraw from there. 5th, because even if there’s any holiday on 1st-4th, it’ll not affect the standing instruction. There may be some nominal charges for standing instruction, you can confirm the same with branch before proceeding. Also, this can also be done online via netbanking.
      Mr basavaraj can also comment if there’s any disadvantage in doing so from his expertise.

  4. Sir,
    Once the account is opened and interest rate is fixed as prevailing on the date of opening of account, can the interest rate be changed/revised by the Govt. during the 5 years tenure or the interest rate once fixed at the time of opening of account, will remain fixed throughout the 5 years tenure of the account.

    1. Dear Kamal,
      When you invest in SCSS, you are locking the rate for the next 5 years. Even though SCSS interest rate changes on quarterly basis, but it will not for the existing investors.

  5. A senior citizen invested in SCSS . Before it matures, the investor expired. How the interest will be calculated to repay the same to the nominee . the interest is given quarterly . ie June, September, December and March. In one of the quarter investor expired.

    1. Dear Vipin,
      The interest will be payable up to the date of death of the holder. After that they not pay any interest to the nominee.

  6. Hi ,

    Queries regarding SCSS

    After investing 15L in PMVVY can I invest another 15 L in SCSS. I beleive I can .

    Is it better/ safer to invest in post office rather than bank ?

    Does it make sense to split up your investment of 15L into three banks of 5L each? Safer?

  7. Respected Sir,

    It is so kind of you that you provide valuable information in your blog.

    I have asked you earlier whether my mother who is a senior citizen can open SCSS account or not, and you replied yes.

    But later I have read elsewhere that “Only funds got on retirement can be invested in Senior Citizens Savings Scheme”.

    My mother is housewife and has no income from retirement. In this case, will she be able to open SCSS in her single name?

    Waiting for your reply.


    1. Dear Susmita,
      There is no such restriction on this. However, the restrictions what you are sharing is to those who took VRS or retirement and then such rules apply. For others whose age is above 60 years can easily invest their own money.

  8. Hello Sir,

    1) Can my mother who is a senior citizen can open SCSS in her individual name as single holder and make me (her only daughter) nomine?

    2) Will she earn interest in the rate of the quarter when she opens the account for next 5 years? Or it will keep changing with new rate declarations in every quarter?

    3) If she opens SCSS in bank, can she submit 15H for SCSS along with other FDs in bank if any?


      1. Hello Sir,
        Kindly let me know:
        1.My mother has FD in the bank where she has done SCSS. Does she need to submit two separate 15H form one for FD and another for SCSS?
        2.Kindly guide about point no.19 in 15H for SCSS:
        a) Identification number :
        b) Nature of income
        c) Section under which tax is deductible

  9. Hi Basu,

    Thanks a lot for the article.It was clear and concise. I was researching about a safe investment option for my mother who will be retiring soon. One thing about SCSS is that it can be held for a maximum period of 8 years after which the account reaches maturity. What I would like to know is whether it is possible to open a new account for a period of 5/8 years after the first one closes?


  10. is Post office deposit safer than bank, I understand banks have only 1 lakh insurance cover; Moving to FD during this is better ?

  11. Hello Basava
    What is 80TTB? Can senior citizens avail tax benefit only upto 50k? What if annual income less than 3 Lakhs and where to submit 15 H for postal scss.

  12. Can SCSS can be extended beyond 5 years in 55 years VR cases, where a person opened SCSS at 55 years but not completed 60 years at the time of extension beyond 5 years. No clarity from Postal Authorities due to new software system flaw.

  13. Sir,

    My mother who is 78 years old is a house wife and living alone in native. She has already invested Rs.9.80 Lakh in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) in post office. Can I invest my money Rs.5.20 Lakh in her name in SCSS? i.e; I will be issuing the cheque. I intend to invest this in 5 instalments over a period of 5 months or so. It is okay? Or should I necessarily transfer this money in her name name and she then invests? What about the taxation? Will it be taxed on me? My mother gets a monthly income of Rs.17,500/- from her various fixed deposits including SCSS. Apart from this she does not have any other income. Please throw some light on this.

