Employee Provident Fund (EPF)-Changed rules from 1st Sept 2014

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Recently Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) changed a few rules related to EPF, EPS and EDLI. These changes will come into effect from 1st September 2014.

Note-We stopped readers comment for this particular post. If you have any doubts related to this post, you are free to raise the same at our BasuNivesh Forum. I will be happy to help you.

Latest News-

Below is the graphical representation of how your EPF contribution along with employer contribution will distribute monthly.

EPF ChangesPlease note that Salary for this purpose means Basic along with DA.

Let us discuss the above four changes in detail.

  • 1) EPF is now mandatory for all those whose salary is less than Rs.15, 000Previously the limit was Rs.6, 500. However, this now rises to Rs.15, 000. Therefore, whoever falls below Rs.15, 000 of salary per month will have to contribute compulsorily to EPF Scheme.2) The minimum monthly pension will be Rs.1, 000 per month. Under the new rules, widow of a member will get a minimum monthly pension of Rs.1, 000. For children, it fixed at Rs.250 and the orphans it is Rs.750 per month. In addition, to arrive at pension, salary will be average of 60 months last drawn salary instead of earlier rule of last 12 months average salary.3) Insurance coverage to member increased to Rs.3, 00,000Earlier each member who is part of the EPF scheme had an insurance coverage of Rs.1, 56,000. This insurance coverage has now risen to Rs.3, 00,000.4) EPS contribution from employer raisedEarlier whether your salary was Rs.6, 500 or at a higher level, employers used to contribute fix EPS contribution of Rs.541 i.e. 8.33% of Rs.6, 500. This is increased now to Rs.1, 250 i.e. 8.33% of Rs.15, 000.

    The overall effect on you will be lesser take home salary. Because earlier, whoever earning more than Rs.6, 500 might contributed 12% of Rs.6, 500. Now onward it will be 12% of your salary if you fall under Rs.15, 000 and if more than Rs.15, 000 then also 12% of Rs.15, 000. So compared to earlier, you will see higher outgo to EPF and lesser take home salary. However, do remember that you are indirectly investing rather than spending. So be happy 🙂

    Any doubts about EPF? All major doubts listed in below post. Please go through it.

    Note-We stopped readers comment for this particular post. If you have any doubts related to this post, you are free to raise the same at our BasuNivesh Forum. I will be happy to help you.


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1,533 Responses

  1. i am working with a private limited company,but here they are not deducting pf,where my salary is more than 20000/-

    is it mandatory to deduct pf?i also dnt want to deduct pf

    1. Pankaj-Staying out of EPF is your rights but employer can’t decide it. If you not declaring anything like that, then raise the issue with your employer to start EPF for you.

  2. Hi,

    As per latest ACT, what is the last date to submit pf withdrawal forms, to withdraw 100% PF amount?

  3. I have question kindly understand my prb and reply to me. i have my EPF A/c with my organisation, i completed my
    7 yrs service here.i have uan account .now i want to go to another organisation for better salary.
    in that organisation may i continue the prevous account with out withdraw of pf and iam eligible for pension scheem.

  4. Hello,

    I am Srinu Basava. My employer had deducted PF amount(RS.5600 Employee + Employer) every month from my salary ( from June 2013 – April 2015 ) for 2 years. But they have deposited only (RS 30000) EE-23137 ER 7081 in my Account.

    After I left the company I send them many emails and called them several times, but I didn’t get any positive response about remaining amount.

    Few days back I registered grievance and I got below response from EPF office.

    — Whatever the employer paid is according to the EPF rules itself. Where as your employer remitted from June paid in July 2013 to April paid in May 2015. For any other queries contact your employer.

    I don’t have any idea what kind of action I can take?

    Please Help.

    Thank you,
    Srinu Basava

  5. As per latest act How Much % FROM EE AND ER Shares.and plz give me complte graph of epf .HOW MUCH TRANSACTIONED TO ALL A/CS IN EPF…

  6. What is the last date to submit pf withdrawal forms, to withdraw 100% PF amount. ie. employee+employer contribution!

  7. Hi, I have joined a new organisation where my salary is 50000 and Basic is more then 15000. As per employer they are not providing me a PF at all mentioning my basic salary is more 15000. I would like to know is it employers choice whether to provide PF or not? Or is it mendatory for all the employers to provide PF to employee? Please help since i will be loosing Rs 4000 per month by this.

  8. My current salary is 4000 and my company is deducting 1250 from 4000 as PF . It means I am getting only 2750 per month. Is that deduction is correct or we have to take action against it? Any link regarding this question?

  9. dear sir mera avhi pf cut hota hai mai use close karwana chahta hunjab mai job join kiya tav 15000Rs par month thi avi current salary 20000thousnd hai kaise band karenge pf katana please tell me sir
    i will wait

  10. Basavaraj sir,

    If one has a basic salary of more than 15000 a month,

    1) Can one opt-out of EPF when changing the job?
    2) Can one reduce the EPF contribution from 12% of one’s actual basic to 12% of 15000?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        1) Can one opt-out of EPF when changing the job? – YES
        – would this be true even if the employee had opted in for PF in the previous
        company or is it applicable only for freshers.


        1. Naveen-Irrespective of your past membership with EPFO in past employment, you can opt out of EPF when joining new company and if your basic+Da is more than Rs.15,000. It is purely your rights.

  11. Hi,
    My employer has been deducting 12% of my basic salary for provident fund for the past three years but has not even shared me the PF account details… my PF deduction amounts to Rs:1360/month and now i would like to claim… How much do you think will be my legal claim amount…Can you please suggest me the necessary steps to lodge a complaint against my employer…..He denies to even give us our salary statement.

  12. Employers contribution of PF is deducted from emloyees salary. Is this legal?

      1. Really. Is there any provision and regulation to prove that. If any, pls can you send the link.

  13. How many month/year required to entitled PF Amount to Withdrawn OR Transfer as per PF Act

    1. hi .

      I resigned my job on feb 29 2016, I completed 11 years there. I have applied for withdrawal..is 20 days mentioned above are working days? will I be getting only employees’s share.

    2. Plz clarify in current company my pf is deducting but i am going to join new company where my basic salary is above 15000 so is it mandatory to deduct pf as they forcing but i confirmed twice on pf customer care they said its ur choice to get deduct or not they cant force plz reply

  14. Dear Basavraj,

    Me and my colleage are working in a private limited company. Both of us have opted out of EPF and our salary at entry level is 16500 and 15800.

    The problem is that my colleage who joined last month, comes from a village and is semi skilled. The HR manager says that since we are not a member of EPF then we shall receive payment by cheque only. I do have a bank account but my colleage does not even have a Identity Card and hence cannot open a bank account. The company is not ready to pay him by cash, but vide cheque only.

    Hence I just wanted to confirm whether is it true/manadatory that one not being a member of EPF and salary above 15000 is not entitled to receive his payment in cash and has to receive it by cheque only. If yes, then what can be done for my poor colleage as he is unable to open an account.



      1. Thanks for a prompt reply. Can you kindly provide me some link or anything in print as to wherein I can show this to the HR and my colleage can receive his payment. It is almost 10 days now that his payment is overdue.

          1. hello Sir,

            The HR said there is some notification from the EPF department mentioning – all units having employees strength above 20 need to pay salary vide bank only for the employees not being member of EPF.

            Hence I guess my colleague is still stuck up!!!

  15. I am now 52 years old and i have need of Pf amt for my daughter marriage. What can i do ? please help me.

  16. Dear Sir,
    Ealier my PF amount is not deducted by company.My total salary is 19000.Now I talk to company HR sir about how much PF will be deducted from my salary then the say t will be between 400 to 700.Now I want to know what should be basic salary on 19000 and how much PF will be deducted from salary.Please help me sir.

  17. HI Basavaraj Sir,

    We are just a start up company and our total strength is 17 members, some one told that now PF applicable if we more than 10 members if yes please suggest me to how to go ahead and kindly give me a brief regarding the deduction %.

    Thank you

  18. Sir,
    My father passed away in November 2015. He was due to retire from service on August 2016.
    He has an own contribution balance in his EPF account of about Rs 5.5 Lakhs.

    Can I choose to withdraw the money after 8 or 10 or 15 years so that it keeps accruing interest of 8.75% pa. with the actual principal?

    He joined service in January 1983. Is there any deadline for withdrawal of EPF or will the EPF Dept send me any notice??

  19. Hi Sir,

    We are calculating PF on Basic salary but If employee monthly salary Rs.6500/- and below Rs.6500/-.
    What PF amount calculate ?

    Because PF minimum wages Rs.6500/-.
    Please guide me

      1. 12% of 10,000 is 1200, but can I submit Rs. 2000 in my pf account. or it should be 1200.

  20. Hello, I want to know that if the salary is below 10,000 then its compulsory to deduct 12% of Basic salary or we can deduct an fixed amount, which is greater than 12%.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have left my Company without survive Notice period, and my HR person says me that we will not signed on your PF form. the PF amount ofl 38 month. Plz suggest how i will withdraw my PF. Plz Help……………………..

  22. my salary was 10000/- and in hand 8987. now they say that since there is increase in basic salary the deduction of PF is more. but salary which came inhand is 8686/-. kindly explain how this works.

  23. Hi, From the PF statement, I can see that my organisation, pays employers contribution in 2 parts, one part is coming in PF and another one is going in Pension(Rs. 1250 every month). Now my question is (1) how can I know how much money is been deducted towards pension payment till date (2) when will I get this money (3) I believe this money doesn’t reflected in PF balance, please let me know if my understanding is correct ?

  24. How much percent of total salary should be deducted every month in software company if salary is less than 10000 a month?

  25. I have resigned job 6 months back now i am doing own business how to with draw pf and what is the rule for that please guide me.

  26. Sir My self is Manisha P.. Sir I want to submit the PF Forms for withdraw. Sir in the PF account my name is mentioned as MANISHA P.. i have filled in form as P MANISHA . Is it will be any problem for withdraw. Kindly let me know sir. Thank You.

  27. I worked in a organisation for 6 months(165 days). I went to claim my PF the Hr said you are not completed 180 days that you are not eligible to claim PF. he said me to transfer the pf to present job location. But I don’t have Pf here. Advise me what to do?

    1. Dear Srinivas.K
      You can withdraw your Pf, if you leave you job before 180 days then you are not eligible for withdrawing employer share. you could withdraw only your (employee ) share.

  28. Dear Basavraj ,

    I have recently in Feb’2016 joined a new company in which NO PF will be deducted from my salary as my basic salary is fixed above Rs.15000/- hence no Employee contribution No employers contribution will be paid .The company in which i have presently joined has a PF code & is applicable to few employees only.
    I have an updated UAN no. for PF & a continues EPF member for last 9 yrs.
    My previous company was deducting & deposting my PF contribution till Jan’2016.
    1) It EPF applicable for me in this new company?
    2) Is it mandotory for the employer to deduct the PF contribution in this case ?
    3) Is this PF code applicable for other Sister concerns of the New company were PF code is not taken as the empoyees are below 10 nos. ?

    1. Shailendra-1) YES. 2) Yes, but in my view, they made all employees salary above Rs.15,000 and took underwriting from you all that you don’t want to contribute to EPF. Check whether you provided such declaration or not. 3) I am not sure about that, because don’t know in what way that company structured.

      1. Sir,
        Regarding Point no. 2 of our previous conversation on 20th Feb’2016 , spoke with my Chief manager Hr on the reply which i received from you .
        No undertaking is given by me stating “don’t want to contribute to EPF” .
        The CM HR has asked a copy of the rule or act in which this is mentioned that “it mandotory for the employer to deduct the PF contribution”

        1. Shailender-Show him the rule that if the organization is under EPFO, and employee not written a request to stay out of EPF, then they can’t stay away. If you need specific clarification, then suggest you to dig the rulebook. Otherwise, simply raise the complaint at EPFO Grievance Portal. They reply will be same as that of mine.

  29. Say, I am in service for the past few years and contributing 12% towards EPF. Employer has been contributing on full PF wages (Basic- Rs.26000/-) without restriction.( 3.67 for EPF, 8.33 for EPS). The new rule says ‘those joining on or after Sep 2014 are not eligible for EPS’, but I have been in service and will my EPS also stop in Sep-2014 or will continue on 15000/…? or the total 12% has to be only in EPF.

    1) In short, will EPS continue for old members even if their PF wages is above 15000 or get stopped in Sep-2014? Please clarify.
    2) In a company if majority employees drawing above 15000 request for exemption from PF enrollment, what is the purpose of social security law? If so, there is no PF deduction from employee and no PF benefit from Employer. Will this not have impact on CTC?

    1. Babulal-No need to confuse. If your salary (Basic+DA) is more than Rs.15,000 during JOINING NEW JOB, then you can stay away from EPF. However, if you already a member of EPF and at later stage your salary raised to more than Rs.15,000 means you can’t stay from EPF.

  30. Hi,

    I just got an offer from a very small company. The break up shows something like this.

    Basic 75000
    PF 1800

    that company is telling that you are only eligible to get the PF of 1800(employee 1800+employer 1800). Even though my basic is 75000. please let me know the details. The company is cheating all it’s employees like this from very long.


    1. Hi,

      I would be interesting in knowing this too. can companies restrict to PF of 1800 (employer 1800 + employee 1800), even though the basic is significantly higher??


  31. Dear Basavaraj,

    I have a query related to salary components for calculating PF deduction. Provisions says PF shall be computed on Basic + DA. Does DA means to include allowances as well (Conveyance, industry, HRA etc.).

        1. W.e.f. Jan-2016, the PF Admin charge has been reduced to 0.85%. Others charges remain the same.

  32. Sir, I joined in private high school last three years as peon. Initially after six months from my joining, my monthly provident was deducted from my salary for three months. Thereafter management has stopped deduction of my pf till date. I’m still working in same school.
    Sir please advise me in the matter, to enable management continue deductions of my pf.
    Thank n regards,

      1. Thnx sir,
        Now if i request management to correct their mistake and regularise it. How they will do that.

          1. Thnku sir, thnx lot.
            Now if mangmnt wants to regularise it nd if they request my suggestion on this, then what do I do.
            I want to co-op with mngmnt.
            I reqst your adv.
            Thnx n regds.

  33. Hi Sir,

    I worked with Godrej on third party pay roll Adecco 1 year back. Since i joined by current organisation immediately I did not withdrew my PF amount. Can I withdraw it now. Please guide me with the Process. Also, if I want to transfer it what is the process for same.

  34. Hi,

    My question is if an employees basic salary is rs.8000/- at the joining time, can he give a Form 11 to not enroll him in EPF account.
    Actualy who can form 11 under epf.

  35. Hi sir

    Please give confirmation that PF amount deduction from both employee and employer contribution. In my company they are saying that PF policy has changed that PF deduction from one side only that to employee only, they cutting double PF amount from us, is it correct.

    Thank you sir, i am waiting for your results.

  36. It is great to see your replies on the questions asked by people from all sectors. My question is:

    I am working in a company for 3 years now; but the company has recently registered with EPF. I want to start getting PF deducted , but my basic salary is more than 15,000. Kindly let me know wehether it is possible, since the HR is not giving me consent.

  37. Hi Sir,

    Thanks a lot for this blog. This has been very helpful. I had a few questions regarding EPS (Employee Pension Scheme).

    I changed my company in 2012 and then again in 2015 so I have 3 different PF accounts. I believe that PF amount both employee and employer contribution is directly credited to the my new PF account with my latest company but I was worried about EPS amount.

    I read somewhere that EPS is given only when a person works for 9 years. In both my previous companies i worked for 2 years or so. So did my EPS in those 2 companies lapse? Or EPS is automatically transferred to latest PF account with my latest company?

    Please shed some light on this

      1. Dear Sir,

        I have a similar situation. I transferred EPF accounts from two of my previous employers. But I didnt get the EPS amount. What should I do ?



  38. Today my age is 50 years and Last 2 years I was working out of India, I have already withdrawn all my PF. Now I came back to India and applied for Pension. I want to ask you, Now if I join any company and getting salary more than 15,000 and also I don’t want to deduct PF / FPF from Salary. Is it possible because of age above 50 and Salary more than 15,000 Please advise.

  39. Dear sir,
    I m in bsnl since nov 2000. due to confusion of rules, bsnl not deduct my EPF from begining. now employer open my EPF account from nov 2000 . question is that who will submit employee contribution and intrest.

      1. thnx sir,
        DDO of BSNL agree to submit both contribution with intrest at this time to EPFO. But they asking my portion will recover in my future salary. No any rule of bsnl in this regarding. if any rule of EPFO in my favour about employee share deduction and epf account open from back date (nov 2000). plz say sir

        1. Manoj-There is no such rule there in EPFO for the fault of your employer. I suggest you to raise this issue with EPFO. Your employer did wrong and now they want to compensate it with another wong doing.

  40. I want to increase my PF deduction monthly.how to proceed on it.Now it is deducting 2000.I want to increase it to 4000.

  41. Hello Seniors,

    I my company some employees basic salary was less then RS-15000 but after the increment they do not want the PF deduction.and their Gross salary are RS-16000, RS-20000 etc.

    Please suggest me what should i do in these case and how they will exit form PF?

    With Regards

  42. My Basic + DA exceeded 15K for several years now. I have been contributing to EPF all these years. When I switched job in August 2015, the policy at the new employer is to have the employees above Rs.15K opt out of PF. One of your answers says, I can opt out only in the beginning and not at a later stage. Do you mean the Opt-Out option is available at start of the new job which pays you above Rs.15K or once you are in you will need to stay in to it.

    Secondly, whether their employee will be OPTED OUT from EPF or not is it left to the employer or fully at EMPLOYEE’s description..?

    Thank You

  43. Dear Basavaraj,

    I would like to know the below information. It would be great if you can help.

    My current employer has introduced PF. Now the problem is, i worked for 2 companies previously before starting my own firm. During my employment i did have PF from one employer, which i have no details with me as i am not able to trace it as that company got acquired by another MNC. After that i started my firm so had no PF. I am not able to see my offer letter or payslip as they are not available with me at this moment. If i opt out for PF now (my basic is above 15000) what sort of problems i may face in future?

    1. Mamuni-If you are not able to trace the details of earlier EPF, then hard to identify. You can opt out of EPF, there will be no problem. But do remember that EPF is a great tool of creating your retirement corpus.

  44. Sir,

    Whether Gazetted Probationers under Karnataka Government and Civil Services Probationers under the Central Government are eligible for EPF. If not, what about their EPF account from the previous job?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thanks for your prompt and precise reply.

      Whether EPF is compulsory for those categories?
      Can they also opt for GPF along with EPF?
      Or choose only one of them?


        1. Whether EPF is compulsory for Gazetted Probationers under Karnataka Government and Civil Services Probationers under the Central Government ?
          Can they also opt for GPF along with EPF?
          Or choose only one of them?

  45. Dear Sir,

    I work in a Pvt. ltd co. and my Basic salary is more than 15000, So I am not coming under the PF benefit, my question is, is the decision is upon the employer that whether they want to give the PF facility to employee more than 15000 salary or not? please help.


  46. Dear Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti,

    I’m an employee of a PSU. I joined after 01/09/2014 and my monthly income is more than 15000. Now there is recently a notification from our company that everyone has to fill up Form No. 11 for EPF. However to fill up this form I require UAN no. When I inquired with my organization about my UAN no. they said since I joined after 01.09.2014 and my PF wages (Basic+DA) is more than 15000, hence my UAN no has not been generated.
    However when I checked this data and tried to clarify it through internet I found out that only EPS part of the scheme has been discontinued for people earning more than 15000 monthly, not the whole EPF scheme.
    Please tell me whether I’m right and if yes then what’s the process for generating my UAN no.

    1. Abhik-When your salary is more than Rs.15,000 (Basic+DA), then either you can opt for EPF or stay away. But at the start of your employment ONLY. Once, you are member of EPF, then even if salary moved to more than Rs.15,000 you can’t stay away. If you are member of EPF, then only you be the member of EPS. But for EPS ONLY. Same is that if your are EPF member then you have to contribute to EPS. You can’t stay away from EPF or EPS alone.
      For your information, you can generate EPF UAN online on your own. Refer my earlier post “EPF UAN registration or activation and allotment is now online“.

      1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti ,

        Thank you for your prompt reply. The information was really helpful. However, I’m still unclear of the part where you say about the EPF and EPS provisions.
        If I’m right you meant to say that, if I opt for EPF then I also have to go for EPS. Only one between them can’t be chosen. Right?Please clarify this point once again if you can.
        For your information, I joined this PSU 2 months back and during joining itself, my total salary was more than 15K. Am I still eligible to join EPF, if I want to join voluntarily?
        Also, I should let you know that, when I was trying to fill From 2 and Form 11 in my company’s website, in case of form 2 it was showing that I’m not eligible, which is the Form for EPS, however in case of Form 11 I could fill up the details, which is form for EPF. So I’m confused that whether I’m only eligible for EPFonly and not EPS, even if I want to opt for it.
        Also, please let me know that if I choose to opt for EPF, will there be any contribution from the employer, since my total income is more than 15K.
        And finally thank you very much for letting me know the process for registering the UAN no. It was really very helpful.

        1. Abhik-Your understanding about EPF and EPS is correct. If you have salary (Basic+DA) is more than Rs.15,000 then you can opt out or join at the time of joining ONLY. I am not sure about online platform of your company. But one can’t be member of either EPF or EPS alone. If your salary is more than Rs.15,000, then employer can restrict his contribution to 12% of Rs.15,000 or can pay up to 12% of your actual salary. It depends on company policy.

          1. Please refer to the last line of your reply “employer can restrict his contribution to 12% of Rs.15,000” ( even if the salary is a lac ??)

            I just want to know the PF deduction & contribution by employer, as per law, in case of an employee earning a lac (Basic along with DA).

            For, an employee earning a lac, is it mandatory to deduct PF at all ?

            1. Mukherjee-When your salary is more than Rs.15,000 per month, then employer either can restrict his contribution to 12% of Rs.15,000 or 12% of actual salary. Whether it is Rs.15,000 or Rs.15 lakh. It does not matters. Salary means Basic+DA.

  47. Sir,

    My salary in previous company is Rs. 15000 per month and they deduct Rs. 1020 as PF amount from September 2014. But i leave that company on 7 February and my PF balance on current date is Rs. 6232. I want to know that on the basis of my current balance i think company did not contribute any amount from their side (As employee and employer have to put equal amount), they only deduct only from our salary for Pf. Is this possible i mean valid

  48. my previous oragnization refuse to sign on my pf form….i have new pf account in my present organization can i transer my pf amount from old pf account to my new pf account….what i should do in case of employer not co-operate with me….plz help and give me proper guidance to get my money.

