What is Account Payee Cheque and Crossed Cheque?

I know whoever have bank account might have came across these two words while writing cheque or interacting with the bank. But do you know the difference between these two and how and at what time one must opt for these two facilities of writing cheque?

Before proceeding further, first let us understand the parties involved in cheque transactions. There are mainly three parties involved in cheque transactions and are as below.

1) Drawer-He is a person who holds the account and has written and signing authority on cheque. Therefore, he issues cheques of his bank account. He is directing banks to pay a certain amount of money to the certain person or to the bearer of the cheque. Therefore, in simple words, you may say that a person who holds the bank account and who sign on cheque is called the drawer.

2) Drawee-Drawee is a party upon whom the cheque is written. The drawee is your bank. So drawer is giving instruction to drawee to pay an amount mentioned on the checque to the person named or to the bearer of the checque. When your bank follows the instruction and pay the cash to the person whose name mentioned on cheque or to the bearer of cheque then it is called as “cheque is honored”. If payment not done, then it is called “cheque dishonored”.

3) Payee-He is a person to whom the payment will be made. His name will be mentioned on cheque, so he is an authorized person to receive cash. So if drawer himself need to withdraw cash from his account using cheque then he need to write as SELF in the payable field of the cheque. In such case drawer himself becomes payee.

What is Crossed Cheque?

Crossed Cheque

From above image, you notice how to change the normal cheque leaf into crossed cheque. Once you cross the cheque and mention the payee name (in above example, it is my name) then I can only encash this cheque by depositing to my Bank Account. However, do remember that in crossed cheque payee is free to make a further endorsement. For example, in the above example payee name is mine. Instead of cashing it to my bank account I can further endorse the cheque to anyone, for example to Mr. Satish by writing and signing on back of cheque leaf. Further Mr.Satish either can encash this cheque or he can endorse to someone, for example to Mr.Rohan by writing and signing on back of cheque leaf.

So by mere crossing you are no longer making payment to PAYEE ONLY. The payee can further endorse or cash it according to his wish. Also in case of dishonor of cheque (in the above example), Mr.Rohan can sue Mr.Satish and in return Mr.Satish to me and finally I can sue to the drawer of cheque.

What is Account Payee Cheque?

Account Payee Cheque

You notice that along with crossing two lines at the corner you also need to write as “A/C Payee Only”. If you do so, then one can’t endorse the same cheque to others. So in the above example, the cheque must be encashed by depositing to payee account (In the above example it is in my name). This makes secure payment to payee only, but any other third parties. This protects any misuse of cheque.

Best practices while writing a cheque-

In below image, I mentioned few best practices while writing cheque. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Cheque Format

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  1. Dear I have issueing cheque to party by ac payee how can I stop clearing cheque of B party.
    How much time take to clearing

  2. I have received a/c payee cheque mentioned with account number. That account number is belongs to Paytm payment bank. Now Paytm payment bank not accepting cheque deposit. May i go for the bank in which the cheque belongs.

  3. Hi sir, I have given a blank signed cheque to a person without crossing it . Now Can he take money from account or will I get notified by bank before the cheque gets cleared

  4. If i use a cheque of my saving account of post office to deposit money in my ppf account and while writing self in payee option, and if not use a/c payee option and do not cut the bearer option. Does it possible, the man at the counter
    withdraw my money by using my self cheque.

    1. Dear Jaswinder,
      The man at a counter may withdraw or not depending on whom you are handing over the cheque.

  5. My home is at kolkata, now I am doing job in pune and my company given to account pay salary check and there was added my name with my father name
    ex. Rajesh Modal is my name but this check is Rajesh Niloy Mondal.
    My father name is Niloy Mondal
    In that case my check is bounce or not.

  6. Hi i got a ac payee cheque named as Badal but in my bank account my name badal kumar the cheque will be clear or not ?

  7. A had to pay a sum of 10 lacs to B. for which he issue a cheque of sbi crossing it line. B doesn’t have an account in sbi. what are the options available with B to encash it?

    1. Dear Komal,
      As I already mentioned above (and in below comments also), he can deposit the cheque where he has an account for collection.

  8. I deposited a SBI SB A/c cheque Rs.50K We have an sufficient fund in this account ( from my mother account) transferring to my Account ( i.e.Son Account )to HDFC SB A/c. cheque returned unpaid due to drawer signature differs. Please explain me this is possible to return to the Cheque.
    Can I question banking. To which bank should I ask. Either SBI or HDFC Bank

  9. I have cheque in which the cheque issuer cross the cheque on right side of the cheque. Is it possible for me to use the cheque or else I have to ask for a new one

  10. I have a cheque from Ajit (BoI) with general crossing and my name mentioned on it.

    I don’t have an a/c in BoI. I want to transfer this amount to my wife’s a/c in BoI. Can I endorse it to her ? If yes how ?

    I Have a/c in SBI. Can I give this generally crossed cheque in BoI for NEFT to my SBI a/c ? Or I have to get “a/c payee” written on it by issuer ?

  11. Dear Sir, I received a cheque from X which I endorsed to Y, writing his name and my signature.
    Y is telling now that his bank says cheque will only be deposited in my account.
    If I deposit the same cheque in my account, will it get cleared due to ‘Y’ name written and my signature at the back of the cheque.

  12. Dear sir,
    I have written the rupees in words at the below line and scratched it and wrote it above will it be a problem?!

  13. Respected Sir,
    If Mr A has account in a certain bank, he issue a cheque, in the pay to column write the name of someone else, say payee name B, signed himself on the front and back side of the cheque and instead of payee, present the cheque himself in his bank for cash payment and force the teller to write the name B, instead of Self, in the narration field, my question is ..is this correct. 2. When he has written the name of someone else can he himself be allowed to take cash? Kindly advise in such a situation what can a banker do?

  14. Dear sir
    I have to transfer amount to a person who is residing in other than my place, if I issued cheque in favour of him and presented for cheque transfer will my bank accept it?
    Can a drawer present the cheque in his bank which he issued in some one favour?

  15. Sir.. Issuing open cheque @ ? 1500/_ (+) by a Hsg. So. is against rules, or just is avoidable if not urgent..

  16. I have given a blank cheque to X just with signature, but contents are not filled. Cheque bounce case was filed on me, from the xerox given by court, I understood that contents in cheque are not hand written, but computer typed .

    Computer typed contents are legal or illegal?
    Can we really print these computer typed contents on original cheques??

  17. Dear Basavaraj sir,

    Thank a lot for your prompt replies and the article you posted. I have cleared all my doubts related to cheque transactions, just going through it.

  18. If X gave me a cheque and special crossing done as hdfc bank. suppose I have account with south Indian bank.where should I present the cheque

  19. Hello Basavaraj Tonagatti.

    I did a favor for a family member by depositing a check that says: A/C Payee Only. The bank said they could not deposit it. They didn’t even know the reason why the system not letting the teller. They said the account holder had to come in person. Account holder has been sick thus me coming as a favor.

    Do you know what is this about?

    Thank you kindly in advance!

  20. Sir, please enlighten me that whether a crossed cheque with the words “& co” can be issued to individuals or person OR It can be issued only to non-individuals or firms…

  21. Hi Sir, i happen to get a rented vehicle last week from car rental vendor. He asked me for a cheque which i crossed at the left top corner and wrote a/c and then signed it with date and also wrote at the back side as car surity check. Which he didn’t return due to some reason. Is it risky? Or is it fine to let it go and relax? Please suggest!

  22. Hi Basavaraj -ji,

    First off, thank you for the informative article.

    I gave Mr X a cheque which I double crossed but didn’t write “A/C Payee only” as I was ignorant. Now on my records it shows that the amount is credited to Mr Y, which I think because he endorsed the cheque. Does this means that Mr X is not at all involved in this transfer, meaning as per the bank transaction is from me to Mr Y. If yes, is in it a loop hole for tax evasions and stuff like that.

    Thank you

      1. Thank you for the reply.

        To be honest, this happen to me recently
        I issued a cheque to Mr X and in my statement it is showing “To clearing FBL Mr Y + the cheque number”? Called the bank to enquire about it and they say it could happen if it is a joint account. uhmmm. not quite satisfied with the banks reply. Please throw some light

        Best Regards

  23. Hi sir
    My name In bank account as Vinodkumar T
    I received the cheque in the name of Vinod Kumar T
    There is a space
    Account payee
    It can be deposited in my bank account
    Cheque is from Kotak my account is from Canada bank

  24. i have current account in sbi bank..joint account of two
    need to withdraw cash..

    it will require both persons sign on the back side also?

    and if third person is going to withdraw then what else is required?

  25. Sir, If I cut the word “Bearer” on the cheque what will be status of the cheque after cutting the word??

  26. Dear Sir, I have received a CROSSED CHEQUE from Mr.X . The Cheque is of HDFC Bank. My Bank account is in SBI. The Words ” Account Payee” is not mentioned in the Cheque. Query- I want to endorse this cheque to Mr. A having Bank account in Vijaya Bank. Query- Sir, Can i endorse the Cheque received by Mr. X to Mr.A ?? Pls tell the procedure regarding this… Thanks a lot sir..

      1. Dear Sir, If the first party mentions Account Payee on the cheque, then I will not be able to make any endorsement of Account Payee cheque. As now only Crossing is present on the cheque can I endorse the cheque ?? Pls clarify

          1. Dear Sir, The Cheque contains 2 parallel line of Left Top corner of the cheque. Account Payee is not written in it . So, it is Crossing only. My query is- Pls tell whether ONLY name of the person to whom i want to endorse the cheque should be written on back of the cheque or any other detail also required ?

  27. Sir I have an account which neither crossed nor account payee…….it’s issued by boi ……..can I deposite the same in bank of baroda….the check is in my name……..

  28. Sir i am owner of company i received payment order from other party its on my personal name and payees account only stmap.can i deposit it in my company account?company accounts title is on comapny name but only i am operating this account.

  29. hello sir! my father received a payers account cheque, is it necessesary to have a bank account to encash the money? or it can be encash immediately? what is your advice sir? thank you?

  30. Sir, My Friend (Suyash Agrawal) has got a cheque from his client, but on cheque surname is written as Agarwal instead of Agrawal. Will it be cleared or bounced? Thanks

  31. Sir, I received a SBI Bank cheque of 18 lakhs from buyer of my property. But on a cheque, it is written “valid upto 10 lakhs at non home branch”. I have my account in Canara Bank. Can I deposit the same in my Canara Bank Account?

