EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases – Single Form to Claim EPF, EDLI and EPS

Recently EPFO launched EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases, which a claimant in case of the death of employee can be used to claim EPF, Insurance (EDLI) and for a monthly pension in case of EPS.

Last week, the EPFO Launched the EPF Composite Claim Form as a single form to claim all types of withdrawal (including partial or advance withdrawal) with or without employer signature of employee.

Now EPFO launched “EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases”, which mainly used in case of death of an employee to claim all benefits of EPF in a single form (Refer “EPF Composite Claim Form -Single form to withdraw EPF without employer“). I think this is the best move in simplifying the claim process.

What was the earlier process of claiming EPF, EDLI and Pension?

Earlier, the process consists of submitting different forms to claim separately for EPF, Insurance (EDLI) and monthly pension (EPS) by the nominee or legal heir of an employee.

EPF Form No.20

It is used by the nominee, legal heir or guardian of the minor/lunatic for claiming the Provident Fund accumulation of the deceased member.

EPF Form 5-IF

It is used by the nominee, legal heir or guardian of the minor/lunatic for claiming the Insurance (EDLI) of the deceased member. Read more about the Life Insurance available with EPF at “Do you know EPF offers up to Rs.6 lakh of Life Insurance (EDLI)?“.

EPF Form 10D

It is used by the nominee, legal heir or guardian of the minor/lunatic for claiming the monthly pension under EPS Scheme of the deceased member.

Comparison of old and new withdrawal process of EPF in case of deaths

As I pointed above, earlier you have to use separate forms to claim the EPF, Insurance and a monthly pension. This earlier multiple process is now replaced with the launch of the new form called “EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases”.

EPF Composite Claim Form in death cases

You noticed that earlier the family of an employee must use three forms to claim the different benefits of EPF. This now reduced to the single form.

Features of EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases?

Who can fill this form?

This form is meant for claiming EPF, Life Insurance and Monthly Pension of an employee if death occurred during the employment or after employment.

Hence, this form must be filled by the nominee, legal heir or a guardian (in case of minor nominee or legal heir).

What are the documents required?

Documents required while submitting this form are as below.

# Death Certificate of an employee

# Joint photograph of all the claimants

# Date of Birth certificate of children claiming pension

# Scheme Certificate (if applicable)

# Copy of canceled cheque/attested copy of first page of bank Pass Book

Download EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases

EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases Form

This form can used by both UAN and Non-UAN based employees EPF accounts. Also, if an employee not updated the Aadhaar number to his/her EPF account, then also you can use the same EPF.

Download the EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases

146 thoughts on “EPF Composite Claim Form in Death Cases – Single Form to Claim EPF, EDLI and EPS”

  1. My father expired three months ago while being on service. My mother doesn’t have Aadhar card but Election card as identify proof. As I checked currently new Aadhar card are not getting issued for anyone above 18 years. Is there any way to claim PF, pension and EDLi (insurance) without Aadhar card?

  2. Login is disabled as reason of Exit is Death. So using the link of “Death Claim by Beneficiary”. In that it says “Member service details are required against all service records with EPFO”. Nobody is able to guide me further. Kindly help!

  3. Hello,

    My father died. While applying for a death claim by beneficiary I got an error message like “Member service details are required against all service records with EPFO”.

    So I request you to help me to sort this out.

  4. Hello sir, my father died due to heart attack on this year February he was an active epf member during his death his pf salary is 4000, can you please tell me how much we get under edli scheme of insurance as minimum assured sum amount now is 2.5 lakh, is that the amount we get.

  5. Is it possible to submit claim by brother , as both father and mother are also passed away, My brother died and was unmarried and i am only his family member, so in such case can i claim

  6. N. Abdul Hussain Nagarchi

    Sir, I am a senior citizen residing in anantapur (AP) my deceased son was worked in banagalore, now I claiming the pf benifits by filling the composite form, can i send it by courier, if sending courier wether AP regional office or karnataka regional office address. Please guide me.

  7. Hi Sir

    Thanks for helping. I have one query. We have applied a death claim. But we only tick on PF not on edli in co.posite form. As we were not aware about edli at all but in later stage we came to know EPFO will also give EDLi incase of death subcriber. Can you please help still EpFO will process EDLi. Or we still have to apply for it again.

