EPF Composite Claim Form -Single form to withdraw EPF without employer

EPFO recently introduced the EPF Composite Claim Form. This is a single form for all types of withdrawal (including partial or advance withdrawal) with or without employer signature.

Last year, EPFO introduced the UAN based EPF and EPS withdrawal forms to simplify the process (New EPF Withdrawal Forms-Withdraw without employer signature). To simplify the process, now the single form is introduced as EPF Composite Claim Form.

This will replace the existing Forms 19, Form 10C and Form 31. Form 19 is used for EPF final settlement, Form 10C is used for EPS withdrawal and Form 31 is used for EPF partial withdrawal.  are accepted for PF Final Settlement, EPS Pension.

Last year the forms were changed to UAN based Form 19, Form 10C and Form 31. If your EPF account is UAN based, then you can easily withdraw the EPF without employer signature. These UAN forms can be used if your EPF is UAN activated with KYC details like Aadhar number, Bank Account, and other KYC details have been linked to your UAN.

Let me explain the same from below image the process.EPF Withdrawal Process

You noticed that even though the process is improved by removing employer in UAN based EPF withdrawal, it still complicated due to number of forms involved.

Hence, now EPFO come up with single EPF Composite Claim Form which you can use for EPF withdrawal, partial withdrawal, advance, and EPS withdrawal.

EPF Composite Claim Form Types

There are two types of forms.

1) EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar)

If your UAN has been linked with Aadhar and bank details, this form can be submitted for all types of EPF withdrawals. The attestation of an employer is not required and this form can be submitted to EPFO directly.

2) EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhar)

If your UAN has not yet been linked with Aadhar and bank details, this form can be submitted for all types of EPF withdrawals. The attestation of an employer is required and the form has to routed through an employer.

When can you use EPF Composite Claim Forms?

This EPF Composite Claim Form can be used for below purpose.

# EPF Final Settlement

# EPF Partial or Advance withdrawals for purposes like;

  • Housing Loan, Purchase of site, Construction of house, renovation of house etc.,
  • Medical treatment of self/family member
  • One year before retirement
  • Investment in Varistha Pension Bima Yojana
  • Marriage of self / son / daughter / brother / sister etc.,

# EPS Pension Withdrawal

EPF Withdrawal Process using EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar and Non-Aadhaar)

Now the process of withdrawal using EPF Composite Claim Form will be as below.EPF Withdrawal Process using EPF Composite Claim Form

You noticed that if your Bank Account and Aadhaar Card is linked to your UAN number then it is the easiest process to withdraw the EPF or EPS.

New Single Page EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar) and (EPF Composite Claim form (Non-Aadhar) Download

# You can download the new single page EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar). Below is the sample image of the form.

Download EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar)

# You can download the new single page EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar). Below is the sample image of the form.Download EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhaar)

EPF Partial Withdrawals & New Instructions (Effective from February 2017)

# As of now, if you want to take advance or loan from EPF, then you have to submit the ‘Declaration Form’ along with Form 31 or Form 31 (UAN). However, with the introduction of EPF Composite Claim Form, you no need to submit such declaration.

# You no need to submit any other documents or certificate along with EPF Composite Claim Form for the purpose of withdrawals like Housing loan, Marriage, construction of house and education expenses. Instead of this, you have to self-certify the Common withdrawal form.

# Submission of EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar) / (EPF Composite Claim form (non-Aadhar) is construed as ‘self-certification’ for the above said partial withdrawals, for which no document would be required to be submitted to the EPFO offices.

Hope this much information is enough to use this newly launched single page EPF Composite Claim Form at ease.

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  1. Hello Mr Basavaraj,
    I was working in an engineering company since 1974. The company started deducting PF from 1975.
    Due to financial problems in 2002 The company approached BIFR and later on it went on liquidation. Some of the employees withdraw their PF amount partially. Since company’s contribution was pending, our claim couldn’t be settled fully. After the company closed, I am working with a small company where PF facility was not there. Now I am 74 years old. Is there any chance of getting my pending amount from PF office if please help me how to claim the same.


  2. Hi Sir
    I am Ravi kumar i have 2 accounts in 1 uan. I am working in contract basis. Every contract for 1 year. Now i am in 2 nd contract on 2nd company. Now i can able to claim my eps amount on 1 st contract.

  3. Sir
    I have completed 1.5yeras service. Am comply about to apply final settlement.
    And now while apply,in both epf site and umang app it’s showing form 19and 10c separate options only. Composite option is not showing.
    So how I apply composite form online to get both epf and eps at a time.
    Kindly assist me regarding this.
    Expecting a revert
    [email protected]

  4. I have 2 pf accounts under 1 UAN however 1 was settled but then I got the money transferred from the other account but the company was same but now if I am claiming it then it says already settled so can I fill composite claim form online

  5. Dear Sir

    My self Sushil my mobil number and Aadhaar not link with my UAN number unfortunately i forget my password also.
    So i m not able to do login or updated my KYC in KYC portal due to i m not getting OTP.
    my Employer totally denied for any kind of help.

    Mobile number – Not link
    Aadhaar Number. – Not link
    Pan Card number – Not link
    Bank account number – link

    Please please please guide me for the further course of action
    i am stuck in since 5 years kindly help me in this matter

    I am really glade for your response.

    Sushil Varma.

  6. Hi Sir,

    I am Ravi, my total experience as of now is below 7 years. I worked with company X for 4 years 10 months and resigned and joined company Y within one month of resignation. I have an emergency situation at home, I want to withdraw EPF and EPS of company X. But my new company Y created a PF ID in the UAN portal because of which I am unable to withdraw company X epf and eps. all the kyc details are up to date.
    1. Should I fill the composite Aadhaar form and submit at regional office in this case?
    2. Will I get my complete EPF and EPS as shown in my previous employer(company x) pf account?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi sir,
    I got resigned from company x and joined in company y and my company y added new account member id in the UAN .I can withdraw the full EPF and EPS amount From company x using composite form aadhar ??

  8. Hello sir,
    I would like to know, if the death claim of PF amount by employee’s legal hires can be done in joint bank accounts of the legal hires or its mandatory to claim it to a single bank account??

    Kindly help me in this regard with your valuable reply.

      1. Sir,
        The employee has two legal hires and they have a joint account. Will it work, can we provide the joint account for the death settlement??

  9. Sir,
    I need to submit of composite form adhar for final settlement. My of account is at kukattpally, Hyderabad. Now I am living in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Is it ok to submit my form in nearest EPFO regional office in Jamshedpur.

  10. Dear Mr. Basavraj,

    I am having a complicated situation regarding EPFO – UAN which I need to explain in details. Would it be possible to avail your consultation for the resolution!

  11. Dear Sir,
    I have one KYC updated UAN No . In that two PF account is linked. One PF is from Jamshedpur registration with Date of Exist mention and another PF is Hyderabad registration without Date of Exist.I want to withdraw my PF without the approval of employer. In which Regional office I need to submit the Composite Claim Form (Aadhar)

  12. Hi Sir,
    PF amount as per EPFO passbook I got but the problem is with pension amount Sir. Pension amount as per the EPFO passbook is 7000 but I got less Sir. 1125rs difference.

    What to do Sir?
    Because my PF along with pension is less than 25K that’s why will it get deducted in my pension?

  13. Hello Sir,

    My husband passed away recently and his office is based out of Bangalore whereas we are in Hyd. Their office has sent me 3 copies of Composite Death claim for PF and asked to sign and send them whereas one of my acquintances said that Form 10D,Form 20, Form 5IF and composite deathclaim form need to be submitted. Which is right procedure. Also I do not know if his PF account is linked to his Aadhar or not is it ok. One more thing is should employer sign on this document or can I at my end fill in all details, attached required docs and send to EPFO, if yes, whether in HYD or BLR.

  14. Dear sir, I applied for form 10C withdrawal and the claim is processed and settled too.however only the last employer share got credited as I guess I have not transferred the other employees of. Can I still claim their share online. If yes then plz suggest how and if no then what is the alternative. I need the money soon.