  32. Dear sir,

    Suppose I received a cheque from a customer of axis bank…a/c payee cheque to deposit in his account in our bank,,,say PNB
    But due to some problems in clearing I returned him and told to ask axis bank to do neft from axis bank to our bank.
    Is it possible?

  33. Hi,

    I have a query regarding an A/C Payee cheque was issued in my name as on 31/03/2018 from LIC India issued under ICICI Bank but it has been already 3 and a half months from the issue date and i just got to know about the cheque, what will be my course of action if i want this amunt to be encashed.

    Thanks and Regards,

  34. Sir, I got a cheque from my college in my name but I don’t have any bank account so how can I cash it..sir it is not a account payee cheque or a crossed cheque

  35. Sir,

    What is the amount limit for non-crossed cheques? I have to pay a person Rs 10Lakh. I now have the money in my account and can give him a cheque. He is insisting to give cheque without account crossing or as cash. Is it fine to issue a non-crossed cheque to him? Also any consequence of withdrawing 10L and giving it to him in cash?


  36. Dear Sir,

    I received an order cheque and sent it through my friend for depositing into my account. My friend returned with the cheque and said the bank is asking for my signature on the back of the cheque or on the deposit slip. They even quoted Sec 6 of NI Act which states cheque is not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand and a demand should be there in the form of signature as stated above.

    Is my banker right in its approach ?

    Kindly advise

      1. Thanks for the reply. In this connection I even referred to the bank’s (SBI) cheque return memo and one of the reasons therein was ” Payee’s endorsement required” . And I think this may be a reason. And to my surprise the standard ch return memo of RBI too is having the same reason. Please advise.

  37. Hi sir I have received HSBC cheque from my company. Its A/c Payee only cheque. My name is mentioned in it. Should I need to go to any of HSBC branch to collect money or Can i drop that cheque in my HDFC bank for clearance?

  38. Sir I received a cheque from my insurance company in my axis bank acc no. But unfortunately i hv closed that acc.
    So can I deposit tht cheque in my sbi acc? Because i hv a acc in sbi now.

  39. Dear Sir,

    yesterday i received A/C Payee cheque of Syndicate Bank from my company and i have bank account in HDFC ,but by mistake i wrongly deposit Cheque for clearance in Syndicate bank instead of HDFC because today i deposit the cheque first time.
    sir,pls suggest what to do?i don’t know how can i do this big mistake.

  40. Sir if someone issued a crossed cheque and in the payee writen as self and also signed on the back side by the drawer…. then can bank cash it or not ??

  41. I got a A/c payee Not Negotiate cheque from a insurance company in name of my father….can I deposit it in my bank account or I need to summit it in my father’s account??

  42. Hi sir I have received a cheque in the name of V. Ranjitha, but the account is in the name of Ranjitha. But my signature is V. Ranjitha will they accept the cheque drop.?

  43. Hello Sir,

    I collected one cheque of ICICI Bank from a company after struggle & deposited in my account as it is. Now after 2 days i got a call from Bank saying” no name mentioned on the cheque. please collect back from us.

    I want to know once i will collect the cheque from them, Can i again submitting the same by adding my name or I need to again take the cheque.

    Please support by reply fast.

  44. helli sir,
    i recieved a/c payee only, Crossed cheque from an org.(with bank a/c of Icici bank).
    i jave three question regarding my doubtness.
    1. My name is on there where writtten ‘ or order
    order means?
    2. I don’t have A/c in icici bank can the money withdraw from my Xyz bank( also not located in same city/state)????
    3. I have cheque of under ammount of 60k then is it possible that the bank wil/l call to cheque issuer????
    plz sir reply me plz plz.

  45. Sir I went to bank for payment through cheque everything was correct except the date format. I used slash (/) in the date format and 2018 was written on the right side of the date format. The banker refuses me to give the payment from my own account. who was wrong in such case. Shall I write a complaint against that banker.

  46. I got a cheque from my company & in my cheque written a/c payee only so i know that why he write the a/c payee only tell me plz

      1. But sir why? bcoz acc payee crossing of cheque means only that person can collect the cheque whose name is mentioned on tge cheque

        1. Deepika-What I understood from his question is that he want to deposit the cheque in some other Bank branch of HIS but not others. If his question is to handover the cheque to OTHERS, then it is not possible. Maybe I was wrong while reading his full comment.

  47. I found this for a specific search. Thanks for addressing this. My wife issued a Ac payee cheque to a General Insurance company towards her insurance premium. Within 2 days on a holiday, an sms notification from the bank came suggesting she has issued a cheque favouring some CCCCMS POOL AC NONUTI and if she has not issued she must inform the bank before 12.30. From the amount we knew it was the insurance, but the cheque was issued in favour of a major company and not the any pool account referenced. We frantically tried to contact the officials in the insurance company. As it was a holiday no one was available for a couple of hours. Then we got hold of one person who had in fact collected the cheque. He felt there was a high probability that it must have been a collection agency, as his company engages such an agency, but could not be absolutely sure. We let the opportunity for intervention go. On getting the passbook updated, we find the credit is in favour of the Pool account and the name of the insurance agency is no where to be found.

    I asked the senior in charge at that time, and she simply responded if in doubt we should have responded to the sms notification with a stop instruction. The front end staff at the insurance company were unable to assure the payment has been received, and still asking us not to escalate the issue. The bank staff said escalate the issue in writing if you want and we will show a xerox copy of the cheque.

    I am disturbed with these people and their attitude. If I issued a Cheque to A, they have no business crediting it to B, and recording it in my account statement. If A gave the cheque to B for collection, and bank honours B as A’s agent, that is between them. My record in my account statement should still say the payment is to the name of A. It can not reflect the name of B.

    It so happened that when I finished my conversation with the bank, I got a message to the effect the insurance certificate arrived at my home. That the insurance co received the amount so soon, and despatched the certificate is surprising. It appears they have endorsed/ assigned the cheque to B, and went on to process the renewal application without waiting. While I appreciate such speed and behind the scene cooperation, I feel they are creating a problem to me in the future. The next time when a notification names a credit to a party other than the one we actually favoured, should we stop the payment or not? How are we to know A has assigned the instrument to B? How can a record exist in my account statement, that favours an unknown code, when our cheque was ‘account payee’to a specific company? Can such deviant process not lead to frauds?

    Can you throw light on this?

  48. I got a account payee check from my company (F&F) mentioned my name and my ICICI acc number in the PAY coloumn

    they mentioned Ragavendra k p and a/c number 001010100 . but my name in my icici bank acc is Ragavendra kolar pratap , if i submit the check in my icici bank , will it be credited or not.

  49. Sir,
    If I go to bank with crossed cheque then the bank will deposit the amount in my account right?
    But how they deposit that money in my account I mean ,we have to fill deposit slip to deposit that amount or not?

          1. Sir,
            If I have cheque of any bank ex.canara bank cheque , then can I submit it to any bank in India like PNB sbi Indian bank and etc.

  50. What happen if a cheque issued from company by person name, and if I cross it and deliver it by courier to mention person? he can deposit the cheque in to his bank account or not?

  51. Sir i have recieved a cross cheque for a test written .in that my name is worn as akhilreddy
    But I have a bank account with name sriakhilreddy medapati is there any possibility of depositing the cheque please give reply

  52. I wanted to withdraw money from cheque, stated my named on it without transferring to my bank account, direct cash from bank.
    Can i do it?

  53. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for Personal Loan from TATA CAPITAL, the executive called me and asking for 6 blank cheque leaves by writing account payee to TATACAPITAL. only with my sign and as mentioned account payee on the cheque. Please suggest me is it safe to give, if wrong what should i do for this.

    Thanks in advance,


  54. Hello sir,
    I had received a cheque from a party for my pending payment which i deposited and the cheque was encashed..can the paying party reverse that transaction as they were initially avoiding to pay me my dues.

  55. Hai, this is senthil. I got crossed cheque from prayer. I have account in coimbatore, the drawee in chennai. I am handover the cheque to drawee for collection in chennai, he also deposit the cheque in bank (not my home branch, but same bank). The cheque was diahonored by the drawee. Now where will file the case against the drawee in chennai or coimbatore pls advice me immediately.

  56. Hello sir,
    I have received a crossed cheque from a party with my name written on it.
    Can i encash the cheque by personally going to the bank or do i have to deposit the cheque in my account to get it encashed as the cheque is crossed..

  57. I got a ubi account pay cheque.
    Is it possible to deposit it in my SBI account?

    Plz mention how can I deposit ubi cheque in my SBI account? I mean what is the procedure

      1. Hi basavaraj i wanted to ask that i have a cheque which is on my friend*s name and is crossed also..and i want to depost it in my account . Will it be possible ?

  58. If a company has only your name, has no information which is your bank and cheque is made on that basis only, no bank name, details or etc., can I still withdraw the money?

  59. Hi thanks for valuable information.

    I have got a cheque on my name.it’s account pay cheque given by company.i don’t have any bank account.can i deposit the same cheque in some other person’s bank account having same name as mine? Nothing is changing. His name is “X Y”. On cheque the name is “X Y”.

    Please awaiting your reply.

  60. I have a standard chartered cheque with a/c payee written whereas it also states that it is payable at any standard chartered branch.. cam i encash it or it’ll only go to the account?

  61. Sir, first of all, thank you for valuable information. What I wanted to know was that when I deposited an Account Payee Cheque from India Postal Accounts (SBI Cheque, Tiz Hazari), I forgot to mention the Account no. Of the drawer on the deposit slip of my bank (Canara Bank). Rest all the information was fulfilled. Will the cheque be cleared and my account credited in that case, as drawer account no. is already written clearly on the cheque itself…?

  62. Sir , I’m SK . my dad had written a cheque on my name but it had bounced as he slashed and re written the date. I didn’t give the cheque to my dad . when I asked him to write another cheque he says as per rule we should not write another cheque without receiving rejected cheque. Though I’m saying its with me ,he insists on taking his rejected cheque back then he issues a new one . of course he wrote another cheque now. But my doubt is shouldn’t he write another cheque without the first( rejected) cheque getting into his hands ??

