How to correct/update Bank details in EPF/UAN online?

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How to correct/update Bank details in EPF/UAN online? Many employees while providing the bank details, might provide the wrong data to EPFO. How to correct the same online?

Do remember that you must provide the bank details correctly. Otherwise, while withdrawing the EPF or taking an advance, the automatic credit may not happen. Hence, it is very much important to understand the procedure of update bank details in EPF / UAN online.

How to correct/update Bank details in EPF/UAN online?

Yesterday EPFO shared this simple image to understand the procedure. I will share the same for your benefit.

correct/update Bank details in EPF/UAN online

Step 1:-Visit to Unified portal for members. Login with your user name and Password.

Step 2:- Click on “Manage” tab.

Step 3:-Select “KYC” from the drop down menu.

Step 4:-Here, you will find many options to update like Bank, PAN, Aadhaar, Passport, Driving License, Election Card, Ration Card, or National Population Register. Among all, select the option of the Bank.

Step 5:-Here, you will the Bank Account Number, Name and IFSC Code. Then click the tab “Save”.

step 6:-Now you have to wait for your employer’s approval. After that, your new bank details will be visible in the approved KYC section.

Do remember that there is no deadline set for the employer to complete the process. Hence, it mainly depends on your employer also.

Conclusion:-It is always better to check the bank details you provided for UAN. If they are wrong, then take the action of updating the same immediately. Because if your bank details are wrong, then in future your withdrawal may take the time or in a big hurdle.

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32 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I have claimed the PF advance under (Illness) on 06th April 2021 and the amount has been approved and I received the message on 09th April 2021 – Your Claim [ Claim Id – DLCPM210450032118] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 09-APR-2021 but still amount is not credited in my bank account. please do the needful.
    But when i was raising the request bank IFSC code was showing is old and after received the settlement MSG the IFSC code is showing is new. So now i need to summit the ASR form?

  2. Hi,

    EPF claim settled but amount not credited or received – What to do? But i check in my UAN PORTAL then i know my company approved wrong IFSC CODE approved …as of now i dnt know what to do…when i read this link ..after that i change immediately the correct bank & IFSC CODE its showing waiting for employer approval ..i mail to my company also… but when i will get back my money …If i have to visit EPFO office ..r no require…Please reply me.

    1. Same case with me. Settled but amount not credited. I got the correct details approved from employer. But passbook is not updated. Can i apply for claim once again or should I wait for passbook updation?


    I am trying to update the bank account detail by using google/Firefox, but still after clicking on VERIFY IFSC there is an error occurred it does not show what is the error just a number-1 even few days before it showed that:-Your bank account is already seeded what it means and what can I do.

      1. Hi,

        My bank has changed its IFSC code so, I am trying to update the IFSC code only on the unified portal but I get an error stating that the bank account is already seeded with my UAN. Well, my bank account is the same as before but only the IFSC code has changed. Please advise on how I can change my IFSC code only.

        Thanks and regards

  4. If I am currently unemployed how do i get my bank account verified? My old bank account was a joint ac and hence my claim got rejected

  5. hi, I submitted a PF advance claim on behalf of my friend a couple of weeks ago. A week later received a message as claim approved and it will be credited to the bank account number. four days later again a message has come from EPFO stating that the settled claim has been revert back to the EPF office. Bank details updated in EPFO are correct. but my friend’s name in the Bank doesn’t have initial and the EPFO has initial will this be a complicated one for the amount not getting credited to the given Bank Account number.

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to update the bank details on epfo site, but when I click on Save button, it just stuck on loading for hours and if I will refresh it shows details submitted but next day their is no records under KYC ending for approval section neither its rejected.

    It s happening more than a week now, my internet speed is fine, no issue with the speed.

      1. I have tried it with both Chrome and Explorer. The problem still persists. As soon as you click save. It shows LOADING and nothing happens.

        1. I too face the same problem. I have been trying to add bank details but the page remains stuck saying “LOADING…” However, today I tried the same thing after installing Firefox browser and it worked like a charm.

          You try too, since the website says “This site is best viewed at 1920 x 1080 resolution in Mozilla Firefox 58.0+”

  7. Hi, its showing claim settled in Dec 2019, but not credited in my Bank account nor in my PF Account back. Twice filed grievance but of no use? Bank account number is correct except first two zeros which can not be entered. Please advise.

  8. Dear Basu..

    Thank you for informative article as always.. I have a question not related to epfo portal but VPF.. Is there any limit to contribute via VPF irrespective of the basic salary by employer and also any lock-in period for withdrawal of money from VPF??

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