Do you know Marriage Registration Procedure and Importance?

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Marriage certificate is legal and a valid document as it establishes the marital status of a couple. This document is very much useful especially sudden demise of a husband or wife and when you need to prove about your marriage. Hence, Supreme Court made it mandatory for a couple to register irrespective of the religion they belong to.

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Why you need to register marriage?

  • It is a valuable evidence of marriage under the law of the land.
  • It provides social security and confidence among women.
  • It is helpful in getting Passport/Visa.
  • It will be helpful in claiming Bank Deposits, Life Insurance or any other investments or property when the depositee, life insured person or investor dies without opting nomination.

So you noticed that it is very much important for married couple to register it immediately after marriage. Currently Hindu’s  (Hindu, Buddhist, Brahma, Parthana and Arya samaj) can register marriage certificate under the law of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Parsi’s (Parsies and Zoroastrians) can register under the act of Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936. Rest can register their marriages under the act of Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Where you need to register marriage?

  • Marriages under Hindu Marriage Act can be registered in the office of the Registrar of Marriage within the jurisdiction under which the marriage taken place or in the office of Marriage Officer in whose jurisdiction the bride or bridegroom resides.
  • Marriage under Special Marriage Act can be registered in the office of the Marriage Officer under whose jurisdiction bride or bridegroom resides.
  • Marriage under Parsi Marriage Act can be registered in the Office of the District Registrar under whose jurisdiction the marriage takes place.

Sub Registrar Officer who register documents related property or immovable property transaction is usually called Marriage Officer. So you need to register your marriage by visiting the Marriage Officer office which usually situated in Taluk Head Quarters/District Head Quarters/or in few places of Hobli Head Quarters. Age of the Bridegroom must have completed 21 years and bride 18 years completed.

What is the procedure for registering?

Marriage Registration Procedure

  • Under Hindu Marriage Act

1) Download the form by clicking HERE (if you belong to Karnataka, otherwise your respective state registrar website)

2) Fill the details like name and address of bride and bridegroom.

3) Take 3 witness signature who present at the time of marriage along with their name and address.

4) Paste the Joint Photo of bride and bridegroom in the space provided on application form and sign across it.

5) Present such filled form to Marriage Officer.

6) If he satisfy submitted application then he will issue the certificate of marriage.

  • Under Special Marriage Act, 1954

1) Bridegroom and bride should give notice of intending of marriage 30 days in advance.  They must lived more than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer before giving such notice.

2) If no objections were received with the prescribed 30 days then they can appear before marriage officer within the next 60 days after 30 days notice period completion. They must bring in 3 witnesses for solemnization of marriage. After this marriage officer according to rule will solemnize the marriage.  Within 90 days from this marriage officer’s solemnize if couple not get married then again they need to start a fresh procedure as said above.

3) Marriage officer will administer oath and solemnize the marriage by issuing the certificate of marriage.

4) Both couple along with 3 witnesses must sign the declaration and on certificate of marriage.

  • Under Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936

1) Parsi priest solemnize the marriage.

2) He will obtain the signatures of bride, bridegroom and 2 witnesses in the prescribed form and issue a certificate of marriage.

3) Certificate need to send to Marriage Officer for registration along with prescribed fee.

4) Registrar will record it in the prescribed register.

Time limit for registration

Marriages under Hindu or Parsi Marriage Act may be registered any time after marriage. But if marriage held already and you are registering the marriage under Special Marriage Act then follow the below procedure.

1) Application along with necessary documents need to be submitted to marriage officer. If there are no objections within 30 days of such application then both husband and wife must appear before marriage officer along with 3 witnesses. Subject to below conditions this marriage will get registered.

  • They must be married and living together since then.
  • At the time of marriage, any of them should not have more than one living wife or husband.
  • Any of them should not be idiot or lunatic at the time of marriage.
  • Both husband and wife must complete 21 years of age.
  • Both husband and wife should have lived more than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer.

Restrictions for registration of marriages

Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1954

  • If Bridegroom or Bride are married husband or wife.
  • If Bridegroom or Bride are suffering from any mental illness or unsound mind.
  • If Bridegroom or Bride who are descendants up to 5 generation from mother’s side or father’s side cannot marry (They are called Sapindus).

Under Parsi Marriage Act 1936

  • If both Bridegroom or Bride are relative according to said law and comes under prohibited relationship then they can’t register the marriage.

What is the fee for registration?

  • Under Hindu Marriage Act, the fee for Application is Rs.5 and fee for certified copy is Rs.10.
  • Under Special Marriage Act, ee for solemnization of marriage is Rs.10, Rs.15 extra for solemnization in place other than office and Fee for notice of intended marriage is Rs 3. Fee for certified copy of certificate of marriage is Rs.2.
  • Under Parsi Marriage Act, the fee for certified copy of the certificate of marriage is Rs.2.

Do you believe this that within Rs.20 you can register a process in any Government Office? I doubt it, especially in sub-register officer. Try your luck and let me know your experience 🙂

Note-We have deactivated commenting option for this blog post. However, if you have any doubts related to this article, you can raise this in BasuNivesh Forum.

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790 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am a Hindu and I got married to a Christian Girl in 2002 in Catholic church as per the Catholic Christian Church Law. Since Catholic church allows a Catholic and Hindu marriage without conversion of Hindu to Christian. so I follow my religion and my wife and kids follow christian religion.

    I have marriage certificate issued on May 2002, from Catholic Church, Indore MP, signed by Bishop and Church Authority. Also this is registered in their books and notarized by local notary.

    We have applied in March 2016 to register our marriage in marriage court (Collector Office). The marriage officer has asked various questions like

    Which religion I follow,
    Why I have not converted,
    Who has given rights to Bishop to register a marriage between Hindu and Christian without conversion etc.

    Then he asked to get it written from church that they allow Hindu (non Christian) and christian marriage on their letter head. After lots of struggle we got that letter from Church and also signed by Bishop.

    Still that Marriage officer Mr. Deepak Singh (ADM) was not convinced and said I am not comfortable to register this marriage, you do one thing apply for re-marriage under Hindu Marriage Act.

    For which my lawyer and I all refused because in that case what is the legality of my 13 years old daughter and 10 year old son. Also since we are married and my wife is still an christian so cannot register in Hindu marriage act. Also my passport, her passport, kids passport, kids birth certificate all have my wife’s and my name as parents.

    Since then we are following them and neither this officer is deciding to reject nor approve, now it is become 4 month since we appear in front of this officer along with witness. We are keep on following by visiting collector office but no response from their office.

    We are not sure what should we do, at least some decision will come then we may go to court to appeal against it but this officer is not providing any decision.

    Now my question is what can we do now and how long should we wait more ?

    1. Rohit-Sit in front of him apply for marriage registration in written. Let he either reject or accept. If he want to reject, then let him give that in writing. He is not officer, a simple second division clerk who is appointed to serve you. So don’t give that much of importance to such labours. Take some hard class.

  2. Hi Sir,

    Me and my gf got married in a vinayaka temple in bangalore without the consent of of our parents and now we want our marriage to be registered.Will there be any problem in that?.We have the letter of the temple with 3 witness signature on it,who will be accompanying to the registrar office as well.So will there be any problem since the temple marriage is done without parents ?.Also will any notice or something from registrar office be sent to my or the girls house?

  3. Dear Sir,

    I got married in my native Kashipur, but now me and my wife work in Mumbai . Can I get my marriage certificate without being present over there in Kashipur. I have my family there and can submit documents through them.


      1. Can we get the marriage certificate made in Mumbai. It is not our native but we have a rental agreement here

          1. Dear Sir,

            What would KYC documents for Mumbai include. I have a passport of Dehradun, Voter ID of Kashipur and a Rental Agreement for Mumbai. Can ask my company to provide a document if anything comes under their purview.


  4. After Hindu special marriage registration , how many days couple has to stay together to validate the marriage ??

  5. Hi sir.. Firstly thnx a lot for d knowledge ur sharing.. I hav few doubts tht i want to clear asap cz due to some issues caused by family members me n my bf decided to marry asap or itl b too late for us.. Im 20 yr old running n this november my bf is gna turn to 21 running but gna complete 21 nxt year but nxt year will b too late for us to take any step.. So my 1st que is i hav read tht boy must cmplete 21 yrs to marry but hes gonna b 21 yr running so is it possible to register our marriage after november n 2nd question is in almost evry website including urs iv read tht officer will send a 30 days notice to d residential adress is tht true cz v dont want our parents to know abt it or thy will defintly separate us so we wr confused tht u hav said so many times tht thy wont send any notice but still in all websites its written as thy will send d notice to home and if thr r no objections thy will solemnize d marriage… Is tht true tht d notice will come to home… Plz rply asap itl b a great help.. thnk u?

    1. thnx a lot sir for d rply.. but ystrday wn i calculated my age in “marriage age calculator” i did it like 1st i had to put his dob thn d date whc we r planning to marry on so this date i had put as feb 2017 so it was showing like ” you are 21 yrs old and u r eligible to get married”… so what was tht i mean u wr saying 21 must complete but thts like u can marry wn ur 21 can u plz explain n nxt is incase wn he turns 21 running thn wt will happen if v go to registrar office to get d form what will thy do..?? ?

  6. Hiii sir I m rupali I stay in Maharashtra & my bf stay in Gujarat. …we have got married in april SO & we have not got the marriage certificate now….& our withness r telling that they do not want 2 become withness now….bcoz my bf has given money 2 them & now he is asking for money SO they don’t want 2 give & SO they r saying they do not want 2 become withness now….our marriage registration is done but we have not got the certificate. …so if they r saying no we will get some problem in getting cerficate??????
    R our marriage will be apply naa now also??????

  7. Hi,
    We got married on 9th May 2016 at Arya Samaj,Pune.My husband is on a business trip since then.Is it mandatory that we have to get our marriage registered within some stipulated time of marriage?If yes,what is the time duration?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Sir iam mukesh from Chennai but my gf was from Rajasthan. Our parents r not responding for our lov. Is it possible to marr in a legal way n pls tell wht r the things r required for register marr

  9. sir,
    am from kerala,and now am working in bangalore…my gf is also from kerala and she s also working in bangalore…am a hindu and she s christian…we want to register our mariage legally here in bangalore without the knowledge of her parents…wot should v do for that?wot are the procedures for that?

  10. Dear sir,

    I have planned to apply for a fresh passport adding my spouse name in it.
    I do not have marriage certificate since i was not aware of it in the year 2012 but except the marriage invitation.
    Can i register my marriage. its been 4 years now.
    please help me sir.How do i go through it..??

      1. Thank you soo much for the reply. Is it mandatory that i should add my spouse name in the new passport while applying. or i can do that process later when i actually needed.

  11. Me and boyfriend want to register marriage but without leting know our parents…we want yo do it solapur he

      1. Is there any law that after marriage we should stay togther or marriage wil not b vaild

  12. Sir,
    Me and my boyfriend are from Jaipur. I am 21 and he is 25. We are thinking of doing court marriage. I want to know if there is some sort of rule of sending the notice to the address to inform the parents in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

  13. Dear sir
    I m from punjab belong to Sikh community. I married a girl in 2014. She was adopted by my chacha chachi . her natural parent is chachi’s relative. She not have any blood relation with me .
    According to law our marriage is legal or not.

  14. Dear Sir,
    I am an Indian by origin and now a US Citizen living in Texas State.I am proposed to a Hindu Girl from Kerala ( I am also Hindu ) and is interested to marry in a Temple in Palani- Tamilnadu as per her ambition.She lives in Cochin and me in USA.
    Is that possible to get the marriage registration in the jurisdiction of the temple in Palani.We both do not live in Tamilnadu state .I am 62 and she is 54 years old.
    Your advise is highly appreciated .

  15. Hi Mr. Tonagatti,

    Firstly thanks for the above information as these would definitely help majority of us who plan to take a step ahead in this manner with our partner. Now coming to my point, do we need to give a prior notice in the local registrar office before we go for the actual registration? Asking only because we live in different cities and planning to get married in December’2016. If required to give notice before I would ask my partner to come down here and do the formalities otherwise we’ll take this forward when we decide to move. Request you to have a clarity given on this aspect. Also would like to know if parents would have to be involved in the entire process or is there any way that they can get to know about it. I mean like a phone call to them from the registrar office or address verification or any sort of stuff. Would be waiting for your response. Thanks in advance!!! Cheers


  16. Dear Sir ,
    I am form Bhopal and my marriage happened in Bhopal 10 years back my wife also belongs to Bhopal , now we both are living in Bangalore.
    1.We are looking for marriage registration it can be done in Bangalore it self or we must need to go Bhopal for registration ?
    2. I have my wife’s name on my passport is it helpful in registration ?

  17. Hi Basavaraj,
    My self Prince Rajan and I’m a christian, i got married in 2010 August 21 ad my wife also belongs from christian family, but unfortunately we haven’t done the marriage registration and its been gonna six years in this August21, 2016. My question is I’m having church certificate from were we got married and also while i was in Qatar to apply my wife visa i used the same church certificate but done all notary and embassy attached to it. And she got the visa also, now we do have a baby of three years and right now all we are staying in Bangalore – India. My queries are:
    1. We want to do the marriage registration now and is it possible to do in Bangalore through Special Act, since we got married from Kerala and we having Kerala Church certificate?
    2. Our name need to be included in the passport since we are planning again to got to abroad so how? is it possible with the same church certificate?
    3. We are also planning to make Our baby passport, so church certificate is okay or else we have to do the registration from Kerala Panchayat?
    4. Is Kerala Panchayat certificate is mandatory or else i can register any where in India?
    5. What is the procedure to do the Marriage registration since its already been gonna cross 5 years?

    Kindly help me, need your strong advice, waiting for your positive reply. Thanks.

    Prince Rajan

  18. Hi,

    Our marriage happened exactly 2 years 2 weeks before. Now i am planning to register my marriage. We were Hindus. Our marriage happens in Temple (Governing by Hindu Religious and Chariatable Endownment dept, TamilNadu) What is the procedure to register my marriage. How many days will it take to register my marriage?

  19. Hi Sir,

    Me and my husband got married 3 year back. I am a christian from Kerala and he is Hindu (in certificates) from Tamilnadu. But he was converted in to christian at the time of marriage and we got married in church. even we are having the marriage certificate from church. Could you please let me know do we can register our marriage under which category and do we have fine while registering it?

  20. gf is divorced .we applied for registration.. But she menton as unmarried on applicaton form ..would it succesfull??

  21. Hello sir
    I and may husband got married 8 years back in 2008 Mumbai through aryasmaj. Is this certificate is valid for adhaar card or passport? I’m in Chandigarh now. I don’t have husband name on any of my documents. Can I do so with this certificate and if not what required for marriage registration? Plz help.. What’s the procedure?