    1. I hv got a crossed cheque which is not account payee, what is to be written if i want to endorse it to another person and where to write it? Do i hv to produce any document to prove that i hv endorsed it or do i hv to show anything to bank?
      Thanks in advance

  63. I got a account payee cheque, but that cheque my name wrote ‘”kumaranayak T”
    In my bank details “Kumaranayaka T

    ‘a ‘was missd in cheque
    It can creditable

  64. Hi Sir,

    I have got salary check of ICICI Bank of Rs 10000 when I went to withdrawn in ICICI bank they told me its account payee check you need to deposit in your bank but I am having SBI A/C I don’t have ICICI bank account

    Please Help me behalf on this issue

    manzoor asangi

  65. Hi basu,
    I got a cheque from college to me. College acc is in INDIAN BANK while my acc. is in SYNDICATE BANK. Cheque neither crossed nor a/c payee is written, where should I encash this.

  66. Sir I have a question plz.

    Mr. X issue a cheque on name of Y and sign on both side for above one lakh rupees.Mr Y withdraw cash from bank. It is under rules.

      1. I am accused under a complaint case of 138 NI act, Just wanted to know the following for my best Defence evidence. The Question is as follows:
        How does it reflects on the statement or in banking records when a Drawer withdraws money from his bank account thorugh a self cheque OR when a bearer of cheque(obivously other than drawer) withdraw money.

        Please reply ASAP for both scenarios because my court date is in next few weeks.

        Mohit Khanna

  67. Hello

    I have got a cheque of Axis bank from Insurance company in the name of Shajahan, but my name in the Account of SBI (personal Account) is Shajahan C J

    Second scenario,

    My mom has also got cheque of Axis Bank from Insurance company in the name of Safiya Beevi, but her name in the Account of Syndicate Bank (personal Account) is Safia Beevi

    Could you please help me to k now whether both the cheques will get encashed

  68. Hi Basu,

    I am reading your blogs for many days and it is really useful for new investors.

    I have got a cheque which is not crossed(I got it from reliance insurance) and it says
    PAY “my name” OR ORDER.

    Can my father en-cash this cheque instead of me?


        1. Gajapathi-YES. However, if there are any penalty or anything dues, then they deduct from this deposited money. Hence, better you check the status of account with your bank and then proceed.

  69. sir my brother has his salary cheque of standard chatactered bank but his account was not there he go through bank and drop the cheque in cheque box he write there his account no. of united bank of india but forgot to write bank name in them so plzz sujest what can i do know

  70. Dear sir,
    I want to know that, if I will make a cross check On the name of my Worker, who do not have an account. Than can he get the cash by depositing in bank, if not plz tell me the solution on that.
    Thanking you.

  71. Is it required/mandatory to sign at the back of an A/C payee check, will depositing it.
    If Mr. X issues an A/c payee check to Mr. Y, can Mr. Z deposit it to Mr. Y’s branch in Mr. Y’s account without Mr. Y’s signature at the back.

  72. Dear Sir,

    My friend gave a cheque of Rs.1000rs via A/c payee ,Suppose if he don’t have the money in his account , cheque will bounced then how can I get that money to my account.
    Is there any alternative ways are there Na..?~

  73. Dear Sir,

    My friend gave me a check with my first name and last name via A/c payee but in the bank passbook my name having first, middle as well as last name also .
    Can I still withdraw that amount or not.

      1. Hi Sir,

        Same issue with me my name is Jatin Singh Negi in Bank A/C [Pan Card Name] but i have a check with Jatin Negi.

        Can I still withdraw that amount or not.

  74. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had issued a checque in name of Mr. Sham for RS 25000/- and submitted to ICICI bank .
    Pay to was Sham Kumar with a/c number. This was a year back.
    Now when i look into my icici bank statement , i am see that for this transaction , the amount was deposited to some different name – M R laboratories.
    I am confused as to how can this happen.
    I need a proof showing i had issued the checque to Mr Sham Kumar .

    Please guide me to get this details.
    I dont have check deposited slip with me right now. also i dont know the a/c number of the payeee.

  75. Dear Basavaraj, Thanks for creating a great reference on this topic and answering reader’s questions. Here is my question.

    I think due to space limitations my grandfather (now passed away) had put my name with last name initialized in some bonds when I was minor. I received a cheque from ICICI which has my surname as initial (it has full firstname and middle name) followed by UG my grandfather’s name followed by Canara Bank Account WXYZ. The cheque is issued by ICICI with remark “a/c payee only”.

    I opened an account in ICICI but the account has my full name (first name then middle name and last name).

    Please recommend the right way to endorse the cheque and submit to ICICI bank for deposit. Please note there is no ICICI where I currently live and I will be sending this cheque with friend to be deposited into ICICI to my account.

    Thank you so much

    1. Sonam-First try with a simple drop of a cheque through your friend. If they reject the cheque, then you have to produce the proper proof and a letter to validate that both names are one and same.

      1. Dear Basavaraj,
        The cheque issued by ICICI was dropped through my friend in Belgaum ICICI over the counter and got a counterfoil of savings deposit slip with bank stamp (transfer) and my account number on it. There was no issue or rejection at that time. However even after 2 weeks the credit to ICICI savings account or any communication from icici did occur. ICICI customer service says there is no record of it and to contact branch. I will find branch details and contact them.

        I cannot really travel to Belgaum. The cheque deposited had my account number, PAA and contact numbers on back below my endorsement. ICICI also has my email address to inform me. Does such disappearance of deposits happen without any intimation to the account holder? What do you recommend I do?

        Thanks again.

        1. Sonam-Why can’t you approach the nearest ICICI Branch with receipt and show them that and discuss what went wrong? If still, you will not satisfy, then you have proof of the receipt of deposit. You can use the said steps HERE.

  76. I Have a post office account payee cheque with my after marriage surname. But my bank account is in my maiden name. Could you please let me know whether the same cheque can be deposited into one of my friends account with the same name as mentioned on my cheque. What is the bank clearance procedure???

  77. A owes B Rs. 5 lakhs. A draws a crossed cheque for this amount in favour of B. A dies and the cheque is afterwards found among his papers. Now B gets this cheque and claims payment. Will B succeed? Give reason.

  78. sir, I received two DD of Axis bank of rs 15000 from my college in the name of my father. In the middle of the DD it is written a/c payee only. I reside in Delhi and my father’s bank account is in SBI uttarakhand. How can I deposit the amount to my father’s account?
    Pankaj singh

  79. By mistakenly I wrote something on back of check…can u tell what will happen plz…reply fast….I wrote it by mistake…?

  80. HI Basavaraj,

    I want to invest 3 lakhs rupees.Please can tell me were to invest I want safe and good returns.

    my AGE IS 37

  81. what is the inference if :

    1) signature is made by payee in back side and front side of a cheque
    2) Also, cheque is crossed front side by 2 lines

    if these 2 conditions are met and cheque is in for some other name.

  82. I have been issued a Payee Account Cheque by Post Office, Moga Punjab. This cheque is CTS 2010 cheque. I am having my account in Maharashtra Bank, Chandigarh. I presented my cheque in my Maharashtra Bank at Chandigarh. But the bank refused the cheque stating the reason “Present in proper Zone”. Now the bank has asked me to present the Cheque at Moga, Punjab as the cheque has been issued by Post Office Moga.
    Kindly help, whether CTS 2010 cheque can be returned by the Bank stating it to be issued by the Post Office which is in Moga. Is there any way out to get this cheque encashed at Maharashtra Bank, Chandigarh.?

  83. I have given a cheque in the post office as per there suggestion in the name I have written post master rajajinagar 10 at the back side I have written my name and a/c number .Will the amount will be deposited to my sb account in post office as I am transferring the money from hdfc to post offce sb accpunt.

    CHeque got cleared from hdfc and its sent to cts Chennai. How many days it will take to transfer the amount to my sb account in post office

    while deposing in the vochure I have given my name and s/b a/c number

    1. HI Basavaraj,

      The cheque is cleared and money is deposited into my account.

      Thx for the help. Wanted to inform you about this one.

  84. If Mr.X got a multycity cheque, written on it as like….

    PAY__Self_____________OR ORDER
    RUPEES__five thousand only________________[rs.5000/-]….

    The payable a/c is of Mr.Y. a/c In S city,and Mr.Y sign both side.

    IF the Mr.Z go to the bank of, R city to incash it.can bank gives cash to Mr.Z. or aks for ID.?

  85. Hi…
    How can I convert the an order cheque into bearers cheque.?

    If I cancle the word order and place bearer on it, It is sufficient..?

  86. Hi my name is S.Gopinath Reddy,

    My query is i got a account payee cheque from my friend till how many days it will be valid for me to withdraw.

  87. Hiii…
    Good Mornings..!!!

    Dear Sir,
    I got a cheque against my firm.
    Cheque is cross just two line in left corner.not written a/c payee.
    My firm name is written as….
    Pay to m/s subbu________ or bearers.
    Can I deposits in my personal A/c..
    Or it must to deposits in my firm’s A/c only…

    If the check is loss,also can he deposits to his a/c..?


  88. Hello Sir,

    I have received a cheque of a bank. But I don’t have an account in that bank. I havr account in another bank in city atea. However I work in suburban area so city branch being far can I deposit it the brand nearest to my work location?

      1. Hi Basu

        There is no reference Basu, what i mean to say is you can not take cash at the counter. even if its is endorsed, it will go to endorsee account.

          1. yes. mr.x wrote a name and just double crossed the cheque without writing a/c payee, so in statement of accounts of mr.x he was surprised to see that his cheque got cleared in some person’s account whom he didnot know.

    1. Sir I hv a questn tht I hv not made 2 lines on cheques nd droped the cheque with deposit slip in dropbox but bal didn’t came in my account its been 3 4 days what should I do?

      1. It is mentioned in the cheque return memo please. Actually the cheque return memo states the reason for dishonour as “contact the drawer/drawee bank”. However at the below of the cheque return memo, the concerned officer of the bank has written ‘no. 60’ as well…

          1. Thanks. However, if we look at the list of cheque return reasons in google, then it throws out 92 reasons. I am not sure if these reasons are approved b RBI….

  89. if i pay a cheque to someone without name wriiten but with my signature then i will know who has withdrawal the cash or only the cash wll be deduvted from my account

    1. Shreya-If he mention as SELF (if you signed front and back), then I think your account statement will not reflect who encashed. However, if he wrote his name, then it reflect in your statement.

  90. Dear sir i drop my hdfc cross check in my union bank for salary . i write my account no, name, and contact number behind the check without payee slip. can it be clear.

  91. Sir , i got a ac payee chq from HDFC bank , but i deposited in to the SBI branch filled with my saving ac voucher without singing backside of the chq. Any problem can happen?pls ensure me quickly, i am very tensed. Thnks .

