EPF UAN registration or activation and allotment are now online

Today EPFO launched one more initiative of employees friendly. This is upfront online allotment, registration, or activation of EPF UAN.

Latest-How to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline?

What is UAN?

Universal Account Number or UAN account is a unique number allotted to each employee, under which you have multiple EPF number IDs allotted by your employer will be tracked. Suppose if you join a new company then you just need to submit a UAN number to your employer.

It is like a PAN number. Whenever you change the job, just need to quote this UAN to new employer. Your old EPF account will continue under one umbrella of UAN.

Long back, I wrote a post on this EPF UAN. You can read it at “EPF Universal Account Number (UAN)-What it is?“.

How to activate or register the EPF UAN online through Aadhaar number?

Earlier employers were only allowed to allot and activate the EPF UAN. However, now EPFO started the facility through which a general citizen can activate the EPF UAN online themselves (this includes the prospective employees).

But do note that to activate this facility you must have Aadhaar number and also the registered mobile number with Aadhaar. Because the OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Once you enter the OTP, then based on your Aadhaar details, the data will be automatically fetched like your name, date of birth and gender details.

Once you join employment, then just provide this EPF UAN to an employer.

1) Visit EPFO’s Unified Member Portal. Below the login page, you will find the “Important Links”. Under that, click on “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment”.

activate or register the EPF UAN online through Aadhaar number

2) In the screen opened now, the user has to enter his/ her Aadhaar Number and click button “Generate
OTP”. On clicking on the same OTP will be sent to his/ her registered mobile number.

EPF UAN Registration and Activation Aadhaar Based

3)  The screen displaying the Basic Details available against the Aadhaar entered by the user will be opened.
The user can verify his/ her details and enter the requisite data in the mandatory fields provided in the screen.
The user can then click the Register button after entering the captcha and selecting the box in the disclaimer

EPF UAN Actication Online

4) On clicking the “Register” button the UAN will be allotted and will be displayed as the message to the

EPF UAN activation success

Now you have registered your EPF UAN successfully.

How to active your UAN online?

Once you register the same, then you have to activate it online. To active UAN number online, you need to have an EPF account number with you. If you have an old EPF account number, you can use it to activate UAN number. In case, you join a new organization, you can provide the allotted UAN number to your new employer and get it activated with new EPF account number.

To activate the same, again visit EPFO’s Unified Member Portal. Below the login page, you will find the “Important Links”. Under that, click on “Activate UAN”.

active your UAN online

Then you will see the below screen. Here, you have to enter the UAN number and also the EPF details. Here it will ask for your PAN number and also contact details. Just provide the details and click on the tab “Get Authorization PIN”. You will receive a PIN on your mobile number. Your UAN then gets activated and linked to your EPF account.

EP UAN Activation Online

I hope the process is so simple and it hardly takes any time. Hope this will resolve the problem of activation of EPF UAN.

182 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I left my organization in 2007. I do have an old PF account number.
    There are no Employee details updated by old Employer with EPFO.
    After several unsuccessful attempt to get support from old organization, I started exploring online on epfindia.gov.in
    I got UAN using “Direct UAN allotment by Employees” and AADHAAR card.
    Now when I tried to Activate UAN, I get an UAN activation error message that “UAN is not linked to any establishment. Can not activate”.

    Please assist on how to activate UAN or link old establishment to UAN.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Sir,
    I have to withdrawn my PF, but i have same agency different year, so 2 account, but now both i have to withdrawn in the same time can you pls guide me online without employer help.

  3. Hi,
    When i try to active the UAN in the portal i got “Failed to Send PIN to users” error in EPFO’s Unified Member Portal. Could you please let me know the reason why i get this error?

  4. Hello sir,
    I don’t have UAN no. written on my last company salary slip. How can i get the UAN no.
    Can i use the UAN of the previous company.

  5. there is no such services “for citizen” in epfo portal so please help us for getting registered for UAN from epfo

  6. hello sir,

    This is P.Sudhakar, I am working in a Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited, Hyderabad, They given PF UAN in my salary pay slip. when i am trying to activate my pf account it showing error “DATE OF BIRTH IS INCORRECT” .

    Please give solution how to correct my date of birth and activate my pf account.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I resigned on 21/6/2017 and PF withdrawl form was submitted to my office but no cooperation is getting from the company as I am unable to link Aadhar with the UAN no which was provided from the company . Whenever for activation the error showing date of birth is not matching . Our company have their own truste. So please help me out from this.

