EPF Grievance Cell -Lodge EPF related complaints online

I noticed that employees don’t know where to complain when it is related to resolving their EPF related issues. But luckily EPFO provided online grievance registration platform. You can easily lodge EPF related complaints online and track the same also.

Features of EPF Grievance Management System-Online EPF related complaint registration portal

Features of EPFO Grievance Management System where you can lodge EPF related complaints online are as below.

# Remember that to lodge the complaint you must have your EPF UAN number. Because, effective from 1st January, 2016 EPFO stopped to address complaints where employees not providing UAN numbers.

# You can raise the complaints against your employer (company) or concerned EPFO.

# You can lodge the complaint if you are EPF member means an employee (if you know your EPF number or not), pensioner or employer. Therefore, you may say this as one platform for all.

# You can lodge the complaints related to below said issues.

  • Final Settlement / Withdrawal of PF
  • Transfer of PF accumulations (F-13)
  • Scheme certificate (10C)
  • Settlement of pension (10D)
  • Issue Of PF slip / PF Balance
  • Payment of insurance benefit (5IF). It is related to EDLI benefit.
  • Cheque returned / misplaced
  • Or any other complaints.

# You can view the status of complaints online.

# You can send the reminders related to complaints if they are not resolved with your expected time.

# Timeline to set for resolving such grievance or complaints is 30 days. If you have not received the complaints, then you can raise the issue.

How to lodge EPF related complaints online?

# First visit the EPFO i Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS) portal at EPFiGMS. The screen looks like below.

Lodge EPF related complaints online

# For registering the complaints, you have to click on the link “Register Grievance”. The screen looks like below.

EPF Grievance Registration Form

Remember that the fields marked as “*” are mandatory to fill. If you don’t know your EPF number, then you can select the option as OTHERS.

# Next is to specify the grievance type and explain the same in detail. After filling all data submit the form.

EPF Grievance Registration Form Category

# Once the process is over, then you will get the confirmation information as below.

EPF Grievance Registration Success Form

You notice that the system provides you the Registration number (for your future reference), where the concerned complaint is transferred, Officer’s name, phone number and email id of the office.

These details also will be emailed to your registered email id.

# You can check the status after few days by clicking on View Status tab and providing the Registration number. Same way, you can send the reminders also.

This is the complete process of how to lodge EPF related complaints online, track and send reminders of your issues. I hope this will be helpful to many employees and pensioners.

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  1. Hi ,
    I have a question about my PF passbook. The Pension Balance column amount is not accounted for the total available balance.
    Is this amount stored somewhere else in any other account? How do I claim this amount in future?

    1. Dear Prashanth,
      As it is a pension amount balance, it will not be clubbed with EPF. Regarding how to claim, refer my earlier posts on EPS.

  2. Hi,

    What if the time limit expires to upload supporting document in EPFO greivanve. I could successfully done registration. But couldn’t upload the acknowledgement.

    1. It’s, clearly mention that claim settled but till now it’s not credited to my account.. It was approved in 5 june

  3. My employer is not helping me to resolve the issue related to PF. I can see on internet that people are waiting from past 4 to 4 years for that issue resolution. What should I do as Accenture is not helping me to get this resolved.

  4. My status showing Claim is sattled but money has not credited yet on my account what should I do ..

  5. I have problem in pf claim process.claim already settled ..plz solve mu issue .4 to 5 years has been taken .but my pf has not submitted yet .pls give me reply

  6. Hello Sir,

    I have raised complaints multiple times with grievance cell as well as epf regional office, but still no one is helping resolving the issue. Issues is am registered with eps and pf thinks I should not have been registered with eps but company says I should be registered with eps.
    Let me know what to do even when epfo grievance is not helping

  7. Dear sir,
    My pf claim rejected 6 Times just bcz of wrong date of joining. I go to the consultant of company who is giving services of company… They didn’t giving proper data last 1 year… Now again my foam got rejected…

  8. Hello Sir, I had submitted my joint declaration to my employer and it’s been more than 5 months. The corrections are not yet done

    1. Dear Praveena,
      Check with employer and if you are unable to get the desired answer, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

  9. Hello sir,

    My passbook is not updated with the Transfer In amount initiated and credited to EPFO bandra on 19 July 2021. It been over 6 months now. I have raised multiple grievances and for each i received reply as ”
    Annexure K forwarded to HO for Reconciliation. Members passbook will be credited once reconciliation is complete”
    On an average what is the average time taken for reconciliation to be completed by HO? Is there any other action I can take from my end?
    (UTR Details – NEFT 0811OP1003442041, Dated 19-July-2021)

  10. Dear sir my pf account is dormant now as it is more than 15 yrs old.. I worked with 3 different companies before moving abroad and never withdrew the pf money.. now 2 companies are permanently closed and I have misplaced my pf accounts details.. can you tell me if it possible to pull up the info with PAN Card or Adhar card?? I have raised grievance allready but haven’t got any response yet.. kindly help.. thank you

  11. Hi I have applied to updated my father name, it’s been 5months now, n raised greviance many times, but I always get response stating wait for few more days, it’s been 5months, how many more days will it taken any idea.

  12. s there was service mismatch/service overlap accounted in your PF account number, we are working on the same and the same has to be taken to our IS division for correct service modification, please bear with us ,Once resolved we will get back to you through your mail id :[email protected] or through mobile to your mobile numbers 9920105717 8867629068 this reply I am getting from pf grievance

  13. For death claim (submitted offline in EPFO,Regional Office, Bandra 1) how many days its takes for settlement.?

  14. Hello Sir ,

    My employer had requested the relationship Chage in uan portal. But it’s more than 2 months Epfo has not updated . Under which grievance section can I lodge my complaint. Please help

  15. Hi, Glad to see you replying to everyone. I hope you can help me. I had raised a claim for form 13 transfer from old to new employer which was settled on August 30th.However the amount wasn’t reflecting in my new employers pf account and was deducted from the old account under the same UAN. I filed a Grievance case after waiting for 2weeks when i was told its a technical error and the issue has been forwarded to the technical department and the case was disposed off. How long do you suggest i should wait for this to be solved. Its already been over a week but nothing yet.

  16. Hello Sir,
    I had make the request to transfer the PF amount from UAN 100759341597 to UAN 101633570166 in April month of 2021. and i am getting status (Your Claim [ Claim Id – MRNOI210650059825 ] has been Settled on – 18-JUN-2021. Amount and Service transferred to : DSNHP00232610000011655 ). But till now this is not reflecting in new UAN 101633570166 . So i request to you can you please help me what should i do. Thanks
    Pramod SInha

  17. Dear sir,

    I had applied for a claim which got settled but the account was not credited due to a faulty account number (Missing zero in front of account number). I approached PF office and they gave me a screen shot of the transaction (showed status as reconciliation pending) and a cheque number . But there was no UTR number , they also asked me to check with bank. I approached bank and they said they cant trace as there is no UTR reference number. Now I don’t know where my money is as it has not been reflected back in my EPF account. I have raised a grievance again but again has been asked to check with bank. Can you please advise me what to do in this regard ? How can I make EPF department revert the amount back to my passbook so that I can reinitiate a claim with correct account number ? Please help.

  18. Sir,
    I filed pf advanced under covid19 on epfo portal. It shows settled there. The amount should be transferred directly to your bank account. But the amount didn’t receive in my bank account. My pf passbook also deducted. I raised a compliant on epfo grievance. Still then no reply only saying under process. Please help sir

  19. Dear sir,
    I had applied for pf withdrawal from my UAN portal, but it was rejected owing to the reason date of birth and father’s name not updated. Kindly upload Kyc document.
    It was rejected twice.
    However my date of birth and father’s name are already update on the EPFO members portal , and my Kya is also done using adhaar card , pan card , passport and bank account .
    What is the solution for this ? As I have not been able to get any satisfactory solution from the epfo customer care too.
    I have also complained through the epfigms grievance portal but no solution provided and the case is closed.

    Kindly suggest me a way out.

  20. I have raised a grievance request for Annexure K on EPFO portal……its been two weeks the request is not resolved …..the portal showing that the case has been escalated to higher authority but no further updates…..none respond to the phone numbers given in the request description….what I should do in thi scase? I need the annexure k urgently

  21. Even if I complained through Grievance, there is no use. I am complaining for the past two years still my employers not responding, and PF officers not taking any actions.

  22. Hi Sir,
    My previous company merged with another company and I have taken the inter-company transfer . now I’m not able to transfer my previous company to present cmpany. and it is getting rejected due to following reasons.

    Please help me resolve this issue please.

  23. Hello Sir,

    I dont have my UAN number yet. My last job was in 2013 back when there was no UAN system. I wanted to withdraw my PF amount but they require UAN number for it which I dont have. I have tried registering it but no success.
    I registered a grievance too, but the case got disposed of with comment as “Grievance incomplete”.
    How should I proceed in such situation to withdraw my PF amount.

  24. Hi,
    My previous employer did not approved my DOE in the portal so i am unable to claim online, i requested him but no use, no one from the org responded. So i decided to file grievance online, but no suitable option found in the dropdown box. Could you please suggest me what option i should choose if my DOE is not approved by the employer?

  25. Hi sir I’m bhuvana,my fathers name was wrong in pf account so I submitted my JD form , employers letter on Dec 2030 & mar 2021 @ pf regional office . June 2021 i registered in grivilance in that they mentioned me to send my relevant documents to pf office in comments . I again replied that I’m already submitted. Now my current status is case escalated to higher office what is the meaning of this whether i have to wait for few more days or i should go to regional office? Thanks in advance.

  26. Sir, I have applied for the Covid 19 pandemic advance claim I have been waiting for the resolution as it it pending at the field office. And the office is closed from the 1st week of May, 2020 due to covid 19. So Sir, what is the benefit for any person who has been seriously hampered during this pandemic if the office is closed and the amount cannot be claimed during this situation. I am waiting for your answer what should I comment regarding the Proposed Final Decision I got in the (epfigms.gov.in) grievance Closure Proposed.

  27. It’s almost 9 months my pf 10c was settled but it had not come in my account due to bank account details was wrong then I filled my Ressui form from past 8 months then to no update then I had applied for the of grievance 2 months back n it showed case disposed off but no update yet I don’t knw wht is happening now please help me.

  28. Hi, i have requested to transfer my balance from my old org to new org online it states the claim is settled however the amount is not reflecting with my new organisation. Both organizations are unexempted. i have raised 3 different grievances but did not get the satisfactory response. pLease help. what should i do

  29. Hi, i have requested to transfer my balance from my old org to new org online it states the claim is settled however the amount is not reflecting with my new organisation and since it is exempted they are asking for Annexure K i have raised 3 different grievances to get Annexure K and all the time they reply that it will be sent and i have not received it yet, can you suggest what can be done in this case… Thanks

  30. Dear Sir,

    I’m Mohammed Shafeef PP. On 26th May 2021 I submitted my online application for PF advance in EPF portal. On 31st May 2021 I received a message from EPF related to claim settlement. So I checked in my EPF site and it shows that the claim has been settled and the amount should be received within 3 bank working days. But recently no amount has been credited to my account till date. What should I do now? Can you make suggestion? Please reply

  31. Sir,I want to withdraw my pension money but I am not able to understand what to select in Grievance category, First Pf Office or Pre Pension.And what to select in the grievance category . plz help

  32. Hello sir this is Arun My UAN no 101437475179 , I applied for final settlement after merging previous member to current member but while claim settled only i got full pf amount but pension amount of current member only got but not previous member sir now i want to claim it how to do apply for previous pension claim sir

  33. I have raised complaints twice on the EPFO Grievence Mgt system & both times they have disposed off the case without paying me my pension for Mar & Apr 2021.. only standard reply from The leek saying they are working with 1/3 staff. & amount will be credited shortly. It is now over a month since my first complaint no ROTHA/E/2021/04390 dated 21.04.21. In my second complaint ROTHA/E/2021/04822 dated 04/05/21 I had specifically informed not to dispose the case without the payment but the same thing has occurred. How can the clerk directly dispose off the case without verification? Even with 1/3 staff they suddenly stopped my pension without any intimation or email to me or my bank & I am at a loss for words in the attitude of the staff. The person dealing with my case is Sudhir Ganvir from Thane office. I am going to wait till this month end & if the payment with arrears does not come in I will lodge a serious complaint to Commissioner Pooja Singh & the CEO Sunil Bartwal. My PPO/THTHA 04127170 & my Pranaam ID 7358612348 dated 06/11/2020 valid till Nov 2021. Moreover the telephone MOs are never available of Thane office & Customer Care

  34. Hi Sir,

    Please find below the Claim Status which was processed successfully with the same cheque. It was an Instant Banking Kit provided by the company without the name printed on it.

    Claim Status Details
    CLAIM ID WBCAL200850017540
    CLAIM STATUS Settled
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – WBCAL200850017540 ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 19-AUG-2020
    CLAIM ID WBCAL210350027197
    PARA DETAILS Illness
    CLAIM STATUS Settled
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – WBCAL210350027197 ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 15-MAR-2021

    However the next claim was rejected stating the below reason.