  92. Dear sir,
    I got hdfc crossed cheque and dropped it in sbi at rajkot while my home branch is at bhabhar
    So will it clear and when
    Plz rply fast sir

  93. Can I deposit a check into my uncle’s bank account which is issued in his name?
    He is out of town and so cannot sign at the back of the check.
    Can I sign the deposit slip as well as the back of the check and deposit into his account.
    I just want to deposit the check before the validity period of 3 month expires.

  94. Dear Sir
    A friend of mine has given a cheque of PNB to me and in payee field SELF is written. I have a bank account SBI (not in PNB ). Neither A/c payee is written nor it is crossed. Where should I deposit the cheque, as I want to cash it at earliest.

    Thank You

  95. Sir my account is in Indian overseas Bank and I deposited check(IOB CHECK) of 7000 in SBI I have filled all the details in backside I mention everything account no,phone no, and name but forgot to mention date ?

    So my question is my check will be cleared or it will get return to the back because of date

    Please let me know sir ASAP!!!

  96. Hey I received a cheque from a hotel as account payee while depositing the cheque I had one digit wrong in the account number does it get transferred to some one else or it is stopped as it is on my name but account number wont match?

  97. Sir,I received Axis bank cheque Rs 22304/_from max life Insurance,I drop in SBI drop box on Tuesday. But today check 6.00pm not credit in my account.cheque issued in my name,how many days credit in my SBI account.

  98. sir i got the uco bank cheque from an organisation..i dont have account in uco bank..i gave that cheque in that uco bank branch to transfer to my dhanalaxmi bank account..is it possible.pls reply soon

  99. I Have deposited cheque with my brother name Cms Disbursmenet cheque in Hdfc bank in to my Axis account Number in cheque drop box is it got deposited

      1. I have 2 questions…am a student..so while solving papers I noticed some questions..
        First one validity of cheque – 3 month or 6 month?
        Second one is what kind of crossing is a/c payee cheque – general cross, special cross , or restrictive crossing ? …..plz answer this …

          1. No no the second question’s option was like – 1. General crossing 2.special crossing 3. Restrictive crossing…and thanks for helping..and thank u sir.. One more thing cheque can be crossed by – 1 Drawer 2 Holder 3 bank 4 All of them….this one,is a bit confusing for me..

            1. Rajib-1) When you use A/C Payee option then you restrict to deposit into the account of Payee only. So this can be special as well as restrictive. I am not sure about what option you select. The drawer has the authority to cross the cheque.

      1. Sir, i have salary account with kotak bank, zero balance but they deducted rs.6000 from my account. They told me its non maintanence charges, but even i maintained the account and deposit some money they still deducted.

          1. Sir, my new company didnt transfer the salary in account, they pay by cheque. I want to maintained my account so i would avoid any deduct in future. So can i deposit my cheque and tell them its salary?

  100. Dear Sir,

    I got a cheque of 5000 of sbi from someone whose account is in another city and he wrote self on it and he signed behind it. Can I withdraw the cheque in my city or can I deposit it to my sbi account? Please reply soon.
    thanks in advance.

          1. I deposited cheque of 14000/- in my Sbi account 2-3 days ago. Today I checked my account’s statement and I saw a entry as 14000 rs CR, BULK POSTING. What is the mean of bulk posting in statement??

  101. Hello, My Name is Bimal. I got a cheque of Indian Bank in my name , but I want to deposit it in my brother’s account which is SBI non home branch. Is it possible?

  102. Dear Sir,

    I have received a cheque written in my name from my uncle and he told me to deposit the cheque. He did not mention A/c Payee on it and I also did not check and deposited the cheque. What will happen? Plz reply fast sir

      1. My Cheque is of bank A. I have account in bank B at some city. In this case Can I drop the cheque in any branch of bank B.

  103. Sir I have Received a Cheque
    name Mentioned on Cheque is
    Nitin Choudhary
    but my name in Sbi Account Nitin Chaudhary.
    plzzz hlp me

  104. i have drop my cheque in a wrong account instead of my account in SBI. what is process to get back the cash ???

  105. Received a cheque from my friend. But the payee name is not written on cheque. The cheque is not A/C payee Cheque . can i cash it? If No, is it allowed to write my name on the payee field.

    Plz help me?

    1. Thanks for ur quick reply. but he is not in my home town now. And my question is can i write the payee name by myself or i wait for my friends return. Plz clarify. thanks

  106. Sir I have received a SBI cheque against my firm whose bank account is in vijaya bank, in the bank account my firm name is written as M/s Jummi Basar but in the
    cheque it is written as M/s Jummi Basar Enterprises, the cheque issuing authority have corrected it with his seal and signature but the vijaya bank is not accepting the cheque. Please help what should I do.

  107. Hello Mr.Basavaraj, i hv got an A/c payee check of citibank from a company but i dont have any account in citibank.So can i deposit or encash it from SBI Bank as i m having account in SBI.

  108. Mr Basavaraj; if i want others to collect money from the counter; so i dont need to cross the cheque. Is there any problem if i don’t cross the cheque

  109. I received a payee check from but in this check written is pay to Zain malik or bearer bearer word is not canceled this type of check can cash anyone

  110. Due to the current cash issue in India, i have been by a western union agency that if i receive money from abroad, they will provide a payee cheque (Bank of Bandra) instead of the cash. Knowing that my bank account is in SBI, what does that mean? Shall i go to Bank of Bandra to receive the cash for the cheque or shall i just take it to my SBI bank branch and the amount will be credited to my account??

  111. sir i deposited axis bank cheque in sbi branch of pune which is not my home branch i forgot to sign behind the cheque so what i need to do

  112. i have received cheque from my boss . in this, under payee only self was written . i had depositd this in my a/c, by filling the form and drop in the cheque box . will it be credited in my account? plz reply sir

  113. i received axis bank A/C payee Cheque . i have acnch of count in sbi of my native place.now i am in pune can i deposite that cheque in any branch of any bank for ex. pnb, boi etc.

  114. i recieved cheque of axis bank i have account in sbi branch of my native place. now i am in pune can i cash that cheque in any sbi branch of pune.

  115. Hello Sir,

    I have received a cash cheque of Rs.10000/- written on SBT cheque; however my account is in Punjab National Bank. The person who gave the cheque mentioned “Cash” on the cheque. Will I be able to convert that into account payee cheque and deposit it in mt PNB account? Please help as I am clueless in this matter. Thanks in advance!

  116. Hi

    My name is Bea Ann Joseph in my bank account. I have received a cheque as Joseph Bea Ann do you think I can encash it

    Thanks in advance

  117. Sir, One person has filled my name in a cheque and cashed in through his known person, although i was also in the bank on that date.

    Now he has filed a false case against me u/s 138 NI Act.

    I am shocked.

      1. Sir, The cheque was not mine, it was his cheque upon which he filled my name and presented for payment.

        I have not put any signature or thumb impression etc. on the cheque.

        The bank “The Yamuna Nagar Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. Yamuna Nagar” is close to the office of the person who has filed the false case against me.

        Sir my humble question is :
        Can bank do that a person fills anybody name in the cheque and take payment at his own and files a case against the person whose name is filled as payee?

        Is it required that the payee should be ascertained by the bank?

        Sir, please guide me.

  118. Dear Sir,

    I received a Account payee Cheque from a company.On the cheque name is mentioned vikash.But in my account name is vikas.
    I would like to know what kind of proof is required along with cheque so that it could be cleared.

    Hoping for kind attention.


  119. sir i hav deposited a account pay cheque into my account yesturday which was nt signed at the back of the cheque does is it mAKE any problm for payment to tramsfer

    1. Dear basavaraj sir,
      I got a Rs 60000 cheque of Indian bank from my college as scholarship, I dropped the cheque it into a state bank branch which is not my home branch because of my SBI account. Sir the cheque had simple crossed and my name mentioned by drawer just after pay xyz, I didn’t know much about cheque and Dropbox, what should do or what should not do before drop it before, one of bank employee mention your name and mobile no. , sign back of the cheque and by mistake I also wrote my sbi’s account no. back of the cheque.
      I need to by doing so (sign and account no. mention) , can the cheque be honoured or dishonoured.
      Please please reply sir I am full on tension..

  120. Sir I have a Salary cheque Name:naveen Mishra but in Bank A/c Name only Naveen Same bank..

    there is any issue .

    Will really appreciate your help.

  121. Hello Sir, I got a income tax refund check more than Rs 50000/-. When I deposited check to my ICICI bank it got dishonored saying REJECT:Chk #: PAYEES ENDORSEMENT REQUIRED.
    Do you know what need to be done in this. Check is in my name and ICICI account is also in my name. Do I need to sign back of my that Refund check along with account number?

    Will really appreciate your help. I am outside India. My parents don’t know what to do with that check.

    Please respond

  122. sir I have a multicity cheque of 3 lakhs, will I have to verify myself. there are two parallel lines on the top of the cheque but no written words on them. it is a bearer cheque. if I want cash can they give it to me. actually I losted my id.

      1. I losted my wallet with DL, pan card and voter id card.
        can I clear my cheque with my passbook. I have an account in Indian overseas bank and cheque is of Allahabad bank.

  123. sir can you please tell me a way out of this… as per a court order, somebody(residing in a different state than mine) is required to pay me monthly amount of 10000/-…. but the he is asking the court to further ask me to give my bank account number to him so that he can deposit the money in that….but i do NOT want to divulge details of my bank account as they be misused by him….

    can you please tell me some other way to receive money without giving my bank info… how can this transfer be done…??
    please help

  124. sir i got cheque of rs 1.8 lcs and it is a multicity cheque of mumbai sbi bank and i deposited the cheque in lucknow sbi branch bcoz my account is in lucknow sbi bank…..but sir when i deposited the cheque i was not crossed with two lines on above left side of the cheque i only write name of account holder and account no. on the voucher with name….will it make any probleem to encash…..

    and one thing also sir in the voucher there is a option of PAN details but i leave it blank will this make any problem to clear the cheque

      1. thnk u sir………sir tell me one thing more that how much time it will be taken by multicity cheque to clear …..bcoz i deposit it on 12 sept but there is no amount tnsfer into the given acccount ……

  125. Sir,
    I received a high value (3.7 lac) Order Cheque of sbi, kukatpally (hyd branch) Its an nre account and also mutli-city cheque mentioned on it. It is not crossed nor ac payee mentioned. Its mentioned my name as in the folowing way:

    Navdeep Goud (Axis Bank A/C no. 1234.. 1234.1234…1234)

    1. can i encash it at sbi home branch by producing my ID like adhar or Driving Licence? or even showing my axis bank passbook there?