  8. Hello sir
    I wants to register for UAN online. But as shown the above presentation
    Our Services – For Citizen ( now there is no for citizens option )

    Plz guide how to register UAN

  9. Hi,
    I have PF no and I dint withdraw any amount. I am not working for long So I don’t have UAN no.
    Now I want withdraw PF amount. How can I get UAN no since given links for citizens are not working.

  10. Dear sir please find attached my passbook and my uan no.100021148783 not show up in the my passbook my name is Ranjeet Singh kaurav s/o shri jashmant Singh kaurav

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for the very useful information. But, the links are either unavailable or have changed now. Could you please update them ?

  12. Hlw sir i am sunny from delhj doing job in a company since 2 last years i can see my uan no on my salary slip but uan is not activated means i have no uan and password to log in to epfo and see my account details also no sms recieved every month of deductions please suggest me what to do for my uan activation my employer gives me excuse every time i ask for uan activation please tell me what i can do??

  13. I worked for a Delhi based company called Coromandel Agrico Pvt Ltd., now i have sent the required PF documents for PF withdrawal i have given my UAN number, but the company people are saying UAN card is Mandatory in Delhi for PF withdrawal and from past two months the site is problem it is not opening for UAN card withdrawal is it true that for PF withdrawal UAN card is Mandatory in Delhi, if so what is the solution for this.

    Kindly reply as soon as possible in this regards

    Thank you

      1. Hi I am Sarvesh Nagar so just behind six year work in max life style retail India limited but company hr commitment a we have not able a link my kyc updates so self updates guise but we don’t have updates my kyc in universal account Number so request a sir so helps as my widraowall of of as soon as posaible

  14. Dear Sir
    My name gurwinder singh from punjab.i want my epf balance direct my Bank account.so plz say how can i reply.contact me/ 09779160504

  15. Hello,

    We have uploaded KYC doc to generate UAN for our employees. according to that UAN number has been generated for all our employees. In the recent time we have got a message to confirm the previous employment for our employees, after confirming the previous employment a New/Duplicate UAN has been allotted for all our employees.
    say for example for a employee JOHN AUSTIN RAJA got a UAN number by uploading KYC Doc as below.

    Member’s Name : JOHN AUSTIN RAJA
    Father Name : JOHN DAIRIYAM
    Member ID : 3800310
    UAN : 100007838654
    Generation Date : 29-07-2014

    after confirming the previous employment below details has been added as a new employee when AUSTIN name already present in the list.

    Member’s Name : JOHN AUSTIN RAJA
    Father Name :
    Member ID : 0000010
    UAN : 100008765358
    Generation Date : 07-11-2016

    Can you please urgently assist on this.

  16. it is a 7days back applied but till date i did not rceived UAN. How i will track my application number. please help me

  17. it is a month back applied but till date i did not rceived UAN. How i will track my application number. please help me

  18. My previous company is not generating my UAN number nor confirming my first time employment. I registered a grievance online in EPFO and after one week got revert from Grievance team that my case has been closed since its the matter of Employee and employer.

    Now i am struck ? how to generate my UAN

    Please help ?

      1. My current company is not generating so .They said me to take Uan number from previous company.

        CAN my current company can create uan number?

          1. Thanks for your prompt reply.

            When i joined my current company last year they have shown my previous company pf number to generate new one. So on that thy are saying to take it frm previous company.

            Is this true?

            What to do next?

            I have generated UAN NUMBER through allotment of UAN BY CITIZEN PROCESS but its showing invalid . No pf account is added in that.

    MY APLLIED DATE FOR UAN 27/08/2016
    REFERENCE NO. 2016082731036
    MOBILE NO. 9454231990

  20. Hi i applied for UAN no through EPFO – citizen, when i complete the process they give me application reference number. and got the same that your UAN will communicate shortly.
    it is a month back applied but till date i did not rceived UAN. How i will track my application number. please help me

  21. Dear sir,

    I am nagesh.k, I was working in one company. I left that. My employer is not providing uan number for me. I have applied for citizen uan number. I did it befor 10 days. so far I didnt get my UAN number. is there any way that i can get UAN number or can i draw pf amount without uan number

  22. Dear Basavaraj,

    I left one company and joined another one. But to my surprise my last employer has created my UAN number as SANJAY VIJAY Katyal. They have included my fathers name with my name, which is only SANJAY KATYAL.

    1. How to get it corrected..? as last employer is saying its not a problem.
    2. will there be difficulty while withdrawing PF as in my all KYC my name appears as sanjay katyal but in UAN ITS SANJAY VIJAY KATYAL.

    Please help me out.