  15. Hi Sir,
    My name is Saifuddin.
    I resigned my Job on Jan 11th 2019. When I tried to withdraw my PF amount after 60 days online, it is showing an error that DOE of EPF is incorrect. Then I asked my company for Joint Declaration form for correcting the DOE and sent it to PF office through courier. But still now there is no response from them. When i tried to raise an issue through Grievance cell, they are giving a reply stating to submit the Form again.

    Please help me to sort this issue out.

      1. My husband need to withdraw an old pf amount. he left the job 3years ago and it was in Kerala. now where should he submit the pf composite form? can we submit in gurgaon where in currently live or should we send this to Kerala kochi office only?

  16. Even for composite claim form non aadhar(physical mode), do I need to re-upload PAN and Aadhar details in UAN?
    Previously I have mentioned to you in the earlier post that I have changed my name and Fathers name in Aadhar and PAN recently.
    Second question, employer is saying they won’t send the forms to PF office. They have asked me to send. Can I send the forms to PF office after employers attestation?

    Third question, both PAN and Aadhar or only Aadhar should be updated in UAN under KYC for PF less than 50K?
    Fourth question, KYC approvals are done by employers or EPFO?

    1. Dear Glory,
      It is always best first to update your KYC and then proceeds for the withdrawal. Yes, you can do so by sending on your own. Both PAN and Aadhaar should be updated. Final approval of KYC is by EPFO.

      1. Sir,
        My employer didn’t stamp on Form 15G forms. I mean he stamped(company seal) on composite claim form, aadhar and PAN forms but not on Form 15G forms. So will my Pf forms get rejected?

      2. Sir,
        You are the only person who solves my Pf queries. My employer doesn’t support me in anyway. Thank you so much Sir. One more query Sir. I have worked in two companies. 2 Pfs are linked to same Uan. First I have withdrawn 2nd company PF. But the issue is with 1st company PF.

        I told you Sir earlier that I have changed my name and Fathers name in Aadhar and PAN cards. So when I tried to resubmit the new or changed details in UAN under KYC. The approval is going to 2nd company employer. Because the UAN is linked to second company Sir. Now what to do?

          1. For composite claim form non aadhar. One
            set of composite claim form non aadhar is enough along with identity proofs?Cause I have signed and given 2 sets of the composite claim form non aadhar and he has given me only one set with company sign.

  17. Previously my employer has approved my aadhar and PAN details in UAN.

    But recently I have changed my name and Fathers name in my Aadhar and PAN.

    EPFO has also approved my name and father’s name in EPFO database.

    So in UAN, now it is showing as Aadhar and PAN Not Available.

    So do I need to resubmit my Aadhar and PAN details in UAN under KYC?

    Second question, my PF is 25000. Even then do I need to update my PAN details in UAN?

  18. sir, my adhar linked in uan ,bank acount and pan also in kyc section but now my bank acount is same but ifsc change , can i submit change ifsc cancel cheque with composite adhar or non adhar form?. NOTE:my employer is BSNL and dont have digital signature, please sugest can i use difrent ifsc same acount cancel cheque or total difrent acount cancel cheque with compsite form , pls clearifi doubt for offline mode

  19. somesh chaudhary

    Hi Sir, Somesh this side, i have entered wrong bank account details in my EPF account by mistake and submitted the claim form online. Now when i am checking claim status, it shows settled. What should i do now. Please help.

  20. Hi i have submitted ofline mode it will take how many days? I was withdrwan many time online within oneday i got credited in my acount

  21. Hi Sir,
    I tried applying for partial withdrawal it says

    I have applied for partial withdrawal through online 5 times out of which twice it got rejected. Please help



  23. Hi Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I applied for final settlement physically with CCF on 15/01/19 by registered post, to Ahmedabad regional PF office.

    They recieved the case on 21/01/19. Today 10 to 12 days pasts.

    Now, generally how much time it will take to proceed the claim.

    Pandya M M

  24. In the UAN site if I want to apply for PF advance for Construction of Home it shows “Total Service is less than 60 months”.
    However as per fourth amendment scheme 2017,it has been changed to 3 years. But in the UAN site it still shows 5 years and I can’t select it.
    Is this correct or can I apply through other way?

  25. I changed my company before 1.5 years ago and I joined second company. Now I’m working in second company since that day.
    now I want to withdraw my PF amount but I’m unable to claim as in claim form last company member ID not showing for claim. What can I do to claim?

  26. Thank you so much for helpful article.
    I have some doubts that I want help.

    1. My employer has not pay 3 months between pf not submitted seen in passbook. How I can check my passbook amount is right or not?

    2. I have changed my company now, I want to withdraw my old company pf. What should I do, provide same uan number or generate new uan number?

    3. If I provide same uan number to my new company, can I withdraw money?

    4. How much money I can withdraw without any emergency? I am not old, can I also withdraw pension fund?

    Please help me for my above issue

  27. Hi Dear Nivesh,
    I worked with the company A in Chennai from Nov 2015 to Dec 2016. They maintained my pf account well and now am in company B in Vadodara from Dec 2016 to till the day continuing.

    My UAN port has AADHAR and Bank details KYC approved.

    Now i want to withdraw pf from company A then how can i do that ?

    I can’t do it online.

    i) Composite_form_aadhar will be a way ?
    ii) to which EPFO should i send the COMPOSITE_FORM , EPFO VADODARA or EPFO Chennai ??

  28. Hello Basu,

    I have applied for the complete withdrawal of the PF and EPS through online portal. It got rejected saying that the please submit forms 15G, Copy of PAN and Claim Form. How do I get the Claim form? And Do I need to send physical courier to the Regional PF office of my employer? Please clarify.


  29. I hav applied for pf final settlement as well as pension withdrawal on 10.9.18 and after a month of claim ‘pending’ status,on 12.10.18 while checking, the pending status turned ‘rejected’ for final settlement whereas my pension withdrawal still in pending status..I want to know the reason for rejection.

    note: Every req doc is approved & verified in uan portal

  30. I have two UAN NOs, when I create uan log in it created for last one . What do I have to do to get first uan no logging or merging

  31. hi my previous employment date of exit is not updated in the UAN. Can I still withdraw my epf directly by submitting the composite form aadhar to the concerned EPF office of the establishment?

  32. Dear Sir,

    I have few queries and they are as follow:

    1. I worked for two of the companies and one was in hyderabad and then moved to Mumbai for work for the 2nd one.
    2. I now had 2 EPF accounts ( but UAN number is Unique and the PF office for the previous one is in Hyderabad and Mumbai was in Pune ),

    I mistakenly have withdrawn the amount from the 2nd company online which was in Mumbai and I thought that my previous PF amount had got transferred automatically since it is an online one.

    3. Now when I got to know that my previous PF money is still lying with the previous EPF account then I had to apply for the transfer online and when I applied for the transfer, I got a form 13 and on the form they mentioned that I have to sign and send it to the previous employer.

    I would like to know that after sending Form 13 to the previous employer, will the previous employer need to send these documents to PF office

    or can they do online or do they need to do it manually?

    How much time does it needed. Can I withdraw it now as I had already applied for the transfer of EPF online?


    1. Dear Ahmed,
      “I would like to know that after sending Form 13 to the previous employer, will the previous employer need to send these documents to PF office”-YES. It may take around 15-20 days of time.

    2. Hi Ahmed,

      My previous UAN number is almost 4 year old and the PF was maintained by a trust. The UAN is active, Adhar verified. I can log in and view the attached pf account to it. When i am trying to withdraw it is saying, the organization is exempted from PF. The same message populating when I am trying to check the passbook. Is there any way we can transfer the PF amount from the old UAN to the current UAN or manual withdraw is the only option??



  33. I have been submitted the required docmnets to EPF, but they had reject our application due to non submission of ABC Certificate. What is ABC Certificate ? Please tell me about ABC.