    2. or is it mandatory to deposit it in my axis bank branch? And in case of deposit, when will it be credited to my axis account. I think it will be considered as a local cheque.
    i have axis bank account in kukatpally area only.

  126. Sir..I had deposited a managers cheque on my mother’s name and put her account number on front and complete details on back. Today I got a message that the draft has been returned. Will this has to now be recreated. This money was being transferred against a property deal.


  127. Hi sir before 2 day back I have deposit my company cheque but today I got a msg bank saying that returned cheque send u through the blue dart wat should I do now can deposit again the same cheque

  128. sir i write BEARER in the pay section of the cheque. is this cheque valid or invalid. please help me…..

    can i withdrawn rupees one lakh by a bearer cheque……..

    1. Sir i write BEARER in the pay section of the cheque. is this cheque valid or invalid. please help me…..

  129. Sir can I have received an account payee cheque so can I deposit it in any United bank of India branch or do I have to deposit it in my home branch or can I deposit the cheque into any United bank of India branch… The cheque is from an Sbi account

  130. I have received an account payee, not negotiable banker’s cheque from a financial institution which mentions my bank name and my account number as payee. My name is not mentioned there. Will there be any problem in clearing of the cheque ?

  131. One of my friend received the same company cheque but the back side there is no signature. from my cheque and his cheque signature are different does it pass and in cheque there is company name

    1. I have received an account payee cheque with my bank name and my account number written in place of payee. My name is not written. Hope it will work if I deposit the cheque in the same branch and same account. Please advise.

  132. Hi sir

    I have received cheque from my past company but in the top of left side they have written a/c payee only and in the cheque there is company name is written if there any chance to bounce the cheque please tell me

  133. Sir I have given an 100000 rupees check to a person bt in the numerical word I have written it in this way 100000=00, bt in word I have write correctly ‘one lakh rupees ‘
    So my question is tht sir
    The numerical amount I have used this ‘= ‘sign can tht person coverts this ‘=’ sign into ‘ 0’ or he can convert 100000 into 1000000 or more or he can misuse of tht check

  134. Hi sir,
    My name in the BANK A/C is LAKSHMI.S, but I have received a cheque of A/C PAYEE ONLY in the name of LAXMI.S. Will the cheque be encashed? Else please suggest me how do I rectify and encash the cheque?

      1. Sir i have one urgent query.
        i got a cheque from one company . Neither crossed nor A/c pyee. Name also not written . Just think it was a blank cheque only on the cheque above signature it was wtitten not re than 23000. But amount in figure and amount in words coloumn is blank. And the amount which i need from that company is 22700.
        Can i fill my amount and also can i write self above to clear in cash.

          1. Sir another cheque is there where above signature it is written not more than 25000 but the amount i want is 24100. But cheque is crossed and A/c payee. And bearer is not crossed. And pay coloumn and amount coloumn is blank. So my question is can i encash cash writing my name because i dont have bank account in this state where cheque is issued. What to do sir please help me

              1. Ok boss. If i deposit A/c payee cheque in my account.. will my name and account number will appear in the bank statement of the person who issue cheque

  135. Sir, I have received a cheque from one person.He had written amount in words in the place of Pay.Is this cheque valid or not?

      1. Dear friend
        I have one query i had sign my few a/c pyee cheque last day out of which one cheque is missing and also not remember that cheque number. Now what to do if anyone find that leaf and misuse.

  136. If cheque is in the name of “ABC Ltd. or ABC public Ltd.” or Bearer
    But bearer is not crossed

    Can I withdraw this amount at Bank’s window

  137. Respected Sir,
    I have dropped the check with slip in bank drop box but I am forgot to gate receipt…..is there any problems

  138. Hi,
    I have bank account with my first name Abhilash only. I have received the uncrossed cheque with name Abhilash Mishra. Will it get cleared? and how?

    Can i cash it at counter? cheque is of Punjab and Sindh Bank

  139. i have sent an a/c payee cheque of icici bank to a person….if he does not have icici bank account how will he be paid?

  140. sir, i want to create a demand draft but it needs to be a “crossed demand draft”
    can i do that with normal dd form and does it require pass book.. pls help me sir.

  141. Respected, if i get some cheque of donations against company name like: fund raising organization, no registered this organization how get as personal name this cheque

  142. I had a crossed cheque of HDFC bank. I went to SBI to get the fund transferred as I had account in SBI. It has been 6 days but the fund hasn’t transferred yet. What am I supposed to do now? Is it going to take more time?

  143. I Have Saving Account & I Deposited A Cheque Today But On Slip I Got Stamp SBI – CCPC With Some Number : WHY ?

    Please Give Me

  144. hello sir once again,

    if we write payee name and strike off the word “bearer”

    so this chq is only be deposited in account or is there any possibility payee can collect from the cash counter?

    ershad ali

  145. SIR,

  146. Hello sir, I have a bearer cheque of sbi in favour of me, but can i withdraw money from any branch of sbi or I hv to go to that particular branch whrere drawer has his acount?

  147. Hi Sir,

    I have HDFC cheque with one letter spell mistake,so how can i draw the money is there any problem in the deposit cheque?

  148. I have an ac payee cheque from OBC bank on my name & don’t have an account in the bank. But I Do have an account in other bank. How would I withdraw the amount & what would be the Procedure?

    Thanks in advance!

  149. Hello sir,iam Eden here iam my sister has sent me 70k in western union bank in Bangalore. i heard dt i can’t get cash more then 50k in one transaction.so, dt mean bank people will give me cross cheque. My question is i don’t have bank account in Bangalore but i have sbi account in sikkim. is it possible for me to get cash if i show cross cheque in Bangalore sbi bank? Plsss do reply asap

  150. respected basavaraj,

    i belongs to science stream so i dont know any bank procedure. just i have 1 question that , if i have to issue 1 cheque eg payee name “jadhav rakesh ganesh” . and my account is in sbi mumbai.and suppose i did not make it cross chq or account payee only chq. but what i want is that “jadhav rakesh ganesh” should collect the cash directly from the sbi counter and the cashier of sbi must ask his id proof. so how can i prepare such type of chq

    thanking you,
    ershad ali

      1. sorry to interupt u sir, but if i make chq “account payee only”……so it means that he can only deposit to his account. is it possible to get the amount directly from the cashier counter just by showing id proof???

          1. sir but my question is ….instead of preparing account payee chq…..i want payee to collect the cash directly from cash counter. and cashier must ask his id proof

            is it possible to prepare such type of chq….

            i m working in dubai n as per united arab bank policies, all payee must show id proof at counter. so i think in united arab , banks r practising very nice method…..whts ur opinion??

  151. I got a cheque from my insurance in my wife name, she does not have an account, can she endorse and deposit in my account? endorse means what should we do for the same? I have an account with SBI. do i need to submit any document along with cheque? do i deposit personally with information tot he banker. please explain,

  152. I have received refund in a\c payee cheque but I have no bank account in India as I am Nepali…how can I realise cash…plz help me out

  153. Sir mere paas do cheque hai jo ki mene usme 14-2-16 date issue kiya but wo galat ho gya mene 2 ko 7 me badal diya hai kya ye cheque bank me approved hoga ya nahi

  154. Hi,

    I have got refund amount from my mobile service provider through a/c payee cheque. The worry is they have mentioned first letter of my father’s first name in between my first & surname. And my bank account have my name as first & surname. Can I get my amount clear by bank? They have put the name on cheque Manu R Garg instead of Manu Garg. Can you please help me out on this

  155. Dear banker,
    I have a cheque from sbi bank .but, i have account in indian bank ,its branch is in my native.I am in chennai , is this possible to collect that cheque amount in chennai.

      1. I got my salary through cheque in Goa. But till den I moved to Kerala. Now the cheque is with my dad. Can he deposit the cheque on my account number?

  156. Dear Mr Banker, i received 2 (two) demand drafts (Account payee only) in my name from CITIBANK, today i decide to credit it to my account (SBI) and made a few mistakes
    1. I fill the pay in slip but i wrote a wrong dates, i wrote the date i deposit the draft instead of the issue date of the draft in the details of cheques column…. frankly i wrote the whole dates different in the pay in slip.
    2. I drop it in the SBI dropbox but i did not let the bank officials stamp the counterfoil, i just tear it out and take the counterfoil home without stamp or signature.
    If these are going to cost a problem please advice me what should i do
    Thank you in advance

      1. My mistake you are a Financial Planner, a BIG sorry for my ignorance
        So, i’ll just wait for my account to get credit peacefully, how long will it takes?
        a BIG THANKS for your time and help, Sir.

  157. Can i use the last cheque leaf from my cheque book first? That is can i use cheque leafs in reverse order?

  158. Hi,
    I have a uncrossed cheque of HDFC bank for 25k. But i do not have account in the HDFC bank. Will i be able to cash the cheque in the bank cash counter.


  159. I submit cheque of rs 50000 to Raji Bisht A/c Indian bank), but received message that your account has been debited to Rajhans industries. what s/d I do now.

  160. My father is 85 year old. He cannot go to bank to withdraw pension. He also does not want to use ATM. He issues an uncrossed cheque (for Rs 10,000) writing pay to ‘self’. He signs cheque and also signs over back of cheque, I (Rajiv) also sign over back of cheque. I go to bank to withdraw Rs 10,000/- and give it back to my father after coming home. The lady of bank, when she gives money and makes entry in passbook through computer, she writes ‘paid to Rajiv’. I tell her to write ‘paid to self’ i.e. (my father’s name) as it is actually my father who is getting money, not me. Secondly, if she shows in records that money was paid to me (Rajiv), then it will be counted as my income and I will have to pay tax on it whereas it is actually not my income and it is being given back by me to my father (The amount is not a gift to me, so not tax free). The lady of bank does not agree with this argument. She says since she is giving it to me (Rajiv), she will write ‘paid to Rajiv’. She is right or me?

    1. Rajiv-By mentioning as SELF and signing at both side of cheque, this now bearers cheque. Whoever present the cheque in bank, he will get the cash. So, bank have no option but to write who collected. Also, by mere her mention in your father’s passbook will not change your income status. Bank is acting as per rule.

      1. Sir, Thanks for reply. Sir, suppose my father writes Rajiv instead of writing self (and all other parameters remaining same), then will this 10,000/- be counted as my income and become taxable for me?

  161. Hello Sir,
    I have given a cancelled cheque to withdraw pf but i have not written “cancelled” on it. I have crossed on it bt pen like ×. And signed on it. Is it correct? Or some may use it in wrong way?

