Few frequently asked questions about Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

When I wrote a post about the recent changes of EPF effective from 1st Sept 2014, I found that many employees not aware about the basic things about EPFO. Employers use this as a tool to modify the rules to their wish. Hence, thought to summarize the basic things in this post.

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1) Which establishment or company eligible for this scheme?

This scheme applies to all companies or establishment, which employs 20 or more than that. Do remember that once the employees’ strength reaches to 20 or more then irrespective of employee strength (whether fall or rise) the company must continue with this scheme.  However, suppose company or establishment stopped its operation or continue without any employee then in that case this scheme not applicable. In addition, employee if considered as trainee or apprentice will not be covered under this act.

2) Which employees are excluded from this scheme?

  • An employee who was a member of this scheme and withdrawn all amounts of his contribution based on either retirement from service after attaining age of 55 years or who migrating abroad for permanent settlement.
  • An employee whose salary (BASIC+DA) at the time of entry into scheme more than Rs.15, 000.
  • If a member is considered as an apprentice then he will not come under EPF.

3) What do you mean by salary for this purpose?

Salary for this purpose is only BASIC+DA. Also remember that if your salary at the time of entry is Rs.15, 000 or less than that, but after a few years or a month if your salary revised then raised to more than Rs.15, 000, then in that case too member must continue with this scheme. So for example, this month your salary is Rs.14, 000 and you are a member of this scheme. But in March 2015 your salary revised and crossed the limit of Rs.15, 000 then too you need to continue with this scheme.

Only employees who are eligible to stay away from this scheme are those whose salary are more than Rs.15, 000 at the entry of employment.

4) What is the contribution percentage of employer and employee?

The detailed, recent changes are written in my earlier post. Please go through it and available in below link.

5) Whether one can mention nomination?

Yes, one needs to nominate for EPF. This helps to get the money in case of sudden demise of member. Usually if the member is married, then he should nominate to spouse or kids. If he is unmarried then he can nominate his parents. Brothers or sisters are not allowed for nomination. However, one can mention multiple nominations and must disclose the percentage of sharing. In addition, if member doesn’t have any family members then he can nominate anyone of his choice. Do remember that once the member acquire a family, then such nomination will become void.

6) What about arrears if one receives due to salary revision?

Salary revision is considered a normal hike. Therefore, any such arrears payable to the employee are subject to EPF deduction.

7) Whether an employee contributes more than 12% of his salary?

Yes, you have the option to contribute more. But the employer has no such obligation to match your contribution. Such contribution is called Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF). Interest benefit will be same as that of EPF.

8) Who is responsible to deposit to EPF Scheme?

Your employer has whole responsibility to deposit all amounts, which is deducted from the employee as well as an employer contribution.

9) My employer deducting his contribution from my salary, whether it is legal?

According to EPF rules, an employer can’t deduct it from employee salary. It is illegal. I found that after revising rules from 1st Sept 2014, few employers started to deduct their contribution from the employee. This is illegal.

10) Whether my employer can split salary components after 1st Sept 2014 to reduce his contribution towards EPF?

This was happening since the latest changes and many of the readers of my post mentioned this. But such activity is also considered as illegal. Please read below lines of rules, which by Fund Commissioner. I found this information HERE.

Any agreement entered into between the employer and its employees for splitting of the amount payable by the employer to its employees for the service rendered by them, cannot take away the power of the Commissioner under Section 7A of the Act to look into the nature of the contract entered into between the employer and its employees and decide that splitting up of the pay payable to the employees under several heads is only subterfuge to avoid payment of contribution by the employer to the provident fund. It was open to the Commissioner to lift the veil and read between the lines to find out the pay structure fixed by the employer to its employees and to decide the question whether the splitting up of the pay has been made only as a subterfuge to avoid its contribution to the provident fund.”

11) Whether I am eligible for withdrawal of EPF? What will be tax treatment on the same?

Both the questions are already answered in my earlier posts and links will be below.

12) Whether EPFO comes under RTI?

Yes. This being Govt. Organization, it will come under RTI Act.

13) Is it legal to withdraw EPF during job?

It is illegal if you withdraw your EPF during typical job change. One can withdraw EPF only if one has no job for 2 months. Otherwise withdrawing for any new job change is actually illegal. Rules allows only to transfer in case of job change.

14) How you can receive EPF withdrawals?

Currently any EPF withdrawal will be credited to beneficiary bank account directly. So no need to worry.

15) How is interest calculated on EPF Account?

You can view the detailed explanation about the same in below link.

Hope above few important questions resolve your doubts 🙂

Note-We have deactivated the comment section for this post. Hence, if you have any doubt regarding EPF, you can raise thm in our BasuNivesh Forum.

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  1. Sir,

    I am Mohammad M Khan , I have checked my PF withdrawal status. It looks like my PF form has been rejected due to some reason and rejection letter has been dispatched to my address . I have not received it yet and i am not able to send them other form as i don’t know the actual reason why PF office reject my form .

    Can you please investigate the issue and let me know what exactly the problem was, because of that they reject my form.?

    STATUS for Member ID: PYKRP00192140000199184

    Claim ID : PYKRP160500005087
    Status : Claim Form 31 for PF Advance AGAINST Member Account No (PYKRP00192140000199184) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.
    Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO KRPURAMWHITEFIELD for further details

    Now I see another information in the bottom>>Remarks by DA/AO:APPLICATION SUBMITTED AFTER MARRRIAGE/OK

    I work for Ibm India and sent all the documents before my sisters marriage..Iam very tense and depressed, Please help.


    M M Khan

  2. Hi,

    Our firm wound up last day of 2015. We have been paying minimum admin charges of 100 (75+25) since then. Inadvertently we missed paying this amount for May payable in June. Any idea how we can generate a challan & pay for a previous month.


  3. Hi sir, sorry for disturb u again,

    i worked in Tech mahindra for 6 month and i absconded from there and joined in new company.i have PF number for both company.

    1)Is it possible to get the UAN number from the current company ?
    2)is there any way to get the PF amount from my last company?

    1. Ashad-1) If you already have UAN then use the same. If not then let your current employer activate the new one.
      2) Yes, without employer signature you can do it. Otherwise, you can opt for online transfer using OTCP portal of EPF.

          1. so with out the help of old company i can transfer the old pf amount?there is no approval need from their side?

      1. Today i went PF office to submit withdrawal forms and submitted successfully. therefore it will be rejected because personal detail like NAME, D.O.B, wrongly registered and this fault is from employer. so please provide solution wheather i can go legally or not

  4. Hai, my previous employer not credited my pf amount in pf account (i.e 9 months pending out of 21 months) and current employer said that if your account is transferred from previous employer to current employer then you lost your pending amount. plz tel me what i do now. my mail id is : [email protected].

  5. Hello sir,
    In EPF ECR file where to put the four month epf arrear amount along with the monthly contributaion (ie) in june month contribution and jan, feb, mar, apr arrear amount in Ecr.

  6. Dear sir,I am giving you more clarification..
    I have joined the institution on 1st april 2013 .In first whole year(1st april 2013-31march 2014) my pf was not deducted..
    Please make me more clear.

  7. Dear sir,
    Please clear my doubt regarding deduction of PF.
    I joined an institution on 1st april 2013,from 1st april 2013 to 31 march 2014 my pf was not deducted.my salary was Rs 25000 consolidated.can employer do this?is it legal or illegal.Please answer.

  8. Hi sir, i have UAN number and im geting my passbook in the portal,now i joined in new company and i got new pf number.how can i merge this to my existing account?

  9. Some of my employees want to opt out of pf scheme as they are geting more than 15000 per month salary, i got to know that they are required to fill and submit form no. 11. My doubt is in form no. 11 point no. 17 where KYC details are required , they need to fill up bank details with IFSC code and it is mandatory . if an employee doesn’t want to enroll in PF scheme so why he/she need to fill the bank details???? Is Form no. 11 acceptable without bank details if the employee is already opting out of PF scheme in new employment. ?????

  10. Dear Sir,
    Kindly advise on the following queries:
    1. Whether PF is payable on Salary Advance? (Company is not in operation for the past 36 months and all employees have been asked not to report for duty, except 10 essential employees who are paid close to their take home pay a round sum amount per month which is treated by the Employer as Advance in its books of account)
    2. The Employer has assured these 10 essential employees that if the Company restarts or otherwise the actual salary will be calculated at a later date and the balance amount will be paid to them, if any, after deducting the monthly advances paid. So also they will remit the PF dues for the past period. Is this arrangement in tune with the EPF Rules?
    3. In case the Employer settles the 10 Employees in the 39th month as per point no. 2 above, whether the Employer is liable to pay Interest, Penalty and Damages for the past 39 months? (or can the Employer argue his case with the RPF commissioner saying the liability of PF has only crystallized in the 39th month and hence not liable to Interest, Penalty and Damages)

  11. Dear Sir,

    Similar to EPF is there any provision in ES|We should calculate the ESI contribution towards arrears salary !!!

  12. under EPF act employees limit is 20 Either It Get becomes 10 or not amend..plz tell me celling limit after that its become compulsory..


  14. Sir, My EPF Deduction is continuing from 2013 at that time my salary was 12000 and 12 % of my share and employer share continue to contribute up to this time But now my wages increases to 20000 and i want to continue my EPF Deduction, But from the employer side there are three option
    1. Employer can contribute 12% of my current wage 20000.
    2.Employer can contribute 12% of ceiling amount 15000 even if my total salary is 20000.
    3.Whether the employer has option to stop his contribution or is it mandatory for him to contribute 12 % of wage ceiling amount 15000 or 12 % of my salary 20000 as he wish.

    Sir ! please clarify above doubt,
    and if possible please give me link to get letter to show to Employer Regarding the correct rule that above is mandatory for him.

  15. Hi Sir,

    I am currently working with an MNC and getting my PF. I am switching to a startup which has only 10 employees and not covered under EPF. Can I continue to pay my employee PF part and continue with the old EPF number or should I withdraw PF amnount?


  16. hi sir,i worked in a company more than 4 months, now i changed my company i dont have UAN number.now i got new PF number,is that possible to get the old company PF amount?

  17. Hello,

    I am unable to Transfer my PF from Previous Organization to the Current Organization. I tried it twice but bith the times it got rejected, the below message pops up on the EPFO Portal against my transfer claim.


    Can you please suggest on what can be done to this now. I do not think I am contributing to EPS or any thing then why this EPS message ?

  18. can a employer of a proprietorship firm be covered under PF and ESIC scheme if working as a manager to the firm???

  19. Hello Sir

    This is Madhu I worked with a call center for an year and then moved to a core pharmacy job and they didn’t consider my previous experience and joined as fresher with a new PF account, Now i want withdraw my PF balance from previous account do we have any provision and will that be legal to apply it while i am employed in my new firm?

    Its great to learn that you are helping people with PF issues and I hope you will assist me as well.

  20. Hello Sir,

    I want to know is there any case or situation when your provident fund will be stopped by issuing authority after retirement. if exist what are those situation or cases…
    Please revert me sooon….

      1. Dear Sir,

        I mean to say that i have completed my 30 years service with government organization and retired at age of 58 then as per rules i am eligible for withdraw the pf …i have submitted all the documents to pf office for pf withdraw then can pf office stop my pf money….?what are reasons because of that i will not get my pf money …please reply me as soon as possible

  21. Dear Sir,

    I am Abhijith Vijayan. I worked for a company more than 6 months and i took resignation from the company. Then i ask for the PF withdraw. But the HR told me to apply after 2 months of resignation. and i applied after 2 months. According to my offer letter which is i am received from the company is saying that they are deducting RS- 1800 from my salary and RS – 1800 employer contribution and when i joined the company my take home salary is 14,000 and after 2 months they increased as 16,000. I asked about the PF account details but the HR is telling that in that company employees don’t have PF account the company having more 250 employees in Bangalore they have branches in Mumbai and Pune, All over they have more than 1300 employee. Now i received Rs – 5721 the done NEFT transfer from the company. I asked for remaining amount according to my offer letter but now they are telling that wrong breakup in the offer letter. I have the offer letter from the company and also i have the experience certificate. How i will get my remaining PF amount ? or i will not get the remaining amount ?Please help me to get the remaining amount.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Thanks for the reply

        How can i raise the issue in EPFO grievance portal online? can you please guide me for that ?

  22. All the members are out from our organization. We organization paid by online. Now how many amount are paid by our Organization. Also tell me which account.

  23. Sir I am working in a IT company from last 5 and a half years. Now I have my H1B approved and I am going for two-three years to US. I have one doubt regarding EPF account. What will happen to it if there is no contribution for 2-3 years? What happen to it if I change my employer in US ? and the last question is What happen to Pf account if I join another company after returning back to india ?

    1. Ashit-Your account will earn interest up to 3 years. After that, it is considered as dormant account. If you return to India and join another company, then you can continue the same EPF account with new employer.

      1. Sir,
        What is the procedure to activate the dormant account and how it will re calculate the interest if i activate ? and i have asked earlier also what if i change the employer in the US ? Should i withdraw the money from PF after 2 years ?

        1. Ashit-The only option is you start employment in India and start to contribute it. Job change in USA not affects your EPF. Now also, you can withdraw your EPF, if you are planning to do job in USA.

    2. Ashit,

      i believe that there is a provision for you to withdraw EPF by producing VISA copy along with withdrawal forms if your employment in your current company is discontinued (Removed from the payroll of India office)
      It is better you contact HR team in your organization, they would be able to help do this.

  24. Hi Sir,

    I left the company 2 months back but still they are not providing PF no?

    What should i do? i word for 8 months in this company.

  25. Sir, my salary is 11000 nd my pf deduction is 535 rs nd they r cutting 1070 means double nd they r depositing it 535 in our account …nt showing it in our salary slip

  26. Sir if I take EPF No. Aagainst 20 nos labours. But I want to change two labours among 20 labours and enter another two labours,is this possible or not?

  27. Dear Sir,
    I want to know the maximum no.of days permissible for EPF calculation in a month for daily wage earners considering the fact that they get weekly off on Sunday.

  28. I want to file a compliant against EPFO,Please see and try to correct , if any. Thank you in advance,Sirji
    Sir I,am a employee of above Establishment since last 16 years as a full time em employee .My employer not paying salary to all employees including me since June 2013 due to what reasons know him/them best.So, obviously PF also not deducting from June 2013 and depositing to EPFO.
    I ,want to know from your side the following information.
    (1) Is it mandatory on the part of Establishment to pay the contribution on regular basis and/or under which circumstances should be relaxed and up-to what extent?
    (2) Is this Illegal?Please Reply in detail.
    (3)What will status of our /my Account after non-payment of contribution by Establishment after continuously last 36 Months? Will it becomes inoperative?
    (4) Interest on the amount up-to May 2013 will be deposited in our/my Account by EPFO or not? If yes,then up-to what?
    (5)What are the powers to EPFO to give relief in such case/(s)?
    Please Reply this as early as possible since compilation of 36 months are at the edge of this month,to avoid further complication from your side.

  29. Hi Sir,

    I have been working for an MNC for over a year, and have been contributing towards PF (this is my 1st job). I plan to switch jobs, but the new organization is much smaller in scale. It does not have a PF component in the salary offered, which makes me a bit uncomfortable. I have a few doubts:

    1. Is this legal? Is it not mandatory for all companies with more than 20 employees to have a PF contribution component?
    2. In case I do plan to accept the offer, what happens to my current PF (I believe it is illegal to withdraw while switching jobs, even though it is widely practiced and not regulated)?
    3. Can I ask the employer to make a contribution for me and make an exception?

    Kindly advise.

      1. Dear Sir,

        As I am currently going to join a startup which has less than 10 people in their team. Thy don’t contribute towards PF. Now my current employer only allows for PF withdrawl if I am unemployed for 60 days. What shall I do in this case as they say they would be asking for a declaration from me that I am unemployed at the time of withdrawl


  30. Dear Basavaraj,
    I have been a continuous subscriber of EPF for past 9 years. Now I have got a job opportunity in the gulf and I intend to work there for some years. I have a substantial corpus of more than 20L. Please let me know if it is a better idea to leave my PF as it is or should I withdraw both EPF and EPS.
    What will happen to my EPF account if there is no contribution for 4-5 years. If it becomes inactive in 3 years, can I withdraw or reactivate it later when I come back to India.