      1. Hi sir ,in UAN portal my addhar card is uploaded and approved by employers but when I went to Pf office Gurgoan they told in there system addhar card is not uploaded I even show them my UAN portal where adhaar card is there so please help me in this & get m

  23. I am not working now so applied for UAN as citizen service. I got UAN number as SMS but it is not linked to any member id of my previous employer. When I goto epfo portal to activate it it is asking for member id as well so I am not able to proceed to login to download UAN card.

    Please let me know what is next step required from me, since now I am doing doing business, can I still continue my 2 old EPS from previous employers or just withdraw money.

  24. Hi,

    I was working for a company which I left on October,2013, and now I am trying to withdraw my PF. The Company has sent me the PF Form and all the necessary documents and asked me to Register for an UAN, since I left the company long back they do not have my UAN, and I need to apply for the same. I have applied for UAN last Friday, 8th July,2016, through EPF Portal. It said, that they will let me know my UAN through SMS.

    Since then, the status is showing as the UAN number generation for my EPF Account number is under process. I would like to know

    Normally how many days it takes to get the UAN Number, once applied for it?
    I have applied for UAN under the option where it says, “For Citizens” section, with my EPF Account number, provided from my old company. Is this a right way of applying for the same?


  25. I have received a new UAN No. when I am activating the account I am not receiving the OTP pin in my mobile.

  26. hi basu sir,
    I am unable to download my Passbook from EPFO Portal since last few months. Each and every time it is showing “Member Passbook not Available”.

    Please could you help me out to download my Passbook from the portal. If there is any other way to know my PF balance then please share the same with me.

  27. Hi sir,I applied for UAN in FOR CITIZENS on15/06/2016.EPFO sent me that your application for UAN submitted successfully. Your reference number is 2016061527006.your UAN will be communicated shortly.But it is all around above one week.they did not sent me UAN.what to do to get UAN.
    Please suggest me

  28. Hi sir,
    My PF number is yet to link with the UAN by the previous employer. When i enter my pf number for UAN generation that is giving the message that
    *****”Confirmation of first time employment/previous employment in your case is pending with your employer. Please contact your employer”****
    When I contact them they are making delay and excuses.
    What is the way to create my UAN in this scenario?

  29. Hi sir,
    One of my friend’s PF no is 155573. How to create an UAN with this? In his payslip only mentioned this number alone . how to input this number in the UAN portal to get the UAN number?

    1. HELLOW SIR,
      My name is vinod.sir last month i get application ref no 2016053126629 on 31.05.2016.the application sended my registered mobile number.But till this time i not get UAN Number.What can i do now??


      1. Hello Sir, I got my UAN application reference number but still haven’t got the UAN number. I got the reference number on 2nd June 2016.

  31. How can I withdraw PF amount without employer attestation and UAN?

    Kindly tell me the procedure to withdraw the PF amount without UAN and employer attestation.

  32. Dear basavaraj sir,
    One of my friend who is a house wife now and want to withdraw the PF amount . But she does not have the uan number. While contacting the previous employer they are not responding and ready to generate the uan number.

    Can’t we withdraw the PF amount without the UAN number?

    So what is the solution for this problem? please assist me on this as soon as possible. She needs money for an emergency purpose.

  33. Hi Baswaraj ,
    Greetings of the Day,
    If I provide my UAN number to the current employer,would he come to know about my previous employer Details?

    Thanks in Advance.

  34. Hello everyone

    So my issue here is I’ve never accessed this UAN account and probably this was created by my employer and hence I never even had the opportunity to access for creation or any changes to be done
    Now my issue is that the registered Mobil number with this UAN account is no more in use and has been deactivated and as I do not know the password I need to reset the password and in the process it says that the password reset information is sent to the registered mobile number

    What can I do now ??

  35. dear sir
    my name nitin
    when i registratraion for uan no. i got error “sms(OTP) not send try after some time ” this happen again and again what i do now?

  36. Sir I have joined with ORACLE India Pvt.Ltd. Bangaloer 26.6.2006 and left 9.10.2019 for personal reasons.Now I have apply for withdrawal of my PF amount cotributed. Please guide me to do so.I have no UAN No.
    Thanks with regards

  37. Hi sir i have left my job in the month 25/2/2016 but i have not activate uan number but i have uan number so can i appply for my pf amount without activating uan number?

  38. the page after the 3rd step is not opening. “the page cannot be displayed”. please get me a solution for this.

  39. • My previous employer(3 years before) is not yet registered for online PF claim transfer.
    • And still I am not yet claimed the amount.(problem with Employer)
    • Now I got one new UAN from my current employer
    • Recently I came to know about that Form 19(UAN)PF claim by No need of employers signature
    • So is it possible to get one more UAN number and claim through Form 19(UAN)?

