EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction – Online procedure

Whether your Aadhaar Card and UAN details like name, gender and date of birth are not matching? Are you finding it difficult to correct the same in UAN? EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction now can be easily updated using the unified portal. Let us see the process.

All of you are aware that linking Aadhaar with UAN is now mandatory and the deadline of 31st December 2017 is set for this (Ref-How to link Aadhaar to EPF Online without login? and How to link Aadhaar to EPF using online and offline? ).

However many EPF members facing the huge uphill task of updating their name, gender and date of birth in their UAN details. The reasons are two.

# UAN Helpdesk is not functioning properly. Earlier EPFO made it easy to update your details using UAN Helpdesk. However, many of my blog readers faced the issue that UAN Helpdesk not at all working (Ref-How to update or correct EPF UAN details online or offline?).

# If UAN Helpdesk is not functioning properly, then the only option left for employees to update the name, gender and date of birth through their employers. This is the cumbersome and time-consuming process. Because for this update, your employer’s help is required and once this joint declaration submitted to concerned EPFO for fields correction.

Both these process created a huge burden on employees. Because in one way they have to link their Aadhaar to EPF within the deadline and in a second way EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction became a lengthy process.

EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction – Online procedure

Considering these difficulties EPFO no provided an option where EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction can be completed online at ease. Let us see the process.

Step 1-Visit the EPFO’s Unified Member Portal. Log in to the account using your login using UAN number and password. Then under the tab “Manage”, select the option “Modify Basic Details”.

EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction Online

Step 2-Then you have to first enter your Aadhaar number and proceed for the entry of the details like name, gender and date of birth AS PER AADHAAR records.

EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction Online details

Step 3-Once you click on update details tab, the below screen will appear. Here you can view the details you entered, check the status of the details updated and also can delete the request. But do remember that employee can delete the request before an employer can approve the request.

EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction Online status

Step 4-However, if your UAN is already Aadhaar verified, then you are not allowed to change the details. The message appears  as below.

EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction verified status

This is how you can proceed with EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction online. Once employee submit the request, then the below process will happen at the back end.

# Employer will login to Employer Interface of Unified Portal.

# Employer can view the change requests submitted by employees by clicking on “Member>Details Change Request”

#  Employer can view the online requests received from employees and can thus take appropriate action by giving the proper remark.

#  After approval of the request, employer can see the latest status of the request.

# After approval of the request by the employer, the request will appear as a task in login of Dealing Hand, of concerned EPFO office, in the Field Office Interface of Unified Portal.

# Dealing Hand can login and view the online change requests by clicking “Member>Details Change Request”.

# After due verification Dealing Hand can submit his/her recommendations to Section Supervisor.

# The Dealing Assistant can put the case either for Approval or Rejection by selecting the appropriate radio button i.e. Recommended for Approval or Recommended for Rejection with proper remarks.  In the same manner, Section Supervisor can submit his/her recommendations to APFC/RPFC.

# Finally APFC/RPFC can Approve/Reject the case.

Note:-Do remember that EPFO not set any deadline for this. Even though it is completely an online process, your employer approval is a MUST. Also, the update is allowed only as per Aadhaar details. Hence, before jumping into EPF UAN name, gender and date of birth correction online, first try to correct for any mismatch in Aadhaar.

Once the Aadhaar details are perfect, then go ahead for UAN correction. Otherwise, your request may be rejected upfront.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    My previous employer had made mistake in my name and gender, i haven’t activate my UAN,
    i am following them through mail for past four months but no proper response from them, is there any option to see whether they submitted documents to EPFO?.
    kindly provide guidance please….

  2. Dear sir,
    From last four year I am trying to change my father name but it was not happening . In one uan the surname is completely mentioned and in other starting letter is mention and every time it’s been rejected that the father name is not matching.my aadhar,mobile no., Bank account no., Pan no., Etc. All are matching.
    Please look into the issue and suggest me how to proceed.

  3. Hello sir good evening
    I have applied for Name and gender change (SHAHANAZ AMIN MULLA TO RUAN AMIN MULLA
    FEMALE TO MALE) In online I m working in Vivo company They already accepted my request but Epfo office status it’s showing pending Plz can u approver my name and gender request as per adharcard
    Kindly approve my request sir

  4. Sir I have applied for pf withdrawal but it got rejected due to gender not updated in kyc, but actually it has updated in basic details, it’s showing gender also, pl suggest.

  5. Hi
    I hve gender mismatch evn i had done modify basic details evn it was been approved by employer but den I hve claim my pf bt it has been rejects by epfo reason presnt est gender and previous estd is not matching bt it is correct is pervious wat to do?

  6. Hi Sir,

    My date of birth is same in UAN portal and Aadhar but while updating Aadhar detail in UAN portal its showing date of birth is not same, please let me know what I need to do to update the UAN.

  7. Hello Sir,
    My DOB in Aadhar is different from the one in EPFO Portal. I don’t have my birth certificate and have misplaced education certificate. Can I get the details changed with the help of just medical certificate of any others docs also required
    Please advise.

  8. Hi Sir,

    My aadhar/name update request is getting rejected by my employer .Could you pls let me know ,how to upload supporting documents for aadhar/DOB update in the EPFO website, as i do not see any upload option for supporting proof documents .

    Thank you.

  9. Hi,
    My Aadhar number and Bank details are not entered in my UAN portal. When I am trying to update my Aadhar number, it is showing “invalid gender details for Aadhar authentication”.
    How can I correct it?

    Please do needful

  10. sir my UAN 100464852600
    My Employer updating my Aadhar and Bank account details but not update my PAN. I informed several time through mail but my Employer didn’t approve my PAN details what can I do please resolve my problem

  11. Sir my UAN NO. 100847846550 . my father name NOT AVAILABLE in pf account.
    please give me information to add my father name (DINESH KUMAR SHARMA)

    1. Hi,

      I have a problem while applying my PF and got the error as The bank account linked with this account is also linked with the following UANs : 10036315XXXX (with different demographic details). If these UANs are yours, then please get the basic details corrected in your other UANs and link them with your Aadhar for transfer of your accounts to the present one. If this bank account is not yours then please add your correct bank account and get it approved by the employer to avail online claim facility.

      But I have taken PF thrice and I don’t face this type of situation. UAN is 100452956087 is the only UAN which I have used to take my PF.

      When I checked in Know your UAN I found another UAN 101357070141. I don’t understand what’s happening.

      Kindly advice what I have to do.

  12. Good Afternoon sir,
    Sir, my father UAN No. :- 100161079641, all K.Y.C has been done from Present and previous employer. but the name is not changing in present employer. All KYC is approved from present. Employer also not able to understand what is the issue. everything is correction. because of this we do not able to withdraw money from it. And i have also submitted no’s complaint. there reply is please submit online name correction required. But the KYC is already approved. please sir is there any suggestion from your side it help me alot. Thanks and regard

  13. Sir,
    i know my UAN number but password is missing and my registered mobile number also misplace. how can open my UAN portal please suggest me.

      1. Sir,
        Am arya.. i have a correction in my date of birth.. and the correction has been approved by the employer and field officer. Wht i should do the next? ?

  14. Hi sir I’m praveen working in a psu,even in my wife is working in same psu,accidentally in uan portal I made my wife gender as male ,it’s not Aadhar verified,can u help me how can I correct the gender….thanq

  15. Sir,mera uan 101202076893 hai,mujhe mera uan profile dekhni hai aur mera reg. Mobile no lost ho gaya hai,mujhe mobile no doosra wala add karni hai,plz help me for correction

  16. Dear Sir,
    Mera Nam Shivpal Singh hai. mera UAN No. 101198332615 hai maine online claim kiya tha jo settal ho gaya tha but NAME DIFFER hone ke karan 24.06.2019 ko ammount Return ho gaya. uske bad maine again 24.07.2019 ko claim kiya jo reject ho gaya Reassion:- Your Claim [ Claim Id – GNGGN190750086649 ] has been rejected due to : 1) SETTLED. AMOUNT NOT RETURNED FROM BANK 2) CLAIM ALREADY SETTLED
    Mere passbook me ammount Create nahi hua.
    So please suggest me.
    Thank You


  18. Dear sir good morning
    sir meri DOB pf me wrong hai mai online request me 10th certificate attach karke send karta hu but vo reject ho jata hai. maine is process ko 8 se 9 bar kiya hai aur pf office 2 time jakar hard coppy ( PAN, ADHAR, 10th CARTIFICATE ) submit kiya hai uski 2 copy reciving bhi mili hai par DOB currect nahi ho rahi hai.
    sir mera DOB me 3 year ka gap hai to kaun sa document attach karna pdega 10th cartificate ya 10th marksheet ya fir kuchh aur.
    please meri help kar do aapki mahan daya hogi.

  19. i was leave my job before 2 yr now i withdrawal pf amount bt there are wrong my name how can i do correct my name on pf online account

  20. Hi,
    I am unable to upload my PAN details in KYC. It is giving an error error saying name in UAN does not match the name in income tax department. How do I go about

  21. Hello Basavraj
    Request you to please guide me on my below query.
    In my UAN of my previous company, I need to make make correction in my surname as it is wrongly mentioned. The company is closed and the account is inoperative. I had updated the details as per Aadhaar, and submitted other details like bank details, passport details, driving license. But since the company is closed these details will not be approved/endorsed by the employer. Can you please help how to withdraw the amount pending in this inoperative account and how can I modify the details in the UAN as per Aadhaar.

  22. Hi.My D.O.B is incorrect in PF details.I´m unable to do any changes as aadhar details are already verified.what is the resolution for this issue? Can anybody suggest me?

    1. Dear Eksh
      How has your Aadhar card got verified if date of birth in payroll system is not same as Aadhar


  23. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your guidance.

    My Name and DOB is updated in EPF portal, but not update my father name.

    Please Let me know it is possible editable option, because after that changes below mentioned remark showing on portal.

    “Aadhaar is already verified. Your details aren’t editable”

    and My final question is Shall I withdraw money after that correction.

    Balaji GS

    1. Dear Balaji
      FATHERS name if blank your employer can update the same in minutes.If a correction has to be made to an existing name you have to fill up joint declaration form with Aadhar or any other valid proof of your father’s name



  24. I have submitted for name correction request, my employer approved a month ago but still it is pending with kukatppally PF office, unable to contact on given member. Please help and advise further

    1. Dear Sharma
      Excuse male/female. If male no reason excepting year end.If female name change after marriage then offline with marriage certificate duly certified by employer thru joint declaration has to be done.



  25. Thank you Sir For Giving Solution For Correction In UAN…. Very Helpful Karma You Are Doing…..

  26. Dear Sir,

    I have already apply 4-5 time to change DOB in PF account last 4 time rejected by field office. and 11.03.19 also apply to change DOB with attached PDF my Pan card & Aadhar Card but still pending for EPFO end.
    Sir please help in this regards.

    1. Dear Jitender

      If your pdf attachment is date of birth proof or passport or school passing certificate only then the correction will take place.Aadhar and pan are not acceptable proof.



  27. Dear Rajib
    If you logon to the system click on right side of dob then you can see the status



    1. Thnq very much sir….they were not asking attachments when I was updating…normally how much time take sir…

        1. Dear sir,can i apply again with attachments if it will not done in 30days……..& my documents is all ok..will it surely change in future..sir

  28. Sir,I applied for change of my dob on 4th march/19”’&employer approved & pending in field office,,,dob difference adject 1year…..how much time it will take sir…….

    1. Dear Rajib
      If the difference is 1 year or more as per the latest modification if it ask for attachment you have to create pdf file of less than 3mb. Only birth proof School passing cert or passport has to be given.
      So if it gets rejected do what is above.
      I have taken Basunivesh permission to give an opinion.anything further would be glad to answer.