    Thank you

      1. Sir, Should I withdraw both EPF and EPS, please suggest. And please let me know if there will be any tax liability on my withdrawal of EPF or EPS

        1. Mohammed-You can withdraw both (But EPS will be based on tenure of your service as per Table D). If your service is less than 5 years, then it is taxable income.

  31. I have withdraw my PF amount in the month of 2010 only and joined new firm which was not having PF account. Now they have opted PF number but rejected me on grounds that my salary is Rs.30,000. Can anybody do such ?

  32. Sir I used to work for a private organization now am looking for a government job right now am unemployed.If I secure a govt job is it possible to merge these two accounts?

  33. Hi
    I had applied for PF withdrawal in the month of April 7 but i joined another organisation on may 16 can you advise as now my pf withdrawal got cancelled what will be my status of pf and what can be the possible further steps


  35. I have contributed to EPF for 2.5 years. Now i am not working since last 1 month and planning to do agriculture.

    To avoid taxes i am planning to not withdraw the PF corpus for another 2.5 (i.e total 5 years). I am not contributing to PF for 2.5 years.

    Will this be considered as continuous 5 year and there will not be any tax liability.

  36. Mr.Basvaraj,

    i left my previous company three and half years back and withdrawn all my pf amount, now our company HR showing us one clause that our PF has to be deducted as we have under PF scheme previously. Please advise

    1. Ausin-Once you are member of EPF then you will be forever under same employer. But it is under SAME EMPLOYER. If your salary is more than Rs.15,000 (Basic+DA) per month, then you have rights either to participate or stop at beginning itself (but not in middle).

  37. sir,
    my salary is below rs.15000 and i didn’t want to opt for compulsory PF contribution is this possible or their is any format to come out of compulsory PF deduction.

    Kindly guide me for the above issue.

    Thank You

  38. sir i have to know one major information I am already have on pf account number from kerala based finanical company now am joined in another finacial company in tamil nadu but i didnt informed my perviours work place now my new company going to create new pf number to my weather the old pf number shows (or)not at the time of creating new pf number (NOTE ALL THE DOCOMENTS ARE SAME IN OLD PF NUMBER) PLS TELL ME SIR.

  39. One of our employee voluntarily deducts PF on his total basic(i.e on 40000/- say 4800/-) and company pays 1800/- for the past 1 1/2 yrs. due to unknown reasons ECR generated from SEP-15 to JAN-16 by our consultant shows employer & employee contribution as 1800/- and is been remitted. Now company want to deposit the remaining 3000/- for the said period. kindly provide us the procedure.

      1. We have posted our query on behalf of employee not as an employer. Any way thanks for your valuable reply.

  40. Hi, i have joined a new company have completed 2 months, here they are deducting pf and i have received my pf number , but when i am checking my pf bal amount in my pf account it is showing the name and pf nunber does not match,also i have not received my UAN number, can you guide me what to do?

  41. Hi Basavaraj

    My organization id deducting PF @ 12% of the basic. My basic is 40000 as a result of which my deduction is huge. I want to restrict my pf at 15000 now but since for the last 9 months it was on basic, my HR is not sure if this can be done. PLs suggest if the PF contribution ( employee & employer share ) for existing can be reduced to 15000 basic deduction.

  42. Sir,

    My name was sent wrong for the PF account when I joined the company in feb 2014.

    But I came to know about this in 2015, I sent mail to employer finance department

    Employer sent me correction form in feb 2016

    I filled that and handover to employer with a copy of my document.

    On 15 Apr 2016, I checked on PF portal, but it was not corrected.

    I sent mail to employer to check on PF department.

    Employer replied we have sent our request they will do at their convenience.

    Then I asked my employer to provide me reference no./any receipt of our request. But employer denied to provide

    I called to PF help-desk and came to know 45 days is more than enough

    I sent mail to PF Vigilance. So PF Vig. sent a latter to the concerned PF Sub office on 10 May 2016.

    Till date I did not get any update from PF sub office

    Please let me know what should I do in this case

    Warm Regards
    Alok Mishra
    [email protected]

  43. Respected Sir,

    In my previous organization I was member of EPF. My salary was Rs 30000/- P.M. EPF contribution was on Rs 15000/-. I have joined new organization on salary of Rs 40000/- p.m. New employer has also started contributing EPF on Rs 15000/- on mutually agreed condition since last one year. After 1 year of my service my employer has decided to stop contributing EPF suddenly. I would like to continue both contribution on Rs 15000/-.

    Is it ok to stop my EPF contribution after one year? Please guide me so that I would be able to talk with my employer. Please inform me that my employer has legal right to do so or not.


    Mangesh Kulkarni.

  44. My self Srikanta Dev. I leave my job since July-2015. Now I am in job less condition. My monthly payment was 14100 at that time. Please sent me a sample of 15-G filling form.

  45. Currently I am working in private company last 6 years. Now I want to say goodbye forever to my job in my life. My question is – Can I run my PF account on my own after leaving the job permanent.

  46. we pay our employee advance salary against notice period. so we can dedut esic or epf on his notice period salary or not pay full salary for notice period

  47. My basic is 20,000. I want to limit my PF deduction to 12% of 15000 only. I read on some blogs that it is a cumbersome process and normally EPFO does not accept such applications. Can you please help me with this..

      1. Thank you basavaraj sir,
        Can you pls share any article or link with me to validate this to my hr as he says it is not possible at all. Searching for it but could not find any.

  48. if someone iw working in Overesea, he is also assisting an indian company by online,, and that indian comapny is also paying for that, if I want to contribute also in PF, please let me know wheter it will be lligal or illgal.


      1. Thanks
        I have UAN no and I have left pervious job, and joined new company, is it mandatory to transfer the amount form ex employer to new employer,
        if i donot transfer now, will the interest will be cerdited or not


        1. Mili-You no longer allowed to withdraw when you are in job. Hence, it is mandatory to transfer. You have to inform your UAN to employer. That’s it. Old EPF will continue with new employer.

          1. Thanks vor your valuble suggestion and time
            It means the interest will be contiue for old pf account, if it has transfered or not.


              1. I transfer all pf amount in current PF account then, Will I illigble for Intererst.


  49. I have one question regarding UAN. I am regularly employed with one employer I have got one opportunity with another employer on contractual basis to work part time now the part time job employer wants me to give my UAN as he too will be deducting PF so in this context is is possible for both employers to credit PF contributions same time

    thanks for answering this query

  50. if suppose we have hired the agency service regarding the IV class employee. what will be the salary according to the EPF. if suppose our authority is making their Basic 9000/- and agency has to remove his service charge amounting Rs.1000/- and remaining balance we have to give to the employee.
    any rule is there that the agency can deposit only the employees EPF and ESI and not the management side?
    so please give me the details for the same

  51. I have worked for 8+ years in an organisation, before that I worked for few more organisations & all my PF accounts transferred to this organization. One & half years before, I have left this organisation for personal reasons & unable to find suitable job. The organisation is an exempted concern maintaining its own PF fund.
    Since I have not got any job, I have applied for my PF refund. When I was in service, I have not opted for any pension benefit. I would like to know, whether I will get back my full PF amount or will there be any pension for me. Also, will there be any TDS .

  52. Is it legal that both employer and employee PF is deducted from gross salary ???
    Gross salary. : 15000
    employer PF : 924
    employee PF. : 924
    Professional TX : 200
    Esic : 638+235
    total : 2922

    Net Salary. : 12078

  53. is this legal to deduct provident fund amount twice in one month from salary ? it means employer will not share their contribution

  54. Sir my question is,
    There is an employer who has more than 20 employees. He is selling his business to another person in such a manner that the seller is only buying 13 employees of the seller. Now the question is what will happen to the EPF of the employees as their new employer is not liable to maintain EPF?

      1. Sir what if the employee is eligible to get the EPF i.e. his salary is below Rs 15000, but on the contrary the employer is not liable to pay the EPF as the strength is below 20 employee?

  55. As an employer I have few questions. Would be grateful if you answer

    1. I add a new employee to my organisation. His gross salary is 18000. Can I show complete salary as Basic&DA, so that employee get the exemption from paying PF. (Yes, If only employee agrees.). Also can he claim exemption if the salary is bifurcated in different heads. (Rs. 15500 basic&DA + 2500 HRA)

    2. I had an employee working. Her salary was 12000. (7000(basic& DA) + 3500 (HRA) + 1500(conveyance allowance)) She resigned. When she resigned, she was being covered under EPF. After one month(unemployed for 1 month) she joins back and this time I have increased her salary to 15500. Do I need to still deduct PF.
    a) Situation 1: Whole gross salary of is being sh0wn as Basic & DA
    b) Situation 2: Basic & DA is 15,200 + Telephone allowance Rs. 300

    3. Is there any rules in EPF governing, as to what would be the various salary components and how much would be the share of each salary component in the total gross salary.

    Pls reply.

    1. Jitesh-1) It is between you and employee. I can’t say whether it is right or wrong.
      2) If it is within 2 months, then she be continued in EPF.
      3) EPF will not bother about employer or employee salary components. EPFO will only look at basic+DA. Hence, no such guidance.

  56. I Am an individual working on my own so i don’t have any PF .Some firm were i am working are asking for declaration of the same.Are there any Form for the same

  57. i resigned from my previous company and given the form to withdrawal . i want to know whether i can get emplyee contribution+employer contribution+ pension contribution.

  58. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am newly join as a clerk in school and i am handling PF work there i have a query that 1 teacher went for maternity leave (Unpaid Leave) so how can i describe that in PF ECR means what i have to do for making ECR.


  59. my epf amoutn 670Rs. deducted from my salary but pass book shows only 441 Rs (Emplyee + employer cotribution). Why

  60. i am working for last 21 years in govt office DSWB on contract. I have not given any pf benefit.

  61. Hi,
    I have been working for a newly opened school for 9 months. This March I resigned due to pregnancy. Till the time I worked they didn’t provide the PF account details but they have been deducting from my salary. Even now when I ask them they aren’t giving any clear answers and asked me to wait as I will receive the accoint details shortly. Is it legal on their side to do this? Kindly guide what should I do now?

  62. Sir I join company 1-Dec-2012 Basic salary 4,500 (EPF Deduction 12% RS 540) date of resign 30-7-2015
    my totally withdraw money is 22000+8500=32500 lump sum
    but my PF details in online company not deposit their employer part from 10 month.

    My question is that this withdraw money is correct or wrong

  63. Sir i have withdraw my pf money 2 march 2016 and again i have got a message form 10c (withdraw benefit) payment under process in 9 march but i don’t get any payment (alreaddy i have got 2 payment) but company was not deposit their employer share last 10 month but employer was deposit.
    I again filop full and final settlment form,
    but company not sign in this form at employer place.
    how i can recover that money please suggest me

  64. Dear sir,
    I resigned in my present company which maintains PF,but recently I got new job in another company.

    In this new company they don’t maintain any PF,so should I claim my PF ?

    Is there any option? Please suggest me

  65. Can an EPF subscriber continues getting benefits of the same after changing job?

  66. Hi,
    I have one query about EPF.
    I want to contribute from my end a particular amount in my EPF account. My EPF account is 7 years old. Is their any way through which I can contribute as “Voluntary contribution” in EPF.
    Please help me on this
    Best Regards

  67. Dear Sir,

    I had been working in a NGO for the last 6yrs. I got my pay as honorarium. So for my office wont deduct any PF or ESI. I want to know if worked in NGO there is no need to deduct PF is it true? Right now my pay is 13000. Kindly give a clear clarification please……


  69. Dear Sir,

    I have continuously worked for 18 years and PF deducted & paid. Previously changed employment without informing to employer and joined new job. Hence old employer paid 2 months payment after joining new employment. New employer started with new account and paid for that 2 months also. but i want to transfer, and found the DOJ and DOR mentioned in Form 13. Kindly advice how to amicably to transfer without hassle.

      1. OTCOP – means and whether this date of relieving and date of joining present in form? Because relieved in May but joined in April itself. Please explain.

  70. Hi. I have been employed for 3 years and have regularly had EPF cut from my salary. Now I am going to be a consultant on a project and want to know if I can contribute to my EFP fund, without the employer contributing.

  71. I am working in company from last 7 years and company strentgh is more than 20 from the beginning. But EPF Scheme was not implemented. EPF Scheme is implemented from last one year.
    My EPF amount will be considered from my joining date or from EPF Scheme implementation date?
    Write now my EPF account shows amount for last one year only.

  72. Recently I have join a new company. According to its salary structure my CTC INR 18000 PM, and the Take home is INR 14400. It means INR 3600 are the total deductions, in which they are deducting PF of both employee’s part and employer’s part. But according to the EPF rules, only employee’s share will be deducted from its salary. Kindly advice the right information.


  73. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have a acquired a company which earlier had taken EPF registration as there were more than 20 employees. Now I(Co.) have contract with the agency which supplies labour and I(Co.) have less than 20 employees on my payroll. All employees on company payroll have basic salary of more than Rs. 15ooo. will I have to deduct any ESIC or EPF and will my company have to contribute any sum?

    Please help in this regards.
    -Rahul Mehta

    1. Rahul-Once company strength reached 20, then the organization will comes under EPFO rules. Even though at later stage strength dropped to less than 20. If the existing employees salary more than Rs.15,000 and they are already members of EPFO, then also you have to continue in providing EPF facility to them. Only new employees whose salary more than Rs.15,000 and not willing to be part of EPF can stay away.

  74. Dear Sir

    My name is Taiyuv Khan
    I have worked with MNC in Noida on Third party payroll for 3 years and and my vendor have also deduct the PF but i have Left the JOB on 31 Dec 2015.
    My question is that can i withdrawal my full PF amount?
    As per the new rule any employee can’t withdrawal the full PF amount wef 10 Feb 2016.
    This rule is also applicable in my case?

  75. Sir,

    Good Morning,

    First of all we thank for clearing our doubts in EPF.

    1st i was worked in one pvt concern. There my EPF amount mentioned in my account was

    Employee share – 22319
    Employer share – 6836
    Pension contribution – 13894

    Total – 43049

    Then i resigned my job and joined in another company. I transferred my above said EPF amount to my current EPF account. In that Employee share – 22319 & Employer share – 6836 got transferred. But the Pension contribution – 13894 was not transferred.

    Kindly explain that why pension contribution not transferred to my current PF account. And is there any problem in my pension contribution transfer where i should ask for this payment. Kindly suggest sir.



  76. Hello sir ,

    i have question , my company deduct 12 % EPF contribution from my salary , but when i check on EPF passbook , they only deposit 2 month EPF share from both side , current company experience is 7 month , but they only deposit 2 month EPF share , kindly please tell me what to do and what legal action will i take for this …..

  77. Dear Sir,

    If any employee drawn basic salary below 6500/- P.M. then he should eligible for EPF Deduction????

    Also let me know, What is minimum wages for deduction?

  78. sir,
    at the time of joining my salary was more than 20000, so they give me option to opt out with epf and i did so, now i have to join new organisation and they were asking UAN. So is it mandatory to have UAN because i am not a part of epf.
    help me out asap

  79. My ex employer was deduct employee & employer contribution from salary. I have joining letter where salary term mentioned is “salary” not “CTC”. Please inform me that deduction of employee & employer contribution from my salary is legal or not.

  80. Dear Sir,

    i am working ad a designer under contract basis.i have doubt in my pf account

    in my EPF account, i downloaded my accounts details. in that it has mentioned employee share , employer share , and pension contribution.

    here the doubt is employee share = employer share + pension contribution ? (or) all amounts are separate amount ?

    kindly clarify my doubt.. please…


  81. Good Afternoon Seniors,

    Dear Sir,

    Please guide me as I am little confused about which date of Leaving to mention in PF.