  40. Hello,
    kindly suggest me the step-by-step process of transferring my PF from previous organization to my current organization. Because my previous organization did not provide my UAN.

    Thank you!

  41. Hi,

    My name is Mohan Kumar Mishra.

    I have UAN number 100229652617 which is registered against the member ID GNGGN00333580000000036 and mobile number 9958552445. I was working with this company before.

    I joined another company in Sep-2015. I have given above mentioned UAN to the HR of Company. A week ago I got mail from respective team and they said to activate my UAN. I checked and found that my previous UAN could not be linked with current PF no. of Current company and they have generated a new UAN for me which is 100584119243.

    In this case I have two UAN. Ideally one person should have only one UAN. Please suggest what should I do in this situation.

    Some points are :-

    1. I’m on resign and going to join a new company. Which UAN I should give to the next employer ?

    2. Should I activate this new UAN 100584119243 ? In this case I need a different mobile number because my existing mobile number is already registered with the previous UAN.

  42. Dear sir,

    I have my EPF number given by my previous employer with whom i worked from 2003-2009. My new employer does not pay EPF. So I left it as it is. Now I have applied for UAN. How can i know my amount in EPF online?

  43. Hi. I have generated my UAN as citizen, a few days back. Now I want to activate and link my previous member ID’s with this UAN. I resigned from employment in Oct-2014 and started my own business. No UAN was provided to me by the employer despite form sent to them 03 times, so I applied on my own, last week.
    Please let me know how can I link all my previous member ID’s with my UAN now on my own.

  44. Hello Sir ,

    my basic pay salary is Rs. 16000, so can get EPF account opened by my employer????? Can i ask them to do that????? am i eligible to open my EPF account???

  45. Hi Sir,

    When my current employer trying to map PF account to my UAN Number they are getting error “Previous Details against the entered UAN are incomplete,so the entered UAN cannot be linked to the current member id.”

    What colud be the reason?

  46. I do not have a PAN card and passport can I still register at the UAN portal with just bank account details and aadhaar card

  47. Sir My total epf balance is Rs.10170,in which employee contribution is 7788 and employer contribution is 2382. How much Money with interest I will receive.I have worked in a company from 14 Nov 2014 to 30 Nov 2015.

  48. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have my UAN generated by current employer for my current PF number. I have worked on two companies previously and have two different PF nos. Now how can I link those two PF no’s to my UAN? or is it possible to transfer the funds from those two PF’s to my UAN? Please clarify.


  49. hi besavaraj,

    I need one information. I already have UAN and my old pf no. linked in UAN. 10 months before i joined new company and they gave new pf no. I dont want to withdraw my old pf amount. now i want to link new pf no to UAN. how do i do this.

        1. Actually UAN will holds all PF number details(I got new PF number in my new company).. When my new PF number will get added to the UAN number..??.. I checked my UAN portal.. New PF number not added.

          If am not transferred the old PF amount, what will happen??..

          1. Besavraj,

            Thanks you so much for your reply. i already given my UAN number to current employer. they have not linked yet.Let me check with them.

              1. I asked with my employer to link new pf no to UAN. he said employee(I) need to link it.Actually Who should link new epf no in UAN? employer or employee

                  1. I check my status for my current employer pf number. i got the below message.
                    Check UAN Status.
                    Request for UAN for this Member Id WBPRB00422790000000272 is already under process.(through ECR)

                    What is this mean?

  50. Dear Basavaraj,

    Wrong Update of Birth date & Father Name in UAN Portal Pls help me
    already Complaint given into UAN Grievance Helpdesk reference no. 1601119388 /. 1601122275

    PF Number : – MP/28048/676
    UAN Number : – 100255484423
    Correct details
    Date of Birth : 21-Nov-1986
    Father name : Hansraj Pandey

    Nilesh Hansraj Pandey

  51. Hi, Can you please help!!
    I have submitted the UAN application for citizens.
    Got the reference ID, how much time would it take to receive the UAN number?
    Its been more than 48 hours.

    While submitting, it did not ask for any employer details.

    Is there any way to find out the status of my application.


  52. Hello Sir,

    I was an employee of a company 2 years back. I applies for PF WITHDRWAL anD After few months I received them back stating Iform 10c is incomplete. ythey asked me to complete the form along with the pan card and UAN CARD along with form 15 g. They provide me the UAN number. It failed. Please help me

      1. Hi sir uan itself not generated how long it takes to generate uan…after generating uan we can upload kyc documents write.