  29. Dear Sir,
    My DOB Wrong in epfo so i am send online request in correction DOB in epfo attach Doc. ( 10th Certificate ) and hard copy submit 2 times in epfo office but my request reject. my DOB is not correct.
    so please help me.

    1. Dear Devendra
      As per the latest changes made and gone thru do the following
      Log into pf portal
      Under basic details fill up all fields you will get a prompt when you give date of birth correction if difference is more than one year to attach a pdf of not more than 3 know with 10th cert.
      After you submit employer should approve.
      I have done this and in the last 2 days 3 years and 2 years correction has been approved by pf.
      Will help out for further queries.
      Have taken Basu permission to give an opinion.

      1. Dear Sir/Mam
        I Have Submit 2 Time this Process ( Online Request & Attach 10th Certificate ) but my request is reject.
        Reason – SUBMIT HARD COPY
        I am very Confused How do Correct DOB in epfo.
        my Wrong DOB – 23/05/1994
        my Correct DOB – 20/09/1991 ( IN MY 10th Certificate ).
        So please help me.
        Thank You

        1. Dear Devendra
          I went thru the same procedure and got a rejection on the 5th of March 2019.But after speaking to pf office I submitted the same again and everything has now gone thru. From Monday to Thursday 3 years 2 years and 1 year 4 months cases corrections done.After uploading file I make sure to enter in remarks this is joint declaration.

          1. Dear sir/mam,
            i am repeat this process & submit 10th Certificate scan PDF file attached but my requested is reject.
            Reason – SUBMIT HARD COPY.
            please suggest me.

  30. Hi,

    Since a week or so , I do not see the option of “Modify Basic details” in my portal. Is there any change in process to update the name in UAN as in AADHAR ?


  31. Hi Sir,

    kindly confirm the below Query:

    1 Question:Pan card- Name is Bhaskar Erupuri (Not updated in Epf protol) Error: Name does not match with Income tax dept.

    UID: E Bhaskar Exists and verified.

    In my EPF protol the Name is E Bhaskar as per UID i want to update pan card as well in EPF protol for updating the same i want to change UID name as per pan card and i want to change the name in EPF protol as well by asking with Employer?

    2. Question: please let me know if for Example amount is 99000 without updating pan card and uid exists with 3 years experinace how much tax will be deducted .

      1. In Epf office they can change the name as per pan card or aadhar card in my EPF protol of my login ?


        UID: Bhaskar Erupuri

        Can i change providing same documents in epf office or please provide mail address so that i can mail to them by attching same.

        Bhaskar E

    1. Dear Bhaskar

      Since you want name in all places to be as per pan .
      Step 1 correct Aadhar card at the Aadhar centre.
      Step 2 if your old Aadhar is verified on pf portal you will have to submit joint declaration to correct your name and Aadhar in pf portal. If Aadhar not verified then you can log in and under basic you can correct the same.



  32. Hii..sir
    I m presently resigned I m trying to apply pf facing some issues pan is not verifed as the name in epfc account and adhaar is same and name in pan card is different name in pan card is along with surname but in adhaar and epfc account only with initial not along with surname as it is not possible to change in pan card if i update the name in adhaar along with surname after that it will be updated in epfc account also or not kindly please suggest can i change name in adhaar card so that it will updated in epfc account to

    Kindly please suggest what to be done for updating kyc in epfc account

      1. Sir i already resigned from the company i m nt working presently so i cannot apply through employer
        In that case if i update correct details in adhaar whether it will be updated automatically in epfc account

    1. Sanju
      Please understand this
      Aadhar and system are the same you can withdraw money after 2 months and assuming amount <50000 pan card does not count.
      Note pan should be corrected as per Aadhar and should be linked on income tax site.

  33. Hi Sir….My query is that in UAN Portal my name & my Father’s name were mentioned as my name only….i.e. my name is J Ramakrishna & my Father’s name (J Annaji Rao) also displayed as J Ramakrishna only….I want to correct it……As I belong to Hyderabad & my Company HO is in Noida….pls advise me whether I can correct it in local PF Office in Hyderabad….Tkq…

  34. Hii sir
    Actually i unable update kyc becoz there is name change in pan card i m trying to correct the pan card but it cannot be done the name in pf account and adhaar sir is same without surname and name in the pan card is with surname ..if i change the name in adhaar along with surnamr whether that will be updated in. Pf acct also kindly please help

      1. Sir i have already resigned i m not working now …if i update correct details in adhaar whether it wil be updated in epfo account or not

          1. If i update correct details in adhaar card whether that wil automatically gets updated in epfc account also
            Can i do that please confirm me whether i can do or not

  35. Hi Sir,

    When tried to update basic KYC details through portal got below message

    “Your request to change Name/DOB/Gender in unified portal is rejected by EPFO field office

    Cannot find joint declaration form. Could please let me know from where I can download the form and submit it.

    1. Vijay

      In Google ask for pf joint declaration form. 1page.Fill up and submit to employer with proof

  36. Sir i have been relieved from company 2 years and i moved to another location. The problem is they have wrongly updated my DOB now i can’t update my AADHAR online…
    please help..

  37. Hello sir mere Adhar card pe Birth date year 1993 hai to mera Adhar card UAN ke profile pe verify hoga kya
    to muje. Kya padega
    Pan Card pe Birth date
    8/6/1993 hai

  38. Hi,
    I have updated my Father’s name on the pan card and the EPFO portal through umang. However, my employer says that RPFC is not taking manual applications for updating the same, neither is an option available for them online. Is this true? How do we update it then?

  39. Dear Sir,

    In UAN portal my DOB were mentioned wrongly i have corrected in the UAN but still it’s not changed and also my Aadhaar still it is not verified kindly help me with this issue

  40. Dear sir ,
    In my uan portal dob is incorrect but I send request in modify option in my uan portal but epfo rejected the option how can i modify the detail

  41. I have two UAN. The second UAN is created by my current organisation because of wrong DOB in the 1st UAN.

    Now I have send the correction request from the online portal. It is not Aadhar linked. I have submitted in kolkata EPFO office along all the documents dulely attested by one of the CEO and office stamp of my previous organisation. I have done it 3 times but no effect.

    In online portal it shows that it is still pending by the employee. But employee tells me that they find nothing pending.
    I am frustrated. Please suggest what to do next.
    Thanking you

  42. Hello ,

    My UAN is already linked with AADHAR and vefiried by EPFO and also UAN is activated. When I tried to link my PAN, system is throwing UAN Name mismatch Errror.

    Name as per AADHAR: Pallapothu Avinash

    Name as per UAN: Avinash Pallapothu.

    Name as per PAN: Pallapothu Avinash

    Please advise how to resolve this issue. Kindly help and share the details of PF/TAX consultants who have great experience in resolving such issue…

    Thanks & Regards,

  43. Dear Sir,
    In my pan detail my father name incorrect as per my documents how can i update this if i can modify then show an error. so please help me if another process to correct my father name.

  44. Hello ji,

    My UAN 100862029046 is already linked with AADHAR and vefiried by EPFO. When I tried to link my PAN, system is throwing UAN Name mismatch Errror.

    Name as per AADHAR: Raghunath R

    Name as per UAN: Raghunath R


    Please advise how to resolve this issue. Kindly help and share the details of PF/TAX consultants who have great experience in resolving such issue…

    Thanks, Raghu


  45. Hi ,

    I am having issue in UAN portal,my pan card details are not verified.i am unable to edit . Getting error:Aadhar card verified,deatils are not editable.

    My pan and Aadhar card deatils middle name is different.

    Can you please help how I can proceed

      1. Same Issue with me as well As my gender is nt same as my aadhar card. I tried to make it change through employer but they saying that they also not able to edit the same . What is the best possible here.

        Apart, it says my aadhar is verifiedand details arent editable. How they verify wrong details even though aadhar have the correct details.

  46. Sir i updated my dob in UAN portal, employer approved showing pending at field office from past 15 days,,, can i know how many days they required for the correction????

  47. sir,
    I submitted my DOB correction in UAN portal through online but my application was rejected by field officer.So, I went to the regoinal epfo office and submitted for the correction physically with all the proofs i has been a year but they still did not update my DOB according to the aadhaar in uan portal.I need to apply for my pf which is not possible without aadhaar linking so please help me how can I resolve this.

  48. I am vanita i have un no but in kyc my dob and gender and name is wrong i could not able to open the webside for kyc updation link pls tell me the site pls i have saw the link how to update the kyc but the site isnot showing pl help

  49. Dear sir,
    I was submitted name and DOB correction in UAN portal through online 5 times. But my Application is Rejected showing rejected by field officer and DOB DIFFER PLZ SUBMIT ORIGENAL. So what i do please help.
    Uan 100575375160

      1. Dear sir,
        I have submitted through employer only and submitted all related documents.

  50. Hi sir,
    My Aadhar card is not correct and as I had already linked it has got verified and I am not able to edit the basic details now telling details aren’t editable how to change now?

  51. dear sir…..
    i have problem in my epf account , problem is aadhar already is verify in epf account but i want change my uan name as pan card name, how can i solve this problem kindly tell me????

      1. Dear sir,
        Dear Sir,

        My name is Gokul Darsan k

        i can’t Linking Pan Card to UAN Portal

        My PAN card name is KAROOTH GOKUL DARSAN
        But my UAN name is GOKUL DARSAN K

        and my aadhar name is GOKUL DARSAN K

        The error coming uan and pan name is not matching .
        then what can i do
        how to link my uan and pan.

        plz help me

          1. Dear Sir, My name is same in the both PAN & aadhar card and tried to verify my PAN in UAN portal. But it’s showing like pan verification failed (name against UAN does not match with the NAME in income tax department). Kindly guide me.

  52. Dear Basavaraj Sir,

    I have submitted transfer claim form, however it is been rejected as my Father’s name differs in the UAN portal as compared to what I had submitted in the form (I had mentioned my Husband’s name). Is there a way I can modify the name in the UAN portal.


  53. hi
    My father DOB is wrong I did correct DOB through online with the help of Aadhar. And their employer also accepted but in PF office they are asking DOB proof. we don’t have any proofs of documents expect PAN What should I do can you suggest me

  54. Hello Sir,
    As per your advice in this blog, I was able to change my name in my EPF account and previous company passbook. But a later company still used my old name and now eventhough my UAN account name is corrected, this company’s passbook displays the wrong name. How to only correct the name in this company’s pass book. Please can you help..



    Please help to know the rejection of this claim and how to go further for withdrawal

  56. Hi Sir,

    I applied for online epf withdrawal on sep-16-2018, Still its showing under process. I liked with Aadhar card but i couldn’t link my PAN due to name mismatch.
    Is PAN card is mandatory for withdrawal or Aadhar is enough.

    Thanks in Advance

      1. Hi sir

        This is Nagendra P.S
        I have linked my UAN and Aaadhar with the name as mentioned above.

        My PAN also has the same name.

        The problem now is PAN is not getting linked in UAN as my name in Income tax website is different ,I mean my initials are expanded in income tax website.

        So please let me know the next steps to be taken.

        1 .Change in PAN with full name expansion?
        2. Change in Aadhar with full name expansion?
        3. Change in UAN with full name expansion?

  57. Dear sir,
    My withdrawal application rejected because of Father name differ, so which things need to be match uan name and linked bank ac name? After if it’s wrong with uan name how to do correct it?
    Please help me.

  58. hi i am Rupinder singh my date of birth is not correct at uan i raise an issue online and send all attested copy of my documents like matriculation certificate,pan card and addhar card copy, but field officer reject every time,rejection is date of birth certificate required but i do not have birth certificate but i send matriculation certificate kindly help me and resolve the issue

  59. Dear Sir,

    My UAN EPF Name wrongly updated by organization end now i have left from there during the working period i have already told to finance officer please correct but they said me it will apply after of ekyc but now i am trying to update the EKYC so getting the error name didn’t metch

  60. Dear Sir,

    My UAN EPF Name wrongly updated by organization end now i have left from there during the working period i have already told to finance officer please correct but they said me it will apply after of ekyc but now i am trying to update the EKYC so getting the error name DOB gender did’t match

    And i have request for change the same through modify the basic detail please assist it could be change or not??