    One of our employee has left on 30 January 2016 and joined new company on 1 Feb 2016. Now, in PF, when I mention 30 Jan 2016, as his date of exit, it doesn’t show in ECR. Please guide what should I do? I need to pay this month’s PF before 12th..

  82. Sir My brother runs school ,
    1.he deduct pf of some teachers and for some teachers he does not ,,is there any problem,
    2.can he claim annual expense for the teachers whom he had not paid pf
    3.is additional /out side teachers who is not on roll and had paid more than 10000 to 15000 pm,,is pf applicable for them.

      1. Dear Basavaraj ji,
        I must commend your gesture to provide knowledge to people. My best wishes to you.
        I too have a query .
        We run a play school where we have employed teachers and maids getting salary less than 15000/- per month .
        School hours are for 3 hrs only with normally 160 days working in a year .
        Total strength is 23 employees which includes maids, drivers, sweeper and gate duty staff .
        Teachers are 13 ( Dance teacher comes for 1 hour everyday and then goes away- 5days a week ) + 10 supporting staff .
        pls enlighten :
        Whether PF is applicable for such part time employment.
        What about ESI ? applicability ..

  83. Hi Basavaraj,

    I want to know, if a company has less than 20 employees and one of the employee salary is more than 15000, Do that employee require a PF account ? if not, Can he get a PF account ?


      1. Sir, in above case if the organisation have a EPF account and some member are contributing in EPF, but some new joining are there with salary 10000 to 15000 then all of them have to contribute for EPF.

  84. Hello Basavaraj,

    I am currently a subscriber of EPF, at my current job. Now I am quitting my current job and will be soon joining a new company where my Basic exceeds 15,000 per month. Can I opt out of PF contribution now and if yes what would be the procedure. ? What will happen to the currently accumulated amount? Will employers share continue to be deposited to the existing PF account, even if I opt out of the scheme ?

    Thank you.

  85. Sir with reference to EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUNDS AND MISCLLANEOUS PROVISIONS ACT,1952,If my salary is 20,000 although i am an excluded employee however i make contribution at the same rate 12 % from my salaryof 20,000 and not at the rate of statutorily required basic pay of 15000,do i have an option of reducing it and contribute 12 % only of 15000

    1. Sir if you could please also inform me about the legal provision or rule under which i am entitled to do it

  86. sir, I am working in 5 years old company with 14 employees, our owner willing to enrol in provident Fund scheme. it is possible to enrol with 14 employees in PF scheme for the betterment of employees

  87. Hello Sir,

    One of our employee wants to opt for PF loan for reconstruction of house. But problem is that property is not on his name. It is on name of his father (Still alive).

    In case, is he eligible for PF Loan? He has completed 10 years of services.

    Please guide

  88. Hi. I have completed 3 years and 7 months of service in a company. Now I have resigned from the job and I am going to pursue higher education. So, I would like know what are the best possible options for me. Like, whether to go for closure of PF account and pay the tax on the interest and also pay tax on the exemptions claimed under 80C from past 3 years? or Can I leave the PF account without any contribution for another 1 and half year and then if I withdraw, will that be counted as 5 years but do I need any signature or paper work from the current employer at a later stage? or are there any other better options available since from Feb 10, 2016 a new rule has been made by the government that the employer’s contribution cannot be withdrawn. I will be getting relieved in another 7 days.. I would be grateful for the kind advise..

  89. sir,
    i have a doubt, that my employer has not deducted pf for the last one year and now they want to pay the pf from april’15 and insisting us to pay the contribution from april’15.
    whether we can deny that we will not pay our contribution for the previous period.
    As this is employer fault.
    Please advice

    1. Dear sir myself worked in a company for approx 4 month on the salary of 60000 but company has not deduct any pf from my salary.now myself left the job.may I asked the pf from the employer.

  90. Hi

    I have worked in a company for 1.5 years. In that company they have deducted pf now i have resigned from that company and working in another company, now the another company doesn’t deduct any pf and when i asked them to deduct the same they said they dont deduct any pf but now i want to continue my a pf account what can i do
    if i withdraw the amount what will happen


  91. Sir,

    I have changed my company, in my previous i was on contract basis and they have deducted pf. In my new company my salary is 60,000/- per month (Cost to Company). New employer is not deducting my pf. But I want to deduct my pf. What is procedure for the same.

      1. Thanks Sir. Is there any clause in EPF Act. Actually, i am working with govt. organisation. so i have to show documentary evidence.

      2. Hi, I have a question, I have resigned from my job for 1 year MBA, but I don’t want to withdraw my EPF, because after an year I will be placed again, So how I can keep it functional.

  92. Sir, My share for PF is 5000 together from both end. if I leave in 4 year how much will govt deduct from it?

  93. Our school was started in 2009. Then the number of employees were only 4. In 2013 the number of employees increased to 12 and it is 17 in 2016. Our school is not yet registered with PF. So when we register, from which year on wards we have to pay towards PF. Should we give any damage? Please reply.

  94. Hi Basu,
    I was working in india for 6.9 yrs and now i am working abroad for more than 1 yr now.
    (1) Is there any way i can make make contibution to keep it active after 3 yrs
    (2) if i withdraw between 5 and 10 yrs ,i can get full amount with out tax right? I mean i can withdraw EPS as well right?
    (2) or i keep it like this for next 2 more years, So
    6.9 yrs pf + 3 yrs no contribution but will gain interest and then withdraw after 9.9 yrs. In that case i can withdraw before 10 yrs so i guess i can withdraw whole amount.

    What do you think will be a good option in this situation.

    1. Vinod-1) No, you can’t make contribution on your OWN.
      2) Yes, but EPS will be based on some %, which is fixed as per Table D.
      3) Your EPF age is calculated based on how many years the contribution done, but not for how many years it kept idle.

  95. Please let me know an employee paying salary on daily rated wages @ 600/- rupees per day and working during the first month i.e. during the month of his joining, worked only for 16 days in a month. Can he claimed as Excluded Employee in liew of provisions of para 2(f) of EPF Scheme-1952

  96. Hi,

    Thanks for the great post.!

    I have a pf account from 01-APR-2013 and I started working at the department of Income Tax from June 2014. There is some amount in my PF account. I currently am enrolled in the new pension/complementory pension scheme (NPS). Is there a way I can retain my PF account, ie will there be any benefit if I retain that account. I am willing to pay my share to epf. Will the employer, here Income Tax Department, contribute to epf? Or should I settle with the NPS?

    Thanks for your answer in advance.


  97. Dear sir,
    I worked in an organisation from 1st Jan 2013 to 31st May 2013, where my Pf was deducted. I did not have any PF account prior to this. Then I resigned the job ( for 1 year self-employed). After a year I joined an other organisation . There I worked for 3 months, in which Pf was deducted. Both the PF accounts were not linked. I do not have an UAN number. All that I have is ‘pay slip’ in which my PF no. is mentioned. Now my query is can I withdraw the PF amount of my first company. If yes, what is the Procedure ? Many thanks in advance for your reply.

  98. I am a member of EPF for the last 5 years and have a basic of Rs. 50000. Now can I opt out of EPF, if so what is the procedure

  99. Hi Sir

    I recently changed my company I have PF A/c number and UAN from previous employer. I also have PF A/C number from new employer. but when I login to http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/ I do not see new PF A/C no listed. It shows only the previous PF number. Is it normal , Do I need to come in action?


  100. I have joined with a salary of 10000/- and my pf was deductd accordingly,now my salary has been incresed from dec’16 to 15800/- even now my PF is getting deducted.

    If i want to opt for not having PF deduction what is the procedure.

    Pl suggest

      1. sir, as far as I know EPF membership continues even after one’s salary crosses Rs15000pm. However the contribution from Employer can be limited to Rs15000 max. There is no option to opt out of EPF just because one’s salary has crossed Rs15000.

        1. Halkar-You can opt of EPF your salary is more than Rs.15,000 at the beginning of your employment. Later of during employment, if your salary increased for more than Rs.15,000, then you can’t be out of EPF. Once you are member means always.

  101. I have withdrawn my complete PF after leaving the previous organization. More than 9 months later, I have joined a new company. Can I use the same PF account / UAN or should I create a new one?

  102. We had an employee, left in last month from 18th. My question is whether his PF will be calculated for-
    1) For whole month
    2) will be calculated till 18th
    3) it is as per his attending days in the company (He had 2 leaves in month)

    Please suggst

  103. Dear sir,

    i resigned from my company oct-2015 and withdrawn my pf contribution. now i again want to rejoin the same company.

    I wanted to know after how many months of resign i can apply for rejoining the same firm.

    please guide

  104. Hi,
    This is Hemanth, i have doubt about Provident fund.

    I had worked for a software company for 1 year and resigned to it for some reason. The problem is they did not provided me PF account and detected amount from my salary .

    They are not responding to me . Can proceed through legally ?

  105. Hello Sir,

    Needed your guidance.

    One old employee of our company was in critical need of money. hence he gave resign in December – 15 and also filled form for withdrawal of PF amount. Now my boss told me that after his PF is received, we will take him back in services. Earlier, also we had done this for 2 employees.

    Please guide:

    1). After six months we will take that employee on roll, this won’t create any problem in PF ?
    2). Our consultant says that now employees who have joined same company after withdrawal of PF amount; there PF will not be withdrawn next time.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

      1. Vaibhavi-1) No, it will not create any problem.
        2) Rules says that if employee not in job for more than 2 months, then he can withdraw. EPF rules never states anything about which company he has to join in future.

    1. Vaibhavi-1) No, it will not create any problem.
      2) Rules says that if employee not in job for more than 2 months, then he can withdraw. EPF rules never states anything about which company he has to join in future.

  106. Dear sir as per Provident Fund act more than 20 employee applicable for provident fund but I am working with organization last 7 years in that organization employee is more than 50 but registered is less than 20 employee that’s why we do not have provident fund account what can I do for it is application in our organization.
    and also Provident Fund department officer visit every year and getting money from organization.

  107. Hi,

    We were startup company to pass benefits to our employees we have opted for PF, unfortunately after 1 year our venture did not worked and we have to close operations of our organization but we have not closed the company, When we approach to close PF account they are asking us to close company first, I don’t want to close company and hoping to revive it once again.

    What options do I have,please suggest.

    1. Sameer-I am not an expert to guide an employer. But in my view, if there is no employer currently working, then I don’t think there is any headache for you to apply for closure with EPF.

  108. Hello Sir,

    I have withdrawn PF from my previous employer in 2014. Now will I get any other benefit like provident fund or pension fund from them. Please confirm.


  109. Dear Sir,
    I worked for the company for two years in which the employer has paid the pf for one year and another year he has not paid the pf at all when I contacted in PF office due to there was no Accounts Officer during that time. My question is can I withdraw my pf amount of one year.

    Kindly Suggest.

  110. hi i claim for my PF in febrauary-2016. My PF is only of 6 months. but i can get only EPF. I can not get EPS fund at that time now after 6 month i start new job in september -2016.Then in future when i withdrawal my new PF then can i get my old EPS fund ??

    is this possible????

  111. sir,

    In my company their is no epf account and in our company we are working only 5 members . can we open EPF Account

  112. Hello. I am a regular subscriber to the EPF scheme. However at the new job if my Basic + DA goes above Rs.15K. Can I opt-out because I can avail the option now being above 15K?

    Secondly, Opting-out the employee is an “EMPLOYEE’s” choice or the “Employer’s choice”?

    Thank you

    1. Sanjeev-If you are already a member of EPF, then now you can’t opt out. At beginning of job if your salary is more than Rs.15,000, then YOU may opt out, but not your employer.

  113. My father retired voluntarily in 2010, but his EPF dues were encashed in 2015. In 2014, he was paid money in lieu of unutilised leaves and retrospective pay revision arrears. However, the employee share and employer share of the above amount was not deposited into his EPF account. We were able to know this, after he got the EPF dues in 2015.

    My question is can employer stop contributing to EPF account if there is a hiatus in regular pay

      1. Thanks Basu, can you direct me to the clause number in EPF act which empowers employee to stop deposit

  114. Hello Basavaraj,
    I served to my previous organization (X) for 3.5 years and i left that job in July 2015, further i submitted my pf closure request after 2 months in the month of October, today i got mail (almost after 2.5 months) from HR team that my PF closure request is submitted to EPF office. Now i will be joining to another organization (Y) probably in March. As i heard PF closure is taxable (but i declared form 15 G), so my concern is, is it ok to withdraw the amount? (Also withdrawing is under process, will this create any problem if i join to another organization?) or after submitting the form to PF office can i ask them not to proceed further?

    1. Dipeeka-Withdrawal is best solution or not? It is purely your call to take. However, considering your service EPF withdrawal for will be taxable. Avoiding TDS by submitting Form 15G is not makes that income as tax-free. You have to pay tax on it as per your slab. You already submitted the form and you was unemployed for more than 2 months. So there will not be any problem.

  115. Sir,

    I had a EPF No. which continued upto September 2013. Now i am joining in a new company. i do not withdrawn the epf till date. can i continue the epf no from January 2016 ? Kindly answer .

  116. Dear sir i am work in finance compney in which my pf account is from.dec-2013 but at this time i ha ve do part time job is call center so what can i do bcz this call center compney is want to create my pf account so is there any problume or not.,,, two pf account is posible.,,,

    if this is not posible so i.am manager this two account is single one pf account that is posible ,,,,,

    dear sir give me perfect solution bcz i am very confuse.

  117. Dear sir, My partnership Firm was got registered in 2013. We have more than 20 employees. We have never deducted any PPF amount neither deposited because our consultant never guided us. We are planning to close d company because of poor performance. Now we have got notice under section 7A. Please guide what to do in this regard.

  118. I am joining organization on dated 02nd may 2015 & in that month pf deducted in my salary but in epfo account then I check it there is no pf deposited on month of may there is show from june so please suggest my joining may pf is deposited or not


  119. Hello
    If My salary is rs. 11000, then I much money will be deducted as pf amount and what will be the employer’share. Please reply
    Thank you

      1. What if employer is not contributing the same amount. This is the case with when I am paying 1200 my employer is only contributing around 375/- what is be done in this case?

  120. Hi Basu,

    My name is HARI T O. I changed my company with my new PF account its showing my name as ” T O Hari ” .May I know whether it makes any issues in future. Please reply

    Hari T O

  121. Hi Sir,
    I worked in a company from 2011 to 2014 and resigned in 2014. But I got relieving letter in 2015. Still now I didn’t get any job and I am planning to get either government job or IT based job after 6 months or in 2017. I asked for pf amount from the company,they replied me like
    ” 1) Not working in any organization in near future.
    2)Going abroad to work.
    3)Working in any organisation where the PF is not applicable.
    If your are working in any organisation your PF will be transferred to that organisation.”

    This is my 1st company I am new to this please help me,
    if I didn’t withdraw amount there will not be any problem in future
    till I get new job PF will get retained in the previous company
    My working period is below 5 years, if withdraw is there any problem after I get new job.
    What should I reply to them.
    what is the best way to resolve this, please help me

    1. Vinayak-Not working in any organization in near future means more than 2 months only. So if you are unemployed for more than two months, then you can withdraw it. If you are planning to work again, then wiat for new job. Once you get it then request for transfer and provide the same old EPF number to your new employer.

      1. Thank you for the reply. If I withdraw PF now which is less than 5 years, it will be taxable, I heard.
        Waiting for a job even a year won’t be a problem with PF amount? I don’t have EPF number with me.
        Another doubt will they provide my PF amount after a year I ask.
        What should I reply them, please help me.

        1. Vinayak-Yes, if your service is less than 5 years, then it will be taxable. You can hold your EPF forever. But after 3 years from last contribution, they stop to pay the interest on it. Hence, better to either transfer to new company, use the same EPF in new job or withdraw it before 3 years.

  122. Hi,

    I have a EPF account with my previous employer but my new employer is a startup with less than 20 people and hence is not applicable for PF.
    So there is not income to my EPF account, hence will my current saving in PF account become taxable?
    If i need to keep it tax free cos i am employed but my employer is not PF eligible, what should i do?