  14. Hi Basavaraj,

    How many times can we extend or freshly re-invest again second and third time for the below post office schemes once they are matured, since PPF can be extended multiple times

    Post office senior citizen scheme
    Post Office time deposit saving scheme
    Post office monthly income saving scheme

  15. please tell me the actual amount when i deposited the 15 lac after my maturity date .I deposited the amount in jun 2015 . please let me know.

  16. iam an ex service service man indian army retired on 31 amy 2015.athen i opened my scss in loharu (haryana)post office.Now i want to check my account and my RD account balance.

  17. Sir I read your reply to liselle madams query. Would like to inform you that when my dad n I went to SBI branch at Bangalore they refused to open multiple scss accounts on the same day although it was well within the overall limit with reasons that one account one calendar month. Is there any rule under the scss which contradicts SBI claim. Please share letter no. Or circular no. Ad SBI did not hv any circular with them to show me.thank you.

  18. Sir I desire to open multiple scss of RS.3.00 lakhs each on same day with a nationalised bank. The idea is that if I hv need of the money I need to break only one thus reducing the loss for premature closure. Does the scss rule permit me to open multiple scss accounts on same day with same bank within the overall limit of RS. 15.00 lakhs. Would be highly obliged if you reply thanks sir

      1. Dear sir ,
        I want to deposit for 3 lakhs in senior citizen account scheme monthly how much interest will come .

  19. ” Interest rate during such extension period will be as per prevailing rate of interest after 5 years maturity” . Does it mean that at the time of opening the scss account if the rate of interest was say 8.7% it remains fixed for the 5 year tenure?

  20. I think there is a difference of 0.01% between post office and sbi rates as per sbi portal. It is show as 8.6% p.a. pl comment.

  21. Dear Sir,
    Please suggest me if my mother would be eligible for SCSS scheme, she’s a senior citizen, widow pensioner, can I invest 15 lakhs on her behalf in SCSS scheme sir?
    Thanks and regards

  22. Sir today i went to enquire abt scss account in canara bank branch for my mother. They told me that interest rate keeps changing quartery and u will not get fixed quarterly amount. Is the bank manager right.

    Can you provide any circular where it is mentioned amount once invested will bear same interest rate for 5 year. I am not able to find it online.

  23. My papa had joinly invested in scss with mummy 5L. Now I want to invest 2L in scss in mother’s name. Plz guide me. Max howmuch I can invest in my mom’s name?

  24. `Hello Team,
    My father is a sr citizen and as per given criteria he is eligible for opening an account. For same, i have few queries..
    Q1- Interest received on deposited amount is taxable? If yes what is the cap?
    Q2- Can he open the SCSS account in ICICI bank? If yes, then Is there any difference in interest rate? Does same procedures and rules would also be same?
    Q3- Can interest be allowed to transfer to other ICICI saving account on quartely basis?
    Q4- in case of premature withdrawal, If deposited amount is 1 lac, after 1year assuming the amount is 108600 rs (principle+interest 8.6%). If user withdraw the complete amount then 1.5% is penalty. In this case what is penalty?
    a) 1.5% of 108600rs
    b) 1.5% of 100000rs

      1. Q5- Since he is retired from private organisation and has no income then.. will still if he deposit less that 15 lacs, his interest is taxable?
        Q6- Can he open more than one account? For example- He has 5 lacs to deposit. Can he open 5 accounts on his name carrying 1lac each?

      2. Q7- Even if this account is opened at ICICI, This product is backed by Government? Hence, even if the ICICI bank goes bankrupt, money is safe? .

  25. My father is died at 17 -7-17(,one year) but not close the accounts . SCSS & sb account doubt is any problems

  26. My wife on retirement got an Rs 10.80 lac towards retirement benefits. She opened SCSS a/c with deposit of Rs 9 lac within one month. Can she now deposit the balance 1.8lac after 4 months of retirement?