  61. Hi,
    My UAN 100785384290 is showing inactive as I left the job one year back, can you please help me with information as how could I withdraw the amount, also let me know as how can I link my mobile number with said UAN

  62. Sir my fathers name is incorrect on the UAN portal if I have to claim do I need to rectify it if yes ?

    who should I get in touch with ?
    please assist

      1. Sir Mai Apna password bhool gya hu or number bhi kho gya hai Mera gender epfo mai Nhi dla hua hai to sir iske liye solution btaiye plz sir

  63. Dear sir,

    In EPFO portal when i am correcting my name, than it’s not updating ” Aadhar is already verified. Your details aren’t editable” this message is showing
    Whereas my actual name is Bilal shekh but in uan it’s showing Bilal.

    Please help how can i correct it

  64. Dear Sir,

    My name in Harsh Mendiratta but in PF slip my name is Harsh Mandiratta. How can we correct the same.

  65. dear Pasvaraj, I have not linked my aadhar to UAN portal, also there is mismatch between my aadhar name and UAN name. Now I have resigned job. How to withdraw PF amount in this condition.??

  66. Dear sir

    I need to activate my UAN No but when activating error is displaying your date of birth not matching

  67. Respected Sir,

    I have submitted my wife’s PF withdrawal claim form and when checked latest claim status is showing below details:

    Form 19:
    Claim-Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-MHBAN180600052405 Member id-MHBAN00397240000000484 has been rejected due to :- CONTRIBUTION DIFFERS WITH DATE OF LEAVING. LAST PAYMENT JULY16 PAID IN AUG16. NON RECEIPT PAYMENT OF/K

    Form 10C:
    Claim-Form-10C (EPS Withdrawal/SC)(Withdrawal Benefit / Scheme Certificate) Claim id-MHBAN180600052406 Member id-MHBAN00397240000000484 has been rejected due to :- MEMBER CONTRIBUTION DIFFERS WITH DATE OF LEAVING. NON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT FOR 11/2014, 12/2014, 01/2/K

    Can you please guide me whats the exact issue is?

      1. Thanks Sir,
        I raised gravience on PF portal for rejection reason in details. They replied me that no PF contribution is made for 3 months in betweeen emplyement (For this period my wife was on leave without pay for maternity reason). Also they asked to resubmit the claim with clarification from the establishment.

        Does that mean I need to resubmite claim again through employer with joint declaration mentioning that that period was LWP? Will it work?

  68. hi,

    uan name and pan name looks similar but when i add the pan no and name as in the proof, it shows name is mismatched with the name in income tax department.
    what to do in this situation, help me?

  69. Hi, I left the job 3 years back, I joined another company and I happened to realize that I now have two EPF accounts. Now my Aadhar is linked with new PF account and I am unable to update the same details on old PF account. On top of that, my date of birth on the old PF account is incorrect and when I request for changes, the field office is rejecting the application by reasoning “R”. I am really confused on how to recover my old PF amount. Do you know the process on this matter?

  70. Hi,

    I have applied for name correction online. My employer has approved it. However epf office rejected it and i got a message that i should submit physical copy of joint declaration and kyc proof. Any reason why this has happened?

  71. Hi ,My aadhar,Pan card and voter id are same time but my 10 th marksheet name is mis-matched .how to handle this pbm,i can’t change my aadhaar name b’coz this name already i gave my current company and previous company.now my employer is approved but EPF is asked 10th marksheet.shall i have proceed affidavit certificate via employer through EPF?

  72. Dear Basavaraj,

    There is a mismatch in the name in EPFO account. I have requested to modify the basic data, how ever it looks like it requires employer approval But i am currently not employed. Not sure if the previous employer approves it or not as i am a terminated employee in their system.

    Kindly advise.

    Mahesh Guvvala.

  73. Dear Sir,

    My name was incorrect, means my employer added last name and then first name. i have modified the basic details and my employer has also approved from their end. Now its pending to approve from EPF field office.
    I just want to know, how much time will it take to approve from their end ?
    if they approve, how much time will it take to withdrawal the PF amount ?

    Thanks in advance..!!

  74. My Aadhar is verified. But the marital status is wrong. The system not allowing me to correct the gender. How can change it.and also there is no editable option in employer portal…because KYC details are finalized in employer portal….how can i solve this problem…Could give best solutions.

  75. My Aadhar is verified. But the gender is wrong. The system not allowing me to correct the gender. How can change.

  76. My gender is showing wrong in my UAN portal. Aadhar and bank details are all updated. Hence for modifying basic details the option is showing aadhar already verified. How to update gender then?

      1. sir i have update my kyc but when i did try to transfer EPF fund from my previous company to my present company in same uan its show a notification that your previous and present company detail are not same ,i have all ready update my aadhar no to UNA,Because of this problem iam unable to withdraw my fund ,please suggest how can i correct my UAN

  77. I already submitted hard copy of aadhar card almost 35 days ago, still my date of birth is not getting update. so pls suggest me .

  78. Hai sir ,
    My doubt is I can’t able to create new UAN number ,because its asking for Aadhar verification but if I enter the aadhar information it shows temporary problem at aadhar server.Please try after some time.when this problem will resolve.

  79. Error: Request XML signature verification failed

  80. SIR I HAVE MADE AADHAR AS PER MY LEAVING CERTIFICATE , BUT UAN registed name is mismatching in single spell word s, what can i do ? can i edit on aadhar name as per UAN name , please suggest i confuesed

  81. Dear Sir,

    Adhar number verify in My UAN but not verify PAN number. Both name is different.

    Few days ago , Now i have change my adhar name in adhar card so now adhar & PAN name is same.

    Showing error : ( Pan verification field . ( name against UAN does not match ….)

    Please help me how to verify my PAN number ????

      1. i am again adhar number verify or not ?? bcz my first adhar name is showing in UAN name.

        now i am changing adhar name so UAN name & Adhar name is different.


        Expamle . .

        UAN name : parmar neet

        Now adhar name : parmar neetbhai
        PAN name : parmar neetbhai

        How to resolve this problem ??

  82. Hi sir,
    My name on UAN and Aadhaar is different. I am trying to update the name UAN portal, as mentioned in your post. But getting the below error.

    “The details provided by you are not matching with your aadhaar details. ”

    Since my aadhaar has correct name.Its been 1 month i had updated the my details but till i dint got any approval,can you please help me out from this.Thanks in advance.

    Error: Invalid key info in digital signature (this means that certificate used for signing the authentication request is not valid – it is either expired, or does not belong to the AUA or is not created by a well-known Certification Authority).

    1. This error comes when UIDAI site rejects the authentication request for OTP based aadhaar authentication. It is most likely because the digital certificate used by EPFO to sign the aadhaar authenticatuion request has expired. Wait for EPFO to renew the certificate (which may take an unknown amount of time).

  84. Hello Sir,

    My name on UAN and Aadhaar is different. I am trying to update the name UAN portal, as mentioned in your post. But getting the below error.

    “The details provided by you are not matching with your aadhaar details. ”

    My aadhaar has correct name.

    Also I left my company and not working now. Could you please help me?

  85. hi Basavaraj Ji,
    really informative blog. this really helped. need your suggestion reg withdrawing PF amount for buying house.
    is it recommended to withdraw money and invest on housing and real estate?

      1. Hello Sir,

        I have updated incorrect aadhar number in epf so i am not able to verify it, can you please tell me how to change the aadhar number in epf.


  86. Dear sir,
    My UAN card is not available my father name so online claim not proceed plz tell me how can possible add my father name in UAN.

  87. Dear sir,
    my uan no. is 101198332615 my all information is currect in epfo.
    I have kyc update in online Adhar card and a/c no. is not approved.
    so please solve my problem.

  88. Dear Sir, actually i forgot my login password, i want to change my password for that i am trying to reset via online but right now i don’t have register mobile. so choose another option with UAN number, DOB and adhar number but that time its showing your details are not matching please contact to PF office. so please suggest mi sir any other option present for updating my mobile number.
    Thank you

  89. i am getting error in member portal to change my name spelling i:e-
    AADHAAR is already verified in unified portal. Your details is not editable.

    Plz guide me

  90. if i feel offline form 31 for illness with my date of birth incorrect.its league or not. lots of afferts i done but its not change (my date of birth correction)
    and after that if approval can i check status of my offline form.

  91. Dear Sir,

    Please confirm that I have submitted the request for transfer claim online now the status reflecting as below.

    Sr No Tracking ID Claim Type Previous Account Number Present Account Number Claim Status Attestation through Printable Form 13
    1 1076550437590500175 Online Claim DLCPM10471130000000013 DSNHP00335180000000366 Submitted Previous Employer (HULK)

    Can you please confirm what is the next step from my end.

        1. Dear Sir,

          Now the status changed to ACCEPTED BY EMPLOYER. can you please share what ia the next step.

            1. How much time it will take. and please confirm whether the amount credited to my old companies bank account or new companies bank account.

                1. Noted.Can you please clarify the fund will be transferred in current salary account of currebt company orin old one.

                  1. hello Sir,

                    just checked online the status is now under process. Also please confirm I have to submit any document to anyone please note that i have just submit the FORM 13 SIGNED via email to previous employer. now anything to submit.

                    also note that i had submit only online form.
                    nothing else

                    1. Noted. your answer sir,

                      but please confirm I have to submit and document anywhere now.

  92. Hi,

    I’m not able to update my PF DOB in Online, employer has created wrong DOB but in submitted documents my DOB is correct only.
    Please let me know how can I update my DOB.

    1. Sir I Submitted Joint Declaration Two Times R.o. Delhi North, First 14/03/2018 By Hand With Form No. 13, Second 24/04/2018 By Courier, But My Father Name Is Not Correct .( When My KYC Verified )Sir What I Can Do, Please Tell Me.

  93. Dear sir,

    i have already submited all document month of the february
    pan card
    Addhar card
    Matric certificate
    in pf office
    my father name is wrong and my dob worng put in pf document

  94. hello,
    i had applied for name and date of birth change, but it got rejected stating that, Rejected by MALAD (KANDIVALI) field office
    Remark – SUBMIT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS, I Already had submitted the documents, before 10 days, still correction not done.


      1. Thank you Sir For Your Reply & get the guidance given by You.
        kindly tell me how to do that. If you can give me the link for this. It will be more helpful.
        Kindly tell me the link or the mobile No. From Where I can Solve My Issue.

  96. Hello Sir,

    My Bank details are added with UAN and approved by the employer. Can I change the bank as I don’t want to transact from the bank added and approved by the employer which was my salary account with that employer?

  97. Hi Sir,

    I did Online Claim for pf. In Uan portal it shows as claim status, also on pf claim status site it is showing as payment sent via NEFT. but i have not received my pf amount in account. What to do Next??

      1. its been one week already. EPFO Grievance Cell Online hardly works. They don’t solve the issues as such.

  98. Hi, I updated my AADHAR details online. My employer approved this request immediately but its current status is “pending at Malad(Kandivali) EPF field office” from last 30 days. Is any specific deadline to approve such request? Is any other way to follow up this request.

  99. Hi, I updated my DOB and AADHAR details online. My employer approved this request immediately but its current status is “pending at noida field office” from last 40 days. Is any specific deadline to approve such request? Is any other way to follow up this request.

  100. I do not see any apparent discrepancies between my UAN and my Aadhar. Except probably that in UAN my name is being shown as Ms Sharada Prasadita Vajjha and in Aadhar it is Vajjha Sharada Prasadita.
    I am not able to change it- i tried to but it says pending with my employer.
    I am not working there any more.

