EPF Withdrawal Taxation-New TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Rules

The Finance Act, 2015 inserted a new section 192A related to the payment of the accumulated provident fund balance due to an employee. This will come into effect from 1st June, 2015. According to this, from now onward your EPF withdrawal will attract TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) if the amount of withdrawal is more than Rs.50, 000 and you worked for less than 5 years. 


  1. New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature
  2. 4 EPF withdrawal changes effective from Feb 2016

I explained the same in below image. Earlier the limit of such TDS was for more than Rs.30,000 and above withdrawal amount. In Budget 2016, the limit raised to Rs.50,000. 

TDS on EPF Withdrawal 2016


When the TDS will not be applicable?

1) When you transfer your EPF account to another account.

2) Termination of service due to ill-health of employee, discontinuation of business by an employer, completion of a project or other cause beyond the control of an employee.

3) If an employee withdraws the EPF amount after the continues 5 years of service (Including the service with a former employer).

4) If EPF amount is less than Rs.50, 000, but the employee has rendered service of less than 5 Yrs.

5) In case employee withdraw amount more than or equal to Rs.50, 000, with an employment of less than 5 Yrs but submits Form 15G/15H along with the PAN Card.

When the TDS will be applicable? 

In case, the employee withdraws his/her EPF amount which is more than or equal to Rs.50, 000 with service of less than 5 Yrs.

1) TDS will be deducted @ 10%, if an employee submits the PAN Card (But Form 15G/15H not submitted).

2) TDS will be deducted @ 34.608% if an employee fails to submit the PAN Card. (Also Form 15G/15H not submitted).

Few points to remember

  • TDS will be deducted at the time of payment of provident fund.
  • Form 15H is meant for individuals whose age is 60 Yrs or above (senior citizens) while form 15G is meant for individuals having no taxable income.
  • Form 15G/15H is not be acceptable in case the withdrawal is more than Rs.2, 50,000 and Rs.3, 00,000 respectively (This is as per current tax slab and will change year on year).
  • Employees shall quote their PAN number in Form No.15G/15H and in Form No.19 (Withdrawal Form).
  • If an employee rendered continues service of 5 years or more then they no need to submit a PAN number and Form 15G/H.
  • In addition, employees whose service not completed 5 years due to the reasons beyond the control of employees are also not required to submit a PAN Card as well as Form 15G/H.

I have created a video on how to fill Form 15G or Form 15H. Please have a look at it before proceeding further. Also, wrote a post on filling these forms. Please visit the post at “Video Tutor Guide-How to fill Form 15G and Form 15H?“.

If there is no TDS then it does not mean that the income is tax-free. For the detail taxation of employee provident fund withdrawal, refer my earlier post “Taxation of Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Recently CBDT launched new Form 15G and 15H. I created a video of how to fill this newly launched form. Please refer below video for the same.

488 Responses

  1. I applied for PF withdrawal few days back and I received a message which shows a 30% deduction. My KYC is complete(PAN submitted). I left my job both the time after almost 2 years due to a major health issue. I don’t want to lose my hard earned money. Please help

    1. Dear Manju,
      Mere TDS will not end the tax payment responsibility. If they wrongly deducted it, then you can raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  2. I have withdrawal my pf on dated 31 Jan 2020. My TDS is deducted 34 %
    Now we have tried to fill TDS refund process but not credited by EPFO office.
    I call customer care they suggest visit account department of Delhi office and Sumit form.
    I.am from Maharashtra how is possibale to go.

    Please suggest what will do next

    1. Dear Mayur,
      TDS is deducted..Fine. While filing ITR you can show this income as per the actual tax rule and still have a possibility to claim back the money than running behind EPFO.

  3. Hi,

    I have an EPF service history of 12+ years from 2005 – 2018 (till Jan) and from last four years i am overseas.

    My EPF amount is more than 50,000. have submitted PAN, Aadhar and Bank details with completed KYC.

    Under OnlineServices -> ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31,19,10C & 10D) i can see my last service history only, will this impact calculating my service history and relevant tax in EPF withdrawal ?

    Please note that i can see my entire service history from 2005 – 2018 under View -> ServiceHistory

    Referring url – https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/

  4. Hello sir,
    I have resigned my job last year and currently i’m not working. as my total service is 9.6 years EPS amount was not settled.
    I want to apply for scheme certificate. But in online E-nominee was approved by the employer and also i would like to change my bank details in member portal.
    The employer is not at all cooperative and they are not ready to approve / e-sign the nominee and bank details.
    So, can you please advise me what to do now?

    Looking for your urgent support and cooperation. Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi,

    I have applied for pf withdrawal.. I received amount also… Currently I am not working anywhere. But At the time of withdrawal I didn’t submit form 15G and 10% TDs deducted from my account..can I claim TDs refund..?
    My job period was less than 5 years april 2016 to dec2019

    How can I claim tds I mean what’s the process,where to apply ,how to apply

  6. Hello sir, I have total experience of 9.6 years and now I have resigned my job and applied for both EPF & EPS amount. In which EPF amount has been settled and EPS has been rejected stating “not eligible for withdrawal benefit”
    Could you please advise what to do now, and how to apply for EPS amount?

  7. Dear Sir,
    I worked from July 2016, for 3 years and received EPF. I resigned the job for my further education. Now I want to withdraw my EPF in March 2021, which is Rs. 4.50 Lakh. I do not have any other income. Will the amount withdrawn taxable.

  8. Hi,

    i have terminated due to health issue and i was connected with company for 18 months.

    when i will withdraw my pf amount which is more than 10 lakhs, will it be taxable?


  9. Hi,

    I have applied for pf withdrawal.. I received amount also… Currently I am not working anywhere. But At the time of withdrawal I didn’t submit form 15G and 10% TDs deducted from my account..can I claim TDs refund..?

  10. Hi sir,

    Iam surya, I have a Total service of 9.5years (9years 5 months & 14 days). Now I have resigned my job on 13.12.20 (29.06.2011 to 13.12.20)

    My query-

    1. Can I withdraw both EPF + EPS amount

    2. What is the procedure to claim both the amount

    Please reply…urgent

    Thanks in advance

  11. Dear Geetha

    Anything more than 9 years 6 months means you cannot touch your Eps amount and can only ask for a scheme certificate which you can p
    roduce when u claim pension after 50 reduced pension or 58 normal pension.
    Once you stop working there is a cooling period of 2 months to get 100% pf money which is not taxable in your hands as you have worked more than 5 years.Make sure your employer updates exit date in the system.And ensure that previous company pf is transferred to present company before submitting claim.

  12. Sir,
    One more clarification – that means EPS can be withdrawn if the overall service is less than 10 years.
    Now my overall service is 9.7 years (i.e DOJ Jul’2011), as i’m planning to quit the job – is it possible to close my PF account and withdraw full amount including EPF & EPS
    Could you please explain in detail.

  13. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Could you please explain below points.
    1. what is the minimum slab / year to claim full amount from PF including (EPF & EPS amount) that too before attaining retirement age.
    2. what is Scheme certificate.and what are the benefits we avail, if we get Scheme certificate for EPS amount.

    1. Dear Geetha,
      1) EPF you can withdraw once you are out of the job. In case of EPS, it is partly available if your service is less than 10 years and you have to opt for pension if you completed 10 years of service.
      2) It is the certificate that will allow you to apply for a pension.

  14. Hi, I have started my career in July’2011 total service of more than 9.6 years ( 1.5 years in previous organization and 8 years in current organization). Now I’m planning to relive from current job, is it possible to withdraw my full PF amount including pension contribution. How to claim it. Kindly advice

  15. Hi Basavraj,
    I’ve worked more than 5 years and in 3 companies, Company A 22/06/2011 to 17/09/2016, Company B 21/09/2016 to 06/03/2017, Company C 04/05/2017 to 09/08/2019. I haven’t withdrawn PF before and while I left my last company I’ve withdrawn PF and got PF credited only from the last company and TDS was deducted. Am I not eligible for refund? How can I claim it and while filing ITR where will I declare the credited amount ?

  16. Hi, I have in total service of more than 5 years ( 4 years in previous organization and 1.5 years in most recent organization) and I have submitted an online claim for PF Withdrawal as I am currently not in country. When I was submitting the claim (Form 19, Online). I have noticed that reason for leaving the current job was shown as Cessation of Service. I have received the final settlement but a TDS of 10% has been deducted.

    What should I to get the TDS deducted incorrectly by EPFO?

  17. Hi Basu,

    I have 2 PF accounts. tried to withdraw the amount UAN portal. I am sure that should appear 2 PF accounts when we click on Claim (Form-31,19,10C&10D). I am able to see only one PF account which is current account, not able to see previous pf account. Raised query to EPF grievance multiple times but closed without proper answer. KYC also updated and approved. what could be the issue? is it possibility to fill manually and submit at PF office instead of Online? Please suggest.

    1. Hi Sir,

      This Is Mutturaj.

      My Service is less than 5 years and i moved o abroad after leaving my job in india and its been 5 months now i would to apply for PF settlement.

      Unknowingly i have applied for advance amount in the month of Feb/March & its settled in end of April wit very small amount (where i thought of full settlement)

      Now i understood and applying for PF settlement online since my UAN is active & Adhar & PAn is also updated.

      My Query –

      1) What the total amount i have to mention?? its necessary when i am submitting a farm which meant for the full settlement?

      2) Do i need to follow the composite farm ? or which all farms need to submit.

      3) 15G farm its asking online, is this 15G/15H farm are mandatory for NRI?

      Will look forward your response.

  18. Hi Sir ,

    I claimed PF after 5 years of service , Received amount in Aug 2019 but not showing any transcation of the received amount in 26AS till now , feb 2020. What does it mean? Please suggest .
    1) Is the claimed credited amount is free of TDS and thats why it is not reflecting ?.If it so then atleast received amount reflect in 26AS.
    2)How can I ensure the correct information about TDS before filling ITR as no entry neither of TDS nor credited amount in 26 AS by EPFO after 6 months of claim settlement .
    Please help and advise

      1. Sir ,First of all thanks for your prompt response and kind assistance . If no entry is showing in form 26AS it means I can consider it no deduction on part of TDS from the claimed PF and EPS amount . Please confirm .

  19. Hello Sir,
    I worked for a company in India for 9 years (2010 – 2019) and relocated abroad in 2019. Aadhar is verified but PAN status shows unverified on the portal. Can I withdraw both EPF and EPS ? Will it be taxable? If yes, how much?