  8. Hello Sir, My father was died on 15 June 2020 while in service. E Nomination also done before demise. Now when I want to claim death via online it show a particular error everytime i. e. IFSC does not belong to the state mentioned in your address section. Also I will let you know that nominee aadhar contains permanent address which is of bihar and her bank account is in haryana. Is this a reason for receiving such error. With the same aadhar and bank account I have done my e nomination which is successfully done at that time. Please help me sir. I go to office many times but no positive response get from there.

  9. Sir mere husband oct 2019 me expire hue the but mene lockdown ki wajah se eps epf and edli apply nhi kiya kyuki mere husband ki company ka staff workfrom home h kya edli apply karne ka koi duration h ya kabhi bhi kar sakte h pls tell me

  10. Dear sir

    My younger son died due to heart attack he was working with a company I made a EDLI claim but it is rejected stated that letter issue to compliance team for end of report to verify genuineness of claim and second reason is certificate enclosed is improper. When I met the concerned officer he is saying we have to close the claim in TAT and this case is forwarded to compliance department after compliance department report will think on it ..I don’t understand if they already rejected the claim then how compliance team will work on it…please help me I’m old age man can’t visit EPF office continuously.

  11. Sir,
    Here iam pavan Kulkarni my father was died on 20th April 2017 so that the dapartment only paid the contribution up to the may 2019, now we claim the Edli but that of office person said like we didn’t recived contribution up to the death so that we can’t provide u the EDLI facility since from 2 years I’m wondering behind the office people there is no use if u have any idea or notifications pleas suggest me sir …I Will wait for it reply

  12. Dear Sir
    I was retired from the services of Indian Council of World Affairs,
    Sapru House, New Delhi on 28 Feb. 2007 and my Pension was transferred
    to SRO, Karnal because of residence at Panipat.

    I have opted in sr. no. 10 and 11 in the FORM 10-D (EPS) -Option of
    Return of Capital and put a tick mark in box no. 2 of Sr. no. 10.
    In Sr. No. 11 of the FORM 10-D (EPS) I have mentioned my wife as
    nominee for the return of capital.
    Unfortunately my wife was expired in the year 2008. I could not inform
    the EPS, Karnal office.
    Please tell me 1. Can I change nominee for return of Capital under Sr.
    no. 11 and the procedure thereof.
    2. Can I stop this offer of opting Sr. No.10 and Sr. No.11 of the FORM
    10-D (EPS), if yes, to whom should I contact?

    Man Singh Deora
    2-R, Patel Nagar Panipat
    DL/ 3606/90 PPO-11970

  13. Sir, one of my colleague was expired , where was his parents were also expired and his siblings have filled the claim form. The claim was rejected by the EPF and says that only parents are eligible for claim the amount.. How we can go ahead to get the amount by his siblings.. they have filled the separate claim forms.

  14. How many copies of composite claim form should we submit to epfo and if nominee is claiming whole amount with out opting for pension and any declaration is need from children who are major. please clarify

  15. Hi sir

    I was unmarried at the time of death of my father so I have claimed pf…but the pf officials are saying they haven’t received my claim form and they want me to claim again..but now I’m married…will I be eligible for it..epf consider which date..date of death or date of claim..please clarify

  16. My father was died on 25/06/19 due to road accident,after them death i got UAN from employer and activate it…in them UAN a/c i shown that KYC and nominee remsined so my question is now can i fill nominee/KYC in them UAN a/c?

    1. Hi pratik,
      What is the process of claiming pf amount by nominee.could you pls help me how to do my husband passed away few months back and he has two pf account.

      1. Hi , you have to merge the two accounts first then you can apply claim before that you have to know the UAN number and Pass word

  17. Suman Kumar Maharana

    What does the line signify “Joint photograph of claimants”?
    Kindly submit the details for the same.

  18. Dear my dad has filled the form 10d of pension before he expired on 30th Nov 2018 after the retirement, also we have checked with the regional pf office that his form 10d is approved but due to the NCP days (Non Contributing period) which is more he is not applicable for monthly pension. Now my father has died on 30th Nov 2018 and now we want to claim all th pension and pf amount please guide me how can I claim the amount.. Also is it necessary to have employer signature and seal in the composite claim form.. Requesting you to kindly help with this issue

  19. The person had accused a death since he was s on leave for the 1st week of the month due to his health consequences and accused his death at the end of week the office people are not ready to pay.the wages for him for the first week but the PF office people are demanding for those wages and if not paid the insurance wouldn’t be claimed
    Sir., Kindly help us out.