  22. My neighbour married to a divorce girl in temple (no proof)and now has a boy of 7 years, . he has passport with girls name as wife in his pass port and both their names in boys birth certificate, can they register their marriage now and is it necessary to get certificate

  23. Dear Sir,

    I got arrange marriage in My native (Salem district) and I m working in Karnataka. We got married 4 years before in Tamil Nadu .. Can we apply marriage certificate in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu.

    Kindly let us advise now we able to register our marriage.

      1. Thanks for your valuable information. Now we able to register our marriage? It is possible.

  24. Sir,
    Mai kolkata se hun. 2 month bad mera saadi hai. Mera love marriage hone wala hai. Mera gf ki pehele sirf registry hui thi. Par uska saadi nahi hui aur divorce v hui thi. Uske certificate v hai. Avi hamara saadi k lie registry karna chata hun. Par uss registry k bareme kisiko batana nahi chata hun. Specially mere ghar walo ko. Aur jo registry hum karne jaa rahe hee usme kaya eaa baat batana jarruri hai ki pehele divorce hua hai??? Agar registry mai nahi bataye to kaya problem aa sakta hai???

    1. PD-If she is already have valid divorce from her earlier marriage, then what a problem for you in mentioning the same during your marriage (I am not sure whether they ask for it or not).

  25. Sar me manoj merishadi ke time age thi 20 year 10 month aur meri patni ki age 24 year to sar merried certificate ban jayega kya h saral english me batao sar

  26. Sir,Me and my wife live in Gurgaon. We got married 10 years before in Patna .. Can we apply marriage certificate in Gurgaon or we need to goto patna ..

  27. Sir i am from punjab and 28 years old. But at the time of my marriage in 2006 i am only 18 years old. Now i apply for registration of marriage. But at the time of marriage i am under age . So can there any solution of ruling of high court which can i produce in front of registrar so that they register our marriage under hindu marriage act.

  28. Me and My wife leaves in Mumbai and Our marriage was conducted in Gujarat state, which will the act of marriage apply ? Hindu marraige act or special marriage.

  29. Sir me and my bf both are hindu we want to register our marriage we are from lucknow we are 27 year old . But we don’t want to register from lko court due to we don’t want to disclose it publicly can we registered our marrige from other location like unnao or kanpur but we have all documents from lko and witness also. Sir may i know it is possible or not.

  30. hello sir my name is aman kumar singh
    meri gril frind ki docoment men age kam hai but actual men age uski 19 year hai
    aur uske ghar wale kisi unnon persone se marrige karne ka pressore daal rahe hain to kya trika hai plzz help me

  31. Sir myself and wife are from delhi, located at Bangalore in Murgeshpalya area. We have been married since last 3 years. I want to know my Jurisdiction of Sub registrar office for registering our marriage.

  32. Sir am from A.P and i am hindu and she is muslim we decided to get register marriage. Is there any possibility to get register with in 1 day…if that’s possible what documents are required.And can we directly contact registrar office.

      1. Sir am married on march husband and me both are going to church.but we both are having community certificate as hindu.our mrg is wat kind of marriage pls tell me..

    1. Hi Sir, am a Hindu (parayan) . my wife Christian (parayan) that is what type of marriage we should register.

  33. Sir am from Karnataka and her from Kerala we decided to get register marriage. Is there any possibility to get register with in 1 day… i heard about that possible in Chennai… if that’s possible what documents are required… address proof required in Chennai or where ever it is valid. And can we directly contact registrar office.

  34. Hi Sir,
    I got married a few months back and my husband is not ready to register the marriage as he does not love me and wants me to leave. I want to know if we file for divorce will the court consider our marriage? We have all proofs of marriage hall and photos.Please advice.

  35. Hi Sir,

    I am from Maharashtra and my wife belongs to Uttar Pradesh, where I got married in 2015, do I get marriage certificate from the jurisdiction of my residence, which is in Palghar district of Maharashtra.

  36. Sir,
    I m yadav nd she is brahmin we are from bihar and due to caste problem both families are not allowed to what we can do for marriage this time we are in delhi and doing sir how much money invest for urgent marriage and also we are able to get married at Delhi and this certificate will valid in everywhere in India.and after marriage any chance or anyone can disturbed us or anyone can tell us that this is not valid. Please sir suggest me what I can do that no one can challenging us in our whole life..
    So please sir give us some time and solve our problem immediately as possible.SIR YOU HAVE SOME TIME THEN CONTACT ME ON MY OWN MOBILE NUMBER. 07677383833.
    Sir gives me some time and try to get married as soon as possible bcoz sir we have no more time so please sir try to understand my problems.

  37. Dear Sir
    I am a Dr presently working in Bhopal and my would be is from pune We want get Nikah in Hyderabad because my parents belongs to Guntur AP. But my address proof is from Chennai and my would be from Pune. Once we get marry (Nikah) in Hyderabad can we apply for Marriage certificate from Chennai or Hyderbad?


  38. Hi
    I stay in India and my fiancée stays in USA. we are planning to get married in September but he can not stay more than 6 weeks in India. how long will it take to get the marriage certificate? because I’ve to apply for dependant visa for USA. when I’ve to apply for marriage date if we plan for marriage in September 12th

    1. Hi mritika
      You can contact me…you will get ur marriage registration certificate within 2weeks..I am lawyer in Chandigarh high court will happy to help you.
      Sapna Seth advocate

  39. I want to know if Court Marriage is done in district Marriage court do we need to register the same in local Municipal Corporation Register office?

  40. sir,

    I am from bihar and my residential address is also from Bihar but I want court marriage in Utter perdesh.

    Its possible.

  41. Dear Sir,

    We registered for my marriage certificate in the year 2014 . In that marriage certificate , the DOB of the groom is wrongly printed as 1989 instead of 1990. Could you please advise if the correction form can be given to correct the date and if we proceed doing so,will they check the old document which we produced. We had given a wrong proof for the groom due to personal problem . Can we register again with the valid proof ??

      1. thanks a lot sir! by doing so,will they verify the documents that was produced and should we have to provide this again in the same registar office?

  42. Our marriage was registered under special marriage act in 2011. But at time of re issuance of the certificate I have found that there is a typographical error in the name of my husband in Government Register book. Since the certificate is urgently required for visa purpose, can register my marriage second time under hindu marriage act.

  43. Hi Sir-

    Am a Muslim and my gal is a Hindu, we both are from Hyderabad and financially independent and well established . we are planning to get married under S.M.A and the problem here is that our parents are against it. if we intend to submit a application then they will send a notice or letter to our address an it will ruin everything. given fact none of us want to change our religion after the marriage. so is there any way that we can get married without the intimation to our parents. Awaiting for your reply.

    Thanks in Advance.

  44. Dear Sir,

    I am from hyderabad and my wife is from Delhi. We both got married in Kerala (our Native). Currently we are residing in Hyderabad for the last 1 year. Can we get our marriage registered in our jurisdiction?

    Please advise.


  45. Hello,

    I have done with the registration procedure and got approval mail too, the certificate will be send by curriur or I need to check it online for it?

      1. I want to speak wit u bro is an very urgent bro tis is my no 9551174304 abt the court marriage bro

  46. hi dis s prabha frm chennai , my girlfrnds parents wont allow us to get marry,so we are planning for register marriage, so i want to knw if we got married means did they inform to her parents or my parents?? nd we both are hindus ,can we change rings?

  47. Sir our marriage is an arranged marriage, whether we can provide the photo that were taken at the time of our betrothal, for register

  48. Sir me and my husband native is same place and got married at my native place itself, currently he is working in Coimbatore, can v get marriage certificate in Coimbatore itself

  49. Hello,

    Can arya samaj marriage be registered under the special marriage act. As I am a christian and I want to retain my christian name.

    And after the arya samaj marriage can my wife be converted to christian. Does the special marriage act allow it?

    Or do we have to register again as christian marriage act ( if there is any).

  50. sir, last one year my wife and me not staying together no any sexual relation and main thing that our marriage not registered, now what can i do any option ?

  51. i and my girl friend age is 20 whether we can register special marriage .is it is acceptble bcs we have lot of problems

  52. my girl friend is from chennai and i am from vellore can we register the marriage in chennai

      1. Hi am sandeep Kumar am from uttar pradesh am my go from chennai and both r the chast r different so from my home they do a problem and the girl age is 27 the boy age is 24 can we do marriage in court and one think can verify do registered marrige my phone no is 9551174304 pls call me sir

  53. Me from Bhusawal Dist Jalgaon and my wife is from Chennai we got married in Chennai last 19 years back. Presently we are staying at Jalgaon Can i get my marriage certificate from Jalgaon and procedure?

  54. Sir, me and my boyfriend is in a relationship of 4.5 years. There is a bit problem from his house so we are planning to do our marriage registry this year without informing them under Special Marriage Act,1954. But our plan for arranged wedding is after 2-3 years. I just want to know that once I get my marriage registered under Special Marriage Act,1954 is it valid for lifetime if we stay seperate or donot arrange for wedding right now?? Please Help.

  55. Sir I have doubt…. My girl friend birth date 28/08/1998…and I’m 22 can we get married after August 28 2016 or any problem is there sir

  56. Hi sir
    Am shabeen Shameulla
    We both r Muslim and arranged marriage in 2014 but still we not reg no my husband went to Qatar I need to add spouse name in my passport so I need marriage certificate but he can’t to come here. Any idea for getting marriage certificate plz help me

  57. Hi sir,
    If i go for registered marrige under special marrige act. Is it necesarry tht registrar office gona send letter to our address, in between the 30days notice period. Cos i had a talk wid a person, he said he will take care of all tht bt tht guy is asking for bribe.

  58. Hello Basavaraj,

    I am muslim and He is Hindu. My family agreed to our marriage and his parents are against this. We are planning to get register married. We both are from Hyderabad, but both are working in Bangalore since 2010. Where should we register for our marriage? Our permanent proofs are from Hyderabad.

    Thanks in advance.


  59. Hi Basavraj

    I was going through your post and found it quite useful.

    My fiancé has met a lawyer who has advised us that he would send the intended marriage notice and after two days he will get the marriage registered. I’ve been reading around and find that the 30 day notice for intended marriage is a requirement, hence not able to understand how he is planning to get us married.

    Please note there is no objection from any family and the family would be the witnesses in the court.

    My question is –
    Can a marriage be solemnized inside the 30 days marriage intended notice period or you need to wait for the 30 days to be over?

    Your quick reply will be appreciated.

    Many Thanks

      1. Hi Basavraj,

        Thank you for the quick response.

        The lawyer has not asked for any bribe as such from us, thou I agree that could be the case.

        My concern lies on the point that if we get married inside 30 days of the notice period, hope it is considered valid. Also since me and my fiancé are from different states, it should not cause us a problem in future.


  60. Me from Patna and my wife is from Pune we got married in Patna recently.Can i get my marriage certificate from Pune and procedure?

    1. Hi Pravhat, I am also in same situation , could please guide me if you had already complected processes

  61. Hi Sir,

    3 years back I did a registered marriage and we filed for divorce with in a month. We got divorced also.
    I am getting married in 2 months. My fiance knows there was someone in my life before. But I don’t feel comfortable in telling about this earlier register marriage as it was just a sign on a paper and I never lived with that man as a family.

    Is it possible to register this marriage without any problem?? I mean I do not want to reveal about this earlier marriage now in the time of registering my marriage.

    1. I am confused because. in, if I give the details of the earlier place of registration and my name/dob the database shows me the result of the earlier marriage.

      So, If in my registration now if I do not mention as divorcee, will that lead to any conflict at the time of registration now. Also marriage is now happening in a different place and the eariler registration was in a different district.

      Please let me knwo your opinion.

      1. Hi Sir, thank you for ur prompt reply
        I am just worried about the legal formalities. Is it a big problem to mention as a divorcee?

    2. Hello Sir, I really need your help here. Due to my family situation and because of my grant parents compulsury I had to marry my relative who was not completed 18 years at that time ( It was three years back). Now we have a child. But in order to get the visa and other medical beneficiary marriage cert is very much important. Is there anyway I can get the marriage certificate.

        1. Thanks for your reply Mr. Basavaraj, special marriage act mean ? could you please give me little more details like whom do I need to approach ? what is the procedure ?

  62. Hi Basavaraj,

    My friend was married in 2013 under Special Marriage Act but both bride and groom were Hindus. But after the marriage he wasnt happy with his wife and they were living separately for an year. Recently he has fallen in love with a divorcy lady and he has married her in Temple and Registered that marriage at the same jurisdiction under Hindu Marriage Act. But He did not even applied for the divorce from the first marriage. I know it is illegal to remarry without getting divorce from the first marriage. However, the how can a person can get married twice without disclosing the previous marriage and how our marriage registration process is ? where there is no checking happens and anybody can hide truth.

    His first marriage was under Special marriage Act and 2nd marriage is under Hindu marriage act but both registration is done within the same jurisdiction. So, just wanted to know why there is no process and verification takes place..

    Also, please let me know if his 2nd marriage is known to his first wife, which kind of legal problems he can face? also, is it not the best thing now for him to get the divorce from his first wife without telling her about his 2nd marriage? What you say?

    1. Arnab-Because the process is still manual. So they can’t dig deep and cross verify. I am not sure the effect on him or his two wives. But his first wife can go court and ask for punishment and compensation.

  63. Hello I need one help , My name is sujith . Me and my girl friend both register for a marriage, notice period not yet completed
    His family is forcing her to marry some.other guy and submitted another notice with that this legal ?? Kindly advice

  64. Hi All,

    I also got stuck with marriage certificate process in bangalore due to lack of proof of address as I am from Kerala and My Wife from Haryana.

    Here is a simple process to get so.

    Aadhar card is accepted as a Proof of address. You can update your Aadhar card address any where in India with your current residence address ( in my case Bangalore ) by simply sumitting the rental agreement. It takes 7 days to update the aadhar card address with the current address. It can be done online through post. However, I did it via aadhar card office in my locality and updated the mobile number as well as it was outdated.

    Hope this helps.


  65. Hi sir
    We got married from arya samaj in Aug 2014 in Hyderabad. Please let me know the process to register our marriage like where office name and other details.we both are native of kadapa dist Ap but we reside in Hyderabad.

  66. Hi sir,
    I’m vinod
    Me n my Frd hvng nativity in east godavari district. We want to apply reg marg in other district cos my n her parents r not agree for our marg.
    Is it posble 2 apply in other district????
    N one more thing… She is 1 yr elder than me.. Is it become any pblm while applying for reg marg

  67. hai sir my fnd got marriage and thy registered her marriage but now she fallen in love with someone n thy panning to get marriage “the thing is she don wann this to know her husband” is it possible to her to get 2nd marriage without giving divorce to her 1st husband….. if she wanna marry she need to give divorce ha….

  68. We both are muslim and got married according to Muslim shariath law Nikkah and registered in “tamilnadu marriage registration act 2009″ for visa process in 2014 and got marriage certificate too.