  34. Anudeep Kumar

    Sir, I have transferred my old account to the new account on 28th may 2018 and unknowingly I claimed the new account in June which I left the company in the month of February 2018. I got only new account amount and old account amount is transferred now and when I claim it is getting rejected. I did several times and now it says I have exceeded the claim requests and do it in physical mode. Please let me know when will the money transferred to the new account and how do I claim. I also got a message from EPF that the account is transferred to new account last month. Please help me in this regard. My number 9885586525.

    1. Dear Arundeep,
      If the message showing that the account transferred, then wait for some time and see whether the process completed or not. If not, then raise an issue with EPFO Grievance Cell Online.

      1. Hi,

        Thank you for your reply. But now it says that I have exceeded the claim requests. If I wait for some time, will I be able to claim online again.

        1. Hi Anudeep,


  35. hello sir,

    i have joined company X in June 2014 and resigned in august 2015 After approx 1 years, and the PF available is around Rs A

    From 2015 till current i am working with company Y and my X,Y company UAN no. is different so can I withdraw my pf of X company or not.


  36. Hi Sir

    I joined company A in July 2013 and resigned in Dec 2016 After approx 3.5 years, and the PF available is around Rs 80000

    From Jan 2017 till current i am working with company B it has been 1.5 years

    I need some money for personal use
    Can i withdraw the PF of Company A completely for my personal use
    If yes
    What is the procedure ?

    Should i transfer the PF to current company or should i directly withdraw

    If i should directly withdraw, please let me know the procedure

    Thank You.

  37. Hi,

    I left my last job in Jan’18 and applied for full withdrawal using form 31 from my last two pf account for about 40000+20000.

    However, I received only 5000+5000 and now only form 31 option is available for me. How do I withdraw the full amount?

  38. Hi Sir,

    I have applied for PF withdrawal and I have more than 8 years of continuous service.

    I have transferred my PF accounts from Company A to B, B to C and C to D and now I left company D and apply for withdrawal.

    In my UAN passbook its showing correct amount and latest PF transfer details (C to D). When I transferred A to B & B to C that time UAN facility was not there.

    I got a query from PF office that they are not able to see all transfer details and requested for copy of annexure K.

    Please let me know how to get it for my PF transfer A to B & B to C.

    Thank you.


  39. Hi Sir,

    I was working with Infosys for 4 years. I am not working now. I need to widrawl my pf my aadhar card is linked with UAN, but Pan card is not verified as name is mismatch with UAN registered data. I reached to local epfo office they are saying, to get employer stamp on offline form, when i talked to my employer they are saying you can submit it online.
    if i submit ccf form with aadhar will epfo office accept my form without employer stamp and signature?

    Please advice me on the same.

  40. Hello Sir,

    I worked with company ABC from 2008 till 2011. I did not withdraw the EPF account that time.

    Currently, the EPF account is dormant and I need to withdraw the money.

    What are my options,
    1. Do I need to contact ABC for EPF withdrawl assistance
    2. Or can I link dormant EPF account with my UAN number and then proceed with withdrawl (the new UAN number was created 1 year back). Will withdrawl using this option attract tax?

    Or please suggest best possible option.

  41. chiranjib mukkherjee

    I have 2 pf accounts under same UAN from different employers.There is a gap of 1 month between the two companies,but total term is over 5 years.I am not working for the last 3 months.Now i want to withdraw my as per final settlement using composite form(Aadhar),as my UAN is KYC seeded.Do i need to fill two composite forms for two employers or a single form will do?Will it be taxable?It will be very kind of you if you can provide me some suggestions.

    thanks & regards

  42. I want to claim PF advance.My account is aadhar seeded.My passbook is showing two member id,previous employer and current employer.While I try to submit online claim (Form31).member id is showing as current employer.But my bulk pf amount is in previous employer member id.How do I proceed?.
    If pf amount is transferred from previous employer to current employer wiyh same UAN,will there will be only single passbook of current employer?Please let me know.

  43. Hi Sir, I am getting retired on 12.05.2018. I have putup 36 years of service ( without break-in-service).
    I have updated Aadhar and Bank details in KYC. But the Pan number is not getting updated (not only for me it is for all employees in our company) please give me the reasons for this.

    And know Which forms should I fillup to claim EPF and Pension Fund. When I have to submit the claim

    Your earlu reply awaited

  44. Pradyumna Mohanty

    When I transfer pf from one account to other account then the pf and pension amount will transfer to pf fund together or pension fund will transfer to pension fund?

      1. After transferring EPF I applied online but the EPS is not happening.It is showing claim can not proceed.

  45. Dear sir,
    My pf is started and deducted from November 2018 salary, but passbook showing like December 2018 started so that i lost my PF amount deducted from November 2018, how to rectify sir. Please reply me sir. Thanks

      1. jatinder sharm

        sir employer not sign my pf form and not update my kyc i left the job last year what can i do pliz help

  46. Subrata Roy Chaudhuri

    Sir i am retired person .i wants withdraw my pf amount EPF & FPF (form no-19 & 10(c) through on line can possible .

  47. Sir,I was working in a private school in the year 2014 I resigned and withdrew my pf now in 2018 I started my new job I want to pf to be deposited into my account but,in new job they are saying my adhar number already linked ..What should I do to get my pf account start in new job?

    1. Shruti-If the organization comes under EPF rules, then you have to be a member of EPF. However, during joining itself, your salary (Basic+DA) is more than Rs.15,000 a month, then you can say NO to EPF.

      1. Hello Sir,

        I was working in Mumbai in Private company in 30th Nov 2017 i have resigned & 4th Dec 2017 i have joined new company in Bangalore Now this company allocate me a new UAN number, so just 17th of April i have online claim for my pf with from 19 and still its showing under process.

        I just wanted to know the amount will be transfer to new UAN or the claim will be process & ill get the amount

  48. Sir,my online claim submission have exeed,they told me submit claim through physical mode.
    So please help me for shot out this problem and where i get this physical mode form for claim.

  49. Hello Sir,Congratulations for doing excellent knowledge sharing blog

    I have a query about PF settlement . One of my friend’s last working day in her previous company was nov.30th and she agreed to join another company on 1st december. But suddenly her previous company extended her notice period to one month more. Since she had formally joined the new company,she had to continue there. But due to technical requirement she worked to previous company with late shifts and they paid her salary with PF for the month of December fully. She wants to close that account and wants to open a new PF account for new company.
    Now question is, will it be okay if her new company also pays PF contribution for the month of December?
    Will there be any problem with UIN number if she closes old account and apply for new account?
    Please suggest.

  50. Dear sir,
    my Employer paying pf but showing pass book not available. also how to merge previous account into present account. In KYC showing Bank a/c is pending by employer

  51. Hi Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti, thank you for the detailed articles and information that you share. Can you please advise me for the following situation. I have worked with multiple employers over the last approximately 20 years and have never had gap in my employment. I am currently employed and have a UAN for my present employer. My previous PF accounts were all non-Trust held. They were all before UAN and hence are not linked to my UAN nor withdrawn.

    What are the options before me. Can I withdraw each of these old PF amounts? Do I have to get them transferred to the current employer? In one company I worked for 4 months, another 11 months and the others at least above a year each.


  52. Pradyumna Mohanty

    Hi sir, I have 3pf accounts in my UAN. From last month I quit my previous organisation where I worked for 3months.can I withdraw pf from the organization which I left 3months before by offline? And which address I need to mention? My present address or the address which is there in my adhaar card.

      1. Pradyumna Mohanty

        I have completed 1 year prior to join last company… As I said I have 3 pf no 2 of them are more than 1 year… Any other documents required or only the form is enough.

  53. Claim-Form-19 (EPF Final Settlement)(Resign) Claim id-BGBNG180300021583 Member id-BGBNG10475900000000001 has been rejected due to :- FORM NO 9 NOT SUBMITTED/OK

  54. Payment deposited in UAN number showing in EPFO office but when activated by member ID shows ENTERED INFORMATION DOES NOT MATCH WITH ANY MEMBER.