    Also, i do not want to withdraw it unless it’s my last option.


  123. Can an employer split his/her employees’ wages into basic, special allowance, HRA etc. for tax purposes? If he/he does so, will it violate Section 12 of the Employees Provident Fund Act? Have courts approved such salary-splitting practices by employers for tax purposes?

    1. Dinesh – Wondering if you got any answers to those questions. I have the same doubts – not being able to find any clear answers through my research.

  124. Hi, I wonder if you can assist me if possible. I went on maternity leave and signed a policy to work back 1 year. I have now worked 6 months and resigned and now they want the full amount back. Can I ask them to deduct it from my PF that they are paying or take it out my PF?

    1. Vicky-Your EPF will not be with them, but it is managed by EPFO. So by saying, they can’t withdraw and adjust towards your dues. Also, they can’t deduct your dues by adjusting to EPF contribution. Irrespective of the dues or situation, they have to deposit EPF amount with EPFO as long as you are an employee of that organization.

  125. Hello Sir,

    I started working for a company in 2008 June. I had no idea about the provident fund in beginning and I have given the declaration to company for no to PF.
    After a few years of employment, I asked my HR opt for PF, and the company Hr person said that since I did not opt for it when I joined so I cannot join now. It has been 9 yrs in this company without PF contribution.

    I feel this Hr guy is not being honest. My questions to you is:

    1) Can my I start contributing now?

    A year back I spoke to PF office person about the same, he as suggest to go for now.

    Please suggest .


  126. 5 years ago I and my partner has started a small firm and not done any business, after few months I have dropped the partnership and my partner continued with the same PF registration with another partner, he succeed for one year and he paid all the pf submissions, unfortunately he also dropped and there was no business and not running anymore and he has not closed the PF account and when he and I was registered it has my addresses in the pf registrations and I am getting the letters from RPF office to update the details for communication of establishments to my correspondence addresses, Now I or he is no where doing any business.

    will it be any problem if we do not close the PF company account, or if so what should i do, as my partner belongs to other state and he left the place and i do not know where he is nomore communication with him..

    what should i do with this PF no which is not existing company anymore not active at all…
    any legal issues…

    Please guide me asap…

  127. How do I continue to EPF/VPF for the balance after leaving the job and starting on own shop.

  128. .sir
    I Had Worked For 2 Years 9 months In delhi And Contributed To My PF Account ..Recently I Left My Job And Had Submitted My PF Withdrawal Request Last month 15 dec With dwarka PF Office In Delhi.

    Yesterday (18th dec, 2015) I Got A Credit Of Around 49000 Rupees In My Bank Account .This amount show in my UAN Accont show on emplyee & employer share. EPFO office not resive any intrest on these.As Per My Calculation My Pension Amount Alone show in uan passbook Would Be Some Where Around rs 20200 Is not resive.

    Then go to pf office he told me another fill 10C form submit but my pre company employer not sin in docoment..

    Please sugest me how to apply 10c form without employer sig…

    Thanks& Regards

  129. Hello sir

    I just want to know, that is there any legal issue in PF & ESI declaration if an employees joins in last week of the month like between 25th to 31st day.
    My Time Office person always pay them thru voucher and shows new joinees’ DOJ from 1st day of the month.

  130. hello sir, my brother has served 1 and half month in a company and after leaving, planned to withdraw PF. PF office accepted only form 19 but not 10C and told its not applicable for him as he has served only 1 and half month. today he has received his claim through neft. is 10C not applicable for this case? Shall the account supposed to be closed without submitting 10C (only 19) as he has already received the claim amount? please clarify how shall we know that the account is closed?

      1. thanks Basavaraj. So no need to submit 10C. By d way how do we know the account is closed? is there any link to check? Another thing is that UAN Number status checking says”Already Under Process”. So i think not yet UAN generated. After closing, is there any possibility to generate UAN of a closed account?
        Shall he open a new PF in future?

          1. New PF Account shall be opened in future with new UAN or not as a fresh allotted member? Actually we don’t want to use the old UAN though generated. What you think, is there any probability to generate UAN of the current closed account?

  131. Hi,

    I Worked for a Company ‘A’ earlier for 2 years in the year of 2009-2011, Now I am planning to apply EPF, Is it possible to apply epf now? Does they ask any documents like pay slip etc.,

    plz help me…………………..

  132. Hi,

    I Worked for a Company ‘X’ earlier for 3 years, there my salary account was with Bank ‘A’.
    Now for the past 2 years, i am working for a Company ‘Y’. Here my salary account is with Bank ‘B’.

    I am yet to transfer my PF from Company ‘X’ to Company ‘Y’.. Also I wanted to change back my salary account from ‘B’ to ‘A’. ( my ‘A’ account is still active and i am using it as personal Savings account)

    Will changing the salary bank account have any impact on PF transfer ?? Please help me understand.

    I am confused because, my earlier PF was against Bank Account ‘A’ , and my current PF will be against Bank Account ‘B’. So, not sure if i am allowed to change my salary account to ‘A’.

  133. I am working in a Private limited company on the post of Manager for the last 10 years. At the time of joining I have opted for PF where as my basic was Rs. 20000 ,which is agreed by my company but there is no written agreement with me . My E PF was on the ceiling. But after some time every one ( Who ever oped for E PF facility) is being given E PF on Basic ( 12% & 12% as employee & employer share respectively ) where as was kept out of this for the reason not explained to me by president HR. Sir I feel this as a case of DISCRIMINATION& approached him many times but in vain. Now when the ceiling raised to RS.15000 from September 14 and a new software is being installed , the company start deducting E PF on Basic which is Rs. 20000 ( both employee & employer share) at PAR with others. After 5 Months in the corresponding month, suddenly they stopped deducting my E PF on Basic for the reason that it happened due to software error. I do not understand why this discrimination is done to me by HR PRESIDENT, is it legal and if by mistake due what ever reason it may be , the deduction of E PF should be at PAR with others as far as employer contribution is concerned .Why they have discontinued it. In my understanding if E PF is being deducted on basic for more than a quarter then it should not be discontinued, more over we can not have discrimination in the share of employer.

    Please let me know this in details.


    Ma hinder Pratap Singh

  134. sir, i had posted earlier too, i think it got deleted. i am working with a govt body. my service rules say that if i leave before 5 years, emplyer will deduct 75% of employer contribution to PF contributed till date by thje employer. Can you guide if thats allowed as per PF rules?

  135. Hi Basavaraj. Your site is informative. I have one query. My first company had allotted a PF number to me. I worked there from 2007 to 2010. After that I worked in a few other organizations which did not give PF. I joined my current organization in Nov 2014.

    Q1. My present salary slip shows PF No, but the field of UAN No. is still blank, even though I filled the forms given by company. Does this mean I have no UAN account ?

    Q2. My contribution to PF is shown, but why is employer’s contribution is not shown ?

    Q3. I have not yet received my confirmation letter from employer. They are delaying it on one excuse after another. Does it mean that employer is not paying its contribution to my PF?

  136. Hi
    I have recently joined an organization in which the Employer contribution towards the PF is mentioned as part of the CTC, while the employee contribution is deducted every month in the salary. My question is since the Employer contribution is not shown in the salary I get, where does this go??
    If it goes into the PF account, then am I correct in saying that at the end of the month I will have the sum total of
    1.My contribution of the PF(which was deducted from my salary)
    2. The employer contribution (which was mentioned in the CTC)
    in my PF account.

    Please advise with an example if possible.

    1. Dhruv-Your employer is during perfectly. Employer contribution is not missing, but they contribute that to EPF and showing as they not deduct it from your salary. But they are contributing it.

  137. My father he passed away in 1996, after that my mother was suppose to get some around Rs. 2500 as a pension. but two year bank has told to open up my and my brother account as well and removed 800 from 2500 and distributed in both of us account equally. since then my mother used to get 1700 and we both use to get 400 each. once we got matured our pension has been dismissed as process and Rs. 1700 keep coming in her account.
    Here my questions is will our dismissed money will be shifted to my mother account as it was initially bifurcated from her account or she will get only 1700.
    Further is there any increment in PF as since 20 year the amount is came.

    Ill be really appreciate if anyone can help me rightly in this regards

      1. Dear Sir,

        When I want to know the PF balane online after joining in job.I joined in last 5 months before but i tried today also to know the my pf balance through online but it shows Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PF number.

  138. Hi, I am Kumar. Thanks for your blog and quite interesting.

    I started and registered own Private Limited Company in India with two directors.

    And we successfully registered EPFO but we have not performed any services to EPFO before and just registered only.

    Now, we would like to continue it. When we were registered EPFO, we had more than 20 employees. But unfortunately we have only 5 employees right a moment.

    My questions is:
    1.If we start to contribute EPFO for 2 directors (Myself & partner) how much we have to contribute as Employer & Employee for every month?
    2.If we start to contribute EPFO for 3 employees, how much we have to contribute as Employer?
    3.Our company is not profitable yet, just running. Do we get any income tax issue for next calendar year if we contribute EPFO as employer without getting profit?
    4.What would be the ideal benefits for 2 directors contribute (Eg: How much would be good for monthly basic pay & other)?
    5.What would be minimum about required for employees to get benefits from EPFO?
    6. If we contribute both employer and employee ways to EPFO, Do we lose or get profit?


    1. Ashok-1) If directors are withdrawing their salary, then only they are eligible for EPFO. It is again same rule applies like 12% of salary.
      2) It is 12% of Basic+DA.
      3) EPF contribution and income tax issue is entirely two different things to consider.
      4) It depends on you to decide.
      5) I didn’t got your question.
      6) Again it depends on your business and how you run.

  139. Hello Sir,

    My husband started working for a company in 2011 Oct. We moved from US and had no idea about the provident fund and how it works. After a few months of employment, my husband enquired about PF, and the company finance person said to him that since he did not opt for it when he joined he cannot join now. He has to wait till he changes his job. It has been 4 yrs in this company without PF contribution.

    I feel this finance guy is not being honest. My questions to you is:

    1) Can my husband start contributing now?

    Please let us know.


  140. Dear Mr. Basavaraj,

    It was a excellent exposure reading the comments and the community service provided here..
    Would request your good self to please address some quires self needs to be doubly assured …

    1) After basic crosses 15000 employer share is fixed @ 1800 /- per month – true ???
    2) After basic crosses 15000 employee share remains @ 12% /- on basic – true ???
    3) Any ceiling limit on query no.2 ??
    4) w.e.f sep 14 employers deduction & contributing pf to their employees having pf basic above 15000/- now after two years or so wants to discontinue legally possible or not ??? if yes what is the procedure & reference to para no. of amendment requested ???
    5) An employee whose basic is more that 15000/- per month & had been UNDER PF DEDUCTION from his last organisation now joining with a new organisation(x) where (x) WANTS NOT TO contribute on pf as per wage ceiling limit ?? is it possible ??? if yes please refer to para no. of amendment ???
    6) An employee whose basic is more that 15000/- per month & had NOT BEEN UNDER PF DEDUCTION from his last organisation now joining with a new organisation(x) where (x) WANTS TO contribute on pf ABOVE wage ceiling limit but employee does not want, this is possible i know still your view ??? and process/procedure/formality of the employee, employer and with EPFO if any ??????? and also refer to para no. of amendment ???

    Anticipating your valuable feedback

    Warm Regards

    1. Dipanjan-1) It depends, if your employer is generous then he may pay the 12% of actual basic. If he not, then restrict it to 12% of Rs.15,000.
      2) No, it should be 12% of actual basic.
      3) There is no upper limit.
      4) Once you are member of EPF, then you have to continue (irrespective of salary hike).
      5) Yes, once you join new company then you can or employer may opt out of EPF.
      6) Yes, you can stay away.

  141. sir , I am a fresher and started working in a company, for 5 months. they told me that they will give me pf id number for tracking my account but they didn’t. now i heared that they are planing to terminate me as i took rest for 5 days. Oue boss torture me like a pig and i cant handlie that much stress. I worked very hard.. plz give me some advice sir

  142. Hi sir ,I have joined in a job on October 27 2015 ,they have deduct pf ,but they have not show that pf number in my pay slips Oct & Nov months.
    Now I have changed my company with out giving any information to my previous employer.
    Here if they ask me about pf number, what to do ,I don’t know my pf number .I don’t need that amount also.
    I have hered something form my friends ,they told pf is applies only one time in our life , so in my new company can I apply for new pf account number, is it possible or not.
    If it is not possible then what to do,
    Kindly give me your reply.

    Thanks &regards,

  143. I have withdraw my pf money with signature of bank manager after that I have seen that company not deposit his employer pf money form 10 month. How i can recover again that money plz advise me

  144. Dear Basav, Can i see my current pf member Id generated by current employer on UAN portal using my login?

  145. Hi,

    I have worked in company A for 2 years 9 months where I came under PF scheme after 6 months of joining there. Then I moved to company B after 6 days of leaving company A and transferred the whole pf amount from company A to B and it gets credited after 1 year of joining in company B. I left company B after 2 years 10 months and currently working with company C. Now I want to withdraw the entire PF amount from company B. Is it taxable as per the PF rules?

      1. Yes, But I need the PF money due to medical emergency and I have forwarded a letter to PF commissioner mentioning the same. Could you please let me know if it is taxable?

  146. Dear Basavraj,

    My friend was working for company A for 1.1 year & then switch to company B for 8 months. Then he switched to company C w/o showing experience of company B. Now is it compuldary to show member Id of company b in form 11 ? can compmay C will be able to identify company b using UAN which was generated by company A

      1. Dear Basavraj,

        Company C has separate mechanism for checking professional claims which he is through but he wants to confirm if he do not show company B in form 11 whether company c will be able to identify through UAN or through form 11?

        1. Sachin-You can’t guarantee that company in few days may start to cross check this format too. Because of UAN, they can easily track the historical EPF contributions and match that with the past experience of what employee claimed. He can’t run away from showing the Company B.

  147. Hi Basa,

    I have a query. I did job for 1.5 years where I opted for EPF & then I went for an MBA, post MBA I again started a job where I haven’t opted for EPF. Now I want to withdraw my earlier EFP. Please let me know the procedure & also if it would be taxable or not. And what is this form 15g. Do I need to fill this form to get the withdraw.

    1. Gaurav-You have to submit the withdrawal form for both EPF and EPS through your earlier employer for withdrawal. It will be taxable income for you. Form 15G is meant for avoiding TDS. You have to submit this form only if your total income in a year is less than Rs.2,50,000. Otherwise, you are not eligible to submit this form.

      1. Its a PF for a period 2008-2010, since I am withdrawing it after 5 years, will it be taxable still?

  148. Company has deposited PF amount in PF office for first 1.5 years, then onwards from last 2 years company not deposited any amount to PF office though deducting from salary.

    If we withdraw PF now, the amount we get will be of 1.5 years only.
    can we withdraw balance amount in future if company deposit???

      1. Hi, I am on the verge of my last working day in my company which is 5 days
        I have completed 4years and 5months approximately. Could you please let me know if EPF withdrawal or transfer will be an wiser option for me since I am not joining a new company in the coming six months.
        In case of EPF transfer how am I supposed to transfer it as I won’t be joining a new company immediately.

  149. Sir I am working in previous company where PF applicable on my salary but now i have change my job and my salary exempted from PF, in that case this is compulsory for PF deduction or optional.

  150. Sir i was working in one private company as i did not serve my notice period there they r are ignoring my PF form.
    i know my pf number along with the company code, can i apply directly without company seal and sign

    1. Dear Sir,

      I have worked in a Chennai based company for 3.5 years (2005 to 2009) and I left the job and gone to abroad. Now I returned to my home city(in Kerala). Is it possible to withdraw the EPF amount, If yes what are the formalities.

      1. Varghese-Yes, you can withdraw it now. You have two options to withdraw. One is to submit the withdrawal through your earlier employer. Second one is to go direct and submit EPF+EPS withdrawal to the concerned EPFO.