    Now we both need please kindly clear the doublts…

    1.Are we under islam shariath law or Registration civil law (as we register our marriage under act 2009) to get divorce?
    2.To do second marraige should i need to cancel ” tamilnadu marriage registration act 2009″ or just submit Muslim shariath divorce certificate during second marriage and get new marriage certificate for second wife?
    3.if need to cancel ” tamilnadu registration marriage act 2009″ to do second marraige, what is the procedure and how many days it will take.

    please kindly clear the doublts…

  69. Hi Basu,

    Thank you for this informative article!
    I got married in 2014. I am from Navi Mumbai, My husband from Borivali and the marriage ceremony took place in Bhandup. Since the Pandit is from Mulund, my relative got the form from the Mulund office and got the Pandit’s signature on it. When we went to get the registration done with the filled form they asked us to get it registered from the place where either the bride or the bridegroom reside.
    Our Marriage registration is pending ever since.
    I wanted to confirm whether I now should be approaching the ward office or the Sub registrar office?
    And I was told that I have to submit all the documents and once my file is cleared I will get an appointment.
    Do you know how long this takes?

      1. Thank you for the reply Basu!
        I called up at the ward office after your reply and they told me that the registration process is now conducted online only.
        I informed her that I tried a couple of times online, but as soon as I reach the payment gateway, Rs.16 gets deducted but the next page does not open.
        She says keep trying then! They mentioned that there is no manual process of getting it registered since Feb 2016.

        Are you aware of any solution to this problem?

  70. My uncle who is a divorcee and an US citizen want to marry a window with two children in Hyderabad registration office. Please let me know what all documents does he/she has to submit to complete formal registration marriage.

  71. My name raj
    My sister done register marriage last 15 days ago. She cheated by him. So now she want release from him. How it’s cancel register marriage.please tell me the solution what can we do.

          1. Sir
            We are arench her marriage in next month but she register marry with lover. Now she know about him he totally so bad. So she want release from him.. And now she agree marry with we areanched person. How can we are clear this.

  72. Hi we got married in Feb 2016 at Andhrapradesh.Now can we register out marriage in tamilnadu?right now I am staying in chennai n my husband stays in bangalore.

  73. Hi Basavraj,
    I already registered marriage under Hindu act now can I change it to special act marriage.
    If yes how many days will it take to get certificate.

      1. Sir I came to know that while visa process checking ..this certificate will make a problem I want my wife name as Muslim name in my passport under spouse name …actually in certificate names as clearly mentioned as before and after marriage ..after marriage I don’t have any proof with that name ..but with Muslim name I have total documents …so while giving passport details can I give Muslim name ….sir can u Plz call me 9866339561

  74. Hi Basavaraj,
    I have one question. i married as per arya samaj and my wife is muslim and we had done marriage after conversion process and at that time i changed her name to hindu name. Now when i am apply for passport which name i should give. I dont want to loose her identity as she loves her name.
    Can you please suggest me waht i need to do in this matter

      1. Then while adding spouse name in passport ..which certificate I need to produce …I want her Muslim name in my passport.

  75. we r loving each other from 5 years and want to marry secretly we both are from andhra but iam wrking in banglore can we do register marriage in banglore?

      1. But i dont have any residential proof in banglore. Can you suggest what kind of proof i need??

      2. hi i am from warangal dist,telangana state. my girl frnd from karimnagar dist telangana. now r living in hyderabad,telangana. we r same caste nd planning to get rigister marriage, if i want to marry her is it possible to get register marriage in hyderabad? i mean both r frm different districts nd want to get married in other district, we dont have hyderabad proofs, she have her district id proof and me have my district id proof, so is it possible to get register mrg in hyderabad(same state)

  76. Dear Sir,

    My one friend got married in Maharashtra State and his marriage is already registered in the office of the Sub Registrar of Maharashtra State and his wife is still alive, but he fallen in love with other girl from Karnataka State. Will they can registered their marriage in Karnataka State? without knowing the Maharashtra wife and Registration Office.

  77. Hello Basavaraj , There’s a situation , I am an hindu and the girl I am in love with since 8 years is a Christian and we live in Ahmedabad. Her parents are not ready to accept me because of a different religion. Now I am planning to take her with me to a different city after doing court marriage. Please suggest.

  78. sir I am Poonam Mishra My Native place is Delhi and my husband belongs to Lucknow. sir meri marriage 30 Nov 2013 me hui thi or mere husband marriage register nahi karana chah rahe h to koi aisa rule h jisme me khud jakar register kr sku apni marriage.

  79. Sir I’m Rameaha H L
    Im studying Engg 3rd year.
    I was born 03/02/1995..
    My lover anusha she is born 27/11/1998 she is 18 completed
    Sir we r eligible to get marry???…….

    Thank you sir

      1. Tq Basavaraj sir…….

        Basavaraj sir im too much confused in this matter…
        Now I understood…..

        Thank you sir

  80. Dear sir
    Now my age 26 and also her age24
    We both r in love from 6 years in this we need to marry without informing both families we need to continue after marriage with families one more year we need to do sicret marriage with friends and family friends support
    How can its possible what is the way we need to choose

  81. Sir
    If court Marriage is done the court will issue Marriage certificate or need to registered marriage in municipal corporatation for certificate.

  82. Sir,
    Greetings from Thane,Maharashtra. I am from Thane and my wife is from Karad (near Kolhapur in Maharashtra). We got married at Pune in 2007 but we still have not registered our marriage. Can it be done now and if yes should we approach the Registrar’s office at Thane or Mumbai. What is the procedure, does it take a very long time?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  83. Hello Sir,
    We have been married (socially) since 26th November 2016 but our married have not been registered yet. We both are hindu and from West Bengal. We both are working. Since we dont have marriage certificate at this point we have some queries as follows-
    1. When we register our marriage in future, what will be the official (legal/actual) marriage date, the date on which we got married socially or the date when we register our marriage?
    2. She have her voter id card with her native home address. Do I need to change her voter card & address?
    3. For any investment/insurance related matter it is asked to write her present & permananet address (address with proof) which address to be written, her’s or mine? How do we change the address later?
    3. At present can we buy a family floater health insurance as a couple/husband-wife?
    4. Can she buy a term insurance as a married and put my name as husband & nominee. Is there any legal constriants in future?

    1. Jitendra-1) Date of social marriage. 2) Better to change. 3) Let her show the records as usual and along with that if she submit the marriage certificate, then all names will be with you attached. 4) Yes, she can buy it. There is no issues in that.

  84. Dear Sir,

    I married on 10th feb 2010 and that time my wife’s age was 16 years and i completed 20. now i want to register my marriage for the same date. We also having one child. Tell me the procedure for the registration.

  85. I am yadav married on 19-June-2015. without registration this marriage is applycable. after marriage my wife told me we leave separate without my parents. i said no so she saying i will do suicide if your not listening. after two months now we staying separate till day. and she told me i have a boyfriend i said ok. now what procedure i dont want to continue i want to break my marriage life, what to do?. this case comes under court no legal document?.

  86. Hello sir
    Just wanted to understand my husband is from karnataka and I am from Bombay our marriage is to be held in Bombay.. So where do we register our marriage in karnataka or bombay. We belong to same caste just that he and his family stays since birth in karnataka Hubli.. Please help sir

  87. Hello,

    I have registered my marriage and applied for the Marriage Certificate Online. I have got the Acknowledgement Number.

    How long it will take for me to receive the Certificate ?
    Is there any Tracking System where i can track the Status ?


      1. Hello,

        Yeah The Registration is Done. I got the True Extracts from SRO. In the TNREGINET website under my registration, we have a option of “APPLY FOR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE”.

        I assume this a single Page of Marriage Certificate

        When i click, it asks for address and stuff. I filled in and got an ACK number. So do you mean I should get this by Post in a week or two ?


  88. Sir
    Me and my loved one planning to get married when i will be 22 and she will be 21 nw i am 21 and we just want to get register our marriage so that if anything happens from her familys side so she can easily say she is married so sir just tell me what proceduee should i follow and no letters to be send to our house regarding this and is there any pre planned procedueres to be done

    Help me sir we are from kerala
    And please mail me on,,,,

  89. hi , i got married a year ago. now my husband i settled in abroad. he need a marriage certificate to get house there. it is not possible for him to come down india to complete documents. is there any way to get marriage certificate. he is not able to present in front of registrar. My in laws lives with me. i have all the necessary proofs.

    please help

  90. Hi Sir,

    Me (Christian)and my Would be(Hindu) are planning to get registered under special marriage act on the day of our engagement as he is travelling abroad in April.

    Planning to get married in hindu style during the month of Sep without registration

    Will the registration be valid if wedding is happening in Sep after the registration in April.

    1. Jujy-Your legality of marriage with registration is enough. Whether you marry according to your custom in September or not, is not change your marriage status. Don’t worry on this and go ahead.

  91. Dear Sir, I got married in 2008 but didn’t got registered our marriage… Now we want to register but I want to know if we can register in that jurisdiction where we are currently residing or it has to be one from where I or my husband belong or where our marriage took place… and do we have to apply under special marriage act when we are applying after so long….
    Thanks in advance

  92. sir i am 22yrs and my girl friend is 19yrs old..we have registered our marriage this year..but we have not done any formal marriage as she still lives with her family..but my problem is that i have filled up marital status in all of my job related forms as when i join my job and then after few months if i marries with her formally then can i again apply for marriage regsitration to show that recent marriage certfcate to my working company???
    And since i have registered my marriage before actual marriage so filling up my my marital status as unmarried in job related forms is legaly correct or not??

      1. Sir since we have registered our marriage by hiding it from our families,thats why i cant show my marital status as married as it will create a lot of problem if my family comes to know about it by any means through job application forms..
        I have the main confusion about the matter that when i will marry her in the conventional way and then i will need to report my marriage in my working company and then i have to present my marriage certificate in front of my company,and since my marriage certificate will have date of year 2015,then will the company show any objection since i have previosly shown my marital status as unmarried in year 2015???

        1. And another question is that i want to make passport as unmarried now,but at the end of year 2016 i will make the passport of both of us as married then the marriage certficate showing the date of year 2015 will create any problem or not??as my current passport will be as unmarried so at the time of making the passport of both of us,the date of marriage certificate will create any problem or not???
          Please sir..answer this problem..

  93. Dear sir,

    Now my age was 23’rd is Over but uncle daughter birthday date is 20.05.1999 so coming May will complete 17’ query is from 20.05.2016- 18’th age will start shall our registration marriage possible

    1. Hi Sir,
      I have read almost all your comments and suggestions from April 2014, And finally found you much convincing to discuss this, please help me out respected Sir.

      I have Completed my marriage registration on 28 Jan 2016 this yr, My wife is still in her parents home and her family is totally against, when we disclosed this to them on 30th January 2016. Her parents are trying to marry her somewhere else.

      We both are working, I am an Architect by profession, and she is a teacher by profession.
      I belong to a middle class family, and she belongs to a higher/elite class you can say.
      Also there were no caste barriers(We both belong to same caste not related to each other family by relation)
      We both were in love for 5 years till date. Her family decided to marry her this year they are searching grooms so, We decided to do marriage registration.
      We did it by usual 30 day process before Marriage Registrar, under section 11 and got the certificate from there in January.

      This week we made these things clear to her family that we have married and they don’t need to search grooms.
      So I wanted her to take away with me, but they are showing power of money and approach that, they don’t agree on this and will not allow her to go with me, and re-marry her with person of their own choice.

      Simply you can say, they are not liking my status (main issue)

      And threatening me and my family to get away from this.

      Kindly Suggest me some remedy please.


  94. Dear Sir,

    I got married on 25th Oct 2009 and that time my wife’s age was 16 years and i completed 21. now i want to register my marriage for the same date. We also having one child. Tell me the procedure for the registration. I want to apply for her passport.

  95. dear sir
    i have completed from fill up now i am waiting for 30 days but i have a question the cout is shown our photograph outside the court or any other places..

  96. sir may jan na chahati hu ki form fill up karnay k bad jo 30 days ka time hota hai usmay ki court may mayri or mayri partner ka photo lagakay court ka bahar laga dayti hai kaya??

  97. Dear Sir,

    I got married in Bangalore on 6th May 2015 as my husband is from Bangalore. I am from Mumbai and we both are currently working in Mumbai. We both are Hindu. I do have all valid id proofs and address proofs of my Mumbai address. We need a marriage certificate now. Few people told me that we have to go to Bangalore to register our marriage, which is not possible for both of us. Can we register our marriage in Mumbai, now?

  98. Dear Sir,

    My daughter is getting married in mid April 2016, She as well the groom are presently working in USA. Can the marriage registered in Delhi? as I and my family are permanent residents of Delhi for last over 30 years.

  99. Hi, I have completed my marriage days 1 year (MashaAllah) but i didnt make Marriage Certificate yet. could you please let me know the possibilities and process after 1 year of my marriage.

    Please provide me the marriage certificate process details after 1 year completion.

  100. Dear Sir,

    My Wife & Me both are muslim & leaving in mumbai , but preseny i am working in Saudi , my promlem is i am not present personaly for marriage certificate regitration so i apply leave for one month which accept my company but when i go registration office they gave form and told me you came with all neccerry docoment on 23 may 2016 which not possible for me beacuase i am available one month only, so please sugesst me ??

  101. Hi Sir

    Me and my husband got married a year and half ago. We are both different religion and we did not convert. But we did have both religious ceremonies. We went and registered our marriage same day at local registrears office and they gave us marriage certificate. Only now we came to know it was under hindu act. But since i didnt convert, will this certificate be invalid? can my spouse present the hindu act certificate and register it under special act? I am currently travelling on a project but need to get this done quickly. Can you please advice us

  102. Sir,

    I am from Bihar. My wife is from CG. We were married in Patna while I was working there. We stayed there from 1 year and moved to Bangalore. Now I need a marriage certificate. I enquired in Patna, they demanded huge bribe of about Rs 20000, and tried various other ways of harassing. Else they asked me to submit the document now and come after 30-90 days period for certificate IN PERSON. This is not possible as I stay pretty far here in Bangalore and cant afford long leave.

    1. My bride does not require to change name
    2. I have a Karnataka Driving License with address where I reside currently.
    3. I have a valid Police Verification. In the valid Police Address Verification Document (as required in job formalities) issued from Office of Commissioner, the police has mentioned that I am residing in this place for about 3 years (due to their typo error, but to my advantage). Actually its one year only in Bangalore and 2 years in Patna.
    4. I have my marriage invitation card, photographs, but no certificate from priest. The actual witness also are my friends residing in Bangalore.

    Hence according to Police verification document, I am residing in Bangalore since 2013, I got married in Patna in 2014.
    With the given set of documents and conditions, can I get my marriage registered in Bangalore local Sub Registrar Office?