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hello,
    I have worked for 1.6 years in 1 company and I want to withdraw PF amount
    EPS – 20486
    I want to withdraw EPF + EPS
    PAN is not verified in UAN account, Its showing error – Name does not match with Income tax department.
    1) 50000 limit is including EPF + EPS or only EPF?
    2) Is It I can submit PAN copy and 15G copy to pf office so my TDS will not get deduct?
    3)Is it I can change Income tax account name?How?
    Please reply…urgent
    Thanks in advance

  21. Sir is that 50000 amount limit is ,Pf amount And Pension column amount passbook together ? or for Only Employer and Employee share?

      1. Dear Sire,
        Just want to know 2 things:

        1. I completed job with my previous employer for 13 years. Am I supposed to fill form 15G in case I am applying for the PF withdrawal?
        2. Can I also apply for withdrawal of my Pension Funds? I worked for 13 years with the previous employer.

        Thanks & Regards

  22. I retired at the age of 58 after working for 4.5 years. Now I plan to claim all the money in my PF account. Will this be covered as ” Termination of service due to other cause beyond the control of an employee.” and NO TDS, or still TDS will be deducted?

      1. No retired. As company has retirement age of 58 years and age is not in anyone’s control. So I felt no TDS deduction.

  23. Hi Sir,
    I left my job in july 18 and my salary was 24000 pm. Now i withdraw my pf through online.My pf amount was more than 50000. At online mode their are not any option of 15G, they deduct 10% TDS.
    As i left the job and currently not working any other organisation, my total income (Apr to Jul salary+PF amount) less than the Tax slab , how can i claim back that deduction?
    To whom i may contact Bank or EPFO or IT department?
    Pls provide ur guidence…….

      1. Thnx for ur reply.
        A.)I had not fill ITR in past. Pls suggest which itr form for me and what is pre-reuiste for claim TDS. do i need form 16 also, if yes did my employer provide that or not?

        B.) Currently i am doing M.tech. and getting stipend. is stipend amount also add in taxable money or not? because up to my knowledge stipend not come in taxable.

  24. Hi – I worked with “Company A” for 4.5 Years and then changed job to Company B in 2011 where I worked for 1.5 Years. There was no break between two jobs and I immediately joined the second company as soon as I left first company. Although I had applied for PF transfer, my PF from previous organization was not transferred to new one.

    Theses are old accounts and even did not get transferred to the new UAN system. Since I have more than 5 Years of continuous without any break will there be tax liability on me. There seems to be no clear cut guideline if someone ends with two PF accounts (inspite of applying for transfer). I can ask PF office to give month-wise statement to prove continuous service without break.

      1. Dear Basavaraj – Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I am not in Service anymore for last 5 Years and thus not covered by any PF scheme. So I couldn’t have got them transferred to any new account. Also both accounts became dormant after 3 Years. As I needed funds I have withdrawn both the PF’s this year and a TDS was deducted. As you mentioned since I had more than 5 Years of Service tax is not applicable. Can I claim a refund of the same on my return?

  25. Hi .

    I have submitted my claim through UAN online portal. There is no option for form 15g dmsubmission.my amount is more than 50000. And service was .2 years.whetger they will deduct 10% tds ..how to avoid..

      1. Thanks for your reply..actually question is if we submit offline we can submit for 15g Where no dedution in pf. But my company totally stopped offline apply..so they guided me and I applied through UAN. Whether any option to apply form 15g through sUan

          1. Oh then because if them am going to loose 10% of my hard earned money..? Please guide me how to claim that 10% tds after deduction

                  1. ??..then what should I do to get full amount..my company is telling to raise rti request not to deduct since there is no option for 15g submission through UAN .

                    1. Dear Pavithra,
                      Even if you avoid TDS at any means, then do you feel you are not liable to pay tax? It is still taxable income for you and you have to pay the tax on it as per your income tax slab.

                    2. I agree..then why form15g accepted through offline withdrawal.it should same right if online or offline.why this rule to online alone..??

                    3. Dear Pavithra,
                      That is left with EPFO and I am not a representative of EPFO to answer you. But first, understand the basics of Form 15G submission eligibility and why I am stressing that it is not at all required.

                    4. Hi Pavitra, R u find any way to avoid that TDS???
                      same condition i am facing now. Any help??

                    5. The country and its conditions is only for the poor people those who earns with many struggles and the country will not do any good for its people.. fedup with the worst coutry.

  26. Hi Basavaraj – My claim was settled in Feb 2018 with 10% TDS, but till now it is now reflecting on form 26as. Please can you let me know whom to contact in regard to this ?

        1. Hi Basavaraj – No luck, still not posted on traces. No update by raising grievances. Any better way to get hold of it ?

  27. Hi Basavaraj ,

    I am filling Form 15G for EPF withdrawal. My total(EPF+EPS) is 60k . Kindly let me know what to fill in the

    Option 4? (I left my job in 2017 June)
    Option 16
    Option 17
    and 19

    Kindly help me with these..thank you

      1. Yes Basavaraj I have watched …kindly help me on this.

        1. I left job in June 2017 and applying for PF now ..so what is my PY?
        2. In the option 16 I have to fill 60 k? Am I correct?
        3.I am filling a form 15g for first time..do I need to fill the fields 18 and 19?
        4. Should I repeat 60 k in the 17th field?or should I add my salary also to it.

        Your help is invaluable I have been struggling to get my money for 9 months now..several rejections..

            1. One more last question please.. if PY is 2018-19 ,,then should I write 2017-18 for AY in the declaration? or the same?

  28. Dear Sir,

    I have withdraw my epf amount but i have received 10% short amount on TDS. When i filing my income tax return the option showing TAN number of deductee but i dont have any TAN number and not any idea about this thing,Kindly request to you please help me out of refund my TDS amount.

  29. Sir i submit withdrawal form uan 19 10c and 31 attached with aadhaar pan and cancelled check of my bank account i hv uan with bank account linked but i could not verify aadhaar and pan due to the error miss match on name my amount is 48000 will they deduct the tax my age 27 and have 2 year of epf please help

  30. Hi,

    My pan is not linked with UAN when I applied for pension withdrawal claim online via UAN PORTAL ON March 14, 2018. PAN is linked with UAN now (March 15, 2018). My pension withdrawal amount is 25000 and employee & employer share is 53000. Since my PAN is not linked with uan when I submitted the claim. Will they deduct tds 35%? Can u please help on this .

  31. Hello Sir,
    I’m an NRI and not eligible for Form 15H/G.

    I’m withdrawing my PF before the 5 years term. I checked my UAN Portal and it shows that my PAN is not verified due to name mismatch as my PAN has my surname as my first name. whereas my Aadhar is linked successfully.(with both PAN and UAN).

    If i submit my claim now, will my PAN be considered valid and TDS will be deducted which could be taken credit in my annual return or will it considered invalid and deducted at 30%, without credit for the same?

    Kindly help.

      1. Ya.. My doubt is if i i could claim it later even if my PAN is not linked to my UAN? Like if they deduct tax @30% for no PAN, will i be able to claim credit for it? Will they be issuing TDS Certificate for such 30% deduction which could be used for claiming it?
        Also, is there any chance if such claim not getting accepted by IT Department!?

  32. heloo sir ,i have a queiry my pf amount less 30000 thousand and service is also less 5 years. i dont have pan card so pls can u tell me mu TDS deduct or not

  33. Hi,
    My EPF amount is transferred from my old UAN to new UAN. But pension amount is not transferred.?Is there any way to transfer my pension contribution to new UAN/EPF account?

      1. After epf getting transferred to new uan, heard that my old uan gets deactivated. Then what about that pension contribution sir? How will it get tracked under my uan?

  34. Hi Basavaraj ,

    Thanks for the article.I have a query.My service period is 1.8 yrs and I need to withdraw.And also I have less than 20K in my account.

    So TDS won’t be applicable and I will get the full amount, right?

      1. Hi,
        I have worked for 1.4 years and currently unemployed for the last 3 years. I have less than 50k in my epf account.
        Do I have to submit 15G form for online claim?
        Which option to select for full withdrawal? (Epf/advance/pension)

        Please reply….

  35. Hi Basavaraj,

    My query is, I worked for 3.7years and had withdrawan pf amount I had submitted form 15 along with PAN, still i have be charged for Tds! Does it means if my annual income is more than 2.5L even after submitting form 15 they’ll deduct 10%TDS?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Deepak-I think they wrongly deducted TDS even if you submitted Form 15G. But you no need to worry. Even if they not deducted TDS, the income for you is taxable. Hence, while filing IT return you can show this income and can claim the TDS (if your tax liability is less than that).

  36. Hello sir, I resigned my office with in 5 years and completed my 5 years period now. If I withdraw EPF money now, is it taxable as I have completed 5 years till date?

      1. Thanks for the reply.One more question sir.

        My current company has created new UAN for me. And I am unable to transfer Old EPF account to this new one because of some KYC updation errors which I am trying from past 2 years.
        1) Instead of transferring if I withdraw money now, will there be any disadvantages in future?
        (As I heard that withdrawing money incur some disadvantages like losing EPF service )
        2) If I withdraw, do I get entire amount including NPS? If not,
        if my old UAN number become inactive, how do I get that remaining amount in future?

        Thanks in advance

  37. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have submitted a surname change request to Regional office, Ahmedabad on 14th Aug’17. I did multiple email communication with Regional office at Ahmedabad. However, I did not get any response on my request.

    My surname is still not changed on online UAN portal. Could you please let me know the turn around time to change the name on UAN portal?

    Thanks in advance!
    Brijesh Gajjar

      1. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

        I have one more question. My PF account is 8 years old and I withdraw some amount for my sister’s marriage.

        What is the procedure to withdraw amount from PF and what are the documentation require for partial amount withdrawal?

  38. Hi,
    I worked in my previous organisation for 4 years 11 months 20 days.
    Its 10 months now, i have left that organisation.
    I want to withdraw my PF amount instead of transfer.
    Will it come under tax/TDS or not.

    Parveen Sharma

  39. I was resigned my previous job after 4 years of service, my EPF was maintained in company owned trust, during claim i had submitted my PAN, but the employer deducted 30% TDS, is there any way to claim it back.

    Also does this EPF claim will increase my overall tax slab for current year

      1. Thanks for the feedback, I am going to show this claim in my ITR, as per my current company salary i am in 9.6 L income and payed 10% income tax in march, if i add this income there in my ITR it will move to 13.5L, whether i need to pay 30% or 10% this is my first confusion.

