How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO details?

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Whenever you have any Income Tax issues, then you have to contact your Jurisdictional Assessing Offer or AO. How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO? Also, how to contact him?

Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO meaning

Assessing Officer or AO is an individual officer appointed by Income Tax Department. An assessing Officer or AO is a person who has jurisdiction to make an assessment of an assessee or tax payer, who is liable to tax under the Act. His designation may vary according to the volume of income or nature of trade as assigned by the Board. He may be called as an Income-Tax Officer or Assistant Commissioner of Income-Tax or Deputy Commissioner of Income-Tax or Joint Commissioner of Income-Tax or Additional Commissioner of  Income-Tax.

Now you may know the importance of knowing your Assessing Officer or AO. He has jurisdiction over assessees in a specific geographical area of your city, town, or over a specific class of assessees. He is the one who allots you the PAN card. Also, it is his responsibility to ensure timely collection of tax and issue refunds from all tax payers.

He randomly selects few cases and scrutinizes the tax filed status. If he found anything wrong, then he issues the notice. An AO can impose and waive penalties, as per her discretion. Also, it is his responsibility to address and resolve the grievances of tax payer within his jurisdictional area.

When to contact the Income Tax Assessing Officer of AO?

When you file the IT Return, then IT department will either accept it or issue the tax demand notice or some clarifications from you. If you agree and pay the additional tax demanded, then the issue will resolve there itself.

However, you have some disputes against the notice or to communicate your clarification to IT Department, then you have to contact the AO.

Usually, your issues will be replied within 30 days. However, if you not receive any reply or not satisfied with AO response, then you can approach to the higher level officer like the chief commissioner of income tax with copies of your previous communications with the AO.

If the commissioner of income tax still does not reply to your complaint within 30 days or if the complaint is not addressed to as per your satisfaction, then you can escalate the issue to the income tax ombudsman of your region. You can find the details of your area Income Tax Ombudsman HERE. If you are still not satisfied, you can also approach the court.

How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO?

There are two ways one can find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO. One is by logging to your account and another without login. Whatever may be the process, you will get the details like Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, AO Number, Jurisdiction, Building Name, Email Id, and Status.

Do remember that to speak to your income tax assessing officer you can call income tax helpline number and they will provide you the contact no.

Method 1-How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO without login?

You can find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO details without login now. The steps are as below.

# Step 1

Visit e-Filing Portal Home Page. Then click on the AO link of “Know Your PAN|TAN|A.O“.

find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO

# Step 2-Enter your PAN number and the registered mobile number and click on “Submit” tab.

Know your jurisdictional AO

# Step 3

Next, IT Department will send you PIN to your registered mobile number. You have to enter the same as below.

Know your jurisdictional AO enter PIN

# Step 4

Then you will see your AO details as below.

PAN Card AO details

Method 2-How to find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO with login?

# Step 1-Visit the eFiling portal and login to your account.

find Income Tax Jurisdictional Assessing Officer or AO with login

# Step 2– Next step is to click on Profile Settings and under the drop down menu, select “My Profile”.

Find Income Tax AO


# Step 3-Now under PAN details you will find Income Tax Assessing Officer or AO.

Income Tax AO details

Hope this information may be helpful for all.

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