  27. Hello Sir…. Thanks for your post. My question is if I open scss account with a bank and in future that bank declares bankruptcy or fails completely, do I stand to lose money as only 1 Lakh is insured in banks.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I went to ICICI Bank they said banks could not fail as it has never happened and if they fail only 1 Lakh is insured even if I have SCSS Account. I am in a dilemma. Please clarify.

  28. As per Scss rules the nomine will get only SB rate of interest after death of the depositor. If interest was credited by auto credit facility the paid interest will be recovered at the time of claim.

    1. Namaste Sekar,

      Is this documented anywhere? I don’t see any written rule like that. Are the post office cheating the nominee by doing that?


  29. If one person invest in September in SCSS scheme then his interest will be be split in two financial years. Is this true?? Can i save tax by this?
    Got idea from below link NDTV
    [4 easy ways to avoid TDS on fixed
    Example: if i invest in scss scheme 15 lakhs on 1-sep-18 then interest 124500/- would be split in two financial yrs.
    2018-19 – 62250/-
    2019-20- 62250/-

    Plz guide me..

  30. SCSS was of my mother. She expired on 040417i the sole nominee furnished all documents required for the payment. But till date I haven’t received the invested sum and no interest also is being paid till date? Kindly explain what rate of interest I as nominee will receive for this delay of one year.

      1. Is Sanchita Mukherjee supposed to get the initial deposit as well as the interest for the delay. What rate of interest is applicable in this case. Kindly inform.

          1. Sir
            Kindly inform, will there be any deduction on the initial deposit, at the time of the delayed payment by the post office??

  31. Basavraj,

    Thanks for this very useful post.

    Where husband and wife both are in service, after retirement can each of them have a SCSS account (jointly with the spouse) upto Rs. 15 lakh each (total 30 lakh), investing out of their own funds (respective retirement dues received) – or a total of Rs 15 lakh only is permissible in aggregate for both of them?

    Would appreciate a clarification.


  32. In case of a joint account and death of primary holder before original maturity , can the spouse who is not a senior citizen at the time of death , continue the account and avail interest applicable to the scheme, can the spouse also extend the account post original maturity , for another 3 years , irrespective of age ? Branch opinion is that savings rate of interest is applicable on such account , post date of death to closure .How do I counter this since not explicit it in the circular .

      1. Appreciate the super quick revert!! Thankyou. I read your revert as she can continue and would be entitled to rate of interest applicable to SCSS , if continued .

    1. Hi basu.. my parents have joint scss account in post office since 2017. after death of my father my mother wants to continue the account but post office denied it by saying that she hav’nt completed 60 year of age.. there is no such rule anywhere in scss 2004 rulings.. cud you pls suggest what should I do

      1. Dear Jitendra,
        They are right. As your mother is not a senior citizen, she can’t hold SCSS in her name.

  33. Hello Sir,

    Is there any way by which I can track my Senior citizen saving account online , like normal saving bank account?

      1. Thanks Sr, done from PNB but they are not providing any such facility, can you share me some information where I can use to track such information?

  34. Too much hassle: Does not renew automatically nor any intimation sent on maturity, nominee or spouse will have to go through lot of hassles to encash the same on death of person opening the account, etc.

  35. My wife aged 58 retd govt employee will be getting rs 30 lacs as retirement benefits.
    husband aged 54 doing self business very small .
    Can she open scss for rs 15 lac jointly with husband .
    Can husband open another scss for another rs 15lac jointly with wife . All this amt is r
    Intetrst earned in wife+husband

  36. Sir is it possible to open senior citizen account for a person who got v r s from any private company .age 58.

      1. Info given is outdated or not updated as on date.
        Request to update information given for various scheme’s or delete old articles which have lost r elevence

  37. Sir I defence retired personnel from Army with Age 48 years and retired in 39 Nov 2017 .I wish to invest certain amount in SCSS in post office. But they refuse and rejected my case being age factor. in above article clearly mention no age restrictions for defence personal retirees. What can I do. Can u provide me any letter issued by concerned authority.