  55. vijender sharma

    elow are the details:
    Establishment ID/Name: TBTAM0030027000 / CSC TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED(Now DXC technologies)

    Member ID/Name: TBTAM00300270000040995 / Vijender Sharma
    Office Name: (RO)TAMBARAM
    PF Number at CSC: TN/30027/40995
    PF Number at Fiserv India pvt ltd: DS/NHP/28570/10192
    UAN Number at CSC: 100684387225–Not sure Aadhar is linked
    UAN at Fiserv India pvt Ltd:100866886444– Adhar is linked.

    Reject remark is: Claim may be resubmitted after ECR revision, since EPS to be merged with EPF/K. What does that mean?
    What should i do next?
    Please help.

      1. Vijender sharma

        After being frustrated with the PF transfer i decided to withdraw the whole PF .
        But i realized that PAN is not verified on EPFO portal .
        So my question is:
        Will there be any tax to be levied if PF amount is less than 50 thosand and PAN is not verified ,also i submitted thr PF withdrawal via online mode

        Please suggest,how i can revoke the PF withdrawal ,in case if tax is levied on PF withdrwal.

        Please need your urgent help.

        1. Vijendra-If you not submit the PAN, then they will deduct the TDS. However, if your EPF account is more than 5 years, then it is tax-free and if it less than that, then taxable income for you. You can claim the TDS by filing IT return.

        2. vijender sharma

          Hi Basu,

          I have withdrawn the Employee Share and Employer share into my account.
          But, Pension contribution is still not got withdrawn. I applied online using form 19 and 10c .
          Please suggest why the Pension contribution is not getting withdrawn.

          As i already mentioned earlier that my PAN was not verified and my PF was less than 5 years.

          Vijender Sharma

  56. Hi,

    I have submitted my claim online for epf withdrawal and today I received a message stating”IT IS REQUESTED TO SUBMIT THE SAME AFTER UPDATION OF REVISED ECR FOR CONFIRMATION OF PENSION CONT”.
    I had submitted composite claim form(Adhaar) and all the details were verified by my ex employer like PAN,Date of leaving,reason for leaving,adhaar number ,still my online claim got rejected.Any help regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

    1)Is it employer’s mistake ?
    2)Do I need to re-submit once again?


  57. Hi Sir,

    I have 8 years+ continuous service and currently working in a company and this company is not part of EPFO.

    I have applied for PF final settlement (19C) and EPS (10C). I need clarification on below two points:

    1. For 19c and 10c they have approved 50% of my total amount even I have applied for final settlement. I checked my PF Passbook and its showing 50% amount as current balance. Why so?
    2. Today, I got 50% approved amount but 10% TDS has been deducted. As I have 8 years+ continuous service than why this 10% TSD has been deducted. Please let know if I can get back this 10% TSD amount.

    Please explain above to points.


    1. Ravi-1) They send the payment in two installments. Hence, wait and check later.
      2) You have to file IT return and get back it claiming as this income is tax-free for you as you completed more than 5 years of EPF.

      1. Thanks for the information…!!

        They approved 415197 and after deducting 10% they have credited 373677 in my account.

        In this case which amount I need to show as tax free while filing IT returns.

        Please confirm.

      2. Hi Sir,

        As you said they do in two installments, when I submit the form, I got a claim Id and against that claim id they approved some amount (around 50% of total PF amount) and this approved amount has both the parts Employee and Employer.

        It’s not like that they have approved Employee part and not the Employer part.

        Do I need to submit the form again? If not, generally how long they will take to approve the rest of the amount?


  58. Sir..Thanks for your valuable guidance.
    But today i received mail form EPFO.. CLAIM SETTLED AND 43100 /- amount credited within 2-3 days. But sir my total amount is more that 80000/- means employer shares and pension contributions not received. So when it will get.. and what process i will do?

  59. Pushpendra singh

    I want to ask one think , I worked in Hyderabad and my pf opened in Hyderabad but now I am working in Jaipur I want to withdraw my hole of money I can’t withdraw online because my kyc is not completed by employer so can I withdraw my pf amount from Jaipur?


  61. brother I have two pf accounts in one UAN.In KYC aadhaar is verified but pan is not accepting as my name in pan is not same as uan. but aadhar and pan name is same.is pan mandatory for pf withdrawl.my amount is 30k is it taxable.my sevice is less than 5 years.shall I need to link both accounts to withdraw pf amount.

      1. Rakesh Kumar Siddamshetty

        Hi Basavaraj,
        I have applied for pf withdrawal or pf advance today with reason as house construction, I have mentioned the whole amount accumulated instead of 90 %. Would they consider it has 90 % of employee share+interest+employer contribution, or would they decline my request?

  62. I have applied for advance against EPF through UMANG on 4th Feb 2018 and the status shows is under process….My Employee share is 21625 and employer share is 6611and Pension contribution is 14867…can u please help me with the approx amount i m eligible for as i have requested for 30000rs….also please confirm weather i m eligible for advance from both employee share and pension contribution…in my member profile aadhar shows verified demographic and pan card shows blank but my bank account is already verified and my pan card has been updated with my bank account will there be any problem in amount getting credited

        1. Sir i received a message today that Your claim SRSRT1xxx5000xxxx, Settled for Rs. 21600/- on 05-02-18 will be credited within 3 working days in bank A/c ending with 0000.

          It was really a fast process though i have claimed on 4th and the claim got settled on 5th now hope the credit also takes place at the earliest

  63. mallikarjunareddy

    hi sir this is mallikarjunareddy , i resigned my job and i worked 10 months but total formalities finished in online but claim option is there Please choose claim form type: PF Withdrawal / PF Advance / Pension Withdrawal but option is showing pf advance how can i with drawl there was showing pf advance form 31

    1. mallikarjunareddy

      ok sir but i am staying hyderabad. i worked 1 year bangalore i came to my home hyderabad again i cant unable to go there i am learning some course so what should i do sir

  64. Hi,

    I worked with an MNC from 2006-2012, recently on 05th December 2018 i submitted my Form19 and affidavits with my ex-employer. They asked me to create UAN meanwhile he will process the PF docs with EPFO office in hyderabad.. its been more than month, he is advising that the EPFO office is not accepting the dcuments since the Telangana split issue and until even today they’re not accepting. I’ve done my complete research online and it seems the ex-employer gave me incorrect info, the UAN has to be generated by EMPLOYER itself. At present I have my UAN id linked with Aadhar Card however the Bank details and KYC am unable to update as it shows an error message – ‘ This functionality will be available, once your UAN is linked to any establishment.’
    I sent a mail to the EPFO HYD head and the helpdesk team – the response from them is they haven’t received any forms yet.

    1- Is it possible for a EPFO not to accept forms for 2MONTHS?

    2. Whom and how do I approach a higher authority to complain this situation? Anyone in Central govt. that I can approach and escalate?

    3. How do I link the Establishment with my UAN by myself online?

    Your valuable inputs and support are highly appreciated.

    P Dani

  65. Please let us know the mailing address of EPF Composite Claim form (Non-Aadhar) .
    In which address we need to send the EPF Composite Claim form (Non-Aadhar) ??


      1. Gr8!! Thanks for d valuable info. One more thing in the form there is an option Adhar no ( if seeding) :
        Is it mandatory to provide my Adhar no in the form.
        is that field mandatory to fill?


    Dear Sir,
    I wrongly create new uan number with aadhaar linked. Old UAN number is not linked with my aadhar number MY DOB.so wrongly new create UAN number. Please block my new UAN number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. but after create my new UAN linked with aadhar it is not activate till now, if any problem ,when am apply for EPF Pls suggest me and resolve asp.


        Dear Basavaraj sir
        Thanks from your valuable support ,I was already send Aadhar & Pan hard copies to EPFO through my employer on 06.01.18 but today Unfortunately create new UAN today .So i am waiting for corrections made by EPFO.If any quarries in this regards i will share to you soon and please reply your guide lines and answers to me.
        Best Regards:

  67. susobhan bhatacharya

    Dear sir,
    I am susobhan bhatacharya from west bengal. I have 2 PF account no which i have been left the job .it was not link with my current UAN no . but i want to withdrawal the PF amount . it is not update to adhar no but both pf account pan card no are same. how i withdrawal pf amount without employer signature ?can help me please.
    can i transfer with the amount to my new UAN no & then withdrwal ? suggest me.