  103. dear sir
    i m from assam already got married since 3yrs before at Temple but at that i was jobless she left me..
    I tried a lot to get her back… but i got nothing… i told her better to get divorce even she don’t want to divorce, for that it caused big urge.. whole life got ruined and then we stopped communicate with each other till now.
    our marriage life end just as a normal love relationship… we are not in touch since long time.
    one years later i fell in love again with another girl i think she’s my soul mate she understands my feelings & she loves me a lot we both want to marry each other.

  104. Hi. I have a query that needs clarification please. in Dec 2015, I had filed a notice under the special marriage act. My partner and I intended to get registered married in Jan 2016(after the 30 day notice period). However, now there has been a change of plans.We have finally decided to have an actual marriage ceremony in April(the big fat Indian wedding)

    Therefore, Can someone please tell me what I should do? Should I cancel this notice period asap? Does it matter?
    Will I have any legal issues when we marry in April – because of this notice ?

    Someone please advice in detail.

    1. Sekhar-If you not marry, then such notice will elapse. After that once again you have apply and wait. There is no such legal issues in future because of postponing your marriage.

  105. Hello sir
    I am from U.P and my husband resides in M.P, we got married in 2012. Marriage(nikah acc to muslim law and having a proof in urdu.)took place in lalitpur U.P.
    Plz tell me from where I can get my marriage certificate,is it not possible to get it from mp. ? Let me know the whole procedure. Thank u

  106. sir,
    I would like to know from you that can I submit driving license card as age proof for marriage registry ?is it compulsory to submit all original documents to marriage registry officer?

    please send reply to my mail as soon as possible.

    Thanking you.

  107. Hello sir, one of my friend is intending to marry a guy from UP. My friend is currently working abroad and asked the guy family to do the necessary arrangements to get their marriage registered in their place under special marriage act 1954.

    The guy family says that it is necessary for the guy and girl to attend personally to submit the documents itself.

    Wanted to reconfirm with you whether if the girls presence is required only for registering the marriage or it is compulsory to attend for presenting documents also, which is 30 days before marriage?

  108. Sir my name bharathi my bf name arun both were hindu we are decide to get married. My side no problem, his parents are fully against and even they wont come. 1st we will get married in temple then we want to registered marriage for certificate.. but he dont have birth certificate… tell me that dob s compulsory for registration

          1. He was 21 sir… he born in home so his parents didnt register his dob…
            And one doubt will they accept sir school transfer certicate

  109. hi sir ,
    i am a muslim guy and want to marry a hindu girl she is working at chennai for last 6 months , is her company ID enough to show that she is residing in chennai and can we able to register marriage at chennai registrar office under special marriage act?

  110. Dear Sir,
    I’m a muslim guy and i love a hindu girl. We both want to get married under Special Marriage Act but we may face serious objections from our parents and family so is there any changes to register our marriage without our parents concern?. Presently i’m residing in Chennai. My Native is Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

    1. Dear sir,
      I am a christian guy and I love a hindu girl. We both want to get married under special marriage act. But we may face serious objections from our parents and family. So is there any chances to register our marrige without knowing our parents. My native place is Alappuzha, Kerala.

  111. Dear Sir,
    I reside in Coimbatore. My girlfriend and I have decided to register our marriage without our parents’ knowledge then we planned to say it to them. We both are born and bought up in Coimbatore and are Hindus. She is a malayali basically. What are the requirements to do such registration? Thanks in advance. Please help me out.

      1. Hello Sir, Thanks for your valuable reply. But one small question. If the situation is above as mentioned, do we register our marriage under SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT or HINDU MARRIAGE ACT sir ?

  112. Hi sir,
    I want to get infiramtion about marriage certificate for getting australian Visa.
    Whic is the best procedure to get legal certificate. I am from Rajasthan, and my girl is from haryana (rohtak). So it is possible to register our marriage in rohtak???

  113. Hai Sir,

    I am Christian and married to a Hindu Girl, the marriage happened in a small temple in Kerala. ( without the permission of our parents)

    I am working in Dubai and after the marriage i need to return back to my work immediately. i have arranged my friend to collect the certificate. he have collected the certificate and my marriage photos now he is negotiation for money to give the certificate issued from the temple.

    So my Questions are,

    1. Can i get the copy of the certificate again from the temple. Do i need to take my wife along with me for this.

    2. in which marriage act i should register my marriage legally. do i need to take my wife along with me to do the resister?

    Appreciate if you could provide me with early answer…


  114. I am from Gujarat and my wife is from M.P. My parents reside in Mumbai and the marriage took place in Mumbai this year. All my identity proofs are with address in Gujarat, and none relevant for Mumbai.The telephone and electricity bills in Mumbai are in my fathers name. Can i register my marriage in Mumbai ? The lawyers i contacted in Mumbai say that i need a valid identity proof of Mumbai else it is not possible. can u please suggest me a way out for this ? Thanks in advance

  115. Sir,

    I am from gujarat and my husband is from shillong. Our marriage was performed in gujarat on 24.02.2014. Due to some problems, we could not register our marriage.
    Now, we want to register the marriage in Mumbai, as we both work here. Can it be registered in Mumbai?

  116. I paid Rs.1000 in Coimbatore Periyanayakanpalayam sub registrar office for marriage registration. Since they asked that amount as fees . But now only came to know that is BRIBE amount and only Rs.20 is actual fees 🙁 Without knowing i gave BRIBE myself even though i submitted all the documents correctly. When i realized that they didn’t give fees receipt , i asked why they are not giving receipt. i got answer like “No receipt” will be given for the actual amount given in this office. As i read in news papers , i thought it is compulsory to register the marriage. But if they get this much amount who will come & register ? Feeling very ashamed of myself to be in this situation of giving my own money without knowing

  117. greetings Sir,

    hi i am jk i have few questions and i would like your suggestion on that.

    if one get married according to hindu rituals in the presence of all the family and friends but don’t register the marriage.

    1) will this marriage will be legal in the eye of law without the registration?

    2) one has to get their marriage registerd to make it legal,it is the only option.

    3) if the answer for question 1 is NO, can husband and wife get separated with mutual consent and remarry whom ever they want??

    4) If the answer for question 1 is NO, can the wife/husband get married again and register the 2nd marriage. or he/she can have some legal difficulties ??

    waiting for you response.thank you.

  118. Hi Sir,

    I want register married. I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat & we both are hindu. I want some clarifications on the below points. Please reply

    1. Whether any notice or registered certificate sent to our homes on the marriage date or after 3 months from marriage as i have heard that a notice is sent by the registrar to both the homes after 3 months?

    2. Can i get a chosen date for the marriage or i have to go on a date which will be issued by the registrar?

    3. Before how many days i have to submit the duly filled up registration of marriage form?

    4. If i want to marry on 14th Feb 2016, can i get this be done. If yes, When should i go for submitting the registration form?

  119. Hello

    I did go through your posts, and sincerely thank you for taking out time to post answers. I wanted to post a couple of questions.

    I am a Sikh residing in Delhi and the girl is a Muslim residing in Uttar Pradesh

    1: All the lawyers that I had a chat with, they said that the NOTICES ARE SENT. Are they lying or the notices are sent sometimes?

    2: Will the wait time be 30 days or can be more than that?

    3: When will the Marriage Certificate be issued?

    Thanks & Regards

  120. Dear sir,
    I m Maratha cast boy 25 want to marry with my gf 23.
    I m living in Thane and my gf live in silliguri.
    We r love each other but her parents not aggre for marriage.
    Kindly guide me for same.

  121. Dear Sir,

    me and my fiance from Kolkata but now both of us staying outside of India…we have plan to get married by 2017 march…here i have few things to clarify if you can help me with …

    1 how to apply for the registry marriage in case of both of us staying out?we will get 30 days leave from our present job during marriage.
    2 how long it will take to apply for the same?
    3 is it mandatory that bride and groom should collect form by them selve only from registry office? or any one can do this behalf of them.
    4 is it possible to download the registry form online?
    5 if we download the form from website and sign and send it to the India for the application will it be applicable??
    6 how many days it will take to get the marriage date after application?
    7 how long it will take to get the certificate after registry marriage?
    8 with in how days we should present at register place physically after submission of marriage application form?is there any validity period applicable for the same???

    it will be great for me if can clarify my queries.



    1. Sarbani-1) You have to be present in India. 2) Applying depends on you. 3) Physical presence of both must be required. 4) You can do so by visiting your state registrar portal. 5) I said, physical presence required. 6) It is explained above. 7) It depends how fast your state officials and system they adopted. 8) Unable to understand.


  123. Sir, I am 28 and my gf is 24. we are Hindu and both work in a private Institute. we want to marries but her father not agree. he is a x-army man(55). he arrange her daughter marriage with a other person without knocking her daughter. then he hide her all documents so that we can not go for register marries. he forced her daughter to married with another boy within February 2016. also he said to her daughter that if u escape with that boy(me) then i will spend all of my 40 lacks to destroy his(me) life.
    we want to marries but do not want any police case or fight. what should i do?

  124. sir, my brother 19, is deeply in love with his classmate who is also 19. her parents are pushing her to marry another man. She wants to live with my brother at any cost. Since my brother is not 21, we know they can’t marry right now. To avoid any future forceful marriage proposals to the girl until she’s 21, what all can be done from her side??
    I mean her parents are so rude and cruel that they don’t even care the emotions of their daughter.
    Can you guide us on this?

  125. hi Sir, Iam from secunderabad, previously i have approached register office they are saying that they will Post add in newspaper and they said they will inform to our parents and send a post to address, we have to marry without our parents Concern, we both are majors ,please help me out…!!

  126. Hi,
    I want to know about register marriage procedure.
    I am from Thane,Maharashtra & my guy is from Bangalore, Karnataka.
    He is kannadiga & i am marathi brahmin.
    Where should we register in Bangalore or Mumbai?
    What is the procedure?

  127. sir if we register married..will they send any notice to our parents??
    Will they post any add in newspaper, Is there any chances that they will inform to our parents?

  128. Dear Sir,

    I got married on 25th April 2012 and that time my wife’s age was 16 years and i completed 21. now i want to register my marriage for the same date. We also having one child. Tell me the procedure for the registration. I want to apply for her passport.

  129. Hello Sir,

    I got married 3 years back and we both belong to different states. We couldn’t register our marriage as I had to travel abroad immediately after my marriage. Now I am back to Bangalore and settled here and planning to get my marriage registered. I have Marriage hall certificate which is outside of Bangalore, Could you please suggest, How can I get my marriage registered in Bangalore.

  130. Hi Sir,

    I was cheated by a girl in the name of fake matrimony profile. I didn’t investigate whether the details of the girl is genuine are not. But I was trapped in the girls hand. The girl said she want to marry only in temple without her parents existence in the temple. And I blindly believed that girl and I decided to get married in the temple. The girl arranged few photographers and one temple priest there was no other person as witness during my marriage. After I got married within the next day I realized that the girl provided all fake information in the matrimony profile. Her plan was to get marry with a guy who is working and well settled. So I was trapped in her plan. I left that girl the next day after marriage. Now she went to police station and submitted all the photos that were taken during our marriage. In all the photos only myself and the girl were visible there is no temple priest or other person in all the photos. The police were asking me that I got married with that girl and they have the photos as proof. As per my belief is that the marriage will be declared as legal respective to Hindu Marriage only when both bride and groom sign on the registration papers with all witnesses.

    So my question to you Sir, that whether my marriage is legal or not. Because I and the girl didn’t sign any papers during marriage its only photos we took in the temple. Some photos included as myself tying the mangalsutra to girl. Apart from photos there is nothing that proves my marriage as legal. So could you tell me whether this marriage is legal.

  131. Thanks very much for rendering a great help and advice to the people those who are in need. Sir, I have certain doubts about the legality of the marriage registration of my Niece. The Girl and the boy both are Christians. She was asked by the boy’s family to do a register marriage without the consent of her parents in the year of 2013 that too outside the jurisdiction of (both the Bride & Groom) their residential locations. They got a certificate after 3 weeks by spending Rs.30,000/= which was registered under Tamil Nadu Marriage Registration Act 2009. She told me that She did not sign any form or documents except inserting only one signature in a register at 4pm on that day in the sub registrar office . That why I have serious doubt about the signature of bride in the application form which had to be submitted along with other documents viz residential proof.age proof etc . As she also said to me that without producing /providing any proof of solemnisation of marriage before the registration how the sub registrar had accepted the application forms . Please suggest me and throw some light about the validity of the marriage under the above said act and also why it was not done as per the Special Marriage act as the bride and groom belong to Christian faith . Thanking you in anticipation sir ,

  132. Please let me know the christian marriage registration process.Above it is mentioned for Hindu and Parsi ,Can someone provide the proceedure for christian marriage registration in Sub-Registrar office and the list of documents to carry?


  133. Dear sir. i got married at feb 2015 in arya samaj mandir and i have received a marriage certificate by them. currently my wife is misguided and living with ger parents. So i want to know that can i take legal action againsts of her family ? or can i fight legally on behalf of that certificate? please sir reply.

      1. Dear I m having same question as aditya.. but yes I did court marriage under Hindu Marrige act .got a certy signed by Registerar . Plz suggest what to do?

  134. Sir,

    I wanted to know that if I perform marriage under special marriage act, do I get any notification or a letter at home saying about the marriage as the parents are against the marriage. I stay in hyderabad. Kindly reply as early as possible

  135. I am a Canadian citizen with OCI card. My fiance is Indian citizen and we are getting married in November. My questions are –

    – As I am a Canadian do I need any additional steps or forms to be taken care of?

    – Do I need to get any documents from Canada / Canadian consulate?

    – Can I get marriage ceremony done in Bangalore and get it registered in Mysore where the reception will be at?

  136. My girlfriend is currently not in India. Is there any other way we can give notice of intend marriage? Like if she sign the document and send it to me and then I provide the document to registrar office.

  137. Dear Sir,

    I want to ask something that is Can we marry in any Registrar office or any court wherever we want? Actually I am a Muslim & my lover is Hindu. Basically I am from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. But now living in Delhi & She is from Chandigarh, Punjab. So is it compulsory for us to marry in Chandigarh or in Moradabad only?

  138. Dear Sir,

    I am a oriya boy & my wife is a bihari girl. We have been married with our parents knowledge on 15th Feb.2015. Now i want to register our marriage in the court. So how many days we will get our marriage registration certificate & how much cost it will be to do so. Also plz let me know under which marriage act our registration will be done?

  139. Good morning.
    We are getting married on Dec 20 2015.
    My fiance is from Warangal and I am from Hyderabad.
    Can we get married as per hindu act in Hyderabad and register our marriage in his home town i.e.,Warangal ?
    We need to fly back to US in a week and are checking for the option which will process our marriage certificate faster.
    Another key question is : we both are from different castes though from hindu religion,do we qualify for hindu marriage act or special act?Both our families have no issues with our marriage and the date is set for dec 20th by our families only.