  162. I am having a cheque which is not crossed i.e. Cash withdrawql . I want to deposit it in my account . Can i cross it myself to make my transaction more secure ? Any other thing i need to take care of ??

  163. hey, My company deposited my salary for the first time in the form of a cheque in my account from mumbai. I have given just my name instead of the full name with surname. so they just my first name and last name. on my pass book my whole name with the surname is written. the cheque is not issued. do you think there is any solution for this one?
    I am an SBI customer btw

  164. maine chq ki detail black pen se fill ki nhai aur sir ne galti se blue se sign kar diya to kya partie ko ye chq de sakte hai issue ho jayega


  166. I got one crossed cheque of hdfc bank i transferred that cheque to my friend SBI account from SBI branch. how can I get the cheque back

  167. I dropped my cheque in my friend’s account but that cheque doesn’t cleared I need my cheque back from where can I get my cheque back. I dropped that cheque in SBI

  168. I have a union bank cheque .and i hv a sbi a/c .will i go sbi na ? .how days it will clear? And how will cheque transferd by filling bank slip with cheaque or a/c no. on back side of cheque and drop it in cheque box ??

  169. If a collecting bank presents a account payee cheque over the counter to the drawee bank for cash payment can the cash payment be made or not

  170. I got my salary through cheque. A/c where I diposited previously has been in problem (KYC as per bank information) I need my salary right now for my room rent. Can I directly go to bank and get the money

  171. As a banker can I collect a crossed cheque with correct payee name but wrong account number of the payee mentioned on the cheque? For eg: I received a cheque Payee: Rahul Shrikant Belsare A/c 123456789. Rahul Shrikant Belsare’s name matches with the collecting bankers record but not the account number. Am I supposed to supposed to collect the cheque in Payee’s name ignoring the account number

  172. I just received a A/c payee cheque with my name on it. But i dont have any account of my name. So can i withdraw it and if yes then how?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  173. two days ago, I was received an HDFC A/C payee local cheque in my previous company.
    when i submit the cheque over my HDFC brance, In that slip i had written the my previous company account number instead of my account number.
    after two day i didn’t get any positive response from HDFC bank.

    Please advice me that whether my cheque cancelled or is there any possible to resubmit the same cheque?

    (In case my cheque cancelled my previous company wont give new cheque)

  174. hello sir,

    i have deposited Cheque with wrong account number.
    both from and to account no was same.
    what should i do?

  175. Hdfc has given cheque on which name of payee is ABC LIMITED ACCOUNT NO 12345 ICICI BANK.
    Will be cheque get clear with payee name includes account no as well as name of bank.

  176. hello sir my name is arun company given me hdfc account pay cheq then I in that cheq they have written arunakumar gabasavalagi ,,but my account name is aranakumar gubasavalagi so in slip I have written arananakumar gubasavalagi only is there any problem

  177. Can you tell me whether a bank can honour a check if youve only mentioned Pay to A/c No:_____ without mentioning a name to pay to. Also if an incorrect account number was indeed mentioned and the bank transfers the funds to that specific account(which is also valid), the party receiving the funds in their account immediately withdraws or transfers the money to his family bank accounts, and when the bank questions him he says he has no idea what they are talking abt, what can be done in such a scenario. Is there any way to sort this out?

  178. sir,
    I recieved a cheque in which the drawer is Axis Bank and pay is written as ” PNB Pampore, A/c M/s Bhat Enterprises”.
    I Presented the cheque to J&K Bank, NB Branch and the amount the credited into my account. Now the PNB has raised the issue that the collecting Bank has acted in a dubious manner and asked the collecting Bank to reimburse the amount. Please adsive.

      1. PNB alleges that the collection made is patently against the tenor of the instrument. PNB further alleges that the collection is not only questionable as per the set banking pratice but even fradulant in nature.

          1. PNB alleges that J&K Bank is not a collection Bank and the Cheque was to be collected at PNB ands as such J&K Bank has committed a Fraud.

  179. Excellent Blog sir, I wish to ask one question. My father has received an A/C Payee cheque in his name from an insurance company but he does not have a savings account or any other account in his name. Should I open a savings bank account in his name and deposit the cheque or should I have it discounted from a local cheque discounter I know?. Is it possible to discount an a/c payee cheque?

  180. Hello,
    I have a general question here. When people applies for a loan, the banks are asking empty checks with only signed and To field written on it, but without amount and date mentioned. So does not it mean, that we are giving a chance to the bankers to write any amount and deposit ? if they write more money on check and deposit it will be bounced. so will not be legal issue ? first of all is it not legal to ask blank checks as security deposit ?

  181. hello sir,

    i have deposited IndusInd Bank cheque (uncrossed) in SBI bank, while filling the Pay in slip, i have given all the details right, except for the account number written in the pay in slip, last 3 digits where miss-typed ( for 529, i typed 259). but the cheque was in my name, pay in slip has my name and phone number. i just realized yesterday that money got transferred from Indusind bank on 22nd March itself, when inquired in Indus bank they told that money was transferred in the Name of Mr. Thirumoorthy.

    I called SBI to check if the Account number which i have written is valid or in Valid, they told me that the account number is invalid. while Calling Phone banking , they assk for the account number/ debit card number, when i give my actual account number it takes me inside for further options, when i type the wrong account number its telling me invalid account number.

    Since holiday i’m not able to do anything 🙁 its a huge money 🙁 can you please advice if the bank will not refer account holder name and account number and just transfer amount ?

    Cant hold my breath till monday, can you please advise where the money could have been parked and will i be able to recover my money?
    If by Mistake the money was transferred to any other account will it be possible to recover the money ?



    1. Vignesh-I think they just referred the account number but not the name. It is the mistake from you as well as at bank side. But the cheque is in your name and if you endorsed means it can be used by any third part too. Hence, you have to check with bank officials on Monday. Calm down.

  182. i have a çrossed cheque of axis bank what is formality i have to follow inbank to encash it.please give procedure to follow

  183. Payee name is mamata receive cheque from Govt department and the cheque is account payee so she wants to deposit to her account. Whether mamata wants to sign on backside of cheque r not?

  184. Bearer cheque is in name of payee.( Sangita) Drawer bank is hdfc. How can the bearer cheque be encashed by Sangita? Which bank should she approach? Drawer bank or her bank ?

      1. Thanks. Just re confirming that Sangita is the payee..

        And what if the cheque is in name of ” self” instead of Sangita. Does she still need to approach the drawer bank.?

        Can Mr.y go to collect cash instead of Sangita?

  185. My name is basava M.I got a cheque of Deutsche Bank issued by my other name(chetan) so what do i need to do to get the money from that cheque ?

  186. hello sir i have one cheque of the date of 29 jan can i deposite the cheque on date 20 march
    in any other bank account.

  187. Sir,,i have a Account payee check of PNB…Can i cash in any bank or only PNB…..and my account in Bank of baroda…And how many days i will get my money in my bob account if i cash this cheque in any other bank???

  188. I got a cheque with some spelling mistake, it is bearer cheque. can I deposit on my bank without any problem ?

      1. Sir, Mr.A issue a cheque to Mr.B above 5 lakh & Mr. B says to Mr. A , Never write my name on cheque, please write SELF on cheque in PAY column because if you write my name than it come in income tax & I pay 20% tax on that cheque, SIR Mr.B ko tax or charges bharne padte hai kya agar uska naam Mr. A likhta hai in cheque above 5 lakh rupees

  189. Thanks sir,
    I have collected a cheque in dropbox viz of bankok and shanghai bank in banglore and my account is in sbi maharashtra and collected it in banglore sbi so how much time it will taken
    And also i mention only my name ,ac no,and ifsc code on back of the cheque i forget to do sign can it creates some problem
    Please tell me sir

  190. A very good blog for people like me who do not know banking laws and I have a query, what is the maximum amount can a person withdraw from his account on a single given day, e.g. from Bank of India, if say one has to pay the amount to buy a house.

    1. Sir please answer to my queries I received the cheque stating that account payee not negotiable from hsbcbranch in that they have written my Indian bank account no it’s s property transaction I don’t use internet banking my pass book and statement of account showing cleared balance but I want to know what is lien balance

  191. Loved your blog post!Thanks for sharing such valuable info.

    I have a question too.

    I have received a cheque of an Axis bank(amount 66000),Pune Branch.The cheque is crossed,but A/C payee is not written on it.I have an SBI acct(Kochi home branch).I also have a SBBJ account(Pune Branch).Currently I m in Pune.What will be the quickest way to withdraw the cash? Can I directly encash it at any of the axis bank branches or need to deposit at my SBBJ/SBI bank account.

    Awaiting your reply.

  192. Hello Sir,I had deposited a cheque(my cheque from canara bank) at my post office saving a/c on 18/02/16. Wanted to transfer money.They told me it would take five days,the amt. Is debited from canara a/c, but has not reached P.O a/c till date..
    What could be the problem ?
    They also took a sign at the back of my check,is that ok ?

  193. Hi Sir,
    The problem over here is that I dropped a cheque in the box in corporation bank to transfer it to a account, but I made two mistakes I wrote the A/C no wrong But I have written the name correct. and I put the cheque and challan inside the box without taking acknowledge cut of the challan. Will it bounce ?? or it will clear ??

    Thank you

  194. Sir,
    I have recieved one Muti City cheque of 2 Crs from one party, bank SBI, Branch -Chennai. But there is note on cheque ” Valid Up to 50 Lacs at non home branch. I have SBI account home branch in Mumbai. Can i produce this cheque in mumbai in my home branch or i should have account in chennai.
    Urgent please.

  195. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,
    What does it mean when someone asks me for a blank Crossed cheque for making payment to my bank account through RTGS? Where do I get a blank crossed cheque?

      1. Can I myself draw two lines and write CANCELLED in between on a cheque and give it to the concerned person, so that he can use my account information to make payment to my account?

  196. Sir I have a cheque of Kotak mahindra bank but I don’t have an account in Kotak mahindra . I have a SBI account . Can I use that accoitn to cash in ?

  197. sir i have given a check of 10000 but i have balance of 3500 n tomorrow or they after m going to deposit it in my account den what wld happen cos m not having money right now 2 deposit i wld get money tomorrow or they after, and i take 2-3 days 2 clear pls inform me urgently pls pls brother

  198. Hi Sir,

    I have received HDFC cheque from my manager,Its a open cheque and the branch located in Chennai. Can i cash that cheque in any of that HDFC branch? Or should i need to cash it only in the branch the cheque provided?