  68. Paritosh Panigrahi

    Hi sir, I submit joint declare from in EPF office on 4th Dec 2017 For DOB & name correction purpose. But still not correction. How many days take time for correction?

  69. Sir mera Aadhaar updated hai but date of joining mentioned ni ki employer ne ab call karo to uthate ni hai or jab bhi utha re dusre Ko refer kar re kya karu claim karne ke liye
    Mujhe job quit kiye hue 1 saal ho Gaya hai

  70. Sir My employer provided UAN number and my aadhar linked UAN is different.

    Now How to merge or close aadhar linked UAN Number please help us

  71. gagan deep singh

    sir I quit my job currently I have UAN number But not complete KYC . Mane kyc fill ker de hai.but emplyer approved kerne k leye mana ker raha hai…please tell ab kya karu

    1. Dear Sir,
      i want to say that Have have PF Account As well as Pf Balance,but my KYC is not done,.
      and i want to sent composite Claim form Offline but i don’t know that which address is Valid for sent my PF offline form.
      and i don’t know the process for sending offline claim form.
      Please sir tell my something for this problem. And Reply me as soon as possible.

  72. Paritosh Panigrahi

    Dear Sir,
    I wrongly create new uan number with aadhaar linked. Old UAN number is not linked in my UAN number MY DOB & my name is not matched so wrongly new create UAN number. Please block my new UAN number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I already submit EPF office joint declare form on 04/12/2017 in old UAN number is YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.Pls suggestion me.

  73. Sir when i try to withdrawal EPF online it show below error

    “Multiple member-id’s found linked to your UAN. Kindly transfer all to current member-id before proceeding”

    Please guide me..

      1. Nilesh pachundkar

        Thanks sir
        But i know only 2 Member id of my previous employer. Which is allready link in my account..
        So please guide how to know old EPF number.. if we are dont know about this?

        1. Nilesh-Use options as below to know your EPF number.
          1) Check your salary slip
          2) Ask the employer directly.
          3) If you have UAN then using unified portal check it.
          4) If nothing works, then visit the concerned EPFO and provide your personal data to track the EPF.

          1. Hello Sir
            Now i Have only one UAN number , but when i was try to withdrowal online EPF through POrtal
            it was only show EPF advance option. not a full & final settle.. SO please guide me on below point..
            1. Can I Withdrowal my total EPF & pension without employer sign? if yes then please guide what i do.
            2. just i saw all comments .. from other member can composite form work in pune office .
            3. How many time required after submit form in EPF for amount withdrowal

              1. Sir i allready resign in mentioned company… before 2 month…
                Now i want withdrowal EPF without employer sign.. this is possible and how

  74. I have worked 3 months, now i stopped to work, not informed, for one month due to family situation, can I withdraw my pf without employer signature. Pls. help me.

  75. I have 2 UAN accounts.
    1st Company — 7yrs.
    2nd Company — 7 months.
    Presently Jobless.
    I want to keep old UAN and PF amount as it is.
    But want to withdraw 2nd one (Duration of 7 months) and never use 2nd UAN. (Being Latest).
    Please Guide me.

  76. Dear Sir

    i have work with company only 7 month, now i have Submit Form 10-C and Form 19 . In 3 days only my 10C form claimed and form 19 under process from 5 days so can u share the status , that how much time EPFO get to claimed for form 19.

      1. that means if i claimed both form 10C and 19 same time so there are no any Issue ? While form 10c claimed settled and i received ammount. but till date from 19 are showing under process

  77. Samadhan Sonawane

    I am going to fill UAN-Based_Form10C to withdraw my Pension Fund from my 2 old a/c’s.

    1) When i fill this from Which accounts Pension Fund will get withdrawn from my 3 PF A/C?
    I have three PF a/c linked to UAN.
    2) Do i need to fill 2 form to withdraw Pension Fund from my 2 old a/c? but form has one UAN only.


  78. Sir if I apply for form no. 19 UAN then should I need to apply for form 10C separatly for withdrawal of all my money.

  79. Hi,

    Where should I submit (epf department) Composite Claim Forms (Non-AAdhar) duly signed and verified by employer?

    Please help.


  80. Hii I felt my job 2 months.And I don’t have any job in hand.I am not searching for any.I need my pf. The main office of my company is in Delhi. The previous school is troubling me.How can I claim for the Pf. Plz help me.Its urgent. With Regards Mary

  81. Hi,
    My company closed and there is no contact with the employer as he does not picks the phone. My KYC is pending at employers end. Now how should i pursue my withdrawal

  82. Dear Sir,

    I have submitted the Aadhar based Claim downloaded from your link and and submitted it to the PF office for final settlement. As my KYC and Bank account was already done , so the claim was settled within a week. However , as I have completed 12 years with my previous employer, I cannot withdraw the pension portion. Initially the PRO officer said that as I have submitted the Aadhar based composite form , no separate 10C form is required for issueing pension scheme certificate. However, when I filed a grievance , they replied that 10C is not submitted. The claim was settled on 19th September, 2017. What should I do?

  83. when i adding my KYC details i can’t add PAN CARD ,it showing “Name in PAN card not matching with Income Tax Depatrment”, how to resolve this issue.Please reply

      1. Both in PAN CARD and EPFO my name is same. Still why i’m Facing this problem, Plzz help me how to resolve this problem.

          1. Hi,
            Is it necessary to add pan card in KYC list in EPFO , my Aadhar and bank details are approved but I can’t add pan card. Can I withdraw my amount by submitting Aadhar form without pan card.

  84. Dear Basavaraj,
    My query is how can i close my PF account and UAN associated with it , can I do it myself or i have to contact my previous employer…aadhar is not updated with my UAN.. Now i want to join new company without telling the previous PF and UAN..is that creates a prblm fr me in future???
    Thanks in advance..

  85. Sir,

    My previous employer is not giving my UAN and PF no and also the Aadhaar has not linked to that. So please tell me how to find my EPF no


  86. I wanted to change my PF bank account details and updated the same from my side, it was pending for approval from the employer and now its almost three weeks and now when I am checking the status in online portal pending KYC details is not visible nor its updated.

    Prompt reply is appreciated.

  87. Hello Sir.. I m trying to withdraw my PF and my Experience with last company is 4 years and my overall exp s 9 yrs. When I submit my composite nonaadhar form, what should I give in DATE OF JOINING THE ESTABLISHMENT Field? My DOJ of first company or the DOJ of latest one?
    If I give latest company DOJ, then my exp will be 4 yrs.. In tat case should I submit 15G as well?

      1. Thankyou Sir. I have worked only in 2 companies, Previously i have PF number and the amount is transferred to the new PF number. Later on this new UAN concept introduced. So i have only one UAN in my profile. But the EPFO Profile has the Latest company’s DOJ. Kindly let me know what should i do now??

        Also, should i submit 15G?

  88. I left my job 3months back & I’m in need of funds for relocation. I submitted the kyc details after leaving the job but my portal still shows pending aadhar status while the bank details are updated.
    Can I get the claim ?
    Pls advice

  89. Hi,

    Great article. I just have a small confusion.. I need to withdraw both, EPF amount and Pension amount. Do I need to send 2 CCFs (one for each) or a single form with both the options (Final PF settlement & Pension Withdrawal Benefits) checked?

  90. Dear Sir, My current employer linked my previous UAN no to their new PF account and remitted their one month pf contribution also. Now is there any possibility to withdraw my old PF amount?. Please suggest me.


    Our Employee Runali Todankar has created two Member. For your reference, we are attached EPF Receipt. Please help how to procedure transfer the old pf account funds to the new one.

    1. in Assam not available addhar cardso i have filled form 2 , form-10c, form-19, form 15-g but again company wants self declaration letter , so please help how to write self declaration letter

  92. Hi Sir, This is Abhilash. I need your suggestions on my PF queries. Last 2 months back I have resigned my previous company. Now I am in need of fund for my sister education so I have decided to withdraw my PF amount. But my previous employer haven’t not contributed their contribution to govt from past 1year. Now if I applied PF also it will get rejected. Pleased help on this and please suggest me for further action.