    Thank you

  140. Sir…
    I am soumya chakraborty…i am live in kolkata….and my gf live in kolkata…so if we want to do court marriage…without parents consent….it is possible…

  141. Sir
    I was complied my register marriage under spl marriage act 1954 . On April 2013 . And i have got the certificate for the same . and my question is that right now this certificate will valuable or not .
    2. Sir if groom”s family will forced to marriage with other to groom , Will i take any step with a legal way with this certificate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to get married in 30 Jan 2016.
    I have. It yet done any registration but planning to do so to give 30 days notice.
    My question is, is there any limited no of marriage get register in a given day as I don’t want to lose this date due to over booking for registration.

  143. Hi,
    I wanted to know if either of the bride or groom submits an application for marriage or it is necessary for both together submit the application that is to be submitted 30 days prior. Please reply!

  144. sir i am from bihar and my gf is from baroda..we want to do court marriage without our parent’s consent.. we both are 21 yrs old..problm is her local address ..will her passport work?will they send anything at our addresses? and will they ask us to verify from police?

  145. Hi sir,

    My boyfriend married a muslim girl 6 years before in a temple but did not register.Things did not go well between them as my bf did not convert to islam , girl has married someone else from quite a long time.
    Will there be any complications if we get married now?

  146. I have got married 4 months ago under special marriage act in front of sub-registrar.
    I got a certificate ‘Certificate of Marriage Celebrated in Special Marriage Act’.
    This certificate contains NO photos of bride or groom.

    Some one advised me that this should be registered under ‘Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Registration of Marriage Act – 2009’ to get registration certificate (with photos) from them with in 5 months.

    Is this true? or just the above certificate is final one?

  147. Dear Basvaraj,

    Good day to you!

    I intend to marry my long time girlfriend under the special marriage act.

    I am from Andhra Pradesh, but living in Dubai since last 6 years and my girlfriend lives in Delhi.

    She has initiated the process from her side to prepare the documents for the notice of intend to marriage in Delhi as she is living there.

    However, I am struggling to find out the procedure to prepare the documents for the notice of intend to marriage in Dubai.

    Please let me know the following:

    1. How can I initiate the process to prepare the the documents for the notice of intend to marriage in Dubai.

    2. If I cannot initiate the process from Dubai, can my girlfriend do it on my behalf from Delhi, despite of I being a native of Andhra Pradesh?

    3. We are planning to register the marriage in Delhi. Do I have to stay in Delhi for 30 days before giving the notice of intend to marriage?

    Do let me know.



    1. Dear Basvaraj,

      A small clarification, I intend to prepare documents for giving the notice of intend to marriage from Dubai. Can consulate of India in Dubai help me in this regard for having the notary done on it.

      Thanks in advance.


  148. Hlo sir. I m bf is Muslim.we r plng for marriage.both family are agree.but me & my bf don’t want to convert any one. What is the procesdure and how can we get married.pls tell me

  149. sir girl ka address proof uska ration card chal skta h ya nhe or arya samaj mandir m witness phele le jane hote h ya bd m plz reply sir

  150. Dear Sir,

    I got married on 24th April 2012 and that time my wife’s age was 16 years and i completed 21. now i want to register my marriage for the same date. We also having one child. Tell me the procedure for the registration. I want to apply for her passport.

  151. Dear Sir,
    I would like to ask one question, i get married on 2007 in arrya samaj mandir, getting love marriage, but i have’nt registered in government, so i does’nt have marriage certificate, i have one certificate which is provided from arya samaj mandir only is it valid as a govt. certificate or should i register now? because it is already to late, sir please guide me what should i do?

    Thank you

  152. Hello sir,
    My name is my friend is get register marriage but she is not mentaly ok so is it legal marriage and we do for cancle the registration of its marriage…please help me…

  153. Sir,
    Thanks for the article, it gives us a glimpse of what and how a registration marriage is done. I have a doubt which I am putting it down.
    Due to some reasons my sister will have to marry a person whom she likes (they both love each other and both the families disagree for that) by one of the procedures mentioned above but the time is limited (about 25 days) as the bridegroom will have to go to the U.S.
    From the article I can see that the Hindu act marriage is the best (as both are Hindus from Telangana state) but you also mentioned that a wedding card is also a necessity which means they have to get married first and then should approach the Registrar? (I am assumed that once they undergo the procedure under Hindu act, the marriage is also done along with the issuing certificate)
    could you please explain it/suggest, what is the best thing to do in this scenario considering the time constrain.

      1. thanks for the reply sir..
        Considering they don’t have 30 days time (They have not yet registered in any SROs yet) and considering they are at level 0 now. Is it possible to go with Special marriage act? and why not Hindu act?
        All they want is a certificate of marriage in a limited time possible from where they are now.
        would be grateful if you can reply ASAP..
        thanks for the prompt reply..

  154. I m a muslim boy age 24 and i love a girl and she is hindu age 23 how i marriage and what is the processor to getting marriad with out any problem because both family are not agree …please suggest me how i marrige this girl and her family or my they dont know…. because we love each other very much and we dont want to loose… pleasw suggest me….

    1. Sharfraz-Follow the registration procedure, which I explained above. There will no problem of legality. But problem may arrive from your society, parents or friends. This you have to deal.

      1. Sir I’m Arun .. My age 20.5… May I marry a girl her age 24… But both family were opposed our marriage.. Now may we marry? Pls tell me sir

  155. Hi sir , i am 23 years muslim boy and my girfriend is 22 years brhamin girl (hindu) we both are living in the karnataka state in different district s and we are planning get married in begalore , can we register our marriege without our parents . Can we marriege as per legal ? Plzzz suggest

  156. Sir,
    I got married in a temple 2004. No receipts are there only photos are proofs for my marriage. How i can register my marriage for certificate.

          1. dear sir main up ke dhampur me rehta hoon mujhe sabhi advocate keh rhe hai ki mera divorce valid nhi hai. maine dusri love marriage ki hai. wo legal hai ya in legal???

              1. sir mera first divorce ragistrar office me hi hua hai. or wo valid hai ya nhi ye confusion hai

  157. Hello Sir

    I am in Goa and my girlfriend is Canadian, we are planning to get married here…She is here in Goa with me on a 3 month visa and we are planning to do court marriage…Please guide us the process…within how many days she can get her Indian residency after the marriage and how and where we can apply ? what will the procedure to extend the visa till she gets her Indian residency? Will be really very grateful to you if you can guide us…

    Waiting for your valuable guidance


      1. Thank you Sir for the reply…we will definitely meet some good lawyer…just wanted to know which lawyers do the court marriage paper work? do I have to see some specific lawyer or all the lawyers do that? as there is not much time so we don’t want to waste time running here and there for the paper work…will appreciate if you can give some steps we can follow so it will be easier for us…hope you understand our situation…

        Thank you once again for taking some time out from your busy schedule and answering my questions…

        waiting for your guidance


          1. Hello Sir,

            Thank you very much Sir for your valuable time and suggestions.



  158. Dear Sir,

    My Name is Gopinath age 24, Currently residing in chennai and Currently working in Bank and can you explain me the Procedure for Love Marriage registration and it will be helpful for me(Pls Sir Detailed Procedure) because i am confused with the suggestion provided over the net.

  159. Dear Sir,

    I am a father of a 22 yr old girl, her engagement date is fixed and yesterday only I came to know she has already registered her marriage almost two years ago.
    Now my daughter is ready to marry a boy, how can we cancel the marriage certificate. If the husband and wife apply for cancellation, will it get cancelled?
    pls guide sir, your help is of utmost importance..

    1. Shekhar-Yes, first let them cancel the first marriage for applying divorce. Once it is cancelled then go for second marriage. Otherwise the second marriage will not be valid.

  160. Hello,
    My parents got married in 1987 and they didn’t register their marriage then due to lack of awareness. I live in Canada now and i need proof for my parents marriage for an urgent purpose. Please guide me, can they register their marriage now at the local authorities. Thanks

  161. Sir,
    If I get my decree of divorce of 1st marriage in december, should I do remarriage in January?? Plz suggest me sir..

  162. My son did court marriage intercaste without informing usand lived separate from us with his wife…now after 5 years the daughter in law is harassing us claiming her share in property…also had fights wid my son n now r living separately….can after doing court marriage without even informing us …she can claim right in property….there is no property on my sons name..

    1. Ritu-Once marriage is registered then it is LEGAL and your daughter in law can have all rights as is in case of arrange marriage. For further assistance, I suggest you to consult a lawyer.

  163. I’m sujay and i’m a christain boy(22) and i loved a girl oishika she is hindu (21).Her parrnts are against our relationship.Even they had threatened me.
    Can we do registry? Will police can do any harm to us?
    She is being tortourd at her home.

  164. Hello sir,
    Me and my girlfriend got married in an arya samaj mandir. They have issued a marriage certificate. I need to register the same. Please let me know the process to get my marriage registered and registration certificate.
    Thanks in advance..

      1. Sir i am residing in solapur now i want to marry my girlfriend we both of us are of 25 age my question is i can i register my name for marriage in pune or in any other city ? As it is said in your reply 30 days no one should object marriage what does it exactly mean

  165. We made an application for civil marriage under special marriage act last year however due to some personal issues we did not get married on the given date.We wish to marry now is that registration valid? Or do we make a fresh application?

  166. Due to some family problem I did a registry marriage on 2012 under special marriage act without my parents consent. Now my parents are ready to settle my marriage with the same guy. I do not want to disclose my previous marriage to my parents as they will be highly upset. Can I do the registration again without revealing my first one? is there any way?

  167. Hello sir, I need clarification on the documents procedure to get register marriage.

    I am from different state & do not have any local proof other than Bank passbook and rental agreement.

    Do i need to wait till I get a voter ID or any quick alternate is available. Please help!

  168. my gf(21yrs) was forcefully married wthout the consent of her parents by her grandparents in a temple on 14th may 2015 and the marraige is nt registered. And now she is getting tortured by her husbnd and in-laws for bribes. Her parents nd grandparents are nt willing to take any step regarding that until smthng extreme happens.
    So she has decided to move out from there.
    What steps sud b taken so that she cn move out safely? Does she need a divorce if she wishes to marry me later?
    Need ur suggestion. Plzz.

  169. Sir,

    I am Johnson, christian SC (BC) 29 Years man. My girl Hindu Nadar (BC) 23 Yrs old.

    We want to marriage with registration. We have no original certificates. How to register it.

    Please tell the rules and regulations in Government.

  170. Sir my name Rak.. my age is 20.. my lover age 21 in current year.. we are Hindu’s. we lived in cuddalore district. we want married in register marriage..
    my problem was, my lover not completed 21 years.. he will completed in 7 months of 21 age..
    we can try register marriage sir.

  171. Hi Basavaraj,

    What is the procedure to get a marriage certificate in Tamil Nadu if marriage happened before 4 years?


  172. Sir,

    I am Johnson, christian SC (BC) 29 Years man. My girl Hindu Nadar (BC) 23 Yrs old.

    We want to marriage with registration. Her parents are not accepted for us. They didn’t give her original documents.
    But her parents are love married and her brother also love married. They want to marriage her daughter in their own community.

    How to win my love and life. Please tell the rules and regulations as per the Government details also.

    Please help me.

  173. sir my name mani my age is 21 .. i am not completed 21. my girl friend age 20 .. we are hindu.. in cuddalore district . we can apply register marriage sir.

  174. Sir I got married on June 18. We planned to register in my native for registration first marriage certificate is needed in both side?

  175. Hi I just wanted to know if I marry for example on 30th October can I register my marriage on 31st … When is the earliest I can register my wedding

    Thanks in advance

  176. Hi

    I m an indian and i want to get married to a tanzanian citizen who is here in india on a tourist visa…..can i marry her in religious organization n take nikahnama and then use nikahnama to get marriage certificate?…i am a resident of maharashtra

    Thanks in advance

  177. Sir,
    I saw a website named,, which is a chennai based team who do register marriages within a day. When i enquired them they said,even an out of state couple can do register marriage without a proof showing they are luving in chennai. They just need to have their id card as well as proof of native residence. Is it legal ? will i be cheated upon if i trust them?

  178. Dear sir,

    Hope you are doing great!
    I luckily came to know your article while searching help on web.
    I am Shezaan 28 years working in Dubai. My life (GF ) is 25 now staying in delhi. I belong to MP. She is Hindu. The biggest problem is my parents will never accept and I don’t imagine even a single second without my girl. Want to do anything, could you please suggest me how to marry with her, I read abt special marriage act 1954 but what is the security after that, can Court accet us in intercast marriage? Can they inform Hindu organization abt it? Now a days too much drama is being happened in India. We have planned to go Dubai after marriage. Can I make her passport easily with marriage certificate? Is there not any issue to go Dubai with Hindu Muslim marriage ?
    Please sir help me out I’m in dilemma, my life is incomplete without her plzz suggest me.
    If possible plzz email me I don’t know when I will be able to get your answer here

    1. Shezaan-Security of you both is not the responsibility of marriage registration office. If you have such concern then take the police help. Yes, if it is registered marriage then land of law accepts it as legal marriage. No Govt organization will have rights to inform to any caste based organization. Yes, you can create her passport easily. Regarding travelling with Hindu Muslim couple travelling to Dubai is not an issue.

  179. Sir
    plz describe me the court mrg procedure for hindus in gujarat..
    once marriage is completed in hindu temple what is the procedure for mrg certificate. and if we plan to do court mrg instead of mrg in temple what is the whole procedure????

  180. Sir I’m 22 Nd my girl is 21 as per rules we are eligible but we don’t know the procedure and the place for an registrar I would be pleased if you give me an idea about the details of about how and where should we have the process..

  181. Hai…

    I am not in the country, but i want the certificate of marriage . I got my marriage registered in bangalore.
    Kindly suggest how to go about it.

      1. sir pls main 18age ka hoon or meri g.f november main 18ki hogi toh sir plz koi idea do plz sir 2 jindagi ka sawal h

  182. Sir I m a boy my original dob 1994 bt my certificate dob 1995. my girlfriend dob 1995. We are eligible to marriage

  183. Sir I am Karthik. Me and my girl friend planning to marry by registering the marriage. We both are in age of 21. But her parents are not willing in our marriage, forcing her to marry to someone else. What is the procedure to do a marriage without the parents support. Is any acknowledgement will be sent to our house. Because our parents should not know about this..please help
    What is the procedure..

    1. Karthik-You can marry only once you complete 21 years. Yes, you both being major, you can marriage without the consent of parents. No, they not send any acknowledgement to house.