  49. Hello Sir, i owned a trading company and with the employee staff 20. out of that 10 of my employees are having salary more that 15000 plus . and rest under 15000 rupees. my questions are
    1. should i create a new pf account for my employees?
    2.whether i am going to be under Employees Provident Fund Program , or Employees State Insurances Program?
    3. in which context should i go in?

    please guide me on this subject.
    Thanking you in advance
    Harsh Ajmera

  50. Hi
    I am working in MNC
    Our total employee strength is around 80
    Everybody is getting salary more than 20000/month
    I asked my boss that why we don’t have of account nd no deduction for pf.he replied that pf is compulsory for the companies who r paying salary below 15000.
    So I just want to confirm that is there any other law by which we can get the benefit of pf deduction.
    I heard that if the strength is more then 15 people then it is compulsory to have the pf account
    Plz confirm.

    1. Vishwas-If employee strength ONCE reaches 20, then the organization must comes under EPFO (even if the strength of employee reduces at later stage). Yes, EPF is mandatory to all employees whose salary is less than Rs.15,000 (Basic+DA). If an employee has more than this, then he can opt out of EPF during the initial joining ONLY.

      1. Means we all employees can ask the company to open a epf account as our strength is more than 20.
        According to Indian law it is mandate now.
        Can we take some legal actions against the company if company is not opening a epf account?

  51. Mr. Tonagatti, Greetings,

    Can you advise me a little on EPF.
    If a new company/factory has to be formed, does the company must have PF scheme? Total no of employees would be about 50.
    Can company start the scheme by their own, or company need to hire someone to take care of PF.
    If employees do not wish to join the scheme then one can take only the declaration from the employee.

    Please if you can, shed some light on this.
    Actually I do not have much knowledge of PF but I have to take care of this issue in this new company.

  52. Please let me know
    how to calculate edli premium. A person having Basic + DA rs 23000 and working last seven years and age is 30. wt will b the edli premium for the year and how it is calculated.

  53. I work for an international BPO and Basic salary is more than Rs.6500/- will it EPS be mandatory

  54. I m working in a state govt organisation(Electricity Board) strength of my is around 700 employees..i m working on contract basis,my salary is consolidate amount of Rs. 35K (Fixed remuneration)my contract with the company is for 3 years which will ended i august 2016 but in my contract there is no clause mentioned for EPF .but in subsidiary company of my company(distribution )giving EPF to their contract employee. company is owned & govern by State govt.
    Please suggest me i should demand for EPF or not.

  55. Dear Sir,
    I am working in a Pvt. Ltd. co. in Mumbai wanted to ask you some questions in my mind. Now a days from december 2015 onwards due to EPFO transaction becomes online. Hence they are not receiving our provident fund cheque through Bank from last month. Asking and given a notice to us that make your log in and do it online. We have provided all our details to our agent for updation. He also require Digital Signature of the Employer to complete the process. There are few employees left who have this PF facility in the company. Now If the employer refuse to give all this details to complete the procedure then we are helpless and in this case what should we do? Or if we left the job in future then our fund is blocked and in this case how can we resolve the matter? Or how can we withdraw our PF without the employer’s digital signature? Please help us reg. this matter
    One more question we have to ask you that at what age the Pnesion Scheme is started?

  56. Hi Sir,

    I had one PF account started in September 2004 and I withdrew the PF amount in 2011.Then I joined a new organization in September 2011 and opened a new PF account.

    What will happen to the Pension amount in my PF account that is closed? Is it possible to transfer from the closed account to the newly opened PF account?

    I am already paying Rs.1800 per month as Employee contribution.Is it possible to increase the Employee contribution to PF?

    1. Dhanya-You might have withdrawn EPS also. But if you are not sure, check the same whether you withdrawn both EPF and EPS. If everything is withdrawn, then you can’t transfer. However, if EPS is pending, then you can transfer. Yes, you can contribute more than 12%. This is called as VPF. Discuss with your employer for the same. But they will not contribute anything to match this increased VPF amount.

  57. good evening sir,
    Our firm initially registered with EPFO, Firm has 21 employee (outof 10 employee having salary more than 15000, ),
    now my question is that:
    1. whether it is mandatory to give details of employee whose salary more than 15000, if yes, then in which format? i.e. by physically submit documents or any online facility or form available.
    2. is it mandatory to give details in ECR for employee having salary more than 15000, if yes, then how ? (Because if we cover in ECR then it calculate pf also)

  58. My PF was being deducted in my earlier Organization from Sept 2014. Until Dec 2015 my employer has contributed amount in to my PF account. My PF is as per the data is being deducted in 1)Employee Share(12%) 2) Employer Share(3.77%) and Pension Contribution(8.33%).
    Now I have changed my Job and Will be asking to transfer my PF amount into the PF account created by my new organization

    My query is If I wish to withdraw the amount will I be getting Employee+Employer Share( the whole Amount) Or there will be a deduction .
    One more query if I transfer my PF account from Old Org to New Org then will Employee Share + Employer Share + Pension Contribution will also be transferred?

  59. Hello

    Actually I am the X Employer holding X Private Limited company. Now we need to close the PF Account. Can you please explain me in detail the process for PF closure.
    We already submit the letter to PF office but there is no reply from the concern person.
    Need your help urgently!!!

    Thanks in advance

  60. Hi,

    Can you please help me out in below scenario:

    I have my EPF A/c with my previous organisation, and i left organisation in 2.6 years and joined another company where it is not mandatory to deduct PF and also i have not opted for PF.
    Now i am not contributing in EPF A/c but i have money which was deducted from my previous employer.
    Since 5 years have not been completed of service and there is no more contribution now, so now can i wait till completion of 5 years without any contribution in the A/c. Or should withdraw it immediately. As i knew it become taxable..

    Kindly guide on this

  61. Iam working in a private Concern, I can see two deductions for ESI & PF in my package details , My actual CTC is 12900 in that 908 is deducted for ESI & PF as Employer’s Contribution , My Gros pay is 11993 in that also they deduct 628RS for ESI & PF. Is this is the correct procedure.

    Can i get both employess & Employer’s PF contribution at tht time of my relieving. NEED ur detailed explanation on the same.

  62. I was transfer abroad to an associated entity of a MNC in 2008. Now i need to see my PF withdrawal record. How do i ? How long legally PF office should retain the records of an employee.

    Any other guidance to solve this query pls.

    1. Raj-You can check the status online using their portal. They will retain the record, don’t worry about that. But interest will not be added after 3 years from last contribution. Such account is considered as inactive account. Hence, better to withdraw.

  63. Hi Basu,

    I f we withdraw PF amount still we are eligible for pension? To purchase land or something…..

    Thanks in advance

  64. dear sir,
    kindly pls help me at earliest… i am a female working in a company since 01 oct 2006. till date.. i am totally confused in regards with pension amount from my p.f. and request below answers…
    01. pls clarify do i hav a option of not opting for pension even after completing my 10yrs or more…moreover how n when does my pension start and what is the scenario if i expire before my pension starts and also what is the scenario if i expire in the first 2 or 3 yrs of my pension recving…what happens to my collected amount of pension do my husband or child recv it ot is it forfeited… pls reply at earliest as i need to decide to quit the job n claim the complete p.f ….

    02. if i complete my 10years of employment and the part of p.f is blocked for pension…how do i calculate what is the pension amount…moreover say if i stop to work /job completely say after 15 years of employment and turn a housewife … what would happen to my block pf pension amount.. can i claim it back…or will i hav to completely wait till the pension age and under the scenario what would be the calculations and procedure…..

  65. dir sir my name is balu shriram sarkate I am working a 3 years in company but my pf not update only 2 month update I
    I asked a my office his told me a wirdarval a pf all pf amount dipasit your account sir only 2 monts update my pf can a all amount deposit my account after widrval a pf please help me I am not blive in my office my pf no.57560 in delhi north laximi nagar pf office and my office in pune

  66. Dear Sir

    I have a rather peculiar situation(and i must apologize for such a long message!)

    I started working in a Delhi company in 1999 where there was a provision for EPF account. After working for 2 years, i left that firm, and then worked on freelance projects. In 2003 i moved overseas, and i completely forgot about the EPF account. I moved back to India in late-2011 and have been working on a freelance basis. While going through my papers, i found that my account was there with EPF, but it has been deactivated since 2009 . I wanted to withdraw the money but as my ex-employer was not available now, and the old records could not be found in that company, nothing could be done.
    From January 2016, i will be starting a new job where there would be contributions to EPF

    Now my question is, can i use the same EPF account to start making contributions?
    will the new job contributions activate my deactivated EPF account?
    or will i need to start a new EPF account?

    I must add that i m an Australian citizen(by naturalization) and i hold Indian OCI card(that allows me to live indefinitely in India and operate financially like any Indian citizen?

    My apologies for such a long post. but i thought i needed to make my situation clear to you

    Thanks in advance


  67. hi this is harry , i was working in two companies simultaneously , i have a pf account in one company, shell i give that same pf account in second company, otherwise shell i join in second pf account in second company,please guide me

    1. Harish-In my view, there is no such restriction of doing two employment. Hence, suggest you to provide the same EPF. But check with your employer of whether they allow such two jobs or not.

  68. Sir … iam Woring in Private Company for 10 months now iam Reisigned ….. is ia can draw my PF balance without company Permission or not? if Possible how can I draw my PF balance from Account .. what are the Requirements..

  69. Sir, i want to know the following :
    1) If our co. is introducing PF and i will resign after 2 months , what will happen to the PF amount contributed ?
    2) If I work for 6 months, could i transfer the amount to the new employer’s PF a/c ?
    3) If I work for a period of 15 months continuously & contribute to PF , could i get the 15 months PF amount contributed by me fully ?

  70. Sir,

    ESI Coverage employees shall eligible for Sick Leaves? If NO ESI coverage employees how to claim from ESI of this compensation , let me explain the procedure also.

    Thanks in advance.


    P. Srinivasu.

  71. Dear Sir,

    I am working in Pharma Analytical Testing laboratory, can u please let me know what type Statutory Records (Registers) have to maintain in HR Dept.

    Thanks in advance

    P. Srinivasu

  72. Dear sir,
    I want to transfer my PF.
    Date of leaving previous organisation is 30 Sept 2013
    Date of joining new employer is 27 Sept 2013.
    Since there is overlap of 3 days will my PF be transfered.
    If not, what is the way out.

  73. Dear basav,

    My Uan card shows only previous employer Id but it does not show current employer why it is so has current employer not tagged member I’d to Uan ?

  74. I am working in x company in night shift and i have UAN number, and i have also join a new company in day shift they are also creating a new pf account, Is that possible that i can work in both company with two pf account

      1. but i have confirmed to PF office they told me this is not possible and according to labour coat it is a crime (Act 420)

          1. If labor court finds me as 420 then, is that possible that they will block my previous PF account and at that time I will not able to withdraw my PF. (In my PF account I have a huge amount more than two lakh)

  75. I am working in MP Govt. E-Governance Society & my monthly salary is Rs 10000/- which is less then Rs 15000/- but govt. says that we will deduct epf when employee number will reach to 19. It is write or wrong.

  76. Dear Basavaraj,

    I am working for two companies simultaneously using spare time ,and no any issues for my two employers . Me already have pf and uan in one company . Other company also under pf scheme . shall i able to join a new pf account with them also. means two pf accounts as 1 in 1st company and other in 2nd company ?

  77. My company deducts both Employee & Employer from my Employee’s Pay. My Gross pay is 24880, they deduct employee PF of 1020 and Employer PF of 1020 from my Pay..

    Can they do this ?

  78. Hi Sir,

    I am working in Software company from 3 years of approximately 15 to 20 employees. our company is not deduct EPF and we all wants to deduct EPF from our salary.
    so it is mandatory to employers to deduct EPF from employee’s salary.


  79. Dear Basavaraj,
    I have been working in this Pvt.Ltd company for past 1.6 years.all this while we never had a salary increament and nor do we have aPF deduction or any medical policy. my current sal is 22k. How much percent increament should i be ideally eligible for? pls let me knw

  80. I have my probation period as 3 months, If i serve 2 months and my PF is deducted from my 2 months salary, am i eligible to withdraw my 2 months PF (employer and employee) or i am eligible for only employee pf.?

  81. Dear Sir,

    I joined a Company at 14th July 2014 and I left the job , my last working day is 30th January 2015 .
    Whether i am eligible for PF ?

  82. Company have 10 employees but he want to registered in EPF and want to deduct EPF from employees. Whether it is possible for company to do the same.

  83. I’m joining a new job and my salary is below 15,000. Is there a way to opt out of the EPF scheme.

  84. Dear Sir,
    I am having PF in previous company. Now I join in another company with higher salary. As per the policy of present company, there is no deduction of PF in case whose basic salary exceeded 15000. I am also not interested to deduct my PF.
    My colleague told that it is mandatory to deduct PF.

    As per my view since I have changed the company I can withdraw my PF and not to deduct PF in present company.

    Kindly suggest
    With Regards
    Madan Mohan Jha

  85. Hi sir,

    My name is Bhargava,
    I worked 5 months in x company and 2 months worked with another company. Total(5+2) months is it possible to withdraw my pf>if it is possible.what is the process tell me.

  86. dear basavraj,
    i lost may father in Oct 2013 and till oct 2013 all the pf contribution are made
    so from Sept 2014 EDLI new rules the upper limit for calculations of ELDI pension is 15000 (BASIC+DA)

    so can i able to get the revised EDLI amount as per sept 2014 rules or it will alucated by pf office as per old 6500/- rs limit

  87. `sir am pursuing — course as per — course rules not to do any job during that period , but due to financial problems am doing a job with salary of 12,000 per month in an organisation which applicable per pf , but if pf amount will deduct it will effect on study period plese kindly advise how can i overcome it?

    1. Karthik-If you can manage both study and work, then I think you continue job (I don’t know the effect of doing so). However, you can’t stay away from EPF deductions and your course conductor will never come to know about EPF.

  88. Hello Basa Sir,

    I want to know that FPF deduction is beneficiary or not. As I am going to join a New Private company & he will deduct FPF from my CTC.

    so I just want a suggestion that it is accessory/beneficiary or i can say don’t want to cut FPF.

    Sunil Kumar

  89. Sir,
    Our company maintained PF in trust since inception (2006-2011 June). From July 2011 the amount was transferred to EPFO and thereafter It got deposited with EPFO only.
    I have completed 9 yrs service in the same company and still continuing. Now I want to withdraw amount from EPFO for purchasing of house (based on the rule that I have completed 5 yrs of continued service). When enquired in EPFO by personally visiting the officer, he said I can apply as I have completed 5 yrs.

    But my company HR gave an info that we can withdraw only after 5 yrs of completion from the month of transfer to the EPFO , i.e – from July 2011 – July 2016.
    The EPFO officer who is so much experienced also didn’t say about this when we told him that it was earlier under trust and now with EPFO

    Is this true? Pls guide with the facts.

    U can drop your reply to my email [email protected]

    Thanks in advance

  90. Hi Sir,

    I am working in a IT company from 5+ years. Due to some reasons I would like to discontinue EPF facility completely.

    Is this possible?
    If possible, then how much amount would be clubbed in take-home salary.

    Looking forward for your reply.


      1. Hi Sir,

        Is it possible to request company to reduce deduction from 12% to its minimum limit?


  91. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am working in a company from 5+ years and getting EPF benefit (like this year’s EPF will be approx 59000/-).

    And 80-c already exhausts due to investments like “tuition fee, epf, ppf, etc.”

    Now if I plan for home loan, I cannot get benefits on Principal contribution (approx 50000/-) and Registry charges (approx 200000/-) .

    Now please let me know …

    Query 1: If it is possible to request company to stop my benefit of EPF for next financial year. In other words, can I request company that I don’t want to avail EPF facility in next year?

    (This is just so, I can mention 150000/- of Registry Charges in 80-C to get benefit from this in next financial year.)

    Query 2: By this, (next year) would I get equal amount of Employee’s + Employer’s EPF contributions included in salary (after TDS deduction). In other words, would 65000+65000 = 130000 – TDS i.e. 130000 – 26000 i.e. 104000/- be added in next year’s salary ?

    Looking forward for your advice.

    Kind Regards

  92. Dear Basavaraj,

    Can you clarify me, in the cost sheet Employee PF deduction min 12%. Is there any chance to enhance the percentage of deduction in employee portion with their personal interest.

    If it is okay, what is the limit of percentage.


    P. Srinivasu

    1. Pativada-Yes, employee can contribute more and it is called as voluntary provident fund (VPF). But employer will not participate to match this VPF. Hence, it is purely from employee end. The limit for VPF is 88% of Basic+DA. Employee already contributing 12% of Basic+DA towards EPF. So up to the remaining 88% of his Basic+DA can be utilized for investing into VPF.

  93. I was working in a company in Vadodara where the PF & VPF was deposited in a trust. This account is linked to PF Vadodara
    I changed my Job 3 1/2 years ago to Mumbai, Maharashtra.
    My new co has opened a UAN account. I applied to transfer the amount in my new co account which is linked to my UAN account. I applied 4 months ago i.e 3 years after I left that co.
    Since I had no communication regarding transfer, I inquired to my previous co about transferring the PF After a lot of dillidalling I was told off the record that my transfer form 13 is recieved by them but since the amount to be transferred is large they will transfer it when they have the money. If I want my money, I should withdraw my PF.
    Can someone help me get my money transferred or should I withdraw the amount.
    Is it possible to give a reply on my email id also as I my not access this page regularly & lots of post will get added.
    My cell no is 9970068635.

    1. Nitin-simply their not saying the truth. Money will not be with employer, but it will be with EPFO. How can they transfer the money? They have to process the form. Hard to believe on their facts.

  94. Hi Basavaraj,

    Can you please address the below queries?
    1) NEW employee( having basic+DA=25000 ) has opted out of EPF contribution. Can he request employer to stop contributing? If not; then can he request employer to reduce that? What is the lowest limit for employer’s share?
    2) A person has left the organization & has withdrawn his PF. After say 5 months while joining a new company….. will he be eligible to opt of EPF contribution?

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        My query is;

        can a new employee( who has opted out of EPF contribution ) request EMPLOYER to stop contributing? If not; then can he request EMPLOYER to reduce that? What is the lowest limit for EMPLOYER’S share?

        Thanks & Regards,

  95. Hi Basavraj,
    I worked in a bangalore based company for 3 years, i was operating from Hyderabad. i resigned it in 2003 but not yet transferred the PF. I am not aware of the PF account number also. Can you please guide me with the right procedure to appeal for the PF?

  96. Hello sir, its near about 2 nd half year of having job in govt sect. And now i need to claim for my EPF. Is it possible while i am in same department or company. Means without left the same job can i get my EPF pay.

  97. Hi,

    I am an employer, we recently enrolled our 20th employee. I wanted to check if it is mandatory to pay EPF to our employees as their salary (Basic + DA) is above 20000. Please do let me know.


    1. I heard that if the employees previous employer was paying EPF, then we will have to as well. Just wanted to clarify this.

  98. Hi,

    While generating UAN number, my current company is getting this error from PF office. “Previous Employer Date Of Leaving is greater than Date Of Joining Reported against the Current PF AC”. There is 8 days overlap in the employment period. Whom should i approach to get it rectified if my previous employer is not cooperating on this issue

  99. Hi,

    I left my job three months ago. I’ve recently joined a new job. However, my new job does not have a provision for PF. Can I withdraw my PF amount? I know I can’t when I’ve a new job, but since there’s no provision for PF here, what can I do? Is withdrawal possible?

    Anu Krishnan

  100. Hi,
    I have a PF account to which my company & me have been contributing for 1.5 years. Now I am moving to another company which does not have a PF policy. What should I do in this case as I cannot transfer the PF account with the new employer? Please help.
    Thank you.

      1. What is the minimum serviece period for widrawing my pf.?? Can I apply to widrawing pf at the time of widrawing my job..?

  101. Dear Bashvaraj ,

    Currently I am working in Public Sector Undertaking Since April 2015 , now i decided switch to another job in central Government but my training period is not completed. can u tell me what would be the procedure for collecting my EPF .
    I would appreciate early response.

    Thank you

  102. Hi Basavaraj,

    Many people are asking about PF withdrawal/Transfer but i just want to know what will i get/receive if i retire at the age of 58 Years like EMPLOYEE+EMPLOYER EPF contribution+Interest earned on this EPF. Along with that, some % of EPS contribution, even i searched in the internet and i didn’t find anything.

    Many people don’t know about this,Please let me know the Benefits/Receivable amount at the age of 58.


      1. Thanks Basavaraj for your response.

        EPS based on Table D is only if i withdraw pf with in 10 Years(plz correct me if i am wrong) and how to calculate pension of EPS.

  103. 1.) Presently I am working against the monthly remuneration of Rs. 13000/- including ESI and EPF but it is going to be 16000/- per month very soon. Is there any mandatory rule of deduction of EPF and ESI even when the salary is of Rs.16000/-?

    2) What is the minimum blocking period before which I can’t withdraw amount from my PF account?

    1. Subham-1) Once you are member of EPF, then even if your salary increases, then you have to be member of EPF.
      2) There is no blocking period. But you being in job, can’t withdraw EPF.

  104. Dear,

    In my present organization UAN is already created. Now want to join in a new company and not interested to transfer my PF balance to new company based on UAN.

    I just want to withdraw my PF amount. Is there any process for the same?

  105. Dear,

    My Gross salary is 22,000/- and Take Home Salary is 19,800/-. I don’t want to deduct PF from my salary.

    Is there any process for that?

    If Yes, then What?

    If No,

    Then is it mandatory?

    Please reply me soon

  106. Hi,

    I have worked for some company about 7.7 years and resigned last month. After completion of my notice period I joined new company where they have created new pf account and linked to my UAN account.

    I wanted to withdraw my previous company pf will EPF allow me to withdraw? as I joined new company and linked my new pf to my UAN account?

    Please explain me the procedures…

    Thanks in advance..