        As per EPF rules, If we submit PAN 10% TDS applicable,in my case even after submitting PAN, employer deducted 30% TDS, is there any way to claim rest 20% back.

  40. Hello Basavaraj,

    I had worked for 3 years in a company my total PF balance is around 10Lakhs, Since i was working abroad and per the German-India PF act my PF amount was deposited in my Indian PF account. Now i have left that company in Jan, so close to 4 months there is no activity on that account. Now i want to withdraw the amount, can i withdraw the entire amount? Also what would be the tax on that amount if i submit my PAN and Form 15G. Also if TDS is still deducted do we need to declare this as other source of income in lieu of Salary while filing the tax returns and will it be taxable?

    Thanks in Advance.


      1. In which section do we need to declare this amount and what part of the PF amount we need to declare, or do we need to declare the full amount?

          1. So in my case then i have show the total employer contribution with interest and the interest on my contribution in income from other sources? That would be close to 6 Lakhs….

  41. Dear Basavaraj

    Firstly, thanks for all the information on this site – a great resource.

    I was hoping you could give me some guidance.

    I am a British citizen (37 years old) who worked in India between May 2015 and May 2016. During this time I made CPF contributions of circa INR16,00,000 and my employer made the same. So I think my total pot is circa INR32,00,000. My role was retrenched (outside of my control) and I have now left India.

    In your opinion am I able to withdraw some or part of my total CPF pot and would this be taxable?

    Many thanks in anticipation of your help in this matter

    Kind regards

      1. Great, thanks for your help.

        To confirm. Will I be able to withdraw the whole INR32,00,000? I guess this will be taxable at about 40%?


  42. Hi,

    I had worked for 1 year in an IT company, from June 2014 to May 2015. I then left my job for higher education. My total PF amount is close to 15,000/-
    Besides form 10C and 19, do I also have to fill up Form 15G?

  43. Hi,
    I have withdraw my PF as moved out of India for a contract job. PF department has deducted TDS on my PF amount. Kindly let me know to whom I should write or process to get the TDS certificate so that while filling 2017-18 return I will settle at my taxes.

  44. Hi, Sir. Due employer’s bankruptcy, we were forced to leave the company. Now, I want to withdraw my PF amount but how can I get it without employer’s signature? Also, while logging on EPF website, in details section there are no proper details filled by the employer and there’s no date of leaving filled in the box. Help me resolve my query.

      1. Thank you Mr. Tonagatti for the reply.

        As per your explanation in “New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature” conditions (one out of four) to avail the facility, Aadhar Number details must be there in UAN KYC details. But, my previous employer (A start-up) have ONLY updated bank and PAN details. So, I am still confused how to proceed.

        To conclude the query, can I get the PF amount by simply submitting Form 19 UAN and Form 10C UAN (I am not eligible for TDS deduction, as the amount is less than 50k. Though, passbook details are not generating in the UAN portal. But, I’m sure it is less than 50k.) at regional EPFO office??

          1. Hello.

            I went to EPF office in my hometown(AHMD, Gujarat) with new form UAN19, UAN10, aadhar copy and a cancelled cheque but, after asking the employer details they asked to courier above mentioned documents to Karnataka (where my employer has registered the company) EPF office.

            Is it worth doing? Even if UAN is linked? What’s your advice?

              1. Hello, Sir.

                I spoke to one representative in Regional PF Office but, he is not ready to accept UAN based form 19, 10c if aadhar is not linked. (In UAN Portal my KYC(PAN and Banking details) is updated & verified but aadhar is not linked — explained in above thread).

                So which alternative forms(without employer signature) do I need to fill for the PF withdrawal.

                Thank you in advance and regards,

  45. Hi Basu,
    Thanks for doing great job og helping confused people.

    I will be moving to another country in February ’17. My first pf deducting job was during Nov’11-Mar’13 period (pf 17k). after leaving this 17 months long job i withdrew my pf. my current job started in Aug’13 and I would have completed 43 months by Feb next year (pf 5 lakh).

    Now my query is related to tax. To withdraw pf next year (tds & tax free) i need to have minimum 60 months contribution and if i combine my both workex it will be so.

    However, because i withdrew my earlier pf it is getting rejected on epfo portal linking with current UAN saying account closed.

    However, I am NOT sure my EPS amount was also deposited in my saving account along with EPF amount back in July’13 (total employer+mine contribution was ~17k but i got ~20k…was 3k just interest?) so i am trying to get scheme certificate for 17 months service by submitting form 10c through my earlier employer.

    Could you please guide me best method to claim 5 year of tax free pf withdrawal?

    Your help is immensely appreciated.

  46. I had worked with my previous employer for 2 yrs 1 months, and then I had transferred my PF balance to my next employer, where I have worked for 2 yrs 5 months. My total PF is near about 1 lacs. Currently I am working outside India. Please let me know whether I would be able to withdraw my PF balance. Also, if so, do I need to pay tax in that case.

      1. Hello Basavaraj,

        Thank you very much for your response.

        I am working on outside India payroll
        I started my 1st job in March 2012, please let me know so I need to pay tax , if I will request for withdrawal after 5 years of starting date.
        Also the PF amount is taxable or not.

  47. Hi Basu,

    I got to know that how to withdraw PF money without employer signature.
    But, could you please let me know what is the address where I need to send my application forms.
    I ask them several times, but they haven’t yet replied me anything. Kindly advise. Thanks!


      1. Hi Basu,

        I would like to inform you, that as per your suggestion I’d already registered my grievances to EPFiGMS.
        And, as per their instructions, they give me two options. And, here it is:

        There are two option here that first Claim form is attested by the Bank Manager where your bank account is existing along with supportive document such as salary slip , pan card, joining letter etc. And second option is that update UAN account for settlement.

        For me, First option is looking more feasible for me. But, before proceeding further, I would like to know where I get the Claim form and where I need to send all the documents and how.

        Can you please help me to gather the information for this. Looking forward to hearing positive reply from you soon. Thanks!

        Best Regards,

          1. Hi,

            Thanks for your reply. Which form from their portal? I mean any form number or something.

            Also, my office was from Delhi, and currently I’m posted at Kolkata, hence for this issue which one regional office will applied (Delhi or Kolkata). Kindly advise. Thanks!

  48. Hi,

    I would like to know how to withdraw PF amount without having employer’s signature. My KYCs are not have been approved by the employer. Is there any way without KYC and without employer’s sign I can withdraw the PF amount?


      1. As per your new post, I would like to mention my answer inline below as follows:

        1. You must have UAN number activated.

        Ans: Yes, my UAN is activated.

        2. You must linked your Aadhaar number with UAN.

        Ans: I already uploaded my Aadhaar card details under KYC, but not yet approved by employer.

        3. You must provided your Bank details with UAN.

        Ans: Yes, provided. But, not yet approved by employer.

        4. You KYC have been verified by your employer using digital signatures.

        Ans: No, they’re not providing the same.

        Now, please tell me what to do?


  49. Hi Basavaraj,

    I would like to ask you for your help, actually I want to withdraw my whole PF amount.
    I worked in an IT firm in Pune, left my job on May 2016, and then my next company where I joined is also in Pune.

    However while withdrawing amount i have not submitted form 15-G as i was not eligible for that particular form. But company is asking me to send self declaration letter so that they can deduct 10% tax on the amount.

    So, can you please provide me any sample of self declaration letter so that i can send them.

    Looking for your urgent support and cooperation. Thanks in advance!

  50. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks for all the above information. I would like to ask you for your help, actually I want to withdraw my whole PF amount.
    I worked in an IT firm in New Delhi, left my job on July 2014, and then my next company where I joined is in Kolkata, and they don’t have any PF account.
    Hence, I do not able to transfer my PF account at Kolkata, currently I’m posted at here only. The last employer (In New Delhi) is not at all cooperative. They neither even signed my PF withdrawal form nor they verified my credentials of my UAN account.
    So, can you please advise me what to do now?

    Looking for your urgent support and cooperation. Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,
    Arnab Bhattacharjee
    PH: 967901784

      1. Okay, noted. I have already uploaded my Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and my updated mobile number into my UAN account. But, the employer has not yet approved it. It still shows in Pending stage. In that case, what I need to do?

        Please advise. Thanks!

  51. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had worked with my previous employer for 4 yrs 10 months, and then I had transferred my TF balance to my next employer, where I have worked for 1 yrs 2 months. My total PF is amounting to near about 3.5 lacs. Currently I am not working anywhere. My last employer was Trust. Please let me know whether I would be able to withdraw my PF balance. Also, if so, do I need to pay tax in that case.


  52. Hi Basavaraj,

    After lot of Google around on help on PF finally reached out to your site which looks helpful. I have worked in my last company for 4year 3 months and want to withdraw my PF. My current year tax bracket also should be 30%.

    1. After 10% TDS deduction which I understood will be applicable on my withdrawal do I need to pay more tax while filing return.

    2. My contribution would be Rs.5.5 lac in employer and employee each. Roughly how much more tax do I need to pay.

    3. When govt is deducting TDS @ flat 10% for all tax bracket, then should I need to pay and file tax again and would tax on my income through PF be applicable.

    4. Your advise should I withdraw or not because as per my understanding if I have to pay tax again in my IT filing then my deductions could touch roughly Rs.3.5 lac.

    5. Also am I required to fill form 15g

    1. Sanjay-1) YES, depending on your tax slab.
      2) It’s hard for me to say plainly. Check with your tax consultant.
      3) YES.
      4) If you are in job, then withdrawing is illegal.
      5) If you fall under 30% tax bracket, then you are not eligible to fill Form 15G.

      1. Thank you Basavaraj. Just a small additional clarification even if I withdraw after 5 years then TDS will not be deducted but do I need to pay tax in my tax filing at my tax slab rate or even that is exempted.

  53. Hi,
    I resigned in june2015.Applied for pf withdrawal in april2016.but while filling form 15g I have given the assessment year as 2015-16(which is wrong)instead of 2016-17 because of this tax got deducted even I don’t cross the tax limit for current year.can I know if there is any chance to file return?

  54. i submitted uan based pf withdrawal forms but there is a mistake in filling form 15g in assessment year so i want to know there is a problem in withdrawal or not what can i do now

  55. Hi,

    My Previous employer is using PF trust .
    I would like to withdrawal my PF amount, and have seen ur posting if we submit 15G, then there won’t be any tax on PF withdrawl.
    I have contacted my previous employer for the same.But they are telling that 30% tax will be deducted.
    Can you let me know how can i withdraw my pf amount from Trust without any tax.