    My mother was in service when she passed away. I am the only legal heir as my father passed away when i was young. I had submitted the composite form for withdrawal of PF and EDLI amount. As my age is near 30, i was told i cannot get the monthly pension. Can you guide me as to how to claim the pension amount ( total withdrawal not monthly pension). Which form needs to be submitted in order to claim the amount?
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hello Sir

    My bua ji passed away on the 29th january. She was unmarried and lived with us my father is the legal heir after my grandparents her dad and mom. Could you please guide us if a succession certificate is necessary as the lawyer said it is but then pf office has not mentioned it in their list of docs.

    Thank you



    My father got heart attack on dated 12 feb 19 at job,rushed to dr but could not survived,

    1) I have checked the UAN portal but nominee name is not updated.
    *Question: Can it be updated by PE after the death of my father (EE)? Or can I update nominee through EE UAN portal.
    * Is there any link between family pension claimant & Nominee!!

    2) we are 2 brother and 2 sisters, I (30) and one sister (24) is married and one brother (23) and one sister (21) are unmarried & are below 25 years of age.
    * Question- who are eligible for family pension including my mother? Is my married sister (24) is eligible for family pension.

    2) Father had got his EE name corrected as per his Aadhar card in UAN poartle and has been verified.
    # Phool Chand kushwaha (Corrected one As per my fathers Aadhar),
    #Phool chandra Kushwaha (Incorrect)

    3) But in the Aadhar card of my mother and sisters W/o and D/O name is Phool chandra (Incorrect) and somewhere it is Phool Chnadra kushwaha.

    The same Aadhar cards have been used for saving bank account opening for my mother and siblings in order to get the family pension.

    *Question: Can these differences in middle name( letters) of my father and somewhere his surname missing in Aadhar cards of my mother and siblings creates any chances for rejection of Claim. if yes please help for right solution.

    please help me as soon as possible !


  23. My father working in ACE ltd. From 2006 to Aug 2018. But sir due to lllness he died in October 2018. So sir can we claim edli or EPs from epfo

  24. Priyanka gaikwad

    My husband wad dead by cancer last 3 months ago.i have 9months baby.
    I don’t know the password.His mother had that mob which he given in of form and she doesn’t tell me the otp which is important to active UAN.
    My husband’s date of birth is incorrect.
    So please guide me how to claim offline.and he had 9000 salary so can I applicable for insurance and pension.plz guide me

  25. This is inform you that my husband Late Anup Halder, was died on 30th October 2005, on service. The employer was claimed my pension & PF withdrawal. But due to their negligence they did not claim my EDLI. I was ignorant about this matter. Presently I have taken some information from Ananda Bazar Patrica dated 26th April 2018. I am Mahuya Halder , wife of Late Anup Halder fill up EDLI form for claiming EDLI.
    At this time need a few documents such as FDR Report, Gratuity & ESIC benefit certificate etc. but employer is not cooperate with me because after death of my husband they have not paid any one of this. So I send all relevant documents to Regional PF Commissioner – 1 ( EDLI claim Form (original) duly signed by Employer with xerox copy of death certificate, xerox copy of Aadhar card (claimant), xerox copy of pan card (claimant), cancel cheque and xerox copy of PF & Pension claim certificate through registered with AD. Also I am claim edli through Online. But it is pending from 26.07.18.
    What can I do?

  26. Hi Sir,
    My Father expired in April’18. We want claim PF.
    He left he job in September’17. When I contacted employer for the their approval, they said the Contract has expired on October’17 and all the employee were moved to new contract with other company. As my father quit the job before the end of contract, hence they are not authorized to sign on the claim form.

    Could you please advise the procedure to claim the amount. My mother is the Nominee.


  27. Hello sir,
    Sir my father died on 15 march 2018. His pf account shows no balance but his uan account shows some balance. So can i claim benifits of EDLI, Pension and PF.