  38. Sir my parents have scss for 13 lakhs, now my father wants to open another scss account for my mother. Post office people say that only two lakhs can be invested because th maximum limit is 15 lakhs, the 13L is jointB . But my argument is that the initial invester being my father ,it’s ok to invest another 15 L, kindly clarify

    1. First depositor/applicant with the above account can invest upto 2lakhs(15 lakhs total)
      Second applicant/joint applicant can invest upto 15 lakhs in total.
      Any amount invested above 15 lakhs if found will be refunded without paying any interest.
      Interest credited is taxable. TDS applicable if

  39. From 2016-17 banks are also authorized to provide scss these banks are
    State Bank of India
    Andhra Bank
    Allahabad Bank
    Bank of India
    Bank of Baroda
    Canara Bank
    Corporation Bank
    Central Bank of India
    Dena Bank
    UCO Bank
    Syndicate Bank
    Union Bank of India
    IDBI Bank
    Vijaya Bank
    Indian Bank
    Punjab National Bank
    Indian Overseas Bank
    United Bank of India
    Bank of Maharashtra
    ICICI Bank
    Note : One can apply scss through these banks also. However I got to know that ONLY SELECTED BRANCHES WHICH DEAL WITH GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTS can provide you with senior citizen savings scheme.
    You may add this to the post.

  40. Sir my father had died after one year invest post office scss scheam, how i nominee get return amount which rate of interest after death till now with principal amount?

      1. Sir,I alredy inform post office about my father death but I wanted to know as per post office rate of interest ruls calculate interest over principal amount which i retuned from post office after death scss account

  41. Sir, I am 55 years old, in service and would like to invest Rs.15 lakh from my savings in my Mothers name who is 77 years old in SCSS. My widowed Mother is a House wife and does not have any income on her own. Is investing from my savings in SCSS in my Mother’s name permissible? If so, is it taxable on me or my mother? kindly advice.

  42. Sir
    I ex sarvice man (Army) B K Gupta my yage 38 years . Kya hum siniyar citizan ke tahat kitna envest kar sakta hau. Intrest rate kya milega.MIS scime mai.

  43. Can one person invest both in postoffice and designated bank in SCSS scheme? Suppose I have invested RS.15,00,000/- in Postoffice SCSS scheme and after that again want to open SCSS account in a designated bank for further investment. Is it possible?

  44. my mother have deposit with canara bank under senior citizen savings schemee for 15 lac last month she died and i am nominee so bank paid my money back 15 lac but said i will not get broken period intrest means bank paid amount on 15/09 /2017 but paid intrest only upto 30/08/2017 they say we have to pay only monthly not for broken period

  45. Dear Sir

    My question regarding SCSS: Suppose in below Scenario-1

    Scenario- 1

    Account- 1 (Jointly)

    First Holder : Husband
    Second Holder : Wife
    Nominee : Son
    Total Amount Invested : 7.5 lakhs

    Account-2 (Jointly)

    First Holder : Wife
    Second Holder : Husband
    Nominee : Son
    Total Amount Invested : 7.5 lakhs

    Total Amount invested in A/C 1 + 2 = 15 Lakhs

    Question : from above Scenario if either Husband in Account-1 OR Wife in Account-2 died before maturity of account,
    Can the second holder of Account-1 & the second holder of Account 2 continue SCSS Account as a primary account holder in same condition(i.e. Interest Rate) as when opened account because the the maximum overall limit of the second holder not cross Rs.15 lakh

  46. I have a SCSS Account in SBI. Quarterly interest is credited to my Savings Account in the same Branch. Now I want to change the Savings Account to another account of mine at a Branch of SBI close to my residence. My Bank (original Branch) says that payout account cannot be changed under any circumstances. Is this correct? What should I do?