    Claim Status Details
    CLAIM ID DSNHP210550060642
    PARA DETAILS Illness
    CLAIM STATUS Rejected
    CLAIM ID DSNHP210450071992
    PARA DETAILS Illness
    CLAIM STATUS Rejected
    REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – DSNHP210450071992 ] has been rejected due to : 1) EDITING ON CHEQUE 2) MEMBER NAME NOT PRINTED ON CANCELLED CHEQUE

    Please help me on this. I have already emailed the situation to [email protected],
    [email protected]……….. but haven’t got any reply inspite of regular follow-ups.

    Need your help on this.

    Sutanu Nandy

  35. Dear sir I have worked in Louis Philippe under Adecco for four years and after the company had changed the contract to Quess and now my pf has been transferred and I have withdrawn my pf but while I am applying for EPS it says EPS service is not yet transferred.

    None is helping me please help me to withdraw my eps. I am so ck and unemployed from one year.


  36. Dear Sir,
    my UAN No. 101358009367. I applied EPF and PF withdraw form online along wit my two company merge with one company.I got only one company pf/epf. how will get another company pf

  37. Hello Sir/MADAM,
    UAN : 100901276688

    My claim is shown as “settled” on 12/04/2021 but the amount is not yet credited to my account. Please let me know the status of my claim.

    Thank you
    Harjinder Singh

  38. Dear sir
    I have raised the claim for final pf settlement and also for withdrawal of pension contribution amount through online on 16/4/2021 but till today when ever I am checking the status its showing as under process please suggest me what to do.

  39. Hi sir.
    My father has worked in a private seeds company which is located in Aurangabad. He has worked from 1990-2006& 2007-2010. In the same company he worked later he resigned but he has not withdrawn the PF amount as he lost all the PF details and also no UAN number how can we get a justice as the company is not giving the details sir can u please guide us as we are facing financial problems sir

  40. Hello Sir,
    I am not receiving OTP neither on my registered mobile number nor on email ID.
    My two PF transfers have been rejected and have been asked to raise Grievance, please advise if there is any other way.

  41. My uan acount is 100413335429 my name incrout date of birth incrout date joing and leaving date bhi nahi h .ek bar offline nikal chuka hu baki nahi nikalta h ab m kiya karu . Compny band ho chuki h.. Ab m kiyaa karu plz help me sir 7011816413 vijender singh

  42. Sir i requested grievance, requesting name correction in uan, in status it is showing case disposed of, what is that means

  43. Hi Sir,
    My Grandfather was worked in some X company, Unfortunately he got passed away in last year, The employer is not sending settlement letter to PF office, we are calling and remainding twice in a week, every time he is telling some silly reasons to escape.
    Can I raise request or complaint against employerthrough online.

  44. Hi sir,

    I have fully transfer my pf from my old organisation to new ,as I had left the same before six month,as I had already withdraw my pf through company trust,pension attempt 5 time but every time it get rejected by commenting service less than six months please help on this

  45. Hi my of account is not getting transferred with my present account I have complained with EPFO. They are saying they need a clarification letter from employer for the merger of erraneously deducted EPS contribution in pf since the member joining is after 1/9/2014 and wages is more than Rs 15000. But after repeatedly asking my previous employer to do the needful they are not helping me out. Please let me know how can I get my money transferred as I am in utter need now.

  46. I Registered my grievance regarding updating the aadhar card as aadhar card attached to my UAN is of someone else. The DOB is also mismatch . Bank and pancard details are correct. EPFO have disposed off my grievance mentioning to send the hard copy of declaration form . I have sent the same via courier but no response. Will they act on the hard copy sent .

  47. I have complain a grievance ROTHA/E/2021/02115 for Form 10-C that my claims got rejected for 6th time. In that grievance final decision was to resubmit the claim under intimation to this office through a grievance and I again resubmit the claim. I have already told that my total service is more 1year 9months. For EPS total service count. I don’t know why my claims gets rejected again and again.I do not know why Epfo officers are not checking my service history. I have worked in 3 different companies. Claims are rejected for saying not eligible for withdrawal benefits service is less than 6 months. For pension amount Total services count. You can also check my service history
    Member ID – (Service 1 year 1 month) MHBAN00452390000138181
    (Pension amount Rs 10304)
    Member ID – (Service 5 months 10 days ) THTHA02022260000113042 (Pension amount Rs 6157)
    Member ID – (Service 2 months 24 days ) THTHA00982850000063737
    (Pension amount Rs 1887)

  48. You are requested to resubmit the claim under intimation to this office through this grievance. What is the meaning of this?

  49. Hello sir ma simple word ma likh raha hu epfo ak asi department hai jo humara future ka liya humara paisa apna pass rakhti hai mara jaisa kitna hi log hai jo apna paisa epfo nikalta nikalta bhul jata itna paisa kanha rahta epfo ka kartavaya hona chahiya ki kuch samay govt. Asa karna itna time uska apna app uski bank a jay pagal bana diya

  50. Dear sir

    My Scheme Certificate from Gammon India ltd, Mumbai EPFO OFFICE BANDA, not got till date. I lodged a complaint to EPFO, but the problem not solved. After I got new job I transferred my PF account to new company in 2013.But in new UAN old service details not came. Now I cannot lodge complaint with UAN. I lodged complaint to EPFO Grievance portal with PF Member id. But no positive reply came. In this case where I can approach for solving this issue. Scheme Certificate from 1995 to 2013 is tobe got

  51. Hi Sir,
    I had raised online PF Transfer from Trust to EPFO and the status is ‘Accepted by field office’.
    Trust transferred amount thru NEFT and gave Annexure-K as well, but even after 6 months I am not seeing the amount in passbook. I raised grievance and I got reply like ‘Pending Reconciliation’ once it’s done it will be credited to my account. what is this Reconciliation and when can this happen?

  52. EPFiGMS portal is not working, error msg appear “Unable to connect to Server. Please try after some time.”
    I have been trying for a month but this message is continuously coming.

  53. Hi,
    I had raised transfer from Trust to EPFO online and the status is ‘Accepted by Field Office’.
    Trust transferred the amount to EPFO via NEFT and provided Annexure-K as well. Even after 6 months money not showing in passbook. I raised grievances , they replied reconciliation pending and will be credited to my passbook once it’s done. what is this reconciliation and by when this will be done?

  54. Hi I am getting an error while clicking on Submit on the epf grievance site so my complaint is not getting registered on epf grievance.

      1. Hi Even am getting a similar error and asking me to try again. I have tried in both chrome and internet explorer. Please suggest. Thanks

  55. Hi sir.

    I lost my job in March 2020 after that I have started my own business. Here I got my pf amount, now my question is how to withdraw my EPS amount, I worked 3 different companies, I got EPS of only my present company, but how to withdraw the EPS amount of my previous companies .pls suggest me how to get that amt.

  56. My son has died during service last year 2019 .i have applied for FORM-5IF AND 10D to epfo office one year ago .still now I didn’t receive any amount or information related to this.howmany times I have contacted they are not responding.what should I do?

  57. Sir,
    I have registered one compliant in epf grievance portal to transfer pf amount of previous employer to Hdfc trust as I was not able to transfer through epf portal. But after few days status of grievance portal changed to resolved and message I received is please submit offline claim form by attaching screenshot of the error.
    Please make me understand it’s meaning and procedures. It would be great help.

  58. Hi I have filed Grievance regarding my PF transfer. I was working in other company on 2014 during that time i dint have UAN number. Now I’m working in other company and im not able to transfer my old PF amount.
    I filed Grievance but i got reply saying that “rejected due to online submit” i dint understand this comment.
    Are they telling that we have a procedure to file form 13 online.
    Could you plz let me know the procedure or provide any links which i can go through.

  59. hi sir, I was submitted ASR form and cancelled cheque slip by courier, after that, I got reply from EPFIGMS ” Kindly attach submission receipt with grievance” . so please suggest me, which receipt to be submitted?

  60. Hi Sir,

    I have changed the company from TCS to Accenture in JAN-2020. After I changed the company, in the month of July 2020 I have transferred the PF amount from my TCS PF account to Accenture PF account. But the PF amount transferred was not reflected in my Accenture PF account. I got annexure K from TCS. I have raised multiple grievances to my Accenture PF office attaching the Annexure K from TCS and one time I got reply that the amount is transferred but to reflect it takes time due to COVID and I waited for 2 months. After 2 months I raised another grievance to my Accenture PF office and this time got reply that PF amount transferred is not reflected in this office record and hence forwaded to New Delhi for verification,confirmation and Reconciliation. On receipt of reply further process will be initiated. But later no progress.

    In this case, how to raise to Delhi office and how to resolve my issue.


    1. Hi Saranya,
      Please let me if your isssue is solved? I am also facing same issue.. Trust transferred amount 6 months back only but epfo office saying after reconciliation, money will reflect in my account..

  61. Sir,
    My claim was settled in the year 2017, yet the amount is not visible in my new PF account.
    I raised a grievance, then EPFO asked to provide Annexure K. They also provided me with email id to send Annexure K. But also dispose of the case at the same time.
    However, I have sent the Annexure K on the provided email id.

    Will EPFO now act on the disposed of case? Or, Should I open the new grievance with Annexure K in the attachment?

  62. Sir,
    i got aathar number not register in my EPFO portal so i raised GREVANCE option and its my grivance replayed given below
    Current status :CASE DISPOSED OF.
    Final Decision : Your aathar matched with EPFO database.
    but my EPFO portal not reflect my aathar detial still its showing (NOT AVAILABLE | Unverified)
    what i will do please suggest me..


    1. Sir my claim settled on 22nd sep 2020, and show amount transfer via NEFT but amount not credited in my account, when i checked my bank detail i get a account no missing after than i correct the bank kyc detail,
      Then what i do for recived my claim settled amount in my account.

      Plz help

  63. Dear Sir,
    What should i do if my grievances are ignored, I have raised multiple grievance about Transfer of PF amount from one account to other account.. money was sent in 2016 however the .txt file of Annexure-k was not transferred, so the transfer is not reflecting in my other PF account I have raised end number of complaint on their portal but they are just ignoring.. can you suggest how do i raise a complaint about the PF office and the officer who is handling my case.

  64. My grievence status show case escalated to higher office meaning i can not understand. Actually i applied for withdrawl claim but after settled money is not credited to my account.

  65. Hi sir, i registered a grievance against my name change along with aadhar attached and now they have replied like this .. what to do and what to reply them sir

    reply from grievance
    Sir in reference to your grievance, you are requested to kindly provide the soft copy of online modification request in attachment of the grievance so that action will be taken against your grievance.

    should i attach a online name modification request letter by registering a new grievance ?

    Ramanagoudra Ganesh

      1. Dear Sir,

        I have attached online modification request letter by registering new grievance but again they have replied the same.
        same reply as before;
        Sir in reference to your grievance, you are requested to kindly provide the soft copy of online modification request in attachment of the grievance so that action will be taken against your grievance.

        what to do sir. i want to change my name in pf account ..please guide me sir

      1. i have tried lot of time with crome or explore also, please suggest what i should do, is there are any other portal or any other email or contact detail by which we can do approach

  66. Dear sir,

    I have raised a complaint to epf grievance website, they have replied to me, proposed closure..

    What is the meaning of that

  67. I have applied from 13 transfer request but still pending approval from previous company but that company end no response and company was closed so i am not able to contact employer Planman hr pvt Ltd .. multiple times I send grievances in EPF portal but still not given reslove sir so please give me any solution .

  68. Hai sir my epf grevience is showing like this.
    Current stautus: case disposed of.

    What is the problem sir.

    1. Hi my pf amt settled is 11726 / 02 July 2020.my despatch date is 03 July 2020. But my pf amt is not credited to my bank account still now.

        1. My claim settled 03/08/20, but it’s not credited to my acconut till date…My account information are correct and clear…why its happened so.?

  69. The EPF site is showing as “Reason of Leaving is not available. Please get the same updated through your employer.”

    But i am still working with the same company since 2011 till now also i am working with the same company

    i have made so many requests to company to change the same but no response

    please address the concern of mine

  70. Hi My name is Ravi Gurav working in HCL Technologies Pune. My PF transfer request has approved by previous employer and EPFO. Status also showing settled. HCL asked me Annexure K form for further process. So I went to Grievance site https://epfigms.gov.in/Grievance/GrievanceMaster and I checked both New and Other options but under grievance category I did not find any related option for getting Annexure K. Please help me to create grievance ticket for getting Annexure K. I watched many youtube vedeos , gone thriugh documents but I did not found specific information. Thanks in advance.

      1. Thanks for your response Basavaraj. But the link you provided is useful for employer and EPFO. My previous employer is on-exmpted, so EPFO is responsible for giving Annexure K and that why I want to raise grievance request. But under grievance category I dont know which I have to choose. Please guide me.

  71. Sir,

    I have applied for Advance from my PF account on 17th April but in site it’s showing like claim settled but amount was not credited to my account and in passbook it’s showing like I withdraw but I didn’t receive any fund it’s like they did NEFT on payment on 23rd April .

    Please help me to sort out the issue

      1. Hello Sir,

        I have not received my pension money but on my mobile message epfo has sent me that money is settled and within 1-3 days it will be credited & together with that pf message also came that as it is but here pf money is credited but not the pension money.
        In this case how i will get my pension money in this pendamic period ? Can you suggest and md out sir.

        Thank youni

  72. Family Pension stopped for 4 months.
    EPFO Grievance closed after sevral reminders after 2 months of followup.
    Final comment on Grievance is “CASE DISPOSED OFF”.