    1. My previous employer don’t have any interest in paying of PF and F&F amount to employees. I don’t have any idea about EPFO.If I visit PF office also to whom should I ask. Please guideme on this at the earliest.

  93. Dear Sir

    Please tell how me. I have to Uan account. and want to transfer Previous Uan Amount to Present . What Should i have do for it.

      1. sir resign from my job I try to merge two pf by online but its showing that personal detail are different .I just want to know that if i claim my pf is that both pf will claim or not.

  94. Hi Sir,
    I have worked in two companies, I want to withdraw both the PF amounts using CCF non-aadhar procedure instead of CCF aadhar.

    But the EPFO told me today that there should not be two PF accounts.

    My question is, can I apply for withdrawal by going to both the companies or do I need to transfer the PF amount from one company to another and then apply for withdrawal?

    Please suggest me.

      1. As I have said in my previous comments that I have worked in two companies A&B and have 2 EPF accounts.

        And moreover I have visited the EPFO office, they have said that transfer is not possible as you have resigned from the company. (Only if you are working in a company, you can transfer otherwise you cannot).

        I have consulted the concerned PF person of my company, she told if you withdraw Company’s B PF using a single UAN (which is linked to both the EPF accounts), you cannot withdraw using the same UAN to withdraw Company’s A PF.

        And she was sure of the alternative.

        My question is, if I have withdrawn Company’s B PF using the UAN, how will I get Company’s A PF? or What’s the other alternative?

        Please suggest me.

        1. Glory-It is not the rule that if one is not having UAN linked to EPF means you can’t withdraw. Because UAN concept came recently. Hence, if they are not supportive, then you have to knock the door of EPFO Grievance Cell.

          1. I have both EPF accounts linked under single UAN number.

            As said earlier, the concerned PF person says, since you left the company you cannot initiate the transfer (transfer of pf from company A to B)

            And she have asked me to generate new UAN and link it to Company’s A PF. But I have already have UAN linked to both the PFs (company A&B).

            When I check “know your uan status”, it already says UAN (the UAN which is linked to both the PF accounts ) is active and it has been activated. And moreover under “our services- for citizens link” is not working. How can I generate a new UAN?

            How do I get the PF amount of company A ? Please advise me please Sir.

  95. Hello Sir,
    The “date of exit” has not been mentioned in the UAN portal by my ex-employer (who is not at all co-operating).

    I have been unemployed since more than five months.

    My question is, is it now necessary that date of exit should be updated by my ex-employer in the UAN portal before applying for PF withdrawal or without updating the date of exit, can I apply for PF?

  96. Chiranjit Bhowmik

    Hello Sir,

    I will need to withdraw an amount as advance withdrawal for construction of a house.
    How to know about the eligible amount?
    What are the documents required to be submitted with my application (Other than FORM 31 UAN and FORM 31 Declaration)?


  97. Hi Basu,

    I need your suggestion on pf withdrawal online.
    I have been allotted with two UAN numbers & I would like to withdraw amount from my previous company. Is it possible to do so? As you shared in your one of blogs, employer not updated exit date and even I haven’t shared my experience details with present employer. Due to this reason I got two UAN, instead of transferring I would like to withdraw amount from previous company.

    Please advise me on this.

  98. Hello Sir,
    I have bank, pan card and aadhar details approved in KYC and UAN is also linked. I have worked in two companies (A&B).

    Since company B (which I have left) is not co-operating, can I withdraw whole PF amount (PF amount of both A&B companies) using the Composite Claim Form? or is it necessary for me to transfer A’s company amount to B’s company and then apply for withdrawal? But I have been unemployed for more than 2 months.

    i.e. Can I go directly to EPFO office and submit Composite Claim Form to get both companies (A&B) PFs without the involvement of the employers? or should I apply for transfer ? What should be done Sir?

    Please suggest me Sir.

    Thank you.

      1. Thank you Sir for your quick response. But I have one more query Sir. In the Composite Claim Form (Aadhar), it has been written as “The total service in both the present & previous establishments is counted and therefore its advisable to merge all PF accounts”.

        Since merging requires the approval of employer. I don’t want to route it through an employer as he’s not co-operating with me Sir.

        My question is, I have two EPF accounts (A&B companies) linked under single UAN, but is it necessary now to merge both the accounts in order to apply for PF withdrawal?

          1. Sir,
            I have 20k towards employee share, employer share 5k. Pension benefits 15k. (Rough figures). But today I got a text from epfo which says 12k has been deposited.

            My question is, will the pf amount be received in parts?

            Will I get total amount (employer share +employee share+pension benefits)?

            Please guide me sir please.

  99. Hi Basavaraj,
    Nice to see your portal and prompt reply to the people.
    I have left my job after 6 years of teaching in a college. I left the job in March 2017 and not joined anywhere. I want to do final settlement of my PF account. There is approximately Rs. 1,00,000 in my PF account. I have UAN number. I have already uploaded KYC documents (AAdhar, PAN and Bank details) on the portal but the status is still “pending”.
    Kindly tell me;
    (1) How can I apply for the final settlement?
    (2) Will there be any tax deduction on the amount?
    (3) what forms are required to fill and where to submit?
    I look forward to your reply:-)
    God Bless.

  100. akash Chauhan

    my bank details is linked with uan but I dont have pf no. and my pan card and adhar is not linked ..what is the easiest way to get pf in this case

  101. Sir am worked in X company worked for 18 mths abd resigned two years back now am applied for epf with draw they are not cooperating to me and not responding for updating adhar kc in uan already I had saved my adhar in kyc my account also updated what can I do for aproving adhar in kyc I saw u r coments regarding this u tolded go to epfo ofice they aprove but my native is andhra my uan acount is maharastra where should I go for a proving adhar card my regional epfooffice or my of acount epfo plsrply

      1. K sir I ll try but one query with out employer signature how to withdrawl my pf and eps because my employer not cordinating for approving adhar

  102. I have received all this messages (EPF) today, my question is, am I going to get payment through cheque or bank transfer..? and how much time its gonna take for payment..??

    1. Sameer-Please don’t share your personal details like Bank Account Number or EPF account numbers on such public platform. Hence, I deleted all those details. EPFO will transfer money to your bank directly. It hardly takes around 10-15 days of time.

  103. Hi,

    I am based out of Hyderabad and my PF is mapped to Pune PF office. Now I would like to withdraw the full PF amount as I am working currently.My UAN is activated and all KYC details are in EPF portal.

    Could you please let me know where to submit the CCF? Complete address of the PF office woule be helpful as I am planning to send it by register post.


  104. Ashwita Bhoite

    I had submitted new pf form at Mumbai on 19th June.as per my knowledge pf amt gets credited in two different parts.Today I have received 18K+ amt in my bank account but When remaining amt will be credit??

          1. Ashwita Bhoite


            Recently I contacted to epfo office. They said u have submitted only 19c n have to submit 10c form for remaining amount. But I have submitted that new single page form no one inform me about that..So what can do for 10c form?

  105. Shahid Shaikh

    I left my previous job in March 2017 in April 2017 i joined another company now i have applied for final PF settlement of my previsous PF account in June 2017 with my previous employer using composite claim form (Non-aadhar) am i going to get my Final PF Settlement. In my Previous company i worked for 1Year

      1. Shahid Shaikh

        am going to get final settelement ??……or……what i have to do get money…i am in need of money


    Dear Sir,

    I submitted EPF new Composite Claim Form (CCF) final settlement to my previous Employer for withdrawal PF after 13 days i received only Pension withdrawal benefit (form no-10C) but not yet received PF Final settlement (Form no- 19). After that I check online EPFO claim Status and put there PF no and shown-

    Claim ID : KDNSK110300001274

    Claim ID : KDNSK110300001281

    But PF Final settlement (Form no- 19) amount not yet received.

    Awaiting for your response.