      1. Thank you for your quick reply but is there any way to withdraw funds from my previous account…

  107. I & 40 members have joined 26 years ago on Adhoc basis (temporary) in Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada -8, in Clerical cadre and given pay scales on 23-02-2000 but our services were not regularized till date. At present I am drawing Rs:25,000/- (Gross salary) and RPS-2010 & 2015 is pending. My GPF subscription is deducting Rs:2500/- p.m. Certain employees are going to retire from services very soon ie., 2 to 5 years.

    In this regard I request you to clarify whether we join in E.P.F. scheme and also requesting you to clarify whether we continue in GPF or not along with E PF scheme for receiving Pension purpose. We have no facility for drawing pension from the University. If our request is considered please send the pension details.
    Thanking you, in anticipation. K.Rajendrababu, Jr. Asst.

  108. Hi, I have worked in a firm for 20 years and resigned ,now .applied for pension scheme certificate. PF office says they had sent by post but I have not recieved it. Will it be a problem for claiming pension afterwards?

  109. Hi,
    Pls help advise as I had worked in an organization for 3 months only. Can I withdraw the amount from PF office.
    Or, is there particular locking period time that a person had to work for 6 months to get the eligibility to withdraw the amount.
    Pls advise.
    Raju Ranjan
    [email protected]

  110. Hi,

    I worked for a NGO fo 6 years and 1 month.

    In the middle of this month i was resigned to the job based on the management policies and other reasons.

    The problem is :

    I have been a consolidate employee for the period of 6 Yrs (No EPF) (During my joining salay is 5,000 for me and my qualification is MCA)
    Suddenly they were changed their policies to make me confirmation (EPF deduction).

    I have told to my manager that I will complaint to PF Commissioner & labour commissioner for your PF and employee salary policies. As why you have not confirmed me earlier and why you are confirming me now ?
    If your rules are made written perfect i have to be confirmed at the time of joining once my probation period completes (3 months) and not wasted of my PF. and also stated o the manager that the employer was hidden the 18 employees to the society and EPFO as well.

    I told the above things and resigned the job.

    Now management are forcing me to sign on a self declaration documents in which they mentioned like”Any complaints on this organisation made by me (i.e. myself) at EPF commissioner & Labor Commissioner will be invalid on my receiving of the service certificate”

    How far this is valid ?

    Please suggest me in what ways i can file a complaint on the employer for the concerned departmental officials.

    Giving breaf fo you:

    1) I joined the organisation in Sep-2009 and I have not received any job offer letter /appointment letter from the employer at the time of joining.
    2) The NGO had an employees of 31. and they are maintaining internally two scenarios for employees i.e. 35 % (13 members)were enrolled in EPF and maintained a attendance register called ” Confirmed Staff”
    3) And the remaining 65 % (18 members) were not enrolled in EPF during the entire service period and maintain their attendance in separate called “Consolidated Staff”
    4) I have gone through the service rules of the organisation and there such provision is not there.
    5) For those who are enrolled in EPF, a total of 24% (12%+12%) is deducting from the employee only. And the same was not intimated in written to any of the EPF members of the NGO.
    6) Here they are doing a tricky that they are showing in the PF statement as per the rules driven by the EPF ( i.e. 12% by the Employee & 12% by the Employer). And this is doing upon management own unwritten decision.
    7) If any employee raised an query on top of this issue their reply was the organisational contribution (12%) was included in the gross salary itself. But this does not have any written proof.(i.e. no such agreement made with the employee before hiring).

    Please suggest me sir,

    My presentation may be bad but I am suffering alot.

    With thanks,

    V Kishore

  111. Hi,

    I Am Having A Doubt Regarding The Deduction Of PF From My Salary. Let Me Give You A Scenario To Explain My Doubt. Lets Say My Total Package Is 6.5 Lpa.
    650000/12=54166 Pm.

    Now In The Offer Letter From The Company, They Have Mentioned The Salary Breakup Something Like Below :

    Others(LTA Bla Bla): 52166
    PF: 1300
    Gradutiy: 700

    So, Now I Assume My Total Take Home Salary Will Be 52166-Tax. But In The Payslip Of My Company I See Again Some PF(Which Is Not The Amount Mentioned In The Offer Letter) Is Got Deducted From My Salary ..Like (52166-1100(PF)-Tax).

    So What I Can See Here Is PF Is Getting Deducted Two Time From The Total Salary. Please Clarify..Is This The Right Process??

    1. Jasbeer-The payslip deduction of EPF is the contribution of what you will pay towards EPF. The EPF amount showed in your total package is nothing but CTC, where company mentioned their contribution also.

      1. ok, So is it means that if they have mentioned Rs 1300 PF in my CTC and total CTC as 6.5 lpa. So my total CTC is 634400?


  112. Hi,
    if my PF amount deduct around Rs 1250. then how much amount i will get after 2 year if i left the job. also in current PF policy, what is the contribution of employer in my PF amount. for exp if my PF amount is 1250 then same amount will be added by employer.

    1. Amit-Who knows the future interest rate of EPF? In that case how can I say how much you get after 2 years? Also, your salary will not remain constant in this two years period. Hence, difficult to say. Employer contribution will be same of what you contribute to EPF.

  113. Hello sir
    I have a clarification my DOJ PF is 25/06/2006 and DOL is 15/09/2015. Will i fall into pension scheme . what is the total years to fall into pension scheme

  114. Hi Baswaraj,

    Firstly its great that you are giving your valuable suggestions. Could you please clear one of my queries.
    I worked only for 3 months in a company , so can I withdraw my PF money. My ex employer is saying that since I had worked for less that 6 months, i can not withdraw the same.

  115. HI,

    Currently i have PF account from oct-2013 to Nov-2015 ( 2 years) and i transferred old PF account to current PF account
    1. )1.4 years (July2006-Nov-2007) service first one i transferred to current PF account
    2.) 1.4 years(July 2012 -Sep2013) service second one i transferred to current PF account

    Totally 4.8 years of service . I am moving to abroad next month , After 5 to 6 months can i withdraw amount without taxation.If taxation is there how much percentage of tax will be deducted??,
    or is it possible to possible to pay remaining 4 months period by self ?? Please suggest.


  116. Sir,

    Pls advice if a company deduct PF of employee & deposit it to govt, what is the time shcedule to deposit with govt post deduction from employees salary?

  117. Hi, I want to withdraw PF amount for my marriage, what are the rules/procedure for that?
    my work exp is 5.5yrs.

    Thanks in advance.

  118. First of all I really appreciate your response for the huge queries posted in this forum.

    I was working in ABC Pvt Ltd company for 3.5 years and left the organization on 15/10/2015 in-order to search for another job and am unemployed right now.

    Please explain my query on the below situation:
    Suppose If I have submitted my PF withdrawal forms after being unemployed for more than 2 months ( lets say submitted PF withdrawal forms on 16/12/2015 to my X company) and If I have joined a new company on January 2016..

    1) Will the PF withdrawal still be accepted and will I get my PF money or does it get linked to the PF of the newly joined
    Being already submitted PF withdrawal forms, I don’t want to transfer the PF to the new company actually.

    2) Is it mandatory that I have to enroll for PF in my newly joined company? (lets say my Basic is above 15k and CTC is above 5Lakhs in new company)

  119. Hello sir,

    I was working with organization upto four years and 2 months. I resign from my post because I got admission in PhD. I withdraw my PF. My question is whatever amount displayed in EPFO in my login and the amount they gave was totally different.

    I want to ask that, is there any rule that if person is not doing five years of job then maximum upto 10% amount will be deducted from PF?


    1. Vishal-You will get all benefits of whatever present in your EPF account. But yes, if your service is less than 5 years, then they deduct TDS, which you have to reflect in your tax filing and pay the tax accordingly.

  120. Hi ,

    I worked in my previous organization for 1 year 9 months, and switched to another company
    I would like to withdraw my PF amount, so i wanna know , is there any tax will be deducted ? if yes how much ? and is there any alternative ways.

    Awaiting for your positive response

    Thanks … 🙂

  121. hi,

    I’ve the following query:

    1. I’m working in a pvt company for the last 9 years and 8 months. I’m planning to resign and start on my own or take a break.

    2. I can continue to remain on the same job for another 3 – 4 months (if required) – the reason is this will complete 10 years where PF has been accumulated

    Question are :

    1) Is it better to wait till 10 years is complete and then resign OR i can leave now itself ? does it make a difference in the PF/Pension ?

    2) I don’t have an immediate needs of funds.. can I park the PF amount in the account itself, even if i won’t be working for at least few year ? is there any limit to the time period which you can park it in dormant fashion like this ?
    Will it get the same rate of return ?

    3) If I choose to withdraw the PF (there is about rs.15 L), will I get the full amount ? or will some amount be blocked for pension schemes ?

    Thanks for your time.


    1. Harikrish-1) Better to complete 10 years as it helps to EPS.
      2) You can leave it as it is. But do remember that after 3 years, EPFO will stop to pay the interest on such inactive accounts. Hence, try to withdraw within that period. Also, it is dangerous to keep idle account.
      3) No, you will receive the full amount. EPS is separate which not showing in your EE and ER balance.

      1. Thank you very much for your prompt response!
        Instead of letting the PF amount remaining idle, is it possible to deposit some money on a perioidc manner , so that the account does not become inactive? or this is permitted only for ppf ?

      2. Hello,

        Can you please confirm that PF will pay interest for 3 years after it becomes inactive (ie, the person stops working and hence no inbound transaction is there in the account)…

        Someone in my office was mentioning that these rules have been amended and the period has been reduced to 6 months.

        can you please confirm ?



  122. Hi,

    I have worked in a private IT company for 4.5 years but now I am moving to USA for further studies and will probably not be coming to India for 10-12 years. Hence I am thinking to withdraw my PF amount, there are three sections in PF: Employee share, Employer share and pension contribution. Upon closure, will I get the amount present in pension contribution as well? As I am closing the PF account, I should be getting the complete amount including pension contribution. But I am confused with the policy.

    Kindly guide me.

    Also If in future, lets say 10-12 years , If I will be again working in India can the new employer create the new PF account since this account will already be closed after withdrawal?

  123. Hi Basavaraj,

    I have registered my UAN on portal. After activation of UAN, I sms EPFOHO UAN ENG to 77 38 299899. I received a sms contains Available last contribution : 0, total contribution : 0.

    I left the organization where i was opted for pf deduction in the month of June’15. Now, i have not opted for pf (i took that part of salary in hand). So last contribution might be 0 ; however, i’m not clear why it is showing me total contribution o as well.

    Can you please help me on this ?

    Thanks in adv.

  124. Sir,
    I am working in software comapany for 5 years and epf is deducted from both emplyer and me. Now I want to do part time job in parallel to exixting job and new part time also want to deduct epf. Is it possible??

      1. Do I need to have same epf account or two active accounts for two organization.But with this case my primary comany will get to know that employee is working elsewhere also with the help of UAN?

  125. if i worked in a company for 3 years and the left the job and joined the another company my PF will resume but in case i did not get job instantly then how much time is allowed to resume the PF? What is the maximum allowed gap of unemployment?

    1. Aman-For withdrawal, if you are unemployed for more than two months then you can withdraw it. However, in case you don’t want to withdraw and continue the same in your next job, then in my view there is no such limit. You have to quote the old EPF and continue in your new job.

    1. If employer needs to contribute @ 12% , then is there any notification specifying the list of industries to which it’s applicable?

      Soliciting for your reply!!

      1. Thanks for the reply, I read that 12% rate is applicable for industries as notified by central govt from time to time. Does any such notification had been published in the official gazette?

      1. Dear Basavaraj Tonagatti Sir,

        I am working in a private firm form 14 months and my PF deduction is 12% per month ..
        I have a UAN No…and have download my passbook from UAN Login…

        there is a column Pension Deduction that is not cleared…..about 8.33 percent…

        i can’t understand what is the actual amount or total amount which i received at the end…

  126. Hello sir,
    I am working in a pvt sector and my salary is just 12000/- and there is no PF facility in my office but i want to open PF account so is this possible ?
    i get my salary thru cash.

      1. Hello sir,
        Than can i open PPF account instead of EPF ?
        or should i go with NPS ?
        Please clear my doubt sir..

        1. Twinkle-PPF is entirely different product and also NPS. First understand your requirement. If your core requirement is to create corpus for retirement, then don’t invest in PPF and NPS. Instead create your own wealth by investing in equity oriented mutual funds. However, for your debt portfolio, you can invest in PPF.

  127. Is it mandatory to deduct P.F of new joining , whose salaries is more tan 15,000.00 ? As our concern is all ready deducting P.F of employees whose salaries more than 15,000.00.

  128. Dear Sir,

    In our Company we have total 21 no of employees , should the company deduct the PF for the employees below Rs 15000/-

  129. Hello sir
    I transferred my PF through OTCP Portal. Previous employer PF maintained with Faridabad PF Office, but current employer PF is maintained with Inhouse Trust.

    Claim form already approved by previous employer on 10/07/2015 but it is showing pending approval from present employer. What to do in this situation??? Whom to contact to transfer my PF to trust?
    Kindly help


      1. Sir
        My UAN number 100389818804
        Previous employer PF account no. HRFBD00005070000004781 (Faridabad)
        Current Employer PF account no. – KDMAL00010600000015515 (Inhouse Trust) (Maharashtra)

        Current status as of now is
        31 July 2015 Claim Form Submitted .
        10 Aug 2015 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
        01 Oct 2015 Claim Form Pending at Present Employer .
        Kindly help


  130. Sir,
    I am employee of YZ ltd co from 5 years company deduct both PF contrubution from my Salary I want deduct zero amount from Salary. Is there any process for no deduction. what if my new friend just join & he laso want no deduct PF Contibution.

  131. Dear Sir,

    This is regarding the PF Claim for my mother.
    She is working with a organisation from last 32 Years & is now willing to resign before 3 Years of her retirement.
    I just want to confirm if she put resign before 3 years of her retirement, will she be entitled to all the benefits of PF..?
    Will she get complete amount of her PF or some part of it goes to pension.
    Pls clear.

      1. Hi sir,
        I had worked for 6 months XY company . Currently am working Abc company (eg). I want to withdrawn my previous company p.f amount. Did i eligible to withdrawn????
        I don’t want to transfer that amount to current p.f account… Pls suggest me how to do ?? And what is the procedure to get it done??

          1. Ok thank you sir.. Is it possible to transfer that prev company p.f amount to current company ?? If possible Can u please tell me procedure to transfer the p.f???

  132. meine trust ki school mein abhi job shuru ki hai .mein pf ke bare mein kuchh bhi nahi janta. kripya aap mujhe eske baare mein hindi mein jaankari de.mein english bahoot kam
    samajhta hoon.

      1. Hello sir,

        I joined office in january 2014 but my deduction starts from 1st september 2014 and left the office on 22 Feb. 2015 but i took 28 days leave from sept. 2014 to 22 Feb. 2015 now officers in epfo are saying your service is less than 6 months so you are not entitled for claim. Please guide me.

          1. sir i want to withdraw my money as I joined government sector where epf does not apply but I am not able to withdraw the sum as the officials in epf office denying for it.

                  1. sir they have given me in written that you are not entitled for epf withdrawl as you are not a member for 6 months.

      2. Sir
        I am emplyee of a private school .my gross salary is 25000 rupees . I am working since 3 years . And also EPE deduction from begging of my joining.
        But now school management is not ready to continue with EPF. But I want to continue with it.

  133. Dear Sir,

    i had resigned my previous job on 04.04.2015 due to i got new job near my home, in previous company we allready alloted PF ID no & UAN No. we have get new PF no. from my new employer but thay want link this PF no to UAN. But they can not link to UAN because of previous employer not Verify KYC. i requested to previous employer for verify KYC documents which i have upload document Adhar Card scan copy online. But no responce from them .. Pls. guide how to complete KYC.

  134. hello sir,

    i left my previous organization in march 2015 , i got a new job in a new location in sept 2015 before shifting i had applied for pf withdrawl from last organisation , now my new emloyer says that i have to tranafer that pf a/c and if dont do it they will be charged a heavy fine …my pf withdrawl is already in progress and want to get that money….please guide me what can be the solution for this

      1. i am confused too, i had applied for the withdrawl before i joined the new company and i had no idea about the joining date here , so will i get my pf money or not coz i have applied for the pf after leaving that job

          1. i have joined here with new employer on 17th September 2015.and u completed the withdrawal formalities with the hr from previous company in the last week of august

  135. Dear Sir,

    I left my past organisation around 2.5 yrs back. Because of my laziness I did not claim my EPF contribution at that time. Now, can I claim my previous amount & include them into my present EPF account?

    Please suggest.

  136. sir kisi bank employee ne bank mein fraud kar liya and bank ne usko suspended kar diya and bank ki fraud rashi bhi vapis nahi kar raha hai kya hum uska pf rok sakte hai & uske pf amount ko recover kar sakte hain.

      1. Sir iam an hdfc bank employee but given the resignation on this sep 2015 sir actually my probation is of one year and my joining is of january 2015…i am in my notice period of one month..now want to know do i get my pf or not if iam leaving the job before confirmation..pls reply..

  137. Good Evening Sir, I am rajesh. i am working in a private organaisation. due to lot of problems from management the employees of our organaization have formed an union which is all india registered one. when we send the demands to our management they did not call us and talked about the same. then we have raised a dispute before labour commissioner. till now 6 hearing have gone management have not appeared for any. in this situation management has suspended 5 office barrers and organaied a domestic enquirey. they have charged us with un happened things like protest, theft, malfuncution, strike etc.. now they are trying to terminate us. my question is when the case is in labour court is it possible to terminate the 5 office barriers. we were suspended from servise of june end.

  138. second employer does not provide pf number and UAN number they give only basic pay that is 8000. coworker gets 8300 after the deduction of pf. I am lost allowance and double deduction of pf (employees and employer) I am lost House rent, house rent is more than 1000

    coworker get 8300

    8000+1100+ allowance + pf deduction = 8300
    I get basic pay 800o
    They told that one employee can only one pf and one UAN number I am lost lack of money and one year service can employee have 2 pf account number with 2 different companies. please answer whether my service and money gets lost

  139. an employee got pension from employees pension scheme. now again joined and working in our institution. Shall I deduct 8.33% to employees pension scheme or not?
    or Shall we deduct total 12% of employers share to employees pension fund? Please give clarifications.

      1. Dear Sir,

        As per Latest Amendments , how much the minimum Administrative and Inspection Charges.

        Some one tell me Minimum Administrative Charges – 500 and Minimum Inspection Charges 200.

        it’s true.

  140. Can an employee have 2 pf account numbers with 2 different companies, I am working under a company. company provide pf account number and UAN number. I am also working night shift in another company but that company does not provide pf account number and UAN number they told that one employee can work only in one establishment is it right

    1. Sijo-As far as I know, there is no such restriction from EPFO that one must do only one job at any point of time. At the same time, I suggest you to manage only one EPF account by mentioning UAN.

  141. Sir
    I Work a Gas Distributes, I pay E PF 298 and my office pay 298 , I 28 years old , how to return money in 60 years of my retirement

  142. hi

    I want to ask about life insurance on pf account. My brother expired last year he was working as secondary teacher in Maharashtra state board school. I want to know how can i claim his insurance on PF account.Please advice

  143. Hi,

    I was deducting my EPF in earlier company. Is it compulsory to deduct EPF in current company too.

    Thanks & Regards

  144. A company has offered me Gross salary of INR 5.5 LPA. 3
    Whether EPF will be deducted on my salary?


  145. I am working in a private BPO. Due to location change. They forced us to resign and rejoin in the same company(Re badging). Our old employee id got cancelled and new one has been issued. Due to which company had created new PF account. Company assured old PF amount can be withdrawn. Now the company says it cannot be withdrawn and it would be transferred to new PF account. But few people are saying Old PF account cannot be transferred to New account because the company is the same. Moreover there is a gap of 10 days between resignation and rejoining. Please suggest

  146. I joined EPS & EPF on 28/07/2008 when I joined my first company. This
    account was continued till 30/10/2010 in same company and was transferred to new company w.e.f
    04/11/2010 and is continued till date. I am travelling to US in Nov 2015 for long time.
    So my EPF & EPS contribution will stop after that.

    My Doubt is regarding the EPS withdrawal amount calculation as starting 1st Sep 2014 the
    Max ceiling is increased from Rs. 6500 to Rs. 15000 and I have contribution in both period –
    Before and after this change. My Basic salary is above Rs. 15000. So how will the calculation
    of my EPS withdrawal amount be like. Will it be calculated as 7.13*6500 or 7.13*15000 or .
    Please Let me know this calculation formula

      1. Awesome. Thanks for the superfast response. So with i can conclude that with the increase in Max ceiling amt from Rs.. 6500 to Rs. 15000 eff 1st Oct 2014 my EPS withdrawal amount is increased 2.3 fold even though for the larger period of time I paid my contribution as per Rs. 6500 max cieling. Good news

  147. Dear Sir,

    as per above question and answer I understand that the 12% of amount deduction from our basic salary for EPF and Company contribution is 3.67% for EPF and 8.33% for EPS

    If I resign after 2 Years Then I will be received my 12% Amount + 3.67% Company contribution,

    Now tell me please whether I eligible to 8.33% EPS amount also,
    When I submitted the PF withdrawal form that time I can also received that 8.33% EPS amount?

  148. sir iam working as a accountant in zenith engineers company, we have 15 members employees , we want to deduct epf from salarys of employees from this month sep 2015, what is the process let me know. all are above 10000 salary, i dont know bout percentage & forms please tell me sir

  149. Dear Basavraj,

    I have joined a private company on 15th October 2013. However, my previous employer (again a private employer) has relieved me on 31st Oct 2013. Due to this, will the overlap period of 16 days, be considered as dual employment and thereby affect the PF transfer to new organisation (which i joined on 15th Oct 2013) ? If so, what is the way out ?

  150. My Gross salary is 14000/- . My Basic salary is 4000/- . There is no DA. My special allowance is 10000/-.
    How much PF should be deducted from my salary . How much PF should be contributed by employer.

      1. I have been told by my employer that deduction would be 12% of Rs. 7500( which is 50% of my salary). Is it a fact that now basic salary has to be 50% of total salary.

  151. Sir,
    My Basic salary is less than Rs. 15K and my comapny deducting Rs. 1800 as PF.

    I want to know that for employees having basic less than Rs. 15K, what should be the PF deduction. Is it 12% of 15000 or 12% of Actual basic salary????

  152. I am working in a private company and my basic is less than 15000 and my PF is deducting Rs. 1800.

    I want to know that for basic less than 15000, what should be the PF deduction calculation??? Is it 12% of basic or 12% of 15000.