  28. My Uncle died last month due to illness and was in service as no attendance no pay basis since last 1.5 years due to illness. He was 63 and his joining date was in Feb 2009. What benefit his family will get from EPF and ESI like pension, EDLI, etc.

  29. How can i check for the nominee details on the EPF site? My husband expired on the month of February. I am not able to find the nominee details. I went to the PF office but they too could not give me any information on the nominee details.

  30. Hello,

    In case of Death, if the person was holding more than one PF account, which was not transfered to current PF account. How do we claim it?

    Should we need to first transfer to Current and then claim for Pesion benefit?

    Will the multiple PF account cause any issue with EDLI?

    Kindly throw some light on this?

    1. Dear GJ,
      You can do both way. But better to transfer to all at one and then request for withdrawing. EDLI for each account considered separately. Hence, EDLI applies to last active EPF only but not all such multiple EPF accounts.

  31. Sir,
    Employee retired from Co with complicated his age of 58 years.
    Company not deposited contribution from last 8 months approximately
    Now he/she get pension co denied to sign on withdrawal & pension claim.
    Now how can I get pension from last four to five months.
    Please advise me now what can I do
    Thanks & Regards


    Why is the employer signature required in the new form?
    What to do if the employer is not cooperating and signing the form?
    Can it be submitted directly to EPFO?


        I have already raised public grievance to EPFO, ESIC, MOLE but no satisfactory action till date even after 1year of death of a contract worker.

  33. Sarit Kumar Das


    My father was working in a Govt. PSU and was supposed to get retired in April’2018. Unfortunately he has been passed away in September’2017. Due to his major health issues,he could not able to attend the office for last 4-5 months before his death. Hence as per the office norms, since he exhausted all his designated leaves, he was on leave without pay for last 4-5 months. The last salary he withdrew and which has been also been recorded in official memo was for the month of April’2017.
    I would like to know whether my mother who is his nominee by law, is eligible for EDLI?
    As I came to know from PF Office that there is a certain changes in EDLI rules which says an employee would not eligible for EDLI if his/her PF Contribution is not up-to-date i.e. till a month before his/her death.
    Can you please let me know whether this amended rule has been implemented.
    Your early reply is highly appreciated.

  34. Hi Good afternoon,

    My brother was working in RelQ Software Pvt Ltd. Jayanagar, Bangalore , from dec-13-2002 to Nov-7-2008, he was expired at 31-08-2014, now his establishment not in the place, we unable to find out the company, we have to apply his pf claim, what is the procedure please help me.

    Note: Company (Establishment) closed and tyeup or marge with some other company.

  35. Hello sir my wife has expired when she was in working. I need to apply for her pf shall I use single farm 20 or has to use 3 farms. My son is 1.8 years old please guide me for pension I need to give his name

  36. Hi,
    My brother-in-law died in a road accident in Nov 2015 and my inlaws were not aware about the epf account. I dont have no idea if he made nominee to his epf account. Last he served in Hindalco Singrauli and I believe he must have a epf account. Could you please guide as how to know his epf account number and whether my inlaws can claim the edli amount ?

  37. Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    Good Evening !!

    My father used to work for a school since 1982 and a few months back on December 03rd, 2017 he passed away during his tenure with the same organisation. So we wanted to know whether we are eligible for EDLI and if we are eligible then what would be the sum assured which will be received by nominee if in case their Basic+DA salary is more than 15K. Kindly guide us.

    And one thing what components will be received from EPFO department towards PF?

    Anand Bisht

  38. Dear Sir,

    One of our employee left the company in March’17 (total service with us 2 years). and she was not working any where.

    she has been died on 28th dec 2017, is she aligiable for EDLI?

    kindly reply so that we can help her failmy.

  39. Sir,
    My Husband had expired on 2nd April 2008(Age at death 52 years). He used to get pension of around Rs. 600 at that time, which had stopped & as per bank official returned to EPFO.
    Now, I want to claim the accumulated amount & also restart the pension on my name if possible. What would be the procedure for the same.
    Also I want to know what are the documents required & where to approach/submit/send the documents.
    Also is there any way to know how much amount has been accumulated.

      1. Can I visit the nearest EPFO Office, or I have to go to office where my husband’s account is present. Is there any online process?