  184. Hi Sir,

    Am Chennai based guy and myself and Girl fried are Major as per govt rule & am gonna do register marriage in Chennai.
    I just have one doubt. Do register endorse if marriage with (Thali- Mangalyam- Yellow rope for girls so called in English). Is that Mandatory one to do under Hindu marriage act. I Just wanna change that Garland in register office itself and wanna register it. Will that be done ? and how long it will take to get certificate. Pls Clarify briefly.

  185. Dear Basavaraj,

    Me and my wife live in New Zealand. We got married (Nikah) in India in 2010. I am an Indian citizen and my wife is a Chinese citizen. We would like to come to India to get register marriage under special marriage act. unfortunately we cannot stay in India for one moth due to the visa. Is it compulsory to give one month notice to the registrar? We can only stay in India for 28 days. Is it possible to complete the register marriage in 28 days? Your advise would be really appreciated in this regard.

  186. Hello Sir,

    This is Aksh born in 1992 and loving a girl named Shalini who is only 16 years 2 months. we love each other and want to marry because the parents of Shalini are not agree for this marriage and planning to do her marry with someone else, please help !
    I am living in dehli and working as a Software Engineer. Is there any rule by which we can only register now and will marry after completion of her age to 18 years.
    Please give all possible solutions.
    Best Regards,
    Ambesh Kumar

  187. hello sir

    my dob is 9 june 1995

    20 years 2 months 11 days

    means 20 complete

    21 year running..

    girl age aslo 21 year..

    court marriage possible???



    any other options to appy court marriage??

  188. hi sir .. I born on 10 july 1995 & my girl on 14 march 1996 .. are we both eligible to get register marriage …

  189. sir she completes 18 but he didn’t completle 21….his age dated is 25-9-1995.parents should married them our normal hindu marriage it llegal if she want to come with me….is his or her parents challenge me in court….????

  190. sir….i want to marry with my girlfriend who turned 18 and she want too but…the main problem is her parents already married her with a boy whose date of birth is 25-sep-1995.what can i do.girl is also love me and want to live with me but her parents and boys parent doesnt want

  191. I am married for 2 years. What is the procedure & docs required to get the marriage registered under special marriage act and how many days will it take to get the marriage certificate?

  192. I was married in 1992 but had not registered, now i need the certificate for passport with change of name.How can i get it.Please help

  193. sir,

    I got married in dec 2012, what will be the penalty amount for registering my marriage?

  194. Hello Sir

    in case both the girl and the boy are not residing in India and wish to have a civil wedding in kerala, can a parent apply for the marriage in the registrar office on their behalf?


  195. Sir,
    I am from West Bengal, a hindu boy. My family goes for my arrange marriage, and we give notice of intending of marriage. Now after 6 days I am not willing to get marriage with that girl for some personal reason. I want to know-
    1. What will happened after 30 days as notice of intending of marriage already given.
    2. Is the girls family can take any legal step against me?
    3. Can I myself give objection to marriage officer?
    Eagerly looking for your valuable reply?

  196. respected sir !
    my self Aslam I am a Muslim and I fall in love with friends sister she is also a Muslim and we want to marry but unfortunately some problems has been created and then we have decided to do court marriage so i kindly request you to please guide us in order to do the court marriage

    thanking you
    your sincerely

  197. Sir,

    I am a Muslim man from up and my date of birth is 03/07/1986 and wife from Delhi date of birth is 21/05/1990 and I got marriage on 22/01/2012 at Delhi. after marriage I change my wife surname, and got a voter id card of Uttar Pardesh . After 1 years I moves Delhi at my wife home with family issues . And here I got my all documents transferred from UP to Delhi. Means I have Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Pan Card and Bank accounts. And my wife’s all documents, Aadhar card, voter card, pan card, bank account and Ration Card change with husband name and with my surname. Means At this I Zaid Farooqi and my wife is Rubeena Farooqui and at the time I want to registered my marriage, please tell me I have all documents from delhi and wife too. how can fill the form, with present position or past position, at this time I have no proof from up and wife have no proof with father name, and I want marriage certificate for future . and I don’t want to take any witness. please tell me.

    sorry for bad English.

  198. ok sir n my native is bangalore and am thinking to go to the office any where far in bangalore that ok..??

  199. sir you didnt answer my question..y is it always advisable to go to the office which comes under area jurisdiction..plzz answer.. 🙂

    1. Anonymous-In case there is any issues then it is easier for you to visit your native and get it sorted (marriage certificate and all) than current city where you want to register. It is just for convenience but not about any specific reason 🙂

  200. Sir, I have applied for divorce which was arranged marriage – due to abuse – which was registered in Chennai. Can we erase the records of first marriage?

  201. Hii sir.

    I have a very simple actually confused…right now my age is 20 running and my gfs age is 19 running and i will turn 21 this november and the minimum age to get marriage is 21 completed so can you please tell me which year and which month can we go register our marriage.we are doing this without the knowledge of our parents and family so i dont want any problems to cause by the officer if we go to the office immediately after completing 21 so can you please tell when can we go and get married.?

  202. well then can i plz know y is it always advisable to go to the office which comes under area jurisdiction?? 🙂

  203. thank u for replying..if its not mandatory then we can go to any office we want in bangalore so that the notice wont be displayed in the office of our jurisdiction that is near by to my home??

  204. yes sir i agree that it is always advisable but can i plz know why is that and do you think that it is compulsory that we should only go under our going so deep because if we go to the office thats under our jurisdiction which is near by to our home then our parents will see the notice displayed over there and everything will go wrong…so what can we do now in this situation

  205. Hi Sir,
    We are planning to marry in temple. Actually, our marriage is love marriage with parents knowledge. But, they are asking first marriage certificate. My wife is divorced women, how can i get the first marriage certificate. That to, I’m from TamilNadu and she is from AndhraPradesh. Can you please provide some of guidelines to solve this problem.


  206. Hi , I am from Bhandara (Maharashtra) and got arrange marriage in my native place Bhandara (Maharashtra) on dated 06-04-2012 .
    Now I am in Pimpri -Chinchwad ,Pune(Maharashtra) from last 8 months.

    Can I apply for marriage certificate in Pimpri -Chinchwad ,Pune(Maharashtra) or have to apply in Bhandara (Maharashtra).

    What Document will require for marriage certificate.

  207. Thanks a lot anonymous and basunivesh sir for your replyies…and i want to inform you both that me and my partner both stay in bangalore from birth and we both stay in the same street almost from 2 yrs so what i had asked was if i go to the sub register office which does not come under our jurisdiction and give the marriage intending notice then will that register office officer send the notice to the office which will come under our jurisdiction to display the notice even over there or he wont send and will display only at the office where we had given the notice…2.can we go to the office which doesnt come under our jurisdiction or is it compulsory to go to the office which comes under our jurisdiction only…i know am asking this again because i still couldn’t understand properly so plzz forgive me and kindly reply 🙂

  208. Sir,
    I got married in may2015 in coimbatore and we both are staying now in bangalore. Are we eligible to get a marriage certificate in bangalore or it is necessary to get only in coimbatore.

  209. Dear sir ,
    I got arrange marriage on 04 march 2012 in madurai (bride’s place )in a marriage hall. My native is virudhunagar.and i included her name in the ration card in my native also.
    Now I want to register the marriage to renewal the passport.
    i am having
    1. invitation
    2. Address proof
    3. marriage photos
    4. witness

    i dont have marriage hall bill.

    I went to register office they asked Rs.5000

    1. what are the document i need to submit?

    2. really it will take these much amount?

    3. Is it possible to register in my native (virudhunagar)?

    4. if I register the marriage now can I get the certificate on march 04 th 2012?

    can you please tell me

  210. Hi,
    I am married for 2 years and have a 10 month old daughter . But my husband has moved to suadi for job , for visa and passport i need to register my nikah, for marriage certificare, can i alone submit the certificate or both spouse should be present , my form is filled and duly signed by him.. pls guide regarding the same ..

  211. I will b turning 21 in Sep n my fiancée is 19 n we want to get marriage ritualy immediately so cn we get married now in temple n after I turn 21 can we register it at registration office

  212. Hi sir I will b turning 21in dis Sep n my wifey is 19 we got married ritualy at court n temple ..due to age reason we were unable to register it under Hindu law so CN we register our marriage after I turn 21 in Sep ?? Will der b ny late penalty of registration cz we got married 7-8 months back?? Need ur help

  213. hello sir,my age is 21 ,my hubby age is 28, we got married in temple 1 month ago with presense of my dad and my hubby s relatives,as my mom and thier parents dint agree. it is kept secret ,now we want to get it registered as we are planning to stay separetly .problems may arrive from my mom side…. for registration they said wedding card or receipt of wedding is required but we don t have anything except photos…..can you please help us how can we register.we can t go for special marriage act.we don t have tim ….as we will be moving pune in 10 days …

      1. sir apart from special marriage act ,cant we do in hindu marriage act? we got an advocate he said he can get us through hindu marriage act

          1. thanks for you reply sir,we will apply under special marriage act only have helped us by providing the information

  214. hello sir,

    I and my fiancee want to submit our application to register civil marriage.

    She is from UK and I am from Mumbai.

    We want to submit our application on 30th July and register 30th August.

    What i want to ask is:

    1. I travelled for 5 days between 10th to 15th july out of india. Can i still submit my application on 30th july or i have to wait until 15th august at least?

    2. If worst case, i have to submit on 15th august, can i travel after that on 17th lets say… and get the marrigae registration on 15th september? Or do i have to stay in the country for 30 days after submission too?


  215. thank u so much for your rply sir..if i dont want the notice to be put up near my residence whose office is in my jurisdiction then i can go to any register office i want in bangalore because they wont send the notice to put on in the notice board of the office in my jurisdiction right?? 🙂

    1. Dear, i have registered for marriage in special act and currently in the 30 days notice..
      Here is the process in bangalore

      You have to register in the jurisdiction where you are currently residing.
      Your duration of stay in this address has to be more than 3 yrs.
      And you both should have the address proof of the local address..

      If your address is of bangalore and for more than 3 yrs then the notice will be displayed in bangalore Sub Registrar office for 30 days, no letter goes to your permanent address..

      If either of you dont have a local address proof for more than 3 yrs then, bangalore sub registrar will ask for your permanent address and the sub registrars office address in which your permanent address falls under. A letter of notice is sent to that Sub Registrar office to be displayed there for 30 days..

      One point to be noted, bangalore sub registrar office do not accept rental agreement as address proof.

      I understand it is very critical step as i have taken the same step….write to me on if you have any questions

  216. I got married in Pallikaranai temple in chennai. On the same day I got it registered my marriage under TN HMA.

    However, my wife and I mentioned we got married in Mannadi temple chennai and the same mentioned in certificate. I would like to know is that a valid certificate.

    1. I would like to clarify. Can I register my marriage any where in chennai or it should be near by where the marriage happened or residence of mine or my wife?

  217. Hi,

    I and my husband want my (husband’s) sister to do registered marriage in bangalore..She is divorced..and the groom is also divorced…our sister is from madhya pradesh and the groom is from hyderabad..and we are staying in bangalore from last 1 and a half year…so can we get her married in bangalore.

    1. Pratima-Yes, they can register in Bangalore under Hindu Marriage act (No such restriction of stay) or Special marriage act (need 30 days stay in Bangalore for both of them).

  218. and can you plz tell me the name of any website where i can find the address of the registrar offices in bangalore with their jurisdictions given along with the address..

  219. hello sir..

    i am 20 years old and my bf 21 years old.we both stay in bangalore .we want to register our marriage without the knowledge of our parents because they are not agreeing.but we are scared because of some points so i want to clarify it..1. we both have completed our minimum legal age but still we both look too small so will the officer send any notice to our residential address or do a lot of enquiry or will call up the parents? 2. i have read about the notice board in the previous comment done by suman so for eg.if we both are staying in rt nagar same street and if we go give the notice in kr puram registrar office will they put up the notice only in their notice board or will they send a notice even to the office in rt nagar and will even they put up the notice in their office notice board..3. will all the people be able to see the notice board.?? plz reply

    1. Anonymous-They not send any notice to homes. They will not send the notice to RT Nagar also. It is left with officers how to set the board. Hence, I can’t comment on that.

  220. Thank you so much for your immediate reply sir and can you plzz confirm whether the photos will be shown in notice or not and tell me plz because only after confirming this i can go do the marriage without any fear..

  221. good evening sir.

    I am 20year old and my bf 21 year old this year. due to some problems we decided to marry without the knowledge of our parents..but we are scared we have few questions that we want to know.1.we both have completed the marriage age limit but still we look small so do the officer send any notice to home or enquire us seriously or call up our parents. 2. its about the notice..for eg.if we are staying in bangalore in r t nagar and if we go to the register office in kr puram and give the notice over there then will they put up the notice only at their office notice board or they will put up the notice even at the office at r t nagar which comes under our jurisdiction and we both stay at the same place same street…what can we do to avoid our relatives or parents from seeing the notice please answer.

  222. Hi sir… i had read in lots of websites that after giving the notice to the register officer they will put up the notice at a conspicuous place at the building where the office is located..1st..what does this mean conspicuous place at the building where the office is located’ and they paste the photo of couple who wants to get married in the notice which they put up at the building or not..3rd..will that notice be visible to everyone or not..i request you to answer all of my 3 questions plzz..

    1. Suman-I am not sure or there is any specific rule which states about the notice board. Hence, it is purely left with office location. I think they not show the photos.

  223. thank u for your reply sir but what my question there any registrar office where we can complete all the procedure in just 1 day or 2 instead of giving notice and waitng for objections..kindly waiting for your reply

  224. hello sir i am 20 years old and my bf is 21 years old this current year we want to marry without the knowledge of our parents because they are not agreeing for our marriage so can you plzz suggest any register office in bangalore where marriage can b done within 1 day or 2 days or without any trouble and we cannot marry under arya samaj as we both are Muslims plz help we are in trouble.

  225. hi sir i had a small doubt 1 of my friend told that now the girls legal age is extended to 21 years for register marriage and boys age to 24 years and she even told that parents must be there compulsory to register the marriage orelse the marriage officer wont this true plz answer

  226. Dear sir,
    I am from bihar My marriage was done in Apr-15 but now i am not in india to apply marriage certificate and will be visiting for 15 days only as per above commects i comes to know i need to be appear in officer office after 30 days of applying form-
    Is it possible prents can apply and officer accept form without my signature and it can be done whens i go officer office after 30 days-

  227. Sir I Am 18 Years Old And My Girlfriend is 22 years old We Love Both So Much…

    So We Take Decision To Get Marry…
    Sir Its Wrong Or Right Decision….?