  153. Dear Sir

    I am running a factory which consisted of 50 members at initial. So at that time we were paying and contributing towards Epf. Now my employee strength has come below 10.
    My question is can i withdraw from paying epf since it was mentioned that only strength more than 10 employees is required for payment of epf.

  154. I was working in a private company and has EPF account and now i join new company and my basic+DA is more than 15000 , my new company is not deduct any PF from my salary and not contribute itself.

    My question – Employer can take decision in my case to not deduct any PF and not contribute itself as i have already an EPF account.

  155. Hi,

    I retired at the age of 60 from a PSU and didn’t withdraw my PF money at that point of time. Instead, I opted for the option of continuing with EPFO for next 3 years. I want to understand that interest accrued for the 3 years( post retirement) , will it be taxable or non taxable? I am asking this since my organization told me that it is taxable and i have heard from lot of people that it is not taxable. Appreciate your prompt response.

    1. Amit-If your concerns is mainly towards these 3 years interest, it will not be treated as special. Taxation will be based on how old is the EPF and for how long the contribution done, rather than the interest during inactive stage.

  156. Hi My Salary is more than 15000 from the last 3 years, so still EPF will be deducted from my salary, also i saw that under pension schem there is some amount is getting deducted every month. may know the percentage of it and what will happen to this amount? can i withdraw after leaving the company?
    Please provide me all the percentages so that i can calculate and see, becuase i see some discrepency in the EPF, also is there any change in the calculations from Mar 2014 to Sep 2014 as i see that Pension amount was deducted @541 and my basic is 7292. so please provide the percentages on this basic so that i can calculate of deductions from the begining.

  157. Dear Basavaraj,
    I was left a company (Indore MP) in Nov 2008 . After some time I applied for transfer all my PF to my new company’s (Dehraddun uttarachand) PF account. The EPFO asking for some documents related to my previous company which were available with my previous company and the company was closed in 2009. The money not transfer after so many follow up. Actually the previous company did not deposited some employee contribution also did not deposit their contribution since 2005.
    The FPFO indirectly forcing me to withdraw whateven the amount in my account by showing that I left the company in 2005.
    Let me suggest what to do.
    Rajesh pathak

  158. Hi Basavaraj,

    I was initially working in a company from 2008-10, then left for higher studies. Then joined another firm in 2012 where they created a new PF account number by default as we were joining straight from college. I have now left this company few days back and my current firm is not contributing to PF(my salary is above 15000).
    Now the old PF account has been inactive from 2008. This new account will also become inactive. What do I do now? Can I withdraw from both accounts? If I do so, what will be the tax implications(Total amount in both accounts is more than 5 lakhs) Or do I wait till I join a new firm and transfer both accounts to that firm?
    Please advise!
    Thanks 🙂

  159. sir, I have Proprietership firm which had 14 old employee & 7 more associated recently on 21.08.2015. i was providing ESI facilities to my old employees. Now i would like to take my PF 21.08.2015 onwards, Plz advise me should i submitted full month PF to all my old employee or all the Employee can be compensate on 21.08.2015 .

  160. 1. private limited having 35 employees on contract basis having salary more than 15000 but within 20000 per month ,whether the company is liable to get pf number?
    2.is there any circular or any Rule that employee having salary more than 15000 but not more than 20000 ,pf is not applicable to the company?

  161. Hi Team,

    If we want to create PF it can be done, I earn 30,000 per month. PF is not deducted from my company. Can it be riased?
    I wanted to deduct PF for me, so that at the end I can get something. Can you suggest me whether I’m eligible for PF and I can ask HR to deduct. Basic pay comes nearly 18,000.

    1. Nagaraju-Speak with your employer. Because they may deny the EPF for you stating rule of above Rs.15,000 salary (indirectly they may stay away from their own contribution to your EPF).

      1. please send me circular the EPF for you stating rule of above Rs.15,000 salary (indirectly they may stay away from their own contribution to your EPF).

  162. Hi Basavaraj!

    I have a question for you, On EPF Withdraw, I worked for MNC company from 2011 may to 2013 Sep and I joined New company and had new PF account with same PAN card number, Before leaving from there I gave the document that I want to withdraw the PF amount, after 2 months or 60 day I supposed to withdraw my amount, but I was not done that, now I am submitting documents for withdraw my PF, what all deductions they will do and I’m worried about my amount they will allow me to withdraw or they will transfer the amount to my new PF account.

    But I wan’t my old PF amount to be withdraw.

    Please assist me on this.

    Thank you!


      1. Many Thanks for the update Basavraj!

        Is there any Options that I can withdraw.


        1. Hello Again!

          If I can’t the what all form I have to submit to transfer the old account amount to New account.


  163. Hi ,

    I am Bivash. I had worked for a private company since 2 years. Now, due to some personal reason i have to leave my job.What is the procedure to withdraw my EPF balance?? Please help me out.

    1. Bivash-If you no longer in job in future then you can withdraw. However, if want to continue job with new employer then you can’t withdraw. Contact your past employer regarding the EPF withdrawal.

  164. Sir,

    I deducted my pf & esi from 5 months .but now i dont want to deduct my pf without left the job becouse the main problem is i cant serving in this salary ……………..what can i do??

  165. i have worked for a organisation for 10 months they deducting 1013rs from my salary and am deducted fr0m employers pension around 650 is this amount is withdrawable when i go for claim process

  166. hi sir,

    I have a doubt relating to employees who are getting Basic+DA is more than 15,000 but they are accepted for contributing to PF . In that case , how much we can deduct from them and how much employer can contribute to pf on their behalf.

    Tell me for this following example.

    one employee having basic +Da is 17000 .in his case how much we can dedcut and how much employer can contribute?

    i mean 12% has to decut from 17000 or 15000 from employee and 12% by employer from 15000 or 17000?

    above 15000 or 17000 is optional ? if not what it is?


    1. Lokanath-If your question is as an employer then you may restrict your contribution either to 12% of Rs.15,000 or 12% of actual salary. But employee must contribute 12% of salary.

      1. thanks for reply sir…

        it means in the above example , employer has option and employee has to be pay 12% on 17000/-




  168. Hi Sir,

    I have a question, m i download my pf passbook using UAN in thier show a employee contribution and employer contribution and one more sction is pension contribution .so i wanted to ask u pension contribution money i withdraw time to when i left this company.mean employee contribution is 860 and employer contribution is also 860 so please tell me .how much money i withdraw to pf office total 1720 or less ..please reply me on my mail..i highly obliged to you Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you

  169. Hi

    I am a lecturer working in a private unaided college for the past 3 years. My gross salary is 15,300. We have a school attached which has an aided secondary section. The college has 10 employees so Pf does not apply. But the primary unaided section has more than 20 employees. Can our pf deduction be merged with the employees of the primary section?

    One more question is, I got my confirmation letter in July 2015, is there any rule that a confirmed employee must get PF facilty?

    1. Lydia-If the employer is same then it does not matter whether the employees are under primary section or high school section. So all employees fall under EPF. Confirmed employee must be an employee of company or employer which falls under EPF, then only you be considered as eligible for EPF.

  170. Dear Mr. Basu, After getting a foreign posting , I withdrew my full EPF but since January 2001, I am in continuous employment and all EPF has been successfully transfered from first employer to 2nd , 2nd to 3rd and now from 3rd to 4th employer which is present employer. Annual EPF statements recd from employer never shows any thing/amount about EPS? My present Basic + DA is say 50,000/- pm with this 4th emmployer and shall be 58 in 2016. Shall I be eligible for pension under EPS ? what shall be monthly amount ? Do I have to complete some formalities with present employer to get it started ? and what happens if by any chance I get a year or two extension – regular or contractual ?

    I know these are lot of questions but shud be concerning to lot of people, I assume. Hence an elaborate reply would be helpful. Thanks in advance

      1. Dear Mr. Basavaraj, I had posted my question of 17.08. 2015 after reading all that was available on your webpage. But your short cut reply left me in dark only. Thanks any way. Best Rgrds Kalra


  172. Sir,

    Please state after how many months of service , an employee is eligible for EPF deduction ?



  175. Sir,

    My employer is opted for EPF contribution at higher salary. Since joining the PSU during 2005, my salary was more than 6500 and contributed for higher salary till Sept. 2014 (both employee and employer contribution was for more than 6500). Subsequently, after Sept 2014, employer and myself have opted for contribution for higher salary (i.e. more than 15000) with additional payment of 1.16% towards pension to EPFO.

    I would be thanful, if you can clarify (in my case) whether last 12 months average salary will be considered for pension calculation or last 60 months average salary will be considered for pension calculation at the time of retirement. EPFO gazzette notification in this regard is not very clear to me.

    Is it on the prorata basis calculation is done. If so, can you please little eloborate how this prorata calculation is done.

    Thank you very much in advance

    With Kind Regards

      1. Sir, I have seen the link which you indicated. But, the link does not have information on calculation of pension amount after amendment on Sept. 2014.

        60 months average is taken for pension calculation in the amendment from Sept. 2014 (Before Sept. 2014, it was 12 months average salary was considered for pension calculation)

        My employer is opted for EPF contribution at higher salary. Since joining the PSU during 2005, my salary was more than 6500 and contributed for higher salary till Sept. 2014 (both employee and employer contribution was for more than 6500). Subsequently, after Sept 2014, employer and myself have opted for contribution for higher salary (i.e. more than 15000) with additional payment of 1.16% towards pension to EPFO.

        I would be thanful, if you can clarify (in my case) whether last 12 months average salary will be considered for pension calculation or last 60 months average salary will be considered for pension calculation at the time of retirement. EPFO gazzette notification in this regard is not very clear.

        May I request to please clarify.

        Thank you very much in advance

        With Kind Regards

  176. Hi…I have recently joined an organization and In that organization they have a policy of deducting employer PF on 15000 @12%. Since My basic salary is 20000 and I want PF employer contribution to be on 20000 @12% and similar amount as my contribution. Now my employer is ready to have my contribution as 12% of 20000 but not ready to have employer contribution on 20000. The reason given is that while registration of PF account, they choose option to deduct 12% on 15000 hence it can’t be changed now.

    One more point worth noting is that my CTC includes employer contribution as well and I’m ready to have reduced take home salary.

    I want to understand is it true that employer can’t change. If not how to get it modified.


    1. Rajeev-It is mandatory to match 12% of Rs.15,000 from your employer side, but not obligatory to match 12% of Rs.20,000 (in your case). Hence, they are correct. They are showing it in CTC, which is again not an issue.

  177. I have a doubt regarding PF dedication, what is the pf dedication difference between 6500 salary and 50,000 salary?
    please clear this doubt as soon as possible.


  178. Dear Sir,
    Firstly, I Appreciate you for giving precious suggestions for all needy. I have one problem as follows:
    I had joined First company KED Pvt ltd company in 2004 & left it in 2007. I am having my EPF account number of first company. After leaving it KED company owner had not cooperated in any way to transfer or withdrawal of EPF money. From help of my next company I had tried to contact KED but it was not fruitful. Now I am in third company, I had withdrawn EPF money from second company EPF account.
    Now, my EPF money from first company KED is yet with KED company owner, How can I get Them? pl advise.

  179. Hi Mr. Basavraj-ji,
    Read your given information & went through FAQ’s really felt v.happy.
    If my salary is negotiated at 23K, company is ready to give EPF facility. My Question is :
    1- Basic is decided by employer or it is some percentage from whole package ? & So is the same for TA,DA & HRA?
    2- How we will come to know how much Company is contributing…
    Please reply ASAP…


    Sameer Khan

      1. Thanks a lot for giving precious time & replying so FAST… :-)…


        Sameer Khan

  180. Hello,

    Its complicated question.

    I have worked for private company for 10 years, but they have only paid pf for 5 years till now, though they have deducted from salary but not deposited.

    My question is

    1) can I withdraw whatever amount is there in pf account.

    2) if I withdraw pf account will be closed? My point of asking is after I withdraw pf and later on company deposits pending amount will I be able to get that amount?

    3) will I be taxed ? Though my continuous service is 10 years but pf is only for 5 years and I have read is that pf less than 5 years is taxed.

    Please do reply.



  181. Thanks for suggestion..so can you please tell me what would be the forms or let say formality would be there???

    1. Dear Sir,

      My Current salary is 15000/- My Employer is deducting PF in Two parts 1315/-+1315/- both the contribution from salary and told me being in a contractual job this is how the deductions happen , please suggest me is the deduction correct ???

      And Sir 1315/- is being calculated on my Basic Salary and DA Total Being 10955/-
      Please also let me know what amount exactly be deducted from my salary so that i can claim it from my employer as they are keeping a grey side of them self.

      Thanks In Advance


      1. Pranshu-There is no such rule on this earth that for contractual employer contribution be from his salary. They just not ready to contribute from their end. It should be 12% of your Basic+DA.

  182. Dear Sir
    i want to know if an employees basic+DA is 12000 at the joining time and we are deducting his epf but if Basic+DA is grater then 15000 of same employee then can we close his pf Deduction or employee is in same job ?

  183. I have joined new company recently. In previous company I had worked for 5 months. So can I withdraw my PF from that company? OR is it possible to transfer that PF account to my new company?

  184. Hello Sir,
    My Gross Salary is Rs 20,000 and my basic pay is 4500. Previously I was paying 540 my employee share and 540 was being deducted from my salary. Now from this month the deduction has been increased to 3600(12% of 15000+12% of 15000) and in hand is reduced to 16400/-.
    Is the deduction right according to the new rules ??
    If right then why should i also contribute another 12%?

      1. dear sir,

        I have a question,

        recently i joined this organisation, when i get my first salary, and when i saw my salary slip i found company deduct 1800 rs for my pf on gross salary. and it means they deduct my pf Rs 21600 for annual. but what company is doing they also deduct 1800 rs from my fixed salary. means they deduct every month 1800, they already deduct it from my gross salary. it means they deduct 3600 rs for my PF every Month. is any rule in india, someone deduct two time PF on same salary.

        Kindly suggest me what can i do?

  185. sir im running a school in tamilnadu but last 4 years I have more then 30 employee. this year i registerd school with epfo, but my employee almost all new. my question is whether i have to pay pf those who left and gone. or only present . pls, explain. or give contact number so that i can contact you thanking you

  186. hai, this is shehnaz n my salary is 24900 and so my basic comes to Rs.14940. i m working in an private educational institution my employer is deducting 25% as pf deduction as organisations contribution also taken frm employee.
    ls there any form or any way by which I can get exemption frm this deduction.

  187. Hi,

    My PF claim has been rejected with reason “Resubmit claim along with 15G in 2 sets & in original,contribution for april & may 2015 not receive”. what i have to do?

  188. the above chart is wrong mentioned % of EPF & EPS . it is vice versa. Plz correct it.

  189. Hello Sir,

    My Basic salary is 20,000 and my contribution to EPF is 2400 per month. My employer contribution towards PF is 1150 and towards EPS is 1250. Please suggest me how can I reduce my contribution towards EPS?

    1. Adding to the above information, I have been working for the past 3 years and my UAN was generated last year itself.

    2. maximum PF deduction from salary is Rs. 1800/- (i.e. 12% 15000/- ceiling ), and employer contribution towards EPF is 8.33% of 15000/- i.e. 1250 & EPS is 3.67% i.e. 550/-


  190. My salary is 15,000 and i dont want PF deduction, Please guide me for cancellation of this scheme. What can i further do in this.

  191. Dear Sir,

    I am not a member of PF in my earlier companies because they are small scale, i am joining new company. New company deducting PF of all their employees. My new basic salary will be above 15000/- per month, I am not interested for deduction of PF, company person initially agreed. It is possible to them to keep me away from PF deduction, it is as per law. Also share name of related document required from my side.


  192. I have been working with few facility management companies since last many years where I often interface with companies(Clients) who hires Contract labour (Housekeeping and security guard) services from vendors without ESI and PF and in some cases only ESI but no PF. But your post says its mandatory for less than 15000/- salary.
    Kindly clarify.

  193. Dear Sir,

    if i don`t inform about my PF account to my new employer and they open a new account then it is possible that they get information about previous one.

  194. from 01.09.214 if basic pay + D.A = above Rs.15,000/- Employers contribution is restricted to 12% or not eligible for employers contribution please explain.

      1. Sir

        Please explain if the salary more than 15000 than PF deduct or not. If salary 25000 P.M than how much PF should be decuted on it

  195. I am performing the duties in Sugar Industries for the period from 21 Nov 2004 to till date. I am now completing 58 years age on 21 Aug 15. Please intimate the following :-

    (a) Whether I am entitlement for pension and amount per month.
    (b) Whether I continue to contribution towards EPF or otherwise.
    (c) I wish to perform my duties another 4 years.

    In this regards your co-operation will be highly obliged.

    Thanking You sir

  196. hi
    I am working in a pvt school. there are total employee is 15. what do I get pf rights there?

  197. Is it a mandatory for the employer to contribute 12% to EPF? Because some companies I knew, contribute less than 12% where as employee contribute to 12% of Basic

  198. Dear Sir,

    I have one friend. He is director of one Company. He was 73 years old. He is a director. Hence he was not retired still working and pay the provident fund regularly. As per PF act says after 58 years the employee and employer contribution go to Employees account directly. What i am asking means what about the pension package amount because he is not retired, not received the pension certificate, after 58 years to still day he is working. then before 58 years to deduct the pension amount to return it or any other way, details please. Thanking You.

      1. Sir,
        My basic is 30,000 and my company is saying iam eligible to have an PF account since iam crossing the 15,000 mark…
        we were not paid PF for last 2 years since our total count of people was less.

        pls tell me whether iam eligible or not??


    1. Hello,
      Please throw some light on this. I withdrew my 4yrs of PF recently. If I check member passbook in UAN account, amount under Employee & Employer contribution is credited in my bank a/c (after deducting 10% tax!). However I am wondering what happened to ‘pension contribution’ which amounts to around Rs30000?


  199. Hi Basavaraj,

    I require a clarification on PF deduction. As per my knowledge in PF deduction 50% each has to be paid by Employee and Employer. Currently, in my company the situation is like 100% is deducted from employee salary.

    And the employer is claiming the Tax benefits for the 50% PF deducted from my CTC.

    If you can refer me to a article or link where I can understand this in a better way.


  200. Sir, I am working in a company from past 16 months. They are started to deduct the PF amount from Sep-2014. At the time my CTC is 12000 /- they are deducted 810/- for PF.
    But my question is, this July -2015, I got an increment of 14091(CTC), but they are deducting 2 times for PF, so that I got 11500/- as a take home…… Is that correct????? Please reply me.

  201. Sir,

    I have a question,

    My husband works for one IT Company, for management purpose they split the company into two entities and there they opened one new PF account so in his old company he has two PF acconts. (At that time UA N was not issued)

    Now after some time he joined a new company, later that company was acquired by another company so now he is unsure whether they will continue the same account or will they open one more (When he joined the new company they have issued UAN)

    So my question is ….can we transer all the money into one single account? if so what steps we need to fallow?



      1. Sir,

        i worked in one company for only 2 months, and there were deduction for PF, can i apply to get the PF money? Am i eligible to get pf money for 2 months?

          1. i quit my job, i’m no longer work there,..i will not continue.. so am i eligible to get 2 months PF money?i just want to know YES or NO.

  202. sir, in our organization one contractor is there , the contractor paid the pf contributions regularly. On time verified he was not paid two months payments, in that he shown nil work. and paid only admn. charges . But the Management paid the that period bill also. now he is ready to pay the amount and our management very serious about that issue. and issued orders to me , regularize immediately and show me the challans. how sir, please advise in this regard. Basavaraj garu.

    Ravindra Prasad

  203. Sir,

    Can you suggest me, my current company is giving me pf on Rs. 10000 also same amount show in books. But now told us put our original salary in books approx 20000 then no deducting PF. and no give any employer contribution me.

    kindly confirm this is correct for me??? Also please advise me new pf rule.

    thank your help in advance

  204. Sir,
    i am facing a problem that i have just join a new company 3 month ago, and my precious employer put my name on roll 1 month before the resigning that was not in my knowledge that time.

    so the problem is i didn`t give my pf information to the new employer by mistake because i also did not know about that, so it is possible that new employer get my PF information from PF Department.

    Please help

      1. actuall sir i m scare because at the time of joining i said them that i m not on roll and i don`t have PF account.

        so please help me and advice what i can do

  205. Dear Sir,

    My current salary is 14180.00 in hand per/month, and my basic is 6500.00., my PF contribution per month is 780.00.

    I want to know that this is as per the government rule or not, if yes, then ok, but if not than what i will do.


  206. I am a contract based Employee serving as a consultant in department of Agriculture, Karnataka. From the date of Joining i am getting Salary more than 15000/- per month is EPF is compulsory for me pl . Give Feed Back.

  207. sir, i have allready job person but some person problem 3 months no work in organization present rejoining the company the same pf number continued but organization new pf number allotted . please answer this question sir.

  208. Hi sir,
    My current company not provide pf . my pkg in 3.2 .now i am moving company .is their is any problem for me for pf. my company strength in below 20 ..plz replay as early as possible sir

  209. In Karnataka if the starting gross salary is 9800 and basic is 4900 what is the calculation for PF? I hear that Minimum calculation has to be on 8000 salary even if Basic component is 4900. salary brekaup is Basic – 4900, HRA = 1960, other allowances = 2940. Please confirm the PF deduction and Employer contribution. It’s a recruitment company.

      1. I wanted to understand the minimum PF contribution that emplyee and employer have to do incase gross is as defined in my previous post

          1. It is not clear to me. Please confirm the amount

            4900*.12 = Rs 588


            8000*.12 = Rs 960

  210. Hi I want to ask that Can i contribute more than 12% amount in EPF?
    Suppose my deduction is around 1500.00 and I want to deduct around 5000.00, Is it Possible?

  211. Hi there,

    My Company is starting PF deduction from june-2015, And they are deducting the PF for three months since April.

    Is there any Rule that it must be deducted from April?