  199. sir am a student i got the cheak for my fees while filing it i think i worte wrong account number and name is right of my father… actually it was supossed to be deposited in my father name account………. since its late money is not received yet in account so what could i do? what would have happen please reply me asap and very worried

  200. Dear Sir,
    I have received an a/c payee cheque on my name.. Is it necessary that I have to sign on the back side of the cheque as well as on deposit voucher.?

  201. Hi sir,

    My friend got an account payee check, but he doesn’t have any account.Can he deposit that check in to my account.

  202. Sir I received a cheque from my previous company. Unfortunately, by mistake, my father wrote the same account number on the slip which was mentioned on the cheque. What should I do?Please help

  203. Hello sir, my question is about cross chq.
    Chq is cross with simple two parllel lines in favor of ‘’ Mr. A SON OF MR. B AGAINST LAND PAYMENT 123‘’ can it transfer in account of Mr. C.
    Please advise on given email address if posible. Thanks

  204. Hi

    I have my salary A\C in axis bank, also I have my personal A\C in SBI. From my old company I got my settlement as a “A\C Payee Cheque” of HDFC Bank.

    My concern is, Can I give that cheque to SBI bank ?

  205. I have a union bank cheque .and i hv a sbi a/c .i deposits it into sbi bank.how days it will clear? And i was not signed in back side of cheque

  206. Dear sir, I request you to please give me advice.
    One of my known has lodged a case under section 138 against me. The case is in district court of indore. My advocate has to give answer on next date against his complaint. Case details are as follows:
    1. I had issued two cheques (saving a/c) of 50000/- each to Mr.A in 2010 as gaurantee because of regular credit deals of electric goods. Every deal was paid in cash with in 15-30 days in cash and the deals were without bills.
    2. Both the cheques were without payee name and without date. Even not crossed a/c payee.
    3. In 2012 Mr.A gave the cheques to his friend Mr.B and Mr.B presented the cheques in his current a/c by filling his firms name and date. Between 2010 and 2012 my as I did’t operated my a/c it became inoperative/dormant.
    4. In court, as a supporting document Mr.B presented a photocopy of fake bill with a fake signature of mine as receiving of material. Mr.A is mentioned as an evidence in case file.
    5. On last court date, Mr.B requested CJM that carbon copy of that bill had been misplaced by him and since original copy of bill is with accused pl. order him to present original copy.
    6. Mr.B is unknown to me and I never had any deal with him in past.
    Pl. guide me. This case is a mental torture to me. I am unknown of court proceedings.

    1. Sir, Simple. You are already contending that the bill is fake, Then how the court can ask you bring the origional. Tell the court to bring the carbon copy & send it to the forcenic department. If this do not work out do this. WHEN he has billed he should have declared it to the sales tax autorities, paid taxes. you ask them to produce the sales tax filed copies/ annexeres to prove that he had really billed at least, second ask him to show thr transporter who had moved the goods, his Lorry receipts / payment received for freight etc, which also could prov that he jad really supplied. In the absence of these , by simply tellin that he had supplied – it cannot be counted. Tell your lawer to argue on these lines.

  207. hello sir,

    i have received crossed cheque without my name mentioned on it and i have depostied the same in my icici bank with the requsted details on slip (name, a/c, telephone etc ) and as well as my name, account number and telephone number on the back of the cheque but i forget to mention my name on front of the cheque in the field TO. i just want to know should i contact bank or they will clear it withount any problem.

      1. Thanks sir, how much time it will take in clearing the cheque?? It is syndicate bank cheque and i have deposited in icici bank

  208. Hello sir
    A cheque has been issued which is payable to me means i m the payee according to the above definition. Drawer is Deutsche bank. Now i want this cheque to be credited to someone else’s account, whose account is in different bank than the bank in which i have a account. How can it be done. Please help

      1. Hi I have one question.

        Can i deposit my friends account cheque to my bank account and in this case both banks are different

  209. DEAR SIR,

    We sell chemicals to another party. He gave us his party name: rohan colour. So, we gave him all invoice of Rohan Colour.
    After 3 Months, when he gave us payment, we see that their firm name is Rohan Color. His Name in bank is also Rohan Color.
    And our 30 Lacs Payment is pending. and he is not doing payment.
    Is this Invoice name Problem is major issue ??? to do legal action…
    Please give me reply as soon as possible.

  210. Hello Sir,

    actually I wanted to open an saving account in kotak mahendra bank and they are asking for initial cheque of rs.10000.

    is it neccessary to provide?

    kindly revert back.
    a waiting for ur reply.

  211. Sir I m in big problem, my friend give me a cheque of 50000 from his bank of baroda account n I submitted that cheque in my SBI account I was fill deposit slip completely but I was forgot to fill my name on cheque after two day it was just click on my mind.
    Sir plz give me some advise what should I do…

  212. Dear Sir,
    I got A/C PAYEE ONLY type cheque (STATE BANK OF MYSORE) from my university with wrongly typed my middle name as Ram Krishan Adhikari. Would it be problem to deposit that cheque in my bank account (CANARA BANK) where i have account name as Ram Krishna Adhikari.
    I look forward for your kind response.
    Thank you

  213. Dear sir,
    Mujhe mere caution money ka a/c payee cheqe mila which was of pnb.and my a/c is in SBI.due to lack of info I just submitted it in pnb.maine reverse mei apni sari details likhi thi..

  214. Hi, Sir, my name is Vinay , my question is Mr A cross the 50000/- cheque and give to Mr B , Mr B drop the cheque to bank & amount credited to Mr B a/C , if suppose If Mr A object to bank like wrong payment made and take back what his cross cheque 50000/- again , or else it not possible to take back amount of rs 50000/- from Mr B pls let me

  215. Sir,

    I have AC Payee check issued by State Bank of Hyderabad in the name of my mother.
    Can I deposit the check in my name in my SBI account as my mother presently don’t have account and validity of the check may expire.

      1. The cheque took lot of time from State Bank of Hyderabad to come to our hand and now in a weeks time it is going to expire. Can my mother encash the cheque or there is no way to get the money mentioned in cheque before cheque expiry date.

        1. Prakash-If the cheque is going to expire soon, then the first thing you have to do is to request the concerned person to re-issue the cheque by surrendering the old one. Once you receive that, then open bank account and encash.

  216. Hi,
    I have received my pay cheque without my name on it, but drawer has already signed at the back of that cheque. I want to deposit it in my account….what i need to do?

      1. Hi,
        I have received my pay cheque without my name on it, but drawer has already signed at the back of that cheque. I want to deposit it in my account….what i need to do?in which bank i need to vist my or drawer?

  217. I have received a cheque from UTI in the name ARUP KUMAR DEY but my bank account is in the name of ARUP DEY. Whether the cheque will be cleared ? Please reply.

    1. Dear Sir,
      I am a principal of school and today i wrote a cheque in favor of a principal of another school. That principal sent a peon to receive the cheque. the peon told me that he would go to directly to the bank to get that money. I forgot to write A/c payee .
      what would bank do? will the bank give cash to the peon or deposit the cheque in to the payees account?

  218. Sir,
    I have received a income tax refund cheque from SBI. The name in the cheque is “Balaji Gokulan Parasumanna”. However, my HDFC bank account has “Balaji Parasumanna Gokulan” as the account name. The PAN details and account details mentioned in the cheque are correct. Can i deposit this cheque? Will there be a problem?

  219. I am a Nepali Citizen and there is no facility of opening an account in India for Nepalese. Currently I am working in India and my company wants to issue me Account Payee cheque of Kotak Mahindra bank. I have my bank account in Nepal in SBI Bank. My enquiry is;
    1. Can I deposit the above Account payee cheque in any of Branch of SBI in India?
    2. Can I deposit the above Account payee cheque in the same branch of Nepal where I have my account?
    3. If account is blocked due to non recent transaction, is it still possible to deposit the cheque now and withdraw the money after activating the account in near future in my account of SBI in Nepal?


  220. sir i have account payee cheque of hdfc. I want to deposit it with sbi. It bears not negotiable. Can it be deposited with sbi account as i have no hdfc account. Moreover it bears my name only not my sbi account number.

  221. i have a payee chaque with my name on it, but i don’t have a bank account, i am working and cant get time to open a account either, is it possible to get that cheque cash from any way?
    i need money urgently.

    the cheque is issued by Indian Overseas Bank,

    one more question,
    i live in delhi shahdara, are there any bank branch that open on sunday, any bank (govt or private no matters) so that i can apply online and submit documents in that bank branch.

    please reply ASAP,

  222. Hi sir,

    i have A/c payee cheque of Bank of Maharashtra issued(28-Sept-15) by a hospital from Pune . they have mentioned just my name on it. i am having a PNB account from Himachal pradesh.
    can i deposit the money it to my old Bank account from PNB branch at Pune? for how many days the cheque will be valid if not submitted? how many days will it take to get the money deposited in my old Bank account?

    thanks in advance.


  223. sir, I have an union bank check of Jaipur, and want to deposit in my SBI account surat. plz tell me how much time it will take to clear.

  224. Sir, I have one ac payee cheque from my old employer. My name is written on cheque in wrong pattern e.g Ravi Deswal but i have account with name Ravi Kumar. Would it be transferred to my account or not?

  225. i have an a/c payee cheque on which my account number is also mentioned along with my name. The account is in Gujarat. I am presently in kerala. Can i encash the cheque from kerala?

    1. sir, if A& B has a joint account – if A receives a crossed cheque -Acan deposit the cheque. similerly Bcan also deposit. How ever for removing the money -what you have written to bank 2 the time of opening will matter. If you would have written EITHER OR- means any of A or B can draw the amount. Or if you would have written both – then in the cheque both A& B has to sign ,then only it will be honoured.

  226. sir,
    I got this simply crossed cheque (not a/c payee) from my employer which is of hdfc bank. bt am having account in axis bank only. how can I encash my salary cheque without depositing it in the drop box. can my brother encash it on behalf of me as I don’t have time to go to the bank due to my job timings.
    one more thing. my full name is somjith soman but on the its written somjith only. would that be a problem. would my brother need my id to encash the cheque. please if possible reply to my mail id – [email protected]
    thanks in advance 🙂
    and sir u r doing a great job.

  227. I have an a/c payee check of drawee: andhra bank Bangalore brach,
    I have my saving account in SBI in another city… should I have to travel there or I can deposit it in my account from any SBI branch in bangalore itself ???