  151. Hi,

    I have been associated with my current company for 4 years and 4 months. I am going abroad now.

    1. In order to complete 5 years, is it possible to keep contributing to the PF account from myside only (Company will no more contribute, as my employment is not continuing).

    2. If I keep contributing as above, (if possible) after completion of 5 years if I withdraw the amount will there be any tax liabilities from myside to pay income taxes.

    Kindly reply back soon

    Khemchand Khatri

      1. Hi Sirji,

        Thanks for your quick reqply. I have now just one more question i.e. How can I save taxes, as I understand that govt. has started deducting TDS straight forward when 5 years are not completed.


          1. Sir,

            I am trying to understand if within the rules and regulations and the provisions, if I can save taxes (e.g. by keeping my funds in PF account for further 8 months or something like that).

            Please don’t mind for my silly questions, if it is so:)


  152. Dear Sir,

    I was working in organisation from 2008 to 2010 .

    Than I left that organisation and was jobless for an year.
    During this time I withdraw my PF account money

    After that I joined another organisation and working there since last 4 years.
    They opened new PF Account.

    Now I will be joining new organisation in new year.
    Do they require my old PF Account information as I lost my salary slip of previous organisation so don’t have it any more.

  153. Sir
    The organisation for which I work is a Government company depositing Providend Fund in EPF scheme.
    I am going to retire shortly due to attaining of 60 years retirement age.
    I may join some new service OR I may be given an opportunity to work in the present organisation for 1/2 years.
    I do not wish to withdraw the accumulated amount in my EPF Account for a period of 3-4 years.
    Kindly let me know whether I can continue with my present CPF Account for more time after my retirement OR I have to close this Account?
    If I continue without making further contributions, how long will I get interest on my invested amount?
    If my present employer gives me extension and continues contribution, whether he can deposit the contribution in my present CPF Account OR a new Account will have to be opened? If a new Account has to be opened, can my corpus be transferred to it.
    Kindly guide.

  154. Sir, I am working in private school with more than 20 staff members. I have been into the EPF scheme since last two years. But did not receive any receipt of my balance in EPF from my employer. Apart from that I don’t know my PF account number neither my establishment code number etc. But every month there is a deduction from my salary for contribution into PF. there are no pay slips given in my institute so that I can clarify things from it. So how to get details?
    I am unable to reveal things from my employer.So how can my grievance be addressed.

      1. Sir, Thanks for your reply. Can you provide me the phone numbers/toll free number to report my grievance to the EPF office

  155. I have a EPF account, which has been in use for 15+ years. I have resigned from my job last month and am working independently as a self-employed consultant. Can I use this EPF account to deposit money? Pls note, I do not have a PPF account, hence want to use the EPF account.

      1. Basavaraj, your reply is slightly confusing, as it mentions “No, you can deposit”.
        Pls can you clarify whether I can or cannot use the EPF account to deposit money?

        1. kkapoor-Your question is also confusing. What do you mean by “Can I use this EPF account to deposit money?”. To me it means that you want to deposit some money into your existing EPF account. If this is the case, then you can’t.

          1. Hi,
            I am working in an organization since sep’15, they are deducting my PF but not providing me PF account number. After asking them, they are saying it is under process. Portal is upgrading so it will take time. Before joining here i was working with other company for 4 years.
            what can i do.?

              1. Thanks for your suggestion!!

                One more thing, as i was working with TCS earlier they also deducted my PF, can i provide them my old PF account so that they can add money in it.

  156. Sir,
    I Just want to know the rule of pf that if my salary is Rs 10000 & my PF all ready deduct by company every month.
    i resign from JOB & i give 1 month notice to Company as per company rules. company accepted, so this is my last month for this JOB.
    Sir My Question is that shall my PF deduct by company for this last month as per PF Rules.

  157. Dear Sir,
    I am Samuel ,I am working for private company for more then 1 year, my company is non registered company, strength of company is 15 employee ,my salary is 20000 but my owner is not providing EPF ,is it necessary to have EPF account while changing job ,help me in above scenario

      1. Hello,

        I have had worked in an organization and cut EPF as per the rule for about 2 years. I left the job before a year. I just want to know that…..
        1. How long will my EPF account be perennial? or it dead after certain years?
        2. Will I get interest on my EPF amount?
        3. Will I refund my Basic EPF amount (excluding tax)? or the amount will lapse? etc.

        Waiting for your reply.


        1. Smit-1) It will be active as long as you keep the amount. But after 3 years from your last contribution, interest will be stopped to credit. Also, keep in mind that idle accounts may be used by fraudsters. Hence, either withdraw or transfer to new EPF.
          2) You get interest up to 3 years from the last contribution.
          3) No, you get it back.

          1. Could you please also confirm if the withdrawal of EPF amount will be tax free in below case:
            I worked in an organisation for 3 years and money was deposited in epf for these 3 years. After that i joined new organisation in which EFP is not provided. I don’t want to withdraw money from EPF and i can wait for it till completion of 5 years. But will it be tax free due to fact that money is not deposited for another 2 years?

            I am aware that interest is not credited after 36 months from last deposit.

  158. hi,

    My previous company working period is 8/1/2007 to 8/10/2007. My relieving date is as per my knowledge as i am abscond now. after requesting them many times they not giving me /telling me the relieving date so if i am going to transfer my pf to new company pf(UAN based) then if i am going to put my relieving date as 8/10/2007 for previous company is this right. i have to fill form 13 to transfer.


  159. Sir, Some daily wages earner /employees refuses to contribute EPF/ not allowed to cut his 12% contribution . Then should employer contribute, employers share?

  160. Sir,
    I Just want to know the rule of pf that if i am working in my current private sector company as a permanent employee till now after completing my age of 60. then what is the rule of Pf deduction/deposition? I supposed to say Current Company Continuing my Pf deduct/deposit in Pf office as before the age of 60 or is there any special rule/Condition with this my Current company or Pf Office.
    And Please tell me also the necessary thing behind this so that employer not misguided and cheated me?

    Waiting for your favorable detailed reply…

      1. Ok Sir Means PF Office has no Objection to deposit the pf by company after the age of 60 years if i will work in the same company as permanent.

        Simply sir i just want to know that after the age 0f 60 years what is the rule of PF, is it continuing or stopped?
        because when i checked my on line pf status it was not showing before 8 months. so i am not understanding that company is not depositing pf or any issue in pf office side according to their standard rule.

        so please tell how came to i know the reality as company is not giving right information regarding this.

  161. Dear Sir.

    Please help me to check following calculation.

    Basic – 11550
    HRA – 4620
    Conv – 1200
    Bonus + Alwn – 1000
    Pf – 2772
    Total – 21142

    Is this calculation correct

    1. Arjub-Your EPF contribution is 24% of Basic. This I feel involve both Employee and Employer contribution. If it is in your salary slip then it is wrong. However, if it is in CTC, then no issues.

  162. DEAR SIR,

  163. Dear Sir,
    I worked in a public limited company in vadodara from 1995 to 1997 . That time the company deducted PF amount from my salary and later the company was closed. So I came back to my native place and in course of time I forgot my PF account Number. After that one or two times I went to PF office but due to this account number problem no response from the staff. But recently I come to know that india government is giving back the non-received amount to old employees. Kindly advise me what I have to do for getting the amount. God Bless You.

  164. Hello Sir,

    My name is Abhijeet Shrivastava..I was joined organization on February 13, 2013 and December 1st is my last day in ,y company. I am going to start my own business, I have already filled PF closure form.. May I know how long will it take to get money in my personal bank account ?? Thanks in advance

  165. HI

    My name shravan kuamr

    I worked in an organization from fast two years (2013 to till now) they allotted pf account to me and its updated UAN now the problem is that organization is becomes division of other company (in sep 2015) again allotted pf number now i got new opportunity in other company and completed my notice period also so advise me for withdrawing pf

    thanks in advance

      1. Dear basavaraj

        Thanks for giving replay

        it means i will transfer old to new then i will withdraw from new one but the new one pf account allotted 3 months back only and i am going to join new company next month first week so please advise me for withdrawal my pf

              1. Hi,

                I am serving my notice period in my company my question is If i am not available in India in next few moths can anyone on my behalf like my father who is a nominee can withdraw the money ?

              2. Thanks for replay

                I joined in new company now can i go withdrawl after two months instead of transfer

              3. Dear basavaraj

                Thanks for your replay

                I transfered my old pf account into new pf account in end november but nothing replay from them and in general how many days will take for transfer

                thanks in advance

                P.Shravan kumar

  166. Dear Sir,
    The Labour Contractor is on Contract with us he is not our Employee & even Labours are contract labours…so how these applies to them..and it happens several times that the laobour goes away in 3 to 4 days even…So how shall we pay his share..I have heard that the act applies only to permanant workmen..Please clarify..

  167. Dear Sir,

    Please confirm..i was joined company on 6th July’15 and today 23rd Nov’15 i given resignation and serving notice period of 45 days.. Now question is how i can withdraw my PF from my company…

  168. Hi please help me out i had submitted my pf withdrawal to my previous company who were able to submit it in march this year now when i check the status by sms i see my EE and ER is as on 25-05-15 (accounts updated on 31-03-15) what does that mean and when will the amount be debited as till now it has not been debited …please let me know if u know anything in this reagrds

  169. Sir,
    I am running a small construction company as a proprietor.
    1) Does the Act apply for temporary labours who are never permanant with us because they themselves leave us at any point of time without intimating us.
    2)Does the Act apply for Labour Contractor who works with us only for a particular work for 1 or 2 months and go elsewhere wherever they get work. Plus the labours hiered by him are also temporary kind of changing every now and then.
    2) I am a Registered Contractor with Military Engineer Services Department. The EPF Act doesnt apply on me, as my firm has only 2 to 3 permanant employees as a storkeeper and supervisor. But the MES department as per the new ruling has asked for EPF number from now and on not providing so will reject us from technical Bid. So in that case I will have to apply on Voluntary Basis. And if I am opting for Voluntary Number Can i still opt for Not deducting PF of my employees as it is below 20 only.

      1. Dear Sir,
        The Labour Contractor is on Contract with us he is not our Employee & even Labours are contract labours…so how these applies to them..and it happens several times that the laobour goes away in 3 to 4 days even…So how shall we pay his share..I have heard that the act applies only to permanant workmen..Please clarify..

  170. respected sir, please advice can i pay epf without any job. am working as teacher at home.(tutions)

  171. I am working an organization and my salary is 16000 in hand, and i don’t want to deduct PF from my salary is it porssible ? if company deduct PF so how much time will take to provide Universal PF account no. and one more thing that how can i know that company has registerd or not in PF account if is not registerd so can they deduct pf ammount?

      1. i am new employee in this organization, also i don’t have any EPF Account till now.
        As i know company is not registered in any EPF, but they are deducting EPF from my salary from last 5 months and still i did not get any EPF account.

        Please advise sir..

    1. Hello Sir,
      Mmy joing data is 2 july 2015 and my salary 16000 in hand, and i don’t want to deduct PF from my salary. if salary more then 15000 so PF is mendetory or not

  172. Hi Sir,

    i am working with an organization , and my salary is 16000, so can i stop my pf deduction,
    and if company deduct PF so how many time will take get PF account, kindly reply

  173. Dear Sir ,
    I am gaurav I send my pf claim form to my employer through courier ., they said they send my form to pf office on 2 nov 2015 . How much time it will take to amount get credited in my account.

      1. Sir its showing ( No record Found) on claim status , normally what is the time period for it after claim

  174. I just want to know that can an employee deduct PF from two different organisation working at the same time period ? Is it legal?

  175. Dear Sir,

    Can an employer suddenly stop deducting and depositing PF contribution for one particular month and there after follow the normal way of deduction and deposit PF. In that case how the employees shall be affected at present and in future.

    Thanks & regards

  176. I wish to know whether persons above the age of 60 years are eligible for PF.
    Please let me know.Thanks.

  177. Hi U have applied for PF advance withdrawal for plot purchase after registering the document on my name. My request got rejected with the update that i can not apply this after purchasing the plot.

    IS there any possibility to get advance after purchasing the plot..

  178. Dear Sir, I have a query regarding EPF discontinuation. My basic salary limit is now more than the EPF limit. How can I discontinue EPF contribution? I don’t want to continue EPF. EPF contributions is a very big burden to me. What should I do for that?

  179. Sir…what if someone is above 50 yrs. age and receiving reduced pension…is it mandatory for him to pay pf or he can opt out?

  180. one of my employee is already working in one place in morning shift and is having EPF and ESI nos. He has joined our company for evening shift in October 2015. Should we also issue him EPF & ESI nos. for contribution. Some people are telling that having tow epf and esi nos. is illegal. Whether it is right or not? Please let me know that whether he can continue and whether he has to leave one job?

    1. Manjinder-I never came across any such guidance from EPFO that one must work only in one company at any point of time. Hence, why can’t you check the same with regional EPFO?

  181. Hello sir… I’ve recently joined a new company.. I need a certificate of coverage from this new company which will include the PF number.. This certificate is required for a Visa processing and it’s little emergency…so this new company have to create a new PF account number for me..can they create immediately well before the salary date? Or do I have to wait until I get my first salary which will be at the end of this month. Please clarify.. Thanks in advance.

      1. Thanks for your response Sir…. The old PF is with specific to the previous company right? Can they create new PF account for me immediately? Or do I have to wait until the end of this month for my first salary to get credited in the new PF account?

        1. Sir… The old PF account number has the establishment code which is specific to old company.. That’s why need the new PF account number with specific to this new company.. Please advise if it can be created by the company immediately.

  182. sir , my employer starts EPF this month only ( October 2015 ) , is it necessary to pay the arrears of payment (from November 2014 ) , if yes , who has to pay the arrears ? (whether the employee or employer ? ) what is the reduction percentage ?

  183. We have got a new labour contract, which will need 500+ workers. The workers joining us for production are mostly on VRS. They do not want deduction of PF now. Can they opt out. If yes, what declaration we haveto take from them?

  184. Hi,

    I’m a human resource professional, wanting to know if an employee is no longer working with the organisation and is willing to withdraw the PF from his account when can he do that?

    Also if he wants to maintain the account atleast for 3 years as he going to resume work only post 3 years can the account still remain active? and can the UAN number still be shared with the immediate next employer?

    1. Pratiksha-If the employee no longer looking for job then immediately after the exit from current employment, can apply for withdrawal. However, during changing job, withdrawal not allowed. Yes, in case of the gap of less than 3 years, account will be active along with UAN and interest credit. However, after 3 years, they stop to credit interest income.

  185. I have doubt on EPF. Now I’m working in A company. I put a paper in A Company. Relieving date given 1 month in A company. But now I joined B Company before finish my relieve A company. I have doubt. Old EPF and NEw EPF will clash each other. Ist possible to clash between UAN no….

  186. if i changed my company then my PF account will be different in my new company or that will be same like what it was in my previous company.

    1. Kumar-You have to inform your new employer that to continue the same old EPF and request for online transfer. Otherwise, if you have UAN then provide the same to your new employer. The same old EPF will continue.

  187. Hi Basu
    Could you throw some light on section 12 of PF Act regarding reduction of wages. Could basic salary of pre-amendment exempt employees (who were drawing more than 6500 wages) be reduced to minimum wage for pf contribution September 2014 onwards ? Overall in hand remains the same.

  188. Hi Basu,

    Could a company force an employee to withdraw EPF?

    My cousin left her job and she has not joined any other firm. The current firm is asking her to withdraw or transfer her EPF within 2 months of last working day. She is getting married and would be taking a break before starting to work again. Her total work ex is less than 5 years and I believe in case she withdraws her EPF now she will have to pay taxes for withdrawing the amount before 5 years.

    The firm has refused to initiate her full and final settlement in case she does not sign the EPF form?

    I need your views regarding this. Thanks

    1. Jimmy-They can’t force. But it is better to take action. It is not obligatory for employee to withdraw when he/she leave the job and there is no such rule that employer can force them to do so.