  228. Hii sir m21 and my Gf is 18 very needed to marry for some familiar problems can v get registered under Hindu marriage act Plz suggest me sir

      1. Sir, I am hindu 20yrs n I wnt to marry a guy who is muslim 23yrs..v r toghtr frm 4yrs.he is ready to convert hindu to get married..v tried to do court marriage in nasik as v live dere but my dad has given an application in police stn that if I get married to that guy he shuld b informed..can u plz help me with dis..hw can v gt married? Plzzzz

        1. Sayali-There is no such rule that your father can give APPLICATION to police that if you get married then police must inform to him. I think they are either just making you scare or it is the handy work of police and your father. Also, if you both get married then how can police will come to know about your marriage?

  229. sir my age 21 my girl friend age 20 we are living in cuddalore dt. we are hindu religion. can we get regiter marrige sir,,,

  230. Hi Sir,
    I got married in Chennai on Feb 2010. Now i live in Bangalore for around 2 years and i have 4 years old kid. Can i get marriage certificate in Banaglore? If so, 3 witness are required. Do i need them to take them to sub-registrar office to get signed or i can get sign from home and submit only the forms?

    Please clarify.

  231. I did mrriage on 20th May with my girlfriend in temple and have the receipt of it,then we did notary marraige on 27th May and also Registered our marraige on 27th in the court. In the meanwhile the girls parents knowing this did forcefull marriage of her on 5th June by threatening her to kill me and taking her signature in a blank paper. Then after 30 days of notice period was over we both present on the court on 30th June and married and took marriage certificate. Now in this case whos marriage is decalred void and illegal as per law. Secondly if our marriage is considered as first marriage then how she would cancel her forcefull marriage ,,does she need to file divorce or not. if yes then under which section. if now then what legal steps to be carried out for decalring her forcefull marriage as void.

    1. Prasanna-As per me it is your’s marriage. However, I am not expert beyond this registration process to handle the legality of marriage. Hence, request you consult a lawyer on this matter.

  232. is it possible to register a marriage when only one bridegroom is present? One of my friend’s got married in a temple and they have certificate from that temple. They were never lived together. Later they got some differences and she did not want to tell her parents about this marriage. But that marriage was registered without her notice. She did not go to register office. How is that possible? Can someone be managed to get that registered? We also heard that finger prints system is started reg marriages in AP. Since when this finger prints system is started?

      1. It was done!! That’s what we are unable to understand. Only thing left with us to prove that sign is forged. And we also heard that there is finger print system introduced recently. Any idea when it was introduced?

        1. How-It is cheating done by few officials and the husband side. You just prove that she is not present on that particular day in sub-register office or signature as not of her. I am not aware about finger print system.

  233. Hello,

    My husband and I work in US. We came to India and got ritually married 1.5 yrs ago and went back to the US after 2 weeks of marriage. We dd not register our marriage but have all the supporting documents available.

    I am visiting India this November, but my husband will not be visiting until October 2016. What are the steps to get our marriage registered? I think the Indian Embassy here cannot register a marriage that took place in India. So we will need to complete FORM A. But without him and I being present in the registrar’s office at the same time, what can we do to register our marriage. Please let me know.


    1. To add: We do not meet this clause “Both husband and wife should have lived more than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer.”

      Please help.


  234. Hi Sir,

    I sincerely thank you for taking out time to answer people like me who wish to remain anonymous and seek assistance.

    I am a Sikh Man who wishes to marry a Muslim Girl (We are both Major in age). We do not intend to change religion and therefore wish to marry under the Special marriage Act.

    I live in Delhi. Kindly guide if in a general case

    1: Are any notices sent to my home address ( I was told that no notices are sent in Delhi region for intending a marriage under Special Marriage Act)

    2: Is it possible to avoid the waiting period of 30 days for getting married?

    3: What is the total time taken to obtain marriage certificate from the date of application of marriage to obtaining certificate. (Is it Applying>> Waiting period of 30 days>> marrying in court>> then applying for marriage certificate>> 30 days waiting period>> then certificate = TOTAL more than 60 DAYS?

    Kindly guide


      1. Hi sir I m muslim and my bf is hindu…and we both are planning to get married…he is from goa and he works abroad…and ll b cuming next mnth for eight days….in des eight days we planning to get married…please tell me is it possible…if we want to do court marrg….

  235. sir we are living in cuddalore dt. i am 19 years old my boy friend 21 years old we are married immediately can we get register our marriage… please help me sir…

        1. sir where is register place… which is amount… what is procedure… pls tell me…

            1. sir v once again check it.. sir my age 19 (14/05/1995) my lv’r age 21 (14-04-1994) we are married immediatly of some problems… we are hindu’s … cuddalore… can we apply register marriage ??..

  236. Sir one of the witness is sick so we cudnt take him to sign at the appointment date so what can be done to postpone the date

  237. Hi sir m 18 an my bf s 21 v needed to marry from some personal issues can v get registered

  238. Hello sir
    Actually I am 28 year old and my bf is 31 year .we want live together at abroad. we want apply visa to abroad so if we get marriage at gajiabad court is that marriage certificate is valid for visa apply .another thing after marriage anybody can check our records or not via on online .we r worry about this .we don’t want show this things .I want to know they send any notice or any phone calls to our house .plz tell me sir how much charges to fullfill this process. One advocate told total charge 25 000 .plz tell me .sir how is look like this marriage certificate I mean to say normal certificate is 1 page only there is normally written registered of marriage certificate but this gazabad court issue certificate 4 or 5 pages so I am confused is this certificate is valid at abroad ambasy.plz reply as soon as possible.

    1. Sapna-Yes, Gajiabad marriage certification is purely valid. They will not send any emails, letters or calls to your parents. I think the lawyer is using your eagerness to earn more 🙂 I think the cost of this process not even cost Rs.1,000.

  239. Hi Sir,

    My name is Rafeeque and i am writing this from kochi,Kerala.

    I am muslim and i am in relationship with a hindu girl. We both presently living in Kochi(seperatly) for about more than 4 years but we belongs to different districts in Kerala. We would like to get married and register under Indian Special Marriage Act 1954.

    And i would like to know whether we can register our marriage here in Kochi under a sub registrar since we are residing here for more than 4 years. And what documents are neccesary to support our proof of current residing address. We have copies of rent agreement for both. But it is changing each year.
    Could you please advise me on this?

    Thanks you in advance,

  240. my brother stays in mumbai and will be marrying a girl from mumbai…he wants to go for registration first with consent of his parent and will marry the girl after 6 months.since parents hpouse is in kolkata, he wants to register under the jurisdiction of westbengal only. please let me know the rules, like how many days advance notice he has to give to the registrar or do both of them need to stay for certain period in kolkata…just want to let you know that after registration they will move to their work place in mumbai, stay separately till they marry after 6 months.
    please guide with necessary inputs.

  241. Hi,

    I’ve a question here, My parent-In-Law got married on 1978. Is it possible to register their marriage now? Because some document purpose, we have to share their marriage certificate.

    Please advice.


  242. I’m 20 yr old I want to marry wid my gf whose age 21 after 3 months I m going to 21 can I go for court marriage?????

  243. i am 20 year old after 3 month i going to be 21 year my question is can i took application for court marriage under special marriage act?????

  244. Hi Basavaraj,

    I am K.Kotteshwaran from Chennai (TamilNadu). I got married in my hometown Dharmapuri (TamilNadu) before 4 years, Now I am residing in Chennai. My doubt is still I haven’t register my marriage whether now can I register my marriage since it has been over 4 years. Becoz I am in need of marriage certificate.

  245. Dear basavaraj

    I appreciate your advise very much. How far register marriage in front of a registrar is accepted in Christianity before doing a proper Christian marriage in church. Since visa is delayed for dependent, is it possible to do register marriage when I come to India and have that certificate to process visa and later when I do a proper Christian marriage in church, will the church accepts it?

      1. Hi Basavaraj

        Thank you for your quick reply. yes, i am much aware that marriage certificate from registrar is legal and valid. But in christian marriage, after we do marriage in our church, using the church registrar, the appointed church official wil again take that to do registration in government registrar office. So i am worried if i do a registration marriage in 2 weeks and do a church marriage in 6 months, whether it may result in two marriage dates?

  246. Hi …I m a muslin boy planning to marry a hindu girl through arya samaj.I knw abt the process of Shuddhi.The marriage certificate which will be provided by arya samaj will contain both my names(original and converted one) as per arya samaj representative.Also I wanted to register my marriage in court of law.So can u please let me know that which name they will be mentioning in their marriage certificate? if I wanted to go with my original name.

      1. First of all thx for your prompt reply….

        It means based on the marriage certificate provided by Arya samaj,I can file it in court under special marriage act…..

        If you have any more thoughts on this plz share….

          1. Hi Sir

            I got married on 4th July 2015 in Arya Samaj Mandir which is about 40 km from my place of residence.i also wanted to register my marriage in court of law.the question is whether i need to go to the registrar office of that area where marriage taken place(arya samaj mandir) or it will be area of my current place of residence..

  247. Thanks a lot for your reply sir …but can u plz tel how should we give the intending notice to the sub-registrar office..:)

  248. Good evening sir, i am 20 year old and my bf is 21 years old and we are still studying so my question is can we get married at registrar office being still students or it is compulsory to marry after completing studies
    2. Will they question us a lot because we are still students.
    3.will they send any notice to home because we are students..plzz help..

    1. Manjula-If you completed 18 Yrs and your boyfriend completed 21 Years then you both can marry. Whether you are student or doing job, it does not matter. They not send any notice to your home.

  249. Hello sir

    i hav read in your website under special marriage act 1954, that bride and bride groom should give notice of intending of marriage 30 days in advance and if no objections were received with the prescribed 30 days they can appear before the marriage officer…can u plz tell me what does this mean and to whom should they give the marriage intending notice

      1. Hello
        To provide the notice, should both the groom and the bride be available. We are muslims and its been 2 years since we got married. Now am out of country. How to go about processing this? My wife is in Coimbatore-Tamilnadu. Pls help


  250. Hi sir

    i am a 20 year old girl and i want to marry a boy whom my parents didnt agree for so i have some questions that i want to know because i dont want my parents to know about our marriage…
    1. I had read in net that the register office people send a notice to the home about the intension of marriage is this true…??
    2.i had read about the notice board too that the office will put up a notice about us at a conspecious place out of his office so will the notice be visible to the public and can can u give me any example in what type of public place will he put it??
    3.if v hav to tell them not to send any notice to our home how should we tell them…
    Plz reply i hope u understand my problem

    1. Neelam-1) Not true. 2) This is true but whether they put it in such a way that all must notice it or not depends on the office set up. Hence, I can’t say on this. 3) I already cleared this doubt.

  251. Hi sir,

    I belong to sikh family and i suppose the certificatin is under hindu marriage act, now problem is that we are facing some marital discord in family. I still not applied for marriage certificate, i am going to do this in next few days. my question is if any case her parents dont come with us to sign the marriage certificate, what other options do i have to have marriage certificate. I need this for my passport.

  252. sir I m from bihar and done arya samaj marriage in pune 1 week ago and now I want to register it in pune . so can they sent any documents to our home for verification or they just register my marriage by verifing my marriage certificate..

    1. Hi Basavaraj,

      I just have one question:

      Is it necassary for the groom’s parents to be present at the time of marriage registration.


  253. hi sir,

    Thank u for your reply…but didn’t answer to my another comment thats…1. if my bfs age is 21 running iis he eligible for marriage or he should compulsorily be 21 completed 2. i had read about the notice board i mean the officer puts up the notice at a public noticeable place so my question is will it be visible to all people who pass by because if any of my family member see it will be a big problem for us…plzz reply am tensed and thanks again 🙂

  254. Sir,
    I (DOB25/06/1988) got married in may 2005 at the age of 17 yrs. and my wife was also 17 yrs. at the time of marriage. i got my first child in 17/10/2007. Now i am working in govt. service. i belong to rajasthan. now i want marriage certificate for passport etc.. pls. help in this regard.
    (1) am i eligible to get marriage certificate ?
    (2) is my marriage is void ?

  255. Hi Sir,

    I married a girl from kerala. She dont have any document proof. But we married in mantapa legally. Only from my side all are agreed. Am from Karnataka. Without her id proof, can we register in my place.

  256. Hi,

    I’m living in TN, I got married with a north Indian girl. She doesn’t had any proofs of TN. So how do I register my marriage here ?

    Note : Its an official arranged marriage, I have all her valid proofs at Mumbai.

    Sankar C

  257. Sir,
    My friend mother pension problem can u guide us.
    my friend uncle is married after the retirement & at the end of the days he married as per the Hindu (Marathi) religious act. with related woman and they lead life with each other without the Register in the marriage office. then my friend uncle id dead.
    my friend aunti having wedding card and marriage photos. but no marriage certificate?
    Can she is able to get the pension yes or No?
    She applied for pension. In the pension office they asking marriage certificate.
    So can u help us in this regard.

  258. Hi , my self tousif i got married in 25 mar 2012 i am a muslim and i have masjid certificate, i want to apply for passport but i have not applied for Marriage Registration yet. what will be the best option for passport proof, please assist me on this.

  259. Sir,
    I got married in the year 2004 with a Muslim boy and converted my self from Hinduism, now we have two children. We want to register our marriage under Special Marriage Act, how may days before should we apply and what is the procedure? At the same time we don’t even have a single marriage photo, but we have only Mazjid issued marriage copy. Please help me in this regard.

    Thanking you,

  260. I m 27yers old hindu boye & i hope cristion girl marrige .pls saport cristion girl sarching. I m semi govt. Job in rajsthan .vetanary deptt. mo. no-09829880267.pls saport.

  261. hi sir,

    sorry sir in my previous comment i forgot to add 1 question that is.. as he is going to b 21 yrs old this November,is he eligible to get married at registrar office because i had read in a website that the boys age must be 21yrs COMPLETED is that true? or can we get married after 3 months of his bday this year that his age will b 21 running and what problems do i have to face at the registrar office..plzz reply.

  262. hi sir,

    I am a 19 yr old girl and my bf is 20 yrs at this current year. his age is going to be 21 at his upcoming bday so we were planning to get married under special marriage act, 1954 thats at registrar office because our both parents are not agreeing for our marriage and i dont want them to know about our marriage so i would like to know some information about it..
    1.will the registrar office send any notice of intending our marriage to our residential address. can i get the marriage form.
    3.can i go to any registrar office that doesn’t fall under our jurisdiction and get our marriage registered.
    plzz help we want to get our marriage registered without our parents knowledge.

  263. Hi, I am 33 and this would be my first marriage but the guy I intend to marry is a christian and had already married a Hindu girl in church, they separated. Can we marry and would it be legal to register the marriag? His first marriage was not registered so would there be a need for divorce?

  264. As it was a love marriage, we got married in a Temple at Delhi (2011). Our friends and colleagues were the sole witness of the marriage. We have our married photos and videos. In the temple, we have received only a receipt for the annadanam we made in temple. We have tried to register our marriage, but couldn’t able to do it as we live in Noida and don’t have residential proof for Delhi. Now we are in Pune and trying to register our marriage at our hometown in Tamil Nadu under my parents approval. We have maintained each other as Nominee in most of our documents. Please suggest. What could be the possible scenarios?