  47. I am an Ex servicemen who complete of 24 yrs of full service and now retired and my age is 55 yrs old can I eligible to open an account as senior citizen saving scheme ?

  48. I have invested Rs.1500000 in SCSSS and Rs 900000 in MIS. Can my invest Rs.15 Lacsseperately in his name from my savings.

  49. I am a retired defence personnel and want to invest in MIS more than 9 lacs. Is there any policy letter regarding retired defence personnel can invest more than 9 lacs in MIS. if available kindly uploaded PDF.

      1. I have approached post office in Port Blair. They said that we don’t have letter regarding retired defence personnel can invest more than 9 lacs. so i now approach to your site.

  50. Sir,
    My mother is 80 years old & presently she is bed red-an due to his Spine broken. She had open Senior citizen scheme dt. 22-04-16. She is not able to collect quarterly interest. In this condition what can I do ????


  51. Good day,
    My father has invested 15 Lac rupees in Senior citizen scheme and it is the only income he has.So his total income is less than tax bracket income.
    For last few quarter TDS is deducted by post office,As you have mentioned that for senior citizen form 15H can be filed to avoid TDS,I wish to ask if this option is still available.Post office is not listening so can you give me some official address where i can quote him.
    Neeraj Kumar

  52. I am a senior citizen. But my wife is not a senior citizen. Can I open SCSS jointly (as 1st & 2nd applicant) and nominate my daughter? For nominee what all documents to be submitted? Confirm

      1. Both the spouse shouldn’t be senior citizen inorder to open scss deposit.wife or husband may be below 60years of age.

  53. I have opened a S CSS account in one of the Post office during November.2011 and the amount is Rs.5 lakhs. I have already availed the Tax benefit under Section.80.C. Now on maturity in November.2016 the account has been extended further 3 years.Now my doubt is again the benefit under section 80.C for this account can be availed. Please guide me with your valuable advice. Thanking you

    1. Susheela-If you extended the Post Office Senior Citizen Scheme or SCSS, then this will not be claimed for tax beenfit under Sec.80C as a fresh investment. You have to close the account and realise the money. Such realised money if invested, then it will be treated as fresh investment and can be claimed for Sec.80C benefits.

  54. My father opened a SCSS account in post office of rs 1500000 on 28.4.2017 for 5 years. My mother is second ac holder. But on 13.5.2017 my father died. So pls tell me about further activity .

  55. I opened a senior citizen savings scheme on 27-02-17 of Rs.15 lac
    financial year 16-17. Process of 80C rebate may be intimate me at the earliest.

  56. My mother opened a SCSS account in post office of rs 24000 on 13.8.2011 for 5 years. so account is matured on 13.8.2016. the interest paid of this account up to DEC 15. she is dead on 12.3.2016. i have claimed this amount as a nominee. as on 22.10.2016. post office settle the claimed amount as on 29.4.17. post office paid only rupees 24639. but i think post office paid less interest. so please tell me that post office paid right amount to me. if not then what exact amount should post office pay.

  57. so we can both invest total 39 lac 15 lac on my name and 0ther 15 lac on my wife’s name and other 9 lacks in mis scheme please clear my doubt

  58. Sir, Pls clarify Example when I opened senior citizen scheme rate of interest 9 percent Is it applicable Up-to maturity

  59. I have invested Rs:150000 in scss at Canara bank today I wanted qtrly interest paid to my sb ac at the same bank but they have given me the certificate showing maturity value after 5 yrs how should I go about that. Pl guide.

  60. Sir,
    I am Ex-Serviceman of IAF and taken VRS after completion of 20 yrs. On retirement, I purchased SCSS in Mar 2012 and due to maturity in Mar 2017. However I want to re-invest/extend it for 3 years, whereas the post office is not taking interest to do so ( as they are mentioning there is some change in policy which I am not getting anywhere), whereas I am still in process. Pl tell me that whether VRS(Defence personnel) people were authorised for extension of SCSS for 3 yrs as stipulated and what will be the percentage of interest for 3 yrs existing or the old one. You guidance on the subject will help me to seek the extension. Thanking you

    1. Ravindra-The extension rules are same as they were earlier. I think the officials simply in no mood to work. You have all rights to extend it again for another 3 years. Interest rate during such extension period will be as per the prevailing rate of interest after 5 years maturity.