    How to raise Complaint about Grievance ?

  73. Hello sir
    I lodged complaint at EPFiGMS regarding my name change updates and currently status shows ” Proposed Closure ”
    Please let me know what is that means

  74. Hi Basavaraj,

    In August -2019 I have initiated my PF online transfer from my old to new company (having their own PF trust A/c) in EPFO link, however post checking with my present company they suggested to submit Annexure K form from my previous company else raise Grievance to get the same. I have raised the Grievance and it got rejected because of below reason… Request please suggest me on how to overcome this problem ? Is their any action point is required from my side..? Please suggest.

    This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number BANIV/E/2019/15271.
    Following final decision has been arrived at: This to inform that your claim F/13 transfer out has been received on 2019-09-18 this was rejected due to reason 1) NO EPS MEMBER EPS SERVICE ERRONEOUSLY REFLECTED IN ANNEXURE K TECHNICAL ERROR 2) CERTIFICATE A/B/C/D/E/F NOT ENCLOSED / SIGNED..
    Please go to https://epfigms.gov.in/ to view the status and provide your comments within next 72 hours..

  75. hi,

    I have been trying to transfer my govt of to Tata trust of for which 1) my gender is showing wrong in account details I raised request to correct it my employer approved it and it’s pending with field for more than 45 days. On raising grievance I got reply too many requests for kyc and name change so can be done in chronological order….with no timelines mentioned please suggest what can be done

  76. Hi Sir,

    I have received Annexure-K from my previous employer TCS trust, as they transfered the amount to Payee Name as RPFC BANDRA MUMBAI & on date of 23/01/2019.
    Unfortunately my PF amount is not accumulated to my present employer and reflected the same in passbook..

    When I reached to my present employer PF help desk on this issue, they are replying as my PF transfer is under process in EPFO office and they suggested to raise n grievance to to PF office. So I have already raised an grievance earlier (BANNP/E/2019/03930 and BANNP/E/2019/15702) there is no action on those requests. Could you please do the needful on this request to complete my PF transfer process as early as possible, since it has been pending from one year.

    Finally from the grievance received an update as ‘This is to inform that transfer-in not reflected in system.please forward grievance annexure-k to cash recon section for updation of transfer-in.’. So could you please help with what we can do next steps to get it processed as it’s been pending from more than a year.

    1. Hi Sir,

      I have applied for PF transfer to my current PF in May-19 But on online PF portal is showing settled and actually not credited in my account nor its reflecting in my current passbook. Claim status shows settled. I have also raised complain in EPFIGMS in October-19, but did not receive any response, continuously in sending reminder also, you mentioned if nothing works online i should visit Regional PF Office, Can you please guide me what all documents i require to carry and what is the process of raising complain in PF office

  77. Dear sir,
    We have not received pf amount till know, we apply 15 days back, we chack in epfo claim status it’s shown settled but not credited in my account

    We recheck back account details it’s correct

  78. Last Interest credited to my EPF account was on 31/March/2018. When will it get credited for the period after that till date?

  79. Hi ,

    My Name is D S VARADARAJU I have submitted my PF claim through online on 02-Dec-2019 03:16 PM, But till not received amount

    TRACKING ID: 10134410787804001 / 10134410787801001

    UAN : 101344107878

    Below message also received

    Your Online Claim Form-19 ( PYKRP191250002569 ) has been approved for Rs. 13238/- on 23-12-19 and shall soon be sent to your bank A/c ending with 0972.

    Still not received any any amount to My registered account Please check and do the need full

    99019 29003

  80. This comment is awaiting moderation
    Dear Sir,
    I have applied for for PF settlement on Feb-19 But on online PF portal is showing sattled But actually not credited in my account IDBI bank -0901104000283748 IFSC code:IBKL0000901 Nor credited in my PF account and also have visited regional PF office A 2C, Tulsi Marg, Sector 24, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 But saying return in your but not credited in my bank account ot PF account ..Please help me
    My Claim id is MRNOI190250041885 Your Claim [ Claim Id – MRNOI190250041885 ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 28-FEB-2019
    My contact no -9873915208 and email [email protected]

      1. HI Basavaraj,

        I raised grievance cell online for my final withdrawal of pf. Today they given comment like “With reference to your grievance it is to inform that your claim form 19 has been received to this office and they are being processed in chronological order.Inconvenience cause in the delay for process is highly regretted, kindly bear with us.”

        It was almost 45 days I have applied online pf withdrawal. So how many more days I need to wait on this?


        Should I send any comments for the above status given by EPFiGMS.?

        Ravi Teja.

    1. Dear Sir, i have registered a complaint in https://epfigms.gov.in/ via cpgrams portal just like above. After submission of grievance it shows sucessfully message and
      Registration Number :SROHL/E/2019/01495
      Name of Complainant :ANUJ KUMAR
      Date of Receipt :24/12/2019

      Current Status :CASE DISPOSED OF
      Final Decision :grivence pertain to pf office Noida.

      now what should i do..

  81. I have applied for the pf claim.. Its already been 60 days plus.. But I have not received my claim amount.. I have registered grievance.. I have sent a mail to them.. Informed to them about this through social media.. But I have not received any response from them.. What should I do..

  82. hi
    i have registered a complaint in https://epfigms.gov.in/ via cpgrams portal just like above. After submission of grievance it shows sucessfully message and also i got mail which contains registration number but after 2 days i tried to check the status of grievance it shows

    Error! Registration no. does not exist.

    Message wat to do next I am confused please help me to get status In my profie also shows 0 registered grievance

  83. claimed pf Acc No GNGGN0028721000002399 to be get transferred to my new pf acc No DLCPM0030815000009757 on 5/07/2018 The problem is claim was approved and transferred but with amount Rs.0 whereas the actual amount should be Employee share Rs.16703 and Employer share Rs. 7703

  84. Sir, I have claimed on 8th August 2019 and its been more than one month. On tracking the status it is showed as under process. Pls advise till when I will receive the amount credited.

  85. My pan is not getting entered in EPFO website but the documents are correct.And so when i started filing a grievance by entering my UAN is siad,”NO RECORDS FOUND”.What could be the problem?Kindly guide me.

    1. Name change is there I think. Check it once. Last name and first name in pan should exactly match with uan details and aadhar details.

  86. Hi, For correction of DOJ & DOE, my employer has submitted joint declaration, but it has not yet corrected by PF office. I have the acknowledgement of the same. Which Grievance category shall be selected for PF office for this correction.

  87. Hello Sir,
    My Pf transfer from trust to EPFO is showing as “settled” since April 2019, but amount is not transferred into my account. I had raised a grievance in EPFO portal and they responded with this message and closed the ticket-
    “Sir, With reference to your grievance, it is to inform you that your claim has been approved and transferred to your current PF account. Copy of annexure k is attached for your kind information.”

    I even didn’t find attached annexure K anywhere.
    What should i do now as it is already been around 3 months.

      1. It is EPF transfer, I am checking in my PF passbook. The transferred amount is not reflecting. I asked my previous employer, they told nothing is pending form their side and suggested me to check with EPFO officials.

  88. Hi, i have requested for name change, and it is pending at EPF office mumbai since more than last month, i have raised grievance for the same and my current status shows CASE DISPOSED OF.
    and Final Decision says “Members who wish to get their name/Father’s name/DOB/DOE/DOJ/Relationship/Gender to be changed in the EPF Database can apply for the same through their employer along with supporting documents with joint declaration of member and employer”.
    what does that mean, i have already done all of that and still my basic details are not changed on my EPF account.

  89. hi sir,
    I am trying to register a grievance, I am getting a comment to update mobile number n mail id.actaully both are already updated n correct. the process is stopped at otp verification

  90. Hi, I had requested for name updating as per Aadhar card it is veen a month and no update.. then I raised a grievance, yesterday it is been closed with status name updated ledger enclosed. But still I dont see any update in epfo portal , it is showing status as pending at Mumbai office. I did not get why the grievance was closed??

  91. Hi,i raised a greievance regarding PF transfer from my previous organization(Pune) to current organization(Hyderabad).As my prev company had issued PF transfer amount check to PF office hyderabad. I can see that the resolution provided by PF Office as “The transfer-in amount received through NEFT from the trust. As per newly introduced procedure by Head Office letter dated 10/08/2018 further process of reflecting the amounts in the members present PF account is to be through Central Server (maintained at New Delhi) which will be carried in due course.” and the current status as “CASE DISPOSED OF”. I checked my PF passbook the amount is still not reflecting.Please let me know what i should do next??? My

  92. Hi Sir..i have raised several grievances online to get my annex K. Everytime they send me an email without any attachment. What should I do?

      1. Same is the case with me . For multiple grievances i raised everytime they send email without any attachment and close the case

          1. I have had visited RPFC pune office for the same request and they rejected my request to provide me Annexure K document for my PF transfer from non-exmpted trust to Exmpted Trust .

            In my PF slip provided by my PF trust , I can see that my PF number is different from EPS number and RPFC pune has transfered my PF to EPS number .

            Let me know what should I do in this case

        1. Hi Gaurav,
          same issue i am facing. Do you visited Regional office and do your request resolved.If resolved please let me know the procedure

  93. Hi Team,

    I Have applied for PF advance on 26-Apr-2019 11:00 PM claim status is reflecting as Settled but still not yet received any NEFT ID or notification regarding the claim kindly let me know what is the issue

  94. I have applied for online claim on 19th of March 2019 but still it is under process . I have also raised a grievance on 15th of April and 2nd may but no response from them . Still it is showing under process. Kindly suggest what can be done in this scenario?

  95. Sir ,
    As per our above discussion
    I have raised the online complaint .
    “This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number ROPUN/E/2019/03278.
    It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s):
    With reference to your grievance, it is informed you that, please update dtae of exit though employer portal Then your can get option for final settlement i.e. F/19-10C ” .
    What’s the next step sir.I don’t have any connection with the previous employer
    .Kindly advise

  96. Hi sir please help me.as i got reply from greviance. Asking me to re-submit authentication form with canceled cheque. Where do i need to submit? I stay in bangalore but pf office is from hyderabadh. Thanks

  97. Sir, Recently I have combined both pf account as one. After that while try to apply for online claim i have seen DOJ is showing current employer date actually my joining year in previous compnay 17/05/2006 but now showing 17/05/2018 new company date. If i apply online partial claim can i get amount from pf. Please suggest me

  98. Dear ,i applied pf withdrawal on line even i got claim settelment message on 9th april 2019.but today is 25th april 2019 still dint get amount in my account.
    Kindly suggest or do needful.

  99. HI,

    I resigned with my old company in Sept 2015 and that company was acquired by other company in 2015, so inactive. I uploaded aadhar with incorrect name in that UAN. Later I got corrected Aadhar. As I can not make name correction through online once aadhar verified, previous employer sent a joint declaration form for name correction. PF office verified it and gave the access to make change in UAN portal. But employer do not have digital signature access, So they are not approving the request. I registered grievance issue, PF office sent an email to employer to accept the correction. Employer sent them a letter and email stating that company is not active so requested PF office to provide offline approval.

    But PF office is not correcting the name. I registered several grievances with new aadhar, PAN, employer letter of offline approval. But PF officer closing it stating my name updated per Aadhar. As I live in different city, I can not visit to PF regional office. Please let me know if I can report this any higher officials or any other alternatives.

      1. Thanks for the response sir.. Is there any option to transfer the claim to my current employer PF account using form 13R along with name change request.

  100. Hi

    i have applied PF advance 31 withdrawal on 5th November 2018. as per the portal the claim status is still showing under process. also i raised Grievance for the same on 13th March 2019.

    Still i have not yet received any repose from the Grievance team and any update on PF portal.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Can you please advise how many days will need to clear this issue.

        is there is any other option to reach PF Department.

          1. Hi,

            my regional EPFO at gurgoan and am staying in mumbai.

            Can i visit any regional office in Mumbai for further inquiry.

            Please advise

  101. Dear Sir,

    Request your help to sort out this issue and enable transfer of EPF balance from previous account to current account.

    I was working with company “X” with PF member id “A”. Then I joined company “Y” with member id “B”

    Later I rejoined company “X” and they continued with same PF member id “A”

    EPF balance was transferred from A to B and then again from B to A.

    Now I am working with company “Z” with member id “C”.

    I need to transfer EPF balance from A to C. However, EPFO field office has twice rejected online transfer claims stating that A has already been transferred to B.

    Fact is A to B to A is done and now A to C is pending. But they do not reply anything regarding A to C and keep replying to me that A to B is done.

    Seems like my company “X” made a mistake by continuing with same member id “A” after rejoining. Because of this, my claims get rejected everytime.

    How should I solve this problem ? What is the procedure for the same?

  102. Hello Sir,

    My father has retired from his service on 2013 he was a state government employee of orissa when he requested for his final PF withdraw the form didn’t moved so i raised a online grievance and got a reply saying the issue is with the department (OLIC) as they didnt clear the dues so i want to know whom to escalate further.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

  103. Sir,
    When I try to register grievance of name & dob change request pending at Bangalore Regional Office, I don’t get Grievance Registration Form Page. Instead if i select PF Member option, enter uan & security code it asks for mobile & email id verification. But I dont get the OTP though mobile no is right. Please tell me the error & solution for this problem.