    Also, I am not able to upload my fathers/husbands name. Not able to understand what to do. Is there any offline process that I can follow, go to EPF office and sit with the officials etc.?

      1. Hi,
        The same issue I am facing & I have complained min100 times regarding this. also put this issue in grievance but no help, my employer who has added an extra letter in my name not responding properly regarding this. Its been 1year I am trying. I had to open a new pf account cz of this issue. I am frustrated.

  101. Sir,my adhar dob is 4/05/1984 where as my pf account dob is 1/05/1982.when I requested to change it online.it shows a screen that you need to post a arteststed certificate for profe as there is a 2 yr gap between adhar dob and of dob.so which address I post it ?

  102. Hi Sir,

    I tried linking my aadhar and UAN but it failed as there is a name mismatch. I am looking to update the name in UAN portal and I understand that this requires Employer approval. Currently, I am not working in any organization, so in this case, will my previous employer be able to verify the name? Or do I have any other option? Appreciate your help on this.

  103. Dear sir

    Today accidently i created second uan from website
    Now i am worried because i am planning to withdraw my pf balance

    My first uan is under approval for aadhar linking and second one by mistake created with aadhar

    Can you please help me how to delete one uan

  104. Dear sir

    My name is AJAY KUMAR GUPTA. I need help epfo name AJAYGUPTA. Sir how to change name of epf.

  105. I am trying to activate the UAN through my member-id. I added all the details correctly but it is giving me error”detail does not match with the member”. Not sure how to resolve this issue. I have verified my details 100 times but still no success. Could you please help?

  106. Sir
    In Uan my gender is not defined

    Now i go to modify my details and enter my aadhar card detail but when i submit it error message comes that gender details mismatch

    Can you pls guide me

  107. Hi Basu,

    Please help me, i have two pf accounts in one UAN, my previous employer has entered DOE EPF AND EPS after the DOJ of my new employer. So when i am applying for part withdrawl form 31 service, in the bottom of the page where we verify our bank account bt entering last 4digits it is showing the name of my current employer,please would i be able to withdraw also from my previous employer?
    Thanks in advance.

  108. I want to change my epf account in date of birth
    what is the processor of epf account correction

  109. Sir, I have 2 of account number with one employer.but the new of account is verified by aadhar.but the old is not bcoz.my dob is 1998 in aadhar.but in pf dob is 1996.can I withdraw money by offload in my old pf account…I really need..

      1. No sir,I have 2 UAN no and 2 pf Account…I just want to know can I verified my Aadhar no with 2 of my pf accounts..one is old ..but the new is already verified..I just want to withdraw money from my old pf accounts .so that i can close it..

  110. Send online request to change DOB in my UAN profile.2 month crossed but still its showing pending at Bangalore filed.Please suggest.As i am not able to withdrawal my PF which is urgently required.Please help…Thank You

    1. Dear Seema,
      If you can’t wait anymore or you feel the field officer delaying the approval, then either raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online or knock the concerned local EPFO for the same.


  112. My UAN PORTAL NAME Correction requst raise but employee has been approved but office pending when change my Name and DOB 30 days ho gye hai

  113. hello sir /mam
    My UAN PORTAL NAME Correction requst raise but employee has been approved but office pending plz suggesst,

  114. dear sir my name is sunil
    i m so confused
    i want advance for illness but my date of birth not match. i also correct by employer and after that deposit with correction form with Adhara card with 10th mark sheet .also attache my wife illness document and doctor letterhead written illness certificate. also fill form 31 and deposit epfo gurgram office. i have receiving.
    but after 7 date i have received a msg your request has been rejated by field officer remark-ok
    remark ok but request rejated i m so confused.tell me what happen now and also tell me what happen my form 31 its will be rejacted or will pass please tell me sir
    now my claim status show no claim found
    my documentation deposit date 23 April.

  115. Hi
    My name as per aadhar & UAN Arun Kumar S. In my pancard name is Arunkumar. It’s showing pancard verify failed in Epfo it’s not matching as per your UAN. but my pan & Aadhar is linked in income tax. online pf withdrawal is possible or not?

      1. Sir pancard I can’t change as Arun Kumar S. From Epfo already approved modify details as Aadhar. Kindly give th

        1. Hi.I can withdraw advance 50000 from my pf account if pancard is failed also through online.

        2. Sir
          It is possible to modify again as Pan card name ( Arunkumar) as in aadhar card & uan (Arun Kumar S) which is already approved from Epfo. before going to online withdrawal pf. Kindly give the solution.

        3. Sir
          I can apply for modify name in UAN. After doing the name correction in aadhar as pancard.

            1. Sir
              Already aadhar & uan linked same Name – Arunkumar S.we can modify name as pancard Arunkumar no issue.

  116. Sir,

    My online PF claim application got rejected because of PAN card did not able to update as My name is mismatching with Income tax pan records and UAN / EPFO. Name in Pan card and with the records of employer is same as Mahesh Kumar P N. Is it possible to change my name in UAN records? If it possible Kindly suggest in which name I have to update with UAN as I guess the name has to be changed as per income tax website. And please clarify will there be any issue if it is not similar to name printed on Adhar Card. I want to apply the same though online.

      1. Sir,

        The main problem is in my all documents including my pan card, my name printed same as Mahesh Kumar P N. There isn’t any deviation. But in Pan site it is Mahesh Kumar Peechedath Narayanan(expansion Included). The UTI technology office informed me that the name can’t change as Mahesh Kumar P N because Income tax pan site records name only with Father name ( Narayanan). That means Mahesh Kumar P N is not possible to update with income tax pan details. Kindly suggest any chance to do this.

      2. Hi Basavaraj,
        I had two employers A and B respectively. I had applied for physical PF withdrawal through B but the documents got rejected stating ‘Profile Incomplete’ even though everything was filled. I then tried online withdrawal. Employer A updated everything and aadhar, pan, bank account verified. Then I applied for withdrawal online, this time it says details not filled as employer B hasn’t updated joining date, leaving date etc. Employer A says, Employer B needs to merge the PF account balance, only then I can withdraw online (P.S. I have only one PF account registered with both the employers). Employer B suggests sending physical documents again. Please advice what should be the right course of action.

        1. Dear Sangjukta,
          I think the issue is with joining and exit dates. Please check with your employer for the same. If no solution, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

          1. Hi Basavaraj,
            Thank you for your replies. Both my employers (1 and 2 ) have updated everything on the epfo portal and I can withdraw EPF now, but only of employer 2. In the claim tab, I can see claim for only my 2nd employer. I contacted 1st employer, they said I will need to transfer my 1st employer PF amount into 2nd employer’s PF account. For that I have to select transfer request on the online services tab. (P.S. I have only one UAN number registered with both of them). In the transfer request tab, I can only see details of my second employer with an error message “Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.”. Please guide on how to transfer my 1st employer’s PF amount into second employer’s PF account and then withdraw both together.

  117. sir,i have updated kyc,approved by employer but pending by field officer.how long they will take time????

  118. HI,
    I have changed my name as per aadhar and Date of birth the same is approved by my employer now it’s showing “Rejected by MALAD (KANDIVALI) field office
    Pls suggest me . what is the procedure.

  119. Sir
    Nagendra kumar mai modify basic details change request massage.mai 06/02/18 online update kiya hai mera employer accept kiya hai lekin epfo field office patna pending kar ke rakha hai mai attested photocopy documents sent kiya hai epfo field office patna to bhi approved nahi kar raha uan 100818611034 please sir approved kare epfo patna field officer mera contact 8089742248

  120. Since first name and last name is inter changed as per adhar, I have requested Name change in the epf website, the same was approved by employer and as per the status in epf website it is pending at field officer, the same status was there from 2 months, request you to tell me is there any way to get it done on priority..?

      1. Dear sir my self suma das .
        By mistake I wrote my pf from dob incorrect .but I already in online my d.o.b.but its showing I have to post my any documents .along with my d.o.b.in pf office mumbai .
        Wht I will do now
        My num 9158269038.
        Pls give me answer asap .

  121. In my uan portal my basic details such as gender,date of birth , adhar no. fathers name are not available. due to my employers negligency.

    I modified my basic details online , and employer also approved but epfo is not approving because as these details were not available earlier so they cannot modify.
    For this I need to submit a joint declaration form with the employer to get the details updated along with supporting documents.
    But now I am no longer working with that company.
    Where can I get the form so that I get fill the details and send it to employer by courier for further process. ?

  122. Dear sir

    My name is Monuj Payun. I need help epfo name M PAYUN. Sir how to change name of epf.


  123. Hi, I am not able to login to UAN portal. Throwing incorrect password. Tried changing the passwordand since my registered phone no. is active tried entering the name and DOB details of mine to verify. After verification it is throwing the below error ” The above information provided is not matching with the information available in the system. Kindly contact to EPFO Office”

    Can you please let me know to whom I should contact for this issue

    1. Corrected question:
      Hi, I am not able to login to UAN portal. Throwing incorrect password. Tried changing the password and since my registered phone no. been changed tried entering the name and DOB details of mine to verify. After verification it is throwing the below error ” The above information provided is not matching with the information available in the system. Kindly contact to EPFO Office”

      Can you please let me know to whom I should contact for this issue

  124. My UAN PORTAL NAME AND DOB Correction requst raise but employee has been approved but office pending when change my request i call to pf office no bady pick up the phon my uan no 100423260064 gurgoan office mai hai

  125. I have been trying to change my name since so long by updating my aadhaar card it’s been so long till date it has not been updated and it showing pending at employer what to do now I have mailed them and have been calling them since so long but call never gets connected. Please help me through it.

  126. My UAN PORTAL NAME AND DOB Correction requst raise but employee has been approved but office pending when change my request

  127. Sir, Company had approved basic details and Aadhar card linking, also field officer too approved the same. Still I can’t process Claim and getting error of ‘Please update your FATHER OR HUSBAND NAME in member details through your Employer/Unified portal’ . All KYC also approved by employer. I checked in UAN card and Father’s Name is showing ‘unavailable’ in it. Kindly guide how to solve this issue.

  128. Hi sir,
    There was a mismatch of
    Name DOB & gender .in the uan portal
    correction has approved from employer and epfo field officer but not updated in the uan portal Iam unable to claim my of since one and half year plz suggest me .

  129. Hello Sir,
    I am Aayushi. My Employer filled my wrong details and he is not helping me right now. then i go through all the steps which you mentioned in this blog. but after submission, it asks me courier hardcopy of my documents which I did but still after few days field office keep rejecting my request. kindly suggest any further step.

  130. Sir,
    My previous Employer didnt update my father name, and Aadhaar, also update wrong DOB. i am from Kolkata and my PF office is in Maharashtra(MALAD Kandiwali). When i tried to update Aadhaar it show that my DOB is wrong (obviously) , also not able to claim my amount due to absence of Aadhaar , father name and relation .
    I Applied for correction of father name and Date of Birth through inoperative Help desk, but they dont even reply. also my previous employer not taking any responsibility to correct and update the details ( as i left organization ).
    Can you suggest any possible way to correct all details and claim …… as i am from Kolkata it is very difficult for me to go Maharashtra for official work . Please suggest.

  131. Sir I am biswajit from Jalpaiguri. Sir I already resigned from the job on last month . Then how can I solved my problem.

  132. Sir, I am biswajit from Jalpaiguri. I have face some difficult problems. In uan portal my date of birth, father name, and gender is wrong inputs by my employer. That’s why I can’t link my addhar with my uan. I try to get correct in modify basic details options. But three times it’s rejected from Delhi north field office. Plz you guide me, how will I change my uan details. I hope you will help me.

  133. I tried the above procedure but they haven’t corrected my name based on aadhar card. They have closed my grievance as well.