  61. Sir,I have a query to you
    1.Is SCSS scheme for once in life for maximum period of 8 years(15 lakh) with extension or I can reinvest as a same person after 8 years over?

    1. Pratik-You have to freshly invest once the account matures. While investing again, the maximum limit including all SCSS schemes will not cross Rs.15 lakh. Also, for your information, it is not 8 years product but 5 years.

  62. My father just got retired & he is planning to invest 15 lake in SCSS & 9 lakh in POMIS & he also have income source of 10000 approx by rent of one old property & he is using joint account with my mother . did the total income he will earn will be taxable or not because a part from this there is no other income income source for him.

      1. do I need to fill up a form for saving accts in post office? or do they open both saving and SCSS with the single form?

  63. We were both service holder.I opened SCSS account of Rs.1500000 with my wife as second holder. My question is can my wife open another SCSS account of Rs.1500000 being 1st.holder she and 2nd.holder me?

    1. Haridas-Yes, she can open one more account for Rs.15,000. Because as per rule, in joint accounts, the limit of Rs.15,000 is drawn based on who is first holder. Your wife is second holder. Hence, she can open one more account.

  64. I have invested Rs 1.0 lakhs in SCSS account with post office. On expiry of 5 years in December, 2016 I have extended it for another 3 years. My question is whether the amount will qualify under Section 80C for the Financial Year 2016-17.

  65. Hi, great article on investment. I am a prospective investor and was wondering, is cibil score important for investors as well because it is a dreaded word in the borrower’s community?

  66. Hi,

    Need to tap your wisdom in a matter pertaining to Post Office Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS). My parents opened a SCSS account with India Post in February 2005 with an amount of Rs. 4 Lakhs which got matured in February 2010. Subsequently, it was extended for 3 years till February 2013. My dad i.e. the second / joint holder died in January 2012. We, accidentally, came to know of the existence of this SCSS account only last week. I am aware that there is no compounding of interest i.e. interest on interest in such deposits.

    My question is: Would India Post continue to pay the quarterly interest from date of final maturity after the extended period is over (from February 2013 till date) ?

  67. Hi.
    My father has a SCSS IN INDIA POST with the second account holder being my mother. My father expired last month. Can my mother continue the same account. She is not a senior citizen. Kindly advice

  68. Dear Sir,

    My father is investing 15 lakh in SCSS with my mother as joint account holder. He has other income also and the net annual income for him will be > 4lakhs. In order to reduce the tax liability, can we divide the interest amount obtained from SCSS between my mother and father for reducing the tax liability.

  69. My father has done SCSS in post office and the scheme got matured one year before today. He has missed to break that , I want to know wull he get the intrest on the deposited amouny if yes then what will be the rate of intrest on that deposited amount.

  70. Sir,

    What is the ideal asset allocation for a senior citizen?

    The case in question is my Uncle. He is aged 64, single and retired. He stays with his relative and his only source of income is rent of Rs. 23,000/- p.m. from his let out property.

    He is worried about future as he has been detected with diabetes and resultant increase in recurring medical expenses. He has a New India medi-claim policy though.

    He is now planning to sell his property since he wants to enjoy his remaining 12-15 years of life without worrying about periodic cash flows. He will get approx. Rs. 90 Lakhs from selling the property. Indexed cost of acquisition will be around Rs. 10 Lakhs since the property was purchased at nominal value some 25 years ago.

    I have a couple of questions

    1. Whether he will have to pay tax on this Rs. 90 Lakhs at 20% (being long term capital gain) or at 30% (since income exceed Rs. 10 Lakhs)?