    Can we register the marriage day as the same day of our marriage? Incase, if we get any problem with that, can we register newly? If doing completely in a new date, what are the issues that we will face in the future?

  265. Sir
    We got married in 2006 in Tamilnadu . I have my invitation card, chruch proof. V r staying in Bangalore, v want to apply for marriage certificate. can we do it in bangalore. How many days will it take. Bcoz v need to move to overseas by next 45 days. Kindly help us for the fast process. Can we apply online.. Suggest me for a faster solution..



  266. sir,
    my age s 23yrs m girls age s 2o yrs v r plannin 2 get a register marriage coz r parents r nt agreein our love and v need 2 no wt al the documents v need 2 get married…. actually v stay in bangalore v r plannin 2 get married in tumkur pls tel us wt al d doucement v need n age limits pls help us sir…

  267. We require Marriage Certificate for applying for green card. We got married in 1962 according to Hindu Custom & rites. We are now 77 & 73 years respectively. We do not recollect that it was registered then. We do not have invitation card with us now. None of the parents of both of us are alive now. We have our brothers & sisters who had witnessed the marriage.We have only few photos which do not indicate date. Our son was born one year later. His birth certificate do indicate our names as parents. My queries are: (1) Can a registration be done even if Invitation card or no other document for date is not available?(2). If such Marriage Certificate valid? I would appreciate your valuable advice.

  268. iam 19 years old my lover is 21 years old in current year, i have some problems in my life. i will married imediatly. my parents was not accept in my lv marriage . how many cost of my registration marriage. and we are living tamilnadu , cuddalore (dt), chidambaram(t.k)… and hepl me sir..

  269. Dear sir,
    I have completed the process of registry marriage last month without asking with our parents, due to economical deferance of our family. We love each other and inspite of being muslims our parents are not accepting our marriage and last 1 month she is living with her parents, now we both are trying to live together, but there is facing some issues and her parents are not agree for the same and her parents are torture to her, and trying to marry her with their own selected person.
    I am asking for the same and how could we live together,, please help us out.
    There is any way apart from police suport.
    Please rply soon waiting for your responce.

    1. Shamin-If you are major and registered the marriage legally then no one can stop you to live together. However, I am not an expert in this area. Hence, request you to consult any lawyer.

  270. I am from bangalore and my husband is from madurai.our place of marriage was Bangalore.we currently live in Chennai.can I get my marriage registered in Bangalore as I have all my proofs with Bangalore’s address.

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.

  271. I am 28 years old and my girl is 30 years old. we are getting married in October, our concern is our parents dont know the age difference. they think we both are 28 yr old. so we would like to get the marriage done without any hassels in the family. so would like to know if i can register first & then marry in temple. or should it be like i should get marry in temple first and then go to register office.. would be of help if some one can help.. thanks.

    1. Manoj-In both the planned marriages you are not disclosing the marriage certification with your parents. Hence, either marriage first and register later or register first and marriage later is same. Therefore, go ahead with the plan which you feel comfort.

  272. Hi sir i hav a problem im 23 Yrs old frm chirstain background and im loveing a girl her age is also 23 she is frm hindu background ,both the parents are aganist our marriage ,plzz suggest me im from bangalore can we both marry in a register office out side karnataka ,plzz suggest me sir…………

  273. Sir,
    .I got married 4 Years back. I was from Mumbai and my husband from Chennai. We both are Christians. We got married in a church in Mumbai. This month when I went to Mumbai I tried to register my marriage in Mumbai. They said both bride and groom should have same address as proof, and I can register my marriage only in Chennai under special marriage act . Very confused. What is the exact procedure for registration?? I have got all documents, marriage certificate issued by the church..

    1. Jeevan-How come before marriage bridge and groom will have same address proof? Strange logic. I think you still register under special marriage act. If they not budge then take help of your lawyer.

  274. Hi , We made our marriage certificate in Bangalore but unfortunately my name was printed without my middle name. So my name came to Manoj Shukla instead of Manoj Kumar Shukla. Can I go and request the registrar office to make a name change and if this can be done ?

  275. Sir

    My parents marriage took place in my grandfather’s home which is in Goa 30 years back. They don’t have marriage certificate and all the marriage photos were spoiled due to some reasons. They have voters id, ration card, adhar card. Can they get marriage certificate now with date of their marriage? What is the procedure? What Can be done?

  276. Sir,

    I was married in Christ Church Bhopal in 2009, my husband is a baptist christian while I converted in 2008.

    We now have been asked to register our marriage for US Visa, since the church marriage certificate is not accepted.

    Is there a faster option to have the registration done? Since, we’ve been married for over 6 yrs now.

    Currently we stay in Hyderabad for the last 5 years.

    PLease advise.

    Thank you,

  277. Sir,
    My parents got married in 1965, in a church in Hubli. My father was a Govt Pensioner, while in service he had recorded the name of my mother in his service document as his wife on the basis of the said certificate of the church.
    On the death of my father, my mother has been denied pension on the grounds that they need sufficient legal proof of marriage as the said church certificate is not legal.
    However, the authorities now insist that I produce a Certificate from the Registrar of Marriage in support of the said certificate.
    Can you please guide me with the address of the Registrar of Marriage in Hubli

  278. Hello sir.
    I am a Hindu boy and want to marry a Muslim girl. We both are more than 21 years.
    I just want to know that if we follow special marriage act then court use to send any verification to our address??? As we don’t want to let my parent’s about our marriage . Please advice me

  279. sir,me and my gf wanted to get married in regiester office is it necessary to get married in the register office where we stay or me can get married in any place

  280. Dear sir

    My name is ramkumar from tamilnadu .My marriage finished in tirupathi, I got the marriage certificate FROM THIRUPATHIDEVASTHANAM .now I apply uae embassy attestation .its ok for me

  281. Hi Mr. Basavaraj,
    I got married on 30th jan 2015 at ooty Tamil Nadu, I and my husband are both from Tamil Nadu but we work in Bangalore.

    So can we register our marriage in Bangalore or should we go to Tamil Nadu to get this registered.

    Please reply ASAP.

  282. Hello sir. We are married as per special marriage act 1954 on 22nd may’2014. We had done it secretly without informing her parents only. Her parents still dont know that. She have to live with her parents due to some reasons.
    Can I take her with me as she is legally my wife whether her parents agrees or not..????
    She also wish to come to live with me now.
    Please help..

  283. Hi Sir, Me and My Gf looking for arya samaj marriage in bangalore, but i am from punjab and she is from tamilnadu.After that for obtaining marriage certificate We have asked in registrar office and asked the process to getting marriage certificate. we have all the required documents they require except Local Address Proof from any one side and they are only asking for BSNL landline connection bill or Gas Bill or any other Household bill. As of now am not having any of them but i have SBI credit card statement on Bangalore address. Can you please suggest us the option here. We are looking for getting it register in bangalore only. Looking for your valuable response at earliest

  284. Sir i want to go in a live in relationship with my girlfriend.. .we are of 20 yrs of age.. What legal documents will we require ??
    Plz guide..

  285. Sir i luv a girl past 3 year v r planning for register marrige under hindu act … im from tamilnadu she s from karnataka … can v both register or in tamil nadu … both r same caste

  286. If a couple is already registered then what is the procedure to re-register???

  287. Sir,

    Our marriage took place at a kalyana mandapam at thondamuthur near coimbatore as per Hindu marriage in 1992. But not registered. Now how to register the marriage already taken place? please guide.

  288. 1. Based on google, I saw that all services (property, marriage etc) of sub-registrar office can be done in any sub-registrar office in Bangalore. I know of people doing it for property. Is it same for solemnising marriage under Special Marriage Act too?

    2. Secondly, for the documents (divorce decree, address proof, id proof etc), do we need to submit notarized copies? Or just normal self-attested copies are fine?

  289. Sir
    I read ur articles
    That is very useful to everyone like me.
    And me want to get marry in temple without our parents bze my parents not agree for marriage with marvadi girl and me Hindus Telugu in AP .
    Plz help me ….. How can I get marry her ? Have any simple way to get marry legally .?
    Thank u and plz reply

  290. Me and my boyfriend (both muslim) plan to get married in next week in mosque. We will be getting a nikah nama from mosque. We want to register our marriage after that. Could you please guide me with the steps we need to follow.

    1. Reshma-It is already mentioned above. Please visit register office before marriage, to make note of the things you need to carry while registering and do the process. Request you to avoid any middlemen.

  291. Hello sir,
    Sir I am Christian I got marred to a Christian girl in church. Like not actually marriage ceremony we just got registered not in our church. But now we want know is how to get it legally registered in Punjab. We are keralite but as we are staying in Punjab so did it here… please advise
    Thank you

      1. But sir they are asking for many papers n documents like marriage photo, marriage invitation card etc , which is not available so my doubt is that can we register in panchayat or signature of deputy commissioner on our church marriage certificate is enough, or we should do it in registrar office only. I mean we need it proper leagel. Please reply.
        Thank you

  292. Hi,

    My husband(a Hindu) and I (a Muslim) were married under the Tamil Nadu Registration of marriages act, 2009 on Feb 2014. But I have read many articles recently that say our marriage is illegal as we are of different religions. Is this true? How do we rectify it? Pls advice!

  293. Hello Sir
    We are a Muslim couple married 10 years back. I was from Bangalore and She was from Visakhapatnam but our marriage was done in Vellore(Tamilnadu). Marriage was entered in the mosque and we have that document.
    Last month we went to Vellore Registration office with all documents to register. But they told me any one of us should have Vellore address proof document. Otherwise it is not possible.
    But we both are not from vellore and we don’t have any documents to show vellore address.
    Now we don’t know where to go and how to get Marriage certificate. Pleaase advise if there any way. Thanks

  294. i am from Thane district but my marriage done in UP.I want to make my Marriage certificate.In which act my marriage will get registered we both are hindu.Agent told me that your case will be in special marriage act as i did marriage in UP.
    what is the diffrence between hindu marriage act and special marriage act.whats wrong if i opt for special marriage act..need to apply visa so i need such info.

      1. today i went to Thane office they ask me to register marriage under special marriage act because youi done your marriage outside thane i.e. U.P.Any hindu can register their marriage under special marriage act.If you want hindu marriage act certificate then go to U.P.Are they correct? what would be impact on visa processing if i go with Special marriage act? pls reply

  295. hi sir

    i have quire actually i gowd’s cast & i loving one bramin boy he’s parents not accept for marriage and now i 20 years old coming march i going for 21 years so shall i go for register marriage & what is process? and my family accepted for our marriage and also have thought of doing Hindu culture marriage in temple which is best and my lover from Hyderabad 27 year old from 2 years loving each other

    1. Suma-You can go ahead for marriage and register is must irrespective of marriage ceremony. Regarding process, I suggest you to visit register office. They guide you what necessary documents need.

  296. Hi Sir, I need your valuable Advice on this..

    My friend & his Fiancé are from Tamilnadu and currently both are settled & working in Bangalore. Their wedding took place in a temple in Bangalore and they have the certification from the temple authorities, now they would like to apply for their Marriage certificate in Bangalore.
    1- Since they are from Tamilnadu, can they still apply for Marriage Registration in Bangalore. (Wedding took place in Bangalore)
    2- What Documents they should provide since they are not from Karnataka.

    Your instant response to this is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

  297. what will be cost to get marriage certificate ,as agent are asking 8500 Rs .plz provide online registration link in Punjab.

  298. Hi Basu,
    I found your website today, while researching on the Term Insurance and I have no words to appreciate you….this is simply an awesome website with loads of useful information. Hats off to you 🙂 Please continue your service of sharing useful information (I have bookmarked your website)

    Also I see you reply to each an every question asked, you have tremendous patience, cool man 🙂

    Hey i have one question on the marriage certificate, I got married last year at Singaperumal Temple, Srirangam and got the Marriage certificate from Government of Tamilnadu (which says “Register of Marriages maintained under the Tamil Nadu Registration of Marriages Act, 2009). I am not sure if this certificate is as per Hindu Marriage Act. Should I register again as per Hindu Marriage Act or is this Certificate good enough. Can you help me?

    Suresh Mani

  299. I am a Roman catholic christian and my marriage took place in 2004 at my native village in the local church. Entries were made immediately after marriage in the register maintained by the Church with witnesses. How can I get my marriage certificate now?

  300. Mr, Basu

    As my friend married nearly 12 years back & if he want to apply for marriage certificate for future then, can he apply for this? & he belongs to AP. Do you provide me the link to download the application form & is there any document proof required to submit along with as (Ex. Ration card).
    Pls reply

  301. 🙂 Saahebre.. I registered just a week back itself in Rajajinagar Industrial Town Sub-registrar office. But fees was around Rs.135 and they provided receipt too. But bad luck is that typist had taken 100 and Verifier had taken 100 from me. NO RECEIPT for this. :). Only good thing here was, that Sub-Registrar Officer was very active since she was newly appointed young lady. :). Starting Josh?… No comments please…

  302. Very good and useful info’ Basu. I know people using notarised affidavit ‘Annexure-D’, to substitute for the marriage cert and it costs just Rs 150. But the cert from SRO is the best option, no doubt.

  303. Sir,
    I would like to add few points
    1. Marriage invitation needs to be submitted so that date and place of marriage can be confirmed by the officer.
    2. One can only visit the sub registrar office which has the jurisdiction of the area of bridegroom’s residence or bride’s residence or the place of marriage ( marriage hall) falls under that particular sub registrar jurisdiction.

    Ps- I had to pay 650 Rs as fees ( without receipt) for the registration in bangalore, otherwise they would made me visit many times to office saying they are busy with some other work and come later.

      1. Hi Basu,

        Thanks for this valuable information, I’m surprised to see the registration fee because when i contacted a layer for the same he asked 5000 as a fee of marriage certificate. 🙂

        Now, I’m aware and will not allow them to rob me 🙂

        Deepak Nigam

        1. Deepak-Your case proves that corruption is not only with bureaucrats or politicians but in the blood of all Indians. Anyhow thanks for sharing your experience and hope you spread this among your known.

          1. Hi i am from ghaziabad my marriage took place in delhi in 2008. from where can i get my marriage registered dellhi or ghaziabad?

              1. Sir,
                I got arrange marriage in My native (Tirunelveli district) and I m working in Chennai. Can i register my marriage in Chennai Register Office?

                  1. Dear Sir,

                    My native place chennai. My husband native place bangalore. But we had married 05.05.2015 in coimbatore his brother place ( Marriage: his home) & Reception : Mahal). Becuase my husband’s parents is no more. We are working and living chennai. But we are not register our wedding.

                    Kindly let us advise now we able to register our marriage.

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