    How can I go in for grievance registration? I am mailing ob behalf of a colleague of mine.
    Sir please mail me to reply. I hope I will receive a positive reply from your end.


    Vidya Girish

  104. sir i left my previous job and joined new job i requested my previous employer to give my date of leaving on online but he is not giving my DOL
    i am thinking to book complaint in grievance cell on EPFO portal does they take action or not. when i asked in regional pf office they said that they well solve time will be 20-30 days.so kind give some suggestion

  105. Sir,
    3 years back I have claimed my PF amount totally after my resignation with the employer. Though I have claimed totally, still there is some money (26 rupees) left in my PF account. From 3 years I am unemployed. Because my PF account is in active position I am unable to get the AP unemployment allowance. Now I have to close my PF account to get AP unemployment Allowance. I am unable to contact with my employer because they have closed their company.
    Can I close my PF account through any PF Office? Or
    Do I need to go my employer’s PF Office to close my PF account? Or
    Can I close my PF account through any website?
    Thanking You..

  106. My name, DOB and father name is not updated EPF portal, I have submitted the correction form 8 month ago, it’s still showing ” Pending at Chennai filed office “.

      1. Changed requested accepted by employer, after that it is showing “Pending at Chennai field office”.

        Let me know how long will take for update by chennai field office.

          1. Hi Basavaraj,

            Thanks for your guidance.

            My name and DOB updated in EPF portal, But father name is not updated at the same time I have submitted claims without father name changes.

            PAN also not updated, Is there any possible to process my claim.

            Balaji GS

              1. Hi Basavaraj,

                I have updated all the details and submitted claim also, but my claim was rejected without reason. I don”t know why their rejecting.

                This is happening 2nd time, Please let me know how to i find the mistake.

                Thanks in advance.

                Balaji GS

                  1. Hi Basavaraj,

                    I applied PF withdrawal on line on 1st July’2019. After that Today I have checked EPF Portal. It showing as ” Claim settled ” but I did not get that amount so far.

                    Let me know when i get that amount

                    Kindly suggest or do needful.

                    Balaji GS

                    1. Hi Basavaraj,

                      I have received SMS from EPFOHO on 12th July’19 regarding the claim amount . ” The amount will be credited within 3 working days in Bank A/c “.

                      But still now not credited.

                      Please suggest me.

                      Balaji GS

                    2. Hi Basavaraj,

                      Still now i am not received the claim amount, finally they said amount return from bank due to some other reason, so it take 2 months for again process.

                      I have submitted the cash return form to them – As per PF employee

                      Balaji GS

  107. After entering all details the greivence application is not getting submitted. It is not throwing error and not getting submitted also.
    Can you pls tell me if the link works now.

      1. Claim Status Details
        CLAIM ID TNMAS190550096761
        CLAIM RECEIPT DATE 27/05/2019
        CLAIM FORM TYPE Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)
        PARA DETAILS Resign
        CLAIM STATUS Rejected
        REMARKS Claim-Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-TNMAS190550096761 Member id-TNMAS00223270000221666 has been rejected due to :-

  108. My name is Jignesh. I had applied for the final settlement of my PF on 14th Feb. The Track Claim status is showing ‘Claim settled’ on the 15th Feb but I have not received money in my bank. My Question: 1) Is the Final Settlement done via NEFT? (Bank and all other details are correctly updated). 2) How many days it takes to credit the money in the bank? 3) I have tried raising grievance but when I open the site, firstly there is no option to upload any documents (as shown in the screenshot above), secondly, after I click on “Submit” tab, nothing happens. I have also made sure there are no characters used except for the allowed ones. PLEASE HELP!

  109. Hi
    I had requested the PF amount on 8/02/19 and now the claim status is showing settled. however the money has not been credited yet. how long does it take to get the money credited to the account?

  110. If after clicking the “submit” button, nothing happens. Then see at which field the cursor is pointed. You may try it 2-3 times. If it is pointed at the “Phone Number” field. Then clear it completely(remove “91” also). And then try to submit. It worked for me.
    Hope it helps!

  111. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had requested for an online transfer of accumulated PF from my old employer to my current one. For some reason my old employer sent this transfer via cheque to the Hyderabad PF office (for my current employer)

    According to my old employers’ records the cheque was cleared in Nov 2018. However this fund is not reflected in my current PF statement

    I have registered a Grievance on the EPFiGMS portal. But i wanted to take your guidance as to
    1) If this is a common issue
    2) How long does it take to resolve such issues.


  112. Hello sir ….. i have recently resigned from job as i am applying for pf while applying i m placing some issues how can i change the name complete name is not displayed along with surname it is displayed as per adhaar name on the pan card and adhaar card is different how. Do i correct ,can i change the name in adhaar along with surname whether that will be displayed in my account ……please suggest give me some solution for it..


    1. I have also registered grievance online today
      reguistration no. not generated for the same

      thanks to assist alternate way to get it

  113. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have applied for partial withdrawal from my EPFO account. I received lesser amount compared to the requested one.

    I have applied it for illness reason for second time on 31st Jan 2019.

    Recent history on withdrawl:
    28/11/2018 — Approved for Illness
    31/01/2019 — Approved for Illness

    There’s no option to upload documents supporting for medical reason.

    Please advise!

  114. Dear Sir,
    If i visit personally at EPFO office in Pune address to submit my Adhar KYC hard copy to update with UAN. that is possible for update KYC.

    need just suggestion only. pls revert soon sir.

  115. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for guidance but i register this complete in Grievance Cell then it will be solve by PF office or i visit pune office for submit Hard copy for update my KYC documents with UAN. If they process my PF form on same account then why they sent query. Either i submit one application with all my relevant document & Form 10D also once again.


  116. Dear Sir,
    Just i discuss with you related my Pension issue and yesterday i received post copy from EPFO pune office. They return back my composite claim form with all document & attach one paper in front of document and not that (Please submit your claim through online) but due to Adhar detail not seeded with my UAN i am not able to submit my pension form online.

    Already in the Yr. 2016 my company was closed some issue so we attested from Bank. I received my PF through same process offline then why they ask for Pension fund submit online Form. please suggest any solution as your knowledge.

  117. Hi, I register complaint for Pension fund withdrawal. already submitted grievance complaint successfully but not received Registration Number after last step & not able to upload attach document without Registration Number. pls suggest how i track my pending pension fund detail. Due to i submitted claim offline i miss to tick mark PF & Pension both box. I received PF fund & apply same process for pension once again.

    How to get my Registration Number for status.

  118. Trying to register complaint for pension withdrawal. Not able to submit as I am getting an error in the grievance description although after completion of 5000 characters while submitting. Tried on other browsers but still getting the same error. Upload documents option is also not visible. Is there any email ID to contact them directly? No response from them till now.

  119. Sir,
    I tried submitting the grievance form however not able to submit as I am getting an error in the grievance description although after completion of 5000 characters while submitting. Tried on other browsers but still getting the same error.
    Kindly assist me with the feedback on this issue.
    Thanks in advance!

  120. Hi,
    I had made a request (In Feb 2018 and the again on 28 Sep 2018) to EPF dept to correct my basic details (Like Father’s name, DOB etc) in my PF profile but despite of registering grievance, no action has been taken on it. I had even sent them the relevant documents but in vain. They have closed my case saying that they are still working on this.
    Please advise what should I do now.

  121. hello sir, My NEFT successfully done 28.12.18. My claim status showing claim settled. But Till now not credited. Kindly help

  122. hello sir, My NEFT successfully done 04.01.19. My claim status showing claim settled. But Till now not credited. Kindly help

  123. Sir, I have raised a grievance on 16.11.2018, today when i checked status it is showing as “U.ONote forwarded to the Enforcement Officer for verifying the details of the estt. pl. Reply awaited from the E.O. ” When I expect solution to my problem.

  124. Dear B.Tonagatti

    I logged a grievance today but I didn’t get the registration number, no mail or message received when I try to register through IE again it gives me error duplicate grievance try after 30 days.
    How can I get the registration number?

          1. i have tried it more than 20 times and many of them trying at various times(months).. all of them complaining that they cant submit.. all the time this problem is there.. then how can we submit?

  125. Hi, sir
    I applied for my pf online through UAN,claim shows as settled and payment was sent via neft on 6th Nov 2018…today is the 14th of Nov and I still haven’t received the amount in my account.. I have re-checked all the details(bank details etc) and all are correct.
    Kindly assist me

  126. Hi Sir,

    I had applied for PF advance against illness. My UAN has current company and previous company’s PF account and recently i merged both of the PF accounts. My Previous company DOJ is 24.10.2014 and my current company DOJ is 03.01.2018. While i am applying for PF advance in EPF portal it is showing my Current company DOJ but after the claim request is submitted the DOJ is reflecting my Previous company’s.

    My claim request had got rejected with the following reason – ASPER KYC DOJ 03.01.2018 WHEREAS MEMBER ENTERED IN ONLINE CLAIM 15.05.2014, HENCE CLARIFY IT/OK.

    Please let me know how can i apply this correctly ?

  127. Hi ,
    I have filled the grievance and submitted but I haven’t I got registration ID .
    I gave my phone number correctly .

  128. Hi,
    My PF amount was not credited and every time I log grievance I get the response
    “With reference to the grievance it is to inform you that this office is examining the matter and outcome of the same will be intimated to you in due course. Please wait for some time.”
    and they close the case. Please advise what can I do next ?

  129. Sir I applied for PF withdrawals in site it’s showing as settles but still I did not received the amount what to do now please help me

  130. Sir, I have lodged a complaint in grievance cell on 05.06.2018, when ever I check for status it is displaying final report as “member grievance is being take-up with Compliance Section for non-crediting of contribution for the said period. On receipt of confirmation from compliance section action will be initiated pl”. Sir when I can expect solution to my problem, may I know the time span for my complaint.

      1. Sir, one more question my present employer is not updating my KYC since more than 1 year, shall i complain against him in grievance cell

  131. the Prev. company exp is 4.5 years. i have a 10 month break in my career, before joining my next company, which i now have 2+ exp. is it better to transfer or withdraw the PF of the first company?

  132. i have done a online PF transfer F13. its almost 30 days now. but still shows in progress. when i checked with the local PF office they are looking for some bribe to process it fast. what should i do?

  133. Hi,

    While filing grievance against PF Transfer, it seems that my request got successfully added in EPFIGMS but it neither generated any Registration Number nor an email was sent to me. Further, when I try to raise the request again it says wait for 30 days.
    Any idea how to retrieve Registration Number to check the status because already its been an year the transfer is pending at PF dept.

      1. Thanks for you reply!!

        I have got their reply wherein they need annexure-K or UTR. But, when I try to upload the annexure, it says “* The time limit to upload the supporting document for this grievance has expired. !!!”. I have tried this a couple of times. But, same error appears again and again.

        Can you please suggest.


          1. Yes. I have raised the same issue again hoping that I will get new Registration number against which I will be able to upload Annexure-K. But, now they are not showing Upload Document option under “Register Grievance” tab. Moreover, their separate tab “Upload Grievance Document” , itself requires Registration number which is also not working.
            Don’t know how to provide Annexure to them now.

            Can you suggest further.

    UAN NUMBER 100422527609
    Establishments DLCPM0041217000

      1. If they do not respond how it becomes useful in true sense. however, you have done a great job by depicting the process. However, everything has its own limitation. Vimal, look for higher level of escalation but before that make sure you have no fault with documents.

      2. Hi Sir ,

        in my UAN Account all Details has been Mismatched. I have submitted all documented from my organization. After 3 to 4 months also i can see wrong details. I tried to login Grievance , But i can see not able to submit Registration Grievance number not generating . tried with all bowers.

        I tried to all meths i know to correct the details am very disappointment , Please let me know how can i do correct the details.


          1. Hi Sir,

            I have done it through employer but not done. Could you please suggest me how i need to approach to change EPFO personally , I mean am not getting how i need to correct personally. Please let me know the process. Actually my organisation has submitted docs 3 months back , If there is no Update they said to raise Grievance . But it not generating Registration Number. I had informed the same to organisation they said to raise RTI . Will it work if i raise RTI.

            Please suggest me as this is pending from long time . Really i dont know what is using of sending all documents if organisations are not working properly . We have many documents for each and every action . But will not work for anything this documents. have submitted Adhara, PAN what ever they required.
            Please let me know the both questions.

            1.Will it work if i raise RTI and if how RTI i need to raise.
            2. Personally mean how and what the process.

            Thanks for the help.


          2. Hi Sir,

            As you said i have raised RTI, It will take nearly 30 days to get reply. As of now i have resigned to my current company.

            If details not get corrected by end of Resignation date Then how i need to proceede to get correction.


  135. Hi Sir,

    The company that I worked was closed in 2014. I have applied for PF with Bank Manager’s signature as per protocol but my claim got rejected stating there is no signature of employer. When I checked with PF office, they said the closure status of the company is not yet updated in their system, hence claim got rejected. How should I proceed now. Please advise.