    2. I have suggested him to invest Rs. 15 Lakhs in SCSS. However, I am not able to advise him about investing remaining amount ( Approx. Rs. 55 Lakhs if taxable as LTCG or Rs. 45 Lakhs if taxable at normal rates). What should be his ideal asset allocation ?


      1. Sir,

        As you should be aware, social and financial condition of senior citizens in India is far from satisfactory.

        Well, he requires Approx. Rs. 40,000/- p.m. from the remaining amount of Rs. 55 Lakhs. He is conservative investor but can take equity exposure upto 10 to 15% of this amount. He also wants this investment to be most tax efficient to the extent possible. (no TDS since it requires keeping track of certificates and claiming refund through ITR). He will continue to stay with his relative for rest of his life.


          1. No. I don’t mean avoiding TDS means avoiding Tax.

            My point is a senior citizen may find it difficult to keep track of TDS certificates and subsequently claim refund through ITR. It may happen that TDS deducted by bank on his deposit may be much higher than his actual tax liability.

            In such scenario, are there additional investment avenues available if he doesn’t go for equity?
            Is investing in Varishtha Pension Scheme, Post office MIS, immediate annuity plan from LIC like Jeevan Akshay etc. are better ways than going for bank FD? (So that TDS part can be taken care of)


            1. Ritesh-Using Form 26AS, you can easily get the full history of TDS. The product you mentioned are taxable income. You can invest in products you mentioned, but do remember that each such products have their own positives and negatives.

              1. Thanks for reply.

                I request you to add a separate topic on “Investment planning for Senior Citizen” in future since I believe this category of investors (which is growing in size) is not properly being given financial knowledge and is susceptible to fraud and deceit.

  71. I have approx 6 lacs in my salaried savings account . Can I invest this on behalf of my father in sccs in a state bank for ex. And then the interest which is received quarterly can it be then invested in for fund SIP

  72. // If the total amount including interest payable is up to Rs.1 lakh, it may be paid to the legal heirs on production below documents. //

    What if the amount is more than 1 Lakh?

  73. I am in 30% tax bracket, my father has no taxable income, he is 60 and working(no pension, no LIC, no fd, no EPF, no PPF, only one house, 1 mediclaim). Can I give him money to invest SCSS? so that he and my mother gets steady income every quarter/month? or shall I invest in any mutual fund for fixed income every month.

      1. I just started my job 1 month back, I have taken a mediclaim for my parents NICL, 2 Lakhs, which i will increase next year to 3lakh/per person. they do not have any life insurance. right now my goal is to provide them steady cash inflow every month/quarter, atleast 10/15 thousand. what are my options? SCSS/liquid funds? I am very new in investments, so have less idea. please advice.

          1. I do not have lumsum cash unfortunately. I can invest via SIP. i do not have much savings now, as this is just my first month in job. I am planning to take

            1. term plan
            2. mediclaim
            3. elss (tax and long term wealth)
            4. large cap (for long term)
            5. liquid fund ( for parents income)
            6. short term debt fund. (have education loan, after 2 years it will start. 3 lakh principal)
            7. ppf (minimal value)

  74. Dear Sir

    I am going to retire in 16 months, my question is I will be getting approx 25 Lakhs, plus Icici superannuation fund and EPF pension. I want keep around 6 to 7 lakh fixed so that after around 20 yrs my both the chidren will get equally good money. How do I deposit my money and my husband is 60 yrs old, he does have income


    1. Padmavathi-There is no such fixed income product which offers you around 20 years maturity. However, if the goal is long term, then I suggest to you to use around 40% in short term debt fund and rest 60% in equity mutual funds. Regarding the monthly income for your husband, I suggest you use postal MIS or SCSS schemes.

    2. Thank you so much. Also i read the other postings, so interesting and useful
      Thanks a ton !


  76. But still the interest earned is taxable right? And wat about the senior citizen saving scheme options available in banks like SBI? are they better than post office?

      1. What are documents to be submitted by nominee to bank for refund in case of death of depositor for deposit of Rs 15 lakh in scss? Thanks

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