    1. Sir, you can get the amount in your bank where you hold the account . You should be know to the branceh manager, then he may partly or even fully will allow you to draw. on his authority ( but you cannot insist ) If the cheque is from GOVT , or demand draft it will be easy & they will not hesitate. If cheque is from the same brance, or if the party is knw to the manager also it may not have difficulty.
      But it all depends on the manager of your bank

  228. Sir,
    I just received a cheque from my past employer as Gratuity payment.
    My full name is Biswapriya Roy Chowdhury but in the A/c payee cheque it was written as Biswapriya Chowdhury. My A/c in bank is in the name of Biswapriya Roy Chowdhury.

    Can I deposit the cheque in my bank A/c.If yes then do I have to submit any identification proofs.


  229. Hi its me s.hussain
    I would like to know that i got a chk frm our compny ..i hv deposoted to the bank sbi
    Bt after one week they dnt relase the money ..whn i contact the bank they told me i m not getting ur chk ..there is no record ….they sugessting me that contact ur compny and tell them to issue a new cheque
    So is it possble compny will issue a new chk ??

    1. sir, first pl try to dig the counter foil of the cheque. if you cannot retrive at least try to get the cheque number, first infor m the person who gave you the cheque, to inform his bank that the cheque is LOST. Then ask your party to issuea new cheque toyou. But generally banks charge a small amount 50 to 300 rs for this. It will be charged to the person who gave you the cheqyue,in turn he may charge you.

  230. Sir,

    I have received an account payee cheque from my previous company which is my final settlement amount. Cheque is from bnp paribass and my personal account is hdfc. while i gave the challan, In my cheque the name is XXXX YYYY, but while writing in chalan i gave as XXXX Y. Initial I gave as single letter. It is not deposited into my account because of this problem. I have enquired banker, he said the cheque will be returned to the bank in two days. After that, i have to submit any proof for my name and again have to submit the chalan.

    I am quite worried whether the cheque will be returned to bank safely? how the cheque come to bank ? is it through courier . whether it will be returned safe.

    please clarify me.
    thanks in advance.

  231. Hi

    Thanks for nice portal with lot of information needed for novice people like me.
    i have a question, i recently filed my tax returns and at that time i had given my bank account details for a NEFT transfer of my refund.
    But the tax department has mailed me a cheque to my indian residential address which my parents have recevied it.
    right now i am not in india and my cheque has been provided with all the details such as my PAN card number, my kotak account number etc., can i ask my parents to go and desposit the cheque in my bank ? since the cheque has a payee info and signature on back of it.. if i can ask my parents to deposit to the same account number, should i share any authorization letter to them to go and deposit kindly provide your feedback and advice.

  232. I got a A/C Payee cheque from HDFC bank, mentioning my name on it. my SBI a/c no. was written with pen on the back of it. whether it will be cleared at any branch of SBI or i should go to my home branch where i hv my account.

  233. I received a cheque from my previous employer for towards final settlement. But First name and Last name in wrong sequences but my account no is mentioned correctly in that account payee cheque. It is a HDFC bank cheque and my account is in HDFC only. Will it create any problem in cheque clearance?

      1. Sir I have received an a/c payee cheque from my father of ?36 thousands. The cheque is of different bank and I have a SBI savings account. My questions are 1.if I deposit it to my account today then how much time it will take to clear.2.is it OK to write my account number and phone number behind the cheque?? 3.if I deposit it to the same city Kolkata SBI but in not my branch will they charge anything????4

  234. sir i just submitted my security and he gave me cheque for her company NAME …….. but i have no account …. kya mai ye cheque kisi kai bhi account mai lga sakta hu

  235. hamara cheque bank of maharashtra ka hai jo ki gum ho gaya hai hamne complent nahi kiya hai jiska amount Rs. 3000 hai kya usse mere account per bura asar padega please help

  236. sir

    i have a/c payee only cheque of indian overseas bank issued by college on 13 may valid for three months , at that time i didn’t have account to cash it.
    now i have account in union bank
    open on 30 july .
    my question is , is it required for cheque to be issued after 6-7 days after the date of account opening for cashing it.
    if yes please direct me what to do , to cash my cheque.

  237. Can a cheque with only name of bank written in place of Payee’s Name be deposited in a particular account?
    eg: Pay IDBI Bank Ltd,
    Can this chq. be deposited in the account of say M/s Roshan Transport

  238. SIR,




  239. Hi.. I received a cheque of SBI …now I want to cash the cheque , but I don’t have an account in SBI .. can I cash them or is there any other procedure for it..?

  240. Hi. I have issued a cheque in the name of society in which i reside. It is actually a maintanence cheque. I forgot to cross it. Can it be a problem or will it get cleared without hassles in the society account? Please reply asap. I m worried.

  241. Hi ,

    This is good site with lot of clarifications. I need a clarification, I got a A/c payee cheque with my wife’s name (Name printed at Pay). I wrote my name at back of the cheque by mistake instead of my wife’s name and dropped into bank collection box. That cheque got returned with message “Instrument contains extraneous matter”

    Is that the reason that cheque returned. What should I do now.

    Thanks in advance,

  242. hello sir,i have a accont payee cheque of name NARINDRA SNGH but i am having a identity proof and account of the name of NARINDER KAUR,, let the all solutions that how can i encash amount of the cheque.My all proof are of NARINDER KAUR but by mistake 4 years ago it was NARINDRA SINGH in voter id card,4 years ago i took a life insurance policy in name NARINDRA SINGH now the system is not allowing to correct my name, so give me the solutions of enchasing account payee cheque.

      1. Sir they are telling it is not possible to update my name NARINDER KAUR and cheque will be issued on my NARINDRA SINGH

  243. hi sir…
    sir I have a/c payee cheque but I don’t have can’t in any bank..n I want to cash my cheque immediately …because of some financial problem…
    so please guide me how i will cash my cheque without accout???
    please give me your helpful replyyy…

    Please sir

  244. i worked in one company. unprofessionally i laft that job.when i was working there. i got PDC crossed cheque(account payee ) on company’s name by customer. i kept in office only.but now that is not found. that company MD telling that cheque theft by me.but i not taken the cheque. he have right to take legal action on me.

      1. but he getting new cheque Also from that customer.customer did stop payment for old cheque. i think i am safe now ?

  245. I have a crossed cheque in my wife name and she did not have any account.
    Can I withdraw it to my account ? I f possible , then how can I do this?

    1. I also wanted to know I issued a cheque to a person on her name.. I didn’t marked the cross sign on the cheque.. can the person withdraw the amount using my cheque..

      Bank said they can’t issue the payment .. I should have written self on the cheque..

      One more thing I signed on both the side of the cheque..

  246. Dear sir

    This is my first time i have read your blog. Your words are easily understandable and thanks for helping us.

    I have a one query that………….. if i written a payee’s name and a/c no. in place of pay space, this is wrong or may correct or it will be workable. means i have to transfer to payee’s a/c for NEFT through bank. Bank will be do this for me or it will be cancel. and everything is correct like date, a/c no., sign, amount.

    If u reply me i will be very thankful.

  247. Hello sir,

    I had an Axis bank account which I closed recently. I had withdrawn the remaining amount from the SB account. Now, I have got an account payee cheque from the bank for a small amount. My name is written on the cheque.

    Since I am a bit embarassed to go to the bank for such a small amount, can I drop the cheque in ATM (which has a drop-in box) and direct them to transfer the amount to my other bank account (HDFC or BOB)

    1. Acpayeecheque-Simpel solution, drop the Axis Bank Cheque in your HDFC Bank. They collect it from Axis. How can you say Axis to transfer the amount to HDFC or BOB? They will not do as your account already closed with them.

      1. Thanks a lot for the solution and prompt reply.

        And really informative webpage. Topics covered are very relevant and explained in simple terms.

        Thanks again.


  248. Dear sir,

    I went Yesterday on 12 th march 2015 to ICICI bank kavuri hills, hyderabad of my boss account . I have dropped two cheques (account payee cheques). but today my boss has a call that the account number is only 10 digits in stood of 12 digits.

    what was the rule if the account number I entered was wrongly but the number is very similar(near) to my boss account but 2 digits were missing. does the account payee cheques will be transferred to my boss account or it will be back to us.

    The account is existing from last 15-20 years.

    I have a question please clear the doubts of mine.

    I want your replay

    thank you


  249. Dear sir

    Thank you for your information.

    I am not agreed with this whenever our Company’s Chartered accountant persons told me this
    while some auditing work was done.

    At present I am sure he is correct.

    Thanks once again.

    1. loving your website, the way you explain is simple language and understandable. good work. i will promote this webpage to my friends too.

        1. Enlightening stuff … thanks a lot the information, Basavaraj.

          One question though…
          I may issue a crossed cheque a Mr. X, and it gets stolen by Mr.Y.
          Y can sign for X on the back of the cheque and deposit into his account?
          How does my bank ensure the endorsements are valid? Do they call and check?

            1. So if I give u a crossed cheque and you lost it, and the person who got it can sign it as if it was endorsed by you for him and he can deposit it into his account?
              I will not be responsible for your loss?

              1. Vijay-Whether you are asking me mere crossed cheque or account payee? If it mere crossed then definitely it is your loss. I think something different as account payee cheque and a person who stolen a cheque depositing into account to whom you endorsed. But if the person who lost cheque complain about lost then the cheque transaction can easily be tracked. No run away.

  250. This is the first time I am reading your blog. This is very informative and your words are very simple and easily understandable. Nice post. We are expecting more like this..

  251. Very informative Basavaraj. I wasn’t aware of the difference between a Crossed Cheque and an A/c Payee Only Cheque, though I have always used the latter. Not sure if anyone really provides a Crossed Cheque given to oneself to a third party, as people always deposit even Crossed Cheques into their a/c and issue a Crossed / A/c Payee cheque to a new drawee. But, in this e-age, have known many people preferring NEFT / RTGS over physical cheques. I don’t even recollect when I used a cheque last, as NEFT & RTGS are faster and cheaper than procuring a chequebook (most Banks charge a/c holders Rs. 100+ for chequebooks), courier cost, etc. Wish RBI would give incentives to Banking customers for using Internet & Mobile Banking. Would curb black money flow, and money laundering too.

      1. Dear sir I have lost the cheques received by me from the parties with whom I deal in my business, all the cheques were ac payee, can anyone encash them or misuse them

      1. Dear Sir,

        I Have been issued A/C payee Cheque but it was misplaced what action to be taken for re-isssue of Cheque

        Suresh Kumar

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