  212. My company is paying total salary as basic salary if it is below or above Rs 15000/- if any excess they bifurcated the remaining amount. company can do say such thing????

    please reply the same

  213. I joined a company in India on 01.05.2012 and deductions was being made on my basic salary as per rule. I left the company and joined in UAE in Dec 2014 after working for 2years and 8 months and applied for withdrawl of PF on 12.03.2015, my ex company sent me a email As I have not completed 5 Years of working with the organisation they shall deduct TDS @ highest slab i.e. 30%, which comes out to be 1.25Lakh for 2.75 years duration.
    My Quarries are.
    1 I understand this rule came into force from 01.06.2015 as per the new rule presented by our finance minister in Feb 2015 budget. Hence this shall not be applicable to me.
    2 As per rule if I give them my PAN details my ex company shall deduct only 10% TDS, why they are deducting @30%
    3 As I applied before 01.06.2015 i.e. 12.03.2015 for PF Withdrawl and my company have not paid the same to me till date so any new changes in rule I shall not be punished.
    4 Lastly as I am working overseas and a NRI now can I save this extra TDS if yes How.

      1. Same case here but not working abroad working in India, Now employer asking for FORM 15G from me which I cant give as I am TAx payer. please suggest,how to approach with PF department.

  214. Is withdrawal of PF is not allowed if one is working, or its allowable with TDS. Means is it mandatory to transfer PF and not withdraw if someone is working, or it can be withdrawn but with TDS.

  215. Hi

    I have joined a new company 2 weeks back(more than 3000 employees) and their EPF rule is as per below:-.

    During joining process, they informed that EPF rule is changed and the company has the below option:-

    1) Employer contribution will be Rs 1800/- (12% of Rs 15000). It cannot be changed unless i reach certain grade.
    2) Employee contribution also Rs 1800/- (12% of Rs 15000), but if employee wants to contribute 12%, he/she needs to email, which i have done already and it will be called as Voluntary PF.

    Now my question is 1) is their interpretation of the changes incorrect? Because i dont think the employer can limit their PF contribution to 12% of Rs 15000/-

    2) Can they at front limit the employee contribution to the same amount and give an option?

    My basic is above Rs 40000/-.

    I think their interpretation is incorrect. If so, can you point me to the correct sections so that i can take up this matter with the payroll/HR team.

    Please let me know in case you require more information to respond to my query


    Chetan Dhacholia

    1. Chetan-1) They can restrict to Rs.15,000 or more. It is purely left with them. 2) It is purely based on what they are offering you. But they can’t stay away from contributing 12% of Rs.15,000.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj for the reply. That makes sense. Hence my interpretation was incorrect. Appreciate your insight on my query.

  216. i had worked with EXL services pvt ltd for 5 months.after that i resigned from there and joined in another company.Exl services pvt ltd deducted pf from my salary and provide me with an pf number.but i cant trace that number in the pf website.so could you please advise whether am eligible for withdrawal or not.

    if eligible,how ?

  217. Hello,

    why Pension Contribution is not transferred from old account to new account. Please brief me.
    Now , I have been link my UAN no. to new company then pension amount will transfer or not.

  218. Hi,

    I have withdrawn my PF in this financial year. I have came across the following info in our office mail. But i could not get the clear picture of it. Can u please explain me. Here is the info.

    1. Income Tax shall be deducted at source (TDS) at the time of withdrawal of the PF amount under following conditions :
    • If the amount is withdrawn before 5 years of service
    • The withdrawal amount is equal to or more than Rs. 30,000/-
    • If PAN submitted – TDS will be deducted @ 10%
    • If PAN is not submitted – TDS will be deducted @ the maximum marginal rate i.e. 34.608%

  219. Hi Basavaraj, I have a query on EPF. My EPF is inactive since Feb 2015. There is no contribution to it now(I left india job and moved to US). I read in your comments I can keep EPF account active for 3 years with interest.? is this still holds correct? is there any change in rule?

    My understanding is that even if no contribution from either side still I will get interest for 3 years. After 3 years only account will become inactive and there will be no interest paid after that.

    am I correct? Please clarify.

  220. Hi,
    My husband applied for his PF withdrawal in the month of December 2014 while switching his job,At that time he did not have his UAN.
    It’s been six months now, we did not get the amount. We tried checking the status of withdrawal through online, it says no record found.
    How can we track now?? Ur suggestions are highly appreciated.

  221. Hi,

    I am working with private firm and employer is having PF Trust.
    I want to increase my PF contribution but employer is saying that there is not way/procedure to increase PF contribution from either side.

    My question is that is it possible to increase employee’s PF contribution who are part of PF trust not the EPFO.

  222. Dear Basu Ji
    I left my job 2 month ago. I want withdraw my money
    my employer not sign n help me for my pf & esi fund.
    can I withdraw my fund if my employer not sing on my withdraw form?

  223. Sir my father earlier was working with one organization nd he retired we withdraw pf amt and his age is 56 so we went for reduced pension now he getting monthly pension of 1000/- . Now again he working with different organization and they deducting pf is there any problem with this nd one person how many time undergo with pf pension scheme pls reply me regarding this .

  224. I worked in a private company for more than 7 years (Joined in Sep 2007), But my company was start deducting PF only from April 2012. I left the company on 31st March 2015. Please let me know my withdrawl PF amount is taxable as per the new rule?
    Baskar P

  225. Sir, Meri Salary Rs. 16380 hai, kya meri main apne EPF katwa sakta hu ya nhi……

      1. Sir, Meri ab Basic Salary Rs. 16380 hai, is par koi EPF ESI nhi kat rha muje Sari amount cash mil rhi h bina kisi deduction ke.

        Isse Pehle meri Salary Rs. 15600 thi muje Cash in hand 13450. Balance amount EPF, ESI me deposit ho jati thi, Jitna EPF meri Salary se deduct hota tha utna office deta tha, Muje mera EPF double milta tha

        Par office ye kehta h ki jis ki salary 15000 h uska koi pf deduct nhi hoga na hi office muje koi EPF dega muje 16380 Rs. hi milenge.

        Sir meri query ye h k main apni Basic salary me se EPF, ESI Katwana Chahta hu taki muje EPF double mil ske. Sir Is bare me please muje guide kare

        1. Gurdeep-According to rule, if your Basic+DA crosses Rs.15,000, then you have an option to opt out. If your employer also not willing to contribute then first discuss the same with an employer. If they agreed then go ahead. I think they want to restrict their contributing by using the current law.

          1. In my firm, there are about 10-12 employees. My salary is Rs.15000/ month. My employer doesn’t have PF scheme or any deduction. Please tell me is this legally correct according to the law?

            For my immigration purposes, i need to provide proof legality of professional experience.
            This should be a ”proof of social security contributions” or ”a notice of assessment to tax
            on income”.
            If you cannot provide one of these proofs, you must provide an ”exemption proof of payment of social security premiums” by a government authority (not your employer).

            Please clarify me how can I satisfy this condition?

  226. Hi,

    I working in Retail Pvt Ltd Company. Earlier my Basic salary was Rs.13500/-. My PF deduction was Rs. 13500/- * 12% i.e 1620/- . Now due to increment in my salary my basic amount crossed slab of Rs. 15000/- . So there is no PF deduction in April & May 2015. As per Govt rules we can apply or withdraw PF after 60 days . Please suggest can i withdraw PF where as i am still working for the same company ?

  227. I am advising a small company that plans to employ 20 people next year. I also saw that there is a proposal to bring the threshold of pf eligibility for an organization down to 10 employees from 20. Is the number calculated on the highest number employed basis? Is it 10 or 20 now?

  228. Hi,

    I changed job three months (i.e March).My employer provided a PF account number but when I check for balance it is showing invalid where as am able to list this account under UAN.

    So,please tell me how employer credit PF account.How do I know whether my employer crediting any balance to my PF account.

  229. Dear sir,
    Very very thanks to you you are proved EPF pension calculator on website.
    I was Joint Premier Auto Ltd -Mumbai on 28.Jul.1985. However due to some management problem company has close down in 1998.( official close down date is 2005) & matter was could not any solution till 2011 due to court matter.
    Management could not deposited employ’s PF fund after 1998.
    I got one certificate for pension from PF trustee is mention as below.

    1: Age on 16/11/1995 = 36 years
    2: Date attained age 58 on = Nov 2017
    3: Age on Date of Exit = 38 Years
    4: Past services up to 15/11/95 = 10 Years
    5: Actual services = 2 years & 7.5 Months
    6: Eligible services 11 +12 = 13 Years
    7: Pensionable services = 2 Years
    8: salary on 15.11.1995 = Rs.5000/-
    9: Pensionable salary & last salary = Rs.5000/-
    10: NCP days = 90

    After submission above mention certificate & application form,Now I got pension only Rs 780/- PM.

    Can you advices this case?

    With Best Regards,
    Anant S Gawali – 9322511743
    Ambernath E 421501

  230. Hi, Is it possible/legal to deduct only 3600 Rs. as PF (1800 as Employee’s and Employer’s contribution each) when basic is Rs. 62500?

      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        It would be helpful if you could please specify or provide the link to the official government policy document where it is mentioned that the employer can restrict the PF contribution to a max of 1800 i.e. 12% of 15000? This is just for reference, to show as a proof to someone.

        1. Ram-I am unable to find the said policy document. However, to abide the rule employer either can restrict his share to 12% of Rs.15,000 or to the actual salary. By abiding both the ways, an employer not breaking the rules of EPFO.

  231. Hi I am working in private co.where total emloyee works less then 10, so I can get the right of P.F.? reply soon

  232. we are only two office assistant worked on contract base for 13 months in a Karnataka state government office after 9 months official says you are coming under pf & esi act so since 7 months they not make our salary for reason of esi & pf matter. And official making deduction of 13 months esi & pf scheme amount in our salary so we resign the said post job 2 months before still we are not receive our salary. so what can we do can esi & pf applies ? mob:9916441716

  233. My Company is deducting 24% PF from my salary and 1.36% company contribution , My salary is 30,000 , company started cutting PF this month Only.
    HR says acording to our salary slip this is how it works. is it right ??
    my CTC is My Take home(less) professional tax

      1. but is it allowed to cut more than 12% from my salary even when m not willing ??
        and company’s contribution is less than 9% from what u read i thought company has to contribute minimum 9%
        where my company is contibuting only 1.36% and we are contibuting 24%

          1. Sir , when we contacted our empolyer , they claim that PF people and company CA only advised to cut both, my 12% and company’s 12% from my salay , what can i do at such stage ?? This is my 1st job so i dont know much about all this

  234. Hello Sir,
    I am working in IT sector and my payment is 15000/- PM but my pf is not cut by company.is it compulsory to cut.My HR said below 15000/- PF is compulsory.how many % PF deduction on 15000/- ?

  235. Dear Mr. Tonagatti

    I have been employed in a company for 4 years . There was no PF deduction from my salary till now . I am well above the RS 15000 limit hence it was not compulsory for me. Now I want to start to have my PF deducted in my company. My HR says that they have to show me out of company for 3 months to start my PF deduction. Is it true? One acquaintance of mine says that we can start the process by just filling the Form 11 for the period till now and form 2 for nomination and can get PF deduction from next months onwards.

    Best regards
    Amit Tyagi

    1. hi
      I have worked in a company for 3 months.
      i left that company without serving notice period. is there any possibility to withdraw that amount.

      checked with HR they are telling needs to work atleast for 6 months to get the pf.

      Is it correct?


        1. Hi,
          I worked one year in a company and left the job,m i had applied for my pf in the month of march, till now i have not received my pf, company is saying they rejected the application due to new rules, is it possible to transfer the amount to my new office account and withdraw it immediately, if possible how to do it, please some one help me out with the url from where i can apply for transfer the account and procedure to do it…

  236. hi,
    I am working with two companies one is Day Shift and second is Night and both companies are deducting my PF from my salary…. Is it Correct or not if not then what is a solution for it..

  237. Hello Sir,
    I have completed 5 yrs in my current organisation. I have 3 queries.
    1. When I change my company in future, can I withdraw PF amount and continue the same PF A/C no(UAN) with the other Co.
    2. Want to withdraw to invest in mutual funds for good returns. what would you suggest.
    3. Will I loose my pension amount if I change before 10 yrs?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hussain-You can’t withdraw it if you want to continue job. Withdrawal is permissible only for special occasions but not for investing in mutual fund. Check EPS eligibility in EPFO portal.

  238. Hi,

    I have been with one employer for the last 10+ years. I am leaving my job and immigrating to another country.I have around 10 lakhs+ in the EPF account. Can I withdraw all of EPF money? Do I have to pay income tax for the same?
    What are my investment options?


  239. sir,
    i am getting 40k salary but i dont have PF account as company has given option to me for not opening a pf account. now i am going to change the company, but in the new company they want pf account. what else document i can give to them as a income proof?? what should i do??

  240. I understand that when a factory is under lockout and no wages are being disbursed, the company is required to still pay a sum of Rs.100 towards administration charges to the EPF. My question is what happens during closure of a firm. What formalities are the company required to serve?

    1. I understand you cannot explain the whole process but can you point out any online resources that explains the process. Thank you in advance.

  241. Lest say for 5 years my deduction was Rs 541 per month and for one year my deduction was Rs 1250 per month then while withdrawing at the end of 6 years the calculations would be like 15000*6.4(as per table D) = 96000 or it would be 6500*5.28(as per table D) + 15000*1.02(as per table D) = 34320+15300 = Rs 49620

  242. Dear Sir,
    pls send new rules (modhi) about employee provident fund language in kannada


  243. I had taken VRS from M/s.Nizam Sugars Limited.,Telangana in 2002 and after attaining age of 50 Years I am getting monthly pension Rs. 895/- only till date. But I am not enhanced pension by Rs. 1000/-. as per changed by govt.
    Please clarify.

    Thanking you


  244. Dear Sir
    I have withdrawn my PF on february 2015 , around 30% TDS has deducted ,
    My service is 24 months ,
    But according to Rule only after June 2015 TDS of 30 % will deducted , can u plz clarify ,
    Also suggest how to go about this ,


  245. Dear sir,i am thankful 2 u 4 dis information. And having a question dat in any firm minimum how many employee 10 or 20 employees are required so that d farms come underprovident fund organizations..it is compulsary or not?

  246. Sir,

    I have one problem .My father worked on govt sector.He died in 2014.The pension released to my mother but its half of total pension

    like if 2000 then my mother get 1000 because my father date of birth wrong in epfo(A rule is there if member above of 58).I filed the new application for changing date of birth of my father but they refused and said there was no provision to change date of birth of death member after releasing of pension.

    I have all certificates and proofs to change the data of birth and its the manual human mistake did by govt sector dept.

    Please suggest…..

  247. Hi,
    One query…
    I have employees who abscond after one month service, can they be eligible to withdraw PF?

  248. Hi sir, before this revisions the pensionable salary was averaged for twelve months.. Now what’s the month period

  249. Hi Basavraj,

    1st I would like say to you thanks for showing interst to answer my question.

    I worked for a company for 3.5 yrs and joined another employer. I have tranfered my EPF money to current employer. So my question is here wehn I will complate 6.5 yrs in current employer, then I will start getting pension or I have to complete 10 yrs one organization in order to get pension.

  250. Sir, I just want to know that is their any provision to deduct the E.P.F on gross salary. If yes, then from which act it is possible and from when the act is applicable. Please give the link also from where I can download the same act / regulation.

  251. If the person is the Member of EPF in other Concern His Overall Salay is Rs.19000. If he is joined in Our concern Its a necessary to deduct EPF. Shall I make the Salary Structure to avoid to Pf Deduction is it possible. Kindly suggest

  252. While i’m leaving from my current company. Total PF will be give to me or not?.
    Because they are taken employee contribution, employer contribution pension contribution from my salary. Any one help me.


  253. Hi ,

    I have been working in a company for 32 months in all and on an average Rs-750 was getting debited from my account through my span there .
    Now as I left the firm the PF settlement that I have received is Rs-24 thousand only and I think this is not the correct amount it should have been more than this .

    Please let me know what should be the minimum settlement that I should expect in this case so that I can raise with the company accordingly.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  254. Hi my name is shiva I am working in a software company as a contractor and my payroll is another company.. My doubt is, my payroll company is deducting EPF amount as 24%,, the employee contribution is 12% and the employer contribution is 12% both the amount is deducting from my salary.. My basic salary is 9000 I am not interested for EPF deduction.. not yet started my deduction because I am a new employee so I am planning to say I don’t want any deduction…is this effected to get my form 16 in feature, is their any relation ship to epf and form 16
    please clarify my doubts so it will help full to me

    thanks in advance
    [email protected]

  255. dear Sir,
    i want to one thing if any employes last salary was ( basic+DA) 6500 and he is in under epf but if his increasing salary is (Basic+ Da) 15100. can employee exit of EPF if he want or continue

  256. Hello Sir,

    In my revised salary letter, we have a 3 components. Fixed (A), Variable (B) and PF (C). To calculate the Net take home they ask us to calculate (A+B)-C. To get the Gross take home then A+B+C. I have identified that twice the PF amount has been deducting from the salary. I enquired about this to my salary depart, I got the below response.

    There are 2 contributions of PF – Employer’s share & employee’s share.

    The Employer’s share is what is mentioned in your salary structure whereas the employee’s share is deducted from the take home and contributed towards PF. You will see it reflecting in your Pay slips too.

    In a way, this helps you save before you spend it.

    Please let me know, is there any policy where both employer and employee PF contribution can be taken from employee salary? Please advice.

      1. Hello Sir,

        Many Thanks for your time in clarifying my doubt. Really useful for me.

  257. Sir

    In my EPF account there is a contribution of rs.541 per month (for 77 months, till dec 2012) towards pension contribution , it totals to Rs 41567.
    1) Am I eligible for pension if so from when? My current age is 46.
    2) Can i take a separate pension policy from SBI life as they have approved by PFRDA?
    Pl advice.

  258. Question related to epfo – pension withdrawn
    how table d calculation will be calculated when I resign and withdrawer, will it be calculate on 6500 or 15000
    As i have contribute 4 yrs in using 6500 and 8 month as 15000

  259. Hi Sir,

    Like to appreciate for sharing your experience in this blog.

    I have few questions to ask regarding how to claim my PF amount.

    I would like to resign my job since i have some issues in my salary increment for couple of years.

    I want to claim my PF amount since i have planned to resolve my loans using this amount.

    I am not aware of the new rule but previously employees informed that i will get my PF amount after 45 days of resigning my job where my organization will itself take care of this and provide the final settlement amount.

    Could you please clearly explain me that how many days it will take to claim my PF amount and what is the procedure to claim my PF amount?

    Can i also transfer my PF account to the newly joint company if i get an offer?

    If I am working in other concern and after that i can claim my PF amount of the previous organization?

    My PF has been deducted for Past 3 year and 11 months(47 months).

    Please advise.

    Appreciate your explanation to the above questions.

    Thanks for helping to other peoples as well,

  260. Respected Basavaraj Tonagatti Sir,

    My basic salary plus DA amounts to Rs. 40000/- and my employer deduct only Rs. 1800/- pm.
    so my question here is that can I deduct 10% or 12% of 40000/- as epf pm. Is this possible????????????

    Thanx 7 regards

  261. my mother death in factory she worked in factory about 10 years.and regularly paid the fund .my quation is about epf insurance .how many amount i obtain ? what can i do.

  262. Hi Basavaraj,

    First of all Congrats for creating such forum and helping out others.I am in a delegate situation now.Am currently working in company (joined 3 months back).I got offer from another company last week.Am willing to the new company.But my current manager is not allowing me to leave the job.So thinking about absconding from the present company since its only 3 months experience.
    Since UAN is common for both the companies, will it create a problem when my new company create new PF account for me?Can there be 2 active PF accounts under same UAN?

    Kindly help me out!!! Thanks in anticipation.

      1. So the active EPF accounts may be visible to the new employer if i provide my UAN number?

  263. Hi Basavaraj,

    Hope you are doing well. I liked your post and have some queries regarding EPF.

    I have a query regarding EPF premature withdrawal. I want to withdraw my entire PF amount to purchase a flat.
    I am contributing in EPF from last three years.
    I want to know that am I eligible to withdraw the entire PF amount which is in my account till date?
    Should I have to pay the 10% TDS on PF if I withdraw in May’15?
    Which form I need to fill to get the PF? offline or online mode.
    How much time it will take to receive the PF amount from EPF department.

    Many Thanks
    Tarun G.

      1. So according to your post I can’t withdraw my pf amount as I have not completed 5 year of service yet???

  264. I was a PF member in my previous job, where my salary(Basic+D.A) was 6500 I left my job in may-2014, Now in my new job which I have started from March 2015, and where my salary(Basic+D.A) is more than 15000, So is it mandatory for me to be a PF member in my new job as I was once a PF member.

  265. How To Get My Old Company EPF No can You help me i have 12 year exp but i haven,t get my epf no from any company now i want to widrow my all amount from epfo

    1.Datamation New Delhi India Patpargang 4 Year
    2.SRK Enterprises New Delhi Laazpat Nagar 6 Month
    3.Team Leas Mumbai 1 Year
    4.AOK In House New Delhi Narayna 7 MOnty
    5.Metlife India Insurange 8 Monty
    6.Datamation New Delhi India Patpargang 1 Year

    Please Healp Me

  266. Sir,

    Please Help Me I Wanted To Know If I Join Any Company Then After How meany Days EPF deducted from are salary and how to check this if company given fraud epf no


  267. hi sir i’m working in a private company from last two years i joined on june 2013 with the basic of rs.6000/- pf ampunt is rs. 720/- up to jan 2014 for 6-months and from feb-2014 to sep-2014 my pf amout isrs.864/- after that my pf is rs.1080/- upto jan-2015 and now my basic is rs. 8700/- pf is rs. 1322/- up to april-2015. i’m going to resign my self how much amount can ii get n these months can i get interest for pf or not please give some suggestion up to now my pf. amount is rs.20792/-

      1. Good Morning Sir

        please tell about E PF . I am working in a private company from April Month My basic Salary of rs.14000/- PM +DA 2000 So PF deduct in my salary what is the max basic salary when the PF not deduct

  268. Dear Sir,
    I am working from Aug 2007 so how much Amount I should get if I leave now My Current Basic is 25679/-
    under EPS.
    Thanks in advance

  269. sir gud evening…
    sir I am employee from
    two year..my pf
    deducted about 400
    rupees..now I am
    regioned from.. how
    much money I got after
    drawn the pf please
    give me a idea…

  270. sir gud evening…

    sir I am employee from two year..my pf deducted about 400 rupees..now I am regioned from.. how much money I got after drawn the pf please give me a idea…

  271. Sir can you please advice me to what the difference between employees contribution and employers contribution.
    if employees/employers both amount deducted from my salary only.. can you please advice…
    thanks in advance

    1. Dear Sir

      Suppose few employees do not want to contribute to PF then what step can the management take can they stop collecting employees contribution as well as Employers contribution.?Please clarify.