  136. Hi Sir,
    Earlier i raised online PF request, it got rejected so manually filled all related docs properly attested by me n my employer, when i raised grievance, i dint receive registration number, its asking me to apply after 30 days.
    How to get registration number and how to know whether my process has been initiated or not

  137. HAI SIR,
    This is Varun , iam working in a small medical company since 6 years, but they are not providing any EPF or ESI to any employee and evry year escaping from our request about EPF. So please provide me the address of complaint registered office. my working office is located in Vijayawada ( Gandhi Nagar ) of Andhra pradesh. please help us sir.

  138. Hi,

    thanks for information, but My request got successfully added in EPFIGMS but it didn’t generate any Registration Number nor an email was sent to me. When i try to raise the request again it says wait for 30 days.
    Any idea how to retrieve Registration Number to check the status.

  139. Hi sir,
    my preivious employer entered my date of ending wrongly because unable apply form 13. pls suggest

      1. How to correct,I have asked my previous employer to change the details but he told unable edit the Date of Ending from our side,pls suggest me for correct the details..

  140. The employer is stressing on to collect the pf balance (exempted trust) in the formerly salary and now a normal savings account. I have requested to credit the same in an other directed account which is in my name but they are been stturbon on the issue . Please help.

      1. Is there any option to complain against epf greviance because they rejected my form 10 c multiple time also raised a grevince I have written email by greviance team the told due to NEFT failed amount reversed at epf office, I re applied then they multiply told amount transferred already

  141. Sir, my problem is that my date of joining and date of exist are wrong and I have requested to correct, he told me to send joint declaration form, I have send that joint declaration form, he told that he had given in EPF office, in how many days it will get rectified

  142. Hi Sir ,

    My Fathar was worked in THAKUR INDUSTRIES since last 19 yeas (1987 to 2006)
    he has already withdraw the PF amount but they have not start pension after retirement age . now my father age is 64 year . he want withdraw all pension amount .company also not helping for this . kindly suggest regarding the same .

  143. Sir, previously in 2012-13 one my employee has not credited me full amount to my EPF account, I have visited his office so many times and he was telling we will credit and after some years I didn’t ask regarding my EPF crediting. Recently one of my friend has filed a case against him in grievance cell and he has recovered all the amount due to him, based on his suggestion I have filed a case in grievance cell, after some days of filing in grievance cell I got message that your case is closed beside that case closed message I got an option as View Final Reply, I clicked that View Final Reply, I got the message as “Members grievance is being taken-up with Compliance Section for non-crediting of contributions for the said period. On receipt of confirmation from compliance section action will be initiated pl.”Sir can I get my epf amount credited to my account. Sir when I can expect, is there any time limit

  144. Dear Sir,
    As mentioned earlier i had submitted online withdrawal but account number was wrong; axis bank has 15 digits i had mentioned 14. I submitted a grievance and have received the following response:
    ear Sir/Madam,
    “This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number RCHEN/E/2018/18097.
    It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s):
    it is informed that the member pf claims in F/31 approved for payment of rs. 100000/- on 18/6/2018 and amount sent to your sb account , please check with bank, Account no 9170100488****, Axis bank.Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.”
    But I have received NO FUNDS.
    Please suggest the next step.

      1. Sir I have checked with Bank and they as all AXIS bank numbers are 15 digit and not 14 the amount would have been reverted back on 18th itself. How I can I now recover the money, I have updated the correct account number in the KYC details. Should I raise another grievance sir?

          1. Dear Sir,
            I am based out of Jabalpur (M.P.) my PF account is with Chennai PF, please suggest what should I do?

    1. hi, you should to fill RE ISSUE PROFORMA through the employer. After deposition it will credited In your account.

  145. Dear sir
    I am vikrant mishra and I have left my last organization .
    while checking the passbook of my EPF account I found the following errors: 1) My last organization didn’t park the PF amount of several months in 2015 in my EPF account even when the amount was deducted from my salary account.
    2)They have mentioned the wrong spelling of my surname.
    I am doing the continuous follow up from my last organization on mail (for more than one month) for the rectification of said issue but they are not replying.
    I also lodged my complain on Epf grievance cell but they are saying I need to contact with my last employer.
    Now kindly tell me what is the process for getting back the said amount and also is there any escalation matrix we have for the employees if employer is not entertaining the Ex-employees even when the error is committed by the employer.
    Waiting for your kind revert.
    Thanks and regards
    Vikrant Mishra

      1. Dear sir

        I have already raised the complaint but as I said my employer is not responding.
        Sir is there any escalation matrix we have if employer is not entertaining the Ex-employees even when the error is committed by the employer.

  146. Sir as mentioned earlier on submission of grievance I did not receive a submission confirmation but portal says “you have already registered a grievance”. I wanted to know will I still receive an email from EPFO with details of grievance lodged?

  147. I have submitted Non-Aadhar composite claim form for final PF withdrawal and Pension withdrawal benefits through my employer, who have duly approved the same and submitted to EPF Delhi office on 17th May 2018.
    Since my date of exit was 30th June 2014 and I am unemployed since then , I was told by my employer that UAN was not in place at that time, hence I had applied for PF withdrawal through my employer without UAN. The same has been deposited in the PF office on 17th May 2018 and I am not able to see the PF claim status as everywhere it is asking for the UAN no.
    Pls advice on the same

    1. Dear Ashish,
      It is asking for UAN because now everything is UAN based. If your employer submitted the withdrawal, then better to wait and if still you have an issue, then approach your employer or the local EPFO.

  148. Hi Sir,
    I lodged a grievance with EPFO but did not get any confirmation with registration number, now when i want to register the same grievance it says you have already registered a complaint. How do I get to know my registration number?

      1. Sir, one last query, as I have mentioned my email id, will I still receive the mail with details from EPFO even though I havent received the confirmation?
        Thank you for your prompt response.

  149. Hi, my earlier employer has not entered date of joining and date of leaving against my PF account. Hence when I try to apply for PF transfer to my current employer PF account it shows ” No previous employment details found against this UAN.” My earlier employer has not updated the details irrespective of several requests. Can I put a complain in EPF Grievance system to resolve the issue? Thanks for your help

  150. Sir,
    At present I am working in an organisation from (DOJ EPF-01.07.2017) and he has entered my DOJ EPF as 19.06.2017. Previously my DOJ EPF is 01.11.2016 and he has entered as 01.01.2017 and DOE EPF is 30.06.2017 and he has entered as 01.08.2017. My doubt is that if I want to withdraw partial EPF amount, then these dates need to be correct and our employee is telling it is not problem, one more thing is that is it necessary to merge to EPF nos or not. Our previous employer is telling that there is no need to merge because two EPF nos are under one UAN. Please suggest solution to my problem.

  151. I have applied withdrawl of my EPF through my previous company. For the past few days status shown as UNDER PROCESS and today showing as STATUS NOT AVAILABLE; what might be the reasons ?? Any idea?? To add something, i have 2 member Id’s against single UAN, and i had applied withdrawl against one member ID(previous employer) and the other id is now active with the current employer! Thanks in advance .

      1. When would i be eligible ?
        1. 1st UAN:
        1st member id: may2013-jan2016
        2nd member id: may 2017-present
        2. 2nd UAN
        member id: Jan 2016-Dec 2016 (I have done withdrawl successfully with this UAN/ID)

  152. Myself is sumit vijay chandratreya, i have work in Wns bpo company my problem is that when I have login in Epf site for pf claim for House but my “””Adhar card is unverified “”””” status shown at UAN office End
    Due to this reason I have unable to send req. for my pf claim & also this epf Sit is not save changes of Adhar card updation &
    Also I have Complaint at EPF Grievance with my aadhar card attachement
    So please advised us how much time is taken by this site because all my friends of my office also face this issue,

  153. Hi Basunivesh,

    I was associated with 1 organisation for 7 yrs and i recently changed it. Issue is my DOB was mentioned incorrect by my 1st employer and current employer also blindly copied it.
    Now I am not able to link my both accounts, as my Aadhar is not getting verfied. I logged online complaint but it was rejected giving without any reason.
    I am trying to contact them from last 3 days, but NO on is respondlng
    Can I raise an issue with Grievance Cell for this issue.
    Kindly suggest


  154. I have applied for transferring EPF on 11/08/2017, The status is showing transfer is settled but the amount not credited to my new EPF Account. I have contact to my concerned EPF also. They are telling the amount is credited to EPF Universal Bank Account and Challan reconciliation status is showing in their system is not available and they are unable to credit the amount to my Current EPF Amount. So to whom should I contact regarding this

  155. I had applied for pf refund on 6th May, 2018, and got a message on 21st may 2018 on my mobile stating claim is settled and neft was done on the 18 May 2018 and will be credited within 3 days. But till date amount is not received in the bank. Please advise what needs to be done. I have also raised concern on the efpo greviance cell , but no reply

  156. i have a raised EPS settlement on May 10th May 2018 and on 23rd May it shows settled , what does it mean .. does that mean amount will be refunded without any glitch ?

  157. I have applied PF online and it has been showing settled in the KNOW YOUR CLAIM STATUS with dispatch date 10/05/2018 and payment sent on 10/05/2018 via NEFT. However in UAN portal my bank account number is updated with 11 digits(As it should be 12 digits) only first number is missing. What needs to be done please suggest UAN: 10055xxxxxx

      1. I’ve registered a complaint on EPFI Grievance site on 19/5/2018, however I did not receive any acknowledgement page neither  received an email acknowledged as per mentioned in the form. It just stayed on the page for minutes without buffering and second time when I clicked again on submit button it threw an error stating, “You have already lodge a complaint with us, please lodge a fresh complaint only after 30 days”. On 21/5/2018 again I tried to submit the form but still the same status.
        Kindly check as I need to get the amount ASAP.

  158. Hello Basunivesh,

    I applied for partial withdrawl on my pf account on 13th May and got confirmation that amount is getting credited in 3 working days.

    But I’m need of some more money and would like to apply again for different reason.

    Please let me know if I can apply one more claim and if so any precautions to be taken care.


      1. Hello Basunivesh,

        Just one last query. I applied for marriage recently and the amount which entered was very less by mistake.
        Later I realized the funds are not sufficient. Just want to check if I can apply for Construction as reason to claim the expected amount.

        Also, will they accept if I submit the claim before the first claim get credited.

        Please advise. Thanks in Advance!

        1. Dear Gopal,
          You have to provide the sufficient proof for construction and also once you withdrew for marriage and construction, then you are not allowed to withdraw again for the same reasons.

  159. Hi,

    I raised an EPF online claim for illness which has been rejected with a note “ YOU ARE ESI MEMBER OR NOT IF YOU ARE ESI MEMBER THEN YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ADVANCE U/P-68J./OK”.

    Please suggest how do I update the information that I am not an ESI member.


  160. I applied claim in Portal . When i checked my status its shows ‘Claim Form-31 (EPF Advance)(Illness) Claim id-TNMAS180550000616 Member id-TNMAS00313090000176051 has been settled. Payment sent on- 03-MAY-18 via NEFT.’

    But still amount was not credited.

    I tried to register grievance, it submitted and not got the register number. When i tried again it says duplicated complaint not log.

    How to know my staus

  161. Hello Sir,

    As in conversation with yoou, Today is Monday 7th of May and m settlement money was sent on 2nd of May and I still haven’t received it in my a/c. UAN is 100971271604. I have also lodged a greivance today with reference SROWF/E/2018/09031. How long does it takes for them to help with the greivance and till when should i wait for the money also to come into my account. I am very worried about this. Kindly help and advise.

  162. Hi my name is Dilip and i have applied for my advance PF and it has got approved on April 23, 2018 and got an reply from the EPF Grievance that it has been processed through NEFT on the same day, however i have not received the amount so i have raised one more request through grievance and they have replied that” reconciliation from bank has not received and status not available so please wait”, i have really no idea what is this reconciliation is and when would this be cleared ? can you please help me in this and let me know for this whom would i approach further because i have some urgent medical expenses cleared so kindly help how could i get my claim asap.
    Thank you

      1. Hi,

        I stay in Bangalore and the concerned EPF Regional office is in Delhi south? how can i reach there at this situation where i am bankrupt. Let me know if there is any other option or whom else can i approach, because i have tried calling my regional office number but no one picks up i have mailed to that email id no reply. So really dont know what to do help me if you have any other source please let me know.

        Thank you,
        Ch. Dilip

        1. That is what i told you in my last post when i am trying to reach them either through email or call no response. Can you tell me do you have any other options to reach there higher authorities or someone to get my things processed. kindly let me know on this.
          Thank you,

  163. Hi,
    I applied for an advance PF settlement of Form – 31 for 9,500. On my UAN portal it says Claim Settled and also on my EPF passbook, but I have not received the funds in my a/c. I have also not received any SMS too. My family is going through home crisis and there some medical emergencies needed to be catered. On the settement site it? says my payment was sent on 2nd may 2018 via neft and i have not received funds in my a/c. Whats should i do

      1. My EPFO is in KR Puram, Bangalore and i live in Delhi. I canot travel. Please advise if i should raise the greivance today or should i wait till Monday 6th o may to check if i will receive the money? Also if i put a greivane how long it take for their addressal to the same?

  164. Hi Basvaraj,
    I’m Gopal from Bangalore. I’m looking for partial withdrawl from my PF account for medical emergency.
    Since PF account name has surname extension, its not matching with Aadhaar name and not able to apply for claims.

    I raised “Modification” request for my name and provided “Aadhaar” details for proof through PF website. The status of my request shows “Employer approved – Pending with KR Puram White field office”.