      1. Hi Basu Thanks for the reply. By action do you mean she should send some Legal notice or does she need to file a complaint with the EPFO.

        Let me know what would be a better?

  189. sir my company code : cslm 90632 last one year not paid to epf office no action in epf office totally not paid in epf & esi please help

  190. one of my employee is working in two places in two shifts and he is having two EPF and ESI nos. and contributing in two places also. Some people are telling that having tow epf and esi nos. is illegal. Whether it is right or not? Please let me know that whether he can continue and whether he has to leave one job?

  191. Is it true that any employee who was not a part of pf scheme earlier can be exempted from PF deduction even if his Basic+DA is below Rs 15000/-

  192. Hi,

    My company is not registered with PF. Our strength crossed 20 Employee in March 2015 only. What will be if I will register for PF now. Will I need to pay for PF from March Onwards to all Employee or active employee only and how much fine i will have to Pay

  193. sir, is there any percentage of allowances are there & if a company is giving basic salary is Rs 6500 & conyence allowance is Rs 6000 & hous rent allowance is Rs 6000 and it is right or wrong pl reply

  194. Hi

    I have applied for a PF Transfer from my previous employer to current account. My previous employer had a Private Trust hence they have sent a cheque to PF office for transfer. It has been two months since they sent this cheque. How ever the mount is not yet credited in my PF account. Please let me know what can be done from my end. I raised a EPFO grievance and a reply that they have received the cheque. It has been a month even now since I got this response from EPFO grievience. What else can I do to get the amount credited in my PF account.

    1. Satish-From where you come to know that you have not received the money in your EPF? If through passbook, then wait for a while to update the passbook. What is the transfer status showing?

      1. Since this is from a Trust, I cannot track the status anywhere?
        So you mean to say it will take some time before I see the amount updates in passbook? If so how long it might take.
        EPFO grievance department says they received the cheque and same will be credited in my account

        This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number ROBGL/E/2015/xxxxx.
        It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
        An amount of Rs.XXXX/- vide cheque no:XXXX/- dt:31/08/15 is under reconcilation.Once the amount is reconciled it will be taken in to account.

          1. Actually That was the final state for resolution.
            Do you mean I will get one more update from EPFO grievance cell ?

  195. Sir, my father did not transfer his epf account when he switched jobs 2 and a half years ago. He has recently applied for epf transfer. Is he still entitled for the interest?

  196. Sir, my father did not transfer his epf account when he switched jobs 2 and a half years ago. He has recently applied for epf transfer. Is he still entitled for the interest on the old account?

  197. Hi,

    I have left my organization 3.5 months back, and submitted withdrawal form with PF department of the organization when I left.
    They haven’t still haven’t submitted the documents for withdrawal to EPF office.

    I have 2 queries:
    1) Will I get interest on my EPF account, if yes till when.
    2) Can the submission be made directly by me now, as I’m unable to get any satisfactory reply from my earlier employer.

  198. Sir, in our firm, I have some employees whose salary is 16000 and we are making their EPF contribution on Rs 15000. But now the employees wish to opt out of EPF contribution as they are unable to meet their expenses. So, i wish to know that is it possible to stop their contribution as their salary is more than Rs 15000 and what are the required procedures? Waiting for your guidance. Thank you.

  199. after my employer has suffled our pay my pf deduction has become less than what i was getting previously what should be done and under which rule Is it possible

    1. DEAR SIR,

      1. Dhananjay-To avoid overpaying after the changes in EPF rules, they simply restructured your salary and might reduced the Basic+DA. This saves their own pocket in equal contribution from their end to your EPF account. It is more of a tactic, they are simply saying an untruth.

  200. One of my friend’s PF amount is wrongly debited in different account. what should he do to recover that amount?

  201. Hello Sir,

    I have recently shifted to a new startup which doesn’t have pf contribution. My previous organisation being a big company had pf contribution. Can i maintain the pf account now and deposit money on my behalf (no contribution from employer) and claim this for tax returns.

    Please guide

  202. We are doing job work to a big company in separate premises and not registered with PF. Are we liable for PF deductions by our customer even if we are having only 12 employees at our works.

  203. Hi Basu
    I started working in India in Sep2011. I changed job in Jan’13 when my PF also got transferred. I have now got a job abroad and will be moving in another 3 or 4 months. Should I leave my PF as is or withdraw it? Can I withdraw after Sep’16 to avoid tax, even if I’m not residing in India? Thanks in advance for your advice!

    1. Aditi-Even if you withdraw after 10 years, you can’t avoid tax. Because they count the years based on how long the contribution done rather than how long you waited. Hence, better to withdraw now itself. Unclaimed EPF accounts are target of misuse.

  204. Hi Sir,

    we have a new joinee and his basic is Rs. 22,000/- . We have received a request from him to deduct his monthly PF contribution on Rs.15,000 (The increased limit) and he has justified his request with the fact that his previous employer was also deducting on Rs.15000/- though his basic was Rs.17000/-. We would like to know, is there any such option available under Provident Fund rules ?



  205. Dear Sir,we have a company on which we are depositing PF of our employee from last 3-4 year, now there is no any work & workers from last 2 months and now there is no any work in our company. now what are our obligation regarding PF department ?

  206. I worked in a company from March 2014 to September 2014 (7 months) and join new company from October 2014 to July 2015. Now I am self employed. My question is can I withdraw the pf amount only from 2nd company? Pls. advise me.

      1. Hi,

        i had been working with present company for 3.5 years and now joining a start up with less then 20 employees and they dont have EPF scheme. Is there a way i can still don’t withdrawal EPF amount and taxation can be avoided or any other work around?

      2. Sir, my 1st company is closed and I dont know my epf account no. Therefore I want to withdraw my 2nd company’s epf amount. Can I do it?

  207. Sir,

    I have worked 8.5 years for company and they have deducted PF. But they haven’t paid PF from last 2 years to PF organization. Now I changed my job and I want to transfer my PF account. I have UAN number.

    1) If I transferred PF to new company, when my old company pay the pf will that amount add to my PF account even I transferred.
    2) If I wait till my old company pay the PF, I am losing interest on PF amount from new company also?
    3) Can I go with transfer my pf account or should I wait till my old company pay the full amount
    4) The interest on amount which we are losing any way to know that and recover?


    1. Suresh-First raise the complaint with EPFO about not depositing the amount by your employer. EPFO will raise the case against them. Once it is resolved then only better to apply for transfer.

  208. Dear Basavaraj,

    I need some clarification on PF.

    1. My company deducting a certain amount of money from my salary, which can be seen in my pay slip as PF. And they also deduct the same amount of money from salary without showing it in pay slip. Is it right? They told you will get all your amount in the EPF account.

    2. If it is not right what should be my legal approach to them.

  209. Hi Basavaraj,
    I was with my previous employer for 4 yrs and 8 months and my total industry experience is 8 yrs in 4 companies(including current employer). I transferred the 2 and 3 company’s PF to my current company and I checked the passbook. I do not have any concern about the employee contribution and employer contribution amount. However, the pension contribution shows as 0. Why the pension amount has not been transferred to my current account ?

  210. Hi Basavaraj,

    I worked for a IT Co. for 4 years & 3 months from Jul-2010 To Sept-2014. There i was deducting my EPF. Then I have joined other Co. in Dec-2014 there i was not deducting my EPF. Now I want start my EPF deduction can I start now ?

    Also pl let me know If i withdraw my EPF whether TDS is applicable or not and withdrawal amount is taxable or not ?

    Thanks in advance.

  211. Hi,

    I changed the organisation in jan 2015 and i transferd the PF amount to my new Organisation, and due to some reason i am changing the organisation and can i do the transfer to other organisation which i am going to join in the month of Oct 2015.

    Is it possible to transfer the PF account 2 times in a year to different organization. Please do need full and let me know if you need any additional details kindly give me the suggestion.

  212. Hi,

    I worked for 3 years 10 months with my previous organisation which is part of Unexempted for both PF &
    Pension scheme. Later I changed my job where its PF is with Trust(exempted) and Pension is with Unexempted. So, can I withdraw my previous organisation PF amount? Is that legal or illegal?

  213. Hi,

    I had worked with an organization for about 7 years and came to know that it had not deposited the amount in PF for about 16 months. Now when I moved to another organization, I wanted to withdraw the PF amount present as I was in need of urgent money. I did that successfully in JAN 2015

    My employer now says he would be depositing money in my account. Can I re-withdraw that amount OR i can ask him to directly send it to me. I just want to know the legal aspect so that I get the amount hassle free.

    Thanks and awaiting for your answer

  214. Hello Sir,

    Previously I worked in an company which are having 100+ employees . I also had pf account and amount deducted from my salary. Now I switched my job, In new organisation we have less than 20 employees and pf amount is not deducting and they didn’t take my pf details.

    My questions are
    1) If I am not paying pf amount for upcoming 1 year, whether that account will become suspend or not ?
    2) Can I continue with same pf account number , If I switch company in next year ?

    Sorry for my poor english


    1. Shaik-1) It will not be suspended. Interest will be payable up to 3 years from the last contribution. Later on they not give any interest. Hence, don’t keep the account idle for long.
      2) Yes.

  215. Hi Basavraj,
    I applied for PF withdrawal, but I received following from my company PF Settlement Team, does that mean I will not be able to withdraw my PF if I am working with other establishment.

    “I hereby certify that the above facts furnished are true in all respects. I understand that according to the Provisions of the THE EMPLOYEES’ PROVIDENT FUNDS AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS ACT, 1952 act, it is illegal to apply for withdrawal of PF and Pension while in service with an establishment covered under PF Act. In the event of violation to the above condition, Govt. PF authority is liable to take any action”

    Please suggest!


  216. Hello Sir,

    I would be working 2 jobs and both jobs shall involve PF deductions being done on a monthly basis. I have been assigned a UAN by my current employer which i would be sharing with the new employer as well.

    My questions:
    1. Can an employer get to know or can see online, the other employer’s active PF accounts under my UAN? If yes, is there a way to avoid employers sneaking into other active accounts which aren’t related to them?

    2. Could having multiple active PF accounts under the UAN be a cause of concern from other employers or the Income Tax Dept. ?

    Thank you.

    1. Harsh-I think yes, your employer can track the contribution using UAN. You can’t avoid it. But it will not be any concern as there is no such rule which states that an employee must work with only one employer.

  217. Hi

    if any one has two PF accounts running with two different companies (one is full time another one is part time ), how was the rule and it is possible to transfer the money his bank accounts?

    1. Sakthi-There is no such rule from EPFO that one must only work with a single company. But instead of having two EPF accounts, he can share the same with two employers and manage in one only (especially after UAN).

  218. dear sir,

    my company is registered under pf but i don’t want to join pf as my income is hardly enough for my household expenditure.Is there any way that i can be exempted from pf contribution deduction?


  219. Hi Sir,
    I have a questions regarding EPF. While filling Form 11,can I afford to leave the previous EPF memebr ID section blank if I do not remember the details of the same?

      1. An employee having 2 PF account number from different companies. Actually he is working as Field Associate in 1st Company, it’s timing 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and Cashier in 2nd Company, it’s timing 11.00 pm to 6.00 am. He gets salary from 1st company is Rs.8000/- and 2nd Company is Rs.12000/-

        Both the employer has deduct PF from his salary.

        Please let me know if both the accounts would be valid in this case and will he get pension from both the PF Accounts.

          1. Valid in the sense, will the employee get 2 pensions.

            And will the employers know that the employee has 2 PF active accounts.

  220. Hi Sir,

    Pl provide with suggestion in the following situation:

    An employee X is woking in a company and covered under PF laws. If his salary is increased beyond the pescribed limit, the company is supposed to continue depositing the PF. But the company went through a formality of resignation. And again made him re-join after a short period of time. In between he was not employed elsewhere. Should PF be withdrawn in such case or shall it remain applicable as normal.

    Kindly provide with the reference to any such rule/ notifications/ case laws in such regards, if possible.

    Thank you!

    1. Sumitra-Illegal activity from both employer and employee side. Both want to stay away from EPF. But sad part is, employee will be in loss at end, which I think he will understand at later stage. He can withdraw EPF only in case he is not in job for continues 2 months.

      1. Can an employee have 2 PF account numbers with 2 different companies, and let both companies not know of the each other companies PF number.

          1. yes, working in the company from 6 to 3 in one company and 5 to 1 in another company, so he will get 2 salaries after deduction of PF from both the companies.

            So will he get 2 pensions
            Will the employers not know that he has two PF account numbers
            I mean can one PAN have 2 active PF numbers.

            1. Sylvia-When it comes to EPS, he will get only one (combined). No, employers will not get the other EPF account information. But if UAN is allocated to employee, then YES. There is no restrictions from IT Department regarding having number of EPF accounts from single PAN.

  221. Sir, during my previous job in 2011, I had informed my employer that I would opt of EPF. I left that job in 2011 itself, since then I havent worked anywhere else, and I am studying. So in future, whenever I join any job, do I have an option to join EPF, or I am out of it permanently?
    My in hand salary in 2011 was Rs.13,300/- per month.

    1. Rajat-when you rejoin and the company falls under the EPF then definitely you will be member of that and you can quote the same EPF to continue. But keeping idle of your EPF account for more than 3 years will not earn any interest. Hence, if you don’t have any plan to join job soon, then I suggest to withdraw it.

      1. Sir,
        I erred, while enquiring, actually I opted out of EPF, I had informed my employer that I wouldn’t like to contribute for EPF, so currently I donot have an EPF account.
        So in future, whenever I join any job, do I have an option to join EPF, or I am out of it permanently?

  222. Dear Sir,

    I recently started a private security agency in Pune. Can I open an Employer PF account before my employee strength reaches 20+? I need this registration asap. Is there a way out or do I have to wait till the strength reaches 20?

  223. We are working in a B school registered under Societies Act. I am an assistant professor. our EPF is being deducted as 12% of 15000. I just want to understand which category do we fall in if pf is being deducted right from the beginning when our Basic+ DA was more than 15000/ 6500. Exempted, excluded or voluntary. Further, is it possible that in the same establishment some are contributing 12% of Basic+DA and some 12% of 15000 only

    1. Nidhi-When you and your employer both contributing 12% of your salary means it is a typical EPF but not the names you mentioned. I am not sure how your employer following different set of rules. Please check with them only.

  224. sir
    i have a firm that enlisted epf & hv a PF REGISTRATION NO.
    But my firm is not ruuning now.
    i have not deducting any pf from employee.
    what is to do for surrender my PF REG. NO?

  225. Sir, i m a public sector bank employee, when i joined in 2013, i didn’t fill epf form and later i was never asked to fill it, also my pf was never deducted, i withdraw my whole salary, my salary is more than 15000, is it legal to continue as it is without getting the pf deducted.

      1. Dear sir

        your said that is legal. Then the employee doesn’t have choice to get deducted PF deductions in his life time employment with that organization ?

        kindly Clarify my doubt. Thank you

  226. Hello

    I wanted to to know regarding my PF. Earlier my basic was 10200, hence i was lying under PF bracket and had to open my PF account. But now my basic has increased to 15400, So now can i close my PF account as i am not in the minimum bracket of opening PF account i.e. 15000?

    1. Saransh-You salary increased in middle of service but not at the beginning of itself. Hence, once you joined as member then you no longer opt out. You have to continue (even if your salary increased more than Rs.15,000).

  227. I’ve resigned from ROLI BOOKS, New Delhi on 9th May and submitted my PF withdrawal and Pension compliances but still no updates received from my past employer regarding the submission of the same in PF office, what am I to do, also need to know my current PF balance.

  228. sir, i want to know, a employer deduct 12% of employee basic of maximum wages — Rs-…….?

  229. I transferred my PF account from Employer 1 to Employer 2 when I moved companies. I had worked at Employer 1 for two years and at Employer 2 for four years. When issuing a cheque for my PF withdrawal request, Employer 2 erroneously deducted tax, since they forgot to check that the account had been funded for more than 5 years. Now, they are asking me to claim the excess tax in my return.