  56. Dear Basavaraj

    I worked for a company 7 years. And of amount is more than 6 lakhs, now I want to withdraw my pf amount ,
    Actually iost my pan card,
    Its necessary to submit the pan card ?

      1. I am having pan no & done itr returns, but lost pan card,& I worked their more than six years,

        Earlier you mentioned in rules &-explanation , no need to submit pan card if continuous 5 yrs of service

  57. Hi Basavaraj,

    In my 26AS reflects EPF paid amount twice due to i got settlement two times because of my company made PF contribution very late. I got credit Rs.46444.00 on 26/10/2015 & Rs.5061 on 24/02/2016 both are EPF Only.
    In my 26AS reflects Rs.46444 +46444 =92888. Please suggest how to calculate tax now.

  58. If shall be very nice of you if you can help me out with a query.
    I was working for a PSU for last 3 years and 9 months and was regularly filing IT returns.
    Presently I have resigned from my job for educational purpose and the PF have been returned to my account.I found out from form 26AS that a TDS of 10% have been deducted for the PF amount along with advance tax for the first 9 months of the job. Now while filing IT return what should be my total income. I have claimed deductions under 80C for all the first 3 years, now how am i suppose to balance the same.

  59. I have withdrawal my PF from my last employer in 2015 with out completing 5 years . PF department has deducted 10% TDS at source. My question is where to declare this PF amount? in Salary or Other Income in ITR-1?
    How much to declare? full PF amount or only employer Contribution + interest?

  60. Hi Sir.

    Wanted some help in identifying taxable liability and claiming in Income Tax return

    Brief details :

    I am 65 year of age, i was working still last Aug 15 and i have voluntarily resigned from employment after service of less than 5 years.

    I have applied for my PF withdrawal and got the refund after deduction of TDS @ 30%, due to taxable slab.
    But now my question is
    1) Amount received from PF department includes contribution Employer + Employee + Interest is Taxable ( as i have completed my age as prescribed and beyond law required age as well ?
    2) Can i claim exemption of income i.e amount of PF withdrawal received under which head ?
    3) Is there any case law or any guidelines available for claiming refund ?

    Please reply as it is very much critical before filing refund whether eligible for TDS or can refund or not.

    Thanks in advance for your support and will wait for your revert.

    1. Devendra-1) They are correct in deducting TDS. It is taxable income.
      2) You can’t
      3) You can claim refund only when your tax liability on income (including all other sources of income) is less than the rate of TDS done.

      1. As person is retiring and he is asking for his payment from PF department and that too after completing criteria of 58 years.

        Still amount is Taxable ?

        As this is not withdrawal of money, but it is retirement amount which was given back by department, can we treat as that ?
        As amount is deducted cuts from your hard earned money ?

  61. Hi,

    I am looking to withdraw my PF amount without employer signature. So is it enough to send 15g form to EPFO along with other regular forms or is it mandatory to send to employer first?

  62. Hi Sir,

    I am Yousuf Shaik, i have UAN number, my aaadhar card, bank details, PAN number all are seeded and approved by employer.

    I resigned my job in March 2016, and now i want to withdraw my PF.

    I have some queries.
    1) My experience is 2.3 years (this means i should mention PAN number in withdrawal Form 19 UAN)
    2) But my PF amount is around 25000 (this means TDS is not applicable in my scenario)

    my question is , still do i need to mention my PAN number in Form 19UAN or can i left blank?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Yousuf Shaik

    1. Yousuf-1) Yes, tax will apply. Hence, you have quote PAN.
      2) The limit raised to Rs.50,000. Hence, you are liable for TDS.
      Also, avoiding TDS does not mean avoiding tax. For you, this income as anyhow taxable income.

  63. Hi Basvaraj,

    First i would like to thank you for all your suggestion on Tax related stuff.

    I have a query regrading the PF withdrawal.

    I have withdrawn my PF where i worked around 4 years 2 months , after moving to next job .

    TDS deducted at Source is around 49k, and i have got around 4.49 L , i see my PF withdrawl shown in form 26 my TDS deduction.

    I come under tax slab of 30% bracket . so my questions are below.

    1) Do i need to show Employer Contribution + interest earned for both ( Employee+Employer Contribution) for each previous ear with Revised Tax filing?
    2) Do i need to Show the TDS deducted details in segment i.e my 49 K which they have deducted show in split as each previous year PF TDS ?
    3) Do i need to show the income of Employee Contribution which i claimed in 80 /C section into Revised Tax filling for each previous year?

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Mahadev-1) Yes, you have to show it as income for you both EE+ER and interest on both componants.
      2) It will reflect in From 26AS, which you have to shown in TDS field of IT return.
      3) YES.

      1. First of All Thank you for immediate Reply.. I miss quoted third question.

        I mean to say Employee Contribution which i claimed in 80c Section , do i need revoke tax exempetion and put into other income and pay the tax accordingly my slab for respective year in revised Tax filling?

  64. Sir,

    I have withdrawn my PF before completion of 5 years. TDS has been deducted at 10% and is reflected in Form 26AS. However the Form 16 provided by my organization does not mention this TDS on PF withdrawn.

    a) Can I file IT return and mention PF withdrawn amount and TDS based on Form 26 AS?
    b) If not how can I get a Form 16 from EPFO?
    c) I see 2 different PF remittances in my bank account.
    The first of these is Rs 2,65,738 and it matches Form 26AS (PF amount 2,95,264 – TDS 29,256 = Rs 2,65,738)
    The second PF remittance is Rs 19,990 which is not mentioned in Form 26AS. How should I mention this second amount while filing IT return?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best Regards,
    Supratik Saha

      1. Thanks a lot Sir. Regarding the EPS part, should I show it in IT return as income? And how to determine if there was any TDS on that?

        Best regards,

  65. Sir my employer entered wrong pan card number in the uan portal and it is active now and i have submitted the correct pan card number while withdrawing the pf amount in epfo office is there any chance of epf rejection and have submitted both 15g and 15h forms but i am only 27 years old is there any problem

  66. Hi Sir,

    yesterday i have submitted my pf form and my pf amount is less than 50,000 and my service period was also less than 5 years so for that i was asked to fill form 15 but i made a mistake instead of 15g i submitted 15h. So could you please help me that it would create any problem while disbursal the amount and if yes that please do let me know what should i do know.

  67. Hi Sir,

    I have worked in an IT firm from June 2013 to May 2015 for a salary of 249000 per annum. I later stopped working and I am pursuing my MBA. I recently applied for PF withdrawl but my claim failed the internal quality check by the company stating that I did not submit form 15G. I am sure my PF accrued amount would not sum up to more than 30000 for both the years. Also I did not have any kind of income for the last year (June 2015 – May 2016). Do I really need to submit form 15G as asked by the company? or

    And if they insist that I have to, can I submit it leaving most of the fields blank because I do not have any income now or whole last year

  68. I refused to give Form 15G as my income will be more than the exemption limit. However, PF office is insisting on Form 15G and have returned my claim. Now my previous employer HR is asking me to submit Form 15G. How to proceed? Many thanks in advance.

  69. I worked in an organisation for 6+ years. Resigned on April 1st,2016 and moved to new organisation on Apr 4th,2016. Am I eligible to withdraw PF ?

  70. Hiii

    I had resigned from my company in 2007 and my account is considered as in operative account.Now i had submitted my claim forms through my previous company and 2 days back i got a message saying rejected due to non submission of Form 15G.Total claim amount is around 250000/.As per the rules if we are claiming after 5 years of leaving the service from 15G is not required.
    Please suggest me on how to proceed.

  71. Hi Basavraj,

    Can you clarify the points below:
    1. I understand that form 15G needs to submitted compulsorily along with the EPF withdrawal forms whether TDS is applicable or isnt? The EPFO would not accept the forms without 15G and reject withdrawal application?
    Can you confirm?
    2. How do we ascertain income of a person(only source is salary) in previous year i.e. Salary – deductions = Net taxable income? Does this need to include PF withdrawal amount?
    3. If TDS is not applicable in someone’s case- that person can still submit form 15G without signing declaration in part II of the form?

    Appreciate a quick response.


    1. I wish to correct my 3rd question.
      If TDS is applicable in a particular case Form 15G needs to be submitted without signing declaration in part II of the form?

    2. Thanks Basavraj. for your quick help.
      I had 2 different PF accounts with 2 employers which I wish to withdraw (Within 5 years of service)
      My current employer does not subscribe to PF so I wish to withdraw my PF.
      I filing 2 different withdrawal applications.

      – My estimated Net taxable income (without EPF) for FY 15-16 comes to INR 2,20,000 which is less than the tax exemption limit of 2,50,000.
      – I found my EPF balance online for the first employer which is INR 48000 approx. EPF account for 2nd employer(I worked for 3 months) is not updated online so I cannot find the actual amount.
      Now, how would I determine my estimated income including EPF for 15G ?

      Hope you can help.


  72. (Urgent response will be most helpful)
    Dear Sir,

    I want to withdraw the PF completely by submitting the form before the new rule goes into effect on 1 May 2016.

    The details of my PF statement are as follows:
    – Employee share: 2,45,256
    – Employer share: 2,13,521
    – Pension contribution: 25,161

    My income for this year 2016-17 from salary will be Rs. 3,60,000. After deductions and investments I can bring it lower than Rs. 2,50,000.
    Considering that I expect the whole amount since I am submitting before 1 May:
    – If I add the PF amount to this year’s income in Field 17, it will go above the taxable limit? Should I even submit Form 15G at all?
    – If yes, what should I fill in fields 16 and 17 of Form 15G?

    Thank you for your help!

  73. Dear Sir,
    if Present employer generate/Create the NEW UIN Number without update the previous UIN

    in this case employee is transfer his earlier PF in current PF account ???

    pl let me know

  74. Hi,

    I have a doubt in new form 15g in columns 16, 18 and 19.
    I submitted 15g for my FD – Rs. 100000 with 8%pa interest for 1 year term on 13 Apr 2016.

    I am going to submit my PF withdrawal form in the coming week and as I have no income for FY 2016-17 apart from bank interest, I am submitting form 15g too.