  40. i want to take somedear sir,
    information .my father have pensioner a/c.and nominee are my mother but both are expired.i have two brother .how we can claim this amount from pf office. directy or through court. pls inform me

  41. Hi,
    My brother in law died in an bus accident (Govt bus fall out of road) on 28oct17 while returning back from his official service tour.
    1. Please advise the various scheme / option where family (his father) can claim for compensation (like PF, Debit/Credit cards, Govt. Body, Company etc.)
    2. In his previous job 1 yrs back he was getting pf deducted and did not withdraw the money accomate in the PF Account. But his current complay was not giving any pf benefit. Please advise his family is entitle to have any compensation other than his pf money.
    3. His company did not contact in any way, after his death although they knew about it. Can we have any compensation from the company.


      1. epf not withdrawn
        can family get any additional compensation other than his epf amount.
        the new company was not paying any pf benefit.

  42. Jayalaxmibaleya manda

    Dear Sir,

    Please help me on this , i want to claim my let husband EPF . Know one is helping to me on this . Consultancy officer

    is not helping me.

    i need a suggestion how can i will do this ..

  43. Hi,

    My father passed away on 28/03/2012. At the time of PF nomination, he filled my and my brother’s name as nominee for 50% each. We have that form with us. Our father was a widower and he wrote that in PF nominee form. Before this composite claim form thing, EPFO were asking for our mother’s death certificate also. We do not have it. Can we claim my father’s PF under this new composite claim. I have my father’s death certificate, his signed Nominee form.

      1. Hello,

        Thank you for your response.

        If I am not able to get death certificate of my mother(passed away 19 years ago), we will not be able to claim PF?

        We used to live in Sikkim and we do not have her ID card and Municipal corporation wants that for making a death certificate.

        This is basically what I wanted to know from you as an expert. Is there a way out or is this a dead end?

          1. What is the usage of nomination form if EPFO asks for all the documentation as per due process? If an individual is filling a nomination form stating he is a widower and in case of death, the nominees are my sons with 50 percent each? There is no point of nomination if it does not have legal validity and EPFO requires all documents?

            1. Rohit-Nomination is good point. But let us assume, today I nominated my kids. After few days for money sake they kept me in dark and went to EPFO office and claimed I was no more and hence we need money. In that case, how can EPFO authenticate that I am actually no more???? Think by sitting in the chair of EPFO.

              1. There is a difference sir. We have my father’s death certificate and his signed nomination form which can be verified by epfo. We are not fraudulent claimant

          2. Amit Chandrakant Shinde

            Dear Sir, My younger brother was expired on 23/11/17 but his servicer contribution was upto 02/2017. So can my mother and father get pension and edli benefit.

  44. Hello Sir, my father took VRS in 2002 after 14 yrs of service and applied for epf claim in 2014, and he was getting pension since 2014. He died in November 2016 at the age of 54. Can my mother claim all epf amount sattlement and other benefits at once, or it should be in the form of monthly pension. What are the options? Please guide us how it should be done.

      1. He got arrear amount and was getting monthly pension after applying for epf claim through form 10d for reduced pension.

  45. It is good that EPFO is taking some good decisions in recent times. Introducing this new composite death claim forms is really useful for all employees.

  46. I am working in a pvt. company and contribution to PF and EPF since Feb. 2015 ( I was job less and en cashed 100% PF contribution and I do not have continuous employment ) and by Sept. 2017, I will attain 58 years. In effect, i will contribute EPF for 2 Yrs and 6 months only Am I eligible for Pension after my retirement ( as per appointment order my retirement age is 60 years)

      1. Ex. Surviving family members of deceased member 3 (Wife+ 2 Son(age below 25 years))

        My question are 1. group photo of all claimants or Single photo of each claimant

        2. eligible for pension all members, but single Bank A/c. here

  47. Hello sir, Please help me , I am a salaried person and I want to take income tax benefit of medical bills and child turion fee. How to claim this, I have medical prescription of me and my suppose and my son admission recipt. please tell me

      1. Sir my husband has expired on April 5,2015 he was the employee of sarv Siksha Abhiyan at DIET Kangra at Dharamshala now I have two two kids of 7&10 years old can my child get job in future
        My husband was 39 years old at the time of death,

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