    Just curious about the SLA on name modification request from respective team. Please provide your inputs.

    Thanks in Advance!

    1. Hi…
      My name is Aroy and I resigned from my organization one year back. My company PF was managed by trust and after I resigned the amount transfered to the Delhi South RO. But still they have not transfered the money to my account and I raised a grievance. Now they replies me that the amount has been credited to delhi RO and it will soon process as per circular and credited into my account. I got this resolution to my province 2 weeks back. But still the amount us nit credited. How long does it normally takes?

  165. Hi,

    I had transferred the PF amount from Bangalore to Kochi. It’s been more than 5 months they haven’t updated my passbook at all. I have the pf office million times they do not respond properly the Grevience complaints also I don’t know of they understand the complaint. Is there any other way I can handle this or contact any higher authority who can solve this for me.

  166. My previous employer was Aon hewitt and its was acquired by Alight by the time I left the Company and they sent me an email after 7 months stating now you can transfer the employer in epfo site and its done now and at the 8th month of leaving the comp I submitted my PF withdrawal form and its been above 4 months still no response. My hr said the form is processing but I cannot track it anywhere not even showing in epfo site. He said aon’s pf office is vashi and newly acquired comp pf office is Delhi.. Its been almost a year now not a single response from anywhere where my PF withdrawal form is.. I also logged grievance they closed saying UAN is not reflecting I gain lodged grievance but now showing as case recieved.. Please advice what more I can do from my part to know where my PF withdrawal form is

      1. Concerned epfo officer is in Delhi North region epfo office and I reside at Mumbai so it is not poosible for me to physically meet him.

  167. Hello,

    Why am i unable to view my PF passbook ever since I initiated my withdrwal? I got the money this week credited to my bank; however since my PF passbook is shows nothing from the day my withdrawal request was taken for processing, i am unable to see the total amount, break up (Contributions by employer, employee, interest etc). How can i get these details of the amount I got?

  168. Sir, I have transferred my previous epf amount to present account, money got credited to my present account but pension contribution amount did not effect into my present account, where does that pension contribution amount gone. I have know this.

      1. same case but my service also not updated. because i am not able to partial withdraw for house construction due to below 60 month service in current company while my old epf account (amount already transferred in new) service was 7.5 years

  169. Dear team,
    My self Chandan mondal I have applied my Pf final settlement on 4th April by umang,but the portal is showing its”under process” I have called customer care number they provided me malat Pf office number but its not working or put my call on hold also they informed me I will get my amount with in Monday or Tuesday (23/24 April) please tell me what can I do or help me asap.
    Chandan mondal
    UAN -100127010878

    1. Chandan u wait for still more days.. U will surely get the amount..i applied on 23 rd march.i receivd the amount on 21 st april…

  170. I had sent a request for PF transfer and the same was approved by my previous company on 25/7/2017. However, the same is not yet transferred to my current company PF account. My current company created a new UAN number which is linked to my current pf account. The claim is showing as settled in my previous uan. However, the money is not credited in my current uan/pf account. Also, my current company says since they are non exempt org they do not prepare annexure K. Whereas, the pf office insist on providing annexure k since they can’t find the credit entry.

  171. sir
    my name is vivek kumar as per my document but my name is as per uan vivek anjani kumar
    so i not complete my kyc i modify basic details on uan portal change requested accepted by employer
    but pending at park street field office two month please help me

  172. Hi sir..

    Last year i applied for pf claim through my employer…
    Still not yet cleared…
    I raised complaint at EPFO Grievance Cell..
    i got a message from EPFO they telling we not received claim..
    Again i re applied for pf claim.. feb 2018
    still not yet cleared…
    my employer is not responding…

    i dont know what to do…
    Is there any solution for my problem…
    plz, tell me solutions for me…


  173. Hi , I had submitted my claim through online services and it shows the message ‘online claim submitted at the portal’.
    It has been more than 10 days and I lodged a grievance to know the status and got a reply ‘as per system no claim has been received .’
    Online claim service is under maintenance today but I had submitted the claim 12 days back and in track claim status it still shows mu claim is submitted at the portal. Please suggest.

  174. Hi , I had submitted my claim through online services and it shows the message ‘online claim submitted at the portal’.
    It has been more than 10 days and I lodged a grievance to know the status and got a reply ‘as per system no claim has been received .’

    Online claim service is under maintenance today but I had submitted the claim 12 days back and in track claim status it still shows mu claim is submitted at the portal. Please suggest.

  175. Hello Basavaraj,

    I had applied for an online grievance for my pf transfer from previous employer to current employer haven received any grievance registration number screen while submitting the form neither have received any email from epfo.

    But now when i retry submitting the grievance form i thrown with error that duplicate grievance complain found you can log only after 30 days.

    Is there any way or means in which i can see status or get grievance registration number or what should be done.

    Response much appreciated.

  176. Hi Sir ,

    I have submitted my PF withdrawal form to which my amount was credited to the account which was closed by mistake ,So I filed a complaint regarding the same in the grievance department to which I got a reply that claim can be made by submitting the fresh form to which I did but now after submitting the new account number and getting it approved by my employer yet again I have received a mail from EPFO saying that the claim is already settled Please look in the matter.I am
    An outsider can’t reach to PF office anytime soon..Kindly help me with the same

  177. I have send PF withdrawl form to my organisation ans same has been sunmitted to PF office and PF office received the same on 03/03/2018. I track my status online it shows that form received on 03/03/2018 and Current status is showing under process . I want to know in how many days i will get my PF amount because its already gone 12 days when recieved by EPFO office .Kindly suggest

  178. I am unable to register a complain on EPFiGMS grievance site. Once i fill all the details and click on submit, it spins and stops without submitting the request.

    I have tested in IE 11, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but no luck.

      1. Please check the number of letters typed in the message box..the site says max 5000 characters. But try to put only less than 150 words..and then submit..it may work

      2. Were you able to finally submit? I am getting the same issue. Also tried with lesser characters like mentioned below but wont go through. Let me know if you figured out the issue later or were able to submit by an alternate means.

          1. Log into epfo portal through fb and ask them link.they will send you link.u can register grievance through their link.its working

  179. Hi Sir,
    I had requested to withdraw my pf and the request was approved and the money was sent to the bank. However the amount was returned as the bank account details were not updated correctly. My question is 1. the amount returned is not showing on my pf account . 2 . I have again requested the same but still says under process . How much time it would take.
    Thanks for your help

  180. Hi sir,
    My name in Aadhar is GADIPARTHI SANTHI and in portal it showing that my name is SANTHI GADIPARTHI.The UAN is already linked with AADHAR, so now when I am trying to correct the name in UAN,I’m unable to change it in UAN details.
    The portal gives the option to change but when I enter the details and click on update option,
    It says that Aadhar is already verified and the details are not editable.
    Plz help me in changing my UAN details.
    And 04/03/2018 i have raised grievance now its EOD still i did not get any response so what i can do. please help me on this sir.

  181. Hi Sir mera name Ishwar singh yadav hai main Banagalore me kaam karta hu but mera pf office dehli hai mere UAN no me date of birth and gendar nahi dala mere Employer ne to maine 04 month se modifaiy karke rha hai but abhi tak approve nhi hua or Ha hi koi call receive karta hai na hi koi mail ka reply deta hai ab aap hi bataiye kya kru

  182. Dear Sir,

    I’ve worked for two companies, and recently I’ve withdrawn my pf and pension amounts through from 19 and 10c(the amount is only from 2nd company). Later I’ve transferred my 1st company pf amount to 2nd company pf account(it’s because my 2nd company approved my transfer request only after my form 19 and 10c withdrawals) and the money is updated in my 2nd company pf passbook. Now the problem is when I made requests to withdraw the pf and pensions through form 19 and 10c, they’ve rejected the claims stating that “the claim is already settled…”(it is the information about my earlier withdrawals, but I’ve money in my passbook which is transferred from the 1st company). I’ve raised the grievance request 20 days back, but no response. Please suggest me the way to solve the problem.

  183. Dear Baswaraj,

    I withdrew PF by claiming it through online, But I have received 7000 rupees less than the amount I was shown as settled. Could you please let me know why it could have happened?

      1. Thank you for very quick reply Basavaraj. As I am facing this first time unlike the other two times I withdrew pf, I just wanted to know the reason why could this have happened. Please let me know if you dont mind.

  184. One of my old employer had closed my pf account and deducted the money from the account also. Can I get it back, if yes please let me know the procedure

  185. Dear Sir,

    I have uploaded documents for correction of date of birth at EPFIGMS on 21.02.2018 with all my documents & yesterday I have received an reply from them saying there is no acknowledgement stamp on the joint declaration form. They are asking me to furnish the courier details vide which I have sent the documents & they have closed my grivience.

    Please suggest what should I do.

  186. Dear sir, i want to withdrawal my pf money but company owner refuse my form for signature. from last 2 years i am continuously approach him but still he is not cooperate. the main problem is that my pf is 6 years old not registered with uan and also my personal details are incorrect in pf account. Can bank manager signature valid for both form pf withdrawal and joint declaration form.
    Please suggest

  187. hi

    I requested for PF transfer and in passbook it is showing as transferred and got settled, but the amount is not transferred to the current PF account. I asked the same with the present employer, they told to me, to raise grievance asking for fund transfer details and annexure-k, I have raised the grievance asking for same on 5-02-2018.
    With in how many days will I get the reply, will I get the amount back :(??

    please reply

    Thanks in advance
    Shalini J

  188. My Date of birth is wrong in PF portal i contacted my employee they told plz contact EPFO department.
    Its will effect when i will withdraw money ? its Big task to contact with EPFO.

  189. Hello,

    I have uploaded my kyc for verification along with adhaar and it’s almost 20 days and the company to whom my employer has outsourced it are unable to do resolve my issue. Now they are asking to send it physically instead of online and wait till end of the month for any feedback. Nor they have verified it nor updated my date of exit.

    Kindly suggest a solution and does it take so long for verification.

      1. Ok but does it take that much time to verify a document because same thing happened with my other UAN but my other company resolved and verified it in just 1 day and I was easily able to claim it online.Is it not a poor responce from their end in my present case.

  190. While registering the grievance, i have not received registration number either mail or mobile. When i tried to register next time it is saying it is already registered. please try after 30 days.

    how should i get the registration number.

  191. sir my date of birth is incorrect in my PF details and im suffering lot of problems . because im not add my aadhar card and im complaining to my employer but he his not taking any action on his side after that im sending my attached document send office delhi south reference no. is DSNHP00221990000008801 but know response to pf office
    after that im given my detail epfo dashboard ref. no. is 18021361398 but again no response what can i do sir ?

  192. Sir im receiving a message from EPF he said me send ur pf amount to ur bank account ending 4368 but this account is not my account pls tell me suggestions

  193. Dear Sir,

    I have registered my complaint on EPFIGMS for correction of my date of birth however whenever I am checking the status it shows incorrect password & the password is also not getting changed errors comes please provide password.

    What should I do ? please suggest.

      1. actually I visited the PF office they say it will happen in 15 days

        I have submitted my request on 19.01.2018.

          1. hi sir i have applied for on line claim on 6th feb 2018 and in uan login it is showing as settled on 9th feb 2018 when i checked the status in epf claim status it is showing as tansferred via neft on 9th feb and on th e same day i have received the msg that my amount would be credited to my bank account in 3 working days but till now amount has not credited when might i get the amount transferred to my account one of my coleague applied and she got in 5 days .kindly confirm sir

  194. Sir, i have no uan no. But i have my pf ac no. Then please suggest me how can i register my complaint.
    Please help me..

  195. Hi sir…
    my pf documents submitted & reached on 22/12/2017 Kandivali pf(Mumbai)…
    how much time will take for credit my amount…
    when I check claim status in http://www.epfindia.com
    it shows no records found message…
    My uan is 100738682492
    Plz, Help me …….


  196. Hi Sir,

    I have received a message from “http://www.epfigms.gov.in” saying that


    What does mean and still how long will it take to complete the PF tarnsfer.


  197. Hi Sir mera uan number change ho gya h old uan par balence nahi bata raha h muje new uan ko deactive karna h please help me Sir

  198. Hello sir
    I have submitted my pf on 8th dec and still showing under process
    Please suggest what should i do.
    I raised grievance but no satisfactory answer.

  199. Hi sir
    These is Naresh Kumar i had applied my PF and receipt date 8 dec and still yesterday it was showing Under process but when I checked today status is showing blank and it’s already 25 days can u give me any suggestions and I raised the grievance but no reply..?

  200. sir,Through modify Basic Details with AAdhar , I have modifified with AAdhar, after approval by employer at least one month past . only showing pending at field office. I have to change Name & DOB. Pl. reply how much time it takes.

  201. Hi , I have raised grievance on EPF site and forget registration number . I tried lot of number while googling but no success. No email received after raising request. I sent mail to [email protected] but no response. Is their is any way to get registration number to view status of my issue.

  202. Hi Basavaraj,

    Great Site and Information. I had filed my grievance on 1st Dec,2017. Status still shows as “RECEIVED THE GRIEVANCE “.
    Is there any SLA for the resolution. If I do not get satisfactory response, can I escalate to any other person/authority.