    In that

    16. EPF amount : Should I give the total employee share or the grand total from uan passbook ?

    18. Details of Form No. 15G other than this form filed during the previous year, if any?
    total No. of Form No. 15G filed : 1

    Aggregate amount of income for which Form No.15G filed : here what should be provided (100000 or 100000+total interest for the year 2016-17 or 100000+ interest received during the total term deposit period)

    19. Details of income for which the declaration is filed

    Identification number of relevant investment/account, etc : FD account number right ??
    Nature of income : What should be written here ? Fixed deposit ??
    Section under which tax is deductible : what section should be written
    Amount of income : here what should be provided (100000 or 100000+total interest for the year 2016-17 or 100000+ interest received during the total term deposit period)

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance

      1. Thank you for answers Sir. Can you lease brief point 19 – Nature of income and section under which tax is deductible. I understood the rest.

          1. I cant believe I got my PF amount in a week time after sending to epfo.
            My PF is settled.
            After this, Is there anything else I should take care of ?

            Thank you so much for providing details.

  75. sir,

    i was resigned my job on 2014. Now am going to withdraw my pf amount.my company says to submit Form 15G. what should i mentioned in assessment year.please guide me

  76. Hi Sir, your article I’d really informative. I have searching for the right info to be filled on Form 15G. Finally I came across your article. However even after watching your and all the answered questions I still have some doubt. Please clarify them. Though I informed my employers regarding the new Form 15G they insisted me on filling the old format, which is way too confusing for an tax ignorant like me. I left my company in June 2015. My total PF balance is 70,000. I am currently unemployed and a housewife.
    Please answer the below.
    1. In field 19 should I mention my designation or should it current one. If current one then I am a housewife should I leave it blank then.
    2. In Schedule 2 am I supposed to mention my life insurance policy. I have 2 insurance policy. One of them was invested by me in March 2016. Can I mention the new insurance investment made in 2016 in Schedule 2.
    3. Schedule 4: I had invested 10,000 each in 2 mutual funds (ICICI Dynamic Plan G and HDFC Infrastructure Fund). Apart from the initial investment of 10,000 I have not invested anything in these funds. Hence am I supposed to mention the same in Schedule 4 or should I skip it.
    Your help on the above raised points will be very much appreciated.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I read the article link provided by you. Per the article this rule is not applicable for women who left their job due to marraige or pregnancy. I married and hence left the job. Unfortunately my employer is insisting on old form 15g. So could you please help me with the points raised.

        1. Smita-In case if you fill it then it leads to rejection. Hence, don’t entertain of filling old form. Instead, avoid filling form. Let them deduct the tax. You can file IT return and get back the such deducted amount if your income falls within minimum taxable range. There is no such rules that one MUST submit the Form 15G. Also, if they insist to Form 15G, then you take care of submitting the new one.
          However, if you still insist me to guide you on Form 15G, then I will guide.

          1. Thank you for the help. I raised the issue to the higher level of my company’s PF team…but their reply is in negative…They say it is not the proper format to submit to the RPFO. I don’t know why they are being ignorant. However, as advised by you I will file for IT return. Unfortunately, I would need to stick with the old form as my company will not proceed further with the new one. Thank you so much for the help. Will get in touch again if needed.

          2. Sir, it will be much appreciated if you will please guide me in filling the old form 15g as per the points raised initially.

              1. Please answer the below.
                1. In field 19 should I mention my designation or should it current one. If current one then I am a housewife should I leave it blank then.
                2. In Schedule 2 am I supposed to mention my life insurance policy. I have 2 insurance policy. One of them was invested by me in March 2016. Can I mention the new insurance investment made in 2016 in Schedule 2.
                3. Schedule 4: I had invested 10,000 each in 2 mutual funds (ICICI Dynamic Plan G and HDFC Infrastructure Fund). Apart from the initial investment of 10,000 I have not invested anything in these funds. Hence am I supposed to mention the same in Schedule 4 or should I skip it.
                Your help on the above raised points will be very much appreciated.
                4. As per Form 16 by total taxable income is 351,678. Under field 23 am I supposed to mention this amount or should I deduct 250,000 from it and then mention the same.
                5. In previous year I had pension policy with Max which I have closed in last year itself. Hence, should I mention this too closed policy too in 15g.

                1. Smita-1) You mention it as HOUSEWIFE.
                  2) Life Insurance will not comes under securities. So no need to mention.
                  3) Not required as these funds not deduct any TDS.
                  4) Mention 3,51,678.
                  5) Not required.

  77. Dear sir ,
    i joined company 0n 6sept2014 and resigned on 15oct2015 .i submitted all pf cloure document when i had resigned but company informed me that your request rejected because of i didinot filled 15G form .so i must fill it.
    then sir , what should i fill i the field 3. Assessment Year

  78. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have worked in indian company (in india) till 2012. Later i was sent to abroad by the same company. at abroad i was with this company till 2015 and left the company. Currently i am working in abroad with local firm. I am planning to withdraw my PF which was with indian company. i have sent all documents; but finance department came back to me asking for form 15G. I am currently living in abroad, do i have to submit form 15G for PF withdraw?

    Appreciate your response ASAP.


  79. Sir,

    Due to pregnancy my wife has taken leave in 2014, after pregnancy there were some medical problems so she resigned she worked for 2.4 years now we have applied for PF withdrawal as she is not working for last 2 years and her PF is 92,000 and there is TDS of 9000 and we received 83k so how to claim for balance amount can we file form 15G

    1. Harshit-Let her file IT return and if her income (including EPF) is less than Rs.2,50,000, then she get it back. If amount is not yet paid and her income is less than Rs.2,50,000, then she can submit Form 15G.

  80. Hi Basavaraj,

    I worked for TCS for 4.10 years and PF has been maintained in their TCS EPF trust. I want to submit 15G to avoid tax deduction as I dont have income for the whole year. But TCS EPF is not accepting and stating that they could not accept 15G as they are a trust not a government. Is it possible to complaint against them at PF, could you please provid me solution.


    1. Muthulakzhmi-They still can accept Form 15G (irrespective of their trust status). But for your information, avoiding TDS does not mean that avoiding tax. You still have to pay according to your tax slab. So if they are not accepting, then let them deduct TDS. Later on you can file IT return.

      1. Thanks. I don’t have any income this year and this epf will be below 2.5L. Do I need to pay tax still? I have explained all these things to them they are refusing though.

          1. Hi
            I am saraswathi.I worked from jan 2013 to sep 2014 .Due to personnel commitments I completely forgot about my PF withdrawl.Now it is 2016 and I ve contacted my employer for my PF. They gave the necessary forms to be filled.one of them was 15G. I have few doubts

            1) my annual pay was 5lacs
            2) I wasnt getting any income from sept 2014 to till date.

            As the form 15g rule apply from 1st oct 2015,should I submit this form

            if yes, what will i mention in column 15,16 ,17 and 18.

            I expecting a pf amout of 35,000 apprx

  81. Hi Basavaraj,

    My my PF withdrawal of PF amount was rejected and they ask me to update form 15g .
    They ask me to get signature from my previous company in form 15g.
    My previous company is not aware of this form 15g and they said you can submit our signature .

    My question is ” is that possible submit of form 15g without the signature of previous company”

    Please clarify my doubt. Thank you

    Surchand S

  82. I worked in an IT company for 3 years and I want to withdraw PF as I am studying now. I have a doubt in filling 15G form. I am not clear on the column number 22 and 23. Say I got the salary as 4lakhs in the assessment year 2015-2016. There is no tax deducted as i filled the IT Returns and got it. . Consider, I don’t have anything to fill in the column 24. Tell me What should I be filling in 22 and 23. Please help me.

  83. I understand from you that my ex employer is right and I can’t withdraw but can transfer.

    But my concern is that I don’t want to transfer this PF amount as I am in need of capital. Could you please suggest a way or workaround in order to withdraw my PF amount.

  84. I hv more than 15 yrs exp. Yet, while processing my PF withdrawal, EPFO Khandivali office deducted TDS @ 10% in Sep 2015. When i lodged a grievance, EPFO coolly replied they accept that they hv made a technical error, but have already credited the TDS to IT Dept – so claim from the IT Dept after filing returns next year !! When i took them to task, they said TDS is new for them and this is the first mistake they have ever done. They sent a letter in Dec 2015 to Income Tax Dept with cc marked to their SBI Malad Br to refund the amount to PF Office.
    According to them, IT Dept will refund the amount to SBI and then SBI will credit PF office. Within PF Office, the amount will come to Cash Recon Dept. That dept will inform the Cash Dept. Cash Dept will inform Accounts Dept. Accounts Dept will issue new letter to Cash Dept for crediting my account. Cash Dept will send cheque to SBI. Then SBI will credit my account – Happy New Yearsssssss in the mean time.
    Now the fun part. Its been 6 months now of running pillar to post. In 2 months, the Fin. year will be over. The so-called TDS deducted is not reflecting in my 26AS Statement ! IT Dept says incorrect TDS deducted within the same fin. year can be reversed by the Deductor. EPFO theory of claiming wrong TDS through IT Returns next year, will not work if the amount is not reflecting in 26AS Stmt. SBI Malad branch has not actioned on the letter. PF Office has sent a consolidated amount of TDS every month so there’s no specific challan number. At this rate, there’s no recourse except convincing yourself that the money has been voluntarily put in the Hundi of some temple.

  85. I worked in an IT company for 4.5 years and left on 24 Oct 2014. Then I joined another IT company on 27 Oct 2014 and till date working with the same company. In order to withdraw my PF amount, I submitted below mentioned documents to my ex-employer :-

    1. Cancelled cheque leaf
    2. Pan Card copy
    3. Form 15G (2 copies)
    4. Form 10C
    5. Form 19

    On receipt of the documents, I received below response from my ex-employer :-

    “We are rejecting your PF application since you are working in an organization. As per PF ACT, PF amount can be withdrawn under the following situations:

    1) Not working in any organization in the near future.
    2) Working in an organization where the PF act is not applicable.
    3) Going abroad to work

    Kindly, transfer your PF & pension amount to your present employer.”

    My concern is that I don’t want to transfer this PF amount as I am in need of capital. Could you please suggest a way or workaround in order to withdraw my PF amount.

  86. Dear Basavaraj,

    After 11 years of service I moved to other organization and not transferred any PF amount to my present employer.
    I want to withdraw PF amount from my previous employer for personal reasons. When I contacted my previous employer send form 10C, form-19 and form 15g for withdrawing pf amount.
    Kindly clarify below queries:
    1. Whether I have to submit form 15g or not?
    2. If form 15 g not submitted TDS will be deducted?