  134. Hi sir I want to change my name in uan member portal as per aadhar and need to link aadhar in pan card and aadhar my name is change I need to apply for pf so can I link aadhar and do name changes in uan portal will it work plz suggest me thanks

  135. Hello Sir,

    I do not have an Aadhaar and don’t plan on getting one, is there any way my details (name & father’s name are incorrect) on the UAN website can be corrected ?

  136. Dear Sir,

    I have requested in online for Modify Basic Drtails [ CORRECTION ] in my profile NAME and GENDER.
    My employer accepted on same day. My Name Ramanagouda Polisa Patil is in UAN But Correct Name Ramanagouda Police Patil it is approved by employer.

    i got information it will change in 72 hours BUT 15 days over still —–>>>>Pending at GURGAON field office…….????

  137. I my father surname is not mention in uan but i already did kyc aadhar n pan card both r verified but still my father sur name is missing what do plz suggest there is no option to edit my father name anyone suggest me

  138. Sir
    My name on uan portal is not correct and date of birth is not correct and my uan is not active cause of date of birth is not match so how I do it

  139. Hello!

    I have updated my new name in aadhar card, voters ID and PAN card. Do I need to change it in my educational documents as well? Also, I have don’t have affidavit or gazette name change. Please help me know how it works.

    Kind regards,
    Crystal Konyak

        1. Also, I’m a private company employee. They are not asking for affidavit and gazette name change but online I read everywhere about gazette name change. I have already changed my name on Aadhar, PAN and Voters ID.

  140. URN Error Please update your FATHER OR HUSBAND NAME in member details through your Employer/Unified portal

  141. I have applied for the date of birth change.but it said,
    ” The variation between the date of birth in your Aadhaar and EPF database is more than one year. Hence, please submit an attested copy of any of the following documents by post/hand”.
    1. Education certificate
    2. Certificate issued by Registrar (Birth)
    3. Passport
    But, I don’t have any of the above documents but have aadhar card, pan card, voter id card.
    so can I submit any of these documents?

  142. I want correct my dob and gender for pf withdrawal but my hr is not responding always says digital signature problem I m trying from 4 month after resign what I can do

  143. I have applied for the date of birth change.but it said,
    ” The variation between the date of birth in your Aadhaar and EPF database is more than one year. Hence, please submit an attested copy of any of the following documents by post/hand”.
    1. Education certificate
    2. Certificate issued by Registrar (Birth)
    3. Passport
    But, I don’t have any of the above documents but have aadhar card, pan card, voter id card.
    so can I submit any of these documents?

  144. Hello Sir,
    It has been 2 months and still pending at field office.
    Do I need to wait as it is or I have to visit the epfo office ?

    Many thanks

  145. I am not able to update my pan number it is showing detail not matched with income tax department kindly suggest what to do?

  146. My former employer had approved my digital KYC like PAN and Bank Account details however it doesn’t show online in my profile for some reason I don’t know. I raised a grievance on this, the PF dept suggested me to add the KYC again, the moment I did, it is now showing under my new employer pending approval list so the former employer cant do anything now. So, if my new employer approves this, will these be updated automatically or I need to raise the grievance again? Also, what is the transfer process? Is it get transferred automatically or I need to submit an application? My new employer is yet to deposit the PF money, so the former passbook is fine but the new one shows blank still.

    1. Hi My previuos employer updated my gender wrong in UAN portal. I want to change it. Also I have to change my name and marital status. I submitted the online request for gender change but EPFO office rejected it saying need to submit document.

      When, Where and How do I submit my documents for above process

  147. Hi Sir,

    I was updated my adhar number before 20 days it was approved by employer but it was pending at Kandivali field office from last 17 days ,How many day will take to approve it,we live in Hyderabad we cant go to Kandivali,help me in this,

  148. Hello sir,

    My D.O.B is not correct in my pf account but my DOB is properly mentioned in AADHAR card, now I tried to change my date of birth in portal as per Aadhar but it’s not considering, error showing like Aadhar date of birth mismatched against UAN and one another issue is that how can i approve my KYC Because my previous organisation is not existing now and in current organisation pf is not deducted.

  149. Hello sir .
    There is correction in my date of birth I have applied online for correction and got approval from employer. I want to know that how I can contact my concerned pf office and get approval by concerned pf office?
    And after getting approval from concerned pf office how much days its take to be correct?

  150. My PAN no and Bank Account are not linked to UAN but Aadhar is linked. Can I go for manual withdrawal process? How much time does it take in the withdrawal of the money?

  151. Dear sir I have another question for you.
    How much days its take to get offilne FNF after 45 days (I was applied on 16feb) because I was applied offline by my company for FNF it’s more then 45 days now and i never got any pf amount yet I was calleded my company and they ware saying you will get your pf amount around first week of June. I mean really it’s takes that kind of time

  152. Hi,

    My Father’s name and gender details are reflecting incorrectly in EPFO site. I ave submitted Joint Declaration form twice and still details are wrong. Also, Aadhar card has been already verified and am not able to modify the same in online. Please advise wat can be done next? Will it create a problem when I do PF transfer as I joined new Employer

  153. I don’t have a reply but got a question.

    My previous employer has misspelled my father’s last name. Now, I can not get it corrected by last employer since I m not working with them anymore.

    Please let me know my options to correct my father name on of account.
    Please email me the steps.


  154. My basic modification details approved by Employer but rejected by PF field office and told to provide Birth Certificate.

    where I have to provide or upload this birth certificate directly.

  155. Hello Sir!
    Initially through my employer my middle name got modified as per pan card in my EPFo aacount just through mail.Later I noticed that they had also changed my father’s name to mine.So,another mail request sent to employer for modification but this time they asked me to fill a declaration form.I don’t understand why. Can’t it be done through mail request with scanned Documents for reference?

  156. I have updated My UAN Name according to Aadhar which is Ru*** G****** K***** , When i am trying to update/Link PAN it says name not matching, in my PAN my Name is Like G******* K***** Ru****** In My IT returns website it is same as PAN like G******* K***** Ru******.

    What i need to do to link the PAN to UAN?
    Do i need to update Name On Aadhar and then Update Again Name on UAN ?
    After that Link to PAN or do I Need to Update Name On PAN card?

  157. Hi,I just updated my correction in details.it has been approved from employer side but it is showing pending from field office

  158. My name is updated as Kiran Kumar CN in UAN portal and in aadhaar it is written as Kiran Kumar C N (there is space between C and N)

    Due this I was not able to update my Aadhaar in UAN eKYC
    Was getting error ” Dear mamber YOur Aadhaar Details (NAme) XXXXXXXX against UAN XXXXXXXX has not marched Kindly update your detsils.

    Does “Modify Basic Details” will fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  159. Hello,

    I have tried to change the my basic details in epf website and it is showing as pending at employer ..how long it will take to update the details and how I can contact the person who can do it fast.
    My name in adhaar and pan card is different , it this a problem to withdraw my pf amount.

    Please reply.

  160. Sir, My aadhar card is linked with UAN Account but father name and gender not available. So Transfer claim not procced due to this. How can I add my father name and gender in UAN account? I tried to online by unified portal but failed.
    Please guide me?


  162. Hi,
    I have two UAN numbers as in my previous PF account number DOB is wrong.
    I understand by your blogs that 1st i need to correct DOB and then need to request for transferring the previous account.
    I requested for DOB change thru online on 15th Mar 2018 and the employer approved immediately, since the DOB is difference in aadhar is more than one year, I received a notification from EPFO mentioning I need to submit attested documents within 15 days. As per the instruction I sent self attested documents to EPFO, but they have rejected the my request even before documents could reach. I called the concerned officer. She says I need to submit the supporting documents on the same day and these documents should be attested by the previous employer.
    If i need to get documents attested from previous employer to change DOB thru process offline, then why cant I simply fill joint declaration form and send to previous employer with self attested documents to process offline.
    Please suggest me which process is simpler.
    Also let me know about attesting documents for both online and offline process.


  163. MY Name and my father name details is incorrect in my pf account.how can i change it through online……

  164. I was working in some company after that i moved to other.The same UAN i shared in my other company detail .They gave me Account number .so i have 2 account Number with same UAN.But in EPFO Portal my Previous account is showing ,current account is not showing.My DOB is also wrong in previous account.ADHAAR is also not linking to my account because of wrong DOB.what to do?

      1. how could i update my ADHAAR online because it reject,as my DOB is not correct.I Applied for change through online but it is rejected by Field office with comment- Please Fill JOINT DECLARATION form.How i change it online.

          1. IS i am able to link ADHAAR offline with my wrong DOB?or i should first do correction in my DOB then able to link ADHAAR ?

  165. Hi,

    It’s a complicated issue but please bare with me.

    The main issue is I want the name in my UAN to be changed to just the first name. I cant do it online as my KYC is already verified. But after the KYC verification process i have changed my name recently in my Aadhar card From Kashish Lubana to just Kashish as all my certificates including my Pan Card have just the first name. So What is the process to change the name in the UAN portal to just Kashish instead of kashish lubana.

  166. I have a UAN number but it was not activated because of date of birth doesn’t match with UAN.
    So can you help regarding this.

  167. My date of birth is 01/04/1962 but in system02/09/1967, I had requested to barrack pore PF office 4 moth Back but They did not corrected so far.

  168. Hi
    my name is Deepak pant. Regarding basic details (D.O.B/NAME) Correction:-
    I submitted request in two times
    1st -15-JAN-2018-Rejected by SURAT field office
    Remark – supporting document required for dob correction ( I am agreed I did not submit supporting documents)

    2nd-13-DEC-2017-Rejected by SURAT field office
    but 2nd time I went to epfo surat office. i submitted all required document regarding remark (6-jan-2018)

    now problem is today is 20 march 2018.they did not correct my details,
    I call to epfo but they give me feedback and feedback is file is pending in commissioners desk.
    my question is that how much time will take ?
    I am under trouble how many times I will go epfo office.it is 2 years almost but my epf account is not ok regarding wrong dob and name,
    if I submitted my all documents why they are delaying .

    Please let me know what is our system?

    Why they are lazy

    1. Sir already change dob document sumbit but no any soultion for your side proof already pic capture

  169. Yes, I checked, it’s under digitally approved KYC; however, when I opt for online transfer it says please update your bank account details :), don’t know why though! Raised this issue with EPFO twice, they couldn’t figure it how its happening. I think I have to go for manual claim submission.

  170. My UAN is linked to Aadhar, it shows KYC is done. However, PAN no and Bank Account is yet to be linked. Though my employer has approved PAN and Bank Account digitally. Then, why it shows that KYC is done? Can I go for manual claim submission process of withdrawal since PAN and Bank Account is not linked?

    1. SANDEEP:- Check your KYC page in UAN account. PAN and Bank account details should fall under Approved KYC. If it is approved you can avail online services. If it is not approved you can not avail online services. Manual claim submission can not be done if you are currently employed.

  171. Hello can we changed our date of birth as per adhar card
    As in pf it’s already wrong update
    If possible then what is the process

  172. I have a slightly unique issue. Could you help with on what I need to do to get this sorted?

    I am a female.

    My PAN card, which I had applied for before my wedding, states my father’s name.

    My Aadhar card, which I got after marriage mentions my husband’s name.

    My Aadhar card has been digitally verified on UIDAI portal, it states so on the UAN. No issues with that.

    1. Under the Member details page of the Unified Member portal, point (4) Father’s/ Husband’s name, it mentions my husband’s name but in the very next column, it states the Relation as ‘Father’.
    Since Adhaar has been verified, the portal is not allowing me to make any changes in personal details.

    2. I am not able to verify my PAN Card digitally on the UAN portal. It constantly throws an error without providing any details!
    I am guessing the issue is because there is a mismatch in my ‘Father’s name’ between the UAN & PAN.

    This is getting highly frustrating and I think I am going in circles here.

    Please let me know how I can solve these?


    1. For PAN & Aadhaar verification UAN portal only checks your name and there is nothing to do with Father/Husband’s name.