    The problem is that I do not reside in India, do not have any income here and hence, do not file a tax return. What other options are available to me? Is the company liable in this case to give me the tax amount, since they made the mistake? Please advise. Thank you.

  230. Dear Sir,

    I have few Questions :-

    1.) I have registered my establishment on 12th may, so is it mandatory to start deducting PF from may month salary also?
    2.)When an employee has PF account in previous company and current company does not have PF account then what should he do ? Because as you said withdrawing in service is illegal.

  231. Hi. PF started getting cut from my salary 3-4 months back. My CTC is Rs. 16,000. I think my employer is deducting PF from my salary itself. As per your website, that is illegal. I am giving below, my salary break-up. Can you please tell me if my employer is right in doing this…: (figures are per month)

    Basic Salary 7547
    HRA 3019
    Medical 1250
    Conveyance 1600
    Special Allowance 1678
    GROSS SALARY 15,094 (A)

    Co.’s contribution to PF (12% of Basic) 906 (B)
    Cost to Company (CTC) 16,000 (A+ B)

    Professional Tax 150
    PF Contribution of Employee 906

    NET PAY: 14,038

    Awaiting your reply

  232. My basic + DA is 4800p.m while joining in a company so am compulsorily comes under PF act. from 1st nov 2014 onwards am getting Basic+DA 16500. now my question is in what amount pf should be deducted i.e 6500 or 15000 or 16500. kindly reply me soon

  233. Hi,
    I run a firm that is just about crossing the threshold of 20 people. None of my employees has a salary less than Rs. 15000. Is it mandatory for my firm to register with EPFO?
    (a) If no employee is interested in PF
    (b) If some employees are interested in PF on a voluntary basis

  234. Sir,

    Many people are of view that once PF member then he is member for life time & cannot opt out, but not this rule in getting in Pf act, is it true?

    If employee whose salary is above Rs 15000 was already PF member in previous company, now he wants to opt out of PF in new company , can he do so?

    If yes he can opt out, then what formalities should be followed by new company, what employee should mention in Pf form 11?

    Please help as I am facing problem as I have to reply employer as well as employee.

    1. Sushma-Your first doubt is not clear to me. Can you elaborate more? While joining new company, he can opt out of EPF. Contact your new employer regarding the procedure.

  235. Sir, I have a query regarding EPF, My query is we are in construction business, Doing construction contract in a company and we have 20 permanent labours and more than 30 temprovery labours, the problem with the temprovery labours is that in everyday they change, like 1 labour will work one day and someother labour will join in the next day, so the same labour wont be working continually, Thus suggest me in this regard how can I complay with the EPF rules.

    Because of this non complaince of the EPF rules on temprovery labours the company withholding our payments, if we try to follow rules then we have to register every labour to EPF. So please give your valuable advice in this regards,

    Thanks in advance.

  236. Hi Sir,

    I am working as a Payroll Executive in Bangalore. One of my client is registered with under EPF in the month of January 2015 and now few of the employees want to opt out form the EPF contribution. Can they do so? If so then which form to be submit to PF Department? Please let me know if any other documents need to submit.

    Thanks in advance.

    Vinuta Patil

  237. Hi,
    I work in MNC, my salary is approx. 55000/- p.m, it has been divided into different segments which includes basic, HRA,conveyance allowance & fix special allowance. b

    My basic is 23000/-.
    Am I entitled to get employer’s contribution on basic only or on complete salary?

  238. Sir, My company has 23 employees in 5 different locations in 2 states. Salaries will be above and below 15,000 with majority being around Rs. 10,000 per month. Is the company eligible to enrol into EPF? They were told that they need not as they are in mulitple locations…!

  239. Sir,
    I have been with an Engineering College for 4 years and had my contribution in EPF through that Institution.Now I had joined a new Engineering College where there is no concept of EPF for Teaching Faculty members.
    I found that after 3 years my EPF account becomes Inoperative. I would like to transfer my PF account. But how could I do if there is no habit of EPF in this new college. Few even say that I would lose my job if I insist on opening a EPF account for me.
    Please suggest me the ways or means by which I can attract the employer to help me out, such as explaining the benefits for Employer if implementing EPF.

      1. Sir, That is true. It has got an employee count of more than 350. But everyone gets a salary with basic pay more than 15000, but HRA, DA is so adjusted that the pay is very less. AICTE is being misguided during inspection. With 7 years of experience I possess am recruited and deputed as Assistant Professor with a consolidated pay of 33000 and the basic pay itself is 33000. So they have indirectly insisted that am not eligible for EPF. But I have also understood that once I become a member of EPF, I cannot be neglected of having PF contributions anywhere. But I would be only forced to leave the Institution if I insist on having EPF account opened in this new workplace.
        I don’t know what and all has to be verified about an employer before joining the new job. Totally fed up about the country and its policies, loop holes, lethargy about concerned departments. I could not fight against big money bag employers, bureaucrats, government to resolve all these public issues.

        1. Hello everyone… I am having a very similar problem like that of suseel Jai Krishnan.
          I served as teacher in a reputed institution with EPF facility..
          Recently joined another institute where EPF is given to those with basic salary lesser than 15000.
          My current employer says that i can not be included in their PF scheme on the basis of salary given to me.
          PF rules say that an existing PF member can not withdraw PF amount upon joining another company which is registered with EPF scheme.
          So neither i can withdraw my EPF nor i can continue my EPF.
          By Law current employer must include existing PF member in their PF scheme irrespective of basic salary given
          If i take this legally probably i may get EPF for few months … then the employer might show me the way out for one reason or the other.
          Our laws are very peculiar that they always put the one in suffering into more suffering..
          One who joins a good private company stays long with the company and upon 5 years of continuous EPF contribution by the company he attains a situation that at sometime later when he quits the job he can withdraw EPF without any tax.
          Unfortunately if a person can not settle in any job continuously, switches job at regular intervals due to difficult working conditions or health problems , then EPF account may not be continuous and may end up with a situation to pay tax for withdrawal of EPF

  240. hii sir

    I need to know
    a) if an employee has got a salary hike from 10,000 to 20,000 then can he withdraw his membership from PF?
    if the salary hike is within the company and
    if the salary hike s between the 2 companies

    b) if an employee has joined on 26th of the month and he s given a 5 day salary where pf wld b reduced. but the employee doesnt want a PF rdn.. so wat s to b done according to the law.

    plz help me ….

    1. Priya-If he is already a member then he can’t stay away. However, while changing job in a new company, you can opt to be out. Employers deduct the EPF, if it is within a law.

  241. my salary is 16000 above i am working under private company they take my Pf contribution and company contribution in my salary. so i want to stop my PF contribution can any one help me pls.

  242. Dear Sir
    I worked with a company for a year and then resigned. Its been a year now and still i dint collected my PF amount from that company. I want to know is there any time limit like after this many years you cant apply for PF?

      1. sir my employer dint give me pf num but they have deducted for 7 months…now I have quit company if I ask for deduction amount they are straight away telling it cant be given…wat do I do pls reply on [email protected]

  243. sir i am working in state govt. Himachal Pradesh on outsource contract basis .my salary is more then 15000.But I have not EPF Account can i start EPF Scheme. I want to open My EPF Account .So Please solve my problem how can open .


    Er. Praveen Sharma

      1. sir other employee have EPF account Because they earn less then 15000. and they are same outsource employee

  244. Dear Sir,

    My previous organization has mention that as per PF ACT, PF amount can be withdrawn only under the following situations:

    1) Not working in any organization in the near future.
    2) Working in an organization where the PF act is not applicable.
    3) Going abroad to work once resign.

    Is this true can i withdraw my PF amount for my personal reasons.

  245. ” Sir,
    If am resigning after my 5 year service (am 29 year old) and requesting for EPF withdrawal, what about the 8.33% of deducted EPS amount?

  246. Hello Sir,

    My Current Salary is 8000 and in my salary slip pf amount show as 1588 (744+844) but in actually in my epf account amount added per month is 1488, i don’t know why my efp account in added amount 100 Rs less.

    When i task with my accountant in my office she was telling me you get all your amount (like per month 1588 + intrest)when you withdrawal, this is right or wrong?

    please give me answer

    1. Akshay-It is purely wrong information. When they are deducting Rs.1,588 then it must reflect in your EPF account too. Whether she give this Rs.100 PM from her own pocket? I think something they are hiding.

  247. Hello sir,
    I am working in an institution where most of the employees are covered under EPF Scheme.I joined the institution in Nov 2010 and my salary was Rs 8000/-(fixed)at that time and application for PF deduction was turned down citing the reason that “employees having pay more than Rs 6500/- are not eligible for management share of PF” and in 2014 my pay got increased to Rs 15200/- in June 2014 consequent on appointment on permanent post.Since the basic plus DA is more than Rs 15000/- the management refused to enroll me in PF scheme.Is there any way to get an EPF account opened with management share and own share?please enlighten me in this regard.

  248. Sir,

    I was working in a company basef in Mumbai since 02.01.2003. I was posted in Kolkata.My PF A/C is in Mumbai. suddenly my co closed the operation from May’2014. I have sent PF withdrawal form duly signed by me to co. to forward the same to respective deparment for further action. But still I have not received the PF amount.From reliable source I came to know that my co. has not deposited PF contribution after 31.03.2013. Please guide me where to complain.

      1. hi I changed my job. I would like to withdraw the previous PF, will get caught?

        previous pf office is in chennai and now am working in banglore
        current company has new pf account?
        is it okay if i withdraw the previous pf?

  249. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have a query on UAN. My UAN was generated by my previous employer and that was linked by the employer. It has been activated by me. I have changed the company now, and I provided the form 11 when I joined. I am not able to see the present employer passbook, instead it still shows the previous company passbook, and also in “Choose Your Current Member Id:” dropdown it only lists the previous employer member Id. How can I get my present member id linked and view the present employer passbook ?

  250. Dear sir,

    Grateful if you can share in which conditions, an employee has an option to opt out of PF. Below are a couple of scenarios:

    A. A person is a fresher and joins a company at a salary more than 15k. The organisation he is joining deducts PF for employees. Can this person opt out?

    B. After a break, the person has withdrawn all his PF monies deducted during his previous employment. Now he is joining an organisation (salary>15k) which is a member and deducts PF for employees. Can this person opt out?

    C. Is it allowed for a company to have both kinds of employees – some having PF deductions and others who have opted out at the time of joining?


    1. Gaurav-A) Initially the person can opt out but not in the middle. B) He can discontinue. But he can’t withdraw the EPF as you are not out of job but in the job. C) Yes, it is possible.


  252. Hi basavaraj,
    I was with a company from may 2007 to oct 2009. I had submitted form 19 and from 10C for withdrawal. Form 19 is approved and I have received the amount, but the form 10C status is still under process. Do I need to contact EPF office for the same or it would take some time for them to approve the 10C ?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        The form 10C also gor approved and I received the payment. It usually takes 3-4 days to get processed.

  253. I need to know – Any establishment which employs less than 20 employees (say 15 employees) and some employees (say 6 employees) getting basic salary of Rs. 6000 per month than that company/employees also need to open PF account because I believe establishment which employs less than 20 employees don’t need to open PF accounts of employee but in this case some employee getting basic salary less than 6500. Please suggest.

  254. If basic salary is more than 15800 in.april month in 2015 then may i apply for pf or not

  255. Hi,

    current I am in service but I have left my previous company 3 years ago. I have yet completed the PF transfer process.

    1. Do I continue to earn interest in my previous inactive PF account ?
    2. What the max period I will continue to earn interest in my previous account ?
    3. Do I get interest of past years once I transfer the amount from inactive account to the active account?
    4. Do I need to initiate different transfer process for PF amount and Pension amount

    Awaiting your response.

    Many Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your quick response. This is helpful.

      The account is classified as inoperative account only after 36 months. Is that understanding right ? For my account I still have 1 more month left.

      For my question 4 could you please help.

  256. Hi

    I worked for a company from 2011 to 2013 and then i shifted to a new company in 2013.But till now i did not transferred or withdrawn my PF from old company.Is it possible to apply and get the PF amount now(not transferring to current account,I would like to get the money from the PF account).

    Thank you

  257. Hi Sir,
    I have 1 question. I was working in Pvt. Ltd. Company. Now i m working in MNC company. I just want to know how to get the UAN Number?
    And how much time should i wait to deposite the pf amount after submitting a form in the company?
    My previous company is saying as per new rules after 6 months you can apply for withdrawn pf amount.
    Pls let me know. Is it correct?
    Thanks in advance.

  258. Actually I was working in an organization b4 3years I fail to reimburse my PF is it possible to get the amount now which they deduct from my salary 3years before

  259. We have 3 branches in India, all together, there are 25 staffs are there.

    On last year, we approached to PF office at Calicut, and they informed there will be a norm, PF will be applicable only those organisation have more than 20 employee in an office.

    Kindly inform, in our case, PF is applicable or not?

    If a person salary (BP) is more than Rs. 15000/-, can they included in the PF scheme?

    Awaiting for your reply?

  260. If company have deduct 24% p.f. from salary, n telling or showing on salary slip are 12deduction on.
    Is it right..?

  261. Hello, Please clarify that if a person goes on an extended leave for around 7-8 weeks, and is in loss of pay for whole or a part of the period, will the PF be deducted for that time.


  262. Hi, I am contributed the VPF same like PF 12%. but I wish to contribute the VPF more than 12%. so, shall I do the same.

  263. Dear sir,
    I have been deducting my pf from last 3 years, can you tell me how can I withdraw my amount,what is the apply procedure?

  264. Dear sir,
    My basic salary is 12937/-. My PF deduction is 12% i.e. 1552/- But my company is contributing only 474/-. Can i know the details regarding PF. What should be the actual contribution of company.

  265. If a Co does not have the EPF facility for their employees, are they still liable to pay some minimum balance to EPFO for maintaining the account. If yes then how much?

  266. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    My CTC is 25000 per month, my basic is 10000, my employer deducts my PF contribution as 1200 and employers contribution as 1200 also from my salary. after deducting 208 for medical i get 21559 monthly excluding 10000/12 as yearly bonus.

    So i get 24167-1200-1200-208=21559

    Is this correct and legal… Please do help me and reply ASAP. I would be highly indebted to you

  267. Hello sir…

    I am having 16 years service and still working in the same organization. Till today EPF contributions are being deducting from both employee’s and employer’s side every month. at present my basic + da becomes more than 40k. now what i want to know is
    a) I wish to start VPF from this year ie 2015 financial year. for that what is the procedure and whom I have to met?
    b)Is this VPF contribution will get the benefit of IT 80C exemption.
    c) what is the right time to start VPF in the year 2015.(ie, which month onwards)
    e)is the interest of VPF also compounding every month like EPF.
    d) Up to what % can be recover from employee towards VPF in addition to 12% epf….
    Please reply your valuabel suggestions.

    Thanks in advance..

    Sudhakar. 19.02,2015

  268. My monthly salary is say Rs 30000 and PF contribution is say Rs 2000. This 2000 is deducted in my April salary and I get in hand Rs 28000.But my employer deposits my PF contribution(2000)+ employer share of Rs 2000 , in next month May. Is it allowed as such , to deduct PF contribution from this current month and deposit in the next month?What is the actual rule? If possible, do provide any link where this information is present.

  269. Is it mandatory for a company to give epf contribution? Is it possible to only register and not pay epf contribution?

  270. Hello sir, I am leaving my current organisation with 3 years of experience and this was my first organisation .I am also joining the new organisation but I want to withdraw my pf from priveous organisation rather than transfer to new organisation

    According to new rules is that possible can you please answer .
    Thanks in advance.


  271. Hi,
    I have been not working since 11 months and I don’t intend to join any company in the future. I had worked for 17 years before I left the job arnd 11 months back.

    – What happens to my PF Balance?
    – Should I withdraw it?
    – How long can I leave it with EPFO so that I keep getting interest on the balance?
    – What happens to the Pension amount that was deducted from salary as long as I was working?

    1. Srinivasa-You can withdraw it. You get interest up to 3 years from last contribution. After that the account is treated as dormant and will not earn interest. You start to get EPS based on the service conditions.