  107. Ramesh Chatterjee

    Dear Sir,

    This is a request to kindly inform me that my Past employer has approved my Aaadhar number but when I am trying to fill the Online form for settlement it is showing your service details are missing.Now let me know what needs to be done.Moreover my bank Customer Identification number has been approved in bank details instead of account number.

    Though again I have approved the account details my previous employer have either not checked my PF account or they have not intentionally approved the same.

    Kindly inform me if I can submit the withdrawal PF form offline with the CIF number

  108. Raghavender B

    Hi Sir,

    This is Request that I had worked in the previous company three moths and I Do not know the PF number and Whether it is possible to get the PF Amount. If Possible how to get the PF Amount Sir. Please Sir

  109. Jay Chatarjee

    Hi Basavaraj,

    I am unable to link Aadhar with my UAN, because in my UAN member details, gender is showing “NOT AVAILABLE”. As well as I am unable to edit the gender field, can you please tell the procedure to update it.


      1. Jay Chatarjee

        I recently changed my company, and my new employer created a new UAN for me. Now the questions are….

        1. Who will update my profile(gender section) in my old UAN, my current employer or my previous employer?

        2. Can I transfer my old UAN balance to my new UAN without updating the Aadhar in old UAN?


  110. Dear Sir,

    I joined from company A to Company B 2 months back. Company A uses their own PF trust account. My PF has not been transferred yet from A to B. Also on EPFO website my Aadhar details were not added. Recently , i needed some funds due to medical emergency hence decided for PF withdrawal. So I went on the EPFO page and tried updating my Aadhar information. It went into pending state and is like that till now.

    So , I went to my current employer B and asked them to approve the request. They said that the tool which helps them to approve such requests is not working for more than 2 months now. They said many companies are facing the same problem. They asked me that they can help me with the withdrawal using the Composite Non Aadhar form but the issue is there will not be sufficient funds in new PF account (as i said corpus lies with PF trust of company A). In this situation please suggest what I should do ?? Kindly help sir. Thanks…

  111. Hi , I left the company one year before and i didn’t withdraw my PF amount since company is not cooperaing to withdraw. Now i registered my contact number in UAN and already liked PAN and Bank account number but Aadhar card is not linked and i was tried to employer no response. Now i need to know below

    1) Linked Bank account was not active and i need to receive PF amount in new Bank account which is not linked in UAN.
    2) Is it possible to add new Bank account without employer intervention?
    3)Aadhar Number is not linked in UAN
    4) Now i joined new company has PF account but i m not interested to transfer to new company coz due to finance situation i need to withdraw PF amount.

    Is it possible to withdraw PF amount without Employer intervention post above 4 points.

    Request your response

    Thanks in advance

    1. Saran-You have to update the bank and Aadhaar by visiting the EPFO personally. But do remember that if you are using the same UAN in your current employment, then it is impossible to withdraw the old EPF.

      1. Hi , I have joined delhi but my ex employer is chennai and both UAN account number are different.

        If i go directly to EPFO office can i update successfully Bank and Aadhar no in UAN account?

          1. HI SIR,


  112. Hi sir my uan number is 100425148052 ..I am having pf account in hyderabad and it was linked with kyc..recently I transfer to rajhamundry.. I tried to withdrawl of aMount but they rejected my form..I submitted compisit form aadhar linked one..they said that I have two uan numbers that’s why it was rejected..they told to take sign from employer and submit aadhar non linked form..
    My emloyer was not atteste my forms..the accountant was not send forms to AGM..3 times I given but he was not doing..wat to do I DNT know..
    Please inform
    With regards
    I.M. rajkumar

        1. Hi sir this is rajkumar I. M…SIR I am having 10000 in my pf account since 1 year ..no transcations from 1 year..now I want to withdraw drawl ..how much can I get if I with drawl now ..suggest me
          With regards
          I.M. rajkumar
          UAN 100425148052
          Mobil 9885429598

  113. SIR past I am having hyd account kyc updated now it was transferred to rajahmundry..but when I applied for withdrawl they said new account is having new uan..claim rejected what to do know

  114. Hi Basavaraj,

    This is really informative. I am facing a typical problem. I would require to withdraw from EPF for purchasing house. But there are some incorrect details in EPF records (father surname and date of leaving) without correcting which my present employer is not agreeing to take forward my part withdrawal application. On the other hand my dates for registration for my new home is nearing and I am unable to arrange funds from any other source unless I ask from my friends and relatives (which I do not want to). I have already send the joint declaration form for corrections. But is it true that even if the employer verifies my part withdrawal form (composite claim form) the EPF can reject my claim. Please suggest.


      1. Jaya Subba Reddy

        Hello Basavaraj,

        I have completed 5 years tenure in my org and i am planning to withdraw partial PF for my house purchase down payment. My AADHAAR is verified in UAN. But to unknown reasons, i am not able to verify PAN in UAN site. ( but in incometax site, both my AADHAAR and PAN are linked).

        Please suggest how much money i can withdraw for house purchase and procedure.

  115. Hello Sir,

    You are doing a great job through your blog.
    I have a query regarding partial PF withdrawal.
    I want to perform a partial withdrawal from my PF for housing.
    Do we need to submit the forms by post to concerned PF office or direct form submission is needed?.


  116. Hi,

    I have resigned from my previous organisation and I am currently working with another company.

    Both my previous PF member ID and my current company member ID is registered/linked under same UAN. Will i be able to withdraw my PF amount of my previous organisation in this case.

    Please guide me with the possibilities.

  117. Chiranjit Bhowmik

    Hello Sir,

    I will need to submit claims for PF advance withdrawal and I want to do it without my employer.
    Could you please let me know the address to where I will need to send the forms.


  118. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thank you for the reply that I have to use non-Aadhar unified form. But can I submit directly to PF Office by skipping employer using the non -Aadhar form ?


    My previous question was this to which you already answered.

    Chitrita De says:
    April 11, 2017 at 8:56 PM
    Hi Basavaraj,

    My UAN is activated and employer has only completed Bank account update for KYC as per EPFO e-sewa site.
    I cannot see any PF amount reflecting in Service History but my salary slips have the PF amount details.

    I have updated AAdhar and PAN details myself in UAN Site and they are showing pending KYC.

    UAN Card shows KYC done but Aadhar and PAN are not yet verified by employer.

    I have linked my Aadhar to the same bank account myself by visiting the bank.

    How can I withdraw PF ( which form I have to use if I don’t want to go through employer)? I am not working for 3 months now. I want to withdraw full amount. Which forms I need to submit( 15G, aadhar/non-aadhar etc).

    Also don’t know why the PF amount is not visible. Can you help?


      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Thanks for the info. Can I link Aadhar to UAN myself or employer has to do it.
        I have updated Aadhar and it shows pending KYC.

    1. Dear sir .
      How to Widrow my pf balance without signeature because lhave alredy left the job with distrubing the employeer so kindly sujjest me how to drow.

  119. Hi Basavaraj,

    First of all …Keep up your good work!!

    I am unemployed since Dec 2016 and I am planning to withdraw my PF.

    I have my UAN activated and KYC details updated including Aadhar, PAN and Bank Details.

    But the IFSC Code for my Bank Account is Incorrectly Updated.

    In the UAN Member Portal @ https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/

    When I tried to update the same account with correct IFSC, it says same account cannot be added twice.

    When I added a new bank account, it is in PENDING status. It did not ask to upload any scanned copy of the Bank details.

    Could you please help me with this:

    # Will the new bank details be added to the UAN ?
    If not
    # What else can I do to update my KYC Details without the employer verification.

    The UAN Helpdesk link @ is not available.

    The TollFree Number 1800118005 is always either busy or invalid.

    Kindly Help!!

    1. Dear sir ,
      How to link the adhar in my uan account .already have update my kyc. In my account and just inform me how to Widrow.

  120. Hi Basavaraj,

    My UAN is activated and employer has only completed Bank account update for KYC as per EPFO e-sewa site.
    I cannot see any PF amount reflecting in Service History but my salary slips have the PF amount details.

    I have updated AAdhar and PAN details myself in UAN Site and they are showing pending KYC.