      Check your PAN card name and UAN portal name if it is matched then portal should allow you to update. To check your name in PAN card; Check the same on Income tax website because the name registered in their database can be different then what is printed on PAN card.

      1. Thanks Pavan and Basavaraj-
        I checked my name on the PAN Card from the IT website. It matches exactly with the UAN.

        One additional question:- Can I simply approach the IT office in person and submit the new ‘Form 19_Composite claim form’? I have been unemployed for over 2 years now.

          1. My UNA Number is 100766228336.Not update DOB,Gender, Aadhaar card,Pan card,& father name .I sent all documents at 4/01/2018 it shows to pending of filed office upto today.what I will do please suggest.

  173. I have updated my aadhar card. It’s verified by the employer and field office. But now when I am trying to submit my claim for withdrawal it’s asking me to update father’s name. Since Aadhar is already approved, I am unable to modify those. Could you please suggest a way!

    1. Swapnil:- Father’s name can be updated by employer. Get in touch with your employer he will help you get it updated!

  174. My name was in initials in office record as well as in epf. But in aadhar and pan the initials were not accepted and written in full form. Now my epf details are not getting updated on online due to mismatch. Please guide me

    1. Update the name on UAN portal by referring above post. To get the services of UAN, Your Aadhaar and PAN card needs to be digitally verified, Offline verification won’t help in availing Online services.

  175. Hi

    I have my gender wrong in the UAN portal. I have already linked Aadhar to the UAN. I tried correcting it. But there was error saying “Aadhaar is already verified. Your details aren’t editable”. Then with my previous employer I have submitted a joint declaration for changing basic details. Now I can edit my details in ” Manage>Modify Basic Details “. But when I say update Still I am still getting an error saying “AADHAAR is already verified in unified portal. Your details is not editable”
    What can I do now ?

      1. My PF account number is something like below —


        Can you help me getting Region Code, Office Code,Establishment code,Extension and Account Number ?

        1. Sreevalsa:- PF account is in Bangalore in Karnataka (KN stands for the Region and BN sub region office of the EPFO ). Your establishment code is 32222 and your account number is 512

  176. Hi Sir, I am facing error while linking UAN with PAN CARD.
    The error message is (Error while PAN authentication. Could not send Message). Please give suggestion about this error.

  177. Hi sir, I registered my UAN today but I am not receiving OTP to update Adhar and also my DOB and gender is not right there is no option called manage to update my personal info. Pls help.

  178. “Temporary problem at AADHAR server. Please try after some time.” error is been showing from last 3 days whenever i am trying to change my name in Modify Basic Details at EPF Member Portal. Actually I have correct name on Aadhar Card and thus want to change my name in UAN as its incorrect and my Aadhar number is also updated.
    Please help in this regard.

  179. Hi

    My name is Adithya my concern is in UAN my name is nittal adithya rao and in addhar card it is M V Adithya Rao and
    even my DOB is wrong and it been a year that i tried to change but when i go to my company they told to contact PF office which in thane mumbai and i spoke to PF office thane and told me to do it online and it to do it in epf website it says wrong information I dont know what to do is there way you can help????


  180. Hello dear my name is nitish
    My query is how to transfer employer share amount and interest amount… From my epf
    I have already transferred employee share but did not transferred employer and interest share… Plz help me wit this regard

  181. Hello Sir,

    In my Aadhar card , my name is A. Naveen Amal Dominc.
    But in my UAN account its , Naveen Amal Dominc without A
    My need to link my Aadhar with UAN
    My question is :should i change my UAN name to A.Naveen Amal Dominc bcos i tried to link it online but it says mismatch with aadhar.
    What to do

  182. Hi,
    I have submitted my name correction request for uan as per my aadhar card online and this has been approved by my employer. It is now pending with the field office.

    I know from your posts that there is no time frame provided by epfo but my query is can I visit the epfo office and get it updated??? And do I have to visit the pf office where the account is registered or can I visit the local pf office..

    (pf registered with thane office and I live in pune)

  183. Is provident fund taxable after completion of 5 years of service? I heard 10% TDS is applicable. Is it necessary to show the PF income under ITR?

  184. Hello sir..i want to withdrawn my pf from my earlier employee but it was rejected coz my name was chitra sunil shirke before marriage which was documented by the employer on my pf and now after marriage it is chitra lokesh madhvi..after caling the employee he says he will aprove it online and no other documentation is needed .i hv not kyc link my pf due to ds discrepancy.the employer says to link it after the approval online.plz suggest whether only online documentation will survive or i hv to do it offline too..ty in advance


  186. Hi Sir,

    I have 2 UANs and both are currently active because the PF transfer from first UAN to 2nd is not done yet. I am facing issue to transfer the PF balance from 1st UAN due to mismatch in NAME and DOB. Initially I tried to update it online but got the message to send proof for DOB correction. I sent 10th certificate but then again it got rejected saying huge difference in DOB and asked me to submit Joint Declaration form and other supporting documents.

    I contacted my previous employer and they agreed to help in this regard. But after submitting all documents, the previous employer is saying they are not able to update it because I had already left the job and UAN is deactivated and asking me to get it done from present employer. They are also saying that PF department has stopped accepting the hard copies. In that case I don’t understand why they asked me to submit joint declaration form and other documents in hard copy?.

    I have checked and found that UAN is still active. Now I am not sure whether the present employer will be able to help to update the details in previous UAN because the UAN currently associated with present employer is different. Could you please guide how to get this resolved.

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        But as I have mentioned in my query, there is some correction needed for the details related to old UAN which was created by former employer. Is it possible to get those corrections done from Present employer?


          1. Thanks for your kind reply but your Employee means I didn’t get you… Will you plz elaborate…

    1. Girish:- Once you have marked as Ex employee, Employer can’t edit your details. Since both UAN are different current employer can not help you in this regards. Raise EPFO Grievance online stating your concern and upload all related documents. You can try your luck this way!

  187. Hello Sir,

    My UAN and Adhaar has the name Chai Nallur but in the Pan card its reversed, it shows as Nallur Chai but in my pan card display name is chai N. I am not able to verify pan card in EPFO. Please suggest

    1. To avail Online services of UAN, Your PAN and Aadhaar needs to be digitally verified. Taking it offline won’t help in getting Online services of UAN.

  188. My dob in uan or adhar diffrnt i have applied two times epfo has been rejected both times and reason was showing plz sub edu. Cert.
    So i want to asking where is the option for sub edu. Certif.

  189. MY PF NO.WBTLO000114600A0000459
    UAN NO>100296062253

    Name -Rajesh Chaturvedi
    Pension Fund of previous company which No.MRMRT/5417/9898 was not transferred, in my account where as I had requeted To PF office Barrackpore, kolkata on 22 september 2015

  190. My Aadhar was already verified in unified portal, what can I do to update my details like DOB, because my Aadhar is recently updated as per my educational certificates… Please help me what should I do now.


  191. Dear Basu Sir,
    I requested online changes for my DOB. It was approved by employer. As per web instruction, I send arrested copies of 10th marksheet and Passport to support my application. It was reached also in Haldwani EPFO office within 15 days.

    But today I got message via SMS, EMAIL and also in EPFO portal status as follow :

    Your request to change Name/DOB/Gender in unified portal is rejected by EPFO field office
    Reason : k.

    Sir I would like to know what is the mean of REASON : K

    However, many praiseworthy improvements are done in EPFO departmentdue to being its online but wherever physical staff involvement are, they always disappoint us because they does get benifit in this mode

    Thank you

  192. Hi Sir,

    Recently joined new company and has provided my UAN & PF account details of old company.

    Now new company PF team is saying they are unable to link new PF account number due to your Father’s name is not updated in the RPFC.

    They advised to create new UAN number and transfer the PF balance from previous employer with the new UAN under new company. Is that Possible?

  193. Hi sir ,
    Myself KIRAN H T , my DOB is updated as 1-08-1983 in UAN, but my real DOB is 4-10-1994 which is properly mentioned in AADHAR card, now I tried to change my date of birth in portal as per Aadhar but it’s not considering, error showing like Aadhar date of birth mismatched against UAN, now how do I make it correct, please help me out of this,

  194. Hi,

    All my details are correct and Aadhar also has been verified. However, the ‘Relation’ field in Member details has ‘Father’ instead of ‘Husband.
    How can this be corrected?.Aadhar has my husband’s name correctly entered. EPF website has the wrong relation data.

      1. Thank you for responding. I want to withdraw my PF amount. Do I have to wait till this is corrected if I submit claim online?. Like I mentioned, Aadhar has been linked and has the correct details.

  195. Hi Team,
    I have requested to change my DOB as per AADHAR. It is accepted by employer and pending at DELHI (South) field office since last 7 days.

    Please make me confirm how many days will take to update this information.

    Best Regards
    Rubal Sarkar

  196. Hi Sir,

    My name is Vinodh kannan G

    My PF & AADHAR got verified successfully and now i need to update PAN.
    While updating only i found my name on IT shows “GOBI VINODHKANNAN”.
    (I came to know now only that we can’t use “Initial/single letter” on Front/Back of our name on IT/PAN).

    So, Pls help me to proceed further.

    Is any possibility of changing name online on PF after changing my AADHAR again???

    Pls advise.

      1. Thanks for your response.
        Actual error is in PAN.
        Bcoz they created my PAN as “gobi vinodhkannan” here gobi is my father’s name.

        Now PAN dept says you cant use Only 1 letter on front or back of my name.

        So, if this is the case now i need to change both my PF & AADHAR.

        I need to know is there any possibility of changing name after aadhar linked on PF.

          1. For that how can i do it online? Bcoz already my PF is aadhar verified!?

            Now do i need to req. For name change manually??? Or can i apply for name change online.

            If yes, pls explain the procedure.


            1. Vinodh : If your Aadhar name and UAN name is not matched also Modify Basic details page says that details aren’t editable then wait for the portal update. Your details will be updated automatically.

  197. Hello,

    Need assistance ..
    PF account is linked to Aadhar card, but there is change in the name that needs to be done but system does not allow me to do so as it liked. Failing to understand that my name on Aadhar shows as Anitha Rakesh Nath which is the correct name but PF account shows name as Anitha Pillai which was before marriage.

    Please advice if there is a option of changing the name as per Aadhar online.


        1. Current employer can help you on these. While modifying details online it gives option of Select employer on “MODIFY BASIC DETAILS” under Manage Tab, choose there and intimate your current employer regarding this. They will approve the status from their end.

  198. Dear Sir,
    For changing my date of birth . My employer approved the request. Last one month it’s pending with field office. Today morning I checked the status in MODIFY BASIC DETAILS. The pending request showing zero.
    I am not sure that the requested is rejected or accepted. So, I need your valuable suggestions for further proceeding.

  199. I have applied name change request in EPFO account to link Aadhaar number.

    It is approved by the employer and it is now pending approval from “Kolkatta field office”. It is pending more than 10 days.

    How many days it will takefor approval?

    Or whom we should contact any email id is there?

    Could you lplease help. As i need to claim my PF amount for the same.

  200. i modify my basic details that confirm from employer but its long pending from filed officer what can i do kindly suggest me.

  201. Hello Sir,
    I have recieved an sms from epfo stating that adhaar modification and change request approved from employer side and pending at field office… on 14 Feb 2018 it’s been almost 21 days and still it’s pending at field office could you please help me know generally how many day it takes to get approved.. any rough idea.

    1. File an RTI. Your task will usually get done before you receive your RTI reply, which is a maximum of 30 days. If you file it today, then the effective maximum will become 30 days.