  53. sir,
    I am a employee of Private chemical industry ,
    I & all employees got UAN no.seven month before from epfo office,
    we also submitted Our KYC. But company don’t down load our kyc. My quarries is whether it down individually, if so how can I do ,pl guide me.

  54. Sir
    I am employee of a private organization. Last year I got UAN no in favour of my PF account. I submit my KYC to the company ,but they do not submit my kyc to regional PF office. My quarry is whether I submit KYC individual if yes how to submit & in which websites.

  55. Sir ,
    I am employee of a private organization, one UAN no. allotted on last year against my PF account no.I provided all kyc related documents to the employer,but they do not submit my KYC in my PF portal. so my quarry is whether self download of kyc is possible and valid.

  56. Dear Sir,

    I have two UAN numbers, how to discard 1 UAN number and who will do this activity, please suggest..

    Thanks in Advance.

  57. Hi, glad to see that you are providing good information related to UAN.

    Sir, I have little question for you –

    1- It is possible to generate new UAN no if member is not providing UAN number to his new employer.
    2- in case Member is providing his UAN nNo. to new employer then new employer can see all old employer detail.

    and last As per epfo documentation – A universal number will be generated for each of the PF Account Number at EPFO. – it means Member can have multiple UAN no for different different PF account number i.e. for different different employer… Am i right or wrong. kindly guide me.


    1. Vicky-1) Ideally one member must have only one UAN. Hence, it is employer’s duty to not to create duplicate UANs. At the same time, it is employee’s duty to share the number. If you create such duplication, then it may be problem for both employer and employee (in future when EPFO set up new features to scrutinize such duplication).
      2) I am not sure about employer can see or not. Because I am not expert in how and what EPF looks to employers.
      3) No. You misunderstood it. UAN is meant unique to an individual. Under one UAN, a member may have different EPF numbers (due to his past activation, but from now).

  58. Hi,

    I am in need of your help. I have got my previous company PF transferred in my current account. The EPF website says that amount has been credited to new account. While I check the passbook with my UAN number there is no such entry. Please help. My current employer says they need some Anexure K


  59. Good morning sir once again a very good article regarding EPFO. My doubt is by following above process any one can open the UAN no and contribute as we do? or it will act as aPPF account as ony one can contribute 150000 anually in to the account.

  60. Thanks sir for your above article. I always refer your post then visiting to epfo site. Sir according to above initiative any one can have the UAN number. But my doubt is consider a person is not working in any organization say he is a businessman. So he can also create the UAN . If he can create how the employee and employeer share will be contributed.

  61. Hi Basavaraj

    thanks a lot for your information .

    I am regular follower of your articles. they are very very useful . thank you so much once again.

    Presently i have two UAN numbers. one is by my old employer and the new one is from my present working company . please help me how to discard old one . please help.

  62. Hi ,
    I have a ppf+epf account from my company and also i have a ppf account with state bank. is it allowed to hold such accounts?. Also what is advantage in comparision between the 2 accounts. Please clarify.


  63. Hello, I have allocated with two UAN numbers. One from previous employer and the other from current. Does anyone have the same & how to merge them? Thanks Irshad

  64. Hi Basu,
    I was working in india and recently i have moved abroad(france). I found that there is an agreement / tie up for EPFO india with certain countries, earlier it was only with two countries later extended with 10 or 11 countries. The details of this is not clear any where or majority of the indian workers abroad is unaware of these details. Majority of indian workers will be working for say 10 years or 20 years abroad and pay the pension and tax in that country and return with out being able to get any pension benefit after reaching back india.


    I like to know whether i have to do any thing special to avail this or it will be automatically active. Is there a scope for a complete article from your side on this … 🙂

  65. Hello basavaraj,

    I am vikram from delhi, need a help . I paid my compaines pf online through icici bank on 16th dec and got the confirmation by sms from bank , i also have the transaction no. But didn’t able to get the print of receipt which i need for accounts.
    now i tried at employer e sewa my page on 17th dec but payment is not reflecting there also. I double checked from icici bank about transaction and they confirmed that its successful.

    How i can get the printout of payment now?


  66. Dear Sir,

    Good information given by you,i have little questions for you,
    1.My company is not providing EPF,although can i apply for UAN?
    2.When I Entered IFSC CODE of my bank it said Enter Valid IFSC?Why?
    3.I am uploading Photographas per they said 15kb to 20kb,although it not uploading….

    You please try this and let me know r u facing these issues?how to solve these problems?

    1. Akshat-1) Yes, that is what I mentioned.
      2) Check the same with Bank or the Bank may not be linked to EPFO (Not sure of this)
      3) Maybe the format is different or some internet problem. Please try after some time.

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