  87. Hi Sir,

    Thanks a lot for providing valuable information. I have gone through all the post and comments and most of my doubts have been cleared, however I have few doubts left
    1:- I have completed 3 years in my current organization, now next month I am moving to US for 3years or more (current Visa is for 3 years).
    2:- So my query is, even though If I don’t withdraw my PF today and keep it there for next 5 years, I still need to pay TDS and TAX (understood this from your above replies)- Please correct if I am wrong.
    3:-Second query, lets say after 5 or 6 Years If I again start working in India and transfer my PF to the new employer, will my past 3 years PF status countable, will I be eligible for 5 Years benefits or I need to serve 5 years again with new org.)

    To avoid TDS and tax I should have cont. 5 years of service prior to withdraw PF.
    I have also read your comment above (Non-contributory periods are not considered as service period.)
    Cont. 5 Years of service:- Does it mean there shouldn’t be any breaks in employment where contribution paused for some years.

    1. Saurabh-Yes you have to pay tax because for taxation purpose the contributory period is considered. Yes, when you transfer the EPF, then the earlier period also continue and counted. Your EPF may have breaks. But they consider only the contributory period.

  88. Hi, I have quit my organization in May’15. Now I am planning to withdraw PF. While filling up form 15G which is required along with form 19 and 10C for withdrawal, I came across column 16 in 15G which states “Estimated income for which this declaration is made.” Need clarity on same.

    What would be the amount I need to fill in this? Is it the sum of salary credited to me during FY16 and interest on FD or is it summation of salary, FD interest and amount of PF to be withdrawn?

    Please suggest

  89. Sir,

    I have worked for 4 years in an or and now i have moved to another org. I want to withdraw my PF before it is 5 years.The total PF withdrawal amount is around 3,50,000 .

    Can i submit a form 15G to avoid TDS ???

    If TDS deducted at 10.3 % will it be 10.3% (TOTAL EFP AMOUNT) ?

    1. Naveen-First check your eligibility of submitting the Form 15G. If your total income for a year is more than Rs.2,50,000, then you can’t submit. Do remember that avoiding TDS does not mean avoiding tax.

  90. dear sir

    i had joined in an company on june 21 2010 and resigned on september 11 – 2015

    now i want to withdraw my epf amount should i need to submit form 15 g and pan card

    help me please

  91. Sir, i have Submitted my Withdrawal from, how many days it will take time to settlement and how to know it is under process

    ac/no . 002919300014349 Phone number: 9618650694

  92. HI Basavaraj,

    I worked in a company for 2 years and left job on 30 sep 2014, presently I am working in another company and I joined on 1 Oct 2014. I filed my last year (2014-15) IT return.

    I am planning to withdraw PF in JAN 2016 than what I should write in feild 15 (a) 15(b), 16, 17, 18, 19 in form 15G
    I have not declared this amount in my 2015-16 assessment.


  93. Dear Sir,
    I have submitted my PF withdrawal form at my company before 5 years on my service but they are asking for form 15g & pancard copy but as there is no investment from my side yet so is it compulsory for me to submit 15g form. If I submit only Pancard copy will it do?
    I know 10% will be deducted from my Amount

    With regards
    Prakash Sharma

  94. Hi Basavaraj
    i have withdrawan my PF before 5 years but TDS deducted is not reflecting in 26AS.I got refund of PF in october2015.
    what is timeline for updation.will they send any TDS deducted certificate.

    1. Sudhakara-TDS was started recently. Hence, if you withdrawn it before 5 years, then how can it reflect in Form 26AS? Confusing part in your comment is, you claim that you withdrawn it before 5 years but got the amount in Oct 2015. How??

      1. I have withdrawn my PF before completing 5 years.my question is tds deducted has to be updated against my pan ,which I can see in 26as.how much time they need to update.sorry for confusion if any

              1. right.
                i have put an RTI to get form 16a and tds certificate,pf guys are not replying over phone and email.
                if the tds reflects in 26 AS i will be 100% sure to get tds deducted back.

    2. hi friends,
      my tds deducted got updated in 26 AS against my PAN.I took my pf before completing 5 years.i raised grievience,filed RTI,all possible things.my pf settlement was done in the month of October 2015.TDS updated on 27th jan 2016.will post details post claiming tds


  95. Hi Basu ji,

    My last working date was 8th April 2015 and after that I’am not working.

    My salary slip for April 2015 shows 1,04,105

    I have a small FD for 15 lacs which earned me an interest of 49,000 from
    April – September 2015.

    I have also filed my returns for Assessment year 2015-16.

    Now I wanted to ensure that the following data that I fill in the NEW form
    15G is correct since I want to withdraw my PF balance.

    Coloumn 4 ==> 2015-16 ie: PY

    Coloumn 15a ==> Yes

    Coloumn 15b ==> 2015-16

    Coloumn 16 ==> 1,06,132 ( Employee + Employer contribution )

    Coloumn 17 ==> 2,10,237 ( 1,04,105 + 1,06,132 )


    Should this component be 70% of 1,04,105 + EPF component.

    Coloumn 18 ==> one, 49800

    Coloumn 19 ==> Should we enter details ONLY of FD or ONLY EPF.

    1. Ahmed-Under column 16, whether you considered the interest income of EPF (I mean total balance available in your EPF)? If yes then fine, otherwise you have to consider the total balance rather than EE+ER total contribution alone. Column 17, you have to include FD interest income too. In column 19, you have to fill both FD and EPF. Rest is fine.

  96. Dear Sir,

    Your work is very nice and useful for all, please provide the your’s mail id and contacts details please sir.

    Kindly do the needful at earliest.

    With Regards
    +91 9902089736

  97. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have 9 years 1 months service with no previous PF withdrawals.
    I have a total PR amount of Rs. 4,30,000 (EPF +EPS).
    My Previous employer is asking me to submit Form 15G and PAN card (which is ideally not required as per PF rules as I have > 5 years of experience)
    Can I really submit Form 15G for this amount? Isn’t above 2.5 Lakh limit?
    If Form 15G is not applicable in this case, as PF rule, if service > 5 years, No TDS? Will TDS be applicable in my case?


      1. Thanks Basavaraj,

        As per the TDS Flowchart, it says no TDS for service > 5 years.
        Will they deduct TDS in my case since amount is more than 2.5 lakh?
        The flowchart doesn’t mention anything in this regard.

  98. I want to apply for my PF withdrawal. My job experience is less than 5 years and PF amount is more than Rs.30000. I am submitted my pan card and 15G.
    then in this my case any type of TDS deduction will applicable? Which type of amount will withdrawal like employe share, employer share or pension share??? please tell i m too much confuse.

    1. Sonia-Before that first understand whether you are eligible for submission of Form 15G or not. Also, avoiding TDS does not mean avoiding tax. It is still taxable income for you. Your withdrawal will be EE+ER+Interest on both+EPS (As per Table D).

  99. Dear Basavaraj,

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for making some great informational videos and articles – good stuff that helps many!

    I was employed in India till April 2012 and then moved to a different country. I understand from your videos that I cannot submit Form 15G to withdraw PF. Can I just submit forms 19 and 10C to the regional PF office?

    Please let me know if i am missing anything here. Also, If there is a better alternative please advise accordingly.

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards

  100. Hi Sir,

    I have a question about EPS. I heard that EPS amount will be credited multiplied with Wages proportion in Table D. I have worked for 3 yrs 3 months with my previous organisation. As per govt rule from Sep 2014 they have increased salary limit to 15000 from 6500. Will EPS calculated at 6500*3.02 or 15000*3.02?? (3.02 is from Table D.)

  101. Hi sir

    I had worked for an organisation for the past 3 years. I quit my job recently to pursue my masters. My salary was not taxable as it was below 2.5 Lakhs PA.
    When i applied for my PF withdrawal i was asked to fill for 15G. I am not sure how to fill details in that form regarding my assessment year and point no 21.
    If you could please help it would be helpful

      1. thank you sir for the swift reply.

        My salary was not taxable as it was under 2.5 Lakhs. So what has to be written in point 16?
        My PF inclusive of the pension amounts to 55000. Should i write that or does it refer to something else?

  102. Dear sir ,

    I applied for PF withdrwal on 2 june , it is not showing online yet and recently they asked me to submit 15g and im done with that also , i want to known how many days it will take to get the withdrawl

  103. Hi,

    I left my previous job three months back, at present I am working in a new company.I want to withdraw my PF from my previous company as I am getting married , I need money.However in PF withdraw form there is no option for Marriage.Only I can transfer from one company to another or withdraw on Basis of unemployment ,overseas education options are present.Please advice.


  104. Hi Basavaraj,

    I left my job in India in March 2015 and am now settled abroad. When I applied for PF withdrawal with my previous employer IBM, I got a mail that PF withdrawal is restricted from September 2015 and one can withdraw only on attaining 50 years service or demise. In all other cases it needs to be transferred.

    But since I have moved abroad, it is not possible for me to transfer to another employer. I now live and work in Canada.

    What advise would you have in my situation?

    Kind Regards
    Charanjit Singh

  105. Hi Sir,

    I had worked with a company from 21st August 2013 to 11 Sep 2014.
    Ans I had joined the next company in July 2015. Meanwhile I was unemployed.

    I have 2 queries.

    1. What will be the financial Year and Assessment Year that is to be filled on the form 15g for PF withdrawal?
    I mean will it be the current Financial Year(2015-16) and Assessment Year(2016-17) or will it be the time I was in service with the company(2014-15 and 2105-16)?

    2. What should i fill in the Space for Organization/Business?
    The name of previous organization or the current?

    Pankaj Sharma

  106. Hi sir,

    I applied for PF withdrawl recently. My work experience in my previous and only company that I worked in India is less than 5 years and assuming the PF withdrawl amount will more than Rs.30000.
    But still, I did not apply along with 15g form, because I am an NRI working in US last 3 years. I read somewhere that 15g form is not applicable for NRIs. But I submitted my PAN details along with the applucation.
    But yesterday, I got mail from the PF dept quoting that my PF withdrawl application is rejected because it needs 15g form along with it. I am now confused and not sure what to do. How do I tell that PF. Department that I am NRI and cannot submit 15g form since it’s not applicable for me? Why didn’t they settle my PF amount after 10% tax deduction? Please advise.