  202. Hi sir
    In UAN portal my Name shows as Rahul Bedse but on Aadhar As Rahul Shankar Bedse
    Also in UAN My Aadhar no. Is wrong it shows my UAN no as Aadhar no.
    When I am trying to link my Aadhar with EPF and Through Umang or EPF website it shows error as Aadhar cannot be seeded due mismatch name.
    I tried through UAN modify basic details but my Aadhar no is not editable and while changing name details it shows details entered should as per Aadhar.
    I tried with epfo office they says it’s not possible change Aadhar no. Now.
    I contacted to UAN helpdesk says send joint declaration to EPFO Office and try.
    Sir how to solve this problem?

  203. When I am trying to activate my UAN .It is showing my date of birth is not matching. please help to update my date of birth..

  204. Hi, thanks for publishing this very comprehensive article. I have a couple of questions that I should be grateful if you can answer. I had signed up for a PF account with my previous organisation and set up my profile on the EPFO website, etc and also withdrawn the amount last year. It has been two years since I left the organisation and moved to another so in an attempt to see how much balance I have in my PF account with the current employer I sent an SMS to the EPFO number for checking PF balance and realised I have some amount left from the previous organisation’s PF account. It shows no amount from the deposits made at the current employer. Does that mean I have a different UAN number for the current employer? How can I take the little money I have left in my old PF account? Also, I tried to update the KYC details but it says they are awaiting approval from the old employer. How do I change the employer?

  205. Hi, I have requested to change my name as per Aadhar. It is approved by my Employer and pending at PUNE field office since last 3 days.

    Could you please tell how many days it generally takes at field office?

    1. In a reply to an RTI I filed, I asked for the deadline. They said that there is no such deadline, though they said they “try” to do it in 10 days. I’d suggest that you file an RTI with the concerned office, asking for the status. It is very likely that your work will be done before you get your reply.

  206. i raised request to change my date of birth, its showing as pending with employer. let me know who is approved for the changes ??

  207. Hi sir,one myname ,gender,dob,are same in aadhar,in pan,and in uan,aadhar is verified, as well as name changed in uan.but the pan is not approved,saying mismatch against the uan details,in deep her father name is krishna kuruva in pan,krishna k in uan and kuruva krishna in aadhar,suggest which document to be modified,

  208. Updated Gender details and full name, and aadhar details >> approved by office and field officer.

    But now again can’t withdraw stating father details missing 🙁
    Government is trying hard to stop PF withdrawal…

  209. hello sir the details change request has not been shown in unifiedportal for the correction of Name, DOB & Gender. What is the procedure to change it

    1. Hi ,

      I am trying to transfer my PF amount from old PF No to new PF no through UAN Portal. bank, Aadhar & PAN already verified on portal.

      Step1 says to option for Present & Past employer.

      Note : Member has the option to choose claim form attestation by present or previous employer, based on availability of DSC authorized signatory.
      Attestation through : *
      Previous Employer Present Employer
      To generate Member ID in required format, click
      Member ID / UAN : *

      When ever I am entering my UAN no on last field and click on Get details…..popup is opening with remarks as “No previous employment details found against this UAN.”

      Please suggests for its reason and confirm how i can transfer PF online.

      1. Check your service history part on UAN portal. The Date of Leaving must be not available in last employment. Connect your previous employer to update the DOL. Once it is updated you will be able to raise the claim.

  210. MY UAN is activated and linked with Aadhaar. My bank account and PAN is not yet added though I have requested already. Can I go for offline withdraw process?

  211. Hi sir,
    My surname was incorrect in Aadhar and the UAN is already linked with it, now when I corrected the name in Aadhar ,I’m unable to change it in UAN details.
    The portal gives the option to change but when I enter the details and click on update option,
    It says that Aadhar is already verified and the details are not editable.
    Plz help me in changing my UAN details

  212. Hi sir..
    My UAN name and Aadhaar name are different.
    Like, in UAN surname in shortcut,
    in Aadhaar card Full surname is their..
    I have to change like Aadhaar card or not ??
    How to change name like in Aadhaar card for UAN online ??
    Is their mandatory for name should match like In Aadhaar card or not for UAN???
    Help me in this….

  213. Hi Basavaraj,

    My Online EPF claim was rejected due to

    Could you please let me know what needs to be done?

  214. I have a joined a new company after changing my last job where I worked for 6 years 9 months. The PF money is yet to be transferred, though all details are updated online. How much money I can withdraw and do I need to wait till the money is transferred?

    1. So if I want to withdraw what should I do now? Can’t I withdraw even after 5-6 months working here? In the last organization, I worked for 6.9 years

  215. Hello sir,

    My aadhar is linked with umang. But surprisingly when I get OTP on my mobile number and entering the OTP on UMANG is sayig ” You have entered incorrect 6 digit pin. Please enter correct 6 digit pin”. I want to raise claim. Please help me in aadhar seeding as I want to raise claim.


  216. Hello sir , My UAN is aadhar verified but My father name is missing (left blank) in the UAN Portal and i requested my ex-employer to update but they are not properly response and not taking any necessary action for this . so, i not able claim my pf through online. Now my question is ,
    1.) Can i claim my pf money without father name through offline without employer help
    2.) Is there any other way to update my father name in UAN portal

      1. My father’s name is wrong in UAN profile as well as in UAN Card. But my aadhar is already linked. Will there be any issue while applying for online withdrawl?

  217. I have one bank account approved in the UAN portal, is it mandatory to use this bank account only in future during withdrawal or I can submit fresh bank account details. Can I submit offline request with another bank account even if my KYC is done online.

      1. I have one bank account approved by my previous employer, it is showing under digitally approved KYC, but if I try to submit online claim it says please update your latest bank account details. KYC is done as Aadhaaar is updated. I recently joined another company. Can I add a new bank account online in my UAN and ask my new employer to approve the new bank account as the old bank account was a salary account of my last employer? Is it possible to have two different bank accounts in the UAN portal?

  218. I have given request for updation of my DOB and I got SMS “EPFO SMS Service.
    Your request to change name/dob/gender in unified portal is approved by Employer and pending at field office.
    How much time it will take to update.

  219. Hi Sir

    I have requested for changes in name and my employer already approved my request and it’s pending in concern EPFO field officer
    How to check when it’s will cleared for update the PAN and Aadhar link for UAN

      1. We got SMS from EPFO SMS Service.
        Your request to change name/dob/gender in unified portal is approved by Employer and pending at field office.

  220. I have my previous employment UAN which I have activated 2years back. But unfortunately I forgot password and the number which I have registered on that UAN number, that mobile number occupied by someone due to lack of use in my side, once I have click forgot password it sending the OTP to my registered mobile number which I do not have now. that one occupied by some one . 2nd option is once click NO to send otp to mobile number .it show another 4 option like…. Name,DOB and gender.

    But it’s saying one error like : Gender information is not available in the system.”…

    please help me how to login UAN ……

    If possible please write to my email….thanks

  221. My name and DOB is incorrect in my previous Comapany UAN. So raised a request to update the details, now request is pending with Employer from long time.

    Now I came to know the sad news that the company has been closed. There is no more contact person from company side.

    Please let me know how can I proceed with this case.

  222. My UAN name and Adhaar name are different ( Kumar and Kr.).Adhaar already linked with my UAN but not verified. Already applied for the correction through portal and its now pending with fiend officer at Pune. My question is can my new employer submit PF transfer request or PF transfer not possible until my mane become same and Adhaar verified done.

      1. Just an update to all . Mine whole process completed with in 10 days.Can see my UAN with correct name and KYC also approved. 🙂

        Thanks Basavaraj .. your blog help me a lots..

  223. Hi

    I have withdrawn my pf money fully 3 months back and now I got a offer to join a new company..Shall i provide my previous uan number to present employer or I need to close the previous uan and need to create a new one?

    Can you please suggest me.

  224. Hi,

    My aadhar linked with uan and got verified also. But my PAN is not getting verified because it has full name. What should i do to link pan with UAN. Are PAN details manadatory to link ????

  225. Dear Sir,

    I have requested for change of birth of year in my profile thrice .My employer did the same for me. My YOB is specified as 1978 actual it is 1988. It is approved by employer.
    I have provided my Adhar card, PAN card and 10th mark sheet as a proof of date of birth .but they are rejecting it every time saying this always Reason : REQUIRED DATE OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    All above proof has DOB clearly written.
    What should I do ?

  226. I have verified aadhar already and modified basic details. Now there is a change in name in Aaadhar. What happens once the name changes in aadhar? Can I do the ‘Modify Basic Detail’s thing once again?

  227. My employer has approved my Bank details like Account number and IFSC and PAN which are showing under digitally approved KYC however whenever I try to claim online it says please update your bank records through unified portal/ Employer. I checked with my employer they say they already did this. I raised online grievance also but no help. Please suggest! Aadhar has been linked already.

  228. ?

    I claimed my pf online but due to spelling mistake in my surname the aaddhar is not getting linked their for I modified the aaddhar its approved by employer But it’s shows pending from Kolkata field.

    I’m having financial issues please help me to get my pf

  229. My Uan no XXXXXXXXXX sir aadhaar card not update . My dob 1993 but epfo office my dob 1991 . Aadhaar card 1993 use my dob change epfo by dob but issue rejected by joint this message pls help me my contact no 8053947980
    [email protected]

  230. Hi , my dob in my epf records was not as per my credentials so i went for the online correction , 1 month back my employer accepted but now the approval is pending at malad office . Can u plz guide how much more time will it take for the correction?

  231. Hi,
    I have submitted online name change request thru employer. My ekyc is also pending and my company is going to file insolvency company can close anytime. Is manual KYC is possible in this case.
    I am very tense. Your guidance will help in releasing the pressure.

      1. Now request for name correction is pending with field officer. Should I visit the PF office in this case.
        Please suggest.

  232. Hello sir
    My dob in epfo is wrong and right dob has been issued by employer but it is still pending at field office what should be done

  233. Hi,

    Tried to reset my password where i followed these below steps.

    1.Entered my UAN and selected ‘forgot password’
    2.Its was asking me whether to send OTP to my mobile # which i am not using now. so i selected ‘NO’.
    3. After that I entered my UAN name ‘YUVARAJ L’, DOB and GENDER.
    4. Then I gave my PAN# and i was getting MISMATCH error since my name in PAN is ‘YUVARAJ’ (No initial).
    name in my AADHAR is ‘Yuvaraj Loganathan’

    Can you please advise me is there is any way that i could login to my UAN.

  234. My UAN is already Aadhaar verified. . . .

    I have problem mismatch in name in PAN and ITD , so I have applied for name correction in PAN.

    i want to update the same in UAN portal since my aadhar is already verified i am not able to edit feild, so what is the procedure for correcting my name in EPFO ?

    I have expanded my name in aadhar will that be reflected automatically in EPFO portal?

      1. Thanks for replying Basavaraj,

        since my PAN had expanded version (VENKATESH GURRAM MUNIRATHNAM) of my name so i hd problem in linking with ITD so i expanded my name in Aadhar and did correction in PAN Details. now my AAdhar is already linked in UAN portal with my short version of my name (VENKATESH G M). i want to update the name as per aadhar now.

        is that any change or update in UIDAI portal will automatically reflected in EPFO ?
        and do i need employer approval later ?

        Thank you,

  235. sir have given the request to change my name the request is in pending status so how long will it take to change the name
    plz reply

  236. Hi My name is Pandiarajan. My name was wrongly entered in EPFO. it shows A. PONDIYARAJAN\. Now, i have resigned the job and joined HCL. The HCL employer created new UAN no(may be the name is spell error so they created new UAN without my knowledge). i am unable to change my name in EPFO itself in old UAN. The error shows “AADHAAR is already verified in unified portal. Your details is not editable.” what are steps to change the name and transfer the amount to new UAN no. kindly guide me. please send detailed mail to my id [email protected]. Now i have two UAN no. thanks is advance.