    The reply you give will be very beneficial, to me and also others who may have similar questions.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi,

      Tweet to @socialepfo @LabourMinistry @santoshgangwar to speed up the process. I did the same and it seems they take twitter very seriously. Tweet the same 10-20 times for catch the attention.

      All the best !


  203. Dear Sir this is the email that I sent to The RO, EPFO, TAMBARAM

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    This is to Inform you that I, Raghav Hariharan, had filed the Online Transfer claim for my PF and EPS accumulations in my old PF account: TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxxx to my new PF account: TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxxx on 28.10.2017 and had sent in a signed copy of the the Online Form 13 to my previous employer who had approved the same and forwarded the same to you as on 15.11.2017. As per the status which I checked online it showed that my claim request was recieved at the EPFO office in Tambaram on 15.11.2017 and was approved on 17.11.2017 and my new PF account: TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxxx was credited on 23.11.2017. However, The same is not reflecting on my PF passbook and also on the UAN Unified portal it shows that the transfer has yet to take place. I would request you to provide me the Information and Answers pertaining to the questions I am listing below.

    1. If the transfer has been done then it must reflect on the EPF Passbook with the total amount that was transferred, But all it shows is the Passbook for TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxxx and not for TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxxx. Why is that so ?
    2. If the transfer has been Approved, settled and also transferred to my new PF account then the same status should also be updated on the UAN Unified Portal under Online claims, But all it shows is “Accepted by field office.” Why is that so ?
    3. As per EPF rules with regards to OTCP ( ONLINE TRANSFER CLAIM PROCESS) the transfer is approved and settled within five days, and the transfer takes place seamlessly. However, In this case, I fail to understand that if the transfer has already taken place, then why does the UAN Unified portal gives me the notification when I place an Online claim that I have multiple member ID’s and I have to transfer my accumulations to my Present member ID: which is TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxx ?
    4. Even after all this when I filed a grievance with the Registration Number : SRTAM/E/2017/xxxxxx explaining the issue the concerned officer handling the grievance updates the status with ” No Action Required.” and puts in the final reply that ” It is informed that the transfer claim was approved on 17.11.2017 and the amount transferred to TBTAM/xxxxx/xxxxxx and the same was credited in the PF account TBTAM/xxxxx/xxxxxx on 23.11.2017.” whereas my grievance was that it is not updated in my PF passbook and also I was requiring an estimated date by when I can expect it to be updated. Why then did the EPFO, RO, Tambaram, Mr. SHRI D.REMMEI did not go through my complete grievance and without understanding as to why I am filing one closes the same and puts in the final reply as the one stated above.
    5. My final Question is when can I expect this amount to be updated in my passbook, the status of the claim be completed and when can I view that my present PF account: TBTAM00xxxxx0000xxxxxx is reflecting on the UAN Unified portal ?

    I had already mentioned while filing the grievance that I am a disabled person and I would not have the option to run from pillar to post to get this resolved. Hence requesting you to look into this issue with utmost Importance and requiring your assistance in getting this resolved.

    Also Please find attached screenshots of the same issue that I faced regarding the same as well as the pdf of my PF passbook.
    Sutherland PF team & Mr. Sankara Narayanan- Dear Team, any input information or any assistance regarding the same would be grateful and also requesting you to revert ASAP.

    RO, EPFO, TAMBARAM- Sir/ Madam Requesting you to resolve this at the earliest failing which I would be compelled to file an RTI

    Awaiting your Response at the earliest.

    Raghav Hariharan

    As of Now, Basavaraj they have not responded and I am clueless as to what else to do !! I can file an RTI of course but then that also is time consuming. Hence requiring your advice on the same

  204. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for the information, however I would like to know as to how long it takes for a grievance registered with regards to transfer of Pf accumulation normally take to be resolved. I had filed an Online request for transfer of PF accumulations from the UAN portal when I checked on the online portal it shows that my claim has been settled yet it is not reflecting on my current Pf account. Requesting your advise on the same as I also have registered a grievance regarding the same

  205. Sir,

    I am retired from Fertilizer Corporation of India on Fab. 2003 and getting the family pension Rs. 816/- per month. My pension has been stopped in want of Aadhar Card. I have also contacted EPFO office Dilshad Garden, Delhi-95 on 14.11.2017 and registered my Aadhar No. XXXXXXXXXXXX and got the Jeevan Pramaan id No. 7——— (Life Certificte for Pensioner). Even then my pension is held and not credited in Bank (SBI, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-95 in SB Account No. YYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    You are, therefore, requested to kindly release my pension at the earliest.
    Mahendra Singh
    Mob. 9999999999

    1. Mahendra-First keep in mind that NEVER SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ON SUCH PUBLIC PLATFORMS (I deleted those details). Second thing, I am not authorized person as you are thinking. Hence, contact EPFO.

  206. I already withdraw money from pf in the month of june for purchase of flat.
    Now I wish to repay homeloan pricipal to hdfc bank. Should I do the same.

  207. Dear Sir,

    How do I claim my PF without the employers signature as I don’t have the following details:-

    a. Company shutdown in 2011
    b. I don’t have a UAN number
    c. I only have my PF account number

    what do I do ?
    how can I claim?
    which form can I use?
    who can I call?
    who can I meet and where?
    who can I write too and where (email id etc)?

    Please assist.

    Thank you

  208. Hi Sir,

    First of all let me thank you for this great information. I have submitted a complaint by following the procedure you mentioned here. My problem is that while activating UAN, I am getting error message that Date of Birth is incorrect. But when i spoke with my last employer who opened this PF account they are telling me that correct date of birth was registered and we cant do anything now.

    What can i do to resolve this issue.

      1. Thanks sir for the quick reply. However the problem is that I have not activated my UAN. So not able to login into portal also. And for UAN activation DOB is mandatory. So it is kind of circle i am stuck into.

        Really need your guidance.

  209. Dear Sir,

    My company deducted amount from my salary for EPF included my individual contribution but didn’t deposited in my EPF account since Dec’16. I asked my company’s HR for 3 month and he always reply that you will get epf shortly. Now i left the company but company still didn’t deposit EPF.

    So please tell me the process to file complain against my company regarding this.
    Can we file complain in (EPFiGMS) portal regarding this? If yes, which option i have to choose e.g. Final Settlement or Other??

    Is there any alternative solution??

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. Thanks for reply .
        Can you please tell me process in brief or share a link to raise a issue with EPFO?

        Can we file complain in (EPFiGMS) portal regarding this??


  210. Hi sir,
    I had applied my pf it was rejected due to printed name was not there in cheque and I submitted my passbook front then raised the grievance to know the status and it is showing as “under examination at our level” it means under process or anything else..?

  211. i have not received my epf amount as per my EPF passbook and My last company was Eclerx and before that i was working with IBM but i have not received PF for IBM i have one UAN number and when i lodge a complaint online at EPF they said you dont have credit balance is there anyone to whom i can discuss my issue on call or on email of EPF officer ??? Please help

  212. Hi,
    I worked seven months in the company and left 4 months ago. During my profession they have deducted PF money every month from my salary.
    But till date they have not open my PF account nor paid to me .
    What action can I take to this kind of company.

  213. Sir,
    I raised the Grievance , but did not receive any Registration number.
    Now when i try to register again , i am getting error saying “You have already raised a grievance”.

    Please suggest.

  214. hi
    sir I want to know that my employer is making me fool I fill my epfo withdrawal form but this returned from epfo office and rejected the issue was sign not matching when I told to my employer he said me that his designation sign is expired please help
    now what I should to do

  215. Hi,

    I had applied for PF Transfer.My Previous employer was an exempted organisation(trust).
    They had transferred the amount after submitting the physical form and sent me the annexure K for the same.

    My current employer had sent an covering letter application to EPFO for updating the transfer amount to my new account. It has been more than a month but amount is not reflected in my passbook yet.

    Should i raise a grievance ??


    1. Hello Sajal,

      When EPFO is saying that they have attached Annex-K, in that case you have to go to their Grievance site & view your grievance status by giving your request number. Once the status is on your screen, you will find the link to view final reply. On clicking the link, a new window will open up. You can download Anex-K from there (if attached).

      Hope this would help.



      1. Arun, what does one do in case of not being able to find a link or attachment to download the Annexure K?
        This is happening multiple times – grievance closed after getting a status: Annexure K attached but without any link or attachment.

    1. Hi Naresh,

      I got reply from EPFO for my Grievance. My claim has been approved yesterday (15/nov) and same will be credited in my account in few days.

  216. Dear Sir,


    I am unable to understand exactly what they required for name correction as already i had submitted Adhar card & joint declaration form physically & also in grievance cell.

    kindly help!

      1. Sir, my DOB is same in Adhaar card & EPFO site & when i go link my adhaar card to EPFO, massage received, mismatch data.
        And the reason of mismatch data that my correct name which is mention in Adhaar Card- Anant Shekher Mishra but at EPFO site it is mention Anant Shekher Narendra kumar Mishra & for this already i submitted Joint declaration form but they are not responding on the same proper way

  217. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for PF partial withdrawal through my employer and they have submitted the documents to concerned PF office on 23rd Oct 2017. I haven’t got any message to my mobile number from PF office but i checked the status in EPFO portal on 25th Oct and there I could see the claim id against my UAN and it is in ‘Under Process’ status.

    If i try to check the status now, no results are showing against my UAN. Kindly suggest what should i do now. Shell I wait for some more days or shell i contact my Employer/PF office.


    1. Hi Raj
      My pf documents also submitted on 24th Oct for pf withdrawal, it was showing under process but when I chk now it is showing blank so I visited pf office they told that there is a server issue…still facing the same issue

      1. Hi Naresh,

        Thank you very much for the update.

        Did they say anything about your claim (approved or not)? Until server issue is resolved we can’t get the approvals?

        1. Hi Raj
          They said my claim is under process by these week claim will be approved and amount will be credited… Still status is showing Blank or what..?

          1. Hi Raj,

            Still my claim status is showing blank. I have raised a Grievance with them and it is in “under verification” status. Can u able to see your claim status now? I will update you if i get any update from them.

              1. What about your claim? if you didn’t get any message yet, just check your PF Passbook, there you can see “withdrawal column”, there you can see the withdrawal amount if it is approved.

  218. After joining new company I submitted pf transfer request. It was rejected as surname was incorrect in old pf account.
    New pf account is linked with UAN but old is not. Current employer said I have to submit name correction through old employer. I submitted name correction through old employer, first it was rejected with reason UAN not linked with pf account. So old employer generated UAN for old pf account. (Now I have two UAN) and resubmitted name correction.
    Again it was rejected and pf department says account is not under old employer. Current employer says he doesn’t have any access to old pf account. So he cannot submit name correction request.

  219. I want to change my name in UAN as i am not able to upload my document and not able to update my KYC.

    Wrong Name-Sweety Walia

  220. How to change my Name in UAN My Original Name is sweety -But PF or UAN input wrong Sweety Walia.

    I have already shared my Documents to pf Department almost 3 months back with name correction form and hard copy of Adhaar Card and Pan CARD As well.

    Kindly help how can i change my name over there.

      1. Hi
        After I left the old company I have submitted all required docs for transferring my pf to my new company. Epfo has already transferred the same to new company’s account. But new company is wanting annexure K to transfer the same to my account. But even after several times registering complant in the website they are not sending the annexure K. They are just saying “it is informed you that as mentioned in your grievance Annexure K is attached for your KI.But there is no attachment. This has happened 10-12times. Is there any other way of getting it. Please help

        1. Hello Roy,

          When EPFO is saying that they have attached Annex-K, in that case you have to go to their Grievance site & view your grievance status by giving your request number. Once the status is on your screen, you will find the link to view final reply. On clicking the link, a new window will open up. You can download Anex-K from there (if attached).

          Hope this would help.



  221. I have opted for Partial withdrawal of PF for the purchase of land. I did submit the withdrawal form in my location EPFO on 25/10/2017. I saw in many websites that they settle the claim in 10 days. Now its the 12th day and still I have not received my claim amount to my bank. Do I have to wait for few more days or should I raise a grievance.

    Please help me with this. Thank you.

  222. dear sir,
    my uan number XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    our employer not update my epf kyc date of joining date of birth, father name

    pls suggest ……….we have tryied online helpdesk chenges but reference pin not received error in the site.

    pls update our kyc …

  223. Your blogs are wonderful and you are giving lots of insights on various financial areas.

    I do have a question and I guess you have answered it. I resigned my job and not working anywhere from October 1, 2017. I have an accumulated EPF from my previous company where I worked for 9.4 years. I am able to check the balance online. I am not planning to work anywhere so there won’t be any PF contribution. So, I am assuming that PF account will continue to be active with compound interest accumulation till I turn 58 (currently I am 47 years old). Am I right?

      1. Thank you Basavaraj. One more doubt.

        As part of my EPF balance, I have some money accumulated as pension fund.

        1) How did this pension fund money come in the first place?
        2) How much pension would I get after 58 years assuming that the pension fund right now is a just a meagre 90,000 Rupees and I am not planning to work anywhere from now on till 58, so there won’t be any PF accumulations


  224. Hi Sir,

    From last 2 months I am chasing with my HR for withdrawal of pf and every time they told me that they have processed my pf withdrawal form to the noida PF department through their consultant. And today when i directly called to the PF department, then i got to know from PF department that they have not received my form.