  107. HI,

    I was in a service for 8.7 years with my former employer and have quit the organization.. I submitted form 10c and Form 19 and they have rejected it because I had not submitted form 15G and PAN. I raised to my previous employer that am over 5 years in service and FORM 15G is NA.
    I live in UK and an OCI. Do I still need to submit form 15G?

  108. Hai sir,

    I have a doubt that the PF amount includes Both Employee’s and Employer’s Contribution or Only Employee’s Contribution

    In PF account it will show Deposit, Withdrawals and Diverted to PF, Which Coloum amount do i need to consider for PF Withdrawal amount.

    Thanking in advance

  109. Namste Sir

    I have left my old company in May 2014 and join new company. There was a PF account in old company and an amount of Rs 106638 in my PF a/c now i have received around Rs 73000/- after deduct TDS RS 32952 Can u suggest me please that it will be assume tatxable income i mean if i fill ITR for redund i have to add received PF amount in salary head so please help me

    Thanks & regards

  110. I worked for 4.5 years and left my previous organization on June end and within 10days I joined another company. Today when I went to my previous employer to apply for PF withdrawal and submitted 15G and the PAN card copy, the HR says i can’t withdrawal my PF as I am currently working within India. Is it true?

  111. Hi ,

    It is mandatory to send 2 copies of 15 G for PF Withdrawal & if you have sample copy of Complete 15 G , please mail me , its really helpful for me

  112. Sir, you say that if an employee withdraws the EPF amount after the continues 5 years of service (Including the service with a former employer). Does this apply if the 5 yrs is inclusive of 3 yrs of non-contributory period where interest is earned.?

  113. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had requested a PF transfer from my ex-employer to the new one, but by mistake they settled it with TDS deducted. I got back saying that I had wanted only a transfer and not withdrawal, so they requested me to refund the money so that it can be transferred and file returns to get the TDS back. I have returned the settled amount and have initiated a transfer. Now I need to get the tax deducted as returns as I have initiated a transfer.

    Could you please let me know where/which section in the IT Returns form should this be put in?

    Thanks in advance!

  114. Hi Basavaraj,

    Really appreciate the post..It was very helpful.

    In my case, I don’t have a PAN card from the time I worked (For some reason I never received the PAN Card through the consultant who applied for it), but I did get my PAN number and I have a history of tax returns filed with that PAN number. Now, with this rule it seems I need to submit a PAN card to avoid taxes. Given that I am a NRI now for 8 years, is it possible for me to apply for a PAN card using my old PAN number ? If yes, how do I do it ?


  115. Hi Basavaraj,

    How to fill form 15g video is not available now?

    Can you please share any sample filled form for our reference.


  116. Hi Basavaraj,

    Suppose if they deducted 10% tax when I withdraw PF amount, Is there any chance to get refund while filing IT return?if so, Please advice.

    Note : Already tax has been deducted for this PF income.


  117. Hi Basavaraj,

    Please help me to understand for submission of 15G, where I have served the company for more than 5 years and recently I have joined new organisation, hence I am withdrwaing the PF amount so I have submitted the forms 19 and 10C but they are asking the 15G form too. do I need to submit ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  118. Hi Basavaraj,

    I left my previous company 5 months back.I have an EPF account with my old company.
    In my new company another EPF account is opened.
    Is there any online process to transfer the balance of my previous account to the new account.
    Kindly suggest what is the way to handle this situation.

  119. I have submitted Form 15g and pan card along with the withdrawal even then the dept. haven’t considered it and deducted tax @ 10%. How can I claim the refund of that now? I have already submitted my ITR for AY 2015-2016. I am really confused.Plz Help.

  120. Hello Basava,

    Hope you are doing well… I am recently moved new org., so closing my old PF account & withdrawing. I am submitting 15g for same, there I need a clarity on field no. 19 “Name of business/Occupation”. what should I mention there?

    I am currently working in a MNC IT organisation

  121. Hi, Thanks for the informative site. I had a question on TDS on PF Interest.
    I was working with TCS till mid July 2014. I joined another company in July 2014 and have been working ever since. The TCS PF is with the TCSEPF Trust and my new employer has my PF account with EPFO. I have not yet transferred my PF from TCSEPF to EPFO. TCSEPF has deducted 10% TDS for the interest accrued on the PF. Can I file for exemption on this TDS? I do not intend to withdraw this amount, I will initiate the transfer shortly. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

      1. My case is also similar that of satish. I left tcs in june 2014. I joined new company in July 2014. I have applied for pf transfer in may 2015 which is still under process. From form26as I came to know that tcs pf trust has deducted tax on pf interest. When I asked them they replied “interest on accumulated balance does not fall under exemption mention in section 10(12) and section 8 of part a of fourth schedule. Hence it is the income to be taxable and trust is liable to deduct tax. Hence our trust team has deducted tax for period from Jan 2015 to march 2015.”.
        I’m not convinced with this answer but even if they are correct why I should pay tax on amount which has not reached my hand. Can you provide on comments on this.

  122. Hi Sir,

    I am not clarified with section 22 and 23 in above video. I need one more clarification in filling
    Form 15 G for PF withdrawal.
    Kindly clarify me and please revert back to me ASAP.

    Thanks in advance

      1. I am going to withdrawal my PF,whether do i need to fill 22nd and 23rd columns in Form 15G.

        if it so,what i need to fill in both 22nd and 23rd columns.

        Kindly clarify me,Thanks in advance.

  123. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had few doubts in filling form15g, but when I gone through ur answers and i got clarified from that. So the section 22,23 and schedule are not applicable, if we are applying Form 15G as a part of PF withdraw with remaining mandate documents.

    Pls update me, if my understanding is wrong..

    Thanks in Advance.

  124. Hi Basavaraj,
    I was working in an MNC and left job in 2014 NOV. i have filed PF closing request on may 2015, now they reverted that i need to 15G long with pancard. what sud i do with “part 2” the Title below the declaration ,sud i left it blank ? I need to submit the form at my Company PF office so who will fill tat PART 2 form…

  125. Hi Sir

    Have applied PF on May moth but it got rejected for form 15 & pan card.
    Again i have applied on july 1st week but still i did not receive any msg nor amount.

    Kindly revert back with your valuable feedback.


  126. Hi sir,

    I have worked in an organization for 2 years and left the job in the year 2010 and since then I’ve not applied for the pf withdrawal!! So can I apply now ?? What procedures need to be followed kindly explain thank you

  127. Sir, I am working in one Autonomous Body last six year, I am a member of EPF schemes, but now I want withdrawal some amount from my EPF accounts, but here our accounts department said they deduct the TDS on this withdrawal because you claim the 80c deduction on this amount that why u pay tax as per new rule.

    Please guide what should i do and how will convey them, I have already shown them EPF notifications that clearly said If an employee withdraws the EPF amount after the continues 5 years of service (Including the service with a former employer). But they don’t consider my request

    Please guide me sir

  128. I resigned from my previous organization in 2014 and now working for another firm; did not withdraw pf from the previous firm and I am in dire need of resources/funds so as to start my own business. So, basically i will be leaving my current organization as well in the coming month and will be self-employed.

    The pf department of my previous firm is asking for a declaration (permanent retirement) in order to process the pf withdrawal. My question are as follows:

    1) Even though i intend to get self-employed and ready to sign permanent retirement declaration; in case i want to again join another firm in future, will there be any issues?

    2) How much time does it take for a trust to release pf funds? (my previous firm maintains a trust/deducts pf)

    Appreciate a prompt response..!

  129. Hi Basavaraj,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge!! Makes the process seem less intimidating!

  130. Hi Basavaraj,

    My total PF amount is INR 4,25,000 and if I am filing for PF withdrawal, provided my PF account is 3 Yrs old, Should I be submitting my Form-15G?


  131. Hi,
    I resigned from my job in Janauary 2015 and currently not working. For PF wihdrawl can u please clarify below things related form 15g.

    1. How will i know the total amount present in my PF account
    2. And in column 22 under which schedule I should fill this PF amount.

  132. Dear Basavaraj,

    I am withdrawing my PF from my previous organisation, I have gone through the detail post and queries asked by the individual over here, Still I am bit confused with few fields,

    1) My employment is ended with previous organisation 2014 : So Assessment year will be 2015-16.
    2) Also not sure what to fill in type 10 and 20: its the same detail I have to fill in both the fields ? Details I will get from “https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in”
    3) field 6: is for status : I am filling it as INDIVIDUAL, rite?
    4) Field 18: I am writing RESIDENT
    5) Field 21: I have to write the same Jurisdiction
    6) Field 22 : I don’t have anything, so I am leaving them as blank
    7) Field 23 : it is the total CTC I have to mentioned there ? that is the only source of income for me.
    8) Field 24 : SCHEDULE, don’t have nay fields for PF withdraw, shall I left all blank.

    Requesting you to guide me. I think I have covered most of the things from form 15g, which can be helpful for other members as well.

    Your help is appreciated.


  133. Hi Basavaraj . Gone through all above discussions and comments. You really have done a tremendous job by sharing them here. I also had a query. I worked with a company for 2.5 years. After leaving from there submitted PF withdrawal form along with form 15G and Pan Card xerox but even then 10% has been deducted from my Total PF amount.
    Could you please let me understand what might have been the reason to deduct 10% of amount. Also suggest me to whom i should contact for the same and what will be the entire procedure to follow.

  134. Hi,

    I am withdraw the PF amount. They are asking to fill form 15g.
    In Form 15g, the colum no 14 is Last Assessment Year in which assessed(what assessed i can give.)
    And column 22 and 23 what is the value i can give. Plz help me out on these query.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks sir….

        Last yesr i left company , now i am going withdarw the PF. The assessment year will be is 2015-16 for colum (3, 14)or different?

        Plz halp and Confirm me.

        But column 22 , 23, do i need to fill any amount as i don’t have any fixed deposit money.

        do i need to fill any SCHEDULE or leave as empty? plz helpme.

        plz help us on these queries.


      1. Thanks Basavaraj. Will wait to hear from you soon.

        Also I do not have any income under Part 1, item 22 & 24

  135. Sir,

    I have resigned from a company on Oct 2014, and joined a new small organisation, where PF is not deducted from salaries because of its employees strength around 20 members only.

    I worked for 3 years in previous organisation and now i wanted to withdraw PF amount which is around 1.5 lakhs.
    For which i was asked to fill form 15g and submit the same to my previous organisation along with form 19 and 10c.

    Kindly help me, what is assessment year and previous assessment year columns I should fill in form 15g.

    please help me.