  272. i have resigned from my company and will join new company after 1 month am i eligible to withdraw my pf???/

  273. Hi i am getting total salary of Rs. 9000 pm. I want to know how much should be deducted as PF contribution from my salary? Method 1 – Is it Rs.9000*12% = 1080/- or Method 2 – 70% of Rs. 9000 = 6300/- * 12% = 756/- (In method 2 – Out of total salary only 70% is considered as the basic salary on which PF contribution is payable & rest 30% is considered as DA on which PF contribution is not payable)?

  274. I have question, Recently i have changed company.I got UAN from new company and both old and new pf accounts registered in UAN account. So i have transferred amount from old pf account to new account which is allotted by new company. i see in my passbook they credited Employee Share and Employer Share but the Pension Contribution is Rs 0. so may i know reason,
    1) why Pension Contribution is not transferred from old acct to new account ?
    2)my friends withdrawn instead of transfer and they got more money compared to my transferred amount. ex : friends withdraw amount =40000 my transfer amount=22500 +6800 +0=29300(Employee Share + Employer Share + Pension Contribution). S0 there is a big diff in 10k’s. Please explain clearly.
    3)which is better and useful option transfer/withdrawn, when you switch the company ? could please explain clearly…

    1. for got mention in the example me and my friend was in same pay scale and left together.

    2. Paneendra-EPS will follow your new account. Don’t worry. I am not sure about why the difference between your friend’s withdrawal and your transfer. Withdrawing during job is illegal. You can’t withdraw.

  275. I have a question. I left employment in India on Jan 31st 2013. I am now thinking of withdrawing my PF balance.
    1) Would it be better to let it lie there – I will be back working in India in 2017. Can I transfer at that point? My concern is that if I withdraw now I will lose the advantage of having a large corpus invested in a tax free option like EPF.
    2)I know that the account stops accumulating interest after 36 months of going dormant – what would be the earliest point I can withdraw so I get the advantage of the full 36 months? If I withdraw in Feb 2016 – would interest for that year have been credited already?

      1. I’m sorry – what tax liability is that? Did you mean tax on interest in an alternative investment after withdrawing?

        Also – could you answer my second question?

  276. Sir,
    Iwas working in a private company for the last 2 years.Now I joined in a govt. organisation. Ihave been allotted a UA number for my last employment.
    Is it possible towithdraw my P.F accumulation.
    Will it goes automatically to my present P.F.a\c.
    Is govt and private companies have the same p.f. organisation

    1. Rugmini-You can’t withdraw your EPF when in job (Uncless in case of some emergencies). Yes, it will automatically transferred to new employer when you quote them your UAN. True, both for private and Govt companies smae EPFO manages.

  277. Hi,

    I am currently staying outside India and have resigned from an MNC firm that has operations in both India & abroad, after having worked there for 7 years. I have made the request to withdraw my PF amount for which I was told that I need to mandatorily have a bank account in my name which is not a joint account or an NRI account.

    Are there provisions to transfer PF funds in India if I do not hold an individual bank account just in my name? Please do let me know.

  278. Hi
    I am moving out of India and have contributed epf for 1 year in the current job, my marginal tax rate is 30% , is there a way I can avoid being taxed on the withdrawal

    I am ready to withdraw after 4 years if required, am not sure how the new 5 yr tax rule is interpreted

    1. Shradha-Check your tax liability today. If withdraw the same and invest somewhere, the difference is positive then why can’t withdraw it now? Also do remember that after 3 years your account converts to inopeartive account. No interest will be credited to further. Idle accounts are dangerous.

  279. Dear sir
    i have some query . plz clarify
    1)My current employer has no digital signature to link my current pf account with my existing UAN ..in such cases how can i proceed for link up??and how can i know the monthly credits in my account.
    2)How many days it will take to claim online pf transfer after approval from previous employer??
    3)can i change my salary structure during next increment for next financial year???

  280. I have a doubt. I have been filing monthly return for EPF Rs.3000p.m.(Employee Share 1500 Employer Share 459 Pension Contribution 1041). After 13 years when my age will cross 50 I will close my P.F.Account. My doubt is How much amount I will recieve as monthly pension? Please clarify

  281. I am working in a MNC from last 3-years. I can see online that company has deposited and maintained my PF account sincerely.
    Now company has decided to close down one of their area of business, where I am working. Company has served a notice period of 1-month.
    My first question is,

    1. In this scenario, my PF withdrawal will be taxable or exempted.

    I am not yet sure whether I shall continue my service in India or abroad. If suppose I decided to continue in India with gap of may be 2 or 3 months, then my 2nd question is,

    2. How much time gap is allowed to re-continue my old PF account (UAN) with new employer.

    If I decided to go abroad, after 2 or 3 months, then my 3rd question is,

    3. Can I still hold my PF account till 5-years to save tax on it.

    Please advice,

    Thanks and regards in advance.

    1. Ram- 1) If you want to continue job then you can’t withdraw it. 2) You can continue after 2-3 months of gap also. No need to worry. You can transfer the same account with new employer. 3) If you hold it more than 3 years without any contributin then you not earn any interest later on. For tax saving purpose you already know the rules then why you asked in first question? For tax saving purpose you loose interest after 3 years.

      1. Dear Basavaraj – Thank for clarifications.
        Unfortunately I have not received answer to my any of 3-questions.
        Please read the question carefully and provide your views.

        1. My 1st question is related to tax exemption in the scenario- company closing the business. Some where I read that it is exempted.
        2. How much is the maximum time gap allowed, to continue with new employer
        3. I said that I have already completed 3-years with employer. If I withdraw the PF, it will be taxable. To save the tax on it, if I keep it for another 2-year in absence of employer (so that it will complete 5 yrs) Can I get tax exemption on withdrawal.


        1. Ram-I am not sure about the tax exemption in case of company closes (I think they provide tax exemption in case of sick companies but not to all). When you join the company then your new employer start it immediately. What the gap? You get tax exemption. But what about the interest free idle amount be after 3 years? Because EPF amount get only up to 3 years interest from the last deposit. Later on they consider it as inoperative account and not credit any interest. So think at both way-Tax Saving is more or interest on EPF more. Then decide.

  282. Hi I am working in Mumbai office but my PF office is in banglore, can I change our PF office to mumbai

  283. Sir,

    Iam working in a hospital as pharmacy assistant from Aug 2012 to till now. my PF account was closed without my knowledge. when i went to PF office my PF no dose not match with my name it is showing another staff name. and 4 months of pf was not payed by my hospital to PF office. Please give me a solution for this.

    Thank you

  284. Hi I am earning 2.40 LPA. And my PF is deducted every month as per 12% on my basic salary which is 9000 per month. Am i eligible for PF deduction?


    1. Rajesh-First ask them why theyabruptly closed the account when you are still employee and why they delayed the process of informing you. Then we discuss the next things.



      2. Good morning Sir,

        When i checked my pf balance on line which was closed by company on march 2012 it shows my account as in operative. is it possible to claim my pf account.

  286. Hello Sir,

    Kindly please help me. I have left the job and submitted the PF form. I just want to know that how much i get? I want to inform you that as per my last PF Slip Employee’s Contribution was 15339 and Employeer’s contribution was 4677. I know some amount goes in pension scheme. So, I just want to know that what exactly will i get?

    Though it is a small amount, but right now this amount is big for me because i really need of money. So, i request you that please help me to calculate that how much will i get?


  287. Dear Sir,

    I worked in private company and now i got a job in a Public sector bank.

    I want to know whether i should withdraw my EPF amount ?

    Does PSB deposit monet in EPF for their employees ?


  288. Dear sir

    I already have a pf account. I resigned from my organization and joined a new one. Now my basic is more than 15000.
    I wanted to know whether both me and my employer are liable to contribute to the PF ac.

  289. Hi, i have a small query?? I hav wrked for 2 n half years in a pvt cmpany!! In which my deduction of pf till 1year 11mnths was was 260 pm. N after tat it was around 500 for 6 mnths as i was changed to a part timer to a full timer!! So now im unemployed since 4,mnths n may be will be for another mnth!! So can i withdraw my pf?? N will i be paid the intrest amount along wid pf of empoyee n employer! Plzz email me! N ya after i checkd my pf balnce online the amount shown is less!,i mean i downloded my pf epassbook in tat there are no transactions shown for 6mnths!! Even though pf was deducted

    1. Nitesh-You can’t withdraw if you have an intention of working again. Yes, you get interest rate up to 3 years from last deposit. Later on it is considered as inoperative account.

      1. Alryt thanku sir!!! Bt im the epassbook the transactions for 6mnths is nt shown!,where as i checked for my name in the epfo site there it shows tat it is transacted! Let me ne clear to u!! I was a partimer till june 2014 ! After tat i was a full timer! So june till dec 7 that was my last wrking day , my pf qas transacted! Bt it is nt shown in the pass book!! Is it some error from the site??,

  290. I have been contributing to PF for 9 years 5 months and 8 days. After that I am resigned from the company. As per the present rules of EPF, is it possible to withdraw EPF amount including the amounts in pension fund?

  291. Hi Sir,
    I have worked in a company only four month from 2013 June – to 2013 September , My company deducted pf account from my salary, When i tried to claim pf amount next day of my relieving, they said that I am not able to claim , you can only transfer the account to where i am working now (because it is only 4 month old pf account in that company ,minimum 6 month need to work in a company to claim) . But there is no pf deduction in the company presently i am working . Is it possible can i withdraw amount ? and I am not going to start own business , not going to join any company after 6 month from now. Your blog said that after 3 years account going to be inactive , then i do i claim my pf account , I have online pass of my pf account and account statement and pf number . What can i do?

      1. Some of my friends said that an employee who worked for only 3 months is eligible to withdraw only EPF amount (i.e: 12% + 3.67%) at his credit and cant draw Pension Fund(i.e: 8.33%) . Is it not true? or is there any recent rule changes in this regard, then what will happen to my money if i cant withdraw means?

          1. Hi Sir ,
            Now I am not working in previous company where my pf deducted for 3 month(I worked over there only 3 month). I left from there 2 years before, and now working in some other company where there is no pf deduction . So i could not transfer my pf account.. Instead Can i withdraw without pension benefits..Thanks in advance

              1. Hi Sir
                You mentioned that in your reply – “Better you transfer it”

                Transfer means,

                is it possible to transfer this amount to my any of my personal account or my ppf(public provident fund account) ?

                Note : There is no pf scheme and deduction in my current company where I am working now, then where i can transfer this amount ?

                Thanks in advance..

                  1. I don’t have currently existing epf account
                    (note: only having earlier epf account with my old company where I worked before) , because in my new company I don’t have any epf deduction. Then what can I do with my earlier epf account, is there any way to withdraw? I can’t transfer because I don’t have new (don’t have existing account with current company where i am working now) epf account to transfer.

  292. sir,
    I am private company employee ,my salary is Rs.15000/- , our organisation calculated the P.F deduction calculated on salary on 55% on basic, Rs.1080/- is it correct or wrong, pls tell me sir. (15000 @ 60% ,9000 @ 12%).

  293. Sir, I am working with private ltd company. I resigned from the job in two months. As per communication with HR in this company they say that PF is not applicable for the person leaving in two months. Employee should stay atleast 6 months in the company. For your information I received the salary after deducting my portion and company’s portion of PF. Please adv your view points on the same.

  294. I left my job in 1.7.2014 at the age of 45 yrs 9 months and 16 days rendering minimum service of 10yrs 10 months. I have withdrawn my pf and pension will be paid at the age of 58 w.e.f.16.9.1926. Can I join again in the same organisation again and take the benefit. What will happen to my pension as I will be again eligible for pensionable service. Please advise what to do?

  295. Hi,

    This is archana from banaglore , i am working for a pvt. ltd. complany and i checked my EPF balance online in the http://www.epfdelhi.gov.in/epfbalance.asp link but it is showing Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against my URN no . Then i discussed with my firm and according to them it is because of they have their own site so i can not see in the goverment epf link. Is this possible that a firm’s employees data is not available in govt. site. How can i trust them then. Please help me in this. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the reply. Please tell me is there a limit that a firm less than 500 or 600 employees need not to save their employees PF balance record in the Government PF checking website. Thanks…………..Archana

  296. Hi Sir

    I am working in a company through vandership… Vander is changed after 6 months. I want to continue my pf.. How it is possible.. Please reply me as soon as possible.


  297. If an employee is transferred from one state to another state in the same company what will be the implications on the PF deposited and how do we inform this transfer to the EPFO.

  298. Hi,

    My annual CTC is 2.85. Now Iam getting a take home of 20150 with deduction of 1800+1800 employee and employer PF contribution. Is it true that my take home would be 20150 according to new PF rules.

  299. Hi Basavaraj ,

    My wife left employment in Feb 2013 is not working any more . So I understand after reading your post that she can with draw her pension (EPS) amount . She worked for 3 years 2 months. Can you tell is home much she is eligible to get after the rule change last year(6500 to 15000) . She was contributing 541 monthly then


  300. Please inform to us for the below query.

    If the employee is having salary below Rs.15,000/- and later on when the increment comes and his salary is more than Rs.15,000/- then can I discontinue with the EPF scheme? If yes then how?

  301. some one told me that for govt employee , the pf rate was 10% before 2004 and there after under the new pension scheme it is 12%.
    so the employees who have joined before 2004 will only share 10% for pf and not 12%

    is this correct ?

  302. Sir,
    I had worked 11 years in Pvt.Ltd company and PF contribution only for 7 years and left the company in Oct 2012. How I will get my PF presently I am not working any where please advise

  303. Dear SIR,

    I have online chek efp report threee tips share.
    1) Employee Share 72,856
    2) Employer Share 22,289
    3) Pension Contribution 40,573

    then i can left the company i have all share drole.

  304. My ( Late ) father used to work for the government and was drawing pension. After he expired my mother started getting
    the pension on his behalf.

    Can we claim the money against insurance coverage as per your earlier explanation ( refer to the chart above ) ?

      1. sir,
        I have a serious question regarding my EPF and EPS. I left job on 30th Sep 2014 working in public school. I had apply for EPF and EPS withdrawal on dec. I had 38512 of Employee and Employer contribution accord to my EPF e-pass and 18445 of EPS.

        Now In this March 2015 I get 41041 rupees in my bank account. what went wrong

        1. do i have to wait for more week of EPS money
        2. may be the employer did not give the money to epf office
        3. what should i do sir please what was the procedure to do from my site to get my amount sir please

  305. dear sir
    i am trying to transfer my previous pf account tp current account..but during submission it s stating that “plz attest through preious employer….what it means ???did i hv to go to my previous employer personally ???or can i submit through online???

  306. Dear sir,

    I am Naveen From Bangalore working in a firm,from 2012 to till date & i have a doubt that when i withdraw my EPF amount will i get my pension amount also with that…

    Kindly clarify on urgent basis & email me if it is possible ,my mail ID :[email protected]

  307. Sir
    I have been working as a Data Entry Operator from April 2011 through an outsourcing agency. Then onwards the agency have been deducting the EPF from my remuneration and diverting the deducting amount to Provident Fund and Pension Contribution. My project work was completed by the month of February 2015 and our contract period also completed and we are terminated from the duties. Now I would like to withdraw my EPF amount and i have a doubt.. If i will withdraw the EPF amount then can i get my Pension Contribution amount also with my epf balance????? Please clarify my doubt.. Thanking you sir

  308. Sir, I had changed job on 18th March 2013. But PF from last company has not withdraw nor transfer to new account. i want to know two things :-
    1. Shall i eligible for interest post resigned. if yes then is there any time limit to get full interest.
    2. How should i transfer the money from old to new account

  309. Thank you sir for sharing right information to peoples very use full very good platform i will follow you everyday waiting for new comments

  310. Dear Basavaraj,

    I am from Chennai. Previously six years i have worked in a private company and resigned last December. Yesterday i have submitted my EPF papers in chennai EPF office. I have started a business in chennai. Shall I eligible to withdraw full PF amount or is there is any detection. Some friend told me that they will detect pension contribution. In my given UAN potral my employee contribution will be 66000 thousand and employer showing 22000 thousand. How much amount iam eligible to get. Please clarify me.

  311. Hi,

    My husband passed away in Dec 2012. After that I am receving the EPF pension ammount in my SBI account for my self and my son.

    But the same has not been credited this month.

    May I know whom to contact or how to proceed.


  312. Please let me know if PF is not claimed even after a lapse of three or more than 3 years whether the individual will get interest on that PF amount (atleast simple bank interest) at the time of claiming ? What does the rule say and why ?

  313. hello sir
    as my salary is 8140 after all the deduction like ESI and EPF i got 7460 in hand, According to all available information my share of 12% should be aprox 950+ and same of my employer. but as i can check online my deduction is 507 and my employer share is 155, I don’t really understand what is happening here isn’t there is some wrong.

    1. Dear Basavaraj,

      Please inform to us for the below query.

      If the employee is having salary below Rs.15,000/- and later on when the increment comes and his salary is more than Rs.15,000/- then is he eligible for this benefit.

  314. After I left my last organisation, 3 years has elapsed. They credited the interest till 2010-2011 i.e. 36 months after i left my previous organisation. In April 2011 i applied for transfer application but still interest not credited.

    What can I do?Tried RTI means but of no use.

    I even wrote letters to them and informed them as per amendment in para 72, sub para 6 where for the words “but no claim has been preferred” the words” but no application for withdrawal under para 69 and 70 or transfer, as the case may be” shall be substituted.

    what do you syggest

  315. Hi. I left previous organisation in 2007 and immediately joined another organisation. The transfer application was made in April 2011. The interest is credited upto 2010 and 2011 i.e. for 36 months.

    Now I wrote letter to them for asking interest for 2011-2012 on the ground that application of transfer was made in April 2011 itself especially for the amendment in paragraph 72 in sub paragraph (6) of scheme where for the words “but no claim has been preferred” the words” but no appplication for withdrawal under 69 or 70 or transfer, as case may be preferred” shall be substituted.

    What do you suggest? I even tried RTI but they not reverting on same.

  316. Hello Basvaraj,

    I am facing problem in withdrawel of my PF from last employer since I am getting some other persons details against the PF account number available on my Salary Slips. I left my last organization 1year back and worked there for 5 months only i.e 21-OCT-2013 to 03-MAR-2014. Also the PF account number last digit contains Employee Id of that oraganization. Kindly provide your inputs on same. Thanks in Advance

  317. Is there any rule that employer can have the basic salary fixed without effecting any increment.

  318. Dear Basavaraju,

    I really appreciate your effort in this subject.

    Well here is my question… I have established an IT company in 2012 under the Companies Act. There are around 50 employees for my company. However, I have neither registered nor deducting the EPF from the employees salary.

    I know the procedure of applying for the EPF. I am planning to apply for the same in the FY 2015. But, how should I comply with the EPF issue till date?

    Could you please give your views.

    Thank you,

  319. Dear Basavaraj ji,
    I wish to say that I’m at the basic salary of Rs.35000/month and my EPF is being deducted for total sum of Rs.16800/month out of which Rs.1250 are being deducted for pension fund. Currently I’m 36 years old. Can you please tell me that how much pension will I get after my retirement at the age of 65 years. My last basic salary would be around 80000 as per current scale with the increment of Rs.2500 anually. Also please tell me how we can calculate the pension amount from our deducted funds.

  320. I left my previous firm 4 months ago and i tried to login to EPF website to check my balance it showed EEAMT:3957 ERAMT:1212 as on 26-12-2014 (accounts updated upto 31-03-2014) but i got deducted 1560 (780+780) for more than 10 months can you please help me on this ,what should i do…

  321. Sir, i recently joined a private compony six months back. In my salary slip PF dedection is shown and my PF account number is shown same my eight digit employee id number . (is it possible that the PF account number is alloted by the employer itself)
    No other details i know and my HR is not entertaining any queries regarding this.
    How can i check up that my contribution is promply deposited with PF organisation or not without irritating my HR.

  322. Does my EPF from previous employer earns interest if I join/transfer it with my current employers EPF?

  323. Ref. earlier mail pls note my pf statement is showing an employee contribution-.345528.
    employer contribution-Rs.166995
    pension contribution-Rs.13151

    Mr basic salary is greater than 15000/ .There have been no withdrawls since 1999 only pf transfer has been done thrice.Currently Iam 43 years old.When will i get pension and how much?

    Till what age do you advise me to continue my pf and not make any withdrawls to get maximum pension?

  324. Iam continuing my pf since 1999 and have not made any withdrawls but have transferred the amount thrice due to change in jobs (Iam working in the corporate sector).Iam 43 years old.How much monthly pension shall i receive and when?

  325. Sir i have been resign my previous job on 14-04-2014 now im want to close my pf account but due to non available of employer attestation epf official does not transfer my money or close my account as i have continue my epf account 3 years some money invest here please advised me whether there is any scope for close EPF account without employer attestation as employer are not found.

  326. Already I made a query on EPS settlement. I have made contribution to EPS for 9 & 1/2 years. You had replied that it is not possible for EPS settlement. Is there any other way for the settlement, as I am planning to move abroad. I would also like to know from you about the benefit of EPS. Thank you

  327. my PF in trust PF Start Date 03-1998 and Date of Leaving 09-2013 and i have withdraw my PF, only balance in EPS
    now i am working in another company when i ask to transfer my EPS to new PF A/C they saying not possible you have to withdraw EPS also.
    is it true not possible to transfer to new company ?

  328. Sir,

    i am working in private company with full time since 2006 to till date and i had P.F account during my tenure i had worked a part time job 01/08/2006 to 01/02//2007 even there also i got my P.F account now my question is can i transfer the part time P.f account to my full time P.F Account please advice me what to do.

      1. Hi Basavaraj,
        Presently i am working with a private company.I want to put down papers and apply for PF.Can i withdraw my Pf amount?Or only i can just transfer the money without withdrawing?

  329. i have around 1.3lkh in my previous comapany account (frm FEB-2011 TO NOV-2014) …. IF i withdraw the money what will be the tax on that….

  330. I worked for 3.6 yr in one IT company, now i swtiched the company , still i am having two seperate PF account.
    if i dont transfer my PF to new PF account.will i be receiving interest on old PF account…

  331. Hi,

    I working in an IT company for 7 years and due to my personal reasons i want to take a break and quit this organization and planned to join a new company after 6 months.

    However i am not interested to withdraw my PF money which i have contributed so far and would like to continue in my new company.