    Also they have not linked my aadhar to my PF account and also not approved KYC.

    As I left job in March 2017, they are not attaining my issues.

    Thank you in advance


  225. Hi,
    I logged a grievance 2 days back but didn’t get the registration number, no mail or message received when I try to register again it gives me error duplicate grievance try after 30 days.

    How can I get the registration number?

    1. I was facing problem where I was not getting the registration no. That time I was using Google Chrome.
      Then I switched to IE. Now I am able to log grievance.

      1. Same error ‘duplicate grievance try after 30 days’ is coming on IE as well. I just want to confirm with you will they reply of my request on given mail id ?

          1. I got a reply from them today, but didn’t get the answer of what I asked them. I requested for the status of PF withdrawal request made through form 31 and got reply about pf transfer status.

            What to do now that case is closed now and I am not able to lodge another one within 30 days.


  226. How to find about the status of PF transfer from on UAN to another UAN.

    On Unified PF portal its show status as ” Something went wrong !!! Please try later”. This message is comming form the last 15 days.

    When I tried to lodge PF grievance via EPFiGMS its not giving me any Registration number to check about the status of complaint.

    Any other suggestion to check status of PF transfer.

  227. Sir,

    I have an issue with Activating my UAN number in uan portal error is date of birth does not match with available data.
    How to activate my UAN.

  228. Dear Sir,

    I have registered my grievance for correction of my date of joining vide Registration NO,SOWGL/E/2017/00179. After 15 days reply came that your date of joining is corrected as 28/11/2003 in place of 01/03/2013. Now you can apply for PF advance.

    But when I tried to apply for PF advance through online, the date of joining is not corrected and it is saying your service is less than 60Months so you are not eligible to apply for PF advance for purchase of home.

    I have contacted the concerned SRO, but he has replied recklessly that we have given you reply that your Date of Joining is corrected and it would be updated in online later whenever he wants to do it. He further replied do what you can

    I dont know how to go further. Now I am in hurry to buy Villa to which payment needs to be made. THE EPFO officials cheating the PF holders saying your grievance is solved without actually solving it

  229. i have raised grievance to change the date of birth .

    they changed my name and date of birth .

    if there any possibility change my name

  230. Hi BasavaRaj,

    I have an issue with Activating my UAN number in uan portal error is date of birth does not match with available data.
    I worked in two companies , my first employer generated uan number ,i happily activated my uan in portal.but my current employer suddenly generated second uan, when i try to activate this uan showing this error, i also sent a mail to HR Team with proff ,they checked according to my documents .present i am not working what can i do,please help me.
    to sölve this problem.


  231. Sir,
    The EPFO link where we can make changes in UAN profile is not working.I need to change my profile name in UAN so that it will be in sync with my name according to aadhar.Due to this issue,I am not able to get eKYC done.Please suggest on how to fix this problem.
    Thanks in Advance

  232. Hello,

    I read the above messages. I was wondering if you could help me out. I do not have a UAN, since my account was very old. I have all my pf details from the company. However they are illegally withholding my pf because I have not cleared the F & F with them. They have quoted an amt of around 1.5 lakh. I have disputed the same with them. This has been going on for the last 9 years. How can I resolve this issue, I worked in the company for over 5 years.

    Hoping for some helpful guidance in this matter.

  233. Hello sir, I have resigned from a company long back ago. When I approached for my PF, I found out that company itself didn’t register under EPF. After many followups I have posted about the employer in LinkedIn. Now the employer has created a fake mail Id and sent us a threatening legal notice. I got a mail only, didn’t receive any postal hard copy.

    Kindly suggest.

  234. Hello Sir,

    I have submitted grievance about my partial withdrawal in EPFIGMS link but it did not give me Registration number. How can I track if it is registered or not.


    Chandra shekar

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Same case happened with me. It did not give me registration number for my grievance and when I tried to submit again it gives message as ” You have already lodged a compliant with us.Please lodge a fresh complaint after 30 days”. I even did not get any email on my provided email id. It has been more than 1 week after I submitted my grievance Kindly help.








  236. Sir,

    My present company PF is not showing in UAN site. I joined this company in FEB 2017.

    Kindly suggest what to do ?

  237. Hi Sir,

    This is Geetha

    My gender and service history details are not updated by my previous employer.I have asked my HR ,she said to send the mail to concerned team and I did the same.Till now I didn’t received any mail and am follow uping them but no reply.

    Can you please suggest if there is any way to resolve this.

    Thank you!!

  238. Hello Sir,

    My UAN has updated the wrong PAN number and i requested the same to my employer to correct it but they are saying NAME mismatch so unable to correct it.

    When i tried the same to update the KYC with correct PAN details getting the message as “Name against UAN does not match with the NAME in Income Tax Department”

    Please suggest hot to correct the issue. Thanks and appreciate your help.

    I am worrying that my PF is crediting to wrong PAN address.

    Satish A

      1. Hello Basavaraj,

        Yes, I did and its almost a month now still no response. Status still showing as “Helpdesk not replied yet. Wait for helpdesk to send message”

        I am trying to call the UAN helpdesk but always busy . Not getting what to do now.

        Satish A

  239. Hello Basavaraj,

    My wife’s contact details has been entered wrongly by her employer. Can you please let me know how that can be fixed ?

    Waiting for your response.


      1. Hello Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your message. Is there any other way out to get it done by herself ? The employer is a rubbish and I don’t expect them to help her.

        Can you please suggest something ?

  240. Hi, I logged a grievance today but I didn’t get the registration number, no mail or message received when I try to register again it gives me error duplicate grievance try after 30 days.
    How can I get the registration number?


      1. same happened with me, i did’t any registration no.. and now it gives me error duplicate grievance try after 30 days

        will they mailed registration no on mail..or would we again after some time???

  241. Sir,
    I would like to bring in your Notice that EPFO Kanpur had paid Rs,6119/- on 08/6/2017 in my SBI Account XXXXXXXXXX While EPFO Kanpur was regularly paying my pension Rs, 2081/- per month up May-17 (Due up to April-17) against PPO No. XXXXXXXXX, Thereafter my Pension is still Stop as on date. I Could not under stand about payment of Rs, 6119/- and reason to Stop monthly pension against said PPO.
    Hence you are requested that Let me know the break -up of payment Rs.6119/- which already Paid on 8/6/2017 as well as request to release my regular monthly pension against aforesaid PPO. If any UAN No. issued from EPFO may pl be intimate through Email/SMS for our record.

    Vinod Kumar Tripathi

  242. Hello,

    I tried submitting complain in epfigms.gov.in/ website today (11-Aug-2017). After filling all the details, I clicked on submit button. On clicking submit button, I see a flash image of round round shown on screen & then returned back to the form. It does not gave me any error.

    Same is happening with lot of my colleagues.

    Do you have any idea?


  243. Dear Basavaraj ji,

    Firstly, i would like to change the date of birth in my UAN registered details, can you specify the exact process in doing so and how?

    Secondly, my current employer has registered my pf account in a new UAN and my previous employer had also registered on a different UAN, so now there are 2 UAN allotted to me, can i merge both of them.

    Lastly, if i would like to know all the PF money is sitting in one account only, then is there any procedure in doing so.


    1. Pushkar-1) You can do so through your current employer.
      2) You can request EPFO through your employer for the merger of both UAN.
      3) Once you have single UAN and within that even though you have different EPF accounts, then you no need to worry.

  244. Sir,
    My Monthly pension i.e Rs 2081/- for the month of June-17 have not been paid in my A/C XXXXXXXX42 as on date whose PPO No. UP/KNP/XXXXXXXX in the name of XXX XXXXX XXXXXX.
    Hence your requested to pay the aforesaid due payment under intimation in my Mail ID mentioned Below.

    1. Vinod-For your information, I am not authorized person to pay the pension or I am in any way connected with EPFO. Hence, better you knock your EPFO Office. Also, never share your personal details on such public platforms like your EPF details and bank details.

  245. Hi,

    After EPF website make over my DOB & Father name is not showing correctly in the UAN portal. How to correct it ?
    My new employer has allotted a new UAN number with another EPF office and for this the details are correct.
    I want to to transfer my PF amount from previous to current PF account. Please help what to do as I have 2 UAN number.
    Also explain how to get verify the KYC details and Bank details to initiate the PF transfer request.


      1. My employer is denying, saying they have no cotnrol 🙁
        Also need your advise how to correct the details for older UAN no
        ow to get verify the KYC details and Bank details in EPF portal

  246. Hi,

    I raised a OTCP transfer claim in Oct 2016 via OTCP portal. My Current employer approved it in Nov 2016 and my present employer said they have deposited the cheque to the RPFC office in Apr 2017 and also said they have approved it in June 2017. In the Annexure-k they had sent , UAN no is marked different ,as I quit my employer before UAN came into picture and they seems generated it from their end. But anyways , OTCP should merge the Old UAN to the new one.
    But when I visited the OTCP site to check on the claim status , it says no records found. I have the Transfer claim ID with me for reference.
    I tried reaching out to the toll free no of EPF , but no is attending to . I had also sent mail to the support desk , but no replies .
    Thirdly , I tried raising a grievance , but inspite of filling in all details (including mandatory ones) I am getting error message to enter mandatory details.

    Is there any option to check on my claim status . I checked the passbook but it has not been deposited yet.

    Please guide me on this.

      1. Sure . Thanks for the reply..
        So what will happen with the amount transferred by my previous employer into a different account ?? Will it be credited into the current PF account under the new UAN ??

        Also ,I have quit my current company now and am planning to withdraw PF after 3 months. Am not joining any company again as iam starting a business .

        So do I have to wait for this transfer process to get over fully and then raise a withdrawal ?? Will I be getting the previous transfer amount pending as well , along with my current PF from my current employer.

      2. Requested Annexure K thrice from last 3months thro’EPFIGMS portal, not able to get till now.(1st time- EPFO just gave bank details for transfer, 2nd time closed request saying COVID issue, 3rd time raised, yet to get reply)

        TCS confimed that they have received pf transfer amount,but require Annexure-K to effect it.

        I am getting relieved this month, what will happen if I am not able to get Annexure-K before relieving.

  247. I have two UAN no. I had applied to go EPF transfer through Form 13.but in observation amount of My first UAN
    number is transferred on second UAN number but pension contributions is not transferred.
    Sir please tell me what i do in this situation and cooperate me.

      1. Sir, if EPF merged with new UAN than pention contribution Amount is not transferred on new UAN ,it is outstanding in old UAN passbook.

  248. How to change my DOB? My Original DOB:07-07-1989,But PF or UAN input wrong DOB:2-12-1973…
    Is it possible to change ONLINE?

      1. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

        i sent joint declartion form to change the date of birth for 2 month ago but still not reflected in UAN account.

        shall i raise the complaints in EPF grievance ?

        how long it will take ?

  249. I have submitted all the documents on 3rd may and on 6th of May I got a message that my package is delivered. When I register my grievance regarding this they said that no claim form received in this office. What should I do know. Please reply…

  250. How to change my DOB? My Original DOB:27-01-1983,But PF or UAN input wrong DOB:27-01-1984…
    Shubha Karmakar

      1. Sir,

        Even my problem is similar to the above one. But my Name itself is wrong they missed one letter in my name in the UAN site. And now iam nowhere associated with the company and not working anywhere.

        I have applied for withdrawal, but they are saying my name is not matching with UAN, adhaar card, Pancard, Bank names, so asking me to change them respectively. But iam not sure to which name i should change to match the data with?! should i change my name to match with the UAN site name? Please suggest me the best way to get rid of this problem.

        Also is there anyway to correct my name in the UAN site by myself, as now iam not working anywhere for requesting my new employer to update the same in the KYC and my past employer says he doesn’t have any control over them.

        Thanks in advance.

  251. Sir i am sk imran. My date of birth is 25/12/1995 and date of birth of my girlfriend is 07/11/1996. I am going to get marry her on 21/01/2017… Can i eligible for registry marriage… Plz kindly reply

  252. Dear Basavaraj,

    I’ve inherited 10 lac from my father after his death. I want to grow this money. I don’t need the money for next 10 years as I’m working.

    Presently I’ve invested it in FD, and from it’s quarterly interests, I invest in MF by SIP. Do you suggest any better investment option?

      1. Thanks! I’ve read your article. But my question is not that. Should I keep the money in FD and do SIP as I’m doing, or you can suggest any other instrument to invest my money to get better returns?

      2. DEAR SIR,
        My EPF account is not login.
        This problem Login has been disabled as reason of exit is death.
        I can’t login my account .I’m suffering one year this problem .
        I feel helpless .no one helping me .
        Please sir give me suitable help..

          1. Sir, i have 25 years of service. I was told to bring annexure k from different RO to justify my service. RO Indore has send letter and disposed my grievance. Bangalore RO has shared Annexure K and disposed my grievance. Now, I have to raise Grievance towards Delhi South RO. When I submit new grievance under ‘PF pension not available with the beneficiaries’ it gives error you already lodged grievance on similar subject. Now how to move further why I can’t raise request for Annexure k to different RO. Right now no Grievance is open. Please advise.

    1. Hi Sir,

      My Pf tranfer request has been approved and status is updated as settled and now company is asking me to raise a grievance against Pf office to share the annexure k and I do no in which category should I raise the request.Kindly assist

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