    Kind Regards,

  136. Hi Basavraj,
    Need a small info. I am withdrawing my PF from Accenture where I resigned from in 2013 , In the form 19 its mentioned if I am submitting 15G . I do not have any source of income at present in this financial year, and as such the amount should not be TDS. Do I still need to fill 15G? ( the PF amount is greater than 30k , and service was less than 5 years) .
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Apoorva-It is taxable income for you. Whether you have other income or not. TDS is meant at deducting tax at source. Hence, if you feel after deducting the tax you are within the minimum taxable limit then you can file the return and get back the tax of what they deducted. Form 15 G is just avoidance of tax deduction but not avoidance of taxable income.

  137. Hi

    I just like to know since I left my previous organisation in 2008 and have not been working since then. Di I require to attach the 15g form with the pan card copy. I had misplaced my original pan card and only have the pan no. I have applied for withdrawal but was misguided so many times by my employer as also changed my name so a couple of other documents were also required. The amount is over a 1lac. Please guide me as I just came to know about this new guideline whereas my forms have been with the employer for the past 3 months.

  138. I have to withdrawal Rs 1500000=00 from my VPF in respect to the marriage of my daughter, will I have to pay TDS

    LL Shukla,NTPX,Unchahar

  139. Hi,

    I need a small information. I have withdrawn my PF from my previous organization in last FY i:e 2014-15. At the time of settlement they have deducted TDS. I didn’t got Form-16 for that. Now if I don’t mention that in my IT returns what will happen(Will my returns will be rejected as TDS is deducted but not mentioned in returns?). If I have to mention how to submit Form-16. And when will IT returns submission for FY 2014-15 will be started.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi,

        I worked in TCS. When I left TCS applied for PF withdrawal. When I got the settlement amount they deducted the tax and gave me the rest of the amount. But I didn’t got and Form 16 from them.

          1. Hi,

            Kindly provide the website details where we can download Form 16. I have Form 26 AS (TCS has deposited the tax). And one more query if I didn’t mention this PF amount in IT returns will my returns will get rejected? (Asked just to know the process)

            Thanks a lot

  140. I worked with one company for 4 years at Haryana, India. now I resigned company and joined in Pune.
    My name is “Santosh Shelke” but PF office record (UAN pass book and PF Slip) showing my name “Santosh S” only.
    I have following question
    1) Is it possible to transfer my PF with This short name From Haryana PF office to Pune PF office
    2) If yes -After transfer to Pune PF office is it possible to correct above name as “Santosh Shelke” in Pune PF office.
    3) After PF transfer how many years I need to work with new company to avoid TDS deduction?

  141. Sir,

    I have worked for a company in Bangalore around 3 years and my PF amount is around 49000. I came to know that as per the new rule I have to submit form 15G for the withdrawal of this amount.
    Now I am working abroad and I am planning to provide my NRO bank account for the withdrawal(thats the only one active bank account with cheque book). But from the bank I got an information that NRIs and NRO account holders are not eligible to submit form 15G.
    Will EPF department accept if I submit only PAN details along with EPF withdrawal form with out form 15g?
    Is it mandatory to submit form 15G?
    If they accept my application with out form 15G then how much amount(%) they will deduct from my PF amount?

    Please advise me

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Rajeesh-It is not mandatory to submit Form15G. However, by evading TDS you can’t run away from actual tax liability. Hence, I don’t think it is great headache to chose a way of avoiding TDS.

      1. Sir ,Thank you for the reply. Sir I am not trying to evade TDS. As per your detailed flowchart above says that if I don’t submit form 15G they will definitely deduct TDS@10% from my PF amount. That means I am paying the tax right? (pls correct me if I am wrong)

        My problem is that I am working in abroad since last 3 years.And the form 15G is applicable only for resident Indians. So can you please tell me about the section 6 of the IT act 1961. As I am working abroad since 3 years , Am I still eligible to write “resident Indian” in form 15G ?

        Please advise

        Thanks and regards,

  142. Hello Sir,

    I need to withdrawal my PF amount as I have joined another company. but I am little bit confuse that how to fill form.
    In 15g form there is no column to fill PF details. I found column for FD , security deposit, shares but no column for PF account.

    Sir, kindly guide me , how should I fill the form.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jitendra Mishra

  143. Hi Sir,

    I had completed 3 years service in my previous company and applied to with draw my amount. Initially I submitted 15G and my pancard xerox copy. But my claim was rejected due to 15G form not filled properly. Can you please provide the details how to fill 15G form, so that I can resubmit again with complete details.

    Bhanu Prakash Inturi

  144. Hi,
    My situation is as follows:
    – I joined a MNC’s Indian unit in July 2009. At this time, I withdrew my PF from my previous employer (No PF transfer)
    – I worked in the MNC’s Indian unit till December 2013 and then moved to the US unit of same MNC
    – Since PF cannot be transferred outside of country, I have no choice but to withdraw my PF – are there options other than withdrawal, please clarify
    – My continuous service in the Indian unit of the MNC is only 4.5 years (less than 5 years)
    – I understand from this blog that pre-mature PF withdrawal as per latest rule will entail TDS of only 10%
    – The MNCs Indian unit’s PF account is not with CPFC but managed by its own PF trust
    – When I quoted the new TDS 10% rule to the trust for my PF withdrawal, they said that this rule is applicable only for accounts with CPFC and not applicable for PF trusts
    – So they say that my pre-mature PF withdrawal will be subjected to TDS as per prior rules (member contribution all tax benefits withdrawn and company contribution 30% + cess). This will be a heavy 33% TDS for me
    – Can you please confirm if the new rule is not applicable to PF accounts managed by trusts? I feel that this is discriminatory, how can a employee be penalized because his company is maintaining PF account with a trust and not with CPFC.
    Thanks for your support!

    1. Satish-I am not sure about whether this rule applicable to funds managed by trustees. However, why you are worrying about TDS? If NO TDS means no TAX? It is a misconception among us that if there is no TDS then it is totally free from tax. However, it is still taxable according to condition. Whatever may be their TDS, you can file it and get back (if they deducted more TDS).

  145. Hi Sir,

    I am working for a MNC for past 2.5 years. I have a PF of around INR 80,000/-. In 10 days I am going to leave this organisation as I am going for Higher studies(for 2 yrs). So, Can i initiate the withdrawal process as early as possible(before my last working day in this Company) by submitting form 15G +PAN or I have to wait for atleast 2 months(after leaving organisation) as unemployed to withdraw PF amount without any taxation? Can you please guide Sir.

    1. Vishal-Your future employment not matters to taxation. Whether you get the job after 3 months of after a year, the process will follow as I explained above. Hence, they will pay you after deducting the TDS. However, if you submit Form 15G then they may not deduct TDS, but it is taxable income for you.

      1. Thanks for reply sir, but how can we say it is a taxable income as for this current financial year the income I will receive from my salary till now plus pf withdrawal amount < 2.5 lac slab. And I will not earn after this fr next 2 yrs. Also,sir even after submitting 15 G can dey deduct TDs? as u said they "may" not deduct .


        1. Vishal-Whatever may be your earning or tax slab. This income is treated as taxable income and accordingly it is taxed. If you fall in less than minimum tax slab then you may not pay the tax. If you submit form 15G then they not deduct TDS.

  146. I Had Given Resignation From My Old Company And It Was Accepted With Effect From 20 Dec 2010 And Gone On Leave. But I Joined The New Company On 1 Dec 2010 That Is My Date Of Leaving Is Later Than Date Of Joining In New Company. I Want To Know If PF Transfer Is Possible Because The Above Dates Has To Be Mentioned In Form 13 For Transfer ? ?

  147. Sir, I want to know i withdrawal my pf less than 30,000 and before 5 year.how many TDS will deducte my amount and what i do which condition TDS not deducted my amount because my personal money problem.

    Thank you

  148. Dear Sir,

    Nice post and something which I wanted to know
    I am in a similar situation. After 4 years of service I resigned due to personal reasons . I have close to 60K in my pf account and I do not work now (no income). My question after reading this blog is where to find for 15G. I found one in IT website
    If this is fine under which schedule should I fill the details for pf withdrawal


      1. Thank you sir. Does the same apply to the pension component from employer contribution. Will I need to pay any tax on it. I guess I have around 20K in it

      2. Under which schedule in Form 15G to be filled in for withdraw of PF. I want to withdraw my PF . Amount more than 30000 & service less than 5 years. Pls guide.

          1. Thanks for your response..
            Sorry ..But I could not get it..In Form 15G there are 5 schedule mentioned about Income…
            But what about PF..where this is to be addressed…If you can send sample filled form 15G for PF withdraw it will be great help..Thanks for your response..Many of our doubts got clear by you…


              1. Thanks for your urgent response.
                I have gone through the link..Now to make the things more clear I want understand :

                My contribution i.e.Employee Contribution is INR 28000 & Employer Contribution is INR 21000..

                In this case also, should I submit Form 15G. Please clarify..or PAN copy is sufficient.

                  1. Abhiit-Hey sorry for missing it to reply. Yes, provide PAN but anyhow while filing IT return on your own then even if they deduct TDS then you can show it in your return. In that case it will be taxed according to rule.

                    1. Thanks ..You don’t have to be sorry..On the contrary I am asking you so many queries..

                      So after going through your Article on Tax I came to know as my Employee contribution is less than INR 30000 (My contribution 28000+ Employer INR 21000) as explained above. So I need not to submit form 15G ..Is it Correct? Only I have to give PAN card Copy. that any way I am going to give…

                      Pls respond..

                      Thanks & regards

                    2. Abhijit-Please note from above post, they have not classified employee or employer contribution. But they said if claim withdrawal amount is more than Rs.30,000. Hence, they deduct TDS.

    1. Hi Basavaraj ,

      Thanks for this brief clarification ,
      As I need to understand that I left one company in May 2015 and also I have not got my form 16 (means I have not filed ITR this year) Can you guide me that for Field 3 & 14 in form 15g what data needs to be filled.

      Also suggest me I have no FD in that case should I fill column 22 , 23 & Schedule III.

      Kindly revert back with your valuable feedback.


        1. Hi Basavaraj,

          If an employee income is more than 250,000. That time employee has to provide the form 15G for PF withdrawal.

          If not submit form 15G PF form will be rejected. What will solution for taxable employee.

          1. Azaruthen-If you fall under tax bracket then you can’t submit Form 15G or Form 15H. If they deduct TDS then later on while filing return you have to show this income and pay the tax based on your tax slab.

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