    Can you advise whether

    1) i can keep my PF account dormant until i join the new company. If so how many years it can be active without any contribution.
    2) What are all the application form i need to submit to my exisiting company to hold the account instead of closing it.
    3) what do i need to do when i join the new company.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Kishore-1) You can keep it inactive. But they will not credit interest after 3 years of inactive account. Also do keep in mind that inactive accounts are dangerous as few do fraud and transfer to some other accounts. So make sure to track it.
      2) No such forms required. But keep records of your account details. Because once you join new company then you need it to provide.
      3) Simply provide your existing info to them and suggest to continue the same account instead of new.

      1. Thanks Basavaraj. But in my company they are asking me to submit to which organisation i am moving to,else asking me to submit the form for PF Withdrawls, as they can’t hold at their end.

        Is this a mandatory procedure to submit a withdrawl form if my destination company is not known? Please advise

  332. Hi Basavaraj,

    Can we show the Employer Contribution towards PF in Earnings Column and the same can we show in the deduction column


  333. Sir, I have contributed to EPS from 1.6.2004 to 25.4.2014. After resignation, I am now claiming for PF and EPS settlement. I have been informed that I cannot get EPS settlement and can avail only pension, since I have completed 9 1/2 years of contribution. Is it correct? As I don’t want continue with EPS, kindly advice that is there any other possibility of getting EPS settlement.

      1. Thank u Sir. I understand that there is no other option to get back the amount as you have not mentioned anything about it. I would like to know the benefit about the EPS Scheme

  334. Hi Basavaraj,

    Nice blog the data that I was looking ! I have a question regarding employer contribution

    Now my basis salary is 6610. So my employer should put 8.67% of 15000 = 1250 towards my pension and how much will they need to contribute to my pf ? is it 3.67% of 6610 or 15000 ?

    How will this change if some day my Basis + DA cross 15000 ?


  335. Hi Sir,

    I have an one query about my PF. Actually before joining current company, I worked with the two organizations, But I did not transfer my first company’s PF into my second company.

    So is it possible to transfer of my both of company’s PF into current company’s PF?

    If yes, please suggest the process?

    Thanks in advance

  336. hello sir i am working in auomobile company . last 7 year my PF deducted from my salary . but my pf account not existing . so we told my company officer . he say your PF if Privet PF and not related to government PF its like society PF . i want to know about …….this type PF. its true or false . how to get benefit same as government,

  337. I just need to know that whether the closure of PF accounts has been paused for such period or not.
    our PF cnsultant informed us that PF organisation has stopped closure and disbursement and also we have to continue only. Is it true?? pl clarify.

      1. Hi Bsavraj,

        I am in real need and expect confirmed anwer of one query.
        My company also needs this clarification.
        As you mentioned in this post and we also gone through the EPFO circular for above changes. But we are not clear and unsure about the EPS contribution to be mandatory or not for former employess whose basic is more than 15K and still the EPF members. I wish I could discontinue EPS and let this Rs 1250/- go into my EPF which is more beneficial than EPS . For pension part I would go for NPS . Investing Rs 1250/- pm into EPS is not worth when we look at its drawbacks and retrun pm after retirement. Do you please clarify whether EPFO have given such option to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ (within 6 months) for EPS for former members as part of this circular.


        1. Vishal-It is part of EPF. So you can’t stay away from EPS or EDLI. If you opted EPF then no option but to invest in EPS. Do you feel NPS a great retirement product? Think twice !!!

          1. Okay,

            So staying away from EPS being EPF member is only possible for new EPF members …m I right ? the older members do not have this opportunity ? About NPS I am also not very fascinated but just gave a thought of it. What is your opinion – EPS Vs NPS


      2. Thank yu.
        But I’ve resigned the job on May 2013 itself. But still they have kept the closure pending. I am working in some other school where i worked long back and continuing the same account which has not been closed.
        I need to close only that schools account.
        I dont know why they are making it so late…
        Pl clarify.

  338. i work in a private firm . I see variable deductions in my PF every month. when asked thy mentioned about taxes. Is it true? i have work 1 year and 3 months now and they have changed 8 times.
    please reply sir

  339. hai sir, sir m pichhli company ko four month pahle chhod chuka hu or mera pf mar.-14 tak updated h. or april 14 to sep.-14 tak mera pf compny ne deposit nhi karvaya h.aur m apna pf withdrawal karvana chahta hu.or company wale form no.-19 par sign nhi kar rhe to m apna pf kaise wthdrawal kru.plz suggest deve

  340. Hi,
    I worked with an IT company for around 10 months. After leaving the organization, I was working with an educational institute. However, they did not have any PF scheme. So, can I withdraw my PF from that IT company and give the reason of “not working” in that withdrawal form.

  341. I worked in my previous company for 4.5 years and in my present company for 1 year now. I have 2 different PF accounts now.
    What would be my best option to draw maximum amount possible?
    1. Can I transfer everything to my new account?
    2. Just withdraw from my previous account?

  342. Hi.. Due to my financial situation, i would like to withdraw my PF while switching the job. What would be the problem if i do so? Whether is it possible ? Bcoz my pf no is already associated with a UAN.

  343. Dear Sir,

    I switched my job about 3 months back. I initiated the PF transfer procedure about 1 month back with EPFO. My previous employer has got the form 13 and is processing that. He told me that process may take 3-4 weeks time.

    Due to some reason I have to quit this present employer also and in next 2 weeks I will be out from this present company. Should I ask my previous employer to stop the PF transfer so that I can directly transfer it to my another employer which I will join about 3 weeks later?

    Please suggest.

    Many Thanks,

      1. Thanks Sir for response. My previous employer told that as the transfer has been approved by both current and previous employers so it can’t be stopped.

        My worry is that the PF transfer may still take about a 3/4 weeks but I am with this company for only next 2 week.

        Will PF transfer happen smoothly even though I may no longer an employee here?

  344. Hi Sir,

    I worked for an IT company from 2007 Nov to Jan 2012. Now can i withdraw my PF amount from my previous organisation?
    My old PF account is already 3 years old. Currently i am not working anywhere.

    Please clarify.

    Gokul S

  345. hi,
    i worked for an organisation more than 6 years ( 2007 to 2014)and now i left that company due to improper salary payment. while leaving the company they havent given me the grauity and now i am asking for the PF that also they are not transfering or not giving me a prople reply. One thing is they havent paided my pf from 2012 to 2014 two years pf is still pending. they are not replying for my mails. Let me what can i do for this. plz suggest me on this.

      1. through online i checked PF account , i got a sms how much amount is there in my account. that amount is like two years back amount. they not paid my pf for two years. i have proof for it. they also told that pf amount is not paid full.

          1. they paid my pf upto 2012 after 2012 to 2014 pf is not paided. any way i will check with regional EPFO office.

  346. Hi, I am going to complete my 5 years in same company on 31st march 2015 but I want to resign in mid Feb. I have 3 months of notice period. will I be eligible for non-taxable PF?

  347. sir,
    plz tell me about labour welfare fund ,wt zit?all bnft,hw cn we tk bnft etc.
    also rpl at my email.id .
    thanking u.

  348. Sir,

    Thanks for your valuable information.

    I got a Job offer from Bombay. When I was going through the offer letter I was surprise to see that I was offered salary in two types 1. With PF & 2. Without PF.
    In both the cases my Basic is more than 15K , where as in 1st case they are deducting Rs 1800 from my salary as employee contribution (Even though my basic is more than 15K) addition to it they are deducting another Rs 1800 as Employer PF from my monthly salary. When I have spoken to HR they told its New PF policy they can go in either way. She said to me that they give maximum pay of PF Rs 1800/- even though if your basic is more.

    Request you to please assist me in this Sir. Is it a new rule like this or any other…

    I would be happy if you email me or by this forum.

    Mohammed Aslam Noori

    1. Mohammed-New rules already mentioned above. But if your employer not ready to contribute to 12% of your actual basic then it is their option. But they are abide by rule by saying that they contribute 12% of Rs.15,000.

      1. Sir, Is there any rule/ Claus like they can deduct PF from Employee & Employer from Monthly Salary.

  349. Respected Sir,

    Currently I am drawing BASIC+DA above Rs.15000/-. PF is deducted 12% from my Salary (BASIC+DA) and same has been contributed by my organisation. Now, organisation has decided to contribute maximum PF on Rs.15000/- only. They informed us that it is as per PF rules only. I want to know is there any rules imposed for PF contribution by employer.

  350. Hi, I have resigned from an unaided private school running by charitable trust after completing 26 years of service at the age of 58 yrs.
    so i would like to know that how much minimum pension am i entitled for in EPF pension scheme.

  351. Sir
    I dismal my job from reputed company since 7 months.
    I applied appeal authority to review the my case. The appeal authority is call me personally and pending the case.
    At the stage I want to advice from you- What can I do?

  352. sir
    I am employed in a private firm. The are telling that there won’t be and PF cutting for 6 Months as it is the probationary period. I want to know whether there is any rule like that that during probationary period no PF deduction is required.

  353. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the information above.
    I was with a Travel Company from Nov 2011 and left the job in sep 2014 as per the company rules I had to serve a notice period of 2 months of which I worked for 1 month without salary and gave the salary amount for the other month in cheaque.
    Now after several mails and calls they are not sending my release letter and no update on my PF amount.|
    Since I had joined a new company in October, they have sent me an EPF form to fill with all the details and also about UAN details if I have.
    Now my question is how should i claim my pf amount from my previous company or is there any solution if my new company creates my UAN no. which will help me to claim?
    I am sorry of asking so many weird questions since I have no idea on this topic and have been searching for my answer.
    My previous company use to give half amount in cheaque and half in cash to protect there tax or something so automatically my pf also showed up less.
    I really want to get my hard earned money back and if possible i want to put a complaint against them for this misbehavior with me to such an extent that they didn’t even allowed me to enter the office.
    Awaiting your kind revert.
    Please help!!


      1. I really want to transfer but in that case also the company will not authorize?
        is there any way out?

          1. The major problem is that they are not responding to my mails or calls.
            Can it be done by UAN??

              1. Thank u sir for the great help.
                I will wait for my pf account details from the new company and then will proceed for the OTCP.

  354. Hi,

    I’ve submitted for the withdrawal of my epf. as per the statement downloaded from site employee contributiion +interest is arount 46300 which was upto 28.09.2013. I have worked upto oct14. but i got a credit of only 46345 with remark’employee’.could you clarify me on this.

  355. Dear Mr.Basavaraj,

    I worked in a co-operative organisation w.e.f 1981 and given VRS in Jan 1998 and closed PF account ( basic calculated at Rs.6500pm, PF amount Rs.720/-pm) and the scheme certificate also issued to be since my age was 45yrs at the time of VRS. First I thought of not going for any employment.

    But in the same month of resignation I got a very good offer in Jan 1998, hence again I joined in employment with private company and opened a new PF account with a PF contribution of Rs.3300/- pm and continuing for the past 7 years till today.

    Pl advise me whether I should merge the scheme certificate with the current PF account, Or after completion of 10 yrs in new account can I receive 2 pensions. also pl clarify
    1. Is it legal to merge the old scheme certificate?
    2.in which case i will get max pension benefit?
    3. since there is no break of PF contribution will they take the current contribution for pension calculation?

    Plz suitably guide me what should I do, i am currently 52 yrs old continuing to work in the same private company with PF contribution of Rs.3300/-

  356. Hi sir,

    I resigned wipro in july 2014 after that i joined another company in Auguest , after joining in this organization i transfered but because of the old documents purpose they are not processed to transfer my pf .
    Now is my pf is safe in wipro or not ?
    And if i want withdraw my pf what is the procedure i have to fallow.

    Could you please give me ans asap.

    Adavance thanks

  357. Hi,
    If a person’s investments already meet the 80C limit, is there any benefit in increasing PF contribution beyond the compulsory 12% of basic salary? I understand that interest from EPF is tax exempt and is a safe investment, but is there any other way by which it reduces tax to be paid, either in the short term or in the long term? In the blog post ratrace2freedom dot blogspot dot in /2014/02/voluntary-provident-fund-vpf.html, it is mentioned that since VPF goes from pre-tax income, it offers 50% higher return than same amount invested in PPF. I do not understand how that was calculated.

    1. Jalakrut-EPF is not only meant for tax saving purpose but a retirement corpus creation. But in current scenario where you have many options to create your own retirement corpus. So I don’t think it is worth to go for VPF.

      1. Hi,
        Yes, some of your other articles talk about how proper investment in equities plus correct insurance can yield better results than traditional savings schemes. I do not understand how the article I mentioned earlier arrived at the 50% better saving for VPF compared to PPF. That is a huge difference! Some miscalculation there?

        Would it be right to say that PPF and VPF are good for people who cannot afford to take financial risks at present? Are there any better long term savings schemes that are as safe as these?

        1. Jalakrut-I too hope the same. PPF and VPF are better if you are ready to invest more for the sake of not investing in equity (I am not saying risk). When one can generate around 10% to 12% in equity investment for their long term view without any risk then why to invest more and be satisfied with 8%?

          1. Thanks for explaining. Even if properly chosen equities (assuming you mean equities via MF) come without risk in the long term, there is a drawback for people who due to moral or religious principles do not want to make money out of weapons, luxury items, pesticides etc. Even the few “ethical” funds offered by some MF managing agencies invest in sectors that are not viewed as ethical by some. I agree that even the money earned from PF and FD may partly come from indirect investments in such sectors, but atleast here investors are putting their money only to save it, there is no other option and also no control for the person to control when the bank or PFO invests in. Are there any MFs that allow the customer to decide which sectors to invest in, or should such people look for investing directly via share market?

            1. Jalakrut-There is no such fund which makes investors to decide the sector. Instead there are few sector funds which one can choose. Direct investment into stock market is more riskier if people not have enough knowledge.

  358. I am having a small construction firm in kolkata. At present the organisation where I work as cotractor (not labour contractor ) they are demanding PF registration number of our firm but I generally engage 3 to 4 daily labour @ Rs 300 to 400 per day basis. Can you suggest me how do I get the registration and how much do I have to pay for my labourers as they are not going to share any amount as they are illeterate labourer and they keep on working here and there. Please help Sir.

  359. One of our employee working 2 companies with different PF account, One PF account allotted UAN number, how can i get UAN for another PF account

  360. Hi Sir,
    I am going to give resignation .So the account department told me that If I want to withdrawal the PF account I cant do job for 6 months in any other company ,because now a days everybody have a UNIVERSAL PF ACCOUNT no.
    And I want to change my company and also I want to withdrawal the PF amount .
    So what should I do.

  361. Hello Sir,

    I would like to have some clarification on few queries that I have reg. my PF deduction.

    The thing is, my gross salary is 25000/-, and they deducting 2561/- for PF as my basic salary is 10000/-. 12% from my side and 12% from employer side and 1.61% some admin or labour charges. The thing i dint understand here is, why they are deducting the employer contribution from my salary only ? is this correct ?

    and is PF deduction mandatory for the salary that i am earning now? or do i have the chance to not to deduct it ? and this whole 2561 per month can be claimable, once i change my job ?

    they have mentioned in the offer letter that PF can be claimable only after completing 2 years with organization, what if i have resigned or got terminated after one year only ?

    Please do advise me in this. Thank you very much!!

    1. Raj-Regarding employer contribution from your end, it is already discussed many times in below comments. Yes for your salary it is mandatory. EPF withdrawing during job change it not permissible. If 2 years not completed and you shifted the job then you can transfer it to new employer.

  362. dear sir,

    earlier my salary break up was this-

    HRA— 6750



    HRA– 8000
    EDUCATION- 200




  363. dear sir,

    earlier my salary break up was this-
    HRA— 6750

  364. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know is, EPF deduction in a salary is compulsory.

    sir, if the pay slip is of this kind:-

    Basic is – Rs.15,000.
    HRA is – Rs. 8,000
    Conveyance Allowance Rs. 2,000

    Total Rs. 25,000

    Their is only one deduction ie, Profession Tax Rs-200

    so the take home salary is 25,000-200=Rs. 24,800.

    They are telling that the salary about Rs. 15,000(Basic+DA) EPF deduction is not mandatory. is that true.. what is the updated EPF rules & regulations tells.
    can u brief me about this conclusion.

  365. hello sir
    i am working in an autonomous bodies and we maintained our Provident Fund A/c by ourself only. In my office there is a rule that if an employee resign then he cannot get full employers share of provident fund. I just wanna know is there any rule for this. if yes, then please give me the details. and is there any minimum length of service .

  366. Hi Sir,

    Income tax rebate, 2000 rupees less when the income is below 5 lacs. Is this 5 is taxable income? Or the total earnings?

  367. Sir, I am interested & I have also 3 yrs exp as Accounts Executive. I am basically belongs to himachal Pradesh & currently in Chandigarh. My current salary in hand is 18500/- cash in hand now my excepted is 24000/- around.
    Thanking you

  368. you have written in your point no 2 of regarding pension ” In addition, to arrive at pension, salary will be average of 60 months last drawn salary instead of earlier rule of last 12 months average salary” from this calculation employee will be in loss they will get less pension according to this. Please confirm

  369. I am working in private company. be fore i was opt-outed from PF deduction. as your above article our company people started to deducting my PF. But they are deducting the employee and employer both amount from my salary. When i ask about this, they said like ” This is an government rule”. could you please provide the information about this..

    Thanks in advance.


      1. Hi Basavaraj,

        Thanks for your conclusion. I have to know one more thing, what they are doing it is illegal or they can do.

        thanks in advance


      2. Hi Basvaraj,

        Needed a clarification from you…

        I have been contributing to PF for 9 years, after which I moved out of India and no contributions have been done for 36 months now. So interest will stop accruing from next month onwards.

        As I do not have any visibility of coming back to India for the next 3-5 years, can I withdraw the amount completely in this case?

        Or do I have to wait till I turn 50 to do a complete withdrawal and keep this accrued money without interest in the EPF for the next 15 years.


          1. Yes Basvaraj. The best option would be to withdraw and invest in better yielding instruments.

            But can I? Is there a clause in the EPF laws that will let me completely withdraw this account?


  370. Hi,

    PF is being deducted from my salary and i contribute to VPF also. I can check the balance amount thru DKM online. Please let me know whether the PF and VPF can be withdrawn when i change my company. If not, then when and how can it be withdrawn. If it is not possible to withdraw it, may be i shall stop contributing in VPF.. thanks in advance for for advice.

  371. Hi,

    I have been working since last 10 years in various companies and had PF accounts all through out. But since last 3 months I have been working in a software startup company which has total employee strength of 4 and doesn’t not come under EPF, In this case, can i withdraw full PF amount without any tax?


      1. Thank you.

        Will I get the entire amount (Employee contribution + Employer contribution + Pension) ?

        Do i need to show this withdrawal as part annual Tax declaration?

  372. Hi,

    My surname name was wrongly mentioned while registering in PF account by my employer.
    When I try to add the account to UAN number, system asking me to confirm the details are correct.
    I am hesitant to confirm since my surname was mentioned wrong hence not added to UAN.

    My employer says no problem in keeping wrong surname and deposit like that and at the time of withdrawl in future this can be taken care of.. I am worried my hard earned savings deposited in wrong name and if something happens it is pain to get the amount,

    Is it so difficult to change name in PF records ?

    Please help, what to do,,

  373. An employee has absconded from company A on Dec 06,2014 and joinded company B on Dec 11, 2014 and worked till Dec 30, 2014 with Company B. Due to some reason he resiged from Company B on Dec 30, 14 and joined Company C on Jan 12, 2015 and continues working. Whether company C will come to know that the condidate has worked with Company A till Dec 06, 2014 only with the help of PF number or UAN number?

  374. Evening Sir,

    We hired a staff for a gross salary of INR 16000/- (Basic 11000/- HRA 5000/-) who joined in our company on 16th Jan 2015, for the epf contribution i have taken INR 1800/- from employee contribution & INR 2042/- from employer contribution in our payroll. Is there any wrong in my calculation, I seek your good advise at the earliest.

    Thank you.

  375. Sir, I am working for 2 companies, 1 full time and 1 part time, I have 2 EPF accounts from 2 different states. Is it illegal having 2 working EPF accounts…

  376. hello sir,
    thank you for sharing information.

    I work as a Assistant Professor in a private college.

    For the last four years we use to get consolidate pay.
    now from this month salary on wards PF will be there …

    my present salary is Rs. 30388./-
    now ,i would like to know how much will be deducted from my salary monthly…as i don’t know what is my basic salary,

    i stay in Hyderabad.

    kindly share the information.


  377. Hi,

    Till Aug 14 the contribution was divides as 2800(Employee’s Contribution), 2259(Employer’s Contribution) and 541(Pension) but from Sept 14 I can see the division has changed to 2800(Employee’s Contribution), 1550(Employer’s Contribution) and 1250(Pension). So the amount of Rs 709 now goes to pension instead of PF.

    As far as I know there is no interest given in EPS, while contribution gets compounded in PF. So am I losing money post this policy change ? How monthly pension will be calculated ?


  378. Hi I have a UAN alloted for me from previous organization. I dont want to show tat experience to my new organization. I dint give mY UAN to my new company. Will my new organization be able to find my uan or will they create a new uan for me.but PF NO IN BOTH THE ORGANIZATION ARE DIFFERENT. SO WAT THEY WIL DO IN THIS CASE thank you…

      1. how it will follow i did not given uan number only know please explain briefly if you dont mind..

  379. Hi sir i joined one company worked six months and they given me uan number and i login that i seen the details and i left the company without intimating due to some problems now i got another job wheather new employer will get that old employer details based upon that uan number please help me

      1. Hi sir i told them to create new uan i am not declaring old uan bcz i want to start freshly how can they will come to know…

          1. please explain the ways with reasons and giving small and short cut answer will not work out sir please explain sir what is the ways with proper explanations

  380. I joined a new company on 2nd December 2014 and withdrew the total pf amount from the last company’s PF account. I want to open a new PF account with my current company. But HR said as per current PF rule, those who have joined after 1st September 2014 and have salary more than Rs.15,000/- they are not eligible to open a new PF account. Kindly guide is it true as per new PF resolution or not?

  381. Hie…My previous employer has deducted PF amt which reflects in Pay Slip but they have not registered my name for PF, can u tell me what can i do for the same? I have sent them a mail to settle the amount but no feedback of the mail received till now? Plz suggest

      1. No Sir, they didnt. The only proof i have against the company is my salary slip which shows deduction of PF. I did ask several times.. but no response

          1. No Sir, its just for the name sake i did get salary slip… but regarding PF, only deduction. I very much know that the amount is deducted but not processed for any registration purpose. Is there any way out wherein i can get any settlement?