    UAN Card shows KYC done but Aadhar and PAN are not yet verified by employer.

    I have linked my Aadhar to the same bank account myself by visiting the bank.

    How can I withdraw PF ( which form I have to use if I don’t want to go through employer)? I am not working for 3 months now. I want to withdraw full amount. Which forms I need to submit( 15G, aadhar/non-aadhar etc).

    Also don’t know why the PF amount is not visible. Can you help?


  121. Hi Basavaraj,

    I haven’t received pension certificate from previous 2 organisation, where I worked for 5+ years and 6 months respectively (have got the PF transferred though). Also, my UAN is not linked with Aadhar or any bank. As per your article, I believe I have to fill up Composite Claim Form (Non Aadhar) for pension but I have a few queries:

    1. Do I have to send the filled form to EPFO or previous employers? If it is to be sent to EPFO, then how would they know about my previous employers? Form does not ask for employer details.

    2. The form asks to declare that the member is not employed for 2 months. Of course in my case it is ‘No’ but what are the implications if the member is employed.

    1. Nitisha-1) Yes to the previous employer if they are not merged with current EPF. Either you send to last employer or to EPFO. EPFO number enough to track the employer details.
      2) You are not eligible to withdraw legally.

      1. In that case, I’m lost again. My situation is- I’m currently working with 3rd employer. At 3rd employment only, I got PF transferred from previous 2 employers, assuming that the EPS will get transferred too. But the pension did not get transferred (validated by PF passbook).

        I don’t need the funds right now hence, do not want to withdraw pension but I do want to consolidate pension from all the 3 employers so as to have control over my savings. Please guide me how to consolidate the EPS or how to get scheme certificates from previous employers/ EPFO.

  122. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have been unemployed since 4 months and my Aadhaar details is not linked with UAN. To withdraw my Final settlement, PF office told me that i can only avail employee contribution. Balance after retirement period. My question is

    1. can i chose composite Form ( Non-aadhaar) ?
    2. If yes, which option do i need to select from reasons for PF withdrawal ? My employer has agreed for signing the application too.
    3. Do i need to provide any declaration on non-employment
    4. Do i need to enclose 15G form?


    1. Prasad-It is false that employer contribution be claimed at retirement ONLY. You can withdraw both now. You can choose composite claim form and claim. Yes, if you are eligible for filling Form 15G, then you have to submit it.

      1. Thanks so much. Am i right in saying that 15G is applicable only if withdrawal is less than 2.5Lacs ?

  123. sir i am filling composite non aadhar form.
    in first option ie claim applied for which option i have to tick(i had tick final pf settlemet) will pension withdrawl will be made along with pf withdrawl?? or i have to tick pension withdrawl benefit also along with final pf settlement option??

      1. Dear Sir
        my employer has done settlement to pf office on 14 march. they are saying that they will submit my withdrawl forums to pf office only after 2 months.they are saying As per that process, there is waiting period of two months from the date of last working date. pls guide.

  124. Hi Basavaraj,
    Thank you for wonderful article on EPF which was very informative. you are doing great job..

    I have resigned from job in Dec2016. currently im not working and i want to withdraw full EPF amount. My office was in Bellary. Now we shifted to bangalore. so can I submit EPF composite claim form in bangalore office. please guide me. thank you in advance.


  125. Hi All,

    I am from Hyderabad. Could you please let me know, How many working days it will take to process the Composite claim form, as I have submitted to withdraw my whole PF amount.

    And will they pay on whole of in parts?

    Thank you


  126. Dear Mr.Basavaraj,
    I wanted to withdraw PF for paying last 10% of my new house instalment to builder.I have completed 10yrs in an organisation.Can I Withdraw it? If yes,then do I need to pay tax on amount withdrawn.
    Thanking you

  127. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for sharing this article. This is very helpful.

    I wanted to check what are the next steps in submitting the form to EPFO office as an employer is not the channel anymore. Do I need to visit the EPFO office and submit the form or can I courier the form.

    Also, the website has changed slightly and now it is unified epfo website. I have tried updating my aadhar details but no luck- my bank and PAN KYC is already completed- Any guidance?


  128. Mr. Basavaraj, I’d like to thank you for your valuable articles on these subjects. I’d like to know if you have any advice for my case. I recently submitted a claim to withdraw my PF account. Now this particular PF account has been lying dormant for over 3 years now, you see what happened was that the company I was working for at that time closed down operations. They had applied for the PF withdrawal on my behalf then but was rejected and sadly the rejection letter went to the old address of the office, as such I was not aware of it.

    It was only recently that I realized that I had such a PF account. So, I began the process of claiming it. However as mentioned before my employer no longer exists. So I had the forms 19 and 10c attested by my Bank Manager as the EPFO rules suggest. I had submitted these documents at the start of February of this year and I’ve just gotten a message from the EPFO office mentioning that my claim has been rejected due to “Reason of rejection: AUTHORISED OFFICERs SIGNATURE NOT TALLYING” now as you can tell this has confused me to no end. They also left this “Remarks by DA/AO:KINDLY ATTESTED IN THE CLAIM FORM 19 AND 10C FROM THE EMPLOYER WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT SEAL/OK”

    I’d appreciate any advice you can give me regarding this matter.

    Kind Regards,


  129. Piyush Srivastav

    I have my UAN Number however am not sure whether Bank and Aadhar details have been updated.
    I do not want to use (Non Aadhar Form) as my previous employer is not willing to sign.
    Please advise

  130. I have one doubt ..

    in previous organisation have update pan number and bank details but didnt update my aadhar number and new organisation i have updated Aadhar details and both companies PF number in same UAN and now i heard that previous organisation going to close which is already shifted to other city .. so my question is that shall i apply my pf form in near regional office .?

    Thank you in Advance ..

      1. Yes i checked its showed approved by Employer document ..i just checked through sms to EPF its showed my Aadhar and banks are available

        Dear Member, Your UAN : 10065####836,NAME :null,DOB : Not Available, AADHAR :37*****26817, PAN : AW******5G, Bank Details : Available, LAST CONTRIBUTION : (2016-11),TOTAL CONTRIBUTION : #######

  131. sir my aadhar and bank account is notlink my uan card when fill online aadhar and bank detail show error please help sir how to do

  132. Hi Basu.

    I left my job in april 2016 and i did not had my Aadhar number that time. I have got my UAN activated through EPF WEBSITE as it was mentioned on my salary slip. How can I get my aadhar number linked to my EPF ac to withdraw it ? Do I need to contact my last employer or is there a way to do it online so that i can withdraw my EPF amount without visiting my last employer?

      1. Yes, my EPF is linked to UAN. However I never submitted my Aadhar number to my previous employer as I got the same after leaving that job so Aadhar is surely not updated.

          1. hi Basavaraj
            my case is similar.
            i want to withdrawl my pf of old compnay..my adhar was not updated.
            so i am going to submot composite form non-adhar at pf office diectly which has old company stamp and authorized signature and a cancel cheque ..

            will they ask adhar number for withdrawl ?


              1. Hi Basavaraj ,
                I got a SMS from PF office saying Withdrwal is ” Claim id is Under process”.

                How much basically it takes time .PF will be deposited in Bank Account after this SMS?


  133. I had resigned from job & last date was 16 Jan 2017.

    I am not doing job now.

    I want to withdrawal full pf & pension amount.

    So Which two form I have to filled for submission?

    I have UAN and Aadhar and bank details already updated in it

    My Pf office is from Bangalore and I m leaving at Ahmedabad.

    So where I have to submit pf forms?

    Also advice that which documents have to attach with with forms?

          1. vinod murlidhar parse

            Hi Sir, This is Vinod . I need your suggestions on my PF queries. Last 6 Years back I have left my previous company I am doing 2 years for that co and now the co. is closed permenantly . Now I am in need of fund for my personal reason so I have decided to withdraw my PF Amount. . Now I have only my pf no.on my salary slip and I have not activated the uan also because of old mobile no. link on Adhaar Pleased help on this and please suggest me for further action.

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