    1. Pandirajan-You have to request EPFO through your current employer for the merger of both UAN. Once it is done then you can transfer it. In the meantime, I suggest you to raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  237. Dear Sir,
    On Aadhaar and PAN card my name is SURESH MUTHIAH.In UAN portal my name is SURESH M. Eventhough my UAN card is verified with Aadhaar but failed on PAN verification.When i tried to change the name it is showing Details are not editable as UAN is already verified with Aadhaar. Please provide the forward path

  238. hy i m diksha my adhar no is verified nd my gender was wrong(male). how to correct my gender. Please tell me asap its urgent

  239. i have requested date of birth change through EPF online portal, Field office rejected my request reason for proof. how to can submit the proof through online..

  240. Dear sir
    My name is not correct in uan account. So my PAN details not verified in uan account. My Aadhaar details is verified. So please suggest what the next process to correct the name in uan account..

  241. Sir,
    My gender was wrongly mentioned. Though My Gender is now Correctly updated as Female, Still my name is showing as Mr AAKANKSHA, and aadhar is verified and further modification is not possible.
    Please let me know is this going to create a trouble ? Or let me know what to do next.


  242. I am facing mismatch issue while trying to update PAN in UAN portal. My name is printed with initials on PAN card but the IT department has captured the expansion of these initials in their records. My Aadhar and all other documents except passport has my name with initials. I was able to link PAN with Aadhar as well. I prefer not to change my name in the Aadhar and UAN. Is there a solution for this?

  243. Dear sh
    Today after 78 days my uan portal update my name on uan update correct name my addhar is already veryfied my pf name correction take 56 days thanks for your suggestions regards HARISH

  244. My name is Mridul Ranjan, which is correct in my PAN Card & Adhaar Card. But my UAN profile had the name in reverse (Ranjan Mridul).

    I requested my employer to fix it, they approved it. Then the EPFO Office also approved it. So when I click on the Modify Basic Details option, it shows at the bottom “Approved by employer, EPFO Office – approved OK”

    BUT, the changes are actually not done! My UAN Profile still shows the wrong name everywhere on every page. Due to the name mismatch, my PAN Card verification is failing. And further due to this one single issue, I can’t submit my PF Claim or even verify my Bank

    I tried all options, registered grievance online, emailed top executives for EPFO, BUT NO LUCK!

    What is my next option?

    1. Hi,

      Is your Aadhaar approved as KYC? I had similar issue and name is yet not corrected on my UAN login. I had raised issue several times with PF office and also with UAN officials but they give standard response that wait for portal to update. While some of my colleagues in office got their name updated even their request was approved after my request

      I connected PF office through grievience cell but that didn’t help.

      Check your passbook after few days, The name will be updated in passbook. However UAN portal is having same old name.

      I got a call from UAN team, they have asked me to drop the mail @ [email protected] I have explained them the issue in mail tow days back. Still Didn’t got any response. May be you can also try sending the mail. Number of mails can wake them up and they might resolve the bug.

  245. My company has approved my bank account and IFSC code online and it shows as digitally approved KYC along with PAN and Aadhaar in my UAN Portal. However, whenever I try to do online withdrawal it says Bank account and IFSC details are missing. I checked with my employer, they say we already approved these. Kindly suggest.

  246. I have to UAN account one is my previous company and another is with my current company.

    i want to update aadhar and PAN number but its give me an error . about gender,full name ( gender is empty showing and full name is not mention in account )
    in both UAN number if i update my AAdhar and PAN then is there any issue is going to happen .

  247. I have corrected my basic details through unified portal .. from my company McDonald’s the request is approved. I have sent require DoB document (Passport) to filed officer.

    But finally i got a message … Rejected by field officer reason call for DOB… I didn’t understand after sending my passport copy attested by gezited officer as birth proof why it is rejected …. Now for call for DOB reason what I have to do?

    Please help on this

    Praveen Kumar
    Cell no 8919999681.

  248. My old uan got linked with new one but i want to withdraw my pf from old account online. Please assist me about the procedure to do that.

  249. Dear sh I have requested name correction through modify basic details status is accepted by delhi south my epf account have updated but my uan profile and uan card is not updated my aadhar is already updated on uan what should I do.

  250. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had updated the details through “Modify Basic Details” as my Name correctly.
    it was approved by my employer and Accepted by K R PURAM (WHITEFIELD) field office also. But still my name is not correctly updated in UAN portal.

    Kindly suggest what shall i have to do

    Please help

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        My case is also same as Babuprasad. So, is there any work item pending from my side OR just wait for the portal to reflect.


  251. Hi, I had Claimed the full PF settlement but it has been rejected with the below comments:
    Could you please explain what does this mean? For information, I had left my job 4 months before, and had updated all the details on the UAN alongwith DOE.


  252. Hi,

    I had updated the details through “Modify Basic Details” however, still Mr is displayed against my name.

    I have correctly updated my gender as Female.

    it is approved by my employer. However the current status is –> Pending at BANDRA(MUMBAI-I) field office
    This has been pending from more than 2 months

    Kindly suggest how to rectify it now.
    Due to this I cannot link my Aadhar card.

    Please help

  253. My company got shutdown three years back and i have no job now .

    In my EPF account my DOB is incorrectly given by my employer and now the employer doesn’t exists anymore .

    What should i do to update my DOB and get my PF amount reimbursed .

    Please help me on this .

  254. hello,

    I am trying to update my name at EPFO portal per aadhar ,same was approved by my previous employer & from field office too,but it was not getting reflected to my EPFO portal due to which I am not able to do online transaction of PF from previous company to current company UAN .

      1. I am trying to update my name at EPFO portal per aadhar ,same was approved by my employer & from field office too, but it was not getting reflectig to my EPFO portal due to which I am not able to Verify my PAN no saying name mismatch. I have also logged call to EPFO Grievance Cell Online their reply is

        The name already corrected as per the request and the correct name reflecting in this office system now. The name in PAN (Income tax database) should exactly match with EPFO data for PAN linking/verify. Further if unable to verify the PAN, please submit physical composite claim along with cancelled cheque leaf, PAN card copy and Form-15G while applying for settlement.

        But still incorrect name appearing on UAN portal and while downloading UAN card…please sugest its already 10 days passed

        1. Hi,

          Is your Aadhaar approved as KYC? I had similar issue and name is yet not corrected on my UAN login. I had raised issue several times with PF office and also with UAN officials but they give standard response that wait for portal to update. While some of my colleagues in office got their name updated even their request was approved after my request

          I connected PF office through grievience cell but that didn’t help.

          Check your passbook after few days, The name will be updated in passbook. However UAN portal is having same old name.

          I got a call from UAN team, they have asked me to drop the mail @ [email protected] I have explained them the issue in mail tow days back. Still Didn’t got any response. May be you can also try sending the mail. Number of mails can wake them up and they might resolve the bug.

  255. Hi,

    I updated my basic details (name and Aadhar) through UAN portal. My employer approved it. Now I received SMS from EPFO that it is rejected by EPFO field office. Reason: Submit MRC. What is MRC?

    1. I updated my basic details (name and Aadhar) through UAN portal. My employer approved it. Now I received SMS from EPFO that it is rejected by EPFO field office. Reason: OK. What is OK?

    2. I think MRC stands for Marriage Registration Certificate. If you have got married and changed your name in Aadhar & then tried to update the same on UAN then some PF offices ask for this certificate. Better to approach your employer and submit joint declaration.

  256. my current office employer has accepted date of birth change request in past week however it still pending at epfo site how much time will it take more.

  257. Hi, I had requested for the correction in DOB as per my Aadhar, the request has been approved by the employer but it stays pending by the EPF Tambaram office for more than 3 weeks. I am trying to contact in the office to rectify my issue, but unable to do so. How shall I proceed so as to get my request processed?


  258. Hi Basav,

    I applied online for partial PF withdrawl on 31st Jan. And from 1st of feb its status is showing Under Process online.However in passbook i can see Para 68j Withdrawl. How many more days it can take for settlement.As my friends got within 5 days the amount in bank.


  259. Hi,

    I had changed my name online from the epfo site. Initially it said “Pending by Employer”. I then got it approved from them. Now it shows “Pending at Chennai Field Office”. I also filed a grievance online but i did not note down my registration number and am unable to know the status.
    What shall i do now, please suggest.

    1. Just wait upto February 10th. I contacted Chennai EPFO office for the same issue. They replied me that they will solve the name, gender and DOB issue by February 10. (only for Chennai EPFO office)

        1. Today I contacted them but they having more updation so you have to wait. And higher authorities reported to field officer to finish it by this month end. They told me to wait for some more days.

            1. This is Chennai enquiry number:
              044 2813 9201
              044 2813 9202
              044 2813 9203
              044 2813 9204
              You can contact all this number for queries.

                    1. How long it wil take if we apply final settlement through online to credit money in our account

            2. Dear Sir, yesterday I got the approval message from EPFO field office side. And it’s effected in my UAN account. Thank you so much Sir for guiding me. And your valuable suggestion helped to solve many queries regarding name change process. Once again thank you sir.

                1. For me it took 98 day’s. By using the MODIFY BASIC DETAILS option. Drop a mail to concern EPFO regarding UAN name change process. You can get the concern EPFO email address in EPFO website itself. You will get a reply from the EPFO for further proceedings.

        1. No Arundathi.. still it’s pending in field office. I raised query through EPFO grievance but no use.. I got the reply “we will update you shortly” but nearly one month over no use..

          1. Yes vimal… same problem for me too… i even tried them… but for my sister its got updated and got money credit also within 4 days…… let us wait and see…

  260. Sir my Aadhar number in UAN details is incorrect as it taken my UAN number as Aadhar number.
    So how i correct it? Through UAN portal in modify details section it is not editable.. please help sir?

      1. Sir
        Please tell me descriptive procedure how to rectify with employer.
        Because i tried with my employer login but not editable.
        Please help.

  261. Dear friends,
    I have two UAN as present and previous company and transferred the amount previous company account to new account but pension amount still in old UAN how can i get the pension or transfer. is any possible?

  262. Sir,

    I have 2 UAN number generated… Through online i applied KYC and it is approved from all the officer for one UAN and same i did for another UAN and its pending with chennai EPF filed office.. i want to know will they approve KYC for this UAN also like aadhar and PAN etc.. or they will reject it.. pls help me

      1. Sir.. But i cant able to transfer the amont to my present UAN also.. it shows this message:

        Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

          1. Sir.. i have resigned from this company… i need to transfer this amount to my present company… but i cant able to transfer online as this message shows as Present employer has not made payment in your PF account… thn how can i transfer this amount to my Current PF online

  263. Sir I applied for my brother name and birth date change but the field officer rejected it. And gave a remarks ‘rejected as per submission’. Sir what to do please tell. The regional office never attend the phone I’m trying for a month now

  264. Hi,
    I placed a name change request for EPF online my employer accepted but field office rejected the request by stating to submit supporting documents, but when I placed a request to change my name online it did not asked for any documents. now where should I upload my supporting documents for updating, could you please suggest.

      1. Yes my employer approved but field office rejected by stating submit supporting documents, now what should I do?
        My PF office is in Malad and I stay in Hyderabad.

          1. hi ,
            this is sathish from chennai,

            i had updated my aadhar number and gender but still it is pending from BANDRA (mumbai) and how much time they will take to approve. so there is any toll free number or email id where should i give a reminder.

  265. Hi, this is Vinod from Mumbai,
    i had updated my name but still it is pending from EPFO so there is any toll free number or email id where should i give a reminder.

  266. Sir, my name is William selvakumar. S. As per all my records. But only in my EPF account it has Williams selvakumar. S. How to change my name online. Wt procedure to follow. Please guide me.

  267. Hi Sir, today I contacted Chennai regional EPFO office through telephonic for pending request in field office query. I got the reply that they having more pending because most of the employee applied for name, gender and dob correction.
    And the officer told me that the will solve all name, gender and dob correction by February 10 2018. For Chennai office. Thank you.