  272. Sir,
    It it possible for employer to structure the CTC such that employer’s contribution would be more than 12-13%? As this component is not taxable or under 80C, we can get benefit or investment with no income tax liabilities?

  273. sir,
    whether pf contribution is based on only basic and DA or the full salary with any other allowances?
    please help in knowing this sir.

    because my salary is 24000 and it is divided as 8000 basic and 16000 other allowances.
    but it is not mentioned as DA
    what should be my pf contribution?

    whether employer has the right to keep away the employee from EPF scheme for having salary more than 15000

  274. Sir
    I am working in company and I am uploaded our employees KYC details to UAN. while updating member information I wrongly enter the personal details of one employee( DOJ, DOB,Father’s Name) to other employee as sames. How can I correct it. Please guide me sir The kyc details

  275. Please tell me as to how much share of provident fund contributed by the employer will an employee get if he resigns before three months as I resigned the job in 2005

  276. Sir,

    A newly started establishment has reached its headcount to 20, but all employees are drawing their Basic above Rs. 15,000 and none of them had withdrawn their PF accumulations from their previous Companies.

    Can all of them opt out from PF enrollment by submitting Form 11? Since their previous PF Accounts are still active I am not sure whether they can be excluded.

    If they can be excluded, then still the Company needs to get enrolled into PF scheme? Please confirm..

    Thanks in advance..

  277. Currently a portion of my PF contribution goes under pension fund. I am employed with a private sector company since past 9 years and 4 months.

    I learned that if I complete 10 years I will be eligible for pension (locked to the scheme) but I understand that the amount will be very meager.

    Is there a possibility for me to withdraw the pension component now, while I am still continuing with the usual provident fund as well as employment with the same private sector company?


  278. Please advise – once the employee leaves a company , after how much time lapse can he claim his pf? can you guide me on the process ?

  279. Hi,
    I had done my contribution on EPS scheme. I left from company last month. I have done my service for four years. I joined on july 2010. upto sep-2014 i have contribute for 780 from my side and 780 from employer side.
    My question is:
    If i surrender my eps, I will get less money as per table “D”.
    Shall i surrender after 6 years? Am i eligible to get pension after 10 years.

    Right now i am 40 years old. Or i can get after 50 years old.
    Or shall i surrender my eps document (form 19)? which one is best method? whether i have to surrender now or have to do later?

    Please explain me in details


    Kannan Natarajan

    1. My total salary is Rs. 7500/- and my employer deducting PF at 12% on 6500/- and because of funds shortage I want to deduct PF Rs. 120/- instead of Rs. 780/- ?

      Please let me know lower slap of Basic Salary for deducting PF on?

  280. Good morning sir,
    may I ask my doubts about
    1948 Indian factories act (Worker and work experience)
    pl reply.

  281. Hi basavaraj,

    I working in a company since Last 2 years but my company started deducting pf from sep 2014 and because of health issues i have resigned on 2 jan 2015 am i eligible for pf withdrwal?

  282. Hi Sir,

    I am working for a MNC and the Employer contribution is Also deducted from the employer Salary Itself . How Should we take it across the Relevant Authorities . Also the Gratuity Amount is also debited from our Salary Only is it Legal ?
    Kindly Help with the above to questions .

  283. Dear Sir,

    If the employee is covered under Pf Deduction resigns from the job, But re joins the same company after 3 months on a slary of 18000/ per month .Will the Pf Deduction will be applicable on him.

    Kinldy advice

  284. Hi

    I am working in a company since last 10 years. My PF was not being dedcuted starting from DOJ, but now from Sep’14 my employer starts deducting PF saying this is mandatory now for all employee. while i am not willing to dedcut the same. my basic is 15000/-. can i opt not to deduct the PF. what are the procedure for the same. please suggest!!!


  285. Hi,
    I am a member of epfo since last 3 years,i am changing the company and i am looking to opt out of the pf due to huge deduction of pf both employee and employer contribution,my salary is more than 15 k,please let me know whether i can opt out of pf while changing job or not.

  286. Sir,
    the amount that is deducted from my salary for PF is not the same as the amount that is getting deposited in my PF account. I spoke with the competent authorities also regarding the same but i have not got any revert from them. please suggest me how to proceed further regarding the same.

  287. HI Sir,
    I worked in a company for more than 1 year and i left the job but the strange thing is my previous employers who left the job about 3-4 years ago they also didn’t get their pf amount . So where do i complain about ? Just help me out…..

  288. Hii I had a pf account in my last job bt I left d job and withdrew d money frm my pf account….nw m working in an institute since april 2014 nd my salary z above 15000…bt dey askd me to gv an application to avail d pf facility…by tge time I gabe application…d nw rule of pf came due to which my employers are refusing to deduct pf… is dere a possibility to gt a pf account now….?

  289. Respected Sir,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your posts and FAQs about PF, lots of people are getting benefit from them….thank you so much for the effort you are putting to answer people’s query.

    I am working in a BPO from past 5 years and my PF was getting deducted and there was some contribution from my employer also but recently they have informed all employees that there will be a change in PF deduction as per new rule and they will start deducting the PF from December 2014 payout but as rule was changed from Sept 2014 so we will have to pay the difference.

    There was company’s contribution in the PF we already paid but the remaining amount wont have company’s contribution and employees will have to bear it alone. When we asked our HR so they are saying that the company’s contribution is already included in our CTC and from now on wards company will contribute the same amount what they were contributing earlier and whatever amount will increase as per new law that will be deducted from employee’s salary.

    They are also planning to get some paper signed which will have new CTC breakup without changing the actual amount of current CTC so they can deduct the increased amount from our salary legally.

    The initial offer which I signed that has a point in which they have mentioned that they can change employee’s CTC anytime without giving prior notice but as per FAQ 10 you have mentioned that is not legal when it comes to PF.

      1. Fine but I just wanted to get a clear picture from your answer, thats the reason I had given all the details, m still waiting for your reply regarding what i mentioned above.

  290. Hi Basavaraj,
    I appreciate the initiative you have taken to answer the queries. Good Work.

    I recently changed my organization. During the initial negotiation , I was not aware about the PF rule changes (from Sep. 2014 onwards) and I negotiated my take home salary as per the breakup provided to me.

    When I was given my appointment letter, the salary breakup is same, however I have been asked to sign a letter related to the PF rule change. The letter says :

    The basic salary ceiling has been increased to INR 15,000 per month.Hence, in-compliance to this change, the PF contribution will be calculated on the sum total of my basic, conveyance and undeclared portion of adhoc allowances (which includes LTA, Medical reimbursement, etc.)

    As a result my monthly take home will be less as compared to what I negotiated on. I understand that even if my total package was more, the deductions would have been more, but it would have made difference for sure.

    Can you help and guide me should I go back to my HR and raise this concern.


  291. last year month of oct my basic salary is 9750 /- but company diduct pf amount Rs:780 ….. ? how it is by rule it comes 12 % on basic it should be 1170

  292. Dear Sir,

    As i worked with M/s ……………… since 2000 they have deducted funds from salary towards epf and after few years the management has changed and the epf number also changed when i went for epf withdrawal they mentioned only the current managements fund.

    At the time of epf withdrawal form they give false info to fill it on, due to which epf office is sending back the filled/submitted forms through ordinary post which doesn’t have proof to ask employer they simply replies they didn’t receive any document from epf office.

    How could i fight to get my epf deducted by earlier management? For every two three years they keep on changing name of Organisation and eating away employees funds either by not depositing epf funds in epf account of employee or simply saying after 10 years you will get your epf return. How correct is this. Kindly guide how to get back my epf funds from Them. Is there any law to fight/case against that organisation.


    1. Mastan-If you have past EPFO info than you directly go to EPF office and apply for withdrawal. If they are doing such irregularities, then you all employees can raise the issue with EPFO.

  293. My Basic is 9600/-, DA 3490/-. The company is deducting PF @ 1800/- pm, but as employer contribution, they contribute only 780/-. How far is it correct?, also, they are not giving option for my deduction to be kept at 12% of Basic plus DA. Kindly confirm if this is right. In case it is not correct, what is the way out? where to escalate?

      1. Hi Basavraj, Thanks for reverts. The concern is raised, but have received unsatisfactory answer. They said that they would follow this process and would not change. They have an opinion that the employees can leave organization, but they would continue with their process.
        Would be great, if you can guide how and where to complain against them.

        1. Saurabh-Nothing to worry, complain to EPFO regional office and register the same with online grievance portal of EPFO. Update the same happenings to your employer also. So that he can feel the heat of your concern.

  294. From 1st September, 2014 I am getting monthly pension of Rs. 935 instead of minimum
    Rs. 1000. Nobody explain the reason for deduction of Rs. 65 from my minimum pension of Rs. 1000 Can you please help ? Ruby Damania

  295. Hello Sir, I want to know the Calculation of PF as we received PF Slip at the end of the every financial year how it will be calculated?? Please guide me for the same.

  296. Hello !

    I would be more than happy if you could please answer my question.
    I have completed 10 years in my organisation in Oct’14. In July’14, i met with an accident because of which i am still on bed rest. Now i want to withdraw my PF. I am not getting salary for the past 4 months. As per my situation can i withdraw my full PF amount. If yes, what is the Procedure.


  297. Hello,

    I want to query you on my PF.
    As per my offer and joining letter they said my monthly CTC is 30,470, but due to effect of the 12% of the P F deduction, both from the employer an employee side I am getting monthly salary 29819 and my take home reduced to 28188. Is it correct.
    Please contact me urgently on this 9640987268

  298. Hello sir
    This scheme apply only no of employee 20 or more my question is employee include who getting salary less than 15000 only or both who is getting more than 15000. Employee salry does not matter in calculation in no of employee for applicability of this scheme

  299. I am due to retire next year. I have been a member of the PF for more than 20 years. My pensionable salary was Rs. 6500/- till 31 Aug 2014 and Rs.15000/- from Sept-1. Which salary will be taken for pension computation?

  300. I was working in theater in 2010 I left the job for personal reasons and the job was on contract and the contract now has changed and I am having pf number and I stay in pune but the pf number is of delhi and I can’t find my account on online so what should I do to claim it

  301. Hi, Wonderful post. A lot of questions laid out clean for a PF-ignorant folks like me. I have one more to ask though. I was with an employer since 2011 ((March) till 2013 (end of march). My PF was deducted. I quit on normal terms with my employer and have moved to a different state to a startup company ever since. since this is a startup, my new employer does not have PF. So, Can I now withdraw /close my old PF account? Will I still have to pay the tax? Or do you suggest that if I wait for another 2.5 years, I can withdraw without paying taxes. Kindly advice.


  302. I had withdrawn the PF amount for purchasing house from a builder A, but due to some dispute I had to discontinue and invest in another house with builder B. Now my organization is asking me to repay the PF money with interest saying it was not used for the purpose PF withdrawal was approved for. Please suggest me a way out. I donot have that much cash to pay back as I am aleady paying for the House loans.

  303. Hi Basa,

    Can you please direct me to any Govt. documentation about rules which confirms employer deduction from salary slips are illegal ?

  304. Hi,

    My basic salary will be Rs.17698 & my company been deducting Rs. 3600 as PF, when i been ask my HR the amount been splited into two components one is Employee PF (Rs.1800) & Employer PF (RS. 1800).
    As per the details mentioned above they are suppose to deduct only 12% of my basic salary. Please help me how to get this sorted this.

    1. Surendra-I repeatedly pointed that if they are showing it in your CTC then no problem. But if they are showing it in your salary slip and deducted it monthly from your salary then it is illegal.

  305. Dear Basa,
    Thx for compiling this important information.

    What is meaning of the term- “salary at time of entry is” .

    Eg. If I joined my company 5 years back when my BASIC + DA was less than 15000 ( but more than 6500) , and also enrolled in the EPF scheme at that time and if my present salry is (basic + DA) is much more than 15000, then can I opt out of this scheme ?

  306. What should be the minimum percentage of Basic+DA component of the total gross salary

    1. Rahul-In my view there is no such rule. It depends on company structure which they plan to offer to their employees. But in most private organizations, they reduce Basic+DA utmost to reduce any mandatory contributions. Instead they go on add some allowance for each year salary hike.

      1. But wasnt there an newsreport stating that regional EPFO offices have been asked to investigate organisations who were paying the basic salary less than 50% of the gross?

  307. Dear Sir,

    How about something including details & analysis of Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF)

      1. Could you please let us know where can we check the VPF amount that is being deducted by employer as per employee request?…

        EPF amount can be tracked using Passbook in UAN portal,like the same way can we track VPF amount as well?

          1. Thanks for quick reply… I will wait few more weeks for the passbook to update…

            Thank you,

  308. I am shifting to a new firm and according to their offer they have reduced my basic from 16000 to 10000. Is that good for me or bad? Will I benefit from this reduction?

  309. Hey.. I just wanna ask where i can lodge a complaint against my company because they are deducting both employee n employer’s contribution from my salary which is not legal. M not at all happy.

  310. I know you might have answered this questions but still have little doubt , I’ve just joined a company and they’re paying me 17000 but the basic salary is 6500, now they are deducting 2000 from my side not a single penny from their end.
    Its illegal isn’t it?? Now I wants to know what’s the actual amount they should be deducting from my salary which is 17000,and what action should I take against my company..thanks

    1. Ashish-They have to deduct 12% of Rs.6,500 from your salary. At the same time they have to contribute the same. I think they are contributing and which might be not reflecting in your salary slip. check with your HR for the same. I am not able to understand about what that Rs.2,000 deduction.

  311. Hi, could you please advise what action can i take, my current company which was not deducting any pf from my salary earlier, is now forcing me to get it deducted inspite of the fact that my basic is 16000 and secondly, they deducted their contribution too from my salary

  312. Hi,
    My sal. is 12K and company is deducting ESIC and tax, but they are not deducting PF, as government has told to deduct the sal. if the person is paid till 15k. Can you pls suggest

  313. If the employee has total salary more than 15000 and the employer was contributing on total salary 20000/ . Whether the employer now has to reduce the contribution from his side after the notification.

  314. Hello. Ur PF FAQ were helpful. but i wanted to ask that 12% of my salary would be going for pension or the employer’s contribution would be going? I recently got my 1st job in September.


  315. I worked for a company about 8 years back where PF was deducted. Thereafter I joined a US based company as a Resident Representative in their liasion office and no PF was deducted. Now I work for another organization which has PF. My basic salary is Rs 50,000 per month. Should I be a part of the PF program?

  316. My basic+DA at the time of starting the job was 40000 approx..if i dont opt for the PF deduction from my salary, will the employer also disconinue to contribute?

      1. HiiHii Basavaraj,

        I’m working in central government and my basic is more than 15000rs at time employment than am not eligible to scheme right as per new rules…

          1. Sir,

            I have worked in one Company for one year and PF has been deducted from my salary as per the norms, but he has paid the amount to PF Department only for 8 months and still he has to pay for 4 Months. I have resigned from that Company recently and have joined the other Company.
            Now my query is if i transfer my PF account to the new Company, will the balance amount unpaid by the old employer will be added even after such transfer? or else shall i wait till he pays for the remaining 4 Months.
            I i wait till he pays the full amount, will the amount deducted by the new Company towards PF will be added to my account after such transfer ?

            1. Hi Sir ,

              Thanks a lot of the Information. I need you help for the below Query.

              I worked in an organization for 2 n half years and relieved properly and Joined other organization immediately and transferred my PF Account , Due to some reason I couldn’t continue with that organisation and move to other Company without informing the Employer , Currently I am working with an MNC and When I tried linking my UAN with the Previous employer , I am getting the error ” Date of Joining must be greater than Date of Exit of Previous Employer ” . So not my current employer is suggesting me to get this cleared with the Previous employer. Now Its not possible for me to contact my previous employer .

              Date of Exit of Previous employer : 9-03-2015
              Date of Joining ( current Employer ) : 26-02-2015

              Please suggest some solution , I got strucked on this for a year.


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