            1. You may go to pf office and do written complaint for same further action will be taken by epfo or probably there is option on epf website also. Keep acknowledgement copy with you fir further reference.
              you may also check if your company is registered or not via online because for complain pf number is good to have.

  382. Informative article, something that every working Indian with access to web should bookmark!

    I have a few questions. The illustration indicating how employer’s contribution is split-up says 3.67% goes to EPF, 8.33% to EPS and 1.1%, 0.01% etc. going towards other categories. Those add up to more than 12% but the green circle still mentions 12% of salary. Am I misreading something?

    Secondly, if an employee quits a job well before retirement age for whatever reason and is not employed for say 4 years. What is the maximum period for which the now unemployed person can keep the EPF account open? And on closure of the account, will the person get back the contribution that went to EPS too, or would that amount be made available as only as pension after a stipulated retirement age?

    1. Jalakrut-Yes your doubt is genuine. But you need to consider EPF+EPS which comes out to be 12%. Because EDLI and Admin charges are not investments. But they are like charges to cover your insurance and maintain it. You can continue the account as long as. But if the contribution not made to that account for more than 36 months (3 Yrs) then that particular account will not earn further interest. It is risky to keep it inactive. EPS have some different rules to get back your pension or paid amount. I will discuss about this soon in my new post.

      1. Thanks for clarifying!

        Is there any provision for a person who has quit his/her job to keep the EPF account active beyond 3 years by depositing some amount annually? I guess it is unlikely as the name EPF suggests it is for employed people, but want to make sure. Could not find this information in the EPF website, or perhaps I overlooked it?

  383. Hi,

    Please help to clarify is there is any rule that untill unless someone is not un-employed for two or more months he cant withdraw the PF of previous company.

  384. Dear Sir,
    I am working in a company with Basic Salary of Rs. 21500/- (Gross 59500/-). They are deducting the PF Rs 1080/- Per month. They show diffrent basic to EPFO.
    Pl suggest

  385. I have transferred my EPF from Comapany-A to Company-B after working for 23 Years in Company-A. Company-A has sent a DD for amount transfer with Annexure-K. But Company-A did not transfer EPS accumulated amount to Company-B. My question is that my pension will be granted from both company separately or from Company-B as Annexure-K is submitted by Company-A to Company-B?

  386. I am working in an organisation in which there is strength more than 20 employees, company is registered in Companies Act bt still there is no ESI & PF benefit till now? Is it not mandatory to get registered with PF scheme as per Law? Could I take any legal action for it as per Labour Law?

    Second concern is My old company deducted his own contribution for PF from my salary? Could we take any legal action regarding it?

    plz clarify both issues as soon as possible.

  387. Can you share your expert view on one point (real life case). Suppose an employee has already spent 10 years in a company. Earlier, the company did not have recognized PF (it was unrecognized PF, in the form of a trust) and it was optional, so he did not subscribe. Subsequently, the company acquired the recognized PF status. Therefore, this employee, after having spent 10 years in the company, now opts for PF. Thereafter the company starts deducting PF every month. After completing 12th year, the employee leaves the company and decides to encash his PF balance. Which of the following will be applicable:
    1) No tax on PF withdrawal since he has spent 5 years in company and it is a recognized PF
    2) PF will be taxed on withdrawal since he has subscribed to PF only for the last 2 years (and not 5 years).

    Your view will be highly appreciated.

  388. Dear sir
    plz clarify me salary structure details Effect new rule 15000/ pf start 1 sep 2014
    My salary details aug 2014
    Basic= 11547
    Gross salary = 11547
    ESI = 202
    In Hand = 11345

    company start NOW 15000/ PF PLAN My salary details 1 sep 2014
    Basic= 8554
    HRA = 1000
    CCA =1000
    CONV. = 493
    TEL. PHONE – 500
    Gross salary = 11547
    ESI = 202
    PF = 1026
    In Hand = 10318

    its correct or not correct salary i take home less amount after start pf 15000/ tell me

  389. Sir, I am from Chennai and i am getting a gross salary of 16,000/month (My Basic is Rs.8000, HRA is 4800, conveyance is 800, medical allowance is 1250, uniform allowance is 1150).

    I have the following questions with you.

    1. My company is having overall 20+ employees, so is it mandatory to apply for the PF ?
    if yes what will be my deductions, on what basis they will deduct from my gross salary.

    2.Also i heard only who are getting less than 15,000 are applicable for PF, am i applicable to that ?

    3.Also i am getting a PF deduction of Rs.2688 every month from my gross salary of Rs.16,000. So my take home becomes Rs.13,312(16,000-2688) I don’t know on what basis they have deducted, can you please tell me is the deduction is right and on what basis they have deducted from my salary ?

    Thanks in advance.

  390. I retired from priavte MNC on 31.10.14 and my first pension recd based on basisc Rs.6500/- I understand that the basic is raised from Rs.6500/- to Rs.15000/- In that case my pension may be double. Kindly advise on the above and if any action to be taken on my part for the renewed pension scheme. MohanK

    1. Mohankumar-Basic limit raised means the all raise in benefit applies to new holders. How it can drastically raise your pension?? They have to give pension from your contributed fund but not from their own pocket.

  391. I served for company ‘A’ for over a year in Maharashtra. The epf amount that they deposited every month was to a bank account. I have shifted to company ‘B’ in Karnataka two months back. I gave the same bank details to company ‘B’. But now after two months I would like to change the bank account. Will this effect my PF ? Or will this be taken care of when I transfer my PF account from older company?

  392. sir my salary is 10000 and now my part of deduction is 1200 what is employer share of 1)EPF 2)EPS

  393. Hi, Is the employer of a small organization whose no of employee is 10 or less can opt for PF registration in order to give benefit to the employees ?

  394. I do have Query Mr. Nivesh. The PF calculation is done on basic salary or gross salary . How PF is calculated ?

  395. Hi I have a question can i withdraw my PF amount before resigning from the current company, and further i do not want to contribute or deduct PA amount from my Salary any more .

  396. Hi Sir,

    I have a query to be resolved:

    I am currently working with a Professional firm for an year now, but have not opted for PF. Hence, PF is not being deducted from my salary. But, after analyzing the benefits of opting PF – I would like to opt for PF.
    Can you suggest me the procedure for opting PF midway (during the employment). It would also be helpful, if you can provide me with any Statutory reference (from EPF Act or any of your previous articles).

    If possible, please mail me the reply to my email id.

    Waiting for your valuable inputs.

  397. Sir, If a Employee drawning salary of 13000 permonth. then Employer contribution 12%( 8.33% = 1250 ) & (3.67% = 310) Is it correct ??

  398. 4.EPS CONTRIBUTION FROM EMPLOYER RAISED. With the increase of contributory earning of EPS from Rs.6500/- to Rs.15000/-, the take home pay of the employee will not be reflected. Of course, this will reduce the contribution to EPF, but the better side is that the retirement pension from EPS will be at a higher amount.

    Suitable changes may be made in the statement in point 4, 2nd para.

  399. I happen to hear that there is a change in law that EPF is not mandatory for companies employing less than 40 employees. I would like to know whether the change came into existence or not?

    Thanks in Advance

  400. From my understanding since 2014 , the PF account # can be continued even we have changed the employer . is this correct ?

    I have worked with an employer for 8 yrs and now moved to another employer and would like to continue with the same PF account number instead of transferring the amount or taking it out . Is it possible now ?

    Deepesh Jain

  401. I worked in a company called Deutsche Software (India) Pvt Ltd, in Bangalore from Dec 1995 to Jun 1997. This is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. My PF at that time was being deposited in “Deutsche Software India Employees Provident Fund Trust”. This company no lover exists and it was acquired by HCL Technologies in 2002 or 2003. I am trying to claim my PF amount and close the account and I am not sure who to ask. I went to the Employee Provident Fund Commissioner but they do not have any details as the PF was deposited in a trust account. Can you guide me how I can get access to my PF Funds.


    1. Nagendra-I don’t know what went wrong in your case. But if you have information about your account details then provide the same with EPFO and get amount without even your prior employer permission.

  402. Am working on a company for last 10 years. I heard something about gratuity, which I will get after 5 years. Now am planning to change job and on the new company again I have to wait another 5 years for that amount.
    Is that gratuity a good saving, Am I going to miss something for next 5 years in my new job. Please advise.

  403. Hi, I am working for the same company for last 9 years, i bought a house in Mumbai for 1cr. and have included my dad’s name as second owner for the property. EPF rules says that i cannot get any money as i have included my dad in my property. is this correct? If correct what are the other alternatives to withdraw the money. i have balance of around 15 lacs in my account.

  404. Hello Sir

    I was working from 2006 till 2009 Aug in a company where PF was deducted. Due to family reasons I quit job and I withdrew my PF amount.

    From 2010 I am working in a new comapny where PF is not deducted till now. They will start deducting from next financial year, as the company strength has crossed 20. Can I opt out of the EPF scheme as my salary is 25000/- per month? Please help me with this query. Thank You.

  405. Sir, I left my job to do MBA for 2 years & now I wish to withdraw my PF. Would it be taxable? I have to withdraw it because my current company do not have PF option, rather they have NPS. My basic 17K.

  406. Dear Sir,

    I just want to clarify one thing …What is the share of employee and employer in deduction of 12% of EPF amount. Is it mandatory to deduct EPF amount …..because my salary is less than 10000/- rs .

  407. Hi sir,
    My Basic is 15,500/- , HRA is 10/- rest in salary chart is zero with zero pf deduction

  408. Hi sir,
    As I am working with Ltd firm from past one year and my Annual Ctc is 1,86,120/- and I take in hand 15,510/- monthly. There is no PF deduction in my Salary and whenI asked many people they say it is compulsary to be deducted by govt rule.
    So kindly help me out by telling is it compulsary or not.

    1. Manish-It depends on employee strength of your employer. So if they have more than 20 employees then they will come under EPFO. Hence suggest you to discuss with your employer.

  409. Hi sir,

    Joing date 15 jun 2014
    End date 16 dec 2014
    Is there any chance to get employer contribution in my pf withdrawal.?

    Thanks and reagards,

      1. 15 july to 16 dec..exact 6 months and 1 day.
        I left this company..i am going to search a new job.and i want suggesstion about employers contribution…
        Thanks and regards,
        Mahesh jagadale
        Happy new year sir

        1. Priti-DA stands for Dearness Allowance. So it is separate salary component other than what you mentioned. It may or may not in your salary. It depends the package your employer offering you.

  410. My employer deducts PF from my salary only.. That means I have to carry the burden of dual deduction for PF ( my part+ employer part).

    Is this policy of my employer legal???

      1. What is the minimum number of employees required in a private ltd company for pf n esi to apply ?

          1. if both side PF cut in our salary.in this condition what can we do. our salary 10890 but we got in hand 7600 if month is 31days.
            I am waiting ur answer.

  411. PF- employee share+ employer share + pension fund.
    When will i get the pension fund? and how much i will get?
    once i have transfered pf after i changed my employer..in pf transfer is the pension amount also transfered?

  412. Need a person drawing more than Rs.15000/ as Pay, is required to contribute to PF? Is it right if the employer does not deduct PF mentioning that the Pay is above the limit ?

  413. My employer deducts PF from my salary only.. That means I have to carry the burden of dual deduction for PF ( my part+ employer part).

    Is this policy of my employer legal???

  414. Mr Basavaraj,

    I have put in 26 yrs of experience and have carried my PF account along with me. Can i see my EPS balance any where? how do i know that the EPS has been transferred along with my PF account properly.

    1. Regarding details of Pension.
      Since deduction for epf has been increased w.e.f September 2014 From Rs. 541 as deducted from November 1998 to Rs.1250 (April 2023).
      Kindly intimate my pension on retirement on April 2025 (DATE OF BIRTH-15-04-1965)

      1. Geeta-I can’t do that as it needs lot of data from your end. I hope the regional EPFO will resolve your doubt. Request you not to share your contact number or mail id on this public platform (I deleted your contact number for safety purpose).

  415. I have concern here about my PF deduction. Before Sept’14 my Pf deduction was Rs 780, & my Basic+DA amount was 12700. But from Sept’14, my pf deduction become less 648 & Basic also become less 5400. But my take salary is same like before Sept’14 more than Rs 20000, no changes in the take home salary. But rest all the salary breakup has been changed.
    According to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF)-Changed rules from 1st Sept 2014, PF deduction should more than earlier. When we asked about changes in the PF deduction to my organization, they replied if I want to increase the PF deduction, then my take home salary will be reduce by Rs 2000.
    Also some of my team members take home salary is like 10000, his pf deduction is 648 & my take home salary is more than 20000, my pf deduction is same 648 also.
    Humble request you please suggest.

      1. Hi Basavraj,
        Thanks for your valuable feedback.

        One more request to you please help us where we can get legal/documentation help to reply my Organization regarding PF concerns. As I am a contact base employee. Also my company based in Bangalore city & we are working in Pune for different company.

        Thank You

  416. Hi Sir,

    I am working in a private organization. Till last month my salary was below 15000. Rs.1212 was deduced from my salary till last month. The HR told me that the company is contributing an equal amount to the PF. Now I am going to get an upraisal this month and the salary will be above 15k. I heard that the PF is mandatory up to 15k only. If I want to continue PF, will the company also contribute an equal amount? I am not aware about the PF rules. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

      1. Okay. But, will the company contribute an amount(equal or 12% of 15k) to the PF even if my salary is above 15k?

  417. Hello Mr. Basavaraj,

    i was working with an organization for 1.6 years n now I’m working with company B, the problem is organization A is based in Chennai n now I’m in working in noida. So m confused where n how can apply for PF? Some of my colleagues have applied PF thru PF branch located in Barakhambha new Delhi n they got PF within 15 days. But I’m afraid to apply My PF from Delhi Coz all PF money was deposited in Chennai. May U plz let me know how n where i can apply for PF for faster transaction as i need some financial help. If PF cab be applied thru Delhi PF office, then how n what’s the exact process.

    1. Yeah but how n from where as all money was deposited in Chennai Coz was working with firm having office in Chennai but now m working with another organization in noida. So PF i earned from Chennai firm, how to apply for that EPF n from where i can aaply, Chennai or Noida?

  418. Hi,

    I have left service for more than 3 month and not doing any job right now. In this respect I have below query.

    If I do not withdraw the amount, then how long I will continue to get the PF interest benefit?

    1. Dear Sir
      I have worked in an enterprise for one month in the month of July 2014, and that company have opened a EPF account. Now I have got Job in Wipro Limited. Now I am going to join that(Wipro) company. So Wipro Limited will open a new EPF account, so by this process of opening a new EPF account, will Wipro come to know about my previous EPF account or not? As I am not going to disclose the matter of previous employment to Wipro Limited.
      Thanking You
      Jayant Kumar

  419. Hi Sir,

    I work in an organization for 3 Years and 4months and i have transferred my PF. So how can i compare my previous company PF Amount and current one.

  420. sir i am working in a company since 4 months now my question is

    1.whether i can withdraw my pf amount
    2.i dont want to transfer my pf amount to anpother company as i will continue with another organization can i do it if i change company after 6months
    3 is there any problem if i do so with this new UAN number

  421. Hi,

    I know after 58 yrs we have to deduct PF it will go in A/c No. 1. I want to know any circular is there about this .

  422. hello sir , i have worked in a company for 5 days less 6 months , and i shifted to another company recently, can i able to claim my PF , i have already applied for claiming with the canceled cheque and 2 revenue stamps …
    after the process i asked the HR over there that there are 50-50 chances of getting the money …is that true or will i definitely get that money ?? …what the outline is i didn’t complete 6 months there that is only 5 days left for 6 months ….will i get that money …
    thanks in advance
    please reply..

  423. Dear Sir,

    I worked three organizations and that time i was neither transferred nor withdraw the amount,now i want to withdraw from all three organizations,is there any rule that if my service is less than 5 years in a particular organization if i want to with draw TDS will be deduct @30.9%? please clarify its urgent

    Thank you


  424. Hello sir
    I want to know that if employee gives resign after 5 months for any reason with notice of one month.. then will employee get money of EPF?

  425. Informative website..thanks to all
    Mr. Basavaraj i have a query from employer point of view…i have joined a small company where earlier 40 employees were working and Company had registered under PF but because of some financial crisis employee strength has lowered down from 40 to 10, kindly suggest is employer eligible under PF if lowered down employee strength??

    Awaiting for your suggestion….Thanks in advance:)

  426. i hv EPF a/c in one state,nd salary is around 18,000..and one more a/c in another state nd salary is 9000.. nd once i settle in one state i vl close my one a/c so is there any problem…please let me know..thank u so much.. in advance

  427. Hi Basavaraj

    I have a concern realted to EPF decuctions.

    Befroe Sep01’14, major chunk of contribution was going towards EPF and less towards EPS.

    As every one knows, EPS(pension) doesnt fetch any interest for our money.

    But after Sep01’14, majot amount of almost 1250 is going towards EPS and 550towards EPF. Thus the interest earned is less.

    Could u suggest any option where i can comeup with the solution for this more contributio to EPS and earning less interest.

  428. Hi sir,

    I am contributing to EPF and EPS from past 7 years working in same organization. my basic salary was never under 6500 and now also its above 15000.
    My question is: can I stop contributing to EPF and EPS now and withdraw entire amount? as I do not want to continue contribution due to some financial problems. Is for 11 meant for this purpose, please guide.

    Ajay Kumar

  429. Hi,

    Is PF of employer contribution part of my CTC, my PF is 1800 and my company deducts 3600/- from my CTC saying 1800/- is contribution from employee and 1800/- company contribution.

    As far as my little knowledge about PF is, 1800/- is what i’m suppose to pay from my CTC and employers 1800/- cannot be part of my CTC. Am i correct?

    Please help..!!!!

    Ms. Hetanshi.

  430. Hi..Hope this finds you well. i have a query abt EPF. I have recently changed my job twice, First i was in organization in Mumbai where i have spent around 2 years. I have every detail of company A i.e. EPF number and all. Then i shifted to Gurgaon in company B where i applied for transfer but due to some reasons i left that in one month and joined another company C. Now i need to transfer there but i dont have EPF number of org B. what should i do and put in name of previous PF organization and other stuff. Will it be ok if i give them details of first company A

  431. Dear Sir,
    Presently i am working as a sales engineer in one pvt ltd company there they provide me salary as mention below Earnings Amount
    Salary 4,000.00
    H R A 2,500.00
    Medical Allowance 1,250.00
    Conveyance Allowance 800.00
    Special Allowance 10,980.00
    Total Earnings 19,530.00
    Deductions Amount
    Prof.Tax 200.00
    PF 480.00

    as par above information they deducted Rs.480+480 for PF but till now they did not provide me PF NUMBER …..if i ask for that they told me its take 3 moth for process …………so give me solution

    thanks &regards

  432. dear sir,

    kindly clarify if an employee resigns and claimed his pf settlement and again rejoins in the same company, whether same PF account number can be continued or fresh PF account number to be allotted to him.

    Your immediate response is highly solicited.

    Thanks & regards

  433. Dear Sir,

    We taken one project to Eliminate the Difficulties in P.F. settlement for contractual workers. Our mines is a semi mechanized mines. As our product is Manganese ore, the process of dressing/sorting, all done by the workers manually due to the mix formation nature of the ore. For which, there are thousands of workers are being engaged for the processing job of Manganese ore. The workers are from different locations of the state and out side of the state and the worker are of floating nature. Every month new workers join and leave the job. Due to the illiteracy, the worker do not claim for their PF amount which have been deducted from their salary for their future. We found more than Rs. 3,00,00,000/- being deposited in PF account every year from our mines and only 1% money of it, being claimed by few outgoing workers. Rest amount being left unsettled.

    Now some changes is made in PF rules can we continue this project as most of our workers are in floating nature they worked for five or six months then they take rest for 3 to 4months or they doing job some where less where they get more payments without deducting their PF .
    Now problem is this we are selected for a competition where we are going to present our entire effort how we Eliminate the Difficulties in P.F. settlement for contractual workers. we may face some quarry from judges that already govt implemented new PF rules how it is benfited in new PF rules.

    Request your kind help.

  434. Hi Basavaraj,

    I had transferred my PF account from old employer to new employer. my EPF amount got transferred but EPS amount is not transferred. when i contacted to my previous employer, they told me like Govt extended pension to employee so EPS contribution fund transferred to central govt fund and is not transferable to new employee PF account.

    Now in every article i read telling that EPS is transferable but these guys were talking about some new rules. so could you please let me know how can i get my EPS amount back from my old employer?

    Thanks in advance.

  435. Hello Sir,

    I have been working for a organization and the total strength of the company is 7 highly paid employes. Can you please suggest how our organization can process for PF for the employees as they do not have Mandatory 20 employes tp register for a PF Code.


  436. Dear Sir,
    My Salary is
    Basic 8000
    DA 8000
    Total salary is 16000
    Whether i am exempted from PF deduction or Eligible for PF.

  437. Hi Basavaraj,

    Recently, I joined new start-up company, where the employee strength is less than 20.
    My employer doesn’t registered with EPFO since they didn’t meet minimum requirements.

    But, when I went through my pay-slip, they are deducting the EPF contributions without providing my PF number.
    So, I got confused here.
    Do they have right to deduct EPF amount even though if they haven’t registered with EPFO?
    and apart from employee contribution, employer contribution will also be there towards PF, right? Where this amount is going?

    Could you please help me in understand this?
    What are the actions I can take on this?

    thank you.
    Subhash C

      1. thanks for your quick reply.
        If they give unsatisfactory answer, what are the actions can I take?

          1. Hi Basavaraj,

            I was a part of ABC (private) organization during June-2011 to Apr-2014. and I was a part of XYZ (private) organization during July-2014 to May-2015. So, I have two PF accounts.
            Currently I am not working in of the private/public organizations and I do not have any intention to work in near future.

            here are my questions.

            1. Can I continue to keep the amount in those PF accounts? Will I be getting any interest if keep as it is?

            2. Can I withdraw the amount from both the accounts? If I did, will there be any tax deductions?

            Can you pls help in getting answers for these questions?
            Can you suggest me any good thoughts on how to proceed with these PF accounts/money?

            